Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, November 17, 1837, Page 2

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated November 17, 1837 Page 2
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ho genial it flm'tico or uprintr tune pr nu liiiini; in fin-', to yield in tiny way in Hi' geit'it nnil iiniv,"Mil nil' ti 'is i r human. Ily, will not be defined ii dfiniti'.bl" horvy hihI pcriersioii of our inotnl faculties.--M'Iiij ikI Vfiil it rns ehniiipiotitj of HiiHilii'lica' Quix.'lismi Would ride through tbi! nmlntry , I nrinoil pap n pie with argument and dentin- ma'ton nnil like llm moss-trooper!) of ihe1 Soli mli holder, stinted from Hip peasant's pit Iih haunch of million or round of beef, anil force- him to ditto on halo mid cold wa ter. Then moil know ri'H Ihey have no drrnni ill I lii injury Hicy would infix! on I ho poor, bv depriving them of mutual food, nnd tin: htt'e (wltr.t s-oiiit lo u. at least. I'.Hli) luxury of n Inn' ly nml sivnrv in-vil We I id I linn, however, not to b" deluded by ilio refoimei? who would ink" mvin their beef nnd pork, nod conllii" ilium lo hrn'i-brca I and vc.r.-teblci. Eft t linn cat in God's timim, ih inklttHy, tempurairlv in. died, yet MiftielciiHy of strung mont. Tln-v need it, for ! runs Ii perform their slur dy taiks of daily labor. They onjnv it n iliousntid lines bettor than tin1 gourmand docs his salmi or Ins priir. Let them enjoy if. God meruit they should. And finally lei all soris nml eoiidnimi of good Chrt-tian people, ivlin, in olhiT res'ieris. will live ho ratinnully nml temperately n nol to reduce 1 h'.'ir sUitttti f!it lo Hip worn out, diseased condition of n dietetic lecturer's let (hem use tlioir I tit; Ii us God meant tlu'V should, till Ihuir teeth, b olt t lie carnivorous nnd herbivorous onrs. in the ma-ncn'ton b .Hi i f moot nnd vi gctables. Let lln'tn oat fleh rut'.i1 of Ci'ttliatii ; let ilioin cut on much ol il being careful to ma-d'Cate -lowly as their stomachs crave, rspuo of Hitchcock's vagaries nnd prefer. ptmiw. Drrni the Ij-ipiou AiI.i, nfH.uiird.iy. GREAT MEETING AT FANEU1E HALE LAST NIGHT! Funcutl Hall was crowded last evening, by one of the r,rctue-l meetings tli'il ever convent.! within 'hp lime honored wall Upon Hie entrance vf Mr Webster Qtul the ingti'shoil Whig rcprcecntalivca who had been inviied to atopd, I'm old hr.ll rang with loud nnd prolonged acclamations "Three cheers for Webster! ihreu cheers for Bull! thtec cheers for Hotr.nau ! three cheers for Curli-! three cheers fir Grim were nivcu in quick succession, nnd the n'uioft eiitlnisin-iii was manift.-tod. The meeting was called to order by the Hon. Abbot Lawrence, end orgotliz' d by tbc appointment of tdo Hon. DANIEI WEBSTER us chairman, und C WiNTtimr ns Secretary. On taking the Chair, Mr. Webster Wbe greetsd with nine di?tinct rounds of op plause, r.nd lie then addressed t ho an dienco in n fev remarks, which were re ceived with the grcnicst applause. He ob-'Prvcd that it was more than six years eince ho had had Hie pleasure of meeting Ina fellow-citizens in Fnneuil Hal! nnd he de.-ired lo bo thanlilul that ho had lived to sec one more such occasion IBs assured his fellow citizens lhai he hnd never assembled wild feelings of deeper exultation and gratitude. I lion on iho pn's ent ceasion, whet bur he considered the orccnbli: duty nf ipned him, or the nils fie oii3 circumstances iiimIit which I hut d ity had ilvvolved upon hen. It won'd be Ins province lo inlrodticc lo hi fuilow-cil i z 'in (do disiinanisdnd members of Cm ;'rcs who hnnorpil the city with their prcsenco. They wore from the mihiy '.Vrft, and from the reut Slain of New York, and they came, not as btrsngerH to t'ratiirori, but ns lellow-countrymcn ; ihey r. .id theirs belonged to v., we and our:! be Inured reciprocally to lliotn. They re prosintril