Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, March 16, 1838, Page 3

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated March 16, 1838 Page 3
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SELLING. OFF. 1") I'M'I HDLKALD, being iluHiroiiH ofnlo , sini! his litifiiio in tins plnrn hereby informs "H... piilili-." " '"r v nnnils EI.IlY .MILITARY and F.hC GOODS, will he sold M Jj' 'h. TIiopo indnlilcit as above are remin ded thai Uncm: Sam hum have his mill on tliu I jl ((',' April, and Hon i nut me nuwyvra, Mtirrii in. in- iv i 1 1 Wttcksmith's, Kdgc-Tool Ma kers and Whcclriglits, Attend! rinilF. subscriber ofTwM for silo low, mid J, with along o.V ''ay. ' required, a two Btorv Triphammer Simp, with water-power stlltieicnl for all extensive business. A mi. .. two story I Ioii -o mid hvn acres iff land, nil situnlod in iho centre of Warr Washington Co. Tho location H 2'""'. "';. and an enterprising man could hardly liul ol success. For further pari icuhirs apply to tin. subscriber. Hi Iho Ship Yard. Shiilbnrn Point. March I, 1338. LUCIUS LAU'TON. B71 V KltY Packet sold in Vermont of t Ho fjr.N'IMiNT. Mori-on's PUK or Mygoaii Vcclnblo Universal Medicine made al the British College ol Health hy Alonson i.'ie Hvgcist, will be signed by Panghorn fc linns maid, nnd aim by their regularly advertised nimoinled Agents in I ho several Counties. OT.O. TAYLOlt, 13 Cliambcr st., New Yorl:, soluagcnl for the United States, sent out by the College in place of II. Shcpheiird Moat icmovcd. I'A.NOUOllN & lint NSJI All), Jewellers, Burlington, Vl. Agents fur tho Mate. PUB AGKNTS. Geo. II. Fish Middlebury, Addison Co. O. A, Keith, Sheldon, Prinkl'm Co. S. K. Morn!. Cini'l-lmry. Oilcans Co. .1 o 1 1 ti Kclsry, Danville, CahiUonin Co. N. C Goddard., Windsor Co. M.S. Mellows Kails. Windham Orvis.v Unbelts, Manchester. Bennington II, W. I'orler. Rutland. Holland Co. V. W. Cadwoll, Montpcliei Washington co Foster Crow, ChoKca, Orange Cu. All the papers in tho slate will copy this, nnd and other agents lo the lil, as fast as tliev are nnhli-uctl III this paper. They will nhscrvu ihal there is bill cue r in Moii-on's nnine. Abijali Allen's Estate. WE the subscribers having been nppoin ted by the Hon. tho probate court for the Di-lncl of Cl.itiendun. commission ers to receive, fxninine and adjust the eliiims and demands of nil persons. !i;unt the Ob'utc of Ab'jnb Allen, late nt Shel bum, lu said Dt.-trict, dcccie-nd. repre sented insolvent, and n!so nil claims nnd demands cxliibilcd in ofiV.'t thereto; and nix monlhs from ihe day of the dale hereof. boinr allowed by said Conn for thai pur pose, we do therefore hereby jjive no lee. I hnt wo will a'totnl to the bu-iness of our nppoinlmeiit, nt iho dv$Jliiir of Ileluccn Allen, widow of said deceased in Slielburii, in (.aid District- on the hist Hii'iirday of Mnrch iiist. and 'a-i Saturday of Septem ber nest, at 10 o'clock, A. M. on each of t-ani (lavs. J)rto(t. tlii-Oil dnv of March A- D. l.n.3t!. H F.MAN I5AIISTOW. i Cnmmii SAMUI'Uj I5LIN. sw;,-r To Hie Hon. Ihu Pnihitlr (Jniirlj'ui thr JJis trid nf ChitlcriiUn. COMKS Henry V lilt i.ey of rinrlitlton, in said District, nnd shown lo M.iii rnn't ibiii lie is lepal "iiardian of Ijcmuul l'ac of LyinUboro' m the Slate of N"w Unnip-hiri-. n nnlo infiint under the e of twenty one jears, nnd that iliea.d Lemuel is M'tzed in his own rihl m fee of one equal undivided third prt of the f . 