Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, March 2, 1838, Page 3

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated March 2, 1838 Page 3
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BOOKS ! BOOKS ! THE following valuable books ore for sale nt the Hook Store Vn linn's lives of old English ProBe Writers. 2 vols. 12 mo. Ilnrnoh Moore's Works, complete 1 vol. 0 vo. Franklin' Works. 2 vols. 0 vo. Marshall's Washington, 2 vols. n yn, British Drama Howell's Jiilinsnn Mnrrynll'tf Works llcmnn'd Poems Burke's Works Bncklnnd's Geology Pi.tfnl'a PliminloffV ill) do til) 1 vol. (Id 3 vols. '2 vols. do ill) do (Id 0 vo. do ilii Kirby on the history habits nnd instincts of Animnls. 1 vol. U vo. Dunn's Mineralogy. v'.'n v,' , Addison's Miseeltniieoug Works, -1 II vo. Kiip. I'M- Wnverlu's NoVols, 1G Vols. 12 1110, vols Am bisnnc. , Bulwcr's. do B vol. do Memoirs of Anron Burr, 2 vols, f! vo. Modern Society, by Miss Sinclair. Snm Slick of Slickvillo. Yankee Notinm Nick of the woods, by the nuthor or Cnlavar. The 'I'rollopiad or travelling Gentleman in America. Jttila, by James. Sweeter mi Digestion. Wayland's Moral Science. Religions Opinions and Character of Washington. Blnnintield's Greek Testament. Am. Ed. Cruden's Concordance, I vol. 4 lo. Dwighls Theology, A vols. :i vo. &c. &c. School and -classical Bonks of every description together with Stationary ol the first qualiiv, are also lor sale uy JAS W. 11ICKOK. Burlhglon, March I, IIS3I1. Hickok's Patent llotnry Oven rjnil E subscriber has jiibl received and . ..w..-. .... run., u miuvs, u. " iMi.ii , wurneu at urgans, iie:asionallv arsHlmrr tho n hove cut is a n presenlatioii. To all j ie in the chemical opeiii.ius of Manul'ao--theai vamages tit Hie iinpmved Romry top, irllr pnrcelaiu teeth 1 never entered i. miiiiMi a lioinry vjven on nn euiin iy new p an. which, from the testimony nf'tho-e who have u-ed them, Inr sopi'rcedes any thing of Ihe kind, yet offered to the public" Those wishing in purchase cook stoves a le respectfully requested to examine these tipfnro uiuking their selection, an ocular demonstration will belter convince Ihe public uf the value of the article than any (leserip'ion that eou'd be giv.'ii. Another recommendation, there hard tunes is ilia I these sieves will be sold a- low as the com. mou Rolarvs of the snme size R011KRT MOODY. Mnrli I. 111311. If CLOVER SEED. ,(0U lbs. White and Yellow l'cr onial Clover Seed. 1000 lb-. Red, ' bv Feb. 2 J J &. J. M. & Co. ' " GARDEN SREDS." (T Boxes Shaker Garden Srcii-' of last vear-i growth, bv Feb, 22. ' J &. J. II Pkck &CoL Confectionary. 2000 lbs Confectionary just received hy J. & J. II. Pkck & Co. Feb. 22. HIJFEiB.!MJJ3' fillip. W,, prescni.nisoeoKoou wn iuoiuo-kl sick md discouraged invalids, and urge you " ll( ,,,at .he ." ,low ,0 l,ra'IL'R to lake then. wc,rM as unbelieving in their!!" lUc, ,nl"n'L' lbl"ll"'p3- I' perfect ciricaey as any one possibly could he; but ' knowledge and practice ol the business he ihetc has been loo many cases of cures in tho town of liurhngton alnno, to permit us to doubt their good qualities. Wo know of persons cuted of what tho "Faculty" pro nounced to be incurable, confirmed Consump tion ; some of various kinds of fevers, and sonio of these cases given up as past cine. before the Morrison's Pills wcro administered. Wc can send you to poisons where two were taken down with fever, ono waput under the caro of a Physician, and tho other was put under the operation of IWorison's Pills; Ibis ono was up and well in a few days and the other was given up, (last Friday. Feb. flih, 183C, as incurablo by the Physician,-) ho was then put under the opnratiou of Morrison's Tills, and is now (1- eb, 17th) doing well. Wo can show ym a person, who returned from the ' West very sick wiih the fever and ague, he was after much persiuiiou induced lo take, Mux mwiiicinn and was shortly we'd ; this gen- j llcmsu nnd brother and father uso il in llieir , families in all eases of sickness, and so do all ' tho rest. This is the medicino which does not weaken when taken every day, weel; after week, but on this contrary, as tlmm-ands upon thousands do It-Miry, it Micngthens. enlivens,! and builds up ihe system. Hardly a day I passes but what there are some case or of cures renorled to no. i ll'i-niod In- ililu. flr.i ! 