Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, October 12, 1838, Page 3

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated October 12, 1838 Page 3
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IllJKMNOTON (JATTTjH ihakkht. 'I'Iio l'.ill)wii)r )i ices will bo paid Ilia ruining week, rpmrli'il iiccoiilinir in 1 lie lliiiditnii in.iikci Hnrrt'llliitfealllo, nir,!-f5 7". Kn I, $5 I3. io, 2, $1 73 per cwi. (.'hst ruin oxen fur Hmuuii, $6 00 miJ $7 12&. ). & I). A, KniUAU.. M A It K I H I) In Cliiii lollo oil llie 4lll iiKl, hy ilia Ipv. Mr. Goodman, SyUci-lcr I. l.moly, Kq, iiinicli.iiil of Mobile, id AUm .Mary U, il.tuisliicr uf Charles McNeil, ICm , of l lio furinor place, IHKl). In litis till.iRC, o i Friday ilio fidi irel. fc'olh W. Biiwyrr, m lliu 22.1 jear oi" his age. In ihudcnili of this soiiiij, lii fimilv and file ids Imc Iiccii deeply nflltcli-d unit llio jotiiijr, of Iim use mill iiriti.iiiitance, solemnly tiilmotiislitil. J I id (litciHu u.n roiiiiiiipt!on, most of uho;u ic tints, wiili US) m o between llio lines of fifteen mill lliiriy five. On die first Sabbath of l.iu May, Mr. Kaujcr was cntly in Ilia usual licalih. On lite eicnins ofihal day ho wits litkcn with piofiisn I) loci in,' til llio limps. He was unable In fpeak iilmul fiom I tic time of his fiisi nllaclt until llie day of Ilia ilcmli. lie united Willi llio Clutrcli in lliis village, liy profession, tin en je.trs tiyo. Ills painful and piotinclcd Macs of Cue iminllis In; bore wiili rltrisliaii Ftibmission to I tic Divine will. His best eulogy is dial lie was (as e Oust,) n christian. As mcli, lie testified to nil that "llicri! is m oilier name given under heaven union:; men wlinebj vc can besaictl bill I lie name of On 1st ;" mid as Fiirh, lie lias gone to liis le w.iul. Com municateii. A new Jot of Rob Roy and Tartan Shawls, very handsomo colors and patterns, just received by W,ut& T.vnoa, ty r DOZEN worked muslin Capos mid Collars from 34 cents to $G each, just ree'd. Oct. 12. JiATiinoi1 t& I'otwin. Heavy JSrown Sheeting. K DALES just ree'd and selling very low for cash by Latarop & I'otwin. Oil Cioth Carpeting. A HEAVY niticlo fur Milling under stoves, from 3-1 to 2 yds wide, for sale Oct. 12. by IjiTiinoi- & I'otwin. CADIES' heavy silk hose, black, white, A nod n-snrled colors, nb'd silk hose, gentlemen's bine!; and whitu ball'linsc, a superior article, jnt received by ljATiinnp &. I'otwin. ft T AVE jus! received a .'toat variety of -O..U. wiiite. uiaeii, ami ligtitort satin slocks bombazine slocks, Mil in lies, twilled and Ital ian sill; clivals, fur collars, tippets, mufllors, mid mulls i men, womo and children s wors ted hose, boots, mills, and gloves ; Giiernsov slnrls, walking canes, fancy baskets, linen c liankcrchiof., artificial flowers, (dasttc suspeu. tiers, worsted, silk and cotton vcivct veslitt &e. Oct. 11. NJ&W GOODS. rpllL subscribers are now reccivm" their - bill and winter .moils, snusistinir ()f J)rv Good;!. Groeeries, Crockery and Hard Wore, Cod Fish, Glass, Nails, Buffalo . rubes, &c. Also 2000 bu-hels solar Salt. 1000 do strain do 200 Inrrels fine do 50 sacks g'ound do All of winch they nfi'er at a small advance fr..mco-t. II. HYDE, & CO. October n. 1333 A CARD. TRA S1IATTUCK bogs leave to return JL his grateful acknowledgements to the Engine Companies, the Fire Wardens and the citizens of Burlington and vicinity gen ;rnlly, for their prompt and spirited exer tions in endeavoring to save Ins property from the flames on Sunday cvenm". He would also take this opportunity to pay that the bit-mess ol his house will ex pcrienco no interruption from the loss ol Ilia barns and stables, which will be rebuilt immediately. For the present he has pro cured the