Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, 9 Ekim 1840, Page 1

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated 9 Ekim 1840 Page 1
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NOT THS Q L O X T O T O H I A l BUT THE W O L F A R B OP BOMB. BY II. JB. STACY. BURLINGTON, VERMONT, FRIDAY, OCTOBER 0, 1840. VOL. XIV....No. 18. MAGNFCTIC ODONTICA.-- THE TEETH ! THE TEETH !! Tne Incomi'adaiild Tooth PnK!Aiivrio.v. The fact i proved, ami llie mot in credulous nil doubling art- fully convinced, a we have lie evidence from the sale of 20.000 boxes of the Odon lies, wilhdi lint pal year, ihat the Utopion dreams of the alehymit are realized, and n remedy discovered for preserving lhoe important and useful Appendages I ofthe human system, by the n.-c of the Magnetic Odon tics, which hy iti attractive, and strengthening rjuali lic', removcsull extraneous substance- from the teelh nnd prc-ervc tliein in theirnatiirnl brilliancy, ami the zums in soundness and l.oaulv. It i- ascertained from experience, that wlieit n-c.blhe teelh will never de vay, but remain till the llct age of man, with their natural wear. When they are decayed, its progress will be arreted, and the teelh pre-erved and prevented and preserved from aching all I hi? hat I een dune in a multitude of instances', and more in thousands of '4ic, nervous toothache, (that climax of pain) has at nee been e lectuatly cured by popular dentrifrice in America. And in conclusion, where, or who is the young lady or gentleman, aye, the individual that values a beautiful et of teeth, sound gums and a sweet breath more than (ifivconts, that will Ic longer do-li-bite of a box of Dr. M. Hitchcock's Magnetic Odonliea. whole-alcand retail, l.y A. HITCHCOCK At Co., No. 1 17 Genc-ee st. Unci, N. Y., and by their agent-throughout the UnileJ Suite-. In Burlington, by J. & J. II. Peck & Co. In Vergnnnci by J. It, Bowman. In Milton, by Hurnott & .Sawyer. In Georgia, by Lorenzo Janes. a2 IOTION.IiOTIOV.DH. EVANS' BEALTI J FY INC LOTION. Highly e.tecmed for curing all Eruptions Coireness, ltednes.s and Pimples on tUe Face Neck or hand-, and e "cetually cleaning lie ..innlexion, and removing all di-eJ-cs ofthe .). itr Nothing contribute o much to our general .iiecc.-. so lite, a'nn engaging first appearance. Thi Lotion ii admired a mot fragrant, mild, ufo wah and great ly esteemed forit.s virtues in cleansing, softening, and purifying; tho kin of all er.iptlon, o injurious to fe male l.iutv, and rc-torm;; it to a high decree ot pu rity. A le'iutifnl complexion is lite pride of nil who possess it, an J thoeiivv oflho-e who are deprived of it. What i so allictingto'a Lcatiliful female,in w ho-e face uaturi: has displayed her power, as to hud her complex ion discoloured wilh di-gii-ting pimples, which mar bur vhauns I A good appeariuce is the I e-t recom mendation j and as the Bcaulifvmg Lotion purifies the akin, and removes all Pimples, lllotche-, Tan, Sunburn and ltednoss, and produce, a I eauliful hue, it . the only iio-imetic a ladv .liunld n-u at her toilet. Gentlemen will alhiUii lind this a dclishtf il remedy, to rcuimc nil Regimes-, Pimple--, Itingwttni-, S,iol, Hedne.., Sorenes of the face and uo-e, and every Kind oferup n'on on the surface of the human Kody. Ii is particu larly recommended togcntlenicu to le u-cJ after '-ha-ring, ai it will prevent the oihcrwi-c renain elect of nil common sint. in turning the tear.l premaliire'y grey. For sale Wholoolo and rclinl I v A. HITCH' COCK it Co., N . 1 street, Utica. In Bur Hn"ton, by J. & J. H. Peck & Co. In Vergcnuos, by J. H, Bowman. In Milton, by Burnett & Sawyer. In Georgia, by Lorenzo Janes'. nug'.O LOOK AT THIS. HAVE YCU A COUGH I 70,000 die or csnsumption every year in the United Slates, and millions tu.ler feotn troublesome coughs and colds, that can la euruil by Dr. M. Ilitcli cocK'.s Vegetable Virgin Cream Cough I)rop, a safe medical prescript ion, contains no poisonous drugs, and used in an extensive practice for several yearn will iiio.t positively n'lbrd relief, and avc you from that awful discaee, pulmonary consumption, which iiMiallv sweceps into the grave hunnreds ef the young, the old, the fair, the lovely and the gay. Have yoi a cough 7 De persuaded to purch.vo a bottle ol the Cough I Irons to-tlav ! To-morrow may I e too late. Have you a cough! Dr. Hiteecok'.s Vegetable Virgin Cream Cough Crops is the only remtilv you should take to cure you. For this plaig rea.on. -That in no one ofthe thau.and casus where il has I cell ncd has n failed to relieve Price 75cents per bottle, tor ale. wholesale nnd Re tail, by A. HITCHCOCK & CO. No. 117 Gcne-eo st., Utica, N. Y. And by 'heir agent" throughout the Unite 1 Stales. In Uurlinaton, by J. & J. II. Peck & Co. In Vorcenncs, by J. H. Bowman. In Milton, by Burnet L. Sawyer. In Georgia, by Lorenzo Janes. DOCT. iMAltSIIAIilS Aromitic, Catarrh nnd Headael SNI'FF. This Snull'is simerior to nnv thing yet known, for removing that troublesome dis ease, the Catarrh, and also a cold in the Lead, and the headache. It opens and purges out all obstruction?, stienslhensthe glaniU.and give, a healthy action to the parts a:!ecicd. It is perfectly free from any thingdclc terious in its composition lias a pleasant llavor, and its immediate edee', afier being u-cd, is abgrccabte. rnccou cents per hottle. Doet. Marshall's Vegetable Indian Black PLASTEK. This Plaster i unrivalled fur curing scrofulous swel lings Scurvy Sores, Lame Back, nnd r ieh ouiid- ( liauis in the side-, Hiiis and Limbs: and seldom fail, to give relief in local Bhe iinatiin. If applied to the .ide,it will cure many of the common Liver Complaint.; and is c.iual. if not simerior. to nnv thing in iue for corns on the feel ( the virtues of thi Platcr have I een witnessed by thousand- ol individuals in Hie United Slate-, who havele-teJ its cthVaey. Sold by the pro prietor; Uia.. uowen, aiidditiiury, t. jeiy rryilK LION OF THE DAY. NO CUKE NO Jl. PAY! The Genuine, old Dutch or Gur man Vegetable Pills. Highly recommended ly Doet. aicnline jioh, ai. i. "i is. i ., aim uiw ti,... an- tlii order. ! An v one that d('C- not lind re Jiff from thee pills the price is refmded back, the-e are the po.nive orders ot the rropnetor to agents anu ethers, in o leringiae e pin to uic punuc, i appeal to their intelligence. If the-c pill, aie not what they rrcommendeJ, yoa are in d ity bound out of rc-pcel jo voursdf and community to re.ecl ihcin, and pnbli-li ibem to the world a- an imposition, humbug and tpinckerv. TJiu public may I e a.-ure I they are purely tsetalle, they are rompo'ed of nine mgrcdint., pari 1 the molicine is only found in Aia anil m the val ys of Germany. Fur convenience thee extracts ore made into pill, and will I e found a sure cure or re lief lor all billious complaint-, yellow and billion frvers, lever and ague, jaundice, -earlet ra-h, billio is eaolic ili-pep-ia. &.: It i ""t prfcr.ded that thi-me-iieinets n cure for nil di eae. to which the human ystem is liable. Ten thousand use!e-s e forts have n:n made to draw from the regions ot unknown fancy Kimc lung-spun theory of magic arl, which would ruie etch and every diea-r. Goo I medicine i not found in the lire or whir'-winl. Health and happiness aang upon chance wind time i the herald of truth. The past at lea-t i- secure; they have already raced & monument ot their grcalne. which wid defy the ;rroding tooth of tunc. None can I e Genuine without a wrapi-er and directions on i-u h I ox on which my ,.m.... MTiMi.n ni len.'ili. Solil wholesale and retail bv the snbscri! cr at Wen's Fall-, 1 v A. B. & Sand 70, and 100 Futton t. and It. M. Meig.