Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, November 16, 1838, Page 3

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated November 16, 1838 Page 3
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ADVERTISEMENT. WE return thanks to our numcrniu friends and customers for their con tinued custom at the Variety Shop s which assures us that our unremitting exertions to procure every articlo called for, our con slant caro to keep our assortment at all times good, and our uncoasing efforts to procure, new, rare, fashionable and good Goods, arc duly appreciated. Wo have just returned from Now York having spent eleven days in the city, selecting our Fall and Winter assortment of Goods, with great care, from many good and large as. sortmont in various parts of that great Em. porium. Wo arc frco to say that wo never purchased goods to so good advantage and never before had so pood an assortment. Ladies and Gentleman from town or coun try cannot fail of finding some Goods in our Shop, to please their fancy or supply their wants. We arc now opening somo of the best Gold Patent Lever Watches, extra nnd full jewelled, some with gold and onamelled caps. Gold Levers onti Lepines with Gold and Silver Dials, Gold Levers and Lepines large and small for Gentle men and Ladies. We havn some of the VERY BEST QUALITY of Gold and Silver Levers and Lepines those who wish to purchase are assured thnt they can buy us good Watches hero as in Boston or New York, and at as low or lower prices. Wo warrant them. Gentlemen and Ladies GolJ Rings a superb assortment, large and mall. Children's Gold Rings, very pretty ones. to be continual next week. Panohohn & UniNSMAin. Several New Things. NEW FIRM, NEW STORE AND rilHEsub-cribcrs have established them JL selves at Sholburn village, under the firm of Hall and Comstock, and have just received (at their New Store opposite Piersons Hold,) a general assortment of Goods. consisting in part ot Pilot and Beaver Cloths, Broad Cloths & Cassimors, Satinetts, Camblets, French and Eng. Merinos, Circassians, B. Moreans, A variety of Blk. Blue Blk. and light colored Silks, Fine Otter and Seal Caps, Seallott Neutro and Fur Seal Caps. Buffalo Robes, Crockery, Hard Ware, Drugs and Paints, Wrot and Cut Nails, Glass, and in short a great variety of goods, please call and examine tor yourselves. FREDERICK HALL, GEORGE D. COMSTOCK Shelburn, Nov. 10, 1838. HERDS GRASS SEED OF this years growth for sale by Nov. 5, 1838. Geo. P. Mahbii. A CARD. S. EARL HOWARD, OF the Cheap Cash Store, would be un. mindful of one of the first duties he owes to his very many good friends and -acquaintances if he did not most cheerfully acknowledge his high sense of gratitude for their frequent recommendations to their neighbors ot his establishment, for it is by uuch helps that he is sensible of the im provement he has made in the way of sup plying nnd disposing of merchandize, and euch acknowledgement he now makes hop ing thi'v will accept it with the same good leeling with wliicn it is oitored. CO MM UNIC A TION. S. E. Howard now leaves his store for a few days in charge of his assistants who will be most happy in his absence on com inercial business, to attend in distributing euch articles as may be desired at the most favorable prices, and as Mr. Howard's stay is not generally long m New York it is hoped the goods will be taken as soon as convenient to make room for the next Mock which we havn reason to believe will be good. Geo. R. Vail, C. P. Patterson, f ...,,. L. C. Fisk, T. M. Tidbits, r October 25th, 1838. Goods for the Season. A FULL and complete assortment of London, Crape, Merino, and Gnats Hair Camblet, French Merinos, Thibet wool do. Merino Circassians and Englisli Merinos, rich splendid t-uperb satin Dama eas Teglionys and Oelcions for Dresses and Cloaks, which Tor beauty ot appearance and elegance have never been surpassed by anv goods ever imported into the U. States nd just right for the Vermont Trado whose inhabitants with regard to propriety and neatness ol dress are equal to any the world, and ono of their merchants is HOWARD Of the Fashionable Fancy Cheap Cash Vanetv Store, whose motto is as it alway has been, to be Up and Doing, Quick and Cheap, Cheap lor Cash and INo Imprison merit for Debt, which enables his customers to buy as good and cheap of him as can be found in any city, town or country stora in America. DOCTOR ATVVATER, respectfully informs Ins friends and the public, that ho has removed to the new Brick House, cornor of Cherry and St. Paul streets, three doois north of the Episcopal Church, Professional calls promptly an swered. Iiurlington. October 26, 1838. WROUGHT NAILS. 