Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, September 14, 1838, Page 3

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated September 14, 1838 Page 3
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REPRESENTATIVES EIiECT. Tho following in ndtlition to what wo published Inst week, makes tho list of mem bers very nearly or qulto complete. Tho names of Van Buren members arc printed in italic, by way of distinction ; and it is cortainly a very marked distinction to bo a Van Buren man in tho lower Hotieo Ikis year. Only think of a disconsolate Loco Foco, loft "solitary and alone," to represent a whole county ! turn, and COUNTV. Benson, Wm, Field. Brandon, Franklin Fnrrington, Castlcton, Hyde Wcstover Clarendon, J. A. Hoyes Chlttcndnn. Capcn Leonard, jun. Danbv, Rufus Bucklin.jun. Foirhavcn, Adams Duiton Hubbardton, Selh II. John Iro, n" Mention, J. K. Parsons Middlctnwn, Jonathan Morgan Mount Ilollcy, Chancey Cook. Orwell, Ira Young Pittsfictd, Amos Holt. Poult ncy, Aninn Bailey. Pituford. S. II. Kellogg. Rutlacd, Solomon Foot. Shcrbtine, Silns Colton Shcwsbury. Elisha Johnson, Jun. Sudbury, John C. Sawyer. Tinmouth, C. Brewer Wallingford, John Fnx. Wcsthavon, Jamns Forbes. Moount Tabor, C. Bujfum. ESSEX COUNTY. Bloomficld, V. Salem. Brunswick, T. G. French. "Brighton, Canaan, Joshua Morris. Concord, David Ilibbard 3d. Granbv, Ashley Appleton. Guildhall, John Dewey. Luminglon, W.'C. Jenness. Lunenburgh. Jonah Brooks jr. Maidstone, Joseph Rich. BENNINGTON COUNTY. Arlington, J. Becbe, Bennington, S. II. Blacktner. Dorset, A. Blanchard. Glastonbury. A. G. Hewes. Landgrove, D. Wylie, Manchester, A. L. Miner, Pownal, D. Gardner. Peru, J. Baicheldor, Rupert, S. Sherman, Sandgatc, S. Coswell. Searsburg, Earns, Shafisbury, J. Howard. Stamfsrd, Lake. Sunderland, A. Graves. Winhall, F. Kidder, Woodford, J. Knapp, WINDHAM COOTTY. Brattleboro. Colviu Townsley, Guilford. V. Bullock. Vernon, Ebenezor Howe jun. Puiiipv. F. Moore. Marlboro'. Simeon Adams. Brooklm, S. Adnms. Westminster, Stoddard. Rockingham, A. Wcntworth. Newfane, James Elliot Wardsboro, E. Whcelock. Lonhonderty. A. Pierce. WIND50H COUNTY. Andovcr, J. Dodge, jon. Barnard. Ebenoxer Atwood, Jun. Bethel, Thomas, P. Rus?cll. Bridgewater, Isaiah Raymond. Cavendish. Joseph While. Chester, Horace Onion. Hnrlford, John Porter. IJorlland. Daniel Ashley. Ludlow, Sewall Fullum.jun. Norwich, ThomnB Ilazcn. Pomfret, Hewett. Reading, Solomon Keyes. Royalton. David Whcelock. Sharon, Alexander F. Bean. Springfield, Abnor Field. Stockbridge, Meruick Gay. Wcathcrsfirld, Barnnbvs Dean. Windsor, Charles Hopkins. Woodstock. John Moulion. Plymouth made no election, Baltimore, Rochester and Weston not heard from all whig towns. CALEDONIA COUNTY. Danville. Samuel B. Mattocks Barnet, Walter Harvey Peacham, Moses Martin Sheffield, Harris Smith Whcelock, William Sanborn Waterford, James Works. Lyndon. Benj Walker Sutton, William Hutchimon Burke, A. Burrington Newark, doubtful Kirby. Seth Borroughs St, Johnsbury, Erastus Fairbanks Groton, J. Darling Byegate, Robert Whitelaw. ORLEANS COUNTY. Albany, Wells Allen Brownington. J Huntnon Barton, A. C. Robinson, Conservative. Charleston, Silas Gilkey, Craltsbury, W. I. Robinson Derby, Chester Carpenter Aolland, Jason Hinman Lowell, Herod Farman Morgan, Ira Seamnns, Ncwort, Sumner Frost, Troy. D. II. Bard Salem, Samuel Blake, jr. Westmore, Peter Gilman, OnANfiE COUNTY. Newbury, Moody Chamberlain, "Twill go with my Parly if it goes to the v Devil!" John tairnciu, lory candidate lor Governor, in Maine We labol tho obovo loco foco "the home ward bound." Troy Mail. Wo have no enmitv to tho Vice Presi dent. We hone that he may live to good old age, and then die calmly in tho arms of his wife. Western talesman. In that case, tho verdict of inquest will be "Died