Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, January 11, 1839, Page 3

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated January 11, 1839 Page 3
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CIIURCII.GOING. A lady returning from church on Sun day, was run over by n double trom, onil severely, though not dangerously, injured Wo linvo for some time been impressed with the necessity of a reform in this reepect. It ie n common custom with not few drivers to mako Sunday tho occasion to display their dexterity with the whip, ond show off their tentm, at tho iminent hazirtl or lire and limb to hundred of women nnd children, who nt this season of the year arc compelled to keep tho middle of tho road. Tho impropriety nf this is teo manifest to need urging. It is, wn ore persuaded, sufficient to state tho fact ond call the attention of people to the sub ject. Wc hold thai, under ordinary cir cumstances, pedestrians oro entitled to the middle of (lie road, on Sundays, during the winter, or at least to ono half of it, and that it is the especial duly ot persons with teams to be on the loulc nut, and to turnout, without waiting to ascertain how near they may drive to a lady before she will take the alternative of wading n snow drift or being run over. Let this ground bo token, and insisted upon; and if the perceptions ol some should still prove loo obtuse for the dictates of commoi decency, let those persons capable of bearing blud geons convince these Jehus that "tho race is not to the swift." For one, wo never mean to bo run over, if wc can help it, n r have our better half turn nut of the path to accomodate a neighbor's horse. At!OTTfKn Finp.. A firn lirnkc nut between two nnd llnfp oVInrk ji'tUPid.iy tnnming. in die Rrpuery in lln. tdliiit, mined mid ntnipii'd liy 15. N. I'l.ACK, Ei. uhirh in n sluirt linn wns finitely cnn-inned, itv li-r ill) n laitjp luiililini; iiitioiiiing, I if f i n i if i o i id ilit! p. imp rsiiitilii-lniipiii. 'l hi riijitnes wrie prninptly on t lir ermui'l, and irnili'ird cs-rniirfl ppiwco in pip-nrxin soeuil In, i td inc wlj.irrnl. Tiipir in nn duiilil iliis fne whs I lit wink of nn iiirfndi:,r . n.J wn under. flimil imp. iiilpinpl pieiinn. In iIim hi hern tii.uli; In flip die p.inif pirmifPd wiihiti iIip l.i cf firiiulii. Tliin in I lie fuin ill Mircr-lnl sin uf vdnrb li.ii nrrni'tP't in ill!. il!.i wiiliiti !i jrnr. nnd which lim irpnhod in ;i l.itne ilcao iiclinii uf prnpniv. Coi nt iliem he del iseJ to fiiirl onl the m-niiii'lirU 1 Vp p,im ill it iliprp a nn inr:inrp of $4,600 on dip lii!l:in!ji mid mm mm, $3000 in ilio Mm Sum c.iinpuii). Sentinel of ml 91,500 in llie SE Monday. Wn do not concur in the opinion that this was the work of an incendiary. There is not, that we arc aware, any sufficient evidence for such a belier, am! ;. ii i. tencc of any assignable motive, we must decline believing that there exists in this community a wretch so utterly depraved as to use the torch from mere wantonness. Nor do Wc believe that any other of our late numerous fires, with tho exception of tho Catholic Church were tho work of an tm-rndia ry Nfu urn: cnnld exnect to nvnil Iiimself of plunder from a stable, a brewery, or a blockmilli and we are not aware of any attempt to plunder in other parts of tho town, at or near the limo of these con flagrations. And most certainly the amount of property destroyed, when compared with the insurance, precludes the possibility of foul play. Tho Catholic Church was doubtless set on fire, and for reasons which arc obvious to all acquained with Iho cir. cumctanccs. Hut this was altogether a domestic affair, not calculated to produce retaliation, and has been submitted to, by Ihoso interested with adrgeree of christian resignation bordering on gratitude! It is therefore unjust to indulgp any suspicions on this score No. Wo believe that all that can be said about it in, that wo have heretofore been very fortunate, but arc tomewliat severely afflicted just at present. We would direct Urn particular alien tion of our readers in this town to the following