-, 35S South MjLi-i t. Albany. Baum &. Ilawley, 219 Sivcr si. Troy. General Agents for the Male of New York. ' MKUltl'IT GBIFFIN. rn, ..sic be Win. Uboles ami K. B. Green. Rich mond; Morton it Clark, and I), ct 0. ft. Lflhrop, Wiili'sion ; Hagar it Curu-tnek, Shell urn ; H. Sianton, E.-ex ; Geo. B. Oake-, and Alien Barney, Jiricho; T n ii .pI1,i WesitVird : J. 11. Barnes. Charlotte: M. Mnnlv i. nd Geo. Peter-on. Burlington : and ly E. BIUG'G.S, Burlington, Agent fur Chittenden Co., where Hua-Ageiilscan le uppueu ai wiion-smi: irnes. IIAIT ! 1 nAl,IHSS.ImK)r. taut Discovery the Great .Mystery louiul out at last. IMl. STKllllY'S U.Ull KKt il'.iM. n imii llr. Sterrv. after much attention to the important subject of'prescrving the hair, hap, after ..vnrriuwnta chemical and nlivstcai been able to discover and article which is now offered with the confidence for the toilet as the best thingovrr ,bup,ivrred. for. for its .softening nnd ncnetriitinc nimbly m nmrtuppn fnnd held of hair tn iiTcvent it from falling off when baldness is nppielicnded to rectpte h when baldness nas tuken place, and to prevent it from turning grav. it it is mot o nuurisiung unii pn ,.imiii nniinun oil. or Coln'mc water. It is a bcauti fill article fur ladies curls it makes the. hair soft and lively, and produces uncommon uriunncy. i nous-.,,-ds bnvc tested its siinrrior virtues and excellence, unii in every instance il Htands uniivalled. Il is an inedible, eure in all aflbctions of tin- s in on the head s dandruff, ite. Ac. F.vitv family should be sup ..i;a u,;,!, l.ntilp nf this oil. that bv its nnnlicatinn to the head and hair of children, the beautiful and or namental appendage of a line head ofhaie, which na ture has supplied us may he preserved. Fiom the numerous certificates and recommendations received of its military influence, the Doctor feds firmly ncr uuaded he lias succeeded in producing nn article which will meet the desired wishes and approbation of the dublic. For sale, wholesale and retail by A. HITCH COCK & Co. 1 1" Oenece st. Ulica, N. Y. In Bur- liucton, by J. cc J. 11. rr.tJiv. cv, uo. in vcrgennes by J, H. Bowman. In Milton, by nurnet 1 yor. In GcorSia, by Lorenzo Janes. DISEASES OF TIIK I.UNGS... Decidedly the i n i I iinpiihir reiivdy ever knnwii in America Vtgitablt Pulmonary Raltum is I In- mo?i iiiluabla renu d) now in imr fui cncgli, eolili, asthma or phthisic, coii'iiinpiinn. ulinnping rouh and pidinnnary HiTrctionn nfrrr kind. II.. vale in air.idily inrien. in)-, and 1 lie prnprieinr air erii.iaiitly irreii ing die nio.l fainiable arcniint of ii. cflec I.. 'I lie following new certificates aie iiftered fur pubic exuminalinn. An Intkuksiinq ChSr.. Extract of a teller frmn Mr t! S Clay, Kinglnn, UlfH-r co., N. Y. lo the r..rii'ini. " Yuiiru of ihe 9ih incl. was duly rec'il. A lein irkiible euro was effecieil by llie Vegauitde I'nl. inunary'.iiu in dip uimer mid . tiring of IS35. The .eri.iui. Air, IMoudv, lieen nek a long lime uuh ill" ciinjuuiiiinn. Hi., phy.ieian. bad giicn him up Hp ua ledured tn luw an lo be tillable In bi-li him-rlf, and as rai.inK il targn tuaniily of bliiud tvliPit he coininencid luing iIip llal..ain, whirh has rlTfCied a r.ouiplclp cure, mid lie is nnw a. hale and beany ay prr Iiphh., Mr. Mood) bar temoied fititn ihin in n, but he hi. iieiui.ed inn a more detailed account of his cae, uhich I will Onward imi. C. S CLAY. KiiijjKHHi, N. Y. June 25. 1838. Extract nf letter finm Dr. Jnenli Mjfr TIip i.ihle I'ulinunaiy Bal.atn I'a. Iiren mid in lie. cniiniN for two learn, and the medicinp has eaineil mi tiiieiiiniii'in celrinilv, fur it -eaieely in tine in.iaurp filled ol haunt! llie denied rfleci. I am In nn in f nor nf the many nn-lrum., nm.l ol ivhirh aie int. im-iiiuii. iipnii a erpihilom iinblie, bin that wliirh I imw liy ne in lie rnVcuial, 1 f annul help Inn iv.- ni iliinnb .linn llterrlo. A rounierfi-il iirpiiaiHlinu h i. berimnVipd here by a Iraiplhng Akpiii. of Cnnismrk, is. Y. mid lliei i anmhrr ariicle tendril tide t i. irongl) tu.pecicd lu befpuriuu.. jicob airrns, t. it. Mifflinr ion. Jimi.H.i ro. I'fnn. Ma 3, 18."?7 Finm Dr. -iHinuel Morrpll, In the Propuplni of I lie VraP lalile I'lihiiniiarj Hal.ain. I m faiiffied that ilip Vr .etalile I'tiliniiiia'rv Haliiim it valuable tnedrcinp Ii ha. been hppiI in this place with r.ompleip purrp.K in tdi.tiiiaic cninnlainl nl Ihe liinji', allendrd Willi n .epte roiiati, Inns of nier. and the of iniirb blond, which had re.i.ieil many approipil liip.riipiinn.. Alier tijin(! ihe Balaam one link, ihe p uieni'. inirp reinrned and lie wut able lo rpeak audi- ly. 1 hit rnp nernrrrd mm. limp nncp, nu ine man it nan eiigaeu not niuy in active mil iinoiw bu.lnPM. Itpreifnly, &e. S. Mo it nr. 1. 1.. Ii in nnw more ibau nx jpar iinee I w.i liionehl pri law bi an affection of ihe Inns", and mv rniiiplaim iv .n declaied to be inenrable b aetnmeil of ihiep pliv .iciann. I wan Hien tp-lorru 10 a. gno I nraiiii a' I nao enjmrd fm many learn, h ii.lng I lie Veueiable Pit'. innnarv li.ili.utu. sjinre inv lecutrry I nai" rerunf im-iiilfd the Bd.ain in n eieat many ea.e. ol lui'S eniiipbiint., ami ttt far a. I can I'atn. It? ti.P It a. in- varialdj lieen fullmted liy liuirli UPiielll, ami in man) iunanc" f II rtlcctrn cutr wiiieu were unn) niiesi. prrled. ijAMUCL EvCRCTr, ISoaion, niarrii i, losw. For .ale, Mbulenale and retail, by J. J J. II PECK & Co., Biirllnglnn, Vt. I-TAint LX tai SHERMAN'S POOIt MAN'S l'LiASTUB. The le-t strengthening plaster in the world, and a sovereiirn remedy ft r pain or weakness in thu back, loins, sulc, breast, neck, limbs, joints, rheumatism, lumbago, &c.iVc. One million a year will not supply the demand. They require a little warming before ap plication. Warranted superior to all others, and for one quarter the usual price, tonkins not only the Lc-t, but the cheapest plaster in the world. It allbrds reliel inn few hours, and makes astonishing curt s. In liver complaint nnd dy.pcp.ia, it should be worn over Ihe region ofthe liver or stomach, and il will alliird great anitn-lonMiintr relief. In comrh.colds. asthma. diffi culty of hrcathintr, oppression ofthe che.t or stomach, nicy win immediately sooih, and greatly hcncm the patient. Per-ons ol sedentary habits, or'thce obliced to stand much, will receive decided support from one of the.e truly, strenirlhcning piaster.-. Physicians gen erally recommend Bum, in preference to all olhcrs,le-cau-e they stick or adhere I cttcr and all'ord greater relief. In their operation they are stimulant, tonle, and anodyne. They are composed of entirely diHerem ingredients from any other ; nnd known from the ex perience of millions, who have ned them, a well a. the united tc-timony, of all the celebrated and di.tin gtshed clergy and physicians, to lcthe most useful and highly medicated piaster, ever invented or ollcred lothepiib'ic. Several person have called ai the ware houc to express their surprise and thanki at the almost miraculous cures these plasters have cilectcd. One man who had been o afflicted with heninalistn, as to be unable to dress himself without a-.