Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, August 10, 1838, Page 4

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated August 10, 1838 Page 4
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I Concluded from First Page.- 'At Mr Eldon's, Madam. Ho holds a note of Bomo thousands ngainst Mr West bury, nnd thinks no timo is to bo lost in making it secure. You hnvo jewels of vnl. uo, madam, which I was ordered to include in the attachment.' Will ynu allow mo a Tow minutes for reflection?' paid Julia, whoso faculties seemed benumbed by the suddenness of a blow. 'Certainly, madam, ccrtain1y--any ac commodation in my power I shall bo happy to grant.' 'What can I do? what ought I to do?' thought Julia. 'O, that Mr West bury were at home! Mr Kvolcth yes I will send for him; he can advise me, if the offi cer will only wait.' 'Will you suspend your operations for half an hour, sir,' asked Julia, 'that I may send for a friend to advise and assist mo?' 'Why, my time h very precious, madam, nnd my orders to nttnch were peremptory ; nevertheless, half an hour will make no great difference, so to oblige you I will wait.' The palo nnd trembling Julia instantly despatched a servant for Mr Evoleth, and jn twenty minutus that gentleman arrived, lie was instantly made acquainted with the business in hand, nnd without hesitation receipted for the furniture, and dismissed the officer. Julia (bit relieved of an enor mous bunion, when the officer left the hou-e : though in her trepidation she scarce, ly comprehended how ho was induced to go, and leave every thing as it was. As Foon as sho was sufficiently composed and collected to tnlte a pen, sho wrnto to her husband, giving an account of all that had transpired. Her letter despatched, she had nothing to do but wait in torturing sus pense, til! she should either see or hear Irom him. On t ho third evening, as she was silting with her eyes resting on the carpet, alternately thinking of her husband, nnd of her own embarrassing situation, and nt times raising her heart to heaven for strength and direction as sho was thus Bitting, in deep and melancholy musing, Mr Westbury entered the apartment. Quick ns thought she sprang towards him, ex claiming '0 my dear husband, how glad I am that you are come! Hut what is the matter ?' sho cried, as ho sank into a chair 'you are very ill! 'I find that I am,' said Mr Wc6tbury. My strength has just sufficed to fetch me homo. Julia took his hand, nnd found that it was burning with fever and instantly des patching a servant for a physician, sho as fiisted her husband to his chamber. Tho medical gentleman soon arrived, and pro nouueed Mr Westbury in a confirmed fever. For twenty days, Julia was in an agony of KUspense. With intenso nnxietv 6he watched every syirptom, nnd administered every medicine with her own hand, lest Borne mistake should be made. It was vain that the physician entreated her to tnkc some care of herself; she could do nothing, think of nothing, hut that which related to her husband, When nature was completely exhausted, she would take nn hour's troubled repose, and then bo' nirain at her post. On every account the thought of his death was terrible. 'To be lost to me,' thought she, 'is unutterably dreadful but, O. it is a trille when com pared to being lost to himself. Ho la not fit for heaven. He has never sought the intercession of the great Advocate, through whom alono we can enter on otcrnal lite. How fervently did she pray that his life might be prolonged ! that ho might come forth from his aflliction like 'gold seven limns rrflncd ! Mr Westbury was exceedingly reduced, but there had boon no symptom of delirium though weakness and pain compelled him to remain almost constantly silent. Occa Eionally, however, lie expressed his "rati tudc to Julio for her unicmittcd attentions; begged her, for his sake, to take all possible care of her own health, for if her strength should fail, such another nurse so tender 