Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, November 17, 1837, Page 3

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated November 17, 1837 Page 3
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F HI D A Y M O It N I NO, NOVUM HER 17. NEW YnitK -ELECTION. Now (tic winlcc of our discontent Miule glorious tnitntiii'r liy llili" news finm Ynik j And nil ill' clotnl ill. II limned upon our cause, In llipilcrp Iiii'iiiii of llu: but led. Now MiPiiiir hintv liniinil with lii'.iniiniis wic;(lhi On i' tiriil-cil hi )' hung i 1 1 lor iiiiiniiiuriit i Our eicrii alarum t-ti.tii in uieiry nu ethics, Nmv York is redeemed ! The People hnvo eoniu lo the re-cm' and Hiey have triumphed glnnou-h! In the annuls of our political lntory there is no record of" political revolution llint will compare wit li thnt we lin vc just witness d, nnd it shows in Inniri. thnt uannnl lit' intsiiudcrsiii'id. til n t tliu people need but to hi convinced ol'lhn pource of tho cviln they endure to apply the ronifdy. 'I'll y have spnk' n in ii , Voice of thunder, that will found ihruiigln out tliij Union, nml rcich the ears, ntid carry terror lo I he Inmris of ti)"i: nil. rt who have outraged the righ's of th.' people Violated lli'J coiL-iii ul ion, nml gloried in their tistn pat ions. Thi'.s election, it will be rccollicteil wns bn' fof pfor ifT-, nssrjniiy men nnd sena tors. The result, according to present information ia, thai the Whigs hnveolcc. ted 103 of the 1'2! member;- of a.sutnbly, hlnl certainly nix of the eight senators Lel year llio whigs elected ou!y 34 incne bore of nmembly ; the Vnn Huron men 91. and Van Huron r.ceived -JO 000 omj hi y at the presidential election Th" aggro. (rate whig ninjoniy i now ill to d I he t able- tweti'v to iliiny ile-ian.l. am are tiioru ihan turned in ihe le'islaluro. N w York city jjbV'J dim r 3000 uoij inly iul bun electe ! ibe out in; whi ticket. Such a revololi'U, injw tho Courier, ia without pnra'.lel o pri-cttleul. Il there were wer uu expniis-ion of popular opinion if there weru ever a rebuke adminiittMi'd to any Govirnni'Mil fiueh mi expret-ion and such n rebuke mey be rend in the ih-ct-i' n of the I'-oip on the Me-saje of I'rui idem Van Hu en On thi i he is HiP' un fi'hile tiji. 'Plie qii'e inn wii-. bf- twijon th" li.ivi'iiini.'iit nnd i !. l'i between lit. Ofiic Hold-or- i.m! Hm oerae) of jViiuihen. lo'tvu'eo tin nnd lie' ('.iiltilry Shall llm I'urse ted to the Sword? Shn'l the k"yj Treafiny ln put into the lm mlr .-I'.h idom ? Sluill our lnb"r be reduced hard ttiotiev wh'j, nnd our bu-loe I e I) "III. (Joint ic iiiii of the Pies In (In. t.. Ill" hnrd inoiiey 'io,.rpriip nf tjpain and Turk ey? Will you pive cold only to :ln mt vniitt;. nnd paper only to Hie uia'er.? Hie people look for iwn much from tin- (! i veuiineitt. in vKin; n coiric'.oo oi i lie nlnit.'H. and rnlief from lb-' i".'ih. ofmtil ad mink1 1 mi i. hi ? Tliefo v ere t be qiie-tion- t-oliiniufi! at the bnlio' h 'X. On Huh orimntl 'he bittl.' was foils''' and won. The i'e.iplo haw prtiSfd jlidjrr'intoit upun I In'ir ruli'rc The nilmiiiittration hn- been weighed in the ba'Btici . und found wati'inj; I'miii t lie New-Vuik Cmiiii'i and Unqniiri. UNPlt I-XI'ni'NTKI) TI! IUM I'M '01.0 RY F.NOI.TMI NKW'-YOllK UU ni:Ni:i!ATi:i). The jroat coiitrH is over: Tliu eaiem of Pnneiples has triumphed ; thn .Majesty of the Laws has lieeo vindicated j the People have rallied in defence of llio Coiiotiiiiii.n and Iiif-tltuiioiiMif the eonntrv ; and J'an Jiiti-rn urn iind nil its inl'iuious allies aie iro-li.iiwl forever. Tlie Peopl the di'eeived and o,i prpei!, but honest and paiiiotie I'miiile have rnen m their iiiiuhi and proved their de votion in tlie itroat leynov ol'our llevolni ,on. nrvsnes by "ivinir the must t-r 1 1 h I rebuke in then opiires-'irs in llu. their .-I rnnli hi . that bus ever heeo known lo our coiinlry. Herein New York- the Head Qoaileis oi the 'lani inany Party -i Ins Citudel of Van lliirenism, the very eentio of Ins infliienee, power and corn plum heio wlunice have emanated the vile n heines whiidi have eheeked the prosper ily and pio'traled the mdnstiy of the whole country lire. wlieie the liauil ol the oppn sor lias neen mosi severely leu, ami wliero lie tins iinpniiriilly lioasieii unit mi wns iuvuliier.1 rnminnii piiu in ilie nun pin-n.iiimi nf blc, be has linen defeated by " n njnrily of, indimi in die riispeiislnn nfr n ci pi ise limpi than TWO TMOUSNI) EKiHT.'onl riiinnieire- in the ninnlnli i nl nil nnln IIUNDUEI) voles, anil as New-l'orkeis we and rinifiilen.'e in the nf jnnc have. Hie uiiiuingled satisfaMion nf proclaim- huhms mil die nm.uule.s ilelin,-s, simps, inirlhal the ineat Cfiiiiinereliil Mirnunli. ..C the eounliy has nobly done ils duty. lcs.ienow ciiizonsoi iiiu uniicii atates. we:. innu iispnnneu o .y our ujii--wu uavu Ueetl inindliil of our obligations to the countiy-- ;iud wu are enabled lo proclaim that Van lin. rtnhm and Locit 'otujm, aro dead and buried, Tammany went into mourning beforo nine o'clock last cveiiing--and il will be many a Jay bcloieshu will excharigo tho spirit oriiea- vjiics.s for thu garuiHiit of prai.u. 