Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, May 11, 1838, Page 4

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated May 11, 1838 Page 4
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NSuW IixVBiAWD COCJCSJl MYKUP, The reputation of whu-h has nmn btemm. established (is the moU safe and ificacinu remedy ever dheuxendjhr viiin)i'tN vui uu, swrriTia ov !.))!, A'ili At.ii Al'MJCl'IONM or Tin: jx'rvuy. PKr.I'AllKI) ONLY nY Tilt. bOLK 1'KOPItIKTOl DAK I EL GODDARD, Ko. S Gold !Jt. NKW-YORK. In prmcnllngtlil n-t'fnl remedy to the public, tho Pi piietnr Is autlim lcil !'V H PhysioLm, from vv Imin the lli-ci-.t wns coefhlriitinllv clt.-ihuil, lii suite, thut Iib h.n used it liimseir, niul in hiJ rti'iiivr pinr-tiro In Pulmonary titieo tintis, with nniii-liiiiif (.'Hurt. Thu happy oniiihiniitlun Ci Aigrtulilr f.uh.tnii( i", ol' which It la entirely ronipiMS.V nro peculiarly iui,iiici in uucuca 01 mo i.ungs, t.iver, ciri i'truiim-h. U'lii.i tncillclne has tiecn u-nl very extciiflvtlv, niul th propilitnr 1 1 :- tn t known :i Much" instimeo In which it h'V l.ith'il In slvlni relief i'l iliscn-cs I'nrwhich it is ruCdlninci -' till tven In e.Ti'Vt'i proiir-liina t" nuiminiiilidii, alien.1-' wiih hleeilinp nt I lie l.i.urs. imil shrro nil oilier renieii: . f.iileil, tins Ill'-1 ill fulfil mill Ihuterln; i-um-ss Is tiltenileil in inc. Ciiinmnti enlil-i, whieli urn eriicrully t. -fifed ef nlirtriK'lPil per-plrntlnn. will yiehl tn'ili inll'icr, In a lew hours ; w In n neil In iithmn, hnnoiirii, whew. Iiiu, ami fchoitno3 ill" liiputli, It fclvca Immeillote relief, jiro ruiiin: trntiittll lrst niul sleep. In u lumping rough it it without a rival. It njicuitei w Ith smth. rxpectQlutloii, anil mn v ho given to Infant 1 with perf i t snfitv. The genuine. New I'.iiglniul Uutiu'li Syi'ip will ho rn velopc'l In a hill nt" ilirif limn, encloscil In mi i ngriiKil wrapper, licnrm; on it Ihi'slmuiture of tlic propnetor In hi.i own h.inil wriilnp. Tho Ik tile v, ill he se.ileil uml Uiiniptil on the curie ' New IhiclHiul Comrl, Kjrup 1 A fow ol the cci tilU-iUrs in I'.nur of this Syrup which nro In pone-flon nl'the. I'ruprli t"i', mcmhlcil lor the perusal of thoou who may lie troubled nilh similar (.umpluh.ts. Messrs, Moffat, l'lummrr Co, (itntleminMm linvins tried, hy the rcrointncralntlon (.f my fiicnilt, filnm-l every ineilicnie lor a rough, witliout the lcat lelicf, I hail recinirnj lo our New Knid.-iml (,'oiij;h Synui, ami am enable,! to fay, with tnuch thankful, lies?, that It has cnrril me of oucof the mo.-t oh-tinnie cotudis I ever knew, ami slull fuel it t" be iulnty to uemmm nil I: to every one whom I thai In need of so valuable n mcili cine. oura lcriicctfiilly, lloston, Xov. 20. 1SV. JOIIM P. STEVEN'S. I have the sati.-lucilon and pleasure nf inlormiii; ou that the h.Htlc of New Knslniel Couth t', which 1 pro cured of you on the i!l5J ol April lias cnMviy lelieved ine I I cm a very (c ere cousth which Iiad ail'.n'trd ine lor a short time paM. After imins a variety of inedn.ine. mid findimj no permanent relief, 1 wui iiiilueed by the advice of my fileniK, to try your Syrup. Thercuit I hat o alrrady f t.ited i it suceetdd beyond my exirtati m i and I cheerfully recommend it a ery valuable lmdicnie for all tiioto who nur be alilictcd with similar cumplciiii. ' Yours lcpi'iclfuny, CHAULKS UUGGLKS. Boston, ta;i I, l.-.'ij. It stives me cnt pleasure tn be able in mhl my testimony In favor of jour New lh uland Cout'h Sjrup, 'nvo licutlcg of which hain,i entirely cured my cough, which was m revere that my physician udvK'd ine to ppei d the coining win'er in a potitlieru i limate, but the foituuute lite of the Syrup will preclude the necessity. Yours, fcc. JOSKl'II Bit ADL.EE. rns!oi, Stptember 1, 1S.14. The I'ropiiftur would add, that he i constantly reecltln; mimrrous teEtlmoiiials of the value and cllicacy of ilm remedy. 1 he above article is fold wholesale in -Vctp York, hv the I'loprictornml all the (Iriunrist'. hv lleiidhaw fc Vanl, Mayminl fc Koyei, & Hrewer,,Sn ieii3 iiC'iishini. lijstun, rhiUiilttp!i:a, JSnllimnrc, hy lnir J'lioinLMrtn .1. & V Smiih, U. V. Cariiei.tuYurnl X. I'nlhrton, ir. hv It. H. Cuiemmi Co., W'hitahir Si Ji.irtnl, ami (J. U N. I'oiinlem, ir. Cinrhinnti, O.i'o, tiy fSlaToe k Ifaninon, nmUMIei),fi Co Pittsburgh, Venn., hy James SrhiimimaUer St Co. Xfir Ofltani. hy I.'atlian Jams. .Vlaivj, X. J'., hy Samla ic ,'ihaw. Noiilnal, L. C, hy Geo. Ucr.t. Halifax, S.. hy It C. i'ricilhntn. lit. John. X. !., hy W". O, .Smiili. Ami r-oM wholesale In- ihe ilmppisti anil apothecarioi generally throughout the Unileil States. ORRIS TOOTH WASH A vnluabln nrltclc for tho tcetli and jjntii'i J & J II I'kcic &. Co. wholesale agniis. RonurtT Moody, Ilctnil. Burlinpton, Nov. 24, 1637. ROD HUT MOODY is now rcceivinrr from New York an extensive supply of tlardy are, Snthllery, Hollow-are, Dru;;s, Medicines, I'niuts, and Oils ; which lie ofiors to the public cheap for cash or short credit, at dm old cMrtblished store, north cnt corner of the square. Slraiglhaiing Plaster. 