Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, December 14, 1838, Page 1

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated December 14, 1838 Page 1
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NOT T II F. ( LOItY 0 P O Ai S A II It ' T I' II K W K L P A UK O V K O M K . BY H. B. STACY. FEIBAY, rj'KCKMBKK 14, 1838. VOSi. XII No. 599 JPrcsidett ' 12essase. On Tuesday, -1th Dec.., tit 12 o'clock, tllO l'llllSIDKNT BCUl to bolll liollStS of Congress the following MESSAGE. novvor all tho subjects of cintrovorsy between us I mado lo carry lliom out in their growing otu of injuries to individuals. There is, Whether tlicy aro siilllcicnt or not to moot the iti present, also, reason to believe that nu (quita. actual state of things c n tliu Canada frontier, it b!o settlement of ull disputed points will liu nt. I is (or Coikjioss to decide, tallied without fin titer dillienliy or unnecessary J It will, appear fioin the correspondence here delay, and thus authorize the free resumption ol with subm tted, that the Government of Uussia, diplomatic intercourse with our happy Republic, j declines a renewal ofthe fourth article of the With respect to tlio northern boundary of the , cinveiiiion ol April, hi!l, between the United United States, no ollicial oorrei-pondoneo be- ; Suites and his Iiupoiial .Majesty, Ly the thiid twceti this Government and tbatol Groat Drituin I article of which it is agreed that "here fior there has passed since that coiuiiiunioaled to Congress ' shall not Imj formed by toe e linens ofihe United towards tho close of their last session. TJio States, or under the authority of iho said slater, offer lo negotiate a convention for he appoint. a y o-iiiblisliiuont upon the noilhwost coast of incut of a joint cnniniiss'iim of survey mid ex. ' America, nor in any of the islands adjacent, to tin' ploialiou, 1 am, however, nurcd will bo met by north ol 5 1 dog. -1:1 m ofnorih latitude; nii'i tuat inloiooiirso tlio Government of the Uni- for ronntlnneo find cxcliniiLfn : unit hv ted .Stales lias deemed it expedient fmm isfoudily declining to employ as general de tune to lino Id establish diplomatic eon- positonosof tho public revenue., or receive n odious wiili different foreign staled, ly the appnintnont of representatives to re side wiilim their respuctivo territories. 1 nm unitiliid to lie cnablo to announce to vui th it Since the close of vonr Inst mo notes oi an nanus winch mimed lo redeem them with specie : by these mea sures, aided by ilm favorable nclion of 3omo of tho banks, end liy the support and w.iii-i.iiii7ii ui a inrgo iioriion ol tlm eon. period during which the public inoneji were deposited in the Hunk of (he United States, tho whole of that of tho stnto bank depnsito .vstcm,und concluding only on his from office, after that system had substantially failed, in conse quence of the suspension of specie pay ment. Tim u.m, ;,. ,i.:,.i, it.: ,iri.: PuLI.ow-Cirizuxs ok Tltn Sr.NATK inwards tbu closu of their last session. Tho States, or under the authority of ,Uo said states. lln h.iiiDlesr nusi.iL.os with Austria mid I suimilitin nf s'mwii. invmmiu l ,. i ! i i ... i ., ' . , . and House oi' IIkpumcntativeb: ,)(rur lu nc,,olia,u n convention for -he appoint, j a y o-iublishiuont upon the noilhwost coast of .i.,, m.VIj Sl-iIui, : llial now nmm nations I t:.,m..imoi.,l ,. .!.., I ,',,,',., .T.i !.. .. i... . -7. . 81 pS 1 , l I congratulate you on tho favorable circuin. incut of a joint comiuis.-'ioii of survey ni,d ex. ' America.nor in any of tho islands adjacent, to lio- , , . , ,.,.,;..,, !j. ' l,,..,.i ......... ..... i .i it . . c. iiiuemimv nit, uiiiiji states, as lar as ttauccs in the condition of our country, under ploialiou, 1 am, however, assured will bo met by north ol 01 def. 1:2 m ol north latitude; aii'i tuat ' ' . ".' " ' .' ' . '" '"'-'j? I'"' 1 , uues. pructlcaDle, aatnst loss, will also bo pre- Which you roaspomlile lor tho jusrfornmnco of i her Jlnjcsty's GovernnieiH in a conciliatory and . in the samo manner there shall be no., e formed Blons ot I.ii-iii. ISnril, Jjulgiiim mid! Iiisrestill liasjbeeii alike Kahilaiy ,. the sented to you. The case is one which .Your official duties. Thoimh the anticipations friendly spirit, and instructions to oniiblu tho . by Jtusdian subjects, or under tho authority of i Sweden tiiid Norway, in this eoitiitiy ; ti tle inttreMs of ntrrienlture, iiiuiiiiicrcu. iinneritivelv cloifno ib niinntinn if f!nn. I an aimiKiaiit nnrvosi uavo not every wuore , liriusn oiuusier noro 10 eoncinue aucu un nr. " oi iwi j-aMiwiiaruiiui, uuu uy mo ami uiai aiMini-ier fiXtraoroiiiiirv nas i aim mttuuiauturcs ; to public tnoraw tus tti v ? mid fmni Un-t tho sirmiimst mntivr 58cn realized, yet, on the whole, the labors o rangement will bo transmitted to him with, ut fourth article, "that duriiifi a term ol ten yeaw, , ,,.,. luut,,.