Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, June 15, 1838, Page 3

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated June 15, 1838 Page 3
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NEW ARRIVAL. 1 Hlids. Molasses 20 bbls, American Brnndy 20 do Bollimoro Gin 25 Hilda. Boston Hum 5 do St. Croix Rum. At low prices by June 14, '30. T. P. &, W. L. STnONO. 2000 galls. Fall and Winter Eporm Oil, of very suporfine quality, just received by T. P. & W. L. SrnoNG, June 15, 1033. DISSOLUTION. THE copartnership heretofore existing between tlio subscribers, is dissolved by mutunl consent. Tlio business of lha concern will be closed by llic senior part tier, who earnestly requests all persons inaobteu to mako immeuiato payment jnnEACHER of Writing and Penmaking JL wishes respectfully to inform the cit izens of Burlington, that ho has taken the room over Mr. Lovely's Store, which ho formerly occupied as a Writing Academy, where, at such hours as may best suit tho convenience of his pupils, ho will imparl all the instruction which eight years of study and cxpcricnco as a teacher of writ ing, have enabled him to acquire. In short, as a teacher of penmanship, he will faithfully discharge his duty. N. B. Mr. E. desires immediate nppli cttion. as he wishes to form classes to at tend at stated hours. Ladies waited upon at their residence, where a class of fivo or eight will meet at tlio same hour. For further information inquire at the Jpnk store, or at thu Burlington Hotel. Juno 13. 1338. Murray & Patrick HEREBY givo notico to tho public that they will manufacture Satinctt aid plain Cloth upon shares or by the yard, lir customers, during tho present season ihnesburgh. June 8, 1833. Cw iho Vermont Drawing Book of Landscapes, designed and executed I at the Vermont episcopal institute, Burlington ; for the use of Schools. This is tho title of an important work for pinners in drawing which has just issued from the press. It appears in numbers, fair of which aro now published, consti tuning a series of progressive exercises,1 fmm the first rudimonts up to tho more dificult branches of tho art. A suitable work of this kind has for a long time been wanted in tne schools of our country, and this one seems, for many reasons, admira bly adapted to supply tho deficiency. The difficulty with drawing books heretofore in use, has been a want of system and such a style of Lithography, that the pupil knows not how to imitate tho models placed bo fore him. The present work forms a com plete and systematic course of instruction. The plates aro also easily copied. There is every where a leading stroko which the pupil may follow; it is distinctly scon in each caso how the particular cfTect may be produced, while ai the same time each of the plates is a beautiful picture. Tho plan of tho author as stated in tho introductory remarks is, that " each plate must bo copi ed in its order by the eye merely without measuring in any manner whatever." He recommends "the course of study hero proposed, as ono prepared with care, after years of experience and observation, and as especially adapted to the formation of a free, masterly and expeditious style, which can afterwards bo brought to any desirable degree of finish." No. 1 contains the introduction and ar chitectural drawings of various kinds. No. 2 is devoted to tho delineation of trees and plants. No. 3 presents drawings of rocks, boats, &c and No. 4 is devoted to subjects of historical and literary utility. For sale by James W. Hiceok. Burlington, June 14, 1038. Mosaic Pins and Coral Neck- Inees. Havinc sold all which wo purchas ea in Mav of tho above articles, we inform our customers that we havo this morning received from New York, a fow more iieal Mosaic Bosom Pins. Those wishing to see tbem aro invited to call. Thoso wish ing to buy aro informed that they can save from 5 to 10 by purchasing