Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, August 10, 1838, Page 3

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated August 10, 1838 Page 3
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tional prosperity and national wealth arc I not synonymous terms. The aggregate amount of wealth may be increased while the number of prosperous individuals may bo diminished. Tho prosperity of the many should bo the chief object of gov ernment; nnd because credit Is not ben cficlnl to the many, it should not bo en couraged. There is a fallacy in the idea that credit is beneficial to the many; and on examina tion the convcrso of the proposition will be found true. Credit is generally given by the wealthy, und it is given in the expecta tion that they gain something by it : but it by no moans lollows that lliey who nt-k credit ore benefitted by it. Thoso who buy to sell again may bo benefitted, but the consumer who buys on credit always loses. It is well known that purchases for cash are made on better terms than when made on credit, the difference being about 12J cts on the dollar. This is a direct lax on the purchaser on credit, and it tends to make the rich richer and the poor poorer. The admitted fact that those who have the money in hand can alwoys buy most reasonably, is a strong argument against the extension of credit. The cry that the poor will thereby be distressed Is false. Let the many have prompt pay and they will never be without tho means of pay ment. They will have greater induce, mcnts to exert themselves, their means of -cash payments will bo enlarged, their savings increased, and they become sharers in the general prosperity. If the population of any section of country of thirty thousand souls should be divided into classes it would probably be as follows ; Women and children 20,000 Day laborers 0,000 Farmers 3,000 Mechanics 800 Professional men 100 Merchants and Inn keepers 00 Manufacturers 10 30,000 This estimation though not strictly accu rate, is sufficiently so for the piescnt pur pose. In the class of day laborers it is intended to include tho operatives attached to manufactories. By this it will bo seen (hat the laborers, fanners, mechanics and manufacturers arc the only persons who ndd anything to the stock of tho products of industry, or. in other words, they arc the only persons who add anything to the national wealth. All the others arc of the class of non-producers. By this it will be Eccn that the wealth of a country has its origin in the active exertions of about one third of its inhabitants; and it is all im portant to give their exertions a right direction. That tho exertions of this class will be increased, and, consequently, the amount of the products of their exertions by the ready pay system, I consider as self evident. The consequence is, that of mis thirty thousand, all except two hun dred will bo benefitted by abolishing all credit. Of the remainder, there are ubout one hundred whoso appropriate business is to circulate the products ot industry ; in other words, to take the stock from the farm, give it an increased value in the shop and manufactory, and distribute it to the consumers. With these credit, is an im portant instrument, and can be beneficially employed. I will endeavor in my next to show what is the true basis of credit, and that a healthful credit is promoted by abolishing all imprisonment. A. B. TUB CURRENCY QUESTION. Tho speech of Mr Webster in reply to the toast personally complimentary to him, at the lato festival ai Faneuil Hall, was marked by his usual perspicuity of thought and felicity of expression. Mr Webster being a very sound thinker, is necessarily a very clear speaker, and though few if any, can excel him in the beauty of his figurative illustrations, none ore more in variably successful in conveying their meaning to their audience in tho most direct and inteligible manner. We quote an extract from tho Bpeech, in which he presents a clear exposition of the case as it now stands. Wo think that no candid man, whatever may bo his party predilections, can read and bo uuconvinced of the truth of Mr. Webster's demonstra tion. Whatever suooruinato questions may have been raised touching a Sub-Treasury, or a Constitutional Treasury, or a Treas ury in one or in another, or