Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, June 29, 1838, Page 4

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated June 29, 1838 Page 4
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,A" ''J A CERTAIN CURE FOR THE HOWEVER inveterate, in one hour's application, and no danger from taking raid, bv iiinr DUiWPIUHS' OINTMENT. This ptcparutiuu, for pleasantness, safe ly, expedition, ensn nntl corlQinty, stands unrivalled for the euro of this troublesome coinplointi It is so rapid as well as certain in HMipcrntion, a to euro this disagreeable disorder, most, effectually, in one hour's amdkalion only ! it docs not contain tho least parliclo of mercury, or other clangorous ingredient, and tuny ho applied with porfrct safety by pregnant females, or to children at tho breast. .Prico 37 1 2 cento a box, with ntnplo direction?. DUmailES' REMEDY FOR THE PlBLiES. nniI13 proprit-tiir liejrs leave to rcconi JL mend (which he docs with the fullest confidence) one nt the most valuable rcnic dies known for this troublesome and pain ful complaint. Without going into detail lie deems it enough to say, he has in his possession the most undoubted testimonials tljat it has wmrc completely answered the purpose fnr which u is intended, than any other popular medicine. This remedy is perfectly easy in its ap plication, , to ajl conditions ages and sexes. Full directions, description of the coin plaint, (fee. accompany each packet, which consists of two bi'Xi'ji, Ointment and Klec tuaru. Price, ?l for the whole or 50 cts, if but one of the articles is wanted. k4 None arc genuine unless signed on the outside printed wrapper, by the sole pro prietor, T. KIDDER, immediate successor, of the lato Dr. V. T. CorWAY. For sale at his Counting Room, over No. 99, Court e(reet, near Concert Hall, Boston, and also bv his special anpnintmcnt. by J. & J. II. PECK & Co, Burlington. Vt. TILLAGE HOTEL. HUGH (SOUKLEY TAKES ilia liberty to inform his termer patrons and the public at large, that lie has fitted up the VILLAGE HOTEL in a stylo not infenor to any public houso in the capital of Vermont, and he flatters himself that by unremitted exertion and nstduous attention to business, he will be nblc at all times to accommodate the gen tleman of business, gentlemen of pleasure, nnd tho weary traveller, in a style not sur passed for accomodation and reasonable ness of fare by any in the states. 'RAT33S OP PARS. Boarding, g3 per week. Single meal 25, lodging I2i, 2 horses, hay and oats 75, 1 horse, hay, 25. Montpeler, Feb. 1833. tf O. II. SASTON SURGEON DENTIST. Office one door south of N. B. Ilaswell's Auction and Commission Store, BURLINGTON, Ft. Burlington, Nov. 24, 1837. ROBERT MOODY is now receiving from Now York an extensive supply of Hardware, Saddlery, Ilolloware, Drugs, Medicines, Paints, and Oils ; which ho offers to the public cheap for cash or short credit, at the old established store, north east corner of tho square. 1 bD,s' Nva Scotia, 1 JVJVJ 200 do Western bv J. &. .1. II. Peck & Co. Hickok's Patent Rotary Oven OOOff STOVE. THE subscriber has just received and w offers for sale, n few stoves, of which the above cut is a representation. To all the advantages of the improved Rotary top, is added a Rotary Oven on an entirely new plan, which, from the testimony of those who havo used them, far supercedes any thing of the kind, yet offered to the public. Thoso wishing to purcliaso cook stoves aro respectfully requested to examino these before making their selection, aa ocular , demonstration will better convince the public of the value of tho article than any description that could be given. Another recommendation, .these hard times is, (hat these stoves will be sold as low as thu com. moil Rotarys of the snmo size. ROBERT MOODY. Match 1, 1038. tf Just received and For Sale, Under the Free Press Office, College.slrect.) A general assortment of WHIPS 4- LASHES, from 0 cts. to g5,5u each. Also, a superior 2Sctf SADDLES, TRUNKS, HARNESS, FALISSES, CARPET RAGS, $c. 4c. Carriage trimming dono to order. Cull and 6ce. ' SAMUEL S. SKINNER. ID-Wanted, a JOURNEYMAN at the nbovo business. ' Gitrlii'glan, April 27. 