Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, 5 Ocak 1838, Page 2

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated 5 Ocak 1838 Page 2
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F 11 1 I) A y M O II N 1 N 0 , JANUARY, 0. TUB AMERICAN SOIL INVADED, AM) UiNAIlMIJI) A.m UNUnSISTir0 AM Kit icANs inn ciiunni) in cold ut.oon ! Wc am indebted to the Albany Argus fur the following condensed account of one of the most flagrant uutrnges upon Ameri can ciliEon?, mid tlio American soil, that tlio world had ever known. Wcro there room to tluobt, wo could fnin disbelieve; but nil our informal ion but too fully con firm? this statement. HIGHLY IMPORTANT FROM THE FRONTIER. The intelligence from the Western fron tier Inst evening is of the moM painlul tenor. Official od unofficial statements leave no doubt t lint the steam boat Caroline owned in Buffalo, containing thirty-throe citizens of the United Stale wo attacked whilst lying al the wharf at Schlosscr, port on tlio American side of the Niagara river, nnd every person within the reach of the assailants ( 13 in number,) massacred! that it was then lowed into the current of the Niagara, and with 12 persons either killed or wounded on board, pent over the cataract,' that one person, Mr DinTcc, a merchant of Buffalo, was found dead on the wharf at Schlosscr; and that the out Togo was commuted by the British forces stationed at Chippewa, and under the it" mediate command of Mr. McNab, Speaker ofjhc Upper Canada house of assembly. An account of this most unhappy occur rence was communicated to Gov. Marcy in despatches from the acting U. S. District Attorney at Buffalo received last evening by express. Aware of the public aniexty on the subject, we have obtained the fol lowing particulars, condensed from the official statements; which consist of Ihe affidavit of cant. Appleby, who commanded the Elcam boat, and the concurring affida vits of nine other persons. The District Attorney (II. W, Rogers Esq.) slates that -he whole frontier was in commotion; and that it was feared that n resort would be had to arms to avenge fl,,t invnainn nfoor territory; but that every effort would be made to prevent nnv such movement. U is to bo liopeu i..-,n.V,n(T ilio nnttirnl feeling and T.;ipmint. that all retaliatory steps, by citizens of the United Stales, will be avoid cd: nnd that invesligotion and redress may be alloweu to bo obtained through prompt measures by the constituted authorities The Caroline was commanded by Capt Gilmah Appleby, of Buffalo, and owned by Win, Wells of the same place, She arri ved at Schlosscr at 3 o'clock in the after noon, from Black Rock. Between that lime and dark, the boat made two trips to Navy Island; nnd at six in the evening was made fast with chains at the wharf ut Krl,1ner. The crew and officers of the i miiorndtim: and in the course of th nvcninir. 23 individuals, all of them citizens of the United Slates, came board the Caroline, and requester, perinis fiinn to remain on board during the night ...i.. nn.,iiin tn tini lodging at the tavern. These requests were acceiloil to and the passengers und orcw retired rest, except such as were stationed wntch during the night. About midnight, Hie captain was cnlle and informed by one of the watch, that rvr.r, boats filled with men were ap , the Caroline from the river, nnd , i,r..- ho immediately gave 'lie aiarm, uui he was able to reach the deck, the boat was boarded by some '0 or 130 armed men who commenced a furious attack upon the defenceless crew and passengers, un der the fierce cry of "G -d d in them ! give them no quarters ! kill every man P' The boat was abandoned without resis tance, the only effort made by the crew nnd pastcngcrs being to escape slaughter. Immediately after the massacre, the boat was set on fire, cut loose frum the dock, towed into the current of the river and .. ,i,.,r iitniwlmird. nnd soon after do- uuu mm - i scended Niagara Falls. Capt. A. having made diligent search, was able to find on ly 2t of the persons who wore on board the boat at the lime of capture ; one oi wuuiu a nins Durft'n. of Buffalo, was found dead on the wharf, from a gun shot in the head Jas. H.King and capt. C. F. Harding were seriously but not mortally wounded and cant. Appleby slightly. Capt A. testifies that he has