Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, September 28, 1838, Page 3

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated September 28, 1838 Page 3
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t OOMBIUUIOATSOH. NEW YORK, Sept. 20, 1030. S. EAKL HOWARD, Of the Cheap Cash Store, Ihulinglon, Vl. iq ins customers. 1F1ND my abscenco from you will bo a fow days longer than was anticipated. 'I'lio Steam Ship Great Wostcrn now in port, was two days longer than usual on tier passage. Bolng desirous to return to you with the very latest fashions and llio newest styles of goods, 1 think you will justify mo in remaining, when ill c benefit is mutual. I find many goods have ndvanccd, as was anlieipatcd, but forluualoly boing fiticli kinds as 1 am well mppliod with, mid being bought for jou, I shall sell ns low as heretofore, some articles now buying which will exceed in beauty any goods 1 liavo ever had my assortment will bo very desirable- and worth viewing, which may bo scon frco of charge. Yours respectfully, S.E. HOWARD. Mcsrs. Pangborn & J3rinsmai(l of the Variety Shop received by the Si cam Packet Burlington, Cnpf. II. W. Sherman, last evening, two Cnscs containing thu Goods ordered to supply the wants of some of those customer?, who called for such rtielcs& found that nil were sold Head on & will you know what tho cases con nincd, If you could only see the llttlu Whalebone Canes, with such neat Ivory Head?, carved Into such n variety of devices, some re presenting Monks Ilontls, some Birds claw's holding Balls, sninc Dog's heads some with Wlnsilcs, and sumo with Ladies '0'! No! we'll never mention it," and the Philosophers or Magicians Canes, with rings upon them winch as you turn the Cane duo way keeps going up yet never gets at the top, nuil turn them "the other way and they keep going down yet never rets totho bottom, they urn really curious. Then our two dozen Bend Bags and purses neatly lined witli kid. afford a rare oppor lunily of selecting from many pretty pat terns, thosu wishing good Bcud Bags will do well to call soon. How the pretty Wax ond other Dolls received per Capt. Sher man's Boat vill please the rosy cheeked children, the long bond purses, how nice they nro when Papa fills them with good ttank Bills nnd let u go a shopping. Such nice pointed Tooth Brushes, they are just the tiling which never hurt the Gums. And what a good toned Accordion, such nice Pencils,) Keys , Spectacles for weak nnd sore eyes; O what neat silk guard Chnins 6onio fairy hand must have had a finger in making them ; The red cases are bo good to put spectacles in. Why, how large these boxes of Blacking are for l"i cts. and how 11 no ti polish ! Well hero arc noma German Pipes, for thoso who like to Puff, Puff, Puff, and hern is some real gen uine Bears Oil, how the Whiskers will grow this Fall. There is some Bullet Buttons for the Troopers. Various kinds of snuff Jinxes, some very pretty ones; if the nose was made to keep dust in, wonder it wasn't ut the other end up. Diamond Cement which will stick things together tight, small and largo Telescopes to sco things plain which arc out of sight; Instruction Books for Flutes nnd Fifes; and now just look at theso tine Stocks, the black satin ones with bows how neatly made and then the quality of the Satin, -'niii you ever," but just take a peep into this box, "oh what beautiful, beautiful, White Figured Satin Stocks, they nltnost tempt mo to get mnrried for tho sake of wearing one of them" 'thov do really ;" Now do not forget, Ladies, Gen tlemen, Children all. that, these nice articles anil many more were sent to us expressly for you, by Capl. Sherman Inst