Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, February 16, 1838, Page 2

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated February 16, 1838 Page 2
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P U 1 IJ A Y M O II N I N 0, FEBRUARY, 10. (5 on. Wool Is now nl l'lntinbur gh, nni) Ims fnJIriJ out two compan'ic., of burse, (or tin! purpose of rccniuinilnring t ho country Wo henr of no movement, how over, nf any importance, nor do we believe thorn will bo any. The Patriots midotiht rdly have n considerable omount of pro pcrly stored on I ho frontier, which was intended for the Cnnndn market, but under very different circumstances than those now existing in the two Provinces. Four regiments have nrrived at Montreal from Halifax, mid I500.o( the Glengary miliiin from Upper Canada, which in addition to t ho embodied miliiin and regular force of the Province, renders Lower Canada abundantly ntilo to rcpnl nny attack, from within or without. Wc therefore hope, and hrlicve, that the patriots contemplate no hostile moicnionts, whatever. In i lie meantime, however, the loyalists in Cana da, will, if possible, keep up the excitement, in order to seenro their pay and rations during the winter. Gen. Sfiot,l was nl Albany on Saturday last, mid tlollfied Cnv. Maroy to plnco at Gen. Wool's disposal two battalion? of mililia. This order, however, wan it n dnubuilly predicated on i lie billowing cir cumstances, narrattdbv the Franklin Mes senger. Alioul two wrcks since 70 or V,0 roguish linyn assembled nl I'cnv's WHh in Cliani- plaiti. war ilinl pail of ihe United Slate" cuntenniiinus lo her Majesty's province of Lower Canada, mid in deri-nn of the nidi- . tnry parade exhibited at Odlclnwu, had a mock training, with old hnrsc, lin horns. wooden swuids, a wooden eaniion mounted on a tied, Ac. kc. In this military amy ihcy matched within half a mile ol' lhc linn under llm ar eninianinu'iit of llm aforesaid insliumenls of 11110.10, loaded their caution, and left it tired with a slow match. The p'irlv linvintr retreated, the log cannon ex ploded with Inriifin efl'rrt opt 11 tier Majes ty h loyal subjects of Odlelowu. The val iant men then n-scnth'cd the forces at -lu Aux Noix anil imim dialely maielier! In O dlelown, and all llie surrounding country was put in mililaty array lo repel the c. pcclcd invasion. Dc-patchcs wero imuicdi nlcly foiwrrdcd to Sir John Colborn, infor ming him of I tic consternation into which Her Majesty's devoted subjects were thrown l)y this alarming demonstration of hostilities from the Yorkers. Sit John, wc understand immediately despatched a special messenger to Gov. Marcy, informing him that the pa. 1 riots were assembled in largo fotcc at the afore. named Pcny's Mills, arid were drilling Preparatory to an invasion of llor Majesty's dominions. Thus iliepiovinie of Lower Canada In? heea n nelly dbqtiicted. the military forces ban; been put in active operation : anil, meantime. I lie im pudent liojs have dispersed and are quietly alien din; their schools. What iiicifiii es Gov. Marry has ailnplcd 011 this Irving occasion, we hate not lira id, A pinnluinalioa slnnild lie fin dimming, anil il is highly imporiion dial ilii breach of neii Ira lily, should lie fnithwitli made public, 1I1.1I Con gress mav farm a new law lo preirnl a icpclition of the like enormities in future. Sir Julia hag, doutii It's?, pre ibis, sent despatches to England. The Rocheslor Daily Advertiser of a late dale, contoins the following extract of n letter from Gen Scott to a gentleman in Rochester : The frontier of Detroit, Lnko Erie ond tlic Niagara, having been, as I am happy lo say, tranquilizer! and secured ogaiiia any breach of our neutral obligations lo wards Great Britain, I shalll, in a few days be obliged to visit Albany to enquire into the stale of iho northern frontiers of New York and Vcrrnont, and, if necessary 10 go t Int Iter in peron. I have reason to hope to find everything 09 tranquil in that quarter as in I hi-'. 