Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, March 1, 1839, Page 3

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated March 1, 1839 Page 3
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arrested, ho cut hi throat from cur to car, with n razor, nnrt in a few minutes, was fount! in the ynrd close ot hand, dead! A RMY M 6 V HMENTS. Pi.ATTSUuntt, Fun. 23. Col. Pierce returned from visiting t ho posts, on Thuru doylasi, and wo learn that thn following disposition of llu' IJ. S. Troopi has been made by ordur of C5cn. Scolt, viz: Cnpt. Taylor's company, (at Albitrgh Spring) In return to Head Quarters, at Platl "burgh. Capt. Dtmick to repair to Alburgli City and muster out. of service Cnpt. "Harrington's company ol Riflemon, 'militia) Cnpt. Porter, from Swnntnu, In occupy the post at Alburgli Springs. Lieut. Reeves lo be stationed at Col. MottV, on the Green Wood road. A giiml to be placed at Mr. Lyman's nenr the line in the vicinity of Mr. Vosburgh's house, where the lalo outrngo wa8 committed. 1 hese orders have been carried into effect. Capt. Van Ness, at Troy, Vt.,and Capt. Dimick, at Rouse's Point, will lor the present occupy those postF. Ma.j. Cen. Scott left tins placo for Alba ny on' Saturday last. Wc'learn that he expressed his entire approbation of the course pursued by Col. Pierce on the fron. tier during the excitement and troubles which Iiqvo ocenred. Platlshurgh llcpub. N OTIC 15. It was ihouzht best Lift cveninj in cnn.rniifnce of 1 tic limine?! of llm going, to iitljnurn lie ineeiinir held tar 11 few weeks past in ilia 11.15. Church, till Snhhalli Mnrrli "J. On ihut curninir llic 11 r rmis;riiicnlii for llm week Mull tic published logpilier with the particular evening in which lh joiinj; people in.iy expect In lit adlrrrd, Tim merlins ha been very intcremini;, and ly 1 lie hle?.ing of Ciod has I een the means of an nrresiuii to the church of between 30 ami -10 prnnns, and finm a tery icspccliibto cUh of the population. This if in part llie npo'ojy ol that rhiiich and conjirg.ition for roiilinulna thn merlin;; so luiitf. Jlurlinglun, I'cb. 2Sih. TEMPUItANt K NOTICE. The llm linion Temperance Sncir-ij will meet at llic Com l IIiumr on l"i id.iy riming of i his week, nt 7 o'clock, fur llm pnipojc nfclni'inx Dflpjatec, In l he Contention, lo be hrld nt Wuudslook, and to linn-act any oilier proper business. A full ulicndiinie ol the men. hers is ipqitpned. II. V. IIICKOK, Secretary. Burlington, Feb. 26, 1829. jii a n ii i e i) Slurried in Newbury, Feb. IS, .Mr, John Cohi.iss, .lit., of I'roi, ,. Y., I.tle ofOifoidN. II., lo Mi- .Mary II". IIovt of Neuiinrv. In .Milion on ine. 1-Hi I'eh , try Rev. Mr. Dnnslierit, All. GroiiGi; Ayius K-'q. ineitlMiit, in Mis-s MauV A. lomcjest il.iugliler of Col. I.U Til ck Dixon, nll'nf Alihnn. i) 1 1: i) . In Smiih Hero, nn the l-lih inst. Mrt. Lucy Allrii icliclofihe I tie Allen. Died in .Sbelbuin on i lie- 22d inn. of ronrump tinn, Mrs I'.imeli.i T, wife of Mr. .Sidney ft., nmhl.iiighter of llie lain Kli Thayet ngell 19 tenri N. B. l'rimcis in iMiddleburv arc renuested lo nolire the iibote. MARClf MEETING. THE next annual March Meeting will bo holdon at Iho Town Room. Bur lington, on Monday Iho I tth day of March next, nt 10 o'clock. A. M. Feb. 25. JUST RECEIVED. 700 Pac'cts Monsnns, Hygciin J JJ Universal Medicines of the Bntihl College of lleallh, Lnodon, cure by this ucst rclobln Medicine ro multiplvin constantly in Vermont. On band plenty id g3 Packages and the Vegtablc Aperient Powders. 25 cis. nor box. PANfiriortN &. BniNSMAiD. Slate Agent:. DISSOLUTION. rtMHE coparinetship hereiofote oxisting JL biMweon the siibfrribers under the firm ol F. JI. St S. Ii. Jlend, is by mutual consennt dissolved. The Carpenter and .Toinor Rusinesi will bo emit iniud ot the old stnnd, by F. M Mead, who will adjust all matters pertain ing to the laic firm. Fhancis M. Mead. Sidnkv B. Mead. For Salr, or to Kent. 1 UK Brick House, with about four acres ofland, recently oc cupied by S. Ballou, ono mile south of the village, apply to Feb. 25. H. LKAVKNWORTH. FOR SALE. A GOOD, kind Strong Horse works well in a Team and has travolod foi tho last 3 weeks bout 40 miles per day, and