no doubt the 12 individuals mining, were cither inur ctcd on the steam boat, or found a watery crave in tho caleract of the Fulls Immediately after the boat had been got into the current of tho river, beacon lights wore discovered on t lie Canada shoru near Chippewa, nnd when tho boat reached tho shore, luud cheering wushcaid in that direction. Tho persons who tostify to thefo fuels in addition to Capt. Appleby, aro C. F Harding. Jas. II. Kmc, J. U. Smith, Win Seaman, Wm. Konnedy, Win. Wells, J Leonard, Sylvanus Staling and John C IIaL'crly. The thoriff of Erie nnd Niagara had called out tlio militia ol ihcir respective counties, to guard the frontier, and prcveni any further depredations I'ho Buffalo Journal of Dec. 30,. 1 o'clock M. pays "A letter has boon received by Dr. H. Johnson, from Gen. Van Rens selaer, stating I hat tho Brili.-h forces oio actually landing on Grand Island. I his island belongs to tho United Smtcs." A gentleman, I'romCanauV. this aftcr- nooirinrH that niciNuii tiitpininis nuy in li.'titioir to violate neutrality, byho seizure oY the Caroline, and offers to piry for the boat!!! lie makes no attempt to atone or l ho murder of American citizens ! ! Brig. Gen. David Burl, of the 37lh brig, ndc N. Y. S. Infantry, had issued the fol lowing order : A requisition has born made on me by the Sheriff nl Hm-country, for Hi" services of the 17ili brigade ol" Milittn of this state, to aid him in executing the laws of this as well as those of the United Slates. It is therefore hereby ordered, that I he scvcrol regiments composing said brigade, rendez vous at Buffalo without delay, tinned and equipped as becomes citizen soldiers. David Bout, Brig. Gen 17ih Brigade. fully nrrnnged ; and as a stroke- of policy I mnnl of the llouso on Thursday ho gnvn ... ,i .., ..,i, , s r,i, nnimirv. nolico to the Southern members to assem 'J .. bio in Hid committee- Room of the Com we aro inclined to think the measure cx cellenl. In the first place it will furnish no had vent for much of the ill blood which now oporo'cs to promote, if not carry on civil war in the republic. In Hie next, a few successes, no matter how trifling, ogoimt the Texnns, would wonderfully strengthen ho Government. Success sooms almost cortoin to tlio invading armv, Irom me hocking inefficiency of the Texan Gov eminent. Their ('resident is unlit, except so far as brute courage goes, for a corpornl, and ns a civil magistrate n common mon key would be his equal, and an oiiraug ouloug infinitely his superior. The whole machinery of tho Texan Government seems Hie most pitiable burlesque- on Republican- that ever disgraced tlio'namc of Lib ert v. have The Legislature of Upper Canada ossein bled at Toronto, on the Sflth. Gov. Marcv has sent n spccinl communi cation to the Legislature on the subject of the outrage. Ilu treats the subject in a dignified, manly tone, and recommends an ppropriotion of money to enable him to maintain a sufficient military force until tlio General Government shall act in tho mat tcr. !..-K..7l. In.. K.nlinol lllill lllO cdilOl' nf ttip IWIiii'jtnn 1'ior l'icss Ins licon ... il,n .,i.,;J,.irilin MnilllfSI Ill'lM (I Willi noo n.,.. r.1.,. ......j iii Hiu nnttr.i will collier r. I... ..(.. . ... ;.i l i a sprtmll. It'll linn noote-pa'mc is lo lake pt.irc, si3 nmsMd" our pcr.plc would five lo bo present. iv. ji- We have received numerous inquiries r,. ,., ,rot irnn n I ho mess on imp subj'Ct, tint it is rather n delicate busines fur us to fix the limo. W e hhall howove nhnprfnllv coininunicatc anv lnlormatioii we may ob'nin on the subject for the bene fit of the public, as wc arc perfectly wil ling to divide the spoils with our brethren itni wo understand, that one Molt, nt St Inlms. lias lukci! an oath to give u a cow idin, on this side of the line, if necessary Now 03 it is not probable that wc shall go to Canada nt present, if this royal volun tccr will fix o day certain when ho w attend to the duties of his appointment, at this place, wc will endeavor to be at home and, with his permission, invite a few Iriends to witness a public demonstration of the "mild and paternal character of her Mnii-stv's Government." Some folks ore curious to sec the thing he docs it with. uiillco of Claims, to take measures for the dissolution of the Union, Cambell snul, that ull who heard of him knew well thai ho made no reference whatever, on Hint occasion, to the Union, or its dissolution. And I hu maasuros adopted at that meeting were, in fuel, calculated to allay, rather to mcreasu excitement. If this mutter had rolnlod only to him, he should not havi' noticed if, but it touched nil Ihe gentlemen who acted with him; and at requi'sl he made the explanation. The memorial of the Vtar.c Society, pro scnled by .Ve Adams, respeoliug tho war with Mexico, which Howard had moved to be referred to the Committee on Foreign relation.