Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, January 18, 1839, Page 3

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated January 18, 1839 Page 3
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Anthony Rhodes' Estate. WCllic Btibscriborf, luivitiy been appointed by tlio f Inn. t ho Probata Court for tbo District of Chittenden, commissioners to re. ccivo, examine and adjust tlio claims and de mands of all persons, ngntnst tlio cslato of Anthony Windcs, lato of Richmond, in said District, deceased, represented insolvent, and also all claims and demands exhibited in offset thereto , and six months from the day of thn dato hereof, being allowed by paid Court for that purpose, wn do Ibcrcfoia hereby give no. lieu, that wo will attend to the business, of our appointment, at the dwelling of the widow Alma Rhodes, in Richmond, in said District, on lho2d Mondays of February and Juno next, at 10 o'clock, A, M. on each of said days. Dated, this l2lh day of January A. I). 11139. THADDEUS CRANK, ) CWimu JOSEPH A. HALL. S siours. Abijali Allen's Estate. STATE OF VERMONT, DlsTICT Ol' CllTTEMlKV, S3. S Tlio Honorable the Prabnlc Court within and or the District of Chittenden In the creditors and allien concerned m the es tate of Abijnh Allen, late, of Shelburn tn said Districts deceased. WHEREAS Dexter Place, ndministra tor Willi the will annexed of the estate of said deceased, hall) made nppbeu tinn to tins Conn, tn extend the, time limited (or making payment of the debts and legacies of said deceased, twelve months Irom this date, and the 13th day of , February next, Dying assigned for a hearing in I he premies, at i lie Office of tho Regis ter of this Court, and it having been order, ud that notice thereof be itvcn, by publi-ii int this derreo three weeks successively in the Free Pros, a newspaper printed all Burlington, bo fore the tune fixed lor hear- TiiEnnronn, you nrn hereby notilied, lo nppcor before said Court, nt the tunc and place aforesaid, then and Iherc. to make objection if anv yon have, lo the said tune nf payment being further extended us aforesaid. (Jiven under niv hand nt'Bnrlington this 10th day of January A. P. US39. VVm. WESTON. Register. Wyman Clinmberliii's Estate. STATIC OF VERMONT, Dl-TIUCT I'!' flllAMI IsI.K. SS. ( AT a Probalo Court holdeu in North Hero, in said district on thn 12lh day of Janu. nry A. D. 11)39. Present the Hon. Joel Allen Judge. An instrument purporting to bo tho last will and te-taincul of Wyman Chainberlin, late of Grand Isle in said district deceased, being presented to tho Court hero by William Chainberlin ono of the Executors therein named for Probate. It is ordered by said court that all persons eoncomed therein bo notified lo Appear at a session of saUl court, to lo hidden at tbo dwelling houso of Jedediah I'. I.uild, in Norlh Hero, on the 3d Monday of February A. I). 11(39, and shew caun if any they have agaiustlhe Probnlonf said Will, for which purpose il is further ordered thai a copy of she record ofthis order bo published three weeks successively in tho Burlington . Free Pres, a newspaper printed at 15 n rl m ylon , in the county of Chitcnden, ar.soon as may bo. A true eopv of Record. Attest, AUGUSTUS KNIGHT, Register. "OPPAT'S LIPE M EDICINES REANIM ATION. When the most iinportant functions of life nre sus pended, and those who nro invalids by ii -heritnuce or imprudence ore reduced lo a deplorable slate of nervous debility, they should not even then despair, for it is not in despair I hat relief con bo found. No Let I hem fir-r look around, and, laying aside all prejudices, ask themselves this queotiou "It my physician cannot help me. is his reputed skill mv only resnrt?" Perhaps nt that moment ihe heading of this advertisement, 'Mnffit'a Life Medi cines,' would catch the eye and were they in truth divested of foolish prejudices, they might perhaps, bo induced to inquire whether Mr. Moffat's theory and treatment of diseases differed from that of their own physicians. They would then learn that it did differ, nnd very widoly, and with most happy results, ton. Iftliey pursued iheir inquiries still fur ther, they