Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, November 10, 1837, Page 3

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated November 10, 1837 Page 3
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THE I'LOUGU. When, with his blooming fill, Uy die behest of Heaven, From Puradine, his native home. A ll lorrowing win di iten, The cure primeval, though to hard, A bleiaing was I irow, That she should nurse her lllllo hatiM, While he should guide the Plough. So, our great ancestor became A Farmer of the soil, And millions of his children too Are sharers in the toil. We clear and beautify the fieldj ; We drain the miry slutigli ; We wield tho sickle and the flail, And guide the sturdy Pl.uUoil. Of nil the stations litre on earth, The Fnrmer ranks the first, Though some may leokon him debasM For toiling in the dust. 'Tis Nature's calling lie pursues, As, with a sweaty brow, He turns the sod nil up"idc down, And guides the sturdy l't.oiau. When Sprint; in all its merriment O'efspreails the fieklj with green, And nought, save notes of joy, is heard, And nought but smiles :ne seen, l'lie Farmer turns his tillage land, And who's so h.ippy now, As he, while, whistling to his team, He guides the shining I'lougu. Domestic joy full well he knows, And, it limy hap, a care ; For none must think to be exempt ' From common lot mid share, His wile, nliederms il her concern To milk I he boiun cow, And cheer her nidily htnli.iml, as tie guides the sturdy Plough. ' ms For lov of wealth, some get enmar'd InspeciilHlioii's toils, And other's, when disasters come, Are scrambling fur the spoils, Still does the prudent Farmer pay To industry his vow, -Nor heeds tho struggle i,or th Arife ; But steady guides the PloWh. Good i tile and order he maintains ; He Uvea in pence with all ;J .And, to defend his country's rights, 1Ie,'t) ready for the call, "Now, to bo ever thus content, Say, wighlt, would e know how ? 'Tis but to mind your own aff.iiiv, And dieadv guide the Plough. The Aciucur.TuiiAr, Resolutions Tho Farmers of New. Windsor, Oringo County, New York, adopted tho follow ing, amonr other reaolutionp;- Resolved, That pampering the Treasury wnlvoswith r.'oro, and feeding the sheep with tu&, IB a bad system of fanning, and the Govern menl will find it out at tho next shearing time. m A iifclo fellow canto onco to a tanner witb Bdor; tkih which he desired to sell, when the tanner enquired whether the akin had. been taken off a fat dog? 'sjsjyes,' exclaimed the boy, 'it was ta ken off the fateat dog you over saw ho waenfisadful fat O you never did nee any thing like him he was as fat as as fat as Oh he was most tarnation fat !' 'But,' says the tanner, 'I do not like the f kin of a fat dog, it is, in general too tender for service." 'Oil but well I don't know as I can say lie was su thunderin fat, after all.' NBWYORK MAItKnT. ProYisiom iMc.'i Pork advanced owing 10 h uniull mock here. ShIcs at 21 i a 22. Piime Wl n 13J Beef comes into market freely. Sales of mime 7 a Si- Mess 124 a 14. Pom Dressed Comes into market rapidly The high price of corn induces growers to bring in porK Ireely, one noai nan ouu, prices nave ton atnuentlv fallen lo 5t a 6 dollars. FLOUR This has been a week of a good deal of excitement, In the early part the supplies ar riving were small and the orders large; the conse nuence has been that there has been a steady ad Vnce in price, and prices have left off full 50 cents iiiaher than thev eloped at last week. Western is selling at 8,87c a 9,25c. Troy, New Yoik city, and Ohio 8,7oi:. a 6,87c. ueoigetuwu and men- monil cilv 9.25c a 9,00c. Grain Slock of Wheat is exceedingly light. A lot of 3500 bushels Konlork wheal iutt arrived old at 19Gc. A lot of Western new, price is held at 2 dollais and 190c offered. These rales show n decided advance over nieyious sales, A lot of foreien Ue sold a 105c. anil ievernl parcels of Northern 112s which is an advance. New Rve is coming into inaikci and sells well. Sales' of W .1 I). ..i-.. to... ...i,:i. :.. ... .i.. Corn is coming in fieely fromethe