in yet a third form, I take the question, the plain, the practical question o be this, viz; whether it be among the powers and the duties of Congress to take any farther caro of the National Currency than to regulate the cuinago of Gold ond silver? That is tho question. From that, all subordinate questions, however thoy may havo been multiplied or varied, have grown. How, indeed, that should have become a question at this day, might be a louder; for it is a truth capable of proof from all the records of this Government for forty years from tho very first day that tho Constitution drew breath as a practical form for the Administration of Govern merit, it has uniformly been received and admitted as ono of tho duties of the Gov ernment to take care of the National Cur. rency. In Woshington's lime, and in that of his successors, especially in tho times of Mr Madison, when tho peculiar circumstances of the country brought that subject into new importance, it was held to be tho ex clusive, or, at least, the paramount and unquestioned duty of Congrats to regulate the action of the currency, whether of pa per or epecio. and that principlo has been acted upon by every branch of this Gov ernment, with, the full knowledge and ap. nrolation of the American people, How then should tho question have arisen at tho end of tho 48th year of tho constitution? Nothing but tho tortuouB windings of party policy could ever havo conducted us to such a point: nothing olsu could ever havo raised such a question at thin Into dav. From Wushincton's ad ministration down to tho administration of General Jackson, ana m none more man m hit. this dutv has been admitted, nnd at tempted. It never lias been denied to bo tho duty of Congress, cither as ono form i of the exercise of tho Commercial Power or as a necessary inference from tho Coin ing Power. All will remember that the vorv first complaint of Gen. Jnckson against tho lato Bank of the U. stales was this, that it had disappointed the expectation of tho people in not furnishing to the nation a sound and uniform currencv. In that doctrine thore wcro. indeed, many who did not ogrco with him; but it was expressly on this ground that houndortook this grand reform of tho currency which manv think was a very sorry reform indeed. IIo said that the currency was not so sound and so uni form as it was l ha duly of the Govern ineiit tomako it; nnd ho therefore attempt ed to give us a currency muro sound and more uniform. Tho deposites wcro removed in '33, and tho policy of employing the Statu Banks as the Depositories was adopted, and that experiment has been proved. It was then said that a belter and safer currency would be provided for tho country. IIo referred to this but to say that down to '87, tht duly nf furnishing a currency, an actual cur. rency for commcrc, had been considered the undoubted duty of Congress, as much so as the duly of making war or foreign treaties. l ins removal ot tho ocposites had led to the suspension of specie payments by tho banks, and since then a new reading of the Constitution had been adopted. No such duty could be found. It has been scanned by candle light, and it is not there. Tins plain duty, which no man to '37 has ques tioned, vanishes at once, and the new commentators can't find it. A new Administration came into power pledged to follow in the footsteps of its predecessor; but there was one footstep loo big for him to put his foot in a slrido too long for him to tako. This is a serious fact, for in that, which I may call, fatal message, to the last session of Congress, there was the announcement ol a disavowal of all power in the General Government, under the authority of the Constitution to regulate the commerce or the currency. The message of 1837 disavows all power on tho part of the government upon these subjects; and that I may do no injustice to Uio President I will repeat the words. The President says, "from a want of Constitutional power, I refrain from recom. mending any plan for tho regulation of the currency, for the relief of the commerce of the country." Any plan to regulate the foroign and domestic commerce of the country, it is not, ho says, in tho power of the (jovcrnnient to adopt. Yet it is writ ten in the Constitution that Congress has power over both foreign and