Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, October 26, 1838, Page 2

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated October 26, 1838 Page 2
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4 Report' ff committees. By Ilia General! Mnesrs. Robinson, Itannoy, Hebard, Edson, f Abel lMcrnoinl. Short mill Howcn. 1 ho bill was Clough, mid in rclalinn loiho acknowledge mcnts of. deeds and land conveyances which were severally ordered to bo ongros Fed against the polilinn of inhabitant of Brighton, and Hie petitioners had Icavo to withdraw. By the judiciary committee, pursuant to instruction!), aw act to abolish jmprisonmcnt on all debts or contracts after the let Jan. next and I ho bill was twice road, and, on motion of Mr Field of W. laid on the table ; also by tlio same com mittoc, pursuant to instructions, a bill ex tending jail yards to the limits of the whole county, which was read a second time and laid on the table. Tho engrossed bill, repealing the act of 1020 regulating the practice ot pnysic ano surgery, was read the third time and passed unanimously, The Senate camo in, and the joint As eembly proceeded to mako tho following appointment : AMBROSE L. DROWN, of RutlanJ, Surveyor General. fA. L.Brown 131, Andrew McMillan C4. scattering 5 1 SENATE, 2 o'clock, t. M. Mr Noble, ol the com. on agriculture, to whom was referred the resolution in favor of organizing agricultural societies, report ed that no legislative action, in the opinion of the committee, is expedient at present on the subject. Mr Ilubbnll called up tlio judiciary bill, when Mr IJobnrd proposed uu amendment, making tlio talarics of I ho several judges jJIOOO each supported by Mr Hebard, and opposed by Messrs I'ierpoint, Short, Kit. tredgc and Converse, and, on motion of II r Picrpoint, the bill was laid on tho table. HOUSE. Resolutions. By Mr Sawyer of More town, instructing the judiciary com. to inquire into the expediency of a general banking law; by Mr Gowdy, instructing tho com on banks to inquire into the expe diency of requiring that the safely fund banks receive t ho bills ot" such banks (which redeem with specie.) in payment of debts due them; by Mr Richardson, inquiring as to the expediency of allowing justices of the pedcc to bind over disorderly persons to keep the peace : by Mr Bigclow, as to tho expediency of a board ol commission crs for education, to select and prescribe school books, &c. ; by Mr Sleeper, direct ing Gcn'l coin, to inquire as to the expedi ency of further measures to restrain neat -cattle from running nt large: by Mr Fisher of Acton, directing the same committee to inquire into the expediency of establishing county poor houses ; by Mr Rich of Shore, ham, directing com. on roads and canals to inquire into the expediency of allowing towns to receive money, (two thirds in amount, ) in lieu of labor on highways, if paid by the 15th of May ; by Mr Carpenter providing that 10 copies of the 8th vol. of Vt. Reports be deposited in the state libra ty; by Mr Thomas, instructing the judici cry committee to inquire as to the expedi Dcy of admitting the testimony of persons without relercnce to their religious bcliet ; all which were adopted Capital Punishment Tho judiciary corn reported a bill prci-cribing the punishment of capital crimes. &c. (for treason, and for murder, whether bv poison, arson, ot duct hnff, solitary confinement in the state prison for life; in cases of second convic tion for some offences, the punishment of death is prescribed.) Mr Miner moved to ley tho bill on the table carried. Wednesday, P. M. Tho Senate came in when the joint com mitlee proceeded to make tbc following county appointments. WINDHAM COUNTY. Henry Wheelock, ) . .,., t .,: Win. R. Shaftcr. Asslslnnt Ju'ticcs Gales Perry, jr., Sheriff. Asa Dutton, high bailiff. James Elliot, stales' attorney. Dana