in the wool." Louisville jour. Dr. Duncan finds it difficult, as he soys, to christen tho Whiu party. Wo do not wonder at it. Wo onco heard of a drunken preacher, who when about to baptize child, was unable to recollect its name After puzzling hia gin. soaked brain for a few moments, ho turned round and ex claimed with a perplexed and maudlin stare at hia congregation "Why this is the most oirhculi cnuu to christen (hat i ever eaw in my life." Prentice, SAID A FOX TO A GOOSE. Or, Calhoun and Van Buren, Sn lil n fox to n pooec, (From ii furiii liouo let loose, And Humeri! to la pluming n feather, " Dear Oooso, Im)v d' ye do ! 'l'U slningc and jet true, That j on and 1 meet here together t Together I That you nnd I mccl hero together." Said llie goose, with n flnrc, " Air, Fox nro you there 1 And to see j on, indeed, is u pleasure. In truth, I inuM pay, That your visit, lo-dav, Is roily n delight beyond mcafiirc 'Yond measure," Sec. Says I ho fox, " then we'll walk, And like ft lends to I it lk , And ncter was teen finer weather." Sns i lie gnato, " cuudcr Grungo Has foihade mo to range, Or else we would trnicl togeilicr Together," &c. Said ilic fox, " let him he, Take an airing wlih me, Ami lirar linlli ilic goldfinch and linnet, On the love of ii fiicnd Can't ou, goosey depend 1 And" snapt ofT her head in a minute ! A minute ! And" snapt off her head in a minute ! No man in trade, or even a farmer, can prosecute his business to advantage without he regularly gets Ins newspaper. M A It K I E D . At I lie Chapel of the Episcopal Institute in Bur llngtou,on Monday, l lie lOili hist, hy the Itcv. Z. Thompson, !1r. Julius G. McNeil, ofCliarlotic, to .Miss Dedby 11. 1'ECKltAM, of Slicllmrn, DIED At Alhurgli Springs on the 2d inst. Mrs. Mary Mills, wife of Mr. Samuel Mills. Just received, 1 case Cassimcrcs, for fall trade. heavy Sept. 13, 1830. LYMAN Sc COLE POWDER. tyfi Kegs powder, various qualities, 'Fair "lawn Mills' superior to any in tins market, just ree'd by T. F. & W. L. Strong . Snot. 15, IC3!I. ANTED in exchange for Goods 1000 yds homo grey Cloths 500 yds domestic Flannels 100 doz. pairs men's Socks 100 pairs women's domestic Hose. Sept. 13, 1838. LYMAN & COLE. TAX OP $400 On Goods, not chargeable tj Customers. I AM paying it from another fund, as I can get it, by instalments, viz: I paid .Mr. Lane the tax collector on the 10th of March my check on Bank of Bur lington for $40 78, and yesterday was ena bled to give him another check on the tame bank for $59 30 more towards taxe9, and shall pay dim snmc tiinrc as soon ns he says he must have it. I have a great many goods to sell, and purchasers so numerous thnt I have not lime to sell dear. Fancy and Staple articles of every description of merchandize, for sale cheap, at the cheap cash store of S. EARL HOWARD. P. S. No Windsor Money for sale. Sept 12. 1838. Pangborn & Brinsmaitl HAVE recently returned from Now York, where they havo purchased a great many articles necessary to keop their exten sive variety in as good order as ever. As it is the Hurlington fashion to go into particu lar!-', wo inform tho curious that tho goods wero snipped "per Troy Tow boat," " caro Comslock Si Co." "By atcatn on the lake." Mr. Pangbom returned via Saratoga, White hall and Lako Champlain. Mr. liriiismaid via Hartford, Springfield, Amherst, Brattlo horough, Royalton and Montbclicr. Soino of tho goods are sold, and we havo been under the fatern necessity of ordering more, which wo expect will bo hero next week. Among the articles recently received nro Bosom l'iris. Finger rings, Bead Bags, Gold Chains, fino linen liosoms, various prices, fino stocks, in fants Hair Brushes, ivory Whistles and rings, German silver Spoons and Sugar Tongs, Mo hair Caps, Brass and Steel Snuffers and stands, tooth, nail, and