1830. tf Nova Scotia Plaister. IONS now grinding and forsalo by,n,u ,.. MOAIIDMAN, CLARK, & Co. Mdton, Loicer Falls, Jan, 25, 18 JO. . NAILS. 1 ftflfl PggB ,Kcofcvillo Mann m WWW facturcd nails from 3 a to CO a. 200 Kegs do Brada from 0 a to 20 a. By J. & J, H. PECK&Co. FOR SALE A QUARTER aero lot, with a H block houso and barn tliotoon, situated on tho Colchester uido of 5S& north ido of tho road, between J. V. Weaver's Storo and the Stono House four rodn front. For further particulars inquire of. .1. W, Weaver, or of the subscriber, at Jericho Corners. F. G. HILL, Apiil 27, 1038. LEMONS. Of Ilnxot just received, and for sale by " Mnv 2o. IIickok . UATMN. Brown Sheetings Tickings. 4 r Rales assorted qualities for sole by May 25. IIickok & Catmn. St. Croix, Port Rico, Manilla, Lump and Loaf Sugars by .Mai 10. Wait & Taiioii. A few boxes Sperm Candles, now and wlnto by Wait &. Tahoh. LUMBER. rjnilE subscribers havo on hand on tho JL Dock, a largo quantity of common Lumber, which thoy offer for salo very low Also, on hand at their Mill Yards, 100.000 feet of Lath, Which can bo delivered in any quantity wanted. Foi.lett Si Bradldys. Burlington, April 2G, 1838. Glass 6 by 8; 7 by 9; 8 by 10, and all othor sizes cut to order and ai manufacturers' prices, for sale at the old wharf by FOLLETT & DRADLEYS. Burlington, June 14. 1830. Sugar Beet Seed, by J. fit J. n. feck 6i (jo. Valuable Real Estate. THE subscriber wishes to cell nil bis real estate on Church street in Burling ton, consisting of two duel ling bouses and out buildings, one being a Ilrirk bouse situ ated near I lie Bank of Bur lington, nnd l lie ollici u Wooden house situated nearly opposite John N. Pomeroy's dwelling house, on Chui cli street. He also wishes lo sell bio inter cut u a nioilgnge, on the Brick Store adjoining the storo owned by Duct. John l'cck, on llienortb side ol llm Court House Square also a small building lot situated on Hie southwest corner ot Wierry nnd Water Streets, adiuining r Beams. Tbe leimi will Lc made easy, one fourth pan of the purchase money to be paid in hand, and the remainder on a liberal credit, with approved security l'ossession will be given on the first day of May next, except (lie Brick house which is leased and under rent fur one year from the 18th day of August next. IvM. Jl, UlilSlVUtdU, Burlington .March 21 1838. LEAD, Hundred dry While Lead. $ SS 30 kegs do. ground in oil. April 26. J. &. J. H. Pkck fc Co Dissolution. THE copartnership heretofore existing between Lovely & AnnoTT, is this day dissolved by mutual consent. All per sons indebted to said firm, aro requested to settle the same without delay, with N. Lovely who is authorized to settle the business of the concern. NOBLE LOVELY, JOHN ABBOTT. Burlington, May 0, 1833. The business will be continued at the same store, by the subscriber. W. bUVKljY. TOBACCO. Hf KEGS Plu " obacco 20 Boxes Cavendish do by May 10. J. & J. II. Pkck & Co. Lorillards Tobacco & Snufl'. Barrels P. A. L. Chewing To bacco, do P. & G. L. do do do P. & G. do do do 1 lb paper Smoking do do 4 lb do do do 10 10 10 10 1,000 lbs Maccaboy Snuff, 800 do scotch do 100 do American Gcntlcmans J..