Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, June 29, 1838, Page 3

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated June 29, 1838 Page 3
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From llio New Ilumpshiro Courier. hi Loco Foco Lullaby. One of the speakers' 7i ..!.. i.r iim am Halt moro election, rcier- N . .....ilfiil nulnm nf lll0Swi.3 wllO lite tlllOn if- ...,..i,, Al.. Wlm.1 die List clistcninir rim Fof lliosun'd golden be.imi nro ingenng upon llio Ii!jhet neaki, nnd to bemililully reflected by llio Glaciers, llio nenmnt belov, upon llio sido next the tin, tcps oiu of hl coimgo nnd sing, 'Good night! . I,;, noinliltnr. who snvu, 1 Good nialit I' to the nexts nnd when the lushest peak is closinir ita cildln". the cheerful 'Good night l has resounded to llio lowest cotmgo on llio oilier side. Anil eo llio American yeomanry have bade 'Goodnight! to loco foco rti lor ; lha song began in Mnino New llampfhlro heard it Rhode Island, Connecticut, nnd Nov Vork echoed it lliihiinoro has now given her response nnd it was hoped to hear it ro cchocd front Virginia and that a long, hearly 'Good night!' from Mississippi, would sing the lullaby of locofocoism fur ever. Cood night (o 'the tahty !" Rood night t To'J'on Dick nnd Harry' ndieu ! To Tom (anion, Dick Johnson. I wrilo, And Iltrry, surnam'd Hubbard, loo, Your gams is nil up no dispute To iho (lermilage Andrew has fled And Martin will toon lollowsuit, As plcib'd 'in his footsteps' to (read. Good nijit' lo iho party ! good night ! Mis.iissppl has 'gone by the board' Her Maker and Tr.olltr take (light, As sureas she's spoken the Word. Her Tretfice man,' she has just tried anew; And tiw'cl off her work most complete : 61m has fin hack licr good men nnd true, Who wtie Polk'd from Congressional scat. The tonj; las legun in iho Afaino O'er heV Vat k llio 'Kent bugle' wag blown Tho Whin of Kew Hampshire rc. echoed the strain And willsoor, claim the song hi their own; Over Hit.t nnc nwn',' the glad music will peal, Till its totes rend in triumph tho nir reveal, And tho 'dead march in Saul' its low notes will In (he Van f dismay and despair. Old Virgfo'n ne'er tires' in tho race, Under guitlo f her wise men and true 'Sic temper lyeuinii,' her motto has place, And its light she will ever pursue. Tho key note his Oaltlmnro struck, Of vicloty full nnd enliro In llio 'slough cf despond' Loco Foco ia stuck As deep in tLe mud as tho mire. Rhode Island, her Dutec discharg'd, Has joined the loud chorus of joy ; Connecticut too, from her bondago entarg'd,. Unites in the honor'd employ. New York swells tha triumphal sound, And wnila the dealh-diige of the clan No Matey for ihem will hereafter be found Into rtar will bo turned all their Van. O. P. Q. England and Texas.-.-A commercial treaty lias been entered into by tho Tcxian government, through her minister, with Great Britain. It does not, for certain State reasons, recognise tho inde pendence of Texac, but is in effect tantamouut to a recognition. Talleyrand. This celebrated statesman nnd diplomatist, died, it is said, with firmness and composure, aficr a life not well adopted lo smooth the la-si pillow. Louis 1'hillipne visited him when almost in extremis, nnd tho ex-Bishop of Autun, summoned up all his remaining strength, In order to co through nn exchange of courtly ceremonials With the King of llie Barricades. An English paper, the Liverpool Mail, has sum med up Talleyrand's character nnd history with coucenirated bitterness. "Ho was," says that print, "an avowed deist, a prince, a spy, n diplo ma) it, a good whist player, and a consumate knavo and hypocrite. He was a Frenchman. n royalist, n jacobin, ;i republican, a priest, n princo and a scamp. He first a debauchee, next a popish priest, subsequently berame a bishop of Home, anerwarun a leaning worempper hi iiio Line of lbs Goddess of Reason, frequently