Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, May 24, 1839, Page 1

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated May 24, 1839 Page 1
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- jj ri o t t n v. r. i, n n v o p t ,v s a n n ir r r ir k v h i. p a k i: i v it o m : . tw.t't 'raa CTyjya,'-"wnTr-- twTrj.myvTi v,?3iPiB;rTv,nr FBfisOAY, 13 839. BY K. HT A CV- Yfi8, Xiri No. 022 siM.iu'jt or am. imucntiss. O.N 'lit II il ) KIINMKNT IlKV'Al.C.n'IONS. Cancludcd. r.ntlnnur tak. Tho next drfiMillor wlinni 1 shnll mention was Iloyd, iliu suc cessor of Harris, n 'follower in tiio foot steps.' In better tlinii .six months after lie hail been in office, we find the follow, ing account of Ins liilclily. It isextract cd from the report of one V. !U Garoschc. wiio was sent out by the Secretary to examine the ctuidiion of the latnl offices. It is dated Mill June, 1BJ7. In telatiun to Hoyd, he says: 'The account of the receiver, which I linvo made onl and transmit herewith, presents against him u balance of $55,905 5 t. His own nrcount makes it 55 s!7- 73; it is nlso annexed, His assets, of winch I nlso send you the list, amount to $01,519 98, rating the land at $1 25 oh';, but might nrobaluv rot'l.ze donh.,- 'he .iiii"'int. . Tile nino scant really penitent ; and Iain inclined to think, ni common with bis friends, that he ii lionet, and tins been led nwav from hi? duty hi the example of his predecessor, and a certain looscnett in the code of morality which here does wt move in so limited. a circle as il does with ui at home Anoi Iut receiver would probub'y lollow in the footsteps of two. Youvvninnt lln-re. fore, be stipri -rd if I recommend hit being retained, in preference to another appoint ment; for he ha i hit hands full now. and will not be disposed 1 1 speculate any more. lie will have his bond signed by Hie .same surci'cs, and forwarded in a leu days to Wu hington; this poaks favorably. He has, moreover, pledged his icurd if re tained, he will t nc' !y obey bo law, and recevc nullum but specie in payment lor land.-. He tells me that ho is rib nit selling a great portion of Ins land; that and some otlier nogoemtion w.ll enable bun to dis charge si large nori'on of his debt to the1 Tin'cd StiUos bel.ire the expiration of the r r cm. quar'er. Lenity towards him, therefore, might stimulate him to uxor lions which severity might perhaps parnl yzc. I have, in the ni"an time, enjoined the closing oj the land office until the bond it completed and returned. Xo land hat been told sinec. the "Oik ultimo.' Sir, who but a prollipato pander could have written the above? Who hut a po litical bawd could have received it without indignation and contempt. ' You will ml be surprised if I recommend his being retained ;' for he has his hands full now. No j I presume tha Secretary was not surprised, though any honest man would have been, at. tho corrupt and wicked im position. Tin licentious familiarity of this, as wll ns other of the reports ant! letters to l -i iw cciiiii-t iuh oil' ufiiuiii .u .In; breast of every pure-minded man ecnti-! mi nts of scorn nnd disgust. Hut. says this polypus feeler of Levi Woodbury, "the man seems renlly peni lent; nnd I am ine.'inai' to I 'nuk, in com mon with his friends, that If u honest, and lias been led away from his duty by the example of his r.redecessor, and a cer tain looseness in the code of morality which hero docs not move in so limned a circlo as it does wnh us nt home." Now, fi't. a unrc inrnmous slander wa3 never promulgated nganisl an intelligent, and moral community cannot be found in the Republic than that which is the subject ol his vile libel. Why, sir, I do not believe, there is a citizen in that community, who "mild not spurn, with honest and indignant ecorn. tho 'profligate sentiments of this self constitued'"a,.so fiwrum. ' No, sir; il wes that looseness of oolili cal morality which marks the party in power, which more especially illustrates the official conduct of the brcretary of tin Treasury, that induced Hoyd to cuibez:'.li the public proper! v. And he did it with a vengeance. His accounts exhibit his defalcition ns of some 00,000 t.r $00 000 in money. Hut U Was a more splendid robbery than was offconui Ull.OOO acres ol the public domain which be virtue of his ofliite, ho transferred to himself, wu bout even paying for it a sin cle dollur. Sir this