Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, October 20, 1837, Page 1

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated October 20, 1837 Page 1
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ttlttt r NOT THE G 1 O It V O F C K SA It; HUT THE WELFARE OF It O M E. BY H. B. ST ACT. FRIDAY, OCTOBER, 20, 1837. VOL. XI No. 539' LEGISLATURE OF VERMONT. Tntm-nAV. Oct. 12, 1037. Pursuant to the provisions ofthe Const i. tutinn. both branches of the Legislature assembled at the capitol at 10 o'clock, A. JM. SENATE. Pmyrr bv Rev. R. W. Smith. The President Lieut. Gov. Camp, called the Senate to order, when it appeared that twrnty eight Senators were present, who took the usual oath of office: Canvassing Committee, The following Senators wern appointed : Messrs Button. While. llnmmond, Phelps of Windsor co.. Lawrence, Ejrcrlnn, Miller. Kinnnan, Ingalls, Smilie, Young, Allen, and Hevwood. Mr Howe introduced a resolution, which passed, providing ihat both Hou-cs meet ill convention on Friday next, for the nnui ination of count v officers, anil on Saturday next, for the appointment of litem officers, the House concurring therein. On motion of Mr. Hamiiiond, the Rules of the Senate for IU3G. were adopted for Ihe time being, nfier remarks by Messrs Pierpninl. Young. Howe and Hammond. Mr Howe wns designated by the Presi dent to inform the Executive of the organ ization ofthe Senate. Rev. B. VV. Smith was nominated for Chaplain, by Mr Pierpninl, and Rev John Gregory, bv Mr Waterman, who informed the Senate'that Re.v Mr Gregory was a Rectorationer. The ballots being cmitt'ed, the Rev Buel W. Smith was declared elected Chaplain to the Senate fur the present session. On motion ot Mr. Howe the Sonale pro ceeded lo ballot lor Secretary and AssiM nnt Secretary. The Inlawing persons were elected:' Xtirman William,. Secretn ry. William Weston. A-t-tant Secretary. ' On minion of Mr Hammond. I he Senate proceeded to the election of officers of l In-S-mite, hv ballot. The following persons n-ore elected : Got. Abel Curler. Serjeant i.t Arm Ernslus Hubbard. Door Keeper. The Cleik ol the appeared III Ihc Srnnle and inlnrtueil ihnt th.j llnii-o had ...gaiu-ed by the appointment of Speaker iiiul Clerk pro lem. Mr Howe introduced a resolution fixm? kii Saturday, Oct 14. for Hie election ol Secretary of Slate mid Judges of the So preme Conn. On motion ot Mr. Briggs. nod consent of the mover, the resolution vn- laid on I tin table. On motion ol Mr Converse, the Senale resolved, when it adjourned, to adjourn lo 3 ..'piock. P. M. Mr Phelp-, of Windsor Co introduced a roliillon providing throe datlv aml two weekly paper tor ill" Senator. and officers. Midi iir- I lie)' limy ilerlgnoln. I.uld " 11" table. The House informed the henan ny a member, nf the appointment of a Canvn--Mug committee on its par! to join Irom the Senate. A resolution from the Hon-e. fixing upon Friday nexl for the election Secretary ol Suite, on motion of Mr rierpoint. was so amended as to include the Judges ol Ihe Supreme Court. ' Adjourned. HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES. The house was called to onh-r by A. I.. Minrr, Esq., clerk of the last session, and (he usual oalli administered when On motion of Mr. llazelline. Mr Jona Bnutwell. of Eno-horgh. was admiiied lo n seat without producing hi' credenlials. On motion or Mr. Peek. Mr Merrill Tyler, of Faysion. was admired to a seal without producing his credentials. On motion of Kiilridge, '.lie House pro. ceeded to ballot for Speaker pro tempore. Mr Field of Wilmington nominated linn. John Smith of St. Albans, and Mr Kit iredge nominated Hon. Sublimit) Footo of Rutland: 1st ballot. Solomon Footo 105 John Smith 93 Andrew Trary 17 h. . Vilas t 2IG Mr Tracy declined standing a candidate for the office, and the second ballot re-ult-ed in the election of Ion. Solomon Funtc, so follows: Footo 122 Smith 05 Tracy 2 Vilas I 220 On moiion of Mr Fairbanks, the House proceeded to ballot for cletk protempore Air. Field ol Wilmington nominated O. H Smith. Esq., and Mr Fairbanks nominated A- L. Miner, hsq.: A L Miner 114 O H Smith 96 F F Merrill 7 L Buck 1 i.. rv !)