Hyde, judge of probate for the district of Marlboro'. Ellery Albeo, judge of probate for the district ot Westminster. Marshal Miller, Wolier Eager, Aaron C ItotJinsoi:. jail commis'rs. Benj. W. Allen, hop inspector. ORANGE CDUXTV. Simeon Short, ) , ,, . .. Jacob K. pi.L.Ass't justices. Hubbord Wright, high bailiff. WASHINGTON COUNTY. Pliny Curtis, ) . . ,. Wm.M. Pingrey.i Ass t justices. John Starkweather, Sheriff, . The county convent inn nominated John Starkweather for Sheriff, and on his name being presented, Mr Smith of Berlin nom inaled Shubal B. Flint. Mr Sawyer of Moretown moved to recommit tho nomiua tion; this motion being withdrawn. Mr Starkweather was supported by Messrs Sawyer of M. and Dillingham, and Mr 1' lint by Mr Smith. Tho vote was a9 fol lows Starkweather 120, Flint CO, blanks 16, scattering 5 Ebonczor Bruco, high bailiff. Puul Dillingham, jr. states attorney Daniel P. Thompson, judge of probate Thos. Ncedham, Silas C. French, Daniel Baldwin, jail commissioners. L. L. Lamb, Imp inspector. RUTLAND COUNTV. Ziniri Howe, let assistant justice. FRANKLIN COUNTV. Seymour Eggleston. ) . , :U6lice9 Jesse Carpenter, Jsst justices Jeplha Bradley, sheriff. Richard A. Shattuck, high bailiff. Jerome J. Beardsley, states attorney Win. Bridges, judge of probate for the cl ist net of Georgia James Davis, Jus. II. Brainard, Bates Turner, jail commissioners. Oilando Stevens, hop inspector, BENNINGTON COUNTV. Sam'l H Blackmcr. states attorney, 'f Arlcmas Matte6on, judge ol'probate for the district of Bennington. Tho joint committee uilinurncd to Wed netday aficrnoon next, when '.he Senate retired and the House adj. Thursday, Oct. 10, 1030 SENATE. Bilh from tho House. rcncaline net regulating the practice of physic and eorgcry. On this question humorous and animated debnto nrose, the speakers all upon one side, and giving different reasons for their partiality lur the bill. The Sen alors who look part in the debute were read thu third tune and passed. Directing the treasurer to pay Isaac Cummins, the sum mentioned, offered by Mr Ileywood, referred to com. on claims: relating to a geological survey ol tho slate, reported by Mr Swift, read twice and laid upon the table to abolish Imprisonment lor debt, reported by Mr Robinson, ol tho judiciary committee, in conformity with tho resolu tion introduced bv Mr Bunas, ronsidored as in com. of the whole and luid upon the table. HOUSE. On motion of Mr Dilluiffham, tho itidi clary com. was discharged from tho bill dividing Grand Isle Co. into two probate districts, and the bill was referred to the members from Grand Isle Co.: also from tho petition of Anson Coo and others. Mr Fullam called til) tho bill extending tho limits of jail yards, and it was ordered to a third reading. HOUSE. Rcnorl of Commillec.liy tho gcn'l com against further provisions to restrain neat cattle from miming at largo. mil introduced Uy Mr Blackmcr, in addition to act relative to election Iiinslcy Bennett Adams Scattering 2d 91 1G3 27 1 3d lit) 120 of governor. &c. boxos to be opened at 9 A. M. in towns whero the population ex ceeds 2000 to bo open 5 hours for town representatives, and (5 hours for other ofll. ccrs.1 Mr Howe moved to dismi-s the bill opposed by Moms lilncKmer, i iciu ni W. and (Joltiy, nnd tno mm ion was wuu drnwn, and the bill, referred to the com. Elections. The Senate came in. end both Houses, joint committee, proceeded to make the following appointments: HARRY BRADLEY, banK inspector and bank cominis'r. Harry Bradley 141, John C.Sawyer 90, scattering 2. GEO. B. SHAW, reporter of decisions of sup. court. Geo B Shaw 141, E D Barber 70, scat tering 9 SEWALL FULLAM. r. agent to set lie concerns of Vi. Sinte Bank. Mr. Field of W. called up the bill, rola tive to tho Rutland and Whitehall rail road company, the question being upon the amendment, reserving to