Iho preal WiiMcn Stnes of Tt'tiiH'ojeo and h''niuel;y blatra where first appeared Iho tlit-hen of thai light, whirh for the la-l hx months, lias been enreadiiif: over the condition of the conn try mid illuminiitiniT its dorkne-s. Me could hnvo wished that the oilier ureal Sinip-iof Hip wot Ohio, indiana, IllmoU, .M irhiniti nnd Missouri Slites full of r. ennfliintioiial, ftce, independent, am Whi spirit which could never be cxpung e, had nI?o been represented. TIipv came loo, from the great Slntc of New ork. What f linulil lie sny to idem Ho i!onfi'n?ed that when, thia niorntnj', In opened hi; letters from New ork. and f-o'v in whal innuiier that inichly Git v, Hiat uffjlijy S nte, had spoken their Bcniimrn'e onii' int'tnali ii lueir desires lie ureannil deeper and freer I ban ho had for oitjhi years pi evtiitu, The air ecetned sweeior! fileii siomi more ereel, ami iiieir coun tenances bentned with more delight thnn tiny had done for that lnnf period. It would be his pleasing duty to present to llic'iutrsffyii! Hn repnser latives from that r,al c'npitnl, w ho had briiiipht tiiu good le ws. thcin-elvi h Ihe greateht good they c nlii have brought. rillc tihoiihl be called upon to introduce to tfie personal nr quninlHiico of ln fellow nt 7.on.!. Ihe dil ininlifheil oriiinicnts of ihe Na'ionoi Ilmi-p oi Ilepreseiitntivet-Mes?r 1-t:i.i. i I T' mii'-h'. GiiArr.' ami Umjeji w. of ICi'inocky. nnd Hoffman ami CimTU of New Yoik. rurning to ih. . gentlemen, ho bade than wi'leotno t MitwachuFClii;; ho bade 1 1, cm welcome, ore und nil. lotheciiy ol IJ. s.on, he bde them heartily welcotnu lo thtrf place m l ob.-cuio or unknuwn in the history of Ameticnn liberiy to old Fn neini 1 1 nil. Tiny did nm come unknown omolig us they h.llovvcil only their repu. tation. Tbo reppccl, sympathy and regard Ihey mel here wore ncrordod lo ihcm long bcloro they left their own hoinen for this ploco. Though they dwell afar, on tho hatikrfoflho western rivets they would be roceivod by the people hero as lellow American Rilizntw, As such they would bo we'coinodrii Mich Ihey dpecrved to be welcomed. How much should old Massachusetts, who Iibh Fonn sumo service in ihe coniro vnrsicH of liberty again1 power, (.nil who, God be thanked, hnd never been disgraced in any campaign of tlnno controversies how much ought slio lo be grnlified at I lie events now in prngrei throughout ihe oouiilry. Every where tho i.trongth of pulli opinion was making itelf frltaml who rtMiKl detcrmino Hi tflecl it won'd nr.iilore. He wmilil Hot ileiniu ii.i' a-.enu)iv. ox-r.-pt m pi nk n Hiiigle word Willi rehiii ni lo llion eiti'.i'ott oi New Yo'k who had iitiiied I lie p'triy of the ndininn' rnlimt, onil nl riDio eil lo proiiucnine receiw iriorioo! rcsn'i. He, fof oin. received t hum with L'rnliliea'inii. He wni rri need Hint Hoy had exhibited nillieiftit linnties of ehnr- aeter nml patriotism of spirit, to prefer. oven at great pptsnnal sncnfiepq, the in terest of tli" pntiniry lo iIkhi- of thrir p.r y. In New York (hero were iiniiiv such, nd wlii'e coiigralulnling Ihem on their course, he would call on olheri to follow their example " stop bhorl nl no hull ,v,iy prineiples of eotiHervation, ii" warn d litem not to hold lo any inch p loeipit's I'liere win before the country bo' one (iie,tirir), nttu inni qmsiiori lino nui two ules. Tho great current or pulihe opinion pointed to the success of Hie Whig eatiM1. and he who would Maud with one f.iot on hind and ihe other in Hie Whig boat, won'd prebnhh h'i convinced thai he was trying a tli-ast roits nnd I'mhiirrnonng experiment . He coiicludi-d by iiiiiiounenig to the no- dieiic. the Hon. John Bp.m.. ol 1 ennessei'. Mn. IU:i.i. on risim? was ereuiod with immense cheering. H began by n ma' ! itig how utterly urinb'p b was to overcome t ho ttunres-ion which th nceiie before h'tii