Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, December 14, 1838, Page 3

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated December 14, 1838 Page 3
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con predilections been bo shocked. If this bo true, then did Lafayette, nnd Kosciusko, nnd Pulaskt, nnd Lcc, nnd Stirling, nnd Do Knlb, nnd Steuben, nnd t ho whole host of puro nnd gallant spirits from other lnndt, who struck for the rights of man in our revolution, desorvo the rcproncli of every virtuous fellow-citizen ! Aro not the Ca nadians contending for tho vory rights which toe (inserted? Do not the records of the British Parliament tell tho story of their wrongs. Ilnvo not eminent British statesman, in their legislative pluccs, hurled tho thunders of their eloquence and their argument against countless violations of the British constitution, by tho colonial governments of thu Cnnadns ? Have they not warned tho British executive that tho question between the Canada nnd the mother country was the old question with the thirteen colonics, nnd would have the same termination ? Then if the Canadians aro contending for our principles, nnd those who help them deserve to he "reproaohed by every virtuous fellow-citizan," so did Lafayette, our nation's guest ! And so did all his noble companions from other lands! Docs tho President remember the cnthu eiasm of his countrymen for tho Greeks? Dues ho remember that Howe and Jarvis and Washington ventured life in tiieir cause, and that the two Inst expired upon tiieir soil, martyrs to liberty! Does ho remember Byron, a son of that vory Brilnin for whose constitutional liberty tho Cana dians arc now contending? Then let him remember that, as the chief magistrate of a nation of republicans, he has impliedly denounced these men to the reproaches of every virtuous citizen ! Of all public men in thc'world, Mr. Van Burcn should hove been the last to utter such language. Claiming to be a republican, the champion of republicanism, tho representative of a political party professing to bo eminently republican, he exceeds his official limits, to cast reproaches, in an official document, upon a people's contending for republican principles? We would call tho President's attention to another point. Where was his procla mation of neutrality, nnd his denunciation of "criminal enterprises" to"tho reproaches of every virtuous citizen,'1 when Amen, cans assembled in military array in tiio city of New-Orleans, nnd proceeded to levy war against a friendly powci, and a rcpub lie too, amid salutes from the public armed vessels of tho United States? Fromtlic Furl Covington N, Y, Guzetto, THE PROCLAMATION. In another column will be found a neu trality Proclamation from tho President of the United States. We will not attempt to difguise tho fact that we deeply regret that such a document has been is.-ucd by Mr. Van Burcn. Neither will be deny that we arc mortified at its tone and tem per; for, of a truth, it is a manifesto which wc blush to lay before our readers. In our iudgmcnt it is uncalled-for, ill limed, in temperate, and unjust. Thero is nothing in tho transactions upon which it animad verts that justifies language so severe, so harsh, and so reproachlul, from the Chief Magistrate ol our country. It brcntho3 n spirit which docs no credit to tho Presi dent's heart, and manifests a feeling little in accordance with the sentiments of tho American Democracy. It will gain Mr. Van Buren no friends, except among the Tories of Canada, and their loving breth ren the Whig merchants nnd editors of I lie city of New York. There are certain parts of the Proclam ation which wc ennnot forbear