&. J. II. PECK & Co,- tin, Agents. Old Winchester Bar Soap, by Wait Ai 1 Alton IRON &, STEEL. RUSSIA old nnd new Sable Iron Swedes, English and Peru do Band Iron from l.i to4i Inch Round do " 4 to 3 do Square do " 5 1G to 3 du Horse Shoe do Drafts of all discriptions made to order, Horse Nail Rods Spring, Castj German, English Blister and American Steel- By J. & J. II. PECK & Co. GLASS. Boxes Champlain, Peru and Jcrico Cylinder Glass. 200 Boxes Redford, Saranac and Crown do By J, & J. H. PECK & Co, Agents. SHEETINGS. finn Yards super heavy 9-C and 4-4 JUUU.Mcrriraack, Tremont, Gladding and Florida Sheetings, for sale cheep by May 24. WAIT & TABOR. NEW &. CHEAP GOODS. THE Subscribers are now opening a general assortment of DAY GOODS, purchased at the late package salo in Now Yorkor cash, and offer them for salo at prices much lower than they have ever before been offered in this market. May 10. 1830. IIickok & Catmn. For Sale, on Consignment. oo bbls. no. l North Shoie Salmon, also, 15 bbls. Tanner's Oil, by Fom.ett &, Bhaih.eys. Burlington, May 2, 1032. Cw Laguira, St. Domingo, and Cuba Coffees, by Wait & Tabob. FRESH TEAS. A choice selection of Hyson, Hyson Skin, Young Hyson and Pouchong TeaB--Nnw Corgoos for sale by May 1G. Wait & TAuon. inm oi ivmiirpenur: uuimnnv tween tho Bank and tho Slnio House, but n few steps from the post-office, an excel lent, rcading.rooin and from the stage house, and recently occupied by Mr. Henry Y. Barnes. lie assures tho public generally, and tho friends of lemporanco in particu lar, that no reasonable efforts on his part, and that of his family, shall be wanting to render his houso a pleasant and desirable home to the traveller ; lu permamnnt board ers; to gentlemen of the bur, judges, jurors, and witnesses in court time; to members and visitors of the Legislature, during the annual sessions; and in fine, to all persons who may please to favor him with the pitronago such nn establishment requires, and which it will bo his ambition to merit, by a prompt attention to tho wishes of his guests, and by reasonable charges OTho stages will call at this houso for passengers. Villago of Montpclicr, April 2d, 1830 ORNAMENTAL HAIR. MRS. ST. JOHN, MANUFACTURES nnd keeps con stantiy on hand Ringlclls, Puffs, wire Curls, Plain Hair, &c. N. B.-- Oash paid for Hair. White Street, opposite the Methodist Chapel, Burlincton. Mav 11. 1833. The Vermont Drawing Book of Landscapes, designed and executed at the Vermont Episcopal Institute, Burlington ; for the use of Schools. This is the title of an important work for beginners in drawing which has just issued from tbe press. It appears in numbers, lour of which arc now published, consti tuting a eeries of progressive exercises, from tho first rudiments up to the more difficult branches of the art. A suitable work of this kind has for a long time been wanted in tne schools of our country, and this one seems, for many reasons, admira bly adapted to 6ipply the deficiencv. The difficulty with drawing books heretofore in use, has been a want of system and such a style of Lithography, that the pupil knows not how to imitate the models placed bo fore him. The present work forms a com plete and systematic course of instruction. Tho plates are also easily copied. There is every where a leading stroke which the pupil may follow; it is distinctly seen in each caso how the particular effect may be produced, while at tho same time each of the plates is a beautiful picture. The plan of the author as stated in the introductory remarks is, that " each plate must bo copi ed in its order by the eye merely without measuring in any manner whatever." He recommends "the course of study here proposed, as one prepared with care, after years of experience and observation, and as especially adapted to the formation of a free, masterly and expeditious style, which can afterwards be brought lo any desirable decree of finish." No. 1 contains the introduction and ar chitectural drawings of various kinds. No. 2 is devoted to the delineation of trees and plants. No. 3 presents drawings of rocks, boats, S(C. and No. 4 is devoted to subjects of historical and literary utility. For sale by Jami:-j W. Hickok. Burlington, June 14, 1030. Dry Groceries. 