Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, February 2, 1838, Page 3

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated February 2, 1838 Page 3
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Bed Cuiitains On Saturday night, the curtain of I ho lied in which Mr. Sena tor Linn was ftf opiup, nt Washington cily. caught fire nnd lie narrowly escaped with Mb life (EP Mr. J. Fennitnore Conpcr, nulhor nf the "Mnnikins," has written n letter to t lie Philadelphia National Gazette, in which lie shows that Sin Wai.tkh Scott nnd Mr Lockiiaiit arc hy no means wlint I hoy nre "cracked up to ho." This is very dis trcssing ! VOCAL A N DI NSTRUM ENT AL A concert of vocal anil instriinictilal music will he given in llio White Church, under tho direction of Mr. Moir. with the hind assistance of a large number of the Burlington amateurj, on Friday the Otli Fchruary inst. The vocal part will he of a sacred character exclusively, nnd the instrumental part will consist of a selection of colchrated piece?, expressly arranged for the occasion hy Mr. Molt: as "Duels for two performers on the organ." Doors open nt G o'clock, the concert to begin nt 7. Single tickets 37i cts. family tickets, admitting nl least three persons, nl the rate of g! for every thrco individuals. - Tickets to ho had nt Mr. Molt's, any time from this day to the concert evening. Mr. M, wishes to avoid, if possible, taking money at the door. For particulars of tho music, ecc the lull. NEW YORK MAIIICET. Flour Al we haw; to r port n deeirlcil fall in llm riour niaikcl. Prices luc been kepi up lo $S, 75 In !S9 for a linj lime, 1ml on VA'cil ncfil.iv nnd riiutsd.iy holder save way ami tie copied $fS 23 mid cen at lhi the nilie.lo i. ilnll. Troy brands, 83. I'l ices ban; gpnor.illy declined in l lie Foulh nn;l west, and p.n tit'iilnt ly in Vii uini.i and Ciiicinnaii ; nlo in lloton anil oilier pi, ires GriAlN T'ib l.irjro supplies of VVhn.ii on ilm vav anil ronlanlly niriviin, wiili the sudden Full of Flour, has flcpi csj-ci tin; article. Some pales have been tn.nlo al r.iies not lraiipircd the priee limy lie tpiotod nl il f0 In ijj'l GO. Foieigu is willinitl tniirh demand ales at flj rents. Not murh rmn in pale al 75 In SO eenis. PnoVISInNS Ate cxiTCilinnly ilnll. Polk, ,mess down lo SIS In $20 ; irinn','$'i:3 to SM 1 2. ' Beef nic.-", $'M to 11 1-2; piinie, 9 lo lj-9 1-2 Laid Stocks We Ii.ivp raiely known a wrrk ulicn llie opoiatiniH in Ftotks haw lioi'ii as low or as email as this week Mm great sc.neily of inoiipy has had the effect lo lessen oper.itioiis,"anil lo ie. dure llie rales. There i no rlnngo in 1 lie rate of specie die demand ii ciitiinly for hnino me. Smiif of i In lv itcm Hanks are Lulu in a fiipply, nail ilieie is nUo siimceall fioni the Smith. The demand for cpni I ha wholly cea-ed, in deed reporlsfiom KiigLinil show a consider.ihlp ex port for the United Stales. The supplies rotniiij in aic cty considerable. Ukcurkcnt Monkv This inhnnt theonly description in rimil.iiinn. Our hanks hawn? col in nearly all their hills, tho public sun left with KiiIPiii liills, and llip?e hill' are jraihiallv disap pearing, as the Kasiein hanks ari' ppitinj in their hills as lapiilly as poihle. If the banks tli-aild cniiihiiie m gel in their hills anil not pay out specie ilirj pnhlie will be left without any repre sentative ol propei iv. M A It It 1 E I) In MinMlebitn.on the 2.3 I tilt., AI0117.0 P. Wain rifiht, Em)., 10 Mr-, l.cvi.i., tr.,l.,-y, tlnuglucr of Jon. t'uinri;;hl, Esq., all of Middlcbury, I) I E I) In Miildlehtiry, on S.ilnril.iy evening the 27ih nit. of an Inflammation of Mm bowels, Kdivaid Tinner, A. M., Painter Pinpsor nf .llaiheriMtic ami .Nat ural Philosophy in M idillehui y College, aged 41. Opt. Robert Elliott, an oflirer of the Upiolntion died on llie 'till nil. nt his re-Jiilenre in Mont gomery co. Vu. at the a?e of 105 je.irs. In Hineshiiigh, on the IO1I1 tilt., .Mr. Jonathan Algier, 11 hero of the rewilntion, aged 7G years, greatly ticloird hy till who knew him. New Establishment. CHAS, A, STEJSSTSOBI, HAVING taken I lie Cabinet Simp on the east Bido of the Court House Square, formerly occupied by Abbott &. Wood, where ho itiHMids, carrying on thu Cabinet making busings in all Us branches, nnd hopes by punctuality and strict atten tion to Ii'h biiMtieea, to merit a 6harc of public pairnnnge. N. B. All kinds of fancy work, such ns Ladies work Jinxes, Portable Desks, Shnf foniers. Music Stools, Foot Stools, &c. &c. made and repaired with neatness nnd on short notice. BTAlmost all kind of Lumber and pro visions taken in payment tor cabinet furni ture. Burlington, Feb. 1. 