'Pho Coali. tion is in llm dusl. 'Pho citizens of New York liavo followcd the Dumocr.icy of Numbers. Tiio citadel of thn Crown has been razed to it rumination, Tho lower of (ho Regency n crumbled. 'Phe dominion of AgntriuuU'in and Monopoly is broken up. 'Pho shackles aro ulrucli from the hmos of our mighty city nnd once inoro sheslnnds erect and regenerate ! No language can express the universal iny and enlhusiaMii that pervade the ranks of the! victors. I hey ieel that a liatlle has been won. j whtcti hbve la'ely become the scene ,,r whose ifHiiii may allccl for ages the dcilinies of ( ho many heart-rending nti.l appiilnn" ca thu republic. They went into thu conlesl last rnphes, The steiTnier Mtuiinotini l-fi with every obslacln to overeoine. 'Pho cntu- j ,js ,ri about a week since laden with bined parties of the adniini.tralu.n out num ,.VPrll hnndred li,.ia, norlion of the l.urodthem at the .t e lectio,, nearlj a thous-1 ,,, Cf(.((, , ; ,Bssem.ers and voles. The slni'jght was one ol hie and , ,.,., m,' , 1 , " . death will. Mr Van Iluren. Every thing thai, ' ' ' 1, ! t ,M,fMll"' 1 '""S1' ellott, and, and pay. nnd pro.. ! ' 1 lM n"nd' f'", Wf" h? .ould ellect, Wl. brought to hnu ui.ou thu re. , " r,,,,,ol11' 1,1 '!nv ,l't, "7"""" Win null. The holders weioaelive and vigU rp" "''''-'vuding llm rivet. It unsafe laul. 'l'hiir places were iho pledges of lhinr ,tlirli' """'f-' ",ur "'''''l' t mjjhi, ridcdity.anu tho of iheu. washy sorvicra tbrungh the inisinnnugeivtunl of the rendered. They weie loyal to thn hint. ; llie.ers, ami the ob-eority nl the scene, n Ihalcould bo done with thu per cniago of collision look p'nee between Ilie ineeting their Hprcio halaries, and with tho deprecijted ! vessels, and tin; Monuiouih immedialely GroinipnH to pay, of l lie Treasury was no'suuk from the violence of the concussion, otibl duly accoinplitlmd. Arnos Kendall Out ol" a largo number of Indians nn biiRrd, Jiimselfwus in the field, and in nctivo ce-rroB. ,.nr ,irr hiiuitrcrl porifhttd. Whether ojjdeircgwithllieleadorionanimiii.y. any of the crew were tovd or not we Tho woatlicr was most proii liotm. Tlirco days ofsuiishino smiled upon us glorious ns nut rnuo, ami brillhtnl our victory. Our friends from llio fitst wore in high spirits nnd went tltr ru irli tho ntrugghi with tliu energy nml criiiliiluiiRQ nl'n party assured of triuinph. Their chumi Wns their guarantee. They knew llint tlicy deserved success, and that il would lin llioir own fun It if they did not tichievu it. In t h fx feeling tlicy went into llm battle. In this feeling they have won t ! Rejoice with us Wliiss of the. Union! in our rescue fioui thn bondage under wlucli wu hnvo lo-ig groiiiisd. We cannot hut lijiil lliat it is a naiiso for universal jubilee. The eyes of thn whole country have linen turned Inward ihiHcity. Mr Van Huien regarded ii as his lust hope. Defeat liuic hu knows is the dn.itli of his administration. 1 1 ik partlz.ins so cuusidiir il from Maine to Louisiana. Thn ruffian dynasty which basso long lorded il over the laud. is printsitlo for ever. It lined resign llio spit-sceptre which il so long brandished as a sennrgc and elirso over the country lintlor days are in prospect for ui all; days nl'boocst and silutury Icisla. ti ; oi'lumorabln ruler ami wisu cniinetls ; of a sound ("urreiiey. a pruprirouH Coininorce, nml the snercsslul pioccutiou of humble in dit-try nnd elevated enterprise ! Ol,D MASSACIIUSKITS PORBVHR 'Phe election in this Ma'o took place en Monday. The following. I'rt tii the Uus'on Alias, ir- the firft otiu. "We believe we .-.hall be safe in faying thai there is hardly a single town or di-i net in the Coininouwenlth, in which there is not n Whig gum. In thn city of Mo-to.n. we hnve, f . r the fir hi time, rarrriid every Ward. Even Watd Vice, t-o long uu in vincible hold of the Tonu.s, has yielded tii ln-1, (lie Whig having carried tt by a small majority. The total Whig uinj irity iii the city t :.'70, the i.aurk-t .majoiuty eV1' f;'"'"'' te,'e n"'J ''n by any pit lilnal pitrhi .' I he Whig jjatn since In si year is up.v.irdi of 1500 'Pint majority for One. 1-iVorett in the Slate lust yinr was 5.931. lie Inn gainei) in 50 lowns, 5,075. In this proporiinn his gain through the Sltilu will swell his tnhj irity lo Twk.ntv 'PlIllUSAM). CHliECItATION AT NB W- YORK. 