use of largo anil coinmodiou: premises contiguous. He hopes Ins exer linns to please will induce a continuance oT t hat patronage hitherto so liborally ac corded to In in by a discemiiiij public. Amkuican Hotki., ) IJtirlmton, Oct. J I A Room to Let in the 2d story of Sherman's buildm?;, directly over Wait mid I AiinuV Sioie, suitable for on OlTice or shop of any kind. Inquire of Oct. 10. WAIT TAI50I1. $mm Meward." SrilEItEAS 1 1 1 1 -s village has rerentlv been called to wit ties the cotilUrrra' lion of the Catholic Church, the Green Alountain Ilou-e and buildings, and last nigjit, all the barns and hlables of the American Hotel, with nine horses and other valuable property ; and whereas there are strong reasons for belienti" that these fires were the work of an incendiary or incendiaries: We, a committee ap pointed at a meeting of the citizens of this village, by direction ol'snid merlin;;, hereby offer the above reward for iho detection mid conviction of iho pirnns who were instrumental in selling, the above lircs, or one buiidrcil dollars for the detection pud conviction of the person or persons concern ed in Felling either of said fires. JOHN N. POM EROY,) N. IJ. HARWELL, Cammillcc JOHN HOWARD, . vf A. W. HYDE. Mn&lancc. IIYMAN LANE. J Ilurliniflon. Oct. 0, 13. STATE OF VERMONT, ) DlSTWCT Ol' ClUTTENllKN, PS. THE lion, (he Probate court for the District of Chittenden, to all persons concerned in llie estate of Jonathan JJrnk enridge, jr. lalu of Charlotte, in said dis trict, deceased. ( Whereas, Gcorgo Perkins, executor of the last will and testament of said deceas ed, proposes to render an account of his administration, and present his account ngoinst said estate fur examination and allowance at n session of iho Court of Pro Iiato to bo hulden at the Register's ofiico in Ilitrlingtnn on the second Wednesday of Novonibcr next. Therefore you are hercbv notified to np- ipcor beforo said court, nt 0 time nnd Iplaco aforesaid, and show causo if any you Jiave, why i lie account aiuresuid should nut bo allowed. Given under my hand nt Burlington, this Olh day of October. A. I). 1030. 11, a ww. whsiuiN. Ufgibtcr. , W 61) W M . JJ7U)UND, in the Mreel, a lew days since J- n nolo for four dollars, payublo In Arir'tiiMM Kmit litvliti.h tlii owner mnv ob. lain by Hpplyinii tit this Ollice. on. iu, mail Memssa FiiAzmt, ) ripHE pe vs. Mahssi Emai 15. ) shows that petition of ssa Fraser she was married to Elian li. Frasor. Dcccinber 7, 11127, that on the Otli .Inly 11133 the said Ellas left his home and the petitioner, and lor mora than three years has wilfullv deserted her and neglected lo provide her any menus ol rnppnrt, and praying that a bill of divorce may he granted tier It is ordered that the said Elias 15. Fra ser appear before the Supremo Court at their session at Rurlingtoit on the Thursday nest preceding the first Tuesday of .lanu. ary, 1!3U, to show cause why the prayer of said petition should not be granted. And It being shown that said Elias is out of the reach of llio process of this court. It is further ordered that the substance of said petition and of tins order be published in the Free Prcsi three weeks successively, the last of which to be six weeks before the session of said court. SAM'L S. PHELPS, Srpl. 27, '33. ,(yc of Sup. Court. finO the Hon. the Probate Court for the JL District of Chittenden and Slate of Vermont. comes Harry iMtllcr, of Williston in said District, and shows to said court that be is legnl guardian of Mary K. Miner, n female infant under the ago of eighteen years, and of E'ias It. Minor, a male infant under the age of twenty one years both of said Willislon, and thai the said Mary K. and Elias R. are seized in their own right in fee n? tenants