Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, November 23, 1838, Page 2

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated November 23, 1838 Page 2
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V U 1 1) A Y MORN I N (1, NOVEMBER 23 Urrr.a Caisaih. Wo refer tho n.ndor to our first page lor further part iculnrs of the movement nenr Present, lo which alio tsion was made last week. Subsequent in. formation leaves no rnmn lo doubt that this expedition has unfortunately resulted in tho entire discomfiture of the Patriots. Of those who joined tho patriot standard nt the mill, it is believed not one individual lins escaped; but tbry liavoleft ihcir marlc Tho royalists acknowledge n loss ol forty' fivo in killed and wounded, while tho entire forcooftlio Patriots could not liavo ex cceded 120 men, of whom it is said CO were slain. Thev maintained their position ngniust fearful mid, with tho utmost bra very, until Thursday when, by tho aid of Jong c'gMoony, the royalists were enabled to batter their pn-i:inn without coming williin reach of their rifles and email pieces. We copy the following from an ofiicial des patch in tho Montreal Courier. "I r.imc down Iipip jpmpkI.iv from Kinjsion, willi four roinpnniu-i Ttiu Slid 'llrgimrnl, two IS pounders nml n howl, m.ido up lioiii dm loun lo h pojiiinn iiIioiii .100 j.iuli hum the windmills mid adjoining Iiuiisps occupied by the I'nlrioN. 'i lie) did not m.t o or mini! mo nf iho Imti'p in oppose, my ndinnrp. Tim S pmindcis opened willi (.'Mini cfncl upon dip fionu binMm;' near die mill. Cnpj Kiinilon willi luo niin-lxiiil.-i, in wliirii hp n.iriied tun IS pounders, look "p n position lielow the wiiul'iiill, which hr- eotnmiindt'd, lint nol willi iniirh pfl'ecl, Alice e,iiiiiiiii:iilini ihe.o building fur on hour omuiIiit moil!, nnd objcriin:,' the I'ninoi? to In; (iiiiiin unit rnde.miiin!! U wcipc, I oulcrcil the Hoop lo iiiIv.iiicp ; iei Hole lesin.iiieo wan nlfeied hy dip p,niy orntpjim; die uiiidmill, Inn :i Finurl Iho nils opposed loin from the, iidjninln; slono building. It helled nU hcfiiic ihe noop- e,nt round shesii building, nnil the. I'aiiiol in ihp wind' null having di-pl.iyed n uliiic l1,ig, they wpio piiiii mailed in unicndcr thcimelws iincundiiion.illy which ihey did. EighluMx pi honor wcie iuime". dinlefv mxiiiciI unit HXtren olhei?, who ueic wounded, wc remnied fiom ihe. mill ;i foon ns Ponyey.ilici! could hp found -n l.u:c Mipptv ofamn 26 kegs nf ponder and 3 pirre of oidniincn fell into otiHiimk Some nfihe. I'aiiioUtfltcieil llieir c.-ciipo fi mil llip buildings uhen d.uhuojs rnmn on, iindhid ihenifchei in ilic brushwood on the hank under cho null. duee Inl ihe Al ihtia tn scour llii hank, nnil pcveral priMinpu wcie iIhm secured, among othets Pole cilling himself Gen. Van .Sludl7., u.'in, ilis unil'Mstooil, una iIip principal leailer. Ail ihe hinlihng niljnlning i lie mill up. le?lroeil, hut ihp l.uier 1 (luccied lo he occiiplpd tiy nrnmpanv of Alililin. nml piopo-c lint ii tliould conlinue to ho fo, or finitely demolished. " Since the above was in type we have seen a slip from the office of the Watertown Jefl'ersonian stating that the entire patriot force was slain. We copy the following post script, dated A o'clock, P. M. on Sunday Air. Jonah Woodruff lias i!iis moment anived fiom Ogduii?liiirli, which nlare lie left at noon jejoeiday. Hp saw one man, a Pole, uho escaped, nnil who ftippnml lnin-cll io lie ilie only one left alive. I ho I'ainoi? in-lied out of ih mill ai or fnniiafier puusei, willi ilnee while (I igs, hut iIipv were all SslM'.A Iih.1) ilipy went out. 'I ho mill was then filled with I!iili.-li noop, and tho Pole, who pfcaped, wiih luo oihers who had fpi'ipicil ihpiiifi lics in ihe lower pan of die mill, mingled wiih llirs Iirnibli i roups ; hut Imp iho companions wcio killed. lie him-clf p.capccl hy wcaiiii'' i he foil or Ll. Johnston, who was killed on Tup.