1 nmUrM Vcgouhln Modicum ever invented. this had obtained nn ..,,, ,,, .mi,, other Vegetable. Universal Medicines were "lnl repuianon no mushrooms, evident mi 2 m, vShop PANGUOR.N & llRINSMAlD but limy succeed badlv. tlu-u rnnm .n..i,M thqm like his and they do not Imvn th gr.-al and beneficial opcralinn. which Moris.iu'K do 1 ho calls for Ibis medicino continue to increaso every where and thocnsi-s of euros mo mnlii. plying daily. For tho leading principles, nr tho Hygoan or Moriannian Theory of dixnaso Ju'l'mKton papers, ,r February l3fj. EV1.RY HOX AND Pack r.'i' ,ni,i ,v.. rnont U signed l.y Pangborn k. Ilrinsmaid. V?i ACnU5 appointed by Goo. Taylor, British College of lleallli. or.l iu.nn dclognto to the United States soul out by said Collcgo m plaee nf II, Shcpard and Moat, removed. 10y aQ biir,ld b the tub-ogontH appn'mtrd hv nt in n.nir ,,. pcclivo towns. NO OTHERS CAN HE PANOHORN le lmiNSMAID. Srate Wgtn, llnrlinzlon Vt Blanks for sale at this Office. POWDER. tgiQ Kegs Powder manufac tured at the Fntrlawn Mills. A superior article nnd recommended for possessing strength equal to thu Grange tinil Dn l'oiit Powder. For Hale on consignment liy Feb. 22. J. & .1. II. I'r.ctc & Co. TO THE PUBLIC Surgeon Dentist, RESPECTFULLY returns Ins ilmhks for the liheriil patronage ho has ro eeived for llnrtei'ii years past: t ho whole of which I line I have been employed in Dcniistry and have spared no paiiw or ex pense to qualify myself for the businesss. I am willing to warrant my work to bo done skillfully, nnd a I intend to remain in town and continue my practice 1 tlinll be ready and willing to innlio any reason able repairs of my work grotis. Afier ten years practice I went to Philadelphia and spent the summer in practice wiih Doct. S. S. Fitch, one of the most scion, tilio nnd celebrated nrae.t dinners in Den tal Surgery in the United Suites, where I paid live hundred dollars lor tuition, ho sidos other expenses and received a Diplo ma, authorising mid recoil mending mo to nracueo Denial Surgery in Hs vn r ion brooches in any pari of the United Stale. I can assure the public that there is no Iki-n ness that requires more prnclice to make pot feet tlnin Don1 1st ry business, nnd il they would realize, n those who have expe rienced, the (.'rent injury done by uml practice in Dentistry they would guard ni'aiiift einpioying impostors. 1 am sorry i i .i J T i, , . ..' Id be under the oiengreenhle v ol , i ii ii . . i " .i speaking public Iv ui n voii.1l' man bv he speaking punn name ol John Lwis, wlw advert i-os I he practice ol Dentistry in ills place, but as he ban travelled out of hispalh auu made nn unwarrantable life of ny unine to give himself currency in I ho l)cnli-t business, justice to the public ns will as myself re. quires that I should blnlo ionic facts in re lation to Mr Lewis and lis qualifications, or rather waul ol qudihcntinns. M JiCwis cuierco my otiice list .May, under n 1 contract lo work lor me for the space of . two years at l lie Whiti'snnh liiniuiss uml I making and repairing Mitral iiis'riimcnls, I ami ihe Mechanical partol Dentistry. lie lelt my riiiiiluy oiccreinonioiislv in : January last: nliout tlree fourths of tin Ol" It Til r 1 11 1 Ii I 1 1 ir Im tine xnll. ...n I... into any iiinlcistandiii.,wilh Mr. Lewi-i In learn nun Dentistry, alii during the time i no was vviiii mo, I nevr directed or per milled him to perform nny operations in Dent istry, except the nrre part ol Manufacturing th Materials for my opetaiions; and I oil not awnre of Ins ever practising Deutilry. or that he evor inierded lo practice, mill I snw his adver ti-euient. I had Munnfuctiired teeth nnd materials before Mr. L' Wis came to work lor me, and continue n Mniuiiaclnre them mill am prepared Id iisirucl oihurs how to inaniidictiire them, a well n can be, done in I h ' United Siaie.