divided his timi in performing spy and diplomatist; invariably betrayed every person nnd government that (rusted bio, soli his best fiiends us Jews do old clothes, aid at last, robed in every dress of shamo and iieonsistncy, ofpeifidy and dishonor, he died a yretcheidriveller, his hair shirt exchanged for a Inen on re-emurucing i" nunneries 01 un cicrgy ie had plundered, and of a system of religion which no naa ue-iuca anu ucspiecu. The Iing of France and his Son. Tho prejent King of France, probably the ricnesi nan uuw living, arnveu in ruts burp abjut 30 years ago, accompanied by hit brotjor, and in rather straitened cir cumstance?. He left Pittsburg, and de scended the river to New Orleans in a common; flat, or small Kentucky boat, the bait facility (hen afforded. His sop, tho Prince de Joinvillo, nrrivod in Pittebrg-, on the 3d instant, by tho Fennsylvf nia canal: put up at the Exchange Hotel ; and on Monday afternoon, ho and his suite jconsisting of 6even French Gen tlemen, Hescended the Ohio in the steam boat Path, (they can feel at homo in Paris,) making but a 6hort stay in our city. Belorc he etnrted iho Princo was presen ted with a copy of Harris' Pittsburg Directory, and relorred to pages 170, 275, which gave him an account of IiIb father's arrival, stay, nnd departure. Could Louis Mull lono now nnv iir n uiit and comnaro Pitteburt?' bb sho wns nn vnnm ngo ho would think her march to wealth nrrd fame somewhat analogous tn that of tho village pedagoguo who site upon tht throne of France. Harris' Intelligencer An English Chicken Pie. The May or ui new iuik uiiiuu mo uouu ot cirrorB on Monday with a Chicken Pio baked in Bristol and eont over by Capt. Iloskin for presentation 10 ino mayor. Tho Boston Atlas of Montlav savs: VVn lcnrn from Concord that Gov. Hill has nominated to tiiu "Jouncil tho Hon. Joel Parkor of Keenc, 'or Chiof Justico of the supreme uourt o Wow Hampshire. Tho oflico of Chief Justico is tho best in the folate, tno salary being gMOO." TniAL fob Murder. Tho trial of Oliver Dana Thompson, for ooisoninir his wifo, com. roenced in this place on Wednesday morning last and was got to tho jury on Friday night about 7 o'clock. Tho jury camo in tho next morning not agreed, and wcro returned by tho Court for further deliberation. Thoy camo in again in Iho afternoon, not agreed, and wcro dtscnargcu. 'llioy stood ton tor conviu tlon, two against it. Middltbury Argus. 1 From llio Brandon Telegraph. EtiMH Dee. This legislator, of the ami Temperanco notoriety, is out in the last Burling mn Frte Press, in somo five or six columns, level led it O, S. Murray, Jtdtdiah Jlolcomb and lfaieu Curtis, with such fuss and furv as will douMeis bo a caution lo these individuals in future. Tht piain article, ocupying somo four culumns of eoU "Burgoltc," in tho Free Frees, is one which j wan originally prepared and iorworded lo tho P Teroph. fliis article was refused a place in theljelcgrapli for the following reasons : II lis unconscionable leniilh. 1 It wus upwards of two months nfter tho jiuUcaiion in the Telegraph of the article lo which hi purported to be a reply, before his arrived. J I supjccii out L'sptwuiiy mo tuiiuvr muwio, by that I lino out nf mind ; nnd there was no need of iigitatiiig the Riibjcet ngain, because it had been piif ficienily dlsciuned. It U true, I believe, that Mr. Itnli'nmb had nailed nn Mr. Deo for his reasons i and Iflho latler had (orwnrded them in nny season, nnd had couched I hem in decent English, nnd had withal confined himself tviihin reason.iblo limits, ho would h.ivo been entitled lo n hearing. But lie faileil in nil these narticulars, and more : nnd I did not feel in duly bound H throw away four or five columns of iho Telegraph, merely for tho sako of allowing siirh n genius to make further display. Ho was alio wed a placo in tho Telegraph in the first instance, not on account uf tho intrinsic