ono day 50 and onoSl miles during llie lonrney, and perform ed the list weeks journey with moto case than tho first. Also, for salo a first rate Plated Harness, a good Cutter and two Buffaloes. I'ANcnniiN fc BaiNSMtin. Tribute to whom tribute and honor to whom honor is clue. LL possessed or that can bo obtained Sek used for defence ben necessary, but not ono thousandth part of tho hair of ono licad, or a mill of inouoy yioldcd by coercion or extortion without an opposing, recorded memento to warn tho oppressor and guard the opprcsiod. No Monopoly but what may be within (ho reach of all who will use llic means and make Iho application. Protection from imposition is duo to all classes and is Iho inherent rielit ol overy eilizcn in thocominu nily. No threats of Taxation tacitly borne to serve as a Hobby tho purposes of designing politicians whoso only hopo of ever being seen lo bo up is in that of having all others lowered down. Tho limoly arrival last year of tho Steamer ureal Western Irom l.uropo gavo such an impetus to Importations ol Ooods and busi noss affaire generally, that Irado was carried thtough without any extra charges on Mcr chandizc, But should tho samo feelings and dispositions show themselves this year might require grcator exertions lo rebut tho impositions; and in order (o bo in limo Tho Cheap Cash Store Man is wido awake and up and doing, already distributing his winter Goods in every direction among iho people by way o" electioneering for Iho trado and supply of as many pretty Now Goods as customers may require, and if not obliged lo put too heavy a T A X or boar loo great a. loss, as on Windsor Money, will soli Cheap Mioap, uncap. IIOWAKIJ. March 1st, 1839. Lucy Allen's Estate. STATE OF VERMONT, ) At a Probato Distbictof Grand Isi.e, ss. court holden nt Iho Probato office, in North Horo, in wid dis. UEAI ESTATE. I 1 i" oiimuiiuur uiiRis im r,nu j vJi'JSxtt thn t.t,iri, nil niinrnli ntrnnt.l on iMt??r ,,,:u ""is Mun in" ijiinn, iJ&3 recently occupied bv Mr. Hm . l.. .1.. ..i. ..r .1... I( ..I. man, us o shoe store. Thn building is in good ropnir, nentlv fitted up ; nud thn location very lavorable for a merchant or mechanic, Or, I ho promises would be exchanged lor n dwelling house in I lie Village. D.J I1EINEI5ERG. March i. innn. (net on iho 2Jd day ol' February A. D. 1339, Present tho lion. Joel Mien, Judge. An Instrument purporting to bo the last will and testament of Lucy Allen, lalo of South Hero, in said district deceased being presented lo tho court here, by I lector Adams tho exec ulor thoicin named for Probate. It Is orilored bysaid r.outt thnt all pcrosns concerocd therein bo notified to appear nt a session nfsnid court to bo holdcn at the of Jcdodinh P. Ladil io said North Hero, on the 3d Mon day of March, A. D. 1839, and show enuso if any tlmy havo against tho Probato of said will, for which purposo it is further oroorcd that a copy of this ordor bo published throe weeks, in tho Burlington Free PrcsB a newspa. per printed at Burlington in tho county of Cliilttcudcn, as soon as may be. A truo copy of record, Attest, AtinusTt)1' Knioiit. Reg. John Lathrop's Estate. To tho Hoo. tho Probato Court for the District of Chittenden, comes thn subscriber Henry Mayo, administrator of tho ostatoof John Lnthrop lato of Burlington in said district deceased, and represents thnt Iho personal cstato of .aid deceased will not bo sufficient to nay tho debts and ohargos thereof and and hereby makes application lo said court, lor license lo sell too real estate aim llie reversion of tho widow s dowor therein fot lliat purpose. H'lrlincton, Feb. 25, 1039. HKNItY MAYO, Admin r. STATE OF VERMOXT, ) District of Chittenden, ss. S AT a Probate Court holdon at Purlinfflon, in aid District, on thn 2jlh day of Feb. D. 1C39. It Is ordeied thai an nccount be taken of tho debts and also, tho proceeds of tho personal estate of said deeoniod. and that the heirs and all porsoiiH concerned in said estate bo notified to appear before said court on tlio lGlb day of .Mnrr.h tho llcgistor s fiico in liurlinatoii, alorcsaid.lo "ivu bond for the payment of debts, and show eauso why license as iilorosaul snail not tic granted, and that