Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, November 9, 1838, Page 3

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated November 9, 1838 Page 3
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m AR it ie d I In Willislon.on the4ililnM. by John BatesEfq. Mr Jasper Ajcrs of VVmcrbury, to Mus Molina r; nf (tin fnrmpr nlace. On Monday morning 29ili Oct. by Rfev. W. Colion U. 8. Nnvy. John Mary Ann Urlnstnaid, both of New York City. DIED. ' In ihistown.on Mondnv evening lnst,of consiimp. tion, Mrs. IUcIipI T. wife of Mr. Geo. A. Shop herd, formerly of New Haven. N. II. nged 26 year. Printers in Mats, arc requested to notice the nliovo. A SHOP KEY LOST Inquire nt this office. PAJVGBOUN'S CABINET WARE HOUSE, (Court House bouare,) BURLINGTON, Vt. D. K. PANGBOUN, Cabinet, Sofa and Mahogany chair Maker. Journeyman Cabinet Maker. A pood workman at common work will find a Rood job for the winter by an immediate application nt PANGBORNS. t)nc wha wishes a chnnco for further i provement will find this a good ono. Burtiuglnn. Nov. 5. MAHOGANY. A "nod assortment of shaded and crotch J Veneers, Folccled with particular rol srsnce lo the cabinet business in this quar ..tar, may bo found at PANGBORNS. 'The trade supplied on liberal terms. Burlington, Nov. 5. 103ft,. Nov. 1. HEW GOODS . "N all their varieties now purchasing in . Naw York for our Variety Shop, by PANononrv & Brinsmaid. 6 DOZ. Oldridge's Balm of Columbia, lis dnz. Iml'elliblc Ink. bo't and on the way for tho Variety Shop, P A NO HORN &, BntNSJlAlD. APPLES. CiZ Uarrels goon winter JlFL'li&ti, on reasonable terms. Enquire at this office. Nov. 7. NAILS & GLASS. FOR sale at Winooski Village, at the manufacturer's prices, by Sidney Barlow, NEW GOODS. A good assortment of DRY GOODS. DRY GROCERIES, CROCKERY S( HARDWARE, Just received and will be Bold or cheap ns nt any other establishment in Chittenden County, for cash, produce, or short credit, by E. WHITNEY & Co. Milton, Nov. 8, 1833. Mr. Barnard's Discourse. A discourse delivered Aug. 1, 1838, before tho Literary Societies of the University of Vermont, by Daniel D. Bar. nard Esq. of Albany, for sale at the Book store by W. IIickok. COARSE SALT. 300 bush. solar Salt, for sale low fur cash, by E. Whitney & Co Mllon, Nov. 8, 1838. HERDS GRASS SEED OF this years growth for sale by Nov. 5. 1838. Geo. P. Marsh. NEW GOODS. PDOOLITTLE is now receiving a . large addition to his stock of goods, winch arc one red at the lowest prices Nov. 7, 1838. Gw Buffalo Robes. A Few Bales Buffalo Robes, a part of which are selected painted skins of a superior quality, just received and lor salo by P. Doolittxe. November 7, 1838. Gw Nova Scotia Plaster. f7!(1n Barrels fresh ground Nova Srd)i) Scotia Plaster, just receivod and for sale by r. Doomttle. November 7. 3,n LISBON SALT. Ml mVr75V((flV Bushels Lisbon Salt for sssw ealo by P. Doomtti.e IN (iv. 7. Cw WROUGHT NAILS. oA casks 6, 8, nnd 10 penny, on consign ment. T. F. & W. L. Strong. Nov. 0. 1838. For Ladies' Cloaks. TUST ree'd by Wait& Taoor an addi V tionalsupply of "Satin Dalliere." thn most beautiful article yet offered for Ladies Cloaks, Pelisses and Dresses, at the new cneap casii siore. Nov. 9 Lambs Wool Hose. JUST received at Wait &, Tnbors. long and half Hose, whito and grey, some very fine Swiss Muslins plain and cross bar'd. Traveling Baskets, Cotton Yarn, 'Umbrellas, Stocks and Gloves, at the new cheap cash storo. Jedediah Drew's Estate. WE Tho subscribers, having been ap pointed by the Honorabln the Pro late Court for tho District of Chittenden, commissioners to receive, examine and ad jut the claims and demands of all persons, he estate of Jedediah Drew, Into of Char lotte, in said District, deceased, represented insolvent, and also all claims and demands exhibited in