Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, June 1, 1838, Page 2

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated June 1, 1838 Page 2
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P UID AY M O UN 1 iN flt JUNE 1. cjoi; .N'rFiioN v t: nt t on. Tlio Whigs of ilio Counly of Uhilirnden, nro hereby requested lo meet in convention lit Magic Hall, in Wlllision, on Monday tlio ISili itny oTJuna insl., nl 10 o'clock A. M., to nnminalo itto Son.i. tors for said coinily, inul for ilin iinnsacllon of oilier important business, ll is earnestly desired cacti ion n in llic coinily bo iciic!cnicil by at least llll'CO UClCglllCi!. .10I1NN. l'OMRROY.1 j a mi's i. curi.cit, ! Wm P. BR'tUfiS. t County Comm. JOSEI'II CLARK, J TOWN MKJM'INt.'. Tlio IVhigs of ilin town of Uiiilington nrc re quested In meet nl Howard's Hotel, un Monday ivening next, lit Imlf pai petm o'clock, for tlio purpose ofiippiiiiilin.' delegates lo the contention nt Wllliston, un llic IS li inst. I exiiJi-ui-aaiK!K fcae STATIC CONVENTION. A Stale Comcnliou of tho Democratic Whigs of Vcrmo'il, nml of nil Ficcmcn of (ho suite opposed to llic unwise nnd urinous measured of the present tin-1 past Nmionnl Aclministrntinn, will meet nt Moninclicr. on Wednesday llic 27ili il.iy of June next, nt 10 o'clock, A. AL, for llio purpose of nominating candidate (or sialo olnccrs lor llio jcar ensuing, nnd for (lie irnnsnclion of ficli oilier business at the liankinpicy of ilio nmionnl treasury nnd llio palsy of. individual industry may seem lo require. Wlicii llioso who havo been dclrgalcd by tlio PEOPLE lo guard, pioicct unil proinom their interest, falsify ihoiV pledges mid belray their trust, it Ujimo for llic people ihcmscltes lo ns semblo in contention, nnd there, nnd at llio ballot boxes, to' cpo.ik out in such ilmndcr tones ns will be heaid nnd obeyed nl Washington. Tho pnpporicrs of llio stipicmacy of llio law, tho friends of civil nnd peisonal liberty nnd fif u con stitutional government honestly nnd wisely ndinin. istercri the friends of fieo discussion and of llio sacred right of petition and of remonstrance are invited lo nllcnd the contention, ns volunteers or ilelegaies, AT LEAST TEN, PROM EACH TOWN, the more ihe betlcr and participate in is deliberation?. Wc are ntvnrc that in making this call, we address llio Prccmcn of a slalc tthirh Ilia unjieidingly unit succcs.-fully, maintained its political integrity, ngninsl nil llio nssaulls of power nnd influence from abroad, anil the cffoits of zeal ous nnd active opponents at homo. And tto deem it necessary only to say to such Freemen, tho friends of our counlry and nf our cnuo nrclriumph ing in all parts of iho nation, in well merited suc cess nl ihofr elections; and nl such a crisis n this, they EXI'ECT EVERY FREEMAN IN VER MUNI' TO DO HIS DUTY. Wm.UPHAM. 1 lUi i t tt i it i u,, , i i.cnira C. I.. KNAPP, J. State E. II. PRENTISS, 1 Comm. E. P. JEW BIT, J E. P. WALTON, I Central Montpclicr, May 22, 1S3S, County Convention. It will be ob served that the County Committee have made a call for a convention, at Williston, on the 10th inst. It can hardly bo nccos sary to urge upon our friends tho impor tance of a full attendance. Men feel too 6cnsibly the cviU under which the counlry groans, not to be prompt and octivo in all that penning to their correction. The history of the past twclyo months proves this a history teeming with tho most 'cheering triumphs of right principle?. It should bo borne in mind however, that tho administration party still affect to hope for great things in this State, and aro al ready actively preparing for a death strug nlo. Wo must not be caught naning. It is to be hoped that every town in the coun tv will bo fullv represented. Lot us have o fair expression, and when that is obtain cd,. mcrgo oil minor considerations, and 'go ahead" for llic cause. Tho State Convention is to bo holdcn on Iho 27th inst. Surlinston Sympathy. The Montreal Trnn script of Thursd iy, mentions that on a gentleman from ibis cily ai living al IJin li ntoii in llio sicamcr from St. Johns, Duvornay, Dufort, llodier, Per- raull, and oilier rclugcc rebels camo on uoanl, nnd deposited on llio cainn tamo, n wruicn paper, abusing Captain Sherman for bringing into Ameri can waters nnd lorriioiy, any ot ''iliose iitjfianly, tatage British." Such