'so vigilant could not bo found. Julia en treated him to take no thought for her, as Ehe doubted not that her Heavenly Father would give her strength for tho discharge ofevcry duty. Some limes, when lie was uttering a few words of commendation, she panted to say 'Aimez moi, au lieu do me loucr ;' but with a sigh she would bury tho thought at the bottom of her heart, and proceed in the dischargo of her duties. Oftentimes she would kneel for an hour together, at his bed-side, when he appeared to be sleepin'', with his hand clasped in hers, dividing the time between counting bis fluttering pulse, nnd raising her heart to heaven in his behalf. But Julia's constitution was unequal to tho task she had undertaken. Protracted fatigue and anxiety did their work, and on tho day that her husband was pronounced convalescent she was conveyed to a bed of Hickness. Unlike Mr Westbury, sho was in a constant state of delirium, induced by mental anxiety, and unremitting watching. Most touchingly would she bog to go to her husband, as ho was dying for want of slier care. It was in vain that sho was told bo was bettor wos rapidly recovering tho impression was gone in an instant, and her mind reverted to his danger. Her physician was anxious that Mr Westbury should visit her chamber, as soon as ho could do so with safety, hoping that tho eight of him might change tho current of her thoughts, and remove that anxiety that f'reatly heightened her fever. At the end of ten days ho was able to bo supported to her chamber and advancing to tho bedside, ho said 'My dear Julia, I am able to como and eee you.' 'Thank heaven,' said Julia, clasping tier bandsand then raising her eyes, sho ad ded--'IIcavenly Father, I thank thoo !-- JBut how sick you look,' she continued; 0 pray go to bed, and I will como and nurse you. I tdiall very soon bo rcsted.und then thoy will let mo como.' I will sit by, and watch and nurso you now, Julia,' said M:. Westbury 'so try to go to sleep it will do you good.' You called mo Julia,' said she, smiling ; 'O, how sweetly that sounded ! Hut 1 will mind you, and try to sleep, for my head feels strangely.' Sho closed her oyes, and Mr Westbury eat at tho head of tho bed, watching her with intenso interest, Presently her lips moved, and he leaned forward to hear what sho was saying. O, Bhould ho die,' sho murmured in tho softest tone 'O, should ho dio without ever loving me! dio, without knowing how much how fondly 1 loved him!' 'And, O,' sho added, in a whisper, while an ex prcssion of deep solemnity settled on hor features 'O, elinu Id lie dio witlioui ever loving tho blessed Saviour ! that would bo the most dreadful of all!' Presently o nniso in the stroct disturbed her. nnd she opened her eyes. Sho did not sec her husband, as sho had turned her fnco a little on the other side, and calling the nurse, sho said 'Do beg them to mako loss noise; they will kill my dear husband l know just now it makes his poor head feel, and she clasped her own with her hands. Mr Wcstburv's feelings wcro much moved, and his debility was such ho could with difficulty restrain them. He found ho must return to his own chamber, and taking his wife's hand, ho said I hope to bo able to como and sec you now, every day, my dear Julia.' O, do,' sho said 'and always call me Julia, will you? It sounds ao kindly.' Scenes similar to this wero constantly recurring for the next ten days. Mr Westbury continued to gain strcnth. tho' his recovury was somowhat retarded by his visits to Julia's chamber, while sho was rudually sinking under tho violence of her disease. The hopes, however, which her lytictan gave of her recovery, wore not delusive. Within three weeks of the time of her seizure, a crisis took plicc, nnd the next day she was pronounced out ol danger. Soon after this, Mr Westbury was able to attend a little to business, but all the timo ho was in tho house, was spent in Julia's chamber. One day. after she had so far recovered her stropglh as to be able to sit up for an hour or two nt a time, ho chanced to bo left nlono with her. My dear Julia,' said lie, ns ho took hor emaciated hand, nnd folded it between his own I can never express my gratitude to you for your kind attentions to an unworthy husband; nor my thankfulness to heaven thai your precious life did not fall a sacrifice to your efforts to save mine. I hope to prove by my luture conduct, that 1 hive learned to appreciate your value. He epoko in the snltcst tones of love, while his eyes were humid with tears. 