Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, January 25, 1839, Page 3

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated January 25, 1839 Page 3
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PATENT PLATFORM SCALES. WARRANTED. rriHIS article is 'no well known to nccil commendation -nod llm experience of seven years has demonstrated to the com incrcinl community, thnt for nccurncy, convenience nnd durability, t hey aro un rivalled Coal yard scales to weigh from 3 to C tons. Dormant Wnrchotno do. to weigh from 1-2 Ih. to 5000 lb-., Porlnhlo do. to weigh from 1 2 oz. to 200 lbs. Portable Counter do a new article to weigh from 1-2 nz. to 40 lb. J. & J..H. Peck & Go. Agents.. Burlington, January, 1 1139. WILL In: sold on Saturday tin; 2d day of February next, at N. B. Huswell's Auction Room, a largo assortment of Dry Goods, Crockery &, Hardware, for CasJi. Sales to comnienci' ai 10 o'clock. A, M. Iturlinu ton, Jan. 19. 1839 STOP THIEF! STOLEN from the sub-cribor's dour, on the evening of 22d hist., a new Buffalo Robe, which may possibly be offered for ealc. Two dollars reward will be pa d for the return of (lie skin, and two mure for llic detection of the thief. Jan. 24. 1039. Wm. I. Seymour. LATE ARRIVAL. 'E are indebted to Messrs. Comtock Si Co. of Whitehall, for their alien lion in forwa dine by land our box ol goods, also to Messrs. Follctl Si Bradleys for Hie prompt notice of its arrival, and we hope in make our friends and customers feel in debted to us for some of its contents. Amon other thing in the box. wc find a splendid Gold detached patent Lever 10 holes jewelled, Itnby Pallettes, with a beautiful cold and enamelled cap. Two bcautitul Gold Lepine Watches; one larc heavy doubled caed silver Lever. We liave now four excellent gold cased Levers, and 5 nice Gold Lepine?. and several first rate silver Levrra and Lepines, all war ranted to perform well. Also, we find n lot of narrow Whalebone for Dresses, 1 press English Clarionelto Reeds, I dnz Beed Bags, lined with kid, 2 di z. Shoe Brushes, 4 packs fine Diamond Pins, black dressing Pins. etc. etc. &c. New Goods constantly receiving at Hie Variety Shop. Jan. 2a. Pa.ngbhun &. Biunsmaid. THE subscriber offers tor sale the benu tiful coroer lot, west of Mrs. Illicit, enck's, containing a quarter of an acre, and on which there aro number of excellent fruit' trees. Terms rcasonnble, nnd pay ments mad- eav. B. J. HEINEHERG. Burhnton. Jan. 24 1039. FLOUR. IP A Bbls. superfine Family Floor, for sale hv IIickok & Jan. 23t 1 039. Domestic Sheeting. A FEW bales remaining unsold which will be disposed of. by the bale or sin gp piece, ot remarkable low prices. Jan. 24. LATimoe & Potwin. NEWTON'S PANACEA, Or great pur ifier of the Blood. I Substitute fur Swaim's Panacea, a SbA cheaper article and by many consid ered superior- J & J. II. PECK Si Co.-Agcnts'. Burlington, January, 1039. SALMON at retail, by Jan. 24. Latiirop &. Potwin. NEW STORE SIDNEY BARMV has received mosi kinds of GOODS usually kept (except toe great western) at his store nt Winoos hi Village, and will be pleased to see friends and customers. Winnoski Villngo Nov. 1st, 1030. PLASTEH. Tons ground Plaster, for salo by Nov. 21. S. Walker Si Co. miSSUE PAPER, assorted Colours, JL Coloured Drawinfj Wper. Stationery iv, VTrTie Jan. 17- Paborn Si Uhini-Maid ONE FUR. CAP and a few While Neck Tics, not yet sold, can be had if applied for soon at the Variety Simp. PANfilinilN& Biunsmaid. VARIETY SHOP OTICE. mTOTWlTHSTANDING wo do not Jl Credit, there have a number of little accounts of 6. 12, 25, DO and 100 cents or morn rnllppli'il fin 111. 