extract from the act incorpora ting our Fire Company. It will be nbserv, ed that the power of the Wardcni is ample Will they exercise it, and enforce the penalty upon such as go to see fires, but refuse to assist? An cxamplo or two would set this matter right, and entitle the Wardens to tho everlasting gratitude of the public. And iliey nrp. lierrhy Fttipnwriril in limps nf firo lo di'iiiand nnil mpine ntioisuif p. untie rili.iiiiinnl ortmu Inwii, nnil inline, wlui may iiipii lm in ntu, town, to f xtinguiiili nnd piptrm lint rpip.nliii ol' ftirh fur, nnil In ipiikup ruchIs nnil eflpr.i mil nf.inv Iiuiiik. Hoifi. or ollipr pl.trp pnil.inipii'd liy s.ti l for': and llie m.ijoriiv ofp.iiil Hie w.iultiH nlin in;i he )nreiil hip IipipIij fiirlliPr Pinpnwpie'l lo eioi.e In he imllrtl (Mun or montro snru iinn-e nr oilier mint: nig in IIipv ui ty iiiiiik iirrprs-uy inr uie unpti.p n pri'VPnlii'ii the spr niliii mid pietr-i ol f.inl (lie and llie raid w.imIhiu ;iip lif tpln linllipr eiiinum iei In irrittirp inul iIpiiumiI iifriioanrp foin itnv nf the inlisilio.iiiiK tiff -ml limn in pull tloun n linii.p nr Ijidldiii'. prii itli'il it rli.ill he imbed iipress.iiv hv n iniijni ily of I lie fun uaiilcni lie u pir.rni, fir iln piirpii-p ol pievpinnij ine p.itiiiijj lino iini;u:'i n aid Ine ami llicv me liifpliy iiipnpiiii nuell willi fin all niinnliii anil th.uitlpis, (iirrrl llie Ulmr of nil iitrrnn iiichpiU ilniinir tlie roiitiniiiiiire ofsaii! fire; mid all prima arp Iipic liy roiiiiiiundpil lo 'ie!d nhpilipnee In nit:lt tn.lrr, ant if BIIV prtlMI lllllll IPfllrR III iipIpi'I lo llll( lit order nf ni hie wattkiHtir anv "I Uipiii hi iuiip of fire, irltnv in. inner ainlmi itttl hv lids ar.l, mi ll ofTpndrwt'lixll on rniivii'linn ileirnf, liefnte nny jiiMireJTr the iratp fnr llie Cniinly til UiiiipiiiIpii iijifpilWnd pay u flue mil rxrpfdiilj; ptwn il.dl.irs to the l ierurer ol Hie l ire Uoiiipiiiiy aioicsani Tho American Mcdicid Alma for 18:J9. D' iESICiMP.I) fur llie tl dly use nf prar.ii'iitj; iiliitiicirfiii. inrcptiiii, imlrnlH, nnd npuilie erir. Ilrnii; aim a iiiiiKpI tnf mniiiiiilnin ami nrronnl hunk, and KPiisial mcdinal tliirrinry of the Unilrd 6lHir, Hy J. V. C. Hiniih, editor of llie Boiton Medical and rjutgical Hntion 1889. Forilehy Jamu W IIiciok. Burlington VI., Jan, ii, 1880, CANADIAN MEETING. (D"A M BETING of tho friend of the Pn I rinl cnu.e, to toko into cousiilern Hon Iho sulY'rings of lilt) Canadion Ri'fu Ci'i's on our frontier, will be held nt the Bagi.k. II all, in Williston. on Thursday.! the I7ih hist, at 10 o'clock, A. M. All friends to thu can-o are rcsppclluHy invited lo attend. liy order of the Committee. Williston, .Inn. 0. I H39. N OTIC E. There will be no Ami Slavery meeting al Willi-ttin, in the brick meeting house, on Fridhy. Ilio ttllh January, inslaul, nt 2 o'clock P. M. As this is a county quar terly tnooiing, it in Imped there will be .a full nttendancn of members especially, and of nil others friundly to tho liberty of I'n'e discussion. There will be nn address by Win. P, Brings E-q "f Richmond. Married in Smiih lleio on iln 1st InM. liy 1 lie Upv. Air. ll.iker of Allmroli .Mr Cnhtin l'lerlier, to Miss Ann l.iiinloii.hudi ol'Suiilh I lei o. p aTwla s hi pT EVKNIMJ I,ASS. A tWl "3 would iofnrm those who made application last week, and nnuUI nnl hn accommodated onacnountof the class being full, lhal n few opplicnotH will be lu coivt'il , r-hniiltl nili'nt iu ho undo this day Jliirington.Jan. 11, 1839. PORK. THE mWiiliprg will pnv r.i-li fur a few I on J HtMw I'mk. Lai ii hop ft I'otwin. Jniiu.iry"S39. FIIIE MEETING. nfi II B members of Hie Burlington Fire JL Cumnny .ire Imrcby uo'ihV'd thai I he annual iiii'fi in" i,f said company, will lie lioliltMi hi J. Howard' Hotel, oo Wednes day llie 23d mi. ot C o'clock V. ftl for the choice of ten Wardens, n Clerk and Treas. nrcr, and for the transaction of oil other business required by llie Charier. A punctual attendance of all llie members ii desired ns bu-iness ol iniporisuce will br ad hcfnru the meeting. By order ol llie Vaideti9 