Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, June 22, 1838, Page 3

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated June 22, 1838 Page 3
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oral, and who is yet fanatical in his nuircment of homage from inferiors, and in ilm enforcement of nil those potty in tlm tcknowlpdgmcnts of dororonco to t crcat which are n practical indignity I II u nnni wi eh nrn n nracucai inuignny to tho humble, can hardly becomo popular on ihia sidn of the Atlantic not even in Canada. Haughtiness of bearing and a tenacity of forms are bo nearly allied to narrowness of mind, that a pcoplo accus lomcd to a reasonable share of social equality if not of political freedom will bo very apt to confound them, and to infer the latter from tho former. Wo regret to porceivo already tho evi dences of Lord Durham's unfitness for his new position. Ho began by dissolving tho old Executive Council which was right and organizing a new one of his immo diatc satellites and retainers which was wrong. Ho is thus at this moment vested with a power over British America as depqtii as that of Nicholas over Russia. His Thiugurnl Proclamation is a windy document, which abounds in grandiloquent eentcnecs, yet devclopes "nothing of his proposed policy except that ho will do just what pleases him. That wo understood before. But so far ho keeps on his own ground. His Inter Proclamation, however tho one offering a reward of one thou sand pounds for the apprehension of tho destroyers of the Sir Robert Pool taken in connrixion with the Slameso display of his man Sir George Arthur, (which ap peared in our last) is of a far more oxccptiooablo character. The two indi cato a mjtual ignoranco of tho condition of affairs on the frontier, if not of the laws of natiorB, which aro deplorable in the occupant! of such important stntions. This destruction of the Sir Robert Peel was a grfss and guilty outrage an act of the clearest piracy anu roouery anu lor that vorf reason not a subject of inter national adjustment. Tho perpetrators should b visited with the severest penalties nf tho volated laws; and wo trust they will bej'and if any peace officer admits them tobail ho makes himself a virtual occomplbo, and should bo so treated. Cut to t?k of tho affair as an outrago on Canada Iv the United States is a gross insult, wjich can only bo excused by the irmorand of those who perversely regard il And vet Arthur makes this tho text of lolf a column of rigmarole and tilustcr.tibusivo of republican institutions and eulgistic of monarchical, not lorgct tiiif Id Draiso the exemplary conduct Ihrougl ut of the Canadian authorities nr.d pealo! and Durham very gratuitously indulge! the hopo that the Government of the Un id Slates will vindicate its own dignity nd honor 1 This is vastly kind of him, m doubt ; but it might well havo been spred. Our Government bas acted througbut with the most perfect alacrity and go! faith. It has loaded no invaders of Brilji territory with honors it has done noping to instigate mutual ill-feeling; $ it has dno much to repress border collis ions. t7e wish it had done more; we think ijnight have done something more; but thfqrror, if it exist, is one of judg ment phly, and by no means of disposi tion. Where it had not the ability to do good, j his been careful to abstain from . doing nrn an example which might be imitatd tilth profit. A bdd of desperadoes mainly Cana dian rejjjces, though that docs not matter havejonspired to plunder and burn a Brilishlenmboat by night, at a lonely woodinj pLice amid the forests which loverehjow the St. Lawrence. That woodit place happens