of us. Also, a few more nice Coral Necklaces of vari ou8 kinds and prices, as low as tho last lot which wcro much lower than usual. Wo jiave a beautiful assortment of Pins, Rings Chains, 4'C. at the Variety Shop. Pangborn & BniNssuiD. Juno 12, 1038. fTIBE call for Stocks has obliged us to M. eenu ior nnouicr noomon to our as Bortmcnt, of the very best quality of satin nilk and bombazino Stocks. Thoso wish' ing a first rato article can find them at our Shop. Also, low priced satin and bomba zinc plain, ploted and with bows, as low bb can bo had in town. Thoso wishing are invited to call and see them at tho Variety Shop, where their eummor Stocks can be found. PANonortN Sc Bju.nsmaid. THE AUGUSTUS CiESAR WILL bo kept for the improvo mcnt of stock this season at my stable in Willis ton, Mondays Tuesdays and Wednesdays, and Saturdays nt tho stib o of William Mann, in isurling ton. Thi Augustus Ciusar was eifpd by tho Sir Walter, his uum a morgan -marc Terms $5 t marc Wm. BROWN, milislon, June, 1030. TEMPERANCE HOUSE. ABKL CA71TER. RE9PECFULLY Informs his friends and tlio public that he has taken tlio pleasant and com. modious Stand on State street, in tlio vil. logo of Montpelrcr, centrally situated be tween tho Bank and tlio Stato House, but a few steps from tho post-office, an excel lent reading-room and from the stngo. house, and recently occupied by Mr. Henry Y. Barnes. lie assures tho public generally, and tho friends of Temperance in particu lar, that no reasonable efforts on his part, and that of his family, shall bo wanting to render his houso a pleasant and desirable home to the traveller ; to pcrmnmont board, erst to gentlemen of tho bar, judges, jurors, and witnesses in court time ; to members and visitors of tho Legislature, during the annual sessions; and in fino, to all persons who may plcaso to favor him with tho pitronago such an establishment requires, and which it will bo his ambition to merit, by a prompt attention to tho wishes of his guests, and by reasonable charges. OTho stages will call at this houso for passcngors. Villngo of Montpelior, April 2d, 1833 STRAY HORSE. ""1AME into tho cnclosuro of tho sub' scribora on tho 9th inst., an old bay uorse, with a star in the forehead, and rather low in flesh. Tho owner is re quested to pay charges and tako him away, U. & D. A. KIMBALL. Burlington, June 14, 1838. STATE OP VERMONT, ) District of Chittenden, s The Honorable the Probate Court within and for the District of Chittenden To the creditors and others concerned in the estate of ABU All ELLIS, late of Huntington, in said District, deceased. WHEREAS, John Ellis, Administrator of the estate of said deceased, has mado application to this Court, to extend the timo limited for making payment of the debts of said deceased, six months from this date, and tho second Wednesday of July next, being assigned for hearing in tho premises, at tho Office of the Register of this Court, tin U it having been ordered that notice thereof bo given, by publishing this decree three weeks successively in tho Free Press, a newspaper printed at Burlington, before the timo hxcu tor hearing. Therefore, you are hereby notified, to appear before said Court, at the time and placo aforesaid, then and there, to make objection if any you have, to the said time of payment being further extended as atorcsaiu. Given under my hand at Burlington, this lath day ot June, A. U. 1838. WM. WESTON. Register. JAMES 7T. EIGXOX T ESPECTFULLY invites tho attention of JLts tho public to tho stock of Books and Sla tioncry which ho now offers for sale. All tho new publications of importance havo been late. )y received, and additions mado to tho assort. mcnt ot standard works, befbro on hand Among the now arrivals may bo specified. Travels in Europe, by Wilbur t islte, D. D. Dr. Humphrey's Foreign Tour, 52 vols, Lifo on tho Lakes 2 vols. Lifoof tho Rov. Goo. Crabbo,by