10311. January 2G. WATCHES, just arrived by land t gold cased nnd dial, detached Lever Watch (M. S. Tobias & Co.. ma kcrp) 13 holes jo .veiled, anchor escapement, wilh expansion curve. wnlcbes tire peculiarly accurate in marking time. We nlso have silver cased Levers, the same kind. 1 gold cased and dial Lever Walch; 5 nr. extra jewelled (John JNlorrn maker) heavy dbl. bottomed case. Wo havo ulso silver (double bottomed nnd double cased,) patent Levers, S jewels, good time keepers Very neat silver horizontal nnd Lopine Wntcncp. wo expect some more good gold cased nnd dial Lnpino Wnlcbes in a few days. We have good heavy English Watches. Particular attention paid to Watch and Clock repairing, at the Variety Shop. PANfillonN &'. BlUNSMAIl). Socrates Catlin's Estate. STATE OF VERMONT,) nisTnicr or chittkm)i:n f- Tlie Honorable the Probate Court for the District of Chittenden, To all persons concerned in the Fstnle of Socrates Cullin, late of Burlington, in said District, de cerned. GRETIjYG. WHEREAS, the administrator of the estate of said deceased proposes to render un account of his ndminUirntion, nnd present his account ogainst said estate for examination and ullowanco at n session of the Court of Probate, lo be holden at the Register's office in Burlington on the sec ond Wednesday of March next. Tiienet'onE, You arc hereby notified to appear before said Court al tho time nnd place nlorcsaid, nnd shew cause, if any you havo, why tho account aforesaid should not ue allowed. Given under my linndot Burlington, thi wbi uay 0: February, A. JJ. 1H3II CHARLES RUSSELL, Judge. GPLEAT BARGAINS. rTHME stock nfOouds lately owned by Mr. .B. Lcmuol I Curtis, together wilh llin Store nut Shop nnw occupied hy Mr. I). S. Russell, nnd the land on which llin same Maud, hnvo hcen conveyed lo the subscriber lo ho sold for thn honfit of certain creditors of said Curtis ; nnd ns Ihosamn must ho sold nt all ovenls thoso who wish to ptticliaso will ho enabled loinako great bargains. The goods consist of a very large assortment oT DRY GOODS. DRY GROCERIES, CROCKERY, CHINA Sf GLASS WARE. And will he sold cheap. The Sloro nnd Shop, arc very eligibly situated, in I ho bu siness part of the town. A credit will he given for n part of the real cstntn. Aho for sale as above, rt one Horse Sleigh, n Clm'nc, lien single Harnesses, a one Horse Waggon, a Saddle, &r. XOliLE T.OVF.LY, Burlington, Feb. I, UWfJ. Compiled Laws of Vermont. rtn MIS new edition in one neat volume -B- comprises nil llie public nets of the Log. ishttiro of'lhis Slate, together with a list of t.ll local nod privato nets, nnd acts repealed from the year lf!2-l,lo l!l;J3, nnd is now for sale, at tho Hook Store of James W. Middle, in Uttr liii'loni nt llie reduced prico of AG ccnls per Volume Lawyers nnd Magistrates, who nre mil supplied with llio voltimo.nre advised to cm brace this opportunity, to complete their sett of Ihu Statute Laws. Unrli'igioo, Jan. Hi, 1153(1. Novia Scotia Plaster. T?l 'TffV TONS now grinding and for sale ii, by the subscribers. IlOAItDMAN, CLAUK, k. Co. Milton. Lotnr Falls, Jan. 25, 183R. NOTICE. PURSUANT 10 a License grnntod'hy the Hon. Stipremo Court of 1 lie slate of Vermont, tlic subscriber, ns (iiinidian of one Kliel Allen, n "noncompo! or lunatic," will f.fler for sale at public miction, unless previously sold nt private sale, the follow ing dc.-crtbed real estate, lying nnd being in Grand Ho. county of Grnnd Isle, ant! Slate of Vermont, to wit. nil of Hint part of the first division lot of land laid or drawn In llio original right of Solomon Strong which lies east of the main road in said town, log'Mhor with n Fmall piece lying west of and adjoining the same, con tnining in the whole about sixty four nere.s, on ibeGth day of February, A. D. ia3!i, at one o'clock, in the afternoon, nt the dwelling house on the satd promises. JOEL ALLEN. Guardian of Fdiel Allen. North Hero, .Inn. 20. ir,f5fj. John II ami Chittenden Co Court, August Term I !I37. Rnr.N'n I'.vrnmnr; & Iln-r.A I. IJatks. W1IKIIFAS John Hand, of KgR. in faid County of Chittenden, at the March Term ltiJo, of said Court, com menced his nclion against Ebcnrzor I'nl ndge nnd Ilnsea Ii.' Hates, hot h nf saitl Fj-sox. therein declaring