Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, December 7, 1838, Page 1

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated December 7, 1838 Page 1
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cm NOT THE GLORY OF C H S A K BUT T II 13 WKLFAUE OF K O M H . BY H. B.STACY. FRIDAY, BECKMBEBS 7, 1838. VOL. XII No. 598 X.AWS Or VEHHIONT. An Act relating to the judiciary. It is hereby enacted, j-c. 1. The act, entitled ' an net relating to the judiciary," approved October 30th, 1837, is hereby repealed. 2. Four justices of the supreme court shall bo required to attend each term of said court, for the purpose of hearing and determining tho cases beforo said court. 3. The fourteenth section of an act entitled "an net in addition to an act entitled un act con. stituting tho supremo courts of judicature and county courts, defining their powers and regit, lating judicial proceedings,'1 passed November 18, 1834, is hereby repealed. 4. This act shall be in force, and tuko effect, from its passage. Approved, Nov. 5, 1838. An Act, in relation to judicial proceedings. It is hereby enacted, &c. 1. In all cases "where, by law, a writ of audita querela may bo granted on a judgment rendered hy nnd beforo a justice of the poacc, any olio judge of lie county court in said county may allow and sign said writ, and also grant n supersedeas thereon, in tho manner now provided by law. 2. All ads coming within the purview of this act, arc hereby repealed. Approved, Nov. 5, 1833. An Act, altering the time of holding the suprcm t court in tho several counties therein named. It is hereby enacted, &ic. That hereafter the Supreme Court shall be holden in and for the ' county of Bennington, on the third Tuesday next (following the fourth Tuesday in January, in each year; that said court shall bo holden at Newfane, within and for tho county of Wind ham, on the fourth Tuesday next following the fourth Tuesday in January ; and at Woodstock, within and for tho county of .Windsor, on the fifth Tuesday next follow ing the fourth Tuesday of January; at Chelsea, within and for the county of Orange, on the second Tuesday in July ; at Montpelfer, within aiii for the county of Wash ington, on the third Tuesday in July; at Dan. villo, within and for the county of Caledonia, on tho fourth Tuesday in July ; at Guildhall, within nnd for the county of Essex, on the first Tues day next following tho fourth 'Tuesday in July; at Irasburgh, within and for the county of Or leans, on the second Tuesday next following tho fourth Tuesday in July ; and at f Jydcpark, within and for the county ot Lamoille, on the third Tuesday next following the fourth Tuesday in July, in each year. And all complaints, in formations, and indictmens, actions, suits, bills, petitions and every other matter or thing, in law or equity, now pending, and all writs, war rants, appeals, recognizances, and every other matter or thing returnable to said court, in the several counties above-named, shall be entered, heard nnd determined at the several times in this act named tor holding said court in the counties above-named, respectively. And all persons and parties required by law to appear beforo said court in tho several counties above, named, shall appear and havo day in said court, at tho times in this act appointed for holding said court, in said counties. Approved, Nov. 2. 1838. AnA:t, altering tho August term of the county court in the county of Chittenden. Ti is herein enacted, &c 1. In future, tho August term of the county court within and for the county of Chittenden' shall be holden on the last Tuesday of each year, instead of the last Tuesday save one, in August. 2. All complaints, informations, indictments, actions and suits, and every othci matter or thine now pending in, and all writs, warrants, appeals, recognizances, and every other matter or thing, returnable to said court, shall bo re turned, heard and determined at the time in this act named, and all persons, parties and jurors required by law to appear beforo said court in the county aforesaid, shall appear and have day in said couit, at tno term oi saiu court, to do holden according to the proivsions ol this act 3. This act shall take effect from the passage thereof. Approved, October 30, 183? An Act, in relation to proceedings hy trustee process betorc justices oi mo pe ace. It is hereby enactca, A-.c. 1. lien a person !r summoned as trustee, in pursuance of an act, entitled "on act in addition to an act. directing the proceedings against the trustees of abscond, ing or concealed debtors," passed November 9, 1rW!i. uch ncrson so summoned as trustee, may nnnear beforo the justice who issued the writ and demand an immediate trial ; and upon show, ing good cause for an immediate trial, tho justice mnv issue a notice rcnuirinc the plaintiff to ap. pear beforo him, upon rcasonablo notice, and attend to the taKing oi sucu trustees uiauusurc which notice shall bo served at least twenty four hours beforo the time of hearing. 