Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, May 4, 1838, Page 3

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated May 4, 1838 Page 3
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BUT 2&&33Sf ST F It I DAY MORNING, MAY 4. Bank of BuhmnotoSi Wc understand that ot tlio meeting of the b-nrd yesterday this institution resolved to resume epecio payments on the Olh inst. Indeed, we be lieve that both our banks have been pay ing out specie in small sums, when required for several weeks past. Of the cntiro soundness of most of our state banks.thcrc can bo no doubt i and that they nro pre pared to respond promptly to the move- mcnls in New York and Massachusetts, wo have pood reasons for believing. It would readily seem that there is a dawning prospect of better times. Qt-Tlio Newbury Hank, il is mid, will recover from hs cinlimis-iiu'iils sooner limit was anticipa ted. 'I he fund mpposed lu have been lost in Bos. ton, is recovered. We concludu Mr. Webster's speech in the present number, and shall hernfier be enabled to present our readers with a bet ter variety. The Albany Charier Election has result ed in the success of the Whig ticket in every ward ! Our majority one year ago, was only 313; it is now G03. "As goes the fourth ward, so goes the State," is an old maxim in New York. It will not be falsi. fied this year. Virginia. The election is going well in this Btatc. Wc have already some cheering indications, and fdiall probably have an interesting chapter to give next wock. tETSeo Baltimore election, in another column. What is llie tinnier with fair neighbor of die Krce l'tros 1 He should be the l.wl prison in llie wor'd Id throw- nut nnv sneers nlmnl " d.iiil nalnoli.-tii." We f-lion lil liku to Know if ibo inmoiir I the iunnoitiil 215 iiilcnilct! to sunt tin other whi; paper in this illat:e, any effect in ilamiiiii'' llie niihir of Ins 'iilnoliMu"1 1 1 well , known lor a while lliu "pan lotism" oflhe Free I'ic.-s rather exceeded of any other paper in the Male ; now not one so silent on the subject nor so ready to sneer. Sentinel. Most true it is that "for a while the patriotism of tho Free Press rather excee ded that of any other paper in the state," and it is equally true, that it still bums in all its original brightness. Wo therefore claim c prescriptive right to be the "first person" to "sneer" at loco.focoistn. when wc find ensconced behind n "stiperabun dant" patriotism. Wc protest against prostituting a good and a holy cause to eiicIi vile purposes, and most assuredly wo ehall not hesitate to cxposo those who attempt it. As to the malign influence nlluded to, it is sufficient to say that this is the first time wc have heard the "rumour; " nnd, considering tho source from which it emanates, the natural presumption is that it is untrue. At any rate, wc havu not taken the trouble to tnako an enquiry. But, however this may be, it'is undoubt edly a source of consolation to our neigh bor to feel a perfect security ogainst any euch "damping"' contingency ; for no one, wc are quite sure, envies him cither h'i3 rood name or his business, so much as to desire to divide it with him. Wo should like to know in what part of tin country the funum piesener of neuiralliiy on our fiontier is now wool gathering in 1 We under eland social llrili-li ascitis latelv arrived in this vicinity fiotn M iss John Bull's kingdom of Lower Canada, piueh.isiii;; Unites for the purpose of mounting their hordes of cut-lhroais in Canada the (-niiiing summer. This is all doubtless veiy proper. Yel if a poor devil of a Patriot slioulit even attempt to pincli t-c a pound of powder or u gun, llie whole park of "neutrality ptcseriers" would immediately pounce upon him, and the prison would be Ids doom. Sentinel. This is pure loco focoism. To denounce and abuse theagenU of the law, while the itself itself and its authors arc held up as "bright examples of democracy." Des the Editor of the Sentinel recollect the his tory of the present