Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, February 22, 1839, Page 3

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated February 22, 1839 Page 3
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F R I D A V M O R N I N G. FEBRUARY, 22. Wo give up our columns to.doy to Mr. Clay's speech in the Senate on tho subject of abolition, and wo bespeak for It the careful consideration of every render. Tho sublet is ono of vast imporlaiice ; and tho acknowledged reputation and patriotism of tlin speaker, ns well as tho rirntninont posi tion he occupies in tho councils of the nation, must of course give weight to opinions thus deliberately expressed. Mr. Clay's view of tho subject is that of a statesman, whose enlarged and liberal mind comprehends a whole country-a country to whoso prosperity anil honor ho hns con tributed more than any fltner man living. We mentioned last week that Dr Holmes had been arrested at this pi'aco as tho sup posed murderer of Tasche. The warrant was issued by Charles Adams, Er-q. on complaint of Wm. Brown, a police officer from Montreal. The examination como tip on Friday, but was continued to Satur .lay; when on fall hearing nnd argument, tho accused was committed, to wait tho order of tho President. The evidence was such as In leave no rational doubt as to t lie enormity of tho transaction. In addition to Holmes' own declarations on the subject here, tho affidavit of a girl nt Sorel was introduced, stating that she was employed by Dr. II. and Mrs. Tasche m poison the deceased that she went to Kamonraska for the purpose, and administered the poison, prepared by Holmes himself; but Tasche threw it up, and thus escaped. There was also the copy of a loiter, written by HolniCg the day aflor his arrival here, to Geo. Vnn Ness, a student in' his office, in which he acknowledges having killed Tasche pri vately. This loiter covered one to Mrs. T. in which he deplores not having com municated to her his intentions before go. ing to Kamonrafka, ns she would have prevented him. Ho wind? up, however, by inquiring after the dear little children, and inviting her to join him hero. The whole tone nnd bearing of this teller indi catcs but ton clearly tho relationship sub-dsting between them. The facts dis closed at tho coroner's inquest, will be found in another column ; which, in con nexion with those here stated, certainly make this a case of most unparalleled atrocity. The examination was conducted by Mr. Weston for the prosecution, and Geo. P. Marsh for the respondent. The result of the application to the President will bo known in n few davs. A to this, however, we do not conceive tha there can ho any uncertainty. Considerable excitement wns produced on Toes. d.iy evening by I lie Announcement that Holmes had escaped Irom jail. It stems die keqier had he inanely permitted dim during a pari of I lie day li occupy a room in l lie fi out part ol, attended by a trusty guard. Toward eiening, however, just as they vteie about lo conduct him lo lite cell, he managed to givn them the slip, and (or something like an hour eluded the pursuit. Sheriff Allen however, wns soon on the track, ami nt length lioled him in Parody's havlofi. On finding himself discovered, Holmes snapped his pistol whether at Allen or himelf, it i not certain ; but we are inclined lo helicve (lie latter. He is now in the dungeon which, by the way is nearly us bad as the debtor's room ; nnd that, we need not here repeal, is a disgrace lo the nation, nnd afoul rc pronch to the county of Chittenden, in particular Tho Great Western arrived at N. Yorl. on Saturday. It brings nothing of impor tance, however. It is now positively as sertedlhat tho Queen i to marry hor cousin, Prince Albert, son of the reigning Duke of Saxo Cnuburc, who is said lo be very handsome, and about 22 years of age New Orleans, feu. 7 An arrival from Havana, with dates to the 29lh nit. brines intelligence of the arrival of a French fleet in the West India Seas witii (en thousand troops, destined to act against Mexico. The fleet had been 6poken with off Martinique. About a week previous two English sevenly.fours and two frigates arrived at Havana