Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, February 1, 1839, Page 3

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated February 1, 1839 Page 3
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tVUMlllU13R9! the now States and nine opposed to to them. A report from the mnjority of cither committee, therefore, would probably bo very neatly to tho satno purpose. But there certainly would be a greater chance lf the matter receiving free nnd full discus elon from the select than from tho standing committee. On these motions a debate arose, which was closed by a motion to lay on the table. A call of tho House was immediately or dered: and alter repented motions to (sus pend the proceeding on tho call after reading the excuses of absentees tho doors of the Hall were opened, and it was found one hundred and ninety-nine members wore present. Tho question was then taken ; and there appeared, For laying tho bill on the table, 1 02 Against the motion, 97 Mnjority. C Tho Cumberland Uond Bill was then presented, from the Senate, and a motion was instantly made (in revenge I suppose) to lay it on the table. but before the Speaker could propound tho question, a motion was made to adjourn, which pre vailed. tt c This has been a dull day in the benate. The morning business was unimportant. Too Bill "to prohibit the giving or ac ceding, within tho District of Columbia, a challcngo to fight a duel, and for tho pun ishmcnf thereof," introduced by MtPrcn list of Vermont, at the lust session, and revived at the present, was passed to a 3d ronding. and will come up to morrow on ile final passage. The latter part of the day was spent in th" coniderntum of privato business. The Invc-tigating Committee on Dnfal. nations left the city this evening for N'iw York. Mr Hitrlai. ihc Chairman Mr .Philip R. Fcndall. of this city, Clerk-and Mr Wm. Ogdcn JVilei, Printer. The lat named gentleman docs not accompany them of course. Yesterday, tho Committee sent to the Secretary of thn Treasury a series ofqties. tions, which nrc to be answered by the time thev return. They havo subpoenaed Mr Underwood, the principal Clerk in the Treasury De partment, engaged on the matters relating to this inquiry, to appear before them on Friday, in New York. Sekious CoNFr.AGnATioN. On Thurs day morning a fire broke out in tho Iron Foundry of Haskell & Turner, Haverill St., Boston, which spread with wonderful Tapidily; and before it could be subdued, destroyed a larger number of buildings than any fire in that city for a series of years. The night was much the coldest of the season, many of the buildings in the vicinity were of wood, tho wind was on commonly high, and at one time the flames threatened destruction to hundreds of houses. Tho whole number oT houses, ehops and other buildings destroyed is about 40, situated on Haverhill. Market, Beverly, Cooper. Charlestown and Endicott streets. The asgrcgato loss is eaid to be between gG0,000and G5,000. The Catholic church was in imminent danger for some time. It was on fire repeatedly in various places, but by tho well directed efforts of those inside, and the tearing down of pheds around it, the fire was checked, and the "building not materially damaged. Melancholy disaster. A gentleman lias jut called at our office and informed us 1 hdt last evening the house of Andrew Otis of Saranac was burned and four of his children consumed by the fire. Plaits burgh Win?. BouNTr on Wheat. Tho sum of seventy-seven thousand, nine hundred and ninety-eight dollars, cighty.nine cents, was paid last year by tho Treasurer of the State of Maine, for bounties on the raising of Wheat. It is estimated that 150,000 will be paid this vear. iti a it it i i: i) In Georgia, on iloni!.iy the Mill tilt., by Rev. E. vinslov, Mr. I'.ilmiiiKl tioouiicu to Bliss Susan HI err in , nil of the former iilncc, In Ksfcx, on the 27ili nit., by Mr. J. Tin lie, Mr. George I'owkll, nf IhirlinKlon, lo Mies JL.AU it a L. Atiierton, of Cusileion. i) i r. i) . In this village, on the 31st J,in.. Mis Emily Mann, daughter of William Mnim, aged 9 jears. In Slielbtirn, Vi,, on ihe 20ili ult., Mr. Terpen, iigcil 51 eius. Stephen Van Kensselaer, die Pniroon of Allmnv died nllii tcsidpiire in litis cily, on Sniiir dAy afternoon, in the 75ih e;tr of his sige. Res pected for Mi serviccf. in llio