such notico be given by publishing the above application and this ordor three weeks successively, as soon as may bo in tho Frcn Press. a newspaper printed in Uurlinglon, in Haid Distr r.t. Given under my hand, tho day and year .slabovo wntlon. m, Weston. lie: r. Revised List 18'9. MORISOE'S . PILiLiS, 11 tlm Vt'gtBUU; tjygeian imuuiciuim ot the British College of Health, Lon- ; Imported by Dr. Geo. Taylor 61 Wall, nnd 0 New Sis. New York, sole Agent in thn United States for said Col. lege. Packages of Pills gl and g3 each Powders 25 cis. hvcry 1'acKct Hold u Vermont and in tho countios ol Lssox Clinton. Franklin and St. Lawrence. IS. Y.. will bo signed in wri'ing by PANG BORN & BR1NSMAID Jewellers ot Borliii"ton Vt. who nro Slate Agents ; and also by the Sub-Agents selling them. 1 1 mi so iigncu. (In uot buy than. I' or sale by Edmund Lvman North Ferrisburgh Win E Greene Jonathan Hagor Andrew Dawson David Lvman O A Keith Otis L Kelton Aiiirsii Panic C &. J W Baxter E Cleveland Sabin Kellum Vergennes M iddlcbury South Hero St. Albans Sheldon Montgomery Lowell Derby Line Coventry IraKburgh S E Morse & S Lyman Crotubury J W Remington Johnson John Keisey Danvillo St Johnsbury Lyndon Chelsea Windsor Bellows Falls Tlratth'huro Jonas Flint Win Piorce Foster Grow N C Goddard M S Buckland J Sleeno J Pine & Co Factory Point Manchester Hiram L Cheney Holland Jas II Murduck Woodstock Joel Day Royalton Ira Button Brandon Jas Hull Orwell J Frost & Co llrnlport. G F Sl B Boyan'on Essex N Y C B Hatch Wesiport N Y Alfred Hartwell Keesevillo Richard Cottrill Pittsburgh Remember every packet of the gonuino is signed by Pnngboro & Brinmaid. Dr. GEO. TAYLOR, G 1-2 Wall st. Feb. 25. U. S Azenl. William Ward's Estate. STATE OF VERMONT. DISTIltCT or ciiittem)k:n. ss. AT a Probate Court holdon at Burlington, within and for Iho District of Chitten den on tho 13th day of February A. D. 1839. on application of Olive Ward of Milton, in the county of Chiltendon, executrix of tho last will and toslamont of William Ward, lato of Milion, in said district, deceased. Il is or dcrcd and decreed that all persons having de. inanils against said estate, exhibit the same to tho said executrix for sottlemcnl, on or bo- foro tho 13lh dav of February A. D. 13-10, otherwiso they shall bo forover barred. And it is further ordered, thut nolieo llicrc ofbo given to all publishing Ibis docreo three weeks successively in tho Ftce Press, a nowpapor printed in Burlington in said district, anil by posting the same al four public places within Iho courtly of Chitlen. den, to wit, ono at John Howard's. Hulcl in Burlington, ono at John A. WHley s 110101 in Colchester, ono at the Inn ol Sylvester Ward in said Milion. nnd ono at tho inn of Z. Ash ley in said Milton, within sixty days from tho making of this docreo. r ... Given in Probato Court at Burling- II L.S.jj ton in said district this 13th day of UJ February A. D. 1819. CHARLES IMISSELL..7irfc. JNovascotia blaster. i ATA Tons of Nova&coliu Plaster Bulk. 300 bbla for sale bv Hepl. 84. do do Foi.r.ETT & Uiunr.EYi. Crockery, Glassware, Looking Classes unit Tea Servore, comprising near ly evcrv article desired nt the Cheap Cnih Store o'f S. EARL HOWARD. Feb. 14, 1039. Dissolution of Copartnership. urm ol llnll anil unmstocK tins JJ1 t .1 1 II I ., cnl. Frederick Hall has sold nil his in terest, in the good and debts duo the con cern to Luther M. Ilngnr. FREDERICK HALL. GEORGE I). COMSTOCK. Shnlhnm, Fob. U mfJD. Copartnership formed. LUTIIKIl M. HAG Alt and CHOUGH D. COMSTOCK. havo llu- day en- tered into copartnership ot Shnlburn, in i lin business of merchandize, by tho name and firm of HAGAH Sl OOBUQTOOS. LuTiir.ii M. II. ir. a it, Gr.nnr.n D. Comstock. Shctburne. Ftb. n. 11139. A few Chests of the Real 75ct. TEA, yot remaining unsold and of which every family wont, a pound, is for snlo nt the Cheap Cash Store by HOWARD. P. S. A sure cure for faligtii' and Head ache Feb. M, 11139. Satin Beaver Bonnets. A PART case new one jut rre.'d and for sale nt Feb. 14. 1R39. HOWARDS. Plaid Shawls received and for sale nt HOWARDS. Feb. 14, IR39. Paper Hangings a splendid as sortment at HOWARDS. Frb. 14. 