against the said 1'alridgcand ILiies, in n plea of the case, on noie dated, 17 Jan. Ifi32, for llie sum of seventy five dollars payable to said Hand or order by the first day of June, ihen next, with interest nftor'the 15th of April, 1032. Also, one oilier note dated Jan. 17, 1C32, for seventy-five dollars, payable to said Hand in saleable young entile, under six years old, by the fourth of Oct. 11133, with interest alter the first of April, 1032. and which notes have Dot been paid to llio damage of the Plaintiff, three hundred dollars, which saitl ca--o was entered on llie docket of taid court at the saitl Mnrcb Term I hereof, 1035. and continued from time to lime until the present Term. And il not being mnde to nppnnr lo the Court that the said Pntridgo has had pcri-onal notice, of the service nnd pendency of this suit, 11 is tirdcred by said court I hat further notice bo given of the pendency of this suit bv publishing tho substance of tho I'latntill s declaration three weeks succes sively in the "Burlington Free Press,'' n newspaper printed in J'urlingtnn. the Inst ol wincli to be tliirly nays. Iieloro I he sitting of said court nt their ne.l Term, which shall be deemed sufficient notice to the saitl Pntridgo to appear and answer thereto. Dated nt Burlington, in said County, l li is 2'iui nay ol .innuurv, 103R Wju. NOBLE. Cleric Lyman N n N. Ham. 1 s Ilr.r.Noi.ns. ) Clntlcndon Co. Court, August .Tamhs Itr.Y.Nni.ns. 3 Term, 1037 HE RE AS Lvmnn N Hull, of Rich mnnd, in said County of Cliliteuden, commenced Ins action against James Rev nobis of Hoguiisburgh, in the stale of N York, ot the March Term, 103'), nf said Court, declaring ngaiiHt the saitl Reynolds in a plea of the case, for that the said Rey nolds, on tho lGlh day of February 102G at said Hogunsburgli, made nntl delivered to tho said Hall his ccrtnin note of thn date, for the sum of one hundred nnd twen ty lour dollars nntl one cent, payable by the first day of October then next, with interest to the soul Hall or hearer. And also, for two hundred dollars, money had nnd received by llio said Reynolds, nnd which ho promised to pay on demand, nnd staling that no part of cither of said sums had been paid though often requested, to tho damage of the Plaint id', three hundred dollars, which said causo was entered on 1 he docket of said Court al their bnitl March Term 1035, and has boon continued from term to term until tho present Term of seid Court, And it not being made to appear lo said Court thai the saitl Rey nolds has had personal notice of the service and pendency of ibis unit, it is ordered by l ho Court that further notice bo given of the pendency thereof hv publishing the substance of tho Plaintiff's declaration in the "Burlington Free Press," a newspaper printed in bit id Burlington, three weeks successively, the last of which to bo thirty days before the silting of said Court nt their next Term, which shull ho deemed sufficient noiico to the said Rcynoldd to appear and answer thereto. Dated at Burlington, aforeeaid, this 21th day of January, A. I). 1030. Wm. NOBLE, Cleric. Plated and silver edged Cake Baskets, Tea Pots, Sugar and Cream l)ih. es, CaslorB, &c., for sulo nt tho Vuriotv l.M III) ii,. II ' I Shop by Panghohn & Biiinem&iij, Frederick G. Hill ") vs. 1 Chittenden Cottn- Udnev H, Pr.NNiaiAN .tv Court. August Trustee of I ' Term lf)37. FitANcts Dr.vnnnAW. J WM Fit I. AS, Fredciiek G. Hill, ofJerieo. in ftiid county of Chittenden, common, eed bisection on note against Udnny II. Pen nlman, Trustee of Frnneis Dnvercati, of C'ol Chester, in said county, nn absconding or con cealed debtor, in which tho said Mill declares against (lie said Francis in a plea of the case, staling that llio said Franci on thn 19th day of October, lOHO, made and delivered to Asa Fdtly, John E. Munroe and Asnhol Honker, his nolo, wherein for value received he prom ised to pay them or order by the 2,jlh day of December. KI30, wilh use, "llio sum of 'five dollars, which saitl note the saitl Eddy, Mini roe and Hooker, afterwards endorsed to Lu ther Cleaves or beater, and the said Cleaves sold and delivered llin said nolo to llio raid Hill, who is tho lawful holder nnd bearer thereof, and of all which the said Francis had notice, and I lint said note has not been paid, to thu damage of llio saitl Hill fifty dollars and further slating that the said Pennimau has in his possession moneys, goods, rights and credits, oflbc