'Do you. then, lovo me?' said Julia. 'Love you ! yes, most tenderly with my whole heart,' said Westbury; more than any thing more than every thing clso on earth !' Julia leaned her head on his shoulder, and burst into tears. 'Why do you weep, Julia ? said West bury. O, I am so happy !' said Julia. There wants but one thing to mako my cup of blessedness quite lull.' And what is that, dearest ?' That you should give your first your best affections where alone they aro do. served to your Creator. '1 trust, my dear wife,' said Mr West bury, with deep feeling, 'I trust that your precious intercessions for me at the throne of mercy, have been answered. My bed of sickness was n bed of reflection, of retrospection, of remorse, and, I hope, of true penitence. I feel as if in a new world; old things have passed away, and all things have becomo new.' Julia clasped her hands together, leaned her face upon them, and for a long time remained perfectly silent. At length she raised her head, and said 'Your fortune, I suppose, is gone but what of that.-1 It was a trifle a toy, compared with the blessings now bestowed. A cottage, any place will bo a paradise to me, possessing tho heart of my husband, and ho a believer !' 'My dear Julia,' 6aid Westbury, 'my fortune is unimpaired. I was in danger of sustaining great loss through tho embar rassments of my banker in New York, but all is now happily adjusted. Tho difficulty here, was the result of malice. Eldon was embittered against me, I doubt not, through the influence of his sister, of whntn it is unnecessary to speak to you. Ho heard of my difficulties, and knowing that ho should be perfectly safe, purchasod that note against mo, that he might avenge her, by increasing my embarrassments. I have been reccutly informed that that unhappy girl looked on your pearls with peculiar malignity. Her toolings were loo bitter, and too strong for concealment. Poor girl I fear that sho and her brother aro kin dred in heart as well as blood. I now look with something like terror, at the gulph into which I wished to plunge myself, and Irom wincli alono my dear lather saved rno. I can never bo sufficiently thankful, for being turned, almost by force, from my rash and headstrong conrso ; nnd for having a wifo bestowed on me, rich in every men tal and moral excellence -who loves mo for myself, undeserving as 1 am, nnd not lor my wealth. It was now June ; and as soon as Julia's strength was equal to the fatigue, Mr Westbury took hor into the country for change of air. Thoy wero absent from the city some months', and made, in tho courso ol the summer several delightful excursions in various parts of the country. A lew days alter their return to their house in town, Julia asked Mr Westbury if he had seen or heard any thing of the Cunning hams. 'I havo soon ncithor of them,' said Mr Westbury, 'but hear sad accounts of both. Mrs Cunningham is now with n party at Nahant. Sho has been extremely cay, perhaps I might say disipatcd, during tho wiiuio season, ana her reputation is some danger. Cunningham Iiob becomo an inveterate gamester, and I am told that Ins lace shows but too plainly that temper anco is not among his virtues.' 'Poor creatures,' said Julio, 'how I pity incm jor ineir tony tueir madness !' '1 pity htm most sincerely,' said Mr Westbury, on being united to a woman who selfishly preferred hor own pleasure to her husband's happiness. Her I havo not yet learned to pity. Sho richly do. serves all she may sulfur. Had sho taken your advico, Julin for most touchingly did I hear you warn her! she might now have uccn happy, and hor husband ro spcctablo. Now, they aro both lost !