offset theroioj and six months from the day 0f tho dato hereof, boing allowed by said Court for that purpose, we lo therefore hereby give notice that we will attend to thB businoes of our appoint ment, at the dwelling ol Georgo Perkins, in Charlotte, in said District, on tho last Mondays of December nnd March next, at 10 o'clock, A. M., on each of said davs. Dated, this 21th day of Oct. A- D.'l838, THOMAS OT HILL. . AARON L. BEECH, Comm tB' Return to Winter Quarters, TT Q TIT J JJ Of the Cheap Cash .Store, HAS just arrived homo from Now York, beinirhis seventh triptothat city on mer. cantilo businosj for tho customers of his ostab- iishmonl sinco spring, no oxorlions or fatiguo, lias bean spared in using tho money entrusted to his care Tor tho purposo ot purchasing a stock of goods worthy in every respect tho laudable demands and wishosol Ills incroasou and Increasing number of customers, bolioving Iho trade to bo mutual holwoen buyers and seller, his determination was to onlargo tho assortment, to hoop up with tho demand, has been a reason for his being so much ntoro active this year than ever before. Goods aro now coming in, tho preparing for salo and groat call for thorn protonlB any proclamations being mado of every item and artico which If written down would not loavo anv nlaco in tho paper for election nows. My motto of cheap for cash and no imprisonment for debt, has succeeded in a measure oven with thcLogislatnro. By tho time this it printed tho handsomest assortment of Goods will bo ready to be seen or sold that was over beforo exposed for salo at his Storo. S. EARL HOWARD. Burlington, Nov. 8. 1838. P. S. 1 was highly pleased and gratified with tho spirit and animation expressed by my young men in advertising in their own name when I was absent to New York for New Goods, and perfectly sanction every salo mado by them and on my return in finding thorn" so spirited in business and to sco their desire to havo the Goods marked low that they might centinuo the great ad vantage gained by selling cheap to porsons coming from n distance. Howard. W anted. An additional Clerk who has been in a Store, nnd in every way capable and desi rous!of attending to business. S. EARL HOWARD. STATE OF VERMONT, ) District of Chittenden, ss. A T a Probate Court, holdcn at Burling A ton within and for the District of Chittenden nforesnid. on tho 5th day of November, A. D. 1038. Present, the Hon. Chas. Russell, Judge An instrument ntirnortincr to be tho last wfll and testament of Eli Thayer, Into of Sliekhume, in said District, deceased, Doing present ed to tho Court hero, by liymat: n0n ii.n "xecutor therein named, for pro bate,' it is ordered by said Court, that nil persons concerned therein, be notified to appear at a seson oi sain iouu io uu holden at the Kcisjcrs omcu in uurimg ton aforesaid, on thtf se.eond Wednesday of December. A. D. 1830, and ehew cause, if any they may have agfiins( Iho probate of said Will, for which purpose it i further ordered that a copy of tho record, of this order be published three weeks successive Iv, in the Free Press, printed at Burlington, as soon as may be. A true copy of record, Attest, Wm. Weston, Res;. MOllUS MVLTICAVLIS. T II E subscribers have 1 0.000 Trees ol i lie MORUS MULT1CAULIS, for sale. Apply at this office. F. A. Porter &, Co Springfield. Nov. 5, 1838. 3f Bushels of Rock Salt, a JLOF4sV superior article lo any salt ever offered in this market. 10.000 Bushels of Solar Salt 3,000 do Steam do 800 Bbls. Fine do 250 Sacks of Liverpool ground Dairy For tale low by Sept. 21. For. t.ett & Bradlkys. Ilhds, Molasses of Various qualities Sept. 24. For, lett di Brahmiys. Take Particular Notice. THE best assortment of STOVES in the state, with Stove Pipe & Trim mings, may he found nt the si ore of Nov. 2. T. r & V. L. OIL & CANDLES. 