Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, 16 Kasım 1838, Page 2

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated 16 Kasım 1838 Page 2
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NEW-YORK From I lie New.York Courier & L'niiirer. GREAT AND GLORIOUS VICTORY! "Wo havo met the enemy nritl they arc otirs." Now York was called upon to save the country and promptly, fearlessly, and nobly has she done her duly! Her sietor States invoked her to conto to i lie rescue slic hoard, and bho obeyed! Van Burenism lies prostrate in tho dust Toryism stands rebuked Loco luicmsm, Agrariamsm, and tlio buo-Treasuri, together with all cxner imentt upon tho currency aro prostrated, never again to raise their hideous heads and threaten tho subversion of our free institutions! Against tho entire monicd force of the Government against fraud and corruption in every form they could assume and against the People's money employed to enslnvo the People, have the Whigs of New York contended and tri umphcil. For three days havo wo met the enemy at the rolls: and tho three days in Paris in 1030, worn not more signally destructive to the while flag of the four bons, than has been our three days to the piratical flag of tho Custom House the black insignia under which the enemies of Freo Institutions milled in this city ! Our enemies have met witli a Waterloo defeat ; nnd with the disappearance of the lights at Tammany Hall, which were struck at an early hour last night, the miserable minions of power, skulked into their hiding places, and aro now repenting in snck cloth and ashes their lolly, in supposing that a free people could bo made to surrender their birthright without a struggle. Tho sccptro has departed from them the people hove spoken in a voice of thun der to their oppressors; and when that voice rnnches the recesses of tho Palace where Van Buren "solitary and alone" will receive it, hie coward soul will shrink within itself; and conscience, if ho has any, will whisper in her still small voice "thus are Demagogues & Tyrants ever rebuked when they aim to subvert Ihc Lib erties of the People." To the Whigs of the United States we proclaim in t he spirit of grateful exultation, that our VICTORY is indeed complete. In this city onr cniire Congressional and Assembly Tickets, are carried by an aver age majority of not less than FIFTEEN HUNDRED ! ! And from the indications already received from the River Counties, but little doubt exists, that the Slate as well as the City, has been redeemed. From the American of ilie Fame dale. THE HESULT. The battle has been fought and the vic tory won thanks bo to God for giving us tho victory! It is no light or irreverent use we thus make of tho name of the Deity, for there was at issue in this contest, as wo truly believe, the cause of morality and religion, of social order and established right. The success, then, of those who contended in behalf of such a cause, may, without profanity, be set down to the workings of an overruling Providence. Nobly, too, have the Whigs of N. York acquitted themselves in this mighty strug. gle and great and enduring will bo the benefits of their triumph, not to them selves only, or to their State, but to the nation at large, and tho common cause of Liberty everywhere. Undismayed by defeats elsewhere un ecduced by corruption and looking only at duty the Whigs of New York alone, as when the tidings of disaster from Ohio first canio to us, ALONE, wc said, they could and would, have turned back the tide of Administration success, and nippod in the early flush of anticipated triumph, the golden dreams of embryo Sub-Treasurers. Tho city of New York 6tonds redeemed. The State of New York, we believe, stands in like manner redeemed. The spoilers have been spoiled and he especially, who, like a deaf adder, shut his cars to the com. plaints of his constituents, ho, who in sultingly proclaimed that, "in spite of the lamentations" of the People, the Sub Treasury should prevail C. C. Cambrc. leng is now left to his own lamentations, at his own fireside. Ho misrepresents this commerciol metropolis no longer the "so ber second thoughts of the People" have placed him where they will next place the master, whoso biddings ho bus been doing in retirement without dignity. We congmlulatc with eur;.vst