'I repeat with confidence, thai, the frontier has been tranqiiilizcd. and such is the Jlrttsh force between Iho Niagara and Detroit rivers six or eight thousand men. of whom n third ore regulars thai il is not likelv that nny new unlawful attempt will be made to invade 'ho Province of Upper Canada from our side of the front .ier." An Extra from llm Office of thn Buffalo Commercial Advertiser, dated at 7 o'clock on Friday evening, gives the following important information: Since our paper went to press we have been informed I lint nn Lpress linn arrivul from Detroit, bringing the infounaiion thai the Patriots, to the numnor of about flOO, nre assembled in the neighborhood of Black Swamp. Tnlriln mid Monroe. They are under the command of the Felf.s'yled Adj. Gen. MeLeod. Sutherland onM others, anil nre well Mipplied with arms, munitions, fcc. The soldiers here are to leava this eve. ding for Detroit, where, it is expected they will artive in 92 hours. Gen. Brady, who is in command n t 1 tin t point, is nn active, 1 flicioni oflicer. and will undoubtedly di-nim the Patriots as 60011 ns they nunc wuhtu his reach. In Iho provincial Parliament nf Upper Gonnda, on the first mount, Mr. IJur well moved, at? nn anteni'ineiil, In withdraw . ,,,,,. in future from N. S. Colm, who it nppeorrd nidi d anil obeinii the late re bellion. Lopt by n .'org njorily. Mr. Burwell gaye police that he would move He llou-e m g" n r"M"" "" rifsupplv lor iho pur,""-!' l,r pmutiug to Her Majesty sum nf V ".' prov'.h a pension for Shepherd jJIcO'intek. Iq. a retired Lieutenant of th Roynl Navy, during his natural life, fa.', VVI;'1' wounds received bv that pptil t'ntttn n 111 Hie gnllont coplure ami destruction "f ,,M- I11 ralical 6tcnrner (Caroline when in ,n(! r,n" ployment of a bunditii nf primics. rebels, end inceiidmries, in thn nci of inv.'1''"1" this Piovince to murder and plunder iH inhnbiinnis. The bill lo disfranchise those who refute to bear arm was read the second time and .committed. A Roclieetcr paper nates lb4 tlio fomi- ly of Sir Francis B. llcnd, Into Lieut. ' Governor nf Upper Cnnoda passed through that city nn Thursday last, on their wny to New York, lo embark fur Europe. II is Kxcelloncy was expected In follow in a few days. Wo would direct iho attention of the reader to an orlicln on onr first page, from the St. Albans paper, in relation to the tortuous cnurso nf president Van ilurcn. It issevcre, but. nevertheless. just. That paper it should bo borne in mind, sup porled Mr. Van Huron's elcclinn. (CrTbe ice nn the Laltn is now sound and strong perbnps nevor belter mid loaded teams are continually passing in nil directions upon il. Now is the timo to lay in a slock for dog day. Nr.w IIamp-hiiik,. Tho election in New Hampshire is close nt band -only five weeks from Ctb insl. Tho Whig nre ac tive ami determined to do all in llicir power lo wrest the state from the misrule of the. Loco Focos. The Concord Courier of Inst Friday says:--"Ottr intelligence from nil parts nf iho state is mod cheering. The Whigs ore every where full of life nod action, while thousands and thousands of the nominal Van Huron men nre determined not to idennfy themselves with lite frauds nf the lenders of I he pnty, bv supporting them in office at the en-tiuiL' "lection." Pk.nnsyi.vama. Iti'-ottit inns have been introduced ml o the House of Renrei-enin lives inslrncting the Senators of thai State in Congress to vote for n post ponetnenl of the sub treasury act until the next scs-don of Congress. Th" vole on inking up these resolutions stood .19 to 41 which is regard ed ns a l".-t vole in their favor. Subsn qnenily, ihevoteon n question, to di-rbarge the committee ol the whole was decided in the affirmative. .OO to 43 indicating a majority of seven ol the opponents of the proj et. These voles were considered as decisive of the passage of the resolution. ihrougb the boueu. Their adoption by t!io Senate is certain, as there is a Whig ma jority of six in that body. The Sub-Treaniry Bill, it is now conce ded, will remain an "untried expedient." The instructions from tho Pennsylvania Legislature, arc decisive of its fate in the Senate; and it never had ntiy chance ol getting through the House. Maine. Tho House of Representatives of Maine after a debate of ten hours, on Saturday, (without dinner or supper.) up on the bill repealing tho law prohibiting the emission ol una 1 1 bills by the banks of that State, ordered it to be engrossed for n third reading by a vote of 94 to C. The Whigs remained at their posts, but the Locos descried the ground. MISS GREEN'S SCHOOL. Mr. Eimtor: During Monday and Tuesday of the present week n large por