-, boi the art cannot he acquired in a few wi ;. or veo a fow uiouihs. AH Hie kn wl. de Mr I,. wis litis in even lln- Mi'cliiinicfil pari nl Dentistry he acquired from me in lliu inuiiuer above sta. ted. I have been thus particular in detailing I hi; history of Mr L"wi-' eduent ion hi Stir genu D' Otisiry, id order to rniitinu tin; public ngauist believing every Quack's ad vertisement. Il requires no logic to con voice scumble people thu it doe-not follow ofcroir-e that the Whitesmith who manu factures the Burgeon's I nl ruments, knows how, when and where, lo use I hem as skil fully a the surgeon hljnself llurlinzlnn. Fdt 20. IC37. -T. Lie WIS w QULD re-pectfully inform the nub feels willing to affirm that it will bu dune in the ncalest manner. Calls will he strictly attended to at then respective dwelling, or at his room in J. Potter'-. College Street. Ilurlington, Feb V,. Ili3tl. FLOUR. I"&Odir:fiTi:n "City Mills" and Troy M- ilour, for sale by 1'0LLCTT& I!ll.U)I.i:VB. Dec. G, ltj.37. Novia Scotia Plaster. rcf n TONS now rriiiilimr and for nl by the suh.-criliL-rs. liD It DM AN, CI.AIiK. k Co. Milton, I.meir Path, Jan. "3, IBM, Burlington, Nov. !M, 18:57. ii' BWIil.U I MOUin IS IIOW r. CilVIIIL' irmu New Yorl; an e.vtuii.-ive siipiily ol Hardware, i-addlery. Ilol'ownre, Drug--, oiiiiiuiiH's, rimns, unu (jus which no oners in me puunr cii.'ap tor cash or short wo will attend to ihe bii-iness of our said credit, a' lb-o'd e-iuhlished utoro, nortluanp nt liiienl. niihu dweliimr of Lathron east corner ol t Ii.! Miioire. SvfB tJ WlTCriSS. n-iUM', IjuUI U ; niches, excellent o- ..v.-nienn. Silver .....m, n.,.l com. i iiKMi Wnleh. s ju-t ri'c ived at tin Variety lop Feb. K Wnrdu Vsi nl 't lirne X' nt li "(J,('-k' IblOIS, Oai)l OS, tVOlll cr military goods for sale, at the Variety Simp, PANT, HORN & 11RINSMA1D Dec. 29. 18.17. Scotch Pir Iron. C)At tons, No. I.oii consignment, for sale by Foi.lett i JIhaoi.cvs. Ucc.O, 1037. Back Oiler and ar!c St: a ATM ' " I IRST r' iiriiclo can bo found nt the Cap o id Hat Siorn of WM. 1. SEYMOUR. .Gentlemen wishing lo nur- chase a gnud tfjicle, of elegant form, will avail lliein-elv' ot tlio opportunity. Also liullalo lomH of lorgo sizes. Caps muiio to orue'i , Burluiglon,Jov. 0, 1037. Winter Strained Lamp Oil 500 GALL'S, nuro winter Oil by JjATIIIlOP k I'OTWIN. Paints, Oils and Dye Stufls. 10,000 Whil0 Il(,nt G bills Venolinu ltcd 15 do Whilmg fl do French Yellow 0 do America! do 12 do Spts. Turpentine 25 do Linseed Oil 2,000 gnls. pure winter nnd lal( Sperm Oil 150 bbls ground Logwood. St. Doinitigo. 75 do do do Cninpcachy 150 do do Fustic 100 do do Nicuingua 00 do do Cam Wood 10 do do Car do 12 do do I'each do 10 do do Quercitron Dark :i0 do Madder 25 Domijoin Oil Vitriol 10 bbls Allum 5 do Biuo Vitriol 2 Commit; Flotant Indigo 1 Cn-o llongnl do" hv .1. & .1. II. I'rcit &, Co ' Arrangement for ItMS. rrniiE sm Drivers, and Post Riders, il on all the routes irninir out ol 15or- linglon will deliver oik; and three dollar (nickels ol the genuine Monson's PilK or Vg.-tnble Uuiversnl .Medicine of the Brit ijh College of Ileahh, free of expense to iu chasers, except the paynu nt for the Pills. Be particular and see thai each pncUet mill li . x s signed in writing bv '., ,,, P, . t ' ' "a 'gbnru on r i; ti i. ISo others are . , , ,,. . ,, ,, ., innile hv .lltirisun the Ihrjcht, I'anoii.ikn it IJmMr.M.Mi), State dgcnli, Fiji. !i. Ill.Ht. TO TESS PTOMO. IN order to counteract sundry mis-Halo, menis that have gone abroad in runt ion In my work, and to put the public on their guard agniiist imposition, the undersigned iieetiH it proper to iiilonu those inleiesieil, thai the toll setts, pnrls. and snurle, IN. CORRUPTI I5LK MINKRAL TKHTU, set on guld, at (). II. Sjxtou's was done whollj by me. IITAs 1 am not now in his employ, this explanation is but nn oct ul iu-i tee. 1 l..'AVis liurlinstim Fib. 12 1H3!!. 