T. F. STRONG, Clerk. Burlington. Jan. 1 1, IU39. George S. Halo's Estate. "K"7 E the sitb-cribcrs, having betm appoint T t ed by ihr lloocirahlo tho I'mbalc Court fur the Dist rict of Clnilendcn. commissioner to receive, examine and adjust the claims and demands ol all persons, against Iho estate ol Gcori'n S. Mate, late of West lord, in said Dis Hie', deceased, represented insolvent, and "'so nil claim'-and demands exhibited in nfr-el therein ; and tis moulds from t lie day of the date heicof, being allowed tiy slid court lor that niirpiisc, wo do theruforu hereby giio no. liuo. that we will attend to the business ot'oiir nppoiotmeot. at tho dwelling of Thompson Beech, in Weslford. in uicj District, on thu last inn ik) nys hi rctiruary. wny hum . next, nt 10 o'clock. A. M., on each of said dav Dated, this 27lh dav of Dec. A. D. 1030 f. a. nil.!.. ) .i.s.aorn.y E. FIELD, ) Com'rs. Samuel Kecler's Estate. STATE OF FERJUOjYT. ) Dl-'rntCT 'iF ClllTTENDKN. SS ( The Hon. the Prolate Court for the Dii tricl of Chittenden, lo all persons con ccrned in the Estate of Samuel Kecler, late of Essex, in said Distrid, deceased. GREETING. TVnSPIlBRBAS. Marshal Cat-tie. Exccu tor of iho last will and testament ol said deceased proposes to render an account of his adminibtrni ion, "'id present his ac count niinin.ii said estate for examination nnil 1. 1 In wa net; at a session ol the Court o Pn.hote. to be hidden at tho Rei'irtcr's office in BiitlinrrtDii. on the second Wcdnea dav of February next. I iiKRCFonE, You arc hereby notified to sppeir before said Court at the lime antl place aforesaid, and shew catHO, if any you have, why iho account aforesaid should not be allowed. Given under my hand at Burlington, this 311) day ot January A. I) I!I39. Win. WEHTOJV. Feshltr William Ward's listatc. STATE OF FERJIOXT, ) Diptiuct of Cm rTKisriKN. ss. A T a I'rnbati: Court holtlen at Bnrlinr AX. ton within anil for I lie District afori said on the Oih dny ol January A. D. IU39 nn Instrument purportiuz to b die lat-t Will and lolamcni of William Ward, late nfMilion, in sanl District diceasid, was presented lo the Court here for l'robate, by Olive W aril, the Lxecutrix therein named Tiir.nKFoiiE it is ordered by said Court i tint piioiic notice tic given in all persons concerned therein to appear before said Court, at n sepsuin thereof lo be holder) the Register's ofllco in Burlington, mi Iho second Wednesday of February A. D 1(139, and contest the probate of said Will, nod it is furiher ordered that tins order be published three weeks successively in the Free Brecs, a newspaper printed at Bur lingion, in this Slate, thu last of which shall be previous to tho day assigned, as aforesaid for hearing. Given under my hand at the Register's Office, litis Oth day ol January A I). 1 39 Wm. Wkkton, Register. WM. PfltJLNCJTC &SOJV WILL make eales ol Trees ami Cuttings of the Gen uine Chinese Motiir Muliicaulis, Morns Bxpsii'a.Aliiioe.nrtuiK sa, Canton nnd nihei varielies di'liverahle to thn purchasers at surh period in llie spring ns is conveuieiil In iliem, and will enter into com racls necordingly. Price" nnd terms for the Trees and 'Cuttings will he forwnrded lo all who may apply for litem by mail, as well as priees nf Silk Worms Egg-'. Mulberry Seeds &c. Tho M tilt i caulis Trees aro remarkably vigorous, anil ns wo first imported ihe Genuine iron purchasers nre sure of obtaining the true kind. It is frmn ibis cnio-e ami from the great attend n paid by them, llintihe tree They havo told have given iiniver-al 6atis I'neiion. N. B Fruit nnd Ornamental Trees, Plant and Seeds can be supplied to any extent. Flushing, near New York Jan. 1, 1839 mm One day in my Shop. C( A RB my Boots done," said n genteel A lonkintr ynting man as he entered my shop with a cane in his hand nnd a chain about his neck, which ho made no effort In cnnceal. 'What is llie name sir. said I,' 'My namo is .' 'Yes sir j' handing him a pair that would be pronoun eed exquisite by any nf tho Fprcirs in Broadway. 'I will call and pay jou for them to-morrow,' said hr. 