Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, December 1, 1837, Page 3

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated December 1, 1837 Page 3
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PROPOSALS FOIt BREAK-WATER MATERIALS AT BURLINGTON. FOR l3. C$ EALED I'nopnsAr.N will bo received nt 1 tho subscriber's Ollicu in Burlington, until the 20th of December 1037 for the delivery (nt the harbour in Burhnglnn. or some safe and convenient place lo he des ignated hereafter.) of n purl or the whole ol the followini' article : Square White Pine Timber. J20 Slicks While I'inu Timber to he saw cd or counler-hcwcd,-- 10 inches squnro. to nvorngo 35 feet in length, no tit irk to be less limn 30 foot in length, and to ho of pound yrcon timber. Hemlock or Pitch Pino. 150 lags of Hemlock or l'ilch Pine, of sound crccn timber, 50 feet long. straight, not less than 13 inches ut the smalt, nor over 24 at the large end. Round While Pine. 300 logs pound Round White Pine. 35 feet lung strntght. not lets thnn 12 inches nt the small, nor over 10 nt the large end. .50 lops straight sound Round White Pino 40 feet, nol lesi thnn 12 inches til I he small cod. White Oak Plank. &20 Pieces found While Oak Plank, square edged, 1 1 feet l ing. 3 inches thick and tonvcrngo 12 inches in width. Trunneis. j 4000 Pieces of Butt live) While Oak for Trunneis, rivud out 2 feet long and bro'l to 2 1-2 incho square. Proposals lo be subject to the approval of tho Department nt Washington. The above nrticles will he required to be delivered ns follows: the Trunneis by the first of March lt?3!i the Timber if deliver ed by water to be well railed agreeable lo the nbnve dimensions and plnred in seperate cribs lo be delivered ns early as the tin vi gntion will permit in the Spring. Payments. The above proposals as it respects pay ment, must be subject to the future appro priation to be made by Congress. I is believed i list body will not omit furnishing t he supplies to carry on n work, now in progress and which is so touch needed for the protection of Vessels, Steam-Boats &.C and calculated lo niil the commerce of tins M-ctioo of the Union. Payments will there fore be mode ns soon as received after the appropriation shall have been made, and llio articles orceptpil. Stone. Sealed proposals ng'oenblo lo the above condition will be received until the let nl March 18311, for the delivery in tho course f I lie ne.t slimmer, and ril such times and qimntiiiesns may be required for llio work. 12000 Perch of Stone. Approved security will be required on all contracts persons making proposals will reduce the same to writing endorsing them Breakwater proposals Mate the price and qunntily ol articles they propose to de liver, naming their surety. All cntiiiiuini cation: in ii -t be post paid. JVA Til AX B. HAS WELL. U, S Agent for mid work. Burlington, Jov. 2fl, lti37. HATS & CAPS, W. G..SPMGUE H'AS opened a Cap and Ilat-Sture. in the same room fonmrly occupied by T. Mend, where he odors Hats of nil Kinos, noo onps oi oinoy qnunni r, mniain Jlobes, For Collars, fee. on ns good terms .ns elsewhere, for prompt pny. Bnrlioglnn, Nov. 9 11137. Caps, Mulls, Uoas, Gloves, Mills, Collars, &c. for pnlo bv IllCK' K & CATI.IN. Black Offer and. Dark Seal A FIRST rule nriicle eun bo found nl . the Cap and Hat Slote of WM. I. SEYMOUR. Cieiiilrtuen wishing to pur chase a good article, of elegant form, will avail ihcinselvcx of liie opporl unity. Also Buffalo ROUliS of Inrgo sizes Caps made lo order. Burlington, Nov. 0, 1037. Cash paid for Gold and Silver at tho Variety Shop by Panudokn k. Bri.nsmaiii. Nov. 21, 1837. W L are now inn n nlactii nn; lino Gold Deeds, at the Variety Shop. I'anouoiin Si l!iiiN'e.M,in, Nov. 20. 