conduct is quite in keep ing with iho behatior of the Americans al Burling ion lo Major Bigg', Surgeon llammcrly and others of tho Hussars, tt ho proceeded Micro to purchase horses, and ttcio instilled in every possible manner, Mnnca being thrown at llicm us ihcy passed llic eirccls. llui lingion is one of iho ino't bcnuiMhl loivns in the United Slate, both in point of sanation and general appearance, and, until the late rebellion in Canada, iis inliabilanis tCero generally favoiiics wilh the BrilMi iuh ihilants licic, who had ficqucnt inlcicoinso wilh llicm, and ucio in llic habit of in terchanging civilities. But recent ricnts seem to have changed their naliues, nnd, instead of llio decencies of civ ilizcd life being shown to strangers, they nrc iillnrked in such a manner ns most befim cowardly ruffians, wiihotil one hand being raised lo interfcio in iheir behalf. Wc ttondor if llic Burlington savage belonged to that heroic baud from Swanlon, which nobly ran nwny from some fifty shots fncd nt Missisquoi Bay. Tho above, from tho Montreal Herald, is copied into the N Y. Courier, of the 25th ult, without comment, or even the customary credit, to indicate its origin. Tho whole story is false, from beginning to cml, without even tho shadow of n foundation for it. But this was immaterial with the Courier., Ever sinco that men dacious print made tho discovery that the patriot causo in Canada must result disas trously, and that thcro would be no "land scrip" to distribute, it has omitted no op. portunity to abuse and villify every body nnd every thing conncctod with it, without regard lo truth or justice; and at the present moment it is only necessary for tho finger of royalty to indicate the object of its rescittmont, to draw down upon it the denunciations of this most talented, but most corrupt and pestiferous publication. Hence tho avidity with which ovory scan dalous falsehood, like tho above, is caught up and reiterated. . As to tho first charge, wo have tho positive denial of tho individuals alluded to, and Capt. Sherman's authority for saying, that, so fur aslho is concerned, it y falso as the Alkomn. In addition lo this, the gentlemanly bearing and peaceable deportment of the gentlemen implicated! during a residence of somo months among u4, precludes tho possibility of their boing guilty of such an impropriety. That Messrs. Biggs and Ilamersly were publicly insulted, tec do not believe, and that any person has been stoned in the streets of Burlinglon, will hardly be crcd itcd on the authority of a person whose perceptions wcro so ambiguous on one occasion ns to lead him into the ladies' apartment in his night. clothes, and who was repeatedly very much "obfiscalcd" toward night-full. As to any ill will to the gentlemen "In spectors," wo aro suro none existed ; and had it been otherwise, it must have given place lo a very different sentiment, when it was observed that they wcro rejecting our best horses, and accepting many that had been on tho pension list for years. For ourselves, wc were highly amused. Wcro any vindication needed against tho gratuitous imputations of the Herald, wo might with confidence appeal to the very trany resectable citizens of Montreal who hayc visited this placo sinco tho dis turbing events of last winter. But we will not so far dignify the imfainous libel. On tho last point, wo will endeavor to satify tlio Editor about tho time ho brings along his "halter;" and, in the meantime, he may very profitably consult that portion of modern history connnocled with "Plaits burgh." The Democracy op Numbers. The Spring Charter election in tho State of New ork shew tho following results. Out of 781 towns, 434. aro Whig, and S47 (including fourteen conservatives) arc tory ; seven out of nine cities aro Whig in every Ward; and in tlio remaining two, viz: New York and Brooklyn, they have a ma jority. As arc tnc cities so are the princt pal towns: as procf of which wc need but to look at Auburn, Poughkccpsic, Ithaca, Geneva, Syracuse, Newburgh, Caltskill, Cannjoharie, &c. &c. "It will be seen," says the Albany Evening Journal, "that nearly two thirds of the towns, all the cit ies, and most of the villages, in tho Empire Slate havo arrayed themselves against an Administration which first arrayed itself against them." What will Mr Van Burcn say lo