Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, September 7, 1838, Page 2

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated September 7, 1838 Page 2
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V H I U A Y Rl O K N I N 0, SlSl'TUMUER. 7. THE ELECTION. By means of special messengers, wo to. ceived returns from every town in this county beforo twelve o'clock Tuesday night, and llio result was published on Wednesday morning. We to day communicato oil the odditional information wo havo boon ena bled to obtain. Tho result shows old Chittenden county Btill erect, Wo havo elected ten Whigs to five Van Buren men to the House, one Senator, ond perhaps two, and given our stnto ticket about thosnmo majority as lost year. By means nf tplit tickets, enough votes havo been diverted from Mr Pomeroy to render it doubtful whothcr ho or Mr. Chittenden has succeeded. Taking tho vote of Mansfield as recorded last year. Mr Pomeroy would bo elected by a ma jority of four voles. The actual rceult, however, can hardly bo known, till tho official canvass. In this town, wo have, as usual given the whig tickot a handsome majority, through out for Governor 30, Senators 31, Con gress 7t, and for town representative, Mr Bradley received a majority of 30 votcsovcr Mr. Lyman, tho regular Van Buren candi date, and a majority of nine over tho three candidates brought out in opposition to him. This result, taken in connexion with the circutnetanco that tho aggregato voto is now thirty or forty less than last year, proves that old Burlington is steadfast ond immovable God bleps hor. FOURTH DISTRICT. The result ol tho Coogressional election in this District remains doubtful. We think there is no choice. According to present calculations, Mr. Smith falls about one hundred and fifly Ehort of n majority. This may bo brought up in the towns not beard from ; but tho chances ore, that the scattering votes, which are never collected In tho first reports, will increase rather than diminish tho majority against Mr. Smith. THE RESULT Our information from various sections of tho state is highly gratifying. Govcr nor Jenison'8 voto is materially increased, ond we havo a handsome gain in the Lo- nislaturc. We have gained three Senators ond four representatives in Orango Couny and ovcrcomo a majority of llirco hundred votes against us latl year. Nino towns in Windsor County give a Whig gain ofthrco tnombois. and, wo rcjoico lo learn that old Rockingham, in Windham County, is at last redeemed. Mr. Everett's mnjority for Con' rrS!. will be very largo. Of Mr. Hall's elec lion there is no doubt, and Slado's majority is estimated at not less than three thousand. Grand Isle Countv.-Wo ore groti. ficd to loom that Judgo Allen is re-elect- o, to tho Senate in this county, by a nanu Borne majority. Mr. Allen's majority for Congrtss in South Hero, is 42, ond we .. u ,i, pmnklin Messenger, about learn vy - n:n n,n whnle county. Frederick Hazen Esq. whig, is elected in Alburgh. From the Rloiitpclier Watchman Wo annex all the returns received : they indicate that the Whigs will havo an in creased majority for governor, and an in creased majority in the legislature. In this town tho battle for representative was fought manfully ; nearly 700 voters ond the loco focos succeeded by only five votes. Their mnjority last year was 3u Many towns, it will be seen, have been redeemed by the Whigs, and not ono lost as yet. tur a c 1 1 T N fi T O N COUNTY Jcnison. Bradley Barre Jacob Scott, Jr.f Berlin Orren Smith. Calais Joseph Lanccf JJuxbury Lyman Turner.! Fayslon Ira Richardson,! , Marshfield Welcome Cole Middlesex Wm. X. lloldeu, .Mnnlnflirf 11.. WIlCCler.T 20 00 90 305 9 31)0 Moretown Joseph Sawyer.f Norlhfcld Jessu Avcrill.t Plainfield James Palmcr.t Jloxbury Charles Sampson,! Waitsficld R. Richardson, jr.f 07 Waterbury P. Dillingham, jr.f Warren Win. Cardoll, 151 Worcester Jacob Cuahman, 54 Woodbury Ebencznr Bruccf 20 CALEDONIA COUNTY. Cabol Jeremiah Alkins.t 07 JIardwick Levi Goodrich,! 67 IValdth La Pcrkins.f W ORANGE COUNTY. 00 3D 43 121 145 115 Bradford A. Stcbbins, Brainlree C. Brackelt, BrooJWisM Bignlow CVieeo Thomas Winslow.f Corinth Georgo Sleeper.! in 127 171 155 216 210 Farhe Samuel JMooro.f Newbury ! Orange Carlos Corpeiitcr, 101 Randolph Seth Washburn, Strafford W. Sanborn,! 