-day The P.iniot foi cp in Iip mill niiuihei cd 111 men licsnlea 11 Hounded. Ii U Mippned Col. Van oemniz, a rule, who commaiiileil the iiatnot force killed himself. A letter from Ogdensburgh, dated on Friday, the day after the massa cre, says : . You in iv imagine how hue nml fiilhfnl ihp Pal riots al ihe wind null hmuht, wIipii I tell ou lint K and a few iiioip, went to ihem lasl niali! nt the nezaiil ol ilimr n, lake iliein off of nieir position, hni ihey ipfu.-id In Ipiup, F.niii" I hill llipy Hpie conliileni ihpir fiirniN hoiiIiI mil Opfpii ilicm, and iIipip wpio lliuiisanda ofmen uoiiihi hy llieiroalhs to as.-i.-i them. It will be observed that the ac count of the massacre is in contra diction of tho official report of the commanding officer, and we hope it may prove untrue ; but we have our fears. A Iiiiffjln paper says C.ipl. Udicr of Chip, pe.wn, JJ. C. was thut ilcad on Wcduesdiv night nflail week, hy 'some pi'if on unknown. Captain Usher was one of iliuse cnneeined in ihe ailaek on the Caroline last winter. A schooner helnngiii; lo Upper Canada, has hepn peized hv I lie paliints, while lying at i lie whaif at ItociiePler. 'I ho mayor ol thai city offers a rewaid of 500 fur the apprehension 'of iho individuals. wo learn from Iho Mercury, took the op- j porlunily lo ncknowlcdjjc Iriendly couttofy cxlcniled to liis country' men during thu fliort Fojotirn of 1 1 is Lord ship in Canada. We quote from tho Mcr cury Cot,0SKi,Tllo.MAS, of Hurlinstnn, ihe only American c.ilized on hoard, lagged perniiffioinn address the company and to propose n IoiibI, whieli he picfaced with u neat and uppinprialu rpceeh, nrknovi Irtlging llie gieal iiiienlion It is cnunlrwnen had rceciod al tho hands of dm I'.arl of Dm ham. llic deep impiessiuii it had mado on llmo who had e.xpciicnceil his lio'pilalily, and whieh had been participated in hy all their connexions ami arqiiaiii lances lo whom they had iceounlcd die fiicndly and maeiom maimer in' which ihey had hecn icccied liy tint I'ail nml ('ouulcss of Dm ham, ('ol 'I'liom as expiif-cd his linn couvielion that, had iho (!ov einor Oeneral in lettiining to Knglnnd iravi'lled through tho Uullcd Stales, his iccepliun in iho dif ferent lowns he passed ihrnngh, would have heen m.iiked hy n riialiv in cxhihiliiig ihe good feeling ihe citizens of llm U. Sinus full to he due to his Lordship. Co I. Thomas then iiinnoieil his l.oid- ship's health mid n safu passage lo his n.i liv u land. Inch was iccciveil Willi great applause. Col. Thomas lias but truly exprcfscd Iho sdHimcntti of a large portion of the Amer ican people, Lord Durham thonnli un successful in the objects of his mission has nevertheless left behind him cndnrinc me. nnrials of his enlarged and liberal views. His manifesto, on laying down tho insignia of ofi'ico, is an able document, replete with practical good sense. He looked at things in their true light he saw tho population of Canada alienated and ci-t ranged by the mismanagement of tho government, arms against a set of bnstard Hobadil's who were socking their extermination lie hoard their appeals to 1 1 1 sympathy of o genoroo people who had but just emerged from a successful struggle for self-government; and ho also heard the response conic back, L'tiihing and warm from tho hearts of free men, "God speed all who fijht for freo lorn!" And yet, seeing and knowing all Ibis, ho il d not, that wo nro aware, ever threaten to hang or shoot the sympathizers nor did ho talk of invading our territory with tho Coldstream guards! Ilo did indeed threaten to come and ecc us, to survey our glorious country, and witness tho wonders that half a century of Ircednm has wrought in llic new world. Wc regret that ho did not come. Most assuredly would he have boon cordially received by a plain people, who, disregarding tho artifi cial distinctions of the old world, arc I always prompt to pay homage to virtue and intelligence. That Lord Durham would have been successful in the object of his mission to reconcile the rcvnlutinnists.and save Canada a peaceable province of Great Hrilain, we do not believe. The thing is impossible. But that he might have done as much or more than any other man to ward that object, we fully believe. Dur ham was an Englishman, acting for the benefit of England, and therefore tould not have satisfied