-i-tancc, wa enabled after wearing one, only one night to get up nlono in the morning, put on his clothe, and call at our office with eyes 1 earning with joy and his tongue pouring forth the gladness of his heart', at the sudden and simial relief he had received from this I est ol all remedies. Ak for Dr. Sherman's Poor Man's Plaster. It is so called, because thenrice nlnce- it in ihe power of all lo purchase, I eintr only 12 ct. So'd at the va riety store by l'ANGDOUN it BB1NSMAII). Jewellers, uiirlinglon, vt. NATURE'S GRAND MCSTORATIVE. This valuable Vegetable Medicine stands unrivalled for the following complaint., virt Dyspepsia, or Indi gestion, disea-ed Liver, bilious disorJer-, Dropsy, Asth ma, Costivene-s, Worms and loss of Appetite, and by elean-ing the tomaeh and bowels, cures pains in the side, stomach and ureas!, colds and coughs ot long standing, Hoarsencs, shortne-s of Ireatli, Nervous complaints-, etc., which are fre'jncntly the elleet of dis ease. For Feverand Ague, it is a most valuable pre ventative as well as a sovereign remedy. Its virtues surpass any thing heretofore known in removing Si. Vitus' Dance, two bottle- have 1 een known to cure thisadliclingdi-ease, after having named every exer tion lor four years. It has a most powerful influence in removing nervou complaints. Il is pleasant lo lake and -oeasy in its operation, that it may I e administered lo the infant wilh safely. The al.ove'Medicine is very highly recommended bv many scientific gentlemen, and a large numler of ladies, who have proved Ihe virtue, of the Medicine by personal ns"andlhat ofiheir familic. A bill of certificate accompanies each bottle. with direction. It may Le had wholesale or retail of S. Britain, Barre, and J. C. Farnain, Ea-t Williams town, Vt. sole proprietor-. Prepared from Ihe oriein al recipe; for sale by K. H. Prentis-, Montpelicr, and J. it J. II. Peck & Co, Burlington, nnd in the princi pal town in the state; all directions signed in the handwriting of ihe proprietor.. jclll QIIEH.MAN'S WORM LOZENGES are the greatest tii-covcry ever made, lor dispelling Ihe va rious binds of worms that so frequently and distress singly annoy both children ami adults. Thev are an infallible re nedy, and so pleasant to the la-ic that children will take them as readily a a common pep permint lozenge. Many diseases nri'e from worm., without its heing suspected, sometimes n vttrytrouiile some cough, pains in tne joints or Minus, iiccmng at the no-e, &L-. are occasioned by worm, and can lie easily cured by this celebrated medicine. The follow ing symptom indicate the presence of worm--, viz: headache, vertigo, torpor, disturbed dream., sleep broken oif bv fright and screaming, convulsions, fe ven'shness, thirst, pallid hue, lmd iaio in the mouth, oticnsive breath, cough, didicull breathing, itching at the no-e, pains in the stomach, nausea, sqiicami-h-nes, voracity, leanne.-s, tcne.mus, itching at the anus towards nislit. nnd at length, dejections and films and mucus. One is a tlo-e for a child two years old two for one (our year, old ihrec lor eight year.-, and live for an adult, and should I e repeated every morning, or averv other morning until relieved. CP Sold at the Variety store by PANGBORN la uKINs.MAID, Jt nelltri, Uiirlinglon, Vt. Saw atig20 CONSUMPTION 1 No person can have an ade quate idea of thn astonishing relief which Or, t.ilimntic or Consumptive Pills civc. ill Coll' sumption, Cough, Colds, Astluin, dill'ieulty of breath ing, Wheeling, tightness or the Chest, Pain in the side, nfMimtl. Ac. A fair trial only is neccssaty to convince persons suffering from these complaints nhat this is one of thu most valuablu medicines yet dis-..nvr-nd ibis is thu testimony of relieved patients. j-.. a rrpntlcmnn. of this ncishborliood, recently observed to the proprietor, that ho believed theso pills i.. j u..nt him alive for iho last two vcars. Mnny u.. ivn similar tcuimonv. A letter states "iho Awltniatie Pdla give such astonishing relief in cases of Couch Common Colds, &e. an no one can believe, unless' they make the trial." Important testimony. "There has been, (writes an urgent) nn unusual call this winter for Heife's Asthmatic. Pills. Applicants nrnnounce them a valuable medicine, and say they cannot find n substitute.." A young l,ndy-v as turn years afTlictc! wun vw n v,, i i ". '"-. pitting of blood, and disturbed rcti at iiitdil-nnd '' m nortec! health bv takintt two boxes. A ease of Asthma-Of thirty years siaiuling was ' .i ii u A Gen emtio ho bad been A wilt wfltes-"Your Belfu's Asthmatic Pills.' Ar AF1 . .I't,." A Phvsician writes.-After til Sihpr medicines hnvo faded to givo relief in eousiinip. rion easct 1'hoim.l.nw 'RelWf A.llwnatic Pi Ih most excellent I'n.tract-'e Mil. lung coinpia " "." '".";' ,,, : " ,,n. wl,i TXitJIKi ASK IHOSK WIM KMIW. A Thne only whtdknnw bv tn'al ot immediate obicr valimt, ran foini any idea nf die edeei.. of ihe pet feel relief, nf llie alum.i V haruUike cures erTfctrd in ease, nf thn I'U.Vd. KlIKUMATISM, all .SWKI.I.INOS, nnd all external Pains, no mailer Imw e.eip, by ihe ur of llajs' Liniiiie m. Find nuc lm has ned il "ill nnt laud il abne all thing cvpi, and jnn will find h.u cannot be found. JCJTof llie leliefol fuffer. ing liiiinan tiemgs uhn maj be nfllicied, I be( J on lu n-k a.k f thn.p who knn'w titk I tie Hon. Al.fltKU, U. W Jtnlspfor ihat di.tricl, resiiling near Anliuin , a.k Matmimv J. Mvr.iu, Eti. Alliens, N. Y ; a-k (Jen. I)UFF GltEKK, lale ol Washing ion eiiv, each nf ibe.e gentle men know nfeates nneonipier. able by nil oilier teined'e. or pliyririanr, llinuith tried dr many ip.ii., ih il haie bpeu rti'ied by ihe ne nf llie Oeniiine llny't I.inimtnt. Th .u.and. tifn'hei pri.nn. l in, iv tar fine.. W'p appeal in iheir .en.e nf j imp iheir human fprliiigs. Ull i but a dui) ynn owp to nnr .ulfi-rins fel'mv-beiaj. In let lliisgieal tPinriK be known. Speak nf II tlipa In all wiur Ii lead. I hi. will .are uiiieli pain uhrrP ihe netvf p.iicrs aie ii'ti read, or m.ere teauem aie inefmn'ouj, orc.iu.L-M mi w.mili'pj. ariirlfj are adteril.ed Inr ihe .ante purpofP. To bujer we .ay, if all who half ii.ed it ilu mil ii.iy il i liHjnnd all prai.e, men mi uoi i.imi n mile., il ruie..when nil llie direetiuns hi e fully fnlluw ed. WillanN one ciinViini! refn.p nnw lo try il 7 If he lues, be niniht m be pined itinte Inr In. ob.iuuiry hi. ftifTei ine. 5Ct"Mr. Ilais would neier romeni In titTi r ihin article, wpiehe not enmpelled by tiis spn.eof moral nl reliRinu. tlnly lo tlo all in hu powei Inr the liriiin. of di.iirni and mi.rrv. For lid. purpose be would .nnncr ilrvoie a forlini". Ih in .eriup a dollar fur wnilhlr.. arlirlp. WZF-I.OOK OUT,- Snme pwind'rrs hae entiniei felled lh' article, nml put il up wilh varinii. deMfff. Do nol lie unpoicd iipnii, line llibig only will proierl j oil il l llie inline of ComnfoeJr 4- Co ; ihat name mu.l bp alwajs on the wrapper, or jnu nte rhcaitd. Do uol fmgel it. Take ihl. diiee- lion wilh you, and le.l ny inai, or never tmy , tor it i impoitible for any oilier lo be true or genuine. 