in common of half an acre of land lying on the south side of the turnpike road in the village ot Wi lis. ton, bounded ns follows on the hast by Loyal Lnrktn's land on the West by land occupied by Elisba London, on the Snilh by Truman C. Sherman's land, and on the North by said turnpike road on which said laud stands a small house nnd barn, and thai a sale ol said land will be condu cive to the best interest of Ins said wards. He therefore prays saul Court to em power and license him ns guardian ns aforesaid, to sell and convey the said land, agreeably to the tlalnle in cueh cise imilo and provided. HARRY MILLER. Wilh.-loii, October lO'li. l!i3U. STATE OF VERMONT. At a pro Di-tiiict or Ciutti:m)I;n. -s. bn'e coiiri li".li.n at liiirliuglon, within and lor llio I)i-irict of CliiUt'iicliMi on the 10th day of October. A- D. IfiJC, the foregoing pnti t lot: of Harry Miller, guardian of Mary K. Miner, and of Elms R. Miner, inlnnts, be ing presented to said court, the court afore, said doth a-sign the third Monday of No vember next for hearing the same, at the Eiglo Hall in Willislon and doth order, that notice thereof be given to all per-mns interested in the estate of said wards, then and there to appear before said court, and ebow cause, if any '.hey have, why the prayer of said petition should not he grant ed, by publishing the substance of said pe tition, together with thi o'der, two weeks successively in the Free Prcr-s, a newspaper printed in said linilingtoii, the InM of which publications lo be nt least two weeks pre vious lo the said ilnrd Mnndav of Novem ber, 1331J. WM. WESTON, R.ur'r. BURLINGTON npHE siibonbeis have for snle, and ore JL i'onianily innnulnc'uriiig n variety of CniiM-'tiog COMMON DhYLYG, FANCY FLAG G, nnd CANE SEAT CUHL MAPLE, l.AItni: AM) s.MAI.I. ROCKING CHAIRS. &c. &c. al li'holeutlc or Retail. Wo would say to those wishing lo pur cIuhi' that they w ill do well lo call mid cxauni'e the quality and price before put-cba-i'ing e!-ewhcrc, as we are confident vve can save i hem the trouble uf sending to New York. A L S O On haiul, a lot of Livingston's Patent Fanning Mills. NELSON ff GATES. Church Street, opposite the old Dunk. Oclobnr .1, 11133. N. 15 Wonted 20.000 feet Curl Maple Hoards, ami Plonk. Astronomical Lectures. T THOMPSON proposes lo give a lLA, course of lectures on Astronomy at the Court House in this village, to com inencc on Monday, the 22d instant, at 1 o'clock in llio evening. The course will consist ol at least twelve lectures, mid the subject!, will bo illu-trntrd by diagrams and other apparatus Terms gl for the course. Tickets may be had at the Post Ofiico. and at llie Huoksiores of Messrs. Goodrich and Hickok. IJurlington, Oct. fi, 1331! HAY FOR SALE. nnilE subscribers offer for sale 12 tons JL of HAY, of good quality, about one mile from Esex Meet tug I loose. Also, 10 Ions of Hoy, of good quality, on ihc Sliolburti rond. three miles from tins vil Inge. This hay will bo sold low, and is worlhy the notice of persons wishing to purchase and draw it themselves. Also, 300 bushels of OATS, at their store. HICKOK &. CATL1N. Hurling!, 3i Oitobcr. 1331!. COFFEE. rA Rags Lngtiora, St. Domingo and ''J Jnyn Code, for sale by Foi.i.ett tXi liitAni.r.vs, Sei,L?ltif!30' Af) I5b!s. oTthn best of W.ulor Oil. for " talc bv Foi.i.ett & Biuw.uva. Sepl. 24, ' OR ojn: that can make or tie- L'Alll AW 77AAT THAT COMES ALONG. J LEWIS, disclaiming all pretensions . to t ho "heroic," but deeply impress ed with the importance of that first maxim uf linkers "DO things" offers his ser. vices to the public ns n manufacturer of Finger Rings, Droasl Pins, Ear Ornaments', Guard Chains, Watch Chains, Seals, Keys, &C. Seols of every description, made and lettered to order, and .lowclry of all kinds repaired in the neatest manner. Plain Wood Cuts, wood Tipct, Stamps, Rrands, &c , manufactured to order ; to gether with ti thousand other things, loo numerous lo mention. Send in your orders Lulics and Gentlemen they shall be promptly ntlcnded to, and it is believed entire satisfaction will be given. IJurlington, Church Si. ) October 4, ir,3!!. MIL LIN Ell AND DRESS MAKER. miss s. sF.anjr. "'v.