Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, January 26, 1838, Page 3

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated January 26, 1838 Page 3
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FROM WASHINGTON Washington, .Tan. 15 Senate. Mr. Buchanan broiitrlit lor ward his bill for preserving neutral rclo. (Ions between tliu United Stoics mid neigh boring countries. Tlio bill is the net in addition to llic net passed in IB III, for punishing certain crimes, I have before given yon nn outline of ibis bill. It embraces several sections and empowers collectors of tlio Customs. U. S. Marshals, U. S. Agents, and nil the officers or llic General Government, to preserve- the neutral rotations between the two govern ments. It contains provisions ntti horisintr the President to make appropriations, and put the laws in force. Mr. Buchanan pave n history of the act of 1018. Under that act it was considered no violation of neutrality for one party to enter this country and to buy and sell arms and munitions of war for the put pose of carrying on war with another country. Such an net, according to tliu taw of 1 0 in, and according to the general taw of na tions was not considered n violation of neutrality. Still, said Mr, 15., as there arc three foreign powers bordering upon our territory. Mexico, Texas, and Cana da, it would seem that good faith required something more. Mr. li. continued bin remarks by referring to the outrage com. milted upon the Caroline, and snid it was with great regret that he rend in the papers of this morning, the fact that the outrage was committed with the knowledge and consent of the British Colonel command ing in thai quarter. If any thing on earth could have induced him not to have bronchi forward his bill, it would havo been Mc Nabb's official and bold avowed knowledge and approval of the outroge upon Ameri can soil and American property. Still, continued Mr. B., we own a duty to foreign nations, which forbids taking advantage of ptich an act. He did not believe that Grrnt Britain would sanction it. Mr. Buchanan concluded Ins remarks by moving three sections as a tiibstituii; to the three first sections of hu bill. The substitute only confines the action of the bill to i.'id ihrou above turned boundaries. Mr. Rugglos hoped the p.ingo of the bill would not hu preyed. Ho wishsd in examine its merits, and see if something could not he dune for the protection of the Alamo honndary, he had learnt that some official papen were, or soon would be in the hands of the Executive, and he wished to know what thev were before the Bill was passed. Mr. Buchanan said ho had no objections to postpone too inn one day, hut lie hoped that the Senator would not cheek Us pro gross by mingling i,u North-Eastern .Boundary with this Bill. lie, too, had learnt from hijrh authority that this nego tiation was about to be closed, whether satisfactory or nut, ho knew not, hot the fact had cornu to his knowledge that the iiegociation was soon to be closed. Mr. Roggles answered that ho full a great interest in I ho Maine Boundary, ond since he had read tliu morning papers, and thn vindication of ihe ferocious attack made upon the Caroline by n British Colo nel, he cared hut Imlo whether it passed or not. He wished the bill postponed, and Mr. Buchanan consented to have it post poned until to-morrow. Mr. B.'s amend ment was then Hindu the special order of the day for to-morrow, nr.d with it Mr. Grundy's bill in relation to the regulation of (.Irani. boats and steam boilers, intended forthosafety of passengers and the secu rity of property. Private Bills then occupied the attention of the Senate. Washington. Jan. ICih. This morning I found on the dtsk of the S. nators a Report from the Secretary of War. culliuc-for an appropriation of JO 24 590 for the defence of the Northern Fron tier, $1 97.000 are rcquirud to pay the juuu miniia called into service on the Canndian Frontier for the three months, and jMO.OOO for travelling from and retur ning to llieir homes, and $300,000 for the various onjecis oi supply, gi5 000 lor accoutrements, $7,500 ore required