1 ' SOLOMON HAYS. Sold by Comifor (, Co, ? Fleicher ptreel, N. Vnrk. 1 fur r.ilvUiM. V ,liv I'Annsns. iiiuiiiii. SlIKHMAN'S COUGH LOZENGES. ARE the safest, most sure and e lectual remedy for Couah-, Colds, Consumptions, whooping Cough, Asthma. Tiihtne-s of the Lungs or che.t, ic. &c The proprietor has never known an instance where they did nol give perlcct sniitaction. ceverni inoiis and boxes have I ecu -old within the last three months re-toring to health, persons in almost every stage ol consumption, and iho-e lal oring under llie mo-t di tre-sing cold and cough". They do not chuck and drv nn the cough, but render it easy, promote ex pec- lorauoii, auay inu ucuiiuh or irruatiuii, mm ri-uiuti-- tbe nrfiximale or exciting cau:c. They are made trom a'eombinntion ol the most valuable expectorant, or cough medicines, and are tinilouliiediy superior to every thing in use for lho-e complaint". Hundreds upon hundreds of certificates have been oflercd of their wonderlul virtue-, trom inose wno imvc iccn saveu from an untimely grave, and rc-tored to perfect health by uing tliein. DosK. One lozenge is a doje for an adult, and may be repeated from three to six time a day, as required. Children, eight ears years old, halful one: lour year-a quarter, and so in pro portion. Very smnll children or infants will lake tliein bct dissolved in a little water. Should they act a an emetic, or produce nausea, the do-c must I e lessened to-what the stomach will tear. Half ofone will gen erally I e sufficient to lake lefore breakfast, at the stnmaeh is then more easily siokened. No ill elects can ari-e from an overtlo-e, as it will cause the sto mach to reiect ii : and although not a plea-ant scn-n- tion, will le found to give relief. Where there i much pain in the brea-t or side, one of Sherman's f'oor .Man'. riaters snouiu re applied over inc pari, and worn till relieved. Ifattended wilh costivenes.-, a few cathartic or laxative Lozenge-, or any mild ca thartic meJicine, should le n-ed its occa-ion requires. Sold at the Variety Store, by PANGBORN 6i IIRINSMAID, Jeweller-, Uiirlinglon, Vt. ICPLMPORTANT CAUTION,, It i a singular fact and one much to l.e regretted that valuable medicines, as soon as they I ccoinu pop ular, and have received Ihe tc-t and of a discriminating public, are sure to be counterfeited, and inns a oau anu spurious uniin- is immediately paimeu upon the unsuspecting for the genuine. This has been notoriously the case with all popular tried and truly valuable mediencs for years nat. and will probably continue to be the case for years to come. l tie ta-e anu conicinpunic connicrleit in lhi way mc.inlv takes advantage ol all the cllbrts and adver tising ued by the proprietors of iho genuine article, to get their medicines into use nnd deserved popluari ly. Il is therefore not les theduiy than il contributes to the safety of every honest individual in Ihe com munity to expo-e, frown down, and forever afierfilS TRtlLT all HEARTLESS INGRATES who thus irrc- spon-iMv trifle with health and life. i CjT1 1 ER E FORE TAKE NOTICE.ClJ I here is a ;jer-on hy tne name ol J. is. UUUllt. FORT. now engaged in selling a Pill done up in boxes inexact and perfect imitation of the genuine INDIAN VEGETABLE PILLS, wilh the onn-sion of only one word on the Boxc -viz. Wniclir. The Pills sold by this Rocheforl are evidently intended as a fraud and unpo-ilion upon the community, or Ihey would not nave Lecnuone up in sucn exact imitation ot tne gen uine. 1 his person is tall blustering wilh a great the atrical swagger. He was recently known a a very poor player in Baltimore, under the musical cognomen of Jim Brown, and I-si oil tweniv live ycarsofage1 It is almost beyond a doubt that he is supplied wilh the Pills Irom a Drnggi-t firm in this city, who have heretofore been notoriously connected wilh counter feit medicine. As soon as prool is obtained the foun tain head of this nefarious business will I c exposed, that the community may shun them as they would a serpent. tIN Wlfc .Ui-A.N llMt. I fir. 1'UUlili; Aid:. UAU- TIONED against buying WRIGHT'S Indiav Vf.gktadle Pills of sny one who does nol exhibit a certilicate of agen cy s'lgncd by the agent for the New England Slates and 'earing date since January 194U. Also lake par ticular notice that the following wording is on thu box es Wright's Indian Vegetable Pi'l- (Ind. Purgative) ofthe North American Collctrc of Health. 'J'ht Indian Vtg'tablt Pillt aie a certain eure foi tliiea.e in il. every vaijeiynf form, lii-ciiine Ihey iho roughly cleaine Ihe -'Oinacb and IimwpI., induce ii pro per ili.eharxe by the Itingr, skin and kidney, and "li nuilate ihe bloud to pmify it.rlf. In oilier wurtU ilu-y nppn all llie itaitiral drain., nnd Irate NAIUUK the Grand I'hyticinn) nee lu time di-ea.e finm i lie body. The iitinve oiuleit, or ill aim, lire the common s-ewert nf the bndi, through whirh all nun bid and cor rupt humnrs (ihe caii.e of di.eii.e) are canied off; ami .it lung at ihey aie all kepi open, mid di-rhargp Cicely lli'lr alloitpil pnrliiius of impiii iiy, llie body will eon. mine iuhealih : bin when fiom catini; imprupei lood, breathing impute air, sudden nan.iiions hum heal in cold, nter pxhauiiion or any tulipr epii'e, llie bowel, become enHive, the pnrn ol ihe ?ktn beeuuie cln.ecl, or ihekiilnets fail ( petfiirui iheii funeiions prnpeili, ihe iinpiiriiirs which tlmuM be diaim-d Imin the body by iIip.p otnleK, will be teiained, and cunt nine lone eumulale iiulil ihe Ixxly beenines liteially loaded wnh di.afe. If ihe channel' of our mt(liiy ruers rhoulil lieeotne blneked tip, wonld mil ihe aret niu'iiieil w iipi. fiutl new millets, or ihe cniiniry heroine inundated Jim fo wilh the hiiinai body : if the naiuiiil drain, be come clo.ed. llieslaenant ami eorrupt Iniuinr. will find vent in I lie laiiuns fninis nidi. ease meh a Feirr, Small I'ox. Mea.lp..., Uoni, Apnplexy ite. or DeHlh will etel our mfl'ei ins. Theiefuie, when .irknen nl llie timnach, pain, in die bark ami .ide, quit k ptilte, burning .kin, oi liny odicr tinple.i saul .vniploin., indicate, thai one or inoie of ihr na, lural drain, are not discharging fieely, mid the run. li lotion i about lo commence a hi Uk!t!le lor the re.inra lion of lipallh, no lime hniild In lost in ailinini.'ering a few bri.k ilu.ei nf llie Indian Piueriiiie (Indian V t gttublt Pill$.) By .0 doing, nil Ihe luiienon. nf ilie inilv will ul re. orra lo orner. rnu l lie loin iiiimois (ihr came nf every infl iinitinii or pun we niffei) will be removed in lo e.i.y and naitintl a manner, that 'he body will be restored a if by n charm. The above I'm. may lie tnKenat all iiiiic. anu iiiiner ai.i. cir ctim.taiicer, wilh peifeei stfeiy. They mil all com plaiwt and all used, and are in ihe hum in ruu.liiiiiitui as rt.uil : ron.eqnenily Hie can ntntr nyure even ihe uinsi l.iKe our luud, iney aie tiigetiiiue ; therefore they enter inlo ihe circulation and imparl an energy lo llie blood, to flow wuh fi re dout quiie lo llie rxtiemiliet and cun.equenlly lo keep the pures oiiIir . Kin open. I hey aie Hue anil pel Pel purifiers of llie bbitid : hi rau.p ihpy drain nil enritipl humors fiom iliai life giving fluid. 