'I like llieiii much nnd will toll my friends where to call if iliey want a siipcrb article in y'oiir lino Seeing me hesitate, he irdded, I for L'ot my ptirso when I left homo. 'I have not forgot to make your Boots,' said 1, 'and I think I ho bct way to ir.nke you remem ber lo pay mo for them iB to keep them till you do so. 'Are my shoes done ?' said a smart young L'irl, (I alwavs remember tho ladies names.) 'Yes, Miss,' haniliiis iliem to her. 'Whnt is the price ?' 'One dollar and fifty cn's.' 'Mere is no order from Mr. for them.1 'I am very sorry to make yon trouble,' said I. 'hut I cannot lake 'he order in payment ' Why sir, is it tint good ?' Yes. iindrmbt edly Mr. i cnod for threo times the amount of all the shoes I have in my shop, but I cannot uo that order in my business. lhn"c shoes are money lo mo. and if I lake iho order in piyment it makes the order h In Mr. .that is. Mr. puts one dollar and fifty cents of tnv money into hi own pocket, wh-ch ho undoubtedly ill pay when it is convenient, hut in the meantime it is entirely neless to me.' Do von make caiter Bonis ?' said a ladv, Y ep.' Nave yon any matte f I have some that I have made for measures,' (handing er a na'r ) ' 1 hose are men ones, salt! he. 'and I think they will fit me, I will t them. 'I hnvo no object ion lo your trying them, but hhotild Iliey tit you. I would not run the rii-1; of disappointing the lady t lip y are made for, for I he price ol them. 'Y- aro rinht.' r-oid she,' 'you may take my measure for a pair.' Have vou any Boots ready made that will fit me? said n gentleman. '1 believe liav sir. for I keep a good assortment on hand.' The "eiiileniau selected a pair whieh he said fi'ted him belter than he wa ever before fitted, anil enquired the price. 'I'ivp dollars sir. 'Why,' said he (liontlinrr mo the monej) 'I expected they would be im-re. 1 linvo not seen a lint t r pafr in llie p'nce, and they all a-ked more or i hem.' 'I never inquire air what others sell their work for, I do not do a credit businei-B nnd therefore do not charge one man for what another runs nway with You may depend upon my patrnnuzo,' said llie genileman, handing mo his card. I hank you sir, I will endeavor to uei-ervo it bv liavinu your work well done and don when you want it. Lathes anil gentlemen, the subscriber solicits your pairnnngc. nnd will be in hi , ,,,,1 i i.. .nn twin in nt i dr ain! will mint no t'fT.irt tn furnish you ond nrticlo in his line, and cheap for ready pay. Shop, corner of Church nnd Cherry streets. .1AM US II. I'UA 1 1' January 7, 1C39. FinBKAS.cta'irj my wife has cloped from her hud and hoard thai I havo am. ply provided for her, with her son, this is to loruiil all persons Iron) liaruonog anu iruMiu her on my account. Uui.a Chittenden Shelburn. Jan. 4. 11UV. Geese Feathers. lbs ju-i received antl for sale bv Jan. 2. W. R. &. F. C. 400 The Churchman's Almanac for 1839, fnr s.i l by Jan. 4. J. W. IIickok. Circulating Library. C GOODRICH has on hand a large , collection of Bunk, which he will let lor reading, cither in or out of town. Jan. 4, 1039- BOSTON ACADEMY. 4 LARGE supply nf this excellent col xJL ledum of Church Mu-ic just rec and for sale, by J. W. IIickok. Jan. 4, IU39. "7k 1- every ile.-enpiion, for eulu by the Jr suh-criher. Town Records, Day Rooks, Ledgers, do. Poikcl, Quarto lilank Books, Bill R-mks, Jieieipl do. Memorandum Books, various kinds Jan. 4. 11139. J. W. IIickok .4 IjARG B enlleci ion ol t-lieel Music, of J. which there is n printed eatnlogue, lor sale by the subscriber. ALSO, KingJey's Social (Jhoir, vol. 1 &, Mimical Bonyeloimilin, Juveiiile Muical Library, MohV & Cramers InMruclion bonk Jan. 4, III39. J. W. IIickok NEW GOODS. TBCEIVBD ibis ihiy. hrilliani jet black JL ilres-ing Pins of llmbi'M q'laliiy, ge man alarm Clocks, pink or carmine S.iu ceis. Violin Strings, Bugle Books, &,c. the Variety Shop. Dec 27. I'AMiimnN & BniN-MAti). Eii Thayer's Estate. ltT B tub suii-cuMiiMis, havinc bet' T T appointed hy tho lloiioriibli1 the pro halo Court lor Iho lJilrict ol Chlltcndc coiiiinissioiiers to receive, examine and nil just the claims and th inaiiiN of