South, ana" is taken at 103 a 105 c(b. Treasury Notf.s. These notes, says-the N. Y, Courior aud Enquirer, bearing two per cent, interest wero for tho first timo yesterday offered for sale at tho Board of Brokers, and ono and a half por cent, premium payablo in bank notes, was askod for thorn but few bid' ders. They woie subsequently offered in Wall slroct at 94 por cont. payable in consti tutional currency. No purchaser! MARRIED. In Jericho on tho 29th of Oct. by tho Rev E. W. Kellogg, Mr Hcniiv C., of Greenfield III. to Mies iMinurva Lank of Jer icho, Vt DIED. In this town, on tho 30th insl, Mr. Edward Pope, anod 20 years. In Underbill the 5th of Oct., Mr. Seth Story, ceil 73 ears, In llie same pl.ic 24th of Oct., very suddenly, Mies Sally Colburn, Daughter of William anu oaliy btory, aged lo jcars una six monius. HATS & CAPS, W. G. SPRAGUE XT AS opened a Cup and Ha'-Storo, in J.J. the 6atno room formerly occupied by G. T. Mead, where he offers Hals of all kinds, nnd Caps of many qualities, Buffalo Robes, Fur Uollara, vc, on ai good terras as eUewhero, for prompt pay. Burlington, Nov. 9, 1837. Black Otter and Dark Seal GAPS. A FIRST rate articlo can bo found at the Cap and Hat Store of WM. I, SEYMOUR. Gentlemen wishing to pur cbaso a good article, of elegant form, will vail themselves of the opportunity, Alen Buffalo ROBES of largo sizes. Caps snails to order. Burlington, Nov. 0, 1037. WOOL. JST00h receivfiu in exchange for Goods T T at tho Cash store ot S. B. UPWARD. Wov. o, 1037, LYMAN & COLE. HAVE received an uxlcnsivo assort incut of Pall and Wintor GOODS. which thov uffor at a price which ennnot fail to be acceptable to thu purchaser, con sidling of Dark French Merino, Figd. do, Gro tie Nap do. Rich Catnblots. Crano. Ladies. Goat's Hair, Imitation do. vary superior. English Merino very dark and rich, Black do. Ratinetto and Salisbury Flannel and Circassians. BROAD CLOTHS, Black, Blue. Invisible Green. Polish Green, Purple. Saxony Black, the two last are new colors suitable for Ladies Rich Cloaks. A vaiioty of Fancy Culors, and ("adds Grev. & c. CASSIiUEKES. Black, Blue, Lavender. Mix'd Roval Ribb'd, Fancy Plaid & Striped do. VESTINGS. Black, Bluo Black Fid'd and Plaid Silk Velvet. Woolon Velvet, Valentin and other stylo Testings. iilack and Col'd Bombazines. Mix'd and Culd. Pongeo. SILKS. Bluo. Bltro Black, Ilc Fig'd Bluo Black Gro do Nap." Col'd Manelino, Col'd andFicr'd Gro dc Nap, Black Gro de Swiss. Bandanna Hdkfs., Crimson Pangce do. Spittalfield Choppa. Fig'd Pongee, Children! do, Black Italian CrnVats. Fluid end spotted do. RIBBONS. A gonJ asHorlmeiU of Garniture, Gauzo and Taffeta Ribbon. Galloon?, Shoo Ribbon, Silk Braid, cord and Velvet Ribbon. GLOVES. Buck Skin. Black & Col'd, very heavy. Brown Ktdd and Woolen-do, Women Black aud Col'd Kidd, Silk and Angola do. SHAWLS. Black, White, Scarlet and Fancy Col'd Merino Shawls. Col'd and Scnrlat Heavy 8.4 Uob.Roy Highland and Vic toria do. Hernuni, Slially Thibet and Raw Silk do. For Gentlemcns Overcoats Drab Hunters Cloth, Lyon Skin, Dark Kersey Sic. FANCY PRINTS. Rich dark col'd English Prints, do Twilled. S cases dark col.d 6w prie'd American do very cheap. ' 9 TAILORS TRIMMINGS, Best Italian Sethis Silk, Heav Can vass BuckrainSC'rcquilla, Red Padding. Col'd Si'lecta, B'ro' Linon, Col'd Drilling, Silk Binding, Braid and Cord. Worsted Binding, Marshall'- best Patent Thread, L.oiivex lasting Coat Button. Frog do, Fancy Gilt do. Sopor Pearl Fig'd Coat ' cipally purchased at the late ealos in New Buttonne, do Vest. Plain aud Fig'd Gilt do. i York, which he offers very low for prompt DOMESTIC GOOD", Cotton Sheeting. Shirttnv, Tick, Wick injr. Wsddmpr BaitH Sic. One Case Col'd Cambrics, One do. Cotton Flannel, Bleached Cotton, Sic. &c. GurneeyFriicl:, 'Vorstod Drawora, Un bleached Cotton do. Merino and Lambs wool do. Proctor Adam's Estate. STATE OF VERMONT. DlST! UK Chittkndek. ts, i The HnnorableThe Probate Court for the Utsirul oj isliillcmlen, To all persons concerned in the Estate of Proctor Adams late of Milton, in said District deceased , GREETING. WHEREAS, Albert G. Whittemoro executor, and Ihisan B Adams ex ecutrix of the eslcto of said deceased pro pose to r'.