this? In IC3G, he had a majority of thirty thousand in his own Slate ; and now such has been the ruinous policy adopted by him, such the deep and losing game played by his partizans, that tho tide has changed, nnd the current is rapidly setting against him. Yet so perversely bent upon his own political destruction docs he seem, that he blindly drives headlong on his wild career. More quittino the Stirr. Mr. Sen. ator Tipton, of Indiana, declines a rc election. In his letter declining, ho says: "Although I was a known friend to the lata administration, and many of tho lead ing opposition men supported me, I havj been for a number of years an actor in tl.c party strife in which wo aro involved, ard have frequently differed from the views of my own political party on public measure?. This difference I regretted, but I could not give up my own judgment, of what I believe to bo the wishes and tho interest of a majority of my constituents, for Ihe wishes of a party, or for parly purposes. Wcro I again a candidate for office I could not promise to conform to tho exclusive views of any parly, should the measures of that party conflict with the interests of the people, It is possible, in this, I am mista ken. If so, by retiring from offico, I relievo my friends from considerations personal to myself, and tho people have an opportunity of selecting a Senator of more ability to advocate their rights, than I pretend to possess." Beef. Wo havo frequently had occa sion to admire the noblo bullocks our butchers arc daily parading through the streets; but wo have almost as often been mortified to find on enquiry ihat compara tively few of them were purchased in this County. "This ox camo from Grand. Isle, that from Franklin, and those other lusty fellows from Washington, Addison, and so on." This is the too general reply to our enquiries. This ought not to be eo, and wo must beg tho serious attention of our farmers to the subject. A fat ox is alto gether more Fccmly than a sack of wool, and, at present prices, hardly loss profita ble, wo should imagine. Our attention was; drawn to this subject yesterday by stepping into Kimdai.s' mar ket, and feasting our eyes, (as wo shortly expect to our palate,) upon ono pf tho handsomest specimens of fat hoof wc have ever sucn in theso parts, Tlio ox was of tho Holdurncss breed, fatted by Beldcn Seymour, Eq. Vcrgcnnes, and pronoun, ccd by good judges to bo tho best fatted ox in Vermont. It is worth going to see. " For sure, 'iii a picture lor painters to sludy, The fit, 'lis so whiio, nnd the lean, Ms to ruddy." A Skin. Tho Times nnd Commercial Intelligencer, the organ of tho Conserva tives in New York Cily, has ronuuncctl Ven Burcn nnd tho Administration, nnd come out fur Clay for President nnd Tall. madgo of new York for vice President. IlECTon, who killed Shepherd in Albany! and was found guilty of murdor by a jury in that city, on appeal boing taken, was remov ed lo tho city of New York thoro to await tho judgment of iho Supremo Court. He has escaped from jail in tho latter place, and at tho latcsl accounts had not been re taken. "ABLE FINANCIERING." Mr. Wiso of Virginia in alluding to the investigating committees of last session, made the following statement in tho course of his speech: I. (said Mr. W.I for one, nnd as the author ol that investigation, otn proud of being the author of it, anil am pcrlcctly willing that such an inquiry should bo made. I can, however, inlortn my col league that ho can very readily ascertain llio cost of those committees, for t ha ma jority wcro very particular in stating every item of the expense, until they wcro shamed out of it by tho fact that that account disclosed, viz: that the Secretary of the Treasury, who attended the committee lo lestifii as a toitness. charred so much per 'lay for his lime, and mileage at the rale of 15 cents per mile for walking to and from the Treasury to the Capitol. Yes, sir, your Secrclarv of tho Treasury, who was called before that commiltoo to explain the nature of the connexion between a certain bank organ and tho Government, did charge mileage for walking from his office to this building, and, what is more, his clerks charged the same after his example." After this specimen nf ability on the part ol Mr. Woodbury who can doubt that the Government," acting on its avowed