Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, November 3, 1837, Page 3

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated November 3, 1837 Page 3
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my aus a w& xr FRIDAY M O II N IN (5, NOVEMBER 3. Willi onothor number wo slmll dispose oftlio legislnlivo journal, and shull bo ena bled to present our renders with a better variety. Wo have on file several congrcs. niunnl speeches, which shall be published as soon os may be. We leurn from ono of our first houses, that the sale of flour since the harvest in this Mate, shown n falling ofl", compared with the corresponding period Ut year, of from 75 to SO per cent. This looks hko living. The experience of the present year lias proved that we can raise our own toicr,as well as other grain, nnd wo cannot loo soon adopt it tis a max im that wo mint and will raiso our own lirendstoffs. When this is done, our pur plus wool, beef, pork, butler, cheese &c. will make us easy nnd independent. Flntir is now selling ni nine dollars, and wo see no reason to expect tlint it will be less till the opening of nnvigation in the spring. Hut there will be comparatively little ot it sold. Letters from Washington suggest sever nl changes in the Cabinet, winch appear ns yet to bo mere matter of gossip, without Authority. Rumor gives the Treasury Department to Mr. Senator Wright. Mr. Senator lluchanani on the same authority, is to be elevated to Ihu Department of Stale ; nnd Mr. Joseph Sewnll Jones, of North Caruhun, to the Navy Department. It. is further rumored that Mr Attorney General Butler is lo leave, and t lint his plncu is to be filled by Mr Badger, or North Carolina. Kino.oI Georgia has resigned his scat in the Seuatu. The election in the Stnto of New York commences on Monday next, nnd continue three days. Much activity prevails on both sides, and ihu wing express lull con fidence I lint the result will show a hand. some gam in both branches of the legi-h ture. The Governor N not elected thi venr. The, regency are evidently alarmed nt the signs of the times, nnd it is said, are willing to 'fall n few snakes" to begin with. The following card, which we find iu one of the l'lnltt-burgh papers, indicate I he extremity to wlueh they ore driven, nnd see not how the appeal can be disre raided. A OA HI). The V. S. Officers, Agent, and Contractors, of I'lattslurglt, to their linthrcn in Jlur tington : UunrilKliS: We iiedilly ntlemlcil jour Election :it I'm liiilnii, lendi-n-d jnu every wtAf lance in (Mir power, mid -jnip illdsi il In join- ill' leu liv ill'1 p'iile Tin' New Vmk t-i.ue KIit. linn I-.' in In' In-Ill MnmU. I'lii-.d.n nnd U'i-iI. iii-mIiiv. (iili 7ili unit SMi il.iv- iilNnvriiilii-r nrxl. Wi- .mil e.n ni'-i Iv inviie mi In i-oniB ovei ll'fi vv.rcr mnl il-i In in - we ilnin' liy Mill. Wi- rlmll m-id niif ii i-'iiiici- .ui.l f.Miii:i. ilu, fur ill" l'' "f IM.tllt-Inn mi olicd lu fullovv llie example nl'ilii- people nf liiii linjiiim. Yllllis in llll' IliVl (if lioilllil. We nre r quested In give notice thai there will bo n regular built Now England Shooting Nathaniel Robin-un's, in IluiiliiiL'tou. on the l.r)!h iu-t. Wosholl expect from the man who kills the mo.