joy and common hopes we congratulate our Whig fellow citizens, tho Whigs of the Union indeed, upon this g;cot Victory in New York. From I he Express. B 11 1 N G OUT THE 11 IG GUN. Never within the last thirty years has I hero ever been so warm a contest as that which has just gloriously closed. The vote polled has exceeded that of any oilier ever given in this city. Over forty thousand votes hove been taken, which is more than is given in several other States of the Union. The Whigs have had every thin" to contend ngninst, viz: Patronage of iho General Government sliomolctsly brought into conflict with tho freedom of Elections; a powerful State Government also, and hundreds and hundreds of illegal voters, which havo bepn thrown in hero from all iho adjoining States. Thank, however, to this body of firm and vigilant Inspectors the locomotive Loco Focos of tho enemy have been dofeated, most signally defeated, too. Money has been poured out like wutor, but with no avail. A band of oflicC' holders have in iho most shameful manner surrounded every poll, and challenged our eldest and most respectable citizens but all this wdb in vain : the Whigs have glo riously discharged their whole duty to their common country. Mr. C. C. Cumhrclong, after mis-representing tho city fur nearly twenty years, is misled ol last. His friends hero boasted, over und over ogoin, that ho could not bo defeated. Ely Mooro has n ecal put on him, that probably doeee his political cu. rccr, much short of his mark, tho Presi-1 UCnCVt Mm mmyuuii win lull UUV.UU ui i i if. M-.Tr.- ii -.. i.-n.i n i hia ticket, and Messrs Cambrclcng ond Moore, tho lowest. There is no doubt that the entire Whig ticket is elected, Afsem bl v ticket, and all. bowaru going out 01 ihc city by a decided majority. From the Star of llio Evening. CATTLE OF WATERLOO ! ROUT OF THE t.OCO FOCOS THE COUNTRY SAVED THE CONSTITUTION AND LAWS VINDICATED. NEW YORK SAFE. We hove fought tho great fight,and havo conquered. For the last six months '.ho administration has been gathering its clans, and preparing for the onslaught, and never wore preparation! more formidable. Every aid that money could procure that office could obtain, "that official influence could control, were brought to bear on this elec tion, but nil to no purpose. The Whigs animated by a just sense of tho wrong under which our country has sultercd, came forth to tho rescue in all their force and power, and succeeded. Wc cannot at this timo go into details some of tho wards have not yet canvassed 6omo nro estimated: thcro are an im mense nunibar of split tickets, and tickets of all colors and complexions, which will renuire several days to count. Let come at results. The whole Whig Ticket, Governor, Lt. Governor, Con ORES AND AeSEMIU.Y, IS ELECTED, 11Y AT LEAST THE 1500 MAJORITY WE PREDICTED YESTERDAY. "GLORY ENOUGH FOR ONE DAY." From die Times. GLOUIOUS TRIUxlIPII ! We have the unequalled satisfaction of announcing tho complete triumph of the opponents of the sub-treasury bill in this city and vicinity. Tho rccrcnnf'SON OF NEW YORK," moy read "a winter of discontent" in tho clear and irrevocable doom of the freemen of his native and betrayed state; tho Albany Argus may perceive in this unprecedented victory, the "NOTHINGNESS OF CONSERVA TISM ! ! !" The "sober second thoughts of the people" wero never more emphati cally expressed; and we shall sve whether the usurping and ambitious demagogue who uttered the sentiment, will again pre sumo to insult the virtue and question the integrity of his fellow citizens, and calum niate them as bank purchased, and let loose his kennelled pack upon the "bank hirelings and the bank slaves!" That arch traitor and apostate, tho pan der of his own honor and integrity, C C. Cambrclcng, will now be called upon to practice tho principles he has preached, and resign the trust he hasso long abused, into the hands of hia much injured and betrayed constituency. The great infldel Ely Moore, will "fol low in tho "footsteps" of his "illustrious predecessor," and also deliver ino the hands of the authors of his political exis tence that power which he has foully used. THE GLORIOUS NEWS FROM N, YORK. The news from New York is of a char acter lo fill every Whig bosom with the liveliest emotions of joy. To retain pos. session of the city, and