Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, October 20, 1837, Page 2

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated October 20, 1837 Page 2
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bafiks. Hewett ori'omfrcl, lticli nf Shore liam. Keith. Hnckbn. Of hmhenrij Messrs. Noodhaui, Mold or VVtlmingtnn. French ( Wtiisinn.Gnnd rich of A llm Allen ol Wf?i mirisn-r. On Agriculture Messrs Harvey, .Smith nf Clarendon, Adam ol Wctthavcn, Hul Jock, Rlonmer. On Manufacture Messrs. Seymour. !5a Jicr. Lawrence, Moiillou, McMillan. Land Tax Committee Mos h. Vilas. Muore of Newport. Scholi; W- luler, H-. mis. GtMeraHmmiVicc. --Messrs. lirnwn ol Worcester. I5nr"". 1'Viiluun, Ash lev, Clark of Addi-mi. fSicven ol N-w bury, Ilewett of Charlotte, Hnck, Hoe, Harmon, Fials, Huwo of Luncnburgh. Hut ler. On Education Mcsms. Creator, Colby. Paul, Corey. Ames. Select Committee on fic Grand List Mrnrs. Field ol V il ml ritoii, F u 1 In tn, Allen of I rnr-hnrfjlt- Mr. Pal ridge moved lluil the use of the reprosental ive-' hull be grouted iJurtMr 'he session on the sabbath lo the ntiivort-n lit society of Moni pclu -: -.upuri- d hv Mr. Far. t ridge", oppiiiJi (l by Mesrs Traev. Dewey. Ddhnghnm. IJupkiii-, Fnlliiin. Fllmt. nod Smith of. St Aibnns, and Inst nycs 17, noes 105. (The principal ground for rein al wnslli.ii the hn. I should he appropriated tr. pnrtwiti'i of lejrl-hit ion.) Hills introduced fly Mr llir.--iitne, for the henefii ol ihe l-l n i Mlli-ry co. 3d rogi nii'iit, 5Ui brigade, reli rrcd to committee on military affairs. Hy Mr Partridge, in addition lo the school nets. The Senate came in and the joint ns.-etn-bly proceeded to ballot for stale treasurer Senator Ingalls nominated Clin ties R. Cleaves, Senator I I - 1 n- of Windsor en. nominated Norman Williams, nnd Mr. Brown of Worcester nnunnutcd Augustine Clark: Cd. 3d. -1t h 5t h 100 107 10!! 110 !!7 79 St) 35 57 63 !!2 103 12 2 2 1 251 251 250 251 Clm. R Cleaves 103 Augustine Clark 91 Norman Williams 53 Allen Wnrdncr 1 C L Cleaves 1 Charles Williams Gtk ballot, "ilk ballot. NnrmatrWillmms 111! 125 C R Cleaves 111 107 Augustine Clark 21 It Allen Wardner 1 1 251 247 Whereupon Norman Williams, Erq. was declared duly elected. The joint assembly proceeded to the ap pointment of county officers. iiUTr.Arsn county. Wm C Kitiredge, Assistant Nathan T Spra-joe, ( Justices. Ira Parson--, Sheriff". Alex. W Reed, ihgh Bailiff-. Solomon Foot. Slate's Attorney. Wm Hall. Judge of Probate for the dis trict of Rutland. Almon Warner. Judge of Probate for the district of Fairhnvon. Robert Pierpnint, Lnihor Daniels, Wm. Fay, jail commissioners. CIIITTEMJKN COUNTT. Wm Wood. ) Jlssislnnt Stephen Hyingtnn. Justices. Geo. A Allen, Sheriff. Horace Ferri-. High Bailiff'. John N Pnmorny. Slate's Attorney. Charles Ruell, Judge of Probate. Israel P Richardson, Henry 13 Stacy, John K Cray, jail omnmi-siunors. John Allen, of llino.-burgh. Hop Inspcc WINDHAM COUNTY. Peter R Tuft. ) Assistant Henry Wbcclnck. Justices, Gate Perry, jr. Sheriff. A'tt Dili ion, High Bailiff. James Elliot, State's Attorney. David L Putnam judge of nrohnie for the district of Westiniiii-ler. Dana Hvde judge of probate for the district of Marie, boro'. Morshult Mil'-r. Walter Fairer. Aaron C Robinson, ji'l commissioners, Abul Hubbard, Hcnj W AHeu. hop inspect, I.A.MOII.I.U COUMJV. Jonathan Bridge, ) Assistant Joseph Wa'ermann Justice. Almerin Tinker. Sheriff. Luther II Brown. High Baifff. Orion W Holler, State's Attorney. Daniel Dodge, judge ( prnbu'o lor tln district ol Lamoille. Go... V. Gates. Asa del Rnyinond. Stephen J nos jitleoni missioneiB. Robert Campbell. ,I.ih'ah At. kins, Ao Andrews, Ivo'y Luce, hop in. 'pectori. OntNon County. Daniel ('"lib. Assistant Lvmau Flieh, Justices. Tappnn Sloven--, Sheriff. Wui.Sanh.rn, High Bailiff'. j Edmund We-tnn, Stale's Attorney Wm. Siiencer, J i i r of probate lor llie diririd of H'tidt -nl. Calvin Rlnilget t, j judge of probate for Mm district ol Run dolph. Josiah Dana, Joshua Diclinoo, Ephraim Hatch, jail eooiun.iiiners. K;iui nel Aimiii, inspector nf hops. PiK. Mr,TON C.iONTY. Truman Norlon, J Assistant Darius Moore, Justices, WiMi-on Cou.ntv, Samuel W. Purler, ) Assistant David Pierce. Justiies. Joel Luil, jr. High Bailiff O'lver P Chaniller. Statu s Attomct John S Marev, jmlL'e ol pr.. hale for the district of I Inri lord. Thomas P Il.iinm I, judire of (irobale for the iImmci of Wind utir." lleiij Swan. Walter Palmer, l'iph nlet Dunlinm, jml eummi-sionerH. Ezra Tutnain, jr. Iaac Howe. Salalhiel Adunis. hop inspector. The joint atscinhy