-i tinkles, the best "torn" in the lot, for n I hank-giving supper, in consideration of tin police. Mr Hiknkv. Tins gentleman hns been loci unrig in this plncu the present week on llie subject of abolition, and as a matter of course, was li-toned in with much intere-t by n respocin'.ile nudience. Mr. II. is n man of fine InletPs, cif cultivated mind, and ono of Ihu must interesting spenkers wo, have ever heard. To comniandiiig person nl oppearnnce, nnd a good voice, lie adds nn apparent sincerity and candor, which gives him pns-es-ion of his hearers to begin with, and the ability with which he handled bile subject formed indeed a striking con trast to the Murrnys and Homers who have Heretofore rendered darkness visible on this subject. From such an advocate wo were anxious to hear an exposition of the modus operandi by which ho proposes to accom plish the great object j but we miisl con fess our disappointment. His only remedy was, discussion, agitation, excitement at the north, to bring people up to decisive action. And what specific action did lie propose? Why, fi'unoly that the pulpits nt the north should bo shut against the minis tors of the south! Lame, impotent and fa nalical conclusion, Aye, God's elect, the true saints, at the north aro to erect them, wolves into a court nf conscience, ond estab lish a new 6tanddrd of faith, which alone may ensure salvation. " Stand back, I am holier than thou. Thank God wo arc not like other men." This is to bu the charitable language of I he church. And this is where Mr. Birnoy loft the subject. Tknnessek Senatoh. Ono of tho most decided as well as important victories which lias been achieved for tho good cause is tho election ofEphrairn II Fos ter. Esq,, to the U. Slates Senate, by a majority of tho two branches of tho Le gislature of Tennessee, over Gen. Win. Carroll, his Van Huron, Loco Focn com petitor. Mr Grundy had previously desir ed his nnrno to bo withdrawn, This good news crimes to us in n slip from tho office ' ol'ilio Nashville Banner of tho 21st inet. which paper observes: "It is scarcely necessary to add, that in politics bo is ii thorough going Wine, niultbla inn ti from Hadlov, Mass., and on in while liu will represent fmt liCn Hy, mill iur tcrcsltng family oru loll lu deplore Ills loss pun i i 1 1 y 4 i no Tu41it; oiuii-, on mini win nu ton ml more nciive iu the support ul the principles of the Whig cnuso. " The veto was 05 to 33. The passengers who escaped from the wreck of I ho stenm packet Home, hnvc published u statement of the case, in which they assert that "the boat was unscawor thy, and that the captain became incompe tent from intoxication." All accounts agree in these fuels. What measure of punishment is adequate for such u beast uud murderer. The following letter of a Mr. Cndy, of Concord N. II. ono of tho surviv ing passengers, will givo the reader some ide.i of tho scene. "All went on well till Sunday noon, when the sen was heavy and the wind blew hnrd ; but wo wuro told there wns no danger. Tho wind continued, uud Monday was a sorry day nil wore long dices heard no remarks but in regard to our situalion. At nhnul five o'clock our fours were inerensod the bunt begun to lenk and our captain lay uvunlc tn In nyicc ! ! Lucidly we nnd two experienced sen captnins on bonrd, who took thu command, mid then immedi ately ordered nil bunds, innlu nnd femule, (lipping water, which order every one complied with till wo found ourselves on shore. Then it wns that n scene occurred which I pruv God I may nevur again wit ncss. Ono hundred and forty souls screnin ing, wailing, dying ! Some crying to wives some to mothers, snme to daughters nnd sons some imploring mercy from on high some frnntic with agony, dashing them, selves amidst ihe crumbling wreck. I stood on the wheel house, next to n mnn and his wife, and such pitiful groans as eamu from the pout creatures are whullv iudescribn. hie. Close by mo. also, stood a woman, with n child, nnd as she liniigon the wreck with ! ciiizen of Virginia, ihe editor of llie Richmond En. one baud, nnd her darling in tho other, a 1 (piirer sajs In: wan a member of an Anabaptist surf came nnd wished her child from her : , chinch, mid opposed lo ihu Uniled .Stales Dank ! ! ! nnd such was her fright, that, she leaped , Cakka ln;imniul, l.rideTrake, weiuh overboard, and wit ha most piteous screech iiu- -100 Ilu. ornamented in u iiiom la-ielul and fan. exclaimed. "O my child." and disappeared lurcver! I remained till the last one, and , was fortunate enough lo be one of tho few survivors. Alter reaching the shore, I im mediately commenced hauling in trunks nnd bodies, and wns fortunate enough to find old Mrs Lncoste, about half covered willi water, just expiring, nnd saved her life. Presently I found others who were as fortunate as myself, and we divided purl went for nssisipncu and part kept on shore watching for trunks and bodies. The wind blew violently, nnd being drenched wiih water, and smne of us entirely linked, could only keep nhve by travelling. The two ladies who were saved we carried to n .-'Hid hank, and covered litem uiiiMly in sand. ' But few escaped without being bad ly bruised. In this condition we remained till daylight, about six h-iur.-; you may judge of our feelings. At daylight we found ourselves no Ocracoke I-lnud, among n set of ,-,-ivages. There were a few fami lies who did every thing in their power to relieve us ; lull tno-t of them appeared in. different, and only vi-qtod, us lo see what they could steal. But very little of the hiigiigi: came ashore, nnd what did was so bnilly injured that it was not worth saving." Extract of a letter from n lady on board the steam packet Charleston, to her pa. rents in Philadelphia. CiiArir.n-To.v. Oct. 1-1. .My dear Father and Mother On Monday I hade n -ileut but heartfelt, ns I adieu. Saturday we had a delightful weaiiier. nnd hnd it not been fur Ihe regret I felt on leaving you, my kind nnd nll'-ct innate parents, I shou'd really have enjoyed Hie, In me at len-t, iiiusi noble scene. The storm cuinnienceil on Sunday morning and continued increas ing every moment iu violence till Monday about I o'clock. P. M.. the Captain finding nil lariher delav impossible opened ihe cabin door with a tear trembling in his eye I bus nddicssed ih, "my dear ladies gather what few articles yi u can snve uud I in -I on into the dining cabin, lor I must run I he vessel ashnre; it is the only chance left us for our live-, for in spite of all our exertions she continues to fill so that in u few moments wo shall sink. After a short time Col. G and auothur gentleman came in, bringing with them a coil of rope which they distributed among the ladies to tie round their waists so that they might he la-bed to any spar or plnok when the fatal moment arrived of the boal's sinking. It wns then when pariially dressed with my clonk around me uud the rest, nf my clothes for a pillow, Col. G titlached the rope lo my wni-t, I uttered that silent farewell of which I have nlready written, not a murmur wns hcaxl how ever throughout the whole of the pn-sen-gers nt tins trying moment. But tho danger is now past and the perils we hnve undergone only servo to render us more grateful for our preservation. From llie Koeliesler Democrat, ASSASSINATION ! ! It has been nur boast that, from the foundation ol our county and city the rep illation of neither has been stained by a capital crime. The largo population of Rochester and Monroe, have been ex empt in a romarkublo degree from offences of the deeper dyes. Unhappily, there is now a frightful mark iu Ihu bloody calen dar! Tho city was thrown into extraordinary excitement yesterday, by tho discovery that a respectable citizen had been assas sinated during thu night. Mr Wm. Lyman, was found murdered within a few rods of his house. Ho was shot behind ono ot the ears, and tho ball lodged in his