hair Brushes, Blacking and fchoo lirushes, tho genuine Morrisons Pills, mado hy James Morison tho hygoist, at London. Our assortment, never heforo sur pascd, is receiving additions almost, if not quite every week. Wo sell for cash only. Variety bhop. Fanobokn & Brinsmaid. Watch and Clock repairers, and bilver smiths, IN. II. As wo havo tho remark Ircnucntly mado to us hy our friends that " they would liked to havo called and looked through tho variety shop when they wero in town, hut not wishing to buy, they did not liko to trouble us, wo wish every man, woman, and child to understand that we liko to t-co tlicm, if they only call to look, and wo wish them to come and bring all their frionds too, at any time, and if thoy do not wish to buy any thing, wo shall keep on working, and if they do wish to sco or buy any thing, wo shall be roady to at lond to ihem tho moment they make their wisncs Known; but wo shall not lollow thoni around tho room and urgo goods upon thorn when they do not wish to buv. Wo wish to soli goods when pcoplo como to buy, but when they do not "wo dont know how." Wo have ono price and no abaicmonl, to which wo in. tend to confine ourselves. Men. women, and children pay tho sarno prico at tho varioty snop, sept. ii. mas Chance for Coopers. WAJNTKD immediately GOO Oak Bocf Bar rels, by the subscribers, for winch cash will ho paid. D. & D. A KIMBALL Burlington, Sept. 7, 1830. REAL ESTATE for SALE. HE undersigned offers for sale, tho three story brick building next cast of tho book i store. store, on college 6t root, con taining dwelling, store and rooms for offices Alio the brick house with ihrcc fourths ol an aero of land occupid by Doct. Hatch on white street. AUo the building occupied by Messrs. Hamblin and Mead, and C Merritt, on Collcgo street, containing Joiners shops, Dwellings &c. Also the place occupied by Mr R. P. Tibotts on the corner of Pear) nnd Champlain streets. Pos6eBsiun given 1st of April and May next and to some parts oi the premises tins au tumn. H. LEAVENWORTH. Sept. 10, 1838. New Boot & Shoe Store. THE subscriber ofTcrs for salo at tho Grocn store, two doors south of N. Lovoly's, a general ussotlmcnt of ladies and gentlemen's tools and Shoes, which ho will sell on tho most reasonable, terms. Edward J. Fay. Church-street, ) Burlington, Sept. 14 $ CAMP MEETING. THE Steam Boat Macdnnough will leave Burlington on Sunday morning tho IGih iust., nt half past 7 o'clock A. M touch ing at Port Kent, Port Jackson, and Plaits, burgh, and arrive at the Camp Ground at 12 o'clock. Returning, leaves the Camp Ground about 5 o'clock, touching at all the inter mediate ports. Burlington, Sept. 13, 1838. STATE OF VERMONT, ) District nt' Chittenden, ss. The Hon. the Probate Court for the Dis trict of Chittenden, To all persons con cerned in the estate of Mcriel Rice, late of Burlington, in said District, deceased. GREETING. WHEREAS, Alvan Footc, administra tor of the estate of said deceased, proposes to render an account of his admin istration, and present his account against said estate for examination and allowance, at a session of the court of Probate to be holden at tho Register's office in Burling ton on the sixth day of October next. Therefore, You ore hereby notified to appear before said Court at the timu and place aforesaid and show cause, if any you have, why the account aforesaid should nut bo allowed. Given under my hand at Burlington, thm 12th day ofSoptember. A. D. 1838. CHARLES RUSSELL, Judge. STATE OF VERMONT, DtsTnicT or Chittenden, ss. s AT a Probate Court holden at Burling ton within and for the District afore said on tho 12th day of September A. D. 1833. An Instrument purporting to be the last Will and Tcstainentnf Samuel Ilolgatc, late of Milton, in said District decensrd, was presented to the Court here (or Pro bate, hy Peggy Holgate and Harvey Ilul gnte the Executors therein named. Therefore it is ordered by said uourt, that public notice be grven to all persons concerned therein to appear before said Court, at a session thereof to he holden at the Register's office in said Burlington, on the second Wodnesday of October A. I). 