b.ttlle-fielil nnd llie council chamber of i he nation j eminent for I he iriurs whirh adorned his public and privato life ; beloved for llie beiieiolrncc which made many par takers of llio wealth bestowed upon him ; we mourn nt once the enlightened pairiot, llie good man. After a lonj caieer of honor nnd of useful ness, he sank calmly and contentedly in his final repo?e. I'orliinnlo'iii his life, fortiinata in his denllt, he has left the one lo be imitated, the oilier to bo regretted by idl who knew his ch.irncter ami deplore Ids loss. May Hp, whose cIiojph insliii mem he so often was, to hind tip tho broken heart nnd cheer llie hahitalinn of poverty nnd wo, extend his gracious rniuolations to the hearts which h ue been m;ul in bleed, nnd the home which has been rendered desolate bv the defense of this venerable patriarch. Alb. Daily Adv. iiigh School. THE next quarter of fturlinglnn High School for bovs will commence on Wednesday. Feb. 20th. Alvan I'oote, 1 Neman Allen, j Q. 0. Inokiisoll, J. K. CoNVP.nsK, i Trustees. N. B. Haswell, j T. FOLLKTT, I Gr.n. Mooiik, J Burlington, Feb. 1, 1839. ATT JVOTIOE. Abb porsons indebted to tho subscriber are hereby notified that prompt pay. tnent of their debts due mo is oxpected, and if such payment la not made.l shall enforce collection by law. Wm. I. SEYMOUR. Feb. 1. 1839. 3w SALMON at retail, by Jan, 24, Latiirop &l Potwin. DISSOLUTION I m HIS is to lorbid all porsons harboring JL or trusting Harriot, my wife, after this date. JOHN D. PICKERING. Burlinslon, Jan. 17. 1030. STATE OP VERMONT. Robinson Ficnnts ) Grand Isle Co Court, vs. September term, Er.tsHABoAnnMAN S A. D. 1 1138. The subscriber having been appointed auditor to hear, examine and adjust the nccoiinls of tho parties in this cause tho action being an action on book hereby gives notice that ho will attend to tho ad. justing of said accounts at tho dwelling lione of Reuben Sampson, in Grand Isle, in said County, on the 25th day of April next, at one o'clock in the nfternoon ; nnd if either party neglect to attend at said lime and place, tho auditor will proceed cxpartc. By order of Court. SAM'L ADAMS, Auditor. Gramhhle, Jrm't21. UI39. $25 REWARD. TOST, n black leather Trunk, with n boot top, about three feet long and about a'qnarter worn, recently blacked so as to appear quite new, trimmed with brass nails in the usual manner. I he tramo or box is of wood. Tho trunk was closed by a common trunk lock and two leather strap which passed entirely round tho out. side nnd through niches or mortices in two wooden slats on the bottom of the trunk. Phere wcro handles on the ends of leather, made round, and under each handle a card with the address "Miss L. F. I-orsyth," written upon thorn. The above Trunk was said to have been nut on board tho Steam Boat Burlington, at this plncn, in August last, and has not since been found. Whoever win give in- formation nf tho fame, so that it may uc recovered with the. contents, shall receive the nhovo reward Jrom tho Champlain Transportation Company. I'. UUUblTTLM, Agent. Burlington, Jan. 30. 1830. Dan Dav. 1 II. W. Sl i II. P. Hickuk. j Chittenden County Court, August Term, 1833. Samuel Rinr.EY &. j James Wklton. J rglNE above named plaintiffs having JL entered their action on the docket of this court, at the March Term thereof, counting against tho defendant in a pirn of trespass on the cao, for that defendents on the 2d day of Nov. 1830 took on board their boat to transport from Biirlington to Troy, ninety five tierces of oil meal, one firkin of hotter, one box of merchandize, and ten barrels of apples, the property of plaintiffs, nnd alledging defendents lost said articles and never delivered the 6amc according to their undertaking and the writ having been personally served on the defendant Ridley and no personal notice having been givn ilofeiiilenl Welton, It i ordered by I lie court here that the plaintiff:, give notice of the pendency of this suit to defendant Welioti by publishing the sub stance nf their declaration in the Burling ton Free Press three weeks successively , tht; last of which shall be thirty days before tho sitting of said court, which shall be sufficient notice for said Wellon to answer lo and defend said suit. Btirlinginn, .Inn. 30.1039. Wji. Nom.r. Crf Geo. A. Allen, ) Chittenden County rj. Court, Ausust Jacob Owen. ) Term, 1833. WHEREAS, George A. Allon, of Bur lington, in said county, at the March Term, A. I). 