Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, December 7, 1838, Page 3

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated December 7, 1838 Page 3
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AttlKRI SOF A. & MAI OCl'NY CUAIil Mnkrr, keeps on hand n aood n??oritnent of Shaded and Croich VENEERS, selected willi pellicular reference lo ilio cabinet unsincls in this quarter, i mi uiiuu it'" AXE HELVES. a rC D')Z- Patent Axo Helves, by ljyj J. &, J. II. PncK &. Co. ADVERTISEMENT. Atastely made, and neatly fitted neck Slock, one that U just the right width nnd length, neither too high, nor yet too low, but "just about right" is a desideratum, wlnnh is not overlooked or lichlly esteemed bv those who reenrd either comfort or clcrrancc in dress. To supply this vacuum nnd in obedience to the wishes of many of our customers who are Connoisseurs in these matters, we have for snmo time paBt knot n nrnttv rood assortment of good Stocks: it has neatly been the case, how ever, that we have not bought enough to last through the winter, and sometimes wo have not had thojo that were just long, or narrow, for short, or high enough, to Bull some customer, who liked a ooonriT. To remedy these evils we havo engaged some of tho best and most experienced Stock makers and thoso of good taste withal, to make up for us a large assort ment of the best quality of stocks from one to several inches m width, and from 12 to 20 inches in length, so that Boys or Men, those wishing high or low, long or short Stock?, can have a fnir prospect of a fil at the Variety Shop. We have plenty of the nave pi tie : s very Best satin Opera tie JJest satin long tab Best trimmed satin est satin STOCKS. Be?t trim d white satin s Best trim'd Bonibnzino Best plain Bombazine Best fiL'urcd talin Fino satin and Bombazine plaited Stocks In connection with this department wo had to, of course, have made some superior BoEoms and Colars, and have to offer a fine assortment of Patent trill'd Bosoms new 6lyle. Fine trill'd and rufllled Bosoms Fine plain Linen Bosoms Plain Bosoms, various prices, Vlain and stitched ) Fino corded COLLARS. Hound pointed j 1 ALSO Stiffners, various kinds of.Pantaloon strap?, Buckskin, India Rubber and Silk Suspen ders and Fuspender Ends, Boys leather Eelte&c. &c. constituting an assortment which has never been before offered even Bt tho Varinl v Shop. PANG BORN & BRINSMAID. DEC. 1, 1838. A most complete as eortmeiu of HARDWARE, SADDLERY HOLLOW WARE DRUGS. MEDICINES, PAINTS, OILS, Sic. Sfc. This day received and for sale, at a email advanco from for cash. ROBERT MOODV. REMOVAL. C. IiAYNES H' fAS removed his Painting Establishment to Colloc.strcet, cast of the square. where tho business will he carried on as usual. PAPER HANGINGS. Just opened and for s-alo a good assortment of Paper Hangings, of the newest French and American fashions. tf Burlington, Nov. 30, 1038. DISSOLUTION. THE co-partnership heretofore existing under the firm of Mead &. Hamblin, is this day by mutual consent dissolved, Accounts with the firm will be settled by 11. Hamblin. LYMAN MEAD, HIRAM HAMBLIN Burlington, Nov. 28, 1038. N. B. Tho business will be continued ns heretofore by by II. Hamblin. Delay is Dangerous ! ! MIOSE in the town of Burlington who J. havo omitted to pay their annual in stalment for insurance, can pay tho samo at thoofficoof tho subscriber until tho 15th day ofDtccmbor next. After which timo they will bo called on by tho treasurer nt Montpc lior. J. Johnson. Burlington. Nov. 2C, 