..!.. i Ll V UUIUCI 219 On motion of Mr Vilas, the Rules of (ho last session were adoplcd as Rules for this House for the time being. Mr Williams. Secretary nf the Senate, appeared and informed the House of the organization ol the senate. Mr Kittrcdgn was appointed to inform ins Lxcellency tho (mvernor ol tho organi xation of the House, and its readiness to receive any communication ha might choose to make. The chair nominated tho canvassing committee which was appointed and nualified as follows : Bennington Co. Messrs Parker, Bcbec, Havward of S. Windham Mexsra Townsley, Field T, XJiiryubH, Windior Mossrs Hopkins, Hapgoou uuam. Rutland Meiers Kiltridge, Bucklin 'nrnham. Addison Messrs Brewster, Nccdhom, Rich. Orange Messrs Colby, Winslow, Chan tiler. naimigtVm Messrs Peck, Brown, Dillingham . Chittenden Messrs Bradley, Hewott, Brownell Caledonia Messrs Fairbanks, Harvey, McMillan. Franklin Messrs Keith, Bontell, Dee. Orleans Messrs Allen, Richmond, Hardy. Lamoille Messrs Vilas, Fisk, Scars of M. Ester Messrs Dowcv, Howe ol L. Morrill. Grand Isle Messrs Adams, Goodrich, Boiler. On motion of Mr. Brewster, it was rcolved Ihat both Houses meet in joint committee to-morrow morning, to elect Secretary of Slate, lor the yenr ensuing. Mr Fairbanks was appended to inform the Sena'e of the appointment of canvas sing committee on the part of the House. On motion of Mr. Brewster the House adjourned to three o'clock, P. M. Senate 3 o'clock, P. M. Met pursu ant to adjournment, when the resolution from the House, relating to a day for the election of Secretary of Stale, was read, and 1 1m Satiate resolved to concur in the resolution, ns amended. A resolution Irom Ihc House, by Mr. Miner, their clerk. wn received. askin the concurrence of the Senate, assigning 4 o'clock this afternoon, for joint assembly of both Houses, lo receive ihe report of tho canvassing committee. The Senate resolved to concur Bills By Mr. Hammond, relating lo tlie discharge of mortgage deeds, read the (ir-t and second time, and referred to the committee on t he judiciary. A resolution by Mr. IIowc, providing for the publication of a directory, lor the use of boih Houses, reail and pas-ed, fur the concurrence of the House. Alter meeting ihe, Housu in joint assem lily to receive the report of the canvassing commute", Mr. Phelps of Windsor co. called up the resolution relating to newspapers, which was passed, yeas 19, nays 9. A re-oliition, by Mr. Conyerso that, the House concurring, both Hou-es meet in joint assembly, on Friday. 13th inst. 10 o'clock forenoon, for the election of Slate Treasurer. Resolution passed. Adjourned. MOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES The Speaker presented a eoininunication from the Pre.i!elil of the Senate, announ cing the appointment of sundry officers of 1 f tn r House. On moiem nf Mr. U'ooilhury of Haiti more, re-ol veil 'hat Ihc two houses meet in joint uouiinittce at 4 o'clock this alter noon, for the purpose of receiving Ihe re port of the ciinvnsing cominilieu. On moinm of Mr. Woodbury of Balti more. ri'M.lvud thai the clerk ol tho House procure to he printed 500 copies of a Di-redoiy. A resolution from ihe Senate, fixing Fndav nllerunon next to go inio Coiinlv Conventions, ar.d Saturday morning next lo elect County officer--, was concurred in. Mr. .Woodbury of Baltimore, introduced a re-oluuon (or live weekly papers and one daily piper, lo he furni-hctl the mum burs of the House laid on the table. I ho resolution ot the House, appointing rriilav morning next fur a joint commute to elect Secretary of Stale, v as relumed by Ihe Simile with a proposition to amend. by nuding ''nnd judges ot Ihe Supreme Court. Amendment concurred in. On motion of Mr. Kellog of Pitisford, ihe clergymen nl Monipeher were invited to nfhnalo in rotation as chaplains of ihe House. The Senale came in. when the canvas ing cominiitre made report as follows: For Governor. Silas H Jetlison 2-2,200 elected. 4522 majority. Win C Bradley 17,730 Scattering 0 Whole of votes 39 991! For Lieutenant Governor, David M Camn 22,072 elected, 4. 