20 casks 6, 8. nnd 10 penny, on conBlen- menl, T, F, & W. L, Strong, Return to Winter Quarters, HOWARD Of the Cheap Cash Store, HAS just arrived homo from New York bolng his seventh iripUlhat city on mcr" cantllo business for tho cuslomors ofhls estab lishment sinco spring, no exertions or fatlguo, has bean spared In using tho rnonoy entrusted to his care for tho purpose of purchasing a stock of goods worthy in every respect tho laudablo demands and wishes of his increased and increasing number of customers, believing Iho trado to bo mutual botwoon buyers and sollor, his determination was to onlargo tho assortment, to keep up with tho demand, has boon a roason for his being so much more activo this year than cvor before. Goods arc now coming in, tho preparing for salo and great call for them provonts any proclamations being niado of ovory item and arlico which if written down would not loavo any placo in the paper for election news. My motto ofchcap for cash and no imprisonment for debt, has succeeded in a measure oven with the Lcgislatnre. By the limo this is printed tho handsomest assortment of Goods will bo ready to bo seen or sold that was cvor beforo exposed for sale at his Store. S. EARL HOWARD. Burlington,-Nov. 0. 1838. P. S. I was highly pleased and gratified with the spirit and animation expressed by my young men in advertising in their own name when I was absent to New York for New Goods, and perfectly sanction every sale made by them and on my return in finding them so spirited in business and to see their desire to have the Goods marked low that they might continue the great ad vantage gained by selling cheap to persons coining from o distanco. Howard. CHAMPAGNE, Old Madcrio, Sherry, Port, pure and of fine flavor also low priced wines in great variety. By Nov. 2. T. F. it W. L. STRONG. tnnfi bushels coarse solar Salt, JUUU 200 Bills, fine do. 60 Sacks Liverpool blown do. for sale by T. F. & V. L. Strong. MORUS MULTICAULIS. TH E subscribers have 10,000 Trees ot Hie MORUS MULTICAULIS, for sale. Apply at this office. F. A. Pouter & Co Sprinsfieltl. Nov. 5. 1838. OAFS, GAPS. F O R9S ALE. 9 FIRST rate Otter, superior Fur sea, Hair seal and Muskrat Cap-, Collars Fu Gloves and Gauntletts Six Bales Buffalo Robes Tho public arc invited to call and examine, quality and prices, and furnish themselves with rich and splendid articles, at the lowest prices Caps made to order at the old Stand. Pearl si. Oct. 25. Wm. I. SEYMOUR. Buflalo Robes, Lamp Oil, Car- petmgs, Paper Hangings, Farwell's Shoe.- and Boots. Family Groceries and TEA of an unequalled quality at 75 cts. per lb. cit. ton Yarn, Batting, Wicking, Tickings, Sheetings, &c. &c. with all other Goods Cheap lor Cash at HOWARDS. Oct. 25, 1838. HATS. rriHE subscriber having ssd!i JL located himself in Burlington, offers for sale at the stand formerly own ed and occupied by Mr. Wm. I. Seymour on Pear street, a good ossortmcnt of late made hats and will be happy to ac commodate the customers of the late pro prieior of the establishment and the public generally with hats of superior quality and lashionable style on such terms as cannot fail to he satisfactory lo the public. . A. SEYMOUR. Burlington. Oct. 12,1838. "LITE to LET LITE," Samuel Huntington WOULD respectfully inform his cus tomers and the public generally that ho has just received from New York a good supply of ROOK RINDING STOCK. BLANK BOOK MATERIALS AND STATIONERY, and would be happy to wait upon nil that may bo pleased to favor him with their pat ronage. BLANK BOOKS, of various patterns and bindings, kent con stantly on hand, ACCOUNT BOOKS, ruled and bound to order on short notice, and on as fair terms as tho timet will admit of