2. The disclosure of tho trustee, in such case, may be need in the county court, if the suit shall be appealed, and such trustee may appear before eaid court, by himself or by attorney. 3. The act above-named, snail ue so construct! as not to require notice to tho principal debtor by publication in a newspaper. 4. The notice mentioned in the first section of this act, shall set forth tho tirno and placo of taking nuch disclosure, and shall be directed to .any proper ofiiccr, and sorved in tho samo man iner as notices are now served on adverse parties, in cases of taking depositions. 5. This act is not to affect nny suit already .commenced. Approved, Nov. fl, 1833. An Act fur die annua I mganizi'tion o I the 1 lonsao Hepreannliuive; It is hereby enacted, Sic That the mem bers elect of the House of Representatives shall, previous to, or in the morning uf the second Thursday of October of each yenr, deliver their credentials to the Secretary of Stale, who shall receive the same. 1. The Secretary of Sinte shall, previous to tho orgnnizntiouof the House, make out a list, by"counlies,ofnicli members as shall have presented their credentials. Iloshull tnkn his seal in the House at nine o'clock in tho forenoon of the second Thursday of October, and. having called to order, shall proceed to call the uiemhors; and when a quorum shall havo taken their seals, lie shall administer iho oaths required by law; and ho shall, thereupon, direct the House to tho choice of a Bpeekcr, by ballot. 3, After tho election of a Speaker, tho House shall elect n clotk pro tempore, nnd tho duties of the Secretary of State, herein protcribed, shall cease. 4. Tho House shall then, on tho nomina. tion of Iho Speaker, appoint a committee consisting; of threo members from each county, to join such cotnmitico as tho Sen ate rooy appoint, toreceivc, tort and count tho votf8 far Governor, LictitcnnntGov crnnr nnd Treasurer. Approved, Nov. 5. 1B3R. An Art relating to ferries nnd femnges. II hereby enacted, S(c That tho duties imposed hy tho net to which this an addi tion, upon tho magistrates nnd selectmen of tho spvrrnl towns in this state, in which ferries arc npecssary to bo kept. shall hero nficr devolve solely upon the selectmen of upIi towns. 2. So much nfthe act aforesaid no con stitutes tho magistrates of the aforesaid towns a part, of t ho bnnrd for regulating ferries and forrjagps, is hereby repealed. Approved, Nov. 5, 1113(1. An Act, altering the name nf iIip town of Woodbury in llial of Monroe. . hereby enacted. Sec. Thnt the town of Womlbnrv. in the county of Washing ton, shall herenfier he known nnd called hy tho nnmn of Monroe: Provided. Ibnt for the term nf thrpo vpars nfipr tho passing of this net, in nil public notices and advertise inputs which shall or may. in any degree or manner, affect the exposure of tho lands in said town-hip for sab- nt vendue, for taxes or otherwise, the said town hall he rolled in said publication, ".Annroe, laic Wood bury, in the. county of JFnshingon." Approved, Nov. 5. 1f?3f5. An Art, in relation to stale order?. Il ii hereby enacted. cVc That it shall ho the duly of the auditor in the treasury department, when ho 1ms examined and completed tho auditing of nny neeoiint of the treasurer oT this stale, tn deface and cancel iIip several orders that, havo bepn paid by the treasurer nnd allowed in such account, nnd then to file tho orders and place them in I he office of the auditor of accounts against the state. Approved, Nov. 5, 1C3B. An Act, in relation to highways. Il is hereby enacted, S;c. That nny person who may hereafter ho assessed in a high way tax. to be paid in labor, in any high way district, in I hi state, may. on or be fore the fifteenth