4511 inajiiy. John s retnbonel7,5tifi Scattering 215 Whole no. of votes 39.G8G For Treasurer No election, Aogn-liue Clarke l(i,453 Charles R Cleaves Norman Wilhhms George T Hodges 17.476 1335 G I! 6 3G7 3G!) 334 Henry V Janes Luther Cross Scattering Wholo no. of votes 39,000 0 motion Mr Kit'redgc ihc House proceoded in the election of Speaker fur I ho year ensuing, Mr Field of VVilining ton nominali'il Hon John Smith of St Al bans, and Mr Kiiirodgu nominated Ion Solomon Fonte The ballots being taken resulted in the election of Mr Fool, as fol lows; Foolo 113 Smith 93 Tracy 10 210 Whereupon Mr Footo rose and ad dressed the House in r brief speech, On motion of Mr Brewster the House proceeded to tho election of Clerk for the year ensuing and the hu I hit resulted in the election of A, L, Miner, Esq. as fol lows; Miner, Smith, F. P. Morrill, Fi. D. Barber, 119 93 5 1 218 A resolution from the Senate fixing Fri day morning for a joint committee to elect Treasurer for the ensuing year, was con curred in. On motion of Mr Brown of Worcester, the Houc proceeded lo elect assistant clerk. Mr Brown nominated John L. Buck Mr. Fiuld of W. nominated Elam R. Jewell and Mr Buck was elected os follows. Buck 122 Jewett. 92 F F Merrill 1 215 Mr Necdham introduced a resolution for two weekly papers and one daily pope to be furnished t he members. Mr Brtggs moved to amend so as lo provide one week Iv nnd three daily lost. Mr Dillingham moved for two daily pnpots agreed to, 90 lo f)9. Mr Sleeper moved to dismiss the resolution negatived Mr Hatch moved one each daily and weekly and, helore any question was taken, the resolution was I mil on the I able. On mm inn of Mr Tracy, the House pro. ceeded lo elect engrossing Clerk. Mr Tracv. nominated F F Merrill, and Mr Field of W. nominated D P Thompson. Mr Merrill was elected by the following vote: Merrill 113 Thompson 94 Scattering I Adjourned. SENATE. f FniDAV. Oct. 13. Prayer by the Chaplain. Message from the House, by their clerk. that the Hou-e had concurred in assigning a tunc for the election of a Treasurer, and in the resolution for election of Secretary if State, as amended, by assigning the same time for election of Judges of the Su. preme Court. Resolution, bv Mr. White, that the S-'n ale proceed to Ihe appointment ol standing commit tees Pas. ed. I'lie following committees were then ap pointed, by b illot : the first on each being chairman. On Finance Messrs Hammond, Steele, and V-in Sickleu. On lite Judiciary Messrs Briggs.Phelp of Winilhrim, and Converse. On Claim Messrs Pierpninl, Howe and iJoMoti. On Education Messrs Bell, Swift and La inn. On Agriculture Messrs Palmer, Ingal and Jenness. On Manufactures Messrs Miller, Wa teriiiao and Allen. On Elections Messia White, Cobb, and FoMer On 2?hcm--Messrs Briggs, Kinsman and Pierponit. On .Wlitury Affair--Messrs Phelps, of Wloit-or, Ijiwreneo and lidgerlon. On Roads nnd Canals Messrs Young, R'innev mid Kinsman. On Bath's Messrs Porter. White nnd II. we. Oi Lund Taxes Messrs Smilie, Swift and I ley wood. Petitions inlrodured By Mr While, the nciitinn of iho jades of Putney, praying prohibition of the Unfile in ardent spirits By Mr Howe, petition of the ladies of Ca tleton. upon the same subject Read, nnd onmniionofMr Pierpotnt. referred to committee of three, to he appointed by the chair, lo whom all similar petitions arc to bo rclerred. Communication from the Governor an nonncing ihe appointment of Geo. B. Man scr, E-q. Secretary of Civil Affairs, and as -igning 2 o'clock this afternoon, for 'he communication ofthe annual Message. Committee on Temperance Memorials Messrs. Pierpninl, While nnd Young. HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES M r. James Church of Kuby appeared nnd look his seat. The chair announced ihe following nppoininients: Committee on Rules Messrs. Iracy, Smith of St. Al bans, Kiltridge. Joseph Somcrby, Door-keeper. O.'l Hillings, Liiniao R.iblee J Officers of the House Win. T. Burnham Lucas M. Miller, Messenger. A resolution from Ihe Senate for n di rectory was concurred in. Mr. Patridge introduced three rcsnlu tinns. which wore, on his motion, laid on thn table, declaring that Iho resolution of 1705, granting 23.000 acres of land to Monro's charity school, ought to be repeal cd; that the occupants ought to have the privilege of purchaing tho same at a fair price, and the proceeds to go to aiding and improving the mililia of the Stain; and instructing the committee on education to report bills accordingly. Thu House resumed the consideration of the resolution for newspapers ; ponding the discussion, in which Messrs. Elliot (opposed to furnishing nny at the cxpeme of tho Slate,) Tracy, Brewster, nnd Deo (each for one daily paper ) took part, Iho Senate came in for tho purpose of electing Treasurer for tho year ensuing. Mr. Peck nominated Charles R. Cleaves. Mr. Brown of Woicestor moved ihat the joint assembly adjourn to Saturday morning 10 o'clock: carried, 13(1 to 105. The iwn houses i lion went into joint as sembly for tho purpose of electing Secre tary of slato and Judges ol the Supremo Court for the year ensuing. Secretary of State C L. Knapp, (nominated by Mr. Fairbanks,) 145 E. D. Barber, (nominated bv Mr. Field,) " 104 SeaUering 2 Whoreupnn C, L, Knapp was declared olected. Supreme Court, Chae. K. Williams, Chief Justice.' Stephen Royce, 1st Astislanl ' olected ,-amuei s. rjioips, sonant. Jacob Collamer. 