produei il on hisi feeling-. He could no1 rid Inm-elf of the feeling of awe produced by hit cinraiiCH into Ihi'se li:np-hallow,'d li'eriticls, where were n--enibl. (l the hnenl dc-cendnn's of the originator of the revo. Inlion that h- was in truth almost in view ol Honker Hill Nor can I forget, said Mr Hell, that I nm on tho v. rg of thai same B' stnn port, which hpveniv veins ago associated the t"a t I a I "i!b the name of liberty. Passing by ihese thrilling recol lec'ieiH, 1 enn gcarcely feel les-s excited by Ihe idea that I inn addressing so large nn nssemblnge of the respectnbly citizens of this place. Pacing to the consideration of ihe lend. tig political questions of I In? day. Mr. linll launched forth into n rapid and elo quent turvev of Hip abuses of the ridnun-i-t ml tori. Could ii he believed, he a?kcd, I hat a policy could have been deliberately formed nnd matured fo' blasting the pro peril y of this favored land ? But hnd nut Ihe decree gone forth '-perish cretin ! perish commerce ! down with the cretin pysietn!" and had ii nol been persisted in even to the pre-enl hour, by the profligate and unprincipled administration now in power? In relation to the hub treasury system, he remarked You all know wlu.i that means Us paternity is written on I'e face it iy the well known progeny of the spoils sy.-tem a sys'etn to aggrandize the office holders anil their adhere nts ! Touching upon ihe new tiiimbiir of the "divorce ol bank and sir.te." Mr. B. pro ceeded in a fine strain ol tarciism to ridi. cu!e the iuciin-istency of tho ndmimalra t in ii. The office-holderj had filed n bill for a divorce of hauls nnd Male, n-king I hat the public money might be confided to them for sure keeping buL the people had now come forward demanding thai the government might be divorced Ir.'in the ofiiC''-holdors. The people cltnrgo thej men with havihg violate. i nnd nm'l ron l il the consniu'ion and the i.oveniinenl in the mo-t shameful nnd indecent manner, and to gral ifi ! lie barest and tnot surdid de sire. Wlmt, nuked Mr tj , will b the rc-ull of ibis trial? Han a faLe elatnnr been raised ayntn-t Uto office bo'Jers or are Hie ehnrg' s true ? (True ! true ! true ! exclaimed a Ihoiunnd voices') (Jtully or nol gniliy ? (Guiliy I guiliy ! bin-t fun Ii in a Round like thunder from the immense congregation ) "Mr Chairman, I nm not tnlmialely acquainted with your particular forms, nut it seem" to melius is a vile. Lei a Feti'cnee of denial separation he issued ngaiti.-.l them! (Tumn! nous cheer ing ep-iied upon diss ciiiinnncemeiit ) Toiicniiig upon ihe ouirngi.'ous specie exacll'in.s of Ihe ndinmi-l rat ion. Mr. I!. remariii'il tlml the nine" holder.), "thecler. mil otlice holt'ers" w ere hero found to be the only people bem filled bv I hem. S-nii" of the must meritorious creditors of t he governuiein , i oe revoiiiiioary peo-l.ilier-n ml Iho honest lab iri rs unoo tin.' public work-, had been hahoiinlly put off wnh deprocialed papi'r. These arbitrary dis lltieilnus benvern ihe ollice holder and Hie people, show the extent to which an unprincipled minimis! nt ion may go n; op pressing a free people. In closing his animated remarks to which it is itnpte.sib!e to do justice in a brief and has'y sketch, Mr. Re! said I hat he came from a people who, ih.'itli distant, were identified wnh us in principle nnd hive for constitutional freedom a pontile, who would unite wnh the people ol Massachusetts in resisting t() ttm uiiuov the ruinous measures nml absurd policy of Ihe ndininistrai ion. Mr Bell sat down in Hie midst of Ioiijj continued peals of applause. After lie had concluded, Mr Web-tor rose and remarked tint although ihe meet ing wa- rtilher a political than a convivial one, he would ask puimi-sioo to propose a sentiment : "Mr Bell and tho Whigs of Tennessee, and I hreo t lines I hree." Tne