odious law on this sub icct? a law in fact to aid tho British Gov. crnment in suppressing tho rebellion Canada a law requiring our government officers to seize all arms, munitions, &c, whether in transit or in store, intended lo be used in tho potriot cause. This law is tho offspring of tho present administration power specially asked for by Van Buren, and granted by a subservient majority in both branches of Congress. Gen. Wool, and thoso under him, arc the mere agents of this law, bound by their official oaths to ecc it executed, and who, as public officers can no more avoid the responsibility than they can shake off original sin. That he lias transcended these obligations, wo do not believe. Let the Sentinel then launch its thunderbolts against the law itself and those who originated it; but let it forbear to smut and blackball meritorious public men for merely porlorming their duly Such a course is cowardly and mean, and unbecoming a truly liberal ami enlightened Trees. A Tiinii,LiNa Scene. Tho passengers on board the steam boat Burlington, from Whitehall, on Saturday tho 29th ult. witnessed the timely and well conducted manocuver of a perfectly disciplined crew. As this last boat was dashing on, and about 4o land at Shorcham, tho startling cry was raised 'n man overboardl" All rushed aft, Tho small boat was instantly lowered-ns quickly manned by Capt. Siu'.nMAN, with four active men, nnd dart ing toword the struggling man. All eyes wcro turned on him, and all feared, while they hoped. Hardly a breath wui beard, save an occasional involuntary exclamation, "he is sinking ! poor fellow they cannol save him! lie sunk for a moment then rose; all could distinctly see his hand struggling above the surface; but ho agalii disappeared, and men's hearts sank within litem ns they turned away in dispair. Anon, another cry was heard ''Ilonvcn bo praised, they have got him, they are pulling him into the boat!" Lven so. Just as he was disappearing for tho third time the rescuo came, and in a few seconds the unfortonatc was again on deck, to the great delight of an intensely excited com pany. A gentleman somewhat familiar with tho "perils of the sea," describes the scene as otic of the most thrilling ho ever witnessed, nnd awards groat praise to Capt. SiiBnMAN, and his excellent croc. The unfortunate passenger was a Cana dian, decently dressed, onii had some money. He could however give no account of himself, and was evidently laboring under an alienation of mind. The following neat, and wo may add, deserved, compliment to :t pure minded upright man, is copi ed fiomthe Wn-hinjton Sl,itC3inan. Senator Prentiss. The course of iliis qen tleman on the bill for lite eiipprc?sion of duelling, nnd his most able speeches on that subject, mint give him the highest reputation, bolh for moral nnd intellectual power. For the character and abilities ru.. Prr.iti.ia tvn liavn Inn'' entertained crcat respect, but this ie?pect has been raUcd lo admira tion by his sirenmh of principle, perfection of argil inonl, "and calm but subduing eloquence on ibis bill. Vermont never sent foith from her gieen inouniainj a rcpiescntative batter nntilleit to Her connueuce, her esteem, nnd her brightest honors. To the person who stole our Mission Box. Sin: While meditating upon the good ness of our Redeemer in giving us so many privileges ond blessings, particularly tho ",,., , .,.,: .,r ulessin" ol sauuaiu bououi hbuuhiuu, ..... t.nnrla Imrniwl With I' ratiiude and we felt very anxious to express in some way our thankfulness to him for all his mercies, so wo requested our superintendent to bring into the school a mission, box, that we mi"ht contribute our mites from sabbath to sabbath, toward- sending the gospel to the heathen children who know nothing about God, and have nono of the blessings wc enioy. And, sir, wo have made per onnMr.n.a nml denrivod ourselves of many of the accustomed luxuries of life in order that wc might save our ccnls for this purpose, and it