Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, March 16, 1838, Page 2

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated March 16, 1838 Page 2
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ANTI-SLAVHKY SOCIETY. I loinwn. mid circuloto the permanent quor-1 lotly sub'oripliuns, pnvnblu to the county Agreeably In public nnliro. n ninuhor nfl Tn n-uror. in order lo got fiiml to carry I'or.wiid Ibis cniise: nnd it shall be t hr duly of tin' said executive Cninuntlco lo hove a ii- ,i-r fill appointed to colled tin fnii) fiittiTH in they become diii! tin tho perma neni subscriptions. A'lor Iho adoption of llio conMiliilinn ns above given, n corn mil t lo Appointed fur llic purpose, presented llio following resolution!?, which, n I'l o r oinpiA discussion, wof o adopted. Jlcsalvcd, I lint, in llio opinion of ibis Convent inn, Sin very is tin.' great tin of I hip tint ion; nnd unless the iniquitous system ho abolished wo hove reason to believe Hint mighty judgment will visit us in the shape of in-itrruciion nnd blood Resolved, In the opinion of Ihn conven linn thnt unless rlavnry bo abolished by law nnd though t tin Corinth ul ion it? con tinnnnce. will overthrow our laws, violnlo and prostrate our coiifitilution, nnd make plnvcM of llio whites of the north to n Mir ly nnd s'lcnt despotism, equalled only in bnrbnriiy hv thnl wich now Unmplcs on llio two nnd n half millioiiB of coloured pontile in tho South. Resolved. I hut the nbolition of slavery is Iho only means of preventing the dissolu lion ol the Union to ell tho inhabitants of the-o free stales. Resolved. 1 1) n I tho Union has been vir tually dissolved for three years, bv the mmi'Ii. so far hs hundreds of thousand of the citizens, nfl lu inlv nf Ciutiein'ru, a-scinhlod nl the While Church, in Hnr I liugtnn on llio second duv of March, f r Ihn purpose- of forming a cuintv Anti-Slavery Society. Gen. A. AMen l'-q was called tipon to preside, nnd Win. Ilurlbnrt V,u of litnert)ii rjijti. was appointed Si cretnry. After niwh deliberation, n consul lit inn was ngrocd upon, and a county hociety formed. ' Wji, IIuiu.iiup.t, President. TtlUMAN (i.At.USIIA. John Hmkiiv. Vice Presidents. Jofiifii M, n-it. ) JIkniiv P. IIickoK. Sriretary. Ja.mi:s iIn ciikMj, Treasurer. Geo. A. Ai.i.r.N, Ctl.AIll.r.4 GnAVl', It. r'Aitrs''it, Samim.i, P.vm:, AsAiir.i, Naii, Wji. W ix ton, John AitnoTT. CONSTITUTION. Tho inhabi'imtt ol Chittenden County, in the Stale of Vnruioni . being members of sovcral Ariti-SIaYcry Town Societies in this County, in pursuance of due not ico nnila mutual niidcrs'iiiuiiug have assembled thin second day of March, 133!!, in thu town ol Ilorlingten, in sa'd county to form a constitution lor the ClntU'iiden Coun'v Ex. Committee J Ami Slavcrv Society, believing thereby i law-obidiwr ciizen in the free (tale? nru shnll piHUirc n ioiul. co-opi-raiioo of our tun iniowu under the iiptiolotinn nf nbolil louisu, ted efforts in earning forward ihe grtut j forbidding I ho coining of abolitionists to I he nnd Holy ohim' rnnu mpintrd by llio friends of universal omnncipntiou in these Uniied Stnte-' : and lor the iiccom-dicdiiiient ofthis pu rpt'r'e do hereby agree tlint tho following articles hereto annexed shnll con stitutn and runain, unil ntit' it u jotm lly changed, as the constitution of thoChitten den County And S'avery Society. Auticm: I. Tlii" soc'etc shall he known by tho name of the Chittenden Comity Anti-Slavery Society, auxiliary to tho Vor mont State Anlt.Sla"prv Society. Anr 2, The olject of i Ins society phall f.')iilh to pi'f k thfir health to collect their ib-bt, or viriit their rclatinim, or lor nny other purpose, unles-i under the penalty of ilt: ill by tho eavngo tribunal known as Ijynch Law. Hr,olvid, that in tho opinion nl llm con vent ion there was the innsi palpable nnd flagrant violation ol Iho cniictitutioii of the Union on the question of petition on the cJl-t Docrinher last past in tho llouto of Hepre-oiitutivoi of tho Congress of tho United S'Btos. by which thnt iioiit-e of emigre- roMilved lliat nil petitions on the be to dis.-eminnlo n knowlodgo of nil the subject of hiaverv. unread, itnprinlrd. un- uvii uuo urunc oi ri&very in inese uiiueo relerred, iinootiMUereil nnd uniienateU were Statcc. hv paper.--, periodicals bor.ks, by lecturep, by the formal ion of town nnd ecliool district an' i-slavery e- . c i , tin., by circulating lilirar:ei, to he roinpn.-ed of anti slavery htrratore; nnd fu-tli' r, believing elavery a great fin ngninsi. Ood and man. and that it onjiii to ho iriinediaiely abol ished, we therefore pledge oursn-lve.