-'; and which committee, Adams hud moved, he instructed to read, consider and report upon the same, cama up for con-iideraliori. Adams moved to striko the word "read" from his instructions. Ilu said that ho should not have moved that instruction. had not a most iinnnrtiint Committee of this IIou'o, in n prilled commuiiicai ion signed hy six of Us members, expressly uc knowlcdged, that touching a most impor tant subject brought before that Commit tee hy petitions from the people, thai Committee had acted, wdhaul reading the I petitinni. lleu!!i not intend to oc personal. Those geniit'tneii and ho hail different The recent elections in France terminated; the disposition of tho Cham her of Deputies remains nearly tho same as before, Infiltc has bfcn defeated The cholera hail broken out with great violence in Constantino. Several distin i-uishcd officers had fallen victims to it. Tin1 affinrs of Spain look a little bright- views of official duty, But he would say or. Don liarlos nas ueen lurceu lo retire i ml if ho mi lnrn unon liat uommiuci into Biscay. His marriage with the Prill- nnd had so acted he should hijvc consul cess dc Ueria had taken placo by proxy, pred hiinsnlf n traitor to his duty, and to li seems tnai me government oi i no u. t lie llouso. When ho himself nut tue hiales lias sent an agent to lioigium lo question nt Hie last session, wli.uher tin demand indemnity for losses sustained by polit'iuna lind been read, it was thought by Americans in conseqiienco oi mo uurninj; inanv I'cnlleinon. a most extraordinary of the entrepot ot Antwerp, when thui i. I question. What.thcn, did those gentlemen ty was besieged by Gen. Cliassc. The HiinK of the answer oftlic Chairman, and Be it? tan inurnals mriHinn n threat on I lie ot tlio six mcmbcra of tht Rommitlec. n part of the United Stales lo lay an embargo vowing, openly nnd shamelessly, that the on all lieigian vessels, n resuuuion wore pennons, m met, inni uui heen read? longer delavcu. But the gentlemen, in their party mam The King of Hanover has at length is festo. und.'riook lo iustifv themselves on sued Ins proclamation to put an end lo uic uo ground ot usage. constitutional 1!I3j. Here .'2rim? was going into some corn : ; " . . menis upon the newspaper aiiicle of the iH,u.hin.-u i iuiiuu), ink in six members of the Committee. Ue was the bp.-aker ol the llouso o Kcpresenia- .o l () ., Snalkcr v,n oul 0f livesofthe General Assembly of ArUaii- r(ur ,lm, ,..,' nol heing before the sns, (Mr Wilson, ol Uark county,J riHlied UmsQt II,. Mid he hoped ho might b irom tlic cuair upon Mr Auinony, oi itnn- pcrmltlC() , n , Committee were tolpli county, wi n n drnwn liowie liinio. SX t() (1c a,rainsl linli ns ,IL.y vvcrc ,, in 1'iilillc ItlcclliiK nt i:.ri, At a public mooting of tlio cltizonsof Essex, on the 18th of Docombor, A. D. 1837, a com mlttoo wns appointod lo draft resolutions, expres sive of llio sentiments of tho people of this vicin. ity upon tho subject of tho Canada disturbances. Tho committoo wcro dircctod to make their report before n public mooting of tho citizona to bo hold at tho Academy in Essox, on tho SGth of Docombor, A. D. 1837. nr.rotiT ov committccs. In purauanoo of tho atiovo nrrangomont, your committoo havo conforred tosothor, and havo now tho honor of presenting tho following pro. amble and resolutions for your consideration: In tho year 1703, tho oxlonsivo provinces of Canada buonmo subjoot to the English Govorn mo ut. At that timo almost the wholo of North Amor ica was embraced in tho oxlonsivo dominion of the British empire. At that timo also, tho colo. nics wore nearly on a footing of equality in point of enterprise, intelligence nnd futuro prospects. iul throughout tho wholo, including tlio Cana- das,thc