lo substitute good men nnd true, in tho placo of Cambreleng and Eli Moore, who have so disgraced tho commercial capital of the Union by misrep resenting it in tho Congress of the United Slates, is in itself no small triumph; but when wc add to this iho gain wc have al ready made of members of Congress, and the gain which we may fairly count upon, in the districts which remain to be heard from, tho victory, in a national point of view, may be considered as already com plete. The loss of New York by the Tories, cannot fail to have a very important influ. once upon tho politics of the country at large. The death warrant of Van Buren ss already signed. Ho will not oven be brought forward as a candidate for re-election. That matter was made dependent upon the result in New York; and that matter may now be considered as settlad. New York, with its forty. two electoral votes, was all in all to Mr Van Buren. He has not, and never had, either popularity or influence any where else, except so far ns he obtained it from the fact, that New York was devoted to his interest. He will now sink into his native obscurity ; and the struggle, who shall be the Loco Foco can didatc, will instantly begin between the partizans of Benton and the supporters of Calhoun, Calhoun has no real, substantial influ ence out of South Carolina ; while Benton has a powerful party in the West, a strong party in Virginia, Maryland and North Carolina, ond u very considerable party in Pennsylvania and New York. Il therefore seems highly probable that Marlin Van Buren being withdrawn, the great humbug, ger, "solitary and alone," will bo brought on l as the Loco Foco candidate for the Presidency. But whether the candidate be Benton or Calhoun, and one or the other it must be, it is sufficiently certain that neither can mutter any very formidable force North and Eust of Pennsylvania. Maine certain ly would uol vote for either of them, and il may well be doubled whether even New Hampshire would do it. As tho rc&ult in New York may bo con sidered as settling beyond all doubt the important point, that the Whigs will have a decided jpojoriiy in the next Congress; and as. according to the statement already made, it knocks tho underpinning from uu dor Martin Van Huron's presidential chair, il cannot fail to produce, in divers quarters, some very curious political dovclopements. This sign that the houte is tumbling, will bo a signal for tho rats to run ; and wo do not doubt that the influenca of this election will be vcrv distinctly felt in Maryland, Virginia, North Carolina, and indeed in most of the States, in which tho members of the next Congress aro to bo elected. The present is, indeed, a most important crisis in tho offairs of tho Whig party. It is tho tide offlood, which, if wisely taken, and judiciously improved, cannot full to lead on lo fortune, THE FALLING LEAVES. Tho appearand) of tho trees Jn our city on Thursday morning wns curious indeed. Tho protracted rains for some previous weeks had given a freshness and tenacity to Iho leaves, which seemed to indicate a lato foliago; bul, on Wednesday night, the clear north wind and bright moon gavo in-1 jiAnMntin . t - niiamrn. vu 1. 1 n ii hAinfn mnrn. i unanuiia ui u viiuhv, ...v..., u,u. ( inrr. was most apparent. Ice was formed of considerable thickness, nnd when wc looked out upon the trees planted by our own hand, whoso foliage seemed b blessing on our labors, we found the limbs as baro as in Decembor, ond the pavement covered thick with leaves. The ash and mnplo sent down their thin, white covering, polo and dry os tho cheek of death, or tinted hero and thcro with bright red, like tho hectic huo or consump tion. The thick, fleshy leaf of the paper mul berry was also carpeting tho ground with its sober brown, and tho alanthts had scat, tcred its loog yellow leaves, and was send ing down its skclcton-fingcrcq footstalks liko pointless ond aimless arrows. Tho lindon, too, whose foliage was crisp cd with summer heat, yielded totho sudden shock, and its dry, arid leaves, which a few months sinco were as greon as childhood's hopes, and by its blossoming sweets had been the homo of the honey bee, wero rat tling upon the ground, or enisled, crispy and dry, beneath the feet of passengers Here and there small clumpi of leaves, o second growth, clung