2500 . s . Inter sPemi 5 boxes Sporro Candles, by Nov. 2. T. F. & W. L. Sirono. Tnnn bushels coarse solar Salt, JUUU o0o JJbls. fine do. 60 Sacks Liverpool blown do. for sale cheaphy T. F. & W. L. Strong. Heavy Hardware. ANVILS, Vices, Shovels, Spades, manure Forks, scoup Shovels, trace Chains, waggon & cart Boxes, cro-bars, caldron Keiths, 30, 45 Sf GO gallon, pot ash Kettles 90 Sf 120 gallon. Bark Mills, Hollow Ware, Scc. ifr.. at wholesale or retail, Nov. 2. bv T. F. & W. L. Stronb S. Walker & Co. HAVE formate tho largest Stock or GOODS, ever a dared by them to the public, consisting of Dry Goods, Wet & Dry Groceries, Crockery, Glass and Hard Ware, At Wholesale nnd Retail, most kinds of produce taken in exchango for ooons. Oct. 24. Cheap, Cheaper, Cheapest, J. W. Yf EATER TTAS received from New York, and of (nra fnr cnln. fiflO nnirn nf BOOTS ff SHOES, Making a very good assortment for men women nnd chiidrcn, of a first rate quality; Alsowei and dry GROCERIES. Flour, Fish, Lamp Oil, Fruit, Confectionary, Sheeting, Shiriing, Calico. Balling, Wad ding, wtcicmg, cotton Yarn, lirooms,3fc(c Winooski City, Nov. 1. 1838. 20 Ilhds. Muscovado. 15 do New Orleans. 15 boxes Philadelphia Loar, for sale by Sept 24. Follett & Bradlevs. XX A T S npilE subscriber having A located himself in Burlington, offers for sale at the stand formerly own ed and occupied by Mr. Win. I. Seymour on Pear street, a cood assortment of late made hats and will bo happy to ac commodate the customers of tho lata pro prietor or the establishment nnd the public generally with hats of superior quality nnd Inshionnblo style on such terms as cannot fail to be satisfactory to the public. C. A. SEYMOUR. Burlington, Oct. 12,1838. CAPS, CAPS. FORTS ALE. FIRST rate Otter, superior Fur sea, Hair seal and Muskrat Caps, Collars Fa Gloves and Gauntletts- Six Bales Buffalo Robes Tho nublic aro invited to call and examine, quality nnd price, and lurmsn mcmscivcs wmi ncii anu splendid articles, at the lowest prices Caps mado to order at tte old stand, Pearl st. Oct. 25. Wm. I. SEYMOUR. A CARD. S. EARL HOWARD. OF the Cheap Cash Storo, would be un. mindful of one of tho first duties he owes to his very many good friends nnd uunuaininnccs n nc utu not most chcertuliv ncknowledcc his hah Bonse of rrrniitudfi for their frequent recommendations to their neighbors of Ins establishment, for it is by sucn ueips tna: no is sensible ot the im provement he has mado in tho wav of sun plying and disposing of merchandize, and such acknowledgement he now makes hon ing they will accept it with the same good mciing wmi which ii is oucreu. COMMUN1CA TION. S. E. Hoxoard now leavns hia Rtnr for n few days in charge of his assistants who will be most happy in his absence on com mercial business, to attend in distributing such articles as may bo desired at the most lavorabie prices, nnd as Mr. Howard's stav is not generally long in New York it is hoped the goods will bo taken as soon as convenient to tnako room for the next stock which we have reason to believo will oc good. Geo. R. Vail, vjeo. II. VAIL, 1 C. IM'attbrso.v, f L.C. Fisit, T. M. TinniTs, ) Assistants. October 25th, 1838. Goods for the Season. A FULL nnd complete assortment of i-m- London, Crape, Merino, and Goats Hair Camblct. French Merinos, Thibet wool do. Merino Circassians and English Merinos, rich splendid su:erb satin Dama bob Taglionys and Oclcioijs for Drecs and Cloaks, which for beauty of oppearanco and elegance nave never been surpassed by any goods ever imported into the U. .States and just rig.'t for the Vermont Trade whoso inhabitants' with regard to propriety and neatness of dress are equal to any in the world, and one of their merchants is HOWARD Of the Fashionable Fancy Cheap Cash Variety Store, whose mottn in as it nlwnvs has been, to bs Up and Doing, Quick and Cheap. Cheap for Cash and No Imprison ment for Debt, which enables his customers to buy as good and cheap of him as can be luuiiii m any city, town or country store in nuiuricu. Buffalo Robes, Lamn Oil. Car- petings, Paper Hangings, Farwell's Shoes and lloots, Family Uroccnes and TEA of an unequalled quality at 75 cts. por lb. cot. ton Yarn. Battini?. Wickinir. 