Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, March 23, 1838, Page 3

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated March 23, 1838 Page 3
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Particular Notice. TUB American born citizens of tho town of Burlington nrc requested to meet nt Parkliust's llolil in tlio cost pnrl of this town nn the second day nl April next in pursuance nfn nicctinjj hold nt that place on the 10th dny of March inst. for I he purple of promoting the interest of I lie Farmer llm Mechanic nnd Laborer of this town. Alt who feel nn interest in this blessed cause will not fail to nltend. Burlington. March 2l, 1 SPillNG BONNETS. 4 CASK Finn English Straw Bonnets, just -- rnxnifi.1 mil M II tV fjATItnOP & I'otwiv SUING LLCS. er Off Shingles, n first rale article, 3U.UU" fur snip clirnp by Mntf GO. S. WALK BR & CO. Perfumery &x. SOAPS, PERFUMERY, HAIR. OILS, Pomatum. Hair Powders, Cosmetics. Rouge, Court PlaUler. Preston Salts Sails of Roses, Carmini, Hair, Tooth, Nail nnd other Brushes, Fine and coarse Combs, Janancso Lotion for removing freckles. pimples nnd eruptions ol the skin; Milk of Roscti. Cosmetic cold Cream. Balm of Columbia. Indelllble Ink, &c. &c, nt the Variety Shop. P ASOD0HN & BlltNSM AID. March, 24. HJ3I!. Samuel Keeler's Estate. 17 E the subscribers having bee.n npoint T T ed by the Hon. the Probnle Court for the district of Chittenden, commission. era to receive, examine nnd adjust the claims and demands of nil persons, against the estate of Samuel Krcler, late of E-sex. in snid District, deceased, ropresenied insolvent, and also nil claims nnd demand exhibited in offset thereto; nnd six months from I tic day of the dale hereof, being nl lowed bv said Court lor that purpose, w do therefore hereby give notice, that we will attend to the business of our appoint ment, at the dwelling of Milo Keeler's in Essex, in said Dwtrict, on tho last Mon days of April. Mav nnd June next, nt 10 o'clock, A. M . on each of said days. Dated, this U'h day of February A. D 1833. B. B. BUTLER, ) Commit ARNOLD COLBY. sinners.. Stephen Manuell's Estate. STATE OF VERMONT, ) The Honor. District of Chittenden, (able I he pro bate Court (or ihe district of Chittenden to I lie creditors nnd olliors concerned in tho estate of Stephen Manuell, late of Richmond, in mid di.-tnct deceased. TfrllEREAS th" administratrix of the IT estate of said deceased hnth math application to his court In exirnd the turn limited for unking payment of I he debts of snid deceased. I welvn inoniln from I In dole, nnd I lie second Wedoe.-day of April next being assigned for a hearing in l In prennscs, nt the drice the R.'iier uf tin Court, nnd it tin v in been ordered that im t ice I herool hi; given, liv puhlishin" this decree three weeks cueces-ively to !ln Free Press n newspaper prime:! at Bur lingion, before iliu t tint: fixed lor hearing Therefore, you arc hereby notified, to nppenr before said Court, at Ihe lime and place aforesaid, then nod there, to make object inn if any you have, to the said Mm of payment being further extended ns afore 6 a ul . Given under my hand at Burlington, this Hill day ol i'YImiarv A. I) Iflfill Wm.' IVES TON. Register Edward Martin's Estate. STJITE OF VERMONT, ) Dl-TIUCT OK Clll'l TEMIKN. S- ( To the, Hon. Ihe Probnle Court fur the Dis tricl of Chittenden. lo all persons con cerncd in the Estate of Edtourd Martin late, of Huntington, in said Distrut. dc ceased. u II EH I 1AU . 