head. Thu report of a gun or pistol was heard last night by his wife mid by some neighbors, nbout"'j o'clock. The hnt wns found n short distnncc from the corpse, crmtaining a pnekngo with n bout FIVE THOUSAND DOLLARS! For this money ho was doubtless inurdor. cd but tho assassin, finding it. not in his pockcti?, thought not of searching in thu hat, or primps could not find thu hat in tho dnrkni.'HH of thu night. Mr. Lymofl was a cierk in the oflico of the Rochester Railroad Company in tho employ of Mr. Hooker. He whs nn nimin For the l-'icc Picsj, I'lils Utile poctn in Iriuiidalcd fium llio German of Gocllic. It is impoasiblc to give in tiny Inni'iMCC but llio ni ijjinal, lliu beauty of llio German liiu-s, which forcibly iniiiale the sounds they refer Id. I li no done my ciulc.ivm- in give llie sense, the poetry itml tho beauty of llio pin-, neology ii bejond my power. TUB GIPSY SONG. In cloud of lo, In snow so deep, In llio wild wood, under ii winlry tky, I lii-iiiil ilu; wolves' fierce liuiigor-liowlj 1 heard llie m'liirccli.iiwl' cry, Willi! vv.iii wan wiiii ! Willn wo wo wo ! Who lioo ! Then under u licdgo I sliol the black cat Of Gipsey Aunc, wiih faial aim; That uiil I tier o c.unc seven wolves lo mo .Seven wileliRji willi ilicin came. Willi; wim wmi wiiii ! Willu wo wo wo ! Wilo lioo ! I knew tliein nil, I knew iliein all well, Anne, Ursel, ami Kale liail found me ; L!t-o, mnl ltaili'i',1, nnd live, and old lielli, All howled in n e.iicle uiiiui.d me, Wille wan wau wnu ! Willu vn wo wo ! Wito lioo ! 1 railed tlicm all I y llicir unuics aloud, "Anne anil Beth wlial cotne ve for? They loed llieiuseUcj high, tlit-y liook tliein illJOIII, Tliej ran anil llicy liowlei! llie more, Wille wnu wall wan ! Willu wo wo wo ! Wiio lioo ! Host. I Mammoth Pumpkins. Tlieie urn two"Span. i.-h cheese" pumpkin' in die Serd .Stoic of Jlp.r. IlKVNNi.lis & Hatkham, which wcili, one 16G mnl llie oilier IH.J pound. Three were plucked up on one vine, the nggri-giitu weight of liicli win 419 pfjundH ! They Rrciv upon ihu la no of II. IV. I.ano WOUTII V, in liiililon ; mid aie u leete the laigeil wu li,iu eer seen or heard ol. Uticapa, OntTUAIlV loan nhilnarv nnllen nf :i wnnliu ciful njle, has been made by A. D. & D. Diiarn, of 'viuany, lorn ueddingni iNew-ioru "What is thu object of tho Sub-Trcas ury plan ?" inquired Tom. Why. ihe object is to let the Collec tors and Posimn-iors keen all the money they receive, nil till " "Till when ?" "D d if I know ?" said his ready in formant. M A It It I K I) . Iu Souih Hum, on the 20lh Oct In- Heelnr Ad inns, Iw) Mr Din) ltoheiis, to Miss Loriiiil.i Phelps, boih of .Souih Hero. I) I H I) . In Johnson, on the O h oh. Uoena Hatch, wife I)i . Ira 1 1 ii I I'll , aged :" wars. lu U eufoid, on the 5ih of Oct. Hannah, the daiihier of John Allen, lw. aged 10 jears. She Wiis an example of eat lv pielv. lu We.-lfoid.iin ihe 1,-t of". Sept. Mis Mariah, w ife of .Mr Allison Pairide. .She whs a member of llie Congiegational Church. NOTICE. DOCT. II. HATCH, having removed hi- family to this place gives notice, thai he will attend to calls during the day in his oflico in Church Street, "anil at nil hours of the night nl his residence, the Stamford House, mirth of Pearl street. Ilurlinzton, jYmv. 1. I!!37. WOLESALE &, iuyrATT7 O E. HOWARD, has again returned from iew York, with a full it complete us. sorliiient ol'ltinh Fashionable Fancy & staple Dry Goods, Crockory, Glass Ware, Looking Glasses, Carpet ings, Paper Hangings, &c. &c. Ilis rtnru has lately been very much en larged Si newly lighted, which makes il Su. pcrh, Splendid Sc beautiful ; and now being so well filled with hopes to see an en larged number ol'euslomcrs from far & near lo patronise il and k benclit themselves, by being enabled logol every articlu at this one pl.ieu. All past favors aro duly acknowledged and new ones gratefully and thmkl'tilly received by SION K. HOWARD. Nov. 2d 115.17. NEEDLES. HEMMING & SON'S nnd oihet good Needles, from Nn. 2 to 10, nl-o, As-orleil Needles, for -ale by the Pnper. Milliner's Needles. Harness nnd Saddler's Needles, Glover's Needles la. tier Needle--, Darning Needles, Knitting Pins, for sale nt the Variety Shop by PANfinon.N ii Bhins.m.wi). JVom. 3. 