-nder anaccount of their admiuis tration, and present their .account against said estate for examination and allowance at a session of the Court of Probate to be holdcn at the Register's oftice in Burlington on the aecond Wednesday of December rfext. Therefore, Yon aie hereby notified to appear before taid Court at the timo and place afnreeaid, and shew cause, if any you have, why the account aforesaid should not be allowed. Given under my hand at Burlington this 6th day of November A. D. 1837 Wm WESTON, Reiser. Samuel Buell's Estate. STATE OF VERMONT, ) District ok Chittkisuen . S The Honorable the Probate Court for the Uistncl oj t,lutlciulen, lb all persons concerned in the Estate of Samuel Duell late nf Burlington, in said District de ceased. GREETING. WHEREAS, Win. P. Brigifh adminis trator of the estate of Mild decoaned proposes to render an account of his adnnn islration, and present hia account against said estate for examination and allowance at a session of the Court of Probpte, to bi holrlen at the Register's oflica in Burlington on the second Wednesday of December next. Therefore, You are . hereby notified to, appear before taid court at the time and place aforesaid,' and ht'w cdusc, if any "you have.why the account aforesaid should not be allowed. Given uiidor my hand al Burlington this Cth day of November A D. 1037. W. WESTON, Register. REMOVAL. The Ladies Shoe'. Store IS removed to the building recently oc cupied by Doct. 'B. J. Heiiipborg, West side Church street. Tlioso who havo hitherto favored the tubscribcr with their custom, he hopes to see at his new Store, and all who arc wishing a supply of ouuua iui mu cuuouu aiu I UBiui;iiuiiy lliviieu to call and examine his assortment, which is offered on tho most reasonoblu terms. D. A. BRAMAN, Church St. Burlington, ) October 13, 1837, Guy Boynton's Estate. STATE OF VERMONT, ) Di8TnioT ok Ciiittundkn, ss. The Honorable the Probate Court for the District of Chittenden, To nil pcrtons concerned in the Estate of Guy Uoynlon late of Ilinesburgh, in said District dc cenicd. GREETING. WHEREAS, Jedediah Boytiton, Ad miniatrntor of the catato of said de. ceased propoies to render an account of his adiuistratiou, and present Ins account against said estato for examination and al Inwanco at a session of the Court of Pro bate, to be holdon at tho Regi'tcr'a office in Burlington on the second Wednesday of December next. Therefore, You are hereby notified to appear before said court at the time and place ufbri'suid, and shuw cause, if any you have, why tho account aforesaid should not be allowed. Given under tny hand at Burlington Cth day of Novctnbor A. D. 1037. fVm. WESTON, Register. WE havo received sovoral beautiful toned rose wood Accordeon's 0, 10 and 12 keys, most, all kinds of Musical Instruments and Instruction Books for them; Pocket Books. Wallets, Memoran dums. Card Cases, Portfolios, Rodgers it Wostenholmo's fine Knives and Scissors, fine RnznrB nn'l straps, good Untaniu Teo Pots, Tumblers and Pitchers, fine Stocks, Collars and Bosoms, good Quills and Cap Paper, Hoops and Perfumery of most all kinds. Mustek, Convex and Concave Spec tacles, eoft and hard Tooth Brushed, Tooth Washes and Powders, Hair Oils. Powders and Brushes, Chain Dog Collars, Brtttanm drinking Flanks, Boots, Shoes and other Laciugii, double bottom and double Cased silver patent Lever Watches, fonu1 13 holes Jewelled, silver nnd gold Lepine Watches, of film quality, 4 holes Jewelled, English and French Watches of good quality, rpady Pun Makers, Muynaril &. Noyi:s' black writing Ink and Ink Powder, Indclliblc Ink, silver top and open top Thimble?, Music Boxes, Snuff Boxes, Plated Tea nnd Tnble Spoons, Visiting Cards, &c. Violin Strings and Bass Viol do. with other goods, not necessary to mention. To which wo shall continue to m.H lie additions as long ns navigation is open. Most articles which we have ever kept for sale, can be had at the Variety Shop, for each only, al the tiniof purchase pANGUontf & Brins'aid. 11? MAIS & COliE WILL receive Wool on tl-bts and for goods, to bo delivered at their B.'oro. Burlington, Oct. 6, 1837. WHOLESALE GROCER,at'J50 Riv er Street, next door to the otore oc cupied by Converse Sf Huddleston, hus just received aid offers for sale, an entire new BiJ well selected slock of Groceries, prm pny. hhds Porto Rico, Trinidad and fini? li.