domestic com merce. What was tlie necessity for this avowal? It was not tho crisis of tho country, but it was the crisis of a parly. Tho adminis tration preceding the present, had rejected the United Slates Bank, and had sel up the question, that the Bank was unconsti tutional. This idea they had sol up all over the country. I have nothing to say tor the wisdom or modesty of men, who after the Legislative decisions and judicial enactments of half a century, choose to set up their private judgment against the gen eral confirmed opinion of the country. J.W DUUIIUI IIUU UIUIU UUUtVB &UIUII dcd,and nmong them those that were deposi lories of tho Government, than the Admin istration raised the cry of treachery, want of faith, perfidy a cry as false in mv own ion. as tho cry raised a short time beforo by the same party, lhat lliey wero safe and could commit no error. But, whether the suspension was rinht fully made or not, the administration seeing themselves shut out I rum tho use of Banks finding that thooxperiment had failed anu being incapable (for it is in Hie power only of great minds) of going back being like a man floating in a current ready to catch at any 6nag, and waiting for some pieco of floating timber lliey wcro ready for anything rather than the Bunk. It was plain that they would do preci-ely what they havo done. Seeing that then had de prived themselves of the p'jwer la control the currency, they said they could not find it. It was natural that they thould do precise ly what they did. and by saying that they had not tho power, relievo themselves from the duly of exercising it. They have de prived themselves ol the constitutional means of performing their duty, and tried to avoid tho responsibility, but tho people forced that duly upon them, and called upon ihem to execute it. I cannot but remem ber tho fabled Grant of antiquity, upon whom, while tearing asunder the oak, tho strong fibres reacted and caught him in the cleft. Wo arc not safj a momont after we lose sight of tho great principle that the Gov ernment must regulate the currency. If thai power is surrounded, to whom .-hail it be given? To tho States? To all ilio Banks? To tho whole people? No, Gentlemen, suffering lhat principle to bo surrontlnred, id abandoning tho vessel of oiaio to bo borne alona, without helm, down tho current, in the midst of danger nnu darKness. As I havo said, whether the Sub-Treasury bo for tho receipt of money, or tor tho issuing of Treasury Notes all is for the purpose of relieving tho Gov urnment from tho embarrassment caused by their experiments. I say for distinct ties, and to prevent misapprehension, that I do not think it tho indcBOcnsabla obliga tion of tho Government to create a Na tional Bank. I speak not of particular measures. I say it is the general dutv of uongress to reguiaio llio curroncv but tho particular manner is not prescribed. Congress is lofi to its own judgment as to llie means to bo employed, But by what over means, it is a duty, which, unperform ed, ono grand nbjnct of tho Constitution is unaccomplished. 1 sny, what no event can controvert, that till Congress lakes caro of tho Curroncv, that part of tho Constilu tion is unfulfilled. The Government and tub U. States Bank Wo learn with tho highest satis faction, that tho Bank of tho United States , urraogeu with tho government to antlClpatQ tho Pavrnnnt. nf itH Bond fur Two Millions which falls duo in October next, on account oi ma Government's share in IIIO assets Ol the old Bank. Tim nnrrotia tion was mado through CharlcH Mac Ales- tor, a distinguished broker of Philadelphia Tho Bond is taken at par iho Bank pay ing interest up to tho day of its rcdomntion and tho Government having tho money placed to its credit in specie funds at such parts of tho Union as its own exigences may designate. Tho Bank's agent offered also to puichasa the Bond which falls duo in October, 1830, and pay for it in tho 6amc manner; but tho Government has not decided that the wholo sum duo from the Biuk is required by the present necessities of tho public, service. It is understood, however, that a negotiation for the purchase in like manner of tho Bond which falls due in 1810, (tho fourth and last given by the Bank tho first having fallen duo and been paid last October) has also been effected. Report