is supposed wo had about five dollars in our box, when you one day last week came into the chapel and stole it from thence. You did not think thnt you were seen, but it was even so, yes, sir, as you pa-sod up the aisle, opened tho library took up the box as if to weigh its contents and then stretched yourself up to gaze, lest bv chancoyou might bo detected, and even as yon carefully endeavored to conceal it as you passed from the house, your movements wcro all watched. Nor was you lost sight of when you broke open the box, and care fully and tremblingly counted over that heap of cents, interspersed with now and then n silver bit. Do you ask who it was that caw you ? It was He from whom you stole the money, and who has said that you "shall not go unnunished.'' Tho same word of truth which says that "God loves the cheerful giver," says to you that "treasures obtained by wickedness profit nothing." Therefore wo would advise you for your own sake, to return the money and confess your fault, and hcrcaftor hearken to that excellent advice which says, "lot him that etolo s'eal more, but rather let him lab ir, working with his hnnds the thing which is good, that ho may havo lo give to him that nccdclh. S Ann ath Scitnoi, Ciiu.rmr.N, of the M. E. Church Burlington, May 2, 1838. The Mechanic and Farmer says that a man in England nic a largo pudding with his bead down und his fuel fastened to the ceiling. Wo will lay a handsomo bet that he did not get the pudding down. Suspension. A neighboring print says "the Windsor bank has suspended." Many think some of iho lute officers ought to bo suspended oo.Clurcmont Eagle. For Sale, on Consignment. OO bbls. no. 1 North Shoic Salmon, also, " 15 bbls. Tanner's Oil, by Fom.ktt &. BltADr.EYS. Burlington, May 2. 1031!. Gw OAKUM. ON tho 10th May next will bo sold by auc tion without reserve at the Stores' of tho subscribers, tho stock of too Ilousoof Indus. try .consisting of 7 tons vory superior Oakum. Terms cash. Salo at ono o'clock. CUVILL1ER k SONS. Montreal, April 21, 111311. Wholesale and Retail. GENTLEMEN aro in. vited to call at JFm. . Seymour's for tho pres ent New York City style of HATS, first door east Whitu Church, Pcarl-st. Burlington. May 3. 1 1133. POTATOES- D& D. A. KIMUALL will pay cash for 200 bushels of potatoee. Burlington, May 3, 1030, IU A It It I F. D In Westfnrd on tho 29ilt ult., by Rev. Mr. Woiidaril, Mr. David II, Uavlin, to Mis J Julia U. Fin imtvoi ill of the fnimer place. lu Wilbinhim, Muss., on tho Sill nil, by llie Itev. David Paiicu, Mr. Aliikkt (1. Houoiiton of .-jcntisvillo, AI.i., fotinrrlvof Bradford Vt,, to Miss .11 Altl A I'. Orts.ol Wilhraliam. i) i i: i) In this loun, of Consumption, on the morning ol l hi; Mil inst. Mrs. Hiilly I.. ronort ol Mr. 1'. I Mnilihatu, uged 21 cars. She dieil as she hail liscil for months pal, wholly resigned to tho will of her Maker. "Messed ate 1 1 icy who die in the l.oiil," l lie l'lineral will lie iillentlril at llie deuce of Mr. Maikham, at two o'clock this after noun. In F.'.'cx, on the 1st. inst., Mr, Silas Hill, aged 20 eais. In iliiic.-burgh. on the 2Glh March, Mrs. Mercy Notion, wife of Daniel Nurltiii,Etq. ;;cd (il vcirs. lu Stci ling, on llm 23lh nil. Mrs. Luey AI. V., wlfo of I'eny ll.ttkcll, and daughter of Moses Vilas F.tq. ARE receiving this spring their usual stock of dry goods, wets,- dry groceries, crockery, glassy hard ware, which they will aell at whnh.'salo or retail as ch'ap as can In.' bought al any other es tablishment tn tins place, 1' leccu Wool and most kinih of produce taken in ex change for goods, or on old or new accounts. Burlington. May -1. 