-' -s commenced TrYew XL Hie Fashionable tr," ,1 i'. Mi l... ,.l inakiug business in tho room lately oc cupied by Mr. I'ra man, 4 dnors soulh of the I5ank of IJur linglnn; and having nt all times tho la tost fashions, invites Ladies from the village or country to call. Straw and Leghorn I'nnneN cleaned and repaired. Burlington, Church St. Oc'. her 3, I!l3!i. NEW GOODS. rglHE fiilworibor lin just relumed from JL 1 rk. nnd is now receiving al ' Church St., a general assort- Ins St nit tit J) It V GOODS, C HOC E It IDS, cno: KEitv. if GLASS IV 'A HE, Which he will sell unusunllv low for eosh. HORACE LANE Burlington. Oct. 5. l!!3!i Arrival with Goods for the CHEAP CASH STORE. iriOWAHftD, WHO wrote Ins cn.-iomer.- 'hat !iis ' lengihciicd stnv al New York was for his and their mutual benefit, has re turned, and such an ii.-sortment of Mer chandize 11 lie will irtw have to exhibit lo buyers or the rurioii. be pledges Inrn'cif was never befort! bail or seen at bis Esiab lislinient. L'tng stones ;n this moment would bo inaik'ijiiaie, ns the now assort, incuts iiiiiM be arranged. Ere tin-, will have issued from llie Press he will bo ready to show or distribute from which may be selected sumo of the mo't dcHruble kinds of Goods for the present, coming, and all seasons nf llio yr ar- Thursday iiwrning. Oct. 1, 1 030. A i.Aiici: and 'rr.EMiiri i:mi it or i in: sti: m sun. r; R EA T WESTERN. Is nt the store ol S. Earl Howard, nnd well worth lining seen. Come see, and bring your friends. GREAT BARGAINS "IN" aw. ..'i'fMit'Jst 3 DviJ a il"FAVNG made nrrnngetneuts lor deal- ing inoro rxtcnivelv in this branch of business than heretofore, we are pre pared to show purchasers Cooking Stoves ol'all the various approved patterns, to gether with Parlor. Box, nnd Canada Plate Stoves of all eiz s. Also a, s stove Pipe Of Ru--ia. English nnd Ainiiricnu Iron. Dumb Stoves, of Rusia and American Iron handsome pattern'). Stove trimmings ol everv description of Tin, Copper and cop per Bottom, and IRON HOLLOW WARE. Wo recommend lo purchasers with great confidence, nn examination of this assortment ol StoveB and trimmings, be lieving it lo bo not only more extensive and complete, but that purchasers will find bcttir liurgaini than nt nny other establish ment in the state. T. F. & W. L. STRONG. Burlington. October d, 1333. I1' r a n h 1 in Hotel, ANSON SPELMAN TIT) ESPECTFULLY informs Jl.lL Ins friends and llie public that he lias taken the pleasant si ml commodious House on the soulh wed corner of the square, in the vil Inge uf Burlington, formerly occupied by I). Bishop. He nssures his friends nnd the public generally, that no rensoiinble efforts on bis part shall be wauling to render his House n pleasant and dcsirablo homo to llio traveller, lo (iijrinaiient boarders, lo gentlemen of tho bar, judges, jurors and witnesses in court limn ; nud iu fine, to all persons who may please lo favor him with mum i s vffi T . their patronage, nnd which it will bo li'n Ininbition to merit by n prompt attention to the wishes ol his guests;, and by reasonable ehnrgos. The Singes will call at tins House for passengers. liiirlinalnn, October I. Jl',31). NEW GOODS Cheaper than wr at tho New Cheap Store "irNFORM ihoir friends and custntnoi? .11. t.'ial llii'V have received nud are now opening