6,11. S. 6. IJCWETT'S ('lloncsetlcr of Jl lloston, Muss.) celebrated strengthening .Salve. 1 Ins balvo is a vast improvement on tho old celebrated Dt. Sweet's Plaster, which is superior lo any oilier piaster over invented, which has been in uso about 100 years. Dr. II. has sold upwartls of twenty thousand rolls within tho last year. It is recommended to lie applied In tho following-cases, viz, for pains nnd weakness in tho back, stomach, sides, and Joins; Rheumatism, tlio effects of mercury, corns, the effects and consequences of sprains, dislocations and fractures ; dyspepsia, and in many cases of felons mid ulcerated sores, for cleasinL' and healing them ; in fact in weaknesses, particularly in Children. None will begiinuiiio except the label is signed by the. proprietor. This Plaster is for sain gen orally in tho principal towns in tho Untied States. Sold Wholesale and Retail by Lathrop & Polwin, Druggists, Burlington Vl. J. JVJU n0o do Western bv J. &l .1. H. i' & Co. Ilickok's Patent Rotary Oven THK subscriber has just received nnd offers lor sale, a fow stoves, of which ifio nbove cut is a representation. To till the adviitiingus of Ihe unproved Roinry lop. is added ti llolary Oven mi an entirely new plan, winch, from the lestiinony of "those who hnvu used Ihein, far supercedes nny thing uf the kind, yet tillered lo the public TIhisq wishinir lo iintcliuso cook stoves nte rcspoclfuUy requested to exainino these before mnltinn; t heir selection, as ocular demonstration will better convincu th public of llio value of l he ntuclo lliun tiny ilescription lhal could bo pivf n. Amuhor rccomtnendaiion, Uicfc hnrd tuucE i, ihui these stoves will bu snlil n,4 0w ns the coin tnoii Uuturys of tin snin" sizu. UOUDRT MOODY. Match 1. ir,3n. i POWDER. ft(Qi Kegs Powder mnnufac luri'il at Iho I'tiirlnwii Mills. A superior article otitl recoiiimeudi'd fur possessuin Btretiglli etl'ml to the G rnnyo nnd Dn I'oni 1'owtler. r or fale tin cnnsigutnenl by Feb. 22. J- & J, 11. I'tcu vci Co, A CONTRAST. 11 nations from tlio remotest ages, have had ships but t-olumhua only found out tlio .way to America, llcforo thotimo of the irrcat SrauUh nnvigalor, people were only enabled to paddlo nbcut the shores. Just no with the Lifo Med icincs. It is but two fdiort years since I first ventured upon an unknown ocean, anil 1 have discovered the precious object I was in searcli of itr Al.Tit. Vegetable medicines wore indeed known when I commenced my search but tlictr use was not. liythcuscof them, I have not oniy passed from tho dejected invalid, lo the Ital , near ly and active man ofbusiness, but. comparatively speaking, I have renewed my youth. 1 can thus it ith confidence of my own experience aavisc vvith my fellow citizen!;. Docs ihc reader want proof that tho Ventolin Life Medicines arc suit, able to liis own case? I havo on filo nt my ollicc, 510 Uroadway, hundreds of letters, from some ol die most rcpncctnblo citizens of Ibis my native land, voluntarily ofl'orcr.. in tciimony of Oio vir tues of A (JUOI) VJGl'JTABLK MEDICINE. Persons w!iO!a constittulons havo been nearly ruinetl by the "nll.iiif.illiblc" mineral prepara. lion? nf the day, will bcai-mo witness, thai tho Life Miilicinrs, V. such only, are the true course to permanent gnou itcnitii. JottN aioffav. General Remarks relative to Moffat's Life nils and Ficvnix Bitters. Tliesii medicines linvfi lmif' been known and r.pprcciaied lor their rxiraoiiliniiry nnti immediato powers of restoring perfect health to persons t.ull' ering under nearly every kind uf disease to which the human frame is liable. In tunny hundreds ol certificated instances they have even rci-oti -d ulVercrs from the very verae of an untimely f.'rne, niter nil the deceptive nos trums oftho day had uttetly fuiltd ; and to many thousands they have pen.innenlly secured that uniform enjoyment of her.lih, without whirh life itself is l.ttt n partial blessing. So ureal indeed, lias their oflieacy invariably and infallibly proved that it has appeared scarcely lc-s than miraculous la' those who were unncrmniii'.od with the bemu litully principles upon which they nre compounded uml upon which they consequent ly act. It was to their manifest and sensible tic tiun in purifying the springs and channels of life and enduing tlietn with renewed tone and vigor thai they wetc indebted for their name, which was bestowed upon them at the spontaneous request individuals, whoso lives limy had ob viously iaved. The proprietor rejoices in the opportunity, nf. lorded by the dif'usionuf