principles, will be able "lo lake care of ilself?" Portland Adv, Louisiana. Hon. Henry Johnson, now in Congress, has declined standing a can didate for Governor, finding the fact that two Whig candidates were in the field likely to prejudice tlio Whig cause. The onlv candidates now nrc Denis Pricur, Esq., late Mayor of Now Orleans, Adm. and Hon. A. B. Roman, Whig. We believe each is very popular. CONGRESS. In tho Senate, Mr. Clay on Monday pre sented a memorial in favor of n National Bank, and took occasion to offer his ideas on tho subject of a National Bank general lv. He believed a largo majority of the Pcoplo were in favor ot'such an Institution, and would ere long call for its establish ment. He thought it should bo owned and directed by tho General Government, the States and individual subscribers. He deemed it advisable to exclude non-resident foreigners from holding any portion of its stock. Ho thought the stock security prin ciple embodied in our General Banking Law should be incorporated ; with such pro vis ions as would eventually reduce the current rato of interest to five per cont, and ex change from any part of Iho Union on any other part to ono and a half per cent. Such is the outline of Mr. Clay's plan. He said he would not bring forward any proportion now, composed and pledged as the majority of Congress is, but move that the petition do lio on the table. After some remarks hy Messrs. Allen and Buchanan, and by Mr. Clay in reply., the subject wa3 so dis posed of. Tho Senate has been engaged considora bly oflate on a bill to extend tho charters of the Banks in the District of Columbia The bill was finally so amended, on motion of Mr. Benton, ns to extend those charters to the 4th day of July, 11)40; require the Banks to pay out no popcr currency of less amount than gs ; redeem all notes of c gold and silver after tho first day of August next, or sooner, it tho Baltimore and Rich monu lianus uo. i ins substitute was adnptcd by 24 to 10, and the bill was pas sed by 37 to 2. Mr. J. Q,. Adams had tho honor lo pros cnt n oetition from Goochland Co., Virgin ia, praying his expulsion from tho House as a nuisance. Ho moved its reference to the Commiitoo on tho Judiciary. This was opposed by M. Dromgoolc, at whose suggestion the memorial was laid on the table. Mr. Adams at the saino time presented a rnomnrinl from Iowa, Wisconsin, praying the Iloufoto expel nil Members "criminally concerned" in tho bloody duel. Mr. A. soil! that, since ho feared if the prayer of this petition were granted, there would be no quorum left in the House, he must move lo lav it on llic lauic. &o ordered. Mr A. had a further memorial from Now York, oraving for a duty on distilled spirits. II said he thought a Temperance Committee would ho found very useful in the House ; but, sinco there was none, ho would move a reforenco to tho Committee of Ways and Manns, bo ordered. Mr. Boon made n statement, of which the Riibslnnce was ihat he could not agree willi Mr. Shcrrod Williams about tho res olulion of tho latter, and his own as a sub stitute therefor, looking to a repeal of tho Specie Circular. Ho should therefore back out of the business. The North-Eastern Boundary was under consideration in the Senate on Wednesday, 1T.. r.r,.,. Il.n ll.n.i.L... .. Ull H lUUCBUU ll"... i.iw . n..'iuuill WUIIIIIIU nicating olhcial documents to tlio two Houses. By these, it appears that an ngrccmcnt to run tho lino by n new com- mis-sion has nearly ocen cllocted. Mr. Webster oxpressetl fears thai tho term would prejudice the just rights of the United Slates, and tlio btato of Maino. Wo hnpo not. Mr. Clay introduced a resolution colling in tho Secretory of tho Treasury and Post master General for copies of nuy orders thev mav havo roconlly i-siicd with rujrnrd to tho reception of Bank Notes for public dues. Agrccu io. Tho bill providing for n continuation of the Cumberland Road through io New States, which passed tho Hoiiso somo since by a vote ol 00 to uo, passed tho Sen ntu on Wednesday, very materially amend cd; Yeas 'Hi i in ays if. THE CHBROKEES. On Tuesday, tho President sent a Mos sago to the two Houses of Congress, rec ommending that an extension of tho ijmo for removal, fixed by the fraudolcnt Treaty of New Echota, and somo other mitigations of their fate, bo granlod to tho Chcrokccs. In