merits of his picrc, litit becauso lie seemed to bo entitled to somo notice from Iiis connection with tho legislature nnd the part ho had acted in getting through the notorious resolution. It mav bo proper hero tostntc that the resolution of which it ia understood that Mr. Dee claims the paternity wn passed nt tho closing of lln session of (ho Legislature, on tho same principle dial ii custard or an npplctart is sometimes given to a pctult-nt, crvin" child. It is said that Mr. Hi-n snivelled, and look-on, nnd finally roared most Ins- my ; ami so tiienaniiiul that wcro leu gratified him. 'llie propriclv of the members of tho Lc!ial.iiiirn violating their oaths of office, lo gratify tho fco lings of n childish old man, I will not now stop to ex amine. 3. My third reason for rejecting Mr. Dec's articlo was, that it required moro time and patience than I had lima to bestow, to fit it lor tho hand ol tho printer. t. I thought he had already received quite us much notice as he deserved. Before leaving the subject I will say that Mr. Deo is altogether in error, in point of fact, when he nfseils that I "had informed him ihat thn column of tho Telegraph were wido open to him for tho discussion of tho subject." It is true ihat I had called on llio 'sixty three1 for their strong reasons, uui so ur nan i oeen irom tnrowing tlioj columns ol tho Telegraph 'wide open' to Mr. Dce l had told him expressly in Iho out-set, see Telegraph of Doc. 27, 1837,1 that if hoiilied to occupy llio Tele, graph any further, ho must In future restrain him. sell wiltiin the bounds ofcommon decency and good manners' "ihat ' I could not suffer tho Telegraph again to be the vehicle of such scandalous raillery.' 0Vill the Editor of tho Burlington Free Tress do me the justice logive a place to the foregoing in ins coiumnst Vermont l eiegtaph. MARRIED T Ql.ll.rn ll.n IT, I, In., UlLIIn. 3 A Crane, Mr Sidney Byinoton Mead, of Essex,' In Ifua I'AMF.r.A I it A V P. R. nl llm Inrmnr tilnrn. I r-, ,,U,,n n iho 90,1 ! llin linn Mr Maryin, Mr Francis Mason Mead, of Essex, lo missjank l'oma,oi inc lormer piace. i.. i iiiioion nr.,. o. ofi.ii nun a u,m. BALL Ot tins Village, to JUlSS iUAUTIIA I1AIIT WEEL, ol me lormer place. DIED In Essex, on thcOth iust. of Canccr.ilrZuRiEL Tyler, aged 76 years. Editors in N.Yoik, Mas sacliuseilss and Ohio nro requested &c. At tho residence of her brother-in-law, Barent Hoes, Esq, tit Kinder hook, on tho 19ih inst. Jtiks JANE VAN 15UREN, sister ol the l'resideni ot llio United slates, in the 59ihvear of her nee. In the Almshouse, in Hogcrstown, Maryland, tho &r.i lust. IRA HILL, A. M. aged about Wo. CONCERT. mllE Burlington Band, under tho di JL rection of Mr. J. K. Kendall, will givo an Instrumental Concert at tho White Church on Monday evening at 8 o'clock. Particulars in email bills of tho Evening Tickets 25 cents, to be had at the several Hotels- June 29. Goclick's Matchless Sanative, For salo by CYRUS JOIIJVS. Juno 25, 3m Jlgcnl for Huntington. VI. PLASTER. 100 Tons Nova Scotia Plas tor, now receiving by June 29. J. & J. H. Peck & Co. NNATTO, 2 Baskets by l June 29. J. & J. II. Peck & Co. pig- mow. CONSTANT supplv of first quality Pig Iron, by J. & J'. H. Peck & Co. fTnilE subscribers havo mado arrange JL mcnts for a constant supply of Lehigh and LiBchawana Coal, winch thoy oner at a small advance troin cost. June 29.- J. & J. H. Peck & Co. SALT. dA OAR.SK WWern. nlfsn. Finn in hiir t- rels, just received and for salo by June sjv. l . i oi w. Li. orrong CORN OF tho best quality for salo by Wm. I. SEYMOUR. June 20, 11530. 