said Francis to the value offifiy dollars; which rnuso was entered on the docket of said court at llie March Term I hero, of 1033, and has been continued from teim lo term until llie present term, nnd il not being made lo appear to the Court that the said Francis has bad personal notice oflbc service and pendency of this suit, the aid Court ordered that ftirlhcr notice be given of llie pendency (hereof by publishing (he substance of tho I'hintiirs declaration in the "Hurling Inn Frir. Press," a no.vspapor printed in saitl Htirlinglon, three weeks successively, the last of which to bo thirty days before the silling of .sain uourl at tlioir next Term, whieli shall bo deemed eulTicionl notice lo the said I'lancis Deverenii in appear and answer thereto. Datctl at Iliirlinglon, in said county, this 21th day of January, l!!3U. Wm. NOTH.rc, Clerk. J5ASSWOOD BOARDS. A Tiff'7 Feel, fnr sale bv llin taVJiW subscriber-persons wishing to ptlfchrsc will nleaso address HFiVRV N. JiltUSM. Moira, Franklin Co. i. Y. NOTICE. THE members of the Burlington Fire Company nre hereby notified that an adjourned meeting of paid company, will be hidden nt . 1. Howard's lloiel. on tho first Wednesday tho7lh day) of Fchruary next, at half past six o'clock in I he afternoon, for the choice of ten Wardens, n Clerk nnd Treasurer, nnd for the transaction of till other business required by the Charter, nntl by laws ol saitl Company. By order ol ilic Warden. LYMAN CUMMINGS, Clerk. Jan. 05. 1.".3!!. Time ol Year. T this trason of the year something l more than a rmnnnu 'just rercived a full assortment of all kinds of Dri Goods, Groceries, Crockeries, Class and Hardware, Carpclinss, Paper Hangings &-c. S,-c.' is necessary lo call the attention of the differ ent classes of buyers aC Merchandise to an advertisement. .Mho hoc it is HO WAHID Of tin.' Cheat) Cash Store Has Goods which were bought on purpose to supply the scarcity which was supplied xoitulil be through the country al this season of the year in consequence of general short purchases, anil such being the rase, jicrsons are informal Hint here llie dijjieullij can be remedied, and seldom if ever was .such a splendid beautiful and -nmpic(c ,(,lr,; (lf ImooiIs lo oc fauna in any store as is now on hand al his. An enumeration of articles would be very lengthy, and when read through, one would say, why he might as well nave said lie was also Agent far the selling of Brandrelh Pilh loo. and then his assortment would have included every thing to lie desired until as lo wppctrani.c comfort and convenience. Well he is thai agent also. Then surely it is and must be the curious and right place to go and purchase goods. 2S(7i January. 1030. Opposition Jlidimhi ART. always to be encountered, whenever . a valuable article is brought before the public. For years this arliclo to which wc in vile the attention nf all, who are in any way afilicted with disease, has been wending its way, successively, all over the world, not with standing I ho opposition and ridicule, which tho Esculapiaiis have endeavored to heap up on il, it has come off victorious ; thousands upon thousands nf packages of this best of Medicines, nrn now sold every year, and thou sands upon thousands from all quarters of tin Globe, ,tto sending in their testimonials nf gratitude, to those who have, by giving them this medicine, rcstorctl them lo health. Read, cr, look at Ibis tact, tins is an article which is 11 tried friend, when you know this has hcen tried for years nntl always found line, what need Is thero of louking further; what mcdi ciuo has done so much in this town as the gen uine Morrison's Pills, nr Vegetable Universal Medicine of tho British College of Health ; no other has, no other can. Thero is 11 constant and increasing demand horn and overy wbero for this best of medicines; bill it is counter feited to an nl.ii tiling extent, hut if yuu will follow llicso directions, you used nol got any but llio one you wish, nnd the one you will he glad you purchased ; never buy it in Ibis .statu bul of l'anghorn k. Brinsinaitl, the Stain Agents, Burlington, Vt. or of some one who will show you a certificate that they are Snb Agcnls appointed by us, AVo aio ready to ap point agenls throughout thisSlalo ; terms fa yorahle, Geo, Taylor, 13 Chamber Street, New-York is the dolegalo from England and through whom alone, the genuine arliclo made by Morisoti llio Ilygoibtcan ha