(., iu.,.,C(ili"d to thi'Gov- ncrtto the Uw ;m ,..; , r ,i .i ', . s'nirtsi mouvo Xho husbandmen are rewarded with a bountiful delay. It is hoped and e.Npeclod that these in. coun.i.u; from the ..luro of ,ho present con- ' l 1 v , ; itl - " I ' ' ' V' I , for, lilblish.lient of a more severe return, industry prospers in its various channels structions will be ofn liberal character, and ihat ' v.intion, the ships ol hath power, or which ,u. eiiiuitnl .inm tlio Aijjuitinc uoiiiliici ,t- , I). lui.en i in and man uliichidso utfun- mid secure system for tho safe keeping & o( business and enterprise, ecnorn! health again this negotiation, ifsuecesslul, will prove to ho loiur to their citizens or mi'j ct , t.speetively, Hon. ' " , , 1,1 !l" Sl,c;l relations. disbursement of tho public moneys than prevails through our vast diversity of climate, an important step towards thu satisfactory and , may reciprocally lieipient, without any hindrance An esnosilion o. the iWcal iifl'urs of Ihe , The contin.-l li'Mwceu the sitpctcion oi nr.v iti.u has heretofore existe-! nothing threatens from abroad iho enntinuaneo final adjiutment of the controversy. wh.iiuvur, tne iuttnor s as, gulf, hatburs, and j jovcniuioi.t mid of their condition for the 1 0 1 4 and of 1 1 537 is Hunt striking. It .-o,.,, u", t i ofoxtcrnal peace, nor has any I had hoped lint the respect for the laws and creeks, upon tl. coast mentioned m tho preoe. , , , n, hv the i Tliu tlmrt d.iialion of lite latter ; the an earlv einetment.similar to that of olh- linpaired the strcnth of thoso fraternal and regard lor the peace and honor of their own jimg article. Tor the purpose of lis,,inf: and tra ,.. ,., ' . , . ri . ", .i i- . t , tloinestic tics which consiitute the only guaranty country, which has over characterized the cili. ding will, llio na-ives ol .he country." 'I'lie rea. 1 .'jeei elury o !ie I reavjry. , .tom.t icsloi.tlinn of busnie-8 ; tlio ovi- er cotiiitiies, the application of public lo the success and permanency of our happy zens ol the United States, would have prevent, j sons a-sijued for declining to rei ew the pmvis. I The uvailuile balance in Iho ' rcasnry, dent benehls lesiilting from an adherence money by an officer of tho Government Union, and which, formed in the hour of peril, ed any portion of thoin from usin, any im nns to ions of this article, are, briefly, that the only me j (,n i( lbt ot antlarv nest is eniinatoil t by the (nnernuiciit In tho otwisl tttttiona 1 j lo private U-C3, should be made a felony, have hitherto been honorably susiained tliioiigl, j promote insurrection in the territory of a now. . made by our citizens of the priyilcao it secures .u do 7(53,3 j;, 'Pho leecipts of the standard of value, instead of sanctioning I and visited with a severe and i"nom'mioU3 every vicissitude in our national nllairs. These er with which wo ate at peace, and with which to them, has been to supply tho Indians with . J , , , ' ...-.n .,,. , ,i. ...,. :.. i... ,.,. i -roJ -nrn- nuiii-diun.ii! Thi w nlrfulv in nlV,.r-t blessings, which evince the care and hcnificcncc I the United Stales are desirous of maintaining . h(p:ors, ainmiuntiou, and lire arms j i JL " ' "n.S an II aiKU will pio tl ( suspension l) II, le.cip. ol 1. rulwCtn ptlli Miinuii. I III.-, w altcaily, in ellucl, of Providence, call for our devout and fervent ' the most friendly relations. I. i egret dc ply, ' that t!ustr..llio has been excluded from tliu l!us. I bably aiiioiiiA i lo jl J,0 1 5,o'Jo. Uie.