evening, nnd that we expect another Case or two Boon from Capt. Lyon, which will bo offer cd at the Variety Shop; whore they are eclling that best of medicine, wnrranlcd, made by Jas. Morisnn at London. Now you will call at our house tho next tunc you are in Town, won't you ? Our Music Boxes play sweetly, nnd then our Organ which in only gl25, is SO line. Do come. Won't you ? ELOPEMENT. I HEREBY forbid all persona from har boring or trusting my lawful wife Call). a.rino on my account. She has eloped and refuses to return and live with me, ami I therefore refuse to pay any ol her expenses abroad, after this dale. ASA NARAMORE. September 20, 103EJ. 3w FOR SALE, THAT eligible Mill Silo nnd Salmon Fnutnry, known ns thu WinoOfki Mills, in the town of Burlington, Vermont, on the falls of Onion River. The building is of Stone, 100 feet long by 50 feet deep, with all the necessary appurtenance-?, for dying. drying and dressing cloth. J hcroarc lortv looms with corresponding machinery, ol most approved patterns nnd eupci tor work mnnship. A full inventory may bo 6ecn nt the factory. There is also nttnehed to it a brick houso suitable for n boarding house (or the workmen. Situated ns this cstnb lishmenl is, in a wool growing country, witn ttie advantages ol transportation by water the wholo of thu disinncc to New York, renders it well worthy the attention in apnmiMB anu iMnnniacinrors. Term Ol sale will bo accommodating. Apply to 11. JjKAVEN WORTH. Burlington, Vl Charles S. Kimball's Estate. STATE OF VERMONT, ) District ok Chittenden, ss. The Hon. the Probrile Court for the Dis trial of Chittenden. To all persons con rcrntd in the estate of Charles S, Kimball, late of Burlington, tlectascd. GREETING. "VUUEREAS tho ndminihtrator ol the CMnto of snid decensod, proposes to render on account of his nduiinisttotion. and present his account against smd I'slato for allowance, at tho Probnto Court to be liolden at tho Eagle Hall in Wilheton, in eoiu uiainct on tho 1Mrd Monday of Octo ber next. Therefore, vou are hereby noti fled to appear before said Court, ut the lime ond place aforesaid, to show canto if any you liavo wiiy tho 6aid account should not be allowed. Given under my hand and tho seal or raid Court, at Burlington, in Enu District, this 2Glh day of September, A 1) 10311. CUARLH9 RUSSELL, Judge. SCHOOL & CLASSICAL BOOKS. TfjWEnSTER'S SPELLING BOOK V t Marshall's do do Cobb's do do do do do do do do Hnzoiis Lamb's Gumming 'a do do Leonard':) Child's ami American Primer, Worcester a Dictionary, Walker's do Johnson's do 4 vols. Webster's do Thompson's Arithmetic, do do Small, Adam's do Davios' do Youths do Dnbnll's do Fiko'n do Picrco's do Alexander's do Emerson's lit 2d and 3d. Colburn's do do do Sequel Riimsmacds Geography, Parley's do Cuming's do Powle's do Hall's do Goodrich'. do MaltoBrun's do Halls do Huntington's do anowwork, Olncy's do do com'n school do Wuudbridgo's do do J. Willard's do Willard's do Worcester's do Morse's do Murray's Grammar 0 vo. do do 12 mo, do do obriged. Kirkharn's do Smith's do Hal I'm do Fletcher's do Do. Sacy's do Putnam's do Goodrich's History U. States, Hale's do do Webster's do do Willard's do do do do do abridged, Parley's 1st 2d and 3d books of History, Thompsons History of Vt. Whclploy's do Tytlur's do Hecrcn's do Griniihaw's do of Franco, do do of Homo, ilnbbins England English Header, Emerson's 1st 2d and 3d Class Roador National Header, Rhetorical Reader, Improved do Progressive do American 1st Class Book. Porter's Analysis, Academical Speaker, American Reader, Agricultural do Analytical do Blair's Rhetoric, Jamicson's do Newman's do Whaloicy's do Many of the above arc for salo in