the people of Canada, We envy not his successor. A change was prcdicled ae positive in the uniform and I ho French Ministry, who would probably hold together no longer than until the meeting of the Chambers at Christmas. J'ho affairs of Iho Queen of Spain ap pear overcast with very ominous clouds according to the news by this arrival. The Carlists had gained one or two battles, and would it wns feared regain their ascendancy in La Mancha. The son of Dun Carlos, am) the princess do Beira bail joined the camp of the pretender. Tho Minister of the Interior had tendered his resignation to tho Q,nccn, and it was rumored by tho Journals in the Carlist interest that Gen erals Narvacz and Espartcro contemplated resigning also. It was rumored in the English papers that the armies of the Presidencies in India were being put in a slate of efilcioncy and readiness for service. Borne accounts stale that an English force had entered the ter ritory of Persia others that tho Schah had raised the seigo of Herat without any such hostile demonstration. The Emperor of Russia had a large forco in the field, which it was supposed was intended for Russia. The Viceroy of Egypt was paying the arrears duo to tho Sultan ol Turkey. English influence was dominant over Rus sian with tho Porte. The Engli-h fleet, onlhrSCtli August along with the Turkish, was then in the Dardanelles, and that it was fully expecicd that tho English would pass into the Black Sea to watch the move mcnts of the Russians. The ex minister of the interior Akif Pacha, had been sharply remonstrated with for having re ceived the Russian Ambassadors at hi residence. There is a yory strong and general im. prcssion in llic commercial circles that the French blockade of Mexico is about to be brought to a closo. Mr. Pakcuham, the British Charge d'Aflaircs, i9 about to rc turn to Mexico, and il is understood that the blockade is not to last very long after his arrival there. USCAPE OF TIIEIiLKR & DODGE. DUUIIAiU'H D E PA UT U R E . The Quebec Mercury of the 3d contaitif n very minntc account of the departure of his Lordship from that city, on the Istinst J'ho event scorns to have been honored with no inconsiderable pomp and circum stance, Guards of honor were stationed nt the wharrand at the Bishop's palace, and the streols were lined by the troops of the parrisnn. The Caledonian and St. George Societies led tho procession, after which came tho Earl of Durham and hi Countess in their carriage, nconmpnnicd by Sir John Colbnrne, and followed by the btafi'and a great number of citizens. Tho place of embarkation wa crowded with speclators, who cheered his Lordship as ho embarked Milder a salute from Iho garrison and the frigate. The stenmers Canada, and Lum ber Merchant, w cut down tho river with tho Irigate, having on board ihe ineinberF of tho St. Gsorgu's Society, and a large number ofcilizons. who regaled themselves with a handsome repast in the dining cab- . in, whnre, song nml sentiment prevailed Tim toasts wc obcrvn wero highly com nlitnentory lo his Excellency. Among tho invited guests, our townsman, Col. Thorn .as, was present uu Iho occasion, and, os By the following, from the Montreal Herald of the 13lh, it would seem that Lord Durham was just in time in getting out of the country, or lie would have been arrested as o "sympathizer." It was seri ously talked in Montreal that Bullcr ounht to bo arrested; and it seems that even General Clilhcrow is given to understand that "he decs not possess the confidence of tho British and Irish population of that city." Mr. Cliarlrs Roller, lato Chief Pen clary In llm Eai I of Dm Ii mi, in 1 1 ed in lown fiom Qiichc.c, on .Saturday iif.einoim, in the sieamer Si, liemgp, mid we helieve left lown jpsipiilay nminnig lor ipw York, on his way to England. Wo undpr. stand, that on hoard the St. Gcorgn, ho nsMir toil that tho Canadians worn an injtiied and an oppressed people, and that the so called loyalists, had caused holh this and tho first rebellion, by tymnising over their opponents, and goading thorn on to rebellion. Mr. Ellico, who was hut lately a captive in the