1 1 . w i i . y devcribed parcel-of land lytrifj nnJ boinr in hniii lurlinton, to wit : Tweuiy n. acres of land lin nn the lake shore hounded on Ihe norih by land- iwnrd by Williiim Mao, "n t in muiiIi hy Innd owned hy Eb. aer T. F.ngb-sliv, on j the east by lands ow-ned bv .Ld ii Pmiieroy and west by lake Cnainplaiii, the norih Ik, II of which lot has he. u hhretofo'c r. off under no order of said Probate Court to Ihe widow of Lemuel Page Into of said Burlington, deceased. ANo. ball' nn acre of land lying in the village of' Pmrlinu'nn aforesaid, on the corner of St. Paul nnd Cherry streets, being two quarter acre lots in tin' westerly half of live acre lot no. 34, laid in Ihe original right ol John Willis, jr. with a dwelling hoiifo and nut building-- thereon which said half ncre. with the privileges nnd appurtenances llirenf, has nl-o been set off under an oulcr of said Probate court lo ihe aforetind widow of ihe said Lemuel Page, deceased, n her nowtr. Also, live ncres of Innd lying on ihe north side ef Pearl street, being purl of five ncre lots nn. 14 and 15. in mkI v Hnge of HurlmL'ton. on which said laud Henry Whitney's hlnck-niith shop is erected. Also.' twenty five acres of hind being putt of lot no. 130, bounded on Ihe smith by Abijnh Warner's land, and ci the north hy land? owned by Pliuica At water, of all which said lands the said Lemuel Page deceased, died seized; and that a sale of snid lunds will bo conducive lo the best interests of his ward. Ho therefore prnys said court In empower nnd license him to sell the said undivided third pnrl of said lnud ngreenhly lo ihe statute in such ense made and provided, HuMtv Wihtni'v, Guardian. Burlinslon, ,Vrmt 0. 13311. STATE OF VIM. MOW, ) Dl-TIHCT OK ClUTTKMir.N. SS, AT a Probate Court holden at Burling ton, within find for snul District on tho sixth day of March A. 1). 111311, prenenl the lion. Charles Rtisselljudgo o said court The court aforesaid doth n-sigu the Bccond Wednesday of April next, ensuing, for a hearing of Ihe lorogomg put it ion, at a session of t-nul court then lo be holden nl the office of the Item-ier of snnl court in Burlington, nnd doth order that the said Henry Wiiiiney notify all persons con ccrned in the estate of bin said wnrd of the pendency of paid petition in ea'nl court, by publishing ihu sulHnncc of faid petition nnd of this order in the Frro Press, n newspaper printed nt said Utirlingioii in the County of Chittenden, two weeks sue. ccssively, the hut of which publications to bo not Icsh than two weeks previous to the fc-aid Eecoml Wednesday of April next ciisti ing, that they mny then and iheie appear before pnid court, and show causo, if any they have, why the prayer of eaid petition ought not to be granted, Given under my hand and the seal of ea'ul court, this sixth dny of March A. D. 030, Vm. WESTON, IlcSMcr, a ni'tnutr" i o i'i.k.vsutul; i i.u. J. LKWIS WOULD rcp ctfu'ly inform tho pub Ik: that hi' ih now roiidy to prnden in tho above business. From a perfect knowledge nnd prnctico ol iho business hi' feels willing to nllirin that il will bu dono in tho neatest inminor. Unlls will bo strictly niicnded to nt their respective dwelling, or nt his renins two doors unrtli of J. MtichcPV. Church street. Burlington. Poll. 3. 1333. SB.OADOLOTHS37"" A FULL nnd completo tissiiiliuout of lirand Cloths, of every colour nnd q nliiv for sale cheaper for cash than over before offered fur lOor 15 dnys vry III tie if any profit nlnd. Now it" the turn; to ine vour money. Apply nt the Cheap Ci.slfSmro. S. E HOWARD. March . 1333. rSHIM subsc:rilior's laro new I'.neli Store, JL at Ihu Falls, Wuioo-ki Villajje. As the Hroadeloth Factory will ptobably start this sprili!;, it will ho tho best location in this pari of the country. SIDNKY I1AIU.OW. i'uilnii;liin. March, 1-t, l!i,i! c i a n r. i T T FEMALE SEMINARY. TBHF Supine. "ii of this Institiilion, J. will comm tic-on Ihe first. Wednep dayiiiMav. under ihe- direction of Mi-s. Mauv UnnUT, Pviiliil' The term will emiiii.ue twenty ihree weeks. incU.dinr a vacnlioii of one week nt the end of the lirM quarter. conditions : The- terms- of r-atd school nrc g5 PPr qnarti". including Tiiiiion, Board, VVa.'.' Ij'ithts nnd Fuel. A convenient B'lardin;; House will bu in readiness at the commencement of I he term- E W. GOO DMA. V. Clerk of Ihe Ihmrd of Trustees. Charlotte, Jlurvh 1. 