elements of national greatness wore very equally diffused, Onward thuy journeyed together for about twonty-llvc yoars longor, sub. joct to the same dominion, and submissive to tho seme oppression. A part of tho colonics then bocamo indopond ant. Then occurred tlio America Revolution, which wrested from tho withering grasp of Eng land, tho territory which afterwards composed tho Aniorican States. Hut tho extensive pro. VillCCa of Canida Wore Unforllinntply loft tinhiml a nrov to British rapicity " hewers of wood and drawers of wtter" for the aggrandizement of Great Britain, And from that period to tlio present hour, she has tilled the Canadas with n rod ol iron, employed thorn in her wars, devour ed their resources, oxclnded tlioiu from tho ave nues of intelligence and ontorprisc and endeav ored by n system of moral and political darkness to train them for perpetual bondage. Tlio light and advantages of liberty aro however too near, and obvious to our Canadian friends to bo forcv cr suppieccn,! by Hritish tyranny. With a soil as rich in all the rcsouiuooof nmro, and as capa- I bio of supporting an enterprising, wealthy and , freo population as tho American States, why is Canada so far behind them in every thing which ' renders a nation great and glorious ? Who can , Horn Hie iJiuTalo Com. A.l. n,. oa.i. ui.r citizens were all on tho nni ni r, nn carV, hour, in consequence of a report "'V ""nan uncos nnu made n landine on the low(r portion of Grand Island, Tor ihe purpose 0f dislodging I ho insurgents from their f.trn)t hold on Navy Maud. It was staled. ,nt ?(;Verol hundred Indi ans wero of the ii iiiilvr. The news sprend like wildfire, nnd our si reels were to. in filled with groups of citi zens, eager to learn Hie correctness of tho rumor. A meeting took iaec at No. 200 main street, ot winch S. S. Case was call ed to the chair, and 11, Seyiiutir, jr. ap pointed secrclnry. A mcfscnger was ihcn despatched by the District Attorney tr, learn the fuels, while two of the assistan, Marshals also proceeded to I ho spot, to dt-nand of ihoso i bus assembled -if actually there that they peaceably and inimediatcl) debark. The citizens os?embled wero rmified of these steps, and assured hy the District Attorney, thai in case the alleged nggres- ions should nave uiKen place, and the Tor. es landed not bo promply withdrnwn, tho Sheriff would call upon the wholo military strength of the country for the forcible ex pulsion of the invaders. Muskets, rifles, shot. guns, horse pistols,, swords, bayonet. &c. wero instantly put in requisition, mill our streets shortly pre sented quite n warlike, animated spectacle Willi hundred! of anxious and excited men, all burning to repel "the foe." Gov Head arrived at Chippewa yester day, with -100 volunteers from Coburgh," brought in two steam boats from Tormntn. The cannonading heard early tins moro. ing. deHtroyed the loyalist hydra heml d breast works again, which seem lo spring up every night, merely to he cut down in Ihe morning. Bel ween CO and 70 guns werti fired lo accomplish Iheir destruction. The original intent inn ot the loyalists is said to have been the const ruction of a floating bntlcry, to descend upon Ihe head of Navy Island, but that plan having been abandoned, I hey are now collecting boats in great numbers, about two miles above the Island, to make a direct nttnek. Our express met loads of individuals, armed and unarmed, (ogeihcr with f'ooitncn and horsemen perhaps sixty or seventy, in nil bound post haste, for the scene of action. Volunteers seem lo be pouring in from all quarters. Rochester furnishes a full Ull aillioiigu rcel-icu V ms nmuyuin-i. ,,.., ,i .,,10 , ,,, .,,, i , r ntliit: ,, , . , . , ., " ' ., - M'l.o ci 1,., . i. .. i... oi , itiL.i n nt -" j... r. wouiu, out sno win not, oniy irom tuc mouiu oi i " 1,1 , i , , "pi , ,! J I "I"'" ''is colleajruc. The House seemed llor calinon. The Canadian patriot has contcm-1 between this city and ,j ,.u,.. . i - " strongly inclined to lei linn go on. plntcil tlio question in all its boarmns, and his i t ins mnrning lor l'av a personal rcmarlt aimed at the opeaUor, ,he Speaker absolutely refused, and obliged breast swells with honest indignation, as he bo- j will be used as a fer if, mi, umuiiuiiuii. i.,i,uv.i. ......... . in.,, li, tflftn.l lui i s tlin till nil 1 m 1 1 li rr rnnttlrn nl ln pnimtrvT.s k hm nni Sp in n..r forthwitli nrreslcd by she civil authorities, and his name stricken from the roll of Ihe House, by nearly un unanimous vote Nashville Banner. 