bis son. Gardiner's Music of Nature. Griffin's Remains, 2 vols. 8 vo. Tho Hoary Head, new work, by J. Abbott Uld ironsides, illustrated. Russell's modern Europe, 3 vols, 0 vo. Combo on Digestion, &c. Tho Robber, a Now Novel by James. Ernest Maltravcrs and Sequel. Martin Fabor and other Tales. A splendid Shakspcaro English edition 10 vols, price 15. Miss Leslies complcto cookery. Prayer Books and Bibles, a croat varietv. Watts and Select Hymns, three sizes and in throo styles ot Binding. Methodist Hymns. Piano Music A choice selection ofsonss and pieces by tlio most nclobratcd composers Paper A largo stock of all qualities mado by Ames, uwen K liurlbut,& Hudson. btationory ot all kinds in abundance. Silver Pencils, also a few fino nenknivos o Rogers mako. Visiting cards and card oases. Port folios, steel pons, Ink and writing flu id Duruugion, u, iuao. FLOUR. A FEW bbls and half bbls Troy Flour foom Gcnsco wheat, for 6a'o at Juno 8. HOWARDS. CROCKERY. A FEW sots of China Crockery nnd ii Glass Waro for salo at reduced prices June 8, 1833. HOWARDS PIG- IRON. SCOTCH No. 1, Pig Iron, from tho best manufactories on consignment, at the lowest market prices, for sale at tho old wiiarl, by FOLLETT Sf BRADLEYS. DENTIST. J. LEWIS, performs everv operation on the Teeth, Gums and Mouth, on the most modom and approved principles of V&JVIJIL. SURGERY. ArtTincAr, Teeth, ran be sunnlied trom ono to an entire eci. to correspond wiui ma MriKa teeth. T lev aro 1J CORRUPTIBLE; thoy never chango thci color, nor do they absorb tho saliva o juices of tho mouth.conscquontly they do not cacso an unpieasam lasioor letid breath. (Tho much dreaded and nainful one rations heretofore practiced, crcatlv obvi atcd in extracting of teeth and stumps ol teeth, J.L. having supplied himself with instruments ol all Kinds, sizes and shapes Buuaoio ior iimoccB8ion,ine surgical treat ment of the teeth will ho of less pain I tho patient than ever dono herotoforo in the U. S. Irregularities of tho tooth i children prevented, in adults remedied, &c &c. From a norfect knowlodno of mochani. cat, chemical and professional operations he fools warranted in offering his services to the public, references can be had as to his practico, judgement and skill, by calling at his room, north cast cornnr of tho snuaro. 3d door in Church st. Burlington Vt. WHEREAS it has boon the object of one of his profession toinjuiro and if possible to drive him from tho place, the public may bo warranted from tho features of tho abuse, of jood success by calling oil J. , Lewie, JUST RECEIVED, SATIN, Silk, and Bombazino Stocks, 33 and 40 inch Italian Cravats, Umbrellas, Gentlemen and Ladies' whito kid Gloves. fino linen cambric Handkerchiefs, Silk volvot, bile and bluo blk Bombazine. And a variety of other now Goods at tho new Cheap Cash Store, westsido Church stroet 2 doors ahovo tho square By WAIT Sc TABOR. unc 7. Variety. MATHEMATICAL Instruments! Per kins system of Penmanship: Grecian Dyo for coloring hair ; ladies' and ncntlo- mens' riding Whips, eomo vory neat ones; traveling Uaskets, clnldrons' Whips, white Wax, pantaloon Straps : Lacings of va rious kinds, and a vory creat variety of articles at tlio Variety Shop, Juno u I'ANOnunN fit UniNSMAin. SCYTHES. MARSH'S superior concave steel back Scythes, warranted. 40 doz for salo by T. P. & W. L. Sthono. June 6, 1838. Tin Plates, &c. 1 Oft BOXES tin Plates. 1-3 X and xvv,cxtra sizes. 45 Bdls Russia. Eng lish and American sheet Iron. 100 Bdls ron Wire, assorted numbors. Shoot Cop per, bolt do; sheet Zinc; black and tinned rivets, by T, P. W. L. STRONG. Juno C. SUGARS. 1 A ",,(,a Porl ft'uo & N. 0. Sugars kF SO boxes lump and refined do By T. P. & W. L. Sthono. June 6, 1838. Pure Wines. TORT, Sherry, Madoria, Champaign JL Malaga of various brands, some of very superior quality. By June G. "38. T. F. VV. Li. STnoNG WOOL TWINE. 