tion of our citizens were engaged in alien ding the semi-annual examination of Miss Green's school. I attended among the rest, nearly all the exercises, that I might discover os nearly as possible the merit and demerits of the institution, and thn imprcs sions left upon my mind by what I sow and beard arc of so decisive 0 character that 1 deemed them not unworthy of public notice. As to I he plan upon which the examination was conducted, it was clear that the prac rice of nssirrninn- beforehand parts to each of the pupils, upon which they were to be examined, bad no place Acre, for as far n was practicable the spectators were per mitted to propose questions or 'tibjocls lo the classes. There was one difficulty how. ever apparent during the whole examina tion. The quest tons ond answers wen madn in so low a tone as in many cases t bo distinctly intelligtb'e to tlin-o otHy win sat very near the Fpeaknr. This fault fhould be corrected, and the habit acquired by llie young Ladies of uiiciing their thoughts in a clear and full tone of voice. The firet point mnde manifest was. that lb" voting Ladies had studied much nod profit, ably individuals indeed appeared to hnyo ma'tered completely iho authors they had been studying, and in various instances ihere were exhibited marks of inlelloct of no inferior order. It was Hi bo ob-erved also thai the vicllwi! of instnulim had not been superficial, but was in ihe highc.-t do oreo thorough. In mathematical studies full and rigid ileitiousirnlion upon the black board was in nil cases required. In the Languages, (Latin and French.) Ihe pu litis did not merely iram-laio but were cliu-'ely exomined 0- lo grammar, proiiunci at ion and historical allusions. In the higher brunches of study, vizi Logic, Rhetoric, Intellectual Philu?oply. &c. it was clear from ihe lluency with which the young Ladies expressed then Ihotights, that they had been accustomed in their daily recitations to give ol length iho views of their authors in 1 heir own Ian gunge, a practice of the utmost importance in these studies, ,So fur as on opinion could bo formed of llie instructors, from the plan of instruction, tho nppearnnca of tho pupils and their own conduct during tho examinalinn, I judged them lo be critical scholars in the depart ments in which they were severally in striicted. I learned upon inquiry Hint in eluding the icocliers in Vocal Music and perspective Drawing, eight instructors have been employed lite pnt winter. And hern it must bo ob-erved that nil praise belong' to the intelligent Lady who preside ovr iho institution, that she has skill and dis comment, lo select good inslrnntors am 'pare no expense In obtain a number nmplj sufficient for nil the purposes of instrnclior. While it was observnblo that the mo'c important branches of English cducatim were thoroughly n'tonded to, there was good evidence that ti e ornamental brandi es had by nn means been neglected, vz : Music, Ltttenr and Perspective Drnwiig, Latin and French. Drnwingx by be young LadioJ were exhibited during the exercises nnd nn Tuesday evening the tin sic classes under the direction of Miss l""s ford and Prof. Moll were listened lo ly a crowded audience. Thair lerforoinices were highly creditable a might boexp'Cl ed, from pupils under such able inirne"ir!. A lo Ihe Latin classes, of which lliere were I believe three, it wa? gratifying to nil the lovers of good learning lo all who value lenrtiing for its own lake, to see the attention of young Ladiej turned to lb" elas-ic I ant n ware thaMnany o'lject lo this course for Ladles, on the ground ol utility. To such I wotih1 say tint thn slit dy ol the ela-sic is the laosl dtroet p.nh lo a knowledge of nnciei.t men, limes, mid thing', and reproduce in Ihe mind of llie scholar a fund nf chi'-ic lore, to which on; all fit occasions happy nl'it-ion may be inail". It is admitted en all hands ilmi ihe nges of Grecian and Roman Glory l'urui-!i us with lite highest models nfioMe and tl." choice.