close to Ihc branches, and seemed to bid defiance to wind and frost. Those who look at .ho denuded arms of tho trees will see, hewever, that all is not lost; the incipient bud has swel led into promise, and he own growth has crowded from the brunch tho timo.worn leaf, and thus il seems that the early frost has but anticipated tho sure and silent work of Nature, just as the swooping epi demic shakes into the grave at a single blast the thousands that would in a few months have fallen gradually and still from their palmy elevation, their hold loosened by age, and they pushed from tho branch of life by the budding generation that was to follow in thoir place. Happy are thoBO who understand the teaching of Nature, and "find sermons in trees." U. S. Gazelle. A LIVE MERMAID. AND NO MIS TAKE, A prodigious excitement prevails in Ire land, especially in tho North, in conse quence of an actual living Mermaid, which was recently caught in a salmon not at Ilonneraw Point, in tho county of Donegal There can bo no mistake in this fact, as five or six papers corroborate it, in the important points: but the "Derry Sentinol" and the "Fermanagh Journal," aro the most enthusiastic and particular in their descriptions. The first announcement appeared in the Sentinel, as follows: A Mermaid and no Mistake. A very general disbelief in the existence of the Mermaid is likely to receive a severe shock from the truth of following statement: A creature in every respect answering the usual description of the "sea woman," was caught lately in the salmon nets at Hunnc raw Point, near Fahan, county Donegal. She is at present under the protection of a gentleman of that neighborhood, who has kindly permitted the country people, who ate flocking in hundreds about the place, to "see and believe." The members of the Londonderry Natu. ral History society wo understand aro to investigate this extraordinary phenomenon for the purpose of sending an immediate report of their observations lo the British Association, sitting ai Newcittle. We understand that if the novel monster should survive the sudden change in her situation she will be cent to Viscount Mtlbourne as a pretent to the Queen; if not, the body will be preserved in spirits, and will grace tho now forming museum of our local society. A minute description shall be given in our next." The effect of this notice web, that at least a fourth of all the inhabitants of Derry who could afford the expense pioceeded in a body to Huneraw, where the were ad mitted to on inspection of tho singular creature; which is thus descrited in the Fermanagh Journal. The Mermaid. -This is certainly a sea woman, and has such an expression of intel ligence in its countenance, that we are ab solutely inclined to believe that it isacrca turo of reason, rather than of instinct. We do not mean to insinuate that it has any notion of abstract ideas ; but the fact is, that thcro is an appaaranco r.f confusion about it that wuild seem lo indicate senti ments of shame, fear, and supplication. It weighs about seventy pounds, ind is alto gcther human in its outward organization from tho hcadfto tho navel, when the fine begin to dovelopo itself, and remainder is formed very much like the extremity of a largo dolphin. The skin of the face and tho breast is a whitish brown the eyes are black, and the nose pure acquulinc ; and its eye brows, lips and chin, ore models for a sculptor. The hair is long and thick; and the creature's principal amusement seems to be to stroke it downward with her web bed, but otherwise very perfect fingers. It looks lo be twelvo or fourteen years old ; and regards people, occasionally, as il it had nn inclination lo speak, and wo are solemnly of opinson that, when in its native clement, it makes its wishes known lino' tho medium of its tongue. Altogether indeed, it is tho most singular being wo ever witnessed, and excites feelings ill the breasts of beholders, at least os much akin to awe as lo curiosity. Can it havo a soul and bo an accountable creature? At all events, we shall examine it closely this week, and report particulars." Wo shall look with great anxiety for our next files of Irish papers, on the ro cciptof which wo trii6t lo be able to fur nish our readers with some fuller informa tion in relation to this surprising plicnome non. A