future legislatures control over the charter; anil the amend ment was adopted ayes 129. noes 70 and the bill was read tiic first time and, on motion of Mr. Butler, laid on the tabic. Friday, Oct. 19. U. S. Senator. The hour having arrived for tho election of a Senator from this state, in thu Congress ot the United estates, the Senate proceeded to ballot on its part ; Mr Hubbcl nominated John Kellogg; Mr Lawrence nominated Samuel S. Phelps; Mr Ranney nominated Timothy Follett ; Mr Clark nominated Hctnan Allen. The several ballotings were as follows: Phelpa " Follcct Allen Kello Ist bal. 9 7 3 8 2d 11 5 4 9 3d 10 G 4 9 4ih&5ih 11 5 4 9 Cih 11 B 3 8 7ili 10 5 3 9 Sili 9 5 3 9 9il 9 5 4 9 lOih 9 6 4 9 1 1 ill 8 0 4 9 12ih 9 6 4 9 13ili 10 7 2 9 Mill 10 5 3 9 15ih 9 6 4 9 their part, had elected a Senator, and wore ready to unite with tho Senate in comple ting tlio election. HOUSE. Tho Homo resumed ballottinn for Sena- tor, with tho following result: E. L Otlt 91 43 73 7 7th 100 32 70 8 3lh 103 19 74 14 Otli 103 11 75 13 lOlh 104 llth 09 12th 70 13th 03 14th 59 1 72 10 73 14 77 9 74 9 74 0 3 22 2 44 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 15th 71 1GII1107 05 G After tho 9lh ballot, Mr Hebard offered resolution, tho house concurring, that further ballotings bo postponed to Monday next. Mr Briggs moved that tho resolu tion bo laid upon the tabic. After debate by Messrs Hebard, Briggs, Picrpoint nnd Young, the resolution was laid upon the table and the balloting was resumed On the 10th and 1 1th ballotings 0110 blank vote wos thrown, when Mr , Ranney called up the resolution to postpone to Monday, and after much discussion tho resolution was laid upon the table, and the ballotting was resumed. After the 15lh ballot, the Sen ate, concurred in a resolution from the House, postponing the election of Senator to Tuesday next. HOUSE. Resolutions. By Mr Butler, that it is inexpedient to charter or rccharter banks, &c. without making stockholders liable to tho amount of their stock on motion of Mr B. laid on the table; bv Mr Sawver of M. instructing the com of Elections to in quire whether the member from Guildhall is a citizen ol this stale adopted. J he hour for the election of Senator in the Senate of the U. S. having arrived, the House proceeded to this election, Messrs Dillingham and Townsloy tellers. Hon. Samuel S. Phelps, of Middlebury was nom mated by Mr l ownsley nnd seconded by Mr Colby ; Hon. I imothy Follett, of Burling ton, was nominated by Mr Goodalc, and seconded by Mr Hopkins; and Hon. John Kellogg of Benson, was nominated by Mr Wheeler. The ballots were ns follows: let hiil. 2,1 3d 4ili Slli 77 by Messrs Haywnrd, Swift nnd Young. tho election. Mr Dewey, from the House, Messrs kittredgo, Picrpoint nnd Robinson informed the Senate that tho House, on ni.nn.Ki 1 m 1 . on 1 10 grnunu inui mo stale of tho treasury would not warrant thi3 cnterprizo. I'lin Hnnnln Minn in. and both llOIISCS tunni inin in'int nnnnmblv for the election of judges of tho Supremo uouri, aim mu - lowing persons wero cicuicu, mu iuui named unanimously : Charles K. Williams, unini justice. Stephen Roycc, 1st Assistant Justice. Jacob Collamor. 2d " " Isaac F. Rcdlicld, 3d " Milo h. Bennett. 4th " " Tir 4ih nasistant justice. Chnrlcs Adams was nominated by Mr Young. Charles Lin-ley by Mr Sabin, and Milo L. Bennott by Mr Kittrcogc i mo uauoia were an iui lows : 1st bal. 1)0 G2 50 13 1 1 of llieso were (informal) for Mr Bemott On tho second lis ntinz being announ cod, Mr Young withdrew the name o" Mr Adams. Monday, Oct. 22, 1858 Rcsnlvtiom from the senate, instructing our dolnnation in Consress to rcnu.'st a frrnnt of land for each of the colleges ii this 1 state, concurred in; by Mr 1 nomas, ns to the expediency of not requiring officers to servo writs, unless indemnified for damages adopted. Mr Chittenden called