Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, November 2, 1838, Page 2

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated November 2, 1838 Page 2
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SENATE. Monday, Oct. 22, 1030. Mil To encourage tho growth of Bilk, reported Willi proposals of amendment, providing fdr a premium of 20 cents per poutuKon cocoon?, 20on raw silk and 30 conts per pound 'on towing silk, oii eatia factory evidence being exhibited to town clcrka ; laid upon the tnblo to prohibit the nolo of spirltous liquor ; called up by Mr. Ilannry. and considered am in committee of tho whole: Mr Pinrpnint moved bo to amend tho bill, ii3 to prnvnln for t ho repeal of all laws licensing the sale of spirituous liquors, and without passing any prohibiting act. Sir. Kanney spoke at length in opposition to tho motion, when, on motion of Mr Fierpoint, the bill was laid upon tho (able. Mr Picrpoint called up the bill to pro dibit the sale ofsptritous liquors, tho ques. tion being upon striking out tho first and second sections of tho bill. Mr Converse moved a proviso, that towns, ot their an nual March Meeting, bo empowered to crant licenses, at their discretion ; and this motion taking precedence, a discussion of sumo length ensued, Messrs. Convene anil Robinson advocation the motion, and Mes rs Hebard niul Ktttrcdgo opposing, Mr J3riggs movad Hint the bill bo laid upon the . table, which motion prevailed, and the bill abolishing imprisonment for debt was called no, and tho consideration of tho bill re sumed in coinmitleo of tho whole. The DroDosed amendment offered by Mr Briggs was withdrawn, anil tho bill ordered to be engrossed n nil read a third time rechar tcring the Bank of Caledonia, called up by Mr McMillan, amended, so as to limit amount of loans to directors. Mr Hub bell moved so to omend that the private properly nf stockholders bo liable, and de manded the yeas and nays ; negatived, yeas U, noes 1G, and tho bill ordered to bo en grossed and read a third time rechattcr intrilin Bank of Beiiini'ton. called' up by .Mr Swift, ond recommitted for amendment I to incorporate tho Vt. Historical bocioty ; ordered to be engrossed for the preven tion of frauds in tho transfer of negotiable instruments j read twico and referred to com. on judiciary to prohibit tho sain of spirituous liquors; cal'ed up by Mr Pier point, and the consideration of the amend ment, offered by Mr Converse resi'uned. Mr Swift addressed the Senate in favour of the bill ond against tho amcnr'linent. when the Senato Adj. HOUSE. Reporli of Committees By Gene ral com iTiillee, favorable to the petition -of Thos. Trickney and others; against the resolution instructing the com. on military affairs to Teport a bill making all free white- persons between 21 ond 45. liable to military duty with certain exceptions resolution laid on the table, and subsequently recommitted. JJy committee on manufacture!), bill incor porating Wallingford manufucturing co., ordered lo 3d reading. By select com., bill incorporating Orange co. mutual fire insurance co., ond it was pasiscd j bill (from the Senate) relating to corporations, with an amendment making all charters here after granted subject to bo repealed amendment agreed to. 126 to 51, anil the bill was ordered to a 3d residing. By com. on military offairs, against the petition of Harvey Ellis and oi hers, end it was laid on the table; against the petition of the , baud of the t-lth, regiment, and the peti tioners had leave to withdraw ; the expenses of the militia, &d ame as reported in tho Senate a few days since nnd published;! against further action relative to persons scrupulous of bearing arm?,; against further provisions relative in compensation ot mill tin, &c; a bill (pursuant, to instructions) abolishing imprisonment for military fines, tho committee reporting against the pas sago of the same a mo lion to dismiss was opposed by Mr. Condole, and negatived, 127 to 57, a motion to lay the bill on tho table was also lost, 07 to 76, and the bill ordered to a 3d reading. Engrossed bills. To incorporate Mont pclier female Seminary lating lands in Lowell, Easthaven, addition to act taxing lauds in Chittenden addition to tho sev cral acts for the benefit of poor debtors addition to act regulating the chartering of banks severally passed. Mr Chittenden called up tho bill con tinuing in forco the charter of the bank of Montpelier, the question being on the amendment of Mr Bcardsley, requiring