00 Chests Hyson Skin Tea, GO half chests Y. II. do 25 Boxes Pipes 400 Matts Cassia 2 bbls. Cloves 10 Tierces Rico 20 Kegs Pure Ginger 40 bbls St. Croix and Port Rico Sugar 10 do Lump do 50 bags St. Domingo and Itio Coffee 10 do Permento 10 do Pepper 10 Tierces Sa!eratU9 50 Boxes Bar Soap, by J. &. J. II. PECK & Co. FLOUR. orrv bbls. Troy and Kecsevillo superfine JUU by J. &. J. II. Pkck & Co. JUST RECEIVED, AT THE NEW STORE, WEST side Church street, 2 doors nbove the square, a beautiful variety of Chalys and Muusclinc dc lainc, a dc lightful ar'.icle for evening or street dresses, Rich figured Poult de soio and Reps silks ; which will be sold very cheap for caidi by May 24. WAIT & TABOR. Wholesale and Retail. GENTLEMEN are in. vited to call at Win. I. Seymour's for tho pres ent New York City style of HATS, first door east White Church, Pcarl-sl. Burlington, May 3. 1030. For sale or to Rent. THE brick Storo, owned by by Mr. J, S. Pot win, on church street, in this villogc. Posses sion givon 1st of August, apply to II. LEAVENWORTH. DYE STUFFS. Bbls Campcachy Logwood chipped, 150 do St. Domingo do do 100 do Nicaraqua do 150 do Fustic (0 30 do Quercitron Bark 25 do Maddor 5 do Curcuma Ground 15 do Allum 10 do Bluo Vitriol 30 Carboys Oil Vitriol 40 bbls. Copperas Argol, Cream Tart., Flotant nnd Bangol Indigo, Press Papers, Jacks, Nut Galls, Cudbear, &c. J. & J. II. PECK & Co. A lew doz. Bettys Table Oil Fresh ond very nice by Wait & TAiion. J. LEWIS. tmrfVirma nunru nnnrntinn n tlin 'IVl.-rll Kiiuj nn.l Mn nn llm iiost modern and approved principles of AnTll'inil. 'I'ffill nn lin cnnnlinil oni ono to an entire set, to correspond It ll tlin t.tviN-n ikptii. 'I'linu ntn I IV . CORRUPTIBLE; they never change their coior, nor oo inoy aosoru tno saliva or juices of tho inouth.conscquently they do not cause an unpleasant taste or fetid breath. O'Tho much dreaded and painful ope- mlinnfl linrnlnfiiro nrnnlii'nil. nrnnllif nlivi. atcd in extracting of tketii and stumps of tektii, j. Li. naving suppncu nimseii wun instruments of all kinds, sizes and shapes, suilnblo for the occasion, tho surgical treat ment of tho teeth will bo of less pain lo tho patient than ever dono herctofnro in the U. S. Irregularities of tho tocth in children prevented, in adults remedied, &c. &c. From a perfect knowledge of mechani cal, chemical and professional operations he feels warranted in offering his services to the public, references can be had as to his practice judgement and skill, by calling at his room, north cast corner of the square, 3d door in Church st. Burlington Vl. WHEREAS it has been the object of one of his profession toinjuire ond if possible to drive him from the place, the public may be warranted from the features of the abuse, of good bucccss by calling on J. Lewis. Music for the Piano and Flute and other instruments; Songs, Duetts, Sic. just received also, Guitars and Guitar In structors, most kinds of Musical Instruments and Instruction Books for them, and most kinds of Musical Merchandize, Metrinomes &c. Goods low at tho Varioty Shop. PANGBORN & PIUNSMAID. Mosaic Pins and Coral Neck laces. Having sold all which we purchas ed in May of the above articles, wo inform our customers that we have this morning received from New York, a few more heal Mosaic Bosom Pins. Those wishing to see them arc invited to call. Those wish ing to buy are informed that they can save from 5 to $10 by purchasing of us. Also, a few more nice Coral Necklaces of vari ous kinds and prices, as low as the last lot, which were much lower than usual. We have a beautiful assortment of Pins, Rings, Chains, $c. at the Variety Shop. PANGUORN Sl BlUN83IAlD. June 12, 1838. wis mm THE call for Stocks has obliged us to send for another addition lo our as sortment, of the very best quality of satin, silk and bombazine Stocks. Those wish ing a first rate article can find them at our Shop. Also, low priced satin and bomba zine plain, pleted and with bows, as low as can bo had in town. Those wishing are invited to call and see them at the Variety Shop, where their summer Slock can be found. P ANononN & Brinsmaid. PAINTS & OIL. 50 Casks White Lead dry and ground. 30 casks Verdin rise, ground in oil and superior quality. 5 Black Paint in oil. 40 libit. Linseed Oil. fnr sale bv May 25. IIICKOK S OA TLIN Dairy Salt. Sacks Ashtons, bv J. & J. H. PECK & Co. Pepper, Pimento, Pure Ginger, Cinnamon, Cloves and Nutmegs by May 16. Wait & Tabor. Bunch and keg Raisins, Eng lish Currants, Citron and soft bhell AI monds. New Fruit by Wait & Taiior. NEW GOODS, CHEAPER, THAN EVER. ' THE subscriber has just returned from New York, and is now receiving a very largo and general assortment of DRY GOODS, DRY GROCERIES, CROCKERY, CHINA St GLASS WARE. which ho will sell unusually low for Cask NOBLE LOVELY, Burlington, May 31, 1030. JtfEW GOODS. fTTIIIE subscribers have received a ccn A oral assortment of Fancy and Staple Dry Goods, during the past week, which makes their assortment, adding to their lormer stock as good as any that can be .'ounu, I hev have r loronco, plain and fancy Straw, colored Straw and Tuscan Bonnets and Bonnet Tlrimmings, Gloves, Hosiery, Umbrellas, &c. A large assort ment of domestic prints, Tickings, Brown Sheetings and Shiitings, &c. &c, which they will sell for cash as cheap as tho cheapest. Wanted in exchange for goods 20 Tons tablo Butter for which tho highest im;u wiiiuu iuiu, ijatiikotcc i otwin, Juno 7, iUM. Tin Plates, &c. 100 B0XES lin Pla,es. 1-3 X and AV'vrextra sizes. 45 Bdls Russia. Eng lish and American sheet Iron. 100 Bdls, iron Wire, assorted numbors. Shoot Cop per, bolt do; sheet Zinc; black and tinned rivets, by T. F. cV W. L. STRONG. Juno (1. CARPETING. AN entire now stock of Carpeting, su-. porior in quality nnd ole ant in stvle and colors, for sale at reduced prices. I havo been in tho carpet trade IG years, nnd recently thoroughly examined tho Scotch, English and American, and am perfectly satisfied that my present stock is proforable, all things in view, to any that I havo seen and have no hesitation in say ing that tho purchaser will bo satisfied with tho article. Orders with cash dniu onswercd. S. E. HOWARD. June 0, Gentlemen and Ladies' good Riding Whips, children's riding and other Whips, at tho Variety Shop. 'ANIB0RN ti BHlNfiMAM. IiYMAN & COLE, HAVE received their usual assortment of Spring and Summer Goods, con sisting in part of the following articles : Blk nnd col'd Silks, challys Bombazines Pongees Shawls, f'nncy Hkfs. nnd Veils of every variety Lawns nnd Cambrics Barr'd strip'd and flg'd jaconet Cambrics Plain swiss, jaconet &c. Beautiful articles for ladies Dresses A few pieces French-Prints nnd Muslins English, French and Amores Prints a groat variety at unusual low prices. A varioty of small necessary articles for family uso Umbrellas and Parasols Cloths, Cassimercs and Vcstings, of tho various colors nnd qualities Persian Cloths, Crochottas &. Camblets A large variety of stufTs for men and children's summer wear Cotton Shirting and Sheeting, brown & bleached Ticks, Jeans, Drills, Diapor Crash, &c. Burlington, June 1, 1830. FLOUR OOO RBLS. Superfine Flour for salo by June 14. S. WALKER St Co Wool Twine. 