to notice. Though it is a painful task, and one which wc regrot that circumstances have imposed upon us, wc feel bound to comment upon tho President's language in the term? which its real character demands. When the Executive of the nation so far forgets tho dignity of his high office, and becomes ao unmindful of what is due to the cliaroc. tcr oT his country, as grotituously to cast reproach and obloquy upon a band of brave but unfortunate men, whoso chivalry and generosity had brought them into perils from which neither valor nor fortitude could extricate them, ho exposes himself to the doscrved and unrestrained censure of all men. What American of patriotic and gener mis feelings can rend tiio last paragraph of the Proclamation without reprobating the Eontimentp, it conveys? Tho President evidently alludes, in what he there says, to the persons engaged in tho expedition against Prescotl. Wc know not whether tho newo of their capture had reached Washington before tho promulgation of the Proclamation. Wo think pcobablo, how ever, that it had. But if it had not, the President must hnvc been in possession of information on the 21st ult. the date of that paper which rendered it certain that I hey would all bo slain or taken. 'In either cbec their doom was scaled, and he must have known it. They were in the power ofthcir enemies, without a possibility of escape. But the President seems to have thought that their capture, (either consum mated or anticipated) and tho prospect of punishment which wbb uetorc lliem, uiu not render their condition sufficiently miserable. He sat down and deliberately wrote a pa per taunting them with their misfortunes, and upbraiding tlicm in tho bitterest and most unfeeling manner for what he pretends to consider their criminal conduct. We envy not the feelings of the man who could thus harrow tho bosoms of the unfortunate brave. It was an act abhorront to every sentiment of humanity, and derogatory to tho character of Mr. Van Buren, both as an officer and a man. Not satisfied to ex press his own opinion of their conduct, ho aven assumed to speak in behalf of others. He tolls them that "they must not expect tho interference of this government in any form, on their behalf, but will bo loft, re proached by every virtuous Jet low citizen, to bo dealt with according to tho policy and justice of that government whoso dominions 'they havo, in defiance of the known wishes nnd efforts of their own government, and milhoul the shadow of justification or excuse, nefariously invaded." Thoso gallant men do "not expect the intorfcronco ol this gov crnmont, in any form, on their behalf," nor will they ask it. They look not to that source for lavor, or even for lustico. Mr Van Buren need not have told them what they might or might not expect from him, tor they know aircauy. uui by what au thoritv does he say that they will bo "ro proached by every virtuous fcllow.citizcn?" This is an unwarranted nnd fnlso assump tion, and a libel upon tho characters of thousands, nnd wc believe millions, ol "vir. tuousl'clluw citizens " Wo know hundreds ofns virtuous nnd well disposed men na enn bo found in any community, who do not reproach them, nnd who would scorn to rcproncli them, or any other persona situa ted as they nrc, ns Mr. Vnn Burcn has done. Wo know hundreds of "good men nnd true," who, so far from reproaching, respect and admire, us patriots and homes, Von Schultz and his brave companions. Wo know hundreds of American Dome era's who cherish in their very hearts' coles sentiments of sympathy, of regard, and of iikvp.ngi: for "thoso noble follows. Tho President was grossly mistaken in his as sertion that they