cheers were given, I ill the walls of old Fnneuil reverberated to the sound. Mr Webiter then announced that Mr Graves of Kentucky, would address the meeting. Mr Giuvks, prefacing his retnnrki wnh a tribute to Hie hospitably mid warm henrleilncKs of the people of Boston, pro ceeded to remark upon Hie nbu-es of tho present nnd Into nduiiuisirnlion. Huspoke quite nl length, but our confined limits prevent our giving even a sketch ol his rutnarks. He concluded wnh u slirrini' appeal to the people of Massachusetts lo maintain their glotiotw sinnn nuauisi the ndmitiisirutioii, nm! lo proclaim Ihuir ind" muni by an increased vniij. Mr UM)i:uwooi). of kou'uukv, followed his colli ngue in n lew impressive mid elo quent remarks. In speaking of the of tho adiuimsiinUou, he remarked, that it would be neco-sary to go lo hatlht under one leader, mid it was tnr from impossible. Hint Hint leader would bo chosen from Mtsiachui.cll. This ollubion lo Mr Web Jster was cnlhutiastically applauded, I A Tier I tin ! mil nek v reorescUlativeB had finl.-hed, Mr Welntor proposed another "eiiliinont to the following cfloet s The Whig Senators of Kentucky- Henry Clay and John J. Crittenden the Wh'g Reprmcntntivos of Kentuckyand the great Whig parly of K"iu y. Received wnh nine cheers! Mr Webster then introduced Mr Ogdi'ii Hofl'iimu. ol N York, vhnn nppearaiieo was greeted with pri'nngeil cheers. tlo Onnr.N Hoffman rose amidst de fining phiudils. and delivered n mosi lhr;l. Inig, soul-el iring speech. manner is remarkably phnsing, nnd his eloquence met wnh a response from evcty voice in the hall. Al tiding lo his e.vhaii''ietl condition, he remarked t' he wn liken worn out nnd di-nbleil soldier Irmn ihe field of victmy. li s voice sounded iiiilinn. liar to Iih ear.-, hut he iomi be permuted lo o-e it to tell Ihe peopln of Bo-ton lb" nohlo lierih just done bv their brethren of New York, For the hi-l four dav". hi" Mib-innrn had In wasted in t he tented field, and ho culd peak of ItiMe hut feats of broil and ol bni Hes won. He wii" nlmnst in the stole of the A Iheiium Mildipr who cnrrii'd tin; news of the battle ol Mnrnilion lotho city o!"A'Iien nnd expired liililipdiB'ely alter proinulga. ting ii. Should he expire after raying word, he could nlmnst consider I I - death Irtppv, since hts Insl hrenth w"tild lie ex ponded in giving pub'icity to Hie glotiou CeeiM ol r geuerri'ed freemen. New Vnrk sunt Mr II. hail come II r.v eoiihl she hold back. Miissachu-etts. Vurmonl, Rhode Iclnuil were calling oi her. Mn no, degenerate Maine, had nwa kerl from her lung sleep of degradation atiri slavery nt Hie sound of l ho oppre-sor: v.oee and ealli d mi New York I" join he in her new p vition. Keii'nekv, li dnnn. Teniics-i e hohl out their bond in ivelcome to her, lo'd her wlmt Ihe freemen of ihe Wt had done, nnd called on her lo par- lake of their nlorv ! How cool. I she stnv' She did not I'M came? The Empire Stale was now in be found in Ihe foremost rank ol freedom ready lo do or die in the cause of the count ry. Mr II"fioian spoke for some moments nnd closed aimdis such peals of applause n as arc rnrely nccorded lo any public speaker. We nviy on Monday present a more extended sketch of Ins eloquent n marks. rtlr l,uivm nl N. r . being calletl upon mso and simply thanked the ni"eting the name of the WIul's ol N York, for the kind reception which he and hi- col Irague had mel with. He tendered his i thanks with all hi-heart. It was a New j England heart a Whig heart ! I Mr Wrb-ter then gave u clming senn ! meni Our cause, which we believe tote i iiie can i me conny nnil il our arm can mike it succi s-lol, success shall at- I lecd it !" Received ivith nine cheers! It was i hcii moved nml curried, that when this meo'iiig ndj mrti, it ndjourn lo meet at iho pi!., at twelyo o'clock Monday next ! Ffinuuil Hall has rarely witncMScd .nrger as-einblago of .'reenii n or echeeil to to the Founds of more appeal - - oqtiunce sr iw sooss st -mil. r ; I IP . i i. -r inn iii-ene r his ree. twit, i.i it. Hi.' Old S'aud f, nn. r y occii I ,v .