would find that nil practMiig physicians of the present day prescribe MERCURY, in some form, for almuht ev ery ilisense. and they would learn, ton, thai mercurial medicnes. though they give pres. ent relief, undermine tho cnnsliiutioti, and always leave the patient in a precarious etnte nf health. A coon vi:oi-.tai! i.k Mf.niciNK is just ihe reverse ol all I Ins. Pur hundreds of years belnre scourge of mankind, 'Mercury,' was employed in the healing art. Physi cians used nothing but herb--. Even the bible recommends ns iho 'skilful physician' he whopreparelh his medicines from herbs Witness EcclesinMicus, chap. xxiu. V. 3. The skilful physician shall lift vp his head ; and in the sight of the great men he shall be in admiration. V. ' For he hath prepared his medicines out of the HERBS of the earth, mid he that is wise will not abhor them. Jloffal's Vegetable Life Medicines po sess qualities of tho nmsl mi'd and beueli cial nature. They nro composed of nrli- cles the unl anti putrescent, combined with ingredients known ns the only certain an li'lole fur fevers of every description When Ihe disease is produced either from cold, obstruction, bud air, swampy and camp silnnlinns, or pulrid mia-mii whether malignant or epidemic, or by oilier causes, these medicines nrn certain in their opera tion or effecis. They nro possessed of pe culiar qualities which not only expel all disense, hut at the same lime restore nnd invigornlo tho system. When fi'Ht taken into tho stnmnch, they immediately difiVo Iheiiiselvep like ynpor through every pore, producing effects ni onco delight fill salutary and permanent. When tho spark of life begins tn grow dim, the circulation languid, and the faculties paralyzed, these medicines nre found togive a tono to the nerves, ex1 Inlernto thu animal spirits, invigorato the body, and rc-ammato the whole man. Tub Likr Mi:dicinf.s havo also been used wilh iho most happy success in Nur vousand Dyspeptic diseases, Ooiiiiinpiion, ABthma, Liver Complaint, Rheumatism, (chronic and inflammatory) Dropsies, Sic. &c. For full particulars, Iho reader is invited tocnll at Mr MoITui'b office, 3G7 Broadway mid receive a copy of thu Good Samaritan, published gratuitously. Tho following letters nrn Intolv selected! from n very largo number which Mr Muffa' has lately received from different purls of the U tilled mates. iMr. Mnft'it Uenr Sir: It i with sincere pleasure that 1 venture to address you, to thank you for the benefit I hovn received from your medicines. My complaint was salt rheum, lor which I havo tried nearly all tho medicines which were adver'ised In tlio newspapers. I, however received mi relief Irom any of t hum. Since I was shown your (J noil Samaritan, winch in iluced mo to try your medicine. When I applied lo you, my legs and arms were so had that they looked like raw beef, and were covered with rears ; bill niter taktuir n 25 cent hoxol'voiir pills, tho dead skin began to scale ofi am! so continued until I was entirely cured. It is now four innutli since I wn cured, nnd I have had no re. turn of the complaint. I linvo recommend, cd your medicine lo several perron, and ndvisc all nlllicled with the salt rheum to try it. Respectfully, your ob't servant, M. CLEOVER, I3lh St., between 5th and Jackson avenues. L.uvni:.vci:, N. Y., May 23. Mr Moffit Dear Sir: I was troubled with the piles fur several years. I applied tn the most eminent Physicnn without re lief. A friend of mine Mr. Clarke, who had received great relief from them, l commended mo in .use your uno i Tbiuh j was suffering very severely with Ihrni at the time. I experienced relief in -II! lionr. and in a few weeks wa not troubled with t hem at nil and I have been free from di.