-t niasior-pieee.s nf art are welhcn to debar the female sex Irom lilts fniilfol source of pleasant anil useful eonieitip'n. linn? Let those who would dicard the study of ihe classic-, a-k the scholar 111 nil. vnnccd life if ho regrets having studied Latin and Greek the reply is "I only re gret that much more of the tune which was so plenty with me in youth was not spcrt over t hern. But enough on this subject. During the past winter, in addition to their other advantages, the young ladies of the Seminary and such of our cilizens as were so disposed have bad Ihe pleasure nf listening to a series of elegant lectures, delivered nt the school room by several or our resident literary gentlemen. For this profitable enjoyment all are indebted to the uuwaricd exertions of Miss Green. It is to bo hoped that another winter II will not be so, but that somel hing in the form of an ancient Lyceum may be established. To conclude this article tho late examination has'shown the Burlington Female Semina ry, to be worthy of the high reputation it has so long sustained, ond deserving its present popularity. So long as it continues to maintain its present character and to advance, as it has dnnc,thc cause of educa tion in onr tinte.mny it receive the patron age of an enlightened public! Death or Oikoi.a. We learnfrnm n correspondent of llie Charleston Courier and Southern Patriot, that llie celebrated Irdian Chief O-eola, died on the night of the 30ihiili. at Fort Moultrie, on Sulli van's I-lnnd. He died of a disease of the il.roal. by winch he had been confned to his bed for someday previous. This far famed Chief paid the deht of nature a' Sullivan's l-laod on Thursday night He bad been su k for sometime., when we saw bun nl llie'l'liea're h" looked sad noil tired of the world. He was nt lacked with a catarrhal fever, hut whelli er he fell 11 victim In the coiniii'in course of llie disense. or lo iho harras-lfienls of a vexed and disappointed spirit, is a mailer ofdoiibl probably a rnmhinnMnn of Ihe ihe two, II" had ihe b"-l medical nt'en dance nod we believe was in notiilir neg. ,,r-pd but 11 would mil do his proud nod tincoiiq"' lible spirit refused to le chained to 11 capitv" body Wo-diall no' wrile hi cpi'nph or his Inneral orallon. vl lliere is something in thn character of this run 11 not unworthy of the re-peel of Ihe world. From a vagabond child, he hern i lb" master spirit of a long and lb sperio war. Ho maih) liim-elf no man owed less lo ai'C'deiii, Bold ond decisive in action, deadly but con-i-lent 111 haired, dark in revenge, cool, sub' le, sagacious in council, he e-inbli-lied gradually nnd surely n re--isihs iisceiidaucy over his adopt'd tribe, by Inn during of ins deeds, nonsnncy of Ills hostility lo the whites, and the frofounil erii'tofhis policy. In council he spoke hull' he inn ilc Ihe nl'ier chiefs hir instru ments, ami whai ihev delivered i'i pob he, wn- the secret mggesl 1 - 1 1 of Ihe tovis. ible master. Such we- O.poln. win will ho long remembered ns ihe man that with the fi ebh'sl means produced Iheunisl Ier. ibln elleeiN f Viiircton .Mrrturij. Extinct ofn letter Irom an officer of llie army lo his friend in Wa-hinglon dated Carey's Ferry Jan. 17 1113(1. "News has jui reached us tlifd Bam Jones was no an l-lainl. wish alnlit HOO men. mid onlv acees-iblo bv one man nl a inn", (icii. Joup is alter linn, anil no doubt, by this tune, is around huo : 11 -coins ho intend-! making a i-lnnd lliere. mid if so, I hnvo every confidence thu wari will snon end " In tho Senatii on Monday, thu day was occupied in the discussion of the sub treas ury shcinc Mr. Rives un the floor. FOREIGN. The President's Message was recived in London nn the 20ih December, and that noriion ofit relating lo the North Eastern boundary has attracted thn particular at tention of the Loudon editors, and is said lo havo caused n slight depression in stocks. CANADA. Despatches from Sir John Cot'iorne of the 29'b November were rrceived nt the smne lime, nnnoiinoing lb" defeat of the rebels nl St. Charles hy Cot. Welherell. O'ber accounts had been received from Montreal of the 4ih December. The gov ertiient bad ordered large reinforcements of troops to proceed to Canada. The in constant brig of war had orders lo lake I be halt alt 011 of marines on board, si al Mined nt Pa-sages, in Snain. and convey them lo llahlax. The IIalnigs was ordered to Porlsiiioul h lo receive on boa rd troops fur Cnnndn. The 93 high lancers 23 riflemen, nnd 7 1 si liohi infantry were nlso under orders ur Canada. The banking boitsn of Wcll k. Co. in Paris nd 1I1-1 barged all its liabililii.'s in the Bank of France, which il cunt racleil during the Into