stockholders to furnish security for the bills in stocks or mortgages, to tho amount of I he capital paid in supported by Mr Dil lingham, and opposed by Mr Fairbanks and JJIackmer. Adj. SENATE, 2 o'clock, p. m. Bills, relating to the Bank of Wind snr: reported nnd passed ibis bill provides that owners of stock shall not he taxed at its nominal but its real value. abolishing imprisonment for debt: passed, yeas 17 nnys7; from the houso laying a tax on lands in Lowell, ordered to a 3d reading ; in addition to an act regulating the charter ,ing Banks, refercd lo com. on banks; for the benefit of poor debtors, exempting $20 worth ofBouks from attachment, referred to com. on judiciary relating lo roads, (providing that towns shall not be liable for damages done to bndgee, by loads wheigh. ing more than ten llmu-and lbs. (exclusive of the carriage) ordered to a third read ing; to encourage the growing of silk, called up by Mr liowen, amended, and or dered to be engrossed and read a third time; repealing the act giving a bounty for des truction of foxos, rejected rechartering tho bank of Bennington, reported by com. with amendments, which wcro severally adopted, and tho bill was ordered to be en grossed and read a third lime, yeas 16, nays 9. HOUSE. Tho House resumed consideration ofthc bill to continue in forco the charter of the bank of Montpelier the question still be. ing upon Mr JJeordslcy's amendments. Tho discussion was continued by JUr Beardsley. who supported the amendment, assuming tho ground that tho additional restrictions imposed on the banks do not meet tho ob jections to tho present banking system; indeed that no pains and penalties, no re. amotions, would prevent tho frauds of bank men, unless these touched their property their self inlorcit. So far as dm ails were concerned, ho would waive discussion; he would firat settle the princi po-a simple one, which was to provide a safety fund to cover the sums which the ordinary resources of the bonk would not, meet, details might be ectllcd hereafter. In his view, thorn wni a spirit of specula, j lion of gambling ohrodd which ought not to exist, Mid these restrictions callod for to control and counteract this spirit. Mr Miner objected to tho amendments that '.hey proposed an cnliro change in the system, under which our banks had sur vived the tempest which had swept over the country, nnd had retained, to on extra ordinary extent, the cnnfidonca of the pub lie: and this ho contended was not called for. It was found on examination that this bank had amnio resources, beyond its capital slocks, to mad its liabilities; and soil was generally truo in respect to these institutions. In audition to tins security there was still llu'i safety fund ; and there was also tho power of future legislatures to impose any checks or guards, and, what ho deemed of toe utmost importance, there was too the re? triction upon loans to the directors. Trio history of all tho recent failures of ba nks conclusively proved that thov were r nined sololv through tho loss of ihoir ftiridr. by tho failure of officers of tho banks. Tho now restriction was a complete bar to this source of danger, and was amplo security ogainst tho recurrence ofthoevi'l. Aside, however, from these considers lions, he had insuperable objec tions to I ho amendments themselves. Tliny in fact fiffnrded no security to tho bill hoi., ders; B'j far from it, they would lend to throw tho control of the bank into the hand, of speculators, who owned their un told 'acres of wild lands, and tho only seen, rity tho bill holders would ultimately find, would be mountain trncts of valueless soil. Od this point the people had the experience of Michigan with her banks, founded on rMft estate, and yet their bills worth but 1.5 and 50 cents on tho dollar. Beforo Mr M. had concluded, tho Senate came in ond proceeded to the election of sergeant ot 1 arms, with the following result: 1. 