hands of his own tenantry, has expressed hini'.olf in somewhat similar languago, and styled tho rebels a very good sort of pcoplo, hut that some of them liavo been awlully ungrateful, as ho was taken prisoner by individuals who depended on him for their daily bread. Major General Chthorow coincides in opinion with his two Whig Radical brethren, and wc can assuro tho triumvirate, that they do not possess the confidence of the British and hish popir lation of this city. BERMUDA EXILES. Wolfrcd Nelson, Bouchette, Vegic and Gauvin. arrived in this viilagc on Monday. During the forenoon a large number of our citizens called to pay their respects, and it is unncccstary to odd, wero very kindly received. Dr. Nelson loft at one o'clock for St. Albans, and on stepping aboard the coach he was greeted with three sponla ncous hearty cheers. NeUon is a noble specimen of humanity commanding in ap. pearancc, and in his conversation and gen oral deportment fully sustaining Ihe high estimate wc had formed of the Hero of St. Dennis. F () R E I f : N . The Great Western nrrived at N. York on tho 13th, bringing Liverpool dales to the 2Cth Oclnbcr. J'ho intended resignation of Lord Dur ham, received in England by the Great Western, was the leading newspaper topic. The-Conservative journals consider it the "consummation of Whig stupidity," tho Whigs throw tho whole onus of tho blame on the interruptions of tho Tories, while both unite in considering tno Provinces thrown back into confusion by tho event.' It was reported that n short session of Parliament would be immediately held, in consequence ol Lord Durham's resignation, of which intelligence was carried out by tho Great Western. Seven lives wero lost in ono nf Ihe salt mines at Northwich, in 'Cheshire, by ihe giving way of ono of the foundalions, in conscqnencu of which the engine house nnd nil its contents wero precipitated into the abyss, burying tho seven men and sev eral horses beneath the ruins. Sir Robert Grant, Governor nf tho Presidency ol Bombay in British India, died at Daporcc on tho Oth of J'lly. THE MORMON WAR. There seems to be every probability that tho State of Missouri is about to be dis graced with a bloody and ferocious civil war, more disgraceful than any thing which has occurred within our limits since the United States existed os a nation. The ferocious fanaticism of t. lie Mormons seems to be just about upon a par with Iho ferocious prejudice and inlolercnce ol their Missouri neighbors; & in Ihe collii-ion which seems nbout to lake pin co. much blood shed and terrible cruellies are lo he apprnliPiidetl. The project seems lo be to nnniltilulc iho Mormons. That however, is easier said than dune. They will die gaun'. The following is a summary ol the latest intelligence : Wo have the St Louis papers of Nov an, which are tilled with important new ndalivc lo tho Mormon Jir-l urbo nccs in Mipsoun. Tho most authentic news at hi. Louis on the 2d was. that a skirmish had occurred between tho mormons and cil zr-ns near tho lino of Ray county winch ten ol the citizens wero killed, and a number Inkcn prisoners. This is but ru mor, however, and may nr may not bo true There nro so many reports, says Iho Si 1joui ifpunlican, it is almost impossible to know what to believe or what lo reject II. seems to be an established fnct thai tho Mormons have destroyed n vast amount of properly in Davet-s County, burnin nouses and stores nnd ilo.-trovuig all the properly of their opposers ilia1 tliev could lay hands upon. From a Report published in ICtclimnntl, Mo. by a committee nf citi zen. U appears that Ihe country north side nl Grand River and west of him was cor lainly descried, except hy Ihe Mormons and had been for several days; and that iho houses were all burned the Mormons had orderrtl tho other citizens out of the county. Gallatin had been visiled, but was understood that all the houses in that place wero burned, rxcnpt a shoo uiakcr simp. A letter dated Richmond, Oct. -24. writ ten by a Jinlgo King, says that on the pre vmiH buiiilay I ho Mormons marched Daveiss, Jo Smith mado known Ins view lo the people, and