from Vera Cruz. It was reported that the English Admiral expected to be joined immediately by largo fleet from fcngianu, Thcro wcro many French vessels of war in tho port of Havana, and scarcely a day passed without the arrival or departure of 6ome French vessel of war boing enounced, The prcB enco of so many vessels made every thing high in tho provision market. It is reported, by way of New Orleans, that l lie Mexican government has ceded the of Yuca tan lo England, in payment of the debt due that country. Earthquake at M aivtingiue. A terri ble earthquake visited the island of Martin que, on the I Ith January, which spread havoc and ruin over the whole French colony. Tho towilf Port Royal appears . to have suffered the most of any of the towns. Mumbere of buildings were dc etrdyed, and multitudes of lives lost. The Jasl shock of the earthquake left scarcely a building standing, nnd nearly the Whole city was over whelmed. Four thouiand persons, it is supposed, wcro buried beneath tho ruins of lliesd three hundred had been withdrawn from tho wreck nnd rubbish At St. Pierre, tho shock wad hot' so severe as at Port Royal, but several houses wore thrown down. Whig Senatoii vhom Mississippi. Thn Legislature of Mississippi hnve elected Mr. HrcNOErtsoN, (Whig) by a majority of live votes, to fill tho vacancy in tho U. S. Sorato, occasioned by t tic resignation of R. J. Walkkh, (Loco Poco.) OCJ-We were highly pleated while in Burlington Willi n visil in our friend Sumy's lle.idiiii; Room, We found nil 1 lie leudiii! tterioilicala in lliu Union, upon liij inlilc, nrrnitsgrd whh nit outer nnd neat net's is nt lite ssiiiir lime convenient nnd etc giinl. It is iin ninniiieiit lo the village, nml wo hope our l.oco 1'nrn friends will not lail tu patron ize it. Lamoille Express, Finn at Hs-r.x. On Tuesday evening, two barns, containing about fifiv tons of hay, together with n iiinntity of grain the property of Wnsr.BV Hazelton, of ttiat plnce, wero entirely destroyed by firo. Thorn was a small insurance, but not suffi cient lo cover ttie loss which was largo. The fire was the result of accident, tlio hay hnving accidentally ignited from a lantern which Mr. Hazellon carried in his hand. He had barely time to rcinovo his cattle nnd horses before- the barn was enveloped in flames. Sentinel. lEpGen. Scott arrived at his post on Tuesday afternoon last, and proceeded the next day to Swanlon. Capt. Taylor and one company of U. S troops left this post on Tuesday last for Albtirgh Springs, to relievo Lieut. Rives, who bus been ordered with his company to Swuuton to reinforce that post. Plaits burgh Republican. MAINE. rnn-rr.AND. Feb. 15. By the mail of this evening from Augusta, wo have re ooivcd the following intelligence : An ex nress arrived at that place last night from tho disputed ten ilory, bringing news that Mr. Mclniiro, iho Land Agent, and six nlhers. haO UOnll IBJiOII UV iri-e ihmuio and lodged in Fredericton Jail It appears that when our force had reached tho moulli ft Im Little MadawasK'a, tho trespassers had crossed the line, nnd wore embodied, hunt 300 strum?, for resisiancc that the T.nmi Amif. with three other?, went, me nnvl lnu In Fiizhcrberl. about a mile and n hn'rihisside oftho line, with the expec lotion of meeting there Iho wanton of tho itnnlnit tnrritnrV nlld t)Bt rlllfl l'T the i iho liniisn where thr'v were waasli.r rnnniinit nm i uv were ta ten onu corncu fr. hrue messengers, also, wero earn. una after another, tho next day, to lean he fain of their companions, wero taken. Col. Webi-ter. John II. Pilsbury and G. G. Cnsliman. ore said to ho of the taken. Our men have retreated hack to tho St. Croix, whore they are encamped. The Sheriff tins returned to Augusta for further ordprs, Several ol the leading trcspasners hove been taken and are to be brought lo Bangor. Banbor, Feb. 15, 5 I', M .--1 n auuuion lo tho information which you .must have ro- ceived before this reaches you, touching the defeat of the fnreo sent agsinsl too trctspa. sers on tho lerritmy in dispttto between Maine and 'her majesty's dominions,' wo are mis moment informed by an express from iho eal of war.' that tho Land Agent, together with two others have boon taken and confined in Fredricklon Jail. Htilf nasi !. r. m. Hastings Strickland, E.