Quantities and will be sold at wholesale or retail at the most reduced prices. C, GOODRICH. Wickwarc building, up stairs. Burlington, Sept 20. Joseph Simond's Estate. Ltlio subscribers having been appoint" ed I iv tho lion, the probata court for the district of Chiltcnileii, commissioners to re ceive, examine and adjust all claim and do. nanus ol allpcrsons against trie estate of Jo soph Simonds Into of Charlotto,in said district, deceased, represented insolvent, and also all claims and demands exhibited in offset there to; and six months from tho day of the dutu hereof, being allowed by said court for that purpose, wo do therefore huieby givo nolico that wo will attend to tho business of our appointment, at tho dwelling of Ceo. Perkins, Charlotte, in said district, on tho fust Mondays of November and February next, at ID o clock A. iM, on cacn ol said days. Hated tins 'Join day ol September A- D. 1030. EZRA HOLT, Commis THOMAS C. HILL, sioncrs. STRAY COW. TRAYED from mm VjSSJoi, Saturday evening iXi 22d insl., a good I l bi,,i i..:.,.nl.i n Ms-OiSsSgSSfwui, wlil0 (aco onj a considerable share of white on her body, uboiii fcvun ysars old. She was purchased of Major Dee of Georgia, last spring. Wlioevor will return her to tho subscriber, or give information wliero she can be had, shall bo generously rewarded. Wm. A. GUIS WOLD. Burlington. Sopt. 27, 10:30. 1iry be used in Wine or Water. rniHESE celebrated bitters aro composed jl purely oi vegetables of tho most inno cent yet specific virtues. They arc rccom monded particularly fur rcstorim? weak com Mitutions, cleansing and blrengtliening tho stomach, and increasing tho appei ilo also a preventive ngaiuhl tho cholcia morbus, fever- anil-ague, removing nausea, vomiting, hoart burning, weakness in tho breabt, pain in tlm Moniach and other symptoms of flaiulonco and indigestion. One box will tincluro ono gallon. Price 2. cents a box. Russell's Itch Ointment. rjlHlS choico and snfo ointment is said to JL be nipcrior lo any now in use, for that disugrcuablu and loatlisomo diseaso, the ITCH. This Ointment is so cortaiu in its operation that no person troubled with the above disorder ought to bo without it. It is a remedy for cutaneous eruptions, scorbutic nffuclioiiH of tho head, or any other breaking out which arises from sharp humors in tho uioou. I'rico i!5 cents a box. Russell's Voirotable Bilious !P 3a "Sj S s OR FA JULY PHYSIC. IJ7HOR general uso, in casus of Jaundice, B. morbid sensibility of thu stomach und bowels, loss of uppciilo, fietid breath, costive nets, Pilos,and all diseases arising from bili aiy deruujfeniciits, elto for corroctituj the wwwiiaijujii.Ljinui.Mmi".u ' t ii mmms stalo of tho blood, and closuring tho system of foul nud viscid humors. These pills area mild cathartic, producing neither pains nor griping, and are ihorufoto a valuablo and highly approved inodiclno, nnd arn pronoun" ccd as such by tho most distinguished physi cians. Each box containing 30 Pills. Price 37 1-2 conls n box. llnsseWs Celebrated Salt Rheum Ointment. PTR)H1S is unquestionably tho best and 4 safest remedy ever yet offered lo tho public for that obstinate disorder SALT RHEUM. Whore other moans have failed, It lias succeeded, and tho fact that it has been extensively used by eminent Practitioners speaks volumes in its praise. It is equally efficacious In nil diseases of tho skin, scald head, ring worms, and tho most invctcralo Itch, kc, kc. Numerous certificates might bo obtained, but tho proprietor chooses that a fair trial should hn tlm nnlv ni'iilnurn nf in IV A fresh supply is nist received and for salo by J. Si J, H.Pcck Si Co., Dr. Moody, Latlirop ti Potwin, Burlington