declared the tnno had come when they would avein'0 their ow wrongs, and that all who wore not fo ihem, nnd taken up arm with them, should bo considered ns against them, that their property should be confiscated and their lives also bo lorfeitcd. They -have lately organized thnnisel into a band of what Ihey call "Danitc and sworn to support their leading men nil Ihey fay or do, wright or wrnni' and further to put to instant death those who will betray Ihem. '1 hero is another band of 12. called tho 'Destructives," whoso duty it is to watch thu movements of men nnd of commutes, nnd tonvenge themselves for tmpposcd wrongful movements against ihem, uy privately miming nouses; proper ty, arm even toying in acucs lownt, Oic, Thcso two gentlemen who belonged to tho Canadian patriot nrmy, and were enp lured last spring, nnd condemned to death, nrrived in this city yesterday, ant! put up the Exchange, with a couple of IrlcntN, Dr. Thcller is an Irishman by birth, but was brought up in the United States, nnd afterwards went lo Montreal, where he married into a very respcclnhle family. r. Dodge is a native of New Hampshire. Both were nwailing as prisoners in the ciiadel ol Quebec, iho ultimate decision ol the British Home Government. Their escape from the ciiadel is almost miracti- mis. I ho number of seii'inels pnsied within and nrnuiid the citadel was no h"s than thirty nine. SUM di'sfierate as wen' tho 0 ild j, they thought nf nothing hut expedients lo eecapo, which I li-y Imped io effect on some stormy night, when tho sentinels might seek the shelter of their boxes, or Iho entrance porches of the prison doors. At leng'b Ihey met with n bolter friend than tho element, in the person of n cockney sentinel an elegant cxlrnCt from Newgale who was marvel lously fond of beer, or, in lieu thereof, ortrEn. Ho was dru2ed to Ins heart's content, and porter had its perfect work, nml while he was snoring in n door-way, the prisoners, who were in what is called the second casement, removed a bar from their window, and descended inido tho outer wall, which surrounded thu citadel shell. As the sentinel was perfedly oblivions, they easily mounted the wnll on the inside: nnd ihe only ililhciiHy was lo jet down, its exterior height being sumo Ihirty feet. They commenced descending hy the flag-statT, but their weight made it creak so much that Ihey feared it would alarm the sentinels, and they concluded to rop down, in doing which Ihey received evcral severe bruises. They had still ten sentinels lo nvntd, before I Imy could reach a place of safely anion!; the inhabitants. Nine Ihey eluded, but Iho tenth challenged them, but ho was satisfied with an indifferent answer, ami tliev trained a shelter ; but upon a chnngc of guard, the condition of the beer Ioviiil' sentinel was discovered, and soon after the escape of the prisionors Instant search in every part ol the city was commenced, nil the prisoners Unit to ctiango nieir hiding place five limes before morning. In a day or two, the impression prevailed that they had mado their escape to Mon treal, where a rigorous search was made for them, but they actually remained three weeks in Quebec. In llic meantime, iwn f the ''Sons of Liberty" wcie busy n completing arrangement for their safi escape lo tho United States, by the State f Maine, and on the 3d of November, nrsps being procured, they struck off fur bt. Mane, armed and accoutred like Inyo mil it in officers. Their track was soon dt-'covercd, and thev only arrived at St Marie about on hour or two bolorc their pursuers. 