11(1 which WC wish discharged. Those having any accounts for us to pay will pleaeo present them. Goods in great Variety for sale; Watches nnd Clocks repaired in our usual ntylc. Terms. Cash, for Goods or Work ot the timo of delivery. Jan. 17. Pancborn Si Biunsmaid. The American Medical Alma nac for 1839. DESIGNED for llio daily Ufa of prnclifing iliicldii, surgeons, miidcnts, unit npollie caries, lieing iilsu a pocket memorandum tand nccounl bonk, unil general medical directory of, l lie United Suipb. Ily J, V. C. Smiih, editor of llio Hotm Medical and Surgical Motion 1839. For rale by James W. IIickok. Ami lington Vt., Jan, II, 1830. . . WANTED. A 'ofgo number ot unsciiled nceounts of from one to two years standing, the subscribers wish to have closed. Persons intere-lctl will i0n duo notice. Jan I, 1039. Latiihop & Potwin. "Si ll Ap"sar li E D (S E n s MANUFACTURED from blue wove, demy and medium paper, and bound in a stinorior style, 11 E C b It 1) BOOKS mnnufactiircd from whitu wove medium paper, and bound in heavy calf, together with a concrnl assortment of BLANK BOOKS, for sale at the Book Bindery, hv S. HUNTINGTON. N. T?. nianlt Books and all kinds or Hook Binding done to order, at prices that sham. suit. i3. II College stiiekt, ) Burlington. Jan. 17, 1(139. s STOVES ! STOVES !! npilE Snbicnbcrs have on consignment -- n largo stock of Cooking Stove" , from No. 1 to No. 4 of the latest approved pal tor:i. Parlor Stoves, of i very superior stile and quality, also, Box Stoves, of dif fercnt sises and patterns. Any one who wishes to purchase any kind nfStovos, will find it much for his interest, to call and examine the above Stoves, before purchas ing eiscwnere, as Hie stoves will be sold very low and on terms to suit porchascrs. SOLOMON WALKER & Co. January 10 1(139. MOLASSES. j rv llhds. Molasses for sale by tbo Hhd. A very low by SOLOMON WALKER & Co. January 1(3, 1039. Groceries & Provisions. npilE subcri'iers have on hand a heavy J- slock of Teas, Sugars, Spices. Fruit, Coffee. Codfi-m, Molasses, Confectionery, &c &c, and wc will give our customers some belter bargains than they have been m the M li bit ol malting il they will call be lore our stock is sold. We have good Hyson Skin Tea, for 25 cts. per Ih and other things as cheap. PROVISIONS, such nsPorA-. Flour, Duller, Cheese, Lard, Salmon, Mackerel, S,-c. f(C and a small quantity of cheap Pepper Sf Spice from 3 to 0 cts. per lb. Persons wishing to lay in their stock will do well to call soon. Jon. 13. Lathrop Si Potwin. REMOVAL,.. Dit. O. II. SAXTON HAS removed his office near his residenco two doors south of St. Paul's Church, corner of St. Paul and Bank Streets, where ho will at ail limes ho ready to perform any epcralioo in D ENTISTY in the best manner. A new discovery enables him to extract teeth with little pain u:id without ilnngernfinjuring tho gums or breaking tho teeth. Flo will insert superior mineral teeth from one to a whole set on tho nowcsl and most approved plan he flutters himself that fourteen years close application to DusTisnY, has enabled him to perform all operations in his profes sion in the mot skilful manner. Guilefully iteknmvleilgrs p in f.ivorsnnd requests a cmiliiuu'ice ol" public piiiroiingc, N. U. lie will keep ciiiHiniiily for sale Tooth Paste, Watties, Iliuxlic. $c. Ilurtington, Jan. 18, 1839. Books for Town Libraries. A Large assortment of Histories Biogra phys. Voyages. Travels, Novels &c. &c, for sale ol very reduced prices hy C. GOODRICH. Wickwore building, up stairs, Dec. 12. 