-' to uso all constitutional means for iu accomplish ment, .vhether ihose ni"nns he religioin or political, reiiietnbfring thai whenever wo vote tor u condidniu for n neat in our state legiflature or in oongres. thai we prove recreant to our principles if we knowingly give our votes for a per.-on' unfriendly to thi5 great doctrines of abolition. We therefore nereo to wield the power wo pos sore, whethrr it be moral, pecuniary, relig ious or political, for the ultimate overthrow of nniorican slavery, n.s a fjviem, winch is rendering u- odious in the sight of ihe na tions of tho earth, as well as the Cod of the universe. Aiit. :i Thi society shall have the fol lowing officers a1- its organ and fori's gov eminent nnd control; a lriid'nt. throe Vice ProfidontR, nn Kxecmive Comrnitiec of seven perconi. n Socreiary, mid Treas urer i and said officers 1 1 ;i I be clothed with the general power which usage in the state has atlaclu'd in tho shape of duties to the several ofiloers named. Tho piesidenl and secretary to he ex ollicio members of the oxcuutive rouiinitleo. Aiit. 4. Tin- officers nnuied in the third article .-hall be eleeied aiiiiiially on Ihe firsl Wednci-dav of March, nl u meeting of said fiucieiy to he called hy iho executive com. miitee. hi tho name of the president, at tiich pIhoc Hi fiiid execmive cnummittee dccins fit. not ice thereof being given in the ncwt.ianer of ihe county two weeks previou- I herein, nnd if nny even! happen whereby said rP'olton s'inll no le holih-n. I ben Ihe said oliicers elected Ihe year be fore shall hold iheir offices until a regular annual eleeiion shall lake place. to he on its table. Jlesntvcd. thnt the only remedy for those violation of the constitution by tho dough faces of the North in conjunction with slaveholders of the south, is lor each abo litionist to vote for no man as n member of Cntigros..-j who is not a whole suuled nbolii lotiirt. Rtsolvcd. that the system of American Shivery as it is pracli-cd in one imlf of this union under I ho sanction of law and coun tenanced and upheld hy the public opin ion of u large portion of the other half, is con'rary to the spirit of our goviirment, repugnant to tho principles of liberty as held forth to the world in our declaration of independence, and at war with nil our free institutions, thnt it greatly rclords the spread of liberal principles in other coun tries; exposes us to the reproach and scorn of the despots of Europe, and, if persisted in, must work tho dissolution of our union and Ihe overthrow of our government. Therefore, as patriots and philanthropist!) we nre bound to use the utmost of our constitutional power to effect its speedy and entire abolition. Hcsnlccd, that we regard ol! slavchold- ing, under whatever pretext, to he on enormous SIN, a gross violation of the right j of man, and n daring ursurpatiori of the prerogative ol Jehovah. Resolved, that the higher the pretensions of tho slaveholder lo piety and benevolence or the more exulted station in the church, the more glaring is his inconsistency and the more pernicious his axample in sustain ing the rxeciihle sys'em of slavery. Rrtulucd, that the injiinclioiiii lo love our neighbor n ourselves, lo do lo others as we would i hat they should do to ns, and to remember Idem lleit nre in bonds as hound with thein, are of ). vine miihority and of unusual appheatioiif, making it our solemn duly to regard Iho colored man as our brother, to sympathise with him in his suit, ring dernilalion, n rid to exert the ut V It I I) A Y M O It N I N , 1IAR C II 10. Tin". Si)n-Tnr.AM;iiY Itit.t. Tho Phi lodclphin U. S. Gnr.elto nays iho siib-trras-ii ry bill will pass llio IIouso of Iteprcsen t u lives. Mr. Webster said in Iho Senate on Wednesday, that ho wished ho could say ihe newly augmented fears of the passage of the bill were without, foundation. Dul ho br.d reason to apprehend the bill would pass. Ho knew enough of tho mode of proceeding to estimate properly the object mid operation of keeping a measure, on which tho administration had staked itself, pending go long. Threo months have nlrendy flown away, and with the delay for another period of the same duration, unless the action of Congress is arrested by such unquestionable demonstrations of public opinion as have been presented, there was great danger that tho bill would become a law. Some thirty British officers hnvo passed through Ibis town thu past week on their way to Canada. Among n'hers, Col, Ar. t bur the new Governor of Upper Canada. The Liverpool correspondent of the Sinr "ays of him : "lie will be King Stork, rather than King Log. He is quite Mnrtinot has a will, and will make a way of his own. If the Canadnms thought Sir P. Head had absolute not inns, what wil they think of Sir G. Arthur." 