3w Fire Works for July, August, Sept. SSiSiSa aM VOX, sky Uockols 5 doz. Human Candles 2 doz, Italian Sticamera 4000 Torpedoes 1000 pulling Ciackers, just ree'd Also 2 Boxes Chinese. Crackers for our customors out of town only. As wo havo but n limitcc supply of Firo Works, thoso wishing must send in early to bo suro of getting them. Also recoived Bomo Violin Strings, fcc. at tho Varioty Shop, Juno 20. Panodorn & BniNSMAiD. FOR SAIiE. ajl DOZ. Scythes 24 doz, do Snaths 20 doz. Hay Itakcs C doz. do Forks. For salo hv June 20. S. WALKER k Co. SALT. lOOO "ushols Solar Salt 25 Sacks coarto Salt. For salo by Junc2U. S. WALKER &, Co. MAPLE SUGAR. 3000 Poun(ld Alaplo Sugar for salo very low by June 20. S." Walker & Co. Grecian Dyo for coloring Hair brown or black, Magnetic Odontica for tho leeth, Balm of Columbia for preventing Baldness, and for producing Hair wlioro it has fallen off, Carbonic Dentrifico, Tooth, mm r Cosmol'c Cream for tho Face 1 1 ,!!Ro8e3 and a general assortment of Hair Oils, Soaps nnd Perfumery, at the Variety Shop, PANcnnns &. Bm NSMAII). Rebecca Byington's Estate. WE tho subscribers, having beon appoint cd by tho Hoiiorablo tho Probate Court for tho District or Chutondcn, commissioners to recoivo.oxamiiio and adjust tho claims and demondsol all porsons, against tho estate of Rebecca Byiiigion lalo ofllincsburgli, in said District, decoasod, roprosontod insolvont, and also alt claims and demands exhibited in offset thoreto ; and six months from Iho day nf tho dato horoof, bolng allowed by said Court for that purpose, wo do thetoforo givo notico, that wo will attend lo tho business of our appointment, at tho dwolling of Stephen ly lugiuu, hi iiuusuuri'ii, in uiu Aisiriui, un tho 2nd Mondays of Soptombor and October next, at 10 o'clock, A, M., on each of said Ua'tod.tliisiatli day or Juno, A. D. 1038. f JOHN PATCH, ) CommiJ. LYMAN DORWIN,Ssione. ....... . . . Sarah Thompson's Estate. STATE OF VERMONT, District op Chittenden, sa. s The Honorable the Probate Court for the uisirict o lyniicnuen, lo all persons con cerned in the Estate of Sarah Thompson, late of Essex, in said District, deceased, GREETING. WHEREAS, Ebnnczer Thompson, ad ministrator of tho Estate of said deceased proposes to render an account of his administration, and present Ins account against said cstato for examination and allowance at a session of the Court of Probate, to bo holden nt tho Probate office in Burlington, on tho second Wednesday of July next. And tho said administrator represents to said Court that the personal cstato of said deceased is not sufficient to pay her just debts and tho expenses of administration by tho sum of ono hundred and fifty dollars, and prays for license to sell so much of tho real estate of said deceased as will enable him to pay tho sum oforosaid together with tho costs attending tho same. And tho court doth assign the second Wednesday of July next for a hearing in tho promises nt the Probate office in Burlington, nnd doth ordor that tho heirs and nil persons concerned in said estate he notified thereof by publication of una order two weeks successively, in the Freo Press, a newspaper printed in Bur lington, in said District, tho last of which publications to bo previous to said second Wednesday of July 1838. Therefore, You are hereby notified to appear before said Court at the timo and placo aforesaid, and show cause, if any you have, why the account aforesaid should not bo allowed ; and why license as aforesaid should not bofgranted. Given under my hand at Burlington, this IGtli day ot June, A. D. 1038. Wm. WESTON. Register. KTfoHE subscriber having rented to S. II. e. Brown, his Auction and Commission Store on Court House Square, the business in that lino will in future be carried on by satdJirown. IS. 1. I1ASWELL. S. R. B2t07TlT9 T ESPECTFULLY informs the public mat tie lias commenced the Auction and Commission business at the stand late ly occupied by Nathan B. Haswcll, west side of Court Houso Square, whero ho will receive end faithfully disposo of all articles consigned to him for salo cither at Auction or on Commission, and having united with said concern n GENERAL GROCERY ESTABLISHMENT. ho nov offers