1UHEREAS. the administratrix, of tli T estate of said deceased proposen to render an account uf her adintnist ration and present her account against said oilat for examination nod allowance at a session of the Court of Probate, to be holdeu at the Eagle Hall in Williston on the third Mon day of April next. TiiunEKonu, You nrc hereby notified to appear before said court nt the lime nnd place ofoicsaid. and shew cause if nny you have, why trie account oioresaiu should not be allowed. Given under my bond at Burlington, llii 19th day ot March A. 1) ItiiiB. Wm WESTON. Register Stephen Manuoll's Estate. STATE OF VERMONT, ) District ok Cnittemien ss. ( The Honorable Ihe Probate Court for the District of Chittenden, to alt persons concerned in the Estate of Stephen Manuell late if Jlichmond in said Distrul, dc ccat'.d. Okekting fHEREAS. the administratrix of the T T Estatcofsaid deceased hath this day filed in raid court an account of her nd ministration, and presented her account against said cstato for examination and al Jowancc and the 2d Wednenlay of April next bring assigned for a hearing nl'rnid account at a session of said Court of Pro bato, to be holden at the office nl the Regieter of Eaid Court on tliu said 2nd Wednesday of April next.- Tiiehekoue, Yon nrc hereby notified tn appear belorc said Court at tho linio and place aforesaid, nnd shew camo, if any you have, why the account aforesaid should not be allowed. Given under my hand nt Williston this 10th day of March. A. D. KI3U. Wm. WESTON. Register. What dors it I) lean ? rtAN it be dosmIiIo that a universal rem cdy lias been found to cure tho ills and pains of the corporeal body ! If not so, then what docs it all mean ? it is a slrnngo do lusion, or most certainly there must ho nn unusual rrnhly. Ah occupying tho siniton of no nirent for Docl. IJrnndrelh in Ihe vending of his Veeeinble Universal Pills. nod henrtnir the hundreds of every class and condition in life mnking renin rks of uch wonderful cures and reliefs following their uro, that one could not in justice hear tlio innumerable good cffccl told off vol- uutarily in o believing manner, without at lenfit doing something loivnrd notifying (he ofilicled wit h disenso that it is possible, nnd may be even much more tlmn probnble, that their sickness may be nllcvintnd ny the use of the said Brondrolh's Pills. 1 was opposed in t lie first place to taking the agency, or of having anything to do with the qoack'curc-nll-uoclor-stuft, na I then called it; but was reasoned into n belief I lint nt least some good might be possible till a great ileal ot 'mill. and consented to few dozen boxes being left, nnd allowed my name lobe inserted innn advertisement as the agent. At first the calls were mod erate, and for n long time sold wit limit any personal recommendations. The demand iios now bpcomcastnnishinirly increased, nnd the story ofthcir cures so nolorioiifly gen- cial that 1 cannot nny longer withold the opinion, t It ii I mandrel h's Pills possess a esirable qunliiy, and what is snid of them by perrons who have attested to their good results in the general advertisement may o probably true and correct accordion In their belief. Recommendation seems not to be needed much lonuer throuh tho press, for a whole community are speaking most favorably of their use nnd benefit. It is known 1 lint it may bo charged that there is a guarded and cautious manner in my statement, but it may be none the worse opinion for that, as it might be savins mute too much to say tliot any medicine ot itself lone cures. But when nfllicled, nnd Bran dreili's Pills hnvn been used wi'h apparent success ns nn assistant to tiMurc, wc aro disposed to attribute it to such means. Be very cautious of a counterfeit article. Buy of none but the regularly advert ised agents. And one word to them. A prei ended travelling, insinuating Sub Pill like Goner. al Agent, tins even gone so far in his at tempts with the spurious pills as to pretend to establish new agencies, nnd newly Firp- ply sonic old ones nl reduced prices for cash down. Recollect no agent buys the nils, or pays till sold, nnd nlwnvs nt one uniform price. No new agencies that I know ot. as through I ho multiplicity of men Ulhco lioiiicrs under Unci. Genernl Bratidrci h's Administration would be en dangcrcl Ihe sovereign public interest, and the const it tit ton oft he people violated, pros Irated, expunged and become exiiuct. Now let u? bo on our guard sell none but the genuine Brondrolh's Pills, and the Peo pie will all gut well, mid their constilu'ions be preserved fur the benefit of future gen orations. A new supply iust