1'iJil. MY SECOND Tit IP TIUS SPUING. OF THE CHEAP CASH STORE, WENT in tli' now Steam Boat Bur. lingliiii, Richard W. Sherman Capt. which is probably ono of if not the very best floating blcatn Boat on the American or any other waters of tho world, and re turned by the judiciously well arranged and highly pleasurable Boat Wimtoski, D. Lvou Capt. bringing 'tho exceedingly pleasing and intelligent news from Now York, viz. the nib; of his 150 Windsor money at 73 per cent discount the arrival in and intended departure from Now York of tho two great Steam Ships from Eng land, a great iiiilux of the precious metals, a partial resumption of specie payments by tin: New i or k Banks, n declaration ol dividends, rise on ttocks, an advance foreign exchange, a full supply of Goods clhng at low prices for cish, and an innu merable number of cotmtrv Mediants from every part of tho Union making their purchases ; all ot which has had a tendency lo restore confidence and creating a better feeling among nvti of business which must and will b-j di-seininalcd all over nnd through every cI ifs of citizens of our once prospering and will again be fioiirishin country, showing itsell m increased indus try, intelligence- and enterprise Now the gaid HOWARD bv being in that great emporium iiis-t at the crisis, fell in with tho tido and current of cencral joy and partook freely, largely and biiuntiloliy for bis own intended bene fill with a view lo on accommodation of his very many nnd innumerable customers a foil portion, assortment and slock of the very best tho City afforded nnd from the whole ol which be tiad the high honor and privilege of making hU own selections by ptying lor them, which ho liasi an opinion will afford a arent treat to visitors anil cus tumors to view froo ol charge at his much talked of and Central Farhhj, Staple and Fancy . Iashionnble, Dry Coodi, Grocery Cruchr.rii, .www' Ulasi, G7c ware. Carntlings. Paper Hangings and FurnUh inr Ware House Establishment. One door south Bank of Btirlingion Vt. Mnv 'J, '3f5. S. EARL HOWARD to ra, JjT?(V THE two ttory Rrick House, pH'M formerly occupied by S. Uallou, nn0 nl,' Rm,lb of I he village, apply to II. LcAVKSWOiiTtt. Burlington. Jla 2, l!!3l!. tf Mary Spooners Estate. nnO Iho Hun. tho Probate Court for the JL district of Chittenden, The undersigned Nathan C. St rector and Anna Streelcr wife of said Nathan C. of Richmond in said District, the said An na being one oftho heirs to ibo estate of Mnry Spooncr late of Richmond, deceased. respectfully represents that tho said Anna holds one equal seventh part of said eslute jointly with the othor heirs thereof, nod being tlesirojis lo hold the same in severalty she prays the Hon. Court to order n divis ion oftho said ostalo and to appoint a com mittee for that purpose. J"ATHAjY c. Steeter, ajya streeter. By jY. C. STRE1HTER, Willislon, April 1G. Ili, STA TE OF VERMONT, Dl-TUICT or ClIITTr.MiEN ss. ( AT a Probate Court hold tit Willislon, within and for the District of Chilinu den tin the t Gtli day of April A. D. 11)311. Nathan C. Streeter und Ann Strctcr hav ing filed in taid Court tho foregoing peti tion. It is ordered by the court that the said applicants cause the ecvornl persons interested in tho said estate, or their attor neys if living within tins State to be notified to appear before said court til a session thereof to ba holden at tbu Eagle Hall in Willi-ion in said district on the third Mon day of May A. D. !f)33, then and there in show caute, if any Ihey have, why tho said cstuto Ehould not bo divided by publica tion ot t-aid petition together wph this order three weeks successively in the Frei Press a newspaper printed at Btirlinglon 111 said district, llie last 01 winch publications to be previous to the said third Monday ol Mav 1U38. IPm. WESTOjY, Register SAir. JUST received and for sale, 1000 biihels Turks Island SALT, 50 bat's Dairv do. J. & J. II. PECK & CO. April 2G, 1030. LUMBER. rilllE subscribers havu on hand 011 tho JL Dock, a largo quaiilily of common Lumber, which ihuy oiler for salo vory low. Abo, on Imud tu their Mill Yards, 100.000 feet of Lath, which can bo delivered in any quantity wanted. Foi.ur.TT & Bkaulevs. Burlington, April 20, 1U3U. WBTT BOOKS. THE following recent publications have been lately received and aru for sale at tho Book Store. The Reign uf Ferdinand and Isabella 3 vol, !) vo. Lnckhart's Life of Scott. Arabia I'otrnca and the Holy Laud 2 vol. 12 mo. Ware's Palmyra. 