adds, that the whole business has been transacted in the best possible spirit, nnd thai the terms and places of payment will be advantageous to both parties. If we rightly unih'rstnnd it, this puts an end to the issue of Treasury Notes. The Gov eminent will not multiply tho evidences of its own indebtedness and embarrassment, when it has tho option of anticipating its distant resources at tho Eame rate of inter est. This is a themo for universal con gratulation. Wo havo seen it positively stated in several respectable journals that tho Bank has itself been issuing Bonds in olher words, borrowing money at Eeven per cent. If this bo the fact, 'the monster has certainly done a handsome thing in thus coming to the aid of the Government But the truth is, that the Government and Banks are materially affected by each other's embarrassments; and when one is low in the pocket the other cannot but feel it. It is best, therefore, to take hold to gether, with hearty good will, and help the whole train out ol the mire at once. The great interests of tho country arc bound up in each other's prosperity, and they cannot bo 'divorced' without mutual injury. very jaws of death, and is now approaching convalescence. "Where is Tiru iwn West?" has bo come n question often asked, but has never been exactly nnswered, as far as we have ever read. Tho nearest geographical de scription of its whereabout lhat we have seen, is given by a young adventurer who writes to his friends in I'hiladolnhin that ho has found lhat much talked of country, the verii far west; for "Iho sun never shines upon tho land unlil towards night !" u lor such land! till alter dog days. BERMUDA, The British hriff Onrnn Victoria. arrived citcrday from Bermuda. By a paper published ihere nn the 2Sih, we learn ihosurival thereof the Canadian exile fmm (iuehec In II. ,M. slop V( stiil. They mo tiilmillcil on ilieir paroleof ....... , moiuuiiui: ill lliu main ISiailll, 1111(1 win experience no interruption in their excursions to nil parts of it. Cour Enq, GooSEUEnUIES. Cnnt. Island, Inis just font us the finest specimen uftlii' delicious fniii dial we have ever seen. Some, of iliolargci oncfc incisure a fraction over three inch cs in circumference. Anil then the flavor Option Victoria licrcelf could ask for nothing finer. ESSEX. Tho Whigs of tho town of Essex aro no tified to mccl at John Keeler't on Tuesday the 14th inst. ot -1 o'clock, P. M. for iho purpose ofnommating a candidate for town presentattve. T. R. Fletcher,") A. W. BuTr.Ert, ! Town W AnnEN Fonn, ( Comm. YouNO Warner, J REAL, ESTATE. rrillE subscriber offers for A t-alo the house nnd lot on which ho now resides, situated in llincsburnh villa"" n short distance west of Miles tavern. Tho prop cny cotiMstB ofnbout l. ncrc of 'nnd, n good house, barn, joiners shop, nnd suitable out buildings n good well of water, cistern. &c. nnd would furnish an excellent location for a mechanic. Terms vorv liberal, as tho proprietor is nbout to leivc this part of uio country. Apply lo the subscriber at present on the premiss. JE11VIS IIICKOK. Hincsburgh, Aug. 8, 1838. flw of said court at its next term as aforesaid, which shall bo deemed sufficient notice W thosaid Jireh Durkco to appear and answer to raid suit. Dated at Burlington in said County thia lib day of July A.D. 1038. Wm. No n i.e. Clerk. The Senatorial nominations arc now complete except in Windham nnd Grand Isle counties ; nnd it can certainly be of little uso for the loco focos to put candidates in nomination, with the moral certainly of ihcir being defeated in those staunch whi;; district?. Whig. Tory. ADDISONiCOUNTY. Ville Lawrence, P. C. Tucker, E. N. Briggs, William P. Russell, Samue! Swift, James Fletcher. nCNNlNOTON. Nathan Burton, Winslow C. Watson, W.S. SouthworUi, John S. Robinson, CALEDONIA. Charles Davis, Robert Harvey; Silas Houghton, Andrew McMillan. CHITTENDEN. John N. Pomeroy, Truman Chittenden, Joseph Clark, Nathan B. Haswell. ESSEX. Stephen Howe, William Ileywood jr. GRAXD ISLE. Joel Allen. FRANKLIN. J. D. Farnsworth, Nathan Smilie, Horace Eaton, Homer E. Hubbcll, Moses Morso, Timothy Foster. ORANGE. A. B. W. Tcnnoy, Jonathan Jenncss, William Ilebard, Lcbbcus Egerton, Simeon Short, Daniel Cobb. ORLEANS. Augustus Young, Charles Hardy. RUTLAND. Robert Pierpoint, Barnard