1038. FTTH CAPS, &G. j case Aniorican Otter Caps, x I do Seal do 1 do Hair Seal do BUFFALO ROBES, S,-c, for sale by Nov. 23. Latiiiiop &, Potwin. CLOTHING, &G. THE subscriber acknowledges past Ta vers with gratitute, and would say that he continues the Tailoring Trade in all its branches. He has for salo a great variety of READY MADE suitable for the present season; also, n great many other ueoful articles. Plcueo call for that which cannot ho bought else where. Clothes verv Neatly CLEANED and REPAIRED on short notice, Clothing exchanged or taken for Pay. U. UtilNiNH Pearl St.. Nov. 1030. COARSE SALT. ACiCi "N ""tor Suit, for sale low for cosh, by E. Whithex & Co Milton, Nuv. 0, 1030. wit) by NOV. 31. 183U- !ATE AXtfD NSW AT TIIR CIIKAP CASH STORE. HOWARD HAS just received Plates of tho newest styles of Fashions for winter Bonnets, Cloaks, Pelliscs and Dresses, which may be viewed free of charge, Also, if should bo wished, Goods for making any of the Above articles at New York Prices- ALSO One Case bcatiful Crape Camblcls for sale by tho piece or pattern at HOWARDS. FOR SALE. A SETT of Gunsmiths Tools, second hand, with Rifllu Machine complete, formorly owned by Mr Hatch, gunsmith, very cheap. C. BENNS. Nov. 20. School Boooks. AGRNERAL assortment for salo at low prices, by C. Goodrich, Nov. 29. Wickwaro's building, up stairs. Teachers and Merchants aro particularly invited to call. HERDS GRASS SEED OF this years growth lor sale by Nov. 5. 1030. Geo. P. Mahuii. PLATED SPOONS, &c. riHIOSE who wish lor good plutod Ten, Table, Cream or Stilt Spoons, Sugar Tongs, Castors, plated Nut Crackers, pla ted Cloak Hooks and Rinjrs, Hooks and Eyes, and most other kinds of plated ware of good quality arc informed that we have a good assortment at the Variety bliop. Panguorn & Brinsmaid Nov. 29. John Newell's Estate. 7C7"E the subscribers, having been ap. T T pointed by the Honorable the Pro bate Court for the District of Chittenden, commissioners to receive, examine and ad just the claims and demands of all persons, against tho estate of John Newell, lata of Charlotte, in said District, deceased, repre scntcd insolvent, and also all claims and demands exhibited in offset thereto; and six months from the day of the date hereof, being allowed by said Court for that pur pose, we do therefore hereby give notice, that we will attend to the busincFS of our appointment, at the dwelling of Ilcman II. Newell, in Charlotte, in said District, on the lost Mondays of December and Marc! next, at 10 o'clock. A. M., on each of said days. Dated this first day of October, A. D. 1838. EZRA MEECH, ) CALEB E. BARTON, Com'rs. ALPHEUS WILLIAMS, S Nova Scotia Plaster. ?(Tr(T)ii Barrels fresh ground Nova Scotia Plaster, iust received and lor sale by V. Doolittlk. November 7. 3m NEW GOODS. PDOOL1TTLE is now receiving a . large addition to his stock of goods which arc offered at the lowest prices. Nov. 7, 1838. 6w Buflalo Robes. Few Bales Buffalo Robes, a part of L which are selected painted skins of a superior quality, just received and for salo by r. Doolittle. November 7, 1038. Cw CHAMPAGNE, Old Mnderia, Sherry V- Port, pure and of fine flavor also low priced wines in ureal variety. Uy Nov. T. F. St W. L. STRONG. tnnfl bushels coarse solar Salt, JUUU 200 Bbls. fine do. CO Sacks Liverpool blown dn. for salo by T. F & W. L. Strong FISH. i onQuintals Cod fish icrces Salmon, by T. F. & W. L. Strong. Nov. 2. GERMAN SILVER. WTTcj have received a fine assortment of T T the very be6t finished and superior quality