11137. MORRISON'S Ilvgean Medicine of the British College of Health. We give notice to those who use this Article, that there is nono to bu had iu this town, not are we able lo gel anv. Tho Suite Agent writes us "that it is 'impossible for linn to supply nc-nr all his orders for it." Should wo receive any. notico will bo given of it, in both the Village Papers. Wo have been out ol tho Jledicinu for about two months nnd lliero has not been more .than about half eiinugh sent hero fur three years to supply the culls for it. Wo hnve a few Boxes of the Hygean Powders. Variety Shop. Pang nou.v &, Biunsmaih. Nov. 1. Elislm Newclls Estate. WE thu subscribers, having been appointed by tho Uoiiorablo llio prubato Court for tho district of Chittenden, Commission ers to rccoivo, examine and adjust tho claims and demands of all persons, against tho Es tate of Elislia Newell Into of Charlollo iu said district, deceased, Represented insolvent, and nlso all claims and demands exhibited in offset thereto, uud six months from tho day of tho dato horoof, being allowed by said Court for that purpose wo do thotcfure hereby givo notice, that wo will attend to the busi ness of our, at thu dwelling of Porliua Nowollin Clmrlottin said District, on tho first .Mondays of Fnbuary and May noxt, al 10 o'clock A. M.on oach of said days, Dated this 20lh day of October A. I), 1837. SHEfiDEN WHEELER, ) Cm GAD ROOT, Coinrs. e i n g u p again. rwMlh subscriber having rebuilt his shop J. has resumed Ills business, (old stand. n slip from College fc5l. a low rods from Court Ilouao Square.) where hu will be Nappy to nttenil to nil calls in his line, more particularly to IIOllSF.-SllOKING nnd FARIUKltY, which ho pledges I self shall be done well. Givo me n coll. V. P. MARKUAM. Nov. 3. UI37. New Enirluntl Rum. 45 II h lis, Boston N. H. Rum. bv J &. J II I'kck Sl Co. IRON AND "SSMXhS. 8 Tons assorted English Iron, 0 do Swodos do 5 do Russia do 5 do Peru do 4 do Russia Nnil Rnds 200 Pairs Sleigh mid Cutter Shoes '20 Toni Assorted Round Iron !t do do Square do 4 do do Peru do 5 do Horse Shoe do 5 do Ilame and Scroll do 2000 lbs nsMiried Cast Stool 3000 do Swedes do 1000 do German do 1000 do Braziers Rods 1000 Kegs Noils from 3a to COa 200 do Brad by J. & J. II. Peck & Co. Paints, Oils and Dye Stuffs. ioooo WH. LetJ 5 bbls Venetian Red 15 do Whiting 5 do French Yellow G do Ainoricar do 12 do Spts. Turpentine do Linseed Oil gals, pure winter and fall Sperm Oil 2,000 150 bbls ground Logwood. St. Domingo 75 do 150 do 100 do GO do 10 do 12 do 10 do do do Campeachy do Fustic i do Nicaragua j do Cnm Wood do Bar do ; o Peach do , do Quercitron Bark 30 do Madder 25 Demijons Oil Vitriol 10 bbls A Hum 5 do Bluu Vitriol 2 Ccronns Flotnnt Indigo 1 Cnso Bengal do bv J. & .1. II. Pkck & Co ' GROCERIES. 8 Pipes American Gin t! do do Brandy French Brandy, Holland" Gin. St. Croix Rum, Madeira. Sherry, Port, French Madeira, Malaga and Champaign Wines, 20 hhds Molasses, 30 Bag.- Cofi'ee. 10 do Pimento, 10 do Popper, 2 bbls Cloves, 300 lbs Cassia. 15 Kegs Pure Ginger 10 Tierces Salernius, G5 Chests Hyson Sinn Teae, GO do Young Uvson do. .00 Q, iniinl- Codfish, 25 Boxes Pipes, 30 do Hard Sonp, 35 bblsSl. Croix & Port Rico Sim-ars, J. & J. II. I'kck & Co. by Fairbank's Patent Scales by J. Sl J. II. Pkck & Co. Jinili. 