S.H, Barnes Charlotte M. Hull Hincsburgh Onion & Strong, G. c W. L. Parker. Huiitington.te Wliilo Vergon nc Skiff c Looscy Chcckobury green Jainin Hamilton, P. Fletcher Jcrico--D. B. Wilson, S. II. Fletcher Essex--!). & W. Cat penter Walorbury ; nnd with tho Drugisls generally throughout tho U. Slates, nnd at wholcsalobv Win. C. Stimson & Co. Boston. Also by J. h. W, Townscnd. corner of Rcokman and Water streets, Now York. Chance for Coopers. WANTED immediately 600 Oak BccfBar. TsfcraEsj reis, uy tiio subscribers, lur M&t&fiL which cash will bo paid. 11. M U. A K I Ml! ALL. Burlington, Snpt. 7, 1030. REAL ESTATE for SALE. THE undersigned offers for sale, tho three story brick building next cast of the book Btoro. on college street, con taining dwelling, store and rooms for offices. Also the brick house with three fourths ol nu acre of laud occupid by Doct. Hatch on white street. Alun two buildings occupied by Messrs. Hambliu and Mead, and C Mcrntt, on College street, containing Joiners Ehops, Dwellings &c. Also the place occupied by Mr R. P. Tibotts on the corner of Pearl and Champlaim streets. Possession given 1st of April and May next and to some parts ol the premises this Au tumn. II. LEAVEN WORTH. Sept. 10, 1033. On Goods, not chargeable to Cuslomcrt. I AM paying it from another fund, 03 1 can get it, by instalments, viz: I paid. .Mr. Lunc tho tax collector on the IGth of'Marcli my check on Bank of Bur lington for g-10 70, and yesterday was ena bled lo give him another check on tho some bank for is50 30 more towards taxes, and shall pay him some more as soon as ho says he must liavo it. 1 liavo a great many goods to sell, and purchasers eo numerous that I have not time to sell dear. Fancy and Staple articles of every description of merchandise, lor sale cheap, at tho cheap cash store of S. EARL HOWARD. P. S. JVb Windsor Money for sale. Srpl 12. 11133. NOTICE. WHEREAS my wife Polly, has with out any just cause or provocation left mv bed and board, this is therefore to forbid all persons harboring or trusting her on my account, ns 1 v ill pay no debts of liar contracting alter this date. HUMAN GILLET. Huntington. Sept. 20. 1 f!3G. BRIGADE ORDER NO. . flOLONEL HENRY THOMAS, ol V;' the ninth Regiment, 3d Bnirodo and 1st Division of Militia of this Slate, will forthwith issue tho necessary orders lo as semble the Field Staff (except supernume rary) officers also three commissioned and eight noncommissioned officers, the field musick. to wit: one Fife, one lenor and one bass Drummer, from each company under your command, nnd the Regimental Band (excepting theofheers and Music of Artil cry i nt Burlington, on ! riday tho hfth day of October next, at 9 o'clock A. M. for tho purpose of mil it n ry drill nud discipline, two days successively, nud lliero wait further orders. The field staff and commandants of companies will nppear with side arms; buballcrns nnd noncommissioned nuiccra will appear with the firelock of their res pective companies, and twenty four rounds of blank cartridges. The whole to be nrmed, uniformed nnd equipped, us prescri bed by virtue ol tho ttalute. You will also provide ono guide Flnff to each company. By order ol J. W. Hopkins, Aiht. nnd Insp't General. NEMAN R. SMITH, Brig. Gen. 3d Brigade, U Division. ii migauc, i si iiijinvr, i Brigade, I. 10,""133I1. Statu or Vi: Head Quarter. 3d Hincsburgh, iscpl LEATHER & FINDINGS. HAS JUST RECEIVED AT HIS L E A T II Ell STORE s HOE MAKERS Kits, and findings of all descriptions. Morocco, Kids and Linnings, of oil coIoib Harness, Bridlo, Baud, Top and Skirt ing Lonther, Oak Skirting, Bridlo nnd ling Skins, Horse Hides, &c. 10,000 lbs Solo Leather. 