03An interesting case has just been do cidud in the Court held at Saratoga Springs. It was brought by Mr Minor S, Lincoln, slop.) Adams then said, that generally as to the usage which might be urged as a rea son for a Commiiteo not reading petition!. if any such usage existed, it was a most unjustifiable Usage, a u-ngc loially al van mice with the righl of petition itself, and one which ought to be done away with wrongs, nut men lie must suppress his emotions or nt once, a British bayonet is at his breast, Brit. lsh bailills nl his door and liritish chains upon Ins limbs. When bo contrasts tho advantages of this city, nganist the Saratoga nnd "nmuuiaieiy. ..,.,. Schenectady Railroad Company, to recov- '" ""wcver, ue was sai.M.eo wiui no er damages to the amount of glO 000. for other Comm.iiee except the one u. question, iniuries sustained bv him on the 31st of could possibly be guilty o. any such no.. duct ns oin. n in g in reou me pennons re- Dr.p.iiTinrT ok State, Wushiiiirlon, Dec. 21), 1UU7. Information has been received from a source which entitles it to attention that, alter the battle ol bl. Charles, which took place some lime since, ni.ihy of the insur"cnts i l.o lied from that and other places in Canada, collected at Swanton and Iliirhtrnle. in lite b'ntc ol Vermont, and that citizens of the United Stales furnished tlicni with with three pieces of cannon, some some small arms, powder, lead, and other inuiiilions of war ; nnd, that having been thus furnished, the insurgents, on the Gih of the present month made n descent into Canada, where they were met by a parly of loyalists and routed, with the loss of two pieces of cannon ; one of the parly being killed and others wounded, nud that the remainder returned to Swnnton. The President directs thot von instil ute an im medium inquiry into Ihe facts thus stated, and. if thev should bo lound to no correct and susceptible ol proof, that you commence leul ptocei (lins agnnist nil such per.-ons ns unnenr to hov been cnnc.irn"d m viola timr ihn l.iw in r the nrc-ervai ion of the neutral relations of the United Stales. You are. also, din cled to exercise cnnloni vig nice, during I he pending contest, anil lo lake a I inopi-r steps to prevent Ihe recur rinw!i nf acts similar to those into winch you are now railed upon In examine. 1 am, sir, your niosi oneuieni s-orvoui, John Foiisvtii, Da mi, i. Kri. i.oori, E-q. United S' airs Do-lnci Ailnriiev, Rockingham, Vermont. P. S. A circular letter, ol which a copy enclosed, has l)itii addressed by ihe ben rot n rv nt t lit- rreasurv ! each ol the col lectors of the eu-ioms ofihe United Slali bordering on the Canadian Ironlies, requir in" ihem anil Iheir officers lo co. operate Willi the District Attorneys, and oilier U. Guiles officers, in all legal modes lor Ihe preservation of the neutrality of the Gov-1 eminent und people of this country during the disturbances in Canada. TEXAS, After so long a teason of quiet that wc had almost begun to think tho Mexicans had "given it up;" notwithstanding all the internal dissensions which we know nro rending the Mexican republic, it seems by recent uccouuts from Texas I hat Gen. Felisola, ut tho head of an invuding army, has uctually entered the territory of tho now republic. It is said that the force of the invaders amounts to eight or ten thou sand men, and that the plun of the cam puign will be lo keep open commiiunicniiuii Willi Mexico by rebuilding a line of for tresses. The course pursued will consume much lime, and cause all the horrors of a ijangninury war in tho most populous por tion of Texas. Uelwccn the 22d and 27ih of November, three- baltuliuiis of Mexicans crossed Ihe Rio Grnndo, and tho residue of the Mcxicun force is stationed al differ ent points on that rivor. Tho plan and dctoile oprcur to havo been well and care i n in August, UJ30, in consequence of a co ion between two of the trains. The plaintiff's thigh was broken, nnd ho rcu dercd a cripple for life, besides suffering great pecuiarv loss on account of confine inenl nnd inability lo attend to his business. I he niry awnrded