dav of May. in the same year, pay to Ihe highway surveyor of such district, three-fourths of the nmnunt so as sessed, in money, in lieu of the whole amount in labor, and the same shall be expended hv sueh surveyor0 in tho repair of rnnd nnd badges in siid district. Approved, Nov. 5. If!3f!. An Act. in addition tn nn nrt entitled "nn net. n- eerlainini ihe prinriples nn wliirli llie list nf this stntp vim II tie ninile, anil directing listers in tlieir ofliee nnd dulv." paPil Nov. 17, 1S23, and llie several nets in addilicn llit'reln, Jl is hereby enacted. S,-c. That the person al estate of minors nnd oilier persons un der guardianship, inhabitants of tins state. hall be set in the li-t to sueh minors nnd persons aforesaid, nnd be liable for the pnvment oftnxesin nil respects ngreenblv lo the provisions in other cases of the sev eral nets tn which this is no addition. Provided always, that in lieu of such mi nors nnd other persons nforpaid. it shall he the duly of their guardians to exhibit and dplivpr to the listers, true lists nf piicli estatp; and when sueh guardians shall think such minors or nthpr persons nforn said nre assessed by the listers for money on hnnd. or debts tine, or fur bank or innr anee stock, in a greater sum thnn is just nnd reasonable, such guardians shnll be admitted to the oath, ns near ns mnv be. in form prescribed, in lieu of such minors or other persons aforesaid. Approved, Nov. 5. IflSR. An Art, In nlinlih imprisonment for debt. It ii hereby enacted. be That no person shall be. hereafter, nrresled or imprisoned nn mesne p'ocess or any execution issued on n judgment founded on nny contract, express or implied, mnde or enlercd into after the first day of January next. 2. Tf any person shall have in his pos. session nny money, goods, chattels, rights or credits, of nny debtor, any creditor of such debior may cnuso such person lo be summoned ns trusieo of ueh debtor, nc cording to tho form prescribed in llie net directing the proceedings ngaint the trus tees of absconding or concealed debtors, passed October 31. 1797. with such varia tions as tho provisions of tins act shall re quirn. and tho samo proeetlings shall he iherenpnn bad, ns are reqni'ed. nntl the same privileges nnd liabililies shall bo in curred, ns nre provided in the net. nforo snid nnd the several acts in addition thereto. 3. In no case arising under the act afore said, or under Ibis net, shall tho issue ht-. made whether the principnl debtor ha, or has not absconded or concealed himself. Provided, That when it shnll nppenr up on the disclosure of nny Irtistee, that ho is indebted to the principal tleblor in a les sum llinn fivo dollnrs, such trustee shnll be discharged nntl recover his costs of the plaioliff. Approved. Nov. 3, 1(13(5. An Art. extending llie jurisdiction of constables It it hereby enacted, (He, That, citations issued by commissioners of jail delivery may bo served by any officer authorized in law to servo process returnable ucturo a justice. Annrnvetl, lov. U, IlllJtt. An Act, in addition lo an not, constituting probate courts. is hereby enacted. Sic, That the probnte court, upon graining uiiminisirniinii in any inle'late estnle. shnll assign such sums ns said court may consider necessary for the support of tho" widow (if nny) and children under fourteen years nf ngo, until tho set tlement of said estate shnll bo so far com pletcd that an assignment can bo mndo in pursuance of tho seventieth section of tho net constituting probate courttt. Approved, Nov. 5, 1033. An Actrelating io" elections. His hereby enacted, Sic, That tho first consinblcs oftho several organized towns in this slate, (whose population by tho Inst icensus shall exceed the number of two thousand inhabitant.) or, in their absence, the tnwo clerk of such town, or in the ah sene.o of both, either of tho selectmen of Mich towns, without further order, shall set up n notificnlinn, nt such placo or places ns shnll hnvo been appointed by the inhab itants of ihoir spvnrnl towns for notifying town meeting, nt least twelve days before tho first Tuesday of September, nnnunlly, warning tho freemen of their respeetivfc towns to meet on the said first Tuesday of Septemher, nl ten n'clork in the forenoon of said day, nt tho usual place of holding town meetings in sueh towns, for the pur pose nf circling a Governor. Lieutenant Governor. Treasurer of stnle, sonntanrs. nntl reprpscntntives to represent the town in the General Assembly for the year en suing. 