Iho Senate, n warm debate ensued, in which Mr. Webster stood forth ns the chnmpion of lho President, against Ihe at tacks of Messrs. King and Clay, of Alaba ma, Cuthbcrt and Lumpkin, of Ga., Strange, Grundy, and Preston.. The Mos, en go was finally laid on tho table; Mr. Wousler s motion to rclcr it, being point edly negatived It seems hardly probable thai the friends of tho President will deny his Message tho courtesy of a reforenco nl. together. In the House, the fato of the Chcrokccs was under discussion on Wednesday. Mr Cambrclcng's bill fur tho suppression of In dian hostilities, being before tho Hotiso in Committee, Mr. Boll moved a proviso that the President bo authorized to expend two millions of tho sum thereby appropriated in additional compensalion to the Chcrokocs for their lands, rather than provoke hoslili tics with them. This is a most wise, statesmanlike, and economical proposition ; nnd two million?, if they can be so expended in consummating a great act of National injustice and oppression a little less aim. ciously than it would otherwise bo cfTectcd, will save at least ten times tho amount. It was supported at length by Mr. Ciubing, of Mass., and then by Mr. Wiso, who spoke until the hour of adjournment. Tho navy appropriation bill passed tho Soliato on Friday, after an ineffectual at tempi to striku out the clauo approprialing 200,000 for the exploring expedition. The motion lo strike out was rejected by a vote of 27 to 13- So the expedition has passed its last ordeal, as the President will undoubtedly sanction the bill, and as Mr. Dickorson cannot now retard or defeat it. The scries of resolutions offered some days ago by Mr Clay, requiring the reccp lion and disbursement of Bank paper by the Government was called up. An amend menl to tho first clause of Mr. Clay's resolution, that the Secretary of the Trea. sury shall issue no order making discrimi nation as to Ihe money or medium of pay ments of debts to the Government, wan offered by Mr. Webster and adopted. Several other amendments were proposed, but no action wns tnken upon them. Murder or a Missionary Family. The Soul hern Christian Advocato publish es the following letter, giving a description of a massacre by llic Florida Indians. The writer is superintendent of tho Alacua mis sion on llic Tallahassee District: " Dear Brother Capers I am ruined. While engaged in my Inborsin tho Alacua mission I received a letter bearing awful tidings. Il informed mo that the Indians had murdered my family. I set out for homo, hoping that it might not prove as bad as the loiter slated ; but found it wa so, if not even worse! My precious child rcn, Lotick, Price and Elizabeth ware kil led nnd burned up in the house. . My dear wife was shot, stabbed, and stamped, appn. rently lo death, in the yard. But after the wretches went lo pack up their plunder, she revived and crawled off from the scene of death, lo sutler a thousand deaths during the dreadful night which she spent alone by tho sido of u pond, bleeding at four bul. let holes, and more than half a dozn stabs three deep gashes to the bono on her head, and three stubs through the ribs besides a number of smaller cuts and bruis cs. She is yet living and O help tnc to pray that she may yet survive. My ne groes lay dead all about the yard and w oods nn.i my every thing clso burned to ashes. Pray for mo. My family was on a short visit to my father in law, for the purpose of having some supplies sent up from our planiotion to our temporary residence in the mission, and during this brief period the nwful ca tastrophe took placo. T. I). Puunirov. LtTE From Florida. The Charleston Courier under date of tho 21st instant, in n letter to the Editors, Dated Black Creek, JIay ICih, says : "An express arrived here day before yesterday, stating that Alligator, who had been sent out about a month since by Gen. Taylor had returned with 317 Indians, men, women, nnd children, and tho impression is, that thcro will bo no mure campaigning, as it U supposed that nil ot the Indians will come in tho course of tho suminor. Tho John McLsan has just arrived here from Fort Mellon, which post is to bo broken up, ihat at Volusia is already abandoned. Tho MeLoan brings soldiers, horses, boats. &c. The Charleston is expected to-day from tho same place. In the British House