thfc daily pr"s l-r plating Ins l-xi V. I .I'.lit-i l.l I t- S'l I.I.S wiilim the know ledce and reach of every individual in the community. Unlike the host nl 'pernicious quaekfiics, which luiast of vcrjetn. Lie insredients. the Life 1'ills are purely and irOt.K i.v and coninin neither Mercury An timony Ai. .i e, nor my otiu i iiiiiili- tl,tu Uiiy lorm whatever. Tin y .ue i.nun ly eoinpoed ol ex tracts from tare and pow-cilul plants the virtues ol whijh though lout; known to several indtan tribes and recently to some eminent pharmaceutical chemists are altogether unknown tn t1 c ifiuorant pretender to ucicnco ; and wore nei'er before administered in so happily cfiicaciuus a combination. DYSPEPSIA, by thorouphly clcansin? tho first and second stomachs and creatine a flow ol pure healthy Idle instead of ike stale and acrid kind; lalvlency Palpitation ij the. Heart Loss of Appelilu Ili tn t-lmrn uml llrad-ache, Restless ness Ill-temper Anxiety Languor and Melancholy which are tlio general symptoms of Dyspepsia will vanish as a natural consequent"; of Hi cure. Cos lireuess, by cleansing the whole of ine intestines vvith a solvent process and without violence ; all violent purses leave the bowels ostivo within two dnys. Dinrrntcn and Clolera, y removing ihe sharp acrid fluids by which these lot" oluinUarc occasioned and by promoting the ubnc alive secretion of the mucus membrane Ftm nf all hinih, by restoring the blood to a repular urculatijii throucb the process of pera lirntion in some cases and tl,c thorough solution if all intestinal obstructions in others. The f,I I'D Pl'lil.ts have been known K cure Rleu matism per mancnlly in three weeks, and Gout in nnlf that tim o bv rcmoviti'' local inflammation from the mus fles nnd ligaments of the joints Dropsies of all bind hy freeing and strengthening the kidne'vs and bladder ; they operate most tie iightfully on tlieso important organs and hence have ever been found a certain remedy for the worst cases of Grave I Also Worms by dislodging from thctarnmcs of tlio nowels the slimy nutttci nivhieli these creatines adhere : Asthma ana Consumrttonhy relieving the air vessels of the nings from the riuieus which even slight cold? occasion, which if not removed liocomn.' Hardened ami produces lb os. dreadful diseases Scurvy Ulcers and Inrrtei ate Smei by the per t feet purity which these Life Pills give to the blood and all tlio humors , Hcnrhul ic Eruptions it Had I Complexions by thotr altora.i7o effect upon the ' fluids that fucd the skin the mo rbid state ol which j occasions of Eruptive complaints Sallow Clouds nnd other dhugrienhic Complex tons. The uso ol these Pills fjr a very short tune will effect ar ' entire cure of Sall.rhenme, P.rysipelas nnd a striking improTetncnt in llio Clearness oj the skin. Common coldj nnd Injlucczn vvili tilwuys be cured by one iIjsc or by tvvo evn in tho woist cues. Piles, as a remedy for t'-ts most tits, tressing nnd obstinate malady iftn Vegetable Lifu Pills desorvu a distinct and i niph.itiu re. commendation. Il is well known in litindieds it tins city tint the Proprietor of these invaluable Pill was himself afflicted vvith this complaint for upwards ot tliirty.tivo years and lb . t he trien vim every remedy prescribed within t ho whole cotnptsi ol tlie iVlaterii AlotUea. lie rjowcvei it length, tr'c l 'lie medicine winch he ovv ol fcrs to tie public and lie was cured inn very short time after his recovery had been pronounc cd not only improbable but absolutely impossible by tny human means. TI1H PIKDMX HITTERS, are so called be cause ihcy possess the power of roa oriug tho expiring embers of health to a glowing vigor throughout the constitution as iho Phuiuix is said to bo testore i to hi'o from tho of its own dissolution. 'Plies PIkdiiix Hitters are en tirely vegetable, competed of roots found only in certain parts of llio wesein eountiy, which will infallibly euro IT. V Hit AND ACUKS of nil kinds; never fail in the bicknessiucideni to young fem-ilesi r.nd will bo found u ccrtuin remedy in mon impaired constuutions. Asa rcmodedy for Chronic A- Imflamitory Hlitu matism, the elliracy of the Phmnix I'tttorswdl bo demonstrated bytbu uso ol a. singlo bottle. Tho usual dose of tlioso bitters is half a wine glass full, in watei or wine, and this quantity may bo taken two or thrco times a day, about t.alf an hour before incuts, or u less quantity may be taken at all times. To those who aro afllicted vvith indigestion after tneala, tlioso Hit ters will prove invaluable, as they very greatly increase the action of iho principal viscera, help them to perform their functions, and er.ablo tho Motnach to diseluirgo Into the bowels vvhatover is offensive. Thus indigestion is easily nnd speedily removed, upputilo restored, and tho mouths oftho absorbent