'rink inrro Sheetings, &c. &c. with all other Goods oneap ror uasn at HOWARDS. Oct. 25, 1838. Extension of Jail Yard Limits. STATE OF VERMONT, ) CouNTr of Chittenden, rb. f WHEREAS at a special term of.'uo County Court holdon at Ilur linnlnil in and for said County of Chittcndon, on iho 9th day of October, A. D. 1838, an orton was mado and issued by tho said Court, in tho words and figures following, to wit : It is ordered by the Court aforesaid that tho limits oftho Jail Yard in Chittenden County be so altered as tako in tho Uroakwa. ter, now being ended in tho Ray of Hurling ton , with sufficient room around tho same for tho convenioncv of doinir business. Anil whereas tho full extent of four square miles is now included in tho said jail yard, which is nil that is allowed bylaw; therefore, it is hereby further ordered by iho said Court that there shall bo taken off from tho northerly part of saidjail yard so much land as the ad ditional quantity of water in Lake Champlain which will bo taken into tho limits oftho said jail yard by virtue of this order. And wo hereby appoint John Jonnson, Esq. of liurlington, to mako a correct survoy and description of tho land so takon off, and of Iho surfaco of tho wator lo bo included by tho foregoing order, and to mako duo return of tho said survey into tho office of tho Clerk our said Court ; also to alter tho plans or maps of iho said Jail Yard now deposited with tho said Cloik, and at tho Jail Houso in said County, in conformity to tho alteration abnvo directs J, and to causo iho slono monu ments which havo been creeled to designato said boundary, lo bo so altered and placed as to denolo tho present boundary as herein be fore directed. And it is horoby further ordered by the Court aforesaid, that whon tho plans, altered and corrcclod as afoicsaid, and a descrintion of tho said alterations shall bo returned by he said Johnson into tho Clork'n oftico afore said, it shall bo tho duty oftho Clork to causo tho said description, (ogethor with this ordor, to bo publishod in both tho newspapers print ed in liurlington, throo weeks successively, at tho end of which term tho same shall bo and remain the limits of tho Jail Yard for tho said County of Chiltondon. SAMUEL S. PHELPS. J WILLIAM WOOD. Judgs STEPHEN BYINGTON ) No theroforo, I tho said John Johnson, in pursuance of tho foregoing ordor of couit, commenced tho survov at a stako al tho foot of tho bank of tho Luke, in tho north lino of Franklin slreot, being tho street next north of college street. Thonce N. oJo W. 24 chains nnd 39 links, to a buoy fixed in tho Lake ; uienco &. o 30" W. passing about 100 feet outsido or westofthg Break water, 39 ch'ns 24 links to nnothor Luny In tho Lake. Thonco S. 85o K. 20 chains fis links to a stako on tho bank between the Covu nnd tho Lake, in Iho south lino of tho lane or narrow Rtrcot which extends from thoanglo In Shol burn street, near tho brick yard, lo tho lake shore across tho Cove. Thenco followinir Iho horo of tho Lako notthcrlv to tho nlaco of beginning : containing oightynlno and two tenths ncros, exclusive of what was before within tha limits oftho Jail Yard, and which auovo said tract of water is annoxod. to tho (aid Jail Yard. I then commenced on tho northerly linn of saia jau i nra at a slono standinir 32 chains 50 links from tho norlh enst anirla of snid iail yard, and on tho enst sidn of llm strnet extending Irom tho lowor bridgo over Onion iviTer, norwicr v. Inrouph thn town on. Chester ; thonco N.80o W. 101 chains 14 links across Onion Ituror to a stake in tho former lino of tho Jail Yard j thonco following the linos oftho Jail Yard as now on record nnd in force, except the nieco nbovo oxcluclnd. which contain eighty nino nnd two tenths acres, and leaves tho Jail Yard equal to four squaro miles, as beforo. 