Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, July 20, 1838, Page 3

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated July 20, 1838 Page 3
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lie Wa I town of McMinville, n d'Htuncc of seven mile, mid back again on the emtio ilny, and this loo lifter lie had reached 100 years of ngo retaining tho perfect upright form unil firm step and movements of n soldier lill lliu last. Thus lived and died one of tho most remarkable men of the ago. Ho was wit ness to more remarkable events, perhaps, than any man living. What revolutions liavc rolled over the earth since ho was born! Ho was almost coeval with our colonial history. He was an old man when this nation commenced its career, llu has seen empires rise and lull, thrones dcmol. ished, and now kingdom spring to exist, ancc. Since ho hung upon his mother's breast, twenly-fivo hundred millions of I ho race have lived and died. But the old man lias gone to his fathers at last . Poaco bo to his memory, and mny tho grass grow green upon I he Patriot's grave. IIonniin.K OccunuENCi: at Philadel phia. On Tuesday morning, two boys, jno twenty, the other seventeen years of igc, opprcnticcs to Messrs. Rockwell and Wagner, blacksmiths, Spring Garden, ivhilo at work on a sharp piece of iron just taken from the forge, iho oldest deliberately valkcd to the other boy and ran iho hot itatrument through and through the fleshy put of his thigh. Ho was inuncdialelv onvcyed to the hospital, where he lies in v very low and dangerous state. Tho Ggressor, when questioned as to tho causa f the horrid act, replied, "because he did ol strike straight." Ho has lieu. Attempt to disfranchise Students ,t Colleges and AcADEMins ! A bolder troko at tho right of suffrage was never nmcil, than was the amendment to the Dill n relation to that right made by tho Sen. He. which prohibited students at Colleg" Ind Academies from voting in tho town fvhero they may have resided even four pears, unless their fathers live in tho same Sown! In caucus it had been urged that juch a provision would prevent tho Whigs from carrying tho election in Hanover, and would "reatlv lessen the Whig majorities in most of the towns in which Academies Krc located. Tho party had agreed to bus tain such an amendment to the bill, if made in the Senate, but such was the light pour cd upon this infamous project when tho bill Willi the uifraceliil amendment came unci; ,to the House, that but eleven of tho parly .stood up to their cawus agreement am the .amendment was hooted, as it were, out. o -the House, by a vote of 205 to 11. Con xord (N. II )' Courier. ,. Pownal, Vkiimo vr. There is a curi ous anecdote told about '.he first settling of iPownal and some of the adjoining towns which is worth relatiog, as it goes to show liow tho character ot a place is otten lorm. iml hv its first settlers. It is as follows; jMr. Robinson, who superintended the 'settling of the country, was a Presbyterian, "and resided in Bennington. Ho was ai rways euro to ascertain of what religion his nurchascr was. If a Presbyterian ho would show him a farm in Uonnington, if a Euntist. in Shalubur, it an Episcopalian n Arlington; but if no religion, Pownal ins his" phicc. Those towns have now Icon settled from s;::ty to seventy fire Jiars, and yet tho goneral character of flCII bllllWt, UHlPl UIUUI "lli wnum, n....... xed upon it by Mr. Robinson, the land joldcr. Auburn Banner. i For the fiurlington Free Press. Oflicc of llic Vorinniit I elrsra lliiniiloii. Jidv 10. 1S3S. JMn. Editor : 1 noiire, in ihc lasi I'Ve Pre.-'P jeommimicatinii Iroin Vltjuii fee, uiiirn cam p mo for a wurd of icply. ITVVIieii I snid in I lie VleRrtipli of Juno 20di "Mr. Dec- is nlionilu'r ! error, in point of f.icl, when lie ai--cils ibat I formed liim that die coin in in of the 'I rli'jjnipli re wide oprn lo liim fur die ilisoii"im of lliu llijcrt, peiliaps my inpaiiini; would been pro rc.idilv apprehended if 1 li.ul added die won!!, iiilhnut restriction." And jet nil would havo ien Miflieiciitly pl.nn and l'l-hauld been fccdllie trouble ofwriiin' llii nilicle, and yon of lblhliing it if Mr. Deo had li.ul llio candor and friief-B lo k'ui', in lii.4 l,it cotiiimiiiic.uion, all my jpiaiks, on the point, in pidili.