1339. Alanifold Letter Writers. THE highly improved patent Manifold Letter Writers, for copying letters, invoices, drawings, plans &c. This inven lion will produce a letter with its copy at ono operation; or if required, a letter with two Fac Snni!o, to send abroad, with a ingle pen (stylo) which is so duinhle that it will last lor years without repair. Tins apparatus, from its simplicity and despatch in operation, a well as portability in con struction, is admirably adapted lor Law yers, Merchants and Travellers and all who wish lo keep copies ol tlioir Letters nnd send Duplicates abroad ; to whom it will prove a great saving of time and ex pense, for sale at iho Variety Simp. PAOnon Bimn-m Mil, The German Matchless Sana tive, for sale at the Port Office nt Grand Isle Vt., whore numerous testimonial as to its specific qualities in casea of Con sumption &c. may bo seen by calling nt toy office. DANIEL JACKSON, Agent. December 14. 103!!. Cm Odonlicu ! Odontica ! ! The Teeth! The Teeth!! VKR. M. HITCHCOCK'S Magnetic Odon viiy lica. Tho fact is proved, and tho most incredulous and doubting aro fullv eon. vinccd, as wo have tho evidence from the salo of moro than 7000 boxes within ll:o past year, thai tho Utopian dicams of tho n Ichy mii-l nro realized, and a remedy discovered for presnrv. ing tlino important and beautiful appendages of the human system, by the use of tho Mag. nelio Odontica, which, by its attractive, pun- ' fyiug and strengthening qualities removes all ' extraneous suhMnnctM from tho teeth and 1 preserves tlicm in their natural brilliancy, and tho gums ... soundness and beauty It is as. ccrtaiued from experience, that when used. tho teeth w not decay, bin remain ti the latest old ago, with their natural wear. When u... uru "J"'f!j imh "in Wl- rcstod, and tho teeth preserved and prevented Irom aching, ladies and gentlemen of the most rcspcclablu character are daily calling, who assure us that before they commenced using tho Odontica, llicir teeth were loose and fast going to decay, their gums spongy and feverish, and the breath fmled, and aftur using this invaluable powder, in less than one week their teeth were firm in their sockets, their gums resumed their health, llicir breath cor rected, and no monev could induce ihcm to bo wilhcut it. All this costs the small sum of fifty cents. For sale by J. i J. II. Peck & Co. only agents in Burlington for tho sole porprieiors, A. Hitchcock & Co. Uliea N. Y. DR. M. HITCHCOCK'S newly invented SjYUFFany 25 rents. FOR Iho euro and ah-oluto relief of catarrh, dizziness of the head, weak eyes nervous hcad-aehos, fallen. sickness fits, and infants troubled with tho sniifllns, partial shocks of palsy, ,tc. For salo by. I. Si J. H. Puck & Co., only Agents in Burlington for liio solo proprietor's A. Hitchcock Sl Co. Ulica N. Y. DR. M. HITCHCOCK'S unrivalled and unequalled WORM TEA, a sovereign remedy for wenns. Strange and incredible aro iho efTecls of these dulcstahlu vermin few persons, and it is thought nunc, arc frco from them, particularly females and children. Many persons go through a distressing couno of medicine without any benefit, when they might bo relieved by using the worm tea. This invaluable medicine has been tested by tho experience of moro than four thousand persons of various ages, and not ono solitary complc'iut, on Iho contrary, hundreds havo called and iinsolictcd given their decided prefcrenco to it, after trying tho dill'erenl articles sent forth to the public, and pronoun cod Dr. M. HITCHCOCK'S worm tea tin rivalled and unequalled. For salo by J. & J H. Peck & Co,, only jgcnts in Burlington for tho solo propiietors, A. Hitchcock & Co. Ulica N. Y. STATE OF VERMONT. Rom.nson Fkuius 1 Grand Lie Co Court, t'j. September term, Ei.isiiABoAnnMAN j A. 1). 