LoornoLE IN A Nose. A man named Davifon lit Itii?elille, Ky., discharged a pistol, n few weeks since, lit llio lie.ul of hi neighbor, David Ji-nks,n ninn who win lilojsed wiili an uncomiminly large probofcis. The nUtiil b.ill struck his noie un lint eiile mill Massed liiroii"h il. leaving a rlcim round hole I.iiro enough lo reccite a bed-cord, if uu ruuuiu wish it) luing iiiuibeii up j u crowded liivcrn. A Jokk ran the Ladies. The editor of a paper in Pinvidcnce lately informed Ids reader thai llio ladies silivnjs pull on" the left locking last. I In?, ns may De supposed, cicaled tome little stir anions liU fair reader, ami while in pusi. live lei ma iliey denied llio statement, lliey at llio same limn declined llial he had no bunincsa lo know it. even if fuch was the fret, unj pronounced him no gentleman. He pioves It howetei, by a rhort areument. "When one Mockimr ii nullcil niT h"ii. there Is iiuoiher tefl on ; nnd pulling off this is Making the left necking off hut." TO m Yft Tl If JEfl 2r SI 35i ffif w ' - " FRIDAY MORNING, NOVEMBER 16 FOURTH DISTRICT. Wo give below all thn returns wo have received. From these, and u few reported majorities in Franklin county, wo infer that Mr. Smith is elected, by a considerable majority. Allen, Smith. Scat, 37 5 2 45 01 00 4 13 104 69 190 135 3 HO 110 1 76 112 56 117 106 02 2 71 136 124 58 309 317 7 109 23 St George, Bolton, Williston, Richmond, Milton, West ford, Colchester, Underbill, Jericho, Essex, Shelburn, Burlington, Charlotte, ALL HAIL NEW YORK t Wo had the satisfaction to announce on Monday, the glorious intelligence of the utter prostration of Van Burenism in the Empire State- Subsequent information, more than confirms what wc then (stated. tETSeward is elected Governor by more than TEN THOUSAND majority. ETThe Whigs havo olected TWENTY. SIX of the forty members of Congress. Wo had but Un before. IHTThey havo elected SIX of tho eight slate Senators ; and ICrThoy hove carried EIGHTY of the 120 members of Assembly. Never was a triumph more complete. Never was a defeat more disastrous and overwhelming. We agree with the Eve ning Journal, that language cannot do jus lice to the glorious triumph which the Whigs have achieved. Undismayed by the adverse results in other States; un- daunted by the immense orray of office holders, both Stale and Federal, and the largo amount of money openly expended in purchasing votes; tho Whigs of N. York rallied under their banner, fought the good bght and won a great victory. This result will be felt, like an electric shock, througl out the Union. It will affect, not only the policy of th State, but that of the whole United States. It will prostrate at once and effectually the evil spirit of Loco Fo coism. It will crush tho unholy alliance betwocn Northern Agrarianism and Sou thern Nullification, which was threatening both the Union and Constitution. It will extinguish the "small lights" of the Albany Regency beyond tho power of the Magician to rolumo them. If will givo on impulse to the Empire Stato which will placo her far ahead of every competitor in the on ward march to prosperity and glory. This result is rendered doubly important, from the circumstance that the next 1c loture will have to elect a U. S. Senator, in place of Mr. Talmadge, Comptroller, Attorney General, Secretary of State, Treasurer, &c. Thus will the much abused political power of ihe Empiro Stato revert to hands that will exercise it for the benefit of the peoplethe benefit of our common country. Just as we expected, the Hon. John Smith, declines following Van Buren up ait Kivor, but clings to the flesh puis of Egypt. He has uniformly, we believe, de serted all parties and he has belonged to all when their prospects began to wane ve uicreiorc conciuuc ne is conservative now. "7Yte second sober thought of the people is never wrong arm always eftcient." Such was the language of Mr. Van Buren in reference to the last year's election, and in view of thlfc one just terminated. The Maxim is a sound one, and well applied ; but not altogether original with the President. His Dutch ancestor, a century ago, expressed the convic tion that ,if his Jore tot was as goot as his hind tot, he should do vol enof." When however this "fore tot and the hind tot" concur touch ing the same facts, we take it for granted the truth