ndjourned to Wedues day morning next, nnd the HoiirU adjuuru ed. Sbnate 2 o'clock, P. M. To (,'ivo an opportunity for the committees to prepare buiiness. Oninoiionof Mr Phelps, of Windham Co. the Senate Adjourned. HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES. The choir announced the fullnwiiijr com tnilteca ; On the Grand List -Me.srd Jaich. Winalow, Karber nf Pownnl, Hnywaril, Worden, WinchcBler, Kellorr(j, Farrinion of Brandon, At wood, Wiley of Weston, Capron. Dnud, Field of Jericho, Fletcher, Sroit (,id'll..N)ron. Martin Foster.Ap. pinion, Hill. Dawnn, Corliss. I Distributing Committer. M,jr Hewes. Dniiean. ('"lion W odhury of I! illimo'C, Wa'ker Hacou Simler.' A vi rill. Trull, Fuller. Warner,l'ennoi.'l(, French ol Hlooio Held, Dawson. The House resumed consideration oflhe bill inlrodueed hv Mr Pari ml. e. in addition lo the sellout act-, and il. wan referred lo the rominiiiee on Education. Bill inlrodurcdv Mr Needhain. nun Plruioif ihe 3d M'e. ofjail act. parsed Nov. II. 1 fiO.i : by Mr Fo ld of W. rotnnun; to ii-sienmenis- boih referred to the Judicia ry coininillee i by Mr Colhy. relerr' d to eouiiniliei! on Mauulaelnres ; by Mr Part rid.'e, fur annual mi ni; of truiees of Norwich University on 3d Wedue-ilav in Au:n.-t relcrred In committee on Educa t ton. .a7nmnWa. prosentcd by Messrs Chil leoden.and Ivntr'-de. nnd'referred lo ihe ('iiomillee on null'ary ud'nr.-; by Mr Allen of Westminter, of i'nhubiianis of Putney, riTif-i uiir the lee'islnture to prolesi naint tlie ndiuisniu ol any new states into the Union inleraiioc slavery aim against the ailmifiou ol Te.ns; relerred lo select com miMee of five! other petition on I he same snlij -el referred to the same coininillee; by Mr Kiliriiljje. of (,'entletneii and ladies of Rutland, relative lo ihe license law and in leiiiperance iilto in niy others on the same snl'j' e.t by eth r gentlemen referred lo a sell el eouitiiiitee of one from each county; of Centre Tniiiil;o C.nnpaiiv.l" cotninillee on roads and lauds : of Dnnforlh. to eouioiltlee of claims; sundry petitions to enuiintllee on mili ary afl'urs ; of towns of IJrainiree. Hradlevvale. Hrunswiek, lo land lax eomuiiucc; of inhahilaiils ol Shafl.bu rv. telative lo trial by jury, referred lo ju diciary committee; of Chauneey Adams ai.d others, to committee on roads ami ca nals of Henry II. Robinson, referred to cnininitllee on claims. Resolutions I!y Mr Woodbury of In I titu ire. relorriiifr the Governor's message to I he appropriate committers; by Mr Hop kins, iietruciinir t ho coinmiitei) on arricuN lure to inqutri! into Ihe expediency of a bounty on Ide ri'.Mnjr of wheal all which were adopted. I!y Mr Fairbanks, for a committee of three to direct proper meas ures, for the vim" ilat ion of I lie representa tive.' null laid on '.he table. MiiNnAr, Oct. 10. SENATE. Prayer by the Chaplain. Resolutions, by Mr Phelps of Windham, direct ini; the committee on Temnerance memorial., to impure into the expedience of repiirltnir a hill for the puni-hmeiit ol driinkeuue-s, Referred to ihe committee on Ti mpernnce mcninrinls. By Mr Ran. ney. in amenilmeui of the rules of jomi as. sembly, which he on Ihe table 24 hours, by Ihe rules of the Senate; by Mr Cobb, uial nicMtijT dm committee on the Judiciary, to inquire into tin! la ws relatmi; m in'.-ne process, nnd report by bill or otherwise; by .Mr Yotinu', iu-trueiini; Ihe cominiltee on manufactures, lo inquire into the expo diency of providm". by law. for the educa lion of minor- employed in manufactories Relerred lo the coinnultiee on inanul'acio rtus, by Mr Uamuioud. In inquire into the expediency of repealing i he law, irianim;.' lands to Moore's charily hchool. Read unit lalil iiiiiiii i lie ia'il-. Bills Uy Mr Porler, reticnlinjr an act ! rclat inir to intercbt. Read Ihe first and seconil times and referred lo the committee on llie judiciary ; by Mr Van Stcklen, tax 1 inij foreinn bank stock. Read the first and seconil limes and referred to the committee on finance; by Mr Suiilie, rolnl inr to li conees i o sell wines and ardent spirit, and rriru'ni iri'j the manner offjrantinjr btich li cences, and of keepnii; inea-ures. for llie sale of wines and spirituous liquors;. Read Mm first and second limes and referred to ihe commit I ee on Temperance memorials; by M r Phelps, ol Wmd-or. e-labii-hiu a stale flnir. ami repenhni; Ihe existing laws upon t he subject. Read the- first and -ee oiid times and referred to Ihe committee on military affairs. Petition Mr While, on I ho sale of ardent sp'rti-, from the inliaintauis ol Rork inelniio referred to committee on Temper ance rn -inorials. Mr fiileerlou a'ked anil obtained leave ot ab-euce for M r Jt une.