commercial crisis, and the Governor of the Hank ol Franc" bad writ ten a ciiinpliiiieniary letter to Mr. Wells, for hi- nroiiiiiijiude in di-chirging In ob ligations long befiire ihev became due. L 'M) :'. Jan. 2. A if lachirien' of iho roal artillery, under Iho command ol L'eol. Young, enibnrked on boiird the Royal Sovereign. Lieut. Brady, agent, yes terdav. al Woolwich, for Si- Sebastian: 00 barrels ol gun-powder and other mum turns nl' unr were also pot on hoard for llie p'oieelion of that forlre-s. Orders have nlso been received for four ciimimiio nl artillery lo hold lliem-elv"S in reiidiuess to enihaik for Canada, via New York Two I roups 1 if hor-e a rl 1 1 lory ate onb red lo Ireland, one of winch will rein vo lb" R 'i-kel t roup sintioui d there, which will proceed to Canada. In addition to the above ireop-. n brigade of guard- two reg iments nl'cnvalrv, six regun"iils of the line, nud two ba'tiihniis nl lb" rill - brigade, are under nrdeis for ihe same de.-t mill loo. The-" I r mps nre In be tiiigiii"iiied bv two regiment - of I lie line from I lie Melbti r raiienn. Great activity among the military 1- ob-ervn'il" 10 tins garn-oii. London. 'I'ue. dny cveniiu'. Jan. 2 1 1 1 Oregon Terrilorv : mil horisiog Ihe esiab-i- understood, thai in nd.ln ton I.. I ho 1 mop- f lm(1 o-n (lt, ,,al r.ver, and Ihe W" ve-terilny lli"Ul oined a- being di'Stllieil f,.r Canada.e.ght huu.lred of the Groin , occnpnl ton of 1 he count ry by the military Guards, and the same number of ihe Cold. bnce of lite United Suicss e-iablisbing a stream, received orders yeMer.lay uioriiiog j ptir t of entry and requiring that the conn to imiii themselves m reaitiness in emnari; for Ihe same place, it is supposed in the course of Ihe week From lite London Mnrning Post. Canada The intelligence which reach ed London yesterday from Canada and the United Stales, the most important parltc ulars of which we hasten to loy before the public in a second edition, of a mingled character partaking in pretty equal pro portions of the gloomy and the cheering in relation lo the actual position of affairs and, presenting us alternately with sinister j and committee would do well to make in aml with auspicious omens of the future. I qmnes os lo the present treatv with Great Perhaps. be most formidable source "l Urila.n. and whether wc could occupy the danger brought into view by the advice of . ' yciurdny. i thn disunion mnnife.-ied ,y country without giving cause ol olk'nee. a part of the peonle, if not nlso by Iho gov Mr. Linn said it was his internum tliut the eminent of the U. Stoles, to make common ! inquiry hhoulil b" mudu. He designed to cause with the Canadian insurgents. . ,. ., . r ... , , ., . 0, ..11,1, i- , , get 0 he information he could on the sub Should Ibis disposition prevail to any con- I p sidernblo extent in thu American Union, it , jfel, and lay it before the cominiilce or the is clear that the struggle in which Great j Senate, that Ihe Senate might make such B r il a 111 is involved bv Ihe imbecility or .,,,,., . t ,i, i ,n ., ,. . r. , ' , 1 moililicalions ot tho bill as they might treachery of her rulers is n struggle Irom 1 j n which there is no nnssibilitv of honorable ! l,,ink proper. retreat, and which can only bo siiccessl'ully mainlaiiieil by the prompt, unsparing, mid energetic employment nf the inmost pow ers and resources of the Slnle! CONOR i:ss. Tiif. Mississippi Election Cask is at Insl decided so far as Congress hns any thing to do with it. On Monday, at about a o'clock, the question was taken on Mr. Howards amendment, declaring thai "Messrs. Prentiss and Ward an; not en tilled In seats in this Il"iise, ns member: of ihe twenty fifih Congress." The vote wns watched, and the result awaited with intense anxiety. The Speak, r, after Iho yeas and nays were read, announced Ihe vote yens 117. nays 117 a tic. The Speaker voted in tiie olTinnaiive. So, ihe amendment was agreed In. by iho Speak ei's cabling veto. A great buzz and some apnlati-e followed iho aiinuncial inn. AT Ier tins Mr Howard moved another amend mom. which wns agreed lo, directing the Speaker in cniiiitiuutcatc I he rt solul tons lo ihe Governor of Mnsi.