1838 of said court, commenced his action against Jacob Owen , of Burlington aforesaid, declaring in an action on nolo, dated April 24,1833 fur tho sum of fivo hundred dollars, payahlo in suitablo proportions of brick and lumber for a brick house, to bo de livered at any placo in Burlington whore and when demanded, but has not paid tho same though often demanded, to tho damago of the said Allot) one thousand dollars, which action was entered on the docket ofsaid court at said March Term, and tho plaintiff appeared by his attorney Charles Adams, and the said Jacob Owen being absent from tho stato at the lime of the service ofsaid writ, llio said cause was by order ofsaid court continued to tho August lorm 1838, of said court, at which term tho plaintiff1 again appealed by his said attorney, and it not being mada to appear to the said court that the said Jacob Owen had had per. sonalnotico of the said sorvico and pondency of this suit, tho same was again by order of said court continued lo tho March Term thctc. of, A. I). 1!!!9. And tho said court also or dered that further notice be given of tho pen doncy of this suit, by publishing tho snbtanco of tho plaintiff's declaration in the "Burling ton Froo Pross," a newspaper printed in s'lid Burlington, threo weeks successively, the last of which to ho thirty days heforo tho silting of said court, which shall ho deemed sufficient notico to tho said Jacob Owen to appear and answer to said suit. Dated at Burlington aforesaid, this 24th day of Jan. A. D. 1839. Wt, NonLn.Cerfc. Dan Dav Chittenden Count u Court, August Essex County Bank. Term A. D. 1833. ntv Bank. ) 7 W I1EIIEAS. Dan Day of Burlinnton. in said Count v, at the March 'Perm 1830 of snid court, commenced his action ngoimt the Essex County Bank, a corpora lion established by ami under authority of the Slate of New York, declaring in a plea of covenant broken, for that on tho 71 h day of March, A.D. 1037, the said Day and the said Hank, entered into a certain agreement signed with their hands and sealed with their seals, in and by which it was mutually covenanted that the question of certain mutual claims between them, as therein stated presnccting certain lumbur claimed by said Day,) and certain monies paid therefor by said Bank to said Day, unit whether said sums so paid was too much or too little, and also in relation to the discontinuance and discharge of a suit in favor of said Day, ni'ainst Udnoy H. Pen nimau, &c, should be submitted to the ar. hit rn incut and award of certain persons therein named, nt tho dwelling house of John llowa;u in said liurhngton, on the first Monday of May 1037, at which time and placo tho said parties mutually bound themselves to attend and submit their claims, nnd abido tho award so lo bo made, and averring that tho said Day did at tho said timo and placo eo agreed upon, attend, and procured the allonuotico or tho arbi trators, on his part, and his witnesses; but that the eaid Bank did not attend at said timo and place, as by said agreement they wcro bouud to do, whorcbythc said Day nas sustained great injury, and claiming in damages the sum of twelve hundred dol tars; which notion or suit was entered on tho docket of said Court at said March Term, nndthe Plaintiffappcarcd by Charles Adams his attorney, and iho said defendant being absent from this State at the time of the service ofsaid writ, tho said cause was by order of said continued to the August lorm thereof 1038, at winch Term the plaintiff again nppearcd by his said attorney, and it not being mado to appear lo tho said Court, that the court defendant has had persona! notico of tho said scrvico and pendency of this suit, the same was again bv order of said Court, continued to the March term thereof, A. D. 1039. And the said Court, also, ordered that further notice be given of Iho pendency of this suit, by publishing tho substance! of the plaintiff's declaration in the "Burlington Free Press," a newspaper printed in said Burlington, three weeks successively, the last of which to bo thirty days before tho sitting of said Court, which shall bo deemed sufficient notice to the said defendant to appear and ans.ver to said suit. Dated at Burlinruon. aforesaid, this 