-iress ever since and have great nleasuri. in recommending them to those nfllictod in a similar manner. Resentfully. J. E. STEARNS. Nuw York, Apri', 11)38. Dr Moffat Sir: Since your Lite Medi cincs have been introduced in Ibis neigh borhood, they have done wonders. I will merely state n few case. The wife o my neighbor. Mr Cornelius S Roe, who win supposed to bo in n decline lor tlio last two year. nfter taking two bottles of tho PIkciiix Hitlers ami cine box of tho Life Pills, says sho had hor heultli entirely ro. stored. Mr Milo H. Root, mv next door neigh bor, who was hud up with inflammatory rheumatism, by taking two bottles of tin Hitters and one 25 cent box of tho Pills told tiic ho wns ns well as he ever was, and receive, examine and adjust the claims and told n gentleman in my store who was demands of all persons, against the cMato of nfilicted, that as soon ns ho would take the Ceorge S. Halo, lato of Weslford, in said Dis Pills and Haters, just so soon ho would be t'":l' l,,11cu.'lsu,l' ft!iroonje.l insolvent, and a well man. ' also all claims arid deniandn exhibited in offset .i . ' I. i . . -r r i i t i. i thereto ; and six innnlhs from the dav of the Also, Mrs IJordn. w fo of John ; ,0 1L.tCof, being Allowed by said court for was two years since taken nek. and thal ,)u wobd() UinrolbroJ',lorciy givo no. had fits, and lost the use of one ol her arms. 1 ,:.. .., .jn ,,. ,i, i,.:,;r c. In six weeks niter taking your pills and I Hitters, fho has so far recovered that she has been on a visit to ono of her neighbors. As lor myself, I have been in bad health for 27 years, and i hough I am not now in perfect health, s'ill I am in better Ihan I have been for leu years past, which I be. hove to be the consequence of taking your Pills nnd Hitlers. The above is a true statement of a few nf ibc many cases I which have enmo under my ob-rvation. You nre ai liberty to pulnf! 'I''3 Iflcr, anil reference can be had Jo, me as Pihi- I masier nt Claverroek. Cnfuinhia Co.. N. Y. With respect , J. A. Van Vamcenburrii. I N:wYi kk. April I. 133'!. j Mr W Sir: I hove been afllieted i wilh the fever and ngnn nhout 3 months, and used a good deal of quinine, which did mo no good, bin I still grew weaker and weaker until I was recommended to try your I.ifo Pills and PUcnix Hitters, and after taking two boxes of mils and two bottles nf bitters, I am very thankful to in form you and the public at largo, I consider myself compleUly cured. Yours truly, JOHN TENNENT. N. Y. Mir.t.s, March 29, 18311. Mr Moffat Dear Sir: I have used your medicine in my family lor somo mouths, audi have received great benefit from it, especially ! my wife and eldest dauglnor. My daughter! nau been in a decline lor three years. Since sho commenced using your inedieiuo sho has entirely recovered and is now well and hearty. If this will bo of any service lo you. you arc at liberty to publish it. Respectfully, yours, &c. N. BUTLER. Summim IIm.l, Jan, 13, U38. Dr Moffat Dear Sir: I havo great pleasure in addressing you, having been tro.iblcd for somo time back with Iho rheumatism, and could find nothing to givo me any rebel, until I hud commenced taking your Vegetable Life Tills and I'liconix Hitlers. In lakui" thu first boltlo and one box of pills I found tho most cxcrutiating pain 1 1 1 L 1 had long been trou bled wilh, entirely disappeared, Such being tho case, it is wilh gr.ililudo I offer theso sen timents, feeling confident that I am indebted to you moro linn words can express, for your valuable incdiciiinnud tno speedy cure received from its good effocls. Yours, GEO. JiROFTS. Mauoii Chunk, Jan. 17, 1033. Mr Moffat Sir: I am most happy to tend you through your agent, Mr. While, a fuw i lines rclativa to your exeelloul Lifo .Medicines, I i,r a length oftimo I havo been comnlaioio.r 1 of an infection of iho liver, and tried much I medicine, but found no relief, mil I commenu. ed with yours, I have now taken nearly two bottles of yourl'lioonix Hitlers, and I am pleas, i cd to slate that I find myself fa-t recovering I trom a long ami lingering complaint. Respectfully, yours, &c. GEO. KIS.VER. LocKrortT, Nov. 27, 1337. Mr W. II. Moffat-DoarSir: Asa remark, able insancn of Iho virtue and efficacy of your Life Pills and I'limnix Hitters, in rsstoringlnst health lo tho nlllicled, has occurred in my family, I deem it a duty I owe both to yourself and tho public, lo maku tho fact known, that others suffering under similar circumstances might perchance sco this and obtain a remedy in season to prebcrvo llicm from a promatoru grave My wifo has