Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, October 27, 1837, Page 2

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated October 27, 1837 Page 2
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vmwntwmi"utm iwfliBwtf k mm '.ered to bo engrossed mill rend third Mr Brig", 'In cominntiicaiiun of tin1 Governor, transmitting the. Report of the auditor in tin; Trcne ury doparlinoti1, Re port of Urn Treasurer of I lit! Stole, mid the suporintondiinl ol tin' Stale prison, imd the reports wore severally referred to the uoinuuUco on finance. .Vf.?sv;;s Frnm I hi) fiovcriinr, troll- mutiny; the report of the amliior of tic count h tiiruinr-t the s'.nio. Petitions By Mr. Vuii Sieklen, theme iniirial ol Mn it' y iiihahitau s nf Burlington, against licences for the -nle of ardent spir its. Referred in committee on Temper mice memorials. Morn tlmii C.OOI) names linvu nlrendy conn into tlm legislature, praying for tliu removal ot the evil com plained ot. llrsututiun By Mr. Howe, tlmt. the committee nn fiuuneo ho instructed to en qniru wlicllicr Hie nninlier of cntiiuiit-pion-ers of deaf ond dumb may not. li! 1 educed without, detriment. Rend iind pnsed. HOUSB OP RHPRKSHNTAT1VHS. Prnyor liv R"V. Mr. Kcllog. Bills introduced and referred By Mr. Adams, of G. I. altering terms of Griind Isle county, to judiciary commiitee; hy Mr. BrcWflcr, regulating thu ilnty of town clerks, to jicncrnl committee; bv Mr. Smith of St. A. to pay Harvey Bell, to committee, on claims. Resolutions. By II r. Ilnzcltino, inquir ing an tu the expediency of agricultural societies, &c. for tlie benefit of the farming interest, adopted; hy Mr. Brown of W instructing the committee of ways and means to inquire as to the sufficiency of llie auditor'ti salary, adopted. On motion of Mr. Seymour, the commit tee on manufactures were discharged from considering the bill incorporating the Or ange county farmers and mechanics mer cantile association. Mr. Field of W moved to dismiss it opposed by Messrs. Colby, Dewey, Ilazol'tiio, supported bv Mr. Field, finally withdrawn anil the hill referred to the general committee Reports. Of trustees of Vt. asylum for the insane, presented by Mr. Tuwiisley, nnd on million of .Mr HUmi, 500 copies or dered to be printed. Mr. Keith called up the bill locating Franklin co. buildings ; Smith of St. A. renewed his motion to di-miss the bill and supported the motion, also by Mr. Dee and opposed by ,lossrs Keith and Web-tor ; the discussion wa sii-pended, when the Senate came in and the joint assembly met to appoint stiporintendniii of State prison, nnd Mr. Palridgo moved to adjourn to 3 o'clock P. M. Tuesday next, oppo-cd by Mr Dewey and negatived. Hon. .Milton Hrnwn, of Worcester, was fleeted superiiileniiatit of the state prison. Milton Brown 1 31 Bridgmon Ilupgond 03 Scattering 3 Scicatl Fullam, jr. Rsej. of Ludlow, agent lu settle concerns of Vermont state bank. Sowall Fullam, jr. 122 .1 T. Marston 37 Sewall Fullun 14 .1. T. llartwell 1 J. T. Farr I Blank 1 The Senate returned, and the House re sumed consideration of the lull locating Franklin co. building- : Messrs. Dee and Smith of St. A. ond Hopkins, supported tho motion to dismit-s -ayes 105 uors GO so the motion was carried. Mr Peck made a motion to reconsider the vute of ycsier day, adopting the resolution of the com miitee on military affairs laid upon the table. On motion of Mr. Dillingham, the com. mitlee of claims was discharged from the bill to pay Daniel Stone and Alvah 11. Ba ker, and it was referred to the committee un military affair-;. Ilou-u adjourned to Monday. Senate 2 o'clock., P. M. 'Reports By Mr Hammond, of the committee on Fi nance, of a resolution in favor of print ng the reports of the auditor in the treasury department; of the rohool fund; safety fund ; bank commissioners report, and report of Fupcrintendaiit State prison ,- on motion the blank was til'i d with 300. and llie resolution passed. By Mr. Phelps of tne committee on military all.iirs, ot llie resolution relating to the payment of sorvi ces of tho niililia of Vermont, by the gen eral government, prior to and during the last war, with an amendment, incliidiii" the services of volunteers as well a? miliite; amendment adopted, and the re-olutiou, a amended pasiod By Mr. Miller, of i In committee on manii'iicnife.