vossols being cleansed, nutrition is facilitated, nnd strength cf body and energy of mind and the happy rusulls. Forfar ther parlicularsof Moffat's J, if e Pills, nnd i'irr. ru'r tlittcrs, apply nt Mr. Moffat's ollicc, No. SIG Uroadway, New York, whore tho PIIIb can bo obtanod fur 95 cents, SU cents, or gl each boxj and iho llittors for gl or 8'-per bottlu. Niuncrutts cortillicates of tho wonderful ellicocy of both, may bo there inspected. Insume obstinate mid complicated cases of chronic mid llamimiiatory ithcuuinlistti, Liver complaints, Fovcr nrtil Ague, Dyspepsia, Pnl-1 sy, wiles, injuries from ma use oj mnvuifn quinninc and other tiicaui rj oji naming, n inny bo foiintl necefsary to tako both tlio Lifo Fills and llio Fliocuix Millers, in llio tioscs ud furu rrcoiiiinoiiilcil. N. !. Tlioso Fills and llio Hitters will gul nil mercury out of tho syclcin infiniloly fnMor I ti mi tho best nrcnartilions of Sarsnnnrilla, n till nrn n rorlnln rnmt'tlv for tlin riltlliltlT of blnoil to tlio bead, or all violent headaches, tic douloureux, lea. AI persons who are pictlis posed to apoplexy, palsy, Ac. should never bo without tho Lilo Fills or tho Hitters, for one tlnso in time will savo life. They equalize tho rirr.tilniinn of tlio blood, draw all itrcfpuro from tho head, rcstoio perspiration, and thrown ofl' every impurity by tho poics oftho sliin. Tin? abovo Medicine is for sale by UOnCItT MOODY. GARDEN SEEDS. 4 J3oxns Shaker Garden Bu'-tl nf Inst venrs trnwlli, hv Fob, 22. " 3.&.3.U I'eck&Co. WAN T 13 D AN apprentieo to the Cabinet Hukiiios''. A steady industrious boy, of sixteen or scv en'ecn vears eld will meet wilh good eneour atnent. I). K. I'ANOUOUN. Uurlington, Aptil d, 1I131J. fjTOR snlo by HUknk if OtUin Rnd Clo. iV ver Si!Ci), nlsn Trefoil r.r Yellow Clo ver Seed n perennial plant, excellent. Danes as well us for liny, Feb. 22. SUINGLUS. Af)A .S'linoles. it lirt rate nrlicltt. OU IfUU ',i' snlo rlienn by Much 20.S. WALKHH & CO. ' WAITED BY ihu subuMibur otto or two barrel best 1 quality Maple Mtilascs,, ono or U'o hr nlred pounds be.t Maple Sii'jur. and ore bundled pounds IScom Wax, for which cash or gouds alcu-h price will liu paid. RnpcrtT Moody. niiilingtnn, March 30, 1U3:j. 4w 1 (' . . ll IKhnmn OilllllS liMiictt) ioi ' Am. CtrrvNyit!- LiiurrioNs. rn-WIIS remc-iy is a,,,..,. o... ,u,u... , It ilm oioilnr lion of much experience, deep unKtiowii in uii-1 ' - i re-e.itreh. and great expense, and is offered lo the public in the fullest confidence of ils beiiiL' an effectual, sale, ami speedy cure Tor thuw.T llltui'M. and all other di-eaes ol the sktn. mill as TcttpR". IIino Worms, itjAi.i) Ilcvn. Il.vrtuuii s or;on frun.iVe. Theso diseases are Known to tie tno mosi ob.-tiiialn of any to which the human system is subject, and can oniy lie lliorougiy er.-uue.a- ted by perseverance in lie riizlil course 01 treatment, and by u-ing I'm right medicine. Such a medicine lias hecn iliscoverco in nils remedy, and we speak from our own know led'o and experience when we fay. in forty .nine case out of fifty it will effect a permanent and rapid euro by attending to ihe, accompanying ditcctiotw for use. Tho length' of time usually required for oflucliny; cure, varies according- to tlin fcverily" of llio disease, and the particular idiosyncraey of tlin piltent. Generally speaking, it" requires from one to four weeks locflcetlt perfect cure, bill the operation will be much in nro speedy sod effectual when combined wilh tiio use of the Compoui d ,..,. f fJniKiinarilla. at llio svrup ha a tendency 'o purify and llrnw out from the"1 blond and system "all the inlicnithy, r' and the application of liu '-Uemeily exter usual slreii"th. and we chain go any ordinary inso lo bobroughl forwnri whero this course nf treatment will not efi'ecla rapid cure if llio directions nrn sttietly alletded lo ; mime' oui instances have eomo to oiirlcunwledgu vvliern Ibis course has cured the eoniplaiiit in one weeks time. Piice $1 per lox. For sale by Lathrop Pitwin, Rurlirigton. IMice .'.() Criits. i stinnlv iust received A fre bv l.Mhrnn & Polwin. liurlitiL'lon- l!'T wilk C. Dver, Kolesburv A. !' Roscoo. New Ilnvrii M. W. Ilmsiey, MonkhMi--M. Hull, Ilinosburgii Fletcher &, Wood innti, Wnlu-ton -C 1. Mn"w. Charlotte--Vi. hvumn. Furrtsburgh-h. Hixby, Ver jreniie Fletcher & Miner, liridpint Tien Wriglit. Slu-retir m. lilaoksmith'?, lidgc-Tool Ma kers and Whcelrights, Attend! rinilK. sulieribcr ofl'urs for sale low, and JL with a lung pay day, if required, a two stoiv 'I'riphamiiier Shop, with water-power"..: r,.r.,M i.vimisivc business. Also, a , Uv(( sl(irv UM, IMII five acres of land, all ,.d i iho eenlru of Warren. Washington C() Veriuont. 'i'ho location U a good ono, j .)(' (m ,,lt(,r,)rjsing man could hardly fail of .. ' ....I I,. I ll.n SUl'CCSS. f or Uirilier purutui.ii.