40 doz. Sides of Uppot Lcathor, 50 doz. Calf SkinB, 20 doz Sheep and Lamb Skins, 150 pair of mens Thick &, Thin Boots 125 pair of Men and Women's Thick nnd Thin Shoes. 100 lbs Shoo Thread, nf nil kinds. 130 gross Sparables 4. It 5-0 nnd G 0. 350 of 1'owns Labtsj Mens and Woroans StraTls. ; Latesi 50 prs. Men's Block & Pump fashion Lasts, j Boot Trees nnd Jacks, Which will ho sold cheap lor cash. Pearl St. Burlington, Sept. 20, 1030. I3LA1N ami uiiiped eassunuies, tatinult, JL uuuaiociolli, molosliin, Me. hy WAIT & TABOR. fisi, POWDEK. T'fi Kegs imwdor, various qualities, 'Fair " lawn Mills' superior to any in this market, just ree'd by P. F. & W. L. SmoNO. Sept. 15, 1033. WANTED. A Young man from 111 to 20 years nT age, ns a Clerk, cnu hear of a place by enquiring at this Ollico. Sept. 20. Grey Shaker Yarn, just ree'd By WAIT nnd TABOR. POTATOES. CASH nnd a good price will be paid for n few thousand bushels Potatoes if delivered 6oon, by Sept. 20, '30. Fom.ett &, BitAm.r.v. OLDRIDGES FOR THE HAIR, ) ECEIVED nud for sale nt tho Variety 1 Shop, also the genuine Chlorine Tooth Wash, for the Teeth, also n few do?., fold of the real Naples Sonp, tho best article to make a goud Lather for shaving lliero ti in nee. Pang iiorn & Brinsmaid. Sept. 20. FARM FOR SALE. !h Prnil E aubucribcr H- offers for sale his valuable farm situated in the north west pari oriluntington, contain ing about 250 acres, ond is well calculated for a dairy, having a convenient dwelling house, two barns, with on eight feel shed between, and other valuable and convenient out buildings. There ia also n good orchard, cider Mill Houso nnd Mill. Said farm is every where well watered, and will keep thirly cows and a team. Also, two hundred ncres of wild land, situated about one mile from tho farm, and is well timbered with a heavy growth of Spruce nnd other valuablo sawing limber. Terms of sale mado easy by application to the subscriber on t lie; premises. II EM AN GILLET. Huntington, Sept. 20, 1330. FIRE! l?IiE!! rrHIE members of the Vermont Mutual JL Fire Insurance Company, oro hereby notified that the following assessments have been made by the directors on all notca in force on the following dnys, to wit Nov. 23, 1837, $ ofono per cent. Dec. 21 31 Jan. 30 1030, 4 Ib. 3 4 - 3 i Mar. 31 4 ., April 10 ff 3 11 ii May 9 July 30 Making 4 per cent, assessment for tho year; said per centago to bo cast on the original amount of tho premium note, irillioiil refn rriif-n in nnv mwlnrpnmnn. ,i ! IT n a . .... J . .-...w.. of October, 1030. An opportunity will be presented to forward nasca-inents by the 1 members 0 llio Louis oture. am those who neglect to forward their assessments then, nru referred to the Olh Sec. of the act attached to such Policy, fur thu conse quences. By order of the Dirr clors. HARRY VAIL. Treasurer. Mnntpelier, Aug. 20, 1030. ANTED in exchange lor Goods 1000 vds homo grey Clolhs 500 yds domestic Flannels 100 tin 7.. pairs men's Socks 100 pairs women's domestic Hose. Sept. 13, 1030. LYMAN COLE. New Boot & Shoe Store. THE subscriber offers for sale at the Green btoro, two doors south of N. Lovely's, a general assoilmcnt of ladies nnd gentlemen's Hoots and Shoes, which ho will sell on tho most reasonable terms. Euw.vnu J. ! av. Church-street, ) Burlington, Scot. 11 ) STATE OF VERMONT, District of Ciiitthndkn, sp. The lhm. the Probate Court for the Dis tncl of Chittenden, To all persons con cerned in the estate nf Mcriel Rice, lute of Burlington, in said District, deceased. J GREETING, WHEREAS, Alvan Foo'.o, ndministra tor of the eslntu of said tluecnsed. proposes to render nn nccount of his ndmin istralion, nud present his account against said