1 heir two attendants outnineo pro'cction and shelter in a house, by pre tending to be smugglers. The horses. arms, and every thing that encumbered flight, fell into tho nosscssinn of the pursuers, but the prisoners, having after ward token a diuVront route than was ex pectcd, succeeded in gaining the lines, and soon reached Augusta in safety. Theller s cbmil 35 years .of age, nnd Dodge about In, nnd both have resided some years Michigan. Boston Post. The English papers mention the Duke of Richmond or Sir Wilmot Horton, as the uccessor of Lord Durham in Canada. will not dure to exposo their miserable number on the vote for Speaker, Tho victory is, therefore, splendid, complete and overwhelming. Our friends in other slates may yet soy that "thev i.ovb and iioNna Massachusetts iiecausk erne has NEvnn n f.f.n coNQUEnEi)." Motion Jlllat. FouriTtf DisTnicT. Smith is elected to Congress by six or seven hundred votos. Tho Whigs in many parts of Iho ditricl appear lo liavo permuted the election to go by default a result not very surprising under the circumstances. Mr Smith's ag gregate vote, however, will be smaller than at Iho S'piember election. HURUNGTOrt. The Sentinel ami Lamoille Express arc making Ihemsclvcs excessively merry at the circumstance that John Smith had a majority of the votes cast in this town. I'lie Clerk's record shows that NINETY foreign votes were cast. Of these G3 voted for Smith, and but 27 for Allen leaving Mr. A. 20 majority of the votes in this town, while wc can enumerate more than thirty Whigs who wero absent. So much for this pretended Tory triumph. But let thorn enjoy it, for it is tho only way they can fix a majority in this town. The Tories are crocking about a gain in Massachusetts. This is( the merest deccp. lion, riioy made no ralley last year the election went almost by default. Their vole compared with that of '30, when the election was contested, shows that they have gained nothing not even the "striped pis- Appointment OS' A NEW BlMlOP IN N. York. The Diocese of Western N. York commenced its primary convention in Trin ity Church, Geneva, Nov. 1st, and, alter due form and organization, proceeded to business. Resolutions were drawn up and adopted, setting forth Ihcir firm wishes to place the dioccc of Western New York under the full Episcopal charge authority of the Rt. Rev. Benjamin T. Ondordonk. But this appointment having been declined at the opening of the convention, they pro cecded to a further election. Alter doc balloting, the tellers made known the re sult, and it was declared that the Rev. William H. Do Lancy, of Philadelphia, was duly elected. Motion was then made that tho Rev. Mr. Do Lanccy bo unanim. omlij elected Bishop of the Diocese of Western N. York. The manner in which this resolution was passed, says the Gos pel Messenger, tho unvaried fulness nnd distinctness of the aye, and the nbsonco of a nay, proved that we wore a house at unity in itself. And wc shall not soon for get the happy aspect nnd the prevailing expression which followed the exclamation of the Rev. President as he declared the vote 'god he thanked.' V wharf a this crisis ; iho small boot was lowered Mid opt. Sherman, with n few or his faithl'ii' and efficient sailors pushed out amid tho dnikncta nnd wind to Iho reocno of Iho sufl'ercts. It is almost needless to add that the C.iptnin's boat wns the first' to reach and save lb- almost cxhoustcd nun. This is nut n snhlary instance of Ihe cour age and humanity displayed by Captain.' Sherman in like perilous circumstances. During Ihe gnloon the night of Wrddes day Iho 7ih ml. n small sloop calh'd tho "Comet," which was lying off Valcour I-land, drnggi'd her anchor nnd sunk in ihe IJnv, nli'Mit a mile and a half from shore. The -I rn nt" r Burlington wns prevented by Iho vioh'tice of the gahj from touching at tins purl. The Melanotic ugh niter pro ceeding within two miles of Port Kent, was obliged to return nnd "lay by" near Vacour. We arc informed by tho passen gers, that enptain Phillips displayed on thai occasion, n knowledge of seamanship highly creditable, nnd worthy of the welt earned reputation ho enjoys. It gives us plen-ure to benr this tc.