-h Molasses : 20 hhds St Croix and New Orleans Su Bjr t 5 boxes Brown Hnvanna do 20 boxes Loaf and Lump do 40 bag Porto Rico, Rio anf Laguira Coffee: 150 chexts and half chest?, Hyson, Young Hyon nnd Hyton Skin Teas; 40 sacks Nuts, a variety of descriptions and quality; 300 boxes and half boxes Raisins ; 20 kego do 20 kegs and boxes Plug Tobacco; 100 quintals Codfish: L0 baskets Chatnpaignc Wine, pint? and quurts, of'Anchnrnnd other brands: GO quarter casks Sicily Madeira, Madei ra, Sherry and Malaga Wines ; 25 boxes Mu.icatel Wine; 20 half pipes Cognac Brandy; 15 do Spanish and American Uran. dv; 20 hhds StCrou Rum; 10 pipes Holland tjin; 10 pipes end 20 bbls White Baltimore It in; 40 boxes Pipes, w'rh Shot, Lead, Pep per, I'ltni'iilo, hiarcli, repper bauce, I'oi per Tobacco, Snuff, Nutmeg-', Cusiu Cloves. Genoa Citron, Mum aril, Principe and other Sugars, Soap, &c &c &c Trov. N. Y. Oct. 1837. NOTICE. DOCT. H. HATCH, having removed tils- lamily to this place gives notice, that ho will attend to nails during the day ut Ins office in Church Street, and at nil hour" of the nighf al his residence, the Slumlord House, north of Pearl street. Burlington, JVoti. 1 , 1 837. - WOLESALE & RliTAIU SF.. HOWARD, lias again returned from a Now York, with a full & complete as sortment of Rich Fashionablo Fancy & staplo Dry Goods, Crockery, Glass Ware, Lobking Glasses, ( arpetings, Paper Hangings, &c. &c. His store has lately; been vory much en larged & nowly lighted, which makes it Su. perl), Splendid Si beautiful ; and now being so well filled with goods, ho hope to sou an eir larged number of customers from far & near to patronico it and & bonulit theinsulves, by being enabled Ingot oyery.aitiulu at this one place. All past favors aro duly acknowledged and now ones gratefully and thankfully received by SION E. IIOWAUD. Noir. 2d 1837. NEEDLES. EM MING &. SON'S' and other L'ood Needles, from No. 2 lu10, H .also, As-orted Needles, for solo'by"lhe Paper, Milliner's Needles, Harness and Saddlur'B Needles, Glover's Needles la. per Needles, Darning Needles, Knitting Pins, for sale at the Varioly Shop by PANfinonN & Uju.nfmaih, Nov. 3, 1837. Fairbank's Patent Scales by J. Si 3. II. Peck Si Co, Agents. STRAYED from I the Burlington Brewery on the 'J7th October, ti red nnd white spotted cow L'ivini; milk, about II years old. Any person that will bring her to the Brewery or give information where she may be found, will bo handaotnly re worded for thnir trouble. Nov. 1st, 1037. N3W BOOK STORE. npHE Hiibscriber has just- received, nt JL the Old Stand formerly occupied by Vernon Hnrrtngton. a new anil large assort ment of Books and Stationery, which ho of fers low for cash, ot wholesale or retail. All the dilferenl school books used in this part of tho country will bn kept constantly on hand, and special uttetitiou will be paid to the cluesical department by endeavors to obtain oil books wanted cither in Acad emies or Colleges in their latest and best Edition. His stock comprises niany, voluu. bio religious and theological, law and modi cal books, most of the standard works of English nnd American Literature, together with a largo assortment of miscellaneous works, Voyages, Travels, Histories, Poems and Novels. Stationery of the first quality will be constantly on hand in quantities. JAMES W. IIICKOK. Burlington, Oct. 26, 1037. 