1'hey imparl slrenglh anil Tigot tn the whale .y.iein, and their el feels arealway. : becau.c ibrv Old rrmnie ihofe liiunor. wbii li aie nppnaed lo health. I'hry uiil and imnrote tlige.tinn, and found sleep follow', iheir imp: becaii.r ilipy clpame ihe iiouiaeli and bnwrls nl ibn." slimy humour, which nm only in itatp and exeue llie nei vnii. sv.iein. but p.unlvic and weakm ihe tit. gesl'ue org in'. lu.hnii ihr.y pof.p.s all ihey good pinnerliep that can lie claime'd for any medicine : ami what hi. eiy remarkable, it is tilieily inipoitib' use ihem wiihntil brn'-fil. Price 25 cen's per Box, with full direction. Office and Ueneral Itepot lor Ihe iew r.ngiand --talc., io, 11)3 I reinont Street, near Uourt street, tJo.lon. The reitilnrannointed Airents can receive their -up nlies ofthe aliove nonular Pills, as heretofore, from the only office and general depot for the New England Sinle-. '103 Tremont street. Do-ton. Pedlars or trav elling agents ara not allowed to -ell the genuine indian vegetable Pill-, Ihercrore never purchase irom inein for If vou do you will be sure to obtain a dangerom and counterfeit article. til Theo. A. Pfck At Co, the only Agent in Burling ton, lor the sale nl the lntliauegctanc rut, also, v II. Holi.f.t, Willislon, t. PHYSIC A5D IMIIsIClAAM. OUR late friend, the Rev. C. C. Colton, makes the following remarks in his celebrated work, "Lacon, many mines iniew worust" " No men disuiso physio as much as physicians, be cause no men so thorougly understand how little it can perforin. They have boon tinktring the human constitution four thousand years, in order to learn to cure about as many disorders. The result is, that mer cury and brimstone are the only specifics thty have discovered. All the fatal malidcs continue to be what they were m thodays of Paracelsus, Hippocrates, and Galen, 'onurobriamcdicoruin.' It is true that each disorder has a thousand prescriptions, but not a sin gle remedy, 'nicy pour a variety ol salts and acids into a marble mortar, nnd expect similar results when these ingredients are poured into the human stoniRch j but what can be so groundless as reasonings built on such analogies? For the marble mortar admits th.) agency of atmospheric air, which cannot be said of the human stomach i and again, the human stomach poscsscs life, and the gistric juice, which cannot be saict oi me uiaroic mortar ii "It is better to have recourse to a non-professional man if ha can cure our disorders, although he cannot explain them. In a certain consultation of physicians in this kingdom, they all differed about the nature ol nn intermittent, nnd all plausibly defined the disease. At length a non-medical, who had been called in, thus interposed: ijcntlcineit, you all sccin to culler about the nature of an intermittent i permit me to explain it. An intermittent iever, gentlemen, is a disorder which can cure, and which you. cannot." CURES EFFECTED BY THE USE OF MORISON'S MEDICINES. F No. 4.1 To Dr. rScorge Taylor, 9-1 Broadway : Sir For about nine vcars I have been in a declin ing state of health. From my own feelings, and in inc opinion oi ot omcrs, i was in ine lasi singe oi con sumption. The doctors having given me up, I was induced by a friend to the Hygeian causo to try Mori, son's Pills of the British College of Health. Besides consumption, a complaint had settled in one of my arms, and the muscles had become so contracted that I could not net mv hands topether br four inches. I am now in good health, my arms arc of equal length in lact 1 am a new ueiug. I therefore feel it my dutv to send you my case, in hopes that a knowledge oi it may induce other sutler em to try your invaluable medicines, to which alone, by divine permission, I attribute my restoration to health afier so many vcars of adiiction. Yours, ith respect, SARAH BARIIYDT, list street, Between 8th andflth Avenues, New York. Attested by Mr. J. T. PERRY, corner of 8th Av enue and 41st street, May 8lh 1S39. io. n.J tyioopmg iousliin its worst Jorm. vxtrnct from a letter received from Mrs. E. D. Goodliff, of Utica, N. Y. Dated Juno '22, 1810. "Another case is that of a Mr. Fame, of this city. I was on mv way to meeting, when I was met by an aunt of the child, who told mo that it was in a most distressing state with the whooping coughthat il was continually in convulsions, and had lost theuseof one side of its body. I went to seethe child, and found it in the stete described. I told them, that I knew the pills would elicit a cure but they must, in such a case, use large doses. Mr. Paine read the "Morisoni nn." After which he began with energy. I ordered the mils to be dissolved. In ess than 21 hours after giving the first dose, the fits left the child, and have never returned, ii nas recovered tne use oi us euie, and is now in perfect health. No. 0. Cure nf Consumption. To Dr. Ocorgc Taylor: Dear Sir Having omainca sucn a miraculous euro, by theusoof Mr. Jlorison's Ilyceian Medicines I feel desirous to let all my fellow-sufferers know the vir tues of that sovrcign remedy. I was taken with in flamation of the lungs about throe years ago, which finalv ran into, what thu Doctors called, a confirmed consumption. I was rcducedto a mere skeleton ; tor tlireomontns, l aiscnargea large qu.nmif-oi nimn-i every day, nnd my cough was most distressingly se vere. iuv oroinarv wem inn ncaiin was ins. j was weiidied when reduced so low my weight was only 73 lbs. The medical men all gave rne up as m- eurarj e. 1 u tiiiiete v crew so wean, mat i couiu not see. At this time I heard of Morison'a Hvgrhn Pills, and I sent to Perrysburg and got some. These i loo i accord n? too reci ons: aim niter timing mum for six weeks. I cnuld ride three miles at a time. 1 continued taking them up to tins time. I have now recovered mv usual health, and weight. I know that the nil s have cured inc. The facts that I have stated are well known to all mv friends and the residents of the village. (Signed) A. J. MAUKK, Svlv.min. Whiteford. Lucus co. Ohio. EVERY nackol sold in Vermont, and in the towns bordering on Lake Champlain, in the stale of New York, will be signed by P.nigborn & Brinsmaid, Jewellers, of Burlington t., who are the agents, also by the sub Agents aciung mem, r nvi so tyn 1 Hn nt h,mlhtm. 1 am pleased to neauic to uiiorm inc inenas oi uic Hvimrin fl-insn in Vermont, and iis vicinity, that the calls for Morison's Pills for Mrir state, and in all the Middle States, continues steadily to increase, anil lint the satisfaction is general, anu cures euecieu innu nicrablc. co. layior, uygcii. 91 Broadwny New Yoik U. S. Agent for the Brit ish College of Health London T ALSO.M OF K w Slfevcn. river as. past recovery, and her j .t tail i. pvneetctl. was ra Wed from what was nx VuiXlffi -r li OTihlK-d, and from the border Kcgta S hcsl 'Wand declared her with ,ha i slu con d proclaim to the wort . of this .nyah.a tnai sip l i i , valuable properties of MP m u ... .i . . AMhnl. biincltiosof 1 1 ren 1 1 1 it iff 1 1 o a r sr i le's , Spitting of Blood Breathing, ,, .m" . int numerous ihe best inedinnnty ;vei , l ,. . - 30 Pills ind 50 cn.H fo'r half Boxes of 12 Pills. k2 t Wrcpiretl by T. KIDDF.H, solo propriciorand ptircf ssor Dr. C'otiway- nnd may bo lmd at h.s S room, Wfjot.M.un HtmrH. ne.r O.nccU Hall, Boaton, and Mm of J & J. IL I f nT,S: unlw p'igned T. K,rn jn the rf () T 1 1 K II A 1. 