it I1'" supply of Fall Goods, nnd Hint 1 hey arc" o! as fonio may be led to lie hove, avj higli'T limn in the spring. Their assortment. M very large nud well worthy the attention of (hose jvishlng lo buy cheap It consists in part of fine .English, French and Americin Calicoes from 0 ponce to 3 shillings per yard, French nnJ Eiiirli?li Merinos, plnn and figured, nt iincoii'Mnonly low prices, English Lustre n now nnd Ik'iu. tiful a rticlu for ladies tlresses, very cheap, figured Alpacos a heavy rich material for Ladies Clonks entirely new stylo nud chenp, a variety o,' plain nnd figured Silk-, Satin and Reps, ilnin Blue Black Poult du Soic and 1 Lilian Silks, fancy Hdkls. Ribbons, Belts', Gloves', Hozicry, Rob Roy, Cash mere, Memo (i fid Thibet Shawls, together with a greet variety of other articles suited lo I lie Kilos m. which will be freely shown at all times. The Lidtes of Burlington nro invited lo examine and judge for Ilium salves. October .r. IB33. WAKTED7 fl"N Exchange lor Goods, a few hundred .a. yards Sheopa Grey cloth nnd Domes tic Flannels. LATIIROP & I'OTWIN. Oct. .1, 1333. eAVE received n large asssoriineut of . Family Groccri'.'s, warranted of su perior qtiahtv, and for sale cheap, Oct. 3 1333. Fc;ithurs. rjTIIIE 'iibcnbcrs will pay tho highest -J- Market prico for 500 lbs, Live Geese Feathers, if delivered soon. Latiihoi' & Potwi.v. Oct. ",. 1333. The Farmer's Almanack lor ASTROXOMICA L CA LCULA TIONS HY Z A 1)0(3 TIIOJIP.SOiV, A. M. "OUI5LISI1ED nud for sale at wholesalo A I'y C. GOODRICH. For sale nlo by E. &, T. Mills, Brown & Lowery, Daniel Davu. S. Walker & Co. (ieo Peiorson, lime & Johnson. Geo. Moore, C. Bonns, and Lathrop nnd Potwiu at Wiiioos!,-! (3itv. Bbls. American Brandy, 3 Pipe? Cognian do 50 bbls American Gin, 2 Pipes Holland dj 10 Ca.-ks of Wine of various quali ties and prices, for sale by Foi.i.ktt it Bhadi.k.vs. Ladies Shoes. Pairs, composing; everv size P inn) quality of Lndie-. Misso? nnd Children-! Shoes, just received ami for sale by the subscribers at very reduced price- ibr cn-h. Also. Gentleineus Moroc co Pumps. Moccasins, India Rubber Over Shoes. Fur Lined do., Fur Lined Walking Shoes. &c. &c. " L.Tiinop tS' I'otwin. October 51 li. rBHE Parlnership beiwen Hiq mb-cri JL b ers under llie firm of II. Jithnson iS' Co. i-- (In- day dissolved by mutual con -eni. All accounts with the firm to be settled with C. Goodrich. HIRAM JOHNSON. CHAUNCEY GOODRICH Burlington Oct. 4. HJ3!i. J he Printing business will bo continued by C. Goodrich, under the siiperiiitcudauce ol Al r. Venum Harrington, STOVE PIPE." A General a-sortment of Riirsta, Englisl l mid Canada Iron Pipes, kept con' siaiitly on hand and for sale a! wholesale or retail by W. R. & F. C. VILAS. Oct. .1. -J Cae French and English Merinos, for snle cheap by the siib-cribers. Oct. 5. 1333.' LTiimi'& I'otwin. Newton Russell's .Estate. TT7T. tho subscribers, having been appoint. " oil by the Ilonnrablothc Probate Court for the District of (Jhiltenden, commissioners lo receive examine, and adjust tho claims and demands of all per.-ons, against tho estato of iNewtou luissoll. late of Charlotte, in said District, deceased, represented insolvent, and also all claims and demands exhibited in ofiVot therelo; and six months from Iho dnv of Iho dale horoof, being allowed bv said court for that purpose, wo do therefore hercbv give no tice, tnat wo will attend to the business of our apiiuiiitiueiit, at tho dwelling of Kllis A, litis sell, in Charlotlc, in said District, on tho first baluidayH of January and ypril next, at ten o clock. A. Al.. on each ol said davs. Dated, this first dav nfOctobor A. D. 1333 ELAXSON li.'WIi:ELi:i,) Commis 1 1 III AM PILKSOX, Xsioncrs, JIary Wilcox's Fstatc. STATE OF FERMONT, ) DiernicT or Ciiitti:m)i:., ss. The lion, the Probate Court fur the Dis Irut of Chittenden, To all jtcrsani con c-rned in the estate of Mary Wilcox, late of ivcslfunl, in said Dhtrkl. deceased. GREETING. WHEREAS, Allen Smue, administra tor of the estate of said deceased, proposes to render nu account of his admin istration, nnd present his account ngaiust snid I'stnle for examination and allownnco, at a se.