or Commons, April 1 1th, in a discussion on (he subject ot tho revenue, the Chancellor of the Exchequer paid a handsomo complimont to the integrity and honor of American merchants : "It was impossible (ho said) for n great commercial crisis hko that through which tho country had passed, to occur without showing itself on the public roycr.uc. If tho facts which his Hon. friend had stated were to crcnto any distrust as to tho re sources of England, the result would bo ns great ns mischievous; but nny ono who would look to tho nllairs of tho last twelvo months must feel gratification and pride that tho country had parsed through theso events withoui more suffering and loss than had boon endured in the course of the past yonr. Our commercial men had to on counter circumstances of difficulty which might almost ho said to be without parallel (hear, hear;) hut the resources of the country had enabled them to go through the scvoro trial (cries ol 'hoar, hear.') But ho must say and he said it tho more freely, bocnuse'it related lo another coun try that the exertions made by the commer cial men of Ihe United States of America had been such as to reflect the highest credit on their character at commercial people (hear.) Although tho crisis which had happily bocn passed had niloctcd the man. ufacturing industry of this country, its foreign commerce, nnd iho national reve nue, yet, in these branches, less mischief 1 1 a il been incurred than might reasonably havo been oxpsc'od (hear.) It was truo and undoniablo that n review of tho Inst year was any thing but satisfactory, ond that the deficiency of tho revenue had been I great; but It was going too lar to soy that thcro wn9 any reason for distrust as to the capability of the country lo meet all its engagements, (hear.)" CANADA. ARntvAr. or Lord Durham. From Montrcnl papers of yesterday morning, we learn that the now Govornor of tho Cnna das.arrived at Quebec on Sunday afternoon, but was not to land till Monday. As thcro was no steamboat from Quebec to Mon treal on Monday, theso arc all llio particu lars that havo transpired. From various accounts in the Montreal papers, it seems certain that a movement on tho western frontier is nbotit lo be made. Tho Courier givo llio following extract from a private letter dated "Windsor, W. District, May If). "We arc threatened again by the sym. pathizors. They nrc very much excited in Detroit. The Point nil Polo prisoners are to bo tried for murder nt tho Assizes in Sandwich, on tho 23d instant, nnd the patriots threaten to come over and rescue them." It wag reported in Montreal yesterday, in well informed circles, wo understand, that two Regiments of British regulars will immediately be placed on tlio Maine frontier, to watch tho movement of the Americans. Wc have nothing of consequence from upper L-anaiia, except tlio lact wo see noticed in several of tho Canada papers that sites have been selected for forts at Niagara, Quccnston and Niagara Falls. AWiagara U. C.) paper is trying to frighten itself and its readers, by detailing tlio particulars ot an expedition winch is in course of maturity at Lockport (N. Y ) to invade Upper Canada. I lie account not credited by any body. The Detroit Morning Post states that Iho notorious Captain Marryatt wns burnt in cfhgy al that place on the I4lh inst. Confirmation. Some days ago we published a pningraph from the Rochester Democrat, stating tliat a whole company of Canadian soldiers had deserted bodily, nnd come to the States. The following, from tho Montreal Transcript, looks like confirmation: Wo arc sorry to state that desertion is said to have been very frequent, latterly, from tho regiments in Upper Canada. In some cases they havo gnno away in full uniform musket, accoutrements, ammu nition and all. From the Montreal Herald. Fatal Duel. An affair of honor look place yesterday morning near the Pavillion, which wo are sorry to say, toi minuted fa tally to one of the parties, Major Henry John Wardc, one of the 1st Royals. His antagonist U said to have been Robert Sweeney, E.