2, 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. E II Prentiss CI 50 44 33 28 25 12 Cyrus Waro 79 09 91 95 97 95 1 1 G W T Burnham CO 60 76 05 CO 00 06 Seth Kimball 10 3 I W Itiker 9 7 3 5 4 2 Scattering 10 0 13 4 9 10 4 On the Glli ballot being declared, Mr Picrpoint withdrew tho name of Mr Pren tiss and seconded the nomination of Judge Ware; and on tho 7th ballot. Cyrus Waro, of Montpelier, was declared elected. The joint assembly adj. to Wednesday after noon next, wucn mo senate reiireu, ana the Houeo Adj. Tuesday, Oct. SO. SENATE. Mr Ranney called up tho bill to prohibit the traffic in spirituous liquors, the question being upon the adoption of the amendment proposed by Mr oonverse, giving towns authority lo granl licences, and exempting persons so licensed from the provisions ot the bill. After debate by Mr Ranney in opposition to the amendment, and Messrs. Short ond Harvey in favour. Mr Converse withdrew his proposition, and Mr Chandler moved on omendmont, referring the ques lion to tho decision of tho people, to be taken in March next, and if a majority voto in favor ot the law, the same to take ettect, if opposed to be null and void laid upon the table- Bills in addition to on act regulating the chartering of Banks, considered in com of the whole, amended by erasing tho Clh section, and recommitted to the com Banks; in addition to on act for the benefit of poor debtors, reported by com and rejec. ted; relating lo bridges and highways, amended and pasted; to encourage the growth of silk passed ; rechartcriug the bank of Caledonia, tho question being upon the third reading, Mr bmilio, alter a spirit cd speech, in opposition to banks, moved an amendment. Before the question was taken, the Saenalo Adj. HOUSE. The engrossed bill, relativo to corpora tinns, coming up, on motion of Mr Field of W. the order tor the third reading was re considered and tho bill was recommitted. The morning hour having passed, tho Houso resumed consideration of the Mont pelier bank bill, tho question still being on the amendments of Mr Bcardsley, Mr Miner concluded his remarks, followed by reply. Mr Blackmer briefly opposed tho amendments on the grounds that the provision afforded no ee curily to the bill-holders, that, os it stood before the House, it was impracticable, and that its tendency, if not the real purpose of its movers, was to prevent the bank go in" into operation. Mr Hastings thought the amendment was a scnemc winch would only help wild land owners to got rid of their unproductive property. Mr Ueordslev replied mat me treasurer would nnticceive mortgages on unproductive properly. Mr Hastings rejoined, Mr Dewey also oppos ed tho amendment as destroying all the so curities which tho pcoplo now hava, and without supplying in any degreo the defi cioncy. The discussion was continued by Messrs. tiayward ol Addison, Fairhank and Hopkins. Mr Field of W, demanded a call of the House, agreed lo, ond 200 members answered to their names, when further proceedings in the call of ihe House were suspended, anil Ihn question was put on mo oniendmenls ol Mr Ueardsloy, re quiring bonds or mortgages to the amount ot Ihe stock paid in, &c.) Before the ones tion was put, Mr Bcardsley said that, it' this amendment were adopted, another would bo oiiercd, placing tho bonk under Ihe op oration ot tho eafety fund act. On Ihn amendment thero wore ayes 102, noes 109 so tho amendment was Inst. SENATE, 2 o'clock, p. m Bills By Mr Briggs, declaring certain machinery to bo fixtures, read twico and referred lo the com on the judiciary lo ro'cuarter inc uoiik ni uaicdmua, read a third timo and passed, yeas 10 nays 10, to incorporate tne vt. Historical and Anil quartan society, read a third time and passed re chartering tho Bank of Bnn. ninglnn, read a third time and passed yeas 17, nays 10 for tho prcvonlion ol fraud in the transfer of negotiable instru ments, reported by com, without amend monl: laid on the table. Mr Steele moved a reconsideration of tho vote rcchartoring tho Bank of Caledo nia, stating that ho perceived the Senators irom that County voted in the negative. Ho did not wish to impoao upon them what Ihoy did not want. Mr Converao said that direct charges of corruption upon that bank bad been mado by the gentleman from Franklin (Mr Smilio) and thoso charges remained uncontradicted oy too senators from Caledonia ; ho h'nred Inoro might bo something wrong. Mr Smilio said he would not charge any ming upon me uann of Caledonia that was not applicable to other banks in the Slate. I hey wero oil corrupt and fraudulent in their manage- mntit. Mr iMCMliiaii rum miu ne uuu voted ogainst tho rechartcr of tho Bank of Caledonia not irom any unuwieugo ot mis managements, but because important and salutary amendments had been rejected, which met his approbation. He considered tho insinuations against the bank lo be as basn or they are unjust. Mr Harvey ox plained, and hoped tho Bank of Caledonia ir.irrht Eharo the fato of others, asking lor reckoner. Tho motion tu reconsider was reduced