24th day of January, A. D. 1839. Wit, NOBLE, Cleric. John W., Chittenden County court, August Term Calvin K. AvcntLL. S A. D. 1838, WHEREAS, John W. Bailey, of Rouses Point, in tho statu of New York, to wit of Burlington, Vermont, at tho August Term of said court 1837, commenced his action of scire facias ngatnst tho said Calvin K. Avcrtll, of Burlington aforesaid, as bail for one Hora tio S. Bobbins, on a writ in favor of said Uni. ley against said Bobbins, upon which said writ and suit tho said Bailey, at tho August Term 183G of said county court, recovorcd a judgment in his favor and against tho sattl Robbins for tho sum of$l 10,54 damages, and $25,97 costs of suits, and 25 cents for an exo culion which issued thereon on tho 5th day of .September 1830, and which was delivered on Iho 1st day of October 1830 lo Hyman Lane, constablo of Burlington aforesaid, lo serve and return, and who rrturncd the same on thn first day of November 183G, with his return thereon indorsed, that ho could find neither tho person nor property of iho said Robbins. whereon to levy tho said execution, and de manding of tho said Avcrill to show causo w by tho said Bailey should not hav'P his cxc. culion against him tho said Avorill, for the amount of the said judgment against tho sa.'d Robbins; which action was entered on the docket ofsaid court at said August Term 1837, and the plaintiffappcarcd by Mmck & Smallcy his altorntcs, and tho said Avcrill being absent from this stato at tho tiino of the service of said writ, Ihc said cause was by order of said court continued to the March Term thereof 1838, at which Term tho plaintilT again ap. pcarcd by his said attornics, and it not being madn to appear In the Raid court that the said Avorill has had personal notico of tho service and pendency of this suit, tho samo was again by order ofsaid court continued to tho August Term thereof 1333, and the said court, also ordered that further notice bo given of llio pendency of this still, by publishing llio sub. slanco of tho plaintiff's declaration in tho "liurlinton Frco Press," a newspaper printed in said Burlington, threo weeks successively, tho last of which to ho thirty days beforo tho silling of said court, which shall be deemed sufficient notico to tho said Avcrill to appear and answer lo said suit. And at tho slid August Term 1838 ofsaid court, tho aforesaid order not having been complied with, Iho cause is auain continued, and tho aforesaid order and rulo is enlarged to tho next term of Ibis court. Dated at Burlington, aforesaid this 24lh day January, A. D. 1839. W.u. Nodlk. Clerk. STOP THIEF ! CJTOEEN from the sub-crtberV door. O the evening of 22d inst., a new Buffa lo itobe, which may possibly be offered for ale. Two dollars reward will be paid for ihc return of the skin, and two moro for the detection of tho thief. Jan. 24. 1839. Wm. I. Sevmour LATE ARRIVAL. E are indebted to Messrs. ComMock Co. of Whitehall, for their alton lion in for wnt ding by land our box ol goods, also lo Messrs. Follelt-A, Bradleys for the prompt notice of its arrival, and wo hope to make our friends and customers feel in dohted to us for some of its contents. Among other things in the box. wo find a splendid Gold detached patent Lever 10 holes jewelled, Itubv Pallcttos, with a beautiful cold and enamelled cap. Two heautilnl Gold Lepino Watches; one larce iieavy doubled cased silver Lever. We have now four excellent gold cased Levers, and 5 nice Gold Lcpincs. nnd several first rate silver Levers and Lopiues, all war ranted to perform well. Also, we find n lot of narrow Whalebone for Dresses, i cross English Clarionette Roods, 1 doz Becd Bttcs. lined with kid, 2 doz. hhne Brushes, 4 packs fine Diamond Pins, black dressing Pins. etc. etc. &c. JVeio Goods constantly receiving nt thn Variety Shop Jan. 25. 1'anguorn At hiwNSMAir). npiIE subscriber offers formlothe beau A tiful corner lot. west of Mrs. I it ch cock's, containing a quarter of on aero, and on which there aro number of excellent fruit trees. Terms rpannnble, anil pay ments made easy. B.J. HLINLBLRu. Burlington. Jan. 24. 