-q. but nothing certain is known regarding his being tho person, or of ihe nature of the quarrel between the parties. Report says that Major Wardc was attended on the ground by Captain Maync of the Royals, and Mr. Sweeney by Mr. Aircy of the Royal Artilcry, and that Dr. Knox of the Royals was the medical attendant. The meeting took place at five o'clock in the morning, and a coroner's jury sat at one o'clock P. M. bringing in tho following verdict : " Wo arc of opinion that the late Major John Wardo came by his death in consequence of a gun shot wound inflicted by "some person unknown in n duel this morning." This melancholy event has cast a gloom on every countenance. Neoro Suffrage in Connecticut. Tho House of Representatives of Con necticut, by a vote of 105 to 33 have refused to recommend tho expunging of tho word "white" in that clause of the constitution which defines the qualifica tions of voters A day was con-tuned in the debate, and during it a member pro poscu to expunge mo worn "male" also, so as to givo tho ladies a chance. The amendment was lost by a small majority Wc recommend the Connecticut girls to try again. Let them keep the subject in agitation, and the chance is thai they may carry it one of these days. Gov. Jlarcy has offered a reward of g750 for the apprehension o! Hector, the esca ped murderer. Volncy E. Howard, Esq. has been ap pointed by tho President and Senate Sor veyor of Public Lands for tho District South of Tennessee, vico Henry S. Footc, lurned Whig and resigned. Mr. Howard, wc believe, is an Kditor. Benjamin Rnthbnrn has been bailed in the sum of $20,000, and will of course handle his heels. Prince dc Joinville, third son of Louis Philippe, arrived off Norfolk on Monday, in tho line-ship Hercules. The ladies of Washington nro in an agony of cxpec'a tion n live Prince being a rarity in this wooden country. Goo. miner has offered a reward of $500 each for tho apprehension of tho gallons- birds who burned Pennsylvania Hall lasl week. The Mayor of Philadelphia offers g2,UUU lor tlio lot, A Sr.AVF.n Captured. The brig Carvo, nt iNew urienns, spoue on the 30th u t off Berry Islands, a British maii-ofwar, who reports that two dnys previous she captured a slaver, with 500 slaves on board, from the coast of Africa. Tho following burst of cloqucnco is poured forth upon an ignorant and bo. nightcd world, by tho Memphis Inquirer, "The voluptuous and gorgeous locust, is now in the meridian of her glory, Ringing from her pendant clusters of siiow while blossoms, a world of beauiy nnd ravishing sweetness. Our climate is filled with its spicy aroma, and the evening nirs wooed with its fragrant breathings. Its floating shado, odor, nnd virgin blossoms, irresist ibly win our admiration na tho favorite tree f tho South : n rich emblem of beauty, sweetness and purity, A mas oi- kni.ahgbh micas. "Mister, whero is your houso ?" a6ked a curious traveller of a "half liorso and half alligator" squatter. .... "Houso, oh? do you think I i pno of them sort? stranger! I sleeps in the Government purchase--1 oats rnw bear nnd buffalo, and drinks out of tho Missis sippi I" NOTICE. Tlio Chittenden County consociation of churches will hold their next annual meet ing at Essex on the second Tuesday (tho 12th day) of Juno nt 12 o'clock at noon. Each congregational church in tho county is required to bo represented by its pastor and ono lay delegate, or, by two lay delo gates, if destitute of a stated prenchor. The dolgatcs arc requested to bo furnished with the correct statistics of their several churches. By order of consociation. .7. K. CONVERSE, Register, May 31, 1A30. MARRIED In Charlotte, on Wednesday last, by Rev. Mr. (joodnian, Capt. Dan Lvov, of this town, to Misa Mary GnoOT. In I'.'scx, on llic 2lih ult. by Rev. Orris Pier, Mr, Joshua Jlaynes to Mrs. Minerva Butler, bolh of the former placo. In NorilifieM, 9ih ult. by lie v. Mr. Gfangtr, Mr. Itaac 7 Dewey of Berlin lo Miss Julia A . Morris. In Orange, 1st ult, Mr. Porter L. Lord lo Miss Martha Pike lOih, iJi Enoch Sargent lo 21i'ss Louisa Colby 8ih, Mr. Obadiah E George of Washington, lo Miss Hhoda Conner In Corinth, In till. Robert McCri His, of Grafton, Mass. to Sophia Mills Sih, Elhanan Colby of Ornnga to Mary Morrill. DIED In ibis lotvn, csterday morning, Mama, wifo of Mr, Daniel Drew, aged 21 years. In Bennington, on ihe evening of ihe 19ili ull, Wilmam BoniNsotf, son of Hon. Aaron Robin, son, aged 30 tears. Mr. Robinson was a most wariliy an exemplary citizen and his early death uill long bo mourned not only by nn extensive circlo ofielaiites, but by all who knew