-f , until Wednes day next. A i'j 'timed. HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES. The elinir announced die I'ollowiu com llliilee. ; On Geological survey of Hip State Me-r-I'Miot. A!l,-u of ra-bureli, i ) i Ii in' lia in. (Jo. ry. Wrb-ler. Oi Tnnperanrr memorials Messrs !'. n Ireiliie. F.i rhanlis. Iluwe ol V. rnioi. Rich elder. 1) .ike. IHon, li icon. Avre.-, R ,.,. nnlson. Wheeler, Hcninon, Fisk. Hill. Hntler. On Anli Slalrvrij memorials Messrs. Brown n Worce-ter, Pierce, Rockwell. Pond. Ilh.ihret. Resolutions v Mr Hatch, for a j i'im assembly hi.- iif'ienioiiii lo appmnl n eom. initlee lo eq ial.e Hie "rand list adopted. Hv Mr Fiinbaoks. for joint oium itee lo seleei coiiiui'iiiv roiiiu adopied. Hy Mr Tracy, for a joint a-S' mbly on Wedno'dav nf'ernoon in elect Auditor, commi-stoners of deaf nod doinb, ayent lo seiile concerns nf Vermont Stale hanks, i!tc &c. adopted By Mi B'owu ol Eden, for a field piece for Hie arlill. ry company at I'idi n adopted. By Mr Klttrilljre, lll-l TtlOl I (ir ( J II f I ICI II T V eiiiuinillee lo ii. quire as to the expediency in iieputy eieiii-oi llie Supreme (Joorl- aih'pieil. By Mr I ollaui, rela'ive to the iltsiribiHiou ot the 2 1 vol, ol the law adopied. Hv Mr S.ifi'ird, lostriielinir Jo dicary coiouiitiee lo inquire into Mm e.vp diency of meridian Imes adonled. Hv Mr I'leld of II' tisoii, Hist met utir General Com uiillee lo inquire as m the expediency ol inriher luws restriclin Ihe ruuniiii,' nt In r.M of neni earle adopted. By Mr Elliot Rssolred, Thai, as Miu representatives of the people ol Vi'riiiiiut, we are opposed lo all innuopolie-; dial we do not regard banks, and incorporations fur manufactures and internal improvement!), as monopolies, when oranled for Ihe public interest, upon Ihe principle of fair competition; but believe ilieui in he hem fieinl in the community, panieniariy lo persons o small nrnperiv and Miu ludu-triuiis poor; that the public until oiijint to no sustained nx to existing corporations ; and Mint all future ones, in cerium cnutinreneies and upon certain terms, to be clearly staled in iheirraule, onuht lo he mane subject (o Mio leisotiv power, cnncislr.nlly with llie constiHilio n principle, that private property Khali not b" taken for public use without jut com penmlinn nn hid motion, laid on the Inble. By the same, fur an amendment oflhe 4th See. of a certain school act adopied. Mr Vilas wa discharged from the Liami Tax committee. Bills introduced By Mi Hazelline, pro v u 1 1 1 i u IhnLtnwus who have apuoiutcd trus tees for the surplus since Jan last, may re. ceive their share of the siirplus--referred lo llie Judiciary coininillee. By Mr Part, ruljie, in relainin lo banks, requiriiiL' ntnoufr other Ihtnj's specio equal to otii! Ilurd ol circulation, stockholders holden personally to amount of slock, 20 pel cent, on bills which banks refuse to redeem, and providine for no annual nnd ihnrotieh ex ainiuation and repot! on the condition of the banks.- explained by ihe mover, who n-ked n select committee of five, not con nected with banks; Mr Seymour moved lo dismiss IR bill, hut withdrew II nt I he sup. trestion of Mr Trncy who opposed the pro pued reference, as nlso did Mr KiUredgc. Mr I'. varied his motion so as lo refer the hill to a committee of five, without the re. slriction; opno-ed by Elliot, and supported hv Messrs Needhnm nnd Partridge, and n'eoalivcd, ayes 99, noes 10G; and the bill was referred to the committee on hanks. By Mr Kill rnloe. to pay Moses Kui. to committee of Claims. By Mr Field m W. rel.iiiujr liability of stockholders, lo com mil toe of Insolvency By Mr Viln-. rela tive lo the ili-l ribinion of laws in the noun ty of Lauioile. lo commiitee nf Ways and Means By Mr Seofiehl. reviving net tax. itiL' Elmore, referred to the Lmd Tax com initlee. By Mr Jrewster, in addition to the lisiers' acts, refe'red to comtni tee on Grand Lt-t. By Mr Vila, in addition to probate nets-; referred to Judiciary commit Ice. Mr. Smith of Sheffield, appealed and took his seal. The bill relative to the city of Verrron nos was referred to th! Judiciary commit tee. The committee on Roles made report, which was accepted, and the Rules adop ted. The committee appointed the list ses sion, on Ihe location of Frank in Co. buihliniia, made report, which uas laid upon the table, and ordered lo be printed Petition From Milion, Concord. Weather-field, Burnet, Lnnenbnrr:!). Graf ion. Wolcott. Bristol. Eiiosbnrrrh Salem. Derby, and