i which is on "first best lermi.'' PAPER OF THE BEST QUALITY. Persons wishing a good article of Paper and other articles of Stationery, (not info, rior to any) will not find it to their disad vantage to call one door oast of ''Scott's Block." Ho would also return his grateful thanks to his customers for the many favors receiv ed, and hopes by attention to business to merit a share ol public patronage. Thompson's Arithmetic for sale by the hundred, dozen, or single copy at tho Book Bindery by S. Huntington Heavy Hardware. aNPILS, Vices, Shovels, Spades, manure Forks, icoup Shovels, trace Chains, waggon f carl Boxes, crowbars, caldron Kettles, 30, 15 CO gallon, pot ash Kettles 90 Sj- 120 gallon, Bark Mills, Hollow Ware, tc. i(e. at wholesale or retail. Noy. 2. by T. F. & W, L. Sthong, Odontica ! Odontica ! The Teeth! Tho Teeth!! STSXR. M. HITCHCOCK'S Magnetic Odon H& tica. Tho fact is proved, and tho most Incredulous and doubling aro fully con. vinccd, as wo havo the cvldenco from Iho salo of moro than 7000 boxes within tho past year, that tho Utopian dreams of tho alchymist aro realized, and a remedy discovered (or preserv ing those important and beautiful appendages of tho human system, by tho uso of tho Mag' nctic Odontica, which, by its attractive, puri fying and strengthening qualities removes all extraneous substances from the teeth and preserves them in tboir natural brilliancy, and tho gums in soundness and'beauty. It is as certained from oxpcricncc, that when used, tho teeth will not decay, but remain till tho latest old age, with thoir natural woar. When thoy aro decaying, its progress will bo ar rested, and tho teeth preserved and prevented from aching. Ladies and gentlemen of tho most rcspcctablo character aro daily calling, who assure us that beforo thoy commenced using the Odontica, thoir tenth woro looso and fast going to decay, their gums spongy and fcvciish.and the breath fooled, and aflorusmg this invaluablo powder, in less than ono week their tenth woro firm in their sockets, thoir gums resumed thoir health, their breath cor rected, and no money could induco them to be wilhout it, All this costs tho small sum of fifty cents. For salo by J. & J. H. Peck & Co. only agents in Burlington for tho sole porpnetors, A. Hitchcock & Co. Utica N. x, DR. M. HITCHCOCK'S newly invented SNUFF only 25 cents. TTOR tho euro and absolute relief of X? catarrh, dizziness of the head, weak eyes nervous head-aches, fallcn-sicknoss fits, and infants troubled with tho snuffles, partial shocks of palsy, Ac. For sale by J. k J. II. Puck& Co,, only Agonts in Burlington for tiio solo proprietor's A. Hitchcock & Co. Utica N. Y. WORM TEA. D' R. M. HITCHCOCK'S unrivalled and unequalled WORM TEA, a sovoreign remedy for worms. Strange and incredible aro tho effects of theso detestable vermin few persons, and it is thought none, arc frco from them, particularly females and children. Many persons go through a distressing coutto or mcdicino, wilhout any 'jcnctit, when tlicy might uo relieved by using tho worm tea. This invaluable medicine has been tested by tho experience) of more than four thousand persons of various ages, and not ono solitary complcinl; on the contrary, hundreds havo called and unsolicited given their decided preference to it, after trying tho different articles sent forth to the public, and pronoun cod Dr. M. HITCHCOCK'S worm tea un rivalled and unequalled. For salo by J. k J. II. Peck & Co., only agents in iiurlington for tho sole proprietors, A.Hitchcock & Co. Utica N. Y, ETTO THOSE AFFLICTED WITH CORNS. THE celebrated Albion Corn Plaster af fords instant relief, and at tho samo limo dissolves and draws tho Corn out by tho roots, without tho least pain. Certificate. "To those aiHicted with Corns on their feet I do certify, that I havo usod the Albion Corn Plaster with complcto success. Beforo I had used ono box, it com pletely cured a corn which had troubled mo for many years. I make this public for tho benefit of those articled with that painful complaint. AV. SHAW. Ftusltins, L. . Feb. 28. Price 50 cts. a box, A REMEDY FOR OTRHEUMilTESM ! rriHE excruciating pain tho decrepitude A and deformity, and tho premaluro old