1333. Thu sub'criber hoving been appointed auditor to hear, examine nnd ndiust the accounts of the parlies in this cause the action being an action on book hereby gives not ice (hat hn will intend to the nd'. justing of said accounts at the dwelling linn-Q ot Kcnhcii oampson, in ti rand Isle in said County, on (he 25ih day of April next, nt one o'clock in the afternoon ; nnd if either parly neglect to attend at said time and place, the auditor will proceed exparic. uy oroer m imiri. SAM'L ADAMS, Auditor. Grand-Isle,Jun'y1, 1 1139. To Wood Jhoppors. GREEK'S AXES A SUPPLY of thu nbuvti celebrated l Axes, just received, and for sale by the dozen or single, by the subscriber. ROBERT MOODY. To Printers. A Journeyman who is a good workman and willing In devote his time for iho interest t fhis employer, good habiK &c. mav hear of a permanent situation by ap plying to C GOODRICH. 'Burlington. Feb. 15. 11139. n u it ii i n a t o n FEMALE SEMINARY. rjpUE next Qunrlnr of llm Burlington Fi'innlo Seminary will commence February 2l)th. It is particularly reques ted that thiii-o who Intend to enter school for tho quarter, should bo present to be clashed tin first day. Iturtinglnn. Frb.'1. 3039. fiiirlington Female Seminary. IfTHlIIE members of the Corpnrnlion ol ( tic Burlington Feinnlu Seminary nro hereby notified, to meet ot Iho dwelling hniisn of D. A. Broman in said Burlington, on Monday, the 10th day of February in-t., nt G o'clock in the evening, lo elect Trus tees and oilier officers of said corporation fur the cii'inng year. Wji, A. GUIS WOLD, Clerk. lltirl'Mzhn. Orl. 13. I!!.'!9. "Spring time of the year m enminz." 717 A IT & TABOR will sellthe balance VV nfihoir slock of Goods' purchased fr tho Winter trade, ot very low prices. Oct. 1.1. NOTICE. ALL who aro indebted to the undersigned whoso demands have becomo due, are hereby notified that immcdiato payment muU bo inado to save cosl, and wo may add lhal prompt ptymcnl is expected upon all de mands becoming don lo us llie present winter. Fob. 14. T. F. vNi W. L. Ptrovo. Black Bombazine. BLK. SILKS, Chalv, Mmnnlme do Lame, fig'd -ilk Ildk'f's.-, oiiib'd Collars, silk, cotton and lamb's wool Hosiery. I Barag'i for VoiK llobbinets, Tim Ii; and , thread Laces and QjiilliugH, all of winch arc vmhly Cheap el the new c.lieai) ca-h S'nre of WAIT Si TABOR. Fibfi, 1339. Adam's South received at par, bv Feb. 7. 1031!. Village Money, C. GOODRICH. Calicoes very Cheap at WAIT & TABOil-I'S. A Full assortment of Eugli-h, French and American Ca'icups, Cambric and Jacont Miiflin, plain and cross har'dS.viss and Bunk Mu-lins, Bishop Lawn and Linen Cambrics Edging and In-crtii!g lldlifs., GIovph. Ribbon. Bells, Baskets, Flowers &c. &c, all ol which will be so'd wicnm nvmly rhcap for ca-h at the new cheap cash store wot sido Church St., 2 doors above the 'rpinro. li'Mm nan t!?niwn 1 l I VI 1 JIU U 111 IJIV11 I Ul TTTNCOMMONLY CHE a-!' 'i-r i r At Al ' h -'' Church St., 'kJ .'Veto Cheap Cash Store two doors from the squar WAIT & TABOR. Ahcl Cooper's Estate. M7 1'-'he sub-cribnrs, having been appointed V V I ty Iho Hon. the Probate Court for Iho District of Chittenden, commissioners In rc. cuivl', i inline uoo iiiiiusi nn; emiiu- alio ue- n.ands of all persons, aga.n-t the estate of, .! , c late i.f Kichniond. m said . . .leased, repr. senled insolvent, and Uo I ,. , . . ,j,n vi t . , , ;. n-. . , . f . . . date lusreof, being allowed by said Court for I ,;,t purpose, wo do therefore herebv give no. . , . 1 .,, ,,.,.,..1 , , ,. , " ,.r nllr lirn ll.-it iv n will attend In thn bii-inoxs of nor appointment, at tho dwelling of Stephen l,uiiJi.r, in ini.iiiiiwii.1, in wi.-iiiv.., im. ....i 1st Mondays of April and July next, al 10 0'. clock. A. M on each ol'saiil days. Dated, this 2."iih day of January A. D. 1339. F.LIIIU HATES. ) Commit RUSSF.L BliONSON, $ sioners. fKrT? Bbls. eiijierline Family Flour, for salo bv IIickok & Cati.i.v. ,rrn. 23. 1C39. rSI?SUE PAPER, assorted Colours Ji- Coloured Drawing Paper. Stationery in great variuiv, ni ino vnrierv ouop, Jan. 17. Panoiwrv & Iui,n-.maii). WANTED N exchange for good'. Flannel, Sheen'. Grey Cloth, nnd n few Tons nlfWuSn of this Watch, after every other Puller. LATimor & Potwin. MOKUS MULTlCAULlSJo complaints they havo ever met with, Tin II F .jubicribers vn 10.000 RVr fWgftH-ibiriirs. "ree.- nt ine ,il VURUS TICAULIS, lor snlo A pplv at this nfiico. .-oW3 F. A. Poiitku &. Co Springfield. Nov. H, 1333 Nova Scotia Plaster. ') (!) 5l,rr',,s lr0,,, ground Novn taijvs' Scotia Plaster, tust received and fur sain bv P. Doui.itti.k. N'vember 7. 