-101111 ii irrington. u n,.w nnd large afsort llli-lll of I! ,i,;s and Stalllioenr ,T..,. I.. """'s tow tor ea-n. ut wledesire or retail, ! '' Hie difi'-rent .-elniol Ikih,-s u-ed in iUl j I""1 Hie country will b- kept coii-tnutlv i hand, and special at torn i.,n Wli ( p-u'd in me c'll ICIII (t.'t.nrlii.i.iil I.. I... t.. ffvam nil b wan'ed .-itL.-r in Aei.d emiesn, ( , hu, Ivii'ion. His -.ocknonmr.-e, (,lllv V(),(lu h'prehginn-aodihcoh.gtcal.hnvatid mod. cal bnok--. u ,1,,. Maudanl work, nl h.igh-l. and Amrrt. an Litorn'uro. .,. hot won a arge assor.un ,,. 0I tni-clla , work. Voy.igo, Travel-, 1) i-im t-. ', ,n am Nov. Is. Stniionery mtln.fir.t n,lU Mil beconsnnllv .. .RIi , ,;, 1 M.VKSII'.uiLKOh'. Burlington. Oei. '.'fi. vn ,Jw Klislia NowoIIs tfslatc. W Fi.,J,VS"lV,r,!,,,rV,I' "V,", '",,M "l-l-'inted T by ,. Ilonorulda lIU pr.j,.,t Court lor ho distrie. of Chuicnd,,,: Conmii'sinn: ZVlT'?,'-'lTl ' Iho claims and dein.iuds n all per-niiK, a.-ainsl the P. late ..(' Chsha New., I l,,i,,n i7.' ... "m I,s .list,, el. dt'cea-ed. llepMiseine.l nisolvenl, ami also all chums nml demands exhibited n. ,.nv..i t inret'i.and si.v months ',m the day nfthn " " "u'"or -iionveo ny K (:,)llrl tor ih.U purpose, wn do thotuforo dcr.ibv give noticu, Hun v.'ii will altend lo tl,u t,,,,,'. no" of our appoiniiucut, at , dwolltmr o, I enuia .Miwoll in ( liarloll in said Hisiri,.i on Ihe brst Mondays ol Fobnnry and May ,lu.u. " " '"",t ' "' "ii caeii oi sate, days. wjieo nay ol Oeinlmr A I). 1837. i'i'i.ii.'i.. in. 1. 1. 1. it, ) OAI) ROOT, i Coinrs. CAEODONI A r"nilE proprieiors ol tl,. Ci.l,i,,,.. i- Springs h ive made their criiinl d al Si. .1 dins, and appointed loo subscribers agents tor inu ham oi tnu water. Any quanlily can be sniipltcil in boxes i.f d .'.mi hollies each. I'rico, huge buttles t!3 en.nmou sized bottles per dozen, p. 'iy i" imrrr oi t'ATTEE. St. Johns. E C. M GIDDINGS, .i now receiiimr a heavy slock of Dry Goods. nflZ ctries, Croclcry and Hardware, which will u" sum mr ca-n at a very small uuvanco. I'earl Si. llur lingioti, ) Ocluber lit, IIJ37. ( 12 Bales liudalo Kohes, larrr0 tizei, for nlu by IIicrok & CAruirf furs, Cnps, Muds, lions, Gloves, mitts, Collars, &c. fir sale by UlCKOK & CATMNt I3uck Wlioat Jlour, lor sale bV UlCKOK C.ITI.IN. MORRI.--ON"S Hvgea'n Medicine of llm BuIImi Collegr of Ileal. h We ive tinner, to those who use Una Attiele. I hat there is none lo he bud in litis town, nor nrp we tn nt-i nov. The S'ale Agent wri'es us "thai it is 'impossible lb htm lo supply tii-nr nil his orders for il." ohoiild we receive any. notice will be given or tl. m both the Villnrro Papers We have been out of the J)ed cine lor about two months nnd there hns not been more Ihmi nboiit hnlf i iioogh .-out here for I hreo years lo-utiply the culls for tl. We have a few Iloxcs ol the Hygean Powders. Vaiiciy Shop I'ANanr.flN &. BniNfMAM). Nov. I 0 Tons assorted English lion, 0 do Swedes do 5 do Russia do 5 tlo Peru do -1 do Russia Nail Rods 200 Pairs Sh tgh and Cutter Shoes '.'0 Tons Assotled Round Iron !) do do Square do 4 do do Peru do 5 do Horse Shoo do 5 do Hume and Scroll do 'JOOO lbs ns-orted Cosl Sleel 3000 do Swedes do 1000 do German do 1000 do Braziers Rods 1000 Kegs Nail- from 3a to 60a COO do Brails by J. & J. II. & Co. Paints, Oils and Dye Stuffs 10,000 lbs Wlulo Lead 5 bbl- Venetian Red 15 do W hit ing 5 do French Ytllow 0 do America do 12 do Spts. Turpentine 25 du Litipei'd Oil 2.000 gals, pure winter nnd fall Sperm O'l 150 bbls gruund Logwood. St. Domingo. 