1333. .lona. Breakonridgojr's Estate. WH the subscriher?, beinj; nppointrd by the lion. 1'ie 1'robaic Court for the districl of Chittenden, cominis-ioners to re ceive. exniii'iiu nud adjust nil cinitns nnd demand-- of all per-oti-. njiainsl the estate nf Joitn. I'reakeuririee jr. late of Cbarloite. in said dis-tricl. deceii!-ed, represented iiimiI vent, am) also nil claims and demands ex hibited in off.-ct thereto- and six months from the day of the date hereof, beiti"; allowed by said court for that purpose, we do therefore hereby give notice, that we will attend to the bn-iness of our said ntm-m linent. nt the dwelling ol Airs. I'oliy Ann lireakenrtdge. widow i.fsaul decen-ed mi Charlotte, in said Di-lrict. on the first Monday-of April and Atioust next, al 10 o'e'oek, A. M. on each offnid dnv. Dated, this- 3d dnv of March A."D. 1333. THOMAS C HILL. ) Cmnmis. DAVID V COOK slnnrrx. Truman Durritt's ICslale. To the Hon Ihe I'rnlmte Court fur the Dl.i trill of, lovui Ihu uhrrilicr Ilnrmtin Hurritt, ndiniiiislri lor of the ti Inle of Tnnnun ISnrritl, lute of llinci btirh in mid district, nnd rrpresenti Unit the icrs'innl e.stnti: of smd dn eased will not be siijiriint lo pnij Ihe dihls and char fi thereof and herdiij inukfi apiilirati )i lo said Court. Cor lin me to sell the real (stale for that pnriiote. HARMON Ii U II II ITT, Admr IhirlingU n, Marih 7. 11133. STATE OF VER.MOjXT, ) Di'-TiticTor CnriT kmikn. .s. S A T a Piohale (Jourl holden al liiirhng- -a ion, it. said D strict, on dnv o M.rt;ll A h um u ,,n.(,rr(i ,KI,- account he ink. n of the (h lus, and also ihe proceed-- ol the ner-onal estate of said de censed, and that I lie heirs and all person; concerned in snul estate be notified to up prnr befoie said Oouri on I he i bird Monday of Mnrch inst. at the Jingle Hull in Willis ton, aforesaid to give bond for Ihe payment ol deb's, and show caiiFC why license as aforesaid shall not be granted, and thai such nonce be given by publishing the above application two weeks successively, nH soon as inuy be in the Free Press n newspaper pruned in Burlington, in san Distuci. Given under my baud, the day nnd year first above written. Wji. WF.STON. lie. 353. ES. TT I'.GS leave to make n lender of his service- to I he Lad.e-- nnd Gentlemen of Burlington as a teacher of Ihe nbov branch. Reiving on the sterling merit ln mode ol teaching, he takes the liberty of direclliii' the allenHou of l he enlightened inhabitants ofthis Village to his ellicaciou and very speedv system of rendering I lie most mdiff'ereni and illegible mrnwls per feetlv plain and beautiful, in twelve Les sun- of two hours each having proved i but dun, sufficient to render his puptN per feci. Certificates of Ihe same Irnm Ihe most di-iitiguisheil anthers in Mu-sachn -eits. Now Hump-lure, Nw York and Vermont, may he seen at Mr. W.s writing room. School will commence Monday the 51b of Match. Classes meet daily from 10 to 12. A. M. or from 2 lo 4 P. M. Lvening Cla-s from 7 In 9. Terms, for 12 Lessons, s2,oo. Writing aendemv nt the Green Mountain Hoii-o. kepi bv II. I Giliuan. first door at the head of Hull Blair.- Burlingloti, Mnrch 1, 11133. Bbls. North Snore Salmon, for sale liy I'oi.i.BT-rr. Bhadi.kvs. 0 1337 UKOOMfcT SOO Shaker Corn Rrooms by Feb. 2-', J. & J . Pile,; & C JJest business stand in Town rilUl'i btihscriiier oll'ern lor sale the Store JL IJoiise in Church st., recently occu pieil by D. W. Iiigersoli &. Co nud u present in the occupancy of Lovely &. Ab belt. Possession given let August next terms of payment to soil the purchaser. J. S. POT WIN. TILLAGE HOTEL lUKill GOIJItr.KY 'I'AKHS Ihu libor'y to inform SffiSJfV 'IH! 1 ooioer uiiiiuii!, uiiii in, MMWlW ni.1,1.1. nt lr'.M.. llinl llll IlllM titled it ii I hi' VlU.AV.r. HOTEL in n stylo net. interior to nny public lioni! in the capital of Vermont, and he llatlM himself thai hv unremitted exertion utiui nsidimua ntlention to bu-inc.