boon nfilicted with tbo liver complaint and general debility for upwards of a years; nno iur inu lasi ;j iiionins sua uns. not been nblo lo walk across the room. Aflor try. various medicines prescribed by different phy siciaiiK, which gave hor no relief, sho was given up as incurable. In this situation she was gradually falling, when I happened to cull upon your agent in this village, und hu gavo mo a copy of tho Good Samaritan, tbo perusing of which induced mo to try your modicino, although I had but liltllo hope of hor rocoiving any honcfil from it, Tho effect wiii surnrisinir. Hoforn sho had taken one (bottlo of hitters and ono box of pills, she was so far rccovored as lo bn nblo lo accomplish timolol her housework without assistance. Yours, respectfully, Wakhc.n Pattciison. For additional particulars of tho abovo med icine sco Moffat's Good Samaritan, a copy of which accompanies tho medicine; a copy. can also bo obtained on application tit tlio drug -lores of K. .Moody and J. tfc J. II. l'cclt & Co., Burlington. Vl. The above medicine for salo at wholesale and retail by R. Moody and at retail by J, & J. II. Pi:ck : Co. Jan. 11139. Gin The American Medical Alma nac for I8.'J9. DESIGNED for ilia daily was of pracli-ing 1 1 1 1 1 i c i , 1 1 1 . , mijjeoii", xl ii'leii M, mid iiiollie rime. Ileini; also n pocket iiieiiiiiinmlinii mill iirroiinl hunk, and general inediciil diit.Tiniy of the United Mime, lly J. V. U. Smilli, cililor ol Hie llii'imi mid Sinyii'iil linstuii 1S30. For Hlle by .lAMKS W, IllCKOK. Hurlington Vt., Jan. 11, 1S39. Books for Town Libraries. A Large assortment ol Histories Bmgr:i- ihys. Voyages. Travels, Novels &e. cic, for etilo ai very reducei! prices by C. GOODRICH. Wiokwaro building, up stairs Dec. 12. lf!3ii. PORK. rrWIE fiihfcribcrs will pav e.ib for a few Tons I- llc.lVV I'lllli. liATIIKor & I'OTWIK. J.i y'S39. FIRE MEETING. CB II E members of tho Burlington Fire JL Company are hereby notified that the annual ineeiing of said company, will be hnhlon nt .1. Howard's Hotel, on Wednes day the 23d imi. at G o'clock P. M. for the choice of ten Wardens, a Clerk and Trens. urer, and for the transaction ol all other business required by Hie Charter. A piinctuul attendance of all the members is desired ns bu-inoss ol importance will be laid before the meeting, lly order of tho Wat dens T. P. STRONG, Clerk. Burlington, Jan. 1 1, 1339. Georgr S. Halo's Estate. WE Iho subscribers, having boon appoint ed by I he Honorable the 1'iobale Court for the DiM rict of Chittenden, commissioners appointment, at iho dwelling f Thompson Buceh, in Westford. in said District, on tho last Thursdays of February, May and June next, ai 10 o'clock. A.M., on each of said day Dated, this iTili d.iv ol Wee. A. D. 1333. F. G. HILL. ) .1. S. GOl'E. Cam'rs. 1C. FIELD. S Samuel Keeler's Estate. STATE OF VERJIOjYT, DlsTlllBT OF ClllTTKMlK, H The lion, the Probate Court for the Dh tricl of Chittenden, To all persons con ccrncd in the Estate of Samuel JCccler, late if Essex, in said Distriit. deceased CREETLYG. "WUyllEREAS. Marshal Ca-tle. Execu.. lor of ihe last will and le-tament of snnl deceased proposes to render nu account of his ion, and present Ins ac count against said estate for examination and allowance at a session of the Court ol Probate, to be holdon nt tho Register's office in Hurlington. on the second Wcdnes dav of February next. Ti!cm:rnni:. You are hereby notified to appear before said Court ni the time) and place aforesaid, and show cau-e. if any you have, why the account aforesaid should nui be allowed. Given under my hand at Hurlington, this Q t It duy of January A. I). 1339. ';. JFESTOjW, Register. William Ward's Estate. STATE OF FERJHOjYT, ) DisTKicr or Cut i tkmikn. ss. A Tn Probate Court hidden at Hurling. l. ton wiihin nnd for the District afore., said on the 9th day of January A. 1). 