75 150 100 CO 10 do do tlo Cauipeachy do do Fustic do d i NiCn agon do do Cam Wood do do Bar do 12 do do peach do 10 do do Quercitron Bark 30 do Madder 25 I)eti).jniis Oil Vitriol 10 hbls Allum 5 do Bine Vitriol 2 Ceriums Flotnnt Indigo 1 Case B.-i.gnl do bv -I & J. II. Pkck & Co ' o Pipes American Gin ! do do Brandy crouch IJiai.dy. II i.;.ud Gm, Si. Crmx Rum, Madeirn. Sherry, Porl, French Madrtta. Malaga am! Champanm Wine.-, 20 Molasses. SO Bag- Cofl'.e. 10 do Pimento, 10 ilo Pepper, 2 bbl- Cloves, 300 b- On-. in. 1 5 Keg- Pure (J inger 10 Tie.ces SaleiaKl--, 05 Oli.'.is Ihson Sum Teas, 00 do Young Hv-oti do. 50 Q,n Is C ullifh. 25 lii'.Ve.- Pipe-. 30 do Hard Snap. 35 hbls St. Cnux it Purl Rich Sugars, by .1 & .1 II. & Co. 1500 N,. in p., 200 do W.-icri. bv .1. &. .1 II. I'F.CK it Co. rjj II E -ub-i-rihi'. - an now li'CrivniiT n U. new -o-iplv i.fD'i.g- it ied'cinos winch the) i'11'.'r on '..vonilile 'irm-. .1 it .1 II. Pkck & Co. SALT- 6C00 Bushels Sola t Sail. 0(10 do S' en in do 500 ih. To.k- I -laud do liOO Barrel- Fine do 150 Sack, Fo... Dairy do 75 do Cuntse do bv .1. it J II Pkck it Co. SnuiT &, Tobacco. Jars Eorillartls Mnccoboy Snuff, 000 do Scotch ' do 30 Barrels Cut Tobacco for chewing, 25 do do do dunking 130 Keg- Plug do 10 Boxcf Cavendi-h do by J & .1. II. Pkck it Co. WOOL. W OOE rcci tved in exchange for Goods at the Store of S. E. HOWARD. Nov. f, f',37 Black Otter and Dark Seal 3 A P Si . 4 1' lRS'P ratu uriicle can be found nt JL the Cap nnd Hat Store of WM. I. SEYMOUR. Genileiuen wishing to pur chase n good nrticlc, of elegant form, will avail themselves of I he opportunity, Also Buffalo ROUES of largo sizes Caps made to otder. liti'hngii.n Nov. o, 11137, HATS ifc CAPS, JJJfT AS opened a Cap ni.d II ii-S'ore. in a a. Hie sniuo ronm form, rly ricenpud by O. T. M. nil, where he oilers Huts of all kinds, nml Cups of uiHiiy qualities, Buffalo Rubes, Fur GollnrK, itc. nu as wood terms n elsewhoro, for prompt pay. uuriingion, isoy. 0, 1037, LYMAN & COLE. HAVE received an nxlensivo assort inetii nfFall nnd Winter GOODS, which they offer nt n price which cannot fail lo be acceptable to the purchaser, con sisting of Dark French Merino, Figtl. do, Grn tlo Nan do Rteh CambleN, Ornpe, Entiles, GontV Hair, illlllnllou do. very superior. English Merino very dark und rich, lUai'k do, Ralmettc nml Salisbury Flauuul nml Ctrcnfsinns. liUO AD CLOTHE. B'nck. Blue, Invt- b'e Green. Polish Green. Pifple. S txi.tiv Boick. llm two 'as' me new cnhirs siienhlo for Eadtes Rich Clonks A vnnely of Fancy Colors, mid Cadets Grey, A c. OA.SSlMKUF.r5. Rlack. Rltie. Eaveinler. M.x'd Royal Ribb'd, Fancy Plaid A Striped do. VKSTINCCS. Blnck, Blue lllack Fid d and Plaid Silk Velvet Woolen Velvet. Vnlenlia and other slylo vesi nigs. Biack nnd Col'd Bombn zincs. Mix'd nnd Cold. Pongee. sir.Ks. Blue. Blue Black, Fig'd Blue Black tiro de Nap. Col'd Manoiiiie, Col'd and Fig'd Gro do nan. isiack ti'n d-.. Swiss. Bandanna Hdkf-.. Crimson Spina field Choppa. Fig'd i'ongei!, Childrciw Ilahan Crnynis. Pnngoo do. do, Black Plaid and spoiled du. R1HBONS. A good nsorlnient of Garniture, Giuz nnd Tafl'eta Ribbmn. y.ioooiis, oimo K.ubon, Stlk Bmid, cord anu velvet JiiDbon. CLOVES. Buck Skin. Black & Col'd. very henvv. Browi. Kid.lnml Wool,;., do. Womeus Rlnck ant! Lol'd K.dd, Silk and Angola do. SHAWLS. Black. White. Scarlet and Fancy Col'd Merino Shawls. Col'd and Scitlai Valentin do. Heavy tt.-t Rub. Roy Highland and Vic toria do. Hernniii.Shally Thibet and Raw Silk do. For Gentlcmens Otercoah Drnb Hunters Cloth. Lynn Skin, Dark Kersey itc. FANCY rill.XTS. Rich thi'k c il"d English Z'nnts. do Twilled. 3 cns. dark col.d low pr.c'd American do very ch up. T A I L O it S T il I M J I , r. S , Best I. al ao Sen n.g Silk. IJ.juv (J.m vafs Bockrnm Cnqnillj, Red Paddm.r. Col'd S. b eta, Bro Eipen. Col'd D-illinTr, Silk Bind. t.g. and Cord, Wor-li d Binding. Mar-lull', be-t Pa r. Tnreai). (ionv.'X lusting Coin Bullous, Frog do' Fancy Gilt do. Son.'