--,.i'".' mberiber. at tho Ship Yard. Shelbutn I unit. March 1, 1(138. LUCIUS LAWTW.x. IVirbank's Improved Cooking SI ON TTUST rec'tl bv the btibfcribers, Fair bank's Patent Improved diving Hue Conking Slaves, tin article well worthy the aUeir ion oftho public. 'Pliny nre consid ered by iho-e who have used I hem. ns tie eulodly suporinr lo any other Cooking Sinve now in use. The cnMing is superior, nnd Iron of the best tunlity, nnil ul cxira I hicktioss. .1. &. J. 11. Pi:ck & Co. Agents. Feb, 2-2 1H3II 0 RN AM E N TAIi 11 A I R . 31 It S , ST. JOHN, ANUFACTUIIHS nnd keeps con si tint iv on Imud Iiingleds. Puffs. wire Curls, Plain Hair, &.C. N. !. Ciisli paid lor Hair. Pearl Street. l!urlinlon, ) April 13, 1037, naliv at thosamo time, eitireiy niauicaic- ii ,,,,,,,. vui-mi m n IVom tho m,n,. ft,Mb ?yZ: I roNco,tn X .'. j" l t uSu erAii'ZSi i o ? 1 1 i o I ' I o t K 1 1 1 o ! v 1 1 o 1 1 o f fi''tl -IniMhe Veget iblo Pnlioonary llaUau, is v I n o s ron.-lycoiicei.rated and formed , .valuable medio It has Loen , asvrn, ofruioru ilm, ihree limes the U"- phu'e will, eomp'ete si- ee; ,, . - "7" I2j L At O E HOTEL nufjii (JouniiHY TAKES tlio liberty lo inform his lorinnr patrons and the public nt large, dial lie lias litlrd up tlio VILLAGE HOTEL in a style nut inferior to nny public house in the cnpiinl of Vermont, and he flnlters himself that hy uiiruuiillcd cxcrllnn and assiduous attention to business, he will be able at nil limes lo ncconunodnto I ho fen tlctnon of business, gmllcmcn of pleasure, and the weary traveller, in n stylo not sur passed for accomodation and reasonable Ttcss of In rc by nny in the slates, RATES OP Pa RE. Boarding-, $3 prr week. Hiiil'Ii: meal 2f. lodging I2, 2 horses, hay and oats 75, I horse, liny, 2,r. Monl poller, Fob. IfKJB. if Valuable Real Estate. riltlll fiitnciil)cr ti-Mieg to I- Fell nil his lenl e'l:iie on Chiiieb plieet in llinlin; jSil ,.-" 1 " eiiiMmlim: ol lvn ilttel V ilnVlJ " '2 't rfc I"'!! Imnes nnd mil I it 1 1 (i 1 1 !! !,WrJikT onebe,,,. n It. i. U illi -.trtiwi.w 1t., ,.,. ,M, 1!m. liiulmi, nnd llie nlliei n V nnilel) hiin-e fiiualeil iie.nlv opioilr.lijin i. Fnnieiin ilit fllins hmi.e, on linn h ilieel, lie nl-o u i.Iica In m'I I hi' oiler. e.'t in n mm lensr, nn ihe ltiick Sunt: iiiljiiiiiing llie tome nit lied by Dx I. Jnhn I'eek, mi I lit mil ill mli: nl llie Cinii l I Ion-1 SqiLiie nl-o a sin ill buildiis Inl silmiled on ihe ? iiiihue,-l emjier nl'Clieny nnd Wilier . Heels, iiiIjiiiiiiiil; Mr licaths I lie let tilt, will I e m. iile e;i' , mo linn lb ini I of llie pm eli.i-e mmiey to be p.dd in li.nil,.nid ihe letn.iimler mi n liheuil eieilil, t ilh iitntieil feein its Fi'eiiiiiii will lie u'lvcn mi llie ( nl Mn ni'NI, exceil the Hi iik linu-e w Inch m le.ifeil nnil iimler fill lor one fiuin ilm lSdi d i of Aiil'".! i,r.T. H'M. A. GMSn'OI.D. UnilhwiDii, Mmeli 21 IS2S O. M. S A XT ON KUItCGON DliN'lIST. Ollicc one door smith nf X, I). Ifniwcll's Auction ttmt f V tiimimi Store, twiiuxurox. Ft Diseases of the Lungs. i)csi:avi iii.v tiii: host rorut mi ru:.Mi:uv Nrr. - G rpA m.- PULMONARY HAD y y -( is ,u. msi ii metly now 1K r.,r ( ,s. To iN. Asthma or F it i xm Whoopinc; Gondii, and Pulmonary nllc ctmu of every kind. Ils sale is steadily inrreasing and the pioprielor" arc conMatitly re eiving llin mosi f.iyoiablo accoiinls of ils efl'ccts. The following new certificates are offered for public examination. "Mirn.iNTON, .Inniala co, Penn. .May 3. 1837. The Vegetable Pulmonary Halsnin has been sold in the country for two years-, t,tid the medicine lias gained an uncommon celeb, rity, fnrii sc ircdy in one iiislaiico failed of having the desired efl'ecl. I am by no means in favor oflliu many nostrums, tno'l of which are inipo.-itions upon a credulous public, but what I know by cvpcrieiicc to be effectual, I cannot help but give my approbation Ib-je lo. A counterfeit preparation has been oiler, ed hero by a travelling a;ent of Comstock N Y., and thorn h nl-o anotlier artielo vended here that is strongly suspected tn bo spurious. JACOI1 MYr.ltS, M. I). Li:.MfSTf.n. N. II. Deo. 3. 1037.--For llio last five years o1" my practice, 1 have had llie satisfactiuu to willies the beneficial effects of the Vegetable Pulmonary lialsam in many caes of ob-tinale cough, and other ull'ectionw of tho longs. 1 n ould Ibeielore coniiileiitly eoiiiiuend ils ui! in all complaints ol Ihe cbet a- being equal il not siipei tor, lo any situate coini a severe rough, los of voice, iinililio iiii-'iii; of much blood, wlneli bail pievioiisly re-i-ied many appioved pre-i'iiiiion. Alter ii-ing the italsain one week, tlio patientV voire ro turned and lie w;i able to spenk audibly.--'i'his case (eeurred some liinu .