would bo "reproached by every virtuous fellow-citizen," and wo trust ho will receive n proper rebuke. What a sentiment does the President utter whon he snys that thuv entered Canada "without i ho shadow of justification or excuse!" Could ho have well considered this dcclar. ntion? It is in effect saying that those foreigners who assisted us in our revolu tionary struggle, wore "without the shad ow of justification or excuse." Thoy arc parallel cases, and if such a remark could justified in reference to the one, wc see no reason why it might not, with equal justice, be applied to the other. Mr. Van Buron must either have written his proclamation carelessly and without duo consideration, or clso we must presume that he has im bibed British principles, with that desire for British friendship which he so strongly manifests. Ho has placed himself in an unfortunate position beforo the country, and wc need not say that it will givo us the highest pleasure to see that position changed, and one assumed better becoming a Republican Chief Magistrate. DIED. In Middlcbury, on Sabbath evening, Jane Makia, only daughter of Hon. William Blade, in l lie 20tti jcar of her ago. Great Snoio Storm. A GREAT and unusual fall of Snow for Z"JL this season, say to tho depth of 12 or 15 inches, would havo a wonderful tendency to incrcaso tho price of Goods. As it is, Ladies coming from a diblanco on wheels, can buy articles for Dresses or Cloaks as cheap, if not a little choapor, than over. It is surprising to sco what au effect a fall of snow and cold weather has on largo bodies of wator in freez ing tlicm up ; and it has much the same effect in closing up a stock of Goods. Therefore, should snow como soon, tho goods would all bcsoldolTat HOWARDS. Doc. 13. A new assortment just ree'd of Farwell'a Gailor Boots and Shoes, with Fur lined Over Shoos, at HOWARDS. Books for Town Libraries. Large assortment of Histories Biogra phys. Voyages. Travels, Novels &c. &c, for selc at very reduced prices hy C. GOODRICH, Wickwarc building, up stairs. Dec. 12, 1038. Registers for 1839. WAim.N's VERMONT REGISTER for 1030, for eale in quantities at the Book Store, Aleo, Miniature Pocket Almanacks for 1839. Jamcs W. Hickok. NiECIC STOCKS. FLA1N AND FIGURED BLACK and White Satin nnd Bombazine Slocks, in great Variety by Dec. 14. WAIT ami TABOR. NOTICE. T11F. Lessees and debtors of tho tewn of Bur lington, will lake notice that their lent and interest tails due on the first l.iv of Jnnnnrv next. It U expected that iniiieiiial navtnent will be made on or befoie that day. Nathan It. II ASvr:i.r,, lown Treasurer. Burlington, Dec. 13, 1S3S. HERRING. Boxes Herring, for salo very low, by S. WALKER & Co. SO Nov. 25, 1838. WHISKEY. TIlVE Ilhda. Rictifie'd Whiskey, for D snlc hy S. WALKER &. Co. Nov. 25, 1833. FHLUIT. XOO Boxes Raisins, 25 kegs do 4 Boxes Cinnmnn, for salo by S. WALKER & Co. Nov. 25. 1838. WHEAT. CASH PAID FOR MERCHANTA BLE WHEAT, hy S. WALKER &. Co. December 7. Poillon's genuine prepared Co coa, for salo by Latiiiioi' &. Potwin. 300 Skeins White and Groy mixed Country Yarn, for salo by Dec. 14. WAIT and TABOR. SLEIGHS. KTftTE subscriber has on hand tho best 4Sk assortment of double nnd single, plea sure and lumber SLEIGHS, that has over 1 been offered in this Ecction, which will bo disposed of on favorable terms. Tho pub lie are invited to call and examine for themselves, White Oak Spokes, of the best quality, for sale by tho sett cr thousand. Also, first rate seasoned half inch Boeswood Boards. N. B, All porsons whoso notes or nc counts aro now due, or full duo on tho first of January next, arc expected and will bo required to mako prompt