hun ci-'hl thousand dot tars damages CONGKESS. ferrcd to it, ho therefore m ived to sink out the word "road" from his instructions. Mr. Adams then took up the question, whether the Committee of Foreign Affairs was the proper Committee to whom this memorial should he sent. The President, in Ins Message, declared the llouso had coincided Willi the nninlnn nf his nri,diin,ssiir llim On Friday, Deo. ..2nd, the Senate passed ;.nmBn ,,, ,c ,,, nr ;0,,s ,;.,, ,a, bill prohibiting small notes in the District hc rcsl)rlc,i it lts a meum 0r obtaining re DIED In Willislon, on i lie 2Isi nit,', of ronsiimption, Mr. Pen hi l!i'fkidi. iiL-eil 32 lears. F!,liinr i uic people oi in u uiuieii oiuius, who colonial etc. -j vussaluuc, as exhibited in tho servile condition of Canada, and when he rcllocts that this wide difference in national prosperity, has been ollect- j cd in little mora than hall a century, by tho op. oration of freo institutions on tho ono part, and of Hritish misrule on the other, is it strange that the ardor of his devotion to liberty, and the in f Columbia. This is of htllu importance. it will tnoslly affect llio market women. i'he House was engaged in a debate alt 'c- dug the committee on f oreign notations. luring winch some of the mi. re vulgar personalities were Used, alike disgraceful lo the rut in i n I st ra t ion and lis opponents. On Tuehday, Dec 20ih, llio Somite did uoih'iig of consequence. In the licusu, Mr. Adams made some cau-tic remarks in invor of M r. Fletcher, while speaking on a memorial Irom the Peace Society, but wns called to order by the Chair. Mr. Ilumer, one of tho committee, in stanlly ro--i!, and b'gged that Mr. Adams might be allowed to proceed dress from Mexico. Adams said he was unwilling to make nn issue of personal verncity with tlio Presi dent of the United Slates. Ho would, therefore, enquiry, if the Chairman of the Committee ot roreigu Affairs, or nnv other member of the Mouse, would en v. Hint this u-scrliun of the President was true No nuswer being returned, Adams said he would then say, that in point of fact. there was no act or record of the II uh to su-lniii ihe asscrlion of the President, in his Message. The Committee uf For eigu Affairs, in their report, had coincided with Ihe opinion of the Preside... . but th The Chair replied thai no member could House had never done so. Adams then he permuted to go on out of order. Mr. C.iinbreleng hoped the House would permit the member lo proceed Mr. Adams exclaimed, nicy are six to one now, sir, us I hey were in the contro versv of my friend." "'"' " The Choir called Mr. Adams to order. "Order ! order !" rang Ihoughout the House." Mr. Adom3 "Oh sir, if all allusions lo tlio six against one are out of order. I will slop. The Chair ''The Gentleman from Massachusetts will take Ins seat proceeded lo argue that the Comuutlee ol Foreign Affairs, having already expressed on opinion upon this subject of n wor with Mexico, were no fit Couuniltee to consider thot pi'iitiou From ihe moment the President's Mes sogc was mnniioneil. o inrions wor upon questions o' ordur was commenced, into ihe details of winch I have not time to The yeas and nays are now being token Ihe question whether Adams shall have liberty to proceed. It will, doubtless, be earned in 'he affirmative. The i rial of J. K. Frost, ill Ihe city of Caroline, which plied Niagra. left our port ivy Island, where she ry boat between the t C5 shoe maker, m j Boot 1TTAS opened a shop on church street. Hill ..ILfirst door South of L. Johonnolt & Co."$ lotlur slori1 lSuiliiiglon Jan 4th 11J33 Beef and Pork. Bbls of Deef, nlso a few bbl. cl ar Pork for sale at the Market House. D. & D, A KIMBALL January. 5, KJ3f5. tuns, ty of his indignation against his country's oppressors, should become irresistible tho nil- passion ot his soul, stronger than tho loar ol loath. Such, wo bcliovo, wore tho noble and exalted impulses which prompted and presided over the patriotic exertions of Papinoau, and nerved the arm of Neilson, Mackenzie, Drown nnd others to striko for liborty. Hut tho blow was given in an untimely hour, the liritish becoming tho aggressors compelled them to resort to arms in solf-dnfoncc. 