-liintmy to tho mer it" of that gentleman, as n s-knful nnd obli ging captain and one deserving Ihe confi ! dene" nl Ins employers nnd tho public. liipuUlican. Presidency. Tho National Anlima sonic Convention, which recently assem bled in Philadelphia, have unanimously no minated Gen. Harison for President, and Diniel Webster fur Vice President. Imprisonment for Deiit in France. A late 1'nri-i paper, Ihe Presse. gives an account of a singular case of imprisonment in Franco, which is a striking illustration of tho injustice and cruelty of the laws authorizing imprisonment for debt. There is now in prison in Paris a man who has just entered Ins -Mill year, and yet is de tained for tho milk which ho drew from his foster-mother's hrea-t. When ho was weaned, in 1705, his father owed the nurse 300 francs, winch sum was never paid ; and when the son become of age, he look the debt upon himelf, giving n note of hand for the amount, payable in two years, with interest. At the time the note become due he was unable to take it up, and it wns renewed, with I lie addition of stamps, in terest and charges llm process has been conl iitued till the present lime, when iho accumtilnled debt amount to no less than 5,700 francs, besides 1.213 francs fur costs. Teeth V3. Legs. Al iho late London derry fair, the Nashua Telegraph informs us. a bet was decided nf this nature: that a sheet of gingerbread should be eaten by one man while another ran thi:ly rods ami back. The odds on stoning wns in favor of teeth; hut ?ir? came in before the last mouthful could be dispo-ed of. MASSACHUSETTS ELECTIOX. Wc arc able to present to day returns of I he vote for Governor in all tho towns nf the Commonwealth but about twenty. Edward Everett has been reelected by more than ten thousand majority. Con- idering the division in our ranks produced by tho license law, this result may be con sidered a splendid t riumph. So deep nnd strong was the excitement in every part of tho stale respecting this law, that largo number of Whigs went against Ihe Governor because ho signed I lie bill not reflecting that he could not have done otherwise, carried through both houses of the Legislature ns it wa by overwhelming majorities each political parly sirivin outdo the other in the popular branch in zealous efforts to acrnmnlii-h Us pn-nj The great trial of strength between tin Whigs nnd the Loco Focus in the i n i lias been in the contest for meuiher-i nf Congress. Two years ago tho Wh g elected ten and the Loco Foco? two mem. bcrs. Mr. Bunion wns chosen in tho Bris tol district and Mr. Parmcnter in the Mid dlesex district by the Loco Foco narlv. At the recent election the Wings have carried ten members and the Lnco Focus but one. In the Middlesex dictrict thero no choice, and not a doubt is entertained of the success of Iho Whig candidate on tho next trial. Tho majorities on the Congress ticket throughout the state show folly that there has been no diminution of the Whig strength since tho last year. When tho voles arc oflicially promulgated, it will appear that the trim Whig majority is not hss limn sixteen thousand. However correct tho L 'Co Foco prints mny hove been in their prophecies of elec tion results in Tory states,! hey have proved themselves miserable managers and calcu lators in Massachusetts. Thu truth is a appears most conclusively- the Whig parly never stood moro firmly in Massachusclt than it docs at present. Wo may bo said to liavo swept the state pretty clean Thero cannot be tnoro than three Loco Focosiu the Senate, and it is very doubtful whether they have elected a solitary one. The House of Representatives will liavo ns largo a whig majority as it had last year so large that wc predict the Loco Focos i 1 1: i) . At Ohio, on the 24lh of October, Mr?. Amelia Tuttxe. fonneily of ihls iosJ used 71 jp.iis. After Miffpriii!; n Innij illiifn i-he pxpcnent'ed n pnrnl lit: iiiinrk which icioiiii.ileil tier rxitipitcp. She w.n for ntioiii DO p.h'i no pempl.n nnd dawned iiii'inhor of ihe I' clnncli, sin I her lo. will lip fprrxislv Ml ;um de plored by a miineimis ciicle of icl.iiioiis nnd fileinlj. Bishop Hopkins sailed from New York in the packet ship Sheridan, on the 14th instant. Methodism. At the Kentucky annual conference, recently held at Danville in that slate, it was ascertained that the in crease in members during the year, within the conference bnunth. was nearly -1000. We can discover no wit nor point in christening llic federalism lloco Poios in h doin ue not only imiinic llieir example in conferiin a nitk n.iiiip, luo their wit in its election. Jfoco 1'oco is Inn n p.uody on I.oco Foco. If we imM eour opponenls a new n.iine, let ihcre be soma urigmihiy nboiil il. Portland Argus. We did not know till wo saw the above that the Lokcy Fokeys had got tired of calling Ihe whiga "fcdcrali.