all perrons aeinnsi ihe citato ot Mi l linyer, Into o! ShelbiiMi, in said district, deceased, repre sented insolvent, nnil nUo all claims and demamls exhibilml in tiff-el therein; and six iiioiiIIh from the day nflhe dato hereof, being allowed by -aid Court for that pur pose, wo do therefore hereby give notice, that wo will nllentl to Ihe hoiuess of our aupoiniment, nl the dwelling house nf Ruth Thayer, in Khelburii, in said tl -strict, on he 20t h day of Juno next, at 10 o'clock, A. M .. on suiil day. Dated this 29th'dav of December, A. D. 11)33. HIRAM PIERSON, ? Pftmm LEVI COMSTOCK, Jr. Lomm' By tho Dozen or Gross, Irulol- lihle Ink, cither with or without n prepar nlioii, warranted not to wash out or cor rude the finest cambric s Oldridge'ti Balm of Columbia, by lhudn7."ii or gross: Bears Oil, by thu dozen or gross: stiol Specta cles by thu doz'ti or gros; bol quality German silver option, I' oiks, Cream Li dies. Biiuar Tongs, Butter Knives, &c. at Iho Variety Shop. Dec. 31, 1 ANGHnnN & lilllN'MAIt). Ptono House for sale. TUB subscriber ofT rs for sale the new and elegant hammered stono house whole city lot, noil Irnnied hoii-o cine lory and a half. Tho premises are located on Cherry street near the Stone Church in urliii'Mou. Gentlemen wishing to pur chase will plrnso call soon, ns the snbcri her intends to sell the first day of June next, without fail. Tho above premises are frco and clear of all incumbrances. RBUBBN BUTLBR. Burlington, Dec. 2IJ, ll)3b HBTf GOODS. HM. Gl DOINGS oilers his usual . supply ol GOODS. Oeinh..- 'in inn, STATE OF VEIUIOJS'I', Di-tiuc r or CurrrT.Mir.N. si 7Vtc lion the Probate Cunt I for the District of Chi trnden. la nit pe.rvini concerned in Ihe alate. of Dnnia Goodhue, laic nf Undcrhill, in said Dislriil diceaud. GREETING. I1BRBAS, Oliver Goodhue minimis Irnlor ol the i.lato of t-ind decen-ed proposes to render an account of his ndiniu t ration, nod present his account naiU'-t aid estate for examination and allowance at a ses.-ion of the Court of l'robate, to be olden at the Regisl e 's office in Burlington, tin the lflth day of January next. I in:m:iouu. You arc hereby notified to ppeor before sanl Court at iho lime and place aforci-aul, and ihew cause, if any you have, why the account aforesaid t-liuu Id not allowed. Given under my hand at Burlington this 3Ut day of December. A. D ll!3!t. Wm. WESTON. Register. STATE OF 1'ER.MONT, ) DlTICT or CtlTTKMlEX, SS. S The. Honorable llie Probate Court xoilhin and lor Ihe District of Chittenden tn the creditor and others concerned in llie ts late of David Goodhue late of Undcrhill in said Di strict, deceased. I1EREAS Oliver Goodhue, ndtnihi) t rut or ofihecsintc of said deceased, hath matte application to this Court, to ex tend the time limited for making of tho debts of said deceased, twelve mouths from l hi date, and the llith dav of January next, being assigned for n hearing in the premises, at the Office of i tic Regis- l.i, O ....I, Ullll 1 1 In, v,n I. non or. J or. ed that nniicc thereof be given, by publi.-h ing this decree two weeks successively in the Frco Press, o newspaper printed nl IJiirlingion, before the time fixed for hear ing. TiiEnr.ronE, you nre hereby notified, tn appear before said Court, nl Hie lime antl place nforct-aid, then nnd there, to make Inection i! an, vou have, lo the said lima of payment being further extended as afore-atd. Given under my hand nt Burlington this 31st day of December A. D. 115311. Wm. WESTON, Register. William L. Sowi.cs, r, , , , . ' Grand Imc county BrAiin'i.Kv ; Goodnow, Courl, bcptenihur I) I'. I- 1 ' I'll", l. l ! A V. 11)33. I1EUEAS, Wm. L. Sowl;s, ofAlbnrgh, in saitl county of Grand Isle, roin. incncoil his action aainslNathaiiicI II. Beards. ley ami Edward S. Goodnow, merchants in company under llio nunc, firm ami style of lie&idMoy and Cioodnow, of onrysvillc, in tho Provincoof Lower Canada, to wit.ofAl burgh, in said county, and Gnorgo B. Red. dingloo, Wm.E. llcdtlioi.'ton, Moses P. Lillle, John Parr nud George W. Ely. partners under the iiainn, linn and slylo ot I.ccdiitgtons u Co