1839 FLOTJR. Bbls. buperlini' Family Flour, for sale bv Hickok & Jan. 23, 1039. Domestic Sheeting. A FEW bales remaining unsold which will bo disposed of, by the halo or sin gle piece, at rcmarkablo low prices. Jan. 24. Latiirop & Potwin. NEWTON'S PANACEA, Or great purifier of the Blood, l Substitulo for Swa'un'i Panacoa, a St&k. cheaper article and by many consid ered superior, J. & J. II. PECK & Co. Agents. Burlington, January, 1839. Fresh Flour. TIHE subscribers havo remaining on A hand a few barrels superior quality superfine FLOUR, warranted mado from neto Wheat. Persona wishing a choice article, will do well to call soon. Jan. 24. LATiinor & Potwin, WILL bo Rold on Saturday tho 2d day of February next.nt N. B. Haswell's Auction Room, a large nssorlment of Dry Goods, Crockery & Hardware, for Cash. Sale to commence at 10 o'clock, A, M. Burlington, Jan. 19, 1839. P. S. The above sale stands adjourned tn Saturday Iho 9ih int. W E W ST O U B SIDNEY BARLOW has received most kinds nf GOODS usually kept (except the great western) at his store at Wiuoos ki Village, and will bo pleased to sec friends nnd cutomers. Winooski Village, Nov. 1st, 1838. TISSUE PAPER, assorted Colours, Coloured Drawing Paper. Stationery in creat variety, at the Variety Shop, Jan. 17. Panguorn & BntNSM amj. ONE FUR CAP and a few White Neck Ties, not yet sold, can bo had if applied for soon at tho Variety Shop. Panohorn & Brinsm AID. VARIETY SHOP NOTICE. N( OT WITHSTANDING we do not Credit, there havo a number of little ncc junts of 0. 12. 25, 50 and 100 cents or moio collected on hand which we wish discharged. Those having any accounts for us to pay will please present them. Goods in great Variety for sale; Watches nnd Clocks repaired in our usual btylc. Terms. Cash, for Goods or Work at the time of delivery. Jan. 17. Panghorn & Brinsmatd. L K D fi E It S ANUFACTURED from blue wove, demy and medium paper, and bound ir a sunorinr style. Also, RECORD BOOKS mantffaclurcd from white wove medium paper, nrul bound in heavy calf, together with n "cncra! assortment of BLANK BOOKS, for sale at tho Book Bindery, bv S. HUNTINGTON. N. B. Blank Books And all kinds of Book Binding dune to order, nt prices that SHALL Stilt. College street. Burlington, Jan. 17, 1839. S STOVES: STOVES!! HE Subscribers have on consignment J- n large stock of Cooking Stoves, from No. 1 lo No. 4 of the latest approved pat terns. Parlor Stoves, of n very superior stile and quality, also, Bos Stoves, of dif lerent 6ises nnd patterns. Any one who wishes to purchase any kintl of Stoves, will find it much for his interest, to call and examine the nboye Stoves, before purchas ing elsewhere, as the Stoves will be sold verv low end on tortus to suit purchnsers. SOLOMON WALKER & Co. January 10. 1839. Groceries Sl Provisions. Til E subcri'jcrs have on hand a heavy slock of Tea, Sugars, Spices. Fruit, Cofi'iic, Codfish, Molasses, Confectionery, &c. &c., and wc will give our customers sotne belter bargains than they have been in the habit of making if they will call be fore our stock is sold. We hnve good Hyson Slcin Tea, for 25 els. per lb nnd nlliur things a cheap. PROF1SIOXS, such an Pork, Flour, Butter, Cheese, Lard, Salmon, Mackerel, iS'C. &;c.. and n small quantity of cheap Pepper s;)icc from 3 to 8 ets. per lb. PerMins wishing to lay in their slock will do well to call soon. Jan. II!. Latiirop & Potwin. WM. PS1INCK & SOiV V1LL make sales ot Trees and Cuttings of I he Gen uine Chinese Morns Mullicaulis, Mortis ExpatKii.Alpi nc.nrous sn, Canton nnd other varieties deliverable to ihc purchasers at such period in llie spring as is convenient to them, and will enter into contracts accordingly. Prices nnd terms for the Trees and Cuttings will be forwnrded to nil who moy apply for them by mail, ns well as prices of Silk Worms Eggs, Mulberry Seeds &c. Tho Mulli caulis Trees are remarkably vigorous, and a wc first imported the Genuine tree. pjrehasers aro sure nf obtaining the true k nd. It is from this cause and from tho great altenti n paid by them, that the trees (ley linvo sold have given universal satis faction. N. B. Fruit and Ornamental Trees, Plant and Seeds can be supplmd to any extent. Flushing, ncarJVe.o York Jan. 1, 1839. LAMP WICKS FOR Astrol. Store, Hall and other Limps ol all sizes, also for Ihe Brit lanla Smro Limps, 12 1-2 els. per bunch, at lite Variety Shop, also Chimney Glasses for As'.ral Lnmp, blackins Brushes, for sale. Jan. 25. Panguorn & Brinsmaid WANTED IN exchange for goods, Flannel, Sheep's Grey Cloth, nnd a few Tons nf gaud Isuttcr. Latiirop xi I'otwin Mansfield's "Premium'1'' Shoes HICII for durability aro not equalled T t uy any in llio world. 