5 bales wool Twine. June 0. T. F. W. L. STRONG. BONNETS. TUST received an additional assortment Cr of tho latest fashioned sewed Tuscan and white and colored Straw Bonnets and artificial Flowers which, from tho great demand and scarcity, will probably be the last assortment to bo obtained this season prices from 3 to glO. Tuscan and com mon straws trom 50 cents to $3. i'. c. uracrs trom a distance with caah will receive attention. Junes. S.E.HOWARD CARPETING. AN entire new stock of Carpeting, su perior in quality and decant in style ana colors, lor eale at reduced prices. 1 have been in tho carpet trade IG years and recently thoroughly examined the Scotch. English and Amnricnn. nnd nm perfectly satisfied that my present stock is preferable, all things in View, to any that I have seen and have no hesitation in say ing that the purchaser will bo satisfied with the article. Orders with cash duly answered. S. E. HOWARD. Jnnn 8 Boston New Rum. THE subscribers, as agents for tbo manufacturer, will keep constantly for sale by the Hhd., Boston New Rum, perfectly puro, of rich flavor and always 5U per cent above proof. June 7. '38. For.r.ETT TjrAdt.f.vs MOLASSES. 1 f Ilhds. Molasses, for sale by 1U S. WALKER & CO. Juno G, 1838. SUGARS. r Hilda St. Croix Sugar. S " do Portorico. 2 do New Orleans. 2 Box Loaf. 2 do Lump. 2 do white Havanah For Gale by Juno G. S. WALKER & CO. SPIRITS. ;jf H'1"8 N E- Rum. 4 do St. Oni. 4 Pipes Gin. 4 do Brandv. for salo bv Juno G. S. WALKER & CO. WINES. 10 Casks Madoira Wino 5 do Bweet Malaga do 2 do Cherry do 2 do Muscat do For salo by S. WALKER if CO June G.4838. TEA. QCI Chest Hyson, Young Hyson, tmd JuncG. 1838. S. WALKER $ CO FISH. 20 bbls. pick'd Cod Fish Forfsale by Juno G. S. WALKER Sf CO. Hollow Waro. A fino assortment by T. P. & W. L. STRONG. Juno G. 1838. COAL. LEHIGH, Schuylkill and Lackawanna Coat a constant supply on consign mcnt at the lowest market prices, for Bale at the old wharf, by FOLLETT Sf BRADLEYS. DAIRY SALT. LIVERPOOL blown, in sacks, a prime article, for talo by FOLLETT iS- BRADLE YS. Burr Mill-Stones. FOR salo at the old wharf, at Now York prices, by FOLLETT S,- BRADLEYS. PLASTER. NUVA SCOTIA and ircstcm Plaster in bulk and in barrels, for sale at tho oki wnari by Foi.i.ett fc Bradlevs ALSO- 10 tons of Nova Scotm Grind Stones, a very eupurior unicic, oeeoiicu sizes. FLOUR. Oftfl BBLS. Superfine Flour fr salo by Jimp 11. S. WALKER S Co. Wool Twine, 6 bales for sale by S. Wamcbii & Co. Jnnn 1A Cod Fish and Mackcrol. 50 Quintals Codfish. uDis. aiacKerci, toreaio by Juno 14. S. Walker & Co. IRON. OLD and Now Sable and Swedes. English flat, from ! 1 4 inoh to G ncli tire; American flat.snuarc nnd round. of all sizes, from the Peru Iron Co. manu factory; Nails of every description, from the 6ame Co's works, from 3d. to G inch pike, including floor brads nnd finisliiurr nails. Heavy Hardware Anvils, vices", crobars, mill cranks, ploughs and plough castings; sheet and bar lead; mill and cross cut saws; steel plated and cast iron sleigh shoes; cast and wrought iron wngon arms; trace, halter and binding chains, shovels spades, dung forks, pilch forks, hoes, axus, scythes, wagon nnd cart boxes, $c. FOLLETT k. BRAD LEYS, lledford Crown Glass, OF the various qualities and sizes man ufactured by this company at Bedford. at their wholesale- prices, for salo nt tho old wharf, and all orders for any, and every description required, will bo immediately executed by Pollett & BnAnr.Kvs. Rigging, tarred, white and ma- iiilla rope, pitch, tar oakum, a heavy stock and gcnoral assortment for salo at tho old wharf, by Follett & Braulevs, Glass 6 by 8; 7 by 9; 8 by 10, and all other sizes cut to order nnd ai manufacturers' prices, for sale at the old whatf by FOLLETT & BRADLEYS. Groceries at Wholesale AMD AT WHOLESALE PRICES. American and Siffnetto Brandv; Hollond and Baltimore Gin; Fines; Boston New Rum; Molasses; New