1339. nn Instrument purporting to be the aft Will nnd Testament of Willimn Word, Into of Milton, in said Di-trict deceased, wns I l,rf'sculed lo the Court hero for Probate, by ilivo Ward, ihe hxecutrix therein nnincd. Tiir.nuFonr. it is ordered by said Court, that public notice bo given to' all persons concerned therein to appear before snid Court, nt n session thereof to be holdeu" at the Register's ollico in Hurlingioo, on thn second Wednesday of February A. D. 1339, and coolest the probate of said Will, nod il is I'urihor ordered that this order be published three weeks successively in Ihe Free Pres, a newspaper printed nl Bur lington, in this Slate, tho lasi of which shall bo previous to tho day assigned, as aforesaid for hearing, (hven under my hand nt the Register's Ollico, this 9th day of January A. D. 1339. W.m. Winton, Register. Will. & SOK" WILL make sales of Trees nnd a dunlin, nn.l oil,... 'jSJiSalffc varieties delivoroblo lo Iho purchasers at such period in Iho spring as is convenient to tlicui, and will enter into cnntrncls accordingly. Prices nnd terms for the Trees nnd Cuttings will be fnrwnrded to all who may apply for them by mail, ns well as prices nf Silk Worms Eggs, Mulberry Seeds &c. Tho Mulli cauliH Trees nro remarkably vigorous, and ns wu first imported tho Genuine tree, purchasers are Miro of nbtaining tho true kind. It is from this cause and from the great altenti 'ii puid by them, that tho trees they linvo fold havo given uinvertal satis faction. N. II, Fruit and Ornainontal Trees, Plants and Seeds can he supplied to any extent. Flushing, near New York Jan, I, 1P39 $Q'&t Cntl.ngM of the Gun Chinese Moms HrPS Muliicnuhs, Mortis f'J Expaiisn, Alpine. nrniis One day in my Shop. (C A RE my Boots duno," said n genteel looking young man os he entered my shnp wilh n cane in hw hand r.utl a chain about Ins neck, which ho niarlo no effort to conceal. 'What is i lie nninc sir. said I,' 'Mv name is .' 'Yes air:' handing him n pair that would bn nroiuiun cod exquisite by any nf the species in liroauway. '1 will cnll nnd pay you for them to. morrow,' snid he. 'I hk'o lie (it much nnd will loll my friends where to call if they want a superb article in your line. Seeing mo hesitate, ho milled, I for got my purse when I left home. ! have not forgot, to make your Hoots,' snid I, 'and I think I Ii o best wny to irnke yon remem ber to piy me for them is to keep them I ill you do jo. 'Are my shoes done ?' snul n smart young girl. (I lwnvs remember Ihe Indies names.) 'Yes, Miss.' handing t horn to her. 'What is tho p-icc ." 'One dollar and fifty cims.' Here is nn order from Mr. for them.' 'I inn vrry sorry to make von I rouble,' snid I. 'but I cn it not take 'he order in payment.' W liv s'.f, is it not grind?' Yes, iindoiibt ctlly Mr is good for three limes tho murium af all Iho shoes I havo in my shop, but I c.nnot use that order in mv business. I hose sloes nro money to mo. and if I take the oner in payment it makes the ortlor cash lo Mr. . Hint is. .Mr. puts one dollar nnd fifty cents of mv money into his own pocket, winch ho undoubtedly will pay when it is convenient, but in the meantime it is entirely useless to me.' 'Do von make gaiter Hoots ?' said a lady, 'Yes.' Have you any made ?' I havo sumo that I Inue tnntle for measures,' (handing her a pair.) 'Those are nice ones,' said she. 'and I think they will fit me, 1 will irv them. 'I bnvo no objentinn to vonr trying them, but should they fit you, I would not run Ihe risk of disnppoinling thn Indy they are mtdc for, for tho price of t hum. 'You nro rich!.' raid she,' 'yuu may take my measure for a pair.' 'Hnve vou any Hoots ready made that will fit me? said a gentleman. '1 believe I have sir. for I keep n good assort ment on hand.' I ho gentleman selected n pair which lie said fi'ted htm better limn he was ever befuro fitted, nnd enquired the price. 'Five dollars sir.' 'Why,' said he (handing mo llieinnr) expected they would bo mere. I have not seen a better pair in the place, and they nil a-ked more for them.' 