3w Elisha Nowclls Estate. WE tho subscribers, having been appointed by tho Honorable the probato Court for tho district of Chittenden, Commission ers to receive, examine and adjust the claims and demands of all persons, against the Es tato of EIifj.a Newell late of Charlotte in said district, deceased. Represented insolvent, and also all claims nod demands exhibited in offset thereto, mid six mouths from thu day of tho dale hereof, being allowed by said Court for that purposu. wu do thcieforu hereby givo notice, that wo will attend to the busi ness of our appointment, at the dwelling of I'erlina Newell in Chrrlottin said District, on tho Mondays of Fobuary and May next, at 1U o'clock A. iW.on each ol caic utiyx. Dated tbis2Glh day of October A. D. 1C37. SllELDEN WHEELKR, nnmra GAD ROOT, jComrs. nioifi AID H.&ILS. 8 'Pons assorted English Iron, 6 do Swedes do 5 do Riifsia do 5 do Peru do 4 do Russia Nail Rods 200 Pairs Sleigh and Cutter Shoc3 20 Tons Assorted Round Iron 8 do do Sqtinro do 4 do do Peru do 5 do Horse Shoo do 5 do Hume nnd Scroll do 2000 lbs ncsorted Cast Steel 3000 do Swedes do 1000 do GefJ.'jaiJ do 1000 do Braziers Rods innn K,, Nniln from 3a to 60a 200 do" Brads by J. &. J. II . Peck & Co. Paints, Oils and Dye Stuffs 10,000 Ibt White Lead tibU Vnnnlian Rod do Whiting do French Yellow do Amcricar do do Spts. Turpentine do Linbced Oil 15 5 G 12 25 2,000 gala, pure winter and full Sperm Oil 150 bbls 2runu Logwood. St. Domingo. 75 do do do Lanipeacliy do Fustic do Nicaragua do Cwn Wood do Bar do o Peach do do Quercitron Bark 1 50 do 100 do GO do 10 do 12 do 10 do 30 do Madder 25 Demijons Oil Vitriol 10 bbls Allum 5 do Blue Vitriol 2 L'enions Flotant Indigo 1 Case Bengal do bv J. & J. 11. Peck &. Co ' GROCERIES. o Pipes American Gin 8 do do Brandy French Brandy, Holland Gin, St. Croix Rum, Madeira, Sherry, Port, Fronch Madeira," Malaga and Champaign Wined, 20 hhds Mnlruscs, 30 Bags Coffee, 10 do Pimento, 10 do Pepper, 2 bb! Cloves, 300 lbs Co-sia, 15 Kegs Pure Gingor 10 Tierces Saleratus, G5 Chests Hyson Sluu Teas, 60 do Youiiir Hyson do. 50 Quintals Codfish, 25 Boxes Pipp, 30 do Hard Soap, 35 bbls St. Croix &. Port Rico Sugars, by J. &. J. II. Peck & Co. 1 Sfin ubs' Nova bcotio, 200 do Western by J &. J. II. Peck & Co. Drugs Medicines. rlHE subscribers are now receiving a JL now supply of Drugs & Medicines which they oiler on favorable terms. J. &. J. H. Peck & Co. SALT. 5COO n,lsles Solar Salt, 5000 do Steam do 2500 do Turks Maud do 800 Barrels Fino do 1 50 Sucks Finn Dairy do 75 do Coarse do by J. & J. II. Peck & Co. Snud' & Tobacco. 200 jnrH Lorillnrds Mac'coboy Snuff, GOO do Scotch do 30 Barrels Cut Tobacco for chewing, 25 do . do do smoking, 30 ivegs l'lug do 10 Boxes Cavendish do by J. Si J. H. Peck Ai Co STOVES STOVES, tpsfl 1311 fTlHE Subscribers would inform thou X friends and the Public that thoy have just received a general assortment of Stove?, of various kinds and most approved patterns, which thoy arc determined I" sell at the very lowest prices; among which ure llio Improved Rnltiry, Cooking, 2 sizes. Best Premium, (Troy) do. 5 sizes. Various kinds Rax. Elegant parlour Stoves &c. aLo Stove pipe of various bizes and quali ties, wholesale and Retail, Stove furni ture constantly on hand or made lo order on short notice. A small assortment ol hollow ware suitable for Stoves. Persons wishing to purchase aro invited lo c.tlf and look at il.cir assortment, as they have some ol Superior Castings. STARR & UOSTIV1CK. iurlinston, October 20th. .1 Opposite the Jail Church St New England Ruin. AX Hhds, Boston N. E. Rum. by J &. J II Peck & Co. F i r c i tr g up again. ftp HE subscriber huving rebuilt his tdiop JL has resumed his buriner's, (old bland, u slip from College St. a few roils East Court House Square,) where he will be lumpy to niteuii to nil calls in his line, more particulurlv lo HORSE-SHOEING and FARRIERY, which he nlcdgu himself shall be done well, uive uu a call. P. P. MARKHAM. Nov. 3. 