J. H. Campbell anil other-, relative tu the license laws). Ref-rred to Committee, on thai subject. A laroe until ber referred lo cnminittee on military af fairs. Of inhabitants oT Cnvn'idi-h. hues, bnrirb, Beto, Concord, Pomfret Milton, Joseph Drake nnd others, to cou uiittee on Slavery : J. Loomin to committee on claims : for lax on Somerset and Newport. In land lax committee: of Cmcnrd and Enoburrrh relative lo trial hv jury, referred to Judicial committee ; of Betsey r ling lo Judiciary coininillee. On motion of Mr. Fairbanks, the cnm inittee on roads nnd canals, were dischar ged from the petition of Chauucy Adams atid others, nnd it was referred lo a select committee nf five. Mr. Fisk of Watervillc was excused on seiviojr nn tint rommiitcc on temper ance memorials, and Mr. Town of Alans field iinnointed in his place. Mr. Richmond was excused from serving nn the cnmtniiicc on banks, and Mr. Has tuirrs appointed in his place Adj. Senatk, 2 o'clock p. si. Mr. Phelps of the coininillee on military affairs, made report of the bill establishing the flnpr ol this state, and that the same ought to pass, The chairman, in answer In n call from Mr. ll'iirrrs. stated the reasons for the pas Miafi' of the bill, and it pn-sed lo be enoros sed for n Ihl'd reading On motion of Mr. Ranney. the rules of the Senate were suspended for the time beinir, when a short debute ensued on a question of amendment to the inlesof the j nut assembly, so as to give Senators the riebt of voting on all que-iions in county conventions, I hough they may not reside in Mie particular probate di-lrict lor which nlge is in be noiuina'ed. Messrs. Ran ney, I'neips ot w uiuiiain, anil wnue no dres-ed the Senale in favor of ihe prnpu-i lion. Me-srs. Pieriioinl. and P.'tggs against it. when on moiion of Mr. Pier, poioi. the re.-olui inn was laid upon the table. Message From llie House, hv Mr. M'oer, I heir clerk, nsglllllg a Mine tor ihe npiioiot mem of n -tiperiuleiiilnui of'he Stale Prison: llie appnir t ment of a com initlee lo ili-trihuic law : and n comiiiiiioe hi equal e the grand list n-king ihe con currence in llie latter hy the Senate. The Senate after debate by Mes-rs. IT'We, Pierpoinl, Porter. Phelps, f Windsor ('inverse. Bnggs, While, and Phelps of Windham, resolved not lo concur, veas 9. nay Ml Mr. Ranney called up Mid resnlulinn on joint rules, ihe question being upon the iiropii-nl amenilment. was carried in Ihe affirmative. On the passage of llie re-olu lion. Messrs. Piorpoiill, Ranney and Von Sieklen addressed the Senate, the former in favor the taller against, and tho ques Hon was decided in Ihe negative. Report. By M r. Howe, from the com. miltee on Banks; on the lull repealing the act in relation to bank inspectors, that llie same ought not to pass; Mr, Pierpoiu! moM.'d that the bill bo indefinitely postpo ned, and nl Ihe request of Mr. Cobb with drew ttie motion, and the bill waa laid upon i he lahle, Bills tiy Mr. Howe, relating to com mou schools, i bo design of which is to make a more equal disfibiilinn of Bclmol money in Ihe several school districts nf Ihe slate the first and second limes and referred lo cmumiiiec on education; by Mr Phelps of Windham, in addition to oil net incorporating the Village of Brattle boro' rend I he first and seconil Minos, and referred lo com, on judiciary. Resolution Uy Mr. Ranney, relating lo schools, passed, and referred to com. nu education; by Mr Young, for approprin ling llie Slate louse exclusively to purpo sos of legi-hilion ; passed, nnd referred to coin, nn roads and rannls, frum the House relating to distribution of laws concurred in; for electing snporiutnndnul of stnle prison, cnmmissioners of deaf nnd dumb, auditor of ore mi nts, iVc. concurred in On motion of Mr. Steele, the Senate. Ad (juurned. HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES introduced By Mr. Seymour, lo pay S. B. Huoih, referru l to comiiiii lee ol Claims. By M Brevvsler, in nddilton tu the school acts, to curnmniee on Education. By Mr Seofiehl, to settle boundary line between E mure nnd Worcester, lo seleei coininillee of three. By Mr. Kttiride. lo pay Abner Ahliich, referred 'o committee of Claims for Mie relief of Silns B Web ster, lo committee of Ways anil Means. By Mr Howard, regulating imiry, to General Cnininillee. Hy Mr." Field of W. lo addition lo acts defining legal residence, to Judiciary coinmitiee Hv Mr. Suiiih of Clarendon, referred to committee on Man ufaclllres. By Mr. Ilapgond, lucorpora ting the Freehold Bank, in coininillee on Hanks. By Mr. Hewes, repealing 2nd sec. ol'act