6 bales for sale by S. Walker & Co. Juno 14. Friiit & Confectionary. 50 BOXES Bunch Raisins 20 kegs Malaga do 10 sacks Almonds 5 do Brazil nuts 5 do Filberts 2000 lbs. assorted Confectionary by May 10. J. & J. H. Peck & Co Bedford Crown Glass, OF the various qualities and sizes man ufactured by this company ot Redford, at their wholesale prices, for sale at the old wharf, and all orders for any, nnd every description required, will be immediately executed by Follf-tt f Bradleys. SALT. ffl Sacks Liverpool dairy Salt, by uu T. F. Sf W. L. Strong. May3, 1838. JUST RECEIVED, SATIN, Silk, and Bombazino Slocks, 38 and 40 inch Italian Cravats, Umbrellas, Gentlemen and Ladies' white kid Gloves, lino linen cambric Handkerchiefs, Silk velvet, blk and bluo blk Bombazine. And a variety of other now Goods at tho new Cheap Cash Storo, west side Church street 2 doors above thosquaro. By WAIT & TABOR. June 7. SCYTHES. MARCH'S superior concave steel back Scvthcs, warranted. 40 doz for sale by ' T. F. & W. L. Strong. June G, 1838. T. F. S; W. L. STRONG OFFER on rcost reasonable terms, in lots to suit purchasers, GO chests H. S., Y. H., Hyson, Pou chong and Bohca Teas. 25 kegs nnd boxes plug and cav. Tobacco, 40 bugs Coffee, Spice and Pepper. 50 boxe-i bunch Raisins. 40 boxes Bar Soap. Ginger, Cloves, Sal-Eratus, Pipes, Cassia, &e. &c. May 31, 1830. 25 Bbls. Baltimore Gin, 30 do American Brandy, 5 Hhds. St. Croix Rum, Holland Gin and Signctto Brandy, 20 Hnds Molasses, by May 10 J. & J. H. PECK & Co. BONNETS. JUST received an additional assortment of the latest fashioned sewed Tuscan and whito nnd colored Straw Bonnets and artificial Flowers which, from tho great demand and scarcity, will probably be the last assortment to bo obtained this season ; prices Irom 3 to glO. Tuscan and com mon Straws from 50 cents to 43. P. S. Orders from a distance with cash, win receive attention. Juno 8. S. E. HOWARD New & Cheap Goods, TS now rccoivinir his Spring supply of m. uoous, anu oilers incin lor cash very cheap Broad Clothi, Cassimoros, Farnum's best dark and Cadet mixed Satinctls, heavv Sheetings and Drillings, Cotton yarn, Dovor and Merrimack Prints, sup. Fronch Prints, muled i,avns, biraw Honnots, Konnot Trimings, fancy Stripes and Summer Stuffs. First rato young Hyson and Hyson Skin Teas, tuporior Molassos. Wines. Linuors. Lump and Brown Sugar, lino Liverpool Salt, iucu, i,ouusii, ijamp uii, Bheop Tobacco. Also 100 kogs Nails on consignment from tho manufacturers, Ames Shovels. Cast sirnl Hoes, Pigous and Wilkes' celebrated Eng. lish Powder, and a good assortment of Crock ery, including Ridgway's Dining Sots, Glass ,uru, dc. rurcnascrs aro respectfully invi ted to call. Burlington, Pearl st.,Maij 18, 1838. To Wood Choppers. GREEN'S AXES A SUPPLY of tho abovo celebrated AXCB. tllSl rnfoiuoil nnil fnr ci.l I... ..... Mu.uu ur onigie, oy uio 6uoscrioer. ROBERT MOODY. Fairbank's Scales. THE Bubscrlbors as agent for tho salo of Messrs. E. & T. Fnirl in n If a A C.t scales, havo for sale, at tho old wharf, tho various sizos manuiactured by this compa ny, and at their lowest prices. Tho repu. luuuu ui tins scaio lias uecoma well estab lished, and for convenipnen anil nppiim they aro unrivalled. J ho large sizes such as aro used for rail roads and llOV scalom. will ho nrnrnrml nnnn order, at thn filinrtnct nntknn nnd mil in on, oration by an agent, of tho manufacturers iiiorougniy skiiiou In tlin butinoss. JUI1Q , JUJU. X' OM.ETT Ui JJHAPZiEil, XiARE ONTARIO 1838. THE STEAM BOAT TELEGRAPH. CAPT. K. p. CHILD, WILL ply tho present season between Orrdensburrh and Rorhnaim ini,oi,; tho intermediate ports, nnd making one inp uoiwcen vguonsourgn nnd Genesee River, and ono trip