received. AnnK' at the Store of S. E. HOWARD rrillE genuine ("Lowe & Reeds") Com -i- pound Chlorine Tooth Wash iffrnlu ally cleanses the teeth and mouth, removes canker on soukness nnd all that is offen sive in the breath. It preserves Ihe teeth nod mouth in a clenr nnd healthy cntidrinn. I' or a dinner account ol Us saloiarv i fleets. reference is made to the recommendui inns of III. i riiy-icinn-- of Boston ntinched lo each boiile. This h the original noil gen nine arncle which is so much imitated Pliere ore other articles ofieo sold ns this called "Chhinne Tomb Wash." Orri Tooth Wiih. Chlorine Dentifrice. Chlorine toolh OTle. Florentine Tooth Wa-li. lui- penal Compound Chlorine Tooth Wash &c. noon of which have anv conuexim with rite genuine iirlicln. Thu is prepared only by ljowe Heed, Itortuo, mwiiior: and solo proprietors. F.mrIi bottle e lamped Lovm & Reed's Compound Chlo rine loolh Vh. and the wrnnncr t signed by Lowe &. Rem!. This article ha cored many d.".ieiaic cases of cankered Mouth-- ami Throat'', and is highlv recon in i' it ii id by those who are eoinpcient iudire as a gond article lor the 1 'colli and Gums Variety Shop. P.iNOnonN xt BnetsMAm. MRSSUS. PANGBOIIN A- BUINSMAID Gr.NTl.rMFN : VITISII ING to induro the sick to makn use ' ' of Mnrisoii'tj Pills n Medicino which I believe to be the bc.-i over mado. I wrilo you a KtitRuicul of a cure effected upon myself by Ihein.and wish yon to publish it for tho benefit of others. I had been ir.-aduallv losing health and growing weaker for some time, when in July 1835 1 was taken down with a Fever, and wan soon terribly bloated, my 'oj.'s becnino twico their usual size, my heart palpitated so hard, it seemed as 1 hotiir h il would break out ; it was vi-.ry difficult for mo tohrnrith; at limes 1 had a bad Cough and raised much, and when the Cough suh-i ded I raided freely. I continued gradually failing fur eleven mouths in spllo of the skill of six eminent Physicians, my complaint coin plclcly balllcd iheii efforts; I irrew woise and wor.-e, finally I began to vomit which onntin. ued for many days, they could not give mo nnylhing thai would remain in my Stomach or prevent my vomiting, I was given up, my family wero told that I could nut live and I did not ih'iil; that I should live many hours, 1 was terribly prcs.-cd for brca'h, wished all iho doois nnd windows open, my sight began lo fail, each object appeared like tbrco lo mo, I had become at- low probably us I could bo and retain lifo. Aflcr being uivun up by my Physicians a friend hoard of it and called and urged that Iho llygean Medicine should bo nduiiuisiered lo me, nftor calling three limes and remaining till 12 o'clock nt night and urging with zeal t fin ncccsily of doing some, thing and expression his perfect confidence in tho Morisnu Pills to effectually euro cvou mo us low ns I was as ho know it had dona so in many other oases a--bad. I consented to lake O ,.r ll.n ". O 11.11.. I .1 1..I l. ...l.l me they would) sclllo down my Stomach immediately, slopped my vomiting, operated nlonnriotlv. and Iminrn ! Im.i i ,. I, ., i on ,.r it.n , ui ...w .-v., . nun iiiu-v ii III i tin nu nun Pills I was able lo wnlk r.. un,,n Iho Lalso, or tlio diPlanco of a Mile. I took tho Pills every night nnd novrir look over 3 nl a time nnd usually hu 2. In the language of Mr. Morison the llygeist say 1 beliovo thoso aro Iho only Mrdieincs known, in which small doses havo such n powerful nnd beneficial cd'ccl." 1 am now enjoying better health I Ihiuk than I ever did before, nnd I wish every person who needs medicino to tako this, it will uuro ir any thing can. I givo it lo my children for all the diseases inci. dcnl to them and for all sickness which occurs in my family, nridit does uol disappoint tlio confidence J place in it ; I hnvn also seen lis very great and good efi'ecl in other families. My enso is well known to many citizens of liurlinglnii and Iho ndjacenl lowus nnd I wish them all to know that MOUISON'S PILLS madeby'MOItlSO.N THE IIYGF.IST," nl tho BRITISH COLLEGE OF HEALTH IN LONDON CURED