1-1 1 K A I K U .V OTI I li US M. Di e. any know neighbor or a fiiend who has been Bald, and whu.e heatl l nnwroieietl with line li.tir? One w-lm.e roal collar tv;i rovpied wilh dan drnlT. ihntisli btuthrd every hour which ha. nnw van. ished enlirelj ! Or one who.e hair nl early age weie mr.ilng arey, whn now has nol a grej hair 7 (Julilreii wbo-e heain were coveied wun ruri, wnoie nan would mil grow, are now growing llie fnllei1! cmpa of hair 1 Snine ctifn nun1! be known lo nioiu ppironi. Ask lliein lliaeaiifp, and j on will Im tnld ihal llipr iliing have been tlone by llie, live of ihe Halm of Co lumbia, OfSOypair growth it ihin ariicle, in ilemand iiicrcas-inj niiniiaiiy some iiamiieu ppr ri ni, tunngn when iliscov red mil opposed by nntihing Inr llie name purptiFP, now acfailed by iilmosl iiiiinbrilrs niu-liroon ira.ii win ruin tur uair it iisi-u tu not pxient, Cm mure than iheie facis he wanted relet In ihe iecninmenil.uion by a lisl (ifuaiuea nf icsiierla. hiluy, uneqiialieu ny any oinei arnrir. look In llifse lliiiig buy lld arnrle. Slay and prenene your li iir by ii ii, e, or if bald remote II. l.)i-a, intend In ihin Illllldlfl." HI l.lsllinuailio inc air , a ii inn limy aiiiele teallv fit Inr thn loilel. Long hair is eiy api lo fall out. ' l.adicii, iifO the llilin nf Columbia in lime .. .iHii,.i,ri the dimrace o( baldness by neeleel nfyiinr peinnm. Il is ynur duty, n nun alius lo pie- TMl'OKTANT TO 3IOTIIUHS & YOUNG X I'13MAIjF.S.--Doctr. Rr.vsoLns &,PAn.MKt.:v's celebrated PILLS, or 1IKALTH RKSTORATIVK for complaints pcculiarily incident to the Female Sex. This article is now brought before the public, under Knnetinn of the strongest testimony, from those who bavo alike used it. and also witnessed its unequalled powers, in the removal of Female obstructions of the most aggravated and desperate character. These testimonials are not brought from tho ignorant and illiterate but from Physicians and other Scientific Persons, who have tested its great virtues, aim now rppnininend it in their nracticc and lend to it the sanc tion ol tlieir names, ii is noi mieiuicu its niaiiy incut cincs generally aro for all the varieties of disease, which it is tholot to suffer under. But it is intended, simply for ono class of complaints, and tlioso only rc Pitmfr m mm sex. These beinc of rather a delicate na tttrc, there would bo more than nn ordidary degree of tlltlldcncn in coming wun tins .ituciu uviuiu mo iiuuiiu wcro it not tho fact that thousands aro continually passing irom tuc staKii mi i'1- u" w unv. which this mcdicimi has never failed to prevent or CROH N GLASH. Bedford, SarRnac and Clinton crown by J. & J. H. PECK & Cti. GRINDSTOMiH, ,y Junu7. J. cVJ.H.PKCK&Co. WOOL TWI.MIi for sale at HOWARD'S. iii23 POI ASH KLTI'LtS con-lantly on hand by June 19 J. A. J. II. PECK & Ct CONGRESS WATER, just received a fresh supply of Congress water, ami for sale by May 26. GEO. Pl.TERSON. WOOL received in exchange lor Broadclolh and other (Joods at Vinool;i village I.. I., in ian ' ctnM i.'V u i m rsv CORN BROOMS &. PAILS.-100 dor. corn brooms SOdox. patent Pails, June 19. J. t J, It. Peck ot Co. 50 IIOSTON N. K. Utf.11. Hhds. Gardiner Brewers, by June 19. 4 J. ct J II. PECK & Co. DRUGS AND MEDICINES. A large npplv mat ree'dhy June 19. J. & J. H. PECK & Co. PA IK BANK'S SCALES, by July 10. Jjk J. H. PECK & Co. I.LiOUR Troy, Ohio and Michigan, cun-iantly . receiving by J. & J. H. Peck & Co. B AUNES' new Ccugraphi, on the Classification sy-tcm : a very u-eful work for schools, just ree'd ur -ale at the Bookstore jc!9 D A BRAMAN and fur BRISTOL BOAltB, Drawing tiaper and Prn ed. Brilliant red fluid, blue fluid, japan in I.', and !rJie and gentlemen's ;cel pen, iut recciveil from New York, and (or sale bv S. HUN'1 1NGTON. Cullejc st. June 25, 18-10. C.MI PAII FOR VUOI.. The -iib.-crilcr will pay eah, on delivery, for pood clean fleece wool,tlclivereil at the old store occupied l y II. Hyde & Co. m r.h wc. corner of Col lege Green. Uiirlinglon, June 10. HARRY BRADLEY, TfEKBENA CREAM for shaving, clnriiwl Ro V in, Warrin's, lc-t Needles. Silver Thunhlos and lots of new Goods, opening at the ariciv Store. May 29. PANGBORN fa BRINSMAID. LAMP WICKS it GLASSES. Glasses for the Brittania, the Brass and the Astral Lamps nf dif ferent sizes i Wicks of all siiei, also the tlat wicks for Rust s Patent Lamps, Variety .More, Aug. ii. rA.UlJUli. Cfc LIK1.N.-3.U.WU. BUI.Ii. The public are informed that a first rate Bull may be found at my Barn on North street for the term of one year from dale. UilLtU K1U11AK1J3U.N. Burlington, Sept. I, 1310. CRANES. We invito attention to our new nssort- tnent of Canes, riding and walking sticks, now opening at the Variety Store; we have large and small, crooKCU ann sirnigni, low ann nign uricea. Aug. 27. PANUBOKN & UKli sMAID. THE BOOK STORE ofthe substriler i now fully repleni-bcd wilh a large collection of BOOKS and STATIONERY, recently sele-ied in the New York market, rartieuiar pain na I pen tat-en in the - ortiiicnt wnh rvlerence to Hook adapted to rawa'h chools. The newest put lieaiions have I en selected fiirihi.. object, an I Libraries can now le (urni-hed with any amount at theN. Y. prit-p., D A. BrAmaS LIVERWORT for Consumption Dvsi:enia. Asthma, and all di-t-a.-es ofllie Long Liver. These di-ca-es prevail to a great extent n'minsr much distress and some fatality. All ihe-ecan Ic remedied by Ihe use ol ur. layior uai.-om oi Liverwort. Thi medicine is purely egitatile, and from its peculiar action upon the Liven a ways found radical remedv for these di-ea-es. For Females nnJ men in a very weak state, no medicine can I e so grateful a restorative, a it not only strengthens, but purines anil gives a neaiiny hciiuii i" n ; - -lem. Con-lanlly lor sale by N. l.O EL A: Co. who have iut received a fre-h supply of sea-onablc Good. from New York, all very cheap lor casii. Uiirlinglon, July 3", IS1U. PANG HORN IJRINSMAIII.ot Ihe .intty store, are olli-ring a great variety of W.itchc-, Clocks, Jewelry, Peilumcry, .Mnical Instrument', Curls, Card., Pictures, Soap,HairOil-,RazBr-, Knive, Sei.sor., Canes, Slocks, Cap, drawing materia!., wil low Waggon., Chairs and Cradles Ca-tnr., Pencil., Tea and Colleo 1'ot and urns; siuer ware, piaicu Wnr... I.M1IH1 Wicks and Glasses Collars and Bo.iiui., Suspenders, Swonls nnd Pistol-.TIn rmonielcr-.Sialion-cry, Inks, Court Plaster; Doll, Bag, pocket Bonks unda great variety of fancy unifies to supply ihe wants mil minister to the gialilication of the no'innal and nil who call at the Vanelv store ; we are in "Ap ple Pic" orilci ready lo itu-wer order, or return calls t hs-r. Lxrrszzrzjai NEW GOODS. We aro plcnsed to inform our customers and friends that wc have lr.tntnrvl from Now York with n fine asiottmont ot New Goods in the various departments of our tradoi ns .am have been spared in selecting oooo articles, aDd mxii ns will meet tho approbation of persons of taste. W have (beside very many other things must re main uneniimcrated,) Watches, Gold nnd Silver, price nnd quality to suit customers : Pins, some beau tiful Cnmeos, fancy Enamelled, and stono Pms, Rings, various patterns of new Rings best quality ofUoldt Shell Card Cases, inlaid and plain, very, pretty otien, English Pencils, very heavy nnd bcautiiul finished j Fancy Boxes, very pretty for presents, sevcrnl kinds. Canes, many very handsome and sonic very n'rong. Stocks, A. No. 1. various Patterns. Shell, and hory Combs, something ncic in this lino. Shell, Buflala Horn, ivory ana other new dressing Combs j Brushes very nice and new patterns, best quality. Preston Salts in beautiful bottles various pattern! P'.rfumory, English, French and American. Guitars, I)rum3, and other Musical Instruments ; Hearts, Crosses nnd Jet Ornaments for the Neck, Golden nnd Coral Bracelets. Gold Neck Chains same length of Gold Beedsj Silver, Butter and Fruit Knivcsi Ivoiy nnd Shell, fancy Boxes j Bosoms, Suspenders and Collars fine kinds; Elastics, some very nice ones. Cards, all sizes of fine quality. Wo can scarcely give .1 general outline of tho new' good i now being opened and ar ranged at the Variety Store, but would whilst ws ex press thanks to our numerous fnends and customcra for the liberality with which they hive seconded our efforts to make our assortment 'what it is; just men tion that our assortment was never more complete, w have not only the usual viriety, but have added many new and handsome articles, to wht'li wo arc making additions almost tr- ry net!:. Plcnn enquire for Goods wanted ns very many of our articles ate not in sight. Remember the Variety Slorc. Aur. 24. PANGBORN & BRINSMAID. Ill CORE'S ESSENCE 1TJ. Medicine, whirh, OF LIFE. A Valuaile if riahily applied, will be the mean of savin-, thou-and.' from an untimely praic. Il ha-teen sold and u.