'business men WISHING large Wallets and Pocket liouks, suitiible to lav biuli notes in wiilnuit folding, nnd oilier large papers arc inlorincd that we have jm! received a few good ones at me variety hhop. Feb. 22. Pamjuohn &, Hiiin'maid. To Wood Choppeis. GJ-BilSS'S AXES, ASuPPLi of thu above celebrated . Axes, just received, and for sale by tnu dozen or single, hv i In sub-crihor. ROI5I5RT MOODY. Hurling! nn, Dec 2!1, 1!!37. B U 11 L 1 j" (1 T O FEM A LE S EM IN A R Y. ''SIIFi .Spring and Summer Term, of the -ii- lurlini;lim lewatc Seminary, com inences March I --t. i: x i i: n s k s . hoard, including Washing, Fire and Lights, j.50 per quarter. Tniiion in lOnglish and Laiin. i'j per qr French, 3 " " (jorinnu. " " Linear and Perspective Drawing, 5J " Vocal Moic. to Muic j pupils 41 , oi hern 2 " Instriiinenta Music, ) ,,, Pihiio and finiinr tar, s " Application" should be made to the Prin. ci pul, M. C. GnKi:N. Hurlingion. Feb. I, 103tf. Fairbank's Improved Cooking STOVE. J' UST ree'd bv the subscribers. Fair- bulk's Patent Improved diving Hue Conking Stoves, an article well worthy ihe .r'on inn of the public. They are consid ered by tlio-o who have used them, as de cidedly superior to any other Cooking Stove now in use. Thu costing is superior, and Iron of (he beat quality, and ol extra thickness. J. &. J. II. Pj:ck & Co, Agents. Feb. Ii. lll'J!!. Estate of Jiry Hammond 2d. Wl-J the subscribers, being appointed by the lion, i he Probate Court tor Ihe districl of Windsor, t-ominis-ioners lo re ceive, examine and udiiist all chums and d -iiiauds ol nil persons, ngain-t the estate ol Jiry Uiiinuiond 2d late of Windsor in said (list not. deceased, represented insol Vi lli, noil llNll till el.HIIW nni! ilmiiniulo nv. hl,)i'e( III oti'-el IIilti'Io: mid iv ninmli from the second dav of December li:;!7 l,o mg allowed by said court for thai purpose, we do t herelore herehy mve notice, thai Jflliiiiiiiiood in WlniUnr on I ho fir,.! To.-ilnv,. of Apnlnud .liini) A D. 111311, I'roiu nine o'clock, A M. tint 1 1 four o'clock, P. M. on each of said (lays. NKI1KMIAII PARKER, jr. ? Comi EDWARD I). NORTH, s David Goodhue's Estate. W E the siilxenbers having been n point ed bv ihe Hon. the Probate Court for the dist i let of Chittenden, commission, ers lo receive, examine nnd adjust the chums and demand of all persons, agauisl the estate o David (iiiodhiie late of Under hill, in bind District, deceased, represented insolvent, and also nil chums and demand exhibited in ollVct therein; and six month from Ihe day ol the dale hereof, being nl lowed by said Court lor that purpose, wu do thereloro hereby givo notice, that we will attend to the business of our appoint incut, at the dwelling of the widow Hannah (looilhue in Underbill in said I I -1 riot, on tho 20ih days of March and July next at 10 o'clock, A.M. on each of said days. Dated, this 17th day of February A. D. REUI1EN MARCY. ) Commit THOMAS (JOODIIUE, wrier. TO RBXT. rllllli store unu dwelling next X door cast of Mr. Ilickok's. Hook Store, on college sirnol, tilso the premises occupied by C. Mernt, containing a joiners shop and two dwelling!), also tho Iioiho occupied by II. I'. I inliets, corner ! (yhamplain and 1'enrl streets. 