Orleans, Muscovado, Loaf and Lump Sunar; Cavendish, plus and cut Tobacco; Tea; Coffee; Pepper; Spice; Ginger; Raisins; bar Soap; Pipes; f owder anil bhot. FOLLETT & BRADLEYS. Fairbank's Scales. THE subscribers as agent for the salo of Messis. E. Sr T. Fairbanks Sc Co. scales, havo for sale, at the old Wharf, tho various sizes manufactured by this compa ny, and at their lowest prices. The rcpu. tation of this ecalo has become well estab lished, and for convenience and accuracy, they aro unrivalled. The large sizes such 03 are used for rnil roads and hay scales, will be procured upon order, at the shortest notice and put in op eration by an agent, of tho manufacturers thoroughly skilled in the business. June 7, 1838. For.r.ETT & Bradley IRON, STEEL, &c. tons Swedes. English. Russia old sable, Peru round, square, band, Horse shoe, of every varietv and 6izo of Iron. FIVE TONS Sanderson's cast, American, spring, Uerman, English, blistered Steel. Anvils, Vices, Shovels, Spades, Hoes, .corns, scythes, Trace Chains, Wagon and Cart Boxes &c. &c. by Mai(3i, '38. T. P. VV. L. Strong. o , r SALT (f Sacks Liverpool dairy Salt, by UU T. F. Sc W. L. Strono. Jlfrtf31. 1838. Sheep Tobacco. OOnn lb3- SCCP Tobacco by JVEW GOODS. nnilB subscribers have received a pen X oral assortment of Fancy and Staple Dry Goods, during the past week, which makes their assortment, adding to their lormer stock as good as any that can be found. They havo Florence, plain nnd fancy Straw, colored Straw nnd Tuscan IJonnets nnd Ilonnet Tirimmings, Gloves Hosiery, Umbrellas, &c. A larirc assort ment of domestic prints, Tickings. Brown bhcelings and huntings, &c. &c., which they will sell for cash as cheap as thu cheapest. Wanted in exchange for goods 20 Tons tablo Butter for which Ibo hiffhost pneo will bo paid. Latiirop & Pot win, Juno 7, 1838. Now Goods at Winooski City. THE subscribers have received a large assortment of DRY GOODS, GROCERIES, HARD WARE, Sec. Sec. At their store in Winooski City, and will sell lor cash or exchange for most kinds of country produce nt vory low prices. All persons wishing to purchase Goods of any description which wo havo on hand will find it much to their advantago to givo us a call and examine quality nnd prices before uuymg elsewhere. Lathroi & Potwin. Winooski, Juno 7. 1838; Music for tho Piano and Flute and otbor instruments; Soncs. Duetts. &c. just received also, Guitars and Guitar In structors, most kinds of Musical Instruments and Instruction Hooks for them, and most kinds of Musical Merchandize, Motrinoincs &c. Goods low nt tho Varioty Shop. PANGllOIlN & nitlNSMAlD. Dairy Salt. Ill (fM5 Sacks AshtonB, by WW 3. &. J. II. PECK & Co. FLOUR. Qnn bb's Troy and Kecsovillo supcrfinu by J. & J. H. Peck & Co. JUST RECEIVED, A T T II E N E W S TOR E , WEST sido Church street, 2 doors nbovu tho square, n beautiful variety of Chalys nnd Mousclino do lame, n do lightful ar'.iclo for evening or street di esses, Rich liguied Poult docoio nnd J!cni nillu; which will be bold very cheap for lath by May 21. , WAIT & TABOR TiYMA.1V & COIiira, nTAVE rncoivud their usual amortiiiiMit of burins ntul Summer (toods, con sisling in part of thu following articles s 131k nnd col'd bilks, challys Jimnbazmcs Pongees Shawls, fancy Ilkfs. nnd Veils of cvory variety Liwns nnd Cambric? Bnrr'd strip'd nnd fig'd jnconct Combrics Plain swiss, jaconet &c. Beautiful articles for Indies Dresses A few pieces French Prints and Muslins English, French and Arncrcs Prints a groat variety at unusual low prices. A varioty of small necessary articles for family uso Umbrellas and Parasols Cloths, Ca3simcrcs and Vcstings, of the various colors and qualities Persian Cloths, Crocbcltas & Camblols A large varioty of stuffs for men and children's summer wear OJotton Shirting and Sheeting, bro wn & blenched Ticks, Jeans, Drills, Diaper Crash, &c Burlington. June I, 1838. GROCERIES. T. F. S W. L. STROjYU OFFER on most reasonable terms, in lots to suit purchasers, GO chests II. S Y. II., Hy?on, Pot chong and Bohoa Teas. 25 kegs nnd boxes plug nnd cav. Tobacco, 40 bag Coffee, Spico and Popper. 