ME. VAN RENSSELAER COON. The public will ubsorve that, unless tho Packets (.old in this Mate arc signed by us, thoy aro not genuino. Panoborn k Biiinbhaid, Charles F. Pcming's Estate STATE OF VERMONT, ) DlrTltlCT OK ClIITTEMlK.N. SS. The. Honorable the. Probate Court for the District of Chittenden, In alt person cancel ncd in the Estate of Charles F. Devlin late of Burling! m ii. said Dis tricl. deceased, GREETING. trHEREAS, Carlos Baxter, nduiinis V Iraior uf Ihe Ejlnto of said deceased proposes to render nu account ol his nilministralinii, and present his account against said estate for examination nnd allownncc at n se-sinn of the Court of Pro bale, to be holden a1 the ltegster's offi co in Burlington on tho 31st day uf March, inst. TiiEnnKonr., You are hereby notified to appear before said Court at the time and place aforesaid, and rhnw cause, if any you have, why the account aforesaid should nut bo allowed. Given under mv hand nt Burlington, this 1 4th d.iy of March. A. D. II13H Wm WESTON. Register O. II. S A XT ON SUUC; EON DENTIST. Otce one door south of JV. If. IfaswcU's Auction and Commisvnn cslure. BURT. fjVG TOJY, Ft Oil AHIiT T K FEMALE SEMINARY. THE Slimmer Perm of i his Insiitiil ion, will commence on the first Wednes dny in May, under the direction of Mifs Mahy GnooT, as Principal. The term will continue twenty three week", including a vacation ol one week at thu end of Ihe first quarter. conditions : The terms of said sellout arc 125 per quarter, including Tuition, Board, Wash ing. LomiIs. and r uol. A convenient Boarding House will bo in readiness at the commencement of the term. E. IV. GOO DM AX, Clerk of the Board of Trustees. Charhlle. March 1 1113H. Jona. Breakenridge jr's Estate. WE the subscriber--, being appointed by the Hon. the Probate Court for the district of Chittenden, commissioners, lo re ccive. examine and adjust nil claims and demands ofnll persons, ngainst Iho estate of Jonn. Breakenridge jr. laic of Charlotte, in said district, deceased, represented insol vent, nnd also all claims and demands ex hibitnd in offset thereto; and six months from ihe day of the date hereof, being allowed by said court for that purpose, wc do therefore hereby give notice, that wc will nltend lo llie bu-incss of our said npp'iir tnienl. ol Iho dwelling of Mrs. Polly Ann Breakenridge. widow of said deceased in Charloiie, in said DiMrtct. on iho first Moudiiv-- of AikiI nnd AiiL'ust next, at 10 n'chick. A. M. on eneh of raid day--. Dated. ihK 3d dav r Mnrch A. D. If)3. THOMAS 0 HILL. ) Commh. DAVID W COOK ( sinners. Truman Uurritt's Instate. Tn the Hon the Probate Court for Ihe Dis triit of Chittenden, comes Ihe subscriber Harmon Burnt!. ndininUlri lor of the cs tole if Truman Burnt!, late of Ihnei burgh in saul district, and represents that the personal rstnte of said dei cased will not be Mifment lo pay Ihe ihtits and char ges thereof and htribij maktti npiiticati u to said Court for lie, nee to sell the real estate for that purpose. HARMOJV BURR ITT, Adin'r Burlinglvn. March 7. III3U. STATE OF VERMONT, ) DlsTIUCT OF ClIl i rEMiEN. SB. ,4 T a Probnle Conn holden al Burling XX ion, in saul D strict, on Ihe 7'h dav of March A. D. IH33. Il is ordered dial account be taken of the debts, and also the proceeds of the personal estate of said de ceased, nnd that the heirs and all person: concerned in said estate be notified to np pear befoie snid CouM onthelhird Monday of Mnrch inst. at the Eagle Hall in Willis ion, nforesaid to give bond for ihe payment of debip, and show cause why license as nforcsatd rhall not be granted, and that such noitco be given by ptthli-hing ihe above application I wo weeks succes-ively. as soon ns may bo in Iho Free Prers u I newspaper printed in Burlington, in said District. Given under my hand, Iho day and year first above written. Wm. WP.STON Rrg'r. NOTICE. T HIS is to ceriil'v iliat I have given mv son, George Allen, hu tune, with power lo act for hinisell, and therefore will not consider hurt under my control, or mvsclf liable for his contracts nfter