3d " 11 moosly Usac F. Redfield, 4th " I Tho Senate retired and the House re sumed consideration ot tha newspaper resolution alter much iliscusiioo the resn uiiiin was amended so as to furnish one daily, and ndopted, 1 19 to 90. communication from the governor announcing Ihe appointment orG. B. Man ser Secretary of civil and military affairs, &c . which was rend. Senate 3 o'clock, P. M. Mr. Porter appeared in the Senate, was qualified and took his seat. Mr. Brhnrs. of t ho com on ruler, reported the rules ofthe last session, which were adopted, for thu gov ernment oi ine senate. A message from the Il'iiise. by I hoir Clerk, announcing the passage nf n resolution, fo that body, ap- pointing a committee to designate commit tee rooms, and nsking concurrence. The Senate resolved to concur, mid nppointed the folwwing committee : Mossrs. Phelps. of Windsor, Swift and Bell. I lie annual Message of the Governor was tn..--niiltcd to tho Senate, through G. B. Manser, Secretary of Civil nud Military Affairs, and read bv the Secretary of the Senate, as follows : MESSAGE KI10.M THE GOVERNOR OF VERMONT TO THE LEGISLATURE. Felow Citizens of the Senate and House oj Representatives: Under the peculiarly embarrassing cir- cinnstancis which hive been operating up on ihe cur-ency and business ol the coun. try lor n (jw months may have been exp'cied, and by some has bren deemed mi duty to have convened ihe Lu. gslalure in spesial session. My attention has been directed to the subieci with anx ious solicitude, and could I have come to the conclo-ion. that any act of the legisla ture would have aff. riled relief lo our cit iz-iis, from the evils consequent upon Ihe deranged slate of the currency, equivalent lo t tie trouble and expense ot nn extra ses stun. 1 -hotild have, cheerful v assumed I he responsibility of adopting thai measure. But helievitg the unwise and unauthor ized mensiirr; ofthe late executive ot the General Government to have been the primary cause of producing the disastrous ite ol our monetary a flu us, I could not Hatter myseK that, any stale legislation would cure the evil, or restore lo us that are. sound and convenient currency wc had before enjoyed. To tin; General Govern. oieni we in list look lor a remedy commen surate with tlie evil. I'lie citizens of our own state have suf fered, as yet, perhaps less, than those of our sister stales, still thcbusine-s nnd cred It of Hie counlrv Imvo rre-iveil a shock. whose effects, it not averted by somo meas ores ol the General Government calculated to restore confidence in community, must result in conseqiinces most do-iiucitve to i he in dust ry, eni erpri-e and prosperity of our lellow citizens. Our habits and commercial intercourse are such, Ihat any attempt to transact the business ofthe country through the agency of the precious metals alor.e would tend to un-cule nnd destroy the present relative value ol property, and paralyze many of the great interests of the nation. The several banks in this state, have, it is believed, rendered themselves liable to a forfeiture of their charters, by their sus-nen-ton of specie payments. That meas ore. under the then existing circumstances was perhaps. Ihe only alternative which a prudent regard to the interests of commu nity could diciatc. It was approved by the wise and considerate of all parties. The question of legalizing ilus act of the banks, is otic of intenso interest to our whole people, and I trust it will be mei. discussed and tit-posed of with all the wis dom, prudence nud moderation to which, from its importance, it is entitled. The motive nf the legislature in chartering these iiiititutions was the promotion ofthe public good, and if any legislation upon the subject should be deemed expedient nt this tune. Ihe inteiests and snfuly of com munity should bo kept steadily in view. A rigid enforcement of the penalties "provided in the act regulating