-0. Sheriff oftho County of Penobscot, his just recuived orders to call out fivn hundred men and march forthwith; and J. l Rogers F.i-q. of ibis oily, leaves to. night for hredrick. ton, wiih orders to demand of Sir John liar. voy,ttio 'prisoners.'' Gov. Harvey of Now Brunswick has issued an order for a draft of ono fourth of tlio 1st and 2d battalions oflho county of Carlton, lo hold themselves in readiness for actual service. A considerable military forco has already boon ordered lo the disputed territory. Gov. Fairfield has sent a mossago to tho Legislature recounting the circumstances of tho arrest of the Laud Agent, and proposing to send a reinforcement of 300 men to tho Aroosluok. CANADA. On Frid iv mninins l.iio, in front of the new eaol in, five mote indiv iilmils, (,1m lie Hind pnl.inz. Chevalier Uelornnei, i-imiriiia (Vicol.m I'ieiic rtemi N.iihoniic, and Amahle D.uiiui', p. ml I'm felt ol their lives for lliu piominfiu pari they had taken in the late lehellion. I'liey cicnc- coiup.inieil on tin; fcrnowL. uj seieiai iiiiiii-icih 01 leliginu, unn pioie.-i-iu iiiiii.t'ti 11 prnterianl, hy Kev. Dr. Heihune, and lite mliern hv Roman Catholic Clergj men. The depiirlmrnl of .ill was heroming llteir unful silualion, cxcppl who ncted with 11 ilie.itiical fiivnliiy, lli il was unci ly nl villi nice with tlio entciitiiily nl the occasion. He addressed a few unnl- in 1I10 ciond, !if'jPi'ied thai the catire in uhieh ho had been engaged was n good nno, denied I lie light of the government to put linn lo tleatn, mill concluded by exclaiming Vive la Liberie. Nicolas also made a lew leinaiKs 10 nii countrymen, tun in a very different Hrain. He uigcd upun llitm ulleii. lion lo their religion duties, nnd acknowledged lhal iIip tleath he vvas alioul lo uudeigo, was not nndeiiPi ved. The olhers coniinucd ahsoitied with the stinilual rnusiil.ilitins luliiHiiisieied in llietn, nil tlio fatal drop fell, and tlio whole were launched inio eternity. "Ilinncniang never once inavcu ; there win no convulsive struggle indic.uing either life or mfieiing. L Nicolas also, who waa a Mil powerful man, fufiercO appaienily almoct nothing. The others nlfn mailo 11 quick irntiiilion, wiili ilic exception of Naihonnp, who had hul one hand, which he contrived to go1 lonse, and with which hefhifipil the ropo fioiu 'no hue position, He Mien caueht hold of the edge of iho drop, and dicw him self forward utilil I a 1 h feet relied ujion 1 lie iniliug which had lieen newly erected he'ovv' the platform, nnd not siiflicienlly in ndvanee 'I lie wrctche:l tulTerer was again quickly removed from ihi dread, fnl position, but again connived lo pftze iho pen dant eilge of thediop, und to reat his feel na helore, Finally, however, ho wns to placed na to iiceom. plibli die fulfilment of his senteneo, hul we grieve to say, not without protruded euhVing, Couriir, KTRillE Subscriber has demands in his Uk bonds that became duo on tho let of January last, that he would bo glad to dis poso of without, cost. II they nro not settled by the 1st of March next, will be loft wild an Attorney (or collection. All kind of Grain received in payment if de livered before that lime. Feb. 14, 1039, t E. C. LOOMIB. On i ho night of Wednesday, tho Gth inst., there was n very destructive fire at East Lebanon, N. II. Willis's Sattinct Factory, Saw and Grit. Mill, with nut buildings, wero burnt to tho ground be tween 12 nnd 1 o'clock. About si: tfiott- sand pounds of wool wcro also consumed.