129 Thetord Henry Gillnt,! Topsham D. Corless,! Tunbridge C. B. Clmudcr Vcrshire Simeon Bacon, Washington John Colby,' 08 West Fairlee L. Thomas,! WiUiamtlown, R. Densmoro LAMOILLE COUNTY. Elmore S. Bailey,! 32 JJydcparlc Levi Edgcrlon,! 47 Jofcnwn Albert Stone,! 04 Mansfield Ivory Luce,! 9 99 165 Morrislown D. P. Noycs.t 121 137 Sterling Joseph Kent field, Stnwn O. W. Duller,! BO Wnlcrvillc Moses Fisk, 54 Wolcott (loo. II. Whitney. ORLEANS COUNTY. Greensboro' Geo. H. Page, CO Wcslfuld Jerro Hotlgkins,! 30 Irasburgh Un II. Allen. 101 Coventry S. S. Kendall. 07 Glover Wm. Leonard, 00 WINDSOR COUNTY. Norwich Thomas Hazen, 154 Recapitulation Jcnison Bradley Bradley's maj. 207 30 50 38 Gl 26 02 100 2471 2918 447 Bradley's maj. in same towns last year G04 showing a Whig gain of 157 votes. Representatives Vanocrats! 32, whigs 25; maj. 0. Last year, Vanocrats 40, Whigs 11, two towns nnreproscntedma. jority 29 ; showing a Whig gain of twenty members in only 57 towns heard from. Orange County Redeemed. Wo learn that the Whig senatorial ticket is elected in Orango. Our returns give tho Whigs nino out of tho seventeen members. Van Buren moj. last year about 300. Fletcher is probably re-elected in tho 5th district. Twenty towns heard from give him G17 over Uphom. Tho samo towns last year gave GG3 Van Buren maj. From ilic Vergenness Vcrmonter. If all tho towns in Vermont havo done as well as those from which wo have this morning received returns, tho Tories havo met a defeat that will discourage them after all attempts on their part to gain nn ascend, ency. In mony places where they had last year largo majorities they havo been com pletely routed, and in every town from which wo havo heard tho Whig voto is greatly increased. Jen. Brad. JOG 49 67 19 28 13 3G 41 80 33 114 33 250 170 70 33 94 44 GO 33 211 6 102 78 112 93 67 30 r. 73 19 Versrcnncs F. Huntington Addison Joseph Hnyward, Wallham George f ishor, New-Haven Osman Doud, Panlon Nn Rep. elected. Shoreham Davis Rich, Middlebury Ralph Gowly, U'cybrulsc Summon Jewell, Leictsler H. Messor, Bridport Luthor Cory, Lincoln Wm. W. Popo Salisbury Mark Weeks, Warren Wm. Cadwcll, Cornwall Jesse Ellsworth Fcrrisburgh Wm. Hazard Monk-ton Lyman Smith, Bristol Plnlo S. Warner, Whiting H. Strong. Slarksborough Ira Bushnell RUTLAND COUNTT, Hubbardlon Seth St. John, Sudbury John C. Sawyer, Castleton Hvdo Westovor Brandon Franklin Forrington. FRANKLIN COUNTY. St. Albans, Swanlon, A. G. Tarlton Joseph Blako Luthor R. Drury Jas. Soulo J. J. Beardsley Alva Sabio James Bellows II. Bowman Boutwcll Smith Highgate, Fairfield, Sheldon, Georgia, Fairfax, Franklin, Enosburgh Berkshire V. w, Bakertficld, A Corse 5'3 o 2 5 2. a H O o z (3 WreCJ ouoi5 0(30tne3-o-ou3 r 3 --n i. - u n ui Ti (5 13 o 3 f3 o - - to e" ,3- wG?0 olooioeJooiiiB-owoia - Mo-utirauu-n o Cn m - -1 w W o o to (J1 Ui CT O o ts co J- -i 'J g C-OI3 . O 10 C! Ui i; -1 13 g S S O Si w ci o j m io j. .i u. .)o - . . ta to . o C5 ta cs . Miaofaeaiag S TTi 5. tn 10 CO g; h o J- o o Ol w . The voto of Manshfield to bo added for Senators. Illinois Election. ucturns nro re ceived from tho Locofoco state ot Illinois which prove that tho Whigs have elected their Governor ; two out of three member of Congress, and a handsome majority 1 both branches of tho Legislature. Glory enough for one election. Rhode Island. Wo copy the followin extract from tho Providcnco Journal. "It is very gratifying to learn that the Whir's, throughout tho State, havo gener ally turned out in good slrongth at iho late election. Tho result has been that, in many towns, whoro tho Loco focos had made preparations to disputo tho election nf Ronresuntativcs. thev wero alarmod at GO the strong nppcoronco of tho Whigs, and mado no opposition, fatten was uo case n Warwick, in Smithfiold, and in Johnston nu,or i, nun tmnn some few chances tin 41 maioritv in tho Huso wil1 bo Incrcosod 102 143 37 and tho Whig mojority in Granu commit tco, will not vary mucii irum c; v 5- 5" c? 2 R-pt a C3 ; a o - s s- " a v FOURTH DISTRICT. Allen Smith Briggs Scat Chittenden Co. 1553 1479 22 Albans 77 71 05 79 03 132 65 150 47 63 132 04 41 17 52 54 100 90 8 27 3 67 35 103 87 225 197 170 150 30 79 90 40 119 20 162 133 105 10 23 58 134 71 42 37 05 30 50 20 7 20 1 10 79 3 9 Swanton airfield Sheldon corcia Fairfax ranklin nosburch Bcrkshiro South Hero ighgato Johnson Hydepark Sterling Watervillo Eden ambridgo raftsbury Jay Lowell owport roy Weslfiohl Irasburgh oventry The Montreal Courier of the 29th ult. says Wo learn, upon