is established. Wo shall therefore expect to have it announced in the coming message that the problem is solved, the truth established, that the freemen of his native state are heartily sick of the ruinous adminstration of the favorite son. Ubey or resign, "ine sec ond sober thought of the people is never wrong." And in this instance it will be "efficient" to the pulling down of strong holds. ELECTION IN IOWA. Tho Iowa Gazetto gives the returns of the election of Delegates to Congress from this Territory as received by the Execu tive: they are complete from the whole Territory, except one precinct, where it i not known whether a poll was opened or not, The returns from tha county, Cloy ton, have been made without this precinct,! St. Peters, This official statement stands thus; Chapman (W.) 14910 1 Enqle (L. F.)I454; Wallace 913; ItonEn G05. Tho Governor hue given Mr. Chapman the certificate. THE NEW YORKER. Wc porccivc by a card in a late number of this paper that the American Monthly Magazine has been discontinued, and that Park Benjamin, its well known conduc tor, has becomo tho literary Editor of the New Yorker. Ho pledges himself that its literary papers shall bo as numerous and as ablo as those of the monthly. Tho friends of the Now Yorker need no other assurance to convince them that it will speedily become hy far tho first literary weekly in the United States. Mr. Bcnja min is extensively known as a poet ; and the editorial pages of tho monthly bear witness that, as a writer of critical notices he has no superior in this country. Tho political department is still under tho charge of Hoiiace Greeley. To all who wish for a paper which sustains a high literary character and which is freo from every thing like party heat and abuse in its discussion of political questions, we would cheerfully recommend the New Yorker Mr II. J. Raymond, of the University, is its agent in this place. THANKSGIVING. Gov. Jenison has appointed Thurs day, the 6th of December, as the day for our annual thanksgiving. Some how or other this festival has been jostled out of its proper place for a few years past, but we are re joiced to find ourselves back again to the old pilgrim period. Lower Canada. Wc have lilt lo or nothing in addition to the articles on our first page. The soldiers are sacking and burning the entire country west of St Johns. Napierville, L'Acadic, Chatague, Beauharnois, all the French villages are laid in ashes. It is only necessary for a loyalist to hint suspicion against an indi vidual, and straightway his house or store is plundered, and tho torch applied, Thousands of women and children are thus turned over to the mercy of the elements and a brutal soldiery. A gentleman direct from St. Johns informs us that the soldiers were constantly coming in from the coun try freighted with silver plate and other valuables, plundered from the habitants. Good horses were sold (or a dollar a piece, while hundreds of children were literally starving in the streets. To aid the dis tressed is but to invite the hot displeasure of the government, and hence the few who still possess the means arc deterred from extending any considerable assistance to their unfortunate friends. The intention is openly avowed, of exterminating the entire race. There is a reported rising of the patriots at Stanstcad, and an encounter, in which one or two lives were lo?t. But of its real clmrnc'er or extent, we have no definite itif irmation. Upprh Canada An express arrived at Pittsburgh on Weduesday, on its way to Montreal, with intelligence that 600 armed mnn hnd lauded on the Canada side, below Preucotl. The report is that lliey seized the steamer U. Stales, to convey them across, and then abandoned her. The boat returned to Oswego. Giioans. The way in which the loco focos of New York undertake to account for their defeat, mani fests a good deal of ingenuity, and is in some instances highly amusing. The Evening Post relates the most afflicting instance we have heard of. It says some bank-bought villain went to Philadelpheia and brought on 200 loafers, all of whom voted without challenge, as they carried an open democratic ticket. But lo! the Post says the democratic candi dates were all erased, and the whig ticket interlined with a very fine pen ! O, the imps ! if tho trick had been