for eale the various articles in tins line, and hopes to receive his share ot public patronage. Ha has now on hand a fresh supply of St. Croix and Boston Rum, Brandy, Oin, S. Madeira and Madeira Wines, Molasses, Lump and Brown Sugar, Raisins, Young Hyson and Hyson Skin Teas, Flour, Codfish, Salmon, Pork, Pepper and Spice, Ginger, Saleratui,Mtils,Glasst Scythes and Snaths, Smoking Tobacco, P. A. L. do. ; Cav' endish do. Plug do, Canfeclionaries, Cinamon, Brazil nuts, Philberls, Almonds. &c. all of which will be sold cheap for cash or most Kinds ol country produce. Burlington, June 22, 1030. WOOL. nn HE subscribers will pay tho highest market price, in Goods for wool, or rcceivo it on demands dim them. June22. S. Walker &Co. Cast & German Steel. Shakor and Brookfiold Hay tho new cheap uubii oiurc, uy WAIT Oi TAHOR. June 22. 1038. AXLETREES. 100 Sott SlQn,ey's casl Jron. from 1 to 4 horse waciron Axletrccs. June 22, '30. J. &. J. H. Peck & Co New Goods, Reels &c. WE havo this day received 6omo Reels for Fishermen ; Powder Flasks, 400 Limorick Hooks. 1 2 Gross Flina. snn Silk Worm Guts for tho ends of Trout Lines, eeveral kinds of rosewood, and other finest quality hair brushes. Tooth Pow dor. Diamond cement. Shell side combs, fino Tooth Brubhcs. Ottoofroen. Hnu land's Maccassar Oil, and a lot moro of cneap Looking ulasscs; wido and narrow white Satin Stocks, wido Bombozino do; Flutes with patent lined joint and Bcrow and 4 silver keys ; 5000 Torpedoes ; Feather Dustors, a nico articlo for dusting Furnituro and fanning tho Sick ; Ther mometers; Music Boxes; Gorman Alarm clocks, and a variety of Goods, nt tho Variety Shop. June 10. PANononN & Brinsmaid. Shaker, Brooms and Brushes, by Wait & Tauor. June, 22 1030. Scythes, Snathes, Rakes &,c. Xf DOJ5. Warner's Scythes 50 doz. patent Scythe Snathes 40 doz. Rakes 20 doz. patent hay Forks June 22, '30 J. &, J. H. Peck & Co. 1000 Uuth- Tl,rka Inland Salt, looo do steam do 1500 do Fino Western do 300 Bhls do do do 150 sacks Dairy do June 22. J. &, J. H. Peck & Co. White and Grey shaker Stock ing Yarn, just ree'd nt tho new cheap cash Storo, west side Churcli-st. two doora be low tho Variety Shop, by June 22, Wait & Tiuon. TEACHER of Writing and Penmaking wishes respectfully to inform tho cit izens of Burlington, that ho has lakon ths room over Mr. Lovely's Store, which he formerly occupied as a Writing Academy, where, at such hour as may best suit tho convenience of his pupils, ho will impart all tho instruction which eicrht years of study and experionco as a teacher of writ ing, havo enabled him to acquire. In short, as a teacher of penmanship, he will faithfully discharge his duty. N. B. Mr. E. desires immediate appli cation, as ho wishes to form classes to at tend at stated hours. 1 Ladies waited upon nt their residence. whuro a class of five or eicht will meet nt tho snmo hour. For furthpr information inquiro at the Book storo, or at tho Burlington Hotel. June 13, 1838. Cash Paid for Wool, bv FOLLETT S( BRADLE'YS. June 21, 1838. 3m To Hay Makers. A( DOZ March's Scythea 50 do Pateqt Snaiha 30 do Rakes 20 do Forks by T. F.& W. L. SRONG. SHORT NOTICE. 0THL subscriber earnestly requests all . thoso indebted to him for Blacksmith work to mako payment by first July, (CPAI1 orders attended to as usual. June 20, '38 P. P, Markiiam. Turnip Seed, a few pounds just rec u nuu ior saie at tiuWJlltus. Burlington. June 22, 1038. FarwelPs Shoes, Gaiter Boots and men's Pumps, a new assortment just ree'd and for salo at HOWARDS. June 22, 1838. Ordered, and daily expected, a new assortment of Bonnets, Millinery Ar. tides, Parasols, Sfc, for the fourth of July traue, ot HOWARDS. June 22, 1833. Southern Hydraulic Cement, in Bbls, for sale by Lathrop & Potwin? NEW ARRIVAL. 1 Hhds. Molasses xtJ 20 bbls, American Brandy 20 do Baltimore Gin 25 Hhds. Boston Rum 5 do St. Croix Rum. At low prices by June 14, '38. T. F. &. W. L. Stroko. 