to be on our side; and tli.villnny is successful. The Govcr. nor ofliis State and our Federal million, .ties ar instantly on the alert, and every thing (done to punish the perpetrators of the oungc. W hat more would our 6tately neighrjrs havo ot us? To talk of the affair i growing out of a defect in our instituons, or the neglect of precautions, is nonmsc. It might have happened with a humid thousand regular troops on the fronlic, under an able general clothed with uiimitcd powers. That it was fa vorcd ith a bad spirit cherished by some portion; of our frontier people is very probixbi; but that is an evil not confined to thisfountry. nor yet to republics : nei ther wuld a standing army bo likely to fiubdueit. Let the magnatcH across the Lakes ilk sense, cycii if they cannot cease to be iisolontly vain glorious. This Sir Itobertfeel outrage was a most wanton and abtninablo one, but of no political bearing-not half so much as the subse .quent fijng on tho American steamboat at JJrockvile. Now there arc those on the fronticrwhoso business it scenw to be to oggravde all these unhappy occurrences and creitc a serious breach if possible ; but wedo hope that they will no more be counteianccd by men so high in authority and prient in influence as Sir George Arthurnnd Lord Durham. Rir.HTa of Woman The Now Eng land Anti Slavery Convention, at their re cent meeting in this city, among other important topics, look coguizanco of the rights of woman. The debatu look place on Friday, in consequence of u motion to reconsider a vote passed tho evening previous, by which one woman nnd two men were appointed on a committee, to report an oddress to the ecclesiastical bodies of the country. Rev. Mr. Cohnan, Mr. Garrison, tho lady who was appointed on tho committee, (Miss Kelly of Lynn) ond several other speakers, contended for the fair box, and tho Rev. Mr. Torrcy of Salem, Rev. Mr. Martyn of New York, and tho Rev. Mr. Trask, apoko in oppo, eition. Mr. Cohnan was pathetic, Mr Garrison was ferocious, and Miss Kolley was very decided, the lady observed that tho Creator had as much right to put a Hon! into a femalo framo as into a male frame, end that the abolitionists should take tho yoke off tho heads of tho females, before iney uroko the chain from tho no grc'slicel. Rev. Mr. Pierpoint defended tho clerical order from some aspersions that wcro catt upon them in tho debate, and Mr. Garrison repliod. The voto was finally taken, after a stormy debate, and stood thus; 70 for consideration CO against it; bo that tho right of woman weru recognized Iw tho convention, and after having by i previous voto invited tho ladies to eit ind take part in the conven tion, wo do nllt sco how tho meeting could novo dono (Jtherwise. Of tho tiftv-six who voted flir reconsideration, only one ro-iwaso female; of llio eighlysix who voted in the negative, n largo proportion wore woman, colored and white. Tho clergy in this discussion, were treated rather cava licrly. and llicy inado themselves scarce aflorwards. What will bo tho result wo know not, but it is probable that another division will toko place in tho Abolition ranks. The Yellow Si'iuno at Sea. A spring of fresh water boiling up out of tho ocean, at n distance from land, is ono of tho most wonderful phonnnienas in nature. Tho cxistenco of such a spring off our coast and its exact locality is but little known. Capt. Snsson, of tho echr. Exit, on tho I filli inst. wlnle on her passage from Key Discavnc in this port visited it. It bears from St. Augustino light liouso S. E. i S. and in sight. Matanzas Inlot, bears from it S. by VV. from 2 to 3 miles. On ap proaching it, its appcaranco