1833, and contest the probate ofsaid Will, and it is fuithcr ordered that this order be published three weeks successively in the Freo Press a newspaper printed at Bur lington, in this State, the last of which shall be previous to the day assigned, ns aforesaid for hearing. (iiven under my hand at the Register s Office this 12th day of September, A. D. 1838. Wm. WESTON, Register. Amasa Snaulding's Estate. WE tho subscribers having licen appoint ed hv tho lion, tho probate court for tho district of Chittenden, commissioners to re ceive, examine and adjust all claims and de mands of all persons against thoestaloof Ama. sa Spaulding lalo of Jericho in said district, deceased, represented insolvent, and also all claims and demands exhibited in olisct there to; and six months from tho day of tho dato hereof, being allowed by said court for that purpose, wo do therefore heieby givo notice that wo will attend to tho business of our appointment, at tho dwelling of IloscaSpaul. ding, in Jericho in said district, on tho 2d Mondays of October and January noxt, at 10 o clock ,. iU, on each ot said days. Dated this 20th day of July A U. 1838. ELIAS BARTLKT, Commis. LYMAN FII.LD, S sioners. To Wood Choppers. Git ISBN'S AXES A SUPPLY of the tibove celebrated Axes, just received, and for sale by the dozen or single, by the subscriber. KOHHUT MOODY. 5 T II EDITION. Trade good and business increasing. HOWARD Of the Cheap Cash Store, HAS at length returned from N. York and other markets without being obliged lo go to Europe in the etcniner Ureal Wettcrn for Ins supply, as has been said by some pcrt-ons that he would; but not go, he could not be spared, Ins custom ers required him nt home, his Tax for vacuity as a Merchant of .100 by the town must be provided for. The infamous Windsor money loss of I50 Iiob been pocketed, and will be referred to tho Leg islature. So that having now altogether one of the most extensive, best selected, and cheapest bought assortments of Goods Wnres, and Merchandize, that was ever before offered in the public at his Grand Bazaar Cheap Lash Establishment, where he is ready with his 4 clerks and no other engagements on hand, to distribute accord ing lo Iho desires ol customers any amount of goods they may wish at cither wholesale or retail. JNo charge lor showing uoous Como and sec. S. EARL HOWARD. P. S, As some Goods havo been inir chased under (he cost of importation prices and will be sold low, it may be an object to scnu irom a distance. Orders with cash will receive attention, nnd goods sent low us if customers wero present. September 1, 1838. ' I 'HL subscriber is now opening and - offers for 6ale on Invoice of mill, cir cular, cross cut and pit Saws, of tho most appruvuu insKB ana QEBoriea sizes. July IB. Rodekt Moony. PL THE stock of goods remaining on hand in tho store formerly owned by Mr. Lemuel Curtis will he sold at public nticl ion at taiil stnro commencing Monday Soptetn. bur 24, at 10 o'clock in the forenoon, and the sale will continue until nil sold. The stock consists of a largo stock of DRY GOODS, TEAS. CROCKERY. Sec. Sfc. N. LOVELY, Trustee. Burlington, Sept. 5, 1038. New Goods, $ Cheap Goods. THE subscriber has just returned from Now York with n largo nnd general assort nienl of Dry Goods, Dry Groceries, Crockery, China and Glass Ware, which he will sell unusually low for cash, Butter, or Grey full cloth. Noiii.e Lovely. Burlington, Sept. 5, 1030. Real Estate at Auction. TUB