1837. WE hnvo ree.rived several beautiful toned lose wood Actcirdton's !!, 10 and 12 keys, most all hinds of Musi'.ul Jntlruuients and instruction JtooKs lor ntn: koket Book-. Wallets. Momnrnn. outns. ijaru leases, roruonos, itoogers i.v Wostcnlinlmc's fine Knives and Scissors, fine Rnzore and sirnp?, good Uriianin Ten p'ols,, Tumblers ond .pitchers, fino Slocks. iCollnrsaud Bosoms, good Quills and Cap jpaper, Snaps and Perfumery of most all kinds, MiiFick, Convex and Concnve Spec laclcs, toft and hnrd Tooth Brushes. Tooth Washes and Pmvdors, Hair Oils. I'owdors drinkiiiL' Flasks, Bonis, Shoes and othet nixnp i nnh n l.nllnm nn.l i mil. n C.el ilver potent Lever Watches, some 13 ate ncs. ol tine nun in v. -l lours Jewel et . unlity, ready Pen Makers, Mnynard &. ndelhble Ink. silver ton and oncn Ion 'himblcs, Music Uoxes, Snuff Boxes, lated lea and Iable Spoons, Visiting ards, Sic. Violin Strings and Bass Viol wltli other goods, nol necessary lo cntion. In winch wo shall continue to nko additions as long ns navigation is Most articles winch we havo over pt for salo. con bo had at llio Variety top, for cash only, nt tho time of purchase. I'ANOnnitlY 6i Hr.lNSMAlI). ray Cast) fur good merchantable Guy Boynton's Estate. STATE OF VERMONT, ) Dl-TIUCT OK (JlltTTII.MlK.N, SH. S The Honorable the Probate Court for the Distriil of Chittenden, To nil ' persona concerned in the Estate of Guy Boynton late of Hincsburgli, i said District de nned. " GREETLYG, flEREAS, Jcdediah Hoynlon. Ad-tnini-trntor of the estate of said de ceased proposes lo render nn account of Ins tidniislrntion, and present his account ngnitiKl said estate for oxnuiiiintinn noil nl lownnce nl n sos-inn ofllie Court of Pro. bate, lo he holdeii nl the Roster's office in J5urlington on the second Wednesday of December no.VI. Tttr.ur.roiu:, Yon are hereby notified to appear before said court nt the liuio nnd place uforesnid, and show cause, if any you hnve, why the nccount'aforesnid sliouid not he allowed. Given under mv hnnd nf Dnrli ntrton Cth dny of November" A. D. 1037. Wm WESTO.-Y. Register. BM GIDDINGS, is now toceiving . n heavy stock ofDrv Ciono'-'. Gro ceries, Crockery and Hardware, which will be sold lor cash nl a very small advance. Pearl bt. Burlington,) October IB, 1837. kl- inn ntsl in.ilo rhaincler, nlicr bavin; baffled llic skill of llie most cniineiil nlusi f siml wiili-tood llienioM highly rcrnmmcmlcd , i- i ; . , ' , ; '" cuy.liy ig for n flmrt time Uu. IlKi.rK's VEGlii'AULE SPKCII'IC, AM) AM'llUh- IUU.S I 11.1. S, ill ('(iiincxion, arrnuliiii lo llie. diieminns nernm. pinjiii' llie. Specific. It U Uo one of die best , Store, corner of Court and IlaOovcr streets, medicines known for Sick Headache, Sickness near Concert Hall, lioston ; and by his spc althc Stomach, Nausea, and I'lamleiices. - cial appointment, by J. Si J. II. PECK Si Co. ' " !! in'" b incviocni in mis or any country, than Headache. It is soMoin :i primary alli-clion, lint iiiises from a varlely of eatoes, such as fiippicssiou of ciislomary evania linns, obnrtieled peispiraiion, &c. h is likewise not iinliequeiiily skiupiomaiio of inihi-ejlion, for o si cut id the fviiiii.iiIiv lieiuccn die lii-iihi :iiln slomacli, llial il is oficn diflicull lo determine which is teally oi fruit, and when it nri.-es fi tun a foul sliile of die stnm.icli, ii is ecneiallv teimcd sick bendarlic, which w ill be speedily ie"lieed by iliis. '-'V , ,, . ,. I nan,, Idei of TlZ?''"? n'" TV V p.onpiiiel, ol Hj "A Lady of Darners, who had, licpn nfllirieil nf it.o if,n r,, oo ...i.i. .. sick he.ularlic, was cuied by pan of a hox of lliis Specific." I Price of llie Specific nnd Pills 50 cents each, OG-TIIK TOOTH ACHE t 'I his Hgonizio" difoidcr is cuied in ils most iiaiiiful snmes. bv one of ibe most iim,i. ui.ii!i powerful leiucdi's known in niodein pineiiee. The xsiiui3nisiy luuut uivuk l'lisisS symioms: .oppression ot the breast; 'rcen nfToul instant relief, without inflicting die slij-luest i jsn nnd bloody spittle i ulcerated lutx's and expedilion, and generally opcnile ns o eoolhin-, K emaciation ol the whole body; luoune. io ine fullering palieiu. i'ricu Q0 ccnls a bo?: White Teeth! and healthy Gums ! i Zi1::::,.:.11!!. dial nor pn-itiou ran be nbliiinril cimprinr m ilr I5ki i;i.sii dun riruicn. i-iii.. elegant and pliM-nm ,rc-p. in Iciu in lor in.inv veins nasi, mien iniitei I Faii..f,ir.iion w I,p, ,.. ,.r "ii Ims bin, ud. ! I he Antiseptic Dentifrice exempt I'miii acid and oilier deli'iri iuus iugi uilirnls, whinli too he (iiriilly enter llie roiiipu.-ilicii of loiilh powdeis in common nc, and it wl.iirns ihe enamel f tho ireih w ilhoiii doing it llie Iciiii injiii v. I he iegul.ii u-n ol lliis mliiiiicd powder, by purifting llie inoiilh nun pi c rin nig uu: ai euiuiiiaiioii ol lurlar, opciales . w ine bei Miuvcniivo ofllie Tooril Acin:. The Denlifi iic iemove iliseolouialions, mid ie ?loie die beaulilid naliie vvhilene.-s of ihe enamel. As its application biarrs and slrcligiliem llie Gum's, ii (.ecuics lo iliein their lieahhy and florid line, anil by removing nil offensive foip'ign nrriiniu l.ition fioui ihe leeih, pie.