uonnan silver lea, ucscrt and 1 able Sponus, finished cnnnl to pure silver and as nicely shaped, which we can sell at about the same prices as the common kinds arc sold, Also, Sugar Tons and Cream spoons, Pish Knives, Pencils, &c, of the samo material. Purchasers who intend to get German Silver, aro apprized that wc havo the best article made, wo invite cxaminaion, for sale wholesale or retail at tho Varioty Shop. Nov. 28. Pangborn & Bmnbmaid SALMON. FIFTY Tierces of Salmon just received and for sale by FOLLETTSf BRADLEYS. Nov. M, 103U. LISBON SALT. mm SSL, for Nov. 7. 6w Wanted. An additional Clerk who has been in a Store, and in every way capable and dc9i. rous of attending to business. S. EARL HOWARD. HATS. rrHE subscriber having A located hiuiBolf in Burlington, offers fur sale at the 6tnnd formorly own ed and occupied by Mr. Win. I, Seymour on Pear street, a t?ood assortment of late made liatH and will bo happy to nc- lfi commodate the customers of tho lato pro 11 i ,.rii.n nc,ni.i;ni i .Vi: (iliuiui in mi; lioiuuiioiiiuuiii uiiu uiu puunu gcnorally with hats of superior quality and fashionable stylo on such terms an cannot fail to be satisfactory to tho public. U. A. SEYMOUR, Burlington, Oct. 12,1038, Shipping Furs. CASH, and the highest market price, paid fur all kinds nl'shipping by VV IUPC Vilas Burlington. Nov 30. 1G3R Drugs A Medicines. riIIK subscribers are receiving a now sup. JL ply of Drugs and .Medicines, which they oiler on favorable terms. Nov. 22. J. & J. II. Peck fc Co. Fairbank's Patent Scales, by Nov. 22. J. tfc J. II. Peck & Co. Jlgcnts SnutT &, Tobacco. ii?ifYf7fi 'a'" Lorrillard's Maccaboy Snuff. 2VS0W 800 lbs. do Scotch do. 35 bbls. do chewing Tobacco 40 do do smoking do 30 Kegs Plug do 20 Boxes cavendish, do Nov. 22. J. & J. II. Peck Co. IRON & NAILS. 1 Q Tons English Iron from 1 lo G inches. iS (In Sivmlns rln 5 do Russia do 5 do Russia Nail Rods, 25 do assorted Round Iron, 10 do do Squaro do 8 do 7orso Shoo do G do Ilamc and Scroll do 8 do Band Iron from 14 to 4 inches, 2500 lbs. assorted Cast stool, 3000 do swedes do 3000 do spring do 1500 do gcrman do 500 do English blister do 2000 do Brazier's Rods, 2500 do Hoop Iron assorted, from g to 1 inch, 300 pairs Sloigh and Cutter shoes, 1000 kegs Nails from 3 to GO penny, 200 do Brads do G to 20 do Nov. 22. J. & J. II. Peck & Co. GAPS. CAPS. FORTS ALE. FIRST rate Otter, superior Fur 6ea, Hair seal and Muskrat Caps, Collars Pur Gloves and Gauntletts Six Bales Buffalo Robes The public ore invited to call and examine, quality and prices, and furnish themselves with rich and spcndiu articles, at the lowest prices Caps made to order at the old Stand, Peart st. Oct. 25. Wm. I. SEYMOUR. REMOYAL. DOCTOR ATWATER, respectfully informs his friends and tho public, that ho has removed to the new Brick House, corner of Cherry and St. Paul streets, three doors north of tho Episcopal Church. Professional calls promptly an swered. Burlington, October 26. 1838. GROCERIES. Hilda pure Boston Rum, 50 per ct. above proof. 20 half pipes and Bbls do do 5 pipes and 10 Bbls Holland and Ameri can Gin. G pipes and 10 Bbls pure Signcttc and American Brandy. 8 Hhds St Croix Rum. 4 " pure Spirits 50 per ct above pr'f. 10 Bbls Alcohol 00 per cent above proof. 