property lulely owned by Lemuel Curtis in Burlington, consisting of a large bruk store and a building occupied as a shoe shop, and the land on which the same stand, and noio holden by the subscriber in trust, Jor certain creditors of said Curtis, will be exposed for sale at public ac- tion at tht store on the same premises, on Saturday the first day of September next at 3 o'clock jr. the afternoon. Said propcily is under an incumbrance of Eighteen hun. dred dollars, and will be sold subject to said incumbrance, l ne two buildings will be sold togellier or sepcralclt) to suit the purchasers, NOBLE LOVELY, Trustee. Burlington. August 9, 03The above sale, stands adjourned to Saturday Oct. G, at 3 o'clock P. M. when the above will be sold without re serve, and possession given of tho store immediately, unless it should be previously disposed ot at private sale. N. Lovely. Sept. 3d, 183S. STATE OF VERMONT. ; DiSTIllCT OF ClIlTTCNOEN, SS. AT a probate court holdon at Burlington, within and for tho taid district on the Cth day of September, A. D. 1830, Present the Hon. Charles Russell, Judgo, an instru ment purporting to bo tho last" will and tes tament of Joseph Jones, lalo of Underbill, deceased, being presented to tho court here by Truman Sheldon, the executor therein named, for probate; it is ordered that all persons concerned therein be notified to ap. pear at a session of said court to be holdon at tho olfico of tho register of this court in Bur lington, in said district, on the second Wedncs. day of October next, and show nauso, if any, against tho probate of siad will, for which purpose it is further ordered that a copy of tho record of this order be published three weeks successively in tho Freo Press, printed at Burlington as soon us may bo. A truo copy of record. Attest WM. WF.STOM, Register. STATE OF VERMONT, 1 District ok Chittenden, ss. AT a Probate Court holden at Burling ton. within and for tho Dis-trict afore, said on the 27th day of August A. D. 11138. An instrument purporting to ho thn last will and testament of Jesse Woodruff, late of Muton, in said District deceased, was presented to the Court here tor Probate, by Snlly Woodruff the Executrix therein named. TnciiF.FonE it is ordered by said Court, that public milieu he given to all persons concerned therein to appear before said iourt, at a session thereof in be holden at Burlington, mi iho second Wednesday of October, A. D. 1U38, and contest the probate of baid will, and it is further order ed that Ihi? order ho published three weeks successively in the Free Pre's a newspaper printed at Burlington, in this State, Iho last of which shall ho previous lo tho day signed, as nlorcsaid Tor hearing. Given under mv hand at the Register's Office, I his 27i h dav of August A. D. 1838. Wm WESTON, Register. VARNISH. rilllK niti-dibcr ling lliis dny icccived a supply JL l Va in i.-li Irom ono of die beal faeloricd in New Yoik, for co.icli and e.ilniiet maker's me. Ho bollcil llii'ir pellicular iiliciilion to lliin nrlicle, as lie can make ii in price, us uell ns In (pialilv, un object lor lliem tu buy. It. MUOIJY. August b. J. VV. WEAVER HAS received from New York and of fers fur salo FLOUR, PORK. WET Sf DR Y GROCERIES, BOOTS and SHOES, SHEETING, SHIRTING, CALICO S- CONFECTIONARY. ,-.. S(C. All bought with cash and will be sold fur cash at the lowest market prices MnoosKi City. Slug 22. 