'Pho Wlngts of this town met at Howard's on Wednesday evening and iippoinlod a comi.iiiieo of six lo attend the grand Whig celebration in New York on llio 2'J.l in-- . anil coiignitiilnte our brethren of the Em pire Stale on nioir glorious dulivoraiic Imoii poiit .cal boudiiiif. 'Phe preamble and ri solui ions adopteii on the occasion, were ilinwn up with much itbility, and we sIihIi taliii an early oppurtiiiiity lo lay them be fine toir renders. M r. Smith, otemht Coinliei hind I)i-lnc', iii lie Aigu- two lo ins v dur ng the r of ("oiigress tm in AUi ie, has ( 1 1 ) !) : . -1 . c t ; leiiors. iii il.-l. ne o lute sCs'Slno of ('uu gre-s, agnnis' ilie Suh. 'Preasury .'cln ,.f tn ilii.ilii-t ra' ion. Mr. S, ii.r. gri at "plllllill. r.- ol -ieecll" III lllR COOIOlOOie toiu-. and 'he Argo- accompanies! the tiisl wt'h a I'lss.-nl tioui the ions assiiiued by bun, and especially "froin the aerMte ni o.s rpiri' iii which he writes." We oiaKe roi.m or I he until xed eMriicl lr -m fir-' Eeler: " liiiiK-sl. li n roMsi.inii m, in iniinii nn r.iiiH'imi'iiis, wlin liie.ilhi'S ilie nn hi- elici i.-lies ilie ni ineinlis nf ininh licplnin, ulu'ii lie linn. Ins iliniilns li.irk 1 1 j i ri die i i.i s I ln-iui nf lies iilcnii- r-5 itt I'm'.imhn silienie, and htiiIN ilie lel.niiei in hIi'ii Ii tills .-'line nml n.- Wllni.i: di-le,'nl inn ill (tunnies-, ihcIimIiiilj in-er, .mil III- nun f.i mile AiIoiioisIi.iIomi in U .i.iitmi .il-.i, siimhI m il, ill lie To CoMH MX M K (in li.nm,. ni.iiiiliniieil fii ml Mini I'., 1 1 li f.i 1 1 I ni i niie e; nf n s, ninl mie si I nf n mi'iili'r, ami fur ll.ainj oeii .'III 'il": sei nt nles ml Ilie miIijim I nl II, Ii util Ilie enii-l Imlli nl i , let uli'i iiiiuIii uIiim'I iin.l im puseiii imiir, I" "ri nn, i, I. lie llii'in.eli s lo till' pnlilii'.il U.ule imii I- nf ilir II iln'ie ii" .i i Mini in. in, 1. 1 ii, e in tianMie-s s,i In tn ., if mil d-siie il, llm iiiIuiim Ii.iii.I Ii'i iI II I- '.leK'iiif.iie IhmiiiiI lis Injjelliei i niir eiei iinsiin iiinii Ilie i niiiiiirrre, enlei p. iz" iind l.ilinr nf l lit i myuliile o is ei im..iIiIi: lliey iii,i Inli l. lit; iliein, .il llm epeii.-! nf nnr enii'-isti iie . anil nf all -inliihiy ; and lie- UIIISI lisll ufllllllK ill, It Will illll'lld Mill is, ili.n I in. i it in my pm.t'i' in CMrml In nit a lielp. niir li.iiul, if )nii shall I e in .1 ill-mil noil m need In I crepe II, when Ilie :nil- (pieine- nf jnnr iliir.i ili-l.ilntilv, and nl Mini l.i-h anil iiiIimih pnliri, u ill ilie uiile tli-inpii.m and im.d nieitlimw nf. cniiillin,' ni.n-nl jmir enie.. in mmo lilrles.s nml ab.iiiilnia'd i'.ii nm .Hems nl'eteiy d n.iiniii iiinn the depirei.Oeil taliej nf ct ri t ? ies nf pmpri ly ,i,ii,n,l Imhi eneinl llrb.l-rnieill ul Mill!' pnpnl.iiin.i. in Imlli ci aad tnmiir,, itinlur the pie.-uie nnd iiii.iiiiiiiiig ol niciiialil.! pnvt iiy, uf I hearts inidu sick by lupe ion lon tlofeirtd." - - - lli:visi i.v ok tih: Vkhmont Lws We l-urn that Cniveruor Jeiit-ou, piirsuuiii lo a luwofih' Legib'ature, has, appointed Robert Pterpoint, of ibis town, Sainnel Vwill of Middlcbury, Jonn Siiiith of St A IbuiiA, Norman WillniiiH of Wooil-tool; and Lucius 11 Pock of Montpelier. a com rntltet! to revise the .'Jiaiulo Eiws of 1 1 1 its State. Ilnlliiiid Herald, :i00, INDIANS DliOWNEI). Ni:w Oiii.i.a, Nov a Anu'iier i fol ucculi nl litis, occurred upon our tv Imvn mil Icnrneil. The mishap is n-n r ill I ehirflv lo Ilie neglect of the nl-ficeis of the ,M oiinoiillt. She wits running in n purl , I iheHlreain where, by the Usages of the river, nnd the ttiles of the M ifsisMiMil niiv leniion, ?he had nu right to no, and where ol totirse. tin ili'sertidiiig low did not e.x eeci to meet her Heie is nnothr evi deore ol the jro, can lesstie-." nl'n elas ol men to wloeie chnrgo we ofien euininii our nersoitii I snfety nnd precioiH lives. Uitllclin. 'Phe fearful re-poiisibility for this vn-t snerillee of life resU on the con irndors for enngrniing the Creek Ituliaiis. 'Ptie nvnriei ills deposit ion to ineruRHU tin iroliis on t he speculation first indur.eil the eiiai lefing ol rotten old, and unsunworihy boats, beenn-p they were ol a class lo be procured cheaply ; and then to make those increased profits still larger, the Indians wore packed upon these cra.v vessels in siieb c owds, tint not the slighiost regard seems to have been paid to their salety. comfort ot even decency. 'Phe crnmuieil coiulit ion of t he decks and cnliins was ol tensive to every sense and feeling, nnd kept the poor croiturp in a stnte unfit for human beings. Six hundred were jammed into this bun l, (ilie iMonmoiilb J and three hundred jf Ihetn have purp-hnl. True Amr.rirnn. A Li re.HMiv Lkoisla ron. 