-o able paper ; and llie atlvatil. ges derived , tile la w in respect to the mint, and has gratitude. J however, lo be obliged to inform you that this . sian trade; and as tho supplies I'urnishcd from usual source of icvuiitie have been in-J from llio largo amount of specie i ilro-, been productive of the most salutary rc- Wo havo not less reason to bo grateful for has not been tho case. Information has been tho,Uuitod Stated are injurious to the ituoaiiin , etc.ituil lv tin isuo of TraaHirv notes (bleed into the country pi ovious to IU.37, suit?. Whatever system is adopted, tucll other bouuticf, bestowed by the same munificent given to inc. derived from 'ollitial and ether establishments on the northwest "leu. . f j , f M jd,, ci,rlt miUiin ol dol-; afford a valuable illtit.ation of llio true an enactment would bo wise as an inde hand, and mere exclusively our own. sources, that many citizens of the Uniied late . lo produco eoinplaiuis between the two ' . ,,,, i ,.,,.,, I ,ri n,.i...v ,.r ,i, r-.,.,,,. .,. . . .,,;!,, i I . .i f ,1 I The present year closes tho first hall century i States have associated together to mane nos- wovcriiiucnts, ins l npcriai jM.ijeaiy minus it lor """i 1 .w ...... ., ry-j - - - ........ ......... . ...u.,. u (Uw of our federal institutions; and our system ' tilo incursions from our territory into Canada, the interest of biti eoim.rius not to acccdo to I be outstanding n the end ol iho :i I sts ; nor can the coiiipaiiron l.ul to ic- lie moians mut III their collection anil irougu .hatcver pulmonis re.-.uiii'.'d wills- manner tliev are iiilertnedialely kept. I lia other sources, wiil.lhe bulanco on baud ' out ils aid, but have also been Goveriiment, it must be admitted, Las on the 1st Jan. last lias been nppliud lo ! moie rapidly restored that when it esis- been fiom i'a coininencement cotnpara- of our federal institutions; and our system 1 tilo incursions from our territory into Canada, the interest of bath eoim.rius not to acccdo to I be outstanding n the end ol llio -n I sis ; nor can llio coiiipaiiron l.ul fo ic- lie moians mut III their collection un difl'cring Irom all others in the acknowledged, ' and to aid and abet insurrection therein violation the proposition made by th.- American G ivern. ! a )V iho salo (). due of the bmids nf the j move tilt inipi e-s o i that a ealumal bank iiltim tie tliaiiiirscmeul.naSH twice throug practical, and unliniiied operation which it lias ' of the obligations uiid laws' of the United .Stales, niciit fur the renewal cfihe article last refer.ed to. i;.,,,;,- ,,0 Unit Stales lor 'J,l2o'l,37 1 . 'is necessai) iti kiieh oiuir 'Ciicies. Not the bauds of public oliicers, in whatcvc for so long a period given to the so vereignty of and in open dwroiirinl "f,''11' 'lu!'"i. . 'I'lm eo. i -pondenee I., re will. eoni,.,.. j l, t)flm..1MS f1(Jm u,esu and i only weie specie p;., ro,i.ii.-d wills- manner thev are intermediately kept. 'I'll the people has now been fully te.-ted by ex. I citizens. Una inlormaliou has neon in pan iCJl(.(j wl j.(UV the "louiufs on win P"'0""- roniirincu, by a hosiiie invasion actua..y inane ,..,,.,, .. (,liynil, nf ,., ijt. i. lie ouiiauiuiiuii ucviscii wy our jorciuuicra us ny tiiuuua ui nit uiuitH '-imvc, ... ..v. .j.. l lie Vjonsiniuion ueviseo oy our lorciaiuers us uy uiuzuns oi uiu uiuieu ;iuii:s, in uuhj.iho.w.. . ..... oil uiu ist j.iii. i.mi una i the frame work and bond of ihnt system, then ; w itli Canadians and others, and accompanied itu Plaits uayi,, iiiiiLpnuit-iii oi uie hmivi- (ie .,... R,lt f iuilroiirialions bv Con- ted; therebv ihowing thai private capital, liv.-ly fortunate in this resncct. But ilia anirieu, nas uecome a Boiiieu lorm oi govern- uy a loreioie fcuiznie ui mu nuiun mm "" hum ui un.- Luintmnni in iu.i, u nym uj.q,. 'J'hu who'e j expel ment : not onlv nrcssrvinnr and nrotectiii" the zons. and an implication thereof to tho prosecu great principles upon which it was founded, but lion of mililnry operations against tho nutliori. wondcr'ully (.roiuoting individual happiness and , tics and people of Canada. private interests. Though subject to change ! The results of these criminal assaults upon and entire revocation, whenever deemed made, tho peace and order ol a neigliaoriug country . I , " vear tin I licit nccomi, uieiiiuing me io- .pi. no m un.-su ours in question at unoccupied places liable; ,,lioil f molu ,lan ei,t luiums of ; experience seems however, it is admitted to bo at any lime I lrml wp c0,,llU!3 agoreuate of views l.e.etofoto m i;:,; X, 'I .. oV deluded persons':"; :. , ,. .; . n. 1 . . siill tl,olrury the balance u. seeing tho (listresses the public sentiment, that it remains unaltered, engaged in tliein and highly injuroiis to those in I ....... .. ,v.. 3 ' .' foio itatcd. , I foi the tlinc lime seized except in mitters of del nil, comparatively unim- whose behalf they are nrufessed to have been ""i, un. upLiaum in ...::i- .., r.i..n....'