-ts." As to tho name which iias been indelibly fastened upon Ihem, ihey must bear il with a better grace than they appear to do, and not be tray mi in ii c h keen sen-it ivpnes on llm mlij'Tt It i nt once musical nnd signifi ed' am! until! th worse for having a little hrim-iiiiue Miiell about it. It (hies very w '! for a change, and "Tory," had as it is, is too good for the rascals all iho time Loco Foco is theii every day, and l ory their go to-meeting epithet. -Via. Eagle, The New York Evening Post of Monday contains n view comfort ing lo its own party of the causes nod probable c fleets of Ihe late election in that state. Wo subjoin '.he first porngraph, which has tho merit of truth of assertion, whatever may be conce ded or denied to the deductions of the Post which wo omit. "Is that shower over yet?" said Charles Fox to fl friend, whom ho had left six months before nl Ktllnrney, under Ihe rniny sky of Ireland. "Is that shower over yet ?" say we to ourselves as we un fold (itia tifter another tho journals from iho country, and tho letters of our corres pondents, announcing majorities for the whig ticket in the interior counties. No. the shower is not over yet; it rains cats and dogs in Iho western counties of the Slate, and Seward is Governor by a major ity of ten thousand." Pi,ATT?nYROii, Nov. 10, Mr Clark and son. of Grand hie left tho wharf at this place, about half past 9 on the evening of Iho 1 5l Ii. in a small sail boat loaded with flour. Tho night was very dark and hni. torons, nnd when near Cumberland Head a (law of wind upset thebont. Tho Messrs Clarks held to the boats, Ihcir cries were heard in tho village, nnd a boat manned by a fow men put off" to ihcir assistance. ,Thc itcomor Burlington arrived at the rin HE subscribers arc now receiving a JL general assortment of Dry Goods, Wot & Dry Groceries, Crockery, Glass &j JTnrtl-YVnre. COOKING, PA ItTiOUK & BOX STOVES. Iron Hollow Ware. All of which wil! be sold unusually low, for cash, produce or approved credit. GEO. AYItES & Co. Milton Upper Falls, Nov. 17. tf i BOOKS i I SAMUEL HUNTINGTON HAS received and offers for saloon liberal terms a good assortment of SCHOOL BOOKS, Bibles, Trstamcnts, Hymn Books, Prayer do. -ALSO-Pnper, Ink. Quilh, Steel Ptns. Slatei, Pen rih, Wufcri, Jlusic Paper, Thmc Paper, Jllntlinl Papt.r. IVrit'mg Bnoki. Sr. $tc. together with many moro ailiclos useful in common school-". l'pac call at tho Book Bindery, " (looi paM fren I Vp Olhcc. Callexr i. liurlnulon Vl. .Yop. 19. rsi ii nu'iiiir va n. 'in , rintt. ifiini.n JL are for cale at Iho ptoro of iho sub scriber, al wholesale or retail. ' Emerson's 1 nl 2d ami 3d clas-i reader'. National Reader and Ptcrpoir.t's Introduc turn. Porter's Rheiorical Reader. LivcH's ViMintr Pupds. l-l and 2d books. Kitiiih and Kukhnin's Grammars. Goodrich's littery of the U. Slate. O'ni'j's and Malm Brim's Geog. &, Atlas Parley s (jonuraphy lor children. Emerson's Watts on the mind. Oomstnck's Philosophy nnd Chemistry. Thompson's Arithmetic, New Edition. Smith and Adams' Arithmetics. Colburn's Intellectual Anthmolic. Etncron's North American Anton-tic. parts 1st. 2d &. 3d. Jame-s W. Hickuk. Burlington, .Von. 23. 1U33. REMOVAL. DOCTOR HATCH has removed his Ollico to Ins residence on White-st. two doors south of the Methodist Chapel, whore ho continues to give his unremitting attention to the practice of Medicine and Surgery. Bnrlinrrlon, Nor. 22. 103ft. NOTICE XS hereby given to nil concerned that I hnvn given my son JEREMIAH TRYOjY, ".Jr. nged cichteen years, his tnno, with liberty in contract own wifc res, and to tnkc caro of himself until l0 Arrives of full nge. And I hereby forbid r, persons from harboring nnd trusting tho said Jeremiah on my account 09 I will not navnny debts of his contrucling nfler thio Join. JEREMIAH TRYON. tturliwlon, JSov. 20, IG38,

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