-s. ho will ,jC nblc nt nil I lines lo iicconiinodnte ihe sen llemaii nf business, geiillnmuii of plenllrl nnd the wenry irrivellor, in n style not Mir-pns.-cd for nccoinodntion nnd reasonable' ucss of Inre bv nny in the tntes. RATES OP PAEIH. ninnlinrr. :5 pnr week. Sinijle meal 25 1'i'ltr'i "K l-i - horses, liny and oata 75, I horse, liny, 25. Munipelior. Feb. 13311. tf TO MERCHANTS. "IIE S A IWSTElir k FELLOW, answering to the coenn 1 men of l.nnc l'il:e, n hawker ol Haverhill Scythe Stones, having, some lime prist, sold Haverhill Scythe Stones, for " Indian Pond Scythe Stones." 1 deem it for my interest, to inform purchasing inerehanis ihat those stones aru securely pnckeil in lotH of 0 doz. each; and tliut evcrv box i" marked in limited letters. INDIAN POND linulmd, VI. If said Pike has, in any instance, in ma king sales of Ins scythe stones, represented them as the same sold by O. R. Fyler. ho hasultereil falsehood and praciised fraud in so doing. O. It. PYLBIl. Urmlford. Vl Frh. 13311. i; .t EGA N T F URN ITU R E. rDlHli siib-c'lliT offers at Jinvate sale JL at his hi.'iise. ri"n 'ins date m Hie 1st April next for nfproVedj.aper the fohow ing articles ol iiou-eiOMo . -i" 2 Maho:nuy Grecian Sol,', hair cloth trimmed. 1 eurl mnpt'.- do. 2 Curl maple aimed Chaits io mmcfi. 1 superb sell Mahogany Dinitig Tables, III 3 pieces. 2 pillar ,S" claw inahog. Breakfn-t tables. 1 Mahogany and Rose Cent re Table. 2 do. Pier tables, marble slabs'. 1 large inn botany Book Case. 1 mahogany Secretary . I Forte Piano. 24 mahogany Chnirs, hair cloth seating. 1 do. Rocking do. 1 drz. curl'd maple Chairs, hair seating. 4 do-,, fnncy Gilt Chairs. 2 splendid gill Looking Glasses nearly 3 feet in length; and others- of various sizes. I English Astral Lnmp.cut glass shade. 1 French do. plain. 1 pair Bronze nnd Gill Mantle Lamps with shades. 1 do. do. Brilliants. 2 sett Mantle Flower Vanes-, with shades. 1 marble French inaulle 3 day "Clock. 4 pair Brn.-s Andiron--. Shovel nud tongs. 2 -operb brn-s Fire Fenders. 2 Bruell Carpels and Hall Carpet to match. 1 do. do. for a room I G by 18 feet. Siair carpel and rod-f 3 Fogli-h carpels, and rugs. I pair otii.inans, yellow silk. 3 mahogany Bureaus. High nud low post Bed-toads. 1 olegnit gill China dinner service, con- lnininj 230 pieces. 1 oil' China tea sett. Cut chi-M Decanters, tumbler.?, wines, b iwlcs, celery nnd preserve dishes'. &c 1 Slit (field plate coffee Urn. silver edges 2 pair do. do, Cake Baskets, do. do 1 do. do. Servers. do do. with other articles-, and also .articles of citcheii furniture, stove-, ,f,-c i,- J. S. POT WIN Burlington, March I. 11133. Confectionary. 29u) lbs. Confectionary just roci ived hy J. & .1. . i'neic iS; Co. Feb. 22. Novia Scotia Plaster. TONS r.ow "-rindiiiL' nnd fur sain vs' by iho subscribers. BO A It DM AN, CLARK. & Co. .Millnn, Lowir Fu,'h,Jtn. 25, 18J3. Burlington, Nov. 2d, 18'rt. -&OBHRT MOODY is now receiving JlL from New York mi extensive supply of Hnrdv nre, Sndillery. Holtoware, Dnn's, Medicines, Paints, and Oils ; winch he oilers to the public cheap for cah or short credit, ni ihe old e-tiihlished store, norih nsl corner of the squnre. STOW WJELTOiSEiSS. PI M K Gold Lepiue Watches, excellent Movements, Silver Lopinos ami com inon Wniele s just received at the Variety Shop PANG BORN &. BRINSM A 1 1), Feb. 15. Sword.S, Pistols, SabrOS, fc Oth er military goods for sale, at I lie Variety Shop, PAKUUOILN & BIUNS.MAID Due. 29, Scotch Pir Iron. 4 tons, No. l,on coiisigninonl, for sale by i- BllADLI'.VS. Dcc.G. 1337 111H period for receiving proposals ex - STONF for the Break water is for tended to ihe first day of April 1330. N B. II ASWIiLL. U. S. Agent. i OTIC IS. rrllli Annual Town AKeting will be JL holden at the town room in Burling ton, on Monday the 1 -It h dny of March next at 10 o'clock A. M. Febrnnrv 20. 