133(1. PORK. THE subscribers will pav c.A for a few Tons lleavv I'mk. l.ATlinof & Potwin. Jiiou.ny 1839. CARPETING. V few pieces new stylo, Eng. Ingrain Car. pcting, Heavy Oil Chilli, do. Jan. 18. Lathrop anrf Potwin. Georgr S. Halo's Estate. E tho subscribers, haviiiif been appoint ed by the Honorable the 1'iobatu Court for the Dist rict of Chittenden, commissioners to receive, examine, and adjust the claims and demands of all persons, against tho cslatn of George b. Hale, lato ol Westrord, in said IJis liict, deceased, represented insolvent, and also all claims and demands exhibited in offset thereto ; and six months from tho day of tho dale hereof, bciny allowed by siid court for that purpose, wo do llicrclbro hereby give no. lice, thai we will attend to the business of our appointment, at tho dwelling of Thompson Beech, in Wcstford. in said District, on tho last Thursdays of February, May and June nexf, al 10 o'clock, A. M.,on each of said (lav. Dated, this 27lh dav or Dec. A. D. 1033. f a. hill, ) ,0. S. GOI'K, Com'rs. E. FIELD, S Samuel Keoler's Estate. STATE OF VERMONT, i DlrfRICT OF ClIITTEM)K.N. SS The Hon. the Probate Cwurl for the Dis Iriit of Chittenden, To all persons con cerned in the Estate of Samuel Keeler, late (if Essex, in said District, deceased nit r1 1? 'i r m km ft i j i.j i tJ y x. IIEREAS, Marshal Castle, Execu.. tor of i he last will and testament of said deceased proposes to render an account of his odmiuihtratton, and present his nc cnlint against said estato for examination and allowance at n session of the Court of Probate, to be holden ot the Register's office in Burlington, on the second Wcdnes day of February next. Tiir.nEronF,, Vou aro hereby nutified to appear before said Court at the limu nnd pluco aforesaid, and shew cause, if any you have, why the account aforesaid should not bo nllowcd. Given under my hand ct Burlington, this 9th day of January A. D. 1339, Wm. WESTON, Register. BOSTON ACADEMY. A LARGE supply of this excellent col lect ion. of Church Music just ree'd and for sale, by J. W. Hickok. Jon. i, 1039. William Ward's Estate. state of rnnjiojYr, Dhtiuct of ClIITTKNDEN, 69. AT a Probate Court holden nl Burling, ton within and for the District afore., said on Hie 9th day of January A. D. 1339, nn Instrument purporting to bu the last Will and Testnmenl of William Ward.late of Milton, In aaid District deceased, was presented to the Court here filr Probate, by Ohve Word, the Executrix therein named. Tiieukfoue it is ordored by said Court", that public notice be given to nil persons concerned I herein to oppcar before said Court, al a session thereof to be holden nl the Register's office in Burlington, on tho second Wednesday of February A. I). 1039, ond contest the probate of said Will, ond it is further ordered that (his order bo published three weeks successively in the Free Press, a newspaper printed at Bur lington, in this Stole, tho lat of which shall bo previous to the day assigned, as aforesaid for hearing. Given under my hand at the Register's Office, this 9th day of January A. D. 1(139. Wm. Wkton. Register. WM. PIIINCE & SOW W ILL make sales ot Trees nnd Cuttings of the Gen uine Chinese Morns Muliicaulis, M o r u s Expsnsa, Alpine. n rous pa, Canton and other varieties deliverable to tho purchasers at such period in tho spring as is convenient to them, nnd will enter into contracts accordingly. Prices nnd terms for Wie Trees and Cuttings will be forwarded to all who may opply for them by mail, os well ns prices of Silk Worms Erga, Mulberry Seeds &c. Tho Mulii caulis Trees ore remarkably vigorous, and ns wc first imported the Genuine tree, purchasers aro sure of obtaining the true kind. It is from this cause and from the great attend n paid by them, that the trees they have sold have given universal satis faction. N. B. Fruit ond Ornamental Trees, Plants and Seeds can be supplied to any extent. Flushing, near New York Jan. I, 1039. One day in my Shop. it A RE my Boots done." said n genteel looking young man as he my shop with a cane in his hand arid o chain about his neck, which he mode nn effort to conceal. 'What is the name sir. said I.' 'My name is .' 'Yes sir;' handing him a pair lhat would bo pronoun ced exquisite by any of the species in Broadway. 'I will call and pay you for them to-morrow,' said he. 