-riej die natural sweet ness of ihe bieatli. l'i ice 50 cents. (QrUBLIC ATTENTION! IS most respectfully solicited, by the sub- pectorntion, very essentially relieve, and scriher, to an Invaluable Preparation, tho I often entirely cure llio most obstinate and mnrils or which havo been letted by tijii:, i,i resting cii-es. Comion Coldt arc usu ami are sesTAiNno r.v undoubtbii tkbtimonv. j ny removed by the Pill- in n few hours. Jr. Jielje S Jyolamcal Drop's! In the Imrrnsstng nnd suflocnting coin am every year increasing tlicir long cstab. j plaint of the AfTitMA, tho Pills give im liMicd repulalion. They havo outlived many j mediate relief. They mitigate the com rival preparations, antl are continually gain' nliiiul. nnd generally effect n rodical cure, ing upon i public confidonr-o. Iinihoso A-thniaiic attacks cliornclorizd he Botanical Drops havo been success bv diflicull v of brnntlnn", li-'lilness nnd ill rn,,?,!''!' t r ,,l,a,,y,i'?a,f!' aS '"Jluru across tle l,r,aSl and in Ihe thorough remedy for that well known and iua nnnros-ien lUinl..nnn .I,p.,, prevalent class of inveterate diseases, which ,"1 m 11 , ' ' wl"'c'1"?; oiiginatc from a vitiated habit of body, or an I ' "S T , i r' C0UveM' 011,1 hereditary ptedispo.ition in the patient, and 1 "lnA' '"l,L "'"" ' fympion.s. generally appear under tho various nuddis.i IresMiig snapes n Scrofula, Salt Rheum. Lep rosy, St. Anthony's Fire, Fever Sons, White Swdlnigs, Fenny, Futd and Obstinate Ulccis, Sore l.cgsnnd Eyes, Scald ITiaiLand Ventre at Jainl, In llio last mentioned condition of tho system, tho Botanical Drops will bo found to eradicalo the lurking poison, whore Mcrcu. ryhas totally failed, and thus prevent llio pa. rent front entailing tho seeds of an horcdita ry disease on his offspring. DR. RELFE'S liOTAMCAL DROPS nru fluccc.-,sloily used in eases t,r iotont eruptions after llio Measles red blotches pimples on the face festering eruptions on llio skin and other diseases of llio external surface, and ntc ono of tho best Spring and Autumnal physics known, lofico the system f'uin humors. O" Striking Jn stances of Success. Hslracl of a idler from a Physician of tho firs I respectability, and extensive praclico, in this vicinity, member of liQ IMnssaghtr setts Medical Society. Juni: IOtii, 1029. Dear Sir : "This child , before ho was a year dol, bocauio afllicied with a leprous diseaso of tho fcUin, and which gradually incroased, ho thai when about three years old, tho wholo surface of the body was one continued sore, attended with an ichorous discharge, produ cing great soreness and intolerable itching, which becamo almost iiisuppottal.lo. A great variety of llio most approved external and internal remedies wore used without any per. inaiiuul relief. Much inloresl was excited in behalf of the child, and consequently differ, cut medical advico was solicited, but with little or no advautago, tho diseaso progressed with uunbatiug vlolonco, and seemed to defy Ihe healing art. At length the parent was induced by llio advico of a noighbor, who hnd been boncfittcd by tho ailialo, lo try Dr. ltt:r.Fi:'H HOTANICAL DROPS. Suvcrnl bottles wore given according In tho directions, beforo the least abatement of llie disunso was obsotvod j but by a pcreovoring use of them, tho ichorous disehatges began to nbalo, the scabs lo givo way in places, and fall off. Tlio Drops were continued until tho boy becamo perfectly well, tho skin resuming its natural and healthy aspect, seeming Indeed liko a ren ovaicd skin sinco which time tho boy has enjoyed perfect henllh, and his cure is ascri bed wholly to llio Drops, as no other incdi einn was used in coojuelion with them." I no original letter, with additional par ticulars, may bo seen by calling on the Pro prietor. A Gentleman nf this City, who had boon at (ended n long time by our most celebrated and experienced practitioners, and who had been reduced lo almosl the last singes nf ex istence by his complaint had lost one eye! and dreadful ulcers began to destroy his leg, nnd spread over his whole side, and to threaten a most painful and lingering death .' in com municating his case at Inrao to tho Proprio. tor, makes llio following closing remarks "My case was pronounced by my phyi cians lo bo one of inveterate Scrofula. It is not necessnry to inquire whether