1 837. A CONTRAST, ll nations from tha remotest aires, have had ships but Columbus only found out tho way to America. Before the time of the great Spanish navigator, people woro only enabled to paddle about tho shores. Just eo with the Life Med icines. It is but two short years since I first ventured upon an unknown ocean, and I have discovered the precious object I was in &carcti of-rituALTii. Vegetable medicines were indeed known when I commenced my search but their uss was not. By the use of them, I have not oniy passed from the dejected invalid, to the hale, hear ty and active man of business, but. comparatively spoaking, I have renewed my youth. I can thus, withconfidcueo of my own experience, adviso with my fellow-citizen;. Docs the reader want proof that the Vegetable Life Mulicina arc suit able to his own case'.' 1 have on file at my office. 51G Broadway, bundicds of letters, from sonic of the most lospectablo citizens of tins my native land, voluntarily olfdrod in tcsitiuony of the vir tues of A GOOD VEGETABLE MEDICINE. Persons whoso constitutions havo been nearly ruined bv tho " all. infallible" mil. oral prcpara lions of the day, will bear me witness, that tho Life Medicines, & such only, arc the truo com so to permanent good iicaitn. JOHN MOFFAT, GENEUAL RET,: AUKS RELATIVE TO MOFFAT'S LIFE PILLS .'1ND P11CE. NIX UITTTEliS. These medicines havo long been known and appreciated for their cxtraoidiunry and immediate powers of restoring perfect health to persons sufl. cring under nearly every kind of disease to which tho human frame is liable. In many hundreds of certificated instances they havo even rescued sufferers from tho very verge of an untimely grave, after all the deceptive nos trums of tho day had utterly failed j and to many thousands thoy havo permanently secured that uniform enjoyment of health, without which life itself is but a partial blessing. So t;rcat indeed, has their efficacy invariably and infallibly proved that it lias appeared scarcely less than miraculous to those who wero unacquainted with tho benu. tilully philosophical principles upon which they arc compounded nnd upon which they consequent, ly act. It was to their manifest and sensible lie tiou in purifying tho spiings and channels oflifo and enduing them with innowed tone and vigor that they were indebted'for their name, which was bestowed upon iliom at the spontaneous request of sovcral individuals whoso lives they had ob vioualy saved. The proprietor rejoices in the opportunity nf. forded by the universal diffusion of the daily press for placing his VEGETABLE LIFE PILLS within the knowledge and reach of every individual in tho community, Unlike tho hoot of pernicious quackeries, which boast of vegeta ble ingredients, the Life Pills arc purely nnd sou;, i.v vi:oi:TAiii.t:, and contain neither Mercury An tiiiiouy Arsenic, uorany othcrniiucral.iu any form whatever. They aro entirely composed of ex tracts from rnro and powerful plants the virtues of whi-'h though long known to several Indian tribes and roccntly to some eminent pharmaceutical chemists aro altogether unknown to the ignorant pretenders to medical science; and wero never before administered in so happily efficacious a combination. DYSPEPSIA, by thoroughly cleansing tho first and second stomachs and creating a How of puro healthy bile instead of the stale and acrid kind J I'latuleney Pulnittitiuu of the Heart Loss of Appetite Heart-burn and llciul.ache, Restless. nrss JU-tcmpcr Anxiety Languor, ami .ueunicnoiu which aro the general symptoms of Dyspepsia will vanish ns a natural consequence of'its cure. Cos tiieness, by cleansing tho whole length of the intejtiucs with a solvent process unit wiinout violence : all violent purges loavo the bowels costivo within two days. Dimricca and Cl.nleru, by removing the sharp acrid fluids by which these complaints are occasioned ami oy pioiuoung tuo lubricativc secretion of tho mucus membrane. Fevers of all kinds, by restoring tho blood to a regular cireujatfon through tho process of pors. piration iifnio casi'fl.and tho thorough solution of nil 'iutestinnl obsirjictions in others. Thu LlFlfl'IfiLS huvo'beon known to euro Illicit, vitttisiii permanently in throe weeks, and Gout in half that timo by removing local inllamuiation from tho muscles and ligaments of tho joints, Dropsies of all kinds by freeing and strengthening the kidneys and bladder; they operato