'I never inquire sir what others sell their work for, I do not do u credit busine-s and therefore do not charge one man fur what another runs away with You may depend upon my patronage,1 said the gentleman, handing me hts card. ' Thank you sir, 1 will endeavor to deserv it by having your work well dune and done when you want it. Ladies nnd gentlemen, the subscriber solicits voor patronage, and will be in In shop every day to attend to your commands and will omit no cflort tn furnish you good article in his line, nnd cheap for ready pny. Shop, comer nf Church nnd Cherry streets. JAMES 11. PLAT 1 January 7, 1339. nEllEAS.yJcrcra my wifo has eloped Irom her lied and board that i have plv provided for her, wilh her son, this is lo forbid all persons from harboring and Inistin heron my account. Hur.A Ciiittu.ndun. Shelburn, Jan. 4. 1339. Geese Feathers. ififl ju-t received nnd for snle by 4yU Jan. 2. W. 11. & P. C. Vilas. The Churchman 1839, for sate by Jan. 4. Almanac for J. W. IllCKOK. Circulating Library. CGOODPtlCH ha-on hand a large . collection of Hook', which ho will let fur reading, either in or out of town. Jan. 4, UJ39- tf BOSTON ACADEMY. A LARGE supply of this excellent col i o c I ion ot Church Mu-ic just ree'd und for snle. by J. W. IllCKOK. 4ll!39. OP every description, lor sale by the stiliieriher, Tuwn Records, Day Hooks, Ledger?, do. Pocket. Quarto Blank Books, Bill Books, Receipt do Memorandum Books, various kinds, Jan. 4, 11139. J. W. Hickok. "npxArcro missid " 4 LARGE collection ol sheet Music, nf J u Inch I here is a printed ralilogue. Is lor sale by Ihe subscriber. ALSO, Kingslev's Social Choir, vols. 1 &. 2. Musical Encyclopaedia, Juvenile Mimc.iI Library. Moll's & Cramers Instruction bonks. Jul. 4, 11139. J. W. Hickok. jNEW goods. TECEIVEI) this thy. brilliant jet blaclt a, dres-ing Pins of ihobo&i quality, ger. man ilarm Clocks, pink or carmine Sau cers. Violin Strings, Bugle Books, &.c. nt the Vurieiy Shop. I)e:. 27. PN(innnN & BniNfMun. Eii Thayer's Estate. E thi: suiiscnmnts, having been appointed hv Iho llonort.ble the pro bntn Cuiirt for tho District of Chittenden, ciiinunssinnors to receive, examine and ad just tho claims nnd dfiniiixN of all persons, ngainstllio estate ol Eli Thayer, lato of Shelburn, in said district, deceased, repre sented insolvent, and also all claims and demands exhibited m off-el thereto; anil six months from iho day oflhe dato hereof, being nllowed by stud Court for that pur pose, wo do therefore hereby give notice, that wo will attend to the business nf our nppnintinenl. nl the dwelling houso of Rulh Thayer, in Shelhiirn, in said district, on iio29lh day of June next, at 10 o'clock, A. M., on suid day. Dated this 29th day of December, A. D. IffJIl. HIRAM PIERSON, (, LEVI COMSTOCK, Jr. j0mw' PAPER. IrO Rontns C.ip Puper. for sale bv I. WV.LIWVJ I I. Dee. 20 Wlet.'Wire boililinir no stui's. 0XsTf. fTIHE sub'oriherH will nV ctwi, for JL WHEAT. (OR.IV; RYE BARLEY. &! BUCKWHEAT Dec. 20, 1033. Hickuk' & Cati.i.s'. NOTICE. WIlEllEAiS my wife Klecm li.u refined lo lite tvuh me, without :i iiul ciiu;e, mid li.u lefl mv bed nnd lio.ud. I llirieline do furhid all pei- puns Inn hoiing or Inulin; her on my account, hd I will pay no ileots ol her continclin!! niter lint e.ite. Al.VliN I'twYbb. Wneburgh, Dec. 25, 1833. . SEIVES LOST. LOST, on the !2ih lust, between the (ila-H Factory ntid Gen. Arthur's. wo Punning Mill selves, which would probably be of more service to mo thou lo any one else, Thu finder may leave them at ihe Free Press Office, and receive a compensation for liw trouble. THOMAS MILLS. Colchester. Dec. 22. IH3!i. lly the Dozen or Gross, lntlel- libie Ink, eiihor with or without a prepar ation, warranted not to wash out or cor rode the finest cambric ; Oldndgc's Halm of Columbia, by Iho dozen or gross; Bears Oil, by tho dozen t.r gross; steel specta cles by the dozen or gross; best quality German silver hpoons, Forks, Crcnui Lti dies, sugar l ongs, Butter Knives, tiic. ai thn v nrieiy Shop. Dec. 31. P.NG1S0RN & blll.N-.MAIl) Stone House for sale. THE subscriber offers for salo the net nnd elegant hammered stone hoiHC a whole city lot, and framed bou-c one story and a bnlf The premises are located on Cherry street near the Stone Church in Hurlington. Gentlemen wishing lo pur chase will please call soon, as the subscri ber intends lo sell the first day nf June next, without fail. Tho above premises aro free and clear of nil incumbrances. REUBEN BUTLER. Hurlington. Dec. 211. 