2 vol. 12 mo. Retrospect of Western Travels by Miss Mnrtineati, 2 vol. 12 mo. Ernest Maltravcrs, 2 vol. 12 mo. Sequel to do. do. JHia, I vol. Corinne, or Italy 2 vol. 12 mo. Life in London, do. I, lie in I'arn, do. Gentleman Jack. do. Martin Fnbor and othor Tale3 do. do. Modem Society. Lovo Token (or children, by Miss Sedg wick. Youth's Portfolio. Christian Retirement. Woman as she should be, by Hubbard Winslow. Sherlock's Sermons and Discourses. Murdoch's Moslicim's Church Historv 3 vols. R vo. BtHlcrN Analogy, with Barno's Essay. Real Dialogue, by Abbott. Christian Pastor's Manual Pbila. 1037. Irving's Astoria, 2 vols, tl vo. Humbug-: of New York, by Dr. Reese. Yankee Notions, by Tun "Tittorwcll. Sttaki-spnare, Boston cd. 7 vols. C vo. Hannah Moorcs' complete wotks, 2 vol. 0 vo. Russell's Modern Europe 3 vo'.h. 0 vo. Robertson's Works, do. Mrs. Heinnns' Poem", complete in 1 vol. Signuriicy'6 Poems, Now ed. Characteristics of Women, by Mrd Jatneison. A new stock of pravcr Books and Bibles, has jut been received, many of them put up in elegant style. I hose who wish to purchase honks, nru rcqtiesled to call and examine lor themselves, ns qoito an exlen .ive n-sortmcii'. of standard, Mu-collaneotH and Religion,- publications nut enumerated nhnve nrn nfi'.-n.d f,,r fc-ile above arc 0fc,uU, sah Rurlinglon. Jhty A, l!53i! 71 il CJ & ti. 3-k x.r j. Osi THE Champlain Transportation Company beg leave to announce to the public, that, having withdrawn the steamer Franklin 'T !f,Clil",Wve,baV ri"",11 miMCr'vre lU'nl are benefitted' and do" Invariably with the NEW Steam Boat BURLING- Jcolitinuc lo use it whenever they need mcdi ION. which they flatter Ihenuelven is ; cino, and recommend il to tho fullest confi- not purpafrcd in splendour, speed, or salety, by any Boat in tho Uni'ed States. She will run with tho well-known S'.cam Boat WINOOSKI, until further notice, as follow-: T II E IB 3B & 5 It rS W 3!f '('API'.' It. W. S51KU.HAS Leave Whitehall every I Leave St. Johns every 'I'uksday, I IWondav, Thursday, j I Wf.unksijay, & Hatukuay. I Fhiday, CAl'T. DAN LYOiN, Leave U hitchall every I Leave HI. Johns every Monday, iksuay, W vdnksuay, c I Tiiuiishay, U FitiiiAV. I Saturday. Sj'AI one o'clock. '. ,M.jr Burlington, April 17, U:3IJ. DR. RELFE'S "J2GJa SHOP'S. TTS otic of the most ellicaeious compounds in it tho .U Materia Medira, for thu cure of that class of inveterate diseases produced by an imnure state of tlu blood, and a vitiated habit oflbebodv.ahd usually c.hihitiny themselves in the forms ofSrroW, Stlt Rheum. Ltniosn. 67. Anthony's Fire. Fere- Sans, (even when tho bom aro affected.) While .S.igs, (if aprlicd with Dr.. lebb's Liniment.) foul and obstinate Ulcers. Sore Legs and Eyes. IttaldluaJ m children. Scumj airl Scuibitlie Gnul, Pair pltdvr Carbunrhd Facts, FctUring Eruptions, , and I cncrcal Joints throughout the body, in 1 which la-t case the Drops often euro when Mercury fails. Thay arc also the best Spring and Autumnal Physic to purify and cleanse tho system from humors which frequently ap- pear al these fceavons ol tho year. 1 hoy ah-o aid tho process of digestion, and by purifying llto olooii, prevent tnu secretion ot malignant humors on tbu longs. The Proprietor confi dently relics upon the vast number ol'mt. prising cures effected by thesa Drops, not only 111 Doston and ils vicinity, but throughout tho union, for iho host proof of thoir excellence as an unfailing .iyi'ie.V((cie, in all the ca. sen ahovu specified. This article has recently been pronounced by a physician qf llto first respectability, who had witnessed its Mirpiising ollicaey. as en. titled, in his opinion to lake thu lead of all tho popular articles known fur tho above com plaints, ami indeed it is fast gaining this point in public estimation, throughout Hiu country. Price $1 a Doltlc, or six Jiotllcs for $5. Dr. Hollo's For