- 0, that every woman would learn where her truo strength her truo happiness lies ! O, that sho would learn, that to yield is to conquer! to submit, is to 6ubduo! Nono but the utter ignoblo and nuanuoncu, couiu long resist the gonial influence- of a cheerful, meek, nnticnt. sclf-dcnving wifo; nay in. stances aro not wanting, in which the most profligate have boon rcclatmcu inrougu mo instrumentality of n consistently nmiablo and virtuous woman ! If tho wholo box, my dear Julia, would imbibo your spirit, and follow your example, tno encci wouiu soon bu manifest. Men would bo very dif- foront creatures from what thoy now" arc, and few wives would have occasion to com plnin of unkind and obstinate husbands. A vast deal is said of tho inlluenco of woman on society, nnd they themselves, exult in their nowcr : but how seldom; compara tively, do thev use it, to benefit themselves, or tho world ! Let it bo a woman's first desire to make her husband good, and hap py. and respectable and seldom will she fail of attaining hor object, and at the samo timo of securing hor own tclicity ! DR. RELFE'S HOTAWICAS. DROPS. TS ono of the most efficacious compounds in J. tho Materia Mcdica, for tho euro of that class of involeralo diseases produced by an impure statooflhe blood, and a vitiated habit of tho body, ahd usually exhibiting themselves in tho forms ol scrofula, sell lineum, Leprosy, Si. Anthony's Fire, Fever Sores, (even when tho bones aro affected,) While Swellings, (if apfhed with Dr. Jobb's Liniinont,) foul and obstinate Ulcers, Sore Legs and Eyes, Scaldhcad m children, Scurvii and Scorbutic Gout, Pirn" pled or Carbunclcd Faces, Festering Eruptions, and rcncreai lainis mrougnoui me ooay, m which last casolho Drops often euro when Mercury fails, Tliay aro also tho best Spring and Autumnal Physic to purify and cleanse tho system from humors which frequently ap pear at those seasons of tho year. They also aid tho process of digestion, and by purifying the blood, prevent tho secretion of malignant humors on the lungs. J ho I'ropnolor conn dcntlv relics upon tho vast number of sin wising cures effected bv theso Drops, not only in Boston and its vicinity, but throughout tho union, for the best proof of their cxccllcnco as an unfailing Alterative Medicine, in all the ca scs above specified. This article has recently been pronomccd by a physician of tho first respectability, who had witnessed its surprising cllicacy. as en titled, in his opinion to takes the lead f all tho popular articles known for tho abuvocom- plaints, and indeed it is fast gaining thispolnt in public estimation, throughout luo country, Price 1 a Bottle, or six Bottles for gj. Dr. Relic's AtfTI-BILLZOUS FILLS. For Indigestion, Loss of Appetite, Listsesncss, Headache, Uaslivcness, l'laluience, L,noic, Bilhous Affections, kc. mO comment on the efficacy of these Pills JL after a successful experience of nany years in England and America has cstsllish" od their reputation, is needless: Suffico it to observe, that lor redundancy ol JJile, flatu lence. Costivcncss, Headache, &c. &c,llhoy will undoubtedly provo far moro scrviojablo than thoso drastic purges too froqucnll' em ployed, and will not only at tho bamo timo tend to remove tho offending cause bygen. tlo motions, and strengthen the digestivo organs, but improve the appctitoand rcnoratu tbn sy.stom. I'rico mi cents. DR. RELFE'S VEGETABLE SI'E CIFIC, For Sick Headache, Arc. Price 50 cents. kl Goeliclt's Matchless Sanative For sale by CYRUS JOHNS June 25. 