20 qr casks Madeira und Malaga Wino. 20 baskets Champaigne, by Nnv. 2. '38. T. F. & XV. L. Sutono. T' HE subscribers arc now receiving i general assortment of Dry Goods, Wet & Dry Groceries, Crockery, Glass & Hard-Ware. COOKING, PARLOUR & BOX STOVES. Iron Hollow Ware. All of which will be sold unusually low, for cash, produce or approved credit. GEO. AYRES & Co. Milton Upper Falls, Nov. 17. tf BOOKS BOOKS i i SAMUEL HUNTINGTON HAS received and oilers for salo on liberal terms a good assortment of SCHOOL BOOKS, Jhbks, Testaments, Hymn Uooks,fy Prayer do. - AIiSO Paper, Ink. Quills, Steel Pens, Slates, Pen cils, Wifers, Music Paper, Tissue Paper, Blotting Paper, Writing Books, S,-c. SC. together witli many mora articles useful in common schools. Please call at tho Book Bindery, 2 doots oast Free Press Office. C.nlhsp Burlinston VI. Nov. 19. THE following valuable School Books arc for sale at the store of tho sub scriber, at wholesale or retail. Emerson's 1st 2d and 3d class readers. National Reader and Picrpoint'a Introduc lion. Porter's Rhetorical Reader, Lovcll's Young Pupils, 1st and 2d books, Smith and Kirkham's Grammars. Goodrich's History of tho U. States. Olney'a and Malte Brun's Geog. & Atlas Parley's Geography for children. Emerson's Watts on the mind. Comstock's Philosophy and Chemistry. Thompson's Arithmetic, New Edition. Smith and Adams' Arithmetics. Colbtiru's Intellectual Arithmetic. Emerson's North American Amniotic. parts 1st, 2d & 3d. James W. Hickok. Burlington, Nov. 23. 1833. REMOVAL. DOCTOR HATCH has removed ti is Ollico to his residence on Wliite-st. two doors south of the Methodist Chapel, whore ho continues to givo his unremitting attention to the practice ofMedicino and Surgery. Biirhnctnii. Nnc. 22, 103ft. NOTICE IS hereby given to all concerned that I havo given my son JEREMIAH TRYON, Jr. oged eighteen years, his time, with liborty to contract his own wa ges, and to take care of himself until ho arrives of full age. And I hereby forbid all persons from harboring and trusting tho said Jeremiah on my account as I will not pay ony debts of his contructing after this date. JEREMIAH TRYON. Burlinston, Nov. 20, 1030, LYMAN &, COLE TTAVE ree'd from Canada, a largo os- porimciu oi u.-i Tartan toliawis very rich. Tnrtnn and scotch Plaid for childrmis wear. Shcpard'n Plaid for facing Box Coots. Plush & Scotch Cops. Heavy red worsted Bolts. Beaded Mnccasins, Mittens, Reticules &c, for Ladica onu Children. Splendid figured Merino, new stylo. Canada Stockings. They have also received from N. York Otter St Seal Fur Caps. Imitation S( Hair Seal Caps, FUR COLLARS, BUFFALO ROBES. Burlington, Nov. 22. 1838, FLOUR. aflfolh I,bls' Suporflno Flour, foi salo by Nov. 23. S. Walker & Co. PLASTER. Tons ground Plaster, for salo by Nov.2l. S. Walkeb & Co. SALT. 1(5) Bushels Solar Salt, W lOOsicks Dairy do 200 barrels western do for salo by S. Walker & Co. Nov. 19. FISH. ftl (T7tTn Quints of Codfish, mk.fee 25 barrels Mackerel. 25 halfdo do 25 quarter bbls do for salo by S. Walker & Co. Nov. V7, Paints & Dye Stuffs. 10?000 lbs. Dr Whito Load, 100 Kegs ground do do 15 barrels Whiting, 8 do Vonetian Rod, 9 do French Yellow, G do American do 15 do Turpentine, Verdigris, French Green, Pumico Stone, aluc, Varnish, roso Pink, sand Paper, Bronze, viold and Silver Leaf. 200 barrels campcachy Log Wood. 200 do St. Domingo, Log Wood, 300 do Fustic, 150 do Nicaragua, 75 do Cam Wood, 15 do Bar do 10 do Beach do 40 do Madder, 20 do Alum, 10 do Blue Vitriol, 30 do Copperas, 50 Domiiohns Oil Vitriol. Flolant and Bengal Indigo, Press Papers, lent, hooks, lirusiics, Jacks, &c. Nov. 22. J, & J. II. Peck & Co. GROCERIES. 