pavmont. JOIIN'K. GRAY. Burlington, Dec. 14, 1838. Walton's Vermont Register for 1839. BROWN'S POCKET MEMORAN DUM BOOKS, containing 12 Por. truits. Pocket Almanacks. Farmer' do for salo by C. GOODRICH. Wickwaro's building, up stairs Dec 12. Fairbank's Patent Scales, by Nov. 22, J, & J, II. Peck & Co. Agents Clmmplain Transportation Co. Tho Stockholders of the Champlain Transportation Company arc horoby not i fled to meet ut tho Hotel of John Howard, in Burlington, on Thursday, tho 3d day of January next, nt one o'clock. P. M. for the purpose- of choosirg Directors for tho ensu ing ycor. By order, Sic. P. DOO LITTLE, Clerk. Burlington, I3ih Den. 1838. REGISTERS. CC Walton's Vermont Register?, Tor vw 039, just ree'd nnd for sale hy Dec 12. W. R. & P. C. Vilas. BOSTON ACADEMYS COLLECTION, Hondo! and Haydn do iiriugcwatcr tfo andol ajmony, Amorican Psalmody, Union 7armony, I'salniodia Evangclica, Musical Cabinot, Tho Psalmist, American Elementary Singing Book, Juvcnilo Lyro, listing's Musical Reader, do do Taste, for salo by C. GOODRICH. Wickwaro'a bnildiug op stair. Dccomber 12. Reuben Bond's Estate. E the fiuuscrunnns, having been appointed bv the Honorable the pro- bato Court for the District of Chittenden, commissioners to receive, examine nnd ad just tho claims and demands of nil persons, against tho cstato of Reuben Bond.'lato of Underbill in said dtstiict, deceased, repre sented insolvent, and also all claims and demands exhibited in offset thereto ; and six months from tho day oftho date lnreof, being allowed by saiu Court for that pur pose, wc do thcrcforo hereby give notice, that wc will attend to tho business of our appointment, at the dwelling houso of the widow of said deceased, in Underbill, in said district, on tho 3d Tuesdays of Jan uary and March, and 2d in May next, nt 10 o'clock, A. M.,on each ofBaid days. Dated this 4th day of December, A. D. 1838. WILLIAM BARNEY, REUBEN PARER. Comm. AXE HELVES. 1 OH DuZl Patent Axe Helves, by J. & J. II. Peck & Co. Bank of Burlington. NOTICE is hereby givon, that a meeting of tho stockholders of tiio Bank of Bur lington, will ho holdcn at their Banking Jfouso on Tuesday tho 8lh day of January next r.t II o'clock, A. M. for the purposo of eloeticg scvon Directors, for tho year ensuing. Dec, 7,1838. It. G. COLE, Cash. Farmer's Mechanic's Bank. ((TO; -J stockholders of tho Fanner's and !) Mechanic's Bank, arc hereby notified that a mooting will bo holdtm at their Banking JJousc on tho second Tuesday of January noxt at 2 o'clock P. M. to make choice of seven Di rectors of paid Bank, for tho year ensuing By ordor of the Board. C. V. Wahncb, Cash. Burlington, Dec. 5, 1838. 3w OF nil desctiptions, soiling vory low, at tho Now Boot and Shoo Store. Men's Kip Boots, Men's coarso liouts, Men's Kip Brogans, Men's thick Brogans, Boys coarse Boots, Boys Kip and thick Brogans, Children Boots, Brogans &o,&c. For salo as cheap as can bo purchased else where. E. J. FAY. Burlington, Church St. Dec. 5. Dancing Academy, MK. . SAUNDUItS flTOST respectfully be-;-" leave to inform i tic La iTi dies mid Ot'iitleiiirii of Burlington ami vicinity, that his Darning Academy will open on Snliird.iy Dec; 15lli, at Mr. J. llowiird'a Assembly Iloom, fur the insti action of young Ladies, .Misses and Masters, in Dancing and Waltzing; nnd wuuld solicit n eli.tio of pilronao from UU friend mil (he public, pledging impaiiid will bo spared in forwarding his pupils in the polilo ac complishment of Dancing in nil its brandies. Vnv ticular intention will lie paid to the manners ami demeanor of those entrusted to hid caie. An easy, graceful, and genteel htjle of dancing, and a ;uiu- ly ill the newest ami most r.islnomiulo Uotillioii.s and Waltzes will bo taught. Terms of tuition 83,50 per quailer. A quiiitcr entitles the scholar to iwehc le.