-, the bill incur porating tho Springfield paper co. without amendment, nnd the hill passed to be eu grossed and read a third tune. Hills, By Mr. Porter, repealing part of nn act, relating lo the dutv of lister Read twice and referred to cnniiniiieo on finance; taxing foreign hank Mock, steam- boat clock and vessels taken on. further discussed, proposition In amend withdrawn, anil Hie bill passscd. Adjourned. MoMUv.'Oct. 23. SBNATfi. Petitions, By Mr. Kinney, praying the iujm;ui oi inwi licencing llie mud ot anient (mints. Referred to coniinillci" on Tern. perance memorials; bv Mr Lawrence, of UO inhabitants ol Ferrisburgli. ngninst ihc annexation of Texas to Uio Union. Referred to select committee; another petition, relutiug to t rial by jury, referred to committee on the judiciary; by Mr. Howe, of llie freemen of Caslletou, against the sale of ardent spirits. Referred to ommittenon Temperance memorials. Reports, By llie committee on oduca Hun, on the resolution providing for enquiry no lo the purchase of a portrait of Wash, ington. n hill, without giving any opinion upon the subject. Mr. Howe moved in fill the blank with gG50, when Mr. Pierpomt moved that I ho hill bo postponed indeli nitily. Motion carried. Resolutions. Called up by Mr. White, to ninend the rules of joint assembly m the Clh rule, so us to provido for conference in ease of disagreement of I ho two houses, on bills or resolutions. Amended, in tins r'jspecl, when the question eaino up mi the proposed nmei'dinont of tho 3d nrtie'e, uud was referred, on motion of Mr. Whit , to t'JO Senators o( counties in winch morn I linn one probate district is included Mr. Phelps proposed a further amendment, i 1 1 Windham; I In I the committee on temper nnee memorial, bo instructed in inquire t ,.r i I IIIM, MIU l-JM--MVJ ! ,1 ..., I.IMWM,..K Hie supply of spirit nt militia training1, iStc. passed. Rills. By Mr. Pholm, of Witulham, relating in the n-ylutn for tho insnno, ap propriating $1000 lor Mm erection of no additional building. Rend twice mid to ferred lo cointnttloo on finance; to pay Win. T. Russell the sum of Jl50. Rend the third lime and passed ; relating to in spection of provisions for exportation from Ibis State. R"ud the third tune and pas sed ; incorporating the Springfield paper co. capital $150,000. Read the third time audlrtid upon the table; relating to prison ers and jail yards. Rend u third lime, inn! there being n. tic on the question of its passage, Mr. Briggs moved tint, llie bill be couiintlU'd for amendment, with instruc tions to strike out the second section. - This proposition was opposed in remarks, by Mr. Pmrpoint and IJurton ; the motion was loss, when Mr. Woiertnau m wed that the bill b" committed with instructions so lo amend as to embrace within the jail limits the entire town, in which the j-iil U situated. Motion imposed in debute, by Messrs Briggs. B"H, l'n rpmnt, Burton. Howe, and supported by Messrs Swift, Waterman. Phelps of Windham, and Hoy. wood, when on motion of Mr. Steele, the bill was laid upon the table; repealing part of the act of last session, incorporating a rail road bank. Mr. Kdgcrton dialed his objections to the passage of thu bill under consideration, when, after teniarks by Mr. Pierpeint, the yeas and nays being ilemu'ii ded by Mr Watermm, were yeas 13, nays 10. so' the bill passed. Adj. HOUSB OF R K I ' R K SUNT A T I V K S , Resolution? By Mr Vilus for a coin inittee to make up debentures; bv Mr Hopkins, instructing the committee of Way-, and Means to inquire what coinpen sal urn should be given lo the superinten dent of statu prison for the past year adopted. On Hint ion of Mr IIopin, the report ol the superintendent of the -!ate prion was referred to the comm. of Ways and Means. On motion Mr Town-ley. the report of the truiee.-of the asylum for the m-ane wo referred to a select committee of five. Hills from Ike. iScnntc providing for a revision of Hie la ws of the slate for re porting decisions of the Supreme court con-truing 1st sec. ot ad of 1707, relanve to town meetings all referred to the Ju diciary committee ; relative to inspection of provisions lo be exported from this slate relerred to General committee; directing taxing foreign hank stock, steamboat stock, vessels, to coliiuiitiee on grund list lo pay Win. T Itussel, to committee ol Ways & Means. Reports By the land las committee, against a tax on Lowell, and Ihc petition ers had leave to withdraw; lulls laying a lax of 4 cents on lands of Bradleyvale and i'roy, ordered to 2d reading, taxing New port, recommitted. B committee on zrnmllisl, against the bill relative to list of Newliaveu laid on the table. Bv committee on education, Iho bill rel ative to distribution ofscliool! money, with amendments, which wore concurred in, and the lull laid on the table. Bv committee of Claim'!, bills to pay Charles Davis JO. and Mo-3s King a certain sum, ordered to 3d reading ; a gain.