1 ho Lon don papers which firt brought out tho an nounccment, remarked that it was throw ing a fire brond into a barrel of gun powder Tho notions of ihe papers in Van Dieinan'e Land, where ho was formerly Governor. have been published in thw paper. FOREIGN. Three packets iiriivcd at New Yoik from nnal.iiul, In 11121112 niMrcs nixlern d is filer ill. oi before rt'Cebri!. The l.iirst d.ilrs worn himi;hl hy ihn Oxfonl, Capi. Itnihlioiip, unil are lo die 1m fFrbiniiry from t.iioi pool, nnd llio pier.ccdlng lay fimn London. The papers ore filled with accounts fiom Cniiad.i mil iho proceeding" of parliament in relation lo the ti'oulilcs in ill. il piovinco. The Kail of Dm ham lias been oppoinlcil Omcrn- , dr. , uer llio Uritbh pitninces. Hi vlrcioy hy will riniipiise Upper anil I.nurr Canada, New l?rnnA irk, Nova Sciilia, Cope Ilielon, ami Prince I'M word' Island. Sir Colin Cnmnhrll will hnc iho rnmtnnii'l of (ho mililarv foiccj in Nova Scotia, mil Sir John Colborna of llio troops in Lower Can- Wo have no lurthor news, by way of .Montreal, of the action near Ainherstburgh, except from another despatch from Col Maitland, an extract from which we give below ; Copy., U- C. March 5th. "Dkar I have to report to you that Sutherland mid a young man of tho name ol Spencer, wlinmlliey say is ins Aid-ile.Cnnip, wero captured vesieroay by Colonel Prince of Sandwich, ibtnit two miles on thu ico ; he brought them in here, and lodged them in the Guard House ; but I think it is not safe that they should remain here long; I shall forward them to day under a strong Cfcort to I oroulo in charge of Captain Rudver of the loyal Es-ex Volunteers. "I have nothiii'' new lo report to you Our wounded men are doing pretty well bul some of tho wounds ore most bcvore bono wounds. I have been obliged to send to London express, for tho other A-sii-tani Surgeon of the Regiment, indeed I think if ho could be spared, onoiher Army Med ical Officer is required here for tho mo iiimit." Anr. 5 Membership oflhi.-- nicely shall , mo-i of our abdity to ed'ecl his peaceful de consist either in signing the Aini-Slnvery j lu-crance fr bondage and his restoration roll ol member:, of tln eounly Society, or having signed tho con-i it n i inn of a town nnii-i-luvery society in tin euiiniy. Aivr. G. It shall he the duty nl'the exec utive committee to hold six eounly nnti shivery meet inn" in n year or one in two months in the different' towns in thi-county, until in Ihe of lime there shall hnve been n session of the cnuii'y anti-sin very society in every town hi tho county; noiliing herein conlaitied shall prevent tin; said executive ccuiunitii e enllieir meetings oliener than one in two mouths, or more l him six in year, if in I lie judgment of said rominittco tho intore-ts ol huinuniiy require it. Aiit. 7. It shall be the duty nfthc exec utive ennimiileo to employ, at soon a" pon fciblo. u proper ngeni in r'mso fundi in the town moieties or in Ihe school di.-iriel so cieties, lo purchase nut i slavery Minnies, for those lowns or dirlncls lo be under ihe Miperintendanco of Iho town or school dis trict societies ; and Inrlher l lint each soei oiy's secretuy sh m!;e. at leo't a practi cal anil-slavery nowf-pripor to mil the soei iy in working nnd carrying forward I hit cause, the cxpente nf which to bu b..n,e by ine general menus ol this cause or eollec tinns ul county meetings. Ann. U. There shall be regulai Hirelings once in n month, or ofionor iMhnnght beM, of iho executive committee ; n me jorit v of whom when present or nt leust four shall bo able to trunrsct business; ainoni'ct which as a standing business they ro "to see mrnnircH taken to carry mil ihu librnrv system as aforesaid specified, nlo lo roe thai each town in the summer of earh yenr run proper pelilioiiH lo ho signed hy the men nnd women of the town addressed to our state legislature und lo congress for the abolition of slavery, in all tho variety of proper lories Known to tho constitution by thoso respective bodios lor too accomplish mcnt ol so desirahlo an object ; and let tho same when signed bo collected hv this so ciety and forwarded to their respective doblitintinuo. Anr. 0. This constitution may ho altered at a regular annual meeting by h majority of members present, if i,.r Uu uvcuty present nt said mculing of said society. Aiit. 10. It shall bo duly of the Incen tive Committee v employ n Lociuier in ithis County, who shall Lecture from (own to those rights and privileges with which all men nre equally endued. Resolved, thai those who profess to ab hor shivery as a sin, au.l yet refu-n to ex ert Ihi'iof-elve? for it removal, do not occu py neutral ground, but lend '.heir aid in tus. turning shivery, Resolved, that those professed ministers of the go.