-lied in tho Tele tqiti of Deci'inlici- 27, 1S37. And brides imiiltiiij p.irl of my reiii.nka on llio point, lie lias left out y italicising, which wlieiher ho iho dis. ninienl and (liiTiiininalion to know il, or noi ics ino very great injii-tice. In the Fcnlcnce bicb he has quoted, iininiiig lliiw : Tlie'lVlpsriiph fjvido open lo Sir. Dee, and all oilier defenders film riatil lo purfiie the dealli-dealiii;' traffic, pro tied llie.v ii-e mliiiii"ihlc LiiiRiiage,' I do woid, fovidrd,' sia emphatic, in iIib Telegiaph, bat r. Dee, in quoting, omiilcd the emphasis. iTIie oiIilt fenteiice, and sentiment, which lie gill to hae obereil and kept in connection with forp(,'oinu'. and which hu might disroieml ' n sinxeediin! pai nmph, I ends as follows; 'If i a Inner Air Dee wishes m occupy iho I e cKiaph iy further, he iniisi, in Inline, ici-tr.nn himself llhiu the bound of decency nnd Riiod mamieis. so much for the preicndcil conliadieiiiiii. When fcr ho will makcoulii contradiction wilhniit caib ig, 1 will not complain. Rut without llio imili IB, he has not made il out and cannot, ll'ilh fbliiij;, ho urn make out contradictions in the ble iteelf. will only add at this lime, dial, whatever odium , at Ihia d.iv, in Vermont, be heaped upon i" tho cry, void water bigots and fanatic, I sliall riixor'io lienr with iho iilinoiU iialicnco. Ur Whor; by giving llio foicgoin a place in 'r next paper, iou will oblige, V O.S.MURRAY. )eaui ok Gov Burr.Eii. Wo learn ti Jim. Ezra Uullcr, torniorly Governor o'ins liate, died ut his residence, in Wo, i utvlini the morning of tho 13th, aged 1 Apl SLAVERY MEETING. lie IMIington Anli Slavery Society will hold iliegiil (iiiartcrlv meolinsi on iMondav rcniii in . at tl past cvcn, at mo i.eciuro loom near ihWhij Church. July ZU, 1BJ3. rnilliubscribcr has just rocoived a largo L aditlonto li.s slocic ol Jiarowuro uuu Sidlorlwhich ho olTors cheap for cash. fitly . ROIiEllTJIOOn'. iiJMP OIL. TUS'lrcccivcd and for sale cheap, a first J ratlarticlo of Lamp Oil, bleached and u.bleocid, by KoiiEnT imoodv. Burlilon, July in, 10311. 'JO SPORTSAIEiN. nnllFiiubscribcr is now opening nnd L ofl low fur cash, a good assortment tFKngla Percussion Shot Guns, of tho lsl qua.y. nlso Powder Flasks and Shut JflgB. July IU, UOJICRT IIIOOIIY. i lirTii assortment of Oram Cradles ii. Eriish Cradle Scythes ; and SickUs, rtscivetlnd ibr eale by IIobeht Moouv. Jind n spcl! of sickness in his life, in tho habit of walking to tho Tim Joint Celebration of the I'M Sigma and University Institute .Societies of tho Uni versity ol Verm. nit, will bo hold at iho White ,'liureli, oil Wednesday tho 1st of August, at tin co o'clock, p. M. An Oration miy be expected from iho lion. Dan it: r, D. Daiikard, of Alh.iny. A l'ocm m.iy also be expected from J. G. UnooKS, Immediately after tho exorcise, will ha held the meeting of the two Societies for iho election of an Orator and Poet fir the cimiiu Guonnu f. llouo it ton, ) Sccrcta. IIenj. J. I'e.swev, $ rics, Burlington, July 12, 1SI33; Tho Socioly for Religious Inquiry of tho University of Vermont, will hold its annual celebration, at tho White Church, on Tuesday tho 31sl inst., at half past two o'clock, l M. ltov. Ilunavno Wi.vslow of Norton, may bo expected to deliver an address on tho occasion. D. C. flouctiTo.v, Secretary pro tan. U. V. .V., July 13, 11138 Mit. Htacv, Sin: It is not a pleasure to us to write through your columns as we now do, hut wc feel it a duty to do it. You probably nave olten heard it remarked that the farmer was an honorable dealing man, and sir, wo have no desire, or dispo sition, in any way to contradict this true remark; but as nearly all rules have exceptions, we think this remark may bo consiticreu among mat numtior, nnd nppliod to somo few of tho nbovo mentioned class in the vicinity of Burlington. Wo have in many instances hoard complaints, whore verbal contracts, between purchaser nnd seller, have boon made of neat cattle &c, and whero honor and consciotico wore nil that could compel the parlies to perform according to the contract, both of the delivery and reception, and when the. latter had failed to perform. Wc havo had an instance of