the char- tnring oi uaiiKs, would, doubtless in crease the difficulties of an already suffer ing people. It would destroy, for nil gen. era! nnil beneficial purposes, a circulating medium, to which an uniform value is at tachuil, and although this medium maybe somewhat depreciated below the precious metals, still, it is one with which, by com mon consent, the indebtedness of individ uals is iltsciinrged and thu business ofthe country transacted. Although the banks may have been led by Iho circumstances which preceded ihe suspension ol specie payments throughout our country, to depart from what is consul ered by the undersigned, the proper and legitimate business of banks, nnd to make loans for purposes which ought nlways lo be accomplished with real capital, and thereby lessoned their ability to afford ro lief in time of Pressure; 'yet, since- the suspension, it is Imped they have been steadily engaged, so tar ns a dim regard to the wants nnd exigencies of community would permit, in placing themselves in a situation to resume specie payments sim ultaneously with the hanks in adjoining stoles, lu this crisis great rolianco has been placed upon the forbearance of our patriotic fellow citizens, and il is a source of peculiar gratification lo say, ihat thus inr my expectations havu Uuen fully real, izud. Tho past season has been marked ns ono nnt only of a peculiarly disastrous chntac tor, as it relates to tho deraiigouiem of the currency, nnd thn effects ofthal tlernnge mcnt upon all the great interests of the country, but it has presented the novel spcctacloof a people whoso pursuits are mainly agricultural, depending upon for eign nations not only for tho products ol manufacture, and tho mechanic arts bul 'for bread. This state of things ouf-ht not to be. The lesson will be duly appro cialod by a discerning peonlo. It admon ishes to economy in our public, and indus try and frugality in our private nff.iirs. No community, exclusively of an ogricnl tural character, can maintain that inde pendence and high standing, which arc essentinl to the enjoyment of happiness. A dependence upon foreign nations for the necessaries of life, is derogatory to a free mid intelligent people; and withal has. in times of nation difficulties, a demoralizing tendency, which by the wiso and provident legislator will ho foreseen mid guarded against. Considerations of Ibis character fully justify the policy heretofore pursued bv our natintinl government in promoting nnd encouraging, while in its infancy, the mechanical and manufacturing skill of our country, and continue to demand its foster ing care. Elllniciit ntoicciioo and ciC' or ngemont it ti true, belong to the general government; still as freemen, ns members ofthe great national family, it is our right, our duty to express eur convictions on the subject. It will bo recollected that n revision of our militia laws was earnestly urged upon the consideration of the lal legislature. A not her year's experience must have served to convince, if anything were wan ting, all whose attention has been drawn to the subject, of their utter inefficiency to secure the objects they were designed to accomplish. Although I am gratified in being able to say that there are some hon orablc exceptions; yet upon the whole, il 'h believed, subordination and discipline have been upon the retrograde for several years past. Are not our militia laws wrong in principle? If those patriots and benefactors who laid the foundations for our free institutions were not mistaken when they said. "A well regulated militia i necessary to the security of a free state," no good reason can be urged why the bur thens and expense of the svslem rhould not reach every individual, by whom the benefits ofthe system are enjoyed. The exempt inn of the polls of I host: en rolled in the mililia from a portion ofthe annual taxes, is scarcely an equivalent for Keeping in I heir pnscp-sion and in repair thu anus and equipments required by law; consequently all iho time spent in obtain ing that instruction ond nrgnuizitirm necessary to render the militia efficient, is an unjust inx levied upon llmse individ uals who cannot, through favoritism o some other means, obtain a discharge from enrollment. The effect of this manifest in justice in the operation of our laws, ha' been greatly to increase the number of exempts, and to render those