-pol who at this time wilfully and perseveringly refuse to remember tho American Slave in his bonds by publirkly acting in his laha f and for his redemption toil lo manitesi one ol Hie most prominent characteristic- ol the christian religion. Revolved, that wo havo no sympathy with thui tune. serving policy which would nipprcr the truth lor Iho sake of gaining the cooperation of lliri-o who, with a full knowledge of the nbumuiation of American slavery, are yet disposed to apologise for Us ixi.-ience. nnd under ihe plausible guise of chri-ilian charily for tho slave holder, are liiriii-hiug linn all tho apology ho do. sires for pcrpeutating his fuvorito plan of extortion. Resolved, that whiUt wo do not hold our so'veb respniifihln for each others peculiar religione belM'l, awl Ireely a ward to oil the iinrc'i rained Idieriv of conscience and the freedom of speech ami Ihe ires, we do not require n person to sub-bribe to any par- r'lign iH lesi in order lo quality him lo act as a fclluw laborer in the cauo of the eie-lnved. JlesDlvid, thnt thoso who profess lo ah hor slavery as n sin. nnd yet refuse to exerl themselves for iis removal, do wit occupy iieuirni ground, uui lenu ineir uul in btis- t inning slavery. Rtsnlved, Hint wo recommend to all to adopt the library system of our sister slain society of New York, ns one eminently calculated to muku abolitionists who are ablo to put their defence against all their adversaries on their rendered reasons. Rcsolvitl, that the ladies of our county nre hereby requested to co-operate with us in this gn at work of Philanthropy, holiev ing they may ho'-co workers in every good word mid work," In tho evening an address wai delivered bv Alvnn Stewart, L-q. of Ulicn, Now York. The meeting contributed decidedly to Ihe inlercit of thoso present in ihn cause of abolition. Vm. HUItLIiUlt'P, Secretary f the Meeting. New Yokk. March !1 A boat is ad vended for to-morrow but the stoitn, am feartul, will bring in llio old delay account of the weather so, to make ass rauce 'double sure,' as Shaktpearo says write lo-uighi. The merchants had a grrnt meeting in the Lxcliiiuge lo day, responding to n ca kigiied by John Jacob Aslor and a host o others. The resolutions passed, expr iov al iho intention of the I.anks to resume oil or before the 10 li of .May, awl confi deuce in their solul'ty, awl ability lo resinm and maintain specie payment--. 1 In declare that the favorable siale of foreign exchniwes awl domestic Mainline call I a prompt resumption, and thai anch a conist I be the surest ineriiis ot equiilizin domestic awl restoring pro-periiy and that it will involve no necessity lor lurihe couiriiclioo, but lend to a gradual increase of their issues. The la-l resolution 're spectfully iiiviics the iii-ititniions of other Stales lo a simullnncnu cllorl to accompli. this morl desirable object.' flj-The result of the different town elec lions in this County, loll well for the can of Whig principles. In all Ihe towns hear from, where party politics entered into th dullest, the wings have elected Ihejr caudi dates. In Peru, Richard Ileyworth. win elected over Judge Fish bv a minority 90. lieekoiaiitown, A. Miller, whig elect ed. Chazy, Isaac Aldridgo. whig elected mnj'irity la. Insl lall the mnjoniy again wiu 30. Choinploin ihu question of politics was uol rni.-cd. Moocrs, whig. Ellen, burgh, not heard from. Sarawic. M. Lnuo, whig. In this town, I. II. Palchen, patri ot, majority -15, who openly declared him self, before elected, opno-e'd lo iMartin Van Huron. Plntliburgh Wlii". upon the Piesidont for inforimtion respect hour when he recovered sensation at h ing the seizure ond destruction of Iho abode nl. Si. Tliomnt'H Hospital, all w.i?ra stuamboat Carolina, at Schlosser. and in- complete b'onk loins memory. He knew Parliament resembled nn llio lClh, and in iho IIouso of Commons Loid John Knsscll imrncdi' nlrly laid before lln House llio plan of llio inhi- i'lry for llio government of Lower Canada. y litis plan, llio coiislilolinn liiilicrio exisliiu In Mint country m cnliicly suspended, nnd a (iocr nor ninl n council of advice aro to peifuriu the func lions of llio former legiflainic. It U inienik-d lliat the new body pliall icmndel llio conliiuliou. nnd nhinil llio new ihnfi