obtained. We arc appointed by nun. iNo Druggist or Pedla. can have tho appointment in any caso whatuvr or. Variety Shop. I'ANnnoRN & BaiNsMAin, Jewellers, Burlington, Nov. 24, 18'.)7. Runi',111' iwwuui: is now receiving from New York nn extensive supply of llardvnre, Saddlery, Ilollowaro, Drugs, Medicines, Paiuis, and Oils; winch he oilers to the put lie cheap for cash ur short credit, nt the old established store, north cast corner of the square. To Wood Choppers. GHJSEX'S AXE St A hUrrlY ot thu nliovu eelebiatrd Axes, just received, and for snlu by tlie dozen or single, by llie subscriber. ROBERT MOODY, Burlington, Dec. 20, 1037. "WjTOIiTH Shore Saiuioii in tierces and .L i barrels, for snip hv. LATI1ROP & POTW1N. January 'J5 10311. Abijuli Allan's Instate. STATE OF VERMONT, ) DlSTr.lOT 01' Cl!tT1T.M)i:N, ss. s AT n Probate Court holden nl Burling ton, w illiin nntl fort ho District afore said, on 'ho eleventh day of January. A. I). 1037. no instrument, purporting lo bo the last Will nntl Testament of Abijah Allen, Into of Slielbtirne, in said Dis triet deceased, was presented to tho Court here for Prolinte. by Rebecca Allen, n legatee, thertin named. TiiKnr.roiu: it. is ordered hy snid Court, that public notice he given to nil persons concerned therein to nppnnr before snitl Court, at n session thereof lo be holden nt -aid Burlington 011 the second Wednesday nf February A. 1). 1030 nnd contest thi; ornhalo of snitl Will, nntl il. is ftirlhcr ordered that this order he published three weeks succeisivcly in the Free Press n newspaper piin'ed at Burlington, in this Slate, the last ol' which tiublinations shall bo previous i,i tho day assigned, as nlore said for hearing. Given under my hand nl the Register's Office, ths llth day of Jan. A. D. 1030. Wm. WESTON, Reg. Edward Pope's Estate. $5TH 'he subscribers, having been nppoin V T toil hy thu honarahh) llio Probate Court, for the Di-lriel nf Chittenden, commissioner to receive, examine mid adjust the claims and demands of nil pcrt-ons, against the eslnte of Ldwartl rope, late ol liurruiglon 111 said Dis tiict, deceased, reprinted insolvent, and also all claims and demands exhibited in ofiVel thereto; and six months from the day of the dale hereof, being allowed hy said court for tint purpose, wc do therefore hereby give notice, that wo will attend to the business of our appointment, at Ihcdivclliugof Ira Shttuck Inn Keeper in Burlington In the said District, on the second day of April, and 27th 'lav of June next, al 10 o'cloik A. M. on cadi of said days. Dated, this 27lh day of December A.I). 1037. GEORGE A. ALLEN,) Commis. V. HARRINGTON, S sinners. CA UT10N I. CA UTION ! ! ; WOW in consequence of Doer. Bran- i lianril's vegclablo universal Pills hav ing such popolari y by the cures dial have . followed llie. use n'thrni as is attested hy the I theiisantls nf ihantfiil persons who are daily rcenmi'iending said Biandrclhs Pills lo their' afilinted neighboi. has been a cause nf being seized upon by urprincipled men with a view I of gelling money, and who make, an entirely I spurious article (for they of course could not ; make any othcrjtvilh counterfeited directions, ' which is palmed upon unsuspecting persons for the genuine article, through petllets and ' some traders on the West side thn Green , Mountains, who had better ho on the look nut ' for physic of it different kind, which will be I preparotl by Doe.l. Rrandrclhs attorney on 1 purpose lor such impostors Lomtneticlrig 'by the authority of the United Stiles," .fcc. nnd niluiinislsret! by the U. S. Marshall ol the DUlricl of Vermont to the tiuno of an op. oration orabnul $1,000 wnrlb of physic. I he teal lirandielli t ills eaunot lie had ol any other than the authorized agents, as ndvortieod in tho general tidvortiseinetits in this pnpe. The agent in llnrlinglnn is Jatiuarlfi, 1030. S. E. HOWARD Nam Publications for sale al THE BOOK STORE. THE Christian Professor addressed in n scries of ceiin-els and. caution to llio members of Christian Cliuri;he. by John Ancell Jamoe 1 vol. 12 mo. New York. 1030. A Narrative of Missionary Enterprises in the South Sea Islands wuh remarks upon the natural history nf the Islands, origin. Languages, Tradition and usages of the inhabitants, hy John Williams, of the Lon don Missionary Society, illustrated with 27 wood Engravings, 1 vol. 0 vo. o00 pp. New Yoik, 1030. Religious Dissensions, their cause nnd cure, n prize essay, by