1 havo also coused tho Blono monuments to bo placed on tho streets in tho last mention, ed lino, and also, stones to bo placodatlhe muiui uiu ueiiikoi "io jako 111 tho norlli lino of tho said Franklin street, and in tho south lino ot uio lane or narrow street above men. tioncd. and on tho bank between tho coo and tho Lake. Dated nlllurlinr'ton.tliis mill Hni? nf Oetn. bor, A. D. 1838. JOHN JOHNSON, Surveyor. STATE OF VERMONT, 1 hereby certify Chittenden County, ss tho foregoing lo bo a truo copy of Iho order oftho Judges of Chittenden County Court, altering tho lim its oftho Jail Yard in said county, and au thorising a SUfVOV and Dublir.ntlnn nf llin same, and also of tho return and survoy of uiu buhiu oy i no said joimson in compliance with said order. WILLIAM NOBLE, Clerk of Chiltondon Countv Court INDICTMENT OF THE COMMON JAIL. STATE OF VERMONT, To the Hon Chittenden Count-, ss. s ornble Co. Court brgun and holden at Burlington within and for tho county of Chittenden, on the Inst Tuesday save ono of August. A. D. 1838:- fa Tho Grand Jurors within and for the body of the county of Chittenden aforesaid, represent to the Court, that they have visi too and examined the Common Jail in Burlington, and regret to find that it yet remains the subject of the samo complaint which has been mado by the Grand Jurors for some years past. Though kept as well as ought to bo ex pected, considering its bad construction and dilapidated state, it is, nevertheless, offensive nnd unwholesome. The Grand Jurors would particularly present lo the Court tho fact, that there are no separato apartments for male and female inmates of the prison. The rooms originally designed for the detention of criminals and those charged with crime, are so dark, damp and danger ous to health, that it has beon found neces sary at limes, to put such into the debtors apartment, thus placing the unfortunate, the accused, and the guilty in immediate associKtioii, while confined under the au thority of the Jaw. The stateof tte prisons in nny country, is justly considered a criterion, by which to judge of the humanity nnii advance in civi'ization of tho pfa'oplo; but presenting as this Jail does, n melancholy exception to the evidences of the progress of civili zation around it, we might well dread a Judg ment founded upon such criterion here. From the present stato of public opinion, we arc Jiapny in fooling assured, that the barbarous custom of imprisoning for debt, will be speedily done away, and no place of confinement be required for the honest debtor; and for those accused of crime, or even those convicted of crime, we cannot perceive the propriety of adding to the horrors of a close and solitary cell, tho darkness, the dampness, and impurity of a TOMB. Humanity as well ns the certain cxecu tion of criminal justice in the county, call loudly for a remedy, and in the opinion of the Grand Jurors, there is but one to be found, nnd that is, in the erection of a NEW JAIL, on an entirely different plan. The Grand Jurors have thus attempted. briefly, but plainly, to discharge a duty imposed upon them by the laws of this state, and their sense ofjustice and human. it y : and they trust that those, whoso duty it will bi! to act hereupon, will fearlessly and faithfully discharge theirs; thnt we may in the administrntion of