estate for examination nnd allowance, nt a session of the court of Probate to be hnlden nt tho Register's office in Burling ion on 1 1 1 0 sixth day of October next. TiiURuniRE, Yon arc hereby notiliod to oppenr beforo snul Court at the timo and plnco nforesaid and show cniuo. if ouy you have, why the account nforosaid thould not bu allowed. Given under my hand nt Burlington, this 1 2th day of September. A. D. 1030. CHARLES RUSSELL, Judge, rillJE subscriber is now opening und J- offers for sale nn Invoice of mill, cir culnr, cross cut nud pit Saws, of tho mosl approved mako nnd assorted sizes. July HI. Ron but Mnonv. ST. Croix and Portorico sugars of tho host quality, and prices lower than evor by WAIT and TABOR, For Sale or lo Rent. THE Brick Sloro owned by Mr. J. S. Potwin, on chnrch-st. 11, Luavu.mvorth. apply to to nn paiu to ttie Treasurer, nt Ins Officoi11"' uu J ' ". - in Moninelinr. nu nr l.r.frwo tlm i nth .! I Hon at the store on the same premises, 01 August 30, 1030. !jlal''''"''jy'''WWlM)JM4l:'WMllj STATE OF VERMONT, ) District op Ciiittp.mib.n, f-s. AT n Prnbniu Court holdi'ii nt Burling ton wiihin nnd for tho District nfon. said on Mio 12lh day of September A. 1), 1030. An Instrument purporting t" be the Inst Will nnd Trsloineiitof Siinuel Holgnlo, late of Milton, in taiil District deceased, was presented to the Court hero for Pro bate, by Peggy Holgato nnd Harvey 1 1 u I gntp the Exi'cutors therein named. TiiEnr.roni: it is ordered by snul Court, that public notice be given to nil persons concerned therein to nppear before said Court, nt n session thereof to bo holdcn nt tho Rpgistcr'H office in snid Burlington, on the second Wednesday of October A. D, 1030, tind contest tho probate of said Will, and it is further ordered that this order be published three weeks fcucccsfivoly in the Free Press a newspaper printed at Bur lington, in this Slate, the last of which shall bo previous to tho day assigned, ns nforesmd for hearing. Given under my baud at the Register's Office this 12th day of September, A. D. 1030. Win. WESTOjV, Reghtcr. 5 T II i: DITION,. Trade good and bnvntss increasing, HOWARD Of the Cheap Cash Store, IOTAS at length returned from N. York ilJL nnd other mnrkela without being obliged to go to Europe in the steamer Great Western for his supply, as has been snid by some persons that he would; but not so, be could not bo spared, his custom era required him nt home, hi3 Tux for Faculty at a Merchant of fcytOO by the town imisl bo provided for. Tho infamous Windsor money loss of $150 litis been pocketed, and will be rcfetred lo the Leg islature. So that having now altogether one of the most extensive, best selected, nnd cheapest bought assortments of Goods. Wares, nnd Merchandize, that wn-i ever before offered to the public at his Grand Bazaar Cheap Cash Establishment, where he is ready with his -1 clerks nud no other engagements on hand, to distribute accord ing to the desires of customers any amount of goods they may wish nt either wholesale or retail. No charge for showing Goods. Come nnd see. S. EARL HOWARD. P. S. As soino Goods have been pur chased under the cost of importation prices and will be sold low, il may bo an object to send from a distance, Ordara with cash will receive attention, and goods sent ns low as if customers were present. September 1, 1030. New Goods, Cheap Goods. TinllE subscriber has just returned from JL New York with 11 large nnd general assortment of Dry Goods, Dry Groceries, Crockery, China and Giass Ware, which ho will 9cll unusually low fur caih, Butter, or Grei full cloth. Nom.i: Lovely. Burlington, Sept. 5, 1030. Real Estate at Auction. THE properly lately owned by Lemuel Curih in Burlington, consisting of a large brick store and a building occupied as n shoo shoi), and the land on which the same stand, and now hohlenby the subscriber in truil.for certain creditors of said Curtis, ,. ., ! , II. ..., Saturday thcfirsl day of September next at ? 