-t claims of Abner AUlricb and Alex inder Johnson, and the house connciirred; bill to pay .1. Lonmi- and others, (claim: under su-pen-ion net,) recommitted with instructions to deduct iotereU. Bv comtniltee on Roadi and Cannh, that the petition of I Ionian 1 1 1 1 1 -1 1 - I and others for a railroad, and of Winnnski turnpike co. he relerred to next ses-ioo, and the House concurred; that it .s inex pedient to legis-late on the subject of high way taxes; ngainsi the bills in addi'iou to the highway ads. and Ihey were ilisnu-sed. By .luiliriury committee, bills altering terms of Orleans and Latuoil'e co. eouris, al-o of (irand 1-le co. courts, ordered to 3d reading; relating to dischnigc of mortgage deeds, and it was passed; against, the hdl relating lo bills of rale. laid on llie table; bill in addition lo act defining what shall be deemed legal m.-m lenient, mid for suniiorl of the poor bill authorizing llie appointment of deputy clerks of Supreme and county courts, ordered lo a 3d reading. Bv the General committee, bill repealing Wiilmn-town. Berlin pond and Willoogh by lake fwh acts, ordered to a 3d reading; that ii is inexpedient to provide for llie ciippnri of paupers by count m-; against lull repealing uury laws Mr Hnywurd sup ported the bill on llie ground-: lirnl thu usu ry laws are uncom-liliitinnal. unequal in their operation and are openly and fre quently violated; opposed by Mr Neudhaui dismis.-'d. Hills prmed Taxing lands in Weulnck and Brim-wick, reviving i ax on lllinore m addition to act incorporating Norwich Uni versity relating to issuing executions. Seveial petitions nn the subject of the li cet'ce laws, were referred. The report of the auditor of accounts, transmitted by the Governor, was referred to the committee of ways and means. Mr Smith ot St. A. was excused from the committee on conimonicai ions from other nates, and Mr Peek was appointed in his place. Mr Faruliam of Poultney had leave of absence Irom and inter to-day. Mr Town ot M. e.led up "the resolution requesting the Gov. to appoint a day of HinHK-giving : Mr uopKins moved the laM Thursday of Nov, as the day agreed to, and the resolution was adopted. Mr Barr moved to reconsider the vote of Satunlay.diMin-sing the bill Inciting Frank I'll counly buildings -and on motion of Mr Keith this motion was laid on the table. Mr Field of W. called up the lull m re lation to assignments, ami supported the hill; --Mr Hopkins suggested an amendment in don his motion, llie hill was again laid upon the table. IJills udroduredUr Peck introduced n bill relating to duties of judges of (.niiremn courts, providing "hat ihey shall give their opinions mi consliiutiotial questions, when requested by llie bxecntiv, or bv resolve of llie legislature ; nl-o a hill p-biiiyu to the judiciary ri I' rred to the i 'dice.rv iMiiiinii. tee. By Wr Dill nghain, lo iay A ij Mon r, to comiinilec o'i e'mnn-. i V'l I I SKNA T13 '2 o'clock, P. M.- Resolutions Bv Mr Howe, fixing on the second day of November next, for adjournment of both hoii-pp. Reml and on mot ion of Mr i helps of Windsor, luid upon the table. Report By Mr Uaininutul ol the com mittee on finance, of the resolution to re duce the nn. of commissioners of deaf and dumb, that it h inexpedient to reduce the number. A bill relalmj; to the dt-t ribtU mn of the surplus revenue, with proposal' ol amendment, in which the Senate as in com nntteo of the whole concurred, nml bill nf'er remark's bv Mes-rs Van Sickleu Pier, point, Miller, Hgerton, was reported to thu Senate, as amended, in committee of the whole, read a third time and passed ; by M r Van Slcklen, on the bill, relating to the du. I y of listers, that the majority of the coin inilteo were nf opinion, llie bill ought not lo pas, dm minority, it ought to pass, with a proviso. Mr Studio moved that the lull be postponed indefinitely. Mcrs Van Sieklen & Porter opposed the motion, when Mr Smilie withdrew the motion, mil Mr Porter moved that, it bo committed for amendment. Mr Piorpoint, e-unporteil the motion, ond gave his reasons for desiring an amendment in the bill, placing all clas ses nf people and professions