age, which arc the usual attendants of this disorder, are sufieicd by many from a despair of a cure, or disappointment in the efficacy of tho numerous pretended antidotes used to effect this purpose. But thoso who havo mado a fair trial of DK, JEBB'S CELEBRATED LINI MENT, oven in cases of long standing, and of tho mosl sovore character, havo received cortain relief, and niruiv have hcci: cured in a few days, some in 24 huurs! as a number of per sons in Boston and vicinity, who wore former ly afilicled with tho Rheumatism, havo very fully testified. Certificates aro in tho posses sion ol the Proprietoi, proving tho most thor ough and surpiising cures by means of this powerlul Liniment, in cases whero other ap proved applications had utterly failed. Tho Liniment is also used with success for bruises, sprains, numbness, stillness of the joints, chil blains, Sic. Price 50cents a bottle. DUMFRIES' PEYE WATER! FOR sore or injlamed Eyes, gives immedi ate case and relief. On recent sore eyes, the cfTect is mosl salutary. Whero Iho com. plaint has been of years standing, and in somo exceeding bad cases, the most unexpected and desircabi'c relief has boon found in tho uso of this Eve Watrii, afler every other remedy had failed. Many persons who havo used it, pronounco it tho best preparation for theso complaints they have ever met with, especially in cases of soreness or inflammation of long standing. Prico 25 cents a bottle. k3 0Nono genuino unless signed on tho outsido printed wrapper by the sole proprietor T. KIDDER, immediate suctessor to the late Dr. W. T. Conwa v. For salo at his CountSu; Room, over No, 99, Court. street, near Con cert Hall, Boston, and also by his special ap pointment, by J. & J. II. Peck Sc. Co. Extension of Jail Yard Limits. STATE OF VERMONT, J Countv of Ciiittkndun, ss. WHEREAS at a special term of tho County Court holdou at Burlington in and for said County of Chittcndon, on tho 9th day of October, A. D. 1838, an orton was mado and issued by tho said Court, in tho words and figures following, to wit : It is ordered by tho Court aforesaid that Iho limits of tho Jail Yard in Chittenden County bo so altered as tako in tho Broakwa. tor, now being erected in tho Bay of Rurling' ton, with sufficient room around tho same for the convoniency of doing business. And whereas tho full extent of four square milrj is now included in tho said jail yard, wh'ih is all that is allowed by law ; therefore, it is hereby further ordorcd by tho said Court that there shall bo taken off from Iho noithorly part of saidjail yard so much land as tho ad ditional quantity of water in Lake Champlain which will bo taken into tho limits of Iho said jail yard by virtue of this order. And wo horohy appoint John Jonnson, Esq. of Burlington, to mako a correct survoy and description of tho land so taken off, and of tho surface of iho water to bo included by Iho foregoing ordor, and lo mako duo return of tho said survey into tho office of tho Clerk And it is hereby further ordered by tho Court aforesaid, that when tho plans, altered and corrected as afoicsaid, and a description of the said alterations bluill bo rotiimod by ho eujd Johnson into the Clerk's office afore said, it shall bo tho duty of tho Clork to cause tho said description, togothor with this order, to bo published in both tho newspapors print ed in Iiurlington, throo wcoks successively, at tho oad of which term tho saruo shall bo and romiin tho limits of tho Jail Yard for tho said County of Chittondcn. SAMUEL S. PHELPS, ) WILLIAM WOOD. Wudgs STEPHEN BYINGTON ) No therefore, I tho said John Johnson, in pursuanco of tho foregoing ordor of court, comncnccd the survey at a stako at tho foot of tin bank of tho Lake, in tho north linn of Franklin slrool, being tho slroot next north of College street. Thence N. 8Jo W. 24 chains an, 'IIS links, to a buoy fixed in the Lake; them's S. Co 35" W. passing about 100 fool outsida or west of the Breakwater, 39 ch'ns 24 liiks to anotbor buoy in tho Lake. Thonco S. bo L. 2G chains 85 links to a slakoon tho bank between tho Covo and tho Lake in the.ioulh lino of tho lano or narrow slreul which extends from tho anglo in Shel burn Urecl, noar tho