most de lightfully on these important organs nnd hence havo ever boon found a certain remedy foe tho worst cases off, ravel. Also Worms bydislodging from tbotarnings of tho bowels tho slimy manor to which these creatures ndhero : Asthma and Consumptioiihy rolieving tho air vessels of the lunns from tho mucus which even slight colds will occasion, which if not removed becomes hardoncd and produces tlioso droadful diseases. Sfiiirt'u Ulcers nnd Inveterate. Sores by tho per. feet purity which theso Life Pills give to tho blood and till the humors ; Scorbutic Eruptions & Hud nmiinlprlnns liv ibuir alterative effect upon the i fluids that feed tho skin tho morbid state of which occasions of Eruptive cnmjiluints Salloto u r and other disagreeable Complexions. Tho ao these Pills fur n very short time will offoot. ontiro euro of Sall.rheiime, Erysipelas and striking improvement in tho Clearness of the skill. (Jllllllimil rnlila nml Inllimn'il Will (llwaY ho cured by ono doso or by two ovoti in tho wor' enses. Piles, as a remedy for this most dis tressing and obstinate malady tho Vogotablo Life Pills doscrvo a distinct and emphatic re commendation. It is woll known to hundreds in this city that tho Propriotor of those invaluablo Pills wa's himself afflicted with this complaint for upwards of thirtv-livo years and that ho tried in vain every remedy prescribed within tho whola compass of tho Materia Modica. Ho howovor nt length, tried the medicine which ho now of fers to tho public nnd ho was cured in a very short time after his recovery had boon pronounc. cd not only improbablo but absolutely impossiblo by any human means. THE PfKEXlX BITTERS, nro so called bo- causo ih,y possess tho power of restoring tho expiring ombers or health to a glowing vigor throughout tho ennstitiitinn ns llm Phamix is said' to be'restored to life from tho ashes of its own dissolution. Thcs Pha-nix Bittors aro en tirely vcgctnblc, competed of roots found only in certain parts of tho wesern country, which will infallibly cure FEVER AND AGUES of all kinds; never fail in the sickness incident to young females; and will be fouud n certain remedy in all cases of nervous debility and weakness of tho most impaired constitutions. ... Asa remcdedv for Chronic & Imfiamitory Khou- 'matism, the efficacy of tho Phoenix Biltorswill Ijo demonstrated by the use ot a single bottle. Tho usual dose of those bitters is half a wino glass full, in water or wine, and this quantity may be taken two or three times a day, about half nn hour before meals, or a less quantity may be taken at all times. To those who aro alllictcd with indigestion after meals, these Bit tors will prove invaluable, as they very groatly increase tho action of tho principal viscera, help them to perform their functions, and cnablo tho stomach to discharge into the bowels whatever is offensive. Thus indigestion is easily and speedily removed, appetite restored, and tho mouths of the absorbent vessels being cleansed, nutrition is facilitated, and strength of body and energy of mind and the happy results. For far ther particulars of Moffat's Life Pills, and Phas. nix Hitters, apply at Mr. Moffat's office, No. 51G Broadway, Now York, where the Pills can be ubttiiied for 25 cents, 50 cents, or gl each box; nnd the l!ittcr3 for ftl or S3 per bottlo. Numerous certifiieatcs of the wonderful efficacy of both, may be there inspected. In some ob3tinate and complicated cascljivo chionic and flainmtnatory Rheumatism, Palsy complaints, I' ever and Ague, Dyspepsia, ruu Pilc.t, injuries J rum tteusc o) mercury, quinnna, and other diseases oe long standing, it may cq found necessary to take both tho Life Pills ano iho Phconix Bitters, in the doses before rocom mended. N. B.Thcso Fills and the Bitters will get all mercury out of the system infinitely fastor than the be3t preparations of Sars'aparilla, and are a certain remedy for the rushing uf blood to the head, or all violent headaches, tic doulcuroux, &c. All persons who are predisposed to apoplexy, palsy, ifcc, should never be without tho Life