criminal law al least be protected from the reproach of inflicting r u n I s II ill N T ti k r ii n e CONVICTION. ALVAN FOOTE, Foreman. A true copy of record. v vv rut Jesse Woodruff's Estate. WE tho subscribers, having been appoint ed by the Honorable llie Probato Court for the District of Chittenden, commissioners to receive cxainino, and adjust tho claims and domands of all persons, against Iho estate of Jesso Woodiuff, lato of .Milton, in said District, deceased, represented insolvent, and also all claims and domands exhibited in offsot Iherelo; and six months from the day of the dato heroof, boing allowed by said court for that purposo, wo do therefore, hereby givo no tice, that wo will attend to tho business of our appointment, at tho dwelling of widow Sally Woodruff, in iMillon, in said District, on tho Slstday of December noxt, at ten o'clock. A. Al.. on said dav. Dated, this 24lh day ofOclobor A. D. 1G38. ARTHUR HUNTING, ) Commis. EDMUND WELLINGTON, sioners. Stoves! Cook Stoves!! WOOLSON S PATENT COOK STOVES. (iJTUlE bust stove in use of the kind, Just received No 3 of this description of stovoi and for sale nt g25. Also, No 2, a larger size, nt 33. This kind of stove is so much valued mat persons wishing them, havo 6ent to Now Hampshire from this plncc and paid 40 there, for No. 2, in preforcuco to buying any oilier lo bo had in BurliticloQ. Hickok di October 25, 1833. "LITE fe LET UY39" Samuel Huntington WOULD respoci fully inform hi cn totnerH and the public trenernlly il.nt ho has just received from New York a od supply of BOOK BINDING STOCK. BLANK BOOk MA TERIA f.S AND STATIONERY, and would be happy to wait upon nil that may bo pleased to favor him with their pat ronnge. BLANK BOORS, ofvnrious patterns and bindings, keot con stantly on hand, ACCOUNT BOOKS, ruled and bound to order on short notice, and on ns fair terms ns the time will admit of; which is on "first best tcrmi.'' PAPER OF THE BEST QUALITY- Persons wishing a good article ol Paper and other articles of Stationery, (not infe. nor to any) will not find it to Iheir disatU vantage to call one door east of "Scott's Block." He would also return his grateful thanks to his customers for the many favors receiv. ed, and hopes by attention to business to merit a share ot public patronage. Thompson's Arithmetic for sale by the hundred, dozen, or single copy nt the Hook bindery by S, Huntington Novascotia Plaster. 4 Cr Tons of Novascotia Plaster Bulk 300 bbla for stile by Sept. 24. do do FOLLETT & BRADLEVS. TEAS. 100 Chests Hyson Skin Tea 75 do Young Hyson do 40 do Old Hyson do 50 do Tonka do 20 do Souchong do 1 00 Caddies and Boxes Toting Hy son, 6 and 12 pounds each. 50 do do Old do C, and 12 pnundi each. For sale lower than was over offered in this market. By Sept. 2G, '38. Follett & Bradley STATE OF VERMONT BY HIS EXCELLENCY, SILAS H. JENNISON. GOVERNOR. A PROCLAMATION. l7f HMlbAb, iho Uommittce appoint TT ed by the General Assembly to sort and count the voles given in the fourth Congressional District, on the first Tues day of September, A. D 1838, for a per son to represent this State in the Con" res of the United States, have given notice to the chief Magistrate that no person ha a majority of all the votes given ir aforesaid, together with a statement of the number of votes for each candidato as fol lows, to wit: John Smith. 4375 Heman Allen. 3985 William P. Briggs, 263 Wyllys Lyman, o Nathan Smilio, 14 Harry Bradley, 1 Jelnal Johns, Charles Stevens, 3 S. II. Jcnnison, 1 Samuel Fletcher, 1 Chittenden & Haswell, 1 John Brown Jr. 1 Joel Allen, Azariah Corse, 2 S. B. Hnzeltine, 1 Joseph Chaffee, 1 David H. Walkins, 1 William N. Briggs, 10 William Briggs, g S. S. Drown, 1 A. G. Tnrllon, 1 Francis Davis, 1 Rensalcar Reed, 1' Stephen Brown, 1 B, S. Miner, 1 Jonas Boutello, 1 T. Foster. . A. Bellow, 1 Joseph Blake, 1 Briggs, 1 George W. Foster, 1 Scattering. 