this kind occur recently that somownat excited our Icelings, in a nci"h boring town of , a distnncc of somo six miles from this village. Wo purchased of Mr. a certain number of fat sheep to bo taken at a specified time. Wo went after thfin a day or two before the expira tion of the tiino, that there need not bo a delay on our part, with the money to re ceive them, of which we have n witness. We also have a witness that wo had made such a bargain with tho gentleman. Bo tween the time of selling to us, and tho specified time that wc were to take them, iio again sold tiicin to a gentleman from tho south fur an advance of two or three dollars if wo arc riahlly informed, and we presume we are. This man made no effort to satisfy us in anyway. Ho is called a respectable man by all that we have heard speak of him. and was considered so by us before this affair took place. Ho has been a member of tho Legislature two years, and selectman of tho town in which ho now resides, as wc have understood. Wo shall forbear mentioning his name at this litno, but if he does not come forward and 6cltle our travelling foes, we shall in your next expiifo his namo to the public, lhat others may not ho deceived in like manner. D. & I). A. KIMRAMi. CJEAISURY &. YOUNG'S patent im KJ proved Baric j)I ills, No. 1, 2, and 3, soperior to any thing now in use, turning both way?, fur sale at manufacturers prices July 20. bv Fom.ctt &. Brunr.EYS. Fire Works July Mtli. P UCKi:TS, Caudles, Fire Wheels, &c just DL received. Pancbqrn and RaiNMAin. French Iron Side Combs. OF thrco different sizes ; luavy silver thim bles made express for us, just received ut Iho Variety Shop, .lulv 17. I'ANonoaK and BniNSM.un. For August and September. AVIMx sold all tho ! iro Works on hand for tho lth of July, wo ordcrod nod havo received a low more Fire Wheals, Sky Rockets, Roman Candles,&c. As but a limited supply is received, thoso wishing will plcaso apply soon to bs suro of getting them. Variety Shop. Panrdqrn anil i!itiNM uu. ni:REAS my wifu Sahra C. Wakefield and myself have 'dissolved partnership,' this is therefore to turbid ail persons liarbor nig or (rusting heron my account, as I shall iav ,, ,(llt!j 0fCr contracting afier this dato. An"(l or()or to tlisabuso tho public and vindi- calu my own conduct in Ibis affair, 1 doom it expedient to publish too following t-tatomeut Ilardwick, July 1, 1U3S. IlAnnwicK, Julv 13, lf!30. This may coitify that I, Elijah Austin, of liowoll. iMass, at too request ol Closes b Wakefield, tnako tho following Rtatomont. I was knowinirto a throo dollar bank bill ho ing stolen out oftny trunk, which was in my lied chamber at Lowoll, and Mrs Salira Wako fiold beiog charged with llio crimo confessed that she did steal it. Ucinir charcad with sundry olhur thofts, eho also confessed that sho stolo a silk pattorn for a dices, and about ono and a ball yards of silk velvet, which bo longed to a pedlar who stopped at tho houso whero sho was at work. Thcso confessions wcro mado iu tho prcsenco of a numbor of rcspcctablo persons who rcsido at Lowoll. I can further say that I was informed by tho Sheriff of Lowoll that ho committed lior to Concord jail for stealing a clock, about thrco months previous lo her (dealing at my housn, Tho timosho was at my houso was July 183G. l-LIJAIl AUSTIN. SINGLE. DOUBLE. UMBILICAL. TO THE AFFHCTHD. mTARSM'STllUSS, lorull who need 1VJL will ho found on trial, Iho most use ful, and thu most comfortable article for the nurnoso intended, evor introduced. July 20, J, & J, II. Peck &. Co, Jffcnd H07fAHD'S CHEj&E? GASES STOUTS, 4th Edition. PTRiIIR Phenomena of Howard's sol'ing so i many Good, so htirprised and amazed Ihc tax assessors of our town who said if we cannot stop his go-a-lioad system wo will carb him from overtrading by putting on tho check Tax veto power, and assessed mo for my faculty as a merchant the sum of ,100 when the overage ol the merchant? in tho Statu rates at not lo exceed probably 10. Now this I could not stand without endeavoring lo mcrcaso my business, for, according lo my rule, remarkable and extraordinary tunes requiro and demand extra and tremendous exertions to sur mount and overcome the dillicullics. I however now thank