for the surgeons department. arms and cnuio. age is put down ot $10,000 and $00 000 is estimated to bo the sost of feeediii" 3000 in on 3 mon lis. Vep.MO.NT RESOLUTIONS Mr. Prentiss brought forward his reso lutions from the Legislature of Vermont in regard to Abolition of Slavorv and the an nexation of Texas. Mr Prentiss said, in presenting Ins resolutions he had not ex pected his State to have been as-ailed as u bad been, during a late discussion upon the floor of the Senate. Vermont required no vindication from her Senators or Repro taiivcs. Mr. P. read and made some com incuts upon the resolution, nnd defended an argument which w.islho basis ofhis speech, that his State had a right to present those resolutions which prayed for the abolition of slavery in ihe District of Columbia tho abolition of the Interna! Slave Trade, and arainst tho annexation of Texas to tho United States. Mr. P. defended this position in o speech of some length, nnd read a report of the Legislature of Ver mont in part defence of his positions. Mr Prentiss said tlio people of Ins State would not bo driven from their grounds by the epithets heaped upon them by Sena tors upon this floor. Epithets wero poor arguments, and only added fuel to the flames. Hu hoped they would not be dealt out so cxtonsively for the future, since no pood could result from such epithets Mr. P., in conclusion, said nil he should ask of the 6cnato would be to lay the resolutions on the table and have them printed. Mr. Swift, of Vermont, followed his colleague. Ho gave a history of the ori gin and progress ofihe resolutions, from their presenlatinnin'thc Vermont legisla ture up to thoir presentation here. Mr. S. raid ho begged to put one qustion to the Stales Right party, who professed to have such belief in the sovereignly of tho States, Upon what ground could they reject resolutions adopted by n sovcrign State? Upon what principlo could they treat such resolutions with contempt? Mr, S. uUo vindicated the character of thin Hato, and said that there wero no punplo in the Union nioro intellipent.moro patriot ic.morc attached to tho Union.nnd more re publican in their manners, or more attachod to tho doctrines of civil nnd religious liber ty. Ho felt bound, therefore, to vindicate them from such epithets and such clmrgcc as had been made against them. Mr. Cuilibert initio some unimportant enquiry. Mr. Preston made some remarks upon lim extra Importance which should he nltnched in a document which emanated from nny ono of tho sovereign Slates of the Union. The Logitativo acts of a sover eign State, wero all to be respected. But, continued Air, P., the Government is bound to respect tho Slate, nnd thn Stales also, arc bound to respect the Government. The respect s-hould be mutual. When Vermont presented such a report to the Senate, derogatory to the characters ofthc states of the South, the Souih could not but reply in strong Intigungo. Had the resolutions originated with any other body than a sovereign slate, he should have mov ed their rejection ol once, ns scandalous, infamous, calumnious anil libellous. Mr. Preston argued that the Smith wore quite as moral m tlio North. Look to Vermont, said, he and sec her whole Northern frontier violating tho laws of the land, ond let the Vermont Senators show me a parallel case, if they can, in the laud. Look to the burn ing of the Charlestown Convont, anil show nio a parallel case, if you can, in the South. T 1 1 B MAINE BoUNDA R V. Mr. Stevenson, American Minister nl Loudon, has written to Lord Pulmcrston to urge immediate attention to tho settle ment of this protracted question, and sug gests if the proposition of our Govern nient of July 1330, is not accepted, a new one be made by Great Britain. It is understood thai despatches have reached the British minister at Washing ton, containing the reply of his Govern ment to the prnpnsiHon of our own, touch ing the boundary line. It is inferred by some, from the tenor of the remarks of M r Buchanan, in the Sen ate, the other day, that the despatches recently received from England in relation ... . i.. ,.,. i-.. it . (... ndmmeVi r ' . i, mrar. M r. i..t. .,., ,-,!;.., ,i i , r,. w ill a (emalo who ved n Ins family Buchanan, standing al the head of the com-' ,, .:,.., , ... , ; i , ,, ... , ,, . ....... ..,. Tir ; r in I he damages vore laid al 3000, nnd tho id t too on loreign n 11 1 rs, s of co rso we 1 i ., i , . , ,,,." .., , , witnesses on both sides were very n timer ormedontliu sub ret. --v J . Express.) , i r ., ,, ,, vnM'm.n' Mrnn-rvvi' . i oils; anil we learn from the Dodham Pa ANOlHhR 1 hi BAiNK (jOiNL!! Irj,,i. that the invostigal ion revealed certain The Commonwealth Bank, at Boston, j facts in the history of the Reverend Plain has failed, with a Inrge amount of govern-1 tiff which at o.nce astonished the minds, nient funds in its hands. This was one of and affected I he ftcltiigs of the Court and Gen. Jackson's favorite pets and has been the spectators who thronged every part managed, up to the present lime, bv devoted , adherents to tho Jackson-Van Borcn ad mini! rations, who nave also held tlio nigii- , est offices in Boston in the gift of I ho Pres ident. In this hank, loo. were plaeod the government fund", in Boston, when the public deposites were removed by the cx Presido'ii from the U. S, Bank, because as ho alledged, they were not safe in that institution!! In the "rags" of thi bank, too, has the government paid off Us creditors ' and his allusions to M rs Jerusha Pond, otic in, while it wai exacting i of the principal witnesses, and to the specie for duties and postages from the very i Roverand Plaintiff, who she snid, hail offer same people, and iwbile the Members ol ed insult in;: proposals to her, wore exceed Congress wero paid in gold. ingly affecting. The orgiimeot of Mr. Gen. Jackson, by the advice of Mr, Van j Merrick reflected much honor upon that Bur -n, tried one "experiment" of employing able and learned gentleman, and was all the Stole Banks as financial agents of gov j that saved the client the disgrace of a dc ernment, in plocoof the United States Bank, feat for nearly every poTsou who had Tho experiiuont failed, The same men' hoard the examination believed it a linps iiow propose a new "experiment" the sub- i less case for Mr. Thatcher. By menus Treasury scheme, making every putty j of a legal quibble (as it is said) the jury felt postmaster and other collector ol govern- bound to given verdict in his favor of 5 ment dues a depository of the public funds, dollars damages. By this verdict, each :uu mijjiii. we 10 navo any continence in. suun iiiimi s v.x peuioois. aim oro wn mm v to try a new and dangerous experiment and run ihe risk of it, when wo may have an. other and a tried system, which was sane tioood by Washington and Madison, and which worked so well for forty years? The new 'experiment' also proposes to add to the risk of the former one, inasmuch as the depositaries now proposed to ho used may not only fail like the pet banks and be un able to refund the mounv winch i-i nniriiji. ed to t hem, but they have also dangerous now Cl"itlcd, equally clear, but not so op. appendages in the shape of 1.1:0s, as Pren-1 pressivojo the eyes, as that of the sun. lice says, and are liable to run oil' with the m, ,7rA TTTi 1 public money as they have already done in , , .""''If 'J "V"Sy c,"'Pc nnP several instances! ln ed the at Crosth Now be it remembered, (and it ouht to ! ""'V'T " " Mo,"layf be printed in capitals as Landing answer I , 'LXLnT J1 Dry Dock in N. York, the Commonwealth;!!),? i , ' " 1 ? Hl sn,,'u I""", in Boston, and other pet banks have lulled, P""' 't" !fi L'L a,f,mll,) "f n,,! with the public funds in their hands, not V , "m, ' l,uebn,ld' ,0'T"" aw nni , , i! lui- ,- ,,-.,........ , i actually interred three wives, and she hav. O l ie s noc ill in ,nrn .',ir,,-'l 1,0 Umti:i) Status Bank was tiii: finan cial AfiENT OF THE ROVEIINMENT. Ural lleboro Phoenix. A llAUl) CuilltE.NCV GoVT.Il.N.MENT. It will bo recollected that Gcnernl Jackson. to help on l is hoinbuggory nbout n specie currency, imported gold' from Prance for mc indemnity due Irom that country to our , merchanl m.s, a, ,oss 10 me claimants oj ten , IT.! ni. nut wueo our 'ovurinueuu was to pay tne claiinauls in Boston, they were offered I he bills of the Commonwealth Bank, and although they did demand and had a right to claim the specie winch (ho government hail imported al their expense, yet they were finally obliged to take Hie bills in question; and one of those mer chants the very day ho received these bills, ofl'-red thcni to the government again lor duties, and they " M'EHE IlEFUSEI) aiill j A few weeks biucej specie exacted aNn, Ihe fislierinnn nl' f! Iniieo-lnr n nil I .. , - '""'. ftu'VO) juoii-iuuv lliuilllll, Alarble head, who were entitled to a bounty ns the crew wero stowiii" nwav a cask, as Irom the United Stales Government of J it was supposed, of beef, tliu 'head burst about 37,000. wore paid in the bills ol out, and it was discovered to contain the tins now broken bank, although they wore, hodios of t wo full grown negroos, preserved entitled to, and demanded specie and j in salt. The Coroner held nn inquest over probably they haven considerable part of, them nl '2 o'clock vostorday. in the Bride tho'Toprt now on hand. Anil yet JIem- well vard. mid tho'jury returned a verdict . :.J, 7 6 nuuinr art pam in Gold. QTThis, then, is the boasted reform in the currency-Gold ran the Office, iioi.deus and R.ns fou the Peoi-i.i:. Remaiikaiii.e Pi i en (Tm e n o n . The Hempstead, (Long Island) Inquirer, of the I3!h, gives an almost supernatural narra tion of thn corpse of a young lady which was exhumed u foiv days since in that vil lage for reinterment in nnoihcrspot. The cullin was in n good slate of preservation. and on examination of tho corpse, which yet presented its original shape, there was found to bo irrowiiiL' from itssurfaco o veir. elablu substance, in the shapo of filniuoiits of grass, hut of a whitish color, with a small hud on the end of each one. These -niroa of gross had risen from various pant i o the face, tho forehead upper lip. nud cheeks. Scvorol wero nluekod. nnd are now hi tho posssesiion of tho gentleman who informed us of this remarkable fact, and who liuu promised us un injpection of thorn. It is well known that in nil dry. gravelly oil like that of llompelend plains, the body undergoes hlllo or no ilrcumpniit ion even aftor the Inpsn of conluries. Under ihe lower of the church of St. Michael, ni Bordeaux, (i hu famous grave or gravelly country which raises the choice wines.) bodies nrn shown that nro dried into mum mirs, and are several bundled years old llieir features, expression, &c, si ill re maining. The same, wo believe, exists in a church at Palermo, us ilccribcd so graphically in one of N. P. Willis1 letters In Hie above case, however, the fluids of tho body nppenr to have been preserved, and to have aflbrded nutriment to thn in visible gonna of some of those crijploga mous plants whoso propagation is but little understood. jY. Y. Slav. "Tho Btill'ilonian" llius concludes a review of the Buffalo city market: "IlAnnwAnE has been in groat demand, from the proximity of the scat of war. Gun, 6vords, pistols, knives and cannon arc much sought for. Many ofour citizens havo blunderbusses cocked and primed, in their second stories, awaiting the advance guard of tho British nrmy. Ship Cii ndi.eiiy. The only article in any demand is Tar. which has gone up, and is stored in quantities, in different places, ready for use when ihcro is the devil or a tory to pay. Featiwus are in preot demnnd." lNTEiir.4Ti.Nr, TniAi,. On Monday last, n trial came on in Dcdham, before Ihe Court of Common Pleas, which hns excited great interest in that part of the Common v,0,,llh- 'l wr!snl1 ncf1""; brought by Rev. Moses Thatcher of North Wrenlham againsl Gen. Preston Pond of Wrcnthnm. ' . " 'SUB. ." -" uttered against the planum, charging him W,h committing I ho crime of Apuirr.nv. ol the room. Mr. Thotci.rr is a man of much ability, and stood high t;s a scholar. a preacher, and a reformer! Ti.e earl story revealed by the examination of witnesses will astonish the community. The defence was conducted by Rufus Choalo and Thernn Metcalf E.