'I "like ihcm much ond will tell my friends where to call if i hey want a superb article in your lino Seeing me hesitnle. he added, I for not my purse when I left home. "I have n"t forgot to make your Boots,' said I, 'ond I llnnk the best way to make you rcmem ir io pny me for (hem is to keep them till you do so. 'Are my 6hoes done ?' said a smart young girl, I always remember tho ladies names.) 'Yes, Miss,' handing them to her. 'What is the price ?' 'One dollar and fifiy cs:n's.' 'Here is nn order from Mr. for them.' 'I am vnry sorry to mnko you trouble,' t-nid I. 'but I cannot take 'ho order in payment.' Why sir, is it not good?' Yes. undonbt cdly Mr. is good for three times the amount of all the 6hoes I have in my shop, but I ennnot use that order in my business, those shoes are money tn mo. nnd if I take the order in payment it makes tho order cash to Mr. . that is. Mr. puts ono dollar nnd fifty cents of my money into his own pocket, winch he undoubtedly will pay when it is convenient, but in the menntimo it is entirely useless to me.1 'Do you make gaiter Boots ." said a lady, 'Yes.' Have you any madn ?' I have some lhat I havo made for measures,' (handing her o pair.) 'Those ore nice ones,' said she. 'and I think they will fit me, 1 will trv them. 'I havo no object ion to your trying Hem. Dot siinuiil tliey tit yon. I would not run the rUk of disappointing the lady they arc made for, for the price of them. 'You ore ri"ht.' paid she,' 'you may take my measure for a pair.' 'Have you any Boots ready made that will fit me? sind a gentleman. '1 believe I have sir. for I keep a good assortment on nnnu. i no gentleman selected a pair which he said li: ted turn belter than he was ever before filled, and enquired the price. 'Five dollars sir,' 'why,' said he. (hnnding me the money) ! expected thev would be more. I havo not seen n better pair in the place, and they nil asked more for them.' 'I never inquire sir what others sell their won; fur, 1 do not do a credit business nnd therefore do not charge one man fur what another runs nwny with.' 'ion may depend upon my pationaco,' said tho gentleman, handing me his card. 'Thank you sir, 1 will endeavor to deserve it by having your work well done nnd done when you want it. Ladies and gentlemen, the subscriber solicits your patronage, nnd will be in his shop every day In attend to your commands. and will omit no effort tn lurnish yuu a good article in his line, and cheap for ready pay. Shop, corner of Church and Cherry streets. JAMES II. PL ATT. January 7. 1339. "7"nEItEAS,t7fl'rt my wifo has eloped T T trom her lied and board that 1 nave am ply provided for her, with her sun, this is to i'orbiil all persons from harboring and trusting tier on my account. hui.a Uiuttenden Shclburn, Jan. 4. 1339. Gcnsc Feathers. Affi j'l'l received oud for sale by Jon, o. W. It. &. F. C. Vilas. fkF every descrfplion, for sale by the V- subscriber, Town Records, Day Books, Ledgers, do. Poikcl, Quarto Blank Books, Bill Books, Receipt do. Memorandum Books, various kinds. Jan. 4. H139. J. W. Hickok Tho Churchman Almanac for 1830, for sale by Jan, 1. J, V, IIickok. PAP2R. JjO Reoms Cap Paper, for sole by C. GODRICII. De(2fJ Wickwaro buildinir up stairs CASH. THE subscribers will pay cash, for WHEAT. CORN, RYE. BARLEY, if BUCKWHEAT Dec.ZO, 1030. Hickok & NOTICE. WHEREAS my wife Electa lias refuneH to lite uub me, without a just cause, and bus left my l)P(l anil humd, I llieiclbie do flu bid all oer- foiin bio boring or trusting her nn my tir.cmirit, nn I win pay no ucois ot iter coniinr.iint! niter iliig tlulc. Al.VIN PUCE. IIintsluTf;h, Dec. 25, 1838. By tho Dozen or Gross, Indol- lible Ink, either with or without a prepar ation, warranted not to wnsh out or cor rode the finest cambric -, Oldr.dge's Balm of Columbia, by the dozen or grnss; Bears Oil, by the ilnzon or gross; 6tecl Specta cles by