regulating and governing the iniluia, to committee on Military Afl'itrs. By Mr, Howard repealing the physic and surgery act, referred lo committee on Education. By Mr. Richmond relative lo Senate and Representatives Halls, lo General Cum miticc. By Mr. Fairbanks, relating lo jurnr's fees (giving same fees for travel and attendanc! as is given to witnesses.) relerred to Judiciary committee. By Mr. McLiughlin, to f'orni-h Fiankhn nriillerv I Co., 2nd Reg. -t Brig. 2nd Dtv. a field piec". lo committee on Mihtary Afi'nrs. By Mr. Hewes. in addition to net d. fining . powers of ju-tices of Mie pence, rejected. ' Petitions -By Mr. Dee, inquiring into ( the cou-HtuHoiialiiy of a law prohibiting the traffic in a-di ti' spirits; by Mr. Hop ktus as lo Ihe ex,, deocy of repealing lhe usury laws; hy.Mr. Moure ot N. as to, Iho expediency nf taxing all lands for the purpose of building road s and bridges. &c; by Mr. Field of Jericho, as to ihe expedi ency of extending jail yards; hv Mr uewcs.ior a commttieo ot tiiree in inquire mcntgi Ai L. jrmvn f Riand, was into the rea-on of delay in printing the , . i o r i i r i . ; i . n.'oected Purveyor General, and Dtvid journals or the House ot list session. By 1 ' Mr. Ddlinyhain as to the expediency ol Pierce of Jfoodstock, Auditor of accounts, abolt-hmir imprisonment for debt, all of! Norman IFiliiams declines ihe office of which were adoptetl. By Mr. Palridge. , Treasurer, t WM,C, )(. w ,,cted by the that i! h inexpedient and unsafe to grant i(msi;, any hank ehariers at ibis session laid on, . the table ai Ihe instance ol the mover. Petitions referrul A very large mini-1 her on the trafln. in ardent, spirits, onti- im;.-- This festival wa- held on U slavery, anti-Texas, and concerning trial , ,.ft b!ink of I he Rhine at Mayence, Aug by jury referred to the appropriate com- ut 14 and 15 The Rhine, for days bel'ori nntiees ; of .lames Williams and others. ; of a company in Gemgia t e uonttee on, Military Affinrs; lor tax on G-nntiv, io land lax Coininillee ; ol J N Wiggins, lo coioininee on chum- ' .Whann-I; West and oilier.- and hiln- W i Ian) anil i others, to connuillee of ways and means of A, Bii'dgeit and others, and remun st ranee ot citizens nf Westfi-dd, to (ien. eral commiltci. ; of citiz-us of Newtaue. lo ntrhorlse county judges to purchase lands, to members of Windham County. The Guvernor sent in cuininunications from different 'ales '.vhich were lefer'ed. wnhout reading, lo a select committee of one from each couiiiy. The chair appointed Mr. Cadv on Ihe Laud Tax committee, in place of Mr. Vilas. Tuf.sdav. Oc. 17 Housc-.Mr Adams of G. 1. called up the resolution of Mr Partridge, declaring it "inexpedient and un-afo to charter or re charter any banks at the present session," Mr Pnrlrnliju sonportcd the resolution nt some length. Mr Fairbanks said he cordi ally gnve his assent n, the resolution. Mr Tracy, also, said that however incorrect and faUe he deemed many of Ihu positions nnd views of Ihe gentleman from Norwich, ho should go for the resnlulinn, and trusted that it would receive a unanimous support. Mr Hopkins said he came here, holding the views embraced in the resolution; ho tho'i it unsafe, in the present stnle of public feehng, lo charter or recharter any hanks. Mr Jrewster concurred in these views iM: Parker of Jradlonl demanded I he ayes and noes, when Mr D wey opposed the resolution; he did not htiusi If, nor would the bank-, object to this declaration of the hou-e; hut he deemed it improper, uujusi, and inexpedient for the leni-hilnre lo ex chide the cnusiderat ion of applications winch might be made. He believed it 'lie enu-t r u' tuna I p'ivileg of any man, or body nl men, .i nsk fr a bank charter ; that n wa- the imperative du'y oflhe House In consider Mp' application, and proie-ied against Mio resolution. Mr Jhiwii of W. thought it inexpedient load ipt the re.-olu t !ii without fun her con-ulerai ion; it look ed I le lleing up Ihe hands of Ihe II oi-e He in, iv. -it to lav it on Ihetabh Mi KeiMi e,vpres-ed -noi'ar views. Mr Martin saol he agrei d to Mio res ' nt mil. but he ihought il tone to si'itl.. p, when Ihe a pphe 1 1 1 m for hink- sli -it'll c one unil r consulo' nt ion Mr ICntriilge opposed the motion to lav up. on the iabh' The m iinii was lo.i ; ave 55. noes 161. Mr Kit'ridgn fi'oeu an noiendmenl in-ernug niter llie word resolo. cd, the words -In view of ihe present em-barras-meui ol the currency and country nl large.' Mr Smith St. A moved lo lay the amendment ; wippnried by Mr Irown ol W nnd agreed tu After retnaiks from Mr Fairbanks