.,,,. I oil tl e country so tiangei portant. It has proved amply suliicicnt for tho undertaken. The authorities ii Uannda, from j tiie treaty ol Ib-Mcacli patty agrectl to I lv ) nrui hi nui. ' i imii , Jii(m; and wo may also ho Tarious emergencies incident to our condition ns intelligence received oi surii inieiiucu move-. waive uie general rigni lo laud on f .wl-.s an. iu.. ...... ... - ' Mness of individuals will n iiaililll. i liiliiliunuiu iuiuiuii nui , liuiliuiiiu iiiuiiib niiiuiiu uui Ulilfuiif, uu u iui t ""'""" 1 1 n Vac I III. l!Oa! S (111 11! I COIlPf. 1V( Klli'l'l' )l'i .1-." i . ..... v, vniiililiiri for the I niiloriiriso. and in tuhiiir.r ni( liilh1 mc. nnnmtilitiir iLUVi-.r f i n nril ";i 1 irnvc lio vvnll to trade with tho natives upon the coast j ' . ......,' lcili,!, t,c C-' (male to t'hese em'. Un nil tht-e Doiut-i advised ini'.i selections, and tlio asoon. to Imvo eotili.'ined llio enco of every e.ountrv has showi-that pub- ubinilted to Conjiess. lie officers are not ull tunes proof against l about foi tv million) of dollars, and will j Wo have been saved the mortificaliou of temptation. It is a duty, therefore, wlucii of tho community the government owe, as well to the inter- on to lusleu up- e-sts ccMiiinitted to its care us to the 111- rou an tnslttu- cers llietiiselvc3, to provide every "uard po that iho bti- ega'mst transgressions of this character heieafter be ic that is consistent uith lenson and human- collisions between domestic and, in sonic rc- obliged to take precautionary ..ain-5t . f , ttM.rPf. of alilt.tl0 rnVrrcd lo mid ! .'"ppruprialious foi 'e eu u i..u ,10 u,j ...o, i.ueoi, 01 a co u- . y., cannot no too jealous o pecis, rival sovereignties; temptations to inter- them ; have actually embodied tiie miiitia, and l" . ' , ' , . .. ld,lui eu 10 am 1 m i ' iff j tinned agitation ol that disturbing sub- t the conduct of those who are entrusted fere in the intestine commotions of neighboring assumed an attitudo to repel the invasion to 111 lieu thereof the inu'iiil " ' ' 1 ,, 1,.,'.!...1i1'.(.,v i joct. The limited influence of a nation-, with the public moncv ; and I shall Ut countries ; the dangerous inlluonces Ural ruse which they lielievcd tho colonics wero exposed . pi iv iicge.-i ineillioiiotl in 1110 lotllill ill llcie. "" 1 i . 1 al bank in a vprliinr (IpniiiTfiiwiit in llio 1 ill timci lif (li-.-nn!f'fl In nnrniinerp 11-, watchful dinc'iargc of this duty. If a is j more direct co-operation on the part of ,' tr; ! Congress, in lbs supci vision of tho con slid duet of ihe officers entrusted with tlio custody and application of the public money is deemed dceircr.blc, it will givo ! me pleasure to assist in the establishment of any judicious and constitutional plan in periods 01 excessive pr isperuy ; aim 1110 ami- irom me umieu siaics. .'i siaio 01 leciiug 011 i U capital ami tonnage employe." by our I ".v sniueicui, 11 1.1- k.i-.- i.,.w.. .t ...o , f ., -,,..., ,. ;., ,.,,,,,- republican undeneics of rsiociated wealth , both sidca ofthe frontier has thus been pro. jn ,uQn. tr.1(in -.i,!. ,ilp " ,u.r"....,,m not iucieasetl beOIl(i llio lllitllial Cstltlliltes Liu 1 1 ''. " these, with other trials not less formidable, have duccd. which called for nromiH and vi-orous l'u,-ic,,s ' uiLl r-"io Willi 1 ic nomivwM , ,,, rt.sum,)s10I1 0 ?nCClc payments, all been encountered, ar.d thus far successfully interference. If an insurrection existed i coaa 01 America, will, peiliaps, on ad- ,i;'ri . , r ,1. 1 now not loss apparent that its teudeiic' resisted. . Canada, ihe amicable dispositions of the U. vei ting to (he ofltct.i! slatomeiiis of the J '"'! the poslonc 1 inslali i.ent ol the "; incr(Jll,0 i,u,riliiinto. sncculaliun by s 11 was reservpii lor uie mcrican union iu oiaies lowarus ijruiiin.ns wc 1 as uieir iniiv ciiirin firco aim nav ca: on 01 1 10 uiuii'i 1 '' ... test tho advantages of a (iovorunient entirely to themselves, would lead them 10 mnininio dependent on ihe continual e.orcito of the pop. strict neutrality and to restrain their citizens tilarwiil; and our experience has shown that it from all violations of the laws which have been is as beneficent in practice ns it is just in theory, passed for its enforcement. Hut this Ciovern- Each successive change made in our local in- incut reeoinzi s a slill higher oblicalion lo re. litato fur tlio lust l;:w yoais bo tli:uiu.:d bio un:ousidoi':iblo in amount In attract much attention ; yet llio .