-qrs. nnd the prosecution by Pliny Merrick and Ira Cleaveland E'qrs. Tho remarks of Mr. Ohoale wero truly eloquent and impressive! parly pays Ins own costs What next. An ingonioos chemist in Fraucu having found after many expert, incuts thai a void produced by electricity in a glass vessel becamo luminons, has at last, succeeded in forming a long bottle, of 3 inches by 30, from which having exhausted the air, and otherwise ncted upon it by n galvanic battery, n light is ing done the liko to six husbands. The bridegroom's name was William Winder, and the hrides's name Margaret Welsh, both of Thorntl wnite, near Keswick. Ifhilehavm Herald. Pine Time run tiii: Guu.s.Tlie fol lowing is an extract from an act of the Scottish Parliament passed in the rcin of Quccn Mnrnrut abmll , yuar , ... , . It is Mntut nnd ordaint that during Ihe roine of lur main bliSfit Mageslio, ilk mai den Indye of baithe highe and lowe eslait shall hae liberty 'o bespeak ye man she likes; albeit, gif he refuses to take hir to be his wif, he shall bo mulicit it in ye stime of nne houdrcth puiidisor less, as bis cstait moi be, ecept and nlwnis gif he con make it appear thnt he is but rot hit to one ilher wo. .'limn tl,i ,!, i, ci..,n i... r. .. II ' "" " ""-' ii' t-. A Novel .niiii'.me.nt. on iionni mn nal.-ni l.n,. M.....C () cause ot dealti unknown," V. I Jlcr. Mo. BASSWOOD BOARDS. wishing lo jiurehrso will ploasu address MEN It V N. BitUSM. Moira, Franklin Co. N. V. NOTICE. rrillE members of the Burlington Fire J- Company arc hereby notified that an adjourned meeting of said company, will ho holden al J. Howard's Hotel, on Ihe first U'nliwisililu . I Ik. -71 h rlmOnf l.',.l, r n n r ,. ..., al half past six o'clock m Ihe atternoon, for the choice of ten Wardens, n Clerk nnd Treasurer, and for ihu transaction or all other business required by the Charter, and uy laws ol said Company. By order of iho Wardens. LYMAN CUM MINGS, Clerk: Jan. 25, 1030, Timo of Year. T this reason of the year something t mirn than a rommv. 'just rereived it full (tiwrlmcul nf nil kinds of Dni (hinds. drnrerici Lrtirkcries.fHrtsi iwd Ihmlwnrc. Cnrpclimfi, Paper Hanging (sc. S,-c.' is ncrcmry Ut tall Ihe attention of the differ cnt claws of buyer nf Merchandise to an advertisement. Now hoc it ii HOWARD Of the Chenp Cash Stnro lias Goods tohich v.ere bought on mtrnose to supply the scarcity which toas supp iscd would be through the counlrij al this season of the year inconsequence of general short purchases, and surh being the rasa, persons are inormca Vial here lite iiifmtuy can be remedied, and seldom y ever was such a splendid beautiful and complete slock of Goods to be hund in any store as is now on hund at hit. Jin enumeration of articles would tic vcni Icnclhy, and xchen rend through, one would say, why he might as well have sail he was also J) gent for the selling of Brr.ndrclh Pills too, and then his assortment wtuld have included every thing to he desired both as to appearance comfort and convenience. Well he is that agent also. Then surchi l is and must be the carious and right place to go and purchase goods. 25(7i Janw.ry, liiilU. Opposition $ Ridicule ARE always to bo ancoitntcr'sd, whenever . a valuable article is brought bufore the public. For yoar.s this article to which wo in vito the attention of nil, who are in nny way aillictcd with di?cac, has been wending its way, successively, all over tho world, notwith standing tho opposition and ridicule, which tho Esculapiatis have endoavored to heap up on it, il has como on" victorious ; thousands upon thousands of packages of this best of Medicines, arc now sold every year, and thou sands upon thouands from all nuarlors of the Globe, are sending in the i r testimonials of pratituuc, to who hive, liy giving tlictn this medicine, restored thcin to health. Bead or, look at this tact, this is an article which is a triod friend, when you know this has been tried for years and always found true, what nerd is there of looking further; what medi cine has done so much in Ibis town as the gen uine Morrison's Pills, or Vegetable Universal Medicine of the Ilrilish College uflluallh ; no other has, no other can. 