50 boxes bunch Raisins. 40 boxes liar Soap. Gingor, Clovc3, Sal-Eratu1?, Pipes, Cassia, &c. &C. May 31, 1838. crk 1 ft cV TWk 1 f r ' n .., 25 Bbls. Baltimore Gin, 30 do American Brandy, 5 Hhds. St. Croix Rum, Holland Gin and Siguctto Brandy, 20 Hnds Molasses, by May 10. J. & J. II. PECK & Co. Gentlemen and Ladies' irood Riding Whips, children's riding and other Whips, at the Variety Shop. 1 ANfinORN it IJlil.NSM.UD. CHEAPER, TIIAjYEPER. HE subscriber has just returned from New York, nnd is now receiving a very largo and general assortment of DRY UOODS. DRY GROCERIES, CROCKERY. CIIIXA S,- GLASS WARE. which ho will sell unusually low for Cash. NOBLE LOVELY, Burlington, May 31, 1838. Blanchard's Scythes, (On Consignment.) 200 0Zl German Steel. 100 do. do. Cast Steel. Concavo Grass and Cradle Scythes, for eale at reduced prices by 3m May 25. For.r.ETT & Braiu.eys. PAINTS & OIL. 50 Casks White Lead dry and ground. 30 casks Vordigriso, ground in oil nnd superior quality. 5 Black Paint in oil. 40 bbls. Linseed Oil. for sale bv May 25. MCKOKSc CAT LIN. SILKS. HEAVY BLACK ITALIAN, JET and blue black Poult du soic and gros grain Silks of superior quality, just received and for salo by May 24. WAIT & TABOR. French Calicoes and Muslins. A beautiful assortment in great variety of Patterns, some entirely new style and uncommonly low prices, for sale by May 21 WAIT & TABOR. Advertisement ! TO THE ASTHMATIC AM) CONSUMPTIVE. TJIHE most prevalent and fatal ot all the X diseases incident to civilized society tho Consumption may generally be traced to the least alarming of disorders, a slight but neglected Cold .' By estimation, it appears that one hundred and fifty thousand persona dio annually of the Consumption.. Most of these drendful results may bo attributed to common Colds, and a negligent treatment of thu Imrrassing Cough that generally ensues, which is usually followed by diflicull breathing, pain in tho Bide, and nt last Ulcerated Lungs. Violent and repented Asihmatic attacks also bring on Consumptive symptoms. Ono or two dollars expended in the pur chase nf DR. RELFE'S ASTHMATIC PILLS, and a little attention to their timely admin istration, will usually ensure n mitigation of these disorders, and generally elluct a cure. The Pills are also an easy and effectual remedy for tho symptoms preceding and accompanying tho Asthma and Consuinp linn. For colds, coughs, difficulty nf breath ing, tightness and strictures across (tie chest, wheezing, pain in tho sido, spitting of bloud, &c. Few cases can occur of any of this class of disorders, in which tlio pur chasers of Dr. Rclfe's Pills will not find a rich return for their trifling oxpenditurr. Prico-wholo boxes, 30 Pills, (Jl ; half do. 12 Pills, 50 cis. TO THE 2CADIS3 ! WHITE nnd sound Teeth utc both nn ornament nnd a blessing. Tho best security for their advantago is to be found in tho usn of ihn IIRITISII ANTISEPTIC DEXTIirFICE. This elegant Tooth Powder, with n very littlo use, eradicates tho Scurry in tin1 gums, and prevents thu nccuuitiliitiuu of Tarter, which not only blaukcus, but loosens the troth, nnd accelerates their decny. Tho Deutrilice thus removes the prevailing causes of ollonsivo breath, pre serves the healthiness nnd lluridness of the gums, and renders thu teeth beautifully white. Pnco SO cents. 1,2 Nunu are genuine unless bigned mi the outside printed wrapper, by the sole pro prie.or, T. KIDDER, immidtatc Muctnnr, of tho lute Dr. W. T. Cumvay, For sale at Ins Counting Ronm, over No. ''), Court rlreot, near Concert llaH, li' o on, r. ml also by hiHtpi'uml appointment, by J, J 11 PECK &, Co, Burlington, i, Ncio & Cheap Goods. 