-tibjecl may, in oilier rest; to t., deserve tlio c.irelul con mi'- iiny eoiiaideiabio appropriations 00 yoml lb.': cslimaUs bo made, without cans ing a Lolituencv in tiie trea.sury. Tin uieal c.utiou, advi-alile at nil limes, ot den expansions and contractions ; its dis position to cronto panic uud einb.ii rass meiil for the piotnoiion of its own dc sign; its inteifeience wilh politics ; & i;.i ..11 the p ut of its citizens 10 bU, ration of Coliill ess. J icjiiol to stale that the bloel coast ititutions has contributed to 1 .vend the right of pi em a uflrnge, has incruased the direct inilueiico of di.-lui'i il,. p kui- of a country where order .1.. r.i.. : : r. 1.,, .-1. 1....... .....i.i.. i..l n.,...u,i .1 ':.,a;..;.i,..,'i ..,-.,;.... ,.T..i ...... i,.,.i ,m 1..'. ...,!.,..., ., ,r. ,..;,i, ' the principal pons on the eastern and nunc iho powers of Government ; yet the the United States, or eomliinat.ons for commit. 1 of ili.'.!CO Willed in consequence ol dlf- intelligence, prudence and patriotism of the pen. ting them, have ai all limes been regarded by foii'iices between that llcpublic and pie have I; pi pace with ibis augmented rc-pon- tho Ameiicau tJovernnient I'lid people wilh the , I,',..t,1(.p V;!S. instituted in Mav last till- sibility. In no countiy lias education been so (jreatest abhorrence, hlilary ineiirsions by our .. ' ' ,' ' r .... .1 1 ., widely dilihsed. DomeMic peace has no where citizens into eountiies to situated, and the com- j H'l ttlliatoi.. SMII continues (.lilotCLtl US 3 largely reigned. The closu bombs of social mission ofacis of violence on the members , the competent 1' lench naval toice anil is intercourse have in no instance prcvni'cd wilh thereof, in older effect a change in its fiovcrn- necessarily cinliaria-sing to our trade in such harmony over a space so vast. All forms incut, or under any pretext whatever, have, ' i,u ,,uf jn common Wilh that of oilier of religion have united, for the first time, to dif from the coiiiineneeinent of our tJovoriiiiienl, 1 1,.,!,,,1 FvetV ('im isition lion ever is fuse charity and piety, because, for tlio fust lime been held equally criminal on iho part of those 1 ' 0' '. - '' 1 in tlio history of nations, all have been totally engaged in them and as iiiiilIi deserving of believed lo CXl-t on I lit patt ol the 1' leneli untrammelled and absolutely free. The deepest punishment, as would be the disturbance of the , (jovernmoiit to lender this iiieasuie as recesses of lbs wilderness have been ponctia- public peaeo by the perpetration of similar ucts 1 1 1 1 1 u onerous as practicable to the inter- - ?u MU"" '""""v. '"" BUr"" ' '''" loiiiioiy. (5 of liu c.itii'iis of iho Liutei Male jrinlit.i.i appropriation lo the wants of the itd fr F'',',;1":1' lunvc'' r f;r , bj which that object may be accomplish (1et,f! public fc viee is le.uleied necessarv ilt od, either in tcgard lo the local ...St.- ed. 011 will, ... your wisdom, delerinina "ul" 11 .' . . . . . 1 llllmns fir I it" nppr:i 1 uins of finvornmnnt iinrm t in nmni ml v nf m utiiimr m ml. n iiicsi'M iv t ie imni't'livi' :iik 1:11, n . 1 1 1 ,-..-..-... . ............ m u .ied.icriui of iho la. iff, while the vigil-mi ! ,tsu,f-. '''t "'as, in ll.cse respects but such a plan, and upon the tncas.Wi nc- j-ileti-v evidc'iil'v csfiled -rinii"' the 1 !1PI,rcllf,"sl(1" ul' o)inion w hen a national cessaiy to it3 efloclual execution. When mioplobv iho occurrences of the li.Tt few 1 ,)n,'!i WH .r" f now stdnds iho late bank of the United Slates wai 1 ...... P ,-'.,.,,, !,, ii. ,.....,. (..,..' eoiiiirined by nuinilu-tiiig experience. incorporated, mid made the dcspository their iepiccutalives,iind will sustain them in the ?.erci.-e ol.ihe nu sl nj-id economy, nlucli can bo ellbeP'd by postponing ap- , propiittioiis not immeihatoly icquired for thu orlinmy public seivice, or for any pressiiiL' emergency ; mid much by reduc ing tins ( xpeiidiinres, wheio the entiio ' mi l immediate accomplishment of Iho ob- I jocl in view is not iiidtFpensibh . ' ... . . ' ... . .. -1 1 w I tr) hli ill lmllli.ll I'dllllllf'l I'.i! : am wneie, numerous comiuumiies uavo sprung up, mo principles 01 international law principles, - When wn ,..,11 1,, ,,,;,,! iho ir-cont mwl already unrivalled in prospciity, geueial inulli- iho Mriet obscryaiice ol which is so indispensa. it is to bo Imped that an early settlement ; " . . . 