upon a level of equality in thu taxation of properly they possess, instead, ns at present, taxing the faculty of one and excluding the facility of another. After further debate by Messrs Von Sieklen and Briggs, the latter Senator moved that the bill be indefinitely postponed, Motion opposed by Messrs Howe, piorpoint and Porter, and supported by Messrs Ran ney, Fiaton, and Briggs. Mr maiuled the veni and nays, and the motion prevailed. Yens 1 0, nays 7, 'and the bill was indefinitely postponed. Hills from the house, read a 3d time, laying tax on lands in iriinswick; laying a tax on lands in Weulnck; to revive an act laying a tax on Flinore; in addition to an act incorporating the Norwich University; read twice nnd referred to com. on educa tion; relating to the issue of executions read twice and referred to com on Judic iary. On motion, the Senate Adjourned. IIOUSF, OF RHPRFSBNTATIVES. The chnir nnitounced the following com. inittee; Messrs. Dewey. Tracy, Townsley, Vilas. Win-low. on report of the trustees of the nsvliiin for the insane. Mr Leonard was appointed on the Gen oral committee, in place of Mr Farnhani. Hills Hy M r Flngg, which was refer red to the committee of Ways and ,Veans, without reading; by Mr Duncan, repealing the fox act to General cninnutee; by Mr Iluletl, in addition to list acts, to commit tee on grand list: by Mr (Joe. taxing Fast Haven, to land lax committee; by Mr Parker, lo pay O II Washburn, lo coin inittee of Claims. Mr Needhnni called up the hill extend ing the limits of jail yards. Mr Kitiredge said he was opposed lo the bill, as at present apprized of, its provisoes, and moved lo lay tho bill on the table agreed Resolutions I? v Hopkins, appoin ting Robert Pierpoiot, Kent Wright and Sewall Fullam. jr. to settle with hupcrin lenuant ol Slate prison, czc. adopted. By Mr Seymour, relative to distribution of school money; rejected. Bv Mr Adams of G. 1. for nn adjournment without day on Thursday 'Jd November. Mr Vilas moved , Tuesday. "1st ui-t. agreed to. Mr Pat ridge moved to lav the resolution upon tliei table, supported by Messrs. Patridge nnd Hatch, and opposed bv Messrs. Tracv. I Chittenden, Smith of'S'. A. Dewey, and withdrawn; I ho vote adopting an amend-I was reconsidered, when Mr Briggs! moved to lav the motion on the tahle, op. j posed by Mr Fairbanks, nnd negatived; the original resolution was finally adopted. Bv Mr Vilas, prohibiting llie mt reduction ol bills, &c. nfii-r Thursday next, except hy committees or by unanimous eon-out discussed by Messrs. Hatch. Wood and others, and la'd on the table. By Mr Field of B. relative lo horses running at large; adopted. Reports By the judiciary comtniltee, the hill relating to the judiciary, (judges ol supremo Court not lo sit in bank in certain cases,) ordered lo the 3d reading, iiy committee of claim--, bill to pay .1. Loom is nnd other-, ordered Ion 3d rending. I!y select committee, fixing line between FjI more nnd Woodburv; ordered to n third reading. Pelilioni To revoke charter nf Green Mountain Turnpike Co., referred lo coin iinitee on roads and canals ; several license acts also referred, Mr Tracy called up the bill relating to bills of sale, and moved to dissmmi li supported by Messrs Tracy AV. KtUredge. oppo-ed Mr Needham ami dissini.-sed ayes 159. noes 17, The amendments proposed by the Sen ate to the resolution relative to ehiiim of this state on national government f r ser vices in the hist war, and also to the bill in addition to the surplus act, wuie con curred in. The bill from the Senate in addition to the act incorporating llie Rutland rail road bank, was twice read, and referred lu the committee no banks. , Mr Hopkins called up the hill relative to assignments, and moved an amend ment wli'ch was adopied. Mr Kitredgo moved to dismiss ihc hill the motion was opposed by Mes-rs. Field of W. and Part rnlgo, negatived, nnd the hill was order cd to a second reading. Mr Fairbanks moved to requiro notice of assignm-iits lo be made by publication in New York and Boston rejected. Mr Peck moved hi lay the hill on tho table mid supported the motion, oposed by Mr Field of W, nnd carried. ' Adjourned. Ti:i;siay, Oct. '-'I. Prayer by the chaplain. Mr Bell, from the coiiiinttteo on Bills, re ported that the Governor had approved uf the hill lo discharge Mortgage Deeds. Also, approved of the hill for the distri bution of the Lawn, Journals and oilier public papers. Ily Mr Swift two memorials from the