the dnz' n or grnss; best quality German silver Spoons, Forks, Cream La dies. Sugar Tongs, Butter Knives, Sic. at Hie Variety Shop. Dec. 31. pANGBonN & BniN-MAin. Stone House for sale. THE subscriber nff.jrs for sale the new nnd elegant hammered stone house a whole city lot, and framed house ono siory nnd a half The premises aro located n Cherry street near the Stone Church in nurlinetnn. Gentlemen wishing to pur chase will please call soon, as the subscri ber intends to sell the first day of June nest, without fail. Tho above premises arc free nnd clear of all incumbrances. REUBEN BUTLER. Burlington, Dec. 23, 1030. 1T327T GOODS. HM. Gl DOINGS offers his usual supply nl GOODS. !" 1 -trpri OetohiT 30. 1030. Huntington's Introduction to Geography, with an Atlas containing 20 maps and tables, a new supply just received by C. GOODRICH. Wickware building, up stairs. This is decidedly the best Geography and Atlas yet offured for children. Copies fur. nishcd for examination. HERRING. Boxes Herring, for sole verv low, by S. WALKER & Co. 50 Nova Scotia Plaster. Barrels fresh ground Nova Scotia Plaster, just received and for sale by P. Doomttle. November 7. 3m. FOR SALE. A SETT of Gunsmiths Toole, second hand, with Riflle Machine complete, furmcrtyowned by Mr Hatch, gunsmith, very cheap. C. BENNS. Nov. 20. REGISTERS. XrCl Walton's Vermont Register', for JW 1039, jint ree'd and for kbIo by Dec 12. W R. &. l C. Vila BOOTS AND SHOES. OF all desctiptions, selling very low, at tho Now Boot and Shoo Store. Men's Kip Boots, Men's coari-o Boots, Men's Kip Brocans, Men's thick Broyans, Boys coarse Boots, Buys Kip and thick Brogans, Children's Boots, Broeaus Uc.kc. For sale as cheap as can be purchased else where. E. J. FAY. Burlington, Church St. Dec. 5. REMOVAL. C. II AY NHS HAS removed his Painting Establishment lu Collec.slrcct, cal of the squaie, whero tic buiness will bo carried on as usual. PAPER HANGINGS. Just opened and for salo a good assortment of Paper Hangings, of the newest French and Amerii ;:i fashions. tf Burlington, Nov. 30, 11(30. NEW GOODS. RECEIVED this diy. brilliant jet black dresring Pins of the best quality, ger. man nlnrm Clocks, pink or carmine Sau cers. Violin Strings, Bugle Bucks, &c. at the Variety Shop. Dec 27. Pa.nOBOUS Si BuiN'MAIl). Poillon's genuine prepared Co coa, fur sale hv Latiihoi' li Potwin. FiaNO MUSIC. ALARGEciillectiou ol !-hccl Music, of which there is o printed catalogue, is for sale by the subscriber. ALSO, Kingsley's Social Choir, vols. 1 Si 2. Musical Encyclopedia, Juvenile Mimical Library, Mull's Si Cramers Instruction books. Jan. 4, 1039. J. W. Hickok. Circulating Library. C GOODRICH has on hand a large . collection of Books, which he will let for reading, cither in or out of town. Jan. 4, 1339' if Shipping Furs. CASH, nnd the highest market price, paid for all kinds of shipping by W R & F C Burlington, Nov 30, 1033 COARSE SALT. 300 bush, Milar Salt, for sale low for cash, by E. Whitney & Co Milton, Nov. 0, 1830. JiEW GOODS. A good assortment of DRY GOODS. DRY GROCERIES, CROCKERY Sc HARDWARE, Just roccived and will bo sold as ciibap os at ony other establishment in Chittenden County, foreiwi, produce, or khnrt credit, by E. WHITNEY Si Co. Milton, Nov 3, 1033, NAILS &, GLASS. FOR salo at Winooski Villogo, ol the manufacturcr'rt prices, by , SlDNEV RAIlf.nw. SHEETS PJEITS. C1ASH, ond the highest tnnrket price ' will bo paid for sheep's pells, hy W. R. Si F.C. VILAS. Sept 20. Cm Great tinoio Storm. A GREAT and unusual fall or Snow fur this SnaMOn. nn V In I lm ilnnll, .fit) n. I.