is like a ea rid shoal with but littln water upon it. On the land side of it tho water is 7 fathoms to seaward, 11 fathoms deep, Tho spring is about 100 feet over. For the above par ticulars wo ore indebted to Capt. Sisson St. Augustine Herald. Death of a Missionary. Rev. Dr. M. Rutter, Methodist missionary to Texas, died at the srat of the mission in that coun try on tho 16th of May. He had been a preacher of the gospel thirty-seven years, and had spent the year previous to his death in Texas. Ho was an exemplary ciiristian. MARRIED In Coltliestcr. on ilie ISili inst. bv llio Rev G. ti. Ingersol, Mr. Harry B. Hin'k to Miss L&uua Ann Harks. In (hi lo mi on llio 17lli inst. by John Dnrttow, Esq , Mr. IJnmson liarra, to JUrs, Adelino Ml ncrvu Ilico, of S wanton. WHEREAS sundry complaints havo boon made to tho Solcctmon, thai tho Slaughter Houses in and near tho Village of Burlington, have becomo great public nui sances, and that bulchciing is carried on io said slaughter houses without licenso being given according to law tho Selectmen and Justices ot tho I'oaco ot too town ol Bur lington, aro liuroby requested to meet at J. Howard's Hotel in said town, on SATUR DAY, the 23d day of Juno inst. at 3 o'clock, P. M. to take into consideration the abovo subject and grant such licenses as may bo thought expedient. Alt persons interested arc invitee to attend. Samuel Nichols, f Selectmen Wm. A. Gruwold, V of II. Lowhy, J Burlington . June 15, 1S3S. Cash Paid for Wool, bv FOLLETT St BRADLE'YS. June 21, 103U. 3m To Hay Makers. a f DOZ March's Scythes w 50 do Patent Snaths 30 do Rakes 20 do Forks by T. F. &. W. L. SRONG. SHORT NOTICE. ft"R)HE subscriber earnestly requests all A those indebted to him lor lilacksmttli work to make payment by first July, (D'All orders attended to as usual. git June 20, '38 P. P. MarkMm Turnip Seed, a few pounds just ree'd and tor sale at uutr.iuuz, Burlington, June 22, 1030. FarwclPs Shoes, Gaiter Boots and men's Pumps, a new assortment just ree'd and for sale at HOWARDS June 22, 1030. Ordered, and daily expected, a new assortment of Bonnets, Millinery Ar. tides, Parasols, Sfc., for the fourth nf July trade, at IlOWAIiUS. June 22, 1033. Southern Hydraulic Cement, in Bbls, for sale by Lathroi' & Potwin. AXLETHEES. 4 n"k Sett Stanley's cast Iron, from I to AVJU 4 horse waggon Axletre Axletrecs. June 22, '30. J. & J. H. Peck &. Un. Scythes, Snathes, Rakes &c. ef DOZ. Warner's Scythes. J-' 50 doz. patent Scythe Snathes 40 doz. Rakes 20 doz. patent hay Forks June 22, '30 J. &. J. II. Peck &. Co. lOOO Dusl' Turkd lela,ld Salt- 1000 no cteain uo. 1500 do Fine Western do. 300 Bbls do do do. 150 sacks Dairy do. June 22. J. & J. H. Peck & Co. White and Grey shaker Stock ing Yarn, just ree'd ut tho new cheap cash Storo, west side Church-st. two doors be low the Variety Shop, by June 22. Wait & Tabor. SCYTHES. Q DOi. rarwell &. Co patent concave " sett Scythes, just received, and for sale by the subscriber, at manufacturers prices. Robert Moody. June 10, liiiitf. WOOL. THE subscribers will pay tho highest market price, in Goods for wool, or receive it on demands duo them. unc22. S. Walker &Co. Cast & German Steel, Shaker and Brookfield Hay Forks,attho neio choap cash Store, by Wait & Taiior. June 22, 1030. Shaker Brooms and Brushes. by Wait &. Tauor. Jurii22 1030. Ladies Silk and Cotton Stock ings, of all colors, Silk Laces. Linen and Kid Gloves, of all colors, printed Linen Cambric H'dk'fs, Bolts, Cravuts, Capes, Collars with Ruffles, last fashion. Silk Purses. Extracts and Porfumcs. fur the Toilotto and H'dk'f, and other fancy goods in great variety ai iiicnetocncap each store