-iiii. The scene in the House upon ibis d'Cision is deseri b"d as exciting In a great degree. Mr. Wt-e made one of his most animated speeches, declaring thnt if he were Gov ernnr nl M tss.ssippt and he wt-hed that In was he would scud back Iho same ecri tficate lo ib" House a hundred lime-, hi'lore ho would issue a writ loruiiewclcc Hun. II" also declared that weru ho in the pn-iiion of ihe contesting members he would go lo ihe Choir, and, sir, said he. oildro--ing the Speaker, I would demand in he qualified a- a member of this llon-e ; and ll yon refuted In do it, I would lake the Holy Etaogelisis and swear myself, and take nud defend lb" nt lo which ihe pcujih; ol M ississippi had elected me, at the peril uf my life, Nothing but violence should remove me from it. Mr, Preulis then n quested permission lo address ihe I J 1 nt ", h mingthat ll be were not allowed in be beaid as n innner of courtesy, be should claim the floor ns a right. After some eonlii-luii ho carried his puiul, iUii adtlress-d the llnusiiwiib couriesi. i,.., , with grem veheuieuca anil decistuii. He denounced tho resolution ns an invasion of tho constitutional rights of the state ofi Mississippi, by the decision just announced, lie ditlinctly declared that ho would not j submit lo the decision, nor be in any way , bound bv it. Ho would nuither resign nor I compromise bis right, but would appeal lo j Iboiiex' Congress, from Iho decision of ibis. Thai Coiigre-s, would, if disen thralled from the 'nflucriee which now di- reeled ilf judgment, rescind Hie resolution iitsl adopted, in Ilk" imnuor ns I hi (J.ut griss bnd re-ettied n nlicoiisl II ill tonal the resohiliou mlnpled by tin ill at I he late Resstoll. Me declared, loo, Ihal 'hi' pen phi of Mi-stssippi w until never sitboiil In he, in ibis lununor, disfranchised by lb' edict of Ibis II nis", given by tin; soliinry voice of the speaker. A lew nf her citi zens might go to Hie new "leelloli which the I louse hml ordered; but he was per-ua ded 1 hat lb" great in ijnitiy ofiheiu would 111 digoaiilly rij ct the tortus upon which Ibis Muii-e had agreed In admit them to their uoiislliitiimil represeiilnlion. Mnsts-ipi't Se.natoii The Legislature of Mississippi b'ts Hindu choice of lion, .lames Trotter to be a Senator in Congress, 10 place of Hon. John B'ack. Ho is 11 Van Huron man and was chosen by 02 voles, Hw opposing votes being for Mr. Rodley 32, and Mr. Hudson 25 THE OREGON TERRITORY. We hnvo open questions upon bounila. ries enough now. and it is therefore with pleasure that the people will notice that a measure has been introduced into the Sen ate lo sell hi at once th and to determine whal and where are onr 1 lanes on the north we.-l. Now, the adju-lnietit of ihe qile-tiuu is comparatively ea-y 10 what it will b" hereafter; and Ihe -minor tl is undcr-tooil between 'he Unt'u! Suites, nnd Great Bniiaii. nnd Russia, the belter. On Wediiisdav to the Senate. Mr. L'lin ol Mis-ouri uitroiliiced n hill niubori tug Ihe occupailon of the Coluinbin 111 Or egon R.ver. It e-iab'i-hes a terriiurv ! tioMh of laliMiih; -12 degrees, and west nl I the Rockv Mniiniains, lo be called the try should then be bold Mihjecl to the rev- entn laws of I he United Stales; Willi mi appropriation ofgiOOOO. Mr. Linn mov ed the reference of the bill to the Commit tee on military affairs, slating the opinion that there was reason to believe that if Ihe territory was neglected it would pass from our possession in the course of five years. Mr. Clay of Kentucky thought the Senator Mr. Buchanan said he was glad the gentleman from Mis-nnri had moved in this busine-s. Tho lime has coinn when we ought to assert our rights to tin; Oregon Terri'ory, or abandon it forever. We know by information received from no agent of'lhc government, that the llud-mi Bay Company weie establishing furls in ihnt quarter, culling iliiwu iho timber and conveying it to market, ami acqtniipg the allegiance oflbe Iodine tribes ; mid ttlnli they had been thus proceeding, we had pa lienlly looked on during a long period nl years. Our right onglii in be nn.v n-sert-ed ; but il should he dune m a prudent tied dehcalo manner. Wu were obliged lit the treaty to give a yiar's notice. The time had orrivid lo sellle this que-tion, nud there were loo many such que-lnm-iinsellleil with the liriii-li Government al ready. While we should bo careful to vin hue no treaty si tpulat inns, wu ought promptly to nsert our right to 1 1 1 1 - count rv. On Ihe motion of Mr. IS minii the M was referred in a committee uf which Mr. Lull is chairman. CURIOUS CUAlM IMt ON' HANKING Mi, nillTou All to"1' leadeis bitnlieiol of Jo .