this dale. G. ALLEN. Ballon . March 13, lH3f SELLING- OPP. RFITZnEKAI.I), being desirous ofclo. sing his huHiiioss in this place horehy informs "Ihe public." thiit his stnclt 0p JftH'- ELllY, MILITARY and FANCY GOODS, icill tie sold tn a manner "To i'LEasctiic Puo. ric ! !" N. H. Thoso indebted as abovo aro remin ded I hat U.nci.i: Sam must have his rent on ihe I day of April, and dunU like the Lawyers. March 7, 18.38. It. Fitzqeh i.ii . - t: ' nVJin.i i '" .V!!'"0 .. GLNUIM Mor.son s Pills, or Ilygean I Vegetable Universal Medicine made at Iho l Iiritifli Cnllego of go ol llnallh liy Alorisnn llie llygeisl, will bo signed by Pangliorn fc linns maid, and also by their regularly advertised appointed Agents in tho several Counties, GEO. TAYLOR, 13 Chamber si., Now York, solo agent fur the United Stales, sent out hy tho Collogo in placo of II. Shcphf art) Moat removed. Panodokn 4- Bai.Ns.MAii), Jewellers, Burlington, Vt. Agents for the stato, SUB AGENTS. Geo. II. Fisli Middlebury, Addison Co, O. A, Keith, Sheldon, Franklin Co. S. E. Morse, Cruft"bur.y. Orleans Co. John Kelscy, Danville, Caledonia Co. N. C. Gnddnrd, Windsor, Windsor Co. M.S. Ilucklaud. Bellows Fulls, Windham OrvNfr Roberts, Munchcstor, Bennington II, W. Porter, Rutland, Rutland Co, W. W, ('ailwell, Monlpolier Washington co Foster Grow. Clinlsen. Orangu Co, All (ho papers in Ihu slate will copy this, anil add other ngonls to tho list, an lust us (hoy aro published in this paper. They will obsorve that there is but ono r in Morison's name, Valuable Real Estate. THE fiilHcribrr wisliea lo rcll all Ills real cstme nn Chin ch rlici't in Hoi ling. Inn, ('(iii'i.liiii( of two del tiiifi hoii'ci nnd mil building?, oti tioins n Urh k Iiiiikc hI(u iiiciI near I lie ttnnk of Bur- Ihijlnn, nnil the nllict n VVnnilrn limin rlin.iti'il iip.iiIv oppo'hr Jnliti N. I'oineinj's divcllin hnn.c, nn ('Ihiii h pliret. He nl'O wi.lic. lo i-pll hi.' Inlf r. c.'t hi ii uiiiiisiiap, cm I tit Itilck iSlnie iwljniniii" ih PlnrR ouncil hv Dnri. Jnliu I'rck, on the iiin ih piilt! ul die Cimiii llnii'R iin.iip iiUii n f in n 1 1 Imililog Inl ehnnlRil nn i lip i-nni tiu e-l minor iifChriiy unit Winer f'lircis, ndjnhiini lr lieiilljs 'I'Iiripiiih will I e ui.nlit rnv, nun liuuili pail nflhc piui' innnev to be p.dd in h mil, nnd iir loiniiinilcr on u lilirnil neilil, U'iih iipiinrd recni ilj l'ns'iviiiii will he alien nn ihe (iisi il.iy l ,Mny" next, rxrcpl Hir Hi !i l linii'R uhii li U Iciiffil ion) under rem fur one j cir hum the lSih 'I n nl' Ann.i next, H'M. A. GMSWOLD. Hoi lingtoo, Murcli 21 1S3S. ELEGANT FURNITURE. rilHE Mibscriber offers at privalo tnle JL at his house, from this dale to the 1st of April next for approved paper iho follow ing articles of household furniture, viz: 2 Mahogany Grecian Sofas, hair cloth trimmed. 1 curl maple do. 2 Curl maple aimed Chairs tn match. 1 superb sett Mahogany Dining Tables, in 3 pieces. 2 pillar claw mahog. Brcnkfa't Inblcs. 1 Mahogany nnd Rose Centre Table. 2 do. Pier Indies, marble slabi. 1 largo mahogany Book Case. 1 mahognny Secretary . 1 Forte Piano. 2-1 mahogany Chair?, hair clotii seating. 1 do. Rocking do. 1 diz. curl'd maple Chairs, hair seating. 4 dnz. fancy Gilt Chairs. 2 splendid gill Looking Glasses nearly C feet in lenglh; and others of various size?. I English Astral Lamp, cut glass shade. I French do. plain. I pair Bronze and Gilt Mantle Lamps with fehades. 1 do. do. Brillimts. 2 sell Mnntlc Flower Vases, wilh shades. 1 marble French mantle U day Clock. 4 pair Brass Andiron, ahovel and tongs. 2 superb brass Fire Fenders. 2 Brusscll Carpels and Hall Carpel to match. t do. do. for a room 1C by 10 feet. Stair carpet and rods 3 Engli.-h carpels, nnd rugs. 1 pair oiiomnns. yellow silk. 3 mahogany Bureaus. High and low post Bedsteads. 1 elegant gill China dinner 6crvicc, con taining 280 pieces, t gill China lea sett. Cut glass Decanters, tumblers, wines, bowles. celery and preserve dishes. &c I Sbtfiielil plate coffee Urn. i-ilver cdees. 