June Vi. by Wait cc Taiior. ADMINISTRATORS' SAT.E OF PAPER' fitC. WILL bo sold at tho subscriber's Auc tion room on Saturday June 23d 1030, immediately after the Marshal' Sale, a large qinntity of Printing, Foolscap, Lit. tcr and Wrapping I' A V E II, together with numerous hooks and other effects belonging to tho estate of Alfred Day. ID"Salos to commenco ot the ringing of the bell in front of tho Auction room. S. R. BROWN, Auctioneer. Burlington. Jnne'22, 1030. KTjMIE subscriber having rented to S. R. Brown, his Auction and Commission Storo on Court House Square, tho business in that lino will in future be curried on by saidRrown. N. B. HASWELL. R. BROWN, RESPECTFULLY informs the public that he has commenced tho Auction and Commission business at iho stand late ly occupied by Nathan B. Ilaswoll, west side of Court House Square, where he will receive anu taithltilly dispose ot all articles consigned to him for sale either at Auction or on Commission, and having united with said concern n GENERAL GROCERY ESTABLISHMENT, he now oilers for sale the various articles in this line, and hopes to receive his share of public patronage. Ho has now on hand a fresh supply of St. Croix ami Boston Rum, Brandy, Gin, S, Madeira and Madeira Wines, Molasses, Lump and Brown Sugar, Raisins, Young Hyson and Hyson Skin Teas, Flour, Codfish, Salmon, Pork, Pepper and Spice, Ginger, Salcratui,Nails,Glass, Scythes and Snaths, Smoking Tobacco, P. A. L. do. ; Can endish do. Plug do, Confeclionaries, Cinamon, Brazil nuts, Philberts, Almonds, Stc. all of which will bo sold cheap for cash or most kinds of country produce. Burlington, June 22. 1030. New Goods, Reels &c. 7C"E have this day received some Reels lor f ishermen j Powder Flasks 400 Limerick Hooks, 1 2 Gross Flies. 200 bilk Worm Guts for tho ends of Trout Lines, several kinds of rosewood, ond other finest quality hair brushes. Tooth Pow der. Diamond cement. Shell side combs, tino I ooth Brushes. Otto of rose. Row iano s maccassar un, anu a lot mure of cheap Looking Glasses; wide and narrow while Satin Stocks, wide Bombazine do: Flutes with patent lined joint and screw and 4 silver keys ; 5000 Torpedoes ; Feather Dusters, a nico article for dusting Furnituru and fanning the Sick ; Ther momctcrs j Music Boxes; Gorman Alarm clocks, and a variety of Goods, ot the Variety chop. June 18. Pangrors & Brinsmaid. WINDOW SASH. JUST roccivod 15 20 Sc 24-7 by casements of sash, first rato article, at 3 and 3J cts. per light. Also, all kind and sizes, furnUhcd to order. Ticondoroira Black Lead, u first rato article, for enlo vcrv low together with a great variety of other articles, as cheap ns can be lound at any other cMab lislimcnl in the place. Gko. Peterson. Uurhnglan, June 19, 1030. tf Odontica ! Odonlica ! ! The Teeth! Tho Teeth!! VKR. M. HITCHCOCK'S Magnetic Odofi ik tica. Tho fact is proved, and tho most incredulous and doubling aro fully con vinced, as wo havo the evidence from the sale of moro than 7000 boxes within tho past year, that tli o Utopian dreams of tho alchymist arc realized, and a remedy discovered for proscrv. ing those important and beautiful appendages of the human system, by the use of tho Mag. net ic Odontica, which, by its attractive, puri fying and strengthening qualities removes all extraneous substances from tho tcolh and preserves thcrn in thoir natural brilliancy, and tho gums in soundness and beauty. It is as certained from experience, that when used, tho teeth wilt not decay, but remain till the latest old ago, with thoir natural woar. When tboy aro decaying, its progress will bo ar rested, and tho teeth presorved and prevented from aching. Ladies