between Kingston and Gcncssco River, as follows: GOING UP, 1ST Tnip, LEAVES Ogilcnsburgh Friday 5 Pt M, Preacolt do 5J P, M, MorriMown do Erening Urockvillo do j0 Alexandria do do Crprk tin 14 Kingston Saturday 6 a. m. Snckett's Harbor do Nmjii, Oawego do 9 r. M. Arriving at Rochester Saturday night. COM1NO DOWN, 1ST TRIP, ZaEAYtS Rochester Sunday 8 evening OsiVPtrn Mnnrtav ft m!.nl.n Sackctl'g Harbor do 2 PtM. Arriving nt Kingmon Monday afternoon. OOINO VP, 2d trip, leaves Kingston Tuesday 6 P. M. Sacketi'i Harbor do 12 night Oswego Wednesday 7am. Arriving nt Rochester Wednesday afiernom, cominq down, 2d trip, leatm Rochester Wednesday 8 P. M. Oswego Thursday 8a. M, Snckett's Harbor do 2 p. m: Kingston do f p. M French Creek do 12 night BrXi'lobUy P" tS Morristown do Arriving ai Ogdcnsburgh Friday mofniog. tnrFor freight, or passage, ripply to the master on board, or to E. Bt Allen Qr densburgh ; W. Buckley, SaCkett's Harl bor ; II. Fitzhu2h, Oswego t and R. J. Van Dewater, New York. .' Ogdcnsburgh, May 1, 1838j 18 3 8 THE STEAMBOAT UAi-iAlfl SMITH, FAVORABLY known by the travelling public as a first rate sea Boat, and distin guished for her cleanliness, good fare punctuality and despatch, having always been found at the place of her appoinmcnt will run during the season of navigation, between Ogdensburgh, Lewiston, and Hamilton, touching at tho intermediate f Ports, as follows : n , , , GOING UP, LEAVES Ogdensburgh every Thursday 5 o'clock P. M, Prescolt iln Tl. re.l ... ki .. Kingston do Friday C,k morn! S'ketls Harbor do Friday 12 noon Oswego do Friday 8 evening Uocliestcr iln R in s . :. T. Toronto do Saturday 1 .;. Arriving nt Lewiston on Saturday night, and leaves for Hamilton Sunday mornine at 9 o'clock. COMING DOWN, LEAVES Ilnmiiion evcrv .Mnnd.iu n..i..t, . Lewislon do do fij o'clock f. M Rochester do Tuesday 8 o'clock a.m. O.-meL'o do iln R i.i.i, n S'ketts Harbor do do niht Kingston do Wednesday mornir; Arriving nt Ogdensburgh at 1 o'ebek I. M. touching ot Morristown, Bnckville. Alexandria Bay, French Creek ard Niag ara both up and down, passinn1 thi Thou sand Islands by day light. CPassengcrs leaving Toronto ?n Mon day by tho Transit, will be at Niigora in time for the Oneida on her downward trip. Passengers for Montreal by this loat will arrive on Thursday, and Passenjers for New York on the same day. This ar rangement will give passengers two dtya to visit the Falls and return bv tho 6&mo Boat. V for freight or passage, apjly to tho Master on board, or to E. B. Allen Og. densburg, W. Buckley, Sackelt's Harbor, H. Fitzhugh. Oswego, and R. J. Vaodo wntcr, New York. LAKE ONTARIO. THE STEAM BOAT OSWEGO. CAPT. JOHN EVANS, GOING UP, LEAVES Ogdcnsburgh Monday 5 p. m. Prescolt do 6 1.2 p. m. Morristown do evening Urockvillo do da Alexandria Bay do do French Creek do 12 night Kingston Tuesday 6 a. m Snckett's Harbor do 12 noon Oswego do 9 p. m. Rochester Wednesday 8 a. m. Toronto do 9 a. m. Arriving at Lewiston Wednesday night j leaving Lewiston Thursday morning at 0 o'clock And will go to Hamilton. CO.MINO DOWN, LEAVES Hamilton Friday 8 a. m. Lewiston do 7 r. m. Youngstown do 7 1-2 p. M Niagara do 8 p. m. Rochester Saturday 8 a. m. Oswego do 5 p. m. Sackett'a Harbor do 12 night Kingston Sunday 5 A. m. French Creek do motniog Alexandria Bay do do Brockvillo do fo Morristown do And arrives at Ogdcnsburgh at doob. 17" Passongors leaving Hamilton Lowiston by the Oswego, on Frjday.wil! reach Mqntreal on Mondty l passing ,tbe St. Lawrenco and tbe UiowanU Jeinds ny uay ngni. For freight or paw "W'jr tttho r.p n i.?.i. or to E. B. Allen, 5g- densburgh, V. Buckley,. BtckoH'i Ihftfar, II- Fiiznugh. O.wego, and R. Vain- water New Yof '

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