11. LHAVHN WORTH. Felild, 18311. Harry C. lloardman's Estate. the s.ib-cribers having been appoin ted by the lion. Ihe probate court fur tic District of Chittenden, commission- ,,rjs to receive, ixaiuinu and adjust the claiin1' n,l(' 'lemnnds of all persons, against the o'liitc' of llnrrv C. Ilimnliiiaii, late ol Mill mi i"i sni:' J)istrict, deceased, rcprc scnlel insiilvent, and also nil claims nnd dcnimd--exhibited m 'T!,cl thereto; and six in inths from I lie day f the date hereof, being allowed by sain' Court fr that pur pose, we do I hcrefore hefby g'Vc nojice, flint i.'e will nitund to the hl.'sineftd our iippnntinenl, at. the dwelling of Mr?. An' llonrdiian. in Milion, in said District, on the thirtieth day of Juno next, at 10 o'clock, A. M. on said (lay. Da'ed, ibis lOih dav of Jan. A. D. 11131!. Cr.SAIMI I'HKLI'S, ( Commit (illO. K. PL ATT, S sionrrs. ""iJASSWOOD BOAIlDSr 41cf VulfscHbcr-V'rs onsC wishing lu purchrso will ploa-o addros-i HENRY N. JIRUSII. Mo'ra, Franklin Cu. N. Y. CABIN 1ST 1 7 U R Nl rr U lilE 3. R. VSrOULD ii spectlully in- Y form the public that ho has now mi hand ant! con pinnl Iy tniiniifaeiuriiig nt the old shop (formerly Nichola mid Herricks) on chu ch si., an elegnnt assortment of Cob n?"uTt iiiriiiiuru cousisung in almost every article called for jjr j( j i liuij of business, which nle on as good tonus ns can he purchased lor in this vicinity- Most kinds of lumber or produce received in pay. inenl. Cash is inosi wanted but n liberal credit will be given. A share of patronage is most respectfully solicited. liurlhistnn. Dee. 7, lli37. 1f' 'BVP Sulex, of best iiia'.iiil'acture. on 4S'SiJeou'igiiin(iil for sale by FOI.LETT k 15RADLEYS. Dec !!lb iS.37. Chests Old Ilv.-oo. young I Iy son, Hymn Skin Souchong, and Tonka Tea. 00 15 10 20 20 20 10 100 50 100 5 45 10 A A f! 10 for sale Dec. Caddies very superior Y. Hyson do Minis. Molissos. Ilhds. New Orleans and Porto Rico Suars. Ills, best Loaf Sugars. Hags Cofeo. Rags pepper nnd spices. Kegs pure Ginger. Hoxes Muscatel and Uloom Raisins IIoxps liar Soap. Il-ixes Pipes. Mails Cns-ia. Tierces Saleral us. IP--. Am. Ilrandy. Pipe Pall. Gin. do II ) 1 1 n n 1 1 do. do best sigoette Rrandy. lids. Winter Strained Oil. His. do do do, by Foi.I.ETT & UnADI.EVS. C, lf)37. Grind Stones. 20 tons Nova Scotia Grind Stones, nssoit cd sizes, weiff'iiriff from 50 to HOO lb. for salo by Fom.ktt & Hradi.evs. THE HYGEIAN PI1EORY OF DIS EASES, and ri:m:rai. ninr.CTio.-ss run the use ok MORISON'S IJNIVKUSAL IIKII C1KNS, Of the Brilith College (if Health, London 'Ihe leading Principles of the llygcian nr vHurimnian 1 henry oj Diseases arc contained in Ihe following Propo sitions ; 1. The vital principle is contained in the blood. 2. Everything in the body is derived Irom th tilood. 3 All diseases arise from the impurity in the blood. From ihn blond all the solids are derived and nourished nil the other fluids are secreted and all the substances appropri ated to repair the injuries done lo the body are supplied. The rudiment of Ihe fill urn heart (and the circulating system,) ii i- wen Known, precedes the urinal ion ol other parts of ihe body and is visible for some tinio lu'tore nny trace ul the brain can lo- (iMingnisiicd. As the blood is th0 builder up of the uouy auu source oi general health, so it also ol universal disease: that beiti" fluid while circulating in the body, it is more uniform in i'h appenrnnco than any ol the solid parts, winch accounts for the dillieul ly of delecting any foreign nr morbifiok matter which may he circulating w'nh it The unn-ins o foyer am harmless to every other part of i he system, and only become uii-cliievoiit when they reach thu blood. If the blood become once itnpn g. tinted with a peculiar is wonderful lo tennirk the lenacily with which it retains it, though often in a stnto nf inactivity for years, or even generations. Honeu all hereditary diseases, coiiMiinptinns, he. Every germ and fihru of every other part, being formed and fed from the blood mid all coinniiinicniion to the soid3 being cut nil', except hy ihQ circulation, whom elso can we look t, as tho seat of such minis or predippo?iiioid for disease, orfor Ihe came oj disciue itself? A, Pain and diroaso have iho snme origin and mny therefore bo considered synonymous terms. 