- Loss estimated at about (-20,000. Insu ranee three or four thousand. M A It it I E I) In thh town nil ilm lCth int.. hv It. R. Smr.v Eq. RohemtS. M. LIouchette of Quebec, Alls Cahomnk Anne HkiitKlett, fniiith daughter of Hentv Berihleit. En. of Detroit. Michigan. I) I U I) . In Coventry, on the 2fith nil.. Mra. Mnrin Cleve land, wife of Elijah Cleiol.ind, Esq. William Ward's Estate. STATE OF VERMONT. DHTIIICT OK CHITTENDEN. SR. AT a Probato Court holdon at Burlington, within and for tlio District of Chitten den on tho lnth dav of February A. D. 1839. on application of Olivo Ward of Milton, In the county or Chittenden, executrix oftho last will and testament of William Ward, lato of Milton, in said district, deceased. It is or dered and 'decreed that all persons having do. tn a nils aaainst said estate, exhibit the samo to tho said executrix for settlement, on or bo foro the 13th day of February A. D. 1840, otherwiso llioy shall bo forovor barred. And it is further ordered, thai nolino there ofbo given to all concerned, by publishing this docreo threo wcoks successively in tho Fice Press, a nownapor printed in Burlington in said district, and by posting tho same at four public places within tho county of Clultcn. den, to wit. ono at John Howard's Hold in Burlington, one at John A. Witloy's hotel in Cotclicslnr, ono at tho Inn of Sylvester Ward in said Milton, and ono at Iho inn of Z. Ash ley in said Milton, within sixty days from tlio making of this docrno. r "i Given in Probato Court at Burling. II L.S. II ton in said district this 13th day of I'cbruary A. U. 1B.J3. CHARLFS BUSS F.L L . Judge. Dissolution of Copartnership. ?PUE firm of Hall and Cmnslock has this day been dissolved by mutual con. sent. Frederick Hall has solid oil his in terest in the goods and debts duo tho con cern to Luther M. Hagnr. FREDCRICK HALL. GEORGE D. COMSTOCK. Slinlbnrn, Feb. IJ 1839. Copartnership formed. ;W UTIIEll M. llAGARand GEORGE JLi D. COMSTOCK. have this day en tered into copartnership nt Shelburn, in the business of merchandize, by the name and firm of HAGJLIl fit Oorx-ISTOCSI. LrjTiiF.n. M. Hagau, George D. Cojistucic. Shelburne. Feb. C. IJ539. A few Chests of the Ileal 75ct. TEA, yet remaining unsold and of which cvorv family wont, a pound, h for stiloat the Cheap Cash Store by HOWARD. P. S. A ture cure for fatigue and Head ache. Feb. 14, IS3D. Satin Beaver Bonnets. & PART casd new ones just ree'd end for sale at HOWARDS. Feb. 14. 1!!39. Plaul Shawls sale at received and for HOWARDS. Feb. 14. 1039. Paper Hangings a splendid as sortment at HOWARDS. Feb. 14. 1039. Crockery, Glass ware, Looking Glasses und Ten Servur". comprising near ly every article dfsired at the Cheap Ciiih Store of S. EARL HOWARD, Feb. 14. lf)39 Manifold Letter Writers. THE highly improved patent Mainlold Letter Writers, for copying letters, invoices, drawings, plans Sic. This inven lion will produce a letter with itscopyat one operation j or if required, a letter with two Fac Similes, lo send abroad, with 0 single- pen (style) which is so durable that il will last for years without repair. This apparatus, Irniii its simplicity nnd despatch in operation, us well as pari ability in con struction, is admirably adapted for Law yers, Merchants and' Travellers and all who wish to keep copies ol their Letters and send Duplicates nbroad ; to whom it will proven great saving of lime und ex pense, for tale at ihe Variety Simp. Pa.NGUOII.N & Bnt.NrMAII). Revised List 1839. MOKTSOK'S PIJLiliS, ORlheVegiublo llygean Medicines uT the British College of Ilcnltli, Lon don ; Imported In- Dr. Geo. Taylor Gi Wall St. New York, sole Agent in the United Slates for said College. Packages of Pills gl nnd g3 each, Puwdeja 25 els. Every Packet sold in Vermont will bo sign ed in writing by PANCiBORN &BRINS MAID Jewellers of Burlington Vi. who are State Agents : and ulr'o by (he Sub Ajrnnls selltpg them. If not so signed, do unl buy them. For sale by Edmund Lyman, North FcrriRburh William E. Green, Vergennes Jonathan Hagar, Middlebury Andrew Dawson, South Hum John W. Remington, Johnson David Lyman, bt. Albans-O. A. Koitli, Sheldon Otis L. Ivellon, Montgomery Atnaa Paine, Lowell C. &, J. V. Baxter, Derby Line E. Cleveland, Coventry Suhin Kollum, Irnsburgh S. E. Morso & S. Lvman. Craflfbury John Kclsey Danvillo Jonas Hint, St. .lolinsbury Win. Pierce, Lyn donE. P. Walton & sons and Perrv Marsh. Montpelier--Foslor Grow, Chelsea N. C. Goddard, VjindsnrM. S. Buck land, Bellows Fallsr-J. Slcenc, Braltb-bo ro Oi vis & Roberts, Factory Point Man Chester H. W. Porter, Rutland Alfred Hartwoll, Keesevillc Riclioul Cotlrill, Pittsburgh. The German Matchless Sana- live, for6alonttho Post Office nt Grand Isle Vt., whore numerous testimonials as to its specific qualities in cases of Con sumption &c, may Ucbocii by calling at my office. " DANIEL JACKSON, Agent: December 14, 1838. ' cm To Printers: ' AJuurnpy'man who idrfgifocj workman und willing lo devote his time for iVo intnrcHt ofhis employer, good holiils, &c. mav hear of a perumiient Htunlinn by op plv'ing to C. GOODRICH. 