up the bill restoring Melvin Harris to legal privileges. Mr Fullam opposed tlio bill on the ground that the power of pardoning was vested in the Governor Mr Chittenden supported the bill, and it was passed. Mr Dillingham called up the bill pre scribing the punisntnent for certain high crimes and misdemeanors, and on his mo tion it was committed to a member for amendment. Mr Dillingham subsequently reported the bill amended. Mr Blackmcr moved to lay the bill on tho table opposed bv Mr Goodalc. nnd negatived. Mr Ilcwes moved to refer tho bill to tho next session; the chair refused to cnlertain the motion, as the rules provide for no bucIi motion. Tho bill was supported at length by Messrs Dillingham Goodalc, Fullam, Dinsmore, Sawyer of M. and B'Hler. nnd opposed by Messrs Haywanl, Blackmcr, Fairbanks and Dewey. Mr Fairbanks moved to amend bv providing that execu lions (provided fur by tho bill in cases of second conviction for a capital olloncc.) should not be public ; Inst, unanimous con sent being necessary. Tho bill was passed ayes 12G, nves 69. Mr Warner called up the bill relative to the division oftho school money, when Mr Richardson of Waitsfield moved an amend ment, reserving to the several towns (or to the select men.) tho power to divide the part or tbc money, distributed to the towns among tho districts in such proportions as should bo deemed most expedient. On motion of Mr Gowdy, the bill and amend ment were laid on the table. The treasurer, in answer to a resolution of the House, reported the nmount paid for 1I10 destruction of foxes tho past year, viz; 4121 foxes destroyed, gl,105 25 paid as bounty. SENATE. Tuesday. Oct. 22. 1C30 U. S, Senator Tho Senate proceeded again to ballot fur a Senator in the dm gress of the U. Slates ; (for balloting see allernoon proceedings;) after the 47th ballotting the Senate Adjourned. HOUSE. Mr Blackmcr called up '.lie bill to abolish imprisonment for debt, tho question being upon the amendment of Mr Beardsley, extending the provisions of tho bill to all existing contracts, except such as arc in suit when the act goes into operation. Tin.' amendment was opposed by Messrs Dillingham and Sabin, and supported by Mr Beardsley when the hour arrived for the election of Senator, and the ballotings were resumed, with the following results: For ballotings 6eo afternoon proceedings. On the lOlh ballot being declared, Mr Goodale withdrew tho name of Mr Follett, and nominated Hon. Solomon Foot, secon ded by Mr Hopkins; and Mr Sabin nomi. uatcd Hon. Heman Allen On the 14th ballot being declared, on motion of Mr Colby, the H usn Adjourned. SENATE, 2 o'clock, p.m. The balloting for Senator was resumed, and resulted as follows; P. M. 75 0 1 70 20 1 On tho result of the 15th ballot being announced Mr Foot addressed tho House expressing his decided preference for M Phelps, and requested his friends to with hold from himself their support in the future ballotings. In this interval also, n message was received from the Senate, announcing tho election of a Senator on their part, alt babtn renewed the nomination of Ho man Allen, and balloting wao resumed. On the I G1I1 balloting an election was tnado on tho part of the House, nnd Mr Dewey was appointed to inform the Sen ato thereof, Tho Senate immediately camo in, when extracts of the journal of me two nouses wore read and the President oftho Senate announced the election of the HON. SAMUEL S. PHELPS. Senator to represert this state in tho Con gress of the United States for the term of six years from and after the 4th of March next. The Senate retired, and the House proceeded with business. Mr Beardsley called up the bill abolish, ing imprisonment for debt, and moved an amendment, providing that tho act shall go into cttect on its passage, The first ones tion, however, was on the first amendment, extending the bill