1333. POWDElt. Kegs, for sale by Foi.m'.tt -V BuAni.r.vs. FTSII. Quintals dry Codfish, 20 Bids, Hudson Bay No 1. Salmon, for sain uy r ULLL I T & IlllADLCYS. Dec, 1837. BOOKS! 1500KS! rinllFi following vnlu.ible bookd arc for Jv sale at Ihe Bool; Store. Wnhon'-! lives of old Fugli-di Prose W i iter. 2 vol?. 12 mo. Hannah Moore'ti Works, complete I vol. tt vo. Franklin's Worko. 2 vols. 0 vn. Marshall's! Washington, 2 vols. 0 vo, British Drama do do B . -well's Johnson do do IMnrryntlV Works I vol. do Ilettinu's I'oeiiH lo do Burke's Work-" 3 vols-. 3 vo. Buckland's Geology 2 vols, do Rogel'i Phuiology do do Kirhy on the histoiy habits nnd instincts of Animals, t vol. 3 vo. D.tiinV M'l.ornlngy, I vol. 3 vo. Addison's Miscellaneous Works, 4 vols. 3 vo. Fng. lid. Wnverly's Novel, 10 vols. 12 mo. Ara- bisque. Bulwer'a do 3 vols. do Memoirs of Aaron Burr, 2 vols. 3 vo. Modem Society, by Miss Sinclair, Sam Slick of Slickville. Yankee Notion-' Nirk of the woods, by tho nutlior of Cnlnvar. The Trollopiad or travelling Gentleman in America. Anila, by James. Sweater on Digestion. Wayland's Moral Science. Religious Opinions nud Character of Wii,.;hinglnii. Blonmliehl's Greek Testament. Am. Hd. t'riideii's Concordance, I vol. 4 to. Dwighls Theology, 4 vols. 3 vo. &c. &c. School and clns-ical Books of every de-cnpiion together with Staiionary of the first quality, arc nl-o lor sale by .IAS. W. 1IICKOIC. Ihtrli'.glim, Mnnh 1, 1333. Hickok's Patent Rotary Oven STOVE. 'BIlli subscriber has just, received nnd -2- offers ti;r sale, a few stoves, ofwhich the above cut. is a fepreseniaiioii. 'J on 'I t he advantages of the unproved Roiary lop, is added a Rotary Oven on nn entirely new plan, which, from the testimony of those win. have used them, far supercedes any thing of tin: kind, vet offered lo the public. Those wishing lo purchase cook stoves arc i respect lully requested lo examine these before making their selection, as ocular ilemon.-traiioii will belter convince the public of the value of the article than any descrip'iou I lint could he given. A not her recoinmeiidn(io:i, these hard times H, that these sieves will be sold as low as the com. innn Rolarys of the same size. ROBERT MOODY. Jlauh 1. 1333. tf CLOVER SEED. 00 His. White and Yellow Peri uuial Clover Seed. 1000 lbs. Red, " by Feb. 2-.'. J. & J. 11. Pi:ck & Co. GARDEN SEEDS. 0t 0. !3oxos Shaker Garden Seeds nf last years erowih. hv Feb, 22. " J & J. II. P'kci; & Co. Runi.N.-oN Fi'.uiuss i Grand Isle County vs. Court, Sept. Term Bl.l-IIA BoA HUMAN. ) A. 1). 1337. Tf7'HKRi:AS Robinson Ferri-s of Grnnd ' V l.-le. in said Grand Isle County, com menced hi-- nd ion ngain-i lihslia Board man, of M il waukie. in Oni-consin Tern lory, at the April l erm l!!3i ol said Court, declaring against the said Boardmon in nn nciiou on Bool,- to balance Book accounts which said cause was duly entered on i he docket of said court al tho said April Term. 1337. and ha- been continued until ihe present Term of said court. And u iiol being made lo appear to snid court that said Boardiuan has had personal notice ol the service and pendency of tin suit il is ordered by -aid court thai further notice be given of the pendency thereof, by pub li-hing the substarco of ihe PlnintilV's declaration in Ihe 1 Burlington Free Press," np'iper printed nt Burhiigloii, throe week-succes-ivcly, the In-t of which to be thirty days before '.be siding of said court nl their next Term, which shall be deemed sufficient notice to said Boiitdmau to ap pear mid tiud answer thereto. Dated nt North Hero, in snid Grnud Isle County, this 24-h dny of Feb. A. I) 1333. JOKL A LLF.N. CM,: Winter Strained Lamp Oil fljnfl GALL'S, pure winlcr Oil by JJyJ Latiihoi ic Potwin. FLOUR. pOCHBSTF.i; "City Mills" and Troy M flour, for tale by 1-,olu:tt& Bradlcvs. Doc. 0, 1337. Fairbank's Improved Cooking STOVE. JUST ree'd by the subscribers, Fair bank's Patent Improved diving due Cooking Stoves, an article well worthy the niton- mn of ihe public. They nre consid ered by those who have used them, ns de cidedly superior lo any other Cooking Stove now in use. The casting is superior, and Iron of the best quality, nnd of extra thickness. J. & J. II. Pix-k & Co, .4i,'cnr.f. Feb. 22, 1333. 