lo the Ui ilish Pai liaincnl fur itifiralion. On the second day of l lie session, Lord J. Kii!oll obtained lcae liy n ole of 109 m 7. in Iniii2 in I lie ('iniiiil.i "overnnicnt bill, dtnuu uconriliim lo ihn iilioe plan. It was iicrorilin;ly laid lieforc ihe llouse, and a lung dchale look place on iis pas ije. IJcfoie iis final adoption, Sir Robert I'cel iiiommI lo strike not the clauses which went In in vest iho measure w'uh n "fiaiiihileiil color of liber- rnlily," by scltin; up n council ofson.e lweiily-ix, in ifllicy weic lo conslittilo n full and re ipprssentnlion nf I tic two piovinces under I lie picsideney of Loid Dm ham J and thai whidi ena Ijlcd llic Queen in council lo repeal the bill aficr it had passed inlo mi act of put liament. Tho motion on holh llir-e points picvalled, soul the bill was nssed as amended willinut si ilu iiin on llio 29di, nd fcnl lo ihe l!oiiis of Louis, whcie no ojsy iaa- ajn was nnlicipalcd for it. On the 20ih, n peiiiion was pieseoled by Mr, dole, io the Common', fiom IMr. J. A. Hoehurk, s-kittg leao lo be hoard al I lie bar of the lou.-e in behalf of llic House of Assembly of Lower Canada, and in opposition lo the ineasiucs of minisli-is in relation lo lliat country. Afier inucli oppo.-ilion leac was granted, nnd Mr. Koebuck nddiested the House al gicat length on ihe 22.1. lie aigued cij iiinestly on Leh.i If of ttic Canadian, hot his exer tion uppoar lo li.ivc produced no eflVcl, a llio hill was pascd lliiougli one of iis singes immediately ficr he had concluded. In i lie House nf Lords, oo the 22J, the Duke of Aigyle communicated the answer of the Queen lo llic nddiess of lhal body. It contains nothing but a general expression ofllie determination of the llirone lo make cffccloal provisioo for the restora tion of older in ihe provinces. The appointment of Lord Durham appears to havo given general saiisfaclion. Slc.nnboais had been scnl out whenever an A- merican packet ship was expected, to obtain in ad vnnce the lalcst intelligence fiom Canada. The occupation of Navy Island was known, but the binning of the Caroline had not been heard of. quiring wlini stcp-t nave lie n taken to obtain reparation from tho llrilish (iov eminent? what ground lin been n'suincd hero hy Ihu diplomatic fnnclionnry of Croat I'lMtniu, awl hv the public authorities of the Province of Canada ? Lays on the table. A resolution was adopted to enquire into tho expediency of so amending the Constitution of thu United Stales ns lo prevent all persons concerned in n duel, either as principals, seconds or advisors, from being eligible to Imld ony office, civil or military, under the (loverninent of the United States, rlilicr by election or appointment. Tho amendment not to act. upon ony person who may have been concerned in u duel previous to its adop Hon. A resolution was adopted, appointing a coinuiitlce of livu to enquire and report what is the average cost tor each member, for Ihn articles supplied under the head "Stniinnefy" awl report also, on llic ex pediency of allowing, in lieu thereof, a specific sum of money to each member lo supply hnuelf. This subject of ''Station en" is well worth Iho consideration of Congress. Under this head, the mo-l unblushing abuses aro committed, and nt least from ten to Jlftcen thou-nnd dollars a year, ol tho people's money, is literally plundered by moans of this item. Nothing however, will be done, as it affords u com Ibrtablu subsistence for certain hangers on ol" power. A resolution was offered to appoint a select committee to enquire inlo the cau--cs why thu Exploring Expedition has not ailed? Awl also, why tho resolution nl iho IIouso have failed to obtain from the Secretary of the Novy, a satisfactory ex. plaoaiiou of ihe cause of its detention. An amendment was offered, adding thereto ihe words. "und also into the ox pediency of abandoning said expedition." 1 lie whole subject was laid on Iho table. A resolution was adopted, calling on the President for information respecting the Seminole war in Florida: owl also, wlinlh cr the Indians were willing to ireal for peace; and if yea on what terms? A rosnlii'ion was offered, proposing that Congress closu the Ses-ion and adjourn on the 10'h of May, which resolution the IJoum! refu-cd to consider. Ten or twelve persons in Virginia, pre. sot.led a petition praying thai Mr. Ui consequence of his interference with the slaveiy question, be arraigned at the bar of the House and expelled. Mr. Adam moved lhal. llio subject, be relerred to i select committee, but the House laid it on the (able nothing tn t, nhniit Hint ititnrvcninrr