to writing, ond on motion of Mr Pinrnoint. laid upon the ublc. Tho bill relating to Iho chartering of banks, variously amended, read a third time and passed. HOUSS. Tho House resumed consideration of the Montpolior Bank bill. Mr. Beardslcy pro. posed an amendment making the private property ot mo stocKiKKiors noiucn lor me redemption of tho bills of the bank, to the amount of stock owned by tho individual tockholdcrs. nnd olio that the charter should be subject to tho provisions of the safctyfund act. Mr. Ucartlsley supported the amendment in a tew remarks, and Mr. Dillingham opposed it ayes 40, noes 162, so the amendment was rejected. Mr. But. ler offered an amendment, requiring bonds or mortgages on improved productive real estate (double the value of the stock, ex clusivo of buildings.) to be furnished to the reoeurcr, and also providing for the rais ing of fund, through theso securities, by auction. The chair decided that the am endment was not in order, a similar amend ment having already been acted upon. Tho bill was ordered to a 2d reading, 1 13 to 97. Mr. Field or VV. moved to commit tho bill to the chairman of the committee on banks with instructions lo amend so as to reduce the capital of the bank to gl 10,000 agred. Mr. Dillingham called up the bill abol ishing imprisonment for debt laid on the table, and the bill from the Senate on the same subicct, was read and refcred to the judiciary committee. FRIDAY MORNING, NOVEMBER 2, THE WHIG CAUSE. What is there in any of tho recent elections calculated to discourage (ho Whigs? What ground for supposing that I he people have changed their opinion upon tho great project of the administration, which has been five times rejected by their Representatives ? In truth tho Whigs have, of lato, been so accustomed to victory that they looked upon a triumph as almost the necessary consequence of an election, and many of them ore therefore dishearten ed, because the administration has succeed cd in retaining, by a diminished majority, and with material loss, a State which has always been theirs, and which only the most sanguine ol our friends saw any hope of carrying. This should not ba so; the elections, so far from affording ony thing to discourage the opponents of the admin istration, ore full of hope ond promise. In Maine we stand, so far as Congress is con cerned, precisely where we did two years ago. Wo have lost only what we had gained at the occasional elections which have been held to supply accidental vocan cics, occurring since the general election. In Ohio wo have lost four Rnpresentotives; in Georgia wo have gained eight ; in South Carolina, where the most Eonguine of the Whigs had no hope of electing a single man, wo have carried two, both by largo majorities. In Maryland, tho odministra tion has elected tho Governor by a meogre majority, ond by adopting tho most bare faced and unjustifiable means; the recent municipal election in Baltimore has shown conclusively that the Whig voters who wore driven from the polls in that city, and pre vented from voting, by the violence of the Loco Focos, wero alone sufficient to have elected Steele. In spite of all this, we havo obtained a majority in both branches ol iho Legislature, and secured the, elec tion of a Whig Senator. In Pennsylvania we have reduced the Van Burcn majority, maintained our force in tho lower Houso of Congress, and secured both branches of the Legislature, which gives us a Whig Senator to Congress in the place of Mr M Ivcnn. In Illinois, we havo reduced the Van Burcn majority from 12,000 to less than 1000; have elected a Whig Legisla ture, ond in tho piece of three Van Buren men to Congress, elected two years ago, there are now one Von Buren man, one Whig, and one Conservative. In New Jersey wo have carried both branches of tho Legislature, and it is confidently be lieved tho cnliro Congressional Ticket. In North Carolina, Kentucky, Indiana, Lou isiana, and Mississippi, we have carried evory thing before us. In Alabama, there has been a gain to tho opponents of the Sub-Treasury. This has been done in the teeth of all that the government could brlnp against us. The Administration has openly entered tho field, not only with its whole immense patronogo, backed by tho treasury, that wo havo contended against for fen years but with a system of fraud ond violence such as never before was stooped toby the magistrates of a free government, or iuf fercd by citizens who had the choicu of their rulers'. Aliens