-siuu of the court of Probate In be holden nt llio Register's office in Burling ton on the second Wednesday of November next. Tin:iu:roui:, You arc hereby notified lo nppear beforo said Court nt the timo and piaco aforesaid and show cause, if nny you have, why the account aforesaid should not be allowed. Given under my band at Burlington, this 2d day of October, A. D. 11130. Wh, WESTON. Vf""r. SCHOOZ. fic CLASSIC AX. BOOKS. EBSTEtl'S SPELLING BOOK Marshall's do do Cobb's Hnzctis Lamb's Ciimming's do do do do do do do do do Leonard's do Child's and American Primcri Worcester s Dictionary, Wnlkor'a do Johnson's) do 4 vols. Webster's do Thompson's Arithmetic, do do Small, Adam's do DavieV do Youths lo DabollV do 1'ilto'n 'lo Pierce's Alexander's Emerson's Colburii's do do 1st 2d and 3d. du do Scqucf Rrimsmacds Geography 1 Parley's: do Cumi.'ig'd Fowlc's Hall's Goodrich's Mallo Brun's Halls Huntington's Olncy's do do do do do do t?0 do anew work, do com'n school do Woodbridgo's do do J. Willard's do Willard's do Worcester's do Morse's do Murray's Grammar 0 vo. do do 12 mo, ..'Io. Kirkham's Smith's Hall's Fletcher's Do. Sacy's Putnam's do abriged do do do do do do Goodrich's History U, Slates, Hale's do do Webster's do do Willard's do do do do do abridged, Parley's 1st 2d and 3d books of Histoiy, Thompsons History of Vt. Whelploy's do Tyller's do Ilccren's do Grimshaw's do of France. do do of Rome, Bobbins England English Header, Emerson's 1st 2d and 3d Class Reader National Reader, Rhetorical Reader, Improved do Progressive do American 1st Class Book. Porter's Analysis, Academical Speaker, American Reader. Agricultural do Analytical do Blair's Rhetoric, .nniiesnn's do Newman's do Whateiey's do Januesoii's Logic, Hedge's do Whateleys do Comstocks common School Philosophy a new work, Cnmstock's Philosophy, Blake's do Jones' do Iilairs' do Olni3tcd's do Comstock's Chemistry, Jnne's do Conversations on do Blake's do Lincoln's do TtirnerV do Webber's do Eaton's do Parke's do McNcven's do Lincoln's Botany Torrey's do Thorntons do Nutlalls do Gray's do Eaton's. Geology, Btirnlts Astronomy, Ryans do Guy s Vnsu's Wilburs Wilkin's Ilerschel's Fnrrar's do do do .lo do do Paley's Philosophy, Waylaud's Moral Science, Smith's Moral Sontiments, Sny's Politicnl Economy, Knune's Elements of Criticism, Ainsworth's Latin Dictionory. do do by Dymock, Lrveretta do do Young's do do Adams' lo Grammar, Russell's lo do , Andrew's do do Patterpon's do do Gould's do do Andrew's do Reader. do do Exercises, Jacob's do Render, Virgil Gould's nnd Cooper's. Horace. Lnlin Tutor, Libor Primus. Patterson's Cic?ar, Tacitu, Sallust by Anlhon, Livii, 5 vols. Tcrronco. Cicero's Orations, Dounegan's Greek Le.icon, do do do abridged, Schrevell'd do do (J rove's do .do Buttman's do Grammar, Goodrich's do do Fisk's do do do do Excrciscp, Ilcrndiliis. 3 vols. Hntuer's 1 Iliad, do Odyscy. Plato's works, 0 vole. Slrabo. 