neri- od, or what linil happened lo bun 111 it. Sir Asiley's opinion of Ihi-i history is, that surgeons should not. be deterred from por- lornnng such operations by any lapo ol time, for they may still be ablo to restoro the powers of the'mind and body. A mora curioiw and awful inquiry is, whore, or in wuai cowiinoo. are wo to regard the eoui of Iho man to have been in that time ? and pui ting the man's material frame nut of the question, how was bu itate different from that of death ? London paper. Sandwich Isi.amis. We have received the Sand wic'i I-land Gazette to Aug. 5. The port of Oahii had been recently visited by tho sloop of war Sulphur and schooner Starling, owl the French sloop of war Venus. There had been some excite ment there, in consequencn of ihe arrival of two Roman Catholic MiS'ionaries, Me-ssri. nachclot and Short, who had been ordered into confinement, by the govern ment, on board llic British brig Clementine. 15 v tho intervention of the oflicors of the foreign -hips of wnr, they had been so lar released from dure-s as to be permitted to ri'Milo on shore, nnd it was understood Hint they were soon to take I lie I r depo rtnrc. The period during which the ships of war remained there, seeiiH to havo been dulin guished as a season nf festivity ood hilarity by the foreign resident-. King Kaukicao- uli, and John Adauw. Governor ol Hawaii. ad recently vmled O.iliu Button Pal. Reuben II. Grunt Ins been appointed ?(Ht Master in Mi-sissippi. His name it oite enough lo secure him nnv office in tho gift of this adriiinialrniion. Prentice. Odd. An advertisement appears in tho 'oiighkoep ii IJ igle. Irooi a iiinu who re. joices in Ihu nam of Stiff Millard, offering reword of 1000 guinea to any ana who will prove that ho has a wife. One of tho animal magnotizors at tho Ea-1 advertises lhal he has succeeded in mag netizing lnrex. Wo had thought that tho magriulism was confined lo as-cs. Prentice. The Poimsyvnnu Suiinte. have rciectod tho joint resolutions requiring tho I'anlis to resume peeio payment-, in .May. and to make stock holders liable for all this dohls of Ihn Hnnko. I'lio vole on tho first resolution was 13 to 17: on Iho second, 9 to 21. Lnnn Oosi'oni). This disibuiiMied nobleman the (Tnieiimr of the Dinadas, i" mnv in ihis rilv, wailing fiir the Pique frigate, which is iMiiiiiii-iiiii- lii ciiiivev linn lo l.ngloKl We learn fnnii ihe (i.izcllc, lhal he i-i nnc I- of I he I iv eiilv -pijhi li Mi pceis, and lhal ho wa circled fur life n nieml'ci- of the Hi m-li llun-p nl I niil, liv Ihe n one nf Aieln bald A(lu'oo. Hail of flM-fmd. which title he ip. ics fimn having hi coitiiuv I c.-iilpoee al (iii-foiil ca-llp, i in ill I'he Ailviiealc, nf lliis riiv, willi an iiffiTtaliuii nf ejiioiniiee, rails this gpm Icman Mr. (iorl'iid. Iflhai joinnal is so ulli n ilemucra. lie as In iefii'0 liiin I In lilln which li i- cuiidi i iiu-n nwaid him, llipy wculd inoic propeily havo called him Mr. Arlie-iui. Loid (iiislmd is a VVIiij in polilirs. 1 1 i roin -p in Canada has been mild and coneiliaiui y loo huh li so foi llio ulna iiMili-l--, ulm uanl to have evei v tnalcnnli'iil punislipil w ilh dip cihtiet. We ntn 1 i.i pi i In li'.h n lie ipceivi. fiom our SMALL POX AMONG the INDIANS. The St. Louis Dulletin, of the 3d nist confirms, on authority of the most uul hen lie character, the reports respecting the ravages of the small pox among the Indian tribes on the Upper Missouri excepting only the Sioux which have heretofore been published awl contradicted ; and th Hulled!! n-serts that the effects of the fatu scourge havo pnssed any vi-italion of the kind ot wliicli its editor had ever heard '1 h.i dHeao wa introduced uiiiong them bv the crew of a steamboat which went inlo I heir country with supplies fur tin trading pnsls, nod annuity goods from the government. I lie crew received the lection from a mulatto man on board. Auol her account, contained in a private loiter from St. Lotus, slates thai the scotirgi had "iitorally depopulated the Indian conn i try, and converted it into one great grave I yard. 1 he MandaiN. consisting of I COO souls had been reduced, by the 1st ( October to :5I persons, l lio (Irns I cntrci, .Minelarees. a Iribe about 1000 strong, look the disease n iinuiili Inter than their neigh bur-, the Mawhiu-'. 0'ie half hud pe.ri-lied nnd, Ihe dii ase was si ill raging. 'I lie v no doubt shared the same fate with Ihu Mao daiw. The Arickareos, who had recently joined the Inst named tribes, and numbered about 3000 were nio.-l ol iheui out on a hunling excursion when tho disease brok,ls',,a, p f,i,r.,le ofonr Can olinn ! m" ""'""S ll,u iMnildnils. and cou-eque.ll ly iit cl III en. lie I' (I'-.