good authority, inai tho Crown Law Officers of England havo set aside tho trial of Southerland as illegal on tho ground that ho vas not taken, nor proved to have been inarms, and that his caso was not therefore, cognizablo by the aw, by which it was permitted, for a period, to try such oiTondcrs. GREAT SOLAR ECLIPSE. Mn. Stact As ihe solar eclipse, which s to occur on tho lGth inst. will, (if the sky be clear,) be a phenomenon of considerable interest to a largo portion of tho United Stales, 1 have thought that it might not be amiss to direct the attention of your rca era to it. Having icvicwcd tho catcula lions of tho eclipse wi'.h some care, I givo you the following as the result in mean time at Burlington ; tho latitudo of Burling- on being taken at 44 2V north, and the longitude at 73 15' West from tho royal observatory at Greenwich First contact, or begining Sept. !8, 3h, 9im. P.M ureniest (luscuration . - . . Last contact, or end .... 5h,43m. Duration of iho Eclipse 2h. 33m, Magnitude, (tho sun's diameter being 1,) 91, or about 11 digits. The appearance f the sun, at the time of its greatest obscu ration, is very nearly exlrbited in the ac acompanying diogram. For the conven ienco of such as may wish to observe the exact timo of tho bcg;nning and ending f tho eclipse, it may be stated that the eclipso will begin on the right hand of the sun's disc ot a point 96 from the sun'i vertex, or highest point, ond that it will -r end on the left hand of the sun's disk at point 79" from tho sun's vertex. The ap parent diameter of tho Moon being less than that of tho sun, this eclipso will bo annular in the neighborhood of those places where it is central. The path of the ccn ral and annular eclipso will commence about 3o from tho north pole, pass very near the polo and after crossing British America, will enter the United States upon alto Superior; thence taking a southeasterly course, it will cross tho corner of Wiscon sin, tho stale of Michigan, the northeast corner of Ohio, tho western part of Pcnn sylvania, a part of Maryland, and Virginia and leaving iho continent near the mouth of Chesapeake bay, it will end in Lat, 33 51' N., and Long. 57a29' W. This eclipse I bo visible to tho whole of North Amcr ica and lo a small portion of South Ameri Z. T. Burlington. Sf-pt. o. in3B. NEW YORK MARKET. Flour is without (lie least change, 73 to 7i fur good common lira mis, nml 7. tu 7i nro the Fieauy prices. 15 ut little boutliern here, nnu no a tcrul iuii in price. u rain. Lorn declined in tuo early part ot the uct-k lo S5 87 cciii8, wciglu, nt which ceverul rargos liae been fold, iind nt wliicli it is quite lirni. v neat. A lolol Imeisn wlicat Fold at ME ; ilicre is mill about 20,000 lni:liels of this da pciiption inuolil. New wheal comes in very epar mgly, the last cargo ol Virginia sold nt 137. K is without die 6i"luest cliuugo n dollar is ti Bieailv price. Wool, I Hero is n lair uusiiicbs iiomgnmon; I lie dealers in foreign wool. In American fleec we learn lliu biiidiieis is moderate and willioti change in prices. Native American fleece, 30 lo 3R to 4 ; iilood merino 3b lo to . ; do. 40 lo 4u lull Hood merino nnd baxon 15 to 55. Tho Now York Express of Saturday re marks; Vessels Irom hurnpo aro droppin in with a lew uavs later ititolllconco fro Europe; Ihoy however have nothing of mi purtnncc. tuo arrivals oi iirilish good are large, and aro very acceptable to male our assortments complete. Thcro largo trado at present, particularly fro tho South Pearl street lias not been busy in a ycor. Thero is every indication that tho fall trado will commence with great spirit. Confidence has greatly in crctiscu and uusincss inanities readily a forded. Tho South aro paying off thoi largo debt. Our hotels are filled with strangers, ond every thing denotes a beltc (state of things. JV Y, paper. The Elections. In two months from this timo our elections will ho upon us. Aro wo, as a party, prepared ? Are wo so organized as to ensure success, if honest efforts and sincere dovotion to tho causo can ensure it? Our adversaries it cannot bo too often repeated aro sleepless and untiring ; and they aro as boastful as though they had never been beaten. In this pro cccding they calculate upon the moral infiu enco which a confident tone and an assured countcnanco aro so apt to produco upon tho wavering and tho timid, and we hnvc had occasion, within a few days to perceive