'Phe fol lowing t- said lobe a cornel trao-cript of n letter from a member ol'our lute legisla ture to Ins Iriend in 'Phe honorable member resides not but a lew miles from this place, ami hi? constituents doubtlers feel proud of hii talents'. Wo insert it as a Itterniy curiosity merely, without fit leinptingto palm the author upon an particular parly. llnthinil llerntd. Mnnipelinr Oct. the 1(137. 2G Mr Sir eye lake llti opportunity lo in'onn yon of My llenllh winch ts Very good at ibis time hoping I hat these lew I, 'ties will Iind you and yours in joying the .Sine' blessing Eye Will tell you a Ell- He aboii' ilie Pedlur Act it is Repealed past the IIou.-i! imi h out any debate Eye Expect eye shall gtt home Next thursdny uighl the Dcin o Crnt- Are in good Sper rills vonra with Re-peci THIS I VKXINIl NOV" 17th 1837. The annual meeting of tin; I!urliugtou Atili Slavery Society will be holilen thi" Evening ul thn Eecturo llooui (near the White Church) at half past hix o'clock. Tho Public, generally of both sexes aro requested to allend. w F.MCioirs so i rrjE. Wo ine ii(iii"sleil lo "le nnlii e, lino I!ev. .1. I 15. Mniseol iliti nioU'isalM eiiiinexiijii, will nie.ieli in die (.'oiiil llniee nest sun.l.iv . il Ii II I K 1 . In Cliinlniie, mi llm "ill in-i. Mr Clie'lrr Knrs, of I limliiii'iiiii, in M iss iin r.ilmi-r of die fin in- cr 1) I H I) . in j iiii)iiiiimn, nn iliejisi nu. nlier a lins'ei in illness, Mil liii-ev (Jiiswell, wife of M!in h (;.i-ell. mini 22" In West U'iiii"i)i-, W'nlnw Itlmd.i Lanu'dm n, used (0. hlie was in n-ii il lie. iiiii, nml iheil rl.imlt, while siliin in her ihiii nl uml;. In (;.i,-!rliill, nil ilie ciioii! nf die -till ill Ml-. Ciinlme llnlniei. uifenfl!. I' 1 ail.ii n . l".-ci I of .Iiilm It. I.aiilnn, K-o nl l.llelilli-M, I njeil n.) M'.os. Disi li I ssisn Oconiio.MiK, On ilie mr in- nf Ilie -I'll nil. I.nn , d iiiliier .f .Inhn Tlimnp-c-l, ..r l.i.,-, ..);t-i J inio mill 10 neiinl.-. was 1 1 n nl mi slim kinU as In sin it e mils 0 hum's. I'llti I'll, 1 1 tici'iiiirnre Innk pl.tre at ilie si lnm! !inn-e ttlifie she it .is alirniliii mIii.oI She mile in die limi-e tt nil Iiit .mill, ulin l.'I'i her w (ill .1 niniil.ri' nf Mil ill i lnl lien anil Cap', ' I 1 1, It'll uli i tt i- biiilil ini a (iie Tellm them mil In meil'lle ttnli llir lire, l'.iU 'I', left in li.i.-lc- nn.l p.neeeilid iiIimiii -tO in.!- nlien lie mis inei bj ilie lo alnr, iilm, peu e tiie.' llirre .. is linulile itilh her, li,.eni(l In lelirwi ihem S'ie niei 1 1 10 liule Hlgei er lie ire ill in 10 mil. I'lnm tlie l'lll-e. She lliintMi liei-rlf hen n pinMIc nfu.iierli lie' side nf lin: io el, .he ou t lei luting ill f - i 1 1 1 1 . ' i - . I ' 1 1 1 . 1 1 1 .ill lier npp.ii el ,ni I I. unit hi'i' lie lit niei .ii m n .irn-p She iiimii-di.iielt cniilete ! n lin iai enls mill med a III e.illeil in, Inn ttnllinil elT1 fi She tier mii-i's In the I m ,111.1 u.lie .1 I .llhlll ll .!(-(- Ml I nl i In mi-l'ni lime ti l I hei f.oliei .she tt i-i -iiiii, lin hefme ilie slipe, ttlii n her iipnm tt is ihattn lulu I In- d.inipei .linle anil lieil, Ine and she mill I iit ci it nil' -llm srhnl.n- emii,!',,, ,.,, ,,.,- , ..... ... o... ....,. ..,,,i liie hum! iln-iii -o I In ti she .0 il.itvn in il lull ibei e tt as lie, ' I tv.niled nn iheie, ',i, in h.iil been dine om eniiiil ' Inn liule iheie; s.iiil In put in nn me il c s.ied Ilie." Vt. J'lltlillt. Solomon Walker & Co, HaVK Ioi .-ale n lingo assortment uf'I)r (J nu!-. (JrneKery, (! a- and lianl Ware, nnd a large tis-uri tueiit nf Hunts ami Siloes, 0'tcr and S-tiI Caps, and Collur-, &e ALSO. 10 Ilhds. Porto Rich and Trinidad Mo. lasses. 0 do S' O'oix Croix N. O. Sugar. 10(10 bis. liinfatid I .niiiti Sugar. 0 liags Java nnd Po.lo Uiro Cofice. 50 G it'- s ami Half (Jhes llvson. Young Ily-oit. & Hyson Skin 'Pens 50 P. xos and Half Ilixes Katsiu?. 10 Kegs do. 20 kegs nnd lioxes Tobacco, 100 (utulals Cod Fish. 25 hbl- M.iekerell. 25 (jitaitcr casks Madeira, Sherry nnd Malaga Wines. 3 bags Piineit'o, 3 do Popper. 200 lbs. Cns-in. 0 keg, 10 liOXe 10 jirs 5 1 1 o 1 hbls 2 do Pure (linger, s III. I ii Snap. Mncoboy Snuff. Se tch' do. Cut 'Pohicco for Stnoking, do do Chewing, VO00 lit Solar nn.l St earn S.iU. 100 hljis Kino tin. 25 Sicks ifo Dniry do. 200 hbls. Nova Scot in Pla.ter. 20 hlnls. pine New England Rum, t do St Croix do. 2 pipe Cog n no Riandy. 3 do Am'-rtcnu do, 2 do Holland Ciu. 3 dn A 1 1 1 1 1 1 c u 1 1 (Jin. 0 boxes Pipes. 2 00 bids S I'. Flour. (iitt- ami Natl'i. at mrinulnciurpre tirtces. Middor. A Hum, Red Wood. Eng Wood, Cam Wood, &c, Ind'go. ('oipetis. Cream 'Piirlttr, llluu V 1 1 r cu I , Cainphnir. Nut megs, iSi'u. 