'clnck n' he afternoon. Saul properly ' '".'"' " .ni... drcd dollars, anil xcill be sold subject lo said incumbrance, lac two buildings will be sold together or seperalcli lo suit the purchasers. NOBLE LOVELY, Trustee. Burlington. August 9, (tjPThc above sale, stands adjourned to Saturday Oct. 0, at 3 o'clock P. M. when the above will be sold without re serve, and possession given of the store immediately, unless it should be previously disposed of at private sale. N. Lovely. Sept.. 3d, 183S. STATE OP VERMONT, I District or, ss. S AT a probate court holden at Burlington, within ami for tho t-aid distiirt on tho Gib day of September, A. D. ll!3lf, Present the lion. Charles Russell, Judgo, an instru ment purporting to bo the last will nnd los lament of .lohcjili joncs, lata of Underbill, deceased, being presented to tho eoiitl here by Truman Sheldon, tho executor therein named, fur probato ; il is ordered that nil persons concerned therein bo notified to ap pear at a session of said court to be holdcn nt the nlfico of tho register of this court in Bur lington, in inid district, on thu second Wedues. day of October next, and show caoso, if any, against llio probato of siad will, for which purpose it is further ordered that a copy of tho record of this order be published Ihreo wcoks successively in tho Frco Press, printed at Burlington as soon as may bo. A truo copy ol record. Attest WM. WESTON, Register. STATE OF VERMONT, 9 District or 0ihtti:nih:n, ss. AT n Probate Court holdon nt Burling ton, within nnd for the District nfore. stud on the 27th day of August A. I). 1030. An instrument purporting lo lie tho lnt will nnd testament of Jesse Woodruff, lata if Milton, in said District deceased, wa presented m the Court hero lor' Probato, by Sally Woodruff tho Executrix thcroin named. Tur.nin'ORr. it is ordered hy said Court, that public notice bo ivcn to nil persons concerned therein to appear before said Court, nt n session thereof to bo holdcn nt Burlington, on llio second Wednesday ol October, A. D. 1030. nud cniiten the probato iifsnul will, and it t further order ed that l hi otder bo published ihreo weeks suecosfively in the Free Pre-s n wnvspapor printed at Burlington, in (Ins Slate, the last ol which shall be previous lo thu day assigned, ns aforesaid for hcnrir.r. Given undor mv linud at tho Begisier's Office, Ilna27ili dnv of August A. D. 1030 J'm WESTON, Rtgister. Blanks (or salo at this Olliue. VARNISH. rjjllin Hilwi ihfr Ii.m iliis d.'iv irrclvfil n ciipply -It ol V.iiiiMi fi out one of l lie irf f.irioriea in New YoiN, for ro.ich nnd ciiIiiiipI m.ikcrV inn, Hn (mlicils llii'ir p.u iillenlioii lo this Hrliclc, us lie imiko il in pi ice, us well ns in (tiluv, an object lor ilicm to buy. It. MOODY, 0. Horse, Chaise and Harness FOR SALE. A gentleman has left with Mr. J. K. Giiav, carriage maker of this village, to ho sold on reasonable terms for ensh or npnroveil paper, ono light V,lao, Ilorso nud UnrncfH, nil in excellent order, ond a very respectable establishment. They can be purchased separately if required. llurlington, Aug. 2i, 1030. Grain and Provisions. RYE, Corn and Beans, also smoked Ham a'ld shoulders fur sale by Pcarlst.Aug. U II. M. OlDDINGS. S P EI LIN gbooks. Z.CC DOZ Weh-ter's Klnmcntnrv Spol oJJ Img Jlooks nrn offered for Mile by JAMES W. HICKOK. Burlington, Aug. 10, 1030. Goelick's Matchless Sanative For