Phnrcellns Church, I vol 12 mo. New York 1030. Young Plan's Closet Library, by Robert Phillip, of Maberly Chapel, with mi intro due ory essay by Albert Barnes, 1 vol. IS mo. Lectures illustrating the contrast between true Christianity and various mlmr eystenis, by William B.'Sprague, D. D. Albany, 1 vol. 12 mo. YYte Constitution of Man considered in relation to external objects, by George Combe, 1 vol. 12 mo. Doit, Sweet sc.r's New Work on Dyspep sia. 1 vol, 12 mn. Boton 1037. Lockhnrl's Life of Sir Waller Scott. Boston 11130. .Modem the March of Intellect. by Mhs Sinclair. New York 1037. The sayings and doings of Samuel Slick of Slirksvillc. Philadelphia 1037. The New York Review for January 1030. This able periodical will bo issued regular ly in Jjouary. April. July nod Octooer of each ynr. The January No. is o(io of the fir-t necimcns of American Typography and g.res deci-ive evidence of the ubilii v of its Ediors and Uiosu who contribute to' .it lis ancles arc well selected and full of en ergy. Those upon Aaron Burr. Charles Lamb mil Coleridge, may be specified ns pecnliirly intoresimg. Those who wish to cxamiie ot mb-cribu for the work are re qucstel to call upon the agent JAMES W. HICKOK. Burington, Jim. 10, 1037. Accordeons. A fjw choice Rosewood Accordeons; far talu nt the Variety Shop by PArOllOlt.N i& Bui.NSMAII). WOTICE. ALL persons indebted to the subjcribcis either hy note or bonk account are hereby not i find thut they must call and tct. tie the same soon , to save cost. Latiuum' iSi Potwin. Burlington, Jan. I, 1030. J.H. PLATT. Boot & shoe maker. HAS opened a shop on church street, tho fust door South of L. Jolionnoti & Co. Ictlur storo Burlington Jan 4th 103S. Motto Snals, Ivory Paper Cut ters &c. A great variety of gas seals, with inotlnes.good impressions, Ivory paper knives, brttsssoals, red and black sealing wax, red wafers, India Rubber, satin ground Bnglish Idler paper, finti imported nnd American loi ter nnd uap paper, billet paper, good quillf, painls brushes. &r. kc. forsaloal llie Variety Shop. PANG HORN klllUNSMAII). POWDER. Kcg. for sale by For.r.p.TT f Bn.ur,r.v FISH. a Quintals dry Codfish, 20 Bids, Hudson l!av Nol. Salmon, for FOLLETT & 11RADLEYS. JjV sale bv Deo, 103 Samuel Kccler's Estate. STATE OF VERMONT. ) nisTnicr or ciiittkmikn, h s. j AT n probate Court holden nt Burling . ton. within nntl for the district afore said on the twentyfifth day of December. A. D. 1037, an instrument purporting to bo the last Will and Testament nf Sam uel Ketlor late of Essex in saitl district decrnsed. wns presented to tlm Court, here for Probate, by Marshal Castle, the execu lor. therein named. Therefore it is ordered by said Court, tiiat public notice bogiven to nil persons concerned Iherein to appear before snitl Court, nt n session I hereof to be holden nl said Burlington, no I he 2d Wednesday of February A. D. 103", nntl conte-i 1 lie pro bate of said Will: and it ir further order ed 1 lint this order be published three weeks successively in 1 ho Free Press, a newspaper printed at Burlington, in ibis State, the ast. of which publication? shall be previ ous lo the day assigned, as aforesaid for hearing. Given under my hand at the Register's Office, this 251 h day of December A. D. 1037. Wm. Wr.sTo.v, icisUr Common & large packing Trunks. for sale nt the Variety Shop. PaNOUOJIN &. BniNSMAII). Notice. "ITS hereby given that the undersigned and his .u. wifo Dclana Chittenden, have separated by mutual agreement and provision has Iieen mario lor nor separate maiiitatiianco Therefore all persons are forbidden to trust Iter nn mv account. Jiui.A Ciutthmicn. Shelburne, 27, 1837. Asthma ! and Catarrh ; TTn that long train nf diseases which ccm 13. to grow wi'h Hie growth of civiized society, CONSUMPTION lakes ihellead in its releniles, inroads upon human life; yet this dreadful disorder is easily overcome in lis earlier binges. It is only when neg ltcted that it arrives nl the terrific niaturi. 1 ly which so often bafile'? the sagacity of professional science. An obstinate cough ' is the customary forerunner of the rui.Mo ; .NAitv coNcUMiriu.v. Improper neglect in jibe timely adiniiii-lratinn of simple and salutary remedies, is sure to bo reproved ' by a dreadful succession of innsumptivc ' symtonis: oppression of the breast ; green j ish nnd bloody spiltle: ulcerated longs and hectic fever; shrivelled extrctnii ie. nnd I general emaciation oflbc whole body, j prost rntion of strength ; flushed cheeks swollen feet and legs ; and at last, in fnl posse?