-ci meii u v Hie r.isi ns plain in i inaniieis, afl'ilili- ami nunblio-'ivi!. He i iilioul fiO laihcr IipIdw ihe middle sii; pei h.ip-i o feet 5 inrhe in height, and well ironiiliniied. Hp vW- I iled llie Tlieairo on Wcdiipsilay, uheic lie wn ('nmplimeiilpil willi llie air of "Coil rave die Kins," i followed hy "Yankee Duodle," which It !- Lord ship appl ii lot I willi much coi ilia lily and lu-ai line-. On l-'i id i , Loid (iiisfmd vmtpil die lloii'oof lleprp-piilativps and die Senate in company will) Ony. I-jVCicii. Hp afierwaid-i vi-iilid llie Police (oiii I Union, ul-o llie Sup. .luiln-ial ('noil Itiinm, vvheie iho full bench of five judge weie healing ar gument on points of the law ; and hi lind-hip must havo been ainii-e.l lo find two roiitpudin Iiwvpi's oiling a slaiuio of William llio IV, fir und ngaiuM tislai'P pinpiiplnr of lldj city ; nnd in iclalton lon liaiiyaetiou, too, piiur lo his gracious Majesty's icign. Wp inut ih II iho ipciptneaiion ofgond fepling lielwpeii hi Loid-hip nod nur c.inzi'iw willioml lo slienjihen ihn-e IhiiiiN of niniiv which hootd rxit helween this pounirv and Lnglauil but which some of die fin imiH picsc in Canada teem disposed :o violate and sever. Bost. IS as. Rkvivai, of Conkiiiknce U'e nre pleased lo echo the gotmrnl feeling lhal husinos- is gaining n much bolter footing than it ha herotoforn held for some weeks. After active distress had settled into silent apntliclio desperation every whore else, Huston folks, too full of notions to be idle in hick of business, got up a tremendous tin uk speculation, which we now rejoice to thiol; is permanently over. The worst having been known and fell, wo are much more comforlablo I ban at tho period pre. ceeding Ihe blow-up of the Hanks, while the elements of Ihe eruption wore gruui. bliug. On Monday last, the body of a man was found nu tho ice, about threo miles from this plui'o, in llio direction of J'orl Douglas. Wo iearu thnt his iiauio was Mead, and that ha was recently frum Moulpolier. It is ascer laint'd thai bo sot out to cross Iho Lako on fool on Monday, 1110,0111 instant, which il will he recollected was a very blustering day. Il is supposed ho lost his way in thu btorm, and perished of cold and exhaustion. His hotly was brought lo this village, on Monday night whoro an inquest was held, previous to in. termcnl. Sentinel. Washington, March 5. In Senalc, after the morning hour, Mr. Merrick of Maryland, occupied the whole day in a speech against thu nib-treasury hill. It is now said that one of llie admin isl ration Senators, who were calculated upon as opponents to, will veto for Ihe bill. In the House, this is resolution and pe tition day. Hy tho rules the Speaker calls DDOii the'Siates (geographically) saying "Resolutions-are in order from the Stalo of ." It is ihcn in order for the incur hers from thai Smtn to offer any resolution l hey please; hut tfil is of a chaioctcr lo be di bated, it must lio on the table for one day. None are taken up, therefore, but such may he passed or subjected, sub silen tin. This morning more Hian one hundred resolutions wure presented. After going through willi iho call for resolutions, thu Speaker, in liku manner, calls upon the Slates for petitions General Carter, of Tennessee, offered a preamble and resolution, proposing m ap point a select committee to enquire into Iho ciin-ies of Iho great increase, within Ihu lasl live years, of the number of public ollicers, awl tie public expenditures, which have risen from thirteen to twenty-two millions of dollars a year. It lavs on thu table, awl was ordered to b; printed. Mr. Monnifeo offered a resolution culling received H something Inter. Ooo half ol them had fallen, and the disease was raging willi unabated fury, not more I linn one out of fill v recovering from it. Most of tho-e i hat survived subsequently committed sin cuic. despairing. 1 snppn-e, at llio lus c friends, and ihe changes wrought by th disea-e in their persons smiie by shooting oihem by stabbing, nwl soin- by throw log themselves troin the high precipice along Iho Missouri. The great bam Assinaboiiie-!. sav 10 000 strong, and Ihe Creeks, numbering about 3000, have bee ulmost annihilated ; ami not withsiawlin till the precaution u-ed by the geutleine engaged in the trade of ilia1 remote region to prevent it, Iho disease had reached Ih lllnckfeot tribe of Indian of ihe Rock Mountains; n band of 1000 lodges ha been swept off, and Ihe disease was rapidly spreading among the dilierent bauds of that great tribe numbering. I think, about CO. 000 60iils. I have no doubt but the predic Hons contained in my letter of the 2'h nil imo, will bn fully realized, and all Iho Indians nn the Columbia river, as far as Ihe Pacific ocean, will shurc the falo ol those before alluded to." ;u a :t rt i r: i In tliil roton on th- Wth inU.. In, the .Vi- Cutler, Mr. I'm. 11. Duw. to iMiss r.urrelln Corning. In JZsnez on the 1st in if by Amoi Iilodgct fCtr.. Mr. Stephen h'nizhts to Miss Lvdia Jlotlgilon, both of ll'itliston. i) i i: i) .. ,i't nil INIO). ,'.! r... T .... - " "' ..'