Indigestion, L'iss of Appetite, Lishcsviess, Headache, Cnslirencss, Flatulence, Cholic, Billions AQ'ieliou, Sec. rjnO communion llie ollicaey of thoso Pills, JL after a successful oxporiciico of many years in England and America has estsblish. cd their reputation, isneedloss: Suffice it to observo.thai lor rcdundanry of Rile, Fhilu lciice, CostivencFH, Headache, Sec. tea, they will undoubtedly prove far more serviceable than thoto drastic purges too frequently em ployed, and will not only at tho same time lend to ramovo thu oirunding caiisu by gen tle inotioiu, and strengthen the digestive jrgaus, but improve tho nppclitaaud renovate the HVsliim. Price 50 ccntH. DIt.' UULl'E'S V GKTAItLE SPE CIFIC, For Sicl; Headache, ice. Prico 50 cents. llj'Noiio ironuino unless signed 011 the otitMilo printed wrapper by thu sole proprietor 'P. KIDDER, immediate utacssor to the Into Dr. W. 'I'. Conway. For salo al his Counting Room, over No, 99, Court. sttcol, near Con cert Il.ill, DoHlon, and also bv his special an poinlinent, bv J. J. II. Pcck k Co. kl 15 llluls. MOLASSES J UST lauded and for sale, by .1. & J. II. PECK & CO. 20th April, 1U3U. STRAYED. FROM the subscriber, on Hie 2d insl. it Bay Horse six vnn.. l,l Ulbiln ww3fessJ! ...... ;r : stripe in tho face. lie was las', beard of in tho vicinity of Burlington. Whoever will return said horse, or give information where ho may ho had. shall be well rewar ded. FRANCIS BARKER. Charlotte, May 3d. 11131). Ij E AD, Hundred drv White Lead. 30 kegs tin. ground in oil. April 20. .1. &. J. H. I'ncic Jti Co. NOTICE. ALL pontons having unsettled accounts with mo, arc respectfully invited to call at my store and adjust them ptevious lu ihc luth ol May next ; those who neglect lo do so will find their accounts in tho hands of an at torney, to whom immediate payment must he made. 1MV W1X iprii27, Iran. .Just received and For Sale, Under the Free Press QJicc, Collegc.slrcct.) A general a.-sortmcnl of WHIPS Sf LASHES, from 0 cts. to $5,50 each. Also, a superior lot of SADDLES, TRUNKS, HA RMESS. VA T ASSES, CARPET RAGS, !yc. be. Carriugo trimming donu to order. Call and see. SAMUET. S. SKIjYjYER. DJ-Wantcd, a JOURNEYMAN at the above business. uarlimrlnn. April 27. 183!:. tf rjpilE GENUINE MOIUSON'S PILLS, J. and POWDERS. Just received direct frm Gc0; "Tny lor. 13 Cliarnbor st. New York, """S. . i mora caw r,lln Kcnu,no Morison s Pills and Powders; , , ,XV hesuperiority of tlicso inrdiciiis is duly at prceiated by an enlightened public. No toon cr was it known that tho genuine Pills and Powders made by Morison the Iiygeit, could again be had in Vermont, than oiders were received from t.11 parts of the State for them ; and letters aro very often sent us informing us that Iho Pills icceivcd from us aro tho panic kind which wcro firrt soul to the United Slates by Mr. Morison, expressing in the warmest terms, their gratitude to us, for sup. plying Ibis Slate with this first and best Vcg ctahlu Mcdccir.e. The sale of this mcdicino U constantly increasing in all parts of tho world ; il gives perfect satisfaction, and it will continue to be used by greater numbers every year, as all who use it accoiding to sound denco of their sick friends. It has cured in hundreds of tbounsads of cases whero every thing olsn has failca to afford relief. There is more undoubtedly of Ibis medicine used at this time in the world, than of any oilier that has ever been discovered ; and what is moro im portant it is curing moro than any other mod eciiMi. Tho prices for this medicine arc For Packets containing over 1 15 Pills Al. For Packets containiiii! over 3G0 Pills S3. Having a proportion of two to one of No. 2 Pills in them. For tho accommodation of those who wish to got the No. 1 or No. 2 Pills separately they are put up aUo in 23 and 50 cent boxes, only one kind in a box. They can ho had also in quantities costing 75 cents and 1,50 cents. The Vegctablo Aperient Powdors aro 'Jj cents per bos ; theso are to bo used when tho No. 2 Pills occasion thirsl, or sick. ncss at Iho stomach ; and at all limes they greatly assist the good operation of the mcdi cino. Directions for taking tho Pills. Take 2, 3. 