5. Purgation by vegetables is tho mil v ellecluiil mode of purilying the blood, unil eradicating disease. It is evident imi. n ,f0 mudicines which require preparation in the patient, urn! give cold if taker, in dninp or cnld for woollier, such aa calomel &c; do not as similnto to tho body, and nro therefore highly injurious to the constitution, nnd impress nnd stamp new qualities upon it. For the "Fcgclable Universal .Metticinct" it is unnece-sary to propnrc. They may be taken with advantage in any weather, or nt any tune of Ihe your. The simple theory simple because trtto contained in these five proposition wnB first promulgated by Jlr Jlorisim, Ihe Ifygcisl, in I1135j nnd his world-renowned medicines were tnken with unparnllelled success. Sincn this time numerous imittr tors hnvo iirisuu in America ns well us in Europe, who style thoiiHolvos Hygeists, nnd pretend to treat dueases on llygoian principles, and with 'Universal Vegetable Medicine-.' The, Medicines of the Hritish College of Health cure rII disenscs which admit ol cure. 1. They remove from the stomach, liver nnd intestinesthe blood-making organs nil obstruction to the due performance of their healthy luticlioiis. 2. They purify the blood, by increasing its va'ions excretions; and prevent disease by enabling 'be body Micce-sfolly to resist the prruli.-pos'iig exciting r.auses'of disease. 3. They incrase the action of the ab sorbents, bv wi'.ich all morbid growths are taken into tho cirt'tilntioti and afterwards exnelled Irom the body. 4, Thoy restore I lie rrgulurily of those processes upon which thu formation nOU circulation of the blood depend. These nro the only medicines known in which small doses have a powerful and lieiieticni eitect: mid yet, oi winch, in ex treme ci-es. such very large doses may be administered loarlossly ami with greatly increa-t'd advantage to ihe patient. Ho None genuine unless signed by pANfinOHN (Si lintNSMAM). Stale Azenls. SHIPPING FUltS. ASH. and the highest market price, paid fur Shipping Furs, by C W. R. & F. C. VILAS. Feb. 9. NOTICE PERSONS siilfering under h hcuuuilic Af' fiction are respectfully assuicd, that they can obtain of tho proprietor and his agents n safe and admirable remedy for RHEUMA TISM, however obstinate tho disorder may be, and in all ils did'erent stages. 3j-DH J ZJE'S Rheumatic Liniment! will afford immediate relief In tho patient, and has sometimes been attended with such extra, ordinary success as to euro the most disttes sing lihiumalism in ttrinty-Jour hours, even when of years standing. 'Phis highly valuable Linimml is recom mended Willi a confidence founded on the ex peiiencc of many years, not only ns a euro for that excruciating disease, but as an excellent application for Htmt.ness or the joins, Numb. NESS, Sl-ltAINS, Cllll.UI.AlNS, i-e. Among a mass of testimony in favour of the success of iho Liniment, as a thorough rcmo. dy for Rheumatism, tho proprietor selects tho following as ptcscnting genuine instances of lis efficacy Vcie and surprising rnsr.?. ID" A gentleman, 3JIr. R. of Ciiarlcslowny who can bo referred to had been confined lo his bod most oftho time for a week, suffering mutt excruciating pain from llheuontisni : af. Icr having had recourse lo Ihe round of anti dotes usually resorted to in this complaint 'but without benefit ; and while in this statu of soflering. and no piospeet of relief, Mr. Caleb Syuwnes, who was his neighbour, nnd who, owing to iho extraordinary benefit ho had hiinsolfcxpcrienced from its u-c, recommend, ed tlio article with such confidence as inducud Air. R. to make use of it, which he did. with tho usual success attending its administration, viz: immediate mitigation of pain relief and cure ' (HTMr. T. of lliiscily, was