1 , ,1 gener, internal tranquillity, anil tho wisdom of hie to tho piesorvation of cocial order in the of the dillteultios betwe'Mi Jrancc and cNtiemo eiiibarrassmeiits produced by e.x their political instiiiitions. Internal improve, world been moro earnestly eheritlied or sa. M,,,.;,,,, ,viil ennn ,,si'iMi.-li iho bar, ees-ivu issues of bank paper nggrtivaled The scones througli which wo Imvo pass ed conelu-iively prove how little our com ii.crce, agi iftiliure, manufactures, or fi nances, ie(iiito such an institution, uud what (imigeis me attendant on its power J a power, ! trust, never to bo eonfeiied 1 by the American pioplo upon llio'r Uov ' eminent, and still less upon individuals not re-poii.iible lu them for its umivoida- of the public moneys, u right was reserv ed to Congress to inspect, at Us pleasure, by a committee of that body, the book uud the proceedings ofthe bank. In 0110 of the slates, whose banking institutions me stifyicsod to rank amongst the first in point of stability, they are sub jected to constant examination by com mis.-ioners appointed for that purpose.and much ofthe success of its banking system nai ions. A convention for making that part of iho boundiirv between the United Stales and (ho Republic of Texas which extend meat, the fruit of individual enterprise, fustuiud credly respected than by those great and good by tho protection of the Stales, has added new ' mm who lirst declared, and finally established, links to tho confederation, and fresh rewards to tho independence of our country. They promul provident industry. Doubtful questions of do. J gated and maintained them at an early and mestic policy have been quietly settled by 11111. i ciitical period in our history ; they were subse. tual forbearance; and agriculture, commerce qneuily embodied in legislative enactments of nd manufactures, minister to each other. a highly penal character, llio faithful enforcement Taxation and public debt, the burdens which j of wiiich has hitherto bein, and will, I trust, tear so heavily upon all oilier countries, have always continue to be, regarded as a duty insen. pressed with comparative lightness upon us. , nrably associated with tho niaintainanco of our f , 0 1 1 1 the mouth of the Snbine to tho Hod Without ono entangling nlliunco, our friendship national honor. That the people of the U.S. liVer was concluded mid M"iiod at this is prized by ovciy nation ; and ihe rights of our should feel an inleresrin the spread of political : niln"il f ,-il ? . t It ! citizens are every where respected, because institutions as free as ihcy regard their own to .ll on 1110 -oin ol Apili last. they are known to bo guarded by a united, sen-1 be, is natural ; nor cr.11 a sincere solicitude for since been iiilified by iMhwovei mnenls ; sitive, and watcblul pcoplo. tho Mircess of all those w ho are, at any tune, 111 and seasonable measures wi To iliis practical operation of our institutions, i good faith muguling for their acquisition, 1 cat 1 y it inlo cil'ect on tho attachment to them which is among the inoM cntiro freedom of opinion, and an u'ldislinguibh. j cheering exhibitions of popular sentiment, anil ed expression iheieof, on their part, iho Gov. j will prove their best security, in time to come, eminent has neither tho right, nor, I trust, tho gainst foreign or domestic assault. , disposition to interfere. Hut whether the in. This review ofthe results of our institutions, tcrest or the honor of tlio Uriicd States require for half u century, without exciting a spiiit of . that they should bo made a parly 10 any such vain exultation, should servo to impress upon us struggle, and by inevitable consequence, to the the great principles from wliieh they have sprung; war which is waged in its support, i a question constant and direct supervision by iho people j which, by our Constitution, is wisely li ft to ovor every public measure ; strict forbearance Copgrebs atone lo decide, It is, by tlio laws, on llio part of tlio government from cxoicising already made criminal to our citizens to cnibar. any doubtful or disputed powers ; and n cniitious ropa or anticipate that dei iiun, by uiinulhor. abstinence Irom ull interlerenco with concerns 1 !..,! military oiiuraiions on their pint. iJllenecs ol this character, in addition to their criniinuliiy us violations of iho laws of our country, havoa directtendency to draw down upon our own citizens nt laigotho multiplied cviln ol a lor J eigu war, and exposo lo injurious imputations the good 1111111 ami donor 01 uie ciiiinuy. A blo abuses. Mv conviction of the necessity of fur- j is ii'uibuled l' watchful supervision ilior i.oishuivi! i.roviMdi.s fm-'iim mid.