-iin e. and llie man i now engaged not only in active, hut in laborious business. P.espeelfnlly vour, kt:. SA.MUP.L MOKIilS.M.D. P.osto.v, Pub. 21. 11131. To tiii: Pmii.te. 1, Daniel T. Ilriiyinan of Kiehiiiondtown. It I,, feel il a duly to acquaint the public, lhal I have received ilm most unexpected ri lief in a sovero eoiiinlaiiit of the lungs, from the ti-o of llie Vci'ctahlo Pulmonary IJ.iU.nn, For three years previous lo my trial ol llio l,a sain, fluid a severe pain in my bieasl, violent cough, frequent raising of blood, attended with "teat nro-lralion ol httenglli. 1-or nrineinal narl of llio above time. 1 wa-t iindi r Ihc riro ofa skilful physician in Huston, who mnloved, besides many internal metlieini' blislenng. scalous &o. wiliioul any improve- menl in mv case. I wo innnllis since I com meneed will) the lialsain, nnd have now taken two bullies. 1 am now able lo labor most of Iho time, havo ceased lo raise blood, and am almost cnlirelv relieved nl my cough. DANII'.L T. HltAY.MAN. llosTov, March 2, 11.37 It is now inoro than six vears siueo I was brought very low bv an affection of the lungs, and my com plaint was declared incurable by a council of linen physicians. I was then restored to as good health as I had enjoyed formally years, by usiii" tho Vegelnblo Pulmonary llalsam. In a -rreai inanv ease-of lung r.onipluiiiH, and so fiuasl can learn, ils use has invariably been followed by much benefit, and in many instances it has affected cures which weru wholly unexpected. .,,, r.., 1 s mui.l nvnrtr.TT. rOUNTnilPKI'I'Sl! Hr.w.MiB v Isiro sition Daeh gcuuino b.itllo is enclosed in a uiun wrapper, mi " j",., whirl) is 11 jeouv, i.ii.o.i. sii'iied SAMPSON lli.i.w. "" "'", run be ..e.iuiue. The meal of Iho Genuino Ve-olabbi rul.nonary lialsain has been thocaiiroofaiienipls lo inlroilure s.ii. rions articles, which by partially assuming Ihn nr. mo of the genuine, -no to misleadand deceive the pul.Iic. Among ines,, mixtures nro mo "iuhi'"-" " .-!.) lo inoiiarv in sarnie Sv Mini." "ve"in.i - . . - rup,' . 1 ..llmr innrln.'oil. Wlllllll OIV UllllW l ll"0. stlliale complaint oi llie iiiii'. a'-eo'.-ru wii i .iPoloiomrv lialsain, anil o hers. 4 ILIUM I i , ,, - Abases "" arliclo Aiii.-wnrlli. .'""TT. ' 0r', ('.""' &f,C"" v j Ih vin e name TUB VF.GFI'AIILF . Fnirlux-h. Tyler. I ssex-I, Junes ,e.,r. M'I MONARY IJAhSAM.and see Hint il has 1 guiIames Rnell, S. AlliniiF. V. l.n olirks and sigimturo of goiniino. KaeliiC Inch. Swiinliin S. k Plait, llighgale bottle and seal is stumped Vegetable Pulmo uiirv llalsam. ffi'LATCST CIIF.AT 1! .kI!ownro of a spurious iinilatinn called Compound Pulmonary llal-ain, which tho nirenls say is donn up in good style 0Simi liTr to Snmpsani V. P. Haltam again wo say Iieware of counleifeits. Price 50 cents. For sale wholcalo and re tail by J, k J. II, PF.CK k. Co. Sugar lieet Seed, hy J. St J, II. Peck & Co. OR. KKANDRISTfr Wants no lollcgc no institution, nnmimnpnly m rttarttr, lie being quite snuyud to rest on the patronage of the public fur the succrts of liis grand, father's VEGETABLE' UNIVERSAL PILLS Established in England, 1751. "Science should contribute) to the comfort health, and happiness of niankind."' T' IIF.SF. celebrated vegetable Pills of which KIOMTYTIIOUSUN HOA'RS have been sold in N. York since July, HJ35, aro now recommended by lliouantls ol persons whom they havo cured of Consumption, Influenza Dyspepsia, Headache, Jains and Nascnse, fullness in Iho back part oftho t!0d, usually tho symptoms of Apoplexy, Jaundice. Fever and Ague, Ililliotis. Scatlet, Typhus, Yellow, and common Fevers of all kinds, Asthma, Gout, ItheiimaliMii, Nervous diseases, Liver complaint, Pleurisy, Inward Weakness, De pression oftho Spirits, I! upturns, liiflainalion, Soro Dyes. Fits, 'al.-y, Dropsy, Small Pox, Measles, Croup, Coughs, Whooping Coujh, Qiliny, Cliolic, Chnlernmorbus, Gravel, Worms, Dysenlary. Deafness, Hinging Noisis in Ihg Head, Kings F.vil, Scrofula, F.rvsipnlas or Si. Aiiolhv's Fire. Salt lUieum, White Swellings, Ulcers, somo of30 years slantlin.s Cancers, Tumors, Swelled Feel and Legg 'lies Colivcnrss, aII eruptions of tho skin Frightful Dreams, Female complaints ofevery kind, especially obstructions, relaxations, ic: 7")00 te'tiuionials hiive been received from individuals of the highest respectability. They in I'ae.l prove, by tho cures I hey make, that there is no necessity for any other medi cine. Although Dr, I!, has enumerated by name llie above diseases, hei nevertheless oTopin. inn with his jjr.nidfullier, llie late celebrated Dr Win lJrainlrclh. lhal them is only nun ills, ease, an iinpurily nf llie iilooil. wlneli by im peding the circulation, brings on iiillaui.