2. The nresiding officer shnll call on the freemen of such town, from time to time for Ihe space of seven hours, to giyo in their votes for a Governor. Lieutenant Governor. Treasurer nf the state, nnd on atorsof the county; ami five hours for a representative to renresent such town io Ihe General Assembly; nnd shnll havo the boxes rendy to receive such votes; nntl nl thn expiration of five hours. Hie votes for n reprpsentalivc shall be sorted and counted: nnd if no person shnll have a majority of all the votes, the presiding officerof the meet ing shall notify the same, nnd rail on the freemen ns nfnronid, giving them n reas nnable time only, for receiving such votes, until nn elpciion shall he made. 3 AH nets nnd parts of nets coming within the purview of this, nre hereby re pented .Approved. IVnv fi 1R3ft. Ax Act, in addition to, and in altertion of an net, entitled an act rotritlntin cr tho charter inn of banks," passed Nov. !), 1S31. It is herein enacted fee. 1. So much of tii o act to winch this is an addtion and altera. tior, which empowers monind corporations, having banking appoint two commis sioncrs, is hereby repealed. 2. All the powers given to, and duties im posed upon those persons stylcdiby the act aforesaid, "bank commissioneas of the State of Vermont," bo given to, and imposed upon the commissioner provided by said act to bo elected by tho joint ballot of both houses of tho legislature. 3. If any director or directors of anv bank in this state, or any officer or person bavins chnrrro or conlro' of said bank, or interest in the samo, shall corruptly emit or cause, to be ommiltp.d, or put in circulation, any amount of Iho liills of said bank, beyond iho amount timited and prescribed by its charter, such per son or persons, so offending, shall, on convic tion thereof, be confined to hard labor in the state's prison, for a term not execoeing ten years, in tho discretion of tho court. 4. No person shall take or borrow from any bank in this ctntn, lmrenfter to bn oliartprc-1. or rccharterctl. any sum or sums of money, by reason of thoplodtrc of any slock in such bank. 5. If anv offences shall be committed against the provisions or the fourth section of this act, it shall bo tho duty of the bank commissioners to make application for nn injunction araint the bank, when nny such offences shall he committed, and any chancellor is hereby an. thorised and required on proof bo;ne duly made of such ofienco, to grant such injnnction. G. Each subscrilmr for stock in nny monied corporatioe having banking powers in this state, chartered or rechartcrcd nt the present session, or to he hereafter chartered oi re chartered, shall, on receiving a certificate of sueh stock, make affidavit under oath, that ho is the lawful owner of such stock, and that no other persons have any interest in the same, whatever, which affidavit shall bo placed on the records of snid corporation. No one director, cashier, or other ofiiccr, shall nt any tinvj bo indebted tn the bank of which he is director, cashier or ofiicer, for any loan or discount, in a greatorsum than six per cent, of the capital ot sanl hank, actually paid Approved, Nov. 5, 18.18. An Act, In encourage llie gi owing of silk. It is hereby enacted S;c. 1 The treasurer of tins state is hereby authorized and di rected to pay out of I ho treasury of the stale, the sum of twenty cents for each pound of cocoons hereafter raised or grown within ibis state; and the sum of twenty cents for each and every pound of raw silk- reeled from cocoons, raised or grown within ill's sta'e : and the sum of twenty cpnts for pach and every pound nf sowing silk manu factured in this state, nnd at that rate for n greater or less quantity, as n bonus or premium to tho person or persons raising sueh cocoons, or manulact uring such silk. 2. Before nny person shall he entitled to roco'vo Ihe bounty as provided in tho fore going sccMoo, ho shall prnvo to the satis faction of the town clerk of (ho town in which such person residee. that Iho said cocoons were raised, and said silk was reeled or mnutifacinred by him within such town. Anil said town clerk is authorised and cm. poweretl to examine such person, on oath, in relation lo ihe same; and if such