'Phu above (liind- nan be iiad nl Wholo fnle nr Ro'ml on tenn-t to r ml purclinsers. Wool, Pork, Grain, taken in oKrhange for Oouds. Nov. 15, 11)37. ffTI70UI,l) ;rue notice lo all peroos whoso V V I)i:iii,m lis inic! It ink Aee.ouuts are now due or become due tliu lt d iy of January next, thnt unless paid, they will bo loft with some other person lo settle. Peail Street, Nov, U, 1837. A good assortment ot Kan nnd Winter ini ills .1 ii t received by I ho sllbscri. bers, and will ho dotd nt la'r prices lor pronrii pav. E WIIPPNEV & Co. Mibon Kails, Knv. 15. 11117. PAY YOUIl IiNSUIlANCli. : rliOSE in the town ol IJurliugton who IiiiV" not paid their instalment lotho Vi Mutual Insurance Company lor 1(137, can pay the fame in Ilie mbsc.nher until Hie 5ulh of Nov. int. nfier which they wdl be required lo send the monev lo Montpelin, J JOHNSON. Nov 17. 1H37. a general as sort m e ." t of 15. ints and shoes and guild stork for maun ncaiitu... a'tu i-t till kinds m hi, line, made to order, cheap lor cash, "Inch he mini have to keep the wheels moving ilm,.e hard limes. All persons: indebted lo hitn are requested to fork up without de'av 1) S RUSSEEIi nttrlhiu'loit. Nov 15. 11137 Ovv fiOEO.MON W:EKER & Co. will 13 pay Cash lor good uiercbai liable Wheat. ?r A VE leeeiveil n lenre nssorlmeul ol All Enr Caps. Hnck Miti-ns, Gloves, 1 Cloths, Cassitneres, Merinos, Ycitings &c. October f,. I!!37 Fashionable Plaid Shawls. I I)ok. 'Pintan. & It"b R y Shawls. iiisl received by EATHROP ec POTW1N. Nov. 3d 1 1137. 4 GLASS. ft. Duxes Ciiiiuipluin and Pen P Class. do R'Mlford Crown Glass J. & J 11 Pt etc .-c Co. .Igenfv 200 be PLO'tljR. Il'irrel. Sup Full' bv .1 & .1 ':ck t Co. -". - ? n si ' ' v I ' ';". MR 1 1 AT well known and excellent FARM. silualed on Mui.smi'i. tints in C.dehester, G 1 J mile- iiutth of liurlnigUin on the staiii! i ii a el li'.'idnig to t3 1 . Albans, containine; SOD ueres with one l-tre and convenient ('we I 'hi;' I louse nut huiisi's and inn; t'.irm boose, li fi ll. hum aim onii .-ati's.tnii, nil iiuarly new. The, farm i well liuiberetl wooded and fenc ed, ami the part cleared is under none) eultiva. Hon, excellent for English grain und L'ra . ii'. 23IJ loni hay can be cut per se.ison 'Phose wishing lo purchase will ph'.ise rail and examine llm picuiiscs i'nr ihenisclves, I'm lernis apply lo the siih-enher on the premise-. HIRAM lilvAN. Cnlehesler. Get 2.!. If!.). 'irT' An In valuable ilomoily Trst'd by i.Cjiefii ni e. n-id .ii-uiiitcd by li t.'ii iiiint.i ! iTO-s!' el hlie a lein.'dy for Vs. it) It NS is .t e! a - in her nit -: -bo no 1.' pin 'or ol I he long know o n ml 1 i v , , I, ,ii,(t Albion Com Plaster! (a- pr, n ,.,.d by the late Dr. Copwi.v.) ha- . been made acqun. d wtt n.nnco of ' ,1.1 . ' lis proper application 111 which it has not n in p C'P.Ns lerred to all oi her iiCMI'.mr.s lor hosf piuiilii'di-li.nirerh of the !eei. uml i to oil' s to inc .unit ton. 'Pin- .llhion ('urn Placer softens the corn, lent ever old and lounh. and eyirai-u H I, i ilie very roots. The rebel iili'n.lid I i''e immediate, ami thwuwh 'Plie I'loprielor hen h-nve I. submit Hie loll 'Win" case, limn Air. Siowell, who is wc'l known lo Hie inhabitants of this eny. especially at Hie siii.Hi end. and at S 'litq Huston, us a very worthy ami respectable citizen. A CASE. Sin-Idinol lies, i;,io. to give my most 1 uiiliiiit'p'd approbate n in favour of voor v. i liable Adiiun Corn Plaster, liy thu u-o of Ic.-s than a box. Mr-. Siowell has beep cured ii1 a corn on eiclt loot, which bad , been exci'eiltiioly i riiublei nine and pinnlti' lor years, t-.pil I Hunk II bill justice to y.uir iiivuluahlo nrepiiraiiop lo uilil (for Ilie en couraoi ineul of tliose. who owing to re p.'ali.d (lisappiiintoiciils in the'iti n in (idles ro-oileil to. hnvo fi-inlly ib stii fed a euie ) Hull jour Pic-' er cured her e.oii nfier nyng oilnr hgbl ree in i - it il . ri'lll' iln'.s in no purpiise; ami what iiicinn es mv eonfld. lice II'. Hie Mipeiliirpy iil'tiiu- Puisler. I- 1 1 o tm bv several of mv that ii has l.. i o iisfit I million rs WPl) cipialK "nod success, A innn advanced in year had beciriiie mi onpp'i'd wit li e.itns. as In be obliged to em b le- m sliiiis to pake Ins. foel ; he had long sulVereij inenl lorture and ineotivcnience ha- lately been en' in ly cned by thn ue ol your Coin I'ins'ei. so thai he en n walk wpli eoinfoil, i.inl ill whole shoes. Another Case.- A young wi.inan living unar up', bad beeoni. so lame in consequence ol corns, as not to bo able lo go up and down simr.