1838, Horse, Chaise and Harness FOR SALE. A gentleman has loft with Mr. J. K. Giuv, carriage maker of this village, to be sold on reasonablo terms for cash approved paper, ono light Chaise, Horse and Harness, all in excellent order, ami a very respectable establishment. They can bo purchased separately it required. Burlington, Aug. 22, 1838. Grain and Provisions. RYE, Corn and Iioans, also sniokod Hams and shoulders for salo by Pearl si. Aug. 4 II. M. GIDDINGS. SPELLING BOOKS. rrrv DOZ Webber's Elementary Spol 3JJ , lJook am offered for salo by JAMES W. HICKOK. Burlington, Aug. 10, 1833. Goolick's Matchless Sanative, For sale by CYRUS JOHNS. June 25, 3m Agent for Huntington, Vt. HARD TIMES, a now article for panta loons hy WAIT Si T A IK) It, PLAIN and striped cas&imcrcs, salincll, buffalo cloth, moleskin, &c. by WAIT & TABOR. ST. Croix and Portoricp sugars of the host quality, and prices lower than over hy WAIT and TABOR. For Sale or to Rent. THE Brick Store owned by Mr. J. S. Potwin, on church-st. apply to II. LttAVEikWuiiTii. August 30, 1838. WJMBER 1 HO OHO FEET clear and common kyjyj9yjyjKJ tlvffboardi, plank, clan boards, scanllin, cc for sale by 1JICKOK ft CATLJN. Chenille, Cashmere, Thibet & Chaly Snawls by Wait and Tabor. Large and Small Cashmere Scarfs by Wait and Taboii. O. II. S AXTOjV SURGEON DENTIST. OZce one door south of JV. B. HaswclVs sluclion and Commisuon Store. BURLINGTON, VI. TO MILLERS. BOLTING- CLOTHS. A GOOD assortment of first quality from a celebrated Manufacturer just received, and lor salo at tho mariiol prices by J. Si J. II. PECK & Co Aug. 23, 1838. FOB1 SALE. A SMALL Sloop, 25 tons burden, now mm. laying at St. Johns L. C. Said t-loop is only three years old. Tho sails and ringing were nil purchased in Montreal two years since, and hnve only been used to make two trips through the Lako, since which they have been housed. It can he delivered here or in St. Johns. For fur thcr particulars enquire nf tho subscriber in Burlington, or ofJameti McICenzm of St. Johns. JAMES II. PLATT. AuS. 23. 1838. Vermont Reports?, VOL. 9 WILL bo published in ono week, hy the subscriber. It will bo sent, if ordered, at once, to any part of tho Slate, or delivered at Montpelicr tho first week of tho session of Iho next Legislature Also for sale, Chipman'ti Reports compleio, Aikens' Reports, 2 vols. Alliens' Reports, odd parts or vols., odd vols. or complcto setts of Vermont Reports, Chip. man's Principles of Government, including tho constitution of the United Slates, Chipman on ContraclSjCtabb's History of tho Enrlih Law, English Common Law Repot Is. 30 vols. do do do odd vols. Equity Draftsman, now edition. Milford's Pleading do Digest ol'N. Y. Reports, 2 vols. Hall's do do do Hooves' Domestic Relations, Ecclesiastical Reports, 5 vols. Kent's Commentaries, vols. 3d edition greatly enlarged. Chilly's Practice, 3 vols. Swift's Digest. 2 vols. PclorsdorlY's abridgement, 15 vols. London edition, Walker's American Law, lluscoe'd Criminal Evidcnco, Grcsloy's Equity do Starkio's do 2 vols, now cd Russoll on Crimes 2 vols. Whcaton's Sclwyn's Nisi Prius 2 vols, with a general collection of law books at tho lowest prices. Also torsalo iho entire siocic ol Theological. Medical. Classical, School, and Miscellaneous books lately owned by Smith Al Harrington, boiii" tho most extensive collection nf books in the slato, and among thorn many rare and val. uable works all of which will bo sold at reduced prices a cataloguo of this slock will soon bo printed and forwarded lo nny person wishing it. Ciiauncey Goodrich. Burlington, August 21, 1838. STATE OF VERMONT, ) DisTiuc r oi' Chittenden, ss. nnO the Hon. supreme court next to be X holden at Hurlington in the county of Chittenden on the Thursday next prece ding the first Tuesday of January in ihe year of our Lord one thousand eight hun dred and thirty nine. Humbly shewuth Charles Farrar of Reading in the county nf Windsor, that at Plymouth in the county of Grafton, and btate of New Hampshire on the fourth day of Juno in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and tlur ly three ho was lawfully married to Mary Ann Eaitman, then of said Plymouth, by Noah Nichols, n minister of the gospel