-ed for hirty years, wuh great success, nnd found verv e!bcim'. ' in the folluwintr dt-ea-e, via. Consumption, Whooping Conch", com mon t-o iKh--, uo iis, oim.-nll ureathin, inllnenza, Utiinsy. Athtna. I'mru-ic. tsmltniK ot tuood. Mam- lency, inuitte-tion, i.oesene.-s oi tne uowti-, ntsOf every kind, cramp--,, i 1 1 c, uatarrh, l'y.en tarv," Fain'iutf, Hypochondriac Atlection, Ueadarhc, .-j.ckne.. at n omacn, .ueaie-, a preventive of tjon-lasrui'i-tli ea-e--, Gout and Rhe imati-m. Cr'I he al ove Me-licinc is prepared by Henry Sey mour, of Hadlev. Ma... from the Onrrinal Reciue. Iv .he direction of .-aid Moore, and soli by him and the principal wruscist. in me uniuMMates. Si I I whole-nle and read, by J. J. II. Peck Co. U irlinglon, and ty the dealers generally throuhotil l tie country. ryo THE PUIIIjIC. In ofierini? this Edition of JL Smith's Geography and Atlns io the. public, ths Publishers invite attention to tho following additions and improvements. The Gcopraphy has been carefully revised rnd eft nrrrrf, is illustrated by about thirty additional Cuts, and is perfectly adapted in all its pans to tho nsw Maps. The entire text of the book has, (at much expenso,) been thrown into uniform larre tyjic which wo feol confident will be regarded as Every decided impra vemciit, The tables appended to tlio Book wero madt with care, and contain much valuable information in a conrienseti foirn. The names and lnnpth of fh principal Canals and Rail Roids (finished and in pro gress) arc civen, and the places connected ; also complete list ot tne ijoncges, nnd -Medical Schools, Theolorjical Seminaries and Rehciious do nominations of tho United States, the rebninr! Sot ercisns of Eurode, etc. An entire new Atlas accompanies the nook, con- tsininrs titrhlem verv SUPClior Maps, mosilv drawn expresslyfor this work from original surveys and tho most authentic sources, ana cmorncesinucn vaiuaon information not to be found m any similar work. Our own country has received special attention. Th Rail Roads, Canal, naviotion ot Kivei s and recent chanees, are all carefully marked, and many counties arc shown which do not appear in any other Atlas. Among the peculiarities of tins work may bo mention ed the plan of showing the population of States .mil Countries in round unmoors on tne lace ot llie.wnps The navigation of Rivers for Ships, Steamboats, Sloops, etc., is shown oy placing at the head of na vijrntion the appropriate character for each. Tho Man and Chart of the World combined (on an entire new plan, showinr- at ono view the Natural and Political Divisions ol the uioue, tne l.xtent, I'opuli tion, Religion, Form of Government and Stnta of Civilization of each Country,) has attracted much at tention, nnd is considered a great improvement upon y thine heretotore attempted in the lorm ol a 'Jhart ticro all are shown at a sinele 'dance, and tho re lations they sustain to each other. Wc would abo solicit attention to the rcinaikable distinctness and ease with which every name on the Map maybe read a well as to the very superior style and execution of the work in other respects. The Questions at fhs elose of the Book aro important, nnd will bo found very convenient for n General Review. &t'iL,uiiMj iv ts iuiti.:;. Hartford Connecticut. For ssle bv SAMUEL HUNTINGTON. Bur- lington, Vt. and by the Princial Booksellers in the United Slates. Burhncton, July 3d, IS 10. Of TOBACCO. OU l.-eRs pbu; Tol turn, ID rose t-iiyendish do 6'J pac!a'e sheci) ilo 2000 II s. Leaf do. do. by J. 4: J. H. PECK Al Co. 1000 SP13RM OIL. callous winter S;jenn Oil. 2000 do. (all do. do. 1500 do refined do. June 7. J. A: J. H. PECK Co. 45 OILS bbl. American Linseed Oil, 10 Tierce fall sperm do 5 do win'er do tlo 35 bl 1-. refined do do J.ifc J' II. Pick dt Co K( prs. Ladies col'd. and black French Slips, uu 20 do do. Gaiter Boots, 20 do Misses col'd Slips, ou no ucni s rumps, i cases Jlcn s seal UootJ. Burlington, July 1 1. H. C. STIMSON. at ihe variety .lore, P.lVf.UOIlS A. BlUN-MAlD. WUICM, WOK.H.-.-un. M. Hitchcock'. unrivalled and unequalled WORM TEA, a sovereign remedy for Worm.. Strange and iucredi- hie are the e lects oi nice tieiL-.i.tiiiu huhihi " person, and it is thought none are free from ibcm, par ticularly females and children. Many per-ons po through a distressing course of medicine without a lenefil, when they misriit ne relieve i oj ti-ins inc Worm Tea. This invaluable inodii inc has I ecu Icted by the experience of more than ten years use, and , to more than 16.000 persons of various age., and not one solitary complaint ; on thecouirary hundred have called, and iin.olicitcu, given tneir te cided preference to it. after Irving the 'h 'crenl article sent forth to the pubic, and pronounced Dr. M. Hitch cock's. Worm Tea Ihe mo-t safe, t'llecuial, and con NF.W SHEET IRON, CUPPER iV TIN WAR. ESTABLISHMENT. The ub.-cril er, lale of ihe firm of Siarrit Bo-l iok, having p ircha-ed nnd re moved to the Store lalclv occupied hy Strongs it Co., east side ofthe Court House S piaic, one norib ol ihe Log Cabin, l now ready to do all kinds ol wori. that the p il lie wi-li in his fine of business, such as covering roof, wuh tin, making nnd putting up cave iron-, lsnm .pout-. All kind, ot I 111, stlt el II on ami Copper Ware will I e kepi on hand, and lor nlu at as Inn- nn',-... n. can I o found in the Sta'f. Sheet me, Copper Pump-, Lead Pipe, and all other article in the lino of our biisine-s kepi on hand. For eheaiuioss of price and neatness ol cmviiIiuii, my work win nm t M-rllcil nynnv in inttsutie. u ym n isuiiir.ui) a ihe above line, before you tra 'a le sure and rail upon Ji. ii. " li irlington, jiuy, icio. neneihe be.uitie of n.iltire, with whhth a houuiiful Cre.ilor ha em ntied ynu 1 inr ine ii4im,inr it win ou it rsAlll'IfiN ro BE UEtlEMIU'.ltED. Seie ml inofl fl igr.uit alienipin Imv been nudn lo cmuiieileil Ihe (rue Balm of Colundibi. Soma of llie inniriiler luivegone " 10 eiunnciieii inn Fpinr .ii. .v.j n ami ibn FnlU of NiAiara, and eveiy fx iprnl niHikexrept ihe nmtt of Com.tock, whirh ihey .i... .! rums. Tu moid iinu'Milinnt Iherrfure, til- w,ijs louk fur llm inline of Com.iock k Co. nr L. S. Conmiork, and never buy the .irticle unleii it Im iImi ...... 