other means would have effected tho euro. 1 can only say that Dr. Hello's Ilotanical Drops were tho only means I made use of, after llie physicians had exhausted thoir skill, and havo no reason to doubt that under Providence the Drops were the moans of roliuving mu from one of llio most nfilicling diseases that liu. inanity is called to endure." A Physician of eminence who had witnrs sod the efficacy of this article, had the candour recently to acknowledge lo tcs Proprietor, that hu considered a tho host medicine known, for the complaints ft r which it in intended, nnd that it ought deservedly lo stand ut the head of tho whole class of such remedies. Price $1 for whole boxes nf 30 pills, nnd 50 cents J'or half do of 12 pills, with dircc lions. -- iono ccnuuiu uoicss si"nco on uio Nono cnuino unless signed on llio ,V A' """lc"'"'c, Dr. H I . Conwav For salo, with all the miicr "unicay .Utaicincs, ui ion ouuminj; Hoom, No. 09, next door to J. Kidder's Drug Uurlini'ton Vt CONSUMPTION! Asthma and Catarrh ! Xii that long trnin of disensen which seem iL to grow with the "rowlh of civilized society, CONSUMPTION takes the lead in its rclcniless inroads upon human life ; yet tins dreadful disorder is easily overcome ils uarllcr p"?e?- 's only when neg . . .i . r . Iicted tlir.t il arrives nt the terrific mnturi. 'y wliicli so often bafllus the sagncily of professional science. An obstinate rough s llio customary forerunner of the N.nv cons-u.mption. Improper neglect in llio timely ndininitrntion of simple and salutary remedies, i sure lo bo teproved ''.v n dreadful succession of consumptive Mreng.ii; uiimioo coeeii.s swollen leei nn;i legs; anil ut Inst, in full possession of the mental faculties, nnd while hope still whispers her flattering talo cold extremities, and n premature ilcalh. J' or the various stages ol this complaint, '- "f PI".vcl remedies ever vei di-ci vorei Dr. RrtVs As fit mafic Pills. Tlli-' I ..VP,' ,lv..rr.,l n.,,1 . ..n.. . " - ' ' . : "puny hate nun iiiiioeeol preparation, Das I'uecii'o i ii i rein r. nun rnpio cores upon 1 cuts supposed to have been far ad vanced in n confirmed Cnr.enmnlinn r.iwl w,o have exhibited the appearances which ,,tn ,n, r.. i , . . e .i : '"'" uiinuiiuu ui mi. DR. RELFE'S PILLS hnvc also ob tained tho highest chnrncter ns n Pcttorial Medicine, affording tho most unexpected relief to those labouring under llie com mon Cough, occn.-ioued by ncrid humors irriinnog ihe ihront. or by defluciicns on the Iiiiiijs -symtouis which deprive the Mif. ferer of sleep, and gradually introduce the long train of Pulmonary aiFoctious. The Pills nnnease the coii"h. nromoto ensv n.v. .. "1"'"- ' "'"" y -u.-ut. confinement, i hoy may bo administered with confidence and safetv to all n"cs and clas-e" of people. Unexampled succe.-s has hitherto attended their administration in n gicnt variety of cases; nnd llio pro prietor can refer to a multitude, which tonlify to their eflicncy in reviving the emaciated victim from the bed of disen.-o, and restoring him in I lie blessings of nc customed lie.illh nnd nclivilv. THE PENEFICIAL EFFECTS Resulting from the administration of Dr. Relfe's Asthmatic and Consumptive Pills, exhibited in the following rases, OTA Phypician, M. I). u nt! Druggist, recently writes: The Asthmatic "Pills (Rellu's) tiro invariably well spoken of by llio-i! who use them.1' O' Mrs., of this city, was three years soriouslyjiljlicied with cun-uiiiplivc symp toms, as pain in the side, ulino-it perpetual cough, spitting of blood, general debility, &c. in this distressing sinio, unable to fit up, and not expecting to live many days she wns ndvised lo lake Dr Relfe's Ath inalit! Pills, and also Dr. Jebb's Liniment bo appl et! to her side, which shn did, and to the nstonii-hment olevery one, inn short time she was porfecily restored to health. Dj 1 Lady from Framingham, was so verely nlllicled with cough, spitting of blond, and goncrnl debihiy, on Inkinglwo bottles of Hieso Pills, nnd one box of Dr. Rolfii'o Antibilious Pills, waa restored lo perfect henllh. 