3m Azcnl for Huntington. Ft SUMMER STOCKS, Linncn and Cot tnn Gloves. Susnonders. Buff Vesting. Linncn Drilling and n variety of other stuffs for gcnllemens summer wear, by WAIT & TABOR. WAIT & TABOR TTAVE just received their New Goods JLJL for tho Summer trade Gentlemen's Mole Skin Hats Latest Fashion. By WAITS; TABOR A Great variety of New Calicoes, at tho New Cash Sioro by WAIT and TABOR. NEW GOODS, CHEAPER, THAN EVER. 7 THE subscriber has jtibt returned from New York, and is now receiving a very largo and general assortment of DRY GOODS, DRY GROCERIES, CROCKERY. CHINA ; GLASS WARE, which ho will sell unusually low for Cath. NOBLE LOVELY, Burlington, May 31,1 3B. DR. M. HITCHCOCK'S newly inventid SNUFF only 25 cents. TjOR tho euro and absolute reliof of JL catarrh, dizziness of tho head, weak eyes, nervous hoad'aches, fallcn-sickncss fits, and infants troubled with tho snufllcs, partial shocks of palsy, &c. For salo by J. & J. II. I'cck ic Co,, only Agents in Burlington for tiiu sole proprietor' A. Hitchcock & Co,, Utica IN. i , WORM TEA. TVR. M. HITCHCOCK'S unrivalled and MJ unequalled WORM TEA, a sovorcten remedy for worms. Strange and incrcdililo aro tho cllects ol these detestable vermin ; fow porsons, and it is thought none, aro free from them, particularly fouialos and children. Many porsons go through a distressing couif o of medicine, without any benefit, when thov might bo relioved by using tho worm tea. This invaluablo medicine has been tested by the oxporienco of moro than four thousand porsons of various ages, and not ono solitary complaint; on tho contrary, hundrods havo called and unsolicited given their decided nrcforenco to it, aftor trying tho different articles sent forth to tho public, ami pronoun cod Dr. M. HITCHCOCK'S worm tea un rivalled and unequalled. For sale by J, & J. II. I'cck & Co,, only agents in Burlington for the solo proprietors, A. Hitchcock & Co. Utlca N. Y, WOOL. TUB subscribers will poy tho highest market price, in Goods for wool, or rcccivo it on demands duo them, June 22. S. Walker. &Co. To Hay Makers. A ( DOZ March's Scythes 'w CO do Potent Snaths 30 do Rakes. 20 do Forks by T,F,& W. h, SRONG. 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Every kind of Fever, tho Small Pox, Measles, that tcrriblo discaso tho Croup, and every discaso yield up thoir vlru lenco to tho suro and effectual Goddess of Health, Tho Morison's Hygoan Universal Medicines of tho British College of Health." Seo "Morisonla" by Jas. Morison tho Ily. geisl. Do not bo Induced to buy somo other kind of tlioso who nro using tho VERY WORDS OF THE IIYGEIST to vend a far inforior medicine, as can bo scon by compar ing the Morisonla. with thoir standing adver tisements. To thoso taking Morison's Pills wo say, do not stop taking them when you leol worso, rather incrcaso the uosos, you must feel worso when tho medicines begins to act upon tho foul acrimonious humors of tho body which often havo been left lo fix themselves with almost fatal grasp lo tho intestines, and many times mado strongor still, by mcrcuilal and other hurtful poisons. Many a restored patient says, I tried your Morison's Pills a few days, felt no bettor, 1 think worse, and stopped using them, but soon found I must do somo. thing and commenced again with a determin ation to porsovore, knowing bow many testify that thoy grow strongor instead of weaker by a continued purgation uy mom; anu ncro i am hearty and well, bettor than 1 havo boon lor years botorc, and as 1 uaa given up ail hopo of ever being again, I am iccll, enjoying a sounu oouy. vj now uiuniuiu i am uiiu i took Morison's Pills and porsovercd in taking them. What a blessing to tho world aro Mori. son's Pills; and would that I could induce multitudes who aro miserably mcU, and so hoodwinked to tho GOOD OLD REGULAR PRACTICE, that thoy will not lake even that which is curing persons diseased liko them selves all around them. No! No! Its all Ouaokorv! Quackery! Nonsense. I will not take this stub" prepared to gull tho public and got money. No, not I. I am too well in formed to bo caught thus. J will die nrai, anu thus thousands do go on, who might bo cured by using Morisons Pills until they are quack-. ed into tho