in favor of the original refco lution, and by Mr Kittredgo relative In the amendment; Mr 1'raey r.ii-ed a question of order, whether ihe laving of Mie amend. ment (nf Mr Killredge) on Ihe table, did not necessarily carry with il the resolution. The chair decided hat it did not ; when MrJrownof W. moved an atnendineiii , inserting ihe words 'tho Senale concurring herein' which was opposed by Messrs Partridge and Need1 am, and rejected. Mr Jriggs moved to -;t il; ml Miu words "and unsa'e;" opposed by Mr Partridge, and rejecled. Mr fuck moved to add ihe words, 'unless it can be done tu secure the rights of the people;" and Mr Field of Wilmington moved to amend Mm amend. ii)-ni by adding the wurils 'hv making the pnvale property oflhe stockholders liable for Ihe redemption oflhe bills thereof;" winch was carried without discii-stnn ayes 142, tines fill, Mr Wood of Spring field expressed himself fur Mm original res. olulion, and rigniiist all aiueuduieuls. Mr fiarr railed for Mie previous question (cul tingofjall nmemlmeuis,) lost, without a count. The iimemlmi in, amendid alter remarks ogaingt it by Mr Wood and Fair banks who won; against all banks, under any provisions, unless they redeemed their hills in specie, was adopted, and Mie re-o hit inn PASSU!) in ihe follnwine words Resolved Thai il is inexpedient and uiuiife to charter any new or recharler ait) old banks at Mio prosout session of tho 'legos. laluro unlefo it can be done to eecure the rights ofthrj people by making Ihe private properly oflhe slockholders liable lor Ihe redeinp'lun of thu bills lliurof." Ayes 174 noes 3(1. Sknatk 2 o'clok p m. Mcssagci From Ihe House, by Mr Bue Ihe nstant clerk, that the Hoii-e had concurred in the amendments of i he Senate lo ihe resolution, lo equalize lb" grand list frntn the Governor, I ninsmiit ing commit mentions on n geological and Topograph iral survey of the Stnle. On motion of Mr Howe, the commnuieai ions received by the See.ri lary. ii'ie from Professor Benedict, nl ihe University of Vi, showing the minor lance, and proposing n plan of n geological survey in lwoyeer. by six per-ons, at an nual expense ol gj.200. nnd nlso an esti male of 1 1 xp u-e ol a kiir Vey. es'ininled at jjj.900 'or nisi ruinents. and .2.400 annually lor principal and nil assistant to make the Mirvey. One year In procure the instruments and make "pre paratory exnuritnenls, nnd two years after lo complete experiment, whole cMimnled expense nf both survey- $25,000, not ex ccedtng an average of fen cents to each in dividual of the State. The communication was highly crcdila ble lo its author, and excited deen interest and much attention in tho Senate. A communication upon the same subject, from Mr James Stevens, of Rhoau Island, was nlso read, conveying much important informal inn upon the subjed nf the con temp'a'ed surveys; also an interesting communication from the Snryeyor General of Ibis Slate. Mr John Johnson. On mo linn ol Mr Pierpomt, the communication were referred to committee on education The Business of Wednesday wa princi pally confined lo county and other appoint. GnAMi Fktk at Mavrsck in- noson or Gim emikuo, tiik Di-eovkreu or Piu-st- WRS eover.. nhve with the deputations of (ifT-rMir towns, each si,.nmer Mint earrti-n ih1ll rnted win the una- and fl nr, ot ,(, place. A' Mayence Hie auihiritie nil a fine onliiarv hand and ili-cerges o' nriillerv. received theui The I4'h WH dedicated to the inauguration nt ilo new statue to Gu'eoberg Tp,. il pirn'inti-pre-eu'ed at llie Town II ill, -per;,m.,p. nt typ'grnphy from Ihe different cities. Thenre a procession to the church, where the Bishop performed mass t hence they repaired to the 'Place de Gutenberg." in the procetsion were GOO children of the school. the printers of Mayence. with the red banner given them hy Fred. Ill We now translate a sentencu, which rnu-i be highly flattering to our American Prtn lers: "The Mayence printers were fol lowed by a car drawn bv th'ee white hor-es, bearing nu Iron Prm ing Pre-s made on the American principle nf Hagard and nn apparatus for founding types tie wholn itilerlnced wild gnrlnods nl iw." Then followed the tinnier of the varum-1 cities and towns, i.ach with Moor chtels concluding wiMi Lt. Gi-n. Mufll ug. tie commander, with the English Hoynl I)ul of Cambridge, and brillinnl -tafT--alio geihcr 11100 persons. On each side weie lines of Prussian and Atitncnn trmqis. The latter rather mi-placed, we should think, if Au-tria is lo be deemed' more the "Extinguisher" Mien "Illuminator" ot the mind. Not mi Prti-ia. who is exacl ly the reverse, ns the founder of the be am! most humane system for diffo-ine knowledge--innugre bar forced pn-iuou n the Holy Alliance. At the Plnce wa a grand ii ii i i 1 1 1 1 1 1 l r I-. nnd in tin tiiidd e the statue of (iii'epberg, covered with white and red clot'). The musical perform-'!