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STATE OF FKUMOjVT, ) Disthk't of CIitti:m)E.n. ss. S AT a Probate Court holden at Burling ton, w ithin and forthe District nfore said, on tho eleventh day of January, A. I). 1B37. nn instrument purporting to bo the list Will and Testament of AtVjah AUcn, talc of Shclbnrnc, in said Dis trict deecn-ed, was presented to the Court here for Probate, by Rebecca Allen, a legatee, therein named. TiiEiiEroiu: it is ordered by sa.d Court, that public notice be given to nil perrons concerned therein to appear before said Court, at n session thereof to be holden ot said Biirl iigton on the second Wednesday of Febrmry A. I). 10'Jf! and contest the orobale of said Will, and it is further ordered thnt this order be published three weeks successively in the Free Press a newspaper prin'cd al Burlington, in thi State, the last of which publications shall be previous to the day assigned, as alore soid for hearing. Given under my hand at the Register's Ollico, this lllh day of Jui. A. D. 1030. Wai. WESTON, Jlcg. Ethvard Pope's Estate. WE ihu subscribers, having been appoin ted by Iho honorable Iho Probate Court, for the Diitriel of Ghitlendun, eoniuiissionern lo receive, ox.iiuiuu and adjust the claims and demands, of all persons, against tho cstatu of Edward I'o,iu, lulo of Bui iinglon in said Dis tricl, deceased, reprcnted insolvent, and also nil claims and demands exhibited in ollVel thereto; and six months from the day of Ihe date hereof, being allowed by said court for lint purpose, we do Ihereforo hereby give notice, that wo will attend to the business of our appointment, ;it thcdivelliug of Ira Shltuek lun Keeper in Burlington in tliu said District, nn tho Miuiiiiu d-iyo(' piil. nnd '.'"lb day of Juno nest, al 10 o'clock A. M. on each of said days. Dated, this 27th day of Doccmbjr A. I). 1037. GEORGE A. AIXE.V, ) Commie. V. I1A It KINGTON, S sinners. CA VTION ! OA UTIOjS ! ! NOW in consequence of Doer. 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Therefore it is ordered by said Court, that public notice be given to all persons concerned therein to appear beforu snid Court, at a session lliereol'lo be holden al said Burlington, on the Qd Weunosdny of February A. D. 1U33, and contest the pro halo of said Will: mid it is further order ed I lint this order bo published throe weeks successively in iho Free Press, a newspaper printed at Burling'on, in thn Stale, tho ast of which publico' ions shall bo previ ous lo tliu day assigned, as afurcsaid for hearing. Givuu under my linud at the Register's Ollico, thii 55th itav of December A. D, IU37. Wji. Wiisuo Ittgisttr Beef and Pork. Bbls of flecf, nlso n lew bbls. chnr purk for sale nl iho Mniket House. I). & 1), A. KIMBALL. JntilinrV. h. ItlJfl. NOTICE. ,0 C AME into the inclo Fiirn ofthe sub. scriber soinc l i m o in (he month of July lost n dnrl: irnn irrnv lenrlimr Iihtm! (lull The owner of snid coll is requested to call prove property pnv charges nnd Inkn him nway. " LUTHER PROUTY. Jericho. Jan. II03I!. Common Sc largo packing Trunks. for bic ot the Variety Shop. Panrihuin &. BniNssiAii). iS'otico. IS hereby given thai the undersigned and bin iifu Dtlanu Chittenden, have separated by mutual agreement and Hut provision has been made for her scparato mainlainnnco Therefore all persons are forbidden lo trust her on my account. IJcla Liiittcnoen. Shelbunic,27, 1837; CONSUMPTION Asluna J and Catarrh "n that lung train of duensen which seem . to ''row wi'h the growth of civ'uzed society, CONSUMPTION lakes thellead in its releulles inroads upon human litci--yet this dreadful disorder is easily overcome in ils earlier stages. It is only when neg Itcted thai it arrives al the terrific maluri ly which so often balllos the sagacity of professional eciciicl. An obstinate cough is the customary forerunner of the naiiv consump i ion. Improper neglect in the timely nduuuislrnlion of simple and salutary remedies, is sure to be reproved by n drcadiul succession of consumptive symtoins: oppression of the brenst; green, is h nnd bloody spittle; ulcerated lungs nnd hectic fever; shrivelled extremities, nnd