luhahitiiuis of I'euiiiiigton Co, --referred lo tho temperance committee. By Mr Howe a lull relative t the poor read the first and second time ami reler red in the soled cum. in Paupers. On motion of Mr Inn'ls, Mr Palmer was rxcused from Hrving j it tho con, lu i ver.l age the Grand List, ond Mr lugalls was appointed by the President lo fill his place. A message from the Governor, by Mr Mauser, his Secretary, signifying his np provalofthe bill rolattvu to discharge ol Mortgage Deeds. The resolution fixing upon time for Thanksgiving was taken up by the Sunaie and on motion uf Mr Portur laid upon thu table. By Mr Faton a resolution to bavu the Secretary procure a certified copy of the report of the coinniitlee appointed nt the last session lo visit the county of Franklin mid report relative to the proper location of the shiro of that county, and lay I ho same before the Senaie. The report being hro'l forward, MrHaiou introduced n resolution for a coiuuiilteu of tir'e lo In.- appointed by the chair, to examine the report ntul see if it is nn impartial nnd lucid exaiuma lion ol the subject. The- resolution pa-seil and Messrs F iton, Howe, and Foster were appointed said committee. Mr Porter called tip the resolution fixing upon a day for Tlionk-giving, and that Hie word last he stricken out and the word fourth be in-erlod ; so as to have it read tin.' fourth Thur-day in November. Mr Howe moved lo lay it upon the table neg atived, The question now recurred upon the aineiidiiient, which was odoptud and the resolution passed, Tho bill relative to prisoners and jnil yards now came up. The question being upon t he commit incut, with instructions to amend so as to extend tho limits of iail ydSso that they may include the town in which Ihey may bo severally situated. Mr Briggs spoke again-t. Mr Waterman for. Mr Siroli! hoped the gent'leman would so far vary his million as to take in the whole county. ,lr iiell against, Mr loiing against so small an amendment lie should have mi objections to 0 square inile.i. M r Phelps o Windham moved to lay the hill on the table, opposed by Messrs Converse , and llanney and ncgauvou. 1 ho question again recurring upon the amendment. Mr White mnde n few remarks again-t, when the question was put and lu-t. The finnl passage of the bill now being llie question, Upon which the Senate was tied yesterday the President gave the casting vote which practice of medicine, whether of qunek or passed the bill. On motion of Mr Briggs , regular physicians, and believed if we the vote of yesterday was reconsidered on made n contract with the physicians of our t he passage of the bill, and on minion of choice we should not he allowed, ns by the Mr Piorpoint tin; vole of yesterday to strike pre-ept law could be done, to evade it. out the second section was also reconsider, i Mr Patrulge. in an ingenious and learned ed, which brought the motion to strike out speech, al-o advocated the repeal of the that section again before the Senate. Af. old law nnd the passage of ibis bill, on the tor remarks from several gentlemen the: ground of llie monopolizing tendency of question was put and the motion lost. The 'the present law the uncertainty of the question ofjits final passage again recurred. present regular practice, and on the prin. Mr Conver-e opposed. Mr Pierpomt sup- ciple of leaving Iruo knowledge to flotiri-h. ported. Mr Young was decidedly in favor ' as it always hot did, without re.-t rauils of the first section of the bill and though he 1 Messrs Dillingham. Kittridgo and Allen did not like the second section he .-hoiild , of W. replied and advocated the dismissal, not feel willing to have the bill lost on ac ' when the motion was put by yeas and count of that section. Mr Van Sieklen nays, and stood yeas 10 1 ; nays 3-1 ; so the and M- Howe opposed, and Mr Porter 1 bill was dismi-sed. spoke tu favor of the bill. Upon Us pass Hngrossed bills read a 3d lime and pas sage the yeas and nays were demanded by sod. Mr Briggs, nnd were yeas 15 ; nuys 14; so An act to repeal the act to preserve fish in the bill passed. Berlin Pond, Message from the House hy Mr Miner, i ' " in Willoiighby lake, their clerk, nnnnnncing the concurrence in to pay Charles Davis the slim &c. thi! bill relative lo the receipt mid disiribu t imv Moses Kine- Hon of tho surplus revenue. I Announcing the pas-age nf a resolution i to appoint a committee to examine into the nftairspt Stale 1'rison un motion o! Mr Phelps of Windsor, referred to the commit lee on the report of the Siiperiutendaiit of Stale Prison. The pa-age of a resoloiion fixing upon. Thursday the Cd day of November next to adjourn both II m-e-. Mt Phelps, of Wind -or m h'i d to v I' upon i he table. Onpos ed by Messrs Pierpotnl Briggs and Porter, when the motion was withdrawn, and the resolution passed. The bill hiving n tax nn the lands in tin; town of Hlmore was read a third time mid passed. The hill taxing lands in the town of Binnswick was rend a third tune mid on motion of Mr. Heywond recommitted lothe committee on Land 'Paxes tor amendment . a on. to mcorporaie mo .