that this old arlifico has not been without effect upon some of our own friends. In so far os this may lead them to increased and moro resolute activity and efforts, wo arc glad lo find this result produced ; but as a matter of fact, which is to dispirit ex ertion or discourage hope, it must not for a moment bo yielded to. Wo entertain not a particle of doubt, that tho Stnto will bo Whig by a largo mojority. Wo entertain as little, that the city will bo ours as now it is if only thot Whigs do their duty in voting, and tako duo caro that others, not qualified, do not neutralize legal votes. The game, then, is in our own hands ; we can beat if we will and if we do not, wo hall beiusitly deemed by our fcllow-coun- try-men, delinquents to our most sacred trust and highest earthly duties. JV. F. American. Anticipated Indian Hostilities. Wo find in tho Nashville Banner of the 22d instant, on interesting correspondence be tween Maj. General Gaines and Governor Cannon ol Tennessee, respecting the meditated hoslilo movements of tho Chero kco and other indtau tribes on tho Western rontior, some general notice of which was published in this paper a few days ago. Wo publish below Gen. Gaines's letter to Governor C , which discloses tho charac- cr of tho supposed hoslilo movomcnt, and the disastrous effects which,in tho General's opinion, must arise from it to tho frontier settlements, unless tho measures ho indi cntc3 arc promptly taken to prevent them. Vo cannot but hope, however, with tho editor of tho Banner, that the object of the Indians in holding the council has been misconceived, and that no hoslilo designs are entertained by them. They may have been called together by tho Chorokccs to take into consideration matters of business ffecting their mutual interests. One of tho most engrossing themes of he English press is Alaishal bourr, and the attentions paid to him. Tho whole nation seems Soult'mad, and tho Marshal s engaged in a contest of civilities with his Id ontauonist, Wellington, nnu with, ndeed, tho whole English people. Tho haracter of Father Bull shows well in these demonstrations of respect to one who, nder Napoleon, once occasioned his armies 60 much trouble. Extreme jealously of Russia is very prevalent now, both in England and in France. Somo crafty penny-a-liner has taken advantage of this Iceling in London, and produced a hoax in a pamphlet, pre tending to bo a translation ol a paper stolen from tho secret archives ot Kussia, to which the signaluro of the Emperor Nicholas was appended. It proposes a division of Franco between England, bpain, Holland, Prussia, Austria, Bavaria, ond Rome, reserving mall portions lor Charles a, and Louis Philippe. Victoria received also her duo sharo ol notice, and, as will be seen by extracts among our foreign news, has quite an ori ental idea of luxury. From Mexico. A private letter from Tampico received at Now Orleans, dated July 23d, states that the differences be- wean tho Ficnch and Mexican Govern ments will not be cither readily or promptly torminatcd. It was expected that the blockade would bo more rigorously main tained than ever, as several vessels had succeeded in eluding the vigilance of the French squadron. Tho rumor still was rifo that a change in the Mexican ministry would alone renew pacific relations be tweon the two countries. Tho expected departure of fifteen French vessels then at Brest, for the Mexican coast has been reported in Mexico. A number of troops wore to accompany this licet. British America. It appears that the governors ot tho British provinces, incliid ing New foundland, arc about to assemble at the summon of the governor general, the Earl of Durham, fair George Arthur, tho Governor of Upper Canado, was met on a tour he vas making, by an express, which called him forthwith to that place btr John Harvey and air Colin Cumpbel aro ordered thero, or havo arrived, and (he Andromacho fngato has gone to New fuundland, whenco sho is to tako captain Proscott, the governor of thot island, nnd on her return call at princo Edward's Isl and lor the lieut. governor, Sir C Filzroy, and convey them to (Quebec. Internal improvement in Canada, Sinco tho arrival ot Lord Durham, the Canadians appear to have run mad on tho subject of internal improvements. Tho most magnificent works are prelec ted on paper,but where the money requisite for their cont-lructinti is to bo obtuincd, is not