-consisted nf i-teh o Mi hundred silioer and in-i ruuietiis !! who a-iimihe,J twenu thousand hearer- bv a splendid Te D-'iim eotnposcd for tins occasion by the Ciievi Iter Neukoiti, Tile Pre-tdent of Mi Court of Appeal. M Pi"chafi. then pro ununeeil an able ill-course, al the close of which the covering was suddenly rem -veil Iroiii the statue, nnd cnnii ni commenced A most singular incident hero occurep; nui of the cords per-t-ted in hanging around Mio icek a German Primer crenl nn and ter inn 's, when Hie Press in Kornpe -hall imly he Free. Thsiaiue is nf Bronze hv Or.'Zi'ier of pan-, after models by Tli irwildou. The Press above alluded to Mirew nfl'a large ouiubcr of i'lipre-siou. o a hymn c un,io-ed for Mm occasion. The description ofthe statue is interesting Tim co.tutiii! is the historic of that lime. In liis right hand a package nf moveable character. in the left, ihe first great work he printed, a Hiui.i:. The pedestal is of red marble with laiiu inscriptions and broiizo has reliefs, Tho inscription in from is Jnaiinrin Gi-iiftleslrli tie Guirnhrri; p.iirieiiiai iiiiinrt'ie per piniiii Ivoopaiu cull, no pimueiuiil eiies MDCUCXXXVII. liei d are found the following verses; A i leoi ipw (inerns l.imii landiipie l.atliiun (leiiii.inie snlcm extiiihi iiijciiiuni Nnnn qiiulipuil eieie.s sapiiuit s.ipniiiKpie I ecenlr Nun biln sud populid oinuibiH id napiunl. One the reliefs represents Gulenberg ol a table showing the asloni-hed Faust Mm mnveablu types. Before him is a, galley, and armorir for the types. Another, Ihe press, balls. &c. in actum. At two o'clock three hundred sat dnwn lo dinner at the "Hotel de Gutenberg." After toasts lo the sovereigns of Germanyf!! and to Thorwaldsen. camo one tr the Liberty nf ihe Press, a pour exile, from Ihe land In winch Te Dennis of Homage had just been vowed before immortal Gulenberg -- who-e genius in Mils sublime discovery had not, il seems, power lo break Mm chains that feller ihe freedom nf opinion in the very loud that lir-t gavebtrlh and wings to its utterance. In Ihe evening Mm company repaired to the theatre, whore a grand oratorio entitled "Gulenberg," words by tieisebrecht, and music by hoe we, wa ' perfonned by 300 vocalics and 50 must annx "he solo- by uiimleurs. Tho prm- cos. ol Prussia. &c were present, antl also Urn celebrated violinist Ilohler, the cheva. Iter Ncukotn, &c. The whole population of Mavence snloled Mm .i. mi ""nil-, I IICBB imposing honors are ihemselveH an eternal lino r in iijayetice. An Ancient Com We have this morn ing been shown an ancient copper com, of which we hnvn i,..,.,,r u..c. i i ol the like. Ii tstim u ..r copper, and of about Mm same thickneso. I he inscription, on ntio side 0fit is, A RT A X E R X E S the letters niaiiding in 0 Circle, raised III Mromr rnlmr Wiil., 'he circle, is the face ofHie sun, Fiirroun. tied hy a crown The tellers are rude, and strike ps im Ipomr nn , ...m.i p..!..i. or Roman format too. at .ihoui the v,.ar" A. V. luOO Between the letters A Mid F. of llietle-nipiion, kIiiihI 1 . "V tlm linn.. 1H il., 11 18 A The reverse nl the coin presents Ihnugli i ' I ""s-'Tuaoie, uie I races, of a head. I here nre also verv imli-i omi ir.. r . small crown nn Ihe head This ingtitar com whs ploiij-hed up, sometime since, in Mio virgin sou ol Mt Albtms. Vl. by Dr. John L. Chandler, oft hut place. To thnso who take nu lntereBt in ancient coins this Hpccimer is a curiohily. Of what country Hit.' Ui what dale? How come it be neoth lb" unplouged surface of Vermont? Commercial. V It I I) A V A I O It , I IV O , OCTOBER 2i 20 VVo tli!oic our column, n, day to thu jonnial of hegisljihe ilnings-for mIhc'.i ssa are itnlsbled to Walton's Daily Journal, The nn 1; ,U( firbeenempli.itic.illy a husinesj teuton, and will in nil pi ..liability Ik; a slinn n0 The Mk qu. will hesnen Il ls licr-n put to ip-i hy ;, ver, decisive vote. Tliia i innlouluiidly iln; mie course. TIib presenl Is nut n liiuu to pull ,,mi, 0, jn,tilu. lions or lo btiild up new ones. VVC. lnllJI sle,,jy mii-eUes 1I110U4I1 pie.-enl iliflii-nliies as bi we nan, and ulini 1 tie piopcr linn: .iiilves, examine the siilijeci uitli .ill die coolness nnd candur lis impar I. Hire d 'Ul.iudv. The Bank question, ii nill he ,pi.n. fi,H I eei sfiili-il, .mil ..m.r.icin.ilv we iiiiicliein), by a verv f die II- :. Inileed, llnou'li Ihft ili-c-iissi.,,! i, u ,ic,ni.;, ili.uon ill" cxpeiheMcy of gianting new or 1 no in.' nldlinili-, ilieis no 1101..1011 ; llie 1111 iihih -i-ni ni-'-il nfllii- ll-iiHi- n-it'i-d uih ill.