havo been permitted to vote ; tho ballot boxes have bocn rubbed; vot hove bocn token out and others sub stituted ; letters havo been forged; oaths broken, and the polls havo bocn surrounded by mobs, determined that nono but their own friends should exercise the privilege of freemen. In spite of nil this wo hove accomplished the above result. Does this look like cause for desponding f Docs this look Itko ulti mate defeat ? Let but tho Whigs continue their efforts, with undiminished persevere- once, and wo shall yot see the country free from the rulers who havo endeavored to make it, under tho name of a republic, an absolute monarchy. The National Gazetts of Friday last, contains a statement of tho official results of tho lato election in Pennsylvania, for members of tho Senato and Houso of Rep resentatives. It is of a nature to bo highly satisfactory to the Whigs, since it secures to that party the presiding officers in both houses of the Legislature, nnd the power to select their own man as SENATOR in Congress, in the place of Gen. McKean, whoso term expires on tho 4th of March next. Whig majority on joint ballot 21. Bishop Hopkins. Wo learn that our enterprising and much esteemed towns man, Bishop Hopkins, is about to visit Eng land for tho purpose of laying before the Society for the Propagation of tho Gospel some resolutions passed by the late Con vention of the Protestant Episcopal Church and of collecting such Incts as mnv bo use fnl in a work on education, as connected with Christianity which he contemplates publishing after his return. Unaided by individuals or tho Church, the Bishop has reared a princely edifice, designed for a seminary of learning, and established a school that has already acquired much fame; ond we rejoice to perceive that his zeal in tho cause of education and tho church abates nothing of its ardor, even under adverse circumstances, Wc wish him al success in his projected enterprise. Be loved at home ho will be respected abroad ; and, whether upon the ocean wave, or treading the ancient halls of literature, he will be followed by the prayers of oil, for peace, prosperity, and a safe return to that 'sweet home" which he, and we, and all, so dearly lovo. Ho will probably embark in the new steam packet Liverpool, on the 10th inst. His absence is not designed to extend beyond tho month of April. Tho Seminary of the Bishop, the Ver mont Episcopal Institute, continues its ope rations as usun! during his absence, amplo arrangements being made lor that purpose; and his pulpit will be supplied until his re turn by the Rev. S. A- Crone. O ho ! The Sentinel has called a meet ing for Saturday evening"to adopt measures to ensure tho election of the democratic candidato from this district." The Senti nel informed us some days since that Mr. Smith's election was "perfectly sure;" but, anon, a change comes o'er the spirit of his dream. Organise ! organite ! organize ! I The de. mocrats of the fourth district most bo on the nleit. Il would be well if die town commitlees were to lake some slepj in the mailer. Let them, if pos. stbte, hold at least one meeting of the democrats in their respective towns previous to iho election, and agree upon some PLAN. Sentinel. 'Shadows, to-night," said Richard, on the field of Bosworlh, "have brought more terror to the soul of Richard, than could the 6tibstanco of ten thousand armed men." So with our noighbor over the Post-Office. Ho has assured tho public, we know not how many times, that Mr Smith's election was certain, beyond all possible cor.tingen cy, by several hundred votes; but now, ho wakes, as from a feverish dream, and cries "ho! help! rally! organzizo! call meet ings ! or w're lost." Strango fantasy, for such unmeasured strength ! But however it may be with our neighbor, wo can assuro him all is calm with us, and wo can soy with all-conquering Richmond on that eventful morn The sweetest sleep, and fairest boding dreams, That ever enler'd in a drowsy head, Have I since your departure had, my lords. Methoughl. ilieir souls, whosO bodies Richard mnrder'd, Came lo my lent, and cried On ! victory ! I promise you, my heart is very jocund In the remembiance of so fair a dream, The Sentinel is doubtless familiar with the history, and can follow out the parallel at his leisure. Pennsylvania. Among other matters involved in tho lato election in this slate wos tho adoption or rejection of tho amen ded constitution, which was submitted to the peoplo for a district