0"An elderly person in this vicinity, who hnd buffered much for years by n most distressing uethnm, had tried almost every thing recommended, which only nt times gave temporary relief, and usiia'lly n more violent return of her complaint, has recent ly inndo usu of tho nbovo Pills with nioro beneficial effects than uny thing tho has ever used before. ID" A Voting Lady nt M , had been troubled with a very bad cough, eu violent oh nt tunes lo rnck nnd hatras her ex ceedingly ; n consumption was fen red, (as her mother had died of t lint comphiini) she win immediately relieved, and sub Mqutiiily eiiutoly cured by Dr. Relfe's AsllllilMIC Pills. .j.iuno genuine unless signetl on llie outside orintetl wrapper by the tide Propri. etor, T. KIDDER, immediate successor to tho lull- Dr. W. T. Co.swav. For sale with nil Ihe oilier "Cnnivity Medicines," nl his Counting Room. Nn. 00. next door to .1. Kidder's Drug Store, corner of Court nnd llnnover slrects, nonr Concert II nil Hnsioti; nnd bv his special appointment, by I & .1. II PECK & Co.. liurlinglon Vt. NOTICE TO ZimjTTX&ATXO INVAIDEDS PERSONS suffering under heumalic Jlf fiction are respectfully assuted, thai they can obtain nl" tho proprietor and lii agents a safn and admirable remedy for RHEUM A" TISM, however ohrtinalo the disorder may be, and in nil its different stages. ij-nv J BB'S Rheumatic Liniment! will afford immediate relief to tho patient, and has sometimes been attended with such extra ordinary sueecss as to cure thu most distress sing Rhcumatiim in linnly-Jour hours, oven when of vents standing. Tills highly valuable Liniment is recom mended wiih a confidence founded on tho ex perience of many years, nol only as n euro for that excruciating disease, but as an excellent application for S'rirt'.sess of tiii: joins, Nu.mii- NUSS, 8rP.Al.NS. ClIII.lll.AtNS, Ac. Among a mass of testimony in favour of ihe success of tho Liniment, as a thorough romo. dy for Riinu.MATtsM, tho proprietor selects the following us presenting genuine instances of its efficacy .'Veir and surprising cases. ID A gentleman, Mr. R. of Charlcstowny who wo bo referretl to had been confined to his bed most of tho time lor a week, suffering most excruciating pain from Rheumatism; af, tcr having had reeourso to the round of anti dotes usually resorted to in this complaint 'but without bonetil ; and while in this stato of suffering, and no pi expect of relief, Mr. Caleb Syfinnes, who was Ins neighbour, and who, owing lo tho extraordinary benefit ho lint hims'olfcxpcricnccd from its use, recommend, ed llio article with such cotifidcnco as induced Mr. R. to make ttso of it, which he did, with tho usual success attending its administration, viz: immediate mitigation of pain relief and cure ! UZTMr. T. of this city, was attacked with a very violent Rheumatism in his back, which an application of this Liniment on going lo bed instantly relieved, and cured by morning observes ho nicer usrd any thing which gavu him so much and so great relief. LD"An oltl Revolutionary Officer near Ros lon.was sorely alllielcd for years with rheu matic complaints, especially m his joints nnd limbs, which were fietpiently much swollen, could obtain only letnporaiy relief from med ical advice, or the u-e of various leuiedirs, nnd hail dispairetl ol help ; when a friend who had winicssed tho wonderful effects of this Lini ment, advised him to make osc of it, which ho did. with tho most happy effect ; it reduced the swelling in one ni'hl. This article is cansidircd so superior to every thing Use, and In possisi such uncommon virtues, that it is orderid fiom distant pails if I In: coun try. DAn agent reecnly writes : "Please send mu a further supply of jebb's Liniment the first opportunity I shall probably sell a consider able quantity, as it is raommindcd by some of our physicians very highly. iIj-Another agent writes: "I with vou to forwartl mu some more of Jebb's Liniment, whieo has recommended itself very highly. " Price 50 cents a buttle. The Pa'nful antl Debilitating Complaint of receives immediate relief, and in numerous in stances has bean thoroughly eurct. by tho administration of liu.iirnir.s' r.c.nnnv tor tiii: tilus. THIS approved compound also mitigates and removes tho symptoms which fre quently accompany Ihat disorder, nnd increaso tho danger of the patient, viz. ; pains in Loins Headache loss of appntilo Indigestion, and othet marks of debility. A roliovetl Patient writes fiom a distance, "It is but justice lo you to inform you, that 1 have used your Dumfries remedy for tho Piles forsomelimn past, and havo found it cm. itieully successful." An Officer in tho Army observes "I havo been troubled for years with tho Piles, antl havo never found any