stated. Lord Durham will hardly pay tho expense out of his own pocket, anil Great lirituin, wo talto it, will not advance manv millions more for the benefit of a dis lant Colony, until she is assured it can bo mado mora profitable to hor than it has been for years past. Ono of tho plans of improvement, is to render tho St. Lawrence, above Montreal, navigable for ships, and t lion mnko a ship canal from Lake Ontario to Lake Erie ! This project has found especial favor with our Clcaveland friends, who nro felicitating themselves, in advance, with tho idea that t liny shall soon soo at their wharves ships direct from London and Liverpool ! The latest plan, however, and ono that appears tho most icasioic, is to connect Lako Ontario ol tho bay of Quinte, with tho Georcian bay of Ealto Huron. Nature has very nearly effected a com muiiication between tho two great lakes on tho routo proposed, and all that is necessa rv to ncrfect tho work is to improva tho navigation of the river Trent, for which gram has already been mado, and construct canals at a small expensn between Gcnr gian bay. lako Simcuc, Rico, iako and tho river. Tho distance from Montreal to lako Huron, by this routo is 440 miles less than by tho Wclland canal and lako Erie. Buf falo Jour. From Jamaica. Wo havo files of Kingston Papers to tho 13th of August, ro cioved by tho packet ship John W. Carter, Capt. Crane. The first of August, tho day on which I ho federal apprentices were set free, passed in quietness throughout tha island. The nogroos on a large nutnbor of estates rcfuso to work for any thing like tho wages tendered them by tho planters, and il is stated in tho Dispatch of the 1 lib that the accounts from tho country of the desertion of the negroes from their respec tive occupations, is truly deplorable. Cat. tlo destroying tho cane pieces, and coffoo dropping from tho trees to rot upon the ground, arc ino general icaiurcs ot iho in telligence which the letters from tho differ ent parishes communicate. The overseers on manv of the estates have been loft with out i. singlo domestic, and serious loss is contemplated beforo tho manufacture of produce can bo resumed. Tho stipendiary magistrates and JJaptist preachors are loudly censured for recommending the no. grocs to hold out for higher wages than tho planters can alloru to givo tor held la bor. Tho nccrocs aro generally rcproscn ted as cheerful and contented, and willing lo resume work for what they deem reason ablo wages, from 2s. Cd. to 5s. per day. Jy. Y. Gaz. Americans in Canada. Tho indis criminate attention which has been paid by Lord Durham to American strangers is working its own euro. Tho citizens of the srrcat universal nation of generals and colo ncls who have visited Quebec, havo been feasted and feted and requested to review the troops in tho garrison, as if they had been each, and all, foreign potentates, to whom tho greatest respect was duo. In this way have the Iwo regiments of guards been inspected by men who know no more about military duty than the man in the moon, and it has been only requisite for a Yankee shop kecpor to put tho magical let tcrs U. S. A. after his name in tho book nt his hotel, to insure him invitations to the Chatteau, and the different regimental messes. Montreal Her Mutiny on board a whaleman. The whalcship John nnd Edward, belonging to the Messrs. isillings, ot INow London arrived at that port on Wednesday, with fifteen hundred barrels of oil From a whal ing cruise having been obliged to return with half n cargo in consequence of the mutiny of tho crew. Sixteen of the hand have been six months in irons. Captain Bailey having succeeded in quelling th mutiny by the spirited measures taken by himself and his oflicors, and tho faithful portion ot his men. Tho mutineers were put on board a pi I lot boat and sent to Now Haven immediately upon the arrival ot the ship at New-London. Painful accident. Drowned in Ottc Creek in Weybridgo, on tho 17th ult Goorgo Wood, aged 19 vcars : also E.ra Smith, son of bteplicn P. Lathrop, Esq aged 1G years. They, with another young man were bathing, when Wood, strangling called for assistance to tho others who had come on shore. Fearing that he would cling lo them if thny touched him, youn Lathrop sprang into the water and told Hi other young man lo hand him a stick, with which ho swam to Wood and requested him to tako hold of it : but not succeeding in this