yea or nay. Tho vote has been very close, but Ihe new con slitution is adopted. About 240,000 votes were cast, and (ho majority in all but three small counties, is 1537. The following are sonio ofthc prominent features in tho new constitution. The old constitution gave to the Gov ernor nlone, the whole power of appointment to a vast number of important stale offices, Uy ihe new constitution his appointments limit be submitted to the senate and receive their ratification. The old constitution contained, in Itself no pro-r. vision for its amendmont. By die new constitution amendments once in five years, may bo propoied by ilia Legislature, nnd il ratified by ihe people, they become part of the constitution, Dy the old constitution tho slate senators were chosen for four years ; by the ameded constitution, tlicy ore chosen fur throe years, ono third each. By the old constitution Judges wero nppointed for life. By tho amended constitution, Judges of llio supreme court nro lo bo appointed for n term of fifteen years ; llio President Judges of Common Picas, for ten years, nml llio Associate Judges of common Pleas, for five years. By llio amended constitution, slalo senators nnd representative nro disqualified from accepting, during llio term for which they wero chosen, any executive appointment, nnd duellists aro disqualifi. ed for nny office of honor or profit. The amended constitution enjoins upon tho legis lalurc to establish schools throughout iho stale, in such n manner that the poor may be taught gratis By the nmended constitution, no bank charter is to bo granted for a longer term than twenty years, and only uficr six months' application ; and all bankchariers hereafter granted nro to be liable lo be annulled, altered or revoked, at the pleasure of tho legislature. Knavery will sometimes overreach itself. Al tlic elect ion in New-Jersey, ihe presiding officer of one town permitted about 40 unnaturalized Irish men lo vole. I lieV I lion made nut :i leiuin no tie fectivennd illegal that it cannot he received. Thus tliev Iosr (lie whole vole of their loco foco town by which means tho whig ticket for members of uoiires in chosen. Agmn, diaries J. Ingersoll hikI his friends in Philadelphia, in order lo cheat .'Mnylor out ol Ins election, hid Ihe poll books of two ol the wards in the Northern Liberties, and then contended that the vote of nil iho oilier wards in the Northern Liberties should be rejected, by which menus lie (Ingersoll) would have n majority ; nnd all the loco foco judges (10 out of 17) actually voted lo zive l lie return lo Ingersoll. llio whip iml. ges protesting nnd keeping their seal, till the whole ticket was c.iiivneeed. when, I he locos having roll red, they cnuntrd nil the returns which had been made on I lie assembly ticket nnd declared 8 wli 23 elected, nml made out their certificates. Hail the votes oT the iwn tnry wards been honestly brought in, lliey would have elected eilu inrv members of the legislaiure. They will probably claim their seals, but die whigs hate the certificates, nud as n senator is required by taw lo lie chosen on ihe lirai week ol the session, nnd Hie wins lime :i ma only in joint ballot, thev will show moie inn nanimiiy than lliey ever saw in their opponenis, if tlicy uo not cnoose l lie senator in Congress before settling the contested election. Legislature. Both houso havcogrccd to adjourn on Tuesday morning next. The election in this District, takes place on Tuesday, tho 13th inst. instead of the second Thursday in November, as announ ccd last week- (circular) Paymaster General's Office, Washington. Oct. 8. 1838. Sir Arrangements having been made with the United Slates flank lo pay i!ie Treasurer's draf lo n cerium amount at different places, unci it being pro&a6 llial the notes of thai bank will be as acceptable to claimants, nnd in some cases more convenient than specte, you will, should you re ceive drafts on that bank or its agents, make as many of your payments by check as ou can, which will give I he leceiier the option of inking paper or specie: and Ihe department lias no objection to jour using the paper of that Bank in all jour i..jiiitaiiB, ou mi ii ii can ue none legally. W.TOWSON, P. Af.G. Here is a precious confession indeed Here is a direct palpable admission that all they have said ond written against Bank Bills in general, and .the Bills of the Bank of the United States in particular, was but a tissue of Lies from the beginning to end and intended