2 phir do. do. Cake Baskets, do. do 1 do. do. Servers. do. do. Willi other articles, and also articles of kilchcn furniture, stoves, &C. SfC. J. S. POT WIN Burlington, March 1, 1830. Confectionary. 2000 His. Confectionary just rue' iv. il hy J. dl J, IJ. Peck & Co Feb. 22. SAX.IKON. Bbls. N'orih Shore Salmon, for sale by Fol.I.ETTE Sf I! II A I) l.UVS. 0 1 1137 I) e BROOMS. SOO Shaker Corn Brooms by Feb J. & J. II. PtCK & Co. SEED. Bushels Timothy Seed, aUo a few pounds Clover do. for sale Cheap by S. WALKEIl Sc Co. March 15, 1030. New England Rum. A Z Ilhds, Boston N. E. Rom. by J &. J 11 Puck & Co TO BIKIVT. A store nod ilu' house. II. LEAVENWORTH. To Ihr. Hon the Probate Court for the Di, triit if Chittenden, comes the subscri ber Hiram Billows, administrator de bonis mm rum tcMumcnta aimer . if the fslulf "J Spencer Cook, late of West ford, in said District, deceased and represents that Ihe personal estate of aid deceased will not be sufficient to pnj the debts and legacies thereof and hcribij makes appli cation to said Court for licenie to sell the real estate of said deceased and also the reversion of the widows dower in the real estate for that purpose, Hiram Bellows. Burlington. .March 9. 11130. STATE OF VERMONT, 3 DisTincr or Ciiittkmien. ss. 4 T a Probate Court holden nt Burling IV. ton, tn said District, on the 9th day ol March, A. D. 1030. It is ordered account be taken of the debts and also, the proceeds of thu personal estate of said leceased, and that tho heirs and all persons concerned in said estate be not tlied lo np penr before said Court on the first Monday of April next at thu Register's oflicu in Burlington aforesaid, to give bond for Ihe payment of deb's, and bhow calico why license a? nforcsatd shall not be granted, and that such nonce be given by publishing llie above application three weeks succes- sively, ns soon or may be in llie Free Press, a newspaper printed in Burlington, m said Di-lrtct. Given under mv hand, the day and year first abuve wriiten. Wm. WESTON. Register. BROADCLOTHS. A FULL nnd coinpletu assiiitmeut of Bruud Cloths, of every colour and quality for sale cheaper for ensh llinn ever bnforu offered for 1 0 or 15 days very little if any profit nskid. Now is tho tiino lo use vmir money. Apply al tho Cheap Cash Store. S. E. HOWARD. Murcli It, 1030. TIIIIE subscriber's largo now Brick Store, JL at tho Falls, Winooski Village. As lio Broudcloth Factory will probably start this 0pring,it will bo tho best location in this part f tho country. SIDNEY BARLOW. Builington, March, 1st, 1030. A S. n tli BOOKS ! BOOKS ! THE following valuable books nrc for sale nt the Book .Store. Wn lion's lives of old English Proso Writers. 2 vols. 12 mo. Ilnennh Moorc'tt Works, complete 1 vol. tt vo. Franklin's Works, 2 vols. II vn, Mnr-dinll's Washington, 2 vols. 8 vo. British Drama do do Bnswell's Johnson do do Mnrryall's Works I vol. do Ileum n's Poems do do Burke's Works 3 vols. 0 vo. Bucklnnd's Geology 2 vols, do Roget's Physiology do do Iv i r by on Ihe history hnbits and instincts of Animals, I vol, !1 vo. D.inn's Mineralogy, 1 vol. 0 vo. Addison's Miscellaneous Works, 4 vols. II vo. Eng. Ed. Wnverly's Novels, 10 vols. 12 mo. Arn- bisque. BnUver's do B vols. do Memoirs of Aaron Burr, il vols. 8 vo. Modem Society, by Miss Sinclair. Sam Slick of Slickville. Yankee Notions Nick of the woods, by tho author of Calavnr. The Trollopiad or travelling Gentleman in America. Altila, by .Tnmcs. Sweeter on Digestion. Woyland's Moral Science. Religious Opinions and Character of Washington. Bloomlield's Greek Te&lament, Am. Ed. Cruden's Concordance, I vol. 4 to. Dwights Theology, 4 vols. 0 vo. &c. &c. School and clns.-ical Books of evcrv description togother with Stationary of the Urst quality, arc also for sale by JAS. W. HIOKOK. Burli'.gton, March 1. 