-5pringiie!il I'a- per Manufacturing company was token up j Mr 1 orierspo te , mvor , Mr. Smilie said he was not in tavor Ibis or any other bill which dul mil make the slock holders individually liable for the debts of the enrporaiion, nml moved that the lull he referred to a member with in structions lo add a section In that effect. Mr Porir opposed nml Mr. Van Sicklin supported the mot ion nogit h ed. The question recurring upon thu pa-sago of the bill, Mr. Hgerton demanded the yeas and nays, which were, yeas 17. nays I'.', so the bill passed. By Mr. Van Sicklui, a ltd! in relninn to highway road first and see nd lone run! refered lo the committee on R Is and (Jn mi I--. Mr Briggs from the committee on juili ciary reported a hill relative to the issue of execui ion--, with a proposal to amend. Oil llioiion ol Mr Pierpoin! the amend merits were considered by llie Senate ns m commiitee of the whole. Whileihis mat tor was under discussion on moliiin uf Mr Hgerton Tuu-n.w Oct. 24. A. M. HOUSH. Prayer by Mr K ellogg. Jietolutioni and liilh A re-oluuon by MrHlioi instructing Kin enmt, oflu-olven cy to enquire into the expediency of a law to regulate the assignments of ip-olvetu debtors iidopied. ,'y the same enquiring into the expediency of a la w to regulate emails so as to piuveut ihem from becoui. iug perpetual adopt ed. A bill hy Mr. Palmer lo enforce the collection of military line referred to Military Com. by Mr Wiley altering the name of John Wakefield to John Hancock Wakefield referred to Gen. Com. Mr Kellogg to provide fur (ho support ol Select Schools in certain cases reieried lo Com. on Hd by Mr bond to provide for dividing school money by the 1st of March liiiiiually referred lo Com. on Hd The account of Geo. Peck vs. the S.ale was presented and referred In Coint. ol ('latins. The petition uf Inhabitants of Marshfiold lo annex part of said town to Plainlield was presented and on minion of Mr. Palmer referred Ion solnct com. of 5, The Governor communicated a copy of the prncei dipgs of tho Military convention relerred to MiUlnrv I mil Jlenorts of CommdtecQt ho neiiimns of Dnxbiiry, Guihlliall nnd Granvil'o iho eoin. reporlod bills granting land taxes of 4 cent per ncrc on each of said towns which passed to ho engrossed committees also reported the following bills which passed to be engriiesod viz: a bill to pay .T II. Cotton Supt of of St Prison (150. 00 a bill relating to the judges uf llie Snpt. Oi. lo pay S. B. Booth the Mini &:. to pay Havory Bell $1,3G0,G5 for publishing report. nl'Sup. Ci. hills from i he Senate lo pay Win, RiisjoI the sum &c in addition In the act incorporating Braltlehoro village, The com. on the bill lo provide for re porting decisions of Sup. Ct. reported in favor, but mi motion, (he samu was luid on the (able. And llie committees reported against tlm following bills viz: lo alter the name of Seymour Ain-worlh toallerlhe name of Samuel Aiosworth to regulate the duties of town clerk-, winch were severally disinis-ed. The com. of Hd. to whom wa referred tne hill to repeal the act regulating Physic and Surgery, reported that il was inox'pe dient tu pass the same and a motion was made by ,-Vr Lawrence In dismiss the bill; when a long and interesting debate ensued. Mr Hayward, who introduced this bill, explained Us objects at length. miiiI he had been unfortunate in referring it lo a cominiilei , n majority of whom turned out to be doctors and that he. of course, bad reason to expect on unfavorable report. He then dwelt on the uncertainty of the regular practice, nnd that it was no object therefore to protect it, nnd as ho believed every system should bo loft to Maud or fall on its own merits, ho believed this bill re pealing the old law should ho passed. Mr. Allen of Westmistcr (a physician) replied, dei:endiiig the regular system and