500 pairs just received bv tho subscri hers, olso, Gaiter Hoots, Misses and In flints Shoes, fie. Latiiiiop & Potwin. Nova Scotia Plaster. 1 a Barrels fresh ground Nova Scotia Plaster, just received and for ealo by V. Doolittle, November 7, 3m. OFFAT'S LIFE MEDICI TIES REANIMATION. When the mnat Important functions of life in'e sus pended, and those who nre invalids by in horttancn or imprudence are reduced to a deplorable statu of nervous debility, they should not even then despair, for it is not in despair that relief can bo found. No Let them first look n round, and, laying aside all prejudices, ask themselves tins question "It my physician cannot help me. is his reputed skill my only resort.?" Perhaps at that moment iho heading of this advertisement, ''s Life Medi cines,' would catch the eye and were they in truth divested of foolish prejudices, they might perhaps, be induced to inquire whether Mr. Moffat's theory and treatment of diseases differed from that of their own physicians. They would then learn that it did differ, nnd very widely, and with most happy results, too. Iflhoy pursued their inquiries still fur ther, they would find that all practising phyicians of tho present day prescribe MERCURY, in some form, for almost ev ery disease, and they would leant, too, lhal mercurial medicines, though they give pres. cut relief, undermine tho const itulion, and always leave the palicnt in a precarious state of health. A GOOD VUOr.TAI! LP. MEDICINE is jllst tllO reverse ot nil this. For hundreds of yearH before that tcourgeof mankind, 'Mercury,' I was employed in tho healing art. Physi cians used nothing but herbs. Even Ihe bible recommends as the skilful physician' he who preparcth his medicines from herbs Witness Ecelesiaslicus, chnp. xxiii. V. 3. The skilful, physician shall lift up his head : and in the sight of the great men he shall be in admiration. V. 4 For he hath prepared his medicines out of the HERBS of the earth, and he that, is wise will not abhor them. JIoJfal's V tgetable Life Medicines pos sess qualities of the most mild ond bencfi cia I nature. They are composed of arti cles the most anti putrescent. combined with ingredients known as tho only certain an tidote for fevers of every description, When the disease is produced cither from cold, obstruction, bad air, swampy and camp situations, or putrid miasmi whether malignant or epidemic, or by other causes, these medicines aro certain in their opera tion or effects. They aro possessed of pe culiar qualities which not only expel all disease, but at the same lime restore and invigorate the system. When first token into the stomach, they immediately diffuse themselves like vapor through every pore, producing effects at once delight lul salutary ond permanent. When the spark of life begins to grow dim, the circulation languid, and the faculties paralyzed, these medicines arc found to give a tone to the nerves, ex hilcratc the animal spirits, invigorate the body, and reanimate the whole man. The Lif.: Medicines hove also been used with the i?'0st happy success in Ner vous and Dyspeptic diseases, Consumption, Asthma, Liver CompNint, Rheumatism, (chronic and inflammatory) Dropsies, &c. &c. For full particulars, tho reader is invited to call at Mr Moffat's office. 3G7 Broad wav and receive a copy of the Good Samaritan, published gratuitously. I fie following letters ore lately selected from a very large number which Mr Moffat has lately received from different parts of the United States. Mr. Moffat Dear Sir: It is with sincere pleasure that I venture to address you, to thank you for the benefit I have receded from your medicines. My complaint was salt rheum, lor winch I have tried nearly all the medicines which were advertised in the newspapers. I, however received no relief from any of them. Since I was shown your Good Samaritan, which in duced me to try your medicine. When I applied lo you, my legs ond arms were so had that they looked like raw beef, and were covered with scars; but alter loking a 25 cent box of your pills, tiio dead skin began to scale off, and so continued until I was entirely cured. Ii is now four mouths since I was cured, and I have had no re. turn of thn complaint. I have recommend, cd your medicine to several persons, and advise all nfilicled with the salt rheum to try it. Respectfully, your ob't servant, M. CLEOVER. 