3 vols. Greek Testament Buyers French Dictionary, Nugeut's tin do Waiiostrocts do Grammar, Leviy.ucs do do DeChi'iie's do do Oharlea l'.'ih. Picard. Lebrniis Telem.nqiic. Bolmars Phrnns, do Fables, German Dictionary, n vo. do Grammar, do Reader. do Phrnsc book, Hebrew Lexicon. do Grammar, Chreloninthy, &c &c. &c. M.1IIV Oflltn tltinvn nrn l'.,r ,.,L i lt,!.u nnd will besold atwholosnla or retail at the most reduced prices. C. GOODRICH. Wickwnto building, upstairs. IJurlington, Srpl 'Jts. inch Burlaps, for Wool nnd Hop Sacks, bv WAIT &. TAItnil. Sept. 27. new goods: A Great Variety of New Good?, just received nt thn Nnw f'njl, Klrfn- moil era tcti cheap, by ''Pi. WAIT anil TABOR. CALICOES, lor tho Full and Winter, lastcst lashions, by WAIT and TABOR. Sept. 27. FRENCH nnd ENGLISH MERINOS' ofsupcr.or quality bv WAIT & TABOR. A good lot of Gloves and Hose mny be found at WAIT & TABORS. MERINO "sHAWLS-cheaper tliau ever, by WAIT nnd TABOR. On Consignment, Granville made Iron Axlclrec double Waggon?, lor sale nt IG0 to 05 each, by Foi.i.ett & BnAnr.vit. Geese Feathers. A. TMRST rate article, for sale by &A W. R. &. F. C. VILAS. Spt. 27. 3iv TIN PLATE. 1 CC Boxes just ree'd and for sale, by 1UU W. R. &P. C. VILAS. Sept. 27. C1 ASH, and tho highest market price. will be oaid for ehoen's noil, bv W. R. & F.C. VILAS. Sept. 20. cm Novascotia Plaster. 4 rr Tons 1 JVJ Bulk 300 bbls of Novascotia Plaster in do do Fom.ett &. BllADI.EVI. for sale by Sept. 2-1. Hollow ware. Agoot! a.!oriiiicii( ofslove sittil fire place hollow "ate nad it oil I'tirnacrs this d ty rrcriictl iiiul fur sale by KOURIfl' MOODY. 20 Ilhds. iMnscovado. 15 do New Orleans, 15 boxes Philadelphia Loaf, for salo by Sept 24. Foi.t.r.TT & I5n.ADr.EYf. ' CTU1E Hib-crihcrs are receiving their fnll Goods. couiiri-ing rhp usual variety nf Fancy and Staple Dry Goods, Grocerios. Crockery &c. &c, and will sell lor cash al prices to suit customers. LATHROP & POTWIN. Sepl. 27. 1333. TEAS. Chests Hyson Skin Ten 75 do Young Hvson do 40 do Old Hyson do 50 do Tonka do 20 do Souchong do 300 Caddies and Boxes Young Hy- son, G and 12 pounds cadi. 50 do do Old do 0, and 12 pounds each. For salo lower than was ever offered in ibis market. Bv Sept. 20, '33. Foi.i.ett & DrtAm.KY". POTATOES. CASH ami n good price will be paid fur 0 few thousand bushels Potatoes if delivered soon, by Sept. 23, '33. Foi.i.ett & BnADi.Eve. Jonathan G. Stewart's Estate. E the subscribers having been op pointed by the Hon. Probate Court for the District of Grand Isle, commission ers In receive, examine nil claims and de mands of all persons against the estate of Jonathan G. Stewart, late of South Hero. 111 said district, deceased, represented insnl vent, and all claims and demands exhibited in nfi'set thereto, and six months from the 22tl day of Augiial. A. D. 1 333, being al lowed by snitl Court for that purpose wo theretnre hereby give notice that we wilt attend to the business of our appointment nt Hector Adnms's office, 111 said South Hern, on the first Tnc-day of Fcbruurv. A. D. 1339, from 10 o'clock, A. M. till four o'clock, P. M. Given under our hands, nt said South Hero, this 22d day nfSepi. A. D. 1333. CALVIN FLETCHER. DAVID CORBIN. Charles S. Kimball's Estate. STATE OF lrERMONT, District ok Ciiiti emikn, es. The Hon. the Probate Court for the Dh trkl of Chittenden. To all persons con cerned in the. estate of Charles S, Kimball, late of Rurlinglun, ilccmseil. ' GREETING. WHEREAS the ndminisiraior of thn eclati! of snid deceased, proposes tn render an account of Ins administration, and present Ins nccounl ngninsl said estate for nllowance, at llie Probalc Court to bn hidden nt Iho Eagle Hall in Willislon, in said District on the third Monday of Octo ber next. Therefore, you nro hereby noti fied to nppear before snid Court, nt tho lime and plnce nforesnid, to show cause if anv vnu have whv llio said account Bliould not bo nllnwed. Given under my hand and tlte ecal oT snid Court, at liiirliuglon, 111 said District, thit 26ili day of September. A. D. 1033. CHARLES RUSSELL, Judge.

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