1 Nova Scotia, J. O JJ 50(J In western bv l&J- H- I'KCK & Co. Drugs Medicines. HPI II E -ub-cribers are now receiving a JL new simply of Drugs &, Medicmes which they oiler on 'avornble terms. J. & J. H. Pkck &. Co. SALT. 5C00 ijimig SuInr Sll)li 5000 do Steam do 2500 do Turks Island do !!00 Barrels Fine do 150 Sacks Fine Dairy do 75 do Coarse do by J. & J. II & Ce Snuff &- Tobacco. -'v-'v-' Jars Lorillards Maccnbov Snuff, GOO do Scotch " do 30 Barrels Cut Tobacco for chewing, 25 do do do smoking, 30 Kegs Plug do 10 Boxes Cavendi-h do by J. & J. II. Pkck &J3o. glass" -00 do Bedford Crown Glass, bv J. Sl J. H. Pkck Sl Co. Agents. PLOTTK,. Barrels Sup. Fine by J. Sl J. II. Pkck Sl Co. 500 STRAYED from the Burlington Brewery on tho 27th October, n red and wliho spotted cow givuiL' milk, ohnot it years old. Any person that will bring her to the Brewery or givo information where she may bo found, will bo handsoinly re warded for their t rouble. Nov. 1st, H137. Fashionable Plaid Shawls. a Do. Tartan, Sl Rob Roy Shawls. 1 just received by LATHROP Sl POTWIN. Nov. 3d 11137. tJ M GIDDINGS, U now receiving n heavy stock ofDrv Goods, Gro" cerics, Crockery and Hardware, which will bo sold lor cash nt a very small advance Pearl St, BtirlingionJ October 10, 1837. s Fir irti'jfitiitti NOTICR STRAYHD from tho subscriber on the lOih mot. n large ted COW six years ol marked with tar on Ihe lelt hip, and w Inino in her tight lore leg. Whoever w return said Cow, or give iiny tiiforinn tion where she may bu ion rid shall be handsomely rewarded. EMHU IIUSSBMj. Shclliurn. Pel. 17. 1 B37. n3w BJEW 33OI STORE!. fin 11 1-2 subscriber has just received, nt JL the Old Stand formerly occupied by Vernon Harrington, n new anil large nssorl merit of Books and Stntiouery, which he of fers low lor cash, nt wholesiilo or rut nil. All the diUcrcm school bonks used lu thin part of the country will bo kept constantly on hand, ami special nltcutinu will be paid to thu classical depart nient by endeavors to obtain nil honk's wnu'ed either in Acad emics or Colleges iu their latest and best Edition. His stock comprises many vnlun. blu religious and t hcnlogical, law and medi cal hooks, most of Ihe slaudnrd works of English nnd Ainericnii Literature, together wllh u Inrgo assortment of miscellaneous works, Voyages, Travels, Histories, Poems and Novels. Stationery of the first quality will be constantly on hand in (imnttiii'. JA.MKS W. 1UCKOK. Burlington. Oct. 20, 1037. 3w TO SPORTSMEN. r"TIIE subscribers have on hand nn JL assortment of Windsor maniifuclured Rifles nnd Fowling poices, some in ensos nnd fini-liPtl in first rate styloprices from 12 to 40 Dolls. LATHROP &. POTWIN. lhtrlinslnn, Oct. 20. 111:17. American and Spanish Otter CAPS. J CASES jit-t received nf ihe above, BE al.-o 1 1 dox. Seal and 1 1 ui Seal Caps lutest fushious, fur stile nt reduced prices bv LATHROP & POTWIN. " Oct. 2G. I!!37 Sheet Lead, Oct. 20 for sale by IllCKOIC Si Catlin. C A L O 1) O N I A rtnilE proprietors of tho Calodonia JL Springs have madu their grand d-pol at St. Johns, and appointed the subscribers ngents for tho snlo of tho wnter. Any qunuliiy can be supplied in boxes of one dozen buttles each. Price, large bottles $J common sized bottle-- per dozen. A p. ply lo MOTT &. PATTEE. Si. Johns, L. C. PURS, Caps, Mulls, Boas, Gloves, Milts, Collars, &c. for Mile by Hicicok tS; 12 Bales Buffalo Uobes, large sizes, for sulc bv Hickok & , Buck Wheat Flour, for sale by Hickok &. QTPAn Iimihmhlc Jlemcdy Tested by cxperiav c, and .sustained by testimonials ! MOST people have a remedy fur COR NS as well as other complaints; but the proprietor of thu long known and Uslly celebrated Albion Com Plaster! (as prepared by Ihe late Dr. Conway,) has been made acquainted with no instance uf its proper application, iu which it has mil been preferred to nil other i-.kmi'.diks for Coit.