plan, he seized him by the hair tn draw him on shore, when Wood locked his arms around him and they both sank to gether. They rose once, closed in each others arms, and cried for help ; but the young man on shore could not reach them before they were swallowed up in a watery grare. Wood was found in o short time ; Lathrop in about tl.reo or four hours. Thus havo two young men in all the bloom of youth left their friends lo mourn their loss. "The voico of iliis alarming Fccnc May every heart obey." Corn in the west. The Cenlerville, (Indiana) Chronicle thus speaks of some corn now growing in that town : On Mnndov morning last we measured several stalks of corn in different lots in Ibis town, and found them from fourteen feet five inche.t In sixteen feet eight inches high. Tho tallest stalk we measured was in tho lot of Mr. Israel Abrahams at the west end of Main street where we counted from five to cloven perfect ears on a stalk. This is tho celebrated Baden corn, sent from Washington city last spring bv our representative in Congress, the Hon. James Uaridcn. We have not had limo to go out to Mr. Rariden's farm, where there is a ton acre field of com to find tall stalks, but arc informod that the field looks like a forest, and will average four cars to a stalk.- This corn is rather late, being fo high that it will require a lunger timo lo ripen than the common kind. Value of one vole. The value of a single vote in n closely contested election, is for cibly shown in tho following paragraph from tho Raleigh, N. C Register ; Al the recent elections in this state, two ot the Whig candidates,) Messrs. Mooro of Hali. fax, end Murcluson of More, were defeated by one voto : and Messrs. Mangum, of Or nngo, Harris of Cabarrus, and Gudger, of Buncombe, by stx voles each." Indian Disturbances, Gen. Gaines has written to Gov. Cannon, of Tennesseo expressing his npprchonsion of a general rising of tho Indians on our Western Frontier, whero they can bring 20,000 warriors to ravago far and wulo, the wiiito settlements in that region. Tho General wants 10,000 volunteers from Kentucky and Tennessee, and the Govornor of tho last named State, has answered that ho is ready to furnish his quota at a moment's warning. Our Government was abund antly forewarned of tho great error of policy In concentrating, instead of keeping separate, those numerous Indian tribes. But of how many mistakes have they not been pro-advised, of which nevertheless, tho disaster has fallen heavily upon our country. The dead relieved, Congress at its last session, among othor acts passed ono "for iho relief of John Mc Carty, deceased." The government has frequently been acctis. cd of a desiro to extend its authority and encrojen on tuo rights of tho governed ; but we had no idea ihoy designed to stretch their power wyonu the grave Bait, sun Niagara Prisoners Re'Reprikved. A gentleman who left Chippewa yestorday forenoon, brings assurances that Chandler, Waltc, McEcod, and Bcanier, havo been reprieved until somo time in October next. Buffalo Star of Saturday. Wheat. Wheat is now sollim? at Whito Pagoon Prarie, Michigan, ot fifty cents per bushel. Tho crops aro abundant. At Lockport. on tho other hand, tho farm. ors aro getting from $1,44 lo $1,50 per RATiinuN Allen. This individual passed through tho city on Saturday heavily roneii, in custody ot some ol llio Uutlalo officers, on his way to that city. Ho is the nopiiowot the notorious Uutlalo forger, Italhbun, nnd has beeu arrested on a requi sition of Gov. Marcy. N. Y. Times. Tho Hon. Felix Grundy sent in his to signotion as U. S. Senator of Tennesseo on tho 20th inst ! Ho will enter on the duties of his new appointment of Attorney ucneral ot tbo United States on the 1st of September. Baltimore American. Tho cost of issuinrr tho i20.000.00O Treasury Notes by tho Government, was $20,000, Nono of thoso notes wero less than gjO, and yet for the engraving, regis tering, and signing of them, tho exponso amounted to almost as much as tho PrcsU dent s salary ! Oh, economy, economy t Tho Bangor Whig states that ono thou and stands of arms had arrived in that city for tho purpose of equipping the Lin coln regiment ot Irontier miltlia. Th is would certainly seem to indicate tho truth of the statements made with regard to Uovcmor ivcnt's determination to mako the survey of tho boundary line, by tho aid, if ncccs?ary, of military force. Thero may bo no