6 . II. SAX T 61 SUKGHON lHCNTIST. Oi'cc one door smith if N. It. Ilaswcll's Auit'nm and Cnmrniiiitm Store. nUllLhYGTOW. Vl Gregory's Pills. AN article too well known by the public to require 11 list of c'rtificulus or rec ommeudalioiis, lor snlo bv J, &. J. II. Pkck & Co. Feb. 22, nnd Uuiikut Moony. David Goodhue's Estate. I Wli the sub-crihers having le en npoint ed bv the Hon. the Probate C mri for the district of Chillcndeii. c.iiiiiiis.-iihi. ers to receive, exninuie niel ndju-i I lie claims nud demand of all por-ons. ngninsl the estate of D.ivid Goodhue Into of Under hill, in said District, decensed, represented insolvent, nnd nlso nil c'liims nnd demand- exhibiled in ofl'-ut tliereto; nnd six month- from the day ol ih" (Into hereof, being al lowed by said Court lor that purpose, we do therefore hereby give notice, that we will attend to the bii-mess of our appoint ment, at thedwelling of the wid'.W Hannah Goodhue in Uudi rlnll in snid Di-trtct, on iho 20i h days of March and July next nt 10 o'clock. A. M . on each of said days. Dated, t Ins I7ih day of Fobrtiarv A. I). 1333. RFiUBFiN MARCY. ) Commit THOMAS GOODHUK, i sinners. Grind Stones. tons Nova Seolia Grind Sloncs, npsoit oil sizes, weighing from 50 to 1100 lb, sale by Fum.utt k. I'nAiii.cvs. for TI1F HYGFIAN niF.ORY OF HAS US, D1S- ami fir.isKnAr. ntr.r.cTii.s.s mn Tin: i:si: or .v.oiiiso.v.s !:.tvi:iiSAL mi;i)i- CiNJIS, OZic British College if Health, London The leading Principles if the Ihjgciun or iMoris-nninn Vuory if Discuses are contained in the following Propo sitions ; 1. The vital principle is contained in the blood. 2. I'ivery thing in the body is derived from the blood. 3 All disenscs nrise from tho impurity in t he blood. From the bh.nd all the solids nre derived and nourished all Hie oth-jr fluids nre secreted nnd nil the substances appropri ated to repair the injuries done lo the body are supplied. The rudiment of the future heart (and the circulating sy-lein,) it is well known, precedes the formation of other parts of Ihe body and is visible for souie.time before any trace of the brain can be dislnieuishod. As the blood i the builder up of the body nnd source of general health, so 11 is nlso of universal disease: that being fluid while circulating in the body, il is more uniform 111 ns appearance than any of the t'olid ports, which nccoon's for the diffietil. lv of detecting any foreign or inoibifick liintier w h.''di may be circulating with it Tho miasms i' ;'-'ver nre harmless lo everv other part of the system, and only become ini-cliievotit when I hey reach the If the blood become once itnprcg. nated with a is wonderful lo remark the tenacity with which it retains il, though ii fie 11 ma state of inactivity for years, or even g neraiions. Hence all hereditary diseases, con-uiuptintis, fcc. Kvery ' germ and fibre of every other part, being funned and fed from the blood nud all communication to the solids being cut oil', except by the circulation, when, else can we look to, as 1 he seat of such laints or predispositions for dtieJse, or for the cause, oj disui'c itself? I. Pain and disea-e have the same origin nnd may therefore he considered synonymous terms. 5. Purgation bv vegetables is the only effectual mode of piirilymg the bloud, and eradicating disease. It. is evident that nil those medicines which require preparation 111 the patient, and give cold if inker, in damp or cold went her, such ns calomel &c; do not ns Minilnto to the body, and are therefore highly injurious to the coi.siitntiiin, and impress and stamp new qualities upon it For the " Vegetable Universal .fihdicinii" it is nnuece-sary 10 prepare. They may he taken with advantage m any wt athcr. or at any time of ihe year. The simple 1 booty simple because true contained in lhese five propositions was fir.