11130. Hickok's Patent Rotary Oven COOK STOVE. rHEi subscriber has just, received and oilers for sale, a few stoves, of which the above cut is a representation. To all the advantages of the improved Rotary top, is ndded a Rotary Oven on nn entirely new plan, winch, from the testimony of'lhose who have used them, far supercedes any thing of the kind, yet offered lo the public. Those wishing to purchase cook stoves arc respectfully requested lo examine these before making their selection, as ocular demonstration will better convince the public of the value of the article than any description that could be given. Another recommendation, t hc.-e hard times is, that these stoves will be sold us low ns tho com mon Rutarys of the same size. ROBER'P MOODY. Match I. 1030. If lilacksinilh's, liduc-Tool Ma kers and WheoIrihts, Attend! rilHE siih-criber offers for salo low, and JL wilh along pay day, if required, a two slory Triphammer Shop, wilh waler-power sulficicol for an extensive business. AUo. a two slory llou-o and Ii vo acres of land, all situated in the centre ol Warren, Washington Co. Vermont. Tho location is a good one. nnd an ciileriiri-iug man could hardly fail of success. Fur further particulars apply lo the subscriber, al llie blnp iird. Sluilhurn l'omt March 1, 1038. LUCIUS LAWTON. Fairbank's Improved Cooking STOVE. JUST ree'd by tho subscriber?, Fair bank's Patent Improved diving flue Cooking Sieves, nu article well worthy Ihe alien ion of the public. They nre consid ered by I hose who have used litem, as do cidedly superior to any other Cooking Siovc now in uso. 'Phe catiug is superior, and Iron of the best quality, nod ol extra thickness. J. & J H. Peck & Co, Agents. Feb. 22 M3II Novia Scotia Plaster. if'i'iA TONS row urmdiiiL' and for sale by thu subscribers. BOARD.MAN. CLARK, & Co. .Viltnn. Lmrcr Falls. Jan. 2.3. I8JI1. Burlington, Nov. 21, 1SD7. ROBERT MOODY is now receiving ' from New York nn extensive supply nl'llnrdv nre. Saddlery, Ilollowure, Drugs. Medicines, Paints, and Oils ; which lie offers lo the public cheap for cash ur short credit, nl the old ciinhh.-hcd store, north ea.-l corner of tho square. NEW WATCHES. PINE Gold Lepiuu Watches, excullenl Movements, Silver Lepines, and com mon Watches just received at Ihe Varielv Shop PANGBORN &. BRINSMAlD. ' Feb. 15. Swords, Pistols, Sabres, &oth- er military goods for sale, at llie Variety Shop. " I'ANGllORNfc BRINSMAlD Dee. 29. 1837. Scotch Pig Iron. 4 Ions, No, 1, on consignment, for sale by 1 Fo i.L err k IIiiaui.e vs. Dec.C, 1037. rilHE period for receiving proposnls ex JL STONE Tor iho Breakwater is for tended lo ihe tir-i dny of April 11130. N. B. II AS WELL. U. S. Agent. NOTICE. Annual Town Mit'iinj FT1HE will be JL. holden nt l he town room in Burling tun, on Monday the lih day uf March next at 10 o'clock A. M . February 2G, ll!3il. POWDISlt. Af Keg, for s'lle by Foi.i.uit (f Biutu.r.vs. PTSH. Quintals drv Codfish. 20 Ilbls. Hudson 1 5 ,i v No 1. Salmon, for salo by FOLLETT k BRADLEYS. Dec, 1037. G-REAT BARGAINS?. Timlin slock of fioods lately owned by Mr. JL Lemuel Curti". together" with thn Store nnd Khop now occupied by Mr. D S. Ituscll, and tho land on which thn samu stand, havo been conveyed to ihe subscriber lobe sold for Ihcbonfil of certain creditors of aid Curtis ', and ns Ihesnmo must be sold at nil events those who wish tonuiebaso will bo enabled to makn I groat bargains. Thegoods consist ofa very large asorlnionl ol DRY GOODS. DRY GROCERIES, CROCKERY. CHINA $t GLASS WARE. And will be sold cheap. Tho Store nnil Shop, are very cliatbly situated, in iho bu siness part of Iho town. A credit will bo given lorn part ol the teal estate. Also fur sale ns above, ft one one Sleigh, a Chaise, two single Harnesses, n una Horse Waggon, a Saddle, Sec. NOBLE LOVELY. Burlington, Feb. I, 1030, Grind Stones. tons Nova Scotia Grind Stones, nssoit ed sizes, weighing from 50 to 1)00 lb, for sale by Follutt k BiuuLnvs. THE HYGEIAN PHEORY OF DIS EASES, AN1J OENEHAt. DinUCTIO.NS Kon THU CSK or MOKISON'.S UNIVmtSAL MEDI CINES, Of the British College of Health, London The leading Principles of the Hijgeian or Morisonian Theory of Diseases are contained in the following Propo sitions ; 1. The vital principle is contained in the blond. Every thing in the body is derived from the blood. 