-sons, and ono public, which will be given exptessly for the admission of parents and mentis ol tho scholars, i lours ol attendance, irom 2 to 5 o'clock, I. Al. Mr. tJaiuxlui-j would ulau give notice that hia evening school will commence on Monday Dec. tho 10th. Tho Young Ladies' Class for the Inst lour evenings, will bu formed at two o'clock, V. M. Iltiillnglon, Dec. 7, 1S3S. j cose Amorican Otter Caps, x I do Seal do 1 do Hair Seal do BUFFALO JiOBKS, $c, for salo hy J"ov. 23. Latiiiioi- & Potwin. fTIHE subscriber acknowledges past hV vers with grntitute, and would say thnl ho continues thu Tailoring Trade in all its branches. Ho has for sole a great variety of HEADY MADE suitable for the prcsont season; also, a great many other useful urtielos. Plcato call for that which cannot ho bought clso wlicre. Clothes vory Neatly CLEANED and REPAIRED on short notice, Clothiu! exchanged or taken for Pay. C. BENNS. Pearl St.. Nov. 1030. tf COARSE SALT. QfA buoli. solur Salt, for sulu low for cash, by E. Whitnev & Co MHon, Nov, 0, 1 830. Shipping Furs. CASH, and tho highest market price, paid for all kinds of shipping by W II & P C Vilas nurtinglon. 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Splendid figured Morino, new style, Canada Stockings. I hey liavc also received from N. York Otter Sf Seal Fur Caps. Imitation $ Hair Seal Capst FUR COLLARS, BUFFALO ROBES. Burlington, Nov. 22. 1033. SALT. alflfiYrtnV Ilushels Solar Salt, WW 100 sacks Dairy do 200 barrels western do Tor salo by Nov. 19. S. Walkeb & Co, GROCERIES. 50 Ilhds.N. E. Rum, 50 barrels American Brandy, 50 do Baltimore Gin, 10 do Alcohol, Signctto Brandy, Holland Gin, St, Croix Rum, Madeira, Sherry, Port, Malaga, French Madeira and Champaign Wiues, 30 Hlids, Molasses, 25 Bags Pimento, 20 do Popper, 35 do CofTco, 55 do Shot, 35 kegs Puro Gingor, 20 do Sal Niter, 15 Tierces Sal Eratus, 10 do Rico, 45 barrels St Croix and Porto Rico BUgars. 10 boxes Loaf do 400 matts Cassia, 300 do Cloves, 1 barrol Nutmogs, 40 boxes Pipes, 100 do Soap, 75 chests Hysonskin Tea. CO half chests Young Hyson Tea, &0 catty's do do do Nov. 22. J. & J. II. Peck $ Co. GliASS. Kflll l)0XP3 Cliampliiin, Peru & Jorico G1aki. UUXJZOO do Ucdford, Saranac. Crown do Nov. 22. J. & J. 11. Flcx. & Co., Agents. SALT. ydWV&buah. Solar Salt. 5,000 bush. Steam Salt, 1,000 do Turk's Island 1,200 barrels Fine 150 do coarse 50 do dairy do de do do i.'oU sacKs do da Nov. 22. by J. & J. H. Peck fe Co. 300 Ebls. Superfine by Nov. 22. J. & J. II. Peck & Co. PLASTER. barrels Nova Scotia Plastor. 200 do western do 130 Tons Nova Scotia do in bulk. Nov. 22. by J. & J. II. Peck & Co. Welsh's prepared Cocoa. ANEW and suporior article, highly recom. mended for invalids, by Nov. 22. J. & J. H. Peck & Co. FRUIT, &c. f( Boxos Bunch Raisins, i W 40 K0,a Malaga do 10 sacks Almonds, 8 do Madoira Nuls, 8 do Brazil do 10 do Filberts, 1500 lbs assortod confectionary, Chocolate, prepared Cocoa, Mustard.Citron English Currants, London Portor, Table 8l, t lorenco Oil, by J, iY J. Jl. 1'eck JiU. OH. & CANDLES. SfiTfifl gals. Fall and Winter bloachecj fOKfU ond unbleached Sperm Oil. 20 boxes sperm candlci, 30 do dippod do. by Nov. 22. J. & J. II. Peck & Co. Brooms Pails. (ll ft doz, shaker com Hroomi, 70 doz. patent Pails, by Nov. 22. J. fc J. II. Peck & Co. TO Kegs POWDER. Nov. 22. by J. & J. II. Peck Si Co. CODFISH. 200 Quintals by Nov. 22. J. & J. II. Peck & Co. Afk Bhis, uflhn best of Winter Oil, foi -11 salo bv Fui.i.eit &. BuAULEVi. Srpt. 24,"

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