3Sk TOSS WSC9 H S now rccalviiir !m Spring FUpply of Jl. Goods, and oilers them lur canh very cheap llroad Cloth", Capplmorcfl. Fnrnum's bent dark and Cadet mixed Satmetts, heavy Sheetings and Drillings, Cotton yarn, Dover nnd Merrimack Print!), sup. French Print?, Printed Lawns, Straw Itontiots, Itoiinet Triiniiigp, fancy Stripes and Summer StullV. First rato young llytou and Hyson il;iu Teas, cuporior Mobiles, Wines, Liquorf, Lump and Brown Sugar, fino Liverpool Sail, Rico, Codfish, Lamp Oil, Sheep Tobacco. Abo 100 krgs Nail'4 on consignment from tfm manufacturers, Ames Shovels, Cast Steel llous, Piirong and Wilkes' colubratcd Mnir- lish Powder, and a rood assortment of Crock ery, including Uidgway's Dining Sols, Gla.s Waro, &c. Purchasers aro rcspoctfully in v i- ted la call. Burlington, Pearl si., May 13, 1053. DR. R. WHITGHSR, RESPECTFULLY informs tho Inhabi tants of Burlington nnd adjoining towns that ho still continues to hcnl thu e'tclr nnd euro diseases with tho Thtmi sonian Botanic System of practico, and that ho from a thorough knowledge and experience in the business firmly believes that he can givo entire satisfaction to thoso who may please to give him n call at Pentl stroet, 2 doors cast of Wm. I. Seymour's, hat store, whore tho genuine Thomsonian Medicines may nt all times be had nml where the sick can at all timns bo attended too. Mrs. WmTcrrr.n bavins a thoroozh knowledge of the Thomsonian proclico, will nt all timos prescribe for females, fur nish Syrups, &c. ORNAMENTAL HAIR. M It S . ST. JOHN, ANUFACTURES and keeps con stantly on hand Ringlctls, PuJJs, loire Lurls, j'lam Hair. Slc. N. Ij.-- Cash paid for Hair. White Street, opposite the Methodist Chapel, Burlington. Mnv II. I!!38. To Wood Choppers. GSIEILK'S AXES, A SUPPLY of the above celebrated Axes, just received, and for salo by the dozen or single, bv the subscriber. ROBERT MOODY. DYE STUFFS. jj Bbls Campcachy Logwood chipped, 150 100 150 30 do St. Domingo do do do Nicaraqua do do Fustic do do Quercitron Bark do Maddor do Curcuma Ground do Allnm do Bluo Vitriol 15 10 30 Cnrbnya Oil Vitriol 40 bbls. Copperas Argol, Crcnrn Tart., Flotant and Bingol Indigo, Press Papers, Jacks, Nut Galls, Cudbear, &c. J. & J. II. PECK & Co. Sheetings, Cotton Yarn, &c. 5 BALES heavy "Lawrcnco Mills" Shootings " Fino Dover do. " Cotton Batts " " Yarn " " Wickin?. 1 1 Just received and for salo cheap by May0 lf!3B. P. DOO LITTLE. For salo or to Rent. THE brick Store, owned by by Mr. J. S. Pot win, on church street, in this village. Posses sion given 1st of AikmisI. npuly II. LEAVENWORTH. Laguira, St. Cnb.'i Coffees, bv Domingo, and Wait ite Taiiou. Pepper, Pimento, Pure Gingor, Ciniiuinon, Cloves and Nutmegs by May 1G. Wait & Taiiou. Dry Groceries. Chests Hyson Skin Ten, CO half chests Y. H. do 25 Boxes Pipes 400 Matls Cnssia 2 bbla. Cloves 10 'Pierces Rico CO Kegs Pure Ginger 40 bbls St. Croix and Port Rico Sugar 10 do Lump do 50 hags St. Domingo and Rio Cofluc 10 do Permento 10 do Popper 10 Tierces Salcratus GO Boxes Bar Soap, bv J. & J. H. "PECK & Co. Wholesale and Retail. S ENTLEMENaro in. 3T vitnl to call at Wm. mxiaj Sttmnur'ii for tho pres. M&:M ''"I New York Ciiv stylo feiflw of HATS, first door pnst 44 White Church, Pearl. si, Burlington, May 3. 1 :. 3 HI1DS. Porto Rico Sugar 1 " New Orleans do 2 " Lump do 2 " Lamp Oil 2 " best Porto Rico Molassc, for retailing 15 chests Hyon, Hyson skin and young Hyson Teas. Together with a general assortment of othor groceries for khIo vorv low bv .1 10. t P. POOL1TTLE . Hunch and keg Raisins, Eng lish Currants, Ciir oi nnd soft hholl Al momU New Fruit by - Wait &. Taiiuh. A few do. Bettys Table Oil l'reh and very ineo by Wait & Taiiou "sKB2a: Tsits. " ' " " Achoicu soiooliou o Hyson, H)on Skin. Young Hyson mid Poiichoii;; Tons Now Cjrgocti formic by Mai IC. Wait At Taiiou &&.0JE S3.: Matks ) If V .' I I f Mav Hi. 4. L'O " " to

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