Ketchum, Wm. C. Kitlridge, Selah II. Merrill, Obadiah Noble, jr. John Buckmaslcr. WASHINGTON. Jona. P. Miller, Israel Goodwin, Jason Carpenter, Joseph A. Curtis. WINDSOR. Julius Converse, Nomlas Cobb, William Steele, Lyman Raymond, Daniel Bowcu, Cyrus Partridge, Ptolemy Edson, Bridgman Hapjjood. WINDHAM. W.R. Ranney, La ban Jones, David Chandler. The Congressional nominations are also complete except in the lsi district, where ihere appears to be Foiuo delay in finding a candidate lo run against Mr. Hall. The canvass now stands thus : 1st district, Hiland Hall 2nd Wm, Slado Charles Linsley Horace Everett Alden Patridgc iI A It It I E D At La Cole, I.. C on iho 30lh lilt., at the conn. Irv twidenco of die Hon. John llewson, Joseph Scott, E-q. ofPlatlilinrgh, N. Y. to Miss Jielt mira llewson,o( the fuuner place. DIED In tliis town on iho 4th imtnnt, Catherine, daughter nf William and Eliza Bush, aged 4 monilii anu I- days. At lie IIo ws tall.', nn u cdiiesdav June 27lh, of typhus fever, John Atkinson, E-q uged G3. id llh 5th Hcimm Allen Wm. Upham Hollow ware. A good assortment ofsloie nml fire place hollow waie und i i on furnaces this d.iv received and for slo hv Atgusl 8. KOBEltT MOODY. VARNISH. nBE fcubseriuer has this dav received a stitmlv JL ol Varnish Irom one of the best factories in Neu'Yoik, for coach and cabinet linker's use. He lolicits' attention in this article, as In can make it in pi ice, us well as in n utility, an oUjeu lor litem to buy. K. BlUOUY, Algusl (i. Real Estate at Auction. THE property lately owned by Lemuel Curtis in Burlington, consisting of a lartc brick store and a building occupied i shoe shop, and the land on which the sane stand, and now holden by the subscriber in t'ust, for certain creditors of said Curtis, will be exposed for sale at public aucn lion at the store on llie tame premises, on Satirday the first day of September next at 3 oclock jr. the afternoon. Said properly isuideran incumbrance of Eighteen hun dred dollars, and will be sold subject to said incumbrance, The two buildings will be sold together or scpcralchj lo suit the purchasers NOUL lu LOWLY, Trustee. Burlington. August 9, 1838. rpO tho Hon. the Probate Court for the X District of Chittenden, comes Amn Mur.son, of Colchester, in said District and shows lhat sho is local "tiardinti of VVnllnrn E. Munson, a male infant under tho no of twenty. ono years, nf enid Colchester, that thosaid Wallace E Mtiiison. is seized in his own right in fee of a certain lot of land, Kiiuaie in saiu uoicnesior, containing one hundred ncres and in No. 73 in tltn dm. ion and plan ofsaid town : and that n sate of said lot of land would bo conducive- to the best interest of her said waid. There tore- she prays f-aid Court to grant her license and empower her to sell Iho snid lot of land, and your petitioner will ever pray. AM A MUNSON, Guard ian of Wallace E. iMouson. Colchester, August Cth, A. D, II1J3. STATE OF VERMONT, Disttict ok Chittenden, sj. s At a Probate Court holden at Burlington within und fnf said District on the Ctliday of July A. D. Iii3" present (ha Ilun. Chnrles Russell, Judge of said Court. I lie coorl aforesaid doth asurn the 2d Wednesday ol September, A. D. IG38, fur Hearing ol the loregoinu petition at a scs sion oftoid court then lo bo holden at the fhco of the Register of said Court in Bur lington, and dolh order that tiic said Ama Munson notify oil persons concerned in tho estate of her said ward of tho pendency of saiu pennon in saiu uouri, by publishing the substance of said petition "and of this order in the 1- rcc Press, a newspaper print ed at said Burlington in the countv of Chit tenden, two weeks Miccossivclv, the last ol which pub'icalion3 to be not less than two weeks previous lo the said 2d Wednesday of September A. !) Iti38, that they may then and there appear before said Court and show cause if any they have why the prayer oi saiu pennon oiigni not to uo ranted. Given under my hand and the seal ofsaid court this 6th dav of Au;. A. D. 1838 CHARLES RUSSELL, Jwge BURLINGTON FEMALE SEMINARY. THE Next I'cim will commence 12th Septem ber. It is narlicul.irlv reouesled lhat pupiU should ho present nt iho opening of this term. rupila entering lor tun quarter, become re'imnsililu fur the quarter's bills, except in case of sickness. EXPENSES. Board including washing I'jrc and Lights per quarter $30 00 IuMriimenlnl Music 12 00 English und Rhetoric 5 00 Singing 2 00 I 'lench t 3 00 liineur and Perfpcclivc DraivifTg 5 ) llttrlingion, August 1, 183S, HYDRAULIC CEMENT. OR sale at tho Burlington Mill Com pany's Plaster Mill, Winooski Falls. GEO. MOORE, Agent. August 9, 1838. SPELLING BOOKS. KCf DOZ Webster's Elementary Spcl jng j30(,.s are offered, for utile by JJiJIES IV. JJWKUK. Burlington, Aug. 10. 