-t promulgated by .Mr .Murium, the llijgusl, in 1333; and Ins world. reiiownei. medicines wore taken with unparallelled success. Since tins 1 11110 numerou- imita tors have 11 risen in America as well as in Kurope, who style I hem-elves Ilygeisis. nnd protend lo treat diseases on lUgeinn principle.-;, and with 'Universal Vegeiabl Medicine-.' Tho Medicines of ihe British College of Health cure rll discuses which admil ol cine. I. They remove from the stomach. Iiv nnd intestines the blood making organs all nh-trociious to ihe due performance 1 heir healthy functions. 2. They purify the bloeil, bv incrensing its various excretions ; nud prevent ili-un-o by enabling Ihe body siicce-slully to re-isl the predisposing evening ciusesof di-eae :. They increase the net ion of Ihe nb somen:.--, uy vvnicn nn uioiuui growl lis are taken into the circulation and nflerwnrd- expelled from the body. 1. They restore Ihe regularity of those processes upon winch Ihe formation and circulation of the blood depend. These are ihe only medicines known which small doses have a powerlul 11 ml beuehcal efleci: r.ud yet, nl which, 111 ex Ireme cases, such very large doses may b iiilunnisiured learlessly nud with greatly increased advantage to the patient. Ujtuuo genuine unless signed by Pankuoiin &, Bui.vsmaii). State Agents. New Establish (. C23&S. j&, STSBETSOKr, RIB AVlNC taken tin Cahinei Shop on H.U. the rust side of Ihe Court llou Square, formerly occupied by Abbott & vVond, where ho iiiiends currying on the Cabinet leaking business m nil its branches and hopes by punctuality nud strict alien don to Ins business, to merit 11 share ol public pat ruiinge. N B. All kinds of fancy work, such ns Ladies work Boxes, Portable Dusks, Shaf fouiers. Music Stools, Foot Stools. &c. &c, made nnd repaired with neatness and on short notice. 0"Aliniist nil kinds of Lumber and pro visions taken in payment tor cubinet (urui turn , Burlington, Feb. 1. 1333, RBAT rtnilli sloek of Goods lately owned by Mr. iL I. eiiiiiel Curtis. logethnVwiih the Sloro and Shop now occupied ly Mr. I). S, llusse.ll, nud tliu laud on which the same Maud, have, been cinivoyi'd to the subscriber lo be sold for the benlit of certain creditors of, said Curtis; and as tbesainn must he sold nl nil events: iIkkso who wish lo pniebaso will be enabled to makiy great bargains. Thugood.s consist of a very largo nsorlnieiil of dry noons. DRY GROCERIES, CROCKERY. CIlhYA i GEASS WARE. And will be sold clunp. Tim Store nud Shop, nre very eligibly sitnined, in the bu siness pnrt of the town. A credit will bo given lor n pail ol ihe renl es'ale. Also for sab: ns ah .ye. a one Hnne Sleigh, a Chaise, tico shzle Harnesses, a one Horse Waggon, a Saddle, itr .VOli EE LOVELY. Ihirlini'lim, Mi I, 13.53. SHIPPING FURS. CASH, and the highest market price, pa id for Shipping Furs, bv W. It. & I C. "VI LAS. Feb. 0. NOTICE TO HHT5U7TA.T20.INTrA3tIDS TfBROiNS suffering under hcvmalic .If" JL fiction are respectfully nssuicd, that dicy can obtain oflhn proprietor and In- ayo-lts a safe and admirable remedy for RHEUMA TISM, however ohftiualc the disorder nay be, and in all its different stages. Rheumatic Liniment! will afford immediate relief lo tho patient, and has soine.liinus been attended with such extra ordinary suecess as 10 euro the inn-l distress, sing Rhnimntism in twiiily-jaur hours, oven when of year- standing. This highly valuable Liniment is recom mended with a confidence founded on tho cx peiiunce of many years, not only as a cure for thai excruciating disease, but as an excellent application for M inwrss or tiic joins, m:."