- p. ur p,j.', ";, lluttonns. doV.-i. Pin. n ami Fig',1 Gil. d,. nu.MHSTic coodh, Coitm. S-.e. tine. Si.triii.g. Tick, Wick in g. Wadding. Rail- &o. One C'a-c C .I'd ("ambries. One do. Colin. . Flannel, P. chi d Col...... &. i (Minie.'il''r.icn. Worsted Drawers, Un bleached Cotton do. Merino nml E imbs wool do IVootor Adam':; Estate. STATE OF VERMONT, ) Di ruler OS1 Cm r i F.MiKN -s- v" 7Vte If .iwrubi'e Ihf I'mbfttf Court fur (lie f)itrut of C'lillfiidvi. Tn nl! ,nniii vomcrntd in I fir F.ytnl- f'r -i tor .Id mv fate of Jd'ilton. in .nnd D !; t cm-.ETLxn yHEREAS A IV (i W . . . (M,e y 7 e.. cu.or. nod Sun I! A i.-hi.s . v rcilltIV ,.1'lhe e-tn:e ef -.,i, dec.-n-.l j.f. po.-e to r-iiiho an ncr 'tin. nt'lloir ndioonc t ra. .on, and iiM'.-k neei'iii.t iiorpn. said e-tii'" .r e.xainiiia' int. .anil allowance at a es-.on of !l.e 0"iir f ol' piMh.i.e H. h. holden,,, we Rig.-i.-i - "lh-- in Bit. I'lvy,.... on ill- seinv.d ',i (,,' D.'cemb' r o XL TiiniiKFoni:, Y u aip her. bv iio"ft-' to .ppear b' fi c.-anl Court tin tin. ai d p'nee til oesaid, n ml shew cause it any enn t-v . why Hi. account iileretaej slmu d nm hu til'ow.'... Givt ii oo-'er toy at Un-iinrtt.ti Uti Olh day of Nnv-mb. r . ) 37 wi irarrav iiisit,-. Samuel Btttill's Estate. STATE Oi-' VERMONT, ; Dl.- I KK'T OF ('ill f I'KMIKS -s The Umor.ih'e t.e I' Court for the District of' Lhittriiil, a To nit jierions cnucerned in the lUt'ite "f Suvuiel llitell lute ' f llurlim;lun, in and D'nlr'ut de rental. ' (! It ERTLYG. WHEREAS, Wm Irntor of Ihe e-t, P liriggs ridui'ii.-. 't; of sn til deceased proprnes lo rentier nn account of hi- ttdtii u i-lrnion, nnd prereut Ins nccoiint ngaiosl said estate for examiii )' ion and allowance at a se-sinn nl the Court of Prnhale, lo be hobleimt the R. gisler's ollice in Burlington on Hie second Wcdiucdny of December next. Tiiminroiu:, You nro hereby notified lo nppi;ar lielurc mid court al the linio nun phieo nforesaid, mid -hew cause, if any you have. why Ihe account afutesnid should no! be allowed. Given under my hand nl Burlington this Old dny of November A. I). I!t37. rii. JI'nsTOA, lieister. The Ladies Shoe Store IS iciimivd lo iho bui'd ng recenily oe etipied by Duel. B. J Heiueberg. Wesi side Church street. Tho.p who have hitherto favored the subscriber with Ihetr eiisloin, he hopes lo see- nl his new Siore, anil nil who mo wi-hing n supply ol Shoes for Hie nro tespeci fully invited to call nml cxumine his assoriinetit, which is offered on Iho most rensimoblo i.ntns. 1). A. BRAMAN, Church St. Burlington, ) Oelobcr 13, 1037, ( Guy Boynton's Estate. STATE OF VERMONT, i DlsTUICr OF Oil ITTB.N DEN, SR. The. flnnnrnlile the 1'rnbnle Court for the Diitriil if Chittenden, To nil pertnns concerned in the Hst'tle of Guy lioynlnn lute of llinesbuvh, in mid District de renud ailltETLVQ, 1AIIEREAS. Je,)..,!,,,), IjMvut.m. Ad- til t ft Is irntor ot ll.e ctule ol said (If eensrd pmpiMos tn render no nccotit.i ol his nilcmit r ht mn. nml pre-i nl bis occiput fignuiM said estiiie for exnm.i.aiioii nnd nl I "W.nice a' n se-siMti of tin Uoort of Prn bnle. to bo holtleti nl Iho RnnNt er's nlfier- in llurlmgioo on t lie m cnul Wednesdny yf Hi'i!"ii r next. TiM-.iu rotiK You are herebv mitifipil to belore said court at the Unto nnd '-1 (iforesn il, nml show ean-n. if'nny von have, why ihe account nt'on-said shoujifnot hi! illlowed, GlVetl limler IIIV hai.ll nl 1tnrlint,n Fill. day of Noveiiiber'A D U137. r mn It'KSTO.Y, ReShter. UK hnve reenved -ev.,ml beaulilur tr.iied 'o-e wood JlrinriUnn'x II. ID nnd 12 keys, mn.,i. r, kmiU of .M,,,;! Instruments and Instructnm P.,.i,ls i-,.r' tin to; Pocket B mk-. Wulh-ts, Memornti' uoiiis, iynro unses. I'nrth.lios, Rndgers it Wosieiihohnu's fine Knive- nnd Sctssnro, line Raz irs nnd simps, good Briinnia Ten Pots. Tumbler- nml Puchers. fine Stocks Collars and Bo-rim, gnd Quills nnd Cap Paper. S. nps and Perfumery of most alt kinds. Mustek, Convex iid Coticnvc Spec tacles. s,ilt hnd haul Tooth Rrnsfu,,, Tol,j, Wn-I.e, am! Ponders Hair O.I,. Powderf and Brushy Cl,a.,. )., O dUtrs. Bnilnnm drmking Flask. Jj,,.v U(i, (i()pt. I.ncings. double b-'inm a.'d double Caserf silver pai.T.i I, v r Wu'el,. , ,,,. j'o. holes J,.w. lied ... ver n,,.l tf..i I.eiri7. W niches, of fine qua I i,4 bol. Jewelled, English and French Wa'che. r,l ,H r. ady P, n Mik.