1833. Groceries are selling cheaper at Wail and l abor s than at any olhe Store in Burlington. Persons wishing purchase can batisfy themselves of the fact by calling and cnquirn the prices. John Smith Isaac Fletcher TTlKESll TEAS of every description J? purchased expressly for family use are selling at very low prices by WAIT and TAUUH. Tho bills of tho Woodstock bank aro now rccicvod at the Suffolk and are in good crodit in this Slate. Tho Van Butcn not hank at Windsor is tho only bank in Vermont not in good credit at this time. Hear Andrew Jackson. Hear M. Van Burcn. " My fccblu efforts The Unilcd States to better the currency is in immediato dan. havo not benn in vain, ncr of hoinsr rendorod loavo ibis pnnplo tinahlo lo discharge. free, prosperous, and with good faith and happy.' Jac'isons promptitude, iho vari I'arewell Address, ous pecuniary oblina. lions of tho govern ment." Van Ilurcn's Message of llie 0thull. Tho democracy is in a very hnzurdoue con dition. It is not to ho disputed that our moa surcs liayo accelerated llio present slalo of (lungs, and no parly can withstand tho odium of such a condition. If our masturs do not remedy tho evils that exist, wo are overwhelm. od boyond any poradvenluro." L'ie. Post. TTfcAISINS, Currants. Citrons, Cloves Jtl Nutmegs, Cinnamon, Ground Pepper Spice, Ginger, baleratus, Collee, Almond Tnblo Salt, Pepper Sauce, Tablo Oil Mustard, &c. &c, ten per cent cheaper than at any other store in Burlington, by WAIT anil TAHUIt. Tho Siecle of Paris, savs. lhat ono of tho objects of .Marshall Soult's mission to England wua iu uiiiuiu permission 10 remove llio re. mains of Napolean to Franco; and in this it is said ho has juccccdcd, with the aid of Iho Duke ot Wellington. It is staled farther that the I'rmco do Joinvillo is In proceed to St. Ho lona, in command of a friiralo. havincr on board a soldior from ovory regiment in Franco, anu dial llio remains ol tlto cmporot aro lo ho deposited under llio column in tho 1'laco Ven. dome, with solemn rclmious ceremonies, at which iho Duko of Wellington will bo invited lo bo present. TnANsrusiopi of the Bi.ood. Accord ing to a lato British paper, tho delicate operation of tho transfusion of tho blood, was recently performed with success at a very critical moment. Tho patient was a married woman, and rapidly sinking under violent hrcmorrhage. Tho Sunderland Herald, which describes tho case says, tho pulso was gone, and not even by Iho appli cation of a mirror to tho mouth of tho patient could it bo perceived that sho breathed , but by tho injection into her veins of a largo quantity of blood tnkfn from llioso of her sister and husband, tno patient was gradually withdrawn from tho DENTIST, FROM LOjYOON. VXrlSlIhb respectfully to inform the t T Ladies and Uenllcmen of ISurlinglon of his intention of remaining for a Jew day at we American iioici, iviere tie will be happy to receive those who may be desirous of his professional services and having pro cured his profession under the celebrated Dr. I nomas lieu, of Jonaon, and also practiced for five years m the city of Thila deipnia, lie is entitled to warrant entire satis (action. Blocks of teeth inserted on the urinciple of suction, without any sprin clasp or ligature whatever ; and every other operation performed with but little pain to the patient. As his stay is limited to ajew days, those toto may wish his services will please to give hun an earlu call. JutyB, 1838. If FARMS FOR SALE C EVERAL valuable improved FARMS VJ in the township of Mnira, in the coun ty of Franklin, and stato of New York. These Farms aro situated in one otitic best grain growing and grazing townships in the county, lying between Plattsburgh and Ogdonsburgli, and about 05 miles from each. The Rail Road from Lako Cham plain to Ogdensburgb, the survey of which is now botng made, passes