'I'ho issue of executivo warrants, tho destruction of the radical press and the un. provoked attack upon peaceable citizens return ing Irom a public meeting in .Montreal, kindled llio name oi uivii war. i-.iif;i;iim iippnuii inu , A iro-r i ,.., ... inaleh that she might extinguish the fire in tho , ' , n'.,, ... , lurporun richest bloo.l that Hows in Canadian veiii3. . ' "V. 1 ," , ,'. -."' Jiron Compelled without preparation or concert to fight 1 Ishain, .ate of Shelbnrne, in said Dis- ii soll-dolonco, tho present result has proved' ' "' u"""' " " I" -u me ivnuri lisnsirniistotheoatriots. Tlievi'iavo been limited i hero for Probate, by Samuel K, Isham like wild bcrsis from their native country, re wards llio Executor. th"rrin named. have been (Herod lor their apprehension, and I 1 iir.rtr.roiiB it is ordered by said Court, many of thiin have (led to the United btatcs lor that public notice be given to all persons protection. concerned therein to appear belore said Ticrcfiin Kesolceil, that wo win protect, fjourl. at n session thereof to bo holden at them, and standing as near the lino ol lu" as wo nloaso. wo will cheer them onward in tlio glori- ous cause )f freedom, regardless of the threats Jiroli isliam's Instate. STATE OF rElUIOXT, ) Dl-TUIOT OK ClllTTi:.M)EN, S9. 4 T n Probate- Court holden at Burling .a. ion within and for the District afore said on the i weniy-eighlh of day of Decern. M.,1,1 V.,,1.. I,,r "m,nn - in. n nnrsnii l. Afier some liltlo delay, during which dou,ht Wrts'hrougl.i lo a closeon Saturday. The jury was out four and n half hours, ami returned n verdict of manslaughter in the lourth degree ; hut recommended tin prisoner to mercy. Mr. A. said all he wished, l.o went on in support of his motion to refer ihe memorial to a select committee. In Ins speech hi embodied sumo sound policy with regard lo Foreign Relations. Texas will never b admitted into tho Union H he can help it On Wednesday tho Senate passed sev Fioin ihe liuir.ilo 'Joiiiini'iciiil Adierlber. Things ore upprouchiug o crisis. The erul iiiiimpoiloul resolutions, and debated Governor lias been Iroiispoinng- h in t the bill to amend judiciary system. In Irom Niagara, in waggon-, to Chippewa, Hie. House there wos some skirmishing Where breo-l works have been thrown up concerning I ho silling members, ond Ihe opposite Navy I-land. The Patriot camp members elect from Mississippi. 1 his is ts m excellent spirits, and making overy only remorkab'c from Mr. Cambre en nrennrntion in resist an assault. Mr insinuating thut it was the llouso not the Mackenzie is with her husband, and refu people who ought to decide who should bo pes to leave hun. Shu bids fair to bo their representative. The debates during coma the heroine of this romantic expedi the past week have been litilo more than limn. 'I'ho scon's anil expresses of Gun. personal invectives ond political sarcasms, Van Rensselaer bring gratifying inteli- intended lo ollect individuals rather thon genco from the northern and we-lern d servu the country. 1 o rood, or, what is uicts. It would bu iiuiironer for us to hi worse, to hear them an unprejudiced spec inore explicit at present. While wo vin lator, would suppose tho llouso ol Repro- dicalu thu "supremacy nf tho laws," il scntolivcs was compoficd of the most infa- would bo contrary to our feelings und uiousuiid unprincipled men llio country principles to givo any information in re can produce. lion to the pluns of the Patriots, which The last news from the 6cat of Govern might prove prejudicial to their cause menl is that the Mississippi Election (lis Gen. Van Rensselaer gives orders nol onto has beonreferred to n select commit, to fire n gun until the loyalist forces have too. But ihe Steamboat had not arrived commenced, A few shots havo been senl when our poper went to press Washington, Dec. 20, 1(137. and iiifulu of tho pampered minions of tho Brit- ish crown at homo or abroad. llcsnhtd, That as the citizens upon tho fron tier of tli's stato havo boon charged of improper, ly assistiig nnd aiding the patriots, and having been doiied, hy tho declaration of martial law in Canaia, tho rights guaranliod by treaty be. twecn i'o V. Slates and Great Britain, (a moos, uro wo lincorcly deprecate) wo deem it expedi. cut for .11 to take tho subject into consideration, and moto it known to tho loyalists of Canada that wi will maintain our rights, "pjaccably if wo cm, forcibly it wo