tnwo elork shall ho fully satisfied that iho said applicant did raise or produce tho cocoons so oflerod within said town, or reel did the said raw silk, or did manufacture such sowing silk in such town, from cocoons raised in this Mate. Mich town clerk shall thereunon give to such person a certificate of tho facts so proved, and, and shall also cerlily thai it had beed satisfactorily proved tn him that neither tho said cocoons, reeled or manufactured silk, nor any part thereof, had ever before been presented or offered for iho purposo of obtaining Iho premium thereon, ns nllowcd by this net; which ceriificaio Iho said treasurer is hereby authorised to rcccivo and pay. 3. Tho provisions of this act shall not apply to bodies proline or corporate. 4. An act, entitled "tin net to encour ago the growing nf silk within this state," passed Nov. 10, 1035. is hereby repealed. Provided, thnt no right or benefit alrendv nccrucd. shall in anywisobo affected by the repeni oi sum net. Approved, Nov. 5. An Act, relating 'o iho wearing apparel of deccas cd persons, 11 ii hereby enacted &c. Thnt whenever any person shall die intestate, in this state, leaving a widow, all tho wearing nppnrel nf such deceased person shall descend to his said widow, lobe disposed of at her pleasure, nntl shall not he taken into Ihe appraisal of the estate, or considered ns nsscsts in Iho hands of Iho executor or ad minislrnlor thereof. Aoproveil. Nov. 5. An Act, repealing an act regit la tin,' the piactiis of I'hj sic nnd Surgeiy. Il is hereby enacted c. That "an act regulating the practise of physic and sur gery within this slate," pnsed November 14. If20," be and tho samo hereby is re pealed. Approved. Oct. 22 An Act, relating to ilio of Windsor. Whereas the copurntmn known by the name of The President. Director.' and Com pany aj the Ihtnkof Windsor, hove become insolvent, and in consequence of such in solvency the stockholders Imvo lost their capital; therefore, his hereby enacted, S,-c. That the listers in th3 scvcril towns in this state, where any nf the stobk in said bank may be owned, are hereby authorised and empow ered, in lieu otthc present modn of asses sing said s'ock, to appraise said slock, to appraise said stack, ot its actual cash value and set. the eanuin the list of tho several owners thereof, it ten per cent, of its value. Approved, Nov. 1. A.v Act, to ficili ate I lie rendering of turnpike rouN, fiee roads. Il is hereby enncted S,-c. 1. On the nppli caiinn of I fie njent of nny turnpike com pany within Mrs slate, il shall bo the duly of the turnpike inspectors in their respec tive conni irs. lo divide such turnpike into soctioN'. appor inning to each gate, if there be more than tne. nn equal pnrt, having regard to the expense of keeping tho Eame in repair. 2. It shall lo lawful for any town or lowus, or any company of iudivdnals. to purcease of said turnpike company the whole or nny portion of such turnpike, so divided, for the purpose of rendering the same free, and that, thereupon, the road, or section of road, so purchased, shall cense lo be corporate property, and become a town or county road, as tho case may he. 3. Tho purchasers aforesaid may, if ne cessary to cfFl'ct the object propo-ed. de mand and rcccivo the legal tolls at the gate or gates on tho road so purchased, until the same shall amount to a sum not exceeding fifty per cent, of snbh purchase money; provided hoivcvcr, the right of taking tolls shall not extend beyond the term of five yeors from the passing of this act. Approved. Nov. 1. An Act, io repeal an acl providing fur stiricyor general and rounly surveyors. Il is hen by enacted. c. The net entitled "nn net direclitig the appointment of a snrvcjui -iri.nciul nnd county sntvevors and regulating tneir office and duly," is hereby repealed. 2. The present surveyor-general is hereby directed, within one year, to deliver to tho secretary of state, the surveying instruments now belonging to ihe stntp. to he kept, in the secretary of stale's office, for the use of the stale. Approved Nov. 1 . An Act, relating to retailer of foreign and domestic distilled spirits, Il is hereby enacted. Sfc. That no county court, or nny judge of said court, shall grant nny license lo retail foreign or do mestic distilled spirits, except under the same restrictions and litnitniions as arc bv law provided in the first section of ao acl entitled "an act directing the mode of obtaining licenses and regulating inns and houses nf public entertainment," passed Nov. 2. 