-ion of the menial faculties, nnd while hope still whispers her flattering tale enld extremities, and n premature death. For the various stages of thn complaint, one of the most approved remedies ever yet iliscvored is Dr. Ilclfc s Asthmatic Pills. This exceedingly powerful, and yet equally sale and innocent preparation, iins e-c'eil thorough and rapid cure upon 1 '"'cms supposed m have' been far ad vanced in n confirmed Consumption, and who have exhibited the appearances which usually indicate a fnlal termination of tho disorder. DR. RELFE'S PILLS have also ob tained the highest character ns n Pcelorial Medicine, affording thu most unexpected reiiet to loose laliotiring under llie com mon C)iigh, occasioned by acrid humors irritating the threat, or by deductions on Hie lungs symtoms which deprive the cof ferer of sleep, nnd gradually introduce tlie long train of Pulmonary nfioeiinns. The Pills appease the cough, promote easy ex pectoration, very essentially relieve," and olien entirely cure the most obstinate nnd distressing cn-eg. Common Colds aro umi ally removed by I he Pills in n few hours. In the harrasstng and suffiicaling com plaint of the asthma, tho Pills give im mediate relief. They mitigate the com plaint, and generally effect a radical cure, in those Asthmatic attacks characterized by difiiniliy of breathing, lightness and stricture across tho breast mid in the lung--, oppressive flatulences, wheezing, coughing, hoarsenes-1, enstiveness, and many other asthmatic symptom. A tho Pills require in ordinary case no confinement, they may be administered with confidence nmlsifety lo all nges and classes of people. Unexampled success has hitherto intended their administration in n great variety of cnes i and the Pro prietor can refer to a multitude, which le-tify to their efficacy in reviving the oiunciatetl victim from the bed of disease, and restoring him lo tho blessings of ac customed henlth and activity. THE BENEFICIAL EFFECTS Resulting from the administration of Dr. Rclfc's Asthmatic ami Consumptive Pills, exhibited in the following cases, QTA Physician, M. D. and Druggist, recently writes: "The Asthmatic Pills (Relfe's) nro invariably well spoken of by thoso who use them." ID Mrs. , of this- city, was throe years seriously olllicted with consumptive syntp. toms. as pain in the side, nliuo-l perpetuul cough, spitting of blood, general debility, &c. in t his districting siaie, unable to sil up, and not expecting to live tunny days sho wa advised to tnko Dr. Relic's A-th-malic Pill, mid also Dr. Jebb's Liniment bo applied to her Hilt', which she did, and lo tho uotoniHituent olovery one, inn snort lime t-he wns perfecily restored to henlth. UT A Lady from Frumingham, was se vorely ufllicled with cough, spitting of bloi it, mid general debility, on taking two oolilesol liiese J'lIK and one box ot Ur. Re'fe'rt Antibilious, Pills, was restored lo perfect, henhh. ILrAn elderly person in this vicinity who hail siifi'eret! much for years by a most dutressiug nslhnia, bad tried almost every thing recommended, which only nt, times snve temporary relief, nntl usually a moro violent relurrj of her complaint, has. recent ly made use of tho nbovo Ptll.s with mom beneficial efi'och.1 than any thing she ban ever used before. (IT A Young Lady at Al , had been troubled wilh 11 very had cough, ho violent as nt limes lo rack and liarra-s her ex ceedingly n consumption was feared, (as tier mother had died of that complaint) -she was immediately relieved, nnd sub ecqueiitly entirely cured by Dr. Itelfu'H Asthmatic Pills. yNutio genuine unless signed on tho oulhide printed wrapper by the sole Proiri. ctnr.'V. KIDDER, immediate sucressor to the late Dr. W. T. Com way. For salo with all the other "Cnninuij Medicines," nt his Counting Room, No. 99, next door to. J. Kidder's Drug Store, curner of Court Silk & Worsted Sashes, or Bells, forsalo at the Variety Shop. PANOIIORN & BltlNSMAip,- RXV ' UB 1 JC A'fTEN TIOjN ll n S most respectfully solicited, by the sribfr' .U. scriber, lo an Invalu-jblo Preparation, lhi merits of which havo been te.tcd by tiitV. and are sustained nv usnoenTcn tkstijiony. J)r. Haifa's Botanical Drop's! aro every year increasing (heir long estab lished reputation. 