brick yard, to tho lake shoro serosa tho Coe. Thenoo following tho sboro of the Lako no Utterly to tho placo of beginning s containing cightyniiiu and two lonthf acres, exclusive of what was beforo within tho limits of tho Jai.1 Yard, and which above su'xl tract of water is annexed to tho Htid Jal Yard, I linn commenced on tho northerly lino of said Jail Yard at a stono standing 32 chains du onus irom uio norm cast angio bhu jail yard, and on tho cast sido of tho stroct extending from tho lower biidjjo over O nion River, northerly, through the town of Col chester i thenco N. 80o W. 101 chains 14 link across Onion River to a stako in tho former lino of tho Jail Yard; thenco following tho lines of tho Jail Yaid as now on record and in force, except tho piece abovo excluded, which contains eighty nino and two tenths acres, and leaves the Jail Yard equal to four squaro miles, as before. 1 havo also couscd tho stono monuments to bo placed on tho streets in the last mention, eil line, and also, stones to bo placed at the footofthc bank of tho Lake in tho northline of tho said Franklin street, and in llio south line of tho lano or narrow street above men. tioucd, and on tho bank between tho cove and the Lake. Dated at Burlington, this 13th day ofOcto ber, A. D. 1830. JOHN JOHNSON. Survovor. STATE OF VERMONT.) I horobv certify Chittenden County, ss tho foregoing lo ba a truo copy of tho order of tho Judges of Chittenden County Court, altering the Inn its of the Jail Yard in said county, and au thorising a survey and publication of the same, and also of tho return and survey of alio came by the said Johnson in compliance wan saiu order. WILLIAM NOBLE, Clerk of Chittenden Countv Court. INDICTMENT OF THE COMMOA JAIL. STATE OF VERMONT, ( To the Hon lIUTTKMDEN UOUNTlf, SS. orOUIe UO. Court begun and holden ut Burlington within and for the county of Chittenden, on the last Tuesday save one of August, A. D. 1838: The Grand Jurors within 'and for the body of the county of Chittcndtn aforesaid, represent to the Court, that they have vUi leu und examined the Common Jail in Burlington, and regret to find that it yet remains ine bubject ot the same complaint which has been made by the Grand Jurors for some years past. Though kept as well as ought to bo ex pected, considering its bad construction and dilapidated stale, it is, nevertheless, offensive and unwholesome. The Grand Jurors would particularly present to the Court the fact, that there are uo separate apartments for ?wi and female inmates ol the prison. The rooms originally designed for the detention of criminals und thoso charged with crime, arc so dark, damp and danger ous to health, that it has been found neces bary at times, lo put euch into the debtors apartment, thus placing the unfortunate, the accused, und the guilty in immediate association, while confined under the au thorny of the law. The stateof the prisons in any country, is justly considered a criterion, by which to judge of the humanity anil advance in civrizution ot tho people; but prescntin. as this Jail does, a melancholy exception to the evidences ot the progress of civili zalion around it, wo might well dread i Judgment founded upon such criterion here. From the present state oi public opinion, we are happy in feeling assured, that the barbarous custom of imprisoning for debt, will be speedily done away, and no place of confinement be required for the honest debtor; and for those accused of crime, or even those convicted of crime, we cannot perceive ihe propriety of adding to the horrors ol a crore and solitary cell, tho darkness, the dampness, and impurity of a TO.MU. Humanity as well as the certain cxecu tion of criminal justice in tho county, call Inudlv for a remedy, and in the opinion ol the Grand Jurors, there is but one lo be found, and that is, in the erection of a NEW JAIL, on au entirely different plan. I lie Grand Juror6 have thus attempted briefly, but plainly, lo discharge a duty imposed upon them by the laws of this slate, and their sense ol justice und human. ity ; und they trust that those, whoso duty it will ho lo act hereupon, will fearlessly and faithfully discharge llietrs ; that we may in thu odininisiriiiiun of criminal law, at least be protected from thu reproach of inflicting PUNISHMENT 11 E F O n K CONVICTION. ALVAN FOOTE, Foueman. A true copy of record. V, NOBLE, Clerk, m Ofcffc Bushels of Rack Salt, a Iwvv superior articlo lo any call evt'r offered m Huh market. 