was a bold operation most of the impropriators of the people's property prcler personal chattels -soni" thinu which can bit concealed, and, ifne ceesarv. taken across tho waters. lint M hero be land rats ns well as water ' nod liovd. it. i-ccm.. was a laud rat. What n Initio slice ho cm from the public lu-il! 11,000 acres of lantl ! Why it h more than a German pricipality. The Norman robber, when ho divided out the brond lands of merry Knglaud, gave not to his haughty barons such wide extent of wood anil Ib'ld. Who would not bo the feudatory ol this administration, when the tenure is so easy, and the reward would constitute materials for a dukf dom .' Sir, the Secretary deserves impeachment for tins case nlone. Why Inn In- not proceeded to et aside tne illegal nnd fal-e titles to these land? Tho receiver never had n shadow of right to them. Vet his pre'ended title has hem recognised and portions of the land are now being sold by thcollicers of the (loveruuient, as the prop crly of the delinquent. Aflor this extensive- laud piracy, what does the Secretary do? Does ho witb vit tuoiis iiuliL'natioii, turn him out of oflieo ? No, tir. Ho permits him to resign at his leisure. Two months al'er tiureBcho d re. port, ho writes to linn a-t follows: TttKAi-utv Dbai'ht.m knt, Aug. !!, I'J.37 Sut : I am happy to hear ol the Irani nnd honorable course proposed in your lot. tor of the 2 lth ultimo. It would bo con vcnicnt to have thu bond and resignation nrrivo hero by the early part ol hepiem ber. I am, &c. LHVI WOODliUltV, Sec. Treasury. G. T). Uoyil, Ui, Receiver Golutn bus, Mi. Ves., according in the morality of the Secretary, rcinnm'. alier robbing the (iovernnieiit of -JO 000 or 30.000 acres of land is very 'frank and honorable. 1 I will give you one cn.-o more, and lh"n I am done. It is the cat of Linn, receiv er of public money nt Vninlalia, As early as June 23. 103 1, Mr. Taney wrote to him, admonishing him of his neg lect in depositing the public money, and warning him of thu indispctisible duly of doing so. On the COth of October. 103-1. Mr. Woodbury writes him of the fame subject ; calls to his mind Ins continued neglect and violation of Iih duty, and tells him that if he falls any longer in its performance, 'it will be my painful dmv to submit thu case for the nc'tinii of tho Executive, and to re commend the appointment of another per son as your successor.' Aiiam, under tlo'e of lth of December the riecreln.y renews the complaint of ueg ct in tin! deposile. and non-eoinoliiiice with the positive directions of thu Depart ment. Instead however, of being removed for this continued contumacy, Linn receives the following letter from the Secretary: Tiuu'uiiy Dr.i'AUTMEi.T, Feb. 10, 1035 Sin Although it has pleaded the Presi dent, under tho explanations given, not-1 with-iundmg your past neglect in some cases to deni5to the public moneys a re quired by law and tho instruct 1011 of the Department, to renominate you for tho of lieo of receiver of public money at Vnndrr lia,aud your nomination has been confirm ed, yet it is not to be inforrod, from tins evidence of his regard, that any future nmtsMou in tins respect can bo overlooked. Once for all then. I would inform you that a strict observance of tho rego'a' tons of the Department for tho p nodical deposite of the public money, and thu transmission of yi.tif accounts and return, are paramount duties, the neglect of which will be report ed for the action of the Executive. I am, &c, L. WQODI5U11Y, Soc Treasury. William Linn. Esq. Receiver &.c. l!ut it i-oems Mr. Linn thought different ly ; and came to the conclusion that 'from this evidence of the President's regard,' 'future omissions' would be overlooked. And it seems his opinion on the subject turned out to be more correct than that of Secretary : for under the date of July '25th 11130, wo find the .ndcfatigible Mr. Wood. bury still complaining of Linn's failure to deposite the money on hand ; yet he does not hnve bun dismissed September 2, l!)35, ho tells him, with as much gravity as if for the first time: 'The Department 1 . usts to your depos iies beroallcr will bo promptly made, and vrli.jtcvc. uf ;;t'iir: V v.