'Burlington, Feb. 15, 1039. BURLINGTON FEMALE SEMINARY. XlflFi next. Quarter of lliu Burlington A Female Seminary will commence February 20ih. It is particularly reques ted that l huso who intend to enter sci'.'ool for the quarter, should bo present to be classed the first dav. Uurlington, Fib' 12, 11139. Burlington Female Seminary. ("RiIIH tiirmbcrs of the Corporniion 0I1I10 Burlington Female Seminary nro hereby notified, to meet at tho dwelling limine of I), A. Brnman in said Burlington, on Monday, tlio lOlh tiny of February in-t., at 0 o'clock in the evcuing, to elect Trus tees and oilier officers of said corporation for tho enduing year. Wm. A. GIUSWOLD, Clerk. Rurlinntun, Oct. 13, IUM9. Sprin time of (he year is coming," AIT & TA 151)11 will sell the balance of their stock of Goods purchased for thn Winter trade, at very low price. Od. 15. NOTICE. ALL who are indebted to the undersigned whoso demands liavo becomo due, are hereby notified that immcdialo payment must bo ttiado to save cost, and wo may add that prompt payment is expected upon.all de mands becoming duo to us tho present winter. Feb. 14. T. F. & W. L. Strono. Black Bombazine. LK. SILKS, Chaly, Mouselino dc ) Lame, lig'd cill Hdkfs., cuib'd Collars, silk, cotton and lamb's wool Hosiery. Barage for Veils, Bobbiuets, Tltule nnd thread Laces and Ouillini's. all of which nro visibly Cheap ut the new cheap cash Store of WAIT & TABOR. Feb 0, 1B39. Adam's South Village Money, received at par, by C. GOODRICH. Vcb. 7, 1038. Calicoes very Cheap at WAIT & TABOi&'S. A Full assortment of English, French and American Calicoes, Cambric and Jaconet Muslin, plain and cross bar'd Swiss and Book Muslins, Bishop Lawn and Linen Cambrics, Edging and Inserting Hdkfs.. Gloves, Ribbons, Belts, Baskets. Flowers &c. &c, all ol winch will be sold uncom vwnlij cheap for cah nt the new cheap cash store west side Church 6t., 2 doors above the qntire. ENGLISH MERINO. UNCOMMONLY CHEAP AT THE JVcio Cheap Cash Store, Church St., two doors from the squnrc. WAIT & TABOR. Abel Cooper's Estate. Ethesobseribers, bavins been appointed by iho lion. Ihe Probate Coort for the District of Chittenden, commissioners lo ro. ceive, examine und adjust the claims and do- inands of all persons, against ihe cslato of Abel lnnper, lato t Richmond, in said Dts trict, deceased, represented insolvent, and also all claims and demands exhibited in otlV-ol thereto ; and six months from the dav of llio date hereof, boing allowed by said Court for mat purpose, we 00 tiicroturo hereby give no. lico. thai wo will attend to lite business of our appointment, at the dwellinir of Stephen Cooper, in Richmond, in said District, on llio 1st Mondays of April and July next, at 10 o'. dons, a. ,M on each ol said days. uaicti, tins i.'3tii day of January A. D. 1833 ElilMU HATES, Commit- RUSSF.L BUONSON, sioners. FLOTJB.. "bis. superfine Family Flour, for ifW sale hv Hickok & Catmn. Jan. 23. I!!39. rm ISSUE PAPER, assorted Colours JL Coloured Drawing Paper. Stationery n rcal variety, at the Variety Shop, Jan. 17. Paisciioiin &. Biii.n-maii. WANTED N exchange for goods. Flannel, Sheep's Grey Cloth, nnd a few Tons ol good Butter. Latiiiioi' (Si Potivin. MORUS MULTICAUL1S. TH E subscribers havn .jt n 'ji'.-.'i'i.Siuisll 'I'mni aiiortc MULTICAULIS, for sale. Apply at this office, fcssS&SS. F. A. Pouteii & Co Springfield. Nov. 5, 1033. Nova Scotia Plaster. Barrels fresh ground Nova Scotia Plaster, just received and for sale by P. Doouttlk. November 7. 