1793. Approved. Nov. 5. 103.1. An Act, iclating lo the sale of Machinery. Jl ic hereby enacted, eye. When any machinery used in any factory, shop or null, shall bo sold or mortgaged, tho pur charer or mortgagee may cause the bill nf snle or mortgage tleed conveying such ma chinery, in be recorded in the town clerk h office of tho lown in which such factory, fiiiip or mill shall he situated. 2. Such record shall have Iho same pfiyol as iflhe purchaser or mortgagee had taken possession nf such machinery, at the tune of making tho record. 3. The bill of sale mentioned in tho first .-eciion of this act, shall bo sealed and wiinepd by two witnesses, ond acknow ledged beforo a instico of llie peace, in the same manner ns conveyances of rcnl estate arc senled, witnessed nnd acknowledged. Approved. Nov. 5, U30. An Act, making appropriations for llie support of government. Il is hereby enaitcd. Sec. The sum of forty-five thousand dollars W hereby appio printed, for the purpose of paying tho debentures of the Lieutenant Governor, the senate nnd the house of represeoiativcs. and tho contingent expenses nf the General At-semblv, tho debenture of tho auditor of accounts, such snlarics ns nro provided hy law, antl such sums ns nro directed hy special acts of the legislature to be paid from the treasury. 2. A sum not exceeding forty eight thousand dollars is hereby appropriated for the purpose of paying such demands agninst the statu as may be allowed by the auditor of accounts, nnd such orders as may bo drawn by tho supremo and county courts, nnd such orders as may bo drawn by au thority nftho net entitled "an net for regu lating" nnd govorning tho mililin of this stale," approved by the Governor, Nov. 1, 1037. 5. Tho sum of fivo thousand dollars is hereby appropriated for thn payment ol claims against tho Vermont slnto prison, which sum the trensuror is authorized nnd directed to pny to tho order of the superin. leudnnt or said pri.ion, to bo by snid super intendent applied in pnyment of Iho clnims now outstanding ngninst tho prison. Ap proved, Nov 5. 1030. AN Act, a8esliig n lax fr the mppori ofOov, eminent. It is hereby enacted, Sc, That there is nssesscd a tnx of three centson the dollar on iho list nf the polls nntl rateable estate of the inhabitants of this state, for the year ono thousand eight hundred and thirty eight; lobe paid into the treasury by the first day of Juno next, in money," ccrlifi cntos or notes issued by the treasurer of this stale, orders drnwn by the auditor of accounts against tho state, or in orders drawn by or under the direction of tho supremo or county courts. Approved Nov. 5. 1033. An Act, relating lo flanks. Il is hereby enacted, eye. That whenever any banking corporation in this state may desire to close the business nf such corpo ration before the time fixed by its charter for tho termination of the same tho fJov ornor iimy, on application of such corpora, lion, issue his proclamation, fixing and de signaling some dny for tho termination of tho snme, which dny shall bo nt least six months after such application, and the business of any corporation so npp'ying shnll he as fully and efTectunlly closed and terminated as were such charter lo expire by its own limitation. Provided, the Gov crnor shall not issue such proclamation unless it shall bo made to appear that two thirds of the legal votes of Ihe stockholders shall havo been given in favor of such application. Provided, that nothing in tho provisions of this net shall bo so construed, as lo deprive any hanking corporation in this slate nf aoy rights they might have, were such corporation to expire by its own luni tntinno. Annroyi'd. Nov 5 ANA ct, relating tn iIip meafiire of Salt. Il is hereby enacted &c Thnt it shall he the duty of iho selectmen of nny town in this state, on application of seven free. holdprs, to appoint one or more mensnrprs ot salt, who shall be sworn to the faithful discharge of his duly, nnd whoso duly it hnii be. on the application of nny seller or buyer ol anv salt, to measure the snme nnd who shall receive from iho person so opplying. one. half cent per bushel bv him measurpd for nny nnmbpr of bushels less than fivo hundred, nnd one-fourth of a cent per bushel, for all excess beyond such five hundred ImisHpIs Approvpfl. Nov. AN Act, in addition lo nn art cnlitled "an art ipdnring inlo one iIip Frveral acls for laying out nnd ippiiring highway." Il is hereby enacted. &c. That nn pprsnn shall ho entitled to compensation from any town or ntlior corporation for a lops sua. tnined in consequence nf the failure of any road or bridge, such failure having happen ed at the time, nnd having bpen caused bv the passage or attempted pasag nf a carriage bearing a load exceeding, it weight, ten thousand pounds. Approved Nov. 5. 