- take place, on any turms, ns they open a door to improper practices and unfounded imputations. December !, 11137, bo say: Again it becomes my duty to call vour attention to the subject of my former let ters, in reference to the deposite ol the public money, and to inform you if, bv the return mail evidence is not received of your having complied with tho requisition it my letters of the IO1I1 August and 3d November; it will bo tnv unpleasant duty to reporl your neglect to thu I'rerideot, and recommend vour removal from office.' inct"lv. New, the monkey seeing tin bear that tin- lion had sv allowed, lying (h ail in the corner, says he. 'May it pln-o yer mnjiity.1 sanl he, Mi's jit the most dolighl fol'sttioll in all my life, a 1 all. a", nil.' 'So it w, said the lion, (palling him on thu heat.'. uacy like, sn as to bate the breath chine out'of Iin body.) '.-0 it is,1 said he. 'iitnl ii"W you'll not tell mini her lie soon I'm think ing.' 1 Now. when the lion bad kil't. the bear and 'be imoikoy he called in the fox to him, and .iys be, (looking very savage, and ready to ate Inn if be should unk the lasle,if pa's nt nil, 'Good morning, I'ox ' says he, Miow dries my parlor smell to-day?' And says the fnx, ( wiping Iih nose with the tho brn'-'h of Ins tail, and pulling down Ins eyelid with his paw, as much as to sav, 'd'ye see any green there, my honey ?'t 'Faith,' says lie, 'may it plase your nmjis v. I've n bnt could Ibis morning, and 1110 that CMi't Hinell at all. at nil!' So the linn laughed, and lould the lox he was a very clever baste, and that he might Irc.ul in hit fnohlrpt, if he could slhraddle wid: enough, and lint all the oilier bastes should mmd bun, or he would ate idem up as he had done the bear Mr. resumed. The Secretary, though in other re-peola he resembles a much larger and les' cuiunig annua', yet, 111 this matter, Ins corta inly taken a Icss in from the low 'He's had a very bail could,' and eould'nt snHI at all, at all.' No, sir ; the stcneii of corruption, which has been so long sir lining up from Iih D .partment, Un not, it scorns, vet ofl'miled Ins olfactories. Hosides nil this In- fri"iu!s exeti-e bun bv snyuig that the Government will, probably. not. ultimately lose any thing by these do fa'catiens; that the money will be recov ored hack, either from the defaulters or their M-ret ics. Sir. if a thief i3 detected, and compelled to disgorge the subject ol uif larceny. d..i it relievo the rogue uid bis n:c.u:iulice front guilt ? does it extinguish the cniiie ? no offence ni the no.-tnls of theceminunny. He occitiuid. at tbii' lime n .-eat in the other end 0: ibis building, as Senator from uiv own St; !e n S'alp upon whose laws and in iilnti.iti his taktits and genius are indelibly impressed. The political hi-torv of Mississippi is illu-lraled by Ins name, from Us very ronunenoetneiil. He perved her in all her departments ; and as legis lator, judge and governor, advanced her prn-nerily, nnd added to In r eharaclr. What he was as Senator yon nil know. He stood pro.nllv among the proud, and Inf. 1 v nni'.ng :h loftiest, nt 11 nmr when th? Si'trite ('I atalter contained the giiri'"re l intent ol the inuinry ; when its intellectual giants hool; tho whole na'ion with their mighty .-trife : when, sir, it one! -mi within its walls the trniHcendrmt deliberative body that cvrr was ns-embled upon this nnli. 1 1.0 ol ih.-.t b.uly wni hi. "u.itii! '01 Ton coriectnesH ol juilg- meut, winch would nave given bun repnin lion even without tho capacity of e.vnrcs. ion, be untied a power ol debate winch, for parliiimeniary strength and effect, was uu?urp'isrd. To all th s was added a Stern, unyielding alt clnuent I bis political pi in c pic, nnd nt indoinitnb 0 boldness in ex pressing and sustaining llieui. Do you not recollect, mi. when General Jackson, like Charier 1. s, rode to the leg-i-lativo chain'ier, and thrust, among the Senators n di'i oiite edict, more insulting than if he had cast at their feet a naked sword? It. wa that fierce message which commenced with hreaku g down the Hide, prudence nir! eha ne'er of the S.'tiate. and finally resul'eii in that worse than felon act, th" dcsecral.on ol' its records, lint the mandate pnsict! not unopposed or iinrebuk cd. When it In.