remedy that would compare willi yours. Il gave mo al most immediate relief." A Physician and Druggist writes. "1 have sold all thu mcdicino you sent mo, which is so highly recommended fur the Piles. I wish you lo tend me ono dozen moro by the hearer." Tho remedy is quito innocent, nud may bo administered lo all ages and bolh sexe'i. Plain nud nmplo Directions, with n description of tho complaint, accompany each package, which consists of two bo.rcs, ono containing nn Ointment, antl tho other an Electuary. Price $ for both arlclef, or 50 cents whuro but ono is wanted. Prico$l a bollle, orC bottles for $. DUMFRIES' ZTCES OimMBKTl rpllE oxlensivo sain antl established rcpu JL lalion of DUMFRIES ITCH OINT MENT, encourages tho Proprietor to recom nioud il with renewed confidence to tho pub lie, as a most innocent as well as pouciful application for this annoying disease. Tho most invelerato cubes havo boon cuiinu in on-u noun! by (his esteemed Ointment. Il contains no Mercury, or oilier noxious ingru. dient,and may bo confidently applied oven to tlio youngest ciiiiurcn, or lo pregnant females. Pi ice 37J cents. SOKE AND INPLAMED EYES ! rriHE tludious, Iho weakly, and others, JL who aro troubled with baronets or in flammation of that dolicalo organ, will bo nolo to outain amosi pleasant and invaluable application, in DUMFRIES1 OCrSYE "WATER I This woll established Wash for the Ki.e. is perfectly innocent, ami gives immediate relief, oven in very aggravated cases ofboiencss and inflammation. Price I'.'i cents, D V. II I Ii 1 T A T U I) v V. M A LHS. riiuiu complaints pcculinr lo the iitttnlo -1- part of t lie coininuniiy, havo been long successfully I rented bviho niltnini.i rn. lion of llio Aromatic Pills, orii'iuallv nro. sctibetl nnd ci mpouniled by Dr. Kr.'i.rr..--Thoy cleanso llio blood from those disor ders ol iho icinale coiifitlution, for which tho Pill.s, ura on elleclual tpecilie; thev I restore n free circulation, reform the irreg ulnr operations of the sanguiferous syi-toir, nnd rectify tho disordered habits. The pn prieior's confidence in llio superior ex cellence of ibis i qually innocent nuil pow erful preparation, is founded on I he decisive trsiimnny from uiiiny restored pa tterns IIo enn tissure lliH portion ofllie public, Hint when Dr. Relfe's AROMATIC PILLS FOR FEMALES nre regularly taken aceoriliug to the three lions nccnnipnnying ihetn, ihey revive nnd establish tho desired henllhy "hnbits, nun restore to the pallid counltuinnce the nn'u rnl glow of henllh and good spirits. The Pills are nn approved general romo; dy in casrs of Obstructions Debility; Nv. pochondria ; Creen Sickness; (Jiddiiiess; Pnlpitnlion of the Henri ; bad Digestions Lonlhingof Food; Pnin nf Ihe Sioii nch , Shortness of Ureal h upon ovury liillo mo tion; Sinking of the Spirits, and its const! qnences, a dejected cumiienanco. nud dis like for cxerci-o nnd conversntion. Mnrried Indies will find ihe Pills equally useful, except in cases of preghniicv, when they must not be taken ; neiher rnti-t Ihev be tnken by persons ol hectic or consump tive habits. They may b used siiceo-sful ly by cither men or women in nil Ilypnchon driac, Hysteric or Vapourish disorders. In all eases of this description, the Pills purilV, invigorute, and revive ihe dinrdurrd sy--. lorn. Price j$LG0 a box. Price .IO Cents. A frcsli supply just received by Lnthrnp &. Polvvin, Burlington Reek wilk C. Dyer, Solesbnry A. P. Rofcoo, New Unveii M . V. liinslev, .Monk ton M. Hull, Ilinesburgh Fletcher & Wood mnn, Wtilistnn C. 15, Mnrlin, Charlotte--E. Lyman. Fernsburgh L. Bixby, Vor genncs Fletcher & Miner, Bridport Hen Wright, Slioreham. Elexir Vegetable Balstimiqur. N. II. DOWN'S VEGETABLE BALSAMIC ELIXER For Cough", Colds, Consumption, Calaih Croup, Asthma. Whooping Cough, and all other diseases of the head, ehest and Inn I Pamphlets containing a history ol'tho mcd : icino a sketch of llie diseases for which is I is recommended certificates from iinqucs- lion.ible sources ample directions, and much i other important information accompanying each bottle may be had of any nf tho Agon 'eies, gratis. J. "CURTIS, Druggist, St.'AI i bans, Vt. wholesale Agent and joint proprio- I tor. Tilt) fulln'i"6 .,rn ..cpuuiull v nppuillU-l! leiail Agents. ' Burlington Lalhrop Polvvin, Janes, j Smith t Co. and R. Mood v. JJinesburzhA. S. Si. D. G. Wcllor. I Milton Wellington, Whitney .V: Co., Clark Iioardman & Co. Charloiu Samuel H. Barnes, anil most other respectable Druggists, &c. in the coun try. St. Albans, July 12,1330. tj B R BiliTlNTillFT W It ants nn college no institution, no manopnty, no charter, he being quite satisfied to rest on the patronage of the public for the success of his' grand, father's VEGETABLE UNIVERSAL PILLS Eslal.lishcd in England, l7ol. "Science should contribute to tiie comfort health, anil happiness of mankind."