'I hoy have outlived many rival preparations, and aro continually gain ing upon public confitlnnee. The ISntanical Drops have been success fully administered for many yeats, as a thorough remedy for that well known and prevalent (lass of inveterate diseases, which originate from n vitiated habit of body, or an hereditary predisposition in tho patient, and generally appear under the various and dis. trcssing shapes of Scrofula, Salt Rlicinn. Lep rosy, St. Anthony's Fire. Ftrer Sores, White Swellings, Fenny, Foul and Obstinalt Ulcers, Sorr Legs and Eyes, Scald Iliad, and Venere al Taint, In thu last mentioned condition of the system, tho llolaniral Drops will bo found lo cradicalc the lurking poison, where Mercu. 77has totally failed, and thus prevent tho pa. rent from entailing the seeds of an heredita ry on his nfispting. DR. RELFE'S BOTANICAL DROPS arc successfully used in cases nf violent eruptions after llio Measles red blotch's pimples on the face festering eruptions on thu skin and oilier diseases of I ho external surface, and ate one of the best Spring and Autumnal physics known, tofteo the system from humors. O Striking instarres of Success. Extract of a letter from a Physician of tho first respectability, and extensive practice, in ibis vicinity, member of the Massachu' sclts Medical Society. Juxn IGtii. 1C29. Dear Sir : "This child .before he was nycar dol. heeanic afilirted with a leprous diseasoof the skin, anil which gradually increased, so that when about three years old, tiio wholo oflhu body was one continued sore, attended with nn ichorous discharge, produ cing great soreness and intolerable itching, winch became almost insupportable. A great variety of the most approved external antl internal remedies were used without any per. manont relief. Much interest was excited in behalf of tho child, and consequently differ ent inediea! advicu was solicited, but with little or no advantage, the disease progre-sod with unabating violence, and seemed to defy the healing art. At length the parent wan induced by llie advice of a neighbor, who had been benefitted bv the ai tide, to trv Dr. Ilt:i.ti:'s BOTANICAL DROPS. So'vcral hollies were given according to the directions, before the least abatement of the dica-e was observed; but by a persevering use of them, tho ichorous discharges began to abate, tho scabs lo givo way in places, and fill off. Tho Drops were continued until the boy became perfectly well, the skin resuming its natural and healthy aspect, seeming indeed like a ren ovated skin since wb'ch time tho hoy has enjoyed perfect health, and his cure is ascri bed wholly to thu Drops, as no other medi cine was used in ennjuction with litem." The original letter, with additional par ticulars, may be seen by calling on the Pro prietor. I A Gentleman of this Cily, who had been at. tended along time by our most celebrated ami experienced practitioners, and who had been reduced to almost the last stages of ex istence by his complaint bail lost one eye! and dreadful ulcers beaau lo destroy his leg, mid spread over his whole side, and to threaten a most 11 a inful and lingering death ! in com municating his ca-i; al large to the Proprie. lor. makes tho following clo.-lng remarks "My cao was pronounced hy my phy i cians to bo 0110 of inveleratu Scrofula. It is nol nccc.-sary to inquire whether other means would have effected tho cure. I can only fay that Dr. Rell'o's Uolanical Drops were the only means I inado use of, after tho physicians hail exhausted llieir skill, and havo no reason to doubt that under Providenco tho Drops were the means of relieving mo from 0110 of llio most alllicting diseases that htu manity is called to endure." A Physician of eminence who bad wilnrs set! tho efficacy nf ibis ar'.iclo, had tho candour recently to acknowledge lo tes Proprietor, that ho considered it the best inedicitio known, for the complaints fc r which it is intended, and that it ought deservedly to stand at ihu head of tho whole class of such remedies. Price $1 for whole boxes ot 30 pills, nntl 50 cents for half do of 12 pills, with direc tions. v0 I'rlre .'() Cents. A fresh supply just received by Lnthrop &, Potwin, Burlington Beck wilk C. Dyer, Kolesbnry A. P. Rtircm New Haven -M. W. Ilmslov. Mnnklon M. Hull, llinesburgh Fletcher & Wood man, Wuiifinn--C. B, Martin, Charlnite E. Lyman. Ferrisburgh L. Bixby, Vers gouties Fletcher it Miner, Bridporl Hen Wright, Shorehatn. 'cv. 4 s. i r

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