3in. Fresh Flour. njIIE sub-cribers hnvo n JL hand new iunitCLs superior qimlily rlino LOUR, warranted madu Iron) supi' nio Wheat. Persons wifhiiin- a hoicc article, will do well to call soon. Jan. 21. LATimnr &. Potwin AMERICAN CORN PLASTER "A sn'rucuro for those hlllo torments on tho feel nnd toes. This nrticlo is not weeks, in curing, but it cures in n few days the worst of Corns if the directions rre followed." Who will keep corns on their toes now? For salo for llie proprietor by the dozen or single box nt tho Variety Shop. PAWMIOHNtXi BlUNf.MAIl). Silks, Fancy anil Staple Goods, nn unequalled and Cheap supply for the Sen-oil, nl-o Broad Cloths at Feb. 14, 1339. HOWARDS. SHEEP'S PEJLTS. C1ASII, ami thn highest market price, will bo paid for sheep's polls, by W. R. & F.C VILAS. Sept 20. Cm DR. RI'LFE'S IS ono ol tho most efficacious compounds in tho Mnltria Mcdira, for Iho euro til that class of invcleralo disease produced by an impure slato of the blood, and a vitinled habil of Iho body, ahd usually exhibiting themselves In thn forms Scrofula, Sell llhcnm, Lrprnsy, St. Anthony's Fire, Fac Soni, (even when Iho bones aro affected,) While SwrUingL (if apt lied with Dr. .lebb's Liniment.) foul and obstinate Ulcers, Sore Leg and 'yes. tiialdhcad m children. Scurry and Scorbutic Gout, 'im- jiUdor Carbumlid Fares, Festering Eruptions, and I entreat lainls throughout Ihc boily, in which last ciisolho Drops often euro when Mercury fails, Thay aro also lhobel Spring and Autumnal PhiSic lo purify and cleanse tho system from humors which frequently ap pear at these seasons of Iho year. They also aid tho process nl digest ion, and by purifying the blood, prevent Iho secrelion of malignant humors on tho lungs. Tho Proprietor confi dently relics upon tho vast number of nut prising cures effected by these Drops, not only in Boston and its vicinity, but throughout thu union, for the best proof of their excellence as an unfailing AHtrativc Medicine, in all tho ca. scs above specified, This article has recently been pronounced by a physician of tho respectability, who had witncsud its surpiising edicaey. as en titled, in his opinion to takn tho lead of all Ihi! popular ailiulcH Known for thcabovo com plaints, and indeed it is fa-t gaining this point in public estimation, throughout tho country. Price 1 a Bottle, or six Bullies for $j. Dr. Uclfes AITTI-BXIiIiIOTj 3PZZ.I.C. For Indigestion, Lois of Appetite, Listieswcss, Headache, Costircness, Flatulence, Cholic, Millions Al)'icltui, kc. rjnO comment on the efficacy of lhe?n Pills, 3- after a successful expeiirucc of many years in England and America has cslsblish- cd their reputation, is needless: HulFico it to observe. thai for redundancy of Bile, Flatu lence, Coslivcncss, Headache, kc. kr,, they will undoubtedly provo far more (.orviccablo than tlioso drastic purges too fioquciitly cm ployed, and will not only at Iho same time tend to ramovo tho offending cause by gen. llo motions, and strengthen the digestive organs, but improve tho appetite and renovate the system. Price 50 cnnis. Dli.' KKLFK'S V GHTAKLR Sl'C C1FIC, For Sick Headache, Ac. Price 50 cents. 1; I None genuine unless signed on iho outside printed wrapper by tho ;ule proprietor, T. KIDDI'R, immediate surccssor to the lato Dr. W. T. Co.nww. For salo nl his Counting Room, oyer 'o. 99, Oonrt-slrcrl, near Con cert Hall. Boston, and al-o bv his special ap ointment, by .1. .1 II. I;F,( K fr Co. (Jj-TO THOSF. AFFLICTED WITH CORNS. rpHIin celebraled Albion Corn Plaster tit JL lords instant relief, and at tho same timo dissolves and draws tho Corn out by the roots, without tho least pain. CnaTiriCATC "To those afllictcd with Corns on Iheir feet I do certify, that I have used the Albion Corn Plaster with completo I . . . Ill iicocis. lictoro 1 nao tiscu one uox, n e.iru ' plctelv cn.-eil a corn wnii-ii ino irouuicu me I fur m.uiy years. 