-nieli and In- lollow "is, die ll in iiiouiie-, A- ,i pei'tite'ii ol who inlili-liit and I'maiici-m can ,,li. I end tun lh.. e.iel I I I... he ii. il'toi. dunk ib il pni i ii ,ll '.oit '"1 lo aid iben, i tbisi exiieiniiy. mil n-itiiit in ill.- public The eiiciou.i.iucen ili.u ' ''e temple was iniiiiedialcly coniened inlo a bio j. i,e esi-ieili' die leuer llie die follow in. A kei ' shop for die lime bein'. ond ,.,e. e in , .,,. lew lull- liiitii tin tl i.i i, Kin ii.- , nl guiieii iieu enrnl oum to ibis seciiou ; nud a en'leoi.ui of ibis tlll.ige iiddiehed a lenc, ui lb" l'ul Mu-ler ill Kn ilaad uiakiun bi(iiiiie. le-pecnng die sol. tenet ul ihe pniphei's I die eui.'lotf d leil'-i is thu answer in hi- i kiii CllKsmi, (fJiMiiin (ai. Ohio.) Oci 17, 1Sl!7. $ Silt : Iit'ing iufoimed nf tonr letter to A. Han 13-i , 'nn Aln.ier ns Kuilaiid, ii.king infill uiaiioii iepccina die "Kullanil s.ifeit socielj 11,. nk," fo, die hem 111 nl t self nnd die pidibc, nnd know in; i, ii ciiruinsiuiii in will pietcm tour liicitbig uiiaiKiui fiotii I iinmediaielt , I bite taken u upon noM'll' lo niiniiiicale die lul'.oni i lino dciied, iiii'l mt iipok'ti) for so ilmiin wiiliiml bat ln ihe lioii'i' uf a peirond mipi liniance wub inn pi'tr M, 1 1 I ll is, us tun silv, mil utili "of iiiipmiamc. but may be decidully "fir thu benefit "f '"' Kino, iben, in niuwer in jour inquiiy, mi lii'ii union heaiiuj; iho nbote name was founded under the auspices of "Jo. Smith," dm Moi mull piupbel, and commenced businei al about the firil of Januaiy km, A in In " bin, " Sir, I know nf nons, "'''" b bo ilno r.lie.-t ntnnM hidden in the earth, 'll"1' Jo i"''"i"jt ivhh hi pec,, mono ri'fir il"''""rl.V H.ll.llinnd, added m hi, prelension 111.0 lie- it.nin nn. in hp I er I ho p.Mron,l. (lr find, by wli"n riniiiniiiidiii.Mil il mm lo , ,.f,ib. b-bed, Il whs e.liilili-liid mil onlv wiiliotn 1I10 s oirlioil of l.i f.'t lull ciiiiImiv to dip i-v 111 fas urn. ifi ..I' Ju H nub oilieis we.e pio.eeitied fir the penally 1 ono'ipem npun lell.m fnl pioirediiiys. Itnl lie w.n nil ni be in- li 1 lied lie 01(01 ll, I'd hi f illinvsiii, while rioiiiiiij 1 hem on llie nlj"ei, in hi., t r-inji to ( bv die 111111 of die municipal l.iw "I'll stiiml ilic rn licit" s.dil lie, "nnd )oii m,i no nn almnl 011r liiiiurss. II llie l.i-ai-l.ilote 1 i-to-e.s In u it r; im our riliis we w ill lake iIiciii with ml llii'ir eil'i, Wc have 11 r'ejht lo h n- a hank hen-, d we pay for il. If iIPy inipo'i! 11 fine, we pay die fine, nnd llial makes it lawful, I bate 11 1 iijlit 10 liiiirewhip n man, if I p,iv fir il. 1 hate a liulil lo bicak I he law, if I pay for il." l.mvi bef no Ihii hnweter, and but 11 few dats nfii'i 11 had ciimtncnced liininess, die licaitirv of Jo's God wn cKh uHied, nail ibe Hank stopped patineiii. V'ni ion, snleei fn;e ttcio nl firs I tesorl I'd in, in order lo escape the penally ol the law The in th ofilin hill ns ihcy tumid Mnkc tho I etc of 11 prison wiilionl the rln-pst inspect bin was " I'hi! Kiiiloid t-.ifeiv .Sneieiy liaiilt." Hut lieloie llio woid "" was pi uiteil in sin ill ttpe, ti in siMicely to he Icjjihle etcii by llie closcsl in pcelbin, ".uili," nnd alter il "big co ," su that in I1111I1 instcid of I'ank as ibey would bato it appear, the sijle wa. Ami llniikin Co. Tins niieridile sub-li-ifniji liiiwetei' win soon uliandoiicil. Monie ol'ibo I ills iteie sinrd "J. Hmiili Jim,, 'I'leasiuer, S. liiuilnn See.." Mime ".S. Iti'oliiii 1'ie.i.. J. -iinMi Oregon question,!,. s ,,.. ,. ...... h I' I, .".-nine. . (!. Willi.,,,,-, see. P. I. IV. K. Whiimw Tiea-mec I'. I," suiub F. I,. W'lli.itns fee. I'. I. II. Kin.'stnii) I'lea-mer I'. I." and under snnie oilier Mjnaiincj llie hills tti-ia i-sneil. Afei llie eiedil of tins ciiicein ttnslusl, peteial iitieinpts weie lo letite il. I'brj inilioiiiided iiiflueiire wlui ll Jo li nl otei liis iuoinnt mid deltidi'd iVIIows, ,, ml he implicit I'.ii ll which ib'-t li id in liis pielieiions eoneei tiin; its ultimate success, weie latin aide lo ihnse aiie.npN, is line llie I'.iiili nf some uos roinettli il fli.ikiol, nnd one of Jo's I we te .iposiles di-i lose I in .1 loolhcr in coiilid-'nie Ins suspicions dial ''Jo. Suiidi's (Jud w as not die (lod lie was er.11 l,ed up lo lie," tet tlie-e mm Ultii - weie -o 111 lie. lied, nod lite spillibihty of till! Moio.nlH was s,il, j. nod 10.1 fiiillt-i D ial. ll is in,M'r In 11 111 n k lieie, lint llie-c penple, lure die liist iiii.uiun of dm miIijci'I of e-t.ildih-i nil a li.oik iimoie' 1 liciii , we,e el.iti'd wi ll what fecmul to diem the ceitniu piospcni of soon i becotnini iinu.en-elj lich. In this hope. il,ev were enroiiragcil hy ibeir leaders, especially Ilidoa, wh . laulil diem dial in wealth and splendor I lie "saintu" ought to excel nil oilier people, so as to gai i die lespec.i and admiiiitioii of iic-n in hi"!) places. "Ilowetei-," said he "some may say 'il it haul for a rich man lo ciitei' into die kingdom uf ho, nen ;' el dial is no ic.isnn why he shall nut becoinn rii h afier he gls iIihik." Such in-luto linns ns the-e, I need not add were quite welcome, ami ilicii' pflVris wem soon niaiiifesl anions' ihe-n "latter saints" who expemle I what Utile dew It id in In vim ion- lit i itu and emlly eiptip .ge, as far u duo.- liriln all would un. "...I run in debt fir lilt bilaucc. Lingi! puiclia-cs weie in.nlu hy lliem of ineicliandize nnd lands upon eiedil, coufidi'iil tint lite colli was Jo Saudi and ibc fiillne- dicirof. Tliev had lii en t. infill lo belietc, and did seem lo think, thai die hank wns In he. llie'.s iiea.'iiry, when', Jo lieina die liea-uier, iIir Ur.ifis of I tin latter saints', would tvillmiu n (piestiniH n-ketl, he biuioteil nl silit. lien ealled upon In pav ibeb' dehis llie iineniinn of die eiedilor was lefi-ied to the li. .nk iilioul lo cotnmeni.e lni-ine-s, ,s .no i 1 1 ' i 1 1 1 i ' K m ipiaiiiled w'uli ihe liun-ai:-lion-of llu-e people I do not lie-inue In -nt . nne of ibe nly-cis of tins Hunk was io siippoii dii'in in idleiu-.s, ieliee dieir riiili.iiiiiss nieui, nnd in dili! iluni lo puiseciilu I lie ir mi.-iliiu-tons inipo-tuie. Under the-e ciieiiin-laiicej a .u:c nuinunl of then liills,.i nnimdialeb pin into eiiciilaiuui and I"""1'1" t well -nine in lh neihl.oi liood r a fe dat- itliii-h diey eon, im,, d i,i tedeem, which J h ok did not . sived ,e ,,js, ,.i o koow w hat .ouoiiiii of rp.rii. ,,,, ,,aile.l will. The nio-t esi,.i,.i.ui, stat ,i ne pin loidi, niid will, a few oh, aii.ed r, I deuce peel,,,., die -ol- tenet nf die coneei n. Ii mv pel.- I knowledge wa-si. I by diose p.iui'ipilly diet b id in iheir tanli iiionev in ihe iiuiouin of i--!:!0,000 l.i fne eoniuienco hii-incss. Nobody behetes howcier tin ihej b. one hioidie.hh part Mini. As I bate nlnadysaid ahei llichank had filled, as cteiy hod; knew il ino.-t, alli'inpia weie nude in letiui its nedii, ''. pMlpil, ami ihe led.) fjabbub w t" e dt t nte.l in this object. The 1111111., mid the duty of llie people lohiingin their inlies into ilii.- M,h lunise, was die ilieme in nlinou eieiy seiinoo To- n, ir.v weeks. Diuue. die iciui- J1 f 'I'" sul.ji.i i n ceiiaii. binker of ilunhiful diameter, bin uf the "yo ahead" race, came along (wbeihci by iliauee or iutilaiton I am unable lo sat) nnd oil',', cd his feu ices lo ;issiii dieni. Of eniii il Was riiill-lndril it. .i I . . " " ",r " ' cr bad a dollar in snecie was ocisn.iiled io rmn r waul and exeliauge it r die bills ,,f the liank or .Moiune, (liib.) in wlnrli ibis Inoker win deeply iulcie-led, and wlni b wns iben mi ibe waue, lie- l ween ibis li.mU I lite Kuilaiid hank he pioposed finning a ciiiuieclou,ani Oliier ('nuitiit, one tvba il Ju while he iianliiie, :l,r Monk uf Mnr moil lino' dm peep shine, w.i.s iippoinied I'lesiili'iU of ihe I'm, tier. 'I bis lieavt nhj mrrntr nfiec pendui;' n f-w days widi die pip ,, k In. le.ite and I belie. e Ins in-ier been in ICul.ind nni-e. W'lial be nnie of dm ,pie,e he cnllceied I should biidlt dunk is known even io il H, tn (,ry pni h lino hi. bands. mil inclined in belieie lioweter, dial dieir riednliit luiued i lecidedly in Ins pn.iii, us I am mil awain ih.u j ,,a 11 ,m,''1 ""' .'""niei of " I he Kiul.oid .Safely .Society" lifter oatmeal ciomieil a ulwn iiieniiinied. Thai J..', followers went ileceivcd, ns ibey hate ever been, I hutf no duiibi, hot jet I pietend mil lo know of nny cn'aiinal pi.tciicrt on llie pan of ihe lauker, or ibere tva not a, perfect undemanding between him and the Prophst.

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