expres-llig Ins opinion that this hill if pa ! sod would liil the country with quacks with J t heir steam, pepper and other destructive nostrum--, Mr. Brewster of the com. of Hd. corn cted Mr. Hayward saying that a minority of the committee only were phy sicians. Mr Fnlln in defended the bill on the ground that the pro-opt law was unneces sary, as the common law gave a full reme- i dy against all impositions and frauds in tin to pay Judiilliiin Looniisand others to settle the boundnrv line between Llinnre and Worcester, relating to tho judiciary (restricting judges silting in certain eases,) laying a tax on Bradley Vale, laying a tax on Troy, repealing ilio actio preserve fish in Willuiiiistown, regulating legal settlement (impo sing lines for removing paup rs in to towns,) lo appoint deputy clerks in Count) and Supreme Courts. Mr. Colby offered a memorial of sundry inhabitants of Bramiree. against ihe elec tion of the .-iuing member uf that town, referred to com. elections. A ciiiniiiiiiiication was received from the Gov., announcing the resignation of Mr. Webster, one nflh.. .wikm.o i.-i ,... ..i Fmnkl.i: Co. and Mr Sanborn Hi"h Bailiff, .if Orant'f Co. .r(. (;,. rp()r,nd jn fnvor of the lull in oiiiiiiion to act regulating town meet, nigs ordered to a third readlti" On the bill lo repeal the act to hcen-e pedlars pas-ed 1333 tb,. comniiiiee repori. d naiii--t tin- b.ll disiiiL-ed. mid the smie committee reported in favor ot a her hill on the same subject which was pa--oii lo be eiigiosM d. Ityliraim llaselton's Estate. rItO thu Ion. tho I'rohat') Court for the 3 Di-lnei ol'Ohitteiiduu, ,u inuior.-igned Abigail (J. Ilaseltou of Wi'stfWd ns Guardian of .Mary D. I laselion and Abigail O II aseltnii, fuuial infants under thu age of eighteen years, two of Ihu heirs to the e-lale of Bphraini Ilas eltou late of W'eslford deeua-t'll, lespeclfully represents that the said Mary I), and Abigail O. hold one equal fourth part each, ol'said us. Into jointly with tho other hoirs thereof, nod being desirous lo hold Ihu samis in suverally. shu as guardian as aforesaid prays the I ion. Court to order a division of the'said estate, and to appoint a conuniUco for that purpose. Dated at Burlington in Chittenden County thisaihdav of October A. ). 1337. ABIGAIL G. HASKBTO.W Guardian of Mary I), and Abigail O, lhi sullou. S'lllTI-: OF FElt.UOXT, ) JHTIUCmC ClIITTI'MlKX.SS. AT a Prnhalo Court hidden at Burlington wilhiu and for said district on thu 5lh day of Oetolier A. I). Ilia, upon application of Abigail G. Ilaseltou as Guardian of Mary I), ami Whigail O. Ilasulion, female infants under the age of eighteen years, two of iho heirs to Ihe e.slato of Hphraiin Ilaseltou lateof Weslford in said di-tnel deceased, requesliii" a division of the said estate ; It is ordered by the lourt that the said applicant causu the suveral persons interested in the said ehtalo.ur Itieir atlorniiis, i living within this State, to he duly notified (() appear beforu said Courl at a session thereof to bo holdon at tho officu of llie Register o said Court in Burlington on thu ','d Wednesday of November I), 1337, to make objections to such division if they sou cause, by publishing said application, together with this onier thereon in thu Freu Press, a newspaper printed at Burlington aforesaid three weol,sniu'cossivoly,tho lasi of which pub lications shall ho previous to the time set for hearing. (ill-mi III, ilnr ill,, Knnl r,l" k-.I,I Pnorl nlwl ..... Immlni iinriih.,i, i.t ti.oirint it,,, mi, day of October".-. ). 11)37. ClUliLt.S RUSSELL, Jiulc. WHOLHSALH 'J50 Rtv or Sifeoi, nexi door lo the store oc copied by Converse V lluddlestnn, has just received and offers for sale, an entire new and well selected Mock of Groceries, prm cipiillv pi.rchiised at the late sales in New York, which ho offers very low fur prompt pay. t!5 hhds Porto Rico, Trinidad and Hng- 1 1 -1 i Island Molas-es: 20 hluls St Cruix and New Orleans Su- "3t 5 boxes Brown Havanna do 20 boxes Loaf and Lump tin 40 bugs Porto Rico, Rm and Lnuirn Cofiee: 150 dies's and half che-i-. Hy-on, Yining Hyson and Hy-on Skin 'Peas; 40 sacks No's, a variety uf descriptions and quality ; 300 boxes and half boxes Raisins; 20 kegs , 20 kegs mid boxes Plug Tobacco; 100 quintals Codfish: 50 ba-kots Chntnpaigno Wine, pint? and qunrt--, of 'Anchor, 'and oilier brands: GO quarter casks Madeira, Madei ra, Sherry and Malaga Wines : 25 boxes Mu-calel Wine; 20 half pipes Cognac Plainly; in