to deceive and mislead the People. Hero is evidence from the Ad ministration itself, that Bank Bills arc quite "as acceptable" and in many cases far "more convenient than specie." Potatoes and Squashes. The Sen tinol makes a great deal of noiso about one big potatoe, but says nothing about its wholc crib of little ones, But this is char actreistic of tho patent democracy of the day: a few big office holders, to bluster talk about democracy, and pocket the spoil while the common people, like tho Sen tinel's small potatoes, arc pinched, and im poverished for the benefit of a few "lord ling-." This is what is playing mischief with the country, and t he people must look to it. Wc adhere to tho truo Whig doc trine the middle extreme or common level no kings, no culls but common interests general education, plenty of work, good pay, and common sized potatoes which in the whig towns is about two pounds and half, and no shrimps. Wo admit that "Whig towns" aro famous for squashes. bcntincl. Il is ungenerous in tho Sentinol, to be insinuating "soft" things about its demo cratic friends in tho whig towns. The truth is the Sentinel keeps its loco foco brethren so continually upon tho tilt alter humbugs that they havo no time to culii vate pie timber. He underates their capa city very much. Accident. A son of Thomas P. Sturtevant nf llarllaiul, annul four years old, whs instant killed on ihe IS1I1 nil. in the woollen factoiv of M Hiurlevant, by coming in contnet with 1 lie teazle wheel, carrying the Chita round at Ihe rale three bundled tunes in a minute- The bones of die child were shockingly broke und mangled. Austin Sq,oihis, who shot his wife at Roches ter in Mnv lust, has been found guihy, und'senien ced lo be hung on the 29ih inst. This wns 11 cold blooded murder, made doubly horriliky if possi ble, by Iho fact that 1 lie unfur'tunale victim linger, ed in the most excruciating ngony, from the 5ili of May until the middle of August, 'I he wound was given by 11 pistol hall, hot while Mrs. U. wns in ihe net of taking the clothes fiom tho lino in the evening, The ball entered I lie back and lodged in iho spinal 111.11 row, mid compleiely parnlized the enliie budy and limbi below (he wounds. An un successful nltempt uas o to make good 11 pica of insanity, bin the evidence adduced on this point wns entirely insufficient, and the proof of lie guilt ofthe wreiclieil man so clear that the jury were out but about fifteen minutes. Duelling in Englakd, The, seconds in a recent duel which terminated fatally near lnulon, havebMii brought lo trial and found guihy of inur. der. This is one of a ry few int Unccs in Eng. hut that lliey would have lo undergo u long term of. "V , vernici mi incontinences lave created nuile a sennit on in iliatcU.. 7 !... dou society where the obligations of the duelling niu ,i.,.wgy.v.u wil .11, QCCUSIUns. Steam Navioatioh.Aii ndiotirned meeting on llio subject ol Allanlln Slcnm Nuvigntlon was tteid in uurilon noine, icv-orK, on I huriilay laat loieceive ihe report of n committee appointed it n previous meeting. A resolution declnr irU expedient to form a company in that city, lo be railed tho American Steam Navigation Company, nun iu uiiiiiiii mi nut ui incorporation, Willi Ilia view of buililin? n steam ship or (hips to navisnia iho ocenn. was ndotited, nnd n committee of turku appointed lo obtain subscriptions und further llio object in view. Lunar Volcanoes In n tinner read bv Mr. V. V. Welibo before the British American Also cislion for the advancement of science, the author assumes ''that there are not sufficient certain dain lo establish the existence of lunar volcanoes. If nny dependence could he placed on Schroedcr'a observations, which were made at ihe conclusion ofthe Inst century, considerable changes had taken place on the surf ire of that planet. I he mountains of the moon were formerly supposed to be of im- menre tieigiit ; but il was an opinion expressed by Hersdiel, that those mountains only Lore die same relation lo the magnitude ofthe moon, as our own' mountains did to the size of the earilr Spinnino Flax by; Maciiinert. A gentleman in Now Jersey thinks ho has accomplished tlic end so long and so labo riously 60t)gnt tor, ot orinsinrr flax inio a condition to bo spun like cotton. Wo have seen samples ofthe fiix in its nino or ten' different stages, until it is reduced to a short staple material very much resembling-' cotton. We havo also seen thread, snurv fjom flax so prepared on common