50 Hhds, N. E. Rum, 50 barrels American Brandy, 50 do Baltimore Gin, 10 do Alcohol, Signetto Brandy, Holland Gin, St. Croix Rum, Madeira, Sherry, Port, Malaga, French Madeira and Champaign Wines, 30 Hhds, Molasses, 25 Bags Pimento, 20 do Pepper, 35 do CofTeo, 55 do Shot, 35 kogs Pure Ginger, 20 do Sal Niter, 15Ti)rcesSal Eratus, 10 do Rico, 45 barrels St Croix and Porto Rico sugars. 10 boxes Loaf do 400 malts Cassia, 300 do Cloves, 1 barrel Nutmogs, 40 boxes Pipes, 100 do Soap, 75 chests Hysonskin Tea. 80 half chests Young Hyson Tea, 5 catty's do do do Nov. 22. J. & J. II. Peck Co. CTArk Iioxps Cli.impldiii, Peru & Jerico Glass. wvvSOOJi) Hertford, Suriuinc, Crown do Nnv. J. & J. II. I'kcx & Co., Agents. SALT. S)MViS bush. Solar Salt. 5,000 bush. Steam Salt, 1,000 do Turk's Island do 1,200 barrels Fino do 150 do coarso do 50 do dairy do 250 sacks do do Nov. 22. by J.&J. II. Peck & Co. 300 Bbls. Superfine by Nov. 22. J. & J. II. Peck t ifc Co. PLASTE. ) barrols Nova Scotia Plaster. 200 do western do 130 Tons Nova Scotia do in bulk. Nov. 22. by J. & J. II. Peck & Co. Welsh's prepared Cocoa. ANEW and superior article, highly rocom. mondod for invalids, by Nov. 22. J. & J. II. Peck & Co. FRUIT, &c. "I AA Boxes Bunch Raisins, XJJ ,io Kegs Malaga do 10 sacks Almonds, 0 do Madeira Nuts, 8 do Brazil do 10 do Filberts, 1500 lbs assorted confectionary, Chocolate, prepared Cocoa, Mustard,Citron English Currants, London Porlcr.Tablo Salt, Florenco Oil, by J. & J. H. Peck & Co. OIL & CANDLES. 3C00 gals. Fall and Wintor bleached ,JJJ alui unbloachod Sperm Oil. 20 boxes sperm candles, 30 do dipped do. by Nov. 22. J, & J, II, Peck & Co. Brooms $ Pails. doz. shaker corn Brooms, y39 70 doz, patent Pails, by Nov. 22. J.&J. II. Peck & Co. TO(&Kcgs POWDER. Nov. 22. by J. & J. II. Peck & Co. CODFISH. 200 Quintals by Nov. 22. J. &J. II, Peck & Co. Afi Bbls, qfilm best ol Winter Oil, for salo bv Follett & Bradleys, Sept, 24, Several New Things. NEW FIRM, NEW STOUli AND 3 THEsub'cribors have established fjiem Reives ut Shelburu village, under Hie firm of Hall nnd Comstock, and have iusl loccived (at their New Storo opposito) I'icrsons Hotel,) n general assortment of Goods, consisting in part of Pilot and Beaver Cloths, Broad Cloths & Cassimcrs, Satinetts, Camblets, French and Eng, Merinos, Circassians, B. Moreans, A variety of Blk. Blue Blk. and light colored Silks, Fine Otter and Seal Caps, Seallott Ncutrc and Fur Seal Caps. Buffalo Robes, Crockery, Hard Ware, Drugs and Paints, Wrot and Cut Nails, Glass, and in short a great variety of goods, please call and examine for yourselves. FREDERICK HALL. GEORGE D. COMSTOCK. Shelburn. Nov. 10. 1838. JUST ree'd by tho subscribers, 40 chests old Hyson and II. Skin Teas. 30 do superior Young Hyson do 70 boxes Bunch and Bloom Raisins, 12 bags Java and Licaragua Coffee, 10 hhds. St. Croix and N. O. Molasses G do do do Portorico sugars 10 kegs Plug Tobacco, 10 boxes cavendi'h do 500 gals. Winter Oil, 5000 lbs. Codfish, 20 boxes Bar Soap, 10 do Poland Starch, Pepper, Spice, Ginger, Saleratui, Nut megs, Cloves, English CurrantB. Sultantia Raisins,jjPruncs, Citrons, Mace. Lemons, Cinamon, Chocolate, prepared Cocoa, Fil bcrts. Almonds, Brazil Nuts, Madeira nuts, &c. &c, which wc will sell fur cash at the lowest prices. Lathiiop Sl Potwin. FLOUR. Qr Bbls. Superfine Flour, choice brand Nov. 23. Lathhop Si Potwin. CARPETINGS. j A bales heavy Ingrain Eng. Carpetings 4 do English figured floor Cloths, 10 Rolls Oil cloth, 4 to 2 yards wide, 4 doz. do Patterns for stoves, 1 to 2 yards square, just ree'd and for 6ale cheap for cash. LATimop & Potwin. Nov. 23. DOMESTIC GOODS. j r bales heavy Lawrence Mills Sheetings J-' 5 do do Shirlinna. 