ol Bedford in the Province of Lower Canada, lo wit, ol Alhurgh aloresaid.dcclarin;: against Iho said l!eardley and Gootlnow and Red- dinslons and Co m an action on ntilo dated llie 24ih day ofOuloher l!!3(5, for llie Film of iwn huudretl sivly five dollars anil sixty Ibreo cents payahln to thu plaintiff or his order on or hcloru Ihe hrst tlay of July l'!3(, with inter, csl till paid, which nolo had not heeo paid, lo thoduinaL'o of the plaintilf five hundred dol lars. Said cauo being duly entered on tho docket of raid court al t lift September Term, A. D. 1!U7, and nolicooflho pendency ol'said cause having hcun proved to the defendants Buurdsluy and Goodnow and Gnorgo II, Bed. diuglou Ihu cause was continued lo the next May Term of saitl court 18JII, and it not then itpprariiur to said court tluit tbosaid William E. Beddioglnii, Moses P. Little yohn Farr antl Georgu, VV, Ely. havo had personal notice of ihu pendency ofthissuil, It is ordered by thoeouit that further unlico ho given of iho pendency of this soil by publishing thu sub stance ol iho plaintiffs declaration in tho "Burlinglnn Free Press" a newspaper printed nt Burlington in Chittuodun County threo weeks successively, ihu last of which pub licalions lo bu four weeks hufoni Iho next term of said court, which shall he deemed sulfi. ciein notice to ihu said defendants to appear ami answer thereto, antl thu canst) was : tinned lo iho nexl September Term of said court, lilJU, and thu alorusaitl order not In v ing been complied wilh, it was ordeied hy thu couil that Ihe rurcgoiu:r ordur ol pub lication bu enlarged to tho next term uf said court. D.iied nt North Hero, in said enmity, this lOih dav of'Di ceinber A D 10311, JOEL ALLEN. CciA-. Huntington's Introduction to Geography, with nn Atlas containing 20 metis and tables, a now supply just received by C. GOODRICH. Wick ware building, up stairs, This is decidedly tho best Geography and Atlas yt lnflered fur children. Copies fur. uisheii for examinnlinn, HERRING. Boxen Herring, for snle very Inw, by S. WALKER & Co. 50 Nova Scotia Plaster. Ilnrrcln fresh ground Nova Scotia Plaster, iimt icc'tved and for sain by P. Djomtti.e. November 1, 3m PROSPECTUS OF TUB SBCONI) fi third volumes OF II I SI! EE'S NEW SVTOH TI-TIiY 1V1 AGAKS '733 Of European polite Literature. THIS Periodical will cominoncn a now volume on the first of Iho ensuing month (January I!i39,) and will thereafter regularly appear monthly. This Magazine, hitherto, has hocn acknowledged ono ol tho Cheapest of Iho kind ; yet thn Proprietors havo matin niraiigeiiionts to CNMnon i's pages, so dial each number will ccnlnin 200 okdi.narv octa vo rA0i:, rending malice, Ihui comprising during iho year, in two volumes, 2100 pagen ofthu host articles lo be found in thn latest European Magazines nnd Annuals, logolhor with Emliclithineiils, for the trifling sum of $0 A Year! This would be impracticable, wero thn Proprietors not in possesion of unusual facilities, hy which they will ho ona Mud faithfully lo fulfil their engagements. "Leisure ami money," says an eminent man, "bestowed upon instructive nnd enter laiiiinjr periodical reading, can never lie nbnsod or misapplied. Its good ofTocts aro not confined to present intellectual enjoyment; they pervatlo tho future with an influence aliko salutary and powerful." The Now Monthly will continuo to givo thn cream ol Iho huropeau I'criotlicals and Annual-), interspersing talo? of oUgant fancy anil iiilcrcM. with moral essay, iiistruilivo literary critiMin, eloquent articles of soineco. and beautiful poetry. Thu solerlloos are inadi) witha view lo elevate, '.ho standard of tasto anil morals, and every exertion will bu put in reqiii-diion to add to the literary attrac tions tnd usefulness ol this work. Thu btiMiiu-H of this MngHzino must reco". sarily bo conducted on the Cash S vstrm,is iho proprietor tlo not require oflhcir paying ub. scrihers a bonus of 25 pur cenl, to make up lor losses occasioned hy delinquents. Pay. oient, therefore, must invariably bo made in nha'icc. T Hit MS. 7'ir Dollars a yrar,n athantp; or tine ceKiely lite conM, fur nix uiiiiiilir. I l.ilf e.o ly nr qii.n ici ly i.i menu in iidvrtiicc will be i eceiveil, il ivilhonl expense to ihu l'iu pi it'lnt.s. Any prrson who will prnenre five jearly nitisrri hpis.'inil ifinii die minify lu tliu I'lopricltns, will he .