Pilla or the Bittern, for ono dose in time will save lifo. Theycqualizo the circulation of the blood.draw all preaure from the head, restore perspiration, and throw of every impurity by the pores of tho skin LETTER FROM RACHEL BROWER. New York, Oct. 5M, 1836, To Dr. J. Moffat. Your medicines havo ex cccded my most sanguine expectations. You no doubt remember the state I was in, when I first lmd recourse to them : Consumption of right ycurs continuance had wasted mo to e. shclcton, and a violent cough would frequently so c.ihnust me, that I could not raise my head from the pillow, and for two years, was unable to leave my bed. I tried many remedies, and took a great deal of medicine, including ono box of --, which gave mo so much pain that I could neither stand, sit, or lie down in comfort, and X despaired of ever recovering from their ruinous clfects. But a friend of mine, Mr. Wm. F. Shell, J gave a box of your Pills and a bottle of Bitters, rcqueiitiii!.' only in return, that I would make u?e of them. In about a month, I walked n nvle, went to the city, and, as you may ro luembcr, I called on you, and now by tho bles sing of ileaven, with Uiu use of your life restor ing l'.cdicinos, I am enjoying belter health than I have hud for ten years, and I havo evory rea son ro believe that a contiuuanco of tho medi. cine for n shou time longer will rcstoro mo to perfect health. I remain yours, over gratefully, RACHEL BROWER, Cor. of-lth Avenue, and 37th street, YorkviUe. LETTER FRJMJAS. DELAMATER. New York, May, 16. 1S36. Mr. John Moffat Dear Sir : For many yoara my wife has suffered much from a severe ajjec. lion of the Liver, and about threo months sinco she was confined to her bed, and aparcntly near her last. Seeing your advertisement' of tho 'Lifo Pills,' 1 was induced to got a box for her, in hopes some alleviation to her sufferings might bo obtained for her, and though manyjif rsons may not credit it, yet nevertheless 'tis' uue, that not withstanding her great debility, her constant chills and fevers, produced by her disease and genual debility after taking two doses of two Pills each, sho was able to sit up, mid go from room to room, and before the expiration of ono week, sho was enabled, by tho blessing of God, and the instrumentality of your Life Tills, to at tend to her family avocations, and has continued to do so over since. Your Pills I deem an iu valuable medicine, or rather, us I call them, Re storative. Beside tin-'.i ! ' wife has do rived from them, I can also bear testimony oftha good effects they have had cu tho health of my children. I havo six, tho youngest four years old, and all of them havo taken thm, nnd been benefitted thereby ; with one in particular, thoi effects were astonishing in causing quantities o, small worms to come from him as also to relievo him from jaundice to which ho hti3 from an in fant boon subject. Your Bitters however I thought were best in the lust caso lor the reason of its boing it liquid and searched tho system as I supposed better. 1 howover do not pretend lo bo the iud'io. So much do I think of and value your Pills andPliivnix Hitters that I havo rccom mended both to many and will ccntmuo lo do po when an opportunity ollors. 1 count say mum iu favor of both and all I could say would not bo half of what might and ought to bo said m their favor nnd commendation. Wishing you Health and happiness as you on. doavor lo prouioto tho health and consequently the earthly happiness of others ; I am deur eir your obedient servant. JAS. II. DELAMATER.. 171 Blccckorst. P. S. I had forgotten to advert to tho rush oj blood to the head with which 1 informed you or my first interview with you that my wife nlsr much complained of. Yourmcdicino has hai tho wondeful ofl'ect of entirely relieving hero that distressing ntllictiou and with respect t myself it has almost entirely eradicated that un comfortable companion to which flesh is heir, tin j-heumatism. J. H. D. The nbovo iModieinc is for &ulu b; RQflKRT MOODV. Iy3.

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