2000 galls. Fall and Winter eperai vu, ui very superior quality, jfjat rcccivcu oy i . r. Oi w. L Strong, June 15, 1838. AUCTION GOODlSL "DECEIVED from inv Auctmn Airont new SUDDlv of rinli Wrrnrh MntlSnm jig u, cot a ana otaclc Utiles very cheop, Me rino-ana tanm srinwis ami H'lifr'ft mn Hosiery, Millinary Articles, Straw and 'T r... 0 e i uscun uraiu, ic. oic. witn a lew part pieces uroaa idioms, at goon Dargatns. Also, rather unexnentpd. Inn two cases very handsomely assorted straw anu jiorence uonnets ana Artificial Flowers June 15, S. EARL HOWARD. Murray & Patrick TTEREBY give notico to the public jljb. mat tney win manutacturo Satinett and plain Cloth upon shares or by tho yard, ior cusiomcrp, uuring inc present season. Hineshurgh, June 8, 1838. 6w JAMES W. HIOZOK T ESPECTFULLY invites tho attention of Xl Iho public to tho stock of Books and Sla lionery which ho now oll'ors for salo. All tho new publications of inipmtanco havo been late. ly received, and additions mado to tho assort. mcnt ot standard works, beforo on hand Among tho now arrivals may bq specified. Travels in Europe, by Wilbui Fisko, D. D. Dr. Humphrey's Foreign Tour,2 vols. Lifo on tho Lakes 2 vols. Lifoof tho Rov. Goo. Crabbo,by liisson. Gardiner's Music of Nature. Griffin's Remains, 2 vols. 8 vo. Tho Hoary Hoad, now work, by J. Abbott. uiu ironsides, iwustraiea. Russell's modern Europe, 3 vols, 8 vo. Combo on Digestion, &c. Tho Robber, a Now Novel by James, Ernest Mnltravcrs and Sequel, Martin Fahor and other Tales. A (splendid Shakspcaro English edition 10 vols, price $15. Miss Leslies completo cookory. Prayer Rooks and Rib'los, a groat variety. Watts and Select Hymns, throo sizes and in thrco styles of Binding. Methodist Hymns. Piano Music A choico soloction ofsongs and pieces by tho most celebrated composers. Paper A largo stock of all qualities mado by Amos, uwen ti tjurlbut.fc Hudson. Stationery of all kinds in abundance Silver Pencils, also a fow fino ponknives of llogcrs maKc. Visiting cards and card cases. Port folio8,stoel pons, Ink and writing fluid Burlington, Juno 8, 1838. IRON. OLD and New Sable and Swedes. English fiat, from 1 I 4 inch to 6 inch tire; Amorican flat, square and round, of all sizes, from tho Peru Iron Co. manu factory; Nnils of jovory description, from tho same Go's works, from 3d. tn 0 inch spike, including floor brads nnd finishing nnilD. Ilcavu Hardware Anvils, vipmi crobara, mill cranks, ploughs mid plough castings; sheet and bar lend; mill anij cros cut saws; steel plated and cabt iron sleigh shoes; cast unci wrougnt iron wagon arms; Irnmt. liallCr Utltl billdillf chuillH. xluivula snndus. dui)Lr forks, nitcli forks, hnca'. mns. scyffica, wagon and cart boxes, $c. FOLLETT Si DUDLEYS, pew Goods at Winooski City. flHE subscribers havo received a largo a. usHururiPiii 01 DRY GOODS, GROCERIES, HARD WAJIK. A-r. Ac. t their storo in WlmuiHki Hitv. nnd will ill for cash or exchanrrn fnr most IHmtu nf country protiuco at very low prices. All persons wishinrr to nurchnco (inmU nf nnv description which wo linvn nn Imml will find it much lo their advantago to givo us a call and examine quality and prices beforo buying clsewhore. Lathrop & Potwin. Winooski, Juno 7, 1838. Blanchard's Scythes, (On Consitrnmint. 200 Joz' German Steel inn i'n. An. i..l Coticavo Grass and Cradln Kfivilmo re sale at reduced prices by 3m ftlny 25. Fom.ett If Bradlets. SUGARS. 1 Porto Riuo & N - SuRnfs AW 20 boxes lump and refined do By T. F. & W. L. Stroko. June 0, 1838. Pure Wines. PORT, Sherry, Maderia, Champaign, Malaga of various brands, soma of very superior quality. By June c, '38. T. t . if W. h. Strong. WOOL TWINE. 