who could not obintn discharges, impatient mid dis fvn-fird under the rest mints and burthen to which Ihov were subjected. Another evil which is deemed subver sivs of discipline and good order among our the manner now provided In law lor Ihe enforcement of the rules and regulations governing ilie same, and the collection of fines for dclinqueuces. Should all queslionsof this nature be re ferred lo n hoard composed of commission ed offices, detailed tor that service from each regiment or brigade, lo whom all delinquctices should bo reported by the several crimniandaiiis nf companies, it would secure an uniformity in decisions winch is very desirable. The law of the last session authorising the executive to procure Iho mounting ol several pieces ol ordnance, for dlstrihui ,nn to newly organized companies of aitiMorv, has mil been complied with. Il was ascer tained that two companies, to whom can non mid apparatus were distributed under the law of UI27, had sometime since been di-banded, and con-eqiiently, the pieces and apparatus were liable lo go to deciy, not being in the care or custody of any person feeling an interest in their pre-ervation. Orders have beep given to the companies recently raised in Slow and Mnrristowu, to take possesion of those pieces. Information has been received from the officer in command al the United Slates Arsenal at Vergennes. that Ihe nrms bo longing lo this slate, depo-ited there, are in a bad condition, nnd beginning lo corrode. That being Ihe case, economy would die Into a small appropriation to enable the Q,uarlcr. Master General to have them ex nmiiied, cleaned, and put in a good stale for preservation. Incompliance with a resolution of the Senate, passeil at its last session, request ing tne lo procure an estimate ofthe prob able expense of n geological and topograph ical survey of Iho stale, I have mlifressed several scientific gentleman upon the sub ject, the result of which correspondence will be laid belore you at a proper tune. Accident mid the unaided enterprise ol individuals, have developed many sources ofwenlth, in the mineral treasures of our mountains From what has been nlrcady brought to light by these means, wo are fully warrant ed in presuming, that, if tho aids of science should bo brought to bear upon the subject, under thn putronage of thn stale, and a thorough examination were had, with a view to its practical uiilitv, important dis coveries would be made, highly beneficial to iho state. A snirit ol sciennfic research would lako the place nf pretended knowl edge in the art of searching lor valuable mineral substances, nnd our citizens saved from the fruitless expenditure of much lime nnd money. Surveys of n similar charac ter have been prosecuted in severnl nf the neighboring slates, and are believed lo havu produced Ihe most satisfactory re.-uiis. This is an object intimately conneciei' with the prosperity nnd best interests o' Ibis slate, and il is recommended tha' measures he taken fur its early accomplish ment. If ils consequences should he sue as are anticipated, il could not fail of af fording profiiublo employment lo many n' our worthy citizens, who would otherwise leave tho soil of their birth, to people the more fertile rcgoins of tho west. The advantages of it Topograohical 6ur. vey of the stale, may not. to a superficial observer bo very npparotit, but still the lime is not distant when tho importance of the measure will be duly appreciated. The stale of science calls for it, and its impor tance for practical purposes cannot he too highly valued. It would alTird useful data in the location and survey of rail roads and canals, nnd if entered upon nnd prosecuted in the only manner in which n work of this kind should bo done, would be produclivu of great public utility. In accordance with "nn net appropriating the sum therein mentioned for making certain surveys," I appointed, early in Jan uary last, John C. Holbrook, Esq. ofBrat dehorn.' mid EraslU3 Fairbanks, E-q. of St Johnsbtiry. commissioners. Subse quently, the Hon. David M. Camp was appointed to supnly ''""""""""j occasioned by Hie resignation of Mr. Fairbanks. The survey is understood to have been comple ted, and a rep irl ol tho proceedings nftho commissioners under the act will probably bo transmitted lor Hie information of the General Assembly during the present aes- 1011. Under the joint resolution