thorn for tho impetus that produced lliu cft'.'Ct, I entered my protest against their tyratiy, throwed for ward into my mind the up and doing princi ple, and pressed ahead with an electric speed of which I never beforo knew myself capable, and thought I could sell ns many goods here as could bo disposed of in any store in the world if I only had lie "ood and cnuid find iho buyers, So I went off to New York, inspired into my Agents tho great and important necessity of action nnd of tho immcdiatu uccusjity of procuring without delay for present use such materials and articles as would bo first wanted, and hail them forwarded by tho fastest Steam-Boat lines, and returned mysolf via tho Hudson, Saratoga, Lake wcorgc and Champlain to this incomparable beauty of beautiful places on earth, to bo ready for the celebration of the Green Mountain State grand literary jubi leo week, which wc aro to have soon in consequence of tho location hero of tlioUuU vcrsity of Vermont, the Episcopal Instiltito, tho two Female Summaries and High School, when wc shall hayo tho parents, guardians, friends and visitors concentrated Iito from far and near, and as inhabitants upon their houses to friends, so the Grand Bazaar Cheap Cash Store will be fitted furnished and put in (ino grand stylo for tho admiration of customers and visitors to town, nnd will ho illuminated in tho eve. ning and make such a show and display as may be suitable for tho occasion. As iu the spring I took nothing extra for tho los? of 75 per cent on my $150 Windsor Money, so now I shall not charge any par lion of the $100 Tax to my customers, but sell as cheap as ever. Now is the time!! come and see ! S. EARL 110 IV A 11 D. Uurlinglnn, July 20 l!!3n. STATU OF f'EUMOjYi; ( Chittenden Countv, s, ( riTO the Hon. the Probate Court for the JL District of Chittenden, Comes John Haselton, of Wcstford, in said District, and shews that he is legal guardian of Hannah R. Haselton, and Clarissa M. Haselton. female infants under the niro of eighteen years, both of the town of Westford afore said, tint tho s-aid Hannah 11. is seized in her own right in feu of a certain parcel ol land situate iu Westford in tho District of Chittenden, described as follows, to wit: Bi'ginuiui: 75 'i 100 rods up the river from the north lino of lot No. 24 in the 2 I divis ion, thence up the river to the big brook sr called, tliunco up the brook to tho line of lots, thence north 20o cast 74 rods to a stake, thence north 70o wcsl 32 rods lo a slake thence north 20o cast 4 rods to a stake thence south 70j cant 7? rods to the place of beginning, containing about 21 acres and four rods of laud and that a sale of said parcel of land wou'd be conclusive to the best interest of the said Hannah It. Therefore ho prays said Court to grant him license am! empower In in to Hell the said lind. And that tho said Clarrissi M. i. seized in ln'r own right in foe of a certuin parcel of land, situate in Westford in tin' District of Chittenden, described as follows, to wit: Beginning on lliu oast side ol lliu highway 40 13-100 rods from tho nurlli lino of lot No. 33, in the 3d division, thence 70o east 120 rods to tho river, theiico up the river 28 rods to a stake, theiico north 70" west 72 rods to a stake, Ihencu north 20n rast 1C rods to a stake, thence 70 west. 51 1G.100 rods lo tho high way. thence northwardly on iho highway 12 llMOOrods to thu place uf beginning, containing about 17 acres and throe rods ot land and that a sale of said parcel of laud would be condu sivo to the best interests of Clarissa M. riieruforc he prays said Court to grant him license and empower him to soil thu muil land. And your petitioner will nvir pray. JOHN II ASRLTON Guardian of Hannah 11. Iluscllou and of Clarissa M. Ilaxulton. Builington, July 14, 1830. STATE OF VERMONT, ) DisfiucT or Chittenden, ss. S At a Probate. Court holden at Burlington within and for said District, on tho MM) day of July A. 1). 