- rjpHESE celebrated vegetable Pills or which A EIGHTY THOUSUND ROAT.S have been sob! in N. York sineo .lulv. lft:1".. nn, ,,m- 1 lecoinmcndcd bv lhounuds of norsons whnm Ilicy liavo ctireil ot (Jonsuniplion, Influenza Dyspepsia, Hoadacho, Pains and Nasenso, fullness in the back pari of tho eapd, usually llio symptoms' of Apoplexy, Jaundice. Fever and Ague, liilhous. Scarlet, Typhus, Yollow, ami common ! overs o all Kinds, Asthma, Gout, Rheumatism, Nervous tliseatcs, Liver complaint. Pleurisy, Inward Weakness. Do pression ofllie Spirits, Ituptuics, Inflamalion, bore r.ycR, Mis, 7'ali-y, Dropsy, Small Pox, iMoasies, uroup, Uoughs, Whooping Cou"h, tuinzy, Lholie, Cliolcramorhiw, Gravel, onus, wyseniary. uealuess. Hinging Noises in the Mead, Kings Evil. Scrofula, Erysipelas, or Si. Anothy's Tiro. Salt Rheum', White Swellings, Ulcers, some ol'30 years standing Cnnners, Tumors, Swelled Feet ami I Piles CoslivonesK, nil eruptions of tho skin Frightful Dreams, Female complaints ofevcry kind, especially obsti notions, relaxationr, ,e: 7500 testimonials havo been received from individuals of tho highest respcclnbility. Thoy in fact prove, by Ihe cures ihoy nialto, thnt there is no neccs.-ity for any oilier medi cine. Although Dr. B. has enumerated by name Iho above discatos, ho U nevertheless ofopin. ion with his grandfather, the lalo celebrated Dr Win Brandreth, that there is only ouotlis. ease, an impurity of tho blood, which by im peding the circulation, brings on iuflaiuatioii nnd consequent derangement n tho organ or part where such impurity of Ihe blood settles ; antl Jhat it is tho dillurent appoaranccs which this itiflainalion or derangement put on, that have caused medical men lo designate such appoaranccs by various names, but which aro in fuel, only tho bauio disease, with mom or less virulence, Dr. Wm. Braiidrclhwas so fully convinced nf llio truth of tho above sim plo theory, that ho spent 30 years in experi ment and laborious research into the medicinal properties of llio numerous plants composing Iho Vegetable Kingdom ; his object beimr to compose a medicine which should at once pu . my, anil ptouueo ny spceitic action, a removal nf nil bad humors from Iho blood by thu slum, ach and bowels, as by tho continuation of the on! of such a medicine, such humors aro suro to bo eartied oil', antl the blood assuino n stato of puilly : and whoover takes llieso Pills, mid porsovorcs with them, will bo satisfied that Di Win Braudroth fully attained his nhilaulhiop- ie object. Il is now an absolulo and known fact, that every disease, whether it bu in tho head or feel, in tlio brain or meanest member; whether il bo nn outward ultior, nr an inward abscess, nro all, though arising from many causes, reduciblu to this ono urunil clleci. I.. 1 !... ..i-i.i ...i " ' IIUIIIUIV, lllipUIHV UI UIUUU, in all cases they will bo found a snfo an dimple remedy, y nl oll powerful for tho remo val of disease", whether chronic or recent, in feetious or otherwise j and what makes thorn particularly nduplrd to Ibis country, is that thete is mil llit! slightest liability to cold when. Inking them, indeed Ihe system is absolutely less susceptible of cold when under (heir infill, euee, than at any other time thorofoto in this cl i in a I ii they are invaluable. Neither do they require change of diet or earo of any kind.- re England ihcso Pills hnvo been tho only Im theme of many fnmilics for periods varying inoni forty lo sixly years ond have alwnya proved elleclual u: restoring lieallh whenever an nhorintion fiom il has occurred. In many ca.