13th St., between alh and Jackson avenues, LAWRr.Ncn, N. Y., Muy23. Mr Moffat Dear Sir: I was troubled with Ihe piles for several years. I applied in the mibt eminent Physican without re lief. A friend of mine Mr. Clarke, who had received great relief from them, re. commended mo to use your Ltfo Pills, Though I was suffering very severely with tliem nt the time, I experienced relief in 48 huurs, and in a few weeks was not troubled with ihcm at all and I have been free from distress ever Mtice and have great pleasure in recommending them to those ofilicted in n similar manner. Respectfully. J. E. STEARNS. New Yonic, April, 1838. Dr Sir: Since your Lite Medi cinas have boon introduced in this neish bo;hood, they have done wonders. I will merely slate n few cases. Tito wife ol my neighbor, Mr Cornelius S Roe, who was supposed to be in n decline for the last two year", nficr taking two bottles of the Phoenix Bitters nnd one box of the Life Pills, says she had her health entirely re stored. Mr Milo B. Root, my next door neigh bor, who was laid up with inflammatory rheumatism, by taking two bottles of the Hitlers nnd one 25 cent box of the Pills, told me he wns as well as he ever was, and told n gentleman in my storu who was nfilicted, that as soon ns he would lake Ihu Pills nnd Bitters, just so soon ho would be a well man. Also, Mrs Hordu, wife of John Hnrdu, was two years since taken sick, and often had fits, ond lost the uso of ono of her arms. In six weeks after taking your pills and Bitters, she has so far recovered that she hus been una visit to one of her neighbors. As for myself, I havo been in bad health for 27 years, nnd though I am not now in perfect health, still I am in belter than 1 havo been for ten years past, which I be. licvo lo bo tho cnnscqucnco of taking your fills ami tuners, llio above is n true statemont of a few of tho many cases which havo coma under my nhsrvation. You aro at liberty to publish this lettor, M' and rvlercncc can be hud to me ae Post master at Clsverrock. Columbia Co., N. Y. With ropect, J. A. Van VALKSNBooa, Nkw York. April 1, 1B38. Mr W Moffnt Strt I have been afflicted with the fever and ague abont 3 month, and used a good deal of quinine, which did me no good, but I still grew weaker and weaker until I wa9 recommended lo try your Life Pills and Phmnix Bitter, and nfter loking two boxes of pills and two bottles of bitters, I rim very thankful to in form you ond the public at largo, I consider myself completely cured. Yours truly. JOHN TENNENT. N. Y. Mills, March 29, 1838, Mr MoiTut Dear Sit: I have used your mcdicinoin my family for some months, and have received great benefit from it, especially my wil'o and oldest duuhlor. My daughter had been in a decline for threo years. Kinco elm commenced using your tncdicino sho has entirely recovered and is now wall and hearty. If thin will be of any scrvico to you. you are as liberty to publish it. Respectfully, yours, Sic. N. BUTLER. Summim Hill, Jan, 18, 1J33. Dr Moffat Dear Sir: I havo groat plcssuro in uddresctng you, having been troubled for sc-mo lime back with tho rheumatism, and could find nothing to givo mo nny relief, until I had commenced taking your Vegetable Life Pills and Phoenix Hitters. Inlakinir Ihe first bottle and one box of pills I found Iho most excrutiuting pain that I had long been trou bled will), ontiroly disappoarod. Guch boinjf tho cac, it is with gratiludo I offer theso sen timents, feeling confident that lam indebted to you moro thin words can express, for your valuable mcdicincaitd the speedy euro received from its good effoctg. Yours, &c. GEO. BROFTS. Maurii Chunk, Jan. 17, 1838. Mr Moffat Sir: 1 am most happy to sond you through your agent, Mr. Whito, a few lines relative to your excellent Luo Medicines For a length of time I have been complaining of an infection of the liver, and tried much medicine, but found no relief, ulil I commeiic. ed with yours, I havo now taken nearly two bottles of yourl'hcantx Bitlers, and I am pleas ed to slate that I find myself fait recovering from a long and lingering complaint. Respectfully, yours, fee. GEO. KISNER. LocKroRT,Nov.27, 1037. Mr