-ss, iIiojc pniiiluldisfigui'ors of the feet, and enemies to locouioluiu. The Albion Corn Plaster softens the corn, however old and tough, and extracts il to the very routs. Tho relief atl'orded is ijrnlle. immediate., and thorough. Tho Proprietor begs leave to submit tho following case, from Mr. Slowell. who is well known to the inhnhiluuis of this city, especially al the south end. and at Sout'i Boston, as u very worthy and respectable citizen. A CASE. Sin I do not hesitate to give my most unqualified approbation in favour of your valuable Albion Corn Plaster. By the use of less than u box. Mrs. Slowell has been cured ot a corn on each foot, which hnd been excee'd'iigly t roublesnme nnil painful for years, and I think it but justice to your invaluable preparation to add. ifnr tha' en couragement of I hose, who owing in re peated disappointments in the various rein edies re-orted lo, have finally despaired of a cure.) that your Plaster cured her corns1 alter trying oilier highly recommended remedies, to no purpose; and what increns es my confidence ir. the superiority ofyour Plabier. is the fuel, that it has been ued by several of my neighbours with equally good success. A mnn advanced iu years, hod became so crippled with corns, ns to be obliged to cut holes iu shoes to ease Ins i feet ; ho had long suffered great torture 1 and inconvenience hns lately been enliro j ly cured by (ho u.-o of your Com Piaster, I so that he can now walk with comfort, uud I in whole shoes. Another Case. A I voting woman living near me, had become so lame in consequence of corns, ns not to bo ublo to go up and down stairs without grcnl trouble, is uuw using the Plaster with the most happy success, and prospect of speedy cure. 1 could refer to several oilier cases, wero it necessary, but I hnve seen enough ofthe Plaster to satisfy mo it is the best prepara lion in this country, or perhaps in any oili er, fur tho euro of Corns; and wuro its vir tues generally known, I dount whether j mi could prepare the article fast enough to meet the public demand. (Signed) SETH STOW ELL, Keeper of the Toll house ', South liostur, Bridge, Mr. T. Kinor.n, Proprietor oftlio Conway Medicines. Hns-tnn,,unc 1th, IU29. VTricu 50 cents. BLI A L received n Inrgo ns.-urti neut oh JLJI. i-tir Cans. Buck Mittens. Cloves, JlotliH, Cassimeres, Murines, Ves not ftc Oclobrr 0, ll'37 ' FO!& LB paifefe 'AlUA'V well known and excellent FARM, 44, Mlualcdou MiinsooV llaln In Colchestjr, G 1-2 milm north of llurlingtou on the htiiirw load binding to St. Albans, (.'outlining 500 acres with one large mid convenient dwelling House and out houses' nnd one farm house, liv liarns and one i'aw-Mill. all nearly new. -This farm is well limbered, wooded and feur. cd, and the part cleared is under good eultiru. tion, soil excellent for Eirghsh grain and gra zing. 250 tons hay can he till per scanon. Those wishing to 'purchas'o will please call nnd examine." the prumison for themsolvcs. for terms apply lo llie subscriber on thu prem taei. HIRAM BEAN. Colchester, Oct 2.1. 1037. ca'rfetings. 1 6 BALES superfine and fine Ingrain ') Carpeting, new and extra pattern just icceived by Oct. 20. U1J7. Lvritnoi Sl Potw n. CAME Into the enclo sure or S.