4, 5, or moro of the No. 1 PilN the fust niuht and Iho same number of the No. 2 the two following nights and so couliiuio alter nately, one dose ol No. 1, to two doses ol No 2V, when they occasion thirst or rctchinL' 1 make a drink oftho 1'owders. mixed with wa ' tur a"d sujrar. It is not possible lo give dircc Hons, perfectly applicable to etcry po-siblo case, but each poison must use judgment in '"King medicine, and very soon will know ' whether 2, 5, or 10 PilN aro necessary lo a . "s, 111 "lelr cac-. "1 violent, acult; oascc, sticii a r overs, uoiick, t'letirisy, Inll.imations, Small Pox, Measles, i-o. follow the direction given on iho wrapper accompanying- tho PilN, .More lull directions accompany each box and packet. Pun.'wscrs in thN stale if they wish to get tins ucst and genuine medicine will al ways loolt and sco thai Iho box or packet is signed in uviliiij by Pangbarn & lirinsmaid, it'll iv not so signed, do not buy it, 110 mat ter now plausible a story is told yon concern s genuineness. Wo supply this state and shall not iet a box or packet go liom our hoi) until it is signed. And purchasers out o tiic Coonly o Chittenden aro inlornid that we have but ono agent in a County, (said agent uasliio privilege ol leaving tho medicine in any town in his comity, by taking 500 bonds ol'thu person .sidling thcin, that he will not sell any other mcdicino purporting cither directly or indirectly lo he this arttclo;) in ad ditiou to our signatuies, tho county agent wil sign his n.tnio upon every box or packet sent to him unless they aiu o Hinod do nil pur olia'-o them. Do not buy llieui of Druggists or Pedlars, for ihey have Jtof the genuine ailielo uiidii by .uorisou. .Sco that llto person pre tending lo sell iho genuine I'iII has a certificate sii'ticd bv us and eotihnneil bv Geo. f aylor, sole agent fur tho United States, also a printed one signed by Geo. I aylor suspended in his Store. I'AMillOUN' ,V lilll.NSMAII). Jewellers Burlington Vt., agonts for tho state of Vermont, unpointed by (.no, I AVI.OB. 13 Chamber st.. New York, solo agent for thu United Stales, sent out by tho British College ol Health, London. SUI! AGENTS. Goo. II. Fish Middlehnry, Addison Co. O. A, Keith, Sheldon, Franklin Co. S. E. Morso, Oral't-bur.y. Orleans Co. .lohn Kelsey, Dauvillo, Caledonia Co, N. C Goddard, Windsor, Windsor Co. M.S. Dockland. Dellows Falls, Windham OrvN.V Roberts, Manchester, Denniiigloti H. V. Purler, Rutland, Rutland Co, W. W. Cadwoll, Monlpelier Washington co Foster li row. Uhclsea, Orango Co. April 27, 1038. Fresh Ground Plaster. rip I IE subscribers will have u lull sup jL ply ot Erthh Crotind Plaster, nt Iho Plaster Mill, Winooski full, liom and unci una uuit,, Foi.i.eti- & lln.vni.CY8. Jiuritngton, Apt 11 vu, iojk. PERIODICAL AGENCY. 27. SLEEPEHi Chelsea, Vt. Is Agent for tho following Periodicals til t North American Review, quarterly. Hnnrint oftho Four Quarterlies; omiroclnff the Edinburgh, London Quarterly, Foreign Quartcily and the Ijonuon alio wwiminjuor Qnattcrly Reviews. New York Review. American Journal ofScienco and Arts. American lliblical Repository. Literary and Theological Review, quarterly American Jurist and Law Magazine. Christian Examiner. Boston Quarterly Review. National Portrait Gallery of distingolihed Americans. American Monthly Magazine. Bontloy's Miscellany. Knickerbocker, ot New York Monthly Mart, azinc. Museum of Foreign Literature, Science and Arts. Rlitck wood's Edinburgh Magazine. United States Magazine and Democratic" Review, monthly. Law Library, monthly. Annals of Education ; Edited by Dr. W. A Alcott, monthly. Tho Metropolitan Magazine, monthly. Journal of the Franklin Institute, monthly. Gentleman's Magazine. Family Magazine, monthly. Parley's Magazino for Children, monthly. Tho Lady 'a Book and Ladict American