5 bales wool Twine. Juno C. T. F. Se VV. L. STRONG. Boston New Rum. THE subscribers, as agenlB for tho manufacturnr. will kinn rnnatnnllu for sate bv tho Hhd.. Boston New Rum. nerfectiv nuro. of rich flavor and nlwnvn tju per cent aoove pruot. June 7, '38. Fom.ett Se Bradlets MOLASSES. ( Hhds. Molasses, for sale by Ivl S. WALKER & CO.; June C, 1838. SUGARS. ft Hhds St. Croix Sugair 2 2 do Portnrico 2 do New Orleans 2 Box Loaf 2 do Lump 2 do whito Ilnvanah. For salo by June C. S. WALKER & CO. SPIRITS. Hhds N. E. Rum A3 4 do St. Croix 4 Pipes Gin 4 do Brandy, for sale by June 6. 8. WALKER & CO. WINES. 1 Q Qr. Casks Madeira Wino lKJ 5 do sweet Malaga do 2 do Cherry do 2 do Muscat do For salo by S. WALKER $ CO Juno 6, 1838. TEA- 25 Chests Hyson, Young Hyson, end uyson bKin Tea. tor sale bv June 6, 1838. S. WALKERS CO FISH. 20 bbls. pick'd Cod Fish For'sale by June 6. S. WALKER CO. Hollow Ware. A fine assortment by T. F. & W. L. STRONG. June 6. 1838. COAL. T EHIGH, Schuylkill and Lackawanna JLU Coal-- a constant supply on consign mcnt at the lowest market prices, for sale at lite oiu wnari, by FOLLETT Se BRADLEYS. DAIRY SALT. IVERPOOL blown, in sacks, a prime I article, ior sale by FOLLETT BRADLEYS. Burr Mill Stones. TjlOR salo nt the old wharf, at New J. York prices, by . FOLLETT f BRADLEYS. PLASTER. NOVA SCOTIA and JFestorn Plaster in bulk and in barrels, for salo at the oiu wtiart by I''oli.ett fc Bradleys ALSO 10 tons of Nova Scotia Grind Stones, i very superior articlo, assorted sizes. FLOUR. FEW bbls and half bbls Troy Flour u foom Uenseo wheat, for salo at June 8. HOWARDS. CROCKERY- A FEfP" sots' of China Crockery nnd x. uiass lyaro tor sale at reduced prices at Juno 8. 1838. HOWARDS Sheen Tobacco. 2000 ftwri- PIG IROH. SCOTCH No. 1, Pig Iron, from tho best manufactories 011 consignment. nt the lowest market prices, for sale at t ho old u r,by FOLLETT Sf BRADLEYS. THE AUGUSTUS CESAR WILL bo kepi for tho improve ment ot stock I his season at my stauic in Willis- toil. Momlnva 1 uucuu yo mm y UUIICMIS V4. Ulll Nil tin In ub P,..l I T- I 1 ... at tho sttiblo of William Maun, in Burling ton. The Augustus Cmsar was sired by tho Sir Wnllur, Ins damn morgan niaro. Terms ,5 a mare. Wm. BROWN. milislon, June, 1838. Rigfiintr, tarred, whito and ma- nillu rope, pitch, tar oakum, n heavy block and gcnorul assortment for salo at this old wharf, by Foi.i,ETr ir Uravi.zvs, Ladies Silk and Cotton Stock ings, of all colors, Silk Laces, Linen and Kid Gloves, of nil colors, printed Linen Cambric H'dk'fs, Belts, Cravats, Capes, Collars with Ruffles, lost fashion, Silk Purses. Extracts and Perfumes, for tho loilctteand H'dk'f, and other fancy goodu in great variety at the new cheap cash atoro June 22. by Wait & Tabob. SCYTHES. n DOZ. Farwell & Co patent concave sett Scythes, just received, and for salo by the subscriber, at manufacturers prices. Robert Moody. June 18, 1833. WINDOW SASH. JUST received la. 20 St 24 7 -hv. a casements of itflk first rate ar(itfW)t. 34 and 3 ci. per light. Also, all kinds and sizes, furnished to order. Ticondoroga Black Lead, a first rato articlo, for salo Very low, toirotlier with a irrcat vnrictv nCnllior nrtinW as cheap as can bo found at any other estab lishment in tho placo. Geo. Pstebsom. ISurhnglon, Juno 19, 1838. tf SACK SALT. orv Backs Dairy Salt for salt by Mav 25 Hickok & Catmvi 1 toi , STATE OF VERMONT, 2 District- op Chittenden, The Honorable the Probate Court tthk and for the District of Chittenden Tit the creditors and others concerned in tht estate of ABU AH ELLIS, late of Huntington, in said District, deceased. WHEREAS, John Ellis, Administrator of the estate of said deceased, baa made application to this Court, to extend the timo limited for making payment of tho debts of said deceased, six months from this date, and tho eccond Wednesday of July next, being assigned tor hearing in tho premises, at the Office of the Registor of this Court, nnd it having been ordered tbat notice thereof bo given, by publishing this decree throe weeks successively in tho Frn Press, a newspaper printed at Burlington, beforo tho timo fixed for hearing. Therefore, you aro hereby notified, to appear before eaid Court, at tho time and place aforesaid, then and there, to mako objection if any you havo, to the said lima of payment being Author extended an aforesaid. Given under my hand at Burlington, this 13th day of June, A. D. 1838. WM. WESTON, Register. Cod Fish and Mackerel. 