1033 Prosont tho Hon. Charles Russell. Judge ol said Court, The Court nforesatd doth assign tho 2d Saturday of August A.D. 1033, foru hear ing of tho foregoing petition at a session ol said Court thou to ho holden at thu oITicr of the Register of said Court in Burlington, and doth order that the said John Hnsollnu notify all persons concerned in tho rstnto of his said wards of llio pendency of said petition iu said Court, by publishing the 6iibslanco of said petition and of this order in thu Freo Press, a newspaper printed at said Burlington in the county of Chittenden, two weeks successively, the last of which publications to be not less than two weeks previous to tho said 2d Saturday of August A. 1). 1333, that thny may then and thero appear boforo said Court and show causa if any they liavo wny mo prayer otsaiu pcti lion ought not to ho granted. Givi'ii under my hand and the seal of said court this 14th day of July A.D. 11133. CIIARL.KS RUSSHLL. Judge. "CASES OF DVSENTAttV, BOWEL Complaints, Fovore, and other diseases incident lo tho season, will ho surely pruyontcd by tho uso of Morison's Pills. It has been tested in every climo. Old standing Chronic and olhor diseasos, incurablo by tho regular Practice, aro cU'ectually cured by tho pcrscvoring uso of Morison's Pills and Powders, This has huon douo in thouss amis of cases. Every kind of Fovor, tho Small Pox, Measles, that lorriblo disease tho Croup, and ovory diseaso.yiuld up lliuir vim Irnco to lliu suro and cflmstual Goddess of Health, Tho Morison's Ilygcan Universal Medicines of tho British Colluju of Ueollb." Sop "Mnriionia" by Jai. Morison tho Uy goist. Do not ho iuduscd to buy somo other hind of ihoni who are using tho VBRY WORDS OF TIIC IIYGKIST to vend ftfar inferior inodieinu, as can bo soon by compar ing tho Murhunia, with Ihoir standing advor. liseinonts. To thoso taking Morison's Pills wo say, do not slop taking thoin whon you fool worso, rathorincroaso the doses, you must feel worso whon tho medicines begins to act upon tho foul acrimonious humor of tho body which often havo buon loft lo lix ihomsolvcs with almost fatal grasp to tho iut cstino-t, and many times mado stronger still, by mercurial and othor hurtful poisons. Many a restored patient says, 1 tried your Morison's Pills a fow days, felt no hotter, 1 think worse, and stoppod ui'ng them, but soon found I must do some thing and coinnioncod again with a determin ation to persevere, knowing how many tustify that thoy grow stronger instead of weaker by a continued purgation by them; and hero I am hearty and well, bolter than I havo boon for years boforo, and as I had given up all hope of ovor buiug again, I am well, enjoying a round body. O how thankful lam that f look Morison's I'ills and porsovcrod in taking them. What a blossing lo tho world aro Mori, son's Pills; and would that I could induco multitudes who aro miserably sick, and so hoodwinked lo tho GOOD OLD REGULAR PRACTICE, that they will not tako even that which is curing persons diseased liku them selves all around them. No ! No ! Its all Quackery! Quackery! Nouscnso. I will not tako this stuff prepared to gull tho public and got monoy. No, not I. I am loo well in formed to bo caught thus. I will dio first, and thus llnusaods do go on, who might bo cured by using Morfcons Pills until they are ntMc:t cd into tho (iravo. Burlington and cvorv town in tho Union can furnish Patients, and plenty of them too, cured by tho ose of Mori sons Tills, of almost every named Disoasoin the vocabulary of Matoira Modica. Tho reader will boar in mind that thero aro not so many real dioeasos as there aro names given; but an ovor fruitful naming Faculty aro daily giving names to diseases which exists only if any whoro in the Brain of him whojijivos it. Tho doctrine first broached by Jas. Morison tho Hygoist in 132.3, 13 years ago, that tho "vital priuciplo is contained in thu Blood" and ''ovory thing in tho body is derived rrtosi tiii; IJloou,' and t'nt A 1 di r,it- nri. n ln;n im i'immcv vi tiii: Br.ujo. aod ''iat "I'ujioation by vegetables is tho only oU'julual modo of purifying the Blood, and eradicating dis ease," has sped with unparalleled rapidity ovor tho wholo habitable world. Mis medi cine by which ho was cured (sno Morisonia, or tho sketch of his lifo in pamphlet form to bo had frcoof most of tho Agents) after thirty-fivo yoars of suffering under Iho medical Faculty, prepared of vegetables solely, and upon tho principles above quoted, havo not failed to