and gentlemen of tho most rcspectablo character are daily calling, who assuro us that beforo (hoy commenced using the Odonlica, their teeth woro looso and fust going to decay, thoir gums spongy and feverish, and the breath fisted, and aftur using this invaluablo powdor, in less than ono wool; their teeth wero firm in their sockets, their gums resumed their health, their breath cor rcctcd, and no money could induco them to' bo without it, All this casts tho small sum of fifty conts. For sale by J. & J. II. Pock & Co. only agents in Burlington for tho solo proprietors. A. HUchcoclt uco. Utica IS. Y. wo nrvi tea. DR. M. HITCHCOCK'S unrivalled and unequalled WORM TEA, a sovereign romcdy for warms. Strango and incredible aro llio cfi'eclH of theso detcstablu vermin ; fow porsons, and it is thought nona,aro freo from them, particularly females and children. Many porsons go through a distressing courto of medicine, without any benefit, when they might bo rolieved by using tho worir tea. This invaluablo medicine has been tested by tho oxporicuco of moro than four thousand porsons or various aces, and not ono solitary compliant; on tho contrary, hundreds havu called and unsolicited L'iven their decided preference to it, aftor trying tho ditlbrout articles sonl forth to tho public, and pronoun cod Dr. M. HITCHCOCK'S worm tea un- nvallod and unequalled. For salo by J. & J. H. Peck & Co,, onlv ai'onls in Hurliniflon for tho solo proprietors, A, Hitchcock k Co,, UUCU 11. 1 , SACK SALT. nr backs Dairy Salt for salo by -w May 25. Hickok & Catun. TIIOS. M. EASTERLY. TEACHER of Writing and Pcntnaking wishes' respectfully to inform the cit izens of Burlington, that ho has taken the room over Mr. Lovely's Store, which he formerly occupied os n Writing Academy, where, at such hour.-) as may best suit Iho convenience of his pupils, ho will impart all tho instruction which eight years of study mid experience as a teacher of writ ing, have enabled him to acquire. In short, as a teacher of penmanship, he will faithfully discharge his duty. N. B. Mr. E. desiros immediate appli cation, as lie wishes to form clashes to at tend at stated hours. Ladies waited urTon at their residence, where a clns3 of five or eight will meet at tho same hour. For further information inquire ot the Book storo, nrnt tho Burlington Hotel. Junp 13. 1030. DR. M. HITCHCOCICS newly invented SJVUFFonlii 25 cents. FOR tlio euro and absolute rcliof of catarrh, dizziness of tho head, woak eves, nervous hcad'achos, fallcn-sicltnoss fits, and infants troubled with tho suuillcs, partial shooks of palsy, Ac. For salu by J. & J.H. 1'eck k. Co., only Agents in Burlington tor tho solo proprietor's A. Hitchcock & Co., Ulioa K. Y. NEW ARRIVAL. Hhds. Molasses 20 bbls, American Brandy 15 20 do Baltimore Gin 25 Hhds. Boston Rum 5 do St. Croix Rum. At low prices by June 14, '30. T. F. & W. L. Strong. 2000 galls. Fall and Winter sperm Oil, of very superior quality, just .received by T. F. & W. L. Strong, June 15, 1830. DISSOLUTION. THE copartnership heretofore existing between the subscribers, is dissolved bv mutual consent. The business of the concern will be closed by the senior part ner, who earnestly requests all person indebted to make immediate payment. A. B. MARTIN. DANIEL DREW. Burlington, JuneU, 1830. Carding and Cloth-Dressing. FX! HE subscriber gives notice that his JL machines arc in ample order for card ing Rolls, and the business will be attended to, in tho strictest manner by the subscri bor. Cloth-Dressing will be commenced in August. Carding and dressing will be dune on as reasonable terms as at any other shop m tin? vicinity. N. B. Customers