10.000 Bushels of Solar Salt 3,000 do Steam do 1100 Bbls. Fine do 250 Sacks of Liverpool ground Dairy For sale low by Sept. 21. Foi.lett & Biunr.r.vs. Lambs Wool Hose. JUST received at Wail & Tabors, long and half Hose, white and grey, somu very film Swiss Muslins plain ami cross har'd. Traveling BaskolB, Cnttrn Yum. Umbrellas, Stocks and Gloves, ul the new cheap cash store, m if. VI. J.V.3. 1 1 .1 J. .1. -1 ' l May be used in Wine or Water. THESE celebrated bitters aro composed purely of vegetables of tho most inno cent yet specific virtues. They arc recom mended particularly for restoring weak con stitutions, cleansing and strengthening the stomach, and increasing tho appctitu also a provcnlivo against the cholcia morbus, fever-und-aguc, removing nausea, vomiting, heart burning, weakness in tho breast, pain in tho stomach and other symptoms of ilalulcnco and indigestion. Ono box will lincturo ono gallon. Price 25 cents a box. Russell's Itch Ointment. THIS choico and safe ointment is Haiti to be superior to any now in use, for that disagrccablo and luathsomo disease, the ITCH. This Ointment is so certain in its operation that no person troubled will) the above disorder ought to be without it. It is a remedy for cutaneous eruptions, scorbutic affections of tho head, or any other breaking out which arises from sharp humors in tho blood. Prico 25 cents a box. Russell's Vegetable Bilious FILLS, OR FAMILY PHYSIC. FOR general use, in cases of Jaundice, morbid sensibility of tho stomach and bowels, loss of appetite, fustid breath, costivo- ncss, riles, and all diseases arising trom bill n.vv derangements, also for correcting the state of tho blood, and clcannng Iho system of foiil and viscid humors. Theso pills area mild cathartic, producing neither pains nor griping, and aro thcrcforo a valuable and highly app rovcu mcuicioc, anu ure pronoun cod os such bv the most distinguished physi cians. Each" box containing 38 Pills. Price 37 1-2 cents a bnx. Russell s Salt Rheum Ointment. iprpniS is unquestionably tho best and 4Jk safest lemcuy ever yet offered lo thu public for that obstinate disorder SALT RHEUM. Whero other moans have failed, it has succeeded, and tho fact that it has been extensively used by eminent Practitioners speaks volumes in its praise. It is equally efficacious in ull diseases of the skin, scald head, ring worms, and the most inveterate Itch, ,tc. kc. Numerous eertificalcs might bo obtained, but the proprietor chooses that a fair trial should be tho only ovidenco of its superior effigy. Prico 50 cents a box. A I res II supply is just rcccivcu and lor saio hv J. & J. H.Peek k Co.. Dr. Moody. Lathiop & Polwin, Burlington S.H, ltarncs (JliaMotto M. Hull Hincsbur-'h Onion & Strong, U & W.L. Parker. Huntington Jc Whilo Vcrgcn- ncs Sltift & Loosey ClieeliChury green Jamin Hamilton, P. I letcacr Jcrico V. U Wilson. S.B. Fletcher Essex D. & W. Cat penter Waterbury ; and with tho Drugisls generally throughout tho U. States, and at wholesale hv Wm. C. btimson c Co. Uoslon. Also by J. &. W. Towusend. comer of Bcckman and Water streets, New York. Diseases of the Linigs. DESERVEDLY THE MOST TorULAR KEMUDV EVEIl USED IN AMERICA. XrEGETAULE PULMONARY BAL T SAM, is Iho mosl valuable icmody now in use for Coughs, Colds. Asthma or Phthisic, Whooping Cough, and Polmonary affections of every'kind. Its sale is steadily increasing and the proprietors arc constantly receiving tho most favorable accounts of its effects. The following new certificates aro offered for public examination. "Mifflinton, Juniata co, Penn. May 3, 1837. The Vegetable Pulmonary Balsam has been sold in Iho country for two years, and the medicine has gained au uncommon celeb. rity, for it scarcely in ono instance failed of having the desired cttect. 