attacked with a very violent Rheumatism in his back, which an application of ibis Liniment on going to bed instantly relieved, and cured by morning observes he never used any thing which gavo him so much and so great relief. ID"An old Revolutionary Olliccr near Hos ton.was sorely afllicled for years with rheu matic complaints, especially in his joints and limbs, which were ficquoutly much swollen, could obtain only teinporaiy relief from med ical advice, or tho use of various remedies, and had disp iireil olhulp; when a friend who hail witnessed tho wonderful etl'ecls of this Lini ment, advised him lo make use ofil, which ho did. wiih tho most happy effect ; ii reduced the sierllnig in one flight. This article is lonsidind so superior In every thing else, ana lupous si such uncommon virlnts, that it is urdiridfium distant putts if the coun try. LT"An agent reeenly writes : "I'lcnto send mo a further supply of jebb's Liiilinenl thu first opportunity I slull probably soli a consider able quantity, as it is recommended by some of uur physicians very highly. Lf'Anolhcr ageni writes; UI wish you to lorward mo some more of Jebb's Liniment, wlneo has recommended itself very highly." Price 50 cents a bottle. The Pnuiful and Debilitating Complaint of THE receives immediate relief, and in numerous in stances has been thoroughly tho adinliiistraliuii of nu.MniiEs' lic.Mcuv run nn: ru.Es. rjnill.S approved compound nlso mitigates J. and removes tlio symptoms which fre quently accompany that disorder, and increase tlio danger of the patient, viz. ; pains in Loins --Headache loss of nppnlilo Indigestion, and olhei marks of debility. A relieved Patient wiiles fiom a distance, "It is hut justice lo you to inform yon, thai 1 Inve used your Dumfries icinedy for iho Piles for somel into past, and hnvo found it em. inenlly successful." An Olficer in Iho Army observes "I Imvo been troubled for years with tho Piles, and have never fuiuid any remedy thai would compare wiih yours. It gave mo al most immediate relief." A Physician and Druggist writes. "1 havo sold all tho medicine you sent me, which is so highly recommended for the Piles. I wish you to send mu one dozen more by thu bearer." Tho remedy is qnito innncenl, and may be administered to all ages and both kixcs Plain and ainplo Directions, with a description or tho complaint, accompany each packa-'o, which consists of wo bora, one contaiiiinglui Ointment, ami the other an Electuary. Prico $1 lor boih arlclos, or 50 cents wheru but one is wnnled. Price $1 u bottle, or 0 bottles for $5. O. H. SAXTON SUKflEON DENTIST. Office one tloor tnuth nf JV. Ii. Itatmll'r .luciwn una Commijiror afore. BURLING TOJV, VI. Gregory's Pills. AN nrticle too well known by I he public to reipiire n list nf certificates or rec ommendations, lor sale bv J. &. J. H. Peck &. Co. Feb. 22. and Ruhkiit Moony. ( LOVEll SEED. FOR snle by llieUnk tf Catlin Red Clo ver Seed, nlso Trefoil or Yellow Clo. ver Seed a pnrciii'tnl plant, excllent for Danes as well as for ll.iv. Fe''. 22. rjHE Subscribers hnvo received by JL t leiglung nn addition to their slock nf goods which makes it now tho best to bu found norili of Albany They have o heavy stock of Drown Slicetiugs'and Shirt, tugs, Dickings. Padding, Canvass, Prints of every description, &c. &c, which wo will sell at a small advance from cost. Also a variety of Fnncy Dress Hundkorchiefn, open Silk gloves, sup. gentlemen and ladies Goal skin do French Prints', Ribbon?, Laces &o. &c. 1 case French Muslin Capes nnd Collars comprising nearly fifty new and rich Pul. !erns, which wc nro selling at extreme low prices' Lathiiop & Potwin. Feb. 22, 1330. New Establishment. GilZ&U. A. STEVENSON, MAVING taken the Cabinet Shop on tin; east side oftho Court Hot)"' Square, formerly occupied by Abbott & Wood, where he intends enrrying on the Cubiuet making business in all its branches, and hopes by punctuality and slnct atten tion to his business, to merit a share of public palronnge. N. D. All kinds of fancy work, such as Ladies work Roxes, Portable Desks, Shot funier. Music Stools, Foot Stools, &c. &( made and repaired with neatness and on short not ico. UTAImost all kinds of Lumber nnd pro visions taken in payment tor cabinet furrn lure Durlington, Feb. 1. 