crossing the Ferry at ilubbcls-Falls will pass loll free. JOSHUA HAYNES, Essex, Hubbcls-Falls, ) June 10, 1030. S ATGTI01T GOODS. RECEIVED from my Auction Agent a new supply of rich French Muslins, Jig it, col d and black Silks very cheap, Me rino and Fannj Shawls and H'dk'fs, Gloves, Hos icry, Millinary Articles, Strata and l uscan hraul, &c. &c. with a few part pieces LSroua L,lollis, at good bargains. Also, rather unexpected, but fortunately two cases very hnudsomely assorted straw and Jlorcncc Bonnets and Artificial Flowers. June 15, S. EARL HOWARD Murray & Patrick TTTEREBY give notice to the public JLJE. that they will manulacmrc batmctt and plain Cloth upon shares or by the yard for customers, during the present season. Hinesburgh, JuneU, 1030. Cw JAXOS 7f. EIGKOK RESPECTFULLY invites llio attention o the public to tho stncl; of Books and Sla tioneru which ho now oilers for salo. All Iho new publications nfimportanco havo been lata ly received, and additions made to the assort incut of standard works, beforo on hand Among llio now arrivals may bo speciliod. Travels in Europe, by Wilbur ! isfce, D. D. Dr. Humphrey's Foreign Tour,2vois. Life on Iho Lakes 2 vols. Life of tho ltov. Geo. Crabbc,by hisson. Gardiner's Music of Nature. GriUin's Itomains, 2 vole. I! vo. The Hoary Head, new work, by J. Abbott Old Ironsides, illustrated. Russell's modern Europe, 3 vols, 0 vo. Combo on Digestion, &c. Tho Robber, u Now Novel by James. Ernest Maltravcrs and Sequel. Martin Fabor and oilier Tales, A splendid Siiakspcaro English edition 10 vols, prico 15. Miss Leslies complete cookery. Prayer Books and Bibles, a groat variety. Watts and Select Hymns, thrco sizes and in throe styles ol Binding. Methodist Hymns. Piano .Vusie A choico selection ofsougs and nieces by tho most celebrated composers pAi'Uft A largo stock of all qualities made by Amos, Owon X Hurlbul,&: Hudson. Stationery ol all Kinds in abundance. Silver Pencils, also a fow lino penknives of Rogers mako. Visilins cards and card catcs. Port folios, stool pens, Ink and writing fluid Burlington, JnnoH, UVM. IRON. "LD and New Sable and Swedes. KJ EiiL'lish flat, from 1 I 4 inch to inch tire; American flat, tquaru and round of all sizes, from thu Peru Iron Co. mnnu factory; Nails of every description, fruui the same Go's works, from 3d. to G inch spike, including floor brads and finishing nails. Heavy Hardware Anvils, vices, crobars, mill cranks, ploughs and plough castings; sheet and bar lend; mill and cross cut saws; lcci piaieu anu cast iron t-ioigi shoes; cast and wrought iron wagon arms trace, halter and binding chains, shovels apadod, dung forks, pilch forks, hoes, axes FOLLETT (c BRADLEYS. New Goods at Winooski City. I HE subscribers have received a largo assortment of DRY GOODS, GROCERIES, HARD WARE, &c. &c. At their storo in Winooski City, nnd will soil for cash or exchange for most kinds' of country produce nt very low prices. All persons wishing to purchaso Goods of any description which wo havo on hand will find it much to their advantago to givo U9 a call and examine quality and prices betbro buying elsewhere. Lathrop & Potwin. Winooski, Juno 7. 1030. Blanchard's Scythes, (On Consignment.) 200 doz, Gorman Stcol. 100 do. do. Cast Steel. Concave Grass and Cradlo Scythes, for sale at reduced prices by 3m Mnv 2a. For.t.BTT -V RnAtw.F.ya. SUGARS. m Hhds. Porto Rico & N. O. Sugars JkJ tfO boxes lump ond refined do By T. F. & W. L. Strong June 0, 1030. Pure Wines. PORT, Sherry, Madcria, Champaign. Malaga of various brands, some of very superior quality. By June 0, '30. T. F. Sf W. L. Strong. WOOL TWINE, bales wool Twine. June C. T. F. VV. L. STRONG. Boston JSeio Rum. fflllE subscribers, as agents for tho manHfnptiiror. will linnn rnnstnntlv for sale by the Hhd., Boston Now Rum, perfectly pure, of rich flavor and always 50 per cent above proof. Juno. 7. '30. Fnr.r.CTT v BnAtn.r.vs. MOLASSES. 