- t, i'ke i wild beast fimn his lair, upon th 3 r -lunnhrd body whose deg 'adatioii is ron.emp.n'ei!, an.! in the end ace i.upitslir i.iosi of tiie i'in' uroitlu d , Senator: Ve. v v Dsetl! , b'lt lie "f wlnl'l I sura k was at In- p,K-t. Single batulfd. and Upon lite answer to this question depends nloo-, like ('.icNs nt the head of I he budge, the validity of the 3errotarv'a excuse. It is also urged in his favor, that defal cations have occurred tinder o'hrr Adorn (titrations ; that tho public money h',s been stolen before. This pi -a 1 ("eel cotuoelled lo nllow to its whole event. "IJrnvo men lived before Agamemnon," an.l grea' rogues before Levi Woodbury, lnjuutiee to 1 he Secretary 1 cannot deny thai I. is pets are not the first thieves on reec rd, and I give him joy of the able defence wnicti hij friends have extracted from this remaikn ble circunutaiico. And now Mr Chairman, what do von think of this Secretary of the Treasury ? of Ins cpit'olary talent? of his capacity and fitness fo- tho rtution'ho occupies? Kj ality. that worthy old lady who lived at "The Mug," in tiMwer's "Paul Clifford." nnd rejoiced in .he name of "Mrs Margery LnbVins," more familiarly called "I'cggy Lohb." His correspondence wiili his subalterns canont faii of calling to your recollection the "xqnisite admonitions of'honcot "'Peg gy" to "hollo Paul." Thus mora!. zed, not Levi, but the kind hearted dame: 'Mind lliy kiltycbisiu, child, and rever ence old njc. Never steal ! specially when any on.' be in the way. lie mode.-.!, he held at biy the Exeunt. vo squadrons, and a whole day drove back the Mam elukes of powe! : t 'II m in sound of I. is voice, ns the sj1 nd of i tn. npet, his .gr.l iant coinpecfs, 1 10 champions of freedutn, the knight no- of the black lines, bit' of the oni-tU olio i--.,aiiic flockiiig to the rescue. Sir, it wt. a noble soein , and tt'nilhy of the but tune o' Mm Roman re pu'j'ii;. A Si'tiat ir of the United fitates, 10 bold and waul pride under foot Exfcutive, and pro'ecuiij; at the same time, the ftt nor of his country nnd the digni y of his Inn Ii station. , There was n moral ism n Hie VcT.s, bluai vv lorciicad to the very temples. I need not tcil y u that this man's name was Geo. Poinucx'or a name that will long and honorably live among the lovers of independence ;i d balers of tyranny. Hut he dared 'tu n,-( po 0 an invcstieatinn into horse l"eeh know that ilnno 1- more blood 111 the body than what until les tu t he eheek, and more profit in nu office than is exhibit, ed by the salary. Sir, I have given you but three or four ea-ie- of defa teat ions ; would tune permit, 1 eou'd give you n hundred. Like Hie fair tiultana of Ihe Orientnl Legends, I rnuld go on 'or a ihoiHnod and one night-i ; nnd even as in ihoe Ei-oem slories, so in the chronicles of the niHee-holdcs. the tale would ever be the beans 0' gold, massive iiijruld. uncnntiieil riche. Whv.sir, Alad din's lamp was nothing to it. They seem to possess the ideniic'il cap ol For'iioatus; sntni! wish for 50 000, soon- fur 100.000, some for a million : nod behold, it lies in g'lltOiing heaps before them. Not even "The cmaeoiu Kmi, with iirliui h.inil, Showers on htr Uinn? haibiric in.ol anil sold," 111 ue.h lavish nlnniil mee a- doe., (h.o A'l lunnstinitmi upon lif. followers, i'lv.arrn held not forth more dazzling lures to his robber hand wbn he Ird thtm lo the con quest of 1 he Children of the Sun. And. now. Mr Clinirmaii. have I not re. deemed my promise ? Have loot shown that the President is but a hypocrite in Iih pretended horror at defalcation; 1 tint the Secretaiy is much worse a connivcr, a weak, unbeei'o parl'ueps vriminis ? Lei hi- defenders reconcile ins conduct in the cate of Harris with his official duty with tin.' dictate of common honesty, if thev can; 1 daru them to the trial. Lot. them recon cilc his licentious correspondence with Spencer, Hendricks, and more especially Garesche, with the ptiuciples of common decency. Mr Chairman, it is not my intention lo examine minutely the ease of Swartwoul. I know not why Ihe pi-c-ulent should Imv selected it out of so many as tho subject ol special communication er, one curious mutter connected with this subject. The President, the E-crcia ry. nnd ihe partv all profess to unite 111 the beiiel that the difa'e.Uions ot S.vartwoiit, Puce, and others afford the be.