12 Joseph Waterman, l Augustus Young, 4 Joseph Clark, 1 Chnrles Hardy, I Win. J. Hastings, 2 Alva It. French, l S. S. Kendnll. 1 Therefore, tho Freemen of the Fourth Congressional District are hereby request ed to meet in iheir rcspectivo towns, at thoir several plnces of holding Freemen's mectings, and if in any towns, such meet ings have occasionally been held in differ ent places, at the placo where the Free men's meeting was last held in such town for the election of a Representative to Congress; on the second Tuesday of November next, at one o'clock afternoon to represent this Stale in Congress of the United Stales, which meetings are to be governed and conducted in all things agreeably to the requisitions and provisions of the law in such cases made and provi ded. 1 1 - ji Given under my hand and he IILS.11 sea 0f g,-al0 l(ljg t).ne teonth day of October, in the year of our LORD one thousand ciht hundred and thirty-eight, and of "lis Independence of the United States the Sixty third. SILAS II. JENISON. Hy the Governor, Geo. B. Manser, Secretary. TOCTOR ATWATER, respectfully inform his friends nnd iho public, that ho bet removed to the new Brick Uaue., corner of Cherrv nnd St. Pnul stveets,, three doois north "of tho EpNpopal Chinch. Prufessional calls promptly an swored. Rnrlinglon, October QH, 1838. HYDRAULIC CEMENT. salo at tho Burlington Mill Com. . pany's Waster Mill, Winooski Falls. GEO. MOORE, Agent. Odontica ! Odonlica ! t The Teeth! Tho Teeth 'U 7Slt. M. HITCHCOCK'S Magnetic Odon ilii tica. Tho fact Is proved, and the most Incredulous and doubling nre fully con. vinccd, as wo havo the ovidencc from thcsalr; of more than 7000 boxes wilhin Iho past voar. vl that Iho Utopian dream oftho nlchymiii are' , uuiizuu, unu u ruiuuuy uiscuvcrcii lor prcsorv Injt those important nnd beautiful nppctidngep ort.ue human systom, by tho use of thq Mag netic Udonlica, winch, by its attractive, puri fying a'nd strengthening qualities icinovcs all extraneous Hiibstiuicc from tho leoth and proscrves ihem in their natural brilliancy, and Iho gums it,- soundness and beauty. It in ns- ccrtainod froiW experience, that whon used. tho teeth will not decay, bul remain till the latest old age, wl.'h their natural wear. When they are decaying, its progress will bo ar rested, and the leelh preserved nnd provegtnd from aching. Ladles and gentlemen of the most rcspcclaiile character aro daily calling, who assuro us thai before they commenced using the Odontica, thoir tee.'h woro looso nnd fast going to decny, their gui.ns spongy and tevcrish.nnd the breath tooled, niu alter using Ibis invaluable powdor, in less than one week their leelh wcro firm in their socket?, their gums resumed Iheir health, their breath cor rected, and no money could induce thorn to bo without it. All this costs the small sum of fifty cents. For sale by J. & J. H. Peek fc Co. only agents in liurlington for tho sow porprictors, A. Hitchcock & Co. Ulica N. Y. DR. M. HITCHCOCK'S newlu invented SNUFF-only 25 cents. FOR Iho euro and ntaoluts relief of catarrh, dizziness of Iho hoad, weak cvch nervous hoad-arhes, fallen-sickness fits, and infants troubled with tho snutllcs, pet tin I shocks of palsy, A-c. For sale by J. & J. II. Peck K Co,, only Agents in liurlington for tho solo proprietor's A. Hitchcock It Go. Utica N. Y. wonivr tea. DR. M. HITCHCOCK'S unrivalled and unequalled WORM TEA, a suvoreign remedy for worms. Strange and incredible aro Iho effects of these delectable vermin few persons, and it is thought nunc, arc froa from them, particularly females and chiidrcn. Many persons go through a distressing couuo of mcdicino, without any benefit, when they might bo relieved by