rcqncstinr; the executive lo exchange copies nf tho reports o I lie .ndtcial decisions of this tor I hose of each of tho other Slates, I have caused lo he transmitted to the executive authorities of the several states a part of the volutins of the Vermont Reports, nnd solicited an exchange. The favor will doubtless be reciprocated whenever their legislatures shall be in session. During Ihe recess of tho legislature, I have received communications from sever al of onr si-ier stales, which will bo laid before you nt. an early day. It became my duty, by an act of the last session ofthe General Assembly to appoint some suitable person, to supcrin. tend tin- completion of iho Stale House. In compliance therewith, I appointed A. B. Young. Esq., who had been employed ns architect from the commencement nf the building, whose report, when received, will be communicated to the General Asszmbly. It may be thought necessary to retain Mr. Young the whole, or a part of the next s- ason, to complete the build ing and its enclosures, and to carry out and perfect ihe original design. The building when thus completed, will prove a source of lasting credit in the taste and skill of ihe architect, and bo highly creditable to our state. I would respectfully refer you to my annual mes-ago to die last legislatnre. for some suggestions which are deemed highly important to iho prosperity and usefulness of our common schools; they are tho medium throut'h which wc reach the minds, and form the morals of the rising genera tion. Vermont has been liberafin provi ding die pecuniary means for the advanc mcnt of the interests of education; and it is due to ourselves and to posterity, that a wise and efficient application of those menus should be made. Oilier subjects may be presented for your consideration, demanding legislative action. Confiding in your wisdom and prudence, I can promise n cordial co-operation, in whatever may tend to promote tho pros pent y of our state, or add lo the security and happiness of its citizens. Convinced, as I am, thai in a government, depending upon the moral power of the people, the best claim to suppori. is insured, by a faithful performance of duly. I take this occasion to express to my f'ellnw.cittizens, through on. the deep sense entertained, ofthe importance of die trust committed to me, and to tender to I hem my grateful and respectful acknowledgments for their repealed kindness .mil p-iritnluy. SILAS H. JENISON. Montpclier, Oct. 13. Ulli7. SENATE. Saturuat, Oct. 14. Prayer by tho Chaplain. MrSwifi asked lo bo excused from ser ving on die fominittce on land taxes. Ex-cu-ed; and Mr Jenness elected by ballot to servo on dial committee. Resolution, by Mr Phelps of Windsor, iiisirucliug die committee on Agriculture to enquire into tho expediency of granting a bounty on the raising of wheat. Passed", and referred to committee on agriculture. Pfiiionf By Mr Young of"ihe iuhab. itnnts of West field, on die sale of ardent spirtls ; by Mr. Raunoy, of iho inhabitants of Towusend, same subject; by Mr Purler, of 310 ladies of Springfield, also of tho male inhabitants of Springfield, same sub ject; by Mr. Swift, of the inhabitants of Bennington, samo subject. Severally re. furred to tho select committee on Temper ance memorials. Message from Ihe House, by their clerk, announcing concurrence in the resolution of iho Senale for die publication of 400 co pies of a Directory for the use of bolh Houses. Bills By Mr. Cobb, repealing an act relating to bank commissioners and Bank Inspcciors. Rend first and second times; and referred lo commitlo on Banks; by Mr Van Sicklen, in addition to an net rrgula ling town meetings. Read tho firsl ami second tunes, and referred to the commit, tee on the Judiciary. Senate adjourned, HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES. The chair announced the following s'.an dine cnmmiitc.'F,' " Ways and Means Messrs. Dewy, Ad. nms of Grand Isle, Bradley of Burlington, Townsley, Hnpgond. Of Claims Messrs. Dillingham. Chit tenden of O well, Crowley, Briggs, Par ker of Bradford, On Banks Messrs. Fiillmn. Elliot, Til. den Richmond S evens of E-sex, Judiciary -Messrs. Trary, Smith of St. A.. Ivitredge, Peck, Hopk-ns. OnMitilaru Affairs N essrs Pnrtridco. Hazeltine, Wood of Springfield, May, Brigham. Oi Roads and Canals, M m,B, Fair-

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