3m. Fresh Flour. rjlllF) subscribers havo remaining on JL band a few nAiuiEi.s superior quality superfine FLOUR, warranted inado from new Wheat. Porsons wishing a choice article, will do well to coll soon. Jan. i!4. L.vninoi' & Potwin, MBRICAN CORTpL7sTEIt-."A sure.curo for those littlo torments on tho leet nnd toes. This urticlo is not weeks in curing, but it cures in a few days llio worst of Corns if iho directions are fullowed." Who will keep corns on' their locBiinw? For sale for the nronrietor hv t'.io dozen or single box nt tho Variety BDOp. t'ANOnoHN Ol liRINSMAII). Silks, Fancy and Staple Goods, an unequalled and Cheap supply for tho Season, nlso Broad Cloths at Feb. 14, 1039. HOWARDS. SHEEP'S PJEIrs. CASH, and tho highest market price, will bo paid for sheep's pelts, by VV, It. & F.O.VILAS. SepJ 20. Gm DR. RELFE'S IS one of the mo-t efficacious compounds in tho Materia Mcdica, for tho euro of that class of invuturato diseases produced by an impure state of llio blood, and a vitiated hubil of the body, ahd usually exhibiting themselves in llio lorms ol Scrofula, cull Jineum, Leprosy, St. Anthony's Fire, Fever Sores, (even when the bones are aficclcd.) While Swellings, (if apfiied with Ur.Jchij's Llniinnnto foul and obstinate Ulcers, Sore Legs and Eyes, Sidldlicad m children. Scurry and Scorbutic Gout, Pir pled or Carbuncled Faces, Festering Eruptions, and Venereal Taints throughout the body, in Which last case llio Drops often cure when Mercury falls, Thay are also llio best Spring and Autumnal Physic to purity and cleanso tho system from humors which frequently ap pear nl theso seasons of tho yoar. Thoy also aid tho process of digestion, and by purifying tho blood, prevent tho secretion of malignant humors on the lungs. Tho Proprietor confi dently relics upon tho vast number of sin prising cures cfiected by theso Drops, not only in Boston and its vicinity, but throughout iho union, for iho best proof of llieir excellence as aiiunfdiliiiKerj'icJ'Uerf(cne, in all llio ca. sos nliovo specified. I his article lias recently boon pronounced by a physician oflho first respectability, who had witnessed its surptising efficacy, as en titled, in his opinion to lako the lend of all the popular articles known for tho abovo com plaints, and indued it is fust gaining this point in public estimation, throughout tho country. Price $1 a Botllo, or six Hottlcs for $3. Dp. Relic's ANTX-3XL&XOUS PILLS. For Indigestion, Loss of Appetite, Lislsesmess, Headache, Coslii:encss, Flatulence, Cholic, BUhous Affections, Ac. f!0 communt on the efficacy of these Pills, JL alter a successlul cxpoiicticcot many years in England and America has cstsblislr cd their reputation, is needless: Stiffico it to observe, that lor redundancy of Bile, Flatu lence. Costivcncss, Headache, &c. &c, they will undoubtedly provo far inoro serviceable than thoso drastic purges too fioqucntly em ployed, and will not only at tho samo time lend to remove tho oltendinir causa by gen llo motions, and slrcnjilhoti llio dirrestivo organs, but improve the appelilcand rcnovatu llio system. Prico 50 cents. DIt. RELFE'S VEGETABLE SPE CIFIC, For Sick Headache, &c. Price 50 cents. k I None genuine unless signed on tho outside printed wrapper by the ole proprietor, T, KIDDEIl, immediate surcessorU) the lato Dr. W. T. Conway. For sale at his Coiiitling Room, over 1N0, 99, Court-street, near Con cert Hall. Boston, and also by his special op ointmont, by J. & J II. PECK Co. tCTTO THOSE AFFLICTED WITH CORNS. THE celebrated Albion Corn Plaster af fords instant reliof, and at tho same tinio dissolves and draws tho Corn out by iho roots, without the least pain. CeiiTiFiCATn. "To thoso afflicted with Corns on their feel I do certify, that I havo used the Albion Corn Piaster with complelo success. Beforo 1 had used ono box, it com pletely cured a corn which had troubled me lor many years. I make this public for tho benefit nl' those aillcled with that painful complaint. Wm. SHAW. Flushing, L. I. Feb. 28. Price 50 els. a box. " A It 1031 13 DY TOR fin HE excruciating pain tho decrepitude JL and deformity, and the premature old age, which arc the usual attendants of this disorder, are sufl'ercd by many from a despair of a euro, or disappointment in the efficacy of tho numerous pretended antidotes used to effect ibis purpose. But thoso who have made a fair Irinl of DI1. JEBU'3 CUT.rcmtATED LINI ME NT, even in cases of long standing, and of the mosl severe- diameter, havo received certain rnliof, and