reality in tins view of tho caso, but it looks so, at all events. Missount. According to a tabularstato ment in the St. Louis Republican of tho 22d ult., the parly strength in tho Legisla ture elect will stand as follows: Senato, Whig, 13; V. B. 20. House of Repre. scntatives, Whig 39, V. B. 58. Van Bu ren majority on joint ballot 26. Van-Burcn majority lest year 82 ! Tho Si. Louis Argus claims a majority of about G00O for the loco foco stato ticket. March or mind An honest farmer in the State of Pennsylvania, married a Miss from a fashionable boarding school for hi second wife. Ho was strock dumb with her eloquence; and gaped with wonder at his wife's learning :' You must (said he), bore a hole through the solid airth, and chuck in a millstone, and she'll tell you to a shavin how long the stone will be goin clean through, Sho has larnt kimistry and cockneyology, and talks a heap about ox hides ond comical infinities. I used for to think that il was air that I sucked in every time that I expired; howsomever.she tilled me that sho knowed better she telled mo that I had been sucking in two kinds of gin ox gin and high gin! My stars! I'm a tumbledown teetowiul teniparanco man. and yet havo been drinking ox gin and high gin all my life !' The Mormons Tho disturbance with, the Mormons in Missouri, seoms to be as suming a serious aspect. A letter from- Uutlalo City, under date of Aug. 11, pub lished in the St. Louis Gazotte, savs, 'A disturbance! has broken out in Caldwell county, between the Mormons and othsr ci'.izens. 1 have not heard what was tho commencement, but it is stated hero that Smith is going round with a company of from 100 to 150 armed men, headed by Ly man White, for the purpose nf getting- inoso persons who no not belong to their Church to sign a paper promising not to molest them, I am told that they compel thoso to sign who aro not willing." A dep utation has left Richmond to reoucst Smith and White to surrender to the civil author ity. IT they do not do so, it is the intention of the Militia of this county to go and bring them in, Thomas P. Moore, commonly called " Free T mil Moore" lately mado an at tempt in open daylight to tako the life of George D. Prentice, the editor of the Lou isville Journal. Tho attempt failed, main ly owing, wo should judgo, from tho want uf nerve on ihepartofMoorcto accomplish what ho had the ferocity to design. Sinco then, both parties havo published slate meiitsoftho affair. Mr. Moore, with a degrrc of impudence which is amazing in a civilized country, coolly avows his mur derous intentions, and his designs still en tertained to accomplish them. Surely there must boa laxity in tho laws, or their execution, in a state whero a man is allow ed to go about armed for such a purpose, and without the check of being put under bonds An Arrest. An individual named Chris, tie, who is said to be ono of tho Royal Navy, nnd whoso name is among those vho ivore indicted in Niagara county, for llio murders committed on board the steamboat Caroline nt Schlusscr, was arrested in this city on Wednesday last, on a warrant issued by J, D. Harly, esq., and committed to prison. He arrived in tho steamboat Red Jacket, from Chippewa, and had taken passago on board tho steamboat Rochester for the far west. His examination com menced this morning before Justice Barton, and is to bo resumed this evening. Buff. Com. Adv. The Erie Gazotto contains a list of citi zens of that county who havo renounced sub-trensuryism and all its work, and aro determined to voto for Joseph Ritner. They will havo plenty of company on the 2d Tuesday in October. U. S. Gaz, The NAvr. It has been conjectured that the recent official attack upon the na vy was designed for tho purposo of com pelling a gcnoral resignation of the officers of that arm, with a view of opening a largo fountain ofofllcial patronage, the streams of which, directed according to llio prac tices of the present administration, would be used to strengthen tho parly vote, If the institution at West Point woro to ba destroyed, commissions in the army, in like manner, would becomo a part of tho "spoils of victory." Sinco tho bench of tho Su preme Court of tho United Statos has been invaded by the demon of party Epirit, why should wo hopo for immunity to the army and navy? Tho officers must hold on, however and hope for better times,

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