-"!'!: (iimo emu so has also in iow of il . . .. .' , 1 t...:. 1 1 1........1 lelations .subsisting "- uuioie.-xeu wiuiuiawai 01 union -M" - ,..,,, i. ; ,. , fil ' ,.' , I'm I'ii'fi (anital.aiid the liiovitub o dcianoe- eys, and my opinion in regard to ihe 1 '"Jo1'' 'i? ?,a L- u-oiamv Know n .( uouvooi. iiionaiHiagaii. u.oi.un-iu ,. ;,..,..;...- ,.f 7.... ! miasn.os best adanlod to tho .".en 111. I care II S always bestowed upon What tuat ivopuo.ic to uie vessels 01 an u. cuu.y --- ..i.j,,,,,.,,, ,,r th,. obi..,... Imvn 1 Sill plllS ICM'IIUO illllllim lllli MUIOS, 11.5 1 - j----, ..;,.) 1.,. i' n .T...1 ..... ..-;.t.. .1... already submitted to von. Those have hi aw expenses incurred bv tho removal' s'lei'guieueu ny leeeio. events ; ami, u of Indian tribes ; bv ihe niililmv opera- ' i" !' fH conviction thai time and t-xpe- profuably cn..loycd ... at such tions in Florida ; mid on account of the lietico must still fu.ther den.onst.ate their j wvvals as .nigh bo deemed p.opcr the tti.UM.allv largo appropriations made at P-opriety, 1 feel .1 my duty, will, respect- " """unls ol oflicers entrusted tho last two annual sessions of (Jong, ess ' fl dole, once to the conflicting views of wjU U" -'8ctly of the public moneys ,. for other obiec.s, wo have urikinucvicUMicc "thors, again to invite your attention ,0 I he freipjcnl performance of tins duty ever ic -.s to its financial concerns' I submit 10 vour cousideialion vv helher a niled Stales. The applicalion of lhat Republic for iidmisiiiii into tins Union, iiukIh in An il list, 1""7. mid which was declined for .... . .. . in llio nKiMont (fiioionl M;it nf iinr (iiian . , lilClll. uu lillion 10 " 1 1 nail of the cfiS ' ''1U lMiiiciant resources of tho. V. illi the exception of linnled nuns de might be made obligatoiv tithe commit tee in lesncct to those oflicers who have r.,tni ..11 iio i.ii v.... ,:,.i ;.. .i, r...., i..,i. ,..;ii 1 11 .--- iu"l"ll,i ul ' 7'' "", " r V r ' in,"" ""l"" cvtipuarv in icspoct to other. Thev mu-lit is il less giat if , log to hud lhat tho geuei a I 'tinder tho act of llfoO, U.o amounts icceiv-. . , ,, 1 ,. , , e , . . r .1 ' 1 1 iv . 1 , 1 1 .1 -i teport to tho bxeculive such defalcalioni business of ihe (-oiniininilv, ileciilv nflect- ct Hr ( utu-.s, and, wi lb very lnconsideta- 1 r .. 1 . . -.1 ... 1 .1 - , 1 1 ... u 1 ;. , ,1 1 1; 1 1 1 . .1 . 11 . as were foil d 10 ex st, wit in view to a 1... ..j .. ...... ..... 11, 1.-. i 1111 iiirii- uiu 1 ji Ljiuniin, 1; 1 ui;i'i mug limn iuiiiib ,.,i ..,...,...0 r...,. ,.(V,.... 1J ll.n ,l- reavoiiH alreadv mado known lo you, has ' " via ,,u...;l ny no .e.-sous o, m-o, nave miicc me uenetai suspension oi ,ulU .as F:i,isfacl01iiv accounted for been formally 'wnhd.nwu. lis will appear iho past, nucl uiiiiiifilel liy lliu luipi cu tlm specie pav nients l.y llio drposiio banks, . aN' l0 Co,)(TCCa at n10 co ' iron, the aco.npnny ing copy of .ho nolo 5y ' c",t of paper boon kept and disbursed by iho, mvlJmeia of tnc, B,.grion7lho resuIt of of tho iMini.sler l'leuipotenli.irv of Texas, lilies , by ct ibing Iho siiiiLMtiuti and ad- , under Ins geueial legal poweis, subject i'.,.;.- oxaminatioiia nncl nroccednics- It which was presented to the Secrela.y of ventmm.s spu.l of, t.nd by ; to the of the Secie.ary K ,mi on which properly belong, and are best left, to .State regulations and individual enterprise. i'ull information of tho stato of our foreign nffaire having been rrcontly, nu dill'uient oeca. ions submitted to CongrrtF, I deem it necessary now to bring to yojir notice only such events an jiave subsequently occurred, or aro of such im. ponnnco as to require particular attention, Tlio meet amicable disposi'ion continues. 10 be exhibited by all the nalions with whom llio Gov. drnmont tmd citizens pf tiie United Riairs Imvo on habitual intercourse, At the date of my last annual message, Mexico was tho only nation wiiich coulil not be included in bo gratifying n reference to our foreign rotations, I nm happy to bo now ublo to inform you that nn ndvanc'o has been mado towards tho adjust, jnent of our diflieuliicB with that Republic, and the restoration of tho customary good feeling between llio two nations. This important change lias born effected by conciliatory nouotialions, that have resulted in the conclusion of 11 treaty between the two Governments, which, when ra- flff dt Will refer to tho arbitrament of n friendly Stale on .the occasion of cxchamio oflho too ..uuoiai. o app 1 ai.ou 01 an avaimuio ,.1 1110 1 reiisury. J lie propriety 01 ne , ;. nf ..,,,. ... , ratificatioua of ihe convention above men- ' ' ,() 110 illllllllllt,,lt obligation?, iniin-z more specifically, and of regulating . , . .iC 'xcu,:vo lt) ex. til)(.