general emaciation of tho wholo body, prostration of strenglh ; flushed chceksj swollen feel anil legs; and at last, in ful possession of the mental faculties, and while hope still whispers her flittering talo cold extremities, and a premature death. For the various stages of this complaint, one of the most approved remedies ever vet ditci vered is Dr. Rf life's Asthmatic Pills. This exceedingly powerful, and yrt equally sate and innocent preparation, has e cted thoroush and rapid cures upon l'toeuts supposed to have pbeen far ad vanced in n coiilinncd Consumption, and who have exhibited the appearances which usually indicate a fata! termination of the disorder. DR. RELFE'S PILLS have also ob taiued the highest character as n Pcitorial Medicine, affording the most unexpected relief lo those labouring under the com mon Cough, occasioned by acrid humors irritating the throat, or by deductions c n the lunixs symtoins which deprive the suf ferer of sleep, and gradually intruduco tlio long train of Pulmonary alfcctions. Tho Pills appease the cough, promote easy cx pcctorntion, very essentially re'ieve, tin il often entirely cure the mot obstinate and distressing cases. Common Colds are usu ally removed by llic Pills in n few hours. hi the hnrrassi; and suffocating com plaint of Ihe asthma, the Pills give im mediate relief. They mitigate the com plaint, nnd generally effect a radical cure, in those Asthmatic attacks characterized by dilliculty ol breathing, tightness and stricture across thn breast and in tic lung--, oppressive llatulenccs, wheezing, coughing, hoarsencs--, cosltvcncss, and many other asthmatic symptoms. As the Pills require in ordinary cases no confinement, they may be administered with confidence and safety to oil ages and classes of people. Unexampled success litis hitherto attended their administration in a great variety of cases ; the Pro prietor can refer to a multitude, which testify lo their efficacy in reviving tlio emaciated victim from the bed of disease, and restoring him lo Iho blessings of ac customed health and activity. 'I'll E BENEFICIAL EFFECTS Resulting from the administration of Dr. Rclfe's Asthmatic and Consumptive Pillr, exhibited in the following cases. QTA Physician, M. D. and Druguisl, recently writes: '"The Asthmatic Pil's (Relfe's) are invariably well spoken of by iho-e wliii use thcni.'' (13 .Mrs , if this cily, was three years seriously titllicted with consumptive symp toms, ns pain in the side. almol perpetual cough, spitting of blood, general debility, itc. in this distressing state, unable to sit up, nud not expecting to live many days she wn advised lo take Dr Relfe's Asth matic Pills, and also Dr. Jebb's Liniment be appl ed to her side, which she did, and lo I lie astonishment olevery one, in a short time she wns peifec'ly restored lo health. UjT .'J f.ndy from Eraniingliam, wns se verely tifllicied with cough, spitting of blood, and general debility, on luking i wo buttles of Ihcso Pills, and one box of Dr. Rullu'd Antibiliuus Pills, was. restored to perfect health. BIT An elderly person in this vicinity who had buffered much for yenrs by a most distressing aslhma, had tried almost every thing recommended, which only at tunes gave temporary relief, and usually a mora violent return of her complaint, has recent ly made use of tho above Pills with morn beneficial effects than any thing she has ever used bufore. 11 j A Voting Lady at M , had been troubled with a very bad cough, so violent as at tunes to rack and harrass her ex ceedingly ; a consumption was fenrcd, (as her mother hud died of thai .complaint) -she was immediately relieved, und sub sequently entirely cured by Dr. Relfe's Asthmatic Pills. None genuiuo unless signed on tho outsnlo npii' d wrapper by the tale Propri. dor, 'P. KIDDER, immediate successor to Ihu Into Dr. W. 'P. Conway. For sale with all Iho other "Conway Medicines," nt Ins Counting Room, No. DO, next door t ) J. Kidder's Drug Sioru, corner of Conn Silk &, Worsted Sashes, oi Dolls, l'uraln al tho V.uioly Shop. PA GllO UN Sc WUNS.MAID

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