to all debts and contracts not in suit. Messrs Colby and Fullam opposed tno amendment, when Mr Towns- ley moved to dismiss the bill. This motion was supported by Mr Goodalc, opposed by Mr Field of W., and withdrawn. M'r Dillingham opposed tho amendment, fol lowed by Mr Blackmcr, who very ably sustained the bill generally, and maintained tho constitutional right of the House to extend tho bill to all contracts now in force Mr Goodalc replied. MrTownslcy moved to lay the bill on tho table supporied by iMessrs field of iprmghcld and Dewey and carried. IiYMAlV & COLE HAVE received their Fall nnd Winter Goods, consisting of n vory extensive assortment of Merinos, Camblets, Cam. blotccnc, Persian cloths, Poplin, &c. for ndios cloaks. Also a variety of bilks, silk Camblet and Pongees. A large as sortment ol Minin's best bind: and sennet merino Shawls 5-4 to 8-4. Also low priced do. Heavy worsted shawls, very largo Also various sizes of woolen and fancy Shawls; making our assortment of Shawls very complete. A rich assortment of printed Challoys new stylo. Black and colored Alepinc, French Bnmbnzino nnd Merinos, very nice FANCY HDK'FS AND SHAWLS. Chnllcv, Mousclino do lane, sewing Silk, beautiful variety. 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Whereas, George Perkins, executor of the last will and testament of said doccas cd, proposes to render an account of hi administration, and present his account against said estate for examination and allowance at a session of the Court of Pro bate to be holden at the Resist er's office in Burlington on the second Wednesday of November next. Therefore vou are hereby notified to ap pear before said court, at the time and placo aforesaid, and show cause if any you have, wiiy tlio account nlorcsaid should not be allowed. Given under my linud ni Burlington, tin 10th day ol October. A. I). 11130. oil. 3 WM. WESTON Register 03 76 (1 3 2 1 1 1 li7"E the subscribers, having hccii appoint " cd by tho Honorable the Probate Court for the Distiict of Chittenden, commissiunors to receive examine, and adjust the claims and demands of all persons, against tho cstalo of iNcwlou Russell, late of Charlotte, m said District, deceased, represented insolvent, nod also all claims and demands exhibited in offset thereto; and six months from tho day of the data hereof, being allowed by said court for that purpose, wo do thcrcloro hereby give no ticc, that wo will attend to the business of our appointment, at tho dwelling of Ellis M. Ilus sell, in Charlotte, in said District, on tho first Saturdays of January and April next, at ten o clock. A. iI..on each ot said davs. Dated, this first day ofOclober A. D, 1838 ELANSON II. WHEELER, ) Commis, HIRAM PIERSON. $ soi trq 03 Samuel S. I'helps, 1 1 1 1 1 0 1 1 1 y l ollcll, John Kellogg, llcman Allen, William Sladc, Sleplien ltnice, Clias. K. Williams, Uenj'iinin Swift, .Miii tin 1). Follett, Gin. 15. Shaw, John l'helpd, 229 229 229 230 229 On the 4lh balloting being declared, Mr Fairbanks introduced .1 resolution postpon ing tho election of Senator until Tuocday afternoon next--rejected, oycs77, noes 121. On the 5lh balloting, Mr blccper uitroduc cd a resolution postponing tho election to Tuesday morning next at 10 o'clock. Mr Colby moved an amendment, fixing this nf. ternoon for tho election: amendment dis. cussed by Messrs Hopkins. Noycs, Sabin, Miner of M., Field of W. Fairbanks, Col by, Dinsmore Mr Townsley suggested to-morrow morning 10 o'clock, and Mr Colby accepted the proposition. The amendment was rejected, 132 to G7, and the resolution wns adopted. SENATE-Saturday, Oct 20. Mr Bowcn called up tho bill relative to the Rutland rail road hank, when Mr Rob inson moved 1111 nmendinout, reserving to futuro legislatures control over the charter lost. Mesrs. Kittredgo, Young nnd Piorpoinl tupnorlcd, and Messrs Hubbell nnd