1 make this public for the llcllcnt r Ihoso afllclcd with that paiolul coinplaiul. Flu shin W.v. SHAW. L. I. Fib. 23. Price 50 cis. a bos, A 11K3IKDY I'lllt rf?i H I. excriicialmg pain the decrepitude M. and deformily, and the premature old aire, which are the umiuI attendant1 nl'lhis , n. . . .. . .1 MioiM'y "'" oespa.r inn numerous nrcionueii iiniuioius u-en n effect this purpose. But those who have! madn a fair trial of UK. .TlilJIPS CCT.F.r.ttATCD lilNI 3IHNT, oven 111 cases ol long sianomg. ano 01 me i r"i'cS"nritll mo-t severe character, have received certain manv havo been cured 10 a lew days, somo in 24 hours! as a number ofper- sons in BoMon and viemii v who wore foruier ly allliclcd with thn I'Jiuumatism. havo very fully testified. Certificates are in the posses sion ol the Proprietor, proving tho most thor ough and surpiising cures by means of this powerful Linim-nl. in cases where other ap proved applications had utterly failed. The Liniment is aNo used with success for bruises, sprains, numbne-s, stillness of the joints, chil blains, Sic. Price a bottlo UJLU PHIHS' FOR sore or inflamed F.iics, gives immedi ate ca-o and relief. On recei.t sore eyes, tho effect is most salutary. W'horo thn coin plaint has been of years standing, and in somo exceeding bad cases, the most unexpected and desircablc relic! has been found in llie remedy had failed. Many persons who have ued it. oronounco It tho best preparation for I ' of long standing. Peine 25 cents a bottle, k.l A CERTAIN CURE FOR THE ST am,. HOWEVER inveterate, in one hour't application, find no danger rum talcing mid, by u-ing ' llUJlFIUKS' OINT.1ir.NT. This prepnrniKin, for plen?aiiiners. safe ly, expedition, ease nnd cer'anity, standi unrivalled for the euro of Ibis troublesome complaint. It is so rapid ns well ns ceriain in its opera I inn, a In cure this di-agre rnbtr disorder most i fl'eclualty, in one h ur's (ip)iliialion only! It does not contain Iho least pnniete o mercury, or other dangerous ingredient, and may bo applied with perfect safely In i....,., ino ... i.. i.;i.i,., , ,1,., I - j, 3, , b h L,i. ,ii,nniini,u DUMFRIES' REMEDY FOR THE PlffiES. rwini' propiietor begs leave to rccoin- JL mend (which he does with the lulle.-i confidence) on,! of the most vn'nnhlo rcine dies known for Ibis troublesome and niti ful complaint. Without going into delnil he deems it enough to say. he has in hi possession tho most undoubted te-i imotiinL that it has more, completely answered the purpose for which il ii intended, than nn other popular medicine. This remedy is perfectly easy in its ap plication, to all conditions ages and si xes Full directions, description of iho c.uii plnint, &c. neenmpnny each packet, which consists of two boxes, Ointment and 7-.'cc luary. Price, i;l for Iho whole or 50 cl. if but one of llie articles is wanted, k4 NAILS & GLASS. TJTUWl salo al Winooski Village nt Ihc I? uianufnctiuerV price, by Siunev, dldvcrtisement ! TO TIIK A4TIIMTIO AM) onV't'Ml'TIV It. rrTillE most prevalent and In'ul "I n'l lb" JL diseases incident lo civilised mciely the Consiimplion may generally h traced to I he least alarming of disorders, n slight but ncglci led Cold ! By cstiuiation. it appears that, unk tiUNimri) ,si rit'iv 'inotjs.M person dio annually of Iho Consumption. Mott of these dreadful results inny bo ntlribuU'd lo cutmimii Colds, and a negligent treatment, of i ho hurra -sing Cough that" generally en-nos which w usiitillv .followed by dilliouli brcaihiiig. pain in llm" side, nnd 'nl last Ulcerated Lungs. Violent, nnd repealed Asthmatic iitiiifliH also brinf on Consiimplivo syinpHin-'. One or two dollars expended in the pur. chase of DR. RELFE'S ASTHMATIC PILLS, and a little nilciilion lo their timely ndiiiin istrnlion. wil.l usually ensure a miiigalion of these diiordes. nnd generally efi'd n curr. The Pills are nlso an ea-y nnd tfleclun) remedy for Iho t-ympionvi preceding and accompanying the Albino nud Cousumo lion. For'colds. coiighs, ditlicullv of breath ing, tightness nnd strictures across Iho clu'st, wheezing, pain in Hie side, opining of blood. &c. Few etiscs can occur of any of this clns of disorders, in which the put" clinur of Dr. Relfc's Pills will not liml a rich return for their trilling expenditure. Price-whole boxes. 30 Pills, tfl ; half do 12 Pills. 