-t possible argument in favor ol the sub treasury tcneme. Most of these defalcations, say they occurred under the deposite system; and, t hereloro to that system these losses arc attributable. Now, sir, if you look over ibis document -97, you will find that out of the '.'G5 letters to receivers and col lectors, nearly "200 contain complaints that the public money had not been deposited in bank, bnt retained in the bauds of the officer. If vou will look into the cases of Harris and Hoyd, you will see that their defalcations could not have tnken place bad ihe Secretary not indulgr'd them in a Hie object accoiup'tshed, than it rut urns to its policy, like a (log to his vomit. I have no hope ol reform to llio party in power: my only hope is, that the ponplo, convinced of their hypocrisy nnd wicked lies-, will hurl them from 1 ho high plncon they hnve so long disgraced. That n eon. summation mi devoutly to be wished for may be obtained, let us unite in exhibiting to the country their true principles: let ue fasten upon Hum the responsibility oT their actions. In this patriotic wotk I trust I shall find wi'h me my honorable friend from South Carolina, who sits near fno. (Mr Pickens.) Often hns be led the- fiorco assault against these very corruptions. iias Iih Hand waxen weak, or Ilia lisari waxed cold,' that Ins war cry has not jral tingled in our oars? Sorely thO 'horn 01 llolaod w ill sound again; tursly tn thu, Ins favorite battle, hu will striko onu morjl blow lor Christendom before ho rcnotincs Ihe cross nnd attunes the turban. Sir, I see bv Ins il.i-huig eye Inn soul is with us the spirit of the past is riniig before hinu recollects that many 11 oons hove not yet waxrJ and waned riuce this very party, who now claim him ns an ally, crouched and howled hke an exorcised demon bo- nrath the magic of Ins burning words. Let bun com"' out from among them he and his friends, for 1 hey nie not of them, caglea mate not with ki'es and earrin'n crows. Sir, I should rij iice to sea the gallant gentleman resume h s original position. I should be proud lo win my spurs under eo well approved and accomplished a leoder. Let me call to his mind n fable, with which he is doubtless familiar: A gaunt and ravenous woll. hastily gorging tho spoils of some plundering expedition, was choked by a bone, and lay at tho point of ihaili A Murk happened to be passing Well. sir. instead ol being removed, tiu Paul, and st.ek lo your rit.vation in life. ueaii your uioie ,100 inn, uuo a pious no. People goes by your wordi more than by your actions. If you wants what is not is permitted, like Boyd and Harris, to re tire w"h honor upon hisowi voluntary res. ignation. as appears by the following and last loiter of tins infainouu scries Tueasury Depaiitjik.nt, Jan. SJG, 1030. Sin Vour letter of the 7th instant u received and your resignation is accepted bv the President. I regret that so largo a balance stands unadjusted in your hands. and trust that certificates ol deposite. lor the amount with the iiank of Missouri will without delay, be forwarded hero. lam, Sic. Ji. WOODllUItV, See. Treasury. W'lliatn Linn, E-q. VanJalia. Now, how dare the President and Sec retary to say that defalcation deserves to be punished with the penitentiary, when they did not consider it, deserving even of removal from oflieo in the case of Linn, who was allowed to resign and retire a de faulter for $ I5ui the Secretary says he was not bound to nonce these defalcations; that it was impossible for bun to scent them out. Alter rending the foregoing extracts 'el egnnt extracts' they may be called I am inclined to think Mr. Secretary Woodbury ha taken his cue in the matter from the 'uliowiiig fable, which, if my friend from Virginia (Mr. Wi.-e; will do tne the favor to read will iill'ird a moment's relief but Ii to the House and myself. Here Mr. Wise read, with much humor, Irom a paper handed him by Mr. P, ; And how did il happen, Pat, t lint Mis. r Vim liuren always kept 111 with the on Id g moral as he did ?' Why, I am thinking Murphy, it was be. cause hu always had such a bad could, JHI ! And what had Iih having a could to do wnh thu matter at all, at all ?' 'Why. did you never hear. Murphy, mv boy, of tin. lux that had a could ? Then I'll tell ye. Once there was n lion that waul ed to know how polite all thu bastes were. So ho made a great Miiell 111 Ins deu will, brimstone, or something cite--I don't nniiil wiiat jnt but it smult enough to knock you down entirely; and thou he called in the bear, and says he, Good morning, Mr. Hear, and what d'yo think of tho smell hero this morning?' nnd says the hear, says he, 'Why, it biuells bad.' 'Whin's that you say ?' says the lion; 'tako thai,' says ho (ating bun up aliogothur!) 