Haywnrd opposed the bill ordered to n 3d reading, 1G to II. Tlio bill appropriating 3000 (ot a goo logical turvey of tlio slato wub bupported IGth 17th 18th 19th 20th 21st 22d 23d 24th 25th 2Glh 27th 2t!l h 29lh 30th 10 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 0 9 9 9 9 8 9 9 9 9 9 1 9 9 1 9 8 1 9 9 1 9 9 9 1 9 1 9 1 1 9 1 3 9 I 4 9 5 1 P. M. 9 3 9 3 9 3 10 3 8 When, on motion of Mr Picrpoint, the House was inlormcil that tho Senate, on its part, had elected a Senator from this btuto lo the uongress ot tho U. S and wcro ready to meet tlio IIouso to complete 3in 32d 33d 34th 351 h 3Gih 37th 30i h 39th 401 h 4 let 42d 43d 44th 45th 40 th 47lll inth 49th 50th 5M 52d 12 13 12 II II II 10 12 12 12 13 12 12 II 10 10 10 II 10 II 11 14 1 Memssa Frazer, 1 TIlHE petition :s. JL Malisi.a Frns Emas B. FnAzsn. 1 thows that she w married to Elias B. Frascr. December 1027, that 011 the 9th July 1833 thu said Elias left his home and tlio petitioner, nnd for maro than three years has wilfully deserted her and neglected to provide her any means ot support, and praying that bill of divorce may be granted her. It is ordered that the said Elias B. Fra ser appear before the Supremo Court 202 W GOODS. THE subscribers arc now receiving their fnll nnd wi,iln I !..".. K"is. hilliaisi lT III Dry Goods, Groceries, Crockery and Hnnl Wnrc, Cod Fish, Glass, Nails, Buffalo robes, &g. Also 2000 bushels solar Salt. 1000 do steam do 200 barrels fino do 50 sacks ground do All of which they offer at a small advance from cost. II. HYDE, & CO. October 0. 1838 their session at Burliuglon on the Thursday next preceding the first Tucsduy of Janu arv, 1839, to show cause why the prayer of 6oid petition should not be irranted. And it ueing shown that said Unas is out of the 1 reach of tho process of this court. It is furthor ordered that the substance of snid petition and of tins order be published in the Free Press throe weeks successively, the last of which lo be six weeks before tho session of said court. SAM'L S. PHELPS, Sept. 27, 30; J,tde of Sup. Court. Mcsrs. Panghorn & Brinsmaid Ever ready to accommodate the Young La. dies as well as thu Madams, take pleasure in inlorming their lair triends, who have been kept waiting a little, that thoy nan now find a most splendid assort ment of the good old stylo of fine Gold Necklaces, call cd Gold Beads, at tho Variety Store; and wo do not intend to be caught again with out some on hand, but, it is partially the Ladies lault, thev buy them so quick. We are also finUhing off a superb assortment of fine Silver Spoons for tlio Young Ladies who are "being" married and for those who are already Housekeepers; and when licii are supplied wo will mal;c some for Gen tlemen. 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Ho would also take this opportunity to say that the business of his house will ex perience no interruption from the loss of his barns nnd slnblcs, which will be rebuilt immediately. For the present he has pro cured the use of largo and commodious premises contiguous. He hopes his exer tions to please will induce a continuanco of that patronage hitherto so liberolly ac corded lo Ii 1 m by a discerning public. AMERICAN Motel, ) II DISSOLUTION. TIllIE copartnership heretofore cxistin" ho JL tween tho subscribers under the firm of A. and I. Stevens, is this day by mutual con sent dissolved. Tho books and papers of tho iuiq mm aro in llio Hands ol Ariel Slovens lur adjustment. ARIAL STEVENS. IRA STEVENS. Joricho.Oct. 10, 10311, MAPLB SUGAR. !i(f)ff)))i i-1-Maple Sugar, for sale, by tho 4&s!) subscribers. Starr & Bostwicic, Burlington. Oct, 18, 1030. Largo Pearl Buttons for Over Coats, India Rubber Shops for Pantaloons, uuiiuiur unu iioiai rantaloon Strops nsioi and Riflo Flanks, Powdor Horns and Shot uags, etc. etc. rccoived at tlio Variety Shop. Pan odoin and Brinimaid, Octobor 10,1030. Burlinirton. Oct. Plated Spoons, German silver Spoons, and some more Tooth Brushes, re ceived and for sale at the Variety Store. UCt. 1 15, t ANO HORN &. URINfMAII). HAY FOR SALE. rTMIIE subscribers offer for sale 12 tons JL of HAY, of gnnd quality, about ono mile from Essex Meeting House. Also, 40 tons of Hay, of good oualilv. on ihn Shelburn road, three miles from ibis vil. lage. This hay will be sold luw, and is worthy the notice of persons wishing to purchase noil draw it I hemselve..