using tho worm tea. This invaluable medicine has been tested by Iho experience of more than four thousand persons of various ages, and not one solitary compleirit; on the contrary, hundreds havo called and unsolicted given their decided preference to it. after trying the different articles sent forth to the public, and pronoun ced Dr. M. HITCHCOCK'S worm lea un rivalled and unequalled. For sale by J. & J. H. Peck & Co., only agents in Burlington for the sole proprietors, A, Hitchcock & Co. Utica N. Y, HTT0 THOSE AFFLICTED WITH CORNS. THE celebrated Albion Corn Plaster af fords instant relief, and at tho samo timo dissolves and draws tho Corn out by tho roots, without tho least pain. Certificate. "To thoso afflicted with Corns on thoir feol I do certify, that I havo usod tUe Albion Corn Piaster with completo success. Beforo I had used ono box, it com pletely cured a corn which had troubled ma for many years. I mako this public for tho benefit of thoso Billeted with that painful complaint. Wm. SHAW. Flushing, L. I, Feb. 23. Price 50 cts. a bos A REMEDY FOR (RHEUMATISM ! THE excruciating pain tho decropiludo and deformity, and tho promnturo old age, which aro the usual attendants of this disorder, aro suffered by many from a despair of a cure, or disappointment in tho efficacy of tho numerous pretendod antidotes usod to effect this purpose. But those who havo mado a fair trial of DR. JEBBS CELEBRATED LINI MENT, oven in cases of long standing, and of tho most severe character, havo receivod certniu relief, and many have been cured in a few days, some in 24 hours ! ns a nuinbor of pur. sons in Boston and vicinity, who wore former ly afiliclcd with tho Rheumatism, havo vory fully testified. Certificates aro in the posses, sion of tho Proprietor, proving tho most thor ough and surprising cures by means of this powerful Liniment, in cases where other ap proved applications had utterly failed. Tim Liniment is also used with success for bruisos sprains, numbness, stiffness of the joints, chil blains, kc. Prieo 50cnnts n bottlo. DUMFRIES' OEYE W.&TER! FOR sore or inflamed Ryes, gives immedi. alo case and relief. On recent sore oyK, the effect is most salutary. Whero the com. plaint has been of years standing, and in somn exceeding bad cases, the most unexpected and dcsircablc rnliof has been found in tho use of this Eve Water, after every othor remedy had failed. Many persons who havo used it, pronounce it tho best preparation for theso complaint!" they havo over met with, especially in cases of soreness or inflammation of long standing Piice 25 conts a bottle. U3 (CTNono gonuino unless signed on the outside printed wrapper by tho sole proprietor T. KIDDER, immediate suctessor lo iho lato Dr. W. T. Conway. For sale, at his CountSui Room, ove: No, 00, CourLstrcot. near rw cert Hall, Boston, and also by his special ap- luiiiiiiiuiu, j, ,v .1, u i.CCK 1C CHAMPAGNE. Old Mnderia, Sherry, Part, pure and of fine ftavor--also.low pricr.d wines in grpat variety. Nov. 2, 2'. F. Sc W. L. By STRONG. IROjV, STEEL.&C. Tuns English Tire Iron Iruin 1 Mw 1 4 inch to 6 inches wida. 45 Cwt. asBorti'd Swede? do 45 15 20 40 35 do do do do do Russia P S.I. old Sable do English Hoops, assorted Braziers rods old snble borne nnil Rods Sanderson's Cast Sterf, assorted Spring tin do Hasenalever & Grcavo's Ger man ,Jo Atnericnn nnd Swedes do English Blister do do do 15 do do 200 pairs steel plated Sleigh Shoes. -ALSO-On Consignment from thn Pern Iron Co. at Clintonvillfi, ftO tons manufactured Iron", round and square, nil sixes from 5 of ail inch lo 2i inches, Band Iron. Shoo Shapes Nose, Hanie. scroll Hon &c. &C ; with 1000 Kegs Cut Nails. 3 d. to CO d. nnd Brads (i d. to 20 il. Ry Nov. t. T. F. $ W. L, STRONG.

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