act upon others as it did upon him. It prevents disease, and il is quito a suro euro of any dis ease if persevered in, unless tho person is past cure. At any rato no other medicine cores so many. Complaints are not made against the mudicjno mado by Morison tho Ilygeist, but thero aro Pills made in New York called Mori, sou's Pills, which haio caused inoch com plaint. Lot it be homo in mind that the Gen uine Morison Pills havo a'ain mado their appcarancoin these. Unilod Stales. Mr Mori son has sent an agent from London in wiiom ho ha? foil confidence that ho will nut betray tho important trust of tending forth only llio medicine sent to htm by thu eelebralod Hygo il from London. And tho public will plcaso notion that this mcdiciuo talsos the foramost rani: in giving vigor, activity, life end hoallh. A short limo will suffice to uomplote tho re covery. Iho llygoan oaoso siistuined by its be trayal; and cro long, iu thousand- n oro oftho Families iu thoso Slates, no other modicino but Morison's iMls will ho wanted. The cauo goos on as well as its most sanguine Iricnds could liavu anticipated. Ho suro anil gel iho medicine mado by Morison tho Mygo isl lumsolf, and you will gel for $1 to $3 that which in nuny instances will save you a Doc tor's bill or 10 20 50 or 100, and which will givo veu life and Health. Geo. T.ivLia,Ci Wall street. New York, member of llio British Col lego of Health and solo agent for llio United States, sent out bv said oollej'o. PANGUORN' & IlltlNSMAID, Jew oilers, Burlington, Vl. Agents for Vermont, for Ensox, Clinton, Si, Lawrence and Frank lin counties, N Y. Evoty packet sold in the nbovo places we shall sig i our names upon : none others aro genuine. Our sub agents will also sign iho'ir nanic.i upon thoso they sell. Panouiun and Biunsmaid. Packages $1 and $3 each. Powders 25 cents per box. The Packages contain many more fills than formerly, and iho boxes of Powders aro much larger and cost less. Cases of cures will coma noxt. Sec that die packets are signed hj PANG U O UN and B 11 IXSMA1D. Burlington, July 15, U!J8. SUIJ AGENTS. Geo. IL Fish Middlebury, Addison Co O. A, Keith, Sheldon, Franklin Co. S. E. Morse, Craftsbury. Orleans Co. John Kolscy, Danvillu, Caledonia Co. N. C. Goddard, Windsor, Windsor Co. .M.S. Buckland. Bullows Falls, Windliam OrvUfc Roberts, Manchester, Ilonuinglon II, W. Porter, Rutland, Rutland Co. V. W. Cadwcll, Monlpolier Washington co Foster Grow, Cholsoa, Orange Co. j. W. Remington, Johnson, Lamoillo co April 27, 1338. HTOTICE. A LL parsons aro huretr turbid lruting ZjL or trading with my eon, Solomon Johns, as 1 shall not pay any debts of his contracting after this daio, wiihnit my con-cnt. SILAS JOHNS. Huntington July 12, 1030. TIIIIE subscriber is now opening and SL oilers fur salo an Invoice of mill, cir cular, cross cut and pit Saws, oftho most approved make and assoriod sizes, July 10. Roiieut Moony. NOTICE. ILLIAM SLA DE, nged between 13 and 14 years, an indented boy, absconded from mo on Saturday the 7lh inst. Al! porsntH nro forbid harboring or trusting him; if such aro found Iho penal ties of thu law will hu enforced agauit them. William is supposnd to ho now in Millon, a suuablu reward will bo pnid for his opprohonsiou und bringing him to mo. II. 11. SAWYER. Burlington. July 20. 1030. WAIT & TAB OK Of AVE received their Now Goods O. for tho Summer trodu Gentlemen's Mole Skin Hats Latest Fashion. By WAIT St TABOR. A Great variety of New Calicoes, ut Iho New Cash St oro by WAl'P and TAUOR, PIANOS AT AUCTION. rinlir, subscribers iifT.'r fur sale at Auc-J- Uuu, eighteen Piano Foute. manu factured by tho late lirm of Horrick Christopher it Co., together with the remaining slock nnd materials of the firm. The whole will he sold without reserve, to closo thu nfiairs of tho Concern, and the salo will hu well worthy iho attention of amateurs nnd iilniiufacturers. Tho instruments were built by workmen from thu best shops in New York, nnd havo been pronounced by competent judges fully equal lo any evor offered in tho U. Stntes. Thoy can ho seen every week day nt tho Factory, anil ladies and gentlemen can hu satisfied of their durnbihty by examining instruments from tho same Establishment which havo been