in said stale of New Hampshire, and from that time to the first day of March in iho year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and thirty. live, ho lived with said Mary Ann in tho strictest observance of all the duties required by the marriage covenant, when the said Mary Ann willully deserted your petitioner, nnd ever since hath and still doth continue her desertion hy living scperale and apart from your petitioner nnd refusing lo live with him as his wife, where fore your petitioner prays that occording to the provisions of the statute in such case made and provided, your honorable court would decree a divorce from his bond of inaiiimnny with 6nid Mary Ann. Daied at Rutland, in the county of Rut land, this 17th day of August, in the year of our Lord ei"hteen hundred and thirty eight. CHARLES FARRAR. URIEL C. HATCH, Attorney for Petitioner. ON Ihe. foregoing petition being present cd to mo the undersigned, it h represented by the petitioner that tho petitionee Inn absconded out of '.his state, and out of the reach of lenal process. It is therefuru or dered that the petitioner notify the pot t lioneo nf Iho pendency of said petition by publishing the substnnco thereof, and Hn. order and citalinn in tho Huiliuginn Free Press, printed at Burlington, in said slate ol Vermont, threo weeks successively, tho lai of which publication to be nt least six week heforo tho scission of tho court to which said petition is addressed, which shall he deemed sufficient notice to ihe petitionee lo appear nt said court and show causo il any she havn wny mo prayer oi said pell Honor should not bo granted. Given under my hand at Rutland, in the. county nf Rutland Un 20ih day of Angus! A. D. 183B C. K. WILLIAMS. Chief JuMice of Supreme couil BONNETS. A new supply at Sept. 1. 11138. HOWARDS. Pilot Cloth and Plaid Shawls, at tho new cash store, by hept. 0. Wait & Tahoh. DUMFRIES' REMEDY FOR THE rItp PITIES. lib proprietor begs leave to reenm JL mend (which he docs with tho fullest confidence) one of tho most vnhinblo reme dies known for this troublesome ond prim. fill complaint. Without going into detail, he tlccnis it enough m say, ho has in his possession tho most undoubted testimonial l hat it has more completely answered lha purpose for which il is intended, than any other popular medicine. This remedy is perfectly easy in its op. plication, to nil conditions ngesnnd sexes. Pull directions, description of the com plaint, &c. accompany each packet, which consists of two boxes, Ointment and Elei luary. Price, jjl for the whole or 50 cts. if but ono of tho articles is wanted. k4 Advertisement ! TO Tim ASTHMATIC AND CONSUMPTIVE. rjlHK most prevalent and fatal ol all tho JL diseases incident to civilized society the Consumption may generally bo traced to Iho least alarming of disorders, n slight hut Mglechd Cold ! By c?l iutntinn, it appears that one nuNimEn and fiktv thousand persons die annually of tho Consumption. Most of these dreadful results may he attributed to common Colds, and a negligent treatment of tho hnrrossing Cough that generally ensues, which is usuully followed by difficult breathing, pain in the side, and ai las't Ulcerated Lungs. Violent and repeuted Asthmatic attacks also bring on Consumplivo symptoms. One or two dollars expended in tho pur. chase of DR. RHLFB'S ASTHMATIC PILLS, and a little attention lo their timely admin ibtrntion, will usuully unsure a mitigation of these disorders, and generally effect a cur. The Pills are also nu nay nnd efi'ectual remedy for the i-ympionis preceding and accompanying the Alhma nnd Consump tion. For colds, coughs, difficulty of breath ing, tightness and strictures across the chest, wheezing, pain in tho side, spitting nf blood. &.c. Few cases can occur of any , of this cla ol iiisnrilers. in which the pur chasers of Dr. Itolfo's Pill will not find n rich rctorn for their trifling expenditure. Price - whole boxes, 30 Pills, l j half do 12 Pilli. 