do Spiini-h and American .'ran. dv ; 20 hhds St Croix Rum; 10 pipes Holland Gin; 10 pipes and 20 bbls While Baltimore Gin; 40 boxrs Pipes, wi ll Shot, Leod. Pep per, Pimento. Starch, Pepper Sauce, Pa, per Tobacco, Snuff, Nutmeg--, Cassia Clove--. Genoa Cnron, Mustard, Principe am) other Segar--, Soap, &c &.c &c Troy. N. Y. Oct. 13.57. STATE OF FER.MOAT, ) To the Hon. Giu.M) I-r.i: Countv, s-. Supremo Court next to. be hotden at North Hern wit'Mii and for the county of Grand I-le r,t iho third Tuesday of January in the year ol our lord one thousand eight hundred and thirty eight. The pennon of Joel Allen of North Hero in said Grand Isle Counly respectlully represents to your honors that ho is legal guardian of Fuel Allen of Grand Isle in said Grand Isly Couuiy, apersdi non compos tneniis. or lunatic and incapable of inking care of himself mid In- properK I haT the said Hhal Allen is seized in own right in fee ot a certain parcel ol hind lying and being in said Grand l-e ml described as I'o.iows lo wit, thelir-i divi-ion lot of t,nd laid or drawn lo I he original right of S demon Strong No. 144 and about two acres Ivng West of, mid adjoining said lot. and North of and adjoining Wiltard Gordons orchard tho whole of .-aid parcel of hind bounded North and west ol" A-a Lvon'.- land South by lauds owned by Wii.ard Gord m and Grindal Reynold--, and on the eii-t hy a lot ol laud called ih; Cooper lot containing about sixty six acres . and thai a -nle there of is nece. ary nud proper for llie support, and inainiuinanee id conducive to the best mlere-ts of. and for I he paynno t of lln just debts of his said ward Wuerefore, he prays said court lo jrrniil linn I. cons., and empower him to sell the same tor tho plirpotes afore-ind. Diteil ot Nonh Hero aforesaid tins 0 I: dav of October A D. 1337 Juki, Ai.i.t.n Guardian The forego-eg petition having b 'eti pre sented to mo by ihegimnloni nh.v named il is onh-red t,at t,0 Mibstnnce ol the same together with ibis order be published in the Borling-on Free P e.-s, a newspaper publi-iied at. Burlington in the count of Chittenden, three weeks successively " the last of which ;.ubliciiHons s-hn II ho at least sixly days before I he -e mn of t he cour' lo which the -nine is min'e, a- above slated which shall be sufficient notice to all con corned in tho matter of tho aforesaid pet it ion. Given under my hand at Mont poller in the eoiinlv ol U'a-lnngion thy JC'h day of October A. D. 13 57 ISAAC F. RKDFIHLP. Jule "' Supreme Coirl. The Ladies Shoe Store 'ffS removed lo ihe litn'duig recent y oc .a. cupied by Doet. IJ. j ,,.ni wrs We-I -ide Cotircll s'reet. Tho Wll have hnlier'o t-uored the subscriber With their en-loin, he hopes In see nt his nev Store, and all who tire wi-hing a supply if Shoes lor t he f onsen are re-pi ei Iptiy invite I lociiland examine his n--oriiueit win is offered on the inosi rcn-i t I . lernw D. A BR A. MAN', Church St. Unrliii"ton, Oi-inller 13. 1337. f W;, have reci ived several beautiful toned lo.-o wood .'hiordtoii's 3, 10 and 12 kevs, most nil kinds of Jlusi'al Instruments mid Instruction Bonks for them; Pock' I Books, Wall-is, Memoran dums, ('aril Case-, Portlnlios, Rodgcrs & Wo.-ienholiiie's fioo Knives nnd Scissors, line Razors and strap-, good Britama Tea Pots, Tumblers mid Puchers, fine Slocks, Collars mid Bosom, good Quills and Cap Paper, Soaps andf Perfumery of most all kinds, Muick. Convex and Concave Spec tacles, mft and hard Tooth Brushes. Tooth Washes and Powder. Hair Oils Powders and Brushes, Chain Dog Collars, Brtlluniii drinking Flasks, Boots, Shoes and other Lacings, double bottom ami double Cnseil silver patent Lever Watches, some 13 holes Jewelled, silver and gold Lopiuu Watches, of fine quality. 4 holes Jewelled, Hnglish nnd French Watches of good quality, ready Pen Makers, Maynard &. Noyes' black writing Ink and lnk'Powdur, ludcllihle Ink, silver lop and open top Thimbles, Music Boxes. Snuff Boxes. Plated 'Pea and Table Spoons, Visitim Cards, &c. Vmlm Strings uud Bass Viol do. with other goods, not necessary to mention. 'Po winch wo shall continue lo make additions as long as navigation is open. Most articles which we havo ever kept for sale, can be had at the Variety Shop, for cash only, nt the tune of purchase. PANfilinitS & l7v7 31 AN & COlE ILL receive Wool nn debts and for goods, lo be delivered at t heir stnru. Burlington, Oct. 0, 1837. III 1 1 i 1

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