-milled In n oixili rnpv. Clubs leuiiliiug $2."i, will he ealiltcd lo 10 copit'S for one car. fjCl'tii Miiotpri llirotijlinnt llio Unhcd Slale nnil (.'.in, nl, i at iroiii'-icil In net in A"piuh fin' Ilia New Mo.n rilLY, mid iL'Cuiie die ciudniiaiy com Illi-f i:in.. This work will lip orinlpil on sIippIs so l.nje lint llie pnsoie nn eat'h nionlicr will he only fnnr inul ii half f.eoin fur 100 miles, nnd tocn and a ti.ilf ccnls oer thi.inci.. il'All eniiiiminiciiions, Post Paid, should be nddipssptl to LUUIAN 1. IUSBF.E & Co.. Proprietors. on P, VV. liitADLKY k Co., Publisher. Slnie, No S Ainr Ihrnse, Uroadw.iy, Nkw Voiik, December 1, 1838. STATE OF VERMONT, DlSTIltCT OF Cim TKM)EN. SS ( The Hon. Ihe Probate Court for Ihe Dis trict of Chittenden. To all persons cor,, cerned in the estate of Aldjah Ellis late r,r Huntington, deceased, intestate. GREETING. ; II ERE AS John Ellis Alunni.trator II of the estate of the said deceased, proposes to render nn account of his admin, istrntiou, nnd present his nccnunt njjamst said estate for allowance, tit the Probate Court, lo he holden at (he Eazlu Hall Tavern in Williston, in saitl District, on I In; third Monday of January A. D. 1)139. I herelore, you nre hereby nut mod to ap pear ueiore said uourt ai ine nine ami place nforesaid, lo show cause, if any yon iiave, why the said account should not be nl'oweu. Given under my band and the seal of said Court, nl Burlington in said District, this 13th day of December. A. D. lf.3!i. CHARLES RU.S.SELL, Judge. Shipping Furs. CASH, nnd iho liiohesl market price, paid for all kinds nf shipping by W R & F C Vir.AS Rurtimrtan Niv 30. Ilt3n SALT. 300 html), solar Salt, lor sale low Tor cash, by E. Wiiit.nkv & Co Milton, Nov a, 1033. NAILS & GLASS. F OR sale nt Winooski Village, at the manufacturer's price, by StnvF.v Bnr.ow. SHEEP'S P-EIPS. ClASII.nnd the highest market price, t will be paid for sheep's pells, hy W. R. & F.C, VILAS. Sept 20. Cm A good ns-orlment of DRY GOODS. DR Y GROCERIES, CROCKERY S( HARDWARE, Just, received and will bo sold as ns at any other establishment in Chittenden County, (or cash, produce, or short cretin, by E. WHITNEY & Co. Milton, Nov 3, I1133. Great Snow Storm. A G II EAT and unusual fall of Snow for t this season, say to Ihe depth ofl2 or 15 inches, would havo a wonderful lundciicy lo incicasn tho price of Goods, As it is. Ladies comiii'' from a tlisl iitinn on wheels, can buy articles for Drcssos or Cloaks as cheap, if not a litiln cheaper, than ever. Il is surprisiiia to sen what an effect a fall of snow and cold weather has on luri;n bodies of water in frerz iiiglliein up; anil it his much ihu saino cirecl lit clonig up a slock of Good. Therefore, should i now eumu soon, ihe l'ooiIh would all bu sold offal HOWARDS. Dec. 13. A now assort 'Mont just roo'd of FiirwelPn Gailor Ihols and Shoes, with Fur lined Over Shon,at HOWARDS. NECK STOCKS. PLAIN AND FIGURED BLACK and White Sniin and Bombazine Storks, in crent Varieiv bv Dee. Id. WAIT and TABOR. NOTICE. TUP, l.eifres nnd tlfhitns of die Inun nf Bur. Imslnn, w ill iiikn niuife dial llii'ir inn ninl hurrril fills tine on the finl d i of J.oiu.iiy nexi. Il hi cxpecii d dial ii.ijiiipiii will he ni.idti on orhcfuio iluiltl.iy, Nathan It. IIaswm.I., 7'oton Treaturtr. Burlinsinn, Drc. 13, 1838. IVillon's gunuino prepared Co- coo, for fa'e by Li unor h Poi'i:,- .1 LABOR of Y K A R 3 REDUCUD TO 12 HOURS ! AIKEN'S celebrated System nf Writing, which combines oleaane.o with freedom. and rapidity with bnauly of execution, con tinues to no laugill oay ano ovgninjf, wini hid iiiovt distinguisliud siiencss. Th!, Iho Amcriciiii Standard System of Writing, applicable to all the useful purposes of life and business, and attainable by persona of all age anil of every capacity from 8 lo GO years, taught in 22 triuj