'taku that, if it will lachu ye doIUuiiu.h, vo iiiunaiiiierly son of u cub !' Now when the bear was ate up, thu linn called 111 the inuiikuy, mid utked him tliu eaine qucotiuti 10ral chivalry uboul it, fambovo the hero- conl;IU!(,( a; nuU habitual violation of thin ;m of the field. Even now, tho contdtn ,uly n ,,0riodiCLh!aposit. Um t'wnrn Intiqn (!l.jLfiiai;nA'e.J:ooii tbi'ilt !!.oH j,,, i r ruis.f ausurii. Unmounts to this that tho ru'iniog away of subtreas urers with large amounts of the public money is proof of the satetv ot the sub treasury system ; in other words, stealing is proof of honesty. It is the holding of the money in the hands of the officer, which produces the temptation to peculate. the frauds and jnrruptioos of 1 he Govern-, j;v av,nff t jn )s cusl0lyi ,y continual mem, and from tint moment Ins doom wn i? , vfcwin ali oul,nting, he comes at length, sealed. Toe oecp. turpid, nnd res stless current of Jnckaor.isni swept htm from the State in whose service tho best part of Ins I no had been ex- ended ; nnd, ostracised from her council-, lie became an exile in othe; lands. Sir, the oilieo aoldcrs in this country form an oligarchy too powerful to he ro. sifted. Why was not Spencer removed? Why was not Harris? Why not Linn and your own, try and do without it; and if , Uoj d ? I will tell you. The Admuustrn you cannot do without it, tekc it away by lnsmivation, not bluster, i hey no swin dles docs mure and risks less than they 113 robs" Ves, sir ; "peoplo goes moro by your words than by your actions." Well has the President this innxiin, and cunningly did hu practise upon it, when ho recom mended that defalcation should be made a penitentiary offuuee. Peggy Lob placed in lectio Paul's baud tho stun of fivu hnlf pence aril onu farthing. "There, boy," quoth si e, and she stroked bis head find.'y when she .-poke, (just. a'i Levi caresses his puboulin lies,) "you dons' right not lo play for nothing, it's loss of lime ! but play with those as b.; less than yourself, and then you cm go for to beat 'em if they sayj you go for to cheat." Ay, and it has not been long since this was the doctrine of these in power; nnd 'to go for to heat 1 hose who say youjfgo for to cheat,' became the watchword of the party. I recollect woll, and mv honorable trien.l who ells near me (Mr Wis") recol lects st ill better I ban I do, those days of terror, when ho Irtd to legislate, ns lie told j ih the other day, with 'harness on;' when the best argument win the pistol, and the j only Inw was club law. It was Ihe tune when 'Hurrah lur Jackson constituted the 'Open Sesame' of power, which gained free admittance into the robber's cave, and par ticmaiioii 111 the plunder. Then General Jackson bad but to whis tle, nod "Insiiint fimn ropse and lie.uh loose liulinctii, and upciii", and heinleil liuws," His 1'iilliiwers, like those ot Roderick Dint, started up 111 evi ry direuiiuu, ready and eager to perform Iih bidding. He had but lo point his linger, and lie ice blond hound buried their muzzles 111 the iinlortuuaie vict nil of Ills wrath. Then were the saturnalia of the ofiien holders; and, liko the locusts of Egypt, 1 hey plagued tho land. Few durod to whisper of corruptions or delalcat ion ; ami a hold man was ho who proposed to inves tiguto 1 hem, for it v,as sure 10 bring down upon Ins head thu rage which uover rulem ed, and thu anger v-inch nothing but furioii- prosecution could assuage. There wus onu man, however, who blenched not before General JncksouV Irnwn, and who dared to propose -m invo liuatton into frauds and corruptions which had becuine so pilpablu uiul tftois a to be lion did not dare to remove them, even bad ) wished to do so ; like pachas, they had become too powerful for tho Sultan, and would not have hesitated 111 twisting the bowstring round the neck of the messenger who presented it. Since the avowal of that unprincipled and barbarian notto, that 'to the victors belong the spoils," office, winch was in., toiTded for' the use and benefit of the pco- to look upon and use it as his own. The system is corrupt in its tendency ; all experience says so. The first sub treasurer since the christian era, was Judas Iscariot; he carried the bag; and it was doubtless as much by I113 disposition to ap propriale its contents to his own private use, as by thirty pieces of silver, that be was tempted to betray his master. Hut I' understand tho Executive goes still further; and pointing to iho'o very defalcations, demands an additional band of officers to watch tho rest, nnd prevent ilium from walking in tho footsteps of their pre docrseors. So Pisist rains gashed himself with unseemly wounds, and telling the pco. pie they had been inlliclcd by his enemies, asked for an additional guard to protect him. His request was granted ; fifty men were given bun, with wbpm he unniediate- ly seized upon the citadel, nnd bi.