1030, TIP HE stock of Goods lately owned by Mr. JL Lemuel Curtis, togolhcr wilh the Stnro and Shop now occupied by Mr. D. S. Russell, nnd the land on which the same stand, hnvi been convoyed to the subscriber to be sold for the boiifit of certain creditors of said Curtis i and ns llicsame musl bo sold at nil events thosi who wish lopuichase will be enabled lo mal; grcat bargains. Thogoods consist of a very large assortment of DRY GOODS, DRY GROCERIES, CROCKERY, CHINA &c GLASS WARE. And will be sold cheap. The Storo nnd Shop, are very eligibly situated, in ibe bn smess part of the town. A credit will In given for a part of the real cstilo. Al o for sale ns above, a one Horse Sleigh, a Chaise, two single Harnesses, a one Horn Waggon, a Saddle, &c. NOBLE LOVELY. Burlington, Feb. 1, 1033. DUMFRIES' ETCH OINTMIT! rsnilE cxtunsivu sale and established ropn .. JL tation of DUMFRIES ITCH OINT MENT, encourages tlio Proprietor to recom mend it with renewed confidciico to the pub lic, as a most innocent as well as poiccrfut application for this annoying disease. 'I Im most inveterate cases havo boon cunco in ovi: hour! by this esteemed Ointment. i contains no Mercury, or other noxious ingre. dient.and may bo confidently applied oven to the youngest children, or lo pregnant female. Price 3" J cents. SORE AT7D INFLAMED, EYES! rgUIE studious, the weakly, and others, JL who are troubled with sornness or in flatnniatinn of that delicate organ, will In able lo obtain a most pleasant and invdliinblo application, in DUMFRIES1 This well established Wash for the Lie, It poi Cecily innocent . and givts immediate relief, even in very aggravated cases ofsoiencss mid iiitldinmatioii Pi ice 2.1 cents. i) r: u i ij i t a t t: i f i: n alks rip HE complaints peculiar to the fcmal JL purt of the eouiniuniiy, have boon long successfully treated by I lie odintni-tra lion of the Aromatic Pills, originally pre. scribed and e mpoiiiided by Dr. Rn'i.rr. They cleanse the blood from those disor ders of the female constitution, for which the Pills, are an elleclual specific; thev restore a free circulation, reform the irreg ular operations of i'ik sanguiferous systeir,. end rectily tho disordered habits. The nronrietor's confidence in the snnnrinr .. cellence of this equally innocent nnd pow- ernii preparation, is louiined nn the iihmi decisive testimony from many restored nt- limns Ho can assure this portion of th public, ( Lit l when J)r. RcWs AROMATIC PILLS FOR FEMALES, are regularly token according totlm il.rn.. lions accompanying them, they revive and establish the desired healthy habits, and restore to the pallid countenance the natu rnl glow nf health and good spirits. The Pills are on approved genural rcmo dy in cases of Obstructions; Debility ; Hy; pochondrin ; Green Sickness; Giddiness." Palpitation of the Heart ; had Digestiuns Loaihing of Food ; Pain nf the slou och , Shortness of lircalh upon every litilo mo.' tiDir, Sinking of iho Spirits, and its conse quences, n dejected countenance, and dig like for rxercisu and convtiri-ut inn. Married ladies will find )e i, cqil(1jv u-efiil. except in rases of pregnancy, xche'n they mint not be taken; nelher inui thev bo lake., by persons of heclic or consuuip live habits. I ,,.y n)ny h mim) successful Iv by ei her men or wnuie.i in nil 7Wion. oW. Hysteric or ru.onrW, disorders. In nil cases ol this dcser.nti,,lMm p,s purify invigorate, mid revive t, disordered sy. mu l'rice$l,6Qabox'

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