-. lso, 300 bushels of O ATS, at 1 heir slore. HICKOIv &. CAT LIN. Burlington. 2d October, 1033. COFFEE. Bags Lnguera, Si. Domingo Java Coffe. for sale by Follett &. Bradleys, Sept. 2S. 1038. 50 and 40 Bb!s, ofthe best ol Winter Oil, for sale bv Follett & Bradleys. Sept. 2-1. NEW GOODS. THE subscriber has just returned from New York, and is now receiving nt his Slore on Church St., a general assort ment of DRY GOODS, GROCERIES, CROCKER Y. St GLASS WARE, Which lie will sell unusually low for cash. HORACE LANE. Riirlingtnn. Oct. 5. 1030 Burlington, August I, 1838. DRUGS, J)1EDICLYES, PERFUME RY AM'D DYE STUFFS. THE subscriber Ims this day ier.eipd a l.irjo anil seleneil addition to liia stock of din nlioic uriicles, id uhicli lie rc(uc.t die attention of l'liy aiciiiii.j, as he ILuiits liimsi-lf lie Can give s.ilis ftciiun in qiialiiy and piice. ROI1EUT MOODY. "LITE & L3T LIY3,55 Samuel Huntington ''ST'OULD respectfully inform his cu T T lomcrs and the public generally that ho has just received from At'io York a good supply of BOOK BIM'DIMT, STOCK. BLANK BOOK MA TERIA LS AM'D STATIONERY, and would be happy to wuit upon all that may bo pleased to lavor him with incir pat ronage. BLANK BOOKS, of various patterns and bindings, kept con stonily on baud, ACCOUNT BOOKS, ruled and bound to order on short notice, nnd on as fair terms as the limes will admit nf; which is on fml best tcrmi." PAPER OF THE BEST QUALITY. Persons wishing a good arliclu of I'nper and other nriiclcs of Stationery, (not inle rior to any) will not find it to llioir disnd. vnntti"o to call one dour cast of "Scott's BlnckT" , . , . . . Ho would also return his grateful thanks to his customers lor the many favors recciv. cd, and hopes by attention to business lo merit a share ot public patronage. Thompson's Arithmetic for salo by tho hundred, dozen, or singlo copy, at the Buok Buidory by S, Huntington, Jf Doz. Sinioiis&, Co.,Caft Sleel Axes, for sale by the box, at manufacturers prices, by Follett & Bradleys. Sent. 24. NEW GOODS Cheaper than ever at the M"tio Cheap Store. WAIT & TABOR INFORM their friends and customers that they have received and are now opening a full supply ot Fall Goods and that they aro not a some may be led In be hove, any higher than in tho spring. Their assortment is very largo and well worthy I he attention of those wishing to buy cheap It cnnsisls in part of fine English, 'French and American Calicoes from G pence to 3 shillings per yard, French and English Merinos, plain and figured, at uncommonly low prices, English Lustre a now and benu. tiful article for ladies dresses, very cheap, figured Alpacosa heavy rich material for Ladies Cloaks entirely new stylo and cheap, a variety of plain and figured Silks, Satin and Heps, plain Bhiu Black I'oult do Soio and Italian Silks, fancy Hdkfs. Ribbons, Belts, Gloves, Hozicry, Rob Roy, Cash more, Merino and Thibet Shawls, together with a great variety of other articles suited to the season, which will be freely shown ai all times. Tho Ladies of Burlington aro invited to cxamjno and judgu for them solves. October G.IR30. MERINOS. i Caso French and English Murinos, for x sale cheap by tho subscribers. Oct. 5, 1030. LA-ritnoi. & I'otwin. Jtg inch Burlaps, for Wool and Hop "KW Sacks, by WAIT & TABOR. Sept. 27.

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