many mouths in use in this vicinity. TUB STOCK, Consists of a great quantity of rich ma hogany top stuff Boards and Plank, of superior quality. Also, shaded and crotch Mahogany, and R,oscwood Veneers, select, cd with great care. A large quantity of Hardware for Piano making, such as Brass Socket-Castors, Butts, round head Screws, best silver and steel Wire for strings, Kuy Pin1', P dal Rods. Feet &c., Bridge Pin3, Filca, uBu Idling Wires, &c. &c. Tho Mahogany, Rosewood, Trimming-.. Sic. wcro selected in Now York especially fi- thia Manu'autitriiig Co. und cost from glOOO to $1200. The conditions of sale arc good endorsed notes, payable ono hall iu 3 and ouo half in (1 mouths, nt Bank. Tho instruments nnd stock will bo sold nt the Factory, comer of Champlain and Macdonough streets, on Thursday, snennd August, commencing at 10 o'clock. A M. LYMAN & COLE. Burlington, VI. Juli 12. 1!!3t!. MEDICAL LECTUltES. rrnUE Mndical Lectures at Dartmouth JL, Hanover, N. II,, will com hi .rv ,n T:,nr -la, th-' sr-cond diy of ii Vi , an I r i,tit"iii tuirtccn wck-'. Aa itur,i! S' ntri! und Obstetrics, bv It. D Mum:v, M. D. Physbdogy, Valeria .Medico, and .Medical Jurisprudence, by Daniel Omveii, M. D. Theory and Practice of Physic, by J. Det-a. MATEH, M. D. Chemistry and Pharmacy, by O. P. IIcn ii Ann, M D. Demonstrations in Anatomy, by N, Won- CE3TEH. M. D. Lectnrs Fees. 50. Matriculating Fee, J$3. June 1, 1330. Moses Ayors' Estate. TO tho Hon. thu Probate Court for tho D tst rict of Chittenden, comes tho sub. scriber Holdah Ayres administratrix of the citato of .Moses Ay re.?, lato of Milton, de ceased and represents lhat the personal estate of said deceased will not be sufficient to pay the debts thereof and expenses of settling said estate and hereby makes ap plication to said Court, for licence to sell said cilalc for lhat purpose 1IULDA11 AYRES, Adm'r. STATE OF VERMONT, ) Dutimct ok Chittenden, ss. S At a Probate Court holden at Burlington, in said District, on the 11 Hi day of July A. D. I!)3!i. U is ordered that an account be ecu oftho debts and also, the proceeds of the personal rsla'o ol said deceased, and thai the heirs and all persons concorned iu said estnte ho notified to appear before said Court on th" second Wednesday ol August next ut I ho Register's office in Burlington aforesaid, to give bond for the payment ol d 'bis, and show cause why liceii;o as alore 'aid -hall not be granted, nnd that such no tice hu I'ivcn by publishing tho above ap plication three weeks successively, as soon as may bo in tho Frco Press a newspaper printed in Burlington, in said District. liivcn under my hand, the day and vear first above written. CHARLES RUSSELL, Jplgc. Grecian Dye for coloring Hair brown or black. Magnetic Odunttca for tho Tooth, Balm of Columbia for prevent ing Balduo.-s, and for producing Hair where it has fallen oil'. Carbonic Dcnlrilice, Tooth Powder, Cosmetic Cream for the Pace, Milk of Roses, and n general assortment of Hair OiN. Snaps and Perfumery, nt the Variety Shop PANrtnunN Si Br.iv'M n. Heavy black and blue black Silks Black laco Veils Wrought muslin Caues Ntio Style, by WAIT nnd TABOR. SUMMER STOCKS. Linnen and Cot ton Cloves, Suspenders, Bufi' Vesting, Linnen Drilling and a variety of other stuffs for genilemens summer wear, by WAIT &. 'PA IIO R. Goelick's Matchless Sanative, For tale by CYRUS JOHNS Juaosr,, 3m Azcnl for Ihml m;l n Vl. J. LEWIS, perlurnis every operation on the Teeth, Gums and Mourn, on tho most modern nnd approved principles of DluNTAL SUKUVRY. AnTiricAi. Teeth, nan bo supplied from ouo to on entire set, to correspond with tho i.ivino teeth. They nro IN CORRUPTIBLE; they never change their color, nor do thoy absorb tho saliva or juicrs oftho nionth.conscquently I hoy do not cause no unpleasant tntoor fetid breath. QJ'Tlie much dreaded and painful ope rations heretofore practiced, p really obvi ated in extracting of teeth nnd t-tumps ol teeth. J. L. having supplied himself with int-iruumutri of nil kinds, si.cs und shapes t-inin hit f.,r ihe occasion, tho surgical trout tnent i film teeth wi'l bo of less pain to tho patient than ever douo heretofore iu tho U, H Irregularities of iho toeth in children prevented, in adults