Magazine. Ladies' Companion. Sunday School Teacher. Horticultural Register and Gardenor15iigk azino. Magazino of Horticulture and BoUo, Library of Health. Religious Magazine Christian Spectator, Southern Literary Messenger. Select Medical Library and Eclectic Journal of Mcdicino; edited by John Bell, M. D. monthly. American Medical Library and Inlclligon cer ; edited by Robley Dunglison, M. D. semi-monthly. American Journal of Medical Scicnco quar tcriy. JJritish and Foreign Medical Rovlow. Medico Chiritrgical Rcviow, quarterly. Boston Medical and Surgical Journal. Medical Examiner ; devoted to medicine. surgery and the collateral sciences, semi monthly. Waldio s select Library, weekly. Now York Mirror, weekly. Philadelphia Saturday Courier, weekly. Tho Saturday News, "Philadelphia, wockly. American Weekly Messenger, Philadelphia Mirror, weekly. The Southern Rose, scmi-monthlr. April 19, 11)38. 0Mr. Sleeper proposes to remain in town a fbw days, and, in the mean timo, will rccoivo subscriptions at tho Burlington Hotol. Samuel D. Hyde's Estate. STATE OF VERMOjYT, J Du'rnic-r of Chittenden bs. T a Probate Court holden at Burling " ton, within and for the District aforo- said on the twelfth day of April A. D. 1833. An instrument purporting lo he the last will and iclamont of Samuel D. Hyde, Into of Charlotte, in said District, deceased, wao presented lo the L-ourt hero for Probate-, by Amos Clark, the Executor therein named. TucrtEFonc it is ordered by said Court. that public notice be given lo all persona concerned therein to appear before said Court, at a session thereof to be holden at Darlington on the second Wednesday of May A. D. I!i3fl, and contest tho probate of said will, and it is further ordered that this order bo published thrco weeks suc cessively in the Free Prose, n newspaper printed at Burlington, in this State, tbo last of which shall bo previous lo the day assigned, as aforesaid for hearing. Given under my hand at the Register's Office, this 12th dav of April A. D. 1838. Wm. WESTOJY, Register. Lot Newel l's Estate. S TA TE OF VE RMOJYT, ) Dl-TUICT (IV ClII ITKNDEN, S8. ( The Hon. the Probate Court for the Dis trict of Chittenden. To all person eon. ccrnul in the Estate of Lot Nexcell. lata of Charlotte, in said District, deceased. GREETING. WHEREAS, Amos Clark, administra tor, oftho ei-iatu of said deceased proposes to render an account of his ad ministration and present his account against said estate for examination and al lowance nt a session of the Court of Probate, to be holden at the Register's office in Bur. Itugtou on the second Wcducsday of Map next. Tiir.r.F.FonE, You arc hereby notified to appear before said court at thu timo and place afoicsaid, nnd shew cause if any you have, why the account aforesaid should not be allowed. (liven under my baud at Burlington, this 12th day of April A. I). UI3H. Wm WESTON, Register. FOR SALE A QUARTER aero lot, with a Wffifo. US0 am "'coon. iiill'uJ """"""'I Vvuicuosicr siue 01 IttuRJy? Onion River Lower Falls, on tho .3U-tiitj north sulo of the road.bctwoon J. W. Weaver Store and the Stone liousr four rods front. For further particulars inquire of J. W. Weaver, or oftho subscriber, al Micho Corners. F. G. BILL. Apiil 27 1030. BOYEreOET wnoLKSALi: & HYD3, DEAL Kit 8 IN DRY GOODS, 51 Ceiuii Stiieet, NEW YORK, WOULD thus notify thoso visiting tho city for purposes of trade, that they nut re ceiving and will he prepared with a good and general Stock of STAPLE A.YD FANCY DllY GOODS, which for rash will hu offered at a small profit. They will keep constantly 011 hand Mcrrimac, Dover, and a variety of low priced PRINTS. Trcinoiil, Lawrence, and other SI1 EF.TINGS Sullolk, and Hamilton, liroun, While and blue DRILLS. March ;!(), 1H.W. 2m' Jii'it roeoivcd tl lilfn-n siintllv , ofMoflat's celebrated Phoenix ijiltors-igenls throughout this stalo can now bosupphed bv application to the subscriber. R, Moody, Burlington. April 27, S',S.

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