dreamed of, never a rascal of them should have voted. Has Mr Van Buren now ascer tained what is the " sober second thought of the people? is it right ! or will ho wait for the third sober thought ? If he docs I reckon he will find it loud enough, and deep enough and bold enough to dash him from the scathe disgraces and leave not a hope for the'favoritc grandson of New York. Troy. We refer the reader to our first page for the substance of Mondays bulletin. , , , M A R U I E D III Ihii town, nn Tiieifl.ivffvpniii. I.u rio. I w Converse, Mr. William il. Clark, of Brown yille.rn. to Mi., Helen M. Catub, of Bur. MiiKiuii, In Jerieo.on the lltti Inst, by Rev. Mr. Baxter Mr. Dennis Hood iu mI(8 m elissa C. Bknm am D I 12 d . In ColcllCSler. on (lie Dtll in.l. Tinn. rnn.nri nt 8mUmiS",iill,:1E'q' n?ed 57 yeBM anJ 7 moiulia. in , uiiciiaii, ueioiter i, ol consumption, Mr. Ldinund B. Loomli, formerly of this place, aged 40 years. DANCING AND WALTZING. MR. SAUNDERS RESPECTFULLY informs the Ladiea and Gentlemen of Burlington. iht ho proposes opening a school at Mr J. Iloword's Assembly Room, as soon ai a sufficient number of pupils aro obtained. Hours of attendance, from six to nino o'clock. P. M. Terms ol tuition. 43.50 per scholar, for twelvo Lessons. A Claa Hook for names, is open at Mr. Howard's. Nov. 1838. Thompson's mental Arithmetic written " " History of Vermont, For schools. Tnaehprj nro renin..,! nil in call ond take copies of the above for exam- toanon. rorsaioby U. GOODRICH, Nov. 15. Wickware's building up-siaira Comstock's Common School Philosophy. Huntington's small Geography and Atlas for younger classes in schools, Huntington's large Geography and Atlas greatly improved, with a general assort, ment of school books, forsaleat lowest rates Nov. 15. by C. GOODRICH, Wickivare's building up stairs. SALMON. FIFTY Ttercet of Salmon just received and for sale bv FOLLETT BRAD LETS. Nov. 14. 1838. LISBON SALT. bushels Lisbon Salt for sale by P. Doolittli. Nov. 7. 6w Wanted. An additional Clerk who has been in a Store, and in every way capable and desi rous of attending to business. S. EARL HOWARD. Novascotia Plaster. 1 'rna f Novascotia Plaster in 1 JVJ Bulk. 300 bbls do do for sale by Follett & Bradlbti. Sept. 24. PAJVGBORN'S CABINET WARE HOUSE, (Court House square.) B URLING TOJV, Vt. D. K. PANGBORN, Cabinet, Sofa and Mahogany chair Maker. Journeyman Cabinet Maker. A good workman at common work will find a good job for the winter by an immediate application at PJUVGBORXS. One who wishes a chance for further im provement will find this a good one. Burlimrton. JVov. 5. MAHOGANY. A good assortment of shaded and crotch Veneers, selected with particular ref erence to the cabinet business in this quar ter, may be found ot PANGBORN S. The trade supplied on liberal terms. Burlington. Nov. 5, lft38. Nov. 1. NEW GOODS "N all ilieir vmieties now purchasing in . New York lor our Vnriety Shop, by PANonnns & IIrinsmaid. 6DOZ. Oldridge's Bulin of Columbia, 1 iluz. Hay's Lioiinent, 12 doz. liulellible Ink. bo't and on tho way for the Variety Shop. Pangiiorn & BniNSMAin, APP Ii ES. QX Barrels good winter APPLES, on reasonable terms. Enquire at this office. JVov. 7. NAILS & GLASS. P OR sale at Winooski Village, at the manufacturer's prices, by Sidsev Barlow, VEW GOODS. A good os.'oritnent of DRY GOODS. DRV GROCERIES, CROCKERY Sf HARDWARE, Just received und will be sold as cheap as at any other establishment in Chittenden County, for cash, produce, or short credit, by E. WHITNEY & Co. JlMon, Abo. 8, 1838. Mr. Barnard's Discourse. A discourse delivered Aug. , 1838, before the Literary Societies of tho University of Vermont, by Daniel D. Bar. nard Esq. of Albany, for sale at tho Book store by W. Hickok. ooarsbsalS qrvp bush. Milar Salt, lor sale low for ouv cash, by E. Whitnei & Co Mtori, Abu. 8, 1838. JNEW GOODS. PDOOLITTLE is now receiving a large addition to his slock of goods, which ore offered at the lowest prices. Nov. 7, 1833. 6W Buflalo Robes. A Few Bales Buflalo Robes, a part of which are selected painted skim of a superior quality, just received and for sala by P. Doolittle. November 7, 1838. 6w Nova Scotia Plaster. Barrels fresh ground Nova Scotia Plaster, just received and for sale by P. Doohttm. November 7, . 3m,

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