-es wliero the dreadful ravages of ulceration had laitl bare ligament nnd bono1 and where to all appcarancu no human means could savo life, havo patictils by llio usu rT Ihcso pills been restorctl to good health, tho devouring disease having been perfectly erad icated. In consequence of the pleasantness of thoit operation, anil tho dost: not generally being reqiiircti lo uc more than lour or tivo pills (merely Keeping m view the drain upon llio humors,) they aro fast supcrfcdingovcry olho preparation ofptofesscd similar import, Cnsen may occur wheto it will bo proper to tuko twenty or oven thirty or more pills; Ibis must bo ctiuitlerod with reference lo highly inflam matory disease, or when great pain is experi enced. As Ilrantlroth's Pills prevent Scurvy, Cos. tivencss antl its ennsequonces, seafaring mon, and all travellers lo foreign rcgions.should not be without them, in order lo resort to on every occasion of illness. N. II. Timo or climate affects tlicm not. Southern Gentlemen will find this mcdicino one which will ensuto health to the pcoplo on their estates. CANCERS. Several cases of euro can bo referred to, the euro ii suro if porsovcranco Is used. CONSUMPTION. Reference can be mado to numbers who have been cured in Ncw.Yorlx and Krooklyu, of (his diseao. VINDICATION. lr JSrandrclh has been assailed bv llio proprietors of other medicines as n mercenary quack, because ho is said to recommend his mcdicino in largo quantities, and that no good medicine is so required. The fact is, thai any medicine having Merou ry, Arsenic, Antimony, or Hemlock in il could not be taken in large doses, because if it were, such medicines would destroy life at ooco. He does not say the medicines to which ho al ludes havo those ingredients in them, but it is evident, fiom their directions, that groat caro is required in tho taking of them. Now, Itrnndruth's Vegetable Universal Pills can bo taken alall times, in large or small dosres, ac cording to urgency ofsymploms. Such is the reputation, and so great llio dos maud for the Genuine -Rradrcth's Vogclablo Universal Pills,' that a counterfeit article is made, adccitiscd and sold ns genuine and some individuals who sell tho counterfeit nills. I have advertised themselves as my agents that I I have found it necessary, to preserve tho rep. million of my pills, and save tho public from imposition, to lurnisli every agent with a cer tificate, which is as 'follows . Brmidn tit's Vegetable Universal Pills.', SrcuniTY ,w;ai.vst Counterfeits. The within named. Farre& Pnrmelcoof Midill'-town. Conn, nre my nppointed Gc-u era! Agents for theSinto of Vermont, Con. nrciim.t ( Fairfield Co.,) Hampden, Ilntnp-dnre & Fmnkliii Counties, Mass.: Cliu.-bire Sr. Siillivnn Couiilies, N. IL In Ihe United States nf America. And l hi-! letter, which is signed by me, B. BuANDiiETti, in my own hand " writing, must n'so be signed by Hie within named OenoriTI Agent. wIium; name will also ap pear in the principal papers in the United ri'nies. This caution has become absolute, ly necessary, to guard Ihe public against the numerous counterfeits which are out of the ubovc popu'ar medicine. B. BRANDRETH, M D. New York, Feb. 22. 1037. For sale by S. E. HOWARD, Burling, inn Fuller &, Huntington, Richmond Fletcher & Woodman. Willi? ton J. T. Ain.-wiirih, Milton Potter. Cull, &. Co., Fairfax-L. Tyler, Essex L. Jnncs, Geor. gin James Rus?ell, St. Albans P. V. Goodrich. .Swniuon S. Iv. Plait, Highgnlo Win Green &. Co.. Shehlon Chaffer &. Lewis Be kslnre. Thomas Fuller Si Sou, Eiio,-bnrgli Armingion &. Dean, Bakcrs fi Id 'Power &. Onkes, Underbill G. 11 Oalios, Jerico. o Pipes American Gin !' do do Brandy French Brandy, Holland" Gin, St. Croix Rum, Madeira. Sherry, Purl, French Mndoirii, Malaga nnd Champaign Wines, 20 hbds Mola-ses, 30 Bags Coflee. 10 do Punenln, 10 do Pepper, " bbl-' troves, 300 lbs CnsMa. If Keg- Pure Ginger 10 'Pinices SiilernUl--, tia Chesis Hyson Skin Teas, 00 do Young Hyson do. . 50 QoliiinlsCodiLh, Boxes Pipes, 30 do Hnrd Soap. 35 bblsSl. Croix & Port Rico Sugars, J & J. II. Pr.cic Co. by Paints, Oils and Dyo Stuffs. 10,000 llls Whitc L()nd 5 bids Venetian Rod 15 do Whiting 5 do French Yellow G tin Auiericac do 12 do Spls. Turpentine 25 tin Linseed Oil 2 000 gals, porn winter and fall Sperm Oil 150 bbls ground Logwood. St. jntningn do do do Cnmpcnchy do Fustic do Nicaragua do Cmn Wood do Bar do u Pencil do do Quercitron Rnrk 150 100 00 IO 12 10 30 do do do do do do do Madder 25 Deinijotij Oil Vitriol 10 bbls Alliiui 5 do Bluo Vnriol 2 Ceroons Flotnut Indigo 1 Case Bengnl do bv -I & J. H. & Co 10 Casks Whito Load, 2000 Galls Luisced Oi1, for brilo by IIICK0K iV CATMN, -(..;...( I inn-. "lltUH - I I IUJ(.

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