-. inches, would Imvn n w,,i,,l,,.c,,i in.,,innn . Incteaso the price of Goods. As it is, Ladies coining from a distance on whcols, can buy articles for Dresses or Cloaks as cheap, ifnot a little cheaper, than ever. Ills surprising to seo what no efTect a fall of snow and cold weather has on largo bodies of water in frer.7. nig uiem up ; auu il lias much tho same effect in closiorr on n Nlnrli nf Cnml. Tl. r should mow como soon, the goods would all uu koio on ai iiUiV.llins. Doc. n. A new assortment just rec"d of Farwell's Gaitor Hoots and Shoes, with Fur unco uver snoo, at HOWARDS. 3VECR STOCKS. PLAIN AND FIGURED BLACK and White Sr.ltn nml n,l,.-', Slocks, ill great Varietv by i-rcc. ii. WAIT and TABOR. NOTICE. rpflE I.cjpcc" nnd deblois ofibe town of Bur. - liiiglnn, will uilio notice lhat llieir tent nnd iiilcrePl f.ills dun tin ilie li.d day of Jamiaiy next. It la expected lhat punctual ).iinenl will lie made on orbefoie that day. Nathan 11. IIaswki.l, . Town Treasurer. Burlington, Dec. 13, 1838. Dll. RKLFFS EOT DROPS IS one ofihc mo-t efficacious compounds in llio .Materia Medina, for tho euro of that class of inveterate diseases produced by an impure slate of the blood, nnd a vitiated habit of the body, olid usually exhibiting themselves in tho forms of Scrofula, Silt Rheum, Lrpiovy, St. Anthony's Fire, Feif Sores, (even when tho bones aro aftuelod.) White Sivellmgs, (if npr lied with Dr. Jcbb's Liniment,) foul and obstinate Ulcers. Sore Legs and Eyes. Staldhead tn children. Scurry and Hcurbulic Gnul. im- plcd or Carbunrlid Faces, Festering Eruptions, and Venereal Taints throughout the body, in which last ease tho Drops often cure when Mercury fail.s. Thay are also the best Spring and Autumnal Physic to pt,rily and cleans the syhtcm from humors which frequently ap pear al those seasons of tho year. They also aid the process of digestionand by purifying the blood, prevent tho secretion of malignant humors on tho lungs. Tho Propriolor confi dently relies upon tho vast number of sut prising cures effected by these Drops, not only in Boston and its vicinity, but throughout the union, for tho best proof oflheir excellence as an unfailing .4mijue.VecicjVie, in all tho ca sos above specified. This article has recently been pronounced by a physician of the first respectability, who had wilnesud its clficacy. as en titled, in his opinion to lake the lead of all tlio popular articles known for the above com plaints, and indeed it is fast gaining this point in public estimation, throughout tho country. Price $1 a Bottle, or six Bottles for $3. Dr. Relfe's ANTI-BIIiLIOUS PILLS. 'or Indigestion, Lois ofApintite, Listsesmess, Heudache, Caslicencss, Flatulence, Cholic, Billions Affections, &e. TjnO comment on llio efficacy of these Pills, A after a successful expuiienco of manv years in England and America has oUblUli ed their reputation, is needless: Suffice it to observe. lhat for redundancy of Bile, Flatu lence, Cosliveiicts, Headache, &c. &c, they will undoubtedly prove far more serviceable than those drastic purges too fieqiicntly em ployed, and will not only nt the same timo tend to remove the olfending cause by get), tlo motions, and itretigthon the digestive organs, but improve llm appelitoand rcnovatu the system. Pi ice 50 cents. Dit. KELFE'S VMJETABLE SPE CIFIC, For Sick Headache, ic. Price SO cents. kl None genuine unless signed on the oulsido printed wrapper by the sole proprietor, T, KIDDER, immediate surccssor lo tho late Dr. W T. Con wav. For salo nt his Counting Room, over No. 99, Court-street, near Con" cert Hall. Boston, and also by his special ap ointinunt, by J. & J. H. PECK & Co. Odonlica ! Odonlica ! ! The Teeth! The Teeth!! YfjR. M. HITCHCOCK'S Magnetic Odon vi lica. The fact is proved, and llio mosl incredulous and doubting aro fully con. vinccd, as wo havo llio evidence from the sale of more than 7000 boxes within ihn past vcar, that the Utopian dreams of tho ulchymisl aro realized, n,ml a romudy discovered (or preserv. iog those important and beautiful appendages of the human system, by the uso of tho Mag. nelic Odonlica, which, by