1 am oy no means in favor of the many nostrums, most of which arc impositions upon a credulous public, but what I know by experience to be cflectuaf, I cannot help but give my approbation thero to. A counterfeit preparation has been offer ed hero by a travelling ajenl of Comstock N. Y., and there is also another article vended hero that is strongly suspected to be spurious. JACUll iMYEKS, m.D Lempster, N. H. Dec. 3, 1837. For tho last five years of my practice, 1 havo had tho satisfaction to witness tho beneficial effects of tho Vegetable Pulmonary Balsam in mauv cases of obstinate cough, and other affections of tho lungs. I would therefore confidently recommend its use in all complaints of the chest as being equal if not superior, to any other medicine within my knowledge. TRUMAN A HELL, M. D. Concord N. H, Jan. 30, 1337. 1 am satis fied that tho Vegetable Pulmonary Balsam is a valuable medicine. It lias been used in this placo with complcto success in an ob stinate complaint ot the lungs, attended with a severo cough, loss of voice, and tho raising of much blood, which bad previously resisted many approved prescriptions. After using tho lialsam ono wecu, llio patient s voice ro turned and ho was able to speak audibly.-- This case occurred some limo since, and the man is now engaged not only in active, but in laborious business. Respectfully yours, fee. SAMUEL MORRIS, M. D. Boston, Feb. 21. 1831.To the Public f, Daniel T. Iiraymau of Richmoiidtown, R, L. feel it a duty lo acquaint tho public, thai I havo received tho most unexpected relief in a severo complaint of tho lungs, from tho itsu of iho Vegetable Pulmonary Balsam, For llirco years previous to my trial of tho Bal sam, 1 had u severe pain in my bicast, violent cough, frequent raising of blood, attended with gioat prostration of strength. For a principal part of tho abovo time, 1 was undor tho caro of a skilful physician in Boston, who employed, besides many internal medicines, blisionng. seatons &c. without any improve ment in my caso. Two months since 1 com menced willi thu Balsam, and have now taken two bottles. I am now able to labor most of tho lime, havo ceased to raise blood, and am almost entirely relieved of my cough. DANIEL T. BRAYMAN, Boston, March 2, 1837. It is now moro than six years sinco I was biought very low by mi ulfcotion of Iho lungs, and my com plaint was declared iucurublo by a council of lliico physicians, 1 was then restored in as good health as 1 had enjoyed for many years, ny using uio vegetable Pulmonary lialsam. In a great many case of lung complaints, and so far as I con loam, ils use has invariably been followed by much benefit, and in many instances it has atlected cures which were wholly unexpected. SAMUEL EVERETT. COUNTERFEITS ! 1 Bewakc w biro- htion, Each genuino bottle is enclosed in a blue wrapper, on which is a yellow tablet, signed SAMPSON HEED, ."Sana olheis ,. Iw. nn MM .!... J ..,.,.. " bvimiuv. iiiwjjiviu ivipuiiij ui IIIU Oenuino Vegolablo Pulmonary Balsam has been tho eauso of attempts to introduce spu rious articles, which tiy partially assuming ihfi tiiiinn of the genuine, tiro culculutrd tu mislead und deceive tho public. Among theso mixtures aro tho "American Pulmonary Hal sain." ''Vcgotablo Pulmonary Balsamic Sy-, nip," "Pulmonary Balaam," and others. Purchasers should inquire fur Iho truo nrticln by its whole nnmo, THE VEGETABLE PULMONARY BALSAM, and sco that it ha tho marks and signature of genuine. Each botllo and seal is stamped Vogolablo Pulmo nary lialsam. ID-LATEST CHEAT!! fBewaro of a spurious imitation callod Compound Pulmonary lialsam, which tho agents say is dune up in good stylo O'Simi lar to Sampsons V.P. HaUam agafri wo say Bewaro nf counterfeits. Price 50 cents, For sale wholc?alo and re tail by J. k J. II. PECK & Co. BllitNDRETH'S PILLS ! I LOOK OUT FOR COUNTERFEITS! t ALL Pills sold in Iho State of Vermont must pass through our hands as Dr. Iraudreth's General agents. Thero will bo uo more Pills sold at tho Boston office, noilhor by B. B. Musey. (who is no longer Bran drcths agent,) lo bo retailed in this section oftho Country. All Pills purporting to bo nrandroths, and sold by persons without a certificate of agency signed bv B, Brandieth and by us arccounfn4- ra'fj. To prevent all imposition from tho cir culation of counterfeits, jusl