many have been cured in a few days, some in 2-1 hours! as a number ofper sons in Boston and vicinity, who wore former ly aflliclcd with tho Rheumatism, have very Inlly tcstilied. (Jcrlihcatcs are in the posses sion ol tho Proprietor, proving the most tbor otigh and snrptUing cures by means of this powerful Linimcnl, in cases where other ap proved applications had utterly failed. The Liniment is also used with success for bruiso.v sprains, numbness, stiffness of the joints, chil blains, &c. Price SOcenls a botllo DUMFIU13S KTBYF WilTER ! FOR sore or inflamed Eyes, gives immcdi alo caso and rolief. On recent soro eyes the effect is most salutary. Whero tho com. plaint has been of years standing, and io somu exceeding had cases, the most unexpected and desircahic reliof has been found in iho use of this Evu Water, after every other remedy had tailed. Many persons who havo used it, proupuncc it the best preparation for theso compTiiiuts they havo ever met with, especially in cases ol soreness or inflammation of long standing. Piico 25 cents a botllo. k3 A CERTAIN CURE FOR THE ETCH, HrfOWEVER inveterate, in one hour's application, and no danger from talcing riild. by tiHng DUMFRIES' OINTMENT. This preparation, for pleasantness, safe ly, expedilinn, ease and cerlaiuty, slands unrivalled for the cure of this, troiible'ome complaint. It is so rapid as well as certain in iisoperntKin, as to cure this di-agreenble disorder most effectually, in one rWr' application only ! It does not contain Iho lonst particle o mercury, or other dangerous ingredient, and may bo applied with perfect safety by j pregnant females, or tu children ut the! breast. Price 37 1 2 cents a box, with ample directions. DUMFRIES' REMEDY FOR THE PlliES. THE proprietor begs leave to recom mend (which he docs with the fullest confidence) one of the most va'uable reme dies known for (his troublesome and pain ful complaint. Without going into del u il. ho deems it enough to tny, he lias in possession the most undoubted testimonials that it has more completely annoer'cd the purpose J or ic In ci tt,ts intended, than any other popular medicine. This remedy is perfectly ensv in its on plication, to all conditions ages and sexes, l Ull ,111 .wi lunn, uvl I Hill,, IHO U.IIII - plaint, .fee. accompany ouch packet, whir',, consists of two boxes. OinhnLt nd V run (itrcciiuiis, uccripuon ol llio ctun hmru. Prim li I f.,, . 1, ...I...I -n. . if but ono of ihe n.f licles is wanU'd. k-l --.'il' " lllljniiuiu.'l OU CI FOR s.rfio at Winooski Villagv, at the m.'diiufaclutcr's pricus, by Sidhek BAni.ow, Advertisement! TO Ttllj ASTHMATIC AND CONSOMI'l 1 f rinHE most prevah nl und lala'l nl ull M e JL diseases incident to civilized Hticieu the Consumption may generally b.i traced to the least olarming of disorders, n slight but neglected Cold ! By estimation, it uppcars that onk hundred amij fifty tiioUsaMJ persons dio annually of the Consumption. Most of these dreadful results may be attributed to common Colds, and a nryligflnt trentnlelit of lliu harrassing Cough that genorullv ensues, which U usually TollowetT by difficult, breathing, pain in tho side, a.nd at. lust Ulcerated hungi. Violent nnd re;eo?.eU Asthmatic attacks also brniL' on Consumptive symptoms. One or two dollars exoended in tho pur. chose of DR. RELFE'S ASTHMATIC PILLS, and a little attention to their timely admin- istrntion, will usually ensure a roitigalion oF these disorders, olid generally cfieci a cure. The Fills are also an easy and effuclual remedy for the symptoms preceding nnd nccompanying llio Asthma and Consume-, lion. For colds, coughs, difficulty of breath' inrr, tightness and strictures across tho chest, wheezing, pain in tho b'kIo, spilling of blood. &c. Few cases cart occur of.any of this class of disorders, in which tbd p'hr- chasers of Dr. Rulfe's Pills will not find a rich return for their trifling expenditure. Price whole boxes, 30 Pills, $1 ; half do 12 Piirs. 