- wi Icm. great trouble, is now iisiuj" llm Phisiei with Hiotiiu-t happy Miccens, and pnnpcci of speetly lure. 1 could refer to several oilier capes, were H necessary, but 1 have seen enough olthe Plaster tosalisly mu it is tho hesl prcpnra Hon in tin eonniry, or perhups in any oili er, for tliu euro of Conn; and worn us vir tnu gonentlly known, I doulit whether on could prepare tho ndiolu lubt enough lo ineei the public dctnniid. (sSigi.ed) SETII STOW ELL, Subscribers would inrorm their -S- lr i I- and the Public llittl they have just teeeived a getiernl nsHoritnenl Stove, of various It. mis and most appioved patterns, which lh-y are determined In sell at the vuty lowest prices; among winch am 1 1 1 I 1 1 1 1 r i v 1 Rolurj, Cooking, 'i sizes. Host Premium, (Troy) do. 6 tz s. Viirtou.. kind- jox. Elegattt parlour Stoves fie. , nl-o Stove I'ipc. "( viuiotis sizes and qunli- rfllHE sub-cti. 1 w holeale ami Retntl. Stove tin nt JJ. i,r ,s j 1 lure eonlanily nu li'ind or made to order returned "rem ' "" slu rt notice. A miiiiII a.s.sorttneiit of New Yoik with '"'""w w are Mutable lor Stovjs. Persons Wlslitllg In pilichnse lire IllVlled to Cflll IIIUl look at tl.iir tiisortinei.t, as they hove ioinu ol Superior ('listings. ST'Utll f liOHTWICK, jiirlingloii, Ociober iO'h, Opposite Hie Jail Church St. Now iilimlaiui Jtini ,) X HikU, ) !"A'J n N. E Rom. by J & .1 II l'i:cu & Co. I'1 a I n g u p (i if a i 7i . rip HE i-nb-enber having n built Ills shop Ji. has iisniut il his business, old sliind. a slip Irotii College St. a lew mils Ea-l Court lloit-e Square.) whore he will be 'U't'l'V to attend to ail calls m pis line, tno-e particularly to HOR FARRIERY, which iiuiisi!. Miuiii.x ii turn he pledges hiinselt shah be (lone wi II. fi.vr hp- n call. Nov. 11137. A OONTiSAT. ll nations from the remotest ages, have bad ships but Columbus only found out tho way to America. I'eforo the time ofthe great Spanish i naviirator. tieonle were onlv enabled to nndillc about the shores. Just fouith the'o Med- icines. It is hut two short year. since (ir.,t ventured upon nn unknown ocean, nnd I have discovered the prccieui objert I was ni search of iiuAi.iu. Vegetable medicines were indeed known w .eti I commenced my search but theuM use was net. Ily the use ol them, 1 have not oniy I passed from tho dejected invalid, to tho hale, hear-1 . ty and active man ofhiu-ino-s, bur. comparatively speaking. I have renewed mv youth. 1 can thus, I ' withconlideuce of my own experience, advise , with mv fellow -citizens. Dues the leader want pro if that the Vezrtttbh Life Mi dicing aro suit- able to his own case? I have on lile nt myollieo, 5 lb l.'roa.lwav, lumdieds of letters, Ironiscuneof tlie moat refpect.ibiu citiiteus of this inv native j laud, volunlaiilv ofljied in tcitnioiiv ol tho of A GOOD VKGETAISLE MEDICINE. I Persons wlioe coin'itutions havo been nearly ' ruined by the " all-infaliible " mineral prtpura- lions of the day, v ill he ir me witness, that the , Life Mcdirinrs, k Mich only, are the true course to permanent good health. JOIlT MOl'rAT. I anxmiAFj i;!:mm:k$ itur.ATivr. to MUl'l-'AT'S UFi: I'! LLU .l.XJJ I'lKIJ. I NIX MTTTERS. These medicines have long been known nnd appreciated for tin irexirnoidiuary and imm diate powers of lcstorine perfect health to persons sutf. , oring under nearly i-vciy kind of disease lo which the human frame is liable. in many hundreds of certificated instance"- they I have even rescued sufferers from tho very ver e of an untimely "rave, after nil the deceptive nos- triuns ofthe day In. I utterly failed ; and to in my .thousands they have permanently secured th it ' tuiifoini enjoyim-nt of health, without which lite itself is Lilt .1 partial blessi'ie. ureat indeed, has their iflijcac"- invariable and iiifallihly proved that it has appeared seatccly less than mil nations lo those who were unacquainted with the beau- 1 ti fully principles upon which they aro coiiiioiuitled and upon which they consequent'. ncU " )8 ii"T manliest ami sensible ae. Zl S V" . e ,amul. of.'"0 unit enduing them with renewed tono and vigor ,i 1 .:. i.i..i., ..1 r... .1. 1 : .1 bestowed upon them .'it the spontaneous request of several individuals whose lives they had ob viously saved. 'Plie proprietor rejoices in the opportunity af. forded by the universal diU'usioii of the pre-s for plating Ida VECETAIU.C LIFE PILES within the knowledge anil reach of ecry tndividii il in the community. Unlike the host of pernicious qitackeiics, which boast of vegeia. hie ingredients, the l.ifn l'ills aro purely and soli:, i.v vcot'.TAiu.i:, autl contain neither Mercury An. tiinony Aiscnie, nor any, in any f.nm whatever. They tiro entirely composed of ex tractr from tare and powerful plants the virtues of whi jh lliotiL'h lot)!' known to several iudi.iii .'lilies m recently to soine eminent eheiuisis are altoai ther unknown to t e ignorant pretenders to medical science ; mid were never beforo administered in so happily eflicaciotta a combination. D SPEPoIA, by tboroug.'ily cleans-ing tho first and second stomachs und creating a How of pure healihy bile insiend of the stale and acrid kind; I'tnlidriu'i I'alpitiiti'tt.' of the Hunt .'