directly mroug Iho township. To farmers desirous of Fettling in hoalthy and productive country, this town ship oilers ureal inducements. Also for bale uu'W lund in lota to suit pur chasers. Apply to tho subscriber, Moira Mills franklin Co., N. Y. HENRY JV. TiRUSU, tluoiraMUs, August l, J 030. Burlington, August 1, 1838. DRUGS. MEDICINES, PERFUME. RY AND DYE STUFFS. TDK subscriber haa this day receded it largo and selected iicMition to hi slock of llie tibou article, lo which he r'(iiet the attention of l'hy, as lie tl.illcr.J liinnt Iiq can give satis faction in quality unit piiccn. nmtwij'i' Mnnnv DR. A. fJ. HULL'S UTERO ABDOMINAL SUITOIVlT.R.Iialenleil lii the United f5lulen and Great IJi itan, und hihlv rri'oiumcniled by tho most eminent Suitteund and siciana of both Countries. The subscriber has the pleasure to announce lo 1 lie afllieled llie teceipt of nn assortment of iho ,'ibost insiiiimeiiii, nml linpes in it those iullerinf from complaint fur which lliey mo intended, will , .i 1 1 ilit-ni'Plvps ol ilio great benclm they are cer tified to pioilttce, bv trying nnd purchasing. Tht lersiuntil will une particular directions lor Ilieir pplicatiuu. l'or saiu by li. aiuuuit , jjrurgisi -Jnlj 31, 1S"S. Burlington Vi. NEW GOODS... JUST receivd; Spectacles, Violin Strings. Iron Side and Twist Combs, Flutes, fine Clarinet Rcrds, Toilet Soap, Saponaceous Comndnnd, G000 Torpedoes, &.c. &c, nt tho Variety Shop. August 3, PANfiunRN & BniNSMAin. 7f AUTED A JOURNEYMAN Cooper, ono who is of good moral habits, and who it a first rate workman. To such good encour agement, will be given, by applying to C. SEVlmAiNUfcJ. N. B. I wish to contract for a quantity of red oak flour barrel Btaves. C. S. Burlington, August 3. 1838. Wm. A. Gniswoi.u, ) Chiltendcn Co., Su vs. prcmo Court. Janu Jireh Dorkee. ) ary Term,A.D,1038 IN CHANCERY. TtrHEREAS, William A. Griswold of T Burlington in said county, at llie January Term 1838, of said court, com menced his suit in chancery, against Jireh Durkce, formerly ofsaid Burlington, and now or lotely residinc in the city, county nml stale ol iNcw York, therein mohut that on the 4th day ofScptcmber, 1826, the aid Jireh was indebted to the said Will'nn-1 in the sum of two I housand four hundred and fifty dollars, specified in seven promis-1 ory notes, hearing date the day and year last aforesaid. no of which is for the sum ofjjKJjOOO otiL payable to tho said Wil liam A. in ten years trom the elate atura- said, with interest annually on tho 4th day ol oeptcmber in each year thereafter; and six other notes payable lo the said William A. for the sum of one hundred dollars each, on interest, and one of them payablo in every six months until they arc all paid. and for the securing the payment tlicreol, tho said Jireh on the same 4th of Septem ber 1820, by his certain deed of bargain and sale, signed with his hand and scaled wiih his seal, and acknowlcd and recorded iu due form of law, did give, grant, bargain, sell, alien, convey nnd confirm unto the said William A. his heirs and assigns forever, Iho following described tracl or parcel of land in Burlington aforesaid, to wit, all that part of lots No. 294 nnd 2D5, situate on tho north side of the Court House Square, on which is n stone and brick building, bound cd on the south by the Court House Square, on the west hv land then owned bv Isaac Warner and John Howard, and on the cast, by land I hen owned by the said Jireh on which stands a brick store then occupied by Alexander & Moody, and being tho same land which the said William A on the same 4'h September I82G, deeded and convoyed lo the said Jireh, with a condition of redemption thereto annexed, nn the pay ment of said sums in said notes specified ond on keeping an Insurance against fire on said premises lo the amount fifteen hun dred dollars, duly assigned to the soul Wil ham A. for ten years, or until faid notes shall bo fully paid. And further stating thai tho said notes yet remain wholly un paid, and thai t tic saiu Jireh has not kept said premises insured, hut that llio said William A. has paid fur tho Insurance thereof the sum of $71, 1G. And praying tho said court omnngolhcr things, to decree thai tho said Jireh pay tho said several sums aforesaid and the interest thereof, and tho costs of this process, by some short