2 cases liloach'd sheetings & shirting 2 boles and 0-4 Ticking. 4 cases American Merrimack nnd Dover Prints. 1 case Eng prints latest importation i naie luissia uiaper, 1 do Crash. Wadding, Batting. Wicking nnd cotton Yarn in bales. Bleached and brown Can. ton Flannel, Apron Check Sic. Sic, just ree'd bv tho subscribers and for ealo for cash at reduced prices. Nov. 23. Lathrop & Potwin Hickok's Patent Rotary Oven COOK STOVES. NOVEMBER 10th 1(133. nnl IE subscriber has this day received: X and offers for sale at manufacturer's prices, an assortment of the above justly celebrated STOlrES ; which for conven ienco, economy and durability, arc not sur passed, if equalled by any before the public. Burlington. VI. Rom:nr Moody. ktr JVOTICJE. A LL persons who have neglected pay ment for Hats sold them by mo, may call on Win. Weston Esq. and" close tho same. His office is in the same building I did business in. G. T. MEAD. November 22, 1033. HZW GOODS. pieces French and English Meri nos, assorted colors and qualities. C pieces hcayy Beaver and Pilot cloths, every shade and quality. Cassimeres and Vestings. Linings. &c. & c. Blk and blue blk Italian Silks, Sinchows, Gro do Nap do. Silk Velvets Vestings. Blk Italian Cravats, Ponge Hdkfs; Heavy Spittlelield do. Red and blk Merino Shawta. Tartan Plaid do. Scotch do gG lo jglO each, &c. &c Also a groat variety of Goods not cnu meratcd which we aro determined to sell at prices to suit our Customers lor cash or country produce. LATHROP St POTWIN. Nov. 23, '30. Thompson's mental Arithmetic " written " " History of Vermont, For schools. Teachers are requested to call and tako copies of tho above for exam ination. For snle by C. GOODRICH, Nov. 15. Wick ware's building up stairs Comstock's Common School Philosophy. Huntington's small Geography and Atlas for younger clasM's in schools, Huntington's large Geography and Alias greatly unproved, with u general assort ment of schoulbooks, forsaleat lowest rotes Nov. 15. by C. GOODRICH, Wickwaru'o buili'iing up stairs. n DOZ. Oldrtdgo'd Balm of Columbia, u I doz. Hay's Liniment, 12 doz. Indelliblo Ink, bo't and on llio way for tho Variety Shop. lt.Mill0J.N & BlUNb.MAIU. JONATHAN WAINWMGHT mjk iipii KEEPS constantly on hand at tho shop formcily occupied by 11. J. WAIN WRIGHT, in Burlington, all kinds of stoves wanted in n northern country. He would say to his friend that, ho has juit mailt) large ndditions to his former stock, and is now prepared to supply the public with nlmo3t every thing wuntcd in his lino ho has jiifct added many now nnd convenient patterns of Cooking Stoves, which together with his former very largo assortment can not fail to suit nil those who will be suited The attention of Tavern Keepers & heads of lame families i solicited in particular to u. NEW PATTERN STOVE; for cooking, now to bo seen nt his shop, which for real convenience and I'ahcilios for doing busmcts he thinks cannot ho stir. !.!. Also, the TOWN COOKING STOVE, he considers one that will moke its wuy into almost every family. This stove lakes in a largo round boiler back. nnd two smaller ill front, that can bo swung off the fire; n convenienco not found other stoves also, has a rurnace nuacu- cd underneath that can be used without heating the whole stove, and will be found very convenient for summer use had n large oven, and taken allogeincr win uo found a perfect ftovo. Jl tot n entire .new iliie PARIOR STOVSS of three sizes are ofi'-red tor sale. Also HOTARY STOVES, choap as can be bought in the state. A general assort merit of hollow ware CALDRON KETTLES, of different size?