-rs. Mavnnrd & Noyes'bl.ick writing t) and Ink Powder. Imlellibl Irk. s!vr top mid open top Thimbles, Music Boxes. Snuff I) xes. Phi! oil Tea nml Table Sp ...ii-. Visi-ipt Cuds. ite. Violin Struts ,a,d n-. Viol do with r goods, pnt mces-ary r nierni n. To winch ve Miall coii'mou to make additMis ns long n- uavn'mii opei. Musi nrtieh s which we have, crcr kept for stile can be had at the Variety hhop, lor cash nu'v. at the Mo" of purehase. P.r.nin.s it llt'.is.M.MD. ! LiT? mXS&TcoT7k 1 vV ' o .! b-s nml for i ' ' good-. ,.i bo i i iv -. rl nt H..-ir store I P.or'.i.o oi, (),- f) j. J7 I V.V HOLE.SAEE (i 250 R,v 1 y V or Sueet, next dnnr to tl..- store oc eup.e.l by Cn.iverse lluddtclnn U: ju-t ! te. eiv il a ,. .iff. r. I i. -ale an i nine new ' and well select,. d t, cl: of Groceries. ,irlri (p.illy p.;reha-ed a! the lire -ah'.- in New ork, ivIimm !n i.fl'.r- very low for prompt, p..y i 25 l.hd- Pnrlo Rich. Trinidad and Eot H-h l-lruei Molii.,-,.. : 20 hlnl- St Croix nnd N w Orieam. Su gar ; , h.iv U, ..... i ivanna do 20 In. :;e.. ... m and Eonip dn 10 Iwg. p,,rr,, rtc. R.n and Ijt-utra Coffje; 150 c!e si-ami l,aife!i.-ls. Hy,.,,,. Young Ihson -nn) Hv-on Skin Tea-; 40 sael;- Nu-., ,s vtrnly of de.ic. tpllons i d qonli'y ; 300 h '.ves and half li .ves Rni,i. ; CO ko... .j,, 20 k. g- Hlnl bo.-e. p.U2 T..).lCCli: !00 tpi'.i.'a!- !,'.,l!i.i,- 50 ha-'.eu CSnmrr, jne V: ,. , p.(o. nr,, q in -' . ' ' ..c! o , and ou r b.i is; GO quiu r e.-.-l,- :;. i Mhdi-.iri, Ma il.. i m, Sli. r-v nnd Maiiina Wine- : 25 h 'i- - Mo r I Wf.r; 20 bait r."- C gmc ; nnd); !5 do Sum and Am ncao finn d.V : 20 hi..!,- S- Cr ...v Rum: 10 pipes i! .."anil Co: 10 p.;.-- nnd ?0 bb's V ,,'. fj,i .more Goi; 0 ii v - I'oo w i S , ,t ,H,t l, p. s Pi n. Mo. S n,cU, P- , .r Sane. . P, , P r T ticc , Suoli', ,' i en g.-, t;.,M.i i C. .y.... O no,, Citron, Mu-'an', P.oicioo And n, lor Seed's,, &e Sir itc Tr.. N Y Oe'. lii.t? j irsOC'l', II HATCH htmeg removed i j- i.i' :aoe!'. to ii, ,i pi-ice giV' s notice. il-ri' he v I ii nil '.. e,i"s do. ,,g I lie day j h r lii.: t'l .i'eh Sire.'t. apdainil j in. nr. ..' 'ho ii a' In- fi.'-lileure, thu S am rd 1 1 ins.-, 'irih..! P.-u. I st reel. BurfinJ'-H, .V v 1, 1337. WOLKSALK fc ItKTAlL. SB. IK UV A III ) , has again relu i tied from . Vew Yuri;, Willi a full k complete as sortment ol Kiel, rashiunablo Fancy k. staple Dry Goods, Crockery, Glass Ware, Looking Glasses, arpetings, Paper Hangings, &c. t&c. Flis rtnru has laloly been very much en larged & newly lighle'd, which makes it Su. peril, Splendid ,t beautiful ; and now being so well filled with goods, hu hopes to sro an en larged number of customers from fur & near lo patronise il and (z hnnelit themselves, by being enabled to got every at in. 'In ul this one placo. All past I'.ivoin -ire duly aelioou'lulnij mid new ones and ihinkun v received by SIO.N' 11 HOSVAUD. 'Nov. 2d IIU7. iN'liKDLKS. HEMMING it SON'S nnd other , L'ood Needles Iroiti No. 2 lo 1 5 , also, As-o'led Needli ., fur sale by ibe' Paper, Milliner's Noodles. Hnrne-.s or. 0 Snthllor'ri Needles, Glover's Ne"dles n" per Needles, Darning Needles Knii'"n8 Pins, fur snle at the Vnuyiv Shop by. Pamiiioiin si Rll.sCI,, J"n 3. 1II37. ' Fairbank's Patent ScQrts

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