day, or in default of such payment lhat the said William A. his heirs and assigns may hold and enjoy iho snid premises forever freed and dichnrgnd of all condition or benefit of redemption, as by iho faid Wil liam A's. petition on filo appears, which said suil of tho said William A. was enter ed on tho docket ofsaid court at tho term aforesaid. Iho said William A. appearing for himself, and llie said Jireh being nlucnt from this stato, and it not being made lo appear to the said court that tho said Jireh has had personal not ice of the pendency of tho suit, it wus nrdored by said court that the same bo continued lo tho next term of tho court to bo holden nt Burlington within nnd for the County of Chittenden on tho Thursday noxt preceding llio first Tuesday of January noxt, nnd tho said court olso ordered that further notico bo given of iho pendency of this suit, bv pub lishing tho substance of the said William A's. petition and this ordor of tho court thereon thrco weeks successively in "thu Burlington Froo Prois," n newspaper printed in said Burlington, tho lost of which 1 10 UO at least Bixiy uuv-j uciuie uie stutn SPECTACLES. WE have just received the best assort ment uf Silver Bow'd Spectacles which wo have ever opened. We havo the fine wire temples from No. I to 18 Concave for near sighted persons: fine wiro temples No G to 30 Convex, Slides of most all numbers. Double Spectacles with white and colored glasses; Goglcs; Spec tacle cases of various kinds. Gobi special clcs, for sale at tho Variety Shop. Panoboun & BnissMAin. August 3, Joseph Simonds' Estate. STJTE OF VERMONT, District of Ciiitti.'mu'.n, ss. AT a Probate Court holden at Burling, ton, within and for tho District afore, said on the 25th day of July A. D. 1838. An instrument purporting lo bo tho last will and testament of Joseph Simonds, lato of Charlotte, in faid District deceased, wns presented to tho Court hero for Probate, by George Perkins one of tho Executor.s therein named. Therefore it is ordered by said Court, that public notice be given to all persons concerned therein to appear before saiu Court, at a session thereof to bo holden at Burlington, on tho second Wednesday of September, A. D. 1838, and contest tho probate ofsaid will, nnd it is further order cd that this order be published three weeks successively in the Free Press a newspaper printed at "Burlington, in this Stato, tho last of which shall bo previous to the day assigned, as aforesaid for hearing. Given under mv hand nt the RcgUtcr'd Office, this 25th dav of July A. D. 1838. Wm WESTON. Register. 1'crcmptory Notice. THE nece?silies of the Mibsctibers Rumpel them locall ttpnii ilieir oisiomcn fur the iiumeilUio payment of all debts due. Those who do nut com ply with the aboe tiotire, may not be ftirprirnl to find llie same in the hands of nn atlnrnev for collec tion, LATIIUOP & PoTWIM. !( 217, lSHS NATHANIEL GORDON, PRODUCE COMMISSION MliKCIIANT, iNo. 27, Fiotit Street, New York. J N. B. Bullor, Chceso, Pork, Beef Sec, Sold on Commission. PKAKIi STREET. TlllEfuli'diber leuniH thanks Tor past favor?, . nnd would icspccifnlly iafinin die public '.lint lie continue' ilio 'I'ailoi to-j Business in all it branches. He has on hand n variety of new nml second hand CLOTHING, Injetlier with n variety of oilier article.', winch ho sell will cheap for cah. Old garments cleansed and repaired in lite best manner, at ioi t noiice. WANTED, A large quantity of Second Hand winter Cloihes, in excli.ingii for oilier niiicle. C, HhMS. N. II. Tliosu tthose noiei nnd accounts mo duo, will save con bv settling ihem immediately. fi, ' C. B. FAliiU FOR SALE. TUB subscriber will sell his FARM I) ing in the town of Bispx, near Stnnlon'b tnvern on tho road to Montpclicr, said r arm contains about forty acres of land, with n good two story House, Barn, .mil Corn Barn, together with a good Blacksmith Shop, Possession given when sold. For further particulars enquire of John Peck, Burlington, or of tho subscriber at Monipolii'r. .Antic 27. HENRY W. SA BIN, "iSr"tBiV' JVOTICE. ALL pernios are hereby forbid Iruslip.r or trading with my, eon, Solom n Johns, as I fchnll not pay any debts nfh.i, contracting aflur this date, withnit iny coitHuni. Sir.AS JOHNS. Huntinston July 12, Ibau,

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