1030. An Act, in addition to an nct entitled nn net fur the support nf the fin'pel papd Orlnhpr twenty sixth, one thousand eeien hundred and ninely seen. It is hereby enacted. &e. Whenever anv nnmbor1of persons-shall n.sfocinte for the purpose of procuring nnd establishing anv lown. pnrih or village, in this stnte n suilnble parsonage, tho avai's nf which shall be appropriated for iho support o public worship in such town, parish or vil lage, such association, so formed, is made nntl constituted a body corpornie and politic in oeed nnd in name, by such name nnd style ns n ma jority of the members nf such association may ngreo upon, nnd bv sueh name mav sue nnd be sued plead nnd bo impleaded, may purchase, hold and convey so much personal and renl estate as mav h" necessary to carry into effect the ohjenl nf such association, not to exceed threp thousand dollars and that, subjpcl to taxa tion. may have n common seal, and the same niter nt pleasure, nnd enjoy all the privileges and powers incident to corpora tion, for the purpose of erecting or re pairing suitable building Tor the ennveni enee I hereof. 2 Rnch anil every corporation, so formed shall have full power tn make their own by-laws and regulations, such as appointing the time nnd place of holding their meet iniys, regulating the mode of electing their officers, determining the authority and duty of each officer, dividing Ihe stock of said corporation into as manv shares as they mav deem p'nper, and cstnblish thn modn of Ironsfering tho samo. cither by private tale or the payment of such nsscssmont nnd taxes ns may bo ordered nnd directed hy snid corporation, which shares shall he considered personal estate, to ull intents nnd purposes; nnd when nny share shares shall bo ntlnched on mesne process an attested copy of such process and the officer's return thereon, shall bo hv Ih officer serving the same, lodged with lb clerk of said corporation, otherwise th writ or attachment shall be voitl, and said shares mav be sold in the same mnnncr as is provided for the sale of any other per sotnl properly, and the officer serving the execution, by virtue of which such snle shall bo made, shall leave n copy of snid execution, with his return thereon endnr seil, with tho clerk of said corporation within twelve days next after such pale and said sham or shares, so Bold, ns afore said, shnll, to ill intents and purposes, be vested in the purchaser. 3. The form of agreement, for conslitu ting such association, shall ho as follows "I'lio undersigned inhnbiinnt of "do hereby voluntarily associate for the " purpose of according " to tho first section of an net entitled "nn act, in addition tn nn act, tor the support "of tho Gospel, passed tho dav of one thousand eight hundred thirty o'.ght. "In witness whereof, we hnvo lircunlo "scvernlly set our hands. Dated at " this day of in tho year "of our Lord ." Winch said agreement, nfler (ho duo exe cution thereof, shall bo filed in Iho office of tho town clerk for tho town whero such I association shall bo formed, and who is hereby required dulU and folk to record the same, nnd which shall be, together wiiii uie record incren! in said town clerk'si tliccsuhiciotit evidence of said association. 