-caiiio ty pie, has become, but the plunder oTparty. 1 rant of Athens. Let tho lesson not be raironage js wnvnu line n nuge magnet lost, when vou tiro asucti to increase lie number of the office-holders No, sir ; thesi; defalcations teach anoth er lesson, and one we ll worth the cost, if we will but profit by its ndinonil ions. They teach us that the sub treasury FVstein ts but tho hot bed of temptation nnd crime. They leach us that the public treasure can not be safely confided to individual custody. Sir, tins Government piav determine to watch, like Turk, wnh jealous care, its I iroldeu harem; but it will seek 111 vain lor UUIl u , . , ... . 1 1 . Tnere is, Imwev- 1 "'V , 7 J , A Zir'l;iuuo in.r ojiiw in." iv o-n, n inu o throat, and extruded the bone. Upon modestly suggesting thu propriety of somo reward for so genomiH an net the slorir was told, with n wollLh scowl, thct sho ou"ht to consider herself fortunate thai her bead was not bitten off during tho opera tion, Now, I take it that it requires no namo written beneath tins picture, to enable tho most obtuse to recognise in tho rnvenona wolf the present pany in power. Tho pic ture will also call to mind bow this party, sumo years ago, wtnie gorging, wu.i wol fish appetite, upon the 'spoils, got a bono its throat, and lay at the point of dieso' lution. I leave it lo Ihe sagncity of tho gentleman from South Carolina to finish the resemblance; to say who acted towards tho Administration the port of the benevo lent 6tork i nnd to rcMcct upon the boon j,d io lit,-.!; n mi-oivj iur tier Kinuneb. Sir, the immense peculations of Swftrt wont, Price and others, or rr.ther tho ox pesure of them, has alarmed the Adminis tration. They propose to make up the losses by retrenchment. And what do you suppoiu are to bo tho subjects of this new and sod den economy? What branches of Iho public service arc to be lopped of on ac count of the licciitioune--s and rapacity of the officeholders? I feel too indignant to tell you. Look into tho rrport of tho Secretary of tho Treasury, and you will limb out. Well, sir, who aro ihey ' Pension, harbors, and light-houses. Vus, sir. ihc.-c nro recommen ded as proper subjects for retrenchment. First ot all, Iho sacreil vctcratu ol tho ,rovo lution aro to be deprived of a portion of tho scanty pittance doled out to ihum by iho cold charity ot 1 1 1 u c 0 11 1 1 1 1 v How many ot ilium will you havo to rend forth as beggars upon tho very soil which they wrenched from tho baud of tyranny, to mako up thu amount of even onu of these splendid robberies? How many haibors will it take those improve ments dedicated no less to humanity thnri o interest ; those nests of commerce, U which thu cauv.iss-wingpd birds of, tho ocean flock for safety? How many light-houses, will it lake? flow many of tlieso "bright oyes of tho ocean,!.' as my friend from Virginiatnau. tifully calls thoinl aro to ho put out? Mow many of those faithful sentinels who stand along our rocky eo.isl, and peering far out in thu darkness, givo timely warning to the hardy inner whuro the tco siioro threatens hour over thu land, arid demagogues, like iron lil'iigs, attracted by a law of their nature, gather and cluster around its poles. Never yet lived the demagogue who would not like office. Tho whole frame of our Government, the whole insti'tilinns of the country, are thus pro-tituicd in ihe caines of parly. I express my candid opinion when I aver that I do not believe that a single ofiiee of im- live inn, tor 1, la-t live ears been li'led uuauLini umiuuu ...u ,,u... ,ol Ur1 , , ,u,.