- Plough-!, Plough cast- ingS'-Cast iron Sled and Slcgh Shoes. Splendid Russia Pin: American and English do together with many other articles not mentioned. The best of work men are constantly employed manufactur ing all kinds of Copper, Sheet Iron, and Tin Ware. The fact that he has a Furnace contin ually in operation, and that people can at all times be accomodated with extra plates for any of his castings is worthy the con sideration of every one who wishes lo buy a stove. Burlington. N.v. 1033. tf Novascotia Plaster. Tons of Novascotia Plaster 150 Bulk. 300 bbls for sale by Sopt. 24. do do FOLLETT & BlUDLEYS. Journeyman Cabinet Maker. A good workman at common work will find a good job for the winter by an immediate application at. PANGBORNS. One who wishes a chance for further im provement will find ibis a good one. Burtincton, Nnv. 5. C) Barrels good winter APPLES, on rcasonoblo terms. Enquire at this office. Nnv. 7. NAILS & GLASS. FOR sale at Winuoski Village, at tho manufacturer's nricos. bv by Sidney Barlow, TIN PLATES, &c. boxes J in plates 1-3 X and extra sizes. 150 bills. Iron Wire, assorted nos. 100 bundles Eng. Sheet Iron assorted. 25 packs Russia do 1100 lbs sheet Copper 100 boxes Canada Plates Copper, Tinned und black rivals Bolt Copper, wire Vellum 1000 lbs Sheet Zinc 1000 lbs Sheet lead &.c. &. ust received and for sale at low pricos, by Nov. 2, '38. T. F. & W. L. Sthom). Advertisement ! to Tin: asthmatic and co.nsumi'tivi'.. THE most prevalent and fatal of all tint diseases incident to civilized society the Consumption may generally bj traced to the lea.-t alarming of disorders, a slight but neglected Cold .' By Ofiiinnimn, it appears that dm: iiumjhed and fii-ty thousand persons die annually of ilio Consumption. Most of these dreadlul results may be attributed to common Colds, nnd a negligent treatment ofiho hnrrnssing Cough that generally ensues, which is usually followed by difficult breathing, pain in tho side, and at hist Ulcerated Lungu. Violent nnd repeated Asthmatic nttacks also bring on Consumptive- symptoms. One or two dollars expended in'ihe pur. chase of DR. RELFE'S ASTHMATIC PILLS, mid a little attention to their timely admin istrntion, will usually ensure a mitigation of these disorders, and generally cftVct a cure. Tho Pith are also mi oai-y and effect mil remedy for the symptoms preceding ninl nccompanying tho Athuia nnd Consump tion. For culds, coughs, difficulty of brentli. ing, tightness and strictures across the chest, wheezing, pain in thu side, spitting of blood, &e. Few cases can occur ofjapy of this class of disorders, in which tho pu. chasers of Dr. Relfe's Pill will not find n rich return for their trilling expenditure, Prico-whole boxes, 30 Pills, c! ; half do 12 Pills. 50 els. so the LjaaiBs i JkJ 1UTE nnd bound Teeth uro both n'n T ornament nnd a blessing. The bum security for their advantage is to be found in tlio use of thu BRITISH ANTISEPTIC DENTRIFICE. Phis elegant Tooth Powder, with n very little use, eradicates thu Scurvy in the gums, und prevents tho accumulation nf Tarter, winch not only blackens, hilt loosens the teeth, nnd accelerator llmlr decay. The Dentrifico thus removes ilu prevailing cuuses of ofi'ensivu breath, pre mrvcH tho healthiness and iloridness of tint gums, and renders tho teeth beautifully white. Prii'. ro Mm,, i..,

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