4. Any (ul tire legislature mav alter or amend, modily nnd repeal this act, at any time, ns ihe public good may rcnuiro. Aoproved, Nov. 5. An Act, iniiliorizing ihe '1'ieanirer lo Loriow iho Finn therein mentioned. Il is hereby enaitcd Sic. That tho treas urer of Ibis stale is authorized to borrow a urn, not exceeding thirty thousand dollars in the whole, for the purpose of defraying the expenses of the government, and pay ing aypinpriations that are or may bo made. Approved lNov.5. An Act. in iiuMiiinn to nn act guteining the iinlitM in i it 13 piuie. ic hereby enacted Sic. Thai the sevnr. al cotnnnnies heretofore comprising tho first rifl! regiment in Franklin rnnnio. hcretoferc attached lo the third brigade & third division of Iho mililio of this state. are hereby reinstated and restored to nil the privileges, as a regiment, which said regimen', possessed previous to tho revision of iho militia law in 1837. to ho attacced to the second brigade in tho first division of tho militia of this state, according to thn now organization, any law or usage to tho contrary not withstanding. I'rovntcd, said regiment shall not be ntitlcd to receive of tho Governor tho quota of arms, or colors, now required by iaw io oe rurnisneu io each regiment. Approved, Nov 5. SB THE FAMILY. If there are nny joys on earth, which harmonize with those of heaven, they aro llie joys of a Christian family. When the snow flakes fall fast in the wintry eve ning, and the moaning winds struggle at the windows, what is so delightful as to see the little ones sporting around a blaz- ng fire. Look at !hc little creature in her night Jres3, frolicking antl lauo-hino-. as though she never knew or never would know a care. Now she rolls upon tho carpet, and now she climbs a chair, and now she pursues her older sister around the room, while her little heart is over flowing full of happiness. Who does not covet the pleasureable emotions with which the parents look upon this lovely scene. But let us look at a man who makes his home but a hoarding house, where lie may cat and sleep. His wife is merely his housekeeper. His children are ne cessary evils, to be kept out of the way as much as possible. To-day he is at a ball alley. To morrow he is at the bill iard room. And the next day he is till midnight at a whist party. He is a jo vial companion, and greets Ins associates with an air of careless mirth, as though he never knew a sorrow. But in truth, he is a poor pHiable victim of disquietude and depression. His jokes are forced. His smile is unnatural. It is even by restraint that he retains the sem blance of good nature. See him at home how petulant, irascible ! The least annoyance to his mind is like tho spark to the powder. His children, while they floe from his frown, imbibe his spirit. See him as he rises in the morning, gloomy and cross. The poor creature hardly knows the meaning of the word enjoyment. This is a man of pleasure He will not obey God's law, because it will disturb his happiness ! Wretched man ! He is serving Satan here, and Satan rewards him as lie does all disci- pics, with the painfully forced scmblanco of joy, but with an harrasseu spirit and prospective destruction. Lord Chesterfield was such a man. -He spent his whole life in tho vain pur suit of pleasure, and yet happiness eluded his search. Listen to the candid confes sion. l,I have seen the round of business and pleasure and have done with all. I have enjoyed all the plensurc of the world, and consequently know their futility and do not regret their loss. I appriso "them at their real value, which, in truth, is very low : wheieas those, who have not experienced, always overrate them. They only see the gay outside, and nro dazzled with the glare. But I have been behind the scenes. When I reflect upon what L have seen, what 1 have heard, and what I have done, I cannot persuade myself that the frivolous bustle of the world' has any reality. Shall I toll you that I bear this melancholy situation with the merito rious resignation and consistency which most men boast ? I'o sir ? 1 really can not help it. 1 bear it, because I must bear it, whether I will or no. I think of nothing but killing time tho best way I can." What a comment is this confes sion upon what is generally called worldly pleasure. Tho dying scenes of such a man, is a fearful commentary upon hi misspent life Holies upon his dying bed, annoyintr all around him by irritability. Tho rotio spect of tho past affords him no pleasure, and the future is filled with fearful foro boilings. And thore ho lies, brooding in sullen silence, upon tho present pains, with no consolation in respect lo Iho An turo. Ho dies and is forgotten. But oh! this is not Iho end of his history. Judg mcnt is boforo him,and eternal retribution succeeds. Tho imagination shrinks from following hioi into those regions.

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