(l , co, ,l,; ,nce has eon roMored bull, at home by law, ,,o exereKe of .his wide fco,,o X.l" co.mnum !f Ccr". Copies of iho convetition with Texas, n id tbioad, and cash lacililies seemed to ,. hxecuiivo d'scicliou, has been alieady , or'u,ic1 ,i,cv tlolJl, !aV of 11 eomtuceial t.ea.y concluded with j ' "rnl.ons of tn.ue. , tubiuilled to Co..gef3. j l,(.ug li()!i(.C) IO' p los oc t i on aiul llio king of On'oro and of a siiuiliir treaty The agency ofthe Government in pin- I A ehatigo in the ollice of colleclor fit M.inH.uient rs for felonv for every breach ii... l) !..!!. r.....r...i it.,. 1 .1 1 1 v...:... ...... ......... ... 1 .1.. ... 1'"" . , , . . ... wiiii nm 1 ui ii-iMiuviiiii uiii 1 iiu'i .1 1 itii un; 1 (tiiuiu nit-si; iiMi ia nas iioou as eiuoH iii 0110 01 0111 pi uicipai poiis, uas oioiigui 10 of inijt, Uie sale Keeping 01 (no piiulio such they deserve to bo put down with piomp- 1 ratification of which havo been recently as its poweis and means permitted. II V I lio lit a defalcation of the gravest charac- ' inonevs, under the system ironoied,miht bo mistaken, I , (;xchanged, nccompany tins iuesago for withholding fnmi the Slates iho deposito a-i, the parlieulms of which will bo laid 1,0 pla'ced onn Mirer foniidalion than it has mudo nml decision, 1 cannot 'e neri con'ciirrenco of our fellow eiiizens the luloriiialion ol ijongioss ami lor sucli ol llio Ion. Hi iiistalmenl, and le.iviiig sov- I boloru you 111 a special rcpoit fiom Iho ever occujiicd since the csUbliihriumt of hi this sentiment. A copy of tho proclama- 1 legislative cnacimoniH as may no loiinu oral millions at long credits Willi llio Mierclaiy of tho Yieasuiy. liy this ic- ,ho Government. lion which I have f.dt it my duly to issue j necessary or expedient, in relation to , banks, piiucipally in one seclion of the poll mid ihe accompanying documents,! Tho Secretary of the Trcii.urT trill Iny is herewith communicated. I ennnot but nithor of lliom. COlltilrv. and murri imnii'illniclv bonrfioial ii ivilllw, kpi.ii 1b.1i i!m uti.I:Iv 1 olinns of lwr,.,, .,, ,l,1,i'i,, 1 i..r,.,.. 1 ..,,,.;. uor-e inai iii. goou slm su .. . v.u.u,.s, ,.u,u .u- 'j' (,., ovor and foster Iho inletesfs lo it : and at llio samu time. ni. iutr tin banks mid coiiimeicial coiiimuuities in other section, by postponing thu payment of bonds for dulies to tho of be tween foui and five millions of dollars j earn or Uie I nuoi inm ri'liui'inuii "i uimr biiiii. 1 e 1 11 1 ... 1 1 , , try, tho reopect for the laws, which they have f n gradually increasing mid widely on themselves enacted for their own government, tended coinineico ; to guard tlm Ughls undtiio iovo 01 ornor ior which uiu iiiusa 01 uur . 01 American citizens wiioiu nuauiess in people havo been so long and so justly ilistin guUhcd, will do'er llio ooinparattvely few who aro cng igedin ihom Irom a furthoi prosecution nf uch' desperate enterprises, In the mean time pleasure, or other motives may tempt inlo d'uimil climes and at ihe sun 0 time to cnliivalo ihoso sonliuienls of mutual the existing taws have been, and will continue to 1 respect mid good will which experience be, faithfully o.vocutod: and every cllurt will bo Jus proved so lier.cfieial in international iho defaulting officer ;tppiirei:lly exhibileil. ing new details on ibis inleirsting sub-. Ihioiighotit, 11 faithful tidiuinistiutiou of To these I ask your eaily attention. the nffaiis entrusted lo his management. ' "l'lmt it should havo given tiso to ureal dU II, however, now tippea.s thai im ec.iu- , vorsity of opinion cannot be 11 subject of mcnecd a'.istiaclinir tin piitilns moneys MirmWc. After the culleclion and etisto-. by tin ifsuo of T.easury notes as 11 means ' shoitly tiller his iippointini'iil, and con-j ,y , f . public moneys Inul In en for so. to enable iho Government to meet llic tinned to do vo, piog.c.-sively incicasing ninny years coimected wilh, and niadu uuorumg 111 uie same tune, iiicuiucs sevt'll vettis, cinnrncuiK punun 01 uih wenpnf en xmnri pflrr.j ,Tif. "

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