1H3H. HB7T GOODS. IT M. GIDDLN'GS oilers Ins usual JOl. supply ol GOODS. ..)ll -Ireel Orlotier Tfl. IM. STATE OF VERMONT, I DisTnicT or Ci!tTTr..MiK.N, s. The Hon the Probate Court for the District of Chi lenilcn. to all persons concerned in the. estate, of David Goodhue, late of Undcihitl, m said District, deceased. GREETING. IIEREAS, Oliver Goodhue adminis' tralor of ihe eslute of said decease! proposes to render an accnunl of h:s admin Mration, and present Ins accnuut ngaius said estate for examination and allowance at a session of the Coon of Probate, lo be hidden nt the Regtsie-'sofiice in Hurlingluu on the Iflth day of January next. Tiikim:i'ouu, You nro hereby notified to ppeur before said Court nt the time and plnce nfnre-nid, and shew caue, if any you have, whv the account aforesaid sboold not be allowed. Given under my hand nt Hurlington thi 31st day of December. A. D. Ili.'ll? Wm. WESTON. Register. riuntinftoirs Introduction to Geography, with an Atlas containing 20 tiiaus and tables, n now -upplv in-i received by C. GOODRICH Wick ware building, up stairs This- is decidedly the best Geography nnd Atlas vet oftered for children. Copies Iur uisheil for examination, HERRING. Boxes Herring, for snle very low by S. WALKER & Co. Nova Scotia Plaster. Barrels fresh "round Nova Scotia Plaster, just received anil for sale bv P. Dooi.itti.k. November 7. 3m FOR SALE. A SETT of Giininiths Tools, second hand, wilh Rillle Machine complcie, formerly owned by Mr Hatch. guniniih, very cheip. C. BENNS. Nov. 20. REGISTERS. Wahon's Vermont Registers, for 1 339, ju-t ree'd and ''or -ale by 2 W. R &. P. 0. Vilas. 500 Dee 1 BOOTS iirtfD SHOES. OV all de-eiiptioiis, selling very low, at tbo New Boot and Shoo Store. ileo's Kip Hoots, Men's enarso Hoots, Men's Kip Ilrogaii", Men's thick I'rogaus, Hoys enarso Boots, Hoys Kip and thick I'rogans, Children's Bonis, lirognns &e. &c. Porsalo as cheap us can hu purchased else whore. ). J. FAY. Hurlington, Clmreli St. Dee. 5. STATlfbF VERM OA T, ( " Dis-Tiitcror Uiiittk.mii'.x, s s 7Vic Hon. the Probate Court for the Dis trill if Chillcnder.. To all persons um. lerned in the estate of Abijali Ellis late of Huntington, dcceasid. intestate. GREETING. WHEREAS John Ellis Admiuuirainr of the estate of tho snid decen-ed, proposes lo render nn nrciiuni nf his ntliuin 1st rat inn, nnd present Ins nccnuui ngaiiusi said osialo for allowance, nt the Probaif Court, lo ho holdon nt iho Eaglo Hall Tavern in Willislou, in snid District, on tho third Monday of January A. D. III39. Therelore, you are hereby notified to up. pear before snid Court nt tho tiinii mid pin :u aforesaid, to show cause, if any you havo, why the accoiiul should not bo allowed. Given under my hand und tho seal nf snid Court, nt Burlington in said District this 13th day of December. A. D. Iti3!i. I'oillon's genuine prepared Co- ran, for fu'i' by L n ituot1 k I'oi win. Shipping Furs. f1ASIL and tlio highest inailtct price, L paid for all kind of iliip:n' by Ihirlini'lon .Aim 30 t3l! GOAftSE SALT. 300 busli. folar Salt, lor salo low for cash, by E. 'fc Co Milton, jYov. ii, 1333. NAILS & GLASS. mOR sale at Winoo.-kl Village, at Ihu mj niniiufaclurer'd price, by bfDNF.V liAnr.ow. SB-ICE BP'S PJBIvTS. C1 ASH. and the highest market price, will be pu'd for sheep' pelf, by W, R. & F. C. VILAS. Sept 2G. G WEW GOODS A good assortment of DRY GOODS. DRY GROCERIES, CHOCK ER Y Sf HARDWARE, Just received mul will bo sold as citKAV .ft nt any other establishment in Chittenden County, for atth, produce, or short credit. by E. WHITNEY &. Co. Milton, Nov.n, 1833. Great Snow Stortn. A GREAT an.V unusual fall of Snow for ibis season, siy lo the depth of 12 or IS inches, would havo a wonderful tendency to increase the price of Goods. As it is. Ladies coming from a distance on wheels, can buy artielcsfor Dresses or Cloaks as cheap, if not a little cheaper, than c.