?, Sprain. Ciiii.iii.vins, &o. Among n mass oflestimony in favour of tho success of tho Liniment, as a thorough rcmo. dy for Rliee.MvTlsM, Iho proprietor selects tho following as p:uteuling genuine instances of its efficacy .Veic and surprising cases. ttj gentleman, Mr. R. of Charlcstowny vvIioimi bo referred to had been confined to his hod most of the time l or a week, siifi'ering most excrueial ing pain from I'lieuiintisni ; af. icr having had recourse to the round of anti dotes usually resulted to in this complaint 'but without hcuclit ; and while in ibis state of suffering, and no pin-pccl of relief, Mr. Caleb Synnnes, who was lus neighbour, and who, owing to ihe extraordinary bcncftl ho had himself experienced from its use, recommend, ed the article with such coufidcricu as induced Mr. It. to make use of it, which he did, with the. usual success attending its administration. immediate mitigation of pain relief and cure: II.P.Mr. T. of this city, was attacked with a. cry violent Rheumatism in his hack, which an application of this Liniment on going 10 bed liislaully relieved, and cured by morning observes he ncrcr used any thing which gavo him so much nnd so great rebel. Q"Au old Uevoluiiouary Officer near Bos ton, was sorely afllicted for years with rheu matic complaints, especially m his joints and limbs, which were ficuuentlv much swollen, could obtain only irmporaiy relief from med ical advice, or the use ol various remedies, ana had dispured ol help ; when a friend who had witnessed the wonderful etlecls ol ibis Lini ment, ndvi.-ed him to make use of it, which ho liri. with the most happv cited j it reduced the suillmg in one nighl. This urlirle is consiui rrcl so superior lo tvcrij thing ttse, and lo jiossisssuch uncommon virtues. that il is ordered from distant pails cj lite coun try. CAn agent reccuiv writes : "Ticaso srna ine a further supply ofJebb's Liniment tho first opportunity 1 shall probably sell a consider able quantity, as it is rtcummuidtd hy tome of our physicians very highly. Ij'Anolhcr agent writes: "1 vvisli you 10 forward ine s'unc more of Jeub s Liniment, wince has recommended itself very highly." Price 50 cents a bottle. The Pa nful and Debilitating Complaint of TH3 receives relief, and in numerous in stances has been thoroughly 1 uret. by the of l.ii.Mrair.s' r,i:.n:iiv tor -mr. rn cs. rSPlllltS approved compound also mitigates JL and iciiones tin- symptoms wlncli ire luenlly nceompany that disorder, and uiereaso the danger of tliu patient, viz. : pain.- in Loin -Headache his ol appetilulnoijeslioii, and oihei marks of debility. A relieved I'.ilienl writes fiom a distance, "Il is Inn justice lo you lo inform you, that I have used your Duuilrio.s riinedy lor the lie- for sometime past, and have lound it em- lueutlv successful." An Officer in the Army observes Ilnvo been troubled for years with llin Piles, and have never found any remedy ibat would compare Willi yours. It gavo me al- musl iniiiii'diaio relief."' A Physician and Druggist writes. I h.ive sold all iho modicum vou sent mo. which is so highly recommended for the Piles. I wish you to send me one dozen more by the bearer." The remedy i nnito innocent, and may bu ndinuiislered lo all ages anil both scves. Plain and ample Directions, with a description of the complaint, accompany each pacuago, which consists ol twn borrs, one containing .111 Ointment, and the other an Klectuary. Price $1 for both artcles, or 50 cents whero but 0110 is wauled. Price $1 a bottle, or G bottles for$. ..-'VV. TiJM''M '"'Wo. I'rlce () rents. A fresh supply just icceived by Lntbrop Pol win, Hiirliiiyinn Decli wilk C. Dver, Solesburv-A. P. Rescue, New llaveii-M. W. Ilmsley, Monktoii--M. Hull, lliuesbnrgh Fletcher it Wood man, W'ulietnii-O. B. Martin, Charlotte--ti". I.t-iiinn. l.'errisbumh L, Biby. Ver-. geiinos-Fletober & Miner, Bridpotl--'Ti..., W'nrrlii Ssliorel.nin. I It'll I -

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