1 f tinus. molasses, lor snio uy 1U S. WALKER & CO. Juno G, 1030. SUGARS. r Hhds St. Croix Sugar, a 2 do Portorico. 2 do Now Orleans. 2 Box Loaf. 2 do Lump. 2 do white Havanah For sale by June c. s. walker & co. SPIRITS. t)f- Hhds N. E. Rum. 4 do Si. Croix. 4 Pipes Gin. do Brandy, for sale by June C. S. WALKER & CO. WINES. in lr- Casus ftiadcira Wine J-W e ,1 0,nl Motnnn .I,. 2 do Cherry do 2 do Muscat do For sale by S. WALKER CO Juno G, 1030. TEA. OI Gliosis Hysou, Young Hyson, and Hyson Skin Tea, for salo by Junn G. 1030. S. WALKERS CO FISH. 20 bbls. pick'd Cod Fish tor'salc uy Juno G. S. WALKER S CO. Hollow Ware. A fine assortment by T. F. & W. L. STRONG. June G. 1030. COAL : T EHIGH, Schuylkill and Lackawanna JLJ Coal a constant supply on consign merit at the lowest market prices, for sale at the old wharf, by FOLLETT Sf BRADLEYS. DAIRY SALT. T IVERPOOL blown, in sacks, a prime JLd article, lor fain bv FOLLETT St BRADLEYS. Burr Mill Stones. P OR sale nt the old wharf, at New York prices, by FOLLETT St BRADLEYS. PLASTER. OVA SCOTIA and Western Plaster in bulk und in barrels, for salo at the old wharf by Fom.ett tfc Buadlcys ALSO 10 tons of Nova Scotia Grind Stones, a very stipejrior article, assorted sizes. FLOUR. A FEW bbls and half bbls Troy Flour fuoiii Gensco whent. for salo ut .Tunntl. HOWARDS CROCKERY. A FKW sols of China Crockery and Glass Ifaro for salo at-rednccd prices Juno 0,1030. HOWARDS. Sheep Tobacco. Olefin lbs. Sheep Tobacco by pig- mow. SCOTCH No.' I, Pig Iron, from the best manufactories on consignment, at the lowest market prices, for salo ot tho old n rf, by FOLLETT St BRA OLE YS. THE AUGUSTUS CESAR WILL be kepi for tho improve ment of stock tins season at my stable in Willis ton, Mondays, Tuesdays ond Wednesdays, and Saturdays nt tho stnblo of William Maun, in Burling tun. Tho Augustus Caar was sired by thu Sir Walter, Ins dam a morgan maro. Terms 5 n marc W.m. BROWN. Williston, June, 1030 Rigging, tarred, white and ma- mllu rope, pitch, tar oakum, n heavy stock end general aisortment for saUi at thn old wliutf, by Foi.t.f.i r $, STATE OF VERMONT, ) District or CiitTTKruiKN, ( The Honorable the Probata Court within and Jor the District of Chittenden--To the creditors and others concerned in tht edate of ABU AH ELLIS, late of Huntington, in said District, deceased. WHEREAS, John Ellis, Administrator of the estate of said deceased, has made application to this Court, to extend the tima limited for making paymont of tho debts of said deceased, six months from this (into, and tho second Wednesday of July next, being assigned for hearing in tho premises, at tho Ollico of tho Rcgistor of this Court, and. it having been ordered that notico thereof bo given, by publishing this decree three weeks successively in tho Fre"e Press, n nowspapcr printed at Burlington, before tho timo fixed for hearing. Therefore, you are hereby notified, to appear before raid Court, nt tho time and place aforesaid, then and there, to mako objection if any you havo, to the said timo of payment being further extended as afore.