50 cts. TO THE LADIES ! WHITE and sound Teeth arc both an ornament and a blessing. The' best security for their advontoge is to be found in the use of the BRITISH ANTISEPTIC DENTRIFICE. This elegant Tooth Foictler. with a very little use, eradicates the Siurvy in tho jTiims. and prevents the accumulation of Tarter, which not only blackens, but loosens the teeth, and accelerates their decay. The Denlrifiee thus removes the prevailing causes of offensive breath, pre serves the healthiness and floridness of tho gums, and renders the teeth beautifully white Prico 50 cents. k2 0Nono genuine unless signed on the oulsido printed wrapper by the sole proprietor I . Kl DDL II, immediate successor lo the late Dr. W. T. Conway. ForsaleathisCountSui Room, over No, 99, Court. street, near Con cert Hall, Boston, and also by his special ap pointment, by J. Sz J. 11. Pcck Si Co. May be uud in Wine or Water, nMIlESE celebrated bitters aro composed JL purely of vegetables of Iho most inno cent yet specific virtues. They are recom mended particularly for restoring weak con stitutions, cleansing and strengthening tho stomach, and increasing Ihe appet be also a preventive against the choleia morb'uV fevur-and-ague, removing nausea, vomiting, heart burning, weakness in the breast , pain in' the stomach and other symptoms of flatulence and indigestion. One box will tincluro ono gallon. Price 25 cents a box. Russell's Itch Ointment. THIS choico aod safe ointment is said to bo sopcrior to any now in use, for' that disagreoablo and loathsome disease, tlio ITCH. This Ointment is so certain in its operation that no person troubled with the above disorder ought to bo without it. It is a remedy for cutaneous eruptions, scorbutic affections of the head, or any oilier breaking out which arise from sharp humors in the blood. Prico 25 cents a box. Russell's Vegetable Bilious 2? I 5j L S j OR FAMILY PHYSIC. FOR general use, in cacs of Jaundice, morbid sensibility of the stomach and bowels, loss of appetite, fretid bteatb, costivo ness, Piles, and all disuascs arising from bili aiy derangements, also for correcting tho stale of lliu blood, and cleailtiug the system of foul and viscid humors. Theso pills aro a mild cathartic, producing neither pains nor griping, and are therefore a valuablo and highly approved medicine, and aro pronoun' ced as such by the most dintingundied physU eians, Each box containing 38 Pills. Prico 37 1 2 cents a box. Russell's Celebrated Salt Rheum Ointment. Hft)IIIS is unquestionably tho best and Jfe safest remouy ever yet offered lo tho public for thai obstinate disorder SALT RHEUM, Where other means have has succeeded, and iho fact that it has been' extensively used by eminent Practitioner speaks volumes in its praise. Il is equally efficacious lu ail diseases of the skin, scald head, ring worms, and the most inveterate Itch, kc. kc. Numerous certificates might be obtained, but tho proprietor chooses that a fair trial should be the only cvtdcnco of its suporior clRcaoy. Price 50 cents a box. A fret-b supply is just received and for salo by J. Ic J. II. Peck & Co,, Dr. Moody. Lalhlop & Potwin, Burlington S.H, Barnes Chailulto M. Mull Ilinc.shiirgh Onion & Strong, G. S: W. L. Parker. Huntington iz While Vergen nes siuit n l.oosey uiiccKooury green Janiin Hamilton, P. Fletcher Jcrico D. B Wilson, S. B. Fletcher Essex I), ft W. Car penter Waierbnry; and with tho Drugisls generally throughout the U. Slates, and at wholoaluby Win. C. Slimson &. Co. Boston. Als-o by' J. &. W, Townsund. corner of Bcekman and Water streets, New York. ' . Groceries &. Provisions. THE siibcribers have on Viand o, heavy stock of Teas, Sogo'P-, Sp.'.ccs. Fruit, Coffee, Codfish, Molas'sCSi) 'Confectionery, &c. &c and wo wi;, j,,vc ,)Ur cf0cril some belter bargr-'1MS ,)a ,iev hnvo 1)l!CI, in the habit ol r,,ohinff ,f they 'will call be, foro our slock sn.i Wo have mH) Jhjsm skin Te(t fnr 2s C'S;J' nm' other things as cheap. ry.OinSIOjXS, such as Pork, Flour, 'er, Cheese, Lard, Salmon, Mackerel, Vc. c 'mid a small Quantity of cheap ' r.- f O f ' n . n 'i . IL ' "T, A01" 3 0 8.c,,,i?Bv,tetr t own . wishing to lay in their slock f Will do well to Call SOOI1 Jan. HI. Lathuop Si Potwin ONE FUR CAP and a few White Neck Ties, nut yet sold, can be had if applied lor Foon nt the Variety Shop. PAMGUQ1IN&. BlUSeMAlD.

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