-u sauries, unload ol itgnt wnh any other view, or'npon any n,her I na'd without the wish to enjoy. houses ; lot lli. ni abandon ..Hires, instead nf con-ideiatmn thu, 1 that of nirtv efiert Mr Uoniriiiau. inu niuauin 01 money wo labors ; let them turn out upon thu world many si ineso, 1 asi;, nro to no uiscuarged from their humane service.' Why, tho pro position is almost iiupiom', 1 should as soon wish to put out the stars in heaven. Sir, my blood boils at tho cold blooded atrocity with which this Administration pro. poses linn to sacrifice tho very family juwulu of thr country to pay for Iho consequences of its own proili.'ary. It they wish lo rolrmich, ami 11 goou appointments have 111 any in stance born made, and benefit accrued to the country, it has been accidental and not a voluntary result. Office is conferred as the reward nf partisan service; and what is tho consequence? Why the ofiiee hold ers aro not content with the pititul salaries whieii all'ini only small compensation for present labors; but do not, 111 their e-liun Imv lost gnat as it is, oresrnls a question f mjiuo of their wide mouthed paitizans, imslcad but little comparative importance. Il this whole adiinuistrntisii would take pas sage in the Great Western, and wnh the treasiitv in their pockets, follow afto Swartwoul and Price, I doubt not the enuu try would cy quits,' and think it a happy riddance. Hut it is a deep nnd a vital question, how such things are to bo pru- , , ' 1 veined 111 tut 11 ru ; now in 5 ru 111 ug sore is linn, 00 ist 1 no any ndcuun e reward tor " " V ' . .I,,,,. , ; . . mi... to be hon ed; how this system of ncg hgence their previous poh ica serv ers. Mum .- . - re.vard they persuade . hem.elves. .1 is per "'! corruption ,s ,o he s opped ami .he ngh. .,! .,, from whatever passes "' of il.e Government brought hack to through their hand-'. Ileing taught lhai all moneys in iln ir po. session belong not to the people, hut lo the parly. It requires but little exertion ol" eain-iry m bring them to the conclusion that 'hey have a right to retain what they conceive to be the value of their political' services ; ju-t as a liwyer holds bock his cruuiuins-ions. The Ad ministration countenanco all this; wink at it as long a possible; and when public ex posure is inevitable, generally gives the bloated plunderer lull warning mid time in escape with his spoils. Do you not sou the eagerness with which even Governors, Senator, nnd llepresru intivo in CungrosnsgraM' nl the mi iriv ml nppoititmeiits the mo itisigniticoni its original purity Give us Ihe right 'ort of a committee nu" that will go through the Departments as Van Tromp swept through the 1 r 11 channel, wnh a broom at tho mast head; nnd something, perhaps, inny bo done. Put. for my own part, I look lor no perma nent good except in a change of rulers. TIih Auuntst ration was conceived 111 sui and brought I'otth 111 iniquity; it Ins inn bul'od its pntronage. In tho language of an Eng'i-h historian, describing Hie teigu ot the eighth Henry, "it has nfameil n pear to j)trff(l depravity as the infirmities ol biiiunn nature would pHimu." Just be fore tin election il will tnlk of reform, nud ilcpri caio, with holy botrnr tho omucnucn emolument ? Well do thuic to us uf the cctf ot its own uiirdccdi but, no sooner is of the soldiers: of the revolution. Mr, Chairman, I have done ; I had intended tn notice otlier portions of tho Messago, but shall defer it ; for 1 have already too far laiod the p.itumco of the ciunuulteu. I shJI voir 111 tho House for an investigation, though I do not expert much from it. My hope is nn investigation by a higher authority than this House by tho people, Tho evil of iho nines lies not in particular casus, but in tho principles of 1 lit) p.nty. Leg.slalioii cannot retell it. It is a radical evil, ami iho peoplo alone can euro it. That they will do so, ami in thu only way it can bo done, lij u change of ruins, I a and holy confidence. This atluiinislratioii l.a-talen, fiko a cancer, so far into tho institutions of tho country, lhat, unless tho remedy ho soon applied, it will bo too late. I do 1110. t conscientiously btltuve, lhat if tho present dynasty is contin ued ill po.vnr, liberty cannot survivo. Already our institutions "aro half eorruplod, Already anarchy and dnspotism am It-nguud logetluir ngainst tho Constitution and thu 1, iws. Let linn who doubts it look at tho proceedings m a neighboring Slate, nnd the conduct of the Federal Executive in rula. 1 1 011 thereto, Eet Mr Van Huron be re-elected; hi them continue to bo guided by the counsel of Mcphitioplnhs mid A-iiuuli'iis, the twi i familiar uhu aro ever nt ins elbow tbow

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