&E. If. Wheelnr the 3Ul of July last, a brown mare about 17 years old, with a blemish on ono hind leg (having boon broken) and formerly owned in this town, the owner is requested to prov propurtv, pay charges and lake her away. Charlotte, Oct. 20, 1837. Compound Chlorine Tooth Wash. ct.nn H E Compound Chlorine Tooth JL Wash effectually cleanses tho lestli and mouth, speedily removes all canker or soreness, likewise thp smell or tastn from the use of Tub-icon, and all that is offensive iu the breath. Iu fine it preserves the teeth ni-.d mouth in all respects in a clean nnd healiliy condition. Fur a further account of its salutary effects reference is made to the recommendations of Physicians and oth. ers. attached to each bottle." ; i: iv a u ii o f ui position. After thu original and Genuine Chlorine Tooth Wash hnd received the recommend ation of some ofthe ino-i resnectable phys icians and chemists in the United Slates, nfier it hnd ncquired a high celebrity in our principal cities, the name wns purloined to deceive the public nnd assist thu al of spurious mixtures resembling the genuine, in name only. Imitations of this Wash have boon noticed by i he proprietors, viz. Ono advertised by Hutchim, Portsmouth, N. 11. ; one by Sistarre & Stoddard, New London. C ui.;' two in Now York City, ono by C. M. Olcoii. and one prepared unitedly by Riisi!on & Asptnwall, uud N. Smith Prentiss ; and one prepared in Baltimore. There nre also many preparations which partially assume the name of the genuine, such n- Chlorine Dentifrice. Chlorine Tooth P, isle. Florentine Tooth Wn-h, Orris Toolh Wash, Imperial Cniiipni,ud Chlorine Tooth Wn-li, Slc. none of which have any con nexion with Ihe genuine article. The Compound Chlorine Tooth Wash it prepared only by Lowe & Reed, Boston, inventor.- and sole proprietors. It is put op iu mould hollies. Each bottle is stamp ed 'L-iwe Sl. Reed's Compound Chlnnno Tooth Wash,' uud the seal lo each bottle is -lamped Compound Chlorine Tooth Wash.' Attuciied to each tint t lu will bo the signa ture nf",, tec it Heed, in the hand writing of ntit of Ihu firm. We have sold boitlcs of this Wash to Gentlemen and Ladies who haveusd it for two yenra and -peak highly of it ; for 6ale nt the Vaneiy Shop. Paououn & BmSsMAID. Oct. 27. 1337. Cold Winter is coming. E. C. LOOMIS ASjusl ree'd from Now-York a gen eral assortment ol Morocoo's, Kids, Findings, Slc. &lc. Slc. A iarge quantity of Leather of all descriptions, which wiil be sold a- Usual. Cheap for Cnh. Like wise, 150 pairs of mens thick BOOTS at $2,50, cash, a pnir, first quality, of his own manufacturing. Penrl-Strcct, ) Oct. 20, 1337. ( Fall and Winter Cioods. TJpDICKOK Sl CATLIN aro now re. fcOa ceiviug their Stuck of Dry Goods and Groceries', purchased low, and will bo -old low fur Cnh. STOVJES 1 1 STOVES. CJ if rjjlllE Subscribers would inform llicir JL friends uud the Public that they havo just received a general assortment of Stoves, of various kinds uud most approved patterns, which they aro determined to sell at the very lowest prices; among which are tho Improved Rotary, Cooking, 0 sizes-. Best Premium, (Troy) do. 5 sizes. Various kinds io.v. Elegant parlnur Stoves &c. also Siovo pipe o( various sizes and quali ties, wholesale, and Retail, Stovu lurni Hue .constantly on hand or mndu to order ni'i'shori i.otie'e. A small assortment of hollow w.aro suitable for Stoves. Persons wishing to piirchnsu nro invited to call and look ni il.eir assortment, as they have soiiiO ot Superior Castings. STARR c- 110STWICK. Turlington, October 20th, ) Opposite llie Jail Church S. i Chased and plain top finger Rings, Jet uni! l'uarl nni! tiniuct Kings, beautiful iini'atiun Diamond Pins, in Clua inr. nnd Pinn nod Hini's of must nil kinds : w.n'id, received nl the Vnneiy Shop. ' 'v;ri"ttv iS: Uuim.m.up.

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