. nf .liiiwliw lle'ifl.biirii ii.'d lle til.'ir.'ie, Ncvtlcji. un ill.temrer Aojcuti L.itui:vi;niid Mc'.iuiclvthj whit.!, the cen. ri.l h 'upto.ns ol Dy. pens.a will .. . i,.,. ,, ,,,,,., ..t itu ......, u. tirr'teii, by clet.nsrig ihe who'o leneih of the intestine with a solvent proctss i,nd withuut violence ; nil violent ptnues leave tho bowels ositve within two d.ivs. Dim ilucu and CI olera, by removing the sharp acrid lluidn bv which lltco aotnnlaini are oecasioued and by promoting the lubiicaiivo secretion of tlie mucus membrane. FeeerH of all hindi, by restoring the blood to n regular i iretilation through the pioccss ot pcrs piraiion in smuc cises ami the thorough solution of .ill iiitestimil obsiritctio.iR hi others. 'Phe LIFE PILLS hnvo been known to euro Wieu milium permanently in three weel, and Gout in half that limn by remoiiig local inflammation from tho muscles und ligaments of the joints. Dropsies of nil kinds by freeing ami strengthening tho kidneys and bladder ; ihey operate most de lightfully on these important organs and liccce have over been found a certain remedy for the worst eases off 7rarel. Also it'er.vm by dislodgh.g from the turnings of tho bowels the slimy matter to which these creatures udhero : Astimn mid CtiiHumptionhy lulievin;; the nir vessels ofilu lungs from thu mucus which uvou slight colds will ooonsioti, which if not removed becomes hardened and prodii"es those dreadful diseas-cs. Honrry Ulcer and fiwetttrate Surra by the per. feci purity which these Life P.!le,ive to ihe blood und all the humors; S&irtiutio iruntitnis ,t llid Complexion by their ultorativo cfleut upon ihe i fluids that feed the skin thi morbid Mato ol a !' - oi.eisioiis of l'.iiiplivr. com phi hits Sallnw Cloud a id ulhir d,i',jtt(enh!: Complexions. The uso of these Pil la for n very fdioit time will cflcct nt' entire euro ol h'ult-rhciiine, lirysipebis nnd o Btrikitif! in provetpent in the (yicnrnnsi of the shin. Cotm.ioTi evil nt,d lujluenstt wili always be cured by oiit duuu or by two even in the worst cases. Piles, as ii remedy for this tnon dis tressing mid olmtinatu malady tho Vegetable I .i la t ills ueuerve a distinct and emphatic ri- eonirncud.ition. It ij well known to hundicdsili this city that the Proprietor of thrnu invnluiiblo 'ilia was htni'jrl! nUhcled v.ith ibis complaint fur upwards of tbirty-live yeaiannd that ha tried in v nu every remedy proscribed within the whole ompaoH ol tliu .Materia iMcdica. Ho howciver nt length, tried the tnrdieinc which ho now of fers to t ie public and ho was cured in a very .short lime after hii recovery had heuti pronoun':- (I not only improbable but absolutely impossible y any human means. THE PiltENlX HITTERS, are go called bo- cause ihey possess the powir of res oritig ihu expiring emberi ol health to a glowing vior tbroughotit the constitution as the Phauiix is aid to be restore 1 to lite from tho ashes of its own dissolution. 'Plies Phcniiix Hitters arc en tirely voceialile, composed of roots found only in certain juris oi llio wescrn country, which will infallibly cure FEVER AND AGUES of kintU; never fail in thu sickness incident to your.t; luinah'S and will ho found a certain remedy m all cases ol nervous debility and weakness ofthe moFt impaired cons muttons. Asa retnededv for Chronic it Itnflnmitory Rlicu- matisin, the ellicneyof the Plueuix Ritterswdl be demons! rated by the use of u inglu bottle. 'Pho usual dose of those bitter is half u winu glns full, in water or wine, and this quantity may bo taken two or throe times a day, about half an hour hcfoie meal?, or a leas quantity maybe takr n at all times. To those who are aHlicied with indigestion after nicab, there Hit ters will prove invaluable, as they very greatly increase tlie action ofthe principal viscera, help them to perform their (unctions, and enable tho stomach to disc barge into the bowels whatever is oU'ensivc. Thus indigestion is easily and speedily removed, appetite restored, and the mouths ofthe t.borbent vessels being cleansed, nutrition i-Pticlhi ati d, and strength f body and t norey of mind and the happy result". For fur thor parlicnlais of V.offttVs Life l'ills, and Vhtc tiix Hitltia, apply at Mr. Molut's olliec, No. fi 10, Xew Yoik, wliero the Pills can be obtaued for S5 cents, 50 cents, or gl each box; and the Diners for l or -S-per bottle. Numerous ci nillieates ol the wonderful cfliency , of both, may he 'here itif peeled. lusotue obstinate and complicated cascl.ivo chronic nml ll tinmniatorv Rheuiuatism, uy ' f.iinpl lints, Fever and Ague, Dyspepsia tie, Dyspepsia, l'Hc, wjiniet fiom tlienuc ofvirrcunj, pnnni?, ',l!rr dincuwt or lonz standing it may cq 'juud necessary to take both the I.'le I ills alio the Phemnx Hitters, in the doses beluro rccom niended. N. II. These Pills and the nutprs will get nil mercury out of the system infinitely luster tlian bf--l prepatations of fcarsaparill.i, and are n certain remedy for tho rushing ol blood to t.ic head, or nil violent headaches, tic douloureux, All persons who are predisposed to ap"!'';':"' VY A' b!io'iU1 new be without the J.tle I i,'3 ! " Witters, tor one uoso in lime wi.t save uio. i 'Pheyequ ilizc the circulation ot the blood.draw r... prcsure from too brad, restore perspiration, anil throw of every impurity by the pores of the shin IXTTPAl MOM RACIIULV.P.On'ER. New York, Oct. 5th, 1S36, To Dr. J. Mufti. Your medicines have ex ceeded my most sanguine expectations. You no doubt n member the state I was in, when I first had recourse to thorn . ("onr.nmption of uit yvnrti continuance had wutod me t i a Fl.eleton, and a violent ci nub wool 1 frequently so exhale. t me, llint I could pot raise my head from the pillow, and for two years, was unable to leave my bed. I tncdinany remedies, and tot,!; a yn at of medicine, including one box of f which gave me so much pain that I could neither stand, sit, or lie down in comfort, n:ul I despaired "f ever recovering from their ruinous effect-i. a friend of mine, Mr. Win. '. Short, J gave n box of your Pills a. id a bottle of liittci-s, requesting only in tetuni, that I would make i:-e of litem. In about a mouth, 1 a mile, wi nt to the city, and, as you may re member, 1 called on von, and now by tho bits sing l Heaven, with the use of your lifo rc.uor iug uii'dietiiis, I am enjoying better health t'.sn 1 have had for ten ye irs, and 1 lune tveiy r. a sou ro belit.-ve that a continuance of the ti'.cdi cine for a short time longer will restoro ir.e lo perfect health. 1 icinain yours, ever gratefully, RACE EE PRO WE ft, Cor. of-lth Avenue, and H7th street, Yor!;vi!!e. LUTTPAl Pll.iM JAS. DELAMA TP.U. New Yin!;, .ley, 10. le3G. .Mr. John Moffat Dear Sir : For marry ye: rs my wife lias sullbrt d niikh from a severe of;-, tion of the I, iter, and ..bout three months unco she was eontint-d lo he- bed, anil aparently l.i r h"r last. Seeing your advertisement ofthe 'L .'e Pills,' 1 was induced to ret a box for her, in hopes alh t uition to her sullerirgs might bu ob'ained for her, and though many persons n. iy not credit it, yet novertlu-Uj 'tis true, that n i withstanding her pi cat 'debility, her constant cAiV'v and frver.t, produced by her diseae and general dthility after taking two doses of two I'llis each, she was able to mi up, and go (mtu room to loom, and beforo tho expiration of o:.c week, she was enabled, by the blessing o' Co', and the instrumentality of your Eifo Pills, lo at lend to her family avocations, nnd has continued to do so ever since. Your Pills I deem an in. valuable, or inilu r, as I call them, Rt storaiive. liesid cs the eond my wile has rived fiom lliem, I can also hem testimony ofil.n go. d ( fleets the) Irive hi'i! en the health of t. : rh Mn o. I lue six, the youngest loi,ryc::s old, and nil of tlicm have taken them, and l , a I '"'I111111''1 inerer.y ; u nn onu in parocmar, ..... I cn(;!a wcta nisbimi in cubing quantities o 1 "Oeiii iror ii.v to i:uiut; n oni inin i.inii in it-iit. . u him from i.nttiilice to which he has from nn ir faiit been subject. Your Hitters howovcr I thought were best in the last ease lor ihe reason ol ils being a liquid and searched the system as I supposed bcltur, I however do not pretend 10 lie ihe judye. So tuuc'i do I ihiii; of and valua your Pills and Plurni . Hitter." that I have recom mended both to ninny and will ecniinue to do po .vhen an opportunity offers. 1 could pry more in favor of both and nil 1 could say would not I e half of what might and ought to be said in thei favor and commendation. Wishing you Health and happiness ns you cr deavor to promote the health und consfquant't the nnrihly happiness of others ; I am dear Eir your obedient servant. JAS. II. DIM. AM ATER. 171 Illeecksrst. P. S. 1 had forgotten lo advert to the ri.'i o, liluiid tj the head Willi I infoiiued jouo uiy lirbt inteiview with you that my wile al-'t iiiulIi complained of. Your n. edit me has hrw the wo.uleiiil effect of entirely tclieving hern that diitress'ut( ntllictinn nnd with tispect ti my self it has almost entirely eradicated that ur. iiiforiable companion to which flesh is hsir, th. euma'tfit. Tho tibovo iMiulicine J. 11. D. for salt4 li; lyS. U OHEUT MOOU-i',

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