salo by C YR US JO ILYS. .Imii(!?o, 3m Agmlfor Huntington, Vt, lum mm. 1 OH Onn PHUT clear and common lyjyjyJUKJ slur bonrdi, plank, ctoii. boards, scanllin, See. fr sale by JIIUKOK CATLT.V. Chenille, Cashmere. Thibet & Chaly Shawls by Wait and Tabor. Largo and Small Cashmero Scarfs by Wait and Tadob. O. M. SAXTOX SUItC EON DENTIST. Office one door south of JV. B. Haswcll't Auction and Commission Store. BURLINGTON, Vl. TO MILLERS. BOLTING CS&CTHS. A GOOD iissortment of first quality from a celebrated Manufacturer just received, and for tale at the market prices by J. k J. 11. PECK k Co. Aug. 23, 1038. FOR SAt,B. SMALL Sloop, 25 tons burden, now laying at St. Johns L. C. Said sloop A is only three years old. Tho Fails ond ringing wero all purchased in Montreal two years since, nud have only been used to make two trips through the Lake, since wluch they have been housed. It can bo delivered hcrenr in St. Johns. For fur. I her particulars enquire of tho subscriber in Burlington, or oi" James McKcnzio of St. Johns. JAMES II. PLATT. Aug. 23, 1030. To Wood vJhoppers. GREEN'S AXES A SUPPLY of the above celebrated Axos, just received, and for sale by the dozen or single, bv the subscriber. ROBERT MOODY. NATHANIEL GORDON, PRODUCE COMMISSION MERCHANT, No. 2", Front Street, ) New York. S N. B. Butter. Cheese, Pork, Beef kc, Sold on Commission. B R yl N D 1 1 ETH'S PILLS!! LOOK OUT FOR COUNTERFEITS!! A LL Pills sold ju thu Slate of Vermont XjL must pass through our hands as Dr. Brandrclli's General nirents. Tiiero will'bo no moro Pills sold at the Boston office, neither by B. B. Musscy. (who is no longer Bran drcths agent,) to be retailed in this section oftho Country. All Pills purporting to bo Brandrclhs, and sold by persons without a certificate of agency signed bv B, Braudieth and bv us aro counter' fcils. To prevent all imposition from the cir dilation ol counterfeits, just lot llio purchaser ask tho vender for his certificate of agency signed bv Ferro and Patmelco, or Geo. P. Walton, of Montpelior Vt. who is our general agent for the following Counties, Washing 1 on, Orange, Chittenden, Addison, Fiauklin, Oilcans, Lumoilc, Essex and Grand Isle, in Vermont. Never purchaso of Peddlers, for in no iiistanco do (hoy everhave tho genuine article. Should any of our agents bo caught in tho counterfeit trade, they will bo displaced and .io advertised. Thu Pills must he kept pure, anc the Counterfeiters must be dealt with ac cording to law, No Mistaki:. Tho following persons arc regularly appointed in their res pective towns. For solo by S. E. HOWARD, Burlington Fuller & Huntington, Richmond Fletcher k Woodman, Williston J, T. Ainsworth, Mil I'jn Poller, Cull, k Co., Faiifax L. Tyler Essex L, Janes, Georgia James Russell, St. Alhms F. V. Goodrich, S wanton S. K. Plan, I lichgate Win. Oieen k Co., Sheldon Chnll'ti & Lewis,!! 'rkshire Thomas Fuller .t Son. Eiiovburgh Arminglon & Dean, Ilahersfiold Tower and Oakes, Underbill G. B. Oakes, Jericho. FERRE and PARMELEE. Ocncrul Iirundrclhian Agents. Middletnwn, Conn., Julv -1. 1030. 11 YDRAULIC C EME NT. TJ7TOR salo nt tho Burlington Mill Com. .IL pain's blaster Mill. Winonski Falls. GEO. MOORE, Agent. August 9, 1030. A CERTAIN CURE FOR THU jOTOWEYER invrtemto, in one. .a JL application, and no dan taking cold, by using DUMFRIES' OINTMI I his preparation, for plensr. ly, expedition, ease nnd cor unrivalled for the cure of il complaint. It is so rnnul r. in iiMiperation, ns to curt disorder most efllctun'i application onlu ! Il tiers not eoniairi mercury, or other nnd may bo npplie.) pregnant teuuilesi breiibt. Price iinple d rcclto;

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