its alliaclivo, puri fying and strengthening qualitios iciuoves all extraneous substances Irom tho leeth and preserves them in llieir natural brilliancy, and tho gums in soundness and beauty. Il is as. ccrtainorl from experience, thai when used, tho teeth will not decay, but rcmuin til! the latest old age, wiih limit natural wear. When thoy aro decaying, its progress will bo ar rested, and tho teeth preserved and prevented from aching. Ladies and gentlctiiun of tho most respccla'ulo character ore dailv calling, who assuro us that beforo limy commenced using the Odonlica, tliuir teeth were loose and fast going In decay, their gums spungy and feverish, and I lie breath foiled, and after usit!! j this invaluable powder, in less than ono week mcir iuuiii wcri iirto in mcir sockcis, llioir gums resumed llioir health, their breath cor rected, ond no money could inducu ihcm to be wilhotil it. All this costs the small sum of fifty cents. For sale by J. & J. H. Peck & Co. only agents in Burlington for tho sole porprictors, A. Hitchcock & Co. Ulica N. Y. DR. M. HITCHCOCK'S newly invented SNUFF-only 25 rents. FOR the euro and absoluto relief of catarrh, dizziness of the head, weak eyes nervous head'aches, fallen-sickness fits, nnd infants troubled will) tho suuflles, partial shocks of palsy, Ac. For salo by J. Si J, 11 Puck Si Co., only Agents in Burlington for tho solo proprietor's A. Hitchcock Si Co. Ulica N. Y. The German Matchless Sana tive, for sale nl tho Posi Ortico nt Grand Isle Vt., where numerous testimonial as to its specific qualities in cares of Con sumption Sic, may be seen by calling at my office. DANIEL JACKSON, Agent. Dcccrubcr 14, 1038, 6m woaw TEA. lR.M. HITCHCOCK'S unrivalfod and1 unequaucu wuiim TEA, a sovereign remedy for worms, Strange and incredible aio tho effects of these detestable Tormin low persons, and it is thought nunc, oro free from them, particularly females and children. Many persons go through a distressing couuo of mctlicino, without any benefit, when llioy might bo relieved by using tho worm tea. This invaluablo medicine has been tested by llio exporienco of more than four thousand persons of varioui ages, and nol one solitary COmnleilil! nn llm rnnlmrv. ImnrlrnHa called and unsolic led given their decidod preference to il, after trying tho different arlililes SP.nt fnrlll tn I tin mlhlin. nml nrniinnn ced Dr. M. HITCHnnrir'H worm inn un rivalled and unequalled. For sale by ). & j. ii. rr.cKu o., only agents in Jiurlington for thosolo propiictors, A. Hitchcock & Co. Advertisement ! to tub asthmatic and consumptive. Tin HE most prevalent oud fatal ot all tho JL diseases incident to civilized society the Consumption may generally bs traced to the least alarming of disorders, a slight but neglected Cold I By estimation, it appears that one hundred and fiftt thousand persons die annually of tho Consumpiinn. Most of these dreadful results may be attributed to common Coldt, and a negligent treatment of the harrossing Cough that generally ensues, which is usually followed by difficult brenlhiog, pain in the side, and al last Ulcerated Lungt. Violent and repented As liniatic ntlocka nlso bring on Consumptive symptoms. One or two dollars expended in the pur. chose of DR. RELFE'S ASTHMATIC PILLS, and a little ottentiuu to their timely admin istration, will usually ensure n mitigation of these disorders, and generally effect ncure. The Pills are also an easy and effectual remedy for the symptoms preceding nnd accompanying the Asthma nnd Consump tion. For colds, coughs, difficulty of breath ing, tightness ond strictures across tho chest, wheezing, pain in the tide, spitting of blood. Sic. Few coses can occur of.any of this class of disorders, in which the pur chasers of Dr. Relfe's Pills will not find a rich return for their trifling expenditure. Price-whole