-ition and consequent derangement n the organ or pari where such iinpurily of the blood settle? ; and that il is Ihe. diffnroMl appearances which ibis iiitlaiealinn or derangement put or, Hint have caused inediviil men to designate siuh appearances by various names. Inn which are in I'uct, only llie same disease, with nunc or less virulence. Dr. Win. Hrandielliwus so fully convinced oftho truth of ilm above sini pie theory, that ho spent 30 veins in experi ment and laborious icscaHi into the medicinal properties nf ihe numerous plants composing Ihc Vegetable Kingdom; his object being to compose a medicine wlneli should nt once pu rify. and produce by specific aelion, a removal of all bud humors from the blood by the slum, ach arid bowels, as hv the continuation of the osp of such a medicine, such humors are sine to be cariied nil', and llie blood ii-siin e. a slale of p.nily : ami whoever lakes llinsR 'ills, and perseveres with lliem.will bo satisfied that Dt Win liraiidrelh fully attained his philanthrop ic object. Il is now an absolute and known (net. lliat every disease, whether it bo in Ihe head or feet, in the brain or meanest member; whether it be an outward ulcer, or an inward abscess, are all, lliougli arising from many causes, reducible lo ibis one grand effect, namely, iinpurily of blood. In all cases they will be found a safe and simple remedy, yet all powerful for the rcuio. val of disease, wheliior chrome or recent, in feelious or ollierwi-e ; and what makes I licin particularly adapted to tin? country, is ihat there is mil the slightest liability to cold when taking them, indeed tho system is absolutely less susceptible of cold when under their iiilln. enee, than at any other tune llierefoie in this climate they are invaluable. Neither do they require change ol diel or care ol any kniil ro Cngland ihese Pill- have been the only Itifdicincnf many families for periods varying mom furl v to sixty years and have always p.-oved efi'eciu.-il it: restoring health whenever an ahenalion from il lias occurred. ii inanv eae.s when) the dreadful ravages of ulceration b.ul hud hare ligament and htm c d where to all appearance no human means old save life, have patients by the ll-e of these pills been leslored to good health, llie b t oiirmg disease having been perfectly erad icated. In eoiisi qneuee of llio pleasantness of their leiaUon. and the dose not generally being quired lo i.3 inoro lliun I' ur or live pills (merely keeping in view the dram upon the humors,) they are fast siipi r.cduig every oilii! preparation ofpiolesseil similar import. C'a-es may occur where it will he proper lo take twenty or even tlitity or tnoie pill j Ihisiniisi bu considered wilh reference lo highly iiillam. malory disease, or when great pain i expetl uuced. As HrandrelhV Pills prevent Scurvy, Cos. Ijvrnrss and its consequences, seafaring ni'm, and all travellers lo foreign regions. should not be wiliioul them, in order to resort to on every occasion of illness. N. U. Time or climate afi'eclsthem no',. Southern Gentlemen will find this medicine ono which will ensuto health to the people on their eslates. OANCKIIS. cases of cure can bo referred to, the euro is suro if perseverance is Used. CONSUMPTION". Reference can be made to iiiimheis who have been cured in New.York and ISrooklyn, of ibis disease. Such is ihe reputation, and so great ihe des inund for tho Genuine Hrad-ell-.V Vcgo'uule Universal Pills-.' Hint a counterfeit article N made, adrtitiud and .'old as genuine and somo individuals whosell the rnuiiterfeil pill have advertised Ihemsilvrs as my agents d'at I have found it necessary, to preserve tliorep utaiion ofmy pilN, nnd suve Iho public from imposition, to furnish every ageul wilh a ccr is as lollows. 'llrmidrelh's Vegtlublc Universal Pills-', Skcumtv A(i,ll.v-T CnUVI'i'.urBITi'. The within limned, Fnrre& Parinelee of .Middleiown, Conn, are mv appointed Ce-u oral Agents llie Suiie of Vertnotu. Con necticul (excepi Fairfield (..! llnmpden. Hampshire Frnnkhn uuiiinv, ,i.i i ,,, , - T. ,, . ,. V II vnesinre vv. .-sniinnn i.muK..r thc Unihtl stales of Amenta. , Alll , hw (,Ut,r vv nlc, P,gii' d by me, 15 KAM),U.TI IMy own baud w-iiing, l he si-nied by Ihe iianied j fi . . ,,,. . will a.,i tip F(jr y HOWARD. Hurling- Inn Fuller Ilunnngion, Rteliuinnd Ii'leiebcr Si Woodman, Hlision J. I . Win fireen &, Co . Shi'hlnn Cluill' r & Lewis liorkshire, Tliiiiiias Fuller & Smi. Ilnopburgb Atmingloii ii Dean. Uukers fi,., Tower &. (Jukes, Underbill G. H Onkes. .lenco. To Wood Choppcis. GS113 BON'S AXES, , ASIU'PLY ol ihe iibnvu eilrbraletl Axes, just received, nnd lor sale by the dozen or bingle, by the subscriber. ROBERT MOODY. BOTHTOW & HYDE WIIOLKSALB DKAIiKllS IN DRV GOODS, SI Ct:t An Ktheet, JYEJF YORK, WOULD thus noliry th0,n visiting tho city for purposes of trade, that they are re ceiving and will be prepared wilh a good and general Stock of STAPLE AND FA JVC Y DRY GOODS, which for mji will bo offered at a small profit. They will keep constantly on hand Mcrriniac, Dover, and a variety of low priced FKINTS. Trnmont, Lawrence, and other SIIF.F.TINGS Suffolk, and Hamilton, Brown, White and blue DIULLS. March 110, 1IS38. 