1 :, u.britp-.ile am retail, only al No, 2 I'leieher strecl, N. Y. nj b rr-Snn mid PlIKHtilP Uurlinna, Vt. j' I cure, ssiir.n nas ocen inc provision oi iiniure, mat nearly all the complaints ol Females, arc connected in somo desree with tho habits allied to their sex. And mnnv ran henr witness, where a mere cold at a nar ticular stage, has produced checks, that the hand of Science and Skill, never has been ablo to dispel or alleviate, At first, the irregularity and suppression of tho natural habits produces no very alarming symp toms, nnd i treated generally with neglect. And proper attention is-procrastiaated until the hollow eyo, sallow complexion and great bodily debility indicato tlw.t riilip.r rnnitl consmnntion. or some other fatal discaso lias fastened its resistless grasp on the suflercr which soon terminates existence, by, a lingering but onrtuin ih-nih. Tor comnlaints inevitably productive of such results this invaluable medicine is now brought hc-furo the public. It invariably removes obstructions nnd rnmilnicii n too nrofuso mcrisirurntioii. and cures by its unequalled (tiantiea, an tne variety oi neriiiige- meni connected wun, . ..... and dtstinguihlicd lloct, J, Jiornson, wno nas pine .;,! ,.,,i.;r, t niinwln. IM. Vork. with tho most sitr n. .iisnaa fnr VII vnnTH. HAVH "II IS lllil IIL3I IlirillLIHO nowtnuso, lu cases oi reicnnon, or nnp iobiuh tho Menses, I think it will sustain ine appeiat on oi specific. I have tried It in tno worsi cascrt wun in adimrablo success, Females, that their practice. most sangumo mnv hn taken not catlinrtlC, 0111 tonic anu nperiKtit. rr ntiiint; mi- ticulars respecting its efflciency, ccrtiflcatea of Pyei- CianswhO navo wttncssenits eueciu, .tint oi who have been most Hlgnany iiencinr unit irawim i... :.. ..-.rnarpr..rpnen is now ofiered to the pam phlets accompanying the medicine, and to tho more particular evidences, in thn hands of tho subscriber, Sole Agent for the New Krland State Wholeeale D -alfr in Pnigs, MedietncB, Paints and Dye omit, - Nj 3 cv somn sweoiu i mwui no venient remedy lhat can be obtnmed ; for in no one of the thousands of instances where it ha 1 een used ngrecablc tn ihe printdl ibreoiions has It t' N. U. Ask for Dr. M. llilchcoci.'. " ohm i r..i, as inero are many nostrums abroad for l'e'J1''',V,lj;';'J'',y!,',V For sale whole-ale and retail by A. HlTUK.OCh. &. CO., sole proprietors, 117 Cienr-re street, Llica, and by their agents ihrousho it thu Union. In Burlington, by J. fc J. II. Peck & Co. In Vcrgennes, by J. II. Georma. bv Lorciuo Jams. ntigJO ui,..miiia nrrast lllntmeilt If applied properly and indue lime, will cum the most ,.r ..,,Up,i hrensls. and nrcveni tne ior- I'"". ' v'"'.' ' ...I.' .Li, ..ll!nr, V.SU inntionol anscesses r.itit "unu m .h pointed and shown every appearance of breaking, this ointment has entirely dispelled it, and restored the and soft covering to tho breast should bo made, of soft i,i,r nr iinnpnmnnei linin. with a ho e m the cen tre to n'dmit tho niplc. When so made, put a coating of tho ointment over thn inner surlaco ami nppt n t..i.. .t ..nn,ui nvpr i ht- whole breast. Icavini! tho nipple protruding . throuph the hole, so that thu child ran nurse, wnicn ii uh u i " " mother can bear it. uaro snouin nn i.-mcn to navo tin i.,..t ilnmnhv thn ebild nr otherwise. MO as to pro n nrenniidulinn of milk. Whencvor tho plas tor gels rmklcil, and tticrchy uncomiortnnie, a new one D.." is on tho wrapper, none other can bo genuine, Is tho only infall'iblo remedy for sore nipples ever dis covered. It will cure the most troublesome cases in a few days, without depriving inotniiinioi in uimbi warranted superior to all other rcnudieH when Bpplict it,- dirpMinn nn ilm hotllo. Sec that the aignaturo of "A. UShtrman, M. D," is on the wrupper, nona other is genuine. Vo pariictilar or you ivillto dectived snd disapnointid Sol, at the 'si If sigr. r.VNCil'ORN .t BRIM KM W 8000 SALT. bn-h. solar Suit 3000 do steam tlo do tine tlo 1000 tlo Turks Island lo 1000 bids, line do 100 do dairy do 2."0 do coarse do 200 nek dairy do by J. & J. II. PECrT it Co. CiIWf XaBs, Ilrails a; American Jroiu JoUUU ktys .Nml. from 31 to 001 2.10 do Bra 1- from Ci loiOl Iltir i! shoe Iron S roll and Hume do all sie lUn l Iron Irom 11 lo 4i inch Bound tlo do i to II do Square do 5-6 lo 3 do J. it J. II, PrcK ci. Co., June 19. Airents for KecMMilc Mani.faeluring Co Q EARL Ii(mVRl), cf the ('heap cah store, 0 arrived home from New York la-t evening lv the splendid steamer Wlu'ehall, I. Lyon Capt. and I rought with him an additional upplv of Goods which with his two lormer purcha e. 1 1 nn. scascn ma.m the a-sortment altogether one (if the ilciraMs to select Irom of any thai he has beiuiofuio ha I for th eighiten year , and i ofibc ft.llt.wing Kind-, viz : rich, fa-hional Ic. fancy and .tun.'c nrnc'et m ccrv department cfthe Dry (' lodbne, .t,-li i Bri'ndi-'o'hs, C'asinieres-, Vi-siinc-, Mo-i-iiine t'c Irt no-, Chailys, hdk-, liomt azinc , i., Linen , .uuims, Lace-, Ribbon--, Embroi.k'ric., Hu-ierv Ghvc, Fan , Um brella, Para-oil-, uo wi h a f ,11 npply ofFiorenco nnd S raw Boniiel-, and .Millenary Good-, also, C'.ir-petine-, Matlin--, Paper Hans, nr-, Slu c-and Hats together wuh all the heavy l'c crip ion of dome-tit-and other gnol, such n sj'ice inrs, Vara, B tr'ap' Wcol Twine, e'o. The Croe' cry, Loo' 'nu G n and China Gallery is al-o replcni lu?'; iheCii lery, J ware air! llo'i-r f trni-h ht ''e, art.ncn i in a ' . r aiu-o with the other toc!; on hand, 'ho c y rf fancy article-, ni'-h as To-, Jewelry, C m' (' rl , (V'nfiv tinnary, etc. clc , winch fills' unch in Ire 1 fie' rf hew eve in lenlh on In- co -n er. is inn mera' le. 1 bo Dome and picture tradery is I ea it if lly nrranced fir ihe display of Good- un'Vr a sirnni llsht, and ih;n tho e supply m superior family tu-ni-cr,es la cl :pon StB'Tof Life, Rochester chy Mill Fi.itr, makes hi Grand Bazaar cheap c-a h store, one of ibe Pi'i-t fasci nating desirable and convenient -ti re- t.'l e Crni-bcd from wi'h all and every Kind of arii'le -Int may lo wi-heJ fcr, or rii fi r itm i-eiucnt and gra'iiica tion,or wilh a de-ire in convey ihe mnt pica nz in-lelli'.'en'-c to friend-, of the p'a.-e wbrr3 every or"clu they may dfspe for ihcl e'ior n: if a-ipeanee , a Id ng to eonifi'rt, nr supplying nece sary wan', may I e had and a'l done in so few worl-, n I v only saying for whatever an I whenever yo-i wi-li to lni'fvj.ip lurca.h so to HOWARD'S, Burlmglun, Vt.,.bme 11, 1S-10. 100 GltOCF.rU KS. The sub-t ril t r has a full sitpp v of UriK-ene-, including coeniac Brandy, common no. iiot.anii nnu iiauiiiture nm, at. .n'i. "i " winnamon, .uimeps, .insn i-u uuu oiuli n, . c-, Tobacco, Mackerel, CODFISH, le-t kind fur S3 jn-r 00 lb.. Aim mnsj oiner iiriu-ius i iul- (, '"'. '"" Also DRY GOODS, all of which will be sold as cheap ,. nit.i. nlni-. TheLiitnors will be warranted of Ihe lc-t quality intended principally for snpplyuiff Tavcrn-Kecperrs, who will bnd it for their interc.r to call and examine Ihcin. iavi.iv ' .n.s.n. Uiirlinglon, June 1U, .ri.Niov SAHH TT Just recciveil 15,20 and 21 7 by Oca-einents ol :i first rate article at 31 and 3' cent per light ; also all kind and sin", furni-hed in order. Ticonderoira black load, a fir-t rale arliele, for sale very low, together with irr,.at variety of oilier arti cles as cheap a can be lound al any other establish ment in Hit! piace. ' GltOCERir.S. chts's vo insr Hyson Tea, ii tto nyson-uin, o, CO I nr pepper, 20 do Pimento, 40 do Col'eo JO bore. Pipi 100 tlo B.'trSiap 'ioo do 1! ti.ins SO keg. tlo .H do Pure gintjer 100 Mat Ca..ia Si. I'n.iv