remedied, &c &c. Prom a perfect knowledge of mechani cal, chemical nnd professional operations ho feels warranted in ofiWing his services lo the public, referenced can ho hud as in his prnelice, judgement and hkill, by calling ut his room, north rati corner of llio square, d3 door iu Church si. Burlington Vi. Southern Hydraulic Cement, in Bbls, for sale by Latiiuov fc Potwin, DR. SI'OONER init.'iiiliug to spend n short 1 1 in 0 in I'urliugtou will be happy in sorvu his frinuls nnd former patrons) professionally. Those, who wish his assis tance should npply early, by nolo o other wise, ns his stay must nccesarily be short. Ho will bo prepared to seo patients after tho uih inst. Hours from 8 to 12 A. M. and from 3 lo 5 P. M. Room, No. 54 Norih-East corner of old Ball room, of Mann's Hotel. CORN OF Iho best quality for salo by Wm. I. SEYMOUR. 20. innn. 3w STKAY COW. QTRAYEI) from this villogc 11 boui tho 3d inst. n middling tized black cow, with n white lined hack. Ions nnd slender legs, nnd 6mall while horns. Suid cow was raised, and hail been kept in Johnson until within tho last year. The finder of said cow rlnil be satisfac torily rewarded on giving information at thipoffice, or to 11, ALLEN. Burlington, Jul) 12. 1H3H. Buit Mill Stones. FOR salo nt tho old wharf, ol New York prices, by FOLLETT Si P.RADLKYS. Sheep tobacco. OOn Iu3- Sl"'P Tobacco by JVJJ T v 3. vv L Stkono. PIG- IROMT. QCOTCIl No. 1, Pig Iran, from the best l3 inaunl'actorii's on consignment, ut tho lowest market prices, for eah; ol, tho old wharf, bv FOLLETT St BRADLEYS. 2000 galls. Fall and Winter sperm Oil, of very superior quality, just recivvd by T. P. & W. L. Strong, Jun: 15. 10:10. Murray 1- c MEREBY give notice to the public that they will manufacture Sannctt and plain Cluih upon shares or by the yard, for customers, during the present season. llinesburgh. June 8, 1030. Cw SALT. 1 firfefb Bushels Solar Salt y,. Sacks coarse Salt. For salo by June 20. S. WALKER & Co. Nova Scotia Plaister. B"i) TONS now grinding and for salo bv tho subscribers. BOARDMAN, CLARK, & Co. Milton, Lower Falls, Jan. 25, 1830. ( ORNAMENTAL HAIR. ill U S . ST. JOHN, M' ANUFACTURES nnd keeps con stantly on hand Mngletts, Puffs, xoire Curls, Plain Hair, &c. N. B.--Cash paid for Hair. White Street, opposite tho Methodist Clinpel, Burlington. Mny 11. 1B3B. INDELIBLE INKS. J1 UST received somo superior Indeliblo Ink, to mark, with or without a prepa ration. Also, Mathematical Instruments. Variety Shup. July 9. PAyr.nonN & BniNMir. MAPLE SUGAR. 3000 Pounu'i M'M'lc Sugar for salo very Idw bv June 20. S.' Wamjeh & Co'. 5 4 CUEA PER, THAN E VEIL ' rrnilE subscriber has just roturned from JL New York, and is now receiving a verv large nnd geiwrnl assortment of DRY GOODS. DRY GROCERIES, CROCKER Y, CHINA St GLASS WARE: which ho will sell unusually low for Cash. NOBLE LOVELY. Burlinslnn.MtvZX. 1H3n. To Hay Makers. ac DOZ March's Scythes 50 do Putent Snaths 30 do Rakes 20 do Forks bv T. P & W. L. SRONG. For Sale, on Consignment. qo bbls. no. 1 North Shine Salmon, also, 15 bbls. Tnnnnr's Oil, by POI.I.ETT &. BnADI.EVS. Burlington, May 2. UI32. Cw GROCERIES, J POTTER, Iioj just received from Now York nn oxtensivo and well .ducted assortment of West India Gooda and other Groceries, which aro ottered to tho public on better terms than articles of equal quality can he purchased clsuwhero mi this village. This stuck comprises tho best articles of TEAS. COFFEE SUGAR MOLASSES PEPPER SPICE GINGER LIQUORS, pfo II tho whole lit"o( kinds, and, iu short, Family Groceries. Call mid 6ce. Burlingtun. 5, 1U3U. THE AUGUSTUS OjISSAR 33, 0 WILL bo kept t 'fvSi f(,r 1110 imptovo. i V)Tra "Qnt of ftock k f Jul; this season at my iwJ'i W M,lblu in w,l,w' XSA3?-ja ton. Mondays, 'l'uesdaysnd Wednesdays, and Suturdoys at tho stable of William Munn, iu Burling. tun. 'Pho Augusiu : Ct a vis sired by the Sir With.' on ... mi maro. Terms Ji'i a mare- Wat. BROWN, inilhton, June, 11538 Seethes, Snathes, Rakes &c :() DO',. Warner's Scyihes 50 do7..pntent Scythe Snatlios 40 do;'., Rakes 20 ilitz. patent hoy Forks .imc2 J. 1 J. fa J. H. Peck & Co. ANNATTO, 2 Buskots by June 'JO. J, fa J. II Peck fa Co.

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