cotton machinery, and it appeared well. The inventor thinks he can produce linens as cheap as cottons. Tho whole process, bo ginning with tho flax in stalk, is performed without woter-rottinrr, and occupies but a doy or two. If there is no mistokc about tho matter, and we do not perceive any, tho inventor approximates towards Whit, ney'a cotton gin in importonce. Etio.uett. Our Yankee travcllor.who saw the live Housier, has again written to Ins mother. "Western people " their dealh on etiquette. You can't tell a man here that ho lies, as V( u can down cost, without fighting. A few days ago, a man was tolling two of his neighbors in my hearing a pretty largo story. Says I "Strnnjjer, thnt's a whopper!" Says he, "Lay there stranger !" And in a twink ling of an eye, I found myself in the ditch, a perfect quadruped, the worse for weor and tear. Upon another occasion, sayj I lo a man I never sawbofore, as a woman passed him, "That isn't a specimen nf your westorn women, is it ? Says he, "You are afraid ofthe fever and ague, stranger on't you? "Very much, soys I." Well," re plied he, "that Tady is my wife, and if you' don't apologize in two minutes, by the hon or of a gentleman. I swear that theso two pistols (which he held cocked in his hands) shall cure you of that disorder entirely go don't fear stronger?" So I knelt "down and apologized. I admire this western country much ; but curse mo if I can stand so much etiquette : it always takes me so' unawares." Chicago Democrat. ECCLESIASTICAL NOTICE.. in-Tlic next circular ronferrnce of iho Cbngre. galional Churches in Chittenden County, will be liolden with ihe Church at Winnnrki Fails-, on Tuesday and Wednesday of next week. Tlle scr vices will commence with , sermon from the Rev, Simeon Pnrmelee, of IVilliiioii, on Tueeilay; at 2 o'clock, P. M. at the liriek srhool house. All the churches on the 90111 It side of Onion Kiver nro expected 10 be reptesented, nnd ministers arid churches on the north side of the river are invil. ed lo intend. Nov. 1st. J. K. CONVERSE'. Register. X SHOP KKY LOST liiquiie at this office- M A UK I E D At Mann's lloiel, in thii toiwi, on ihe 1st insl. by II. t.Stacv, E'q. Mr Alanon Eugertow to Miss Cordelia Palmer, both of Charlotte. DIED. In Slielhiirn, on I tie 26lli nil, of consumption, Mr. Eli Thater. aged 65 years. This is ihe sixth death in the family, of tlie same complaint, willi in six jcars. In tliis town, on Monday last, Mrs. Vickcry, aged about 57 jears. At Burlington, Willard P. Gibson, M. D. of this village. Dr. Gibson left Windsor five weeks since, in ill health, for Charleston S. C. lie went to Burlington 10 uke orders for the ministry in the Episcopal Church, 111 the hands nf Bishop Hopkins. This be in: accomplished, he declined rapidly, nnd was cut off fioni the hopes of life and usefulness. Thiee voting childien surviip, without father or moihcr. tyindsor Chronicle. Jesse Woodruff's Estate. WE tho subscribers, having been appoint, cd by the Honorable the Probate Court fur the District of Chittenden, commissioners to rcccivo examine, and adjust the claims and demands of all persons, against tho estate of Jesso WoadiurT, lato of Milton, in said District, deceased, rcprosoritcd insolvent; and also all claims and demands exhibited in offsot thereto; and six months from tho day of tho dato hereof, beirij; allowed by taid court for that purpose, wo do thcreforo hereby give no tice, that wo will attend to tho business of our appointment, at tho dwolling of widow Sally Woodruff, in Milton, in said District, on tho 31st day of December next, at ten o'clock. A. M., on said day. Dated, Ibis 24th day of October A. D. 1838. ARTHUR HUNTING, Commis. EDMUND WELLINGTON, sioners. Heavy Hardware. jiJVflLS, Vices, Shovels, Spades, manure SI Forks, tcoup Shovels, trace Chains, waggon if carl Boxes, cro'bars, caldron Kettles, 30, 45 it CO gallon, pot ash Kettles 90 Sf 120 gallon. Bark Mills, Hollow JFare, S(c. tyc. al wholesale or retail. Nov. 2. by T. F. St W, L. Strong. TaJcc Particular Notice, THE best assortment of STOVES in the 6tate, with Stove Pipe S? Trim mings, may be found at the storo of Nov. 2. T. P. Si W L. Strong. OIL & CANDLES. Onn Gallons Pall and Winter Bpornv JJJ 0i, n pure article. 5 boxes Sperm Candles, by Nov. 2. T. P. St W. L. Strong. drrn ousnuis coarst bushels coarse solar Salt, UKJW ono Rhlu flnn fin CO Sacks Liverpool blown do. for salo cheap by T. F. & W. L. Stron,

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