2m Just received a largo supply of Moffat's celebrated Phoenix Hitter?: agents throughout this state can now bo supplied hy application to the subscriber. ft. Mooov. liiirlinglon, April 27, 1838. PERIODICAL AGENCY. W. S&Zjr'PBR. Chthta, VI. Is Agent for tho following Periodicals, viz : North American Review, quarterly. Ileprinl of iho Four Quarterlies ; cuvkracin llie P.diiibiirgb, London Qiinrtei ly, Foreigi Quarlcily and the London and Wostmiiib'.er Qiiailerly Iteviews. New York Iteview. American Journal of Science and Arts. American Hiblieal Repository. Literary and Theological Itov ie.w, quarterly American Jurist and Law Magazine, riinsi mil Cxaniiner. lioston Quarterly Review. National I'orlrail Gallery of distinguished Americans. American Monthly Magazine. I'entley's Miscellany. Knickerbocker, oi New York Monthly Mag;, tizinc. Museum of Foreign Literature, Science and Arts. Hlacl, wood's r.dinburgh Magazine. United Stales Miiguzuic and Democratic Review, trontlilv. I .aw Library, monthly. AiiuuU of Kducjtion '; IMitcd by Dr. W. A. Aleoti. monthly. The Melrnpnlilan Magazine, monthly Journal of the Franklin Institute, monthly. Cen He m, in's .Magazine. Family Magazine, monthly. Parley's Magazine for Children, monthly. The Lady's Rook and Ladies' American Magazine. Ladies' Companion. .Sunday School Teacher. Horticultural Register and Gardener's Mag. azinc. Magazine of Ilorticultnro and Dotuny. Library of llcallii. Religious Magazine. Cbn-tian Spectator, Southern Lilerarv Messenger. Select Medical Library and F.clectic Journal of Medicine; edited by John Bell, M. D. mom lily. American Medical Library and Intelligen cer ; edited by Roblcy Dunglison, M. D. scmi-montliH . American Journal of Medical Science quar tcriy. liritish and Foreign Medical Review. Medico Cut Review, quarterly. Roslon Medical und .-'urgieal Journal Mcd'cal F.xaminer ; devoted to ined.cino, surgery and the collateral sciences, semis moiillily. Wuldie's select Library, weekly. New York Mirror, weekly. Philadelphia Saturday Courier, weekly. The Saturday News, Philadelphia, weekly. American Weekly Messenger, Philadelphia Mirror, weekly. The Southern Rose, sciui-monlhiv. April 1!). llMti. Tj'.Mr. Sleeper proposes lo remain in town few days, and. in the mean lime, will receive ub.-criptious al the IJurliiigton Hold. Siimuol S). Hvdo's Kstnto. STATE OF VEll.MO.YT. ) Di-thkt or Cm ctkmien ss. AT a I'rbaie Court ho dm nl Hurling. Ion, wiMnn and for the Di-triri afore said on t lie I wellt h day of April A D lll.lll. An in-l ronieiit purporting to be Hie lust will and to-iament of Samuel D. Hyde. Into of Charloile, in snid Di-lrici. deceased, was presented In the Court here for Probate, bv Amos Clink, the Executor therein nnuied. Therefore it is ordered by ,n d Court, that public not ice bu given in all pcrsunst concerned Ibrrein lo appear before sold Court, at n cession thereof lo be holden nt IJurliiigion on llie second Wednesday of May A. D. 1 "30. and contest the probate of snd will, nnd it is further ordered that tins order ho publi-hed ihreo weeks suc cessively in the Free Press, a newspaper pruned a' liurhiigton, in tins State, the last of which .-hall be previous to the day n-signed, ns nlorcaid for hepiing. Given under my hand nl the RerrUt-ir's Oilier, this l-.'ib day of Annl A D 1833. Win WESTOX, Register. Lot Nowoll's Estate. .? TA TE OF VER. MO. Y7 ) Di-ruirrop Cm itfmu'v, ss ( The Ihn the Prutmlc Court for thc 7Jt. ti id of Chittenden. To all person eon. vernal in Ihe Estate of Lot .Yticell late of Charlotte, in said District, derrased. UHEETLYG. WHEREAS. Amos Clark, nduunistra tor, uf the estate of said tleceas-rd proposes in render nn nccounl of Ins ad niiuisl ration nnd present Ins acciuim against said estate fur examination uml nl luwance nl n session of the Cmirl of Probate, In be holden at the Regi-ieiV office in Unr. Iington on the second Wednesday of May next. Tiii.nEFor.E, Yon nre hereby notified to appear before said court nt the lime nnd place nfoiciiaid, and show cause if any you haw, why tiic account aforesaid should not be allowed. Given und'-r my hand nt TJurltngtno, thij lOlh duv ol April A. D 10311 Wm WESTOA". Regis'- FOR SALE A QUARTER nee lot, will l block house and barn Iheiel situated on tho Colchester kidul Onion River Lower Fulls, on tlrl north side of the road, between J.1 W. Wciivui's Sloro and tho Slnno I louse lour! rods front. For further particulars inquire orj J. V. Weavor,or ot the subscriber, ai Jericin Comers. V. U. HILL. Aptil 27, 1038,

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