3. All diseases arise from the impurity in the blood. From the blood nil the solids ore derived and nourished all tho other fluids aro secreted and all the substances appropri ated to repair the injuries dune to llie body are supplied. Tlio rudiment of the future heart (and tho circuiting system,) it is well known, precedes the formation o' other parts of Ihu body and is visible fir some tunc before nny trace of the brain can be distinguished. As the blond is the builder up of the body and source of general health, so it i-s also of universal disease: that being fluid while circulating in the body, il is niori' uniform m its nppftnranco than any of tlio. solid parts, which accounts fur the difficul ty of delecting any foreign or morbific!; matter which ninv be circulating wilh it Phe miasms ot fever ore harmless in very other part of the system, and onlv become tuNchiovout when ihey reach tin blond. If llie blood become onco imprep. nnled with a is wonderful In remark the tenacity with which it retains- U. though often in a Ftalcof inactivity for years, or even general ions. uence uii hereditary diseases, cimumplinns, lie. Every germ and fibre or every othre part. being formed and fed from the blood and all communication lo the solids being cut oil', except by the circulation, when else can wo look to, ns the seat of surii taints or predispositions for disease, or fur the cause oj disease itself? 4. Pain and dtsen-u havo the sanif origin nnd may therefore bo considereo synonymous terms. 5. Purgation by vegetables is tlio onlv effectual itiodo of purify log ihe blood, and eradicating disease. It is evident iliat all those mcdicin . which require preparation in the palicnt. and give cold if taken in damp ur coll weather, such as calomel &c; do mil n siunlale to the body, and aro ihcrcfr highly injurious lo the constitution, a'l impress and stamp new qualities upon i For the " Vegetable Universal Medicinis' it is unncce.-.-ary to propnre. They mi be taken with u.ivatitage in any wia'hcr, or nl nny tune uf the year. Ihe simple tl-eotv simple mem.-' true contained in ihese five prnpnsiiiiu was first promulgated by Mr Mnris'.n, llygeist, n 1033; and his world-n nowne medicines were taken with unpariillelh il iiccess. Since Ibis lime eunierou- itnilu tors have arisen in America as wii ns in Europe, who stylo Ihein-elves Hvgeisls. and pretend lo t rent dt-e:ies on llygoui i principles, nnd with 'Universal egelab -Medicine-".' The Medicines of ihe British Cullrg of Health euro all diseases which admit i f cure. I. They remove from the stomach, liv and intestines the blond making urgnns all oh-truciioits to ihe due perlonuauco ' their henllhv functions. 2. They purify ihe blond, by incrrnfii its various excretions; nnd prevent tinea.- by enabling the body successfully to ro.-i-i the predisposing evening causes of discn-e 3. They increase tho action of the ah sorbcuts, hy which nil morbid growths a -taken into tho circulation and aflcrwaid. expelled from the budy. I. 1 hoy restore the regularity of tho processes upon which ihu formation an' circulation of thu blood depend. These aro Ihe only medicines known n which small doses have n powerful an ' henrficnl efi'oci; and yet, of which, in ex treme cases, such very large doses may h adnnnis'cred lenrlessly and with greatly increased advantage to the paliuut. !I.TNoiie genuine unless signed by PA.NnilUllN &. liuiNSMAtl). Slate AgcnU. New Estdhlishmanl. CX-ZAS. A. STEVENS QIm. HAVING taken Iho Cabinet Shop m the cost stdo of Ihu Court Ilou-i Square, formerly occupied by Abbott iv. Wood, whore ho intends carrying on th Cabinet making business in ull its branches, nnd hope by punctuality and strict alien lion to his business, lo merit a share of public patronage. N B. All kinds of fancy work, such us Ladies work Boxes, Portable Desks, Shn loniers. Music Stools. Font Stools, &c. &e. mado and repaired with neatness and on short nonce. 0Alnm6t oil kinds of Lumber and pro visions taken in payment lor cabinet furni. turn. Burlington, Feb. 1, 1838,

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