lasons of one hour each, no matter how had ihe present writing may be, by MriKi:s, inventor of tho Bono Aido for thn relief oi'lrcmulous writur.t. Mr. Aiken, finNting Writing Master and teacher of Short llaiid, Invuntor and solo Instructor ol'lhc American system of Writing, will now continue, for n lnnilod term longer, lo coinmuiiieato his system with uni. Tommy and brilliancy of success which has excited the wonder and cnnitmnds Iho snfTra. ges of the enlightened, the reflecting and tho critical. Mr A. respectfully solicits tho attention of thn public to tho many advantage derived from a knowledge -jf litis sysicm, which In its various modification is adapted not onlv to commercial pursuits, but lo tho separate affairs cfpiivato iile. The ladies mcol daily nt 11 o'clock. Gen tlemen's classes, inornitii', afternoon, and evening. Academy over Wait Si Tadoii'b Stnre, to Church street. SISIVES LOST. LOST on ihe I2'h inst. between the Glass Factory and Gen. Arthur's, two Fiiooinj; Mill scivea, which would probab'y hu of more service to mo limn tn any one else. The finder may leave them at (he Free Press OiTko. and receive a compensation for his i rouble. tiiomah nnj-jua. Colchester, Den 22. IC3I!. NOT I CIO. , WlinRr.A.' inv wife KIpimii has rthi'pd to lua with tup, will t jtul p.iti.R, nnil has left mv hed nnd ImiiiiI. I ihi'iffuie do foihid all per sons h.iilioiiii? or iiihiiiiu her on my at'Ctiiuil, as I will oat no tkhls of her cuiiiiarlnia nlifi 1 1 1 1 ilate. At VI.N PLACE, Ilincsburgh, Dec 25, 1S33. HO Reams Cap Paper, for sale bv C. GODRICH. Dep. 20 Wiekware buildinr no tnlrs. I J LANK JiOOKS. RECORDS for Town--, Cleik's offices, Probate, Sic. Ledgers, J n ii run fn. Diy Book?. Half bound Lagers, day books, &c. For sale by C. GOODRICH. Dec. 20 Wickwnre bmldirtr. mis'nir.. YOUNO LADIES TOILET A BEAU TIFUL and iiselul mucin of caUinel work us a Christmas nnd New Years present antl keepsake, lor sale at the low price ofgtat thu cheap cab store of Dee. 20. 8. Howard, CASH. HE stibcribers will nay cash, for WHEAT. CORN, T RYE l All LEY, $ RUCK IF HEAT Dec. 20, UI33. IIickok & Catmjt. Cotton Goods Cheap for Cash. 6 LEA CUED and Brown cottons, Twill. 9 ed colion, cotton Flannell, Yam, Bat ting, Wadding, l icking, and Prints in great variety, nre goinr very cheap al iho ncioeash store, bv ' WAIT $ TABOR. Dec 20. REGISTERS. Z(C Walioti's Vermont Register for 1039, iu-t ree'd ami for sale by Deo 12. W. R. & F. C. Books for Town Libraries. A Lirge assortment of Histories Biogn f. phys. Voyages. Travels, Novels &c. Sic, for sulo nt very reduced prices hv C. GOODRICH. Wickware building, up stair?. Dec. 12. 1030. BOOTS SHOES. OF all dosciiptions, selling very low, at I It u New Bool and Shoo Store. Men's Kip Boots, Men's coarso Hoots, Moo's Kip llrogati", Men's thick I!io!ans, Boys coarse Boots, Boys Kip antl thick Brogans, Children's Boots, Brogans &c. tic. For sale us cheap as can ho purchased olsf where. E, J. FAY. Burlington, Church St. Dec. 5. FOR SALE. A SETT of Guiismithi 'Pools, second hand, will) Rill'o Machine uninpleiu, formerly owned by Mr Hatch, cuumitli, very cheap. C. BENNS. Nov. 20. Sohotd Doooks. AGENEBAL asiorlincot forsalo at low priees, by C. Goonniat, Nov, 20. Wiekwarn's building, up stairs. Teachers and Merchants aro particularly invited to call. El 13 MO VAIL. DOCTOR HATCH has removed his Ofl'ien in Ins iesideiK.o on White. st. I wo doors south nf i ho Meihodisl Chapel, whero he ntuinniii's to g've hi unreiuitiing atteniioii in thu practice of Mcdicmu and Surgery. Biirlmglnn. Nor. 22. 1033. Wood Choppers Wanted. ?RHE suh-crihers wish to eoulrael for tho v-, cutting and drawing of lOOO cords el wood, iinmedialuly. 7icitou and Cati.I.n. Tho German Matchless Sana tive, for snle at tho Post Ollico nt Grand Isle Vt., where numerous test imomaN as in its specific ipialnies in cases of Con sumption ite. may bo seen by calling at my office. DANIEL JACKSON, Agent. December Id, 11130. Cm FLOUR. I &(fi(lfr nhU- Superfine- Plour, for tale by t Nov. 21 P. Walk ft C.

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