W. B. Moffat-DcarSir: Asa rcmark ablo insancn of tho virtue and efficacy of your Life Pills and Phamix Bitters, in rssloringlost health to tho afilicted, has occurred in my family, I deem it a duty I owo both to yourself and tho public, to make tho fact known, that others suffering under similar circumstances might porchance seo this and obtain a remedy in season to prescrvo them from a premalaro grave. My wife has been afflicted with the liver complaint and general debility for upwards of 3 years; and for the last 3 months she has not been ablo lo walk across the room. After try. various medicines proscribed by differont phy sicians, which gave hor no relief, sho was given up as incurable. In this situation he was gradually failing, when 1 happened lo cal! upon your agent in this village, and ho gavo mo a copy of tho Good Samaritan, tho perusing of which induced mo to try your medicine, although I had but lilltle hope of her receiving any benefit from it. The effect wns surprising. Bofnrc she had taken ono bolllo of hitters and one box of pills, she was so far recovered as to bo able to accomplish most of her housework without assistance. Yours, respectfully, Warren Patterson. For additional particulars or the above med icine sec Moffat's Good Samaritan, a copy of which accompanies tho medicine; a copy can also bo obtained on application at tho drug storos of R. Moody and J. & J. II. Peck & Co., Burlington, Vt. The abovo tncdicino for sale at wholesale and retail by R. Moody and at retail by J. St J. II. Peck Sz Co. Jan. 1839. 6m DR. RELFE'S BOTANICAL DROPS IS one of the most efficacious compounds In the Materia .Medira, for tho cure of that class of inveterate dUcascs produced by an impure stato of the blood, and a vitiated habit oi uic nony,ann usually cxuiDiitng UininselvoH in Iho forms of Scrofula. Hell Rheum, Leprosy, St. Anthony's Fire. Fete.- Snrm. frvpn mlinn the bones aro afTl-cled.) While Swellings, (if aprlicd with Dr. Jcbb's Linimont,) foul and obstinate Ulcers, Sore Legs and Eyes, Scaldhmd in children. Scumi nnd Scnrlmlir t!n,ii pUd or Carbunclrd Faces, Festering Eruptiont, nml lrtnprenl Tninlt tltTmitrl,n,, I il.. AnJ.. : j , , ................. 6 ,s uuuy, lit which iasi case mo urops oitcn cure when Morcurv fails. Thav aro also the lipst .VnWnir and Autumnal Phasic to purify and cloanie tno system irom Humors wlncli Irequontly ap pear at these seasons of the yoar. Tlioy also aid the process ofdigcstion.'and by purifying the blood, prevent tho secretion of malignant humors on the lungs. Tho Proprietor confi dently relies upon tho vast number of sur prising euros effected by theso Drops, not only in Boston and its vicinfty, but throughout Iho union, for tho best proof oflheir excellence as an unUWU,!! Alleralice.Vedicinp. in nil tlx, x. scs above specified. This article Itns recently honn by a physician of tho first respectability, who ,.uu iHi".iiu un nuriuiNiig utneacy. as en titled, in his opinion to lako tho load of all llie popular articles Itnown fnr ilinnlmu. plaints, and indeed it is fasl gaining this point in ii,uMu ucuiiiauuii, uiiu'iguoui tno country. i ntu ii a wuiuu, or kix iiuuios lor So. Dr. Relfe's For Indigestion, Loss of Apnclite, Listsess'ness. i.,.,,,,,..,,,!,,,,,, . mimelie, wtuiic, Bilhous Aft'ections. riO comment on tim efficacy of theso Pills, JL after a successful ninnriinnn nf n,..,.. years in England and America has cstsblish cd their reuutulion. is npitliss Suns ; , observe that for redundancy of Bilo, Flalu- lenco, ivosiivcncss, iieauucne, &:c. &c, they win uiiuouuieuiy pmvu iar moro serviceable than thoso drastic imr'cs ton finmmnil,. m. ploved, ond will not only ot tho same timo In it,- irj! . mi ,u iciuu.u ,nu uuuimiiiir cause oy gon, llo motions, and strengthen the digestive, organs, but improvo tho appotltoand renovato Iho system. Prko 50 cents. UK, KHlil'JS'S VI-.GKTABLE SPE CIFIC, For Sick Headache, Ac. Prico 50 cents. kl None genuine unless signed on Iho outuido printed wrappor by tho sole proprietor, T, KIDDER, immediate successor to Iho lato Dr. W. T. Conwav. For salo at hi Counting Room, oyer No. 00, Court-streot, near Con cert Hall, Boston, and also by his special ap. ointmont, by J. & J. H. FECK & Co, Thcrcmometers, at the Variety Shop. Pangiiohn & Brim&uid.

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