-uid. Given under my hand at Burlington, this 13th day of June, A. D. 1030. W.M. WKSTIVN. Register, JVezv & Cheap Goods, M SO &BtIf TO S now receiving his Spring supply of Goods, and offers them for cash ir cheap Broad Cloth, Cassimoros, Farnura's bwt dark and Cadot mixed Satinctts, hoary Sheetings and Drillings, Cotton yarn, Dovo and Merrimack Prints, sup. Fronch Prints, Printed Lawns, Straw Honnots, Bonnoc Priming!", fancy Slripo9 and Summer StuUs. First ralo young uyson ana tiyson okib Teas, superior Molasses, Wines, Liquors. Lump and Urown Sugar, lino Liverpool ball, Rico, Codfish, Lamp Oil, Sheep Tobacco. AI30 100 kegs Nails'on consignment from tho manufacturers, Ames Shovels, Cast Steol Hoes, Plgous and Wilkes' eelobrated Eng lish Powder, and a good assortment of Crock cry, including Ridgway's Dining SotP, Glasa Ware, He. t'urcliasors aru rcspeciiuuy invi ted to call. Burlington, Pearl si., May 10, 1030. Cod Fish and Mackerel, flffe Quintals Codfish. ii. i im.-i i ... i v.. JiO UIIIH. luuct.eiei, lur buiu uy June I t. S. Walker & Co. Glass G by 8; 7 by 9; 8 by 10, and all other sizes cut to order and oc manufacturers' prices, for sale at the old wharf bv " FOLLETT & BRADLEYS. Burlington, June 14. 1030. FLOUR. CifC RBLS. Superfine Flour for ealo by -UU jline 14. s. WAUER St Co. Wool Twine. 6 bales for sale by S. Walker & Co. June 14 To Wood Choppers. GREEK'S AXES A SUPPLY of tho abovo celebrated Axes, just recoived, and for sale by thu dozen or single, by tho subscriber. ROBERT MOODY. "ITyMAjV & COLiE, HAVE received their usual assortment of Spring and Summer Goods, con. sisting in part of iho following articles : Blk and col'd Silks, cballys Bombazines Pongees Showls.ifuncy Hkfs. and Veils of every variety Lnwns and Cambrics Barr'd strip'd and fig'd jaconet Cambrics Plain swiss, jaconet &c. Beautiful articles for ladies Dresses A few pieces French Prints and Muslins English, French and Ameres Prints a great variety at unusual low prices. A variety of small necessary articles for family uso Umbrellas and Parasols Cloths, Cassimeres and Vestings, of tho various colors ond qualities Persian Cloths, Crochettas &i. Camblets A large variety of stuffs for men and children's summer wear Cotton Shirting and Sheeting, brown & blenched Ticks, Jeans, Drills, Diaper Crash, &c Burlington. June 1, 1030. Fairbank's Scales. rrillE subscribers as a'gent for tho pojo X of Mosrs. E. St T. Fairbanks & Oif. scales, havo for sale, nt the old wharf, tho various sizes manufacturdd by this compa. ny, and at their lowest prices. Tho repu. tation of this scale has becomo well estab lished, and for convenience and accuracy, they aro unrivalled. The largu sizes such 03 aro used for rail ronds and bay scales, will be procured upon order, at tho shortest notico nnd put in op eration by an agent, of tho manufacturers thoroughly skilled in the business. June 7. 1030. For. i.ett &. BnADLr.yy. IRON, STEEL, &c. "Cl tons Swedes, English, Russia old sable, Peru round, square, band, Horse shoe, nf every vnriety and siza of Iron. FIVE TONS Sanderson's cast, American, Bpring, German, English, blistorcd Steel. Anvils, Vices, Shovels, Spades, Hoes, Forks, Scythos, Trace Chains, Wagon and Cart Boxes &c. &c. by JlfViySI, '30. T. F. !y W. L. Strowo . Groceries at Wholesale AND AT WHOLESALE PRICES. American and Signftto Brandy; Holland nnd Baltimore Gin; IFincs; Boston Now Rum; Mnlassub; New Orleans, Muscovado. Louf nnd Lump Sugar; Cavendish, plug nnd cut Tobacco; 'Pea; Coflce; Pepper; Spico; Ginger; Raisins; bar Soup; Pipes; Powder and Shot. EO ILL ETT k .JtRADLEYS. Variety. MATHEMATICAL Instruments; Per kins system of Penmanship; Grecian Dye fur coloring hair ; ladies' and gentle mens' riding Whine, some very neat ones; traveling Basket.' children' Whips, whito Wax, pantaloon Straps; Lacings of va rious kinds, and u very gieat variety ot articles at the Variety Shoo. June 8 Panobuk.n & Bimkimaid,

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