him. In Bennington, on the 22d ull, Adaline, wife of Edward H. Swifi, in Ihe 30th tear of her ago , aficr n long nnd painful illness. Mrs. Swift posses fed in nn eminent degree ihe love and respect of all. In Benningion, on the 21m ult. Adaline, daugh ter of Samuel II. Brown, E?q. aged 2 years. In l'cncliam, on the 22,1 nil. Hannah S. Wor cesicr, daughter of Rev. Leonard Worcester, aged 37. In Rupert, on lha 13ih inst., dpt. Abraham Underbill, aged 63 tears. Third Edition 183S. AVING, about the 1st of April, on returning from New York, cheerful ly acknowledged wilh gratitude tho abilitv derived from the patronage of his very ma ny gnou customers io cxtcnu ins stock ol merchandize, and made known his united tnnttos of "Up and doing," " Quick and cheap," "Cheap for cash, and no impris onment for debi," with a desire at increas ed and progressive improvement in busi as well as mental talents, did so con duct and manage the concern as to mako his second trip to New Vork early in May, which may be recollected by the avcrlise merit of l"hc sale of his gl50 Windsor mo ney at 75 per cent discount of seeing tho two great steam ships that attracted such multitudes on Iheir arrival, nnd which came from the same country that ono of our ships tvetri to and returned from seve ral years since I hen something about our own steamboat Burlington, being number one of tho very best boats on any water?. tlio news of belter times, resumption of specie payments, ot conluicncc being re stored, goods selling cheap, of my being so fortunate as to havo my choice of the new importations by paying for them, and invit ing visitors and customers to view, free of charge, at his much talked of general vari ety, staple and fancy, fashionable, dry goods, grocery, crockery, looking glass, glass ware, carpeting, paper hanging, and furnisning ware house establishment, ono door south of the Bank of Burlington ; and of which, on seeing, the power and love of fashion so operated on the beholders of tho splendid, dazling, superb fancy and nccos sary articles, ns not only made them return and buy, but use their influence by indu cing their friends to come and sec for them selves, for full two afternoons, wilh a good refreshing dish of tea, would bo required lo relate fully as to the Grand Bazzar store. Now, on having such a state of things succeed the hard times so suddenly, it evaporated or vanished the assortment. But the proprietor, knowing philosophically that nothing should be lost, took tho pro duct ond wont off with electric speed and deposited n with his faithful auction ngenta in New Vork, and obtained a reproduction of goods with nil the improvements relative to use and taste in the elegance of the ago which should now bo had to correspond with tho lovely, enchanting, blooming sea son of the year, and may be inspected with out expense, or purchased as may be agreed upon, niiiiocnonp ensn siore, conuucicu by S. EARL HOWARD, proprietor. Geo. R. Vail, 1 Chas. P. Pattison, ! L. C. Pisic, f T. M. TinniTS, j Clerks, Inks and other Writing Fluids. ARNOLD'S chemical writing Fluid which will not mould, tho color is at first of a greenish blue, afterward changing to a doop black; Arnold's Japan black Ink, Arnold's copying Ink to use tvlion n copy of tho Loltor is lo bo takon by a copying Press, Maynard Si Noycs black Ink, Iudclliblo Ink, to uso with or without a preparation, Red Ink. Tho above Inks and Fluid aro of tlio very best quality. I'apor, Quills, Rules, Ink Stands, Sand Boxes, Pencils, Bristol Board, Tissuo Paper, Drawing I'apor assorted colors, Wator I'aiiiU, Unifies, Stubs, India Ink, Black and whilo Crayons, Wafers and Wax of various colors, Soalsf transparent Wafers, Monroo's and Cohens runcils i tnogroatost variety of Visiting, Printing, supor and Ivorv surfaco Cards, thick Steam Boat Cards, Pictures, r.ngravings, transfer Varnish and Urufhos, and (ho greatest varioty of such nrticlos that wo ovor had tho pluasiiro to offer to our Hu morous customers ; wo aro oncourngnd ty tlio very liberal palronago extended lo us, to ineroaso our varioty. Wo bought many Goods loworthis Spring and shall soli lowor. Knquiro for almost anything and you will find it at tho Variety Shop, l'loaso enquire, as wo cannot kcop n satuplo of nil Goods In sight.

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