boxes, 30 Pills, ; half do 12 Pills, 50 cts. TO THZ IiADIES ! WHITE and sound Teeth are both an ornament nnd a blessing. The best security for their advantage is to be found in the use of the BRITISH ANTISEPTIC DENTRIFICE. Tins elegant Tooth Powder, with a very littlo use, eradicates the Scurvy in tho gums, and prevents the occumulation of Tarter, which not only blackens, but loosens the teeth, nnd accelerates their decay. The Dentrifice thus removes the prevailing causes of offensive brenth, pre- j serves llio healthiness and floridness of tho gums, ond renders the teeth beautifully white. Price 50 cents. k2 None ore genuine unless sifftied on tho outside printed wrapper, by the sole pro' I t innntD ..ib.wr, j . iiiiwuiVi ifiricucuie suucur, ofthe Into Dr. W. T. Conwav. For sale at his Counting Room, over No. 99. Court street, near Concert Hall, Boston, and also by UU special nnpnintmcnt. by J. Si 3. H. PECK Si Co, Burlington. Vt. B lllN D R ETH'S PILLS! ! LOOK OUT FOR COUNTERFEITS!! ALL Pills sold in llio Slato of Vermont must pass through our hands as Dr. Brandtcth's General agonls. Thcio will bo no more Pills told at llio Boston office, noilhor hy B. B. Mtissoy. (who is no longer Bran drelhs agent,) to bo retailed in this section oflhe Couniry. All Pills purporting to bo Brandroths, and sold by persons without a certificate of agency signed by B, Brandt cth and by us are counter' ftits, To prevent all imposition from tho cir eolation of counterfeits, just lot the purchaser ask the vender for his certificate of agency signed by Ferro and Paimclec, or Geo. P. Walton, of Montpclier Vt. who is our goncral agent for tho following Counties, Washing ton, Orange, Chittenden, Addison, Fianklin, Oilcans, Lamoile, Essex and Grand Isle, in Vermont. Never purchase of Peddlers, for in no instaneo do they everhave the genuine article. Should any of our agents be eauiht in tho counterfoil trade, they will be displaced and so advertised. Tho 1'ills must be kept pure, anc the Counterfeiters must bo dealt with ac cording to law, No Mistake. Tho following persons arc regularly appointed in their res pective towns-. For salo by S. E. HOWARD, Burlington Fuller & Huntington, Richmond Fletcher & Woodman, Williston J, T. Ainsworth, Mil ton Poller, Cull, k Co., Fairfax L. Tyler Essex L, Janes, Georgia James Russell, St. Albans F.V. Goodrich, S wanton S. K. Plall, Ilighgatc Win. Gtcen Si Co., Sheldon Outfit i & Lewis, Berkshire Thomas Fuller Si Son, F.nnsburgli Arininglon & Dean, Bakertfield Tower and Oakcs, Underbill G. B. Oakcs, Jericho. FEB RE and PARMCLEE. General Brandrelhian Agents Middlotown, Conn., July 4, 1030. DF. RELFE'S AROMATIC PILLS, FOR rUIVTALES. THEY purify tho Blood, quicken llscircu. lotion, assist tho suspended operations of nature, and arc a general remedy for tho prevailing complaints among the female part of society, 'file ."ills aro particularly effica cious in tho Green Sickness, Palpitation of the Heart, Giddiness, short Breath, Sinking of tho Spirits. Dejection arid disinclination to oxeoiciso and society. Married ladies will find tho Pills equally useful, except in eases of pregnancy, when Ihry musl not be taken neither must they bo taken by persons of hectic or consumptive habits. Price 1,50 a box. also tiic cn.nnr.ATKn CAMBRIAN TOO I II-AOHK PILLS, Which givo immtdiale relief, without the least injury to tho Teeth. On trial this will bo found ono of llio best remedies known for this complaint. Price 50 conls a box. k5 REMOVAL. DOCTOR HATCH has removed his Ollico to his residence on Whitc-st. two doors south ofthe Methodist Chapel, whore he continues to givo his unremitting; attention lo tho practice of Medicine ana Surgery. Burlington, Nov. 22, 1038. Fnirbank's Patent Scales, by Nov.2i. J St J, H.Pkck &Co Aeenls

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