50 Q.u'nlal8 Codfish. 25 Bbls. Mackorol, for sale by June 14. S. Walker & Co. IRON, STEEL, &c. tons Swedes. Entrliah. Russia old sable, Peru round, square, band, Horse snoe, 01 every variety and eize ot iron. FIVE TONS Sanderson's cast, American, spring, Gorman, English, blistered Steel, Anvils, Vices, Shovels, Spades, Hoes, Forks, Scythes, Trace Chains, Wagon and Cart Boxei Sic. Sic. by May 31, '33. T. F. Se W. L- Strono. Groceries at Wholesale AJVD AT WHOLESALE PRICES. American and Signette Brandy; Hollond and Baltimore Gin; Winer, Boston Now Rum; Molaeseo; New Orleans, Muscovado, Loaf and Lump Sugar; Cavendish, plup; and cut Tobacco; Tea; Coffee; Pepper; Spice; Ginger; Raisins; bar Soap; Pipes; Powder and Shot. FOLLETT & BRADLEYS. wo n JVI TEA. DR.M. HITCHCOCK'S unrivalled and unequalled WORM TEA, a soveroign remedy for worms. Strange and incrediblo aro tho effects of tlicso detestable vermin j few persons, and it is thought none, are fres from them, particularly females and children. Many persons go through a distressing couno of medicino, without any benefit, when they might bo relieved by using tho worm tea. This invaluablo medicine has been tested by tho experience of moro than four thousand persons of various ages, and not ono solitary complaint ; on tho contrary, hundreds havo called and unsolicited given their decided prcforenco to it, after trying the different articles sent forth to tho public, and pronoun cod Dr. M. HITCHCOCK'S worm toa un rivalled and unequalled. For salo by J. & J. II. Peck & Co,, only agents in Burlington for tho solo proprietors, A, Hitchcock & Co., Ulica N. Y, A REMEDY FOR (RHEUMATISM ! fllHE excruciating pain the decrepitudo X. and deformity, and tho premature old agc,vhich aro tho usual attendants of this disorder, aro sufleicd by many from a despair of a euro, or disappointment in the efficacy of tho numerous protended antidotes used to effect this purpose But thoso who havo mado a fair trial of DR. JEBB'S CELEBRATED LINN MENT, oven in cases of long standing; and of that most sovoro character, havo receivod certain relict, and many have been cured in a fow days, somo in 21 hours! as a number of per sons in Boston and vicinity, who woro former ly afllictod with tho Rheumatism, havo vorjr fully testified. Certificates arn in tho poise sion of tho Proprietor, proving tho most thor ough nnd surprising cures by means of IhU powerful Liniment, in cases whoro olher ap proved applications had ultorly failed. Tho Liniment is also used with success for bruiMs, sprains, numbness, stilFncss of tho joints, chil blains, Sic. Price 50 cents a bottlo. DUMFRIES' OTYE WATER? FOR sore or infiamed Eyes, gives inimodi nto caso and relief. On recent sore eyes, tho effect is most salutary. Whero tho com. plaint has hocn of years Mantling, and in soma exceeding bad cases, Iho mott unexpected and ilosircahlo relief has been found in tho usi) of this Kvn Water, after every other remedy hud f'ailocl. Many porhons who havo used il, pronounce ft tho host nrunaration for thoso couiiilaints t hev havo ever met with. especially in cases oftioroness or inflammation of long landing, 1'iico 25 cents a boillo. k3 (Lj'Nono uenuinu unless siirnod 011 iho outhido piiiitej wrappur by llio sole proprietor 1 riiuij.ii, lmuiediutc &uaesior lo 1 no lata Dr. W. T. Conwav. Fortuloat hUCounlSuj Room, over No, 90, Court.slrect, near Con cert Hall, Hoston, nnd also by his special ap pointment, by J. & J, H. Peck & Co.

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