must." llestlred, I hat tho frontier towns n tins State may lost assured, that wo noiu ourselves in roadiicss, to rally for their defence, on tho first nitollijonco ol an invasion on thu part of hug land. llcvlred, That wo disclaim nil selfishness in our sympathies for Canada. Wo wish Pun'iilu toho.ron, tint lor iiiu immi.t'i iuiu oi inu Uiutul Mates, but that sho may have the ulcs. sing-of a froo republican government. ll(Sali'vd, That us as tisneral .Marion dealt dest.uction among the tones of Ca'olma, so will wo lostroy nil British tones who nolest or dis. tiubtho citizens of tho United Sines, AVsWrri, When any foreign government utionpis by forcu to put a iwusc upon any of tlio free citizens of tho United Sums, wo will on deuror to bo present on the occasion, or soon aCnr, nnd have another tea party. tcmlvcd, That wo will maintain llio rights of mai llio legacy left by our fathers, scaled by ther blood. Resolved, That wo will defend tho froedom of Kpjoch, and the liberty of the press, and that wo wll honor tho patriot. Itrsolerd, That wo highly approve of tho pub. Ill meetings hold in Hurliiiglon, St, Albans, Niddlobury, Moutpolior and other places, and o' tlio resolutions they hovo passed. The forogomg proainblo ond resolutions woro liod before u vory largo assembly of tho citizens if Essox, nnd ndopicd as expressive of their 'ontiinents. On motion, tlio following resolution vas ndoptcd : Ilesolred, That wo wholly disannrovo of tho jetition of cortuin individuals of liurlington lo In tho Il'iUdi:, immcdinloly after the reading of the journnl, Campbell ofSoulh Carolina, rose, und having obtained leave to make certain explanations, he read a paragraph frum thu JiulUmore Sun, in which it was stated, (hut uftcrthu adjourn from the other side, hut it was only neces soryto6how a blazing mutch lo make those engaged in il scamper. Putcr the Great, when in England, is said to havo remarked to a confident thai ho was not aware of having more than Ibui lawyers in his dominions, and when ho got home he would hang two of them. said liurlington on the second Wednesday of February A. D. 10211, and contest the urnbaie of said Will, and it is further ordered that this order be published three weeks successively m the Free Press a newspaper printed n Ilurlingloii, in this Slate, the last of which publications shall be previous lo the day assigned, as alore oid for hearing. Given under my hand at the Register's Office, this ".3th day of Dec. A. D. 1037. Wm. WESTON, Reg. Samuel Keoler's Estate. STATE OF FEUJIOjYT. DISTRICT OF CIHTTKNDK.N, 8 S. A T o probale Court holden al Burling J ton, within and for the district afore said on thu Iweniyfilth day of December, A. D. UI37, nn instrument purporting to Im tlx lust Will .nni Testament of Sam uel Kei ler Into of E-o, in soul district decea-ed, was presented to the Court, here for Probate, by Marshal Castle, the execu, tor. Iheri'in named. Therefore it is ordered by said Court,, that pubhc notice be given to all persons concerned therein lo appior before said 0-in rt . at o session thereof lo be holden at said Riirlmg'on, on the 3d Wednesday of February A. D. 1830, and contest the pro bale of said Will; ond it is further order ed that this order bo published throe weeks successively in the Free Press, a newspaper printed at Durlmg'on, in Ibis Stale, tho ist of which publico1 inns shall b" previ ous lo thu day assigned, as afor'said for hearing. f. iiilnp mi' Iinml nt ihe R eiristpr'n Ollicc, Ibis 25th day of December A. D, 11)37. Wm. WnsTo.v, cgsfer NOTICE rilll E members of the liurlington Fire X Company are hereby uolifiod that the. annual meeting ot sain company, win Dfj holden nt J. Howard's Hotel, on the fourH Wednesday (the h day)o! January, in'' mo uovoruor o mis taio, o issuu a P oe.a u.u. . Bf ,,. ix 0-coc , lho afternoon, or accompanied with the pomlon. . bo moro con-' . bo choice o ' "ar-' " golllll to llio SOU llicnts oi iiriiisu iwojuuoix, . ;. than of American freemen. . . other business required by the Charte Voted, That tho above proceedings bo publish, by laws oi hum voinpauy od in tho liurliimioii nanrrs. SAMUEl' PAGE, Chairman, E, R. FROST, Seciel'ir'. Essex, Doc. Sab 1837. llv order of ihe Warden?' LYMAN CUM MINGS, Clerk- Jan, 1, 1038.

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