. , lu.iiut, i.hij il. yuuilfa' est daughter nf Chester and Nancy AtheftoP, aged 12 years. ISD . Tiinoihv Seed, also S'fi'ft '''"hols i-J) v- fev pounds Clover do. for salo Cheap bv March 15, l!!3!!. S. WALK Kit k Co. NOTICE. rffllllS is 'o certify tint 1 Imvo given mv JL son, (ieorgo Al'on. Iih lime, wild power to act for Inmiell, and therefore will not consider hnn under my control, or myself liable tor his contracts after this .March 13. H13H li. ALLEN. Into. Hoton A st"ro n id iiwi i iii'" ln'i H. LfiAVUN WORTH. .(( 13. I!!3!!. Cliitrlos L'1. Domino's Estate ST.? 77-: OF VKJl.VO VT, ( l)i-Titic i' or ("in r it.vii:. ss. T.'ie llnnora't'e the Probate Court far the Diil)icl of Chittenden, to alt persons unreined in the Uslatc of Chivies '. Demiai; late of Durlinl n i;. slid Dis tritl. deceits, d. (S RKETl.YG. Uffrll HRKAS, Carlos linxier. adininis v V ira'or of I he H-tatu of said deceased proposes lo render an aceoiin' of his adinini-itraiion, and present his account against said estate for exniinua'ion and allowance at a se-sinn of ihe Court of Pro bate, io he holdeii a the Reg ster's office in Hurlington on the 3ltt day of March, in-l. TiiEiun'onc, Von aro hereby notified to appear beiore said Court at the time and place aforesaid, .md shew cjr.-e, if any you have, why the account aforesaid should not bo allowed. Given under mv hand at Burlington, (Inn Mlh day of March. A. I). I1I3II Wji, WKSTOX, Register. Rkm aiikaiim: Cuiu: Sir Asllcy Coop er in his led tires gives an account of a man who fell from the yard arm of a ship in the Mediterranean, and was taken up Irom ihe deck insensible. The vessel sit1" oftor made Gibraller. awl there he was put into llio hospital, still insensible, nnd remained so for some months, He was then sent home to Dopllord, and ihero he lav insensi hie, and chancing to he visited by l)r Davy, a dresser at Guy's hospital, ho advised thai the in nu should ho sent lo St. Thomas's. He was siill insensible, his pulse natural, and his lingers wot king in correspondence with thu beating of his pulse; but ho lay on his bnck without volition or sensation. If hu wauled food ho moved his lips or loii'Mio. Al St. Thomas's. Cliuo found a depression of the skull, and operated upon it with the Ihrophine. The depressed bono was raised at one o'clock in the day, thir teen months after the accident, and at four o'clock, on going round the wards, tho man was found raised upon his pillow. In four days ho waB out of bed and talking, hut from llic hour the uccidcul occurred, to the To thr. Hon. the Probate Court far the Di.tricl nf Chittenden, comes the subtcri' her Ifirum llellawt, administrator de Imnh nnn rum Icitnmenta aimer of Ihe estate i Spencer Coo.', late of tVeslfurd, in said District, deceased and represents that the personal estate nf mid deceased will not be siiJident to pvj the debts and legacies thereof and hereby wiA-es appli' uitinn to said Court for liicnie to sell the real estate of said decerned and also the reversion of the widows dnieer in the real estate for lhal purpose. IllIIAM HkI.I.OWS. Darlington, .March 0, 111311. STATE OF rnil.MOXT, ) DlVI'IUCT 01' ClIITTKMIKN, ss. AT a Probate Court holdeii at Hurling. jCX tun, in said District, on the 9lh day of March, A. D. UI33. It is ordered that an account he taken of the debts and also, the proceeds of tho personal estalo of said deceased, awl lhal llio heirs awl all persons concerned in said estate bu notified lo op. pour before said Court on ihe first Monday of April next al tho Register's office in Hurlingion aforesaid, to give bowl for the payment of debis, and show cause why license as aforesaid shall not be grouted, and that such notice be given by publishing the above application three weeks sncces- sively, as soon as may be in the Free Prei a newspaper printed in Hurlington, in sai lJislrict. Givon under mv hand, the dav and . v first above written. Wm. WKSTON, Register. New England Rum. A r llhds, Uoston N. H. Ron), by lo J & J II & Co

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