50 ets. TvS TEE INDIES ! WHITE and sound Teeth are both on ornament nnd a blessing. The best, security for their advantage is to bo found in the use of the BRITISH ANTISEPTIC DENTRIFICE. This elegant Tooth Powder, with u very litllo use, cradicatea tho Scurvy in the gums, and prevents the accumulation of Tarter, which not only blackens, but. loosens the teeth, nnd acccleratesj their decay. The Dentrifice thus removes the prevailing causes of offensive breath, pre serves the healthiness and floridness of the gums, ond renders Iho teeth beautifully white. Price 50 cents. None are genuine unless signed on the outside printed wrapper, by the solepro prieor, T. KIDDER, immediate successor. of the lalo Dr. W. T. Conwav. For sale at his Counting Room, over No. 00, Court slrcet, near Concert Hall, Boston, and also by hi- t-pccial nppninlmeni. by J. & J. II. PECK & Co. Burlington. Vt. A CERTAIN CURE FOR THE XTOH. OWEVER inveterate, in one hour's application, and no danger from taking mid, hv Diiif DUMFRIES' OINTMENT. This preparation, fur pleasaiitneBS, safe ly, expedition, ease and certainty, stands unrivalled for the cure of this tro'ublosnme complaint. It is fu rapid as well as certain in Us operation, a to cure this disagreeable disorder moi-l cfl'ectually, in one hour's application only ! It does nut contain Iho least particle of mercury, or other ilangcr.jus ingredient, and may be applied with perlect safety by pregnant lemaies. or lo children nt the breast. Price 37 t 2 cents a box, with ample directions. Odoniicii ! Odonlica ! ! The Teeth! The Teeth!! It. M. HITCHCOCK'S Magnetic Odon lica. Tho fact is proved, and tlm most incredulous and doubling arc fully con. vinecd, as wo have iho evideuco from Ihosnlr. of moro than 7000 boxes within tho past year. mm wiu uiupiun uieains oi too aieiiymist aro realized, and a remedy discovered for prescrv ing those important and beautiful appendages of tho human sys-tcm, hy tho use of the Mag. nolio Odonlica, which, by Us attractive, puri fying and strengthening qualities le.moves all extraneous siiblsinccs Irom thn teeth nml preserves them in thoir natural brilliancv.and tho gums in soundness and beauty. iu ccrlaincd from experience, that when used. Iho leelh will not decay, hut remain till Iho latctt old age, with their natural wear. When thoy aru decaying, its progress will bo ar rested, and llw teeth preserved ami prevented from aching. Ladies and gentlemen of tho most respceta'ulu character aro daily culling, who assure us thai beforo thoy commenced using the Odonlica, their leelh wero loose imd fast going to decay, their gums spongy and fuvurish. and Iho breath fojted, and aflertisirn this invaluable powder, in less llnm one week thoir leelh wero firm in llicir sockots, their gums resumed their health, their breath cor reeled, nnd no nionev could induce them in bo without it. All this custs the small sum of fifty conts. For salo hy .1. & ,1, JJ, poe Co. only agent in Burlington for the sofu porprietors, A. Ililche.oel; & Co. Utic.i N. Y. IcrTo Ti 1 6 sTfTf' FT, I cTTcirwrViT" CORNS. TITHE colcbrated Albion Corn Plaster J. fords inslanl relief, and at tho s.nnu limn dissolves and drnws iho Com out by tho roots, without iho least pain. CEnTiricm". "To ihoso amicted with Corns on their feel I do certify, that I lmVi used the. -Ilbioa Corn Plaster with complcto success. Before 1 had used ono box, it com plotcly cured a com which had troubled ma for many years. I make this public for tho benefit of those aiHcled wilh that painful complaint. Wm, SHAW. Flushing, L-1, Feb. 38. Price 50 cts, a box

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