liravo. liuriingiun anu every town in tho Union can furnisli Patients, and plenty of them too, cured bv tho uso of Mori- sons Pills, of almost every named Disease in the vocabulary of Matcira Medica. Tho reader will boar in mind that there aro not so many real diseases as there arc names given; but an ever fruitful naming Faculty are daily giving names to diseases which exists only if any where! in the Brain ol him wholivcs it. 1 ho doctrino first broached by Jas. Morison tiio Hygcist in 182a, 13 years ago, that tho "vital principlo is contained in tiid Blood" and "every thing in Ihe body is derived rnoai tiic Blood," and that All diseases ariso from im roniTV in the Blood, and that "PunoATtoN' by vegetables is tho only effectual modo of pubifyino the Blood, and eradicating dis caso," has spoo wan unparaiieicu rapiuuy over tho wholo habitable world. His mcdi- cino by which ho was cured (seo Morisonia, or tho sKotch ol his ntc in pampmci lorm tojuo had froo of most of tho Agents) after thirty-fivo years of suffering under the medical Faculty, prepared ol vegetables solely, anu upon mo principles above quoted, have not failed to act upon others as it did upon him. It prevents disease, and it is quite a suro cure of any dis- oaso if pcrsoyorcd in, unless tho porenn is past euro. At any rato no other medicine cures so many. Complaints aro not mado against tho mcdicino mado by Morison tho Hygcist, but thero are Pills made in Now York called Mori son's Pills, which ha.o caused much com plaint. Let it be borne in mind that the Gen uine Morison Pills havo aain made their appcaranco in theso United Stales. Mr Mori son has sent an agent from London in whom ho has full confidence that ho will not betray tho important trust of sending forth only tho medicine sent to him by tho celebrated Hygc ist from London. And tho public will plcaso notice that this mcdicino takes tho foremost rank vigor, activity, life end health. A short limo will suffice lo complete tho re covery tho Hygcan causo sustained by Us be trayal ; and ere long, m thousands nt oro ol too Families in llicso States, no other mcdicino but Morison's Pills will bo wanted. Tho causo goes on as well as its most sanguino friends could Imvo anticipated. Bo suro and got tho medicine mado by Morison the Hygc ist himsoll, anu you will got tor -i io $j mat which in many instances will save you a Doc tot's bill of 10 20 SO or $100, and which will ivc vou life and Health. Geo. Taylor, Ck Wall street. Now York, member of the British Col- logo of Health and solo agent for tho nitod Slates, sent out by said college PANGUORN Sc BKINSMAIEr Jew ellers, Burlington, Vl. Agents for Vermont, for Essex, Clinton, St. Lawronco and Frank lin counties, N.Y. Evciy packet sold in tho above places wo shall sign our names upnn : nono others aro genuine Our sub agents will also sign thoir names upon thoso they soil. Pangdorn and Bihnsmaid. Packages $1 and $3 each. Powders 2a cents per box. Tho Packages contain many moro Pills than formerly, and the boxes of Powders aro much larger and cost less. Casos of cures will como next. Sec lhat ihn pickets arc signal by PA KG BORXand U It LXSMA1D. Burlington, July 15, 11)33. SUB AGENTS. Goo. H. Fish Middlobury, Addison Co O.A.Kcilh, Sheldon, Franklin Co. S. E. Morso.Craftsbury. Orleans Co. John Kelscy, Danvillo, Caledonia Co. N. C Goddard, Windsor, Windsor Co. M. S. lluckland. Bellows Falls, Windham Orvis& Roberts, Manchester, Bonnington II. W. Porter, Rutland, Rutland Co. W. W.Cadwoll, Montpolior Washington co Foster Grow, Cholsea.Orango Co. J, W. Remington, Johnson, Lamoille co April 27, 1838. SINGLE. DOUBLE. UMBILICAL. TO THE AFFLICTED. MARSH'S TRUSS, for all who need, will bo found on trial, tho most mjc ful, and the most comfortable article for tho purposo intended, ever introduced. July 20. J. & J. II. Pkck & Co, Agents Southern Hydraulic Cement, r in Jibls, for sale by Lathuop & Potwin.

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