- mio.i.l ......1 is. ll"iiif.iii f.ii.ikiiii die ,,,.,., n I" -r - k It IiI-m linlilfil, .1 ilillci t'rx I iik ' -s i.t - ami nu 1I114 pom., ui- wi-ir Ii. in ui-. Hi , die ih. -en i.- 1 miiiIi, ,,c,-, iu-,,,1.,., . f , , , ,',,, cul p.iilii-. iIiik 1 m 1 1 1 1 1 - i 1 ,1, 1 -1 1 ill,- mi-ei.ihl,. p.inv slanj. wlni li Ii 1. In en iin-pnniLjIi I 'd out iti-ia llie utiles In . V,,n Itinsn iie.Mes. As an i.r ii.,. r..,,i,,,,w ,.1 ,1,,. 11 1 1 , 1 i.f.i.r 11. 1 nil- sun- jei-l, II lj woi on of ii,,.,-, -t lllcl 1 1 Itn ei) I i a 4 :i, I.10 ,,. 1:0 . . ,,, uc ; ,, in.ijuiiij 01 earn ot 1 ,e I'"1 pi'ti''. liein- iii die nlliniiHiive ; and Ihe 1 esoluti.jii, einliiai'iiij,- 1 tic nm-Miilment, was iiil-iplrd hy n ol nf 171 lo ."IG -of com -e emlira ciiiir mini- 1I1. ui 1,10 dinds -if c.icli ,,f die p'jluical p.o ties. Walton's Daily Journal. EhKi;no,s. New Jr. nst: v. The Vliij.g hive carried New Jeisey by iaeie ncd 111 ij n iiies. 'J'lie- Le;'iil,iture iio-nl Itn Assembly, 21 lVhigs,2a Tories; Council, 8 H'hiss, G T-.ries ; jjivin the I'orin ,1 ui.ij nily nf 8 in llie A.ssemhly, and 11 iniijoiily of G in joint b.illoi. Since llie I. election two new counties Ii 11c been cieat-'d, I'.isg.iic and All.inlic, iiln'cli ii-iw kiiiiiiJ, 1 Wlilj; nn, I 2 Tories In itio A...euihly, .iml 1 U'liij and 1 Tory in tile Huue. I'lie D.iily AilvciiUer rl.dms for tlie U'llIGS :i m.ijoiuy of -1 in 1 lie Council, anil of 15 in the House, and :i m.ijorily 011 j,.nil h.illut of 19 intea, Gkohgia. All die cuunties from Georji.i. line been lie.ird from except ei;-Iit. The Whig c.indid.iic fir goto nor, Oilmkk, is 101-t votei nliend. Theie is hut one ruuniy to he he.od from Walker which will pioli.ihly iie Scm.Kr an inciease oiri-Ins innjmiiy in 1333. I'lie oilier seieu counties will pioliilily ,,'ivc ;is much for nierns Walker will for Schley. (Jilmei's majority llieref,iie iih he cuiitidenily e.-iimaicd 1118OO vole. III. eleclinii ii lieyinil a doiihl. ;1jI'knsvi.vnia hasilon- nobly -fir more we il.ii 0. 1 In uuiieipiie. 1'liore una niilliin 111 ih-! ciniK-t c ilciil.iteil to iironse nnd draw fiirihth' In slien.'h. .Si ill there is l( lo-e iilii.- ..-tin 11 lai'i-iis lo jiie nbuiid.ini us mii nice of die ie election ofCioi. UirNKitnext fall, hi a ii'iuiiiili.iul mij jiitj. In 1 1 t- last l.ejis laiuie, iheie were 72 Van liurcn mil 23 Wii-r Itepies. nialiies. ,VN 1 he , hij ham elect-d nt least -13 lleiue-entatiies, nnd secured a mijuritv in the Senale. Tlie.Sl-'.eii p ii'ket Home, was wrecke on tho Till inl . between V. Voik and CI.ii-c.-lon, nnj 70 p.ineneis, w 11I1 23 uf the new, perirhed. Con(fs aity nn neil on Monday. The mib TieaMiiy Ilillu.K losi in llie Ilou.-','l20 lo 107. QjThe bill uiiihori-ing the Treasury D.-pn ri nii'iit to i ue its noies to theamount often iMiUioiir of Dollars has become a law. Mr. Van Huron, therefore, commen ces his adinini-traiinn by gadd ing tho People with a new National Debt I' (Jo -wore into office with a Surplus of Forty Millions, but ihe firn ix uiunihs of his ill nmctted Admiuinlratinn has saddled the Republic with 11 Debt of Ten Millions! In beven months after Van Huron's inoti geraMun, the Washington Globe promised that Gold and Silver nhould he ihe "com mon currency." The "seven months" have "come and gone," but instead of gold and silver, wo have ten millions of Government rags ! This is Van Hurouism! This is the promised era of gold and silver! These ore 1 he fruits of Jackson and Von Hindi's, "Glory and Reform!'' From the Louhvilh Journal, One nf our neainboal fioin .N'ew-Ot lean, n few il.ija in;(, picked nn n couple of iiiiil.itines swnn mins the mill, lie nf tlm M irsi.aiipi, Tline't a lileinl fulfilinenl nf IJcnlun's fiiuomi iiiipliecy, Dili he not fmeiell, iImi 1I10 yellow 6o,t iiiuild sunn up the -Missnsippi 1 ier 1 Louiiville Jour, not. The IMitor ol tho Atlvorlisar is violent ly ,11 favor ol Ihe cinisfiou of twelve mill ions of shm-plasiers upon tho credit of a treasury cnnfessedly insolvent lo the amount of nine millions, This, we suppnn, m what ho calls ' enlarging the specie basis," There is n party in Now York, tho mi'inberu nf which are colled "lurifers" The Rochester Telegraph ih-nk, that Ihct-o lucifers must be "hell born." Does 1 ho Kdilor forget that "Matches arc nade in Ilejtven .'"

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