lot the purchasor ask the vender for Ins certificate of agency signed by Ferro and Parmclce, or Goo. P, Walton, of Moutpchor Vt, who is our general agent for tho following Counties, Washing ton, Orange, Chittenden, Addison, Fiankliu, Orleans, Lamoilu, Essex and Grand Lie, iu Vermont. Never purchase, of Peddlers, for In no instance do they everhavo tho genuino article. Should any of our agonts bo euught in tho counterfeit trade, they will be displaced and so advcrlised. Thu Pills must bo kept pure, auc the Counterfeiters must be dealt with ac cording to law, No Mistake. The following persons aro regularly appointed in their res pective towns. I'orsale by S. K. IIOWAKU, Uurlington Fuller Huntington, Richmond Fletcher & Woodman, Willislon J,T. Ainsworth, Mil ton Potter, Cull, k Co., Fairfax L. Tyler Essex L, Janes. Georgia James Russell, St. Albans F. V. Goodrich, Swanton S. K. Piatt, llighgalc Wm. Gieen k Coblieldou ChalVw & Lewis,Berkshirc Thomas Fuller k Sou, Enosburgh Arminglon &: Dean, Baker&ficld Tower and Oakcs, Underbill--G. B. Oakcs, Jericho. FEItllE and PARMELEE. General llrandrethian Agents, Middlotown, Conn., July 4, 1838. Advertisement ! TO THE ASTHMATIC AMI CONSUMPTIVE. THE most prevalent and fatal ol all tho diseases incident lo civilized society the Consumption may generally ba traced to thu least alarming of disorders, a slight but neglected Cold ! By estimation, it appears that iiumhied and fifty persons die annually of tho Consumption. Most of these dreadful results may bo attributed to common Colds, and a negligent treatment of the harrussinsf Cough thul genorally ensues, which id usually followed by difficult breathing, pain in the side, und at lasl Ulcerated Lungs. Violent and repeated Asthmatic attacks also bring on Consumptive symptoms. One or two dollars expended in the pur chase of DR. RELFE'S ASTHMATIC PILLS, and a little intention to their timely admin istrution, will usually ensuro a mitigation of these disorders, and generally effect a cure. The Pills are also on easy and effectual remedy for the symptoms preceding and accompanying tho Alhma and Consump tion. For colds, coughs, difficulty of breath ing, lightness and strictures across tho chest, wheezing, pain in the side, spitting of blood, &c. Few cases can occur ofyuny of this class of disorders, in which the pur chasers of Dr. Relfe's Pills will not find a rich return for their trifling expenditure. Price-whole boxes, 30 Pills, g I j half do 12 Pills, 50 cts. TO THIS LADIES! WHITE and sound Teeth are both on ornament und a blessing. The best security for their advantage is lo be found in the use of the BRITISH AXTISEPT1C DENTRIFICB. 'Plus elegant Tooth Powder, with u very little use, eradicates the -Scurvy in tho gums, and prevents the accumulation of Tarter, which not only blackens, but loosens the teeth, anil accelerates their decay. The Dentrifice thus removes the prevailing causes of offensive breath, pre serves the healthiness and fioridness of thu gums, and renders Ihe teeth beautifully while. Price 50 cents. kS Nunu are genuine unless signed on the ouisido printed wrapper, by tho sole pro' prieior, T. KIDDER, immediate successor, of the Inlu Dr. V. T. Comvv. For salo at his Counting Room, over No. 00, Court street, near Concert Ilnll, liostou, and also bv Iih sprcial appointment, by j. &. J. H. PECK &, Co, Burlington, Vt. GROCERIES. U"ll '"IUS iuru Boston Rum, 50 per ct. NV above proof. i!0 liulf pipes nnd llbls do do 5 pipes uud 10 Bbls Holland and Ameri can Gin. C pipes und 10 Bbls pure Signctlo and American Brandy. Ilbds St Croix Rum. 4 pure Spirits 50 per ct above pr'f. 10 Bbls Alcohol itO per cent above proof. 20 qr casks Madeira and Malaga Wiiib. i20 baskets Champaigno, by Nov. 2, '38. T. F. & W. L. Batobo. TIN PLATES. &c. 11 MY bN Tin Plates 1-3 X and V.Nf ,,v.ra 150 bills. Iron Wire, ussorlcd nos. 100 bundles Eng. Sheet ltun assorted. 8 ft packs Russia do 5.100 lbs sheet Copper 100 boxen Canada Plates Copper, Tinned and black rivela Bolt Copper, wiru Vellum 1000 lbs Sheet Zinc 1000 IIh Sheet lead &c. kc. just received mid for salo at low pnf&s, by .You. '33. T ! , tV W, L

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