-1'er. Ills surprising to see whal an effect a fall of snow and cold ' weather has on large bodies of valer in frccz ing them up ; and it ha. much Iho ."nine effect in closing up a stock of Goods. Therefore, should snow come soon, li'ie goods would all he sold offal HOW. IDS. Dec. 13. A new assortment ;ust ree'd of I-arvvcIrs Gailor Boots and Alines, with I-ur lined Over Shoes at HOWARDS. NECK STOCKS. PLAIN AND PIGUUED BLACK and White Siiiin am'l Botubazins? Stocks, in great Variety bv M- WAIT ring1 TABOR. NOTICE. THE Lessee nnd debtnis of ihe loivn of Bur I i iiulfii . will tiikti ii'iiicf iliL-ir lent mui interest fall dint nn ihe fnsl day of new. It i exprcird p.iwiiPiit will lit; Hindu on or before dim Jay. Nathan 15. IIaswli.l, 1 own 1 reaturtr. Burlington, Dec. 13, 1S3S. DR UCLFE'S EOTiHECAL DROPS IS one of the mo-t clficacioiis compounds in the Mateeia Mediea, for tho euro of that class of inveterate diseases produced by ai. impure state of the blood, and a vitiated habir of the body , abd usually exhibiting thnmsclvos in tho forms of Scrofula, Sell Rheum, Leprosy, St. Anthony's Fire, Fecc- Sores, (even when the bones aro affected.) While Swellings, (if apflied willi Dr. Jebb's Liniment.) foul and obstinate. Ulcers. Sore Legs and Eyes, baildicad in children. Scarry and Scorbutic Gout, Pvn" pled or Carbuncltd Faces, Festering Eruptions, and Venenal Taints throughout the body, m which lasi ease the Drops ol'len cure when Mercury fails. Thay are also (he best Spring and Autumnal Physic lo purity and eleanso the system from humors which frequently ap pear at these seasons of thu year. They also aid 1 ho process of digestion, and by purifying the blood, prevent tho secretion of malignant, humors on the lungs. Tho Proprietor confi dently relics upon the vast number, of sur prising cures effected by these Drops, not only in Boston and its vicinity, but throughout thu union, for ihe be-1 proof of their excellence as an unfailing Allrratice Medicine, in all tho ca ses above specified. This article bos recently been pronounced by a physician of the first respectability, who had witnessud its surprising efficacy, ns en titled, in his opinion to lako tho lead of all Iho popular articles known for iho above com plaints, and indeed it is fast gnining this point in public estimation, throughout tho country. Price 1 a Bottle, or six Hollies for $5. Dr. Relfc's AKTI-BXIiLIOUS PltiS. For Indigestion. Loss of App'tile, Listsesmess, Headache. Cmlireness, Flatulence, Cholic, lliltiuus Afficliana. i-c. coniinunt on tho efficacy of lhc?o Pills, JL after a successful uxpuiicnce of many years in England and America has e.-Ublisli-cd iheir reputation, is needless : Suffice it to observe, thai for redundancy of Bile, Flatu Icnce, Costivences, I luad.iclie, ,tc. kc, they will undoubtedly prove far more serviceabla than those draslie purges too fiiiqucnily em ployed, and will not only at Iho same' lirno lend to remove Iho offending cause by gen. tlo motions, and strengthen the digestivo organ"!, but imprnvo tho nppotilo and renovatu ihe system. I'rieo 50 cents, DR." KKLI-'E'S VI GKTAHLE SPE CIFIC, For Sitk Headache, ic. Trice 50 cents. k I None genuine unless signed on Iho outsirio printed wrapper by tho iole proprietor, T, KIDDER, immediate successor to tho late Dr. W. T. Co.nwav. For salo nl bis Counting Room, oyer Nu. 99, Court-street, near Con cert Hall. Boston, and also by his special ap. ointment, by .1. & J, II. I'ECK ft Co. SLEIGHS.' rVl'E subscriber lias, nu hum! i0 bf!st. iissorlmeiit of double and single, plea--urn nnd lumber SLEIGHS, thai Imtt ever been offered in ibis section, wlneh will he. disposed of tin favomblo tortus. 'J')0 pUt,, In: ure invited lo call and cxmnino for themselves. While Oak Spokes, of liio hesl quality, lor salo by tho sell i.r tliousand. Also, first raiu seasoned half inch Uasswood Hour lis. N. H. All persons whoso uoiea or ac counts aio now due, or full due on I he fmt of January next, are expected nnd will bu required to make prompt payment. JOHN K. GRAY. linrlinglun. Dee. Id, 11)311. removal; OOO O. HAYNES HAS icmoved bin Painting Eshtblithmcnt Im College. street, oast of Iho squaie, whuru tbo business will be carried on as usual. PAPER HANGINGS. .lust opened and for miIu a good assortment of Paper Hangings, of tho newebl French ami Anierii sn fashions. BuilmslothNoc, 30, HUB.

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