50 cis. WHITE and sound Teeth arc both trr ornament and n blessing. The best, security for I heir advantage is to be found in the use of the BRITISH ANTISEPTIC DEKTRIFICE, This elegant Tajik Powder. Willi a very lit t lo iho, eradicates llie Scurvy in the gums and prevents the accumulation of Tarter, which not. only blackens, but loosens the toelh, and accelerates their decay. The Dentrific thus removes the prevailing cause of tilTeii-ive breath, pre serves the healthiness nnd lloridness of Hip gums, and renders tho teeth beautifully while Price 50 cenis. k2 O'Nono genuine unless signed on llie outside printed wrapper by iho sole proprietor T. KIDDCIl. immcdinle s'uetcssor to the late Dr. W.T.Coswav. For sale at his Count Km Room, ove: No, 09, Court. street, near Con cert Il.ill, Boston, and also by his special ap pointment, by J. fc J. 11. Peck Si Co. May be mrrf in Wine or Water, f jnilEsJE cclebrnled liilters aro composed JL purely of vegetables of llic most inno cent vet specific virtues. They arc rccom- A. L.l. In. .ll.M..;. I- ...111. i im.-u.n-u , ...... ,ui .. . .... ! stitulions, cleansing nnd slrcngthening tho stomach, and increasing the appelite also it preventive against Iho clioleia morbus, lever-iind-aguc, removing nausea, vomiting, heart burning, weakness in 'he. breast, pain in thii stomach anil other symptoms of flatulence and indigestion. One bos will tincture ono gallon. Price 25 cents a bo:;. I'ussell's Itch Ointment. fmiuc , i r ; ' H " " - - 'r.',." ui-.ihh.-i:.iiiiii ,mu lunuiniimi ITCH. This Ointment is so certain in it; operation that no person troubled with the above disorder ought to he ivilhout it. It is si remedv for cutaneous eruptions, -eoKiutie atieclions ol the head, or auv oiuer ureai;in,r out which arise- from sharp humors in thy blood. I'riee 25 cents a box. Uusscll's Vegetable Bilious 072 FAMILY PHYSIC. HTIOPv. general use, in cases of Jaundice, IL morbid sensibility of the stomach an.1 bowels, loss of appeliic, fcalid breath, costive-, uess, Piles. and all diseases arising from bill aiy derangements, also for correcting Hi stato of thu blood, and clcanring the system of foul and viscid humors. These pil' arc n mild cathartic, prnducin'r neither pains nor griping, and aro therefore a valuable and highly' approved medicine, and are pronoun ced as such by the mn-t ilislinguisied physi cians. ICach box containing 33 Pills. Prko 37 1 2 cents a box. liussell's Celebraled Salt Illiomn Ointment. f.TIIIS is unquestionably tho be-t and vJi safest rerneoy ever yet offered lo the public for that ob-tmato disorder SLT RHEUM. Where oilier means hive failed, H has succeeded, and the fact lhal it has hi en extensively used by eminent Practitioner speaks volumes in lis praise. Il is equally efficacious in all diseases of the skin, siahl head, ring worui. and the most invctcniti Itch, Sic' Sec. Numerous certificate imghi bo obtained, but the proprietor chooses that i fair trial should be the only evidence of it superior ellicacy. Price 50 cents a box, A fresh supply is just received and for sale by .KSi J. II. Peck Si Co., Dr. Moody. Lathinp Si Potwin. Uurlinglon S.I 1. Barnes Chailoito M. Hull lliuesbiirgh Onion fc Slrong. C!. S: W. L. Parker. Huiilington.V: Uluto eigeii" lies Skill' & Looey Chcckebiiry green mill Hamilton, P. I'li tclier Jerieo 1). Ii. Wilson. S. Ii. I'letchcr I'.-sex I). ,c; W. Cat penler Walerbury; and with tho Drii' ists generally Ihroiigiiniit the U. Slates, m il ni whole-a'lu by Win. Stiiuson Si Co. 11 i-lon. Also by J. tt. W. Townsend. corner of Beckman and Water streets, New York. Groceries & ProvisioiiF. ''in HE .uberi'ierq havo on hand n lieavv stock of Teas, Snrir, Spices. Fruit Cnfl'ei'. Codfi-h, Molasses, Confeciioti',ry &c. &c, nnd we Will g vo our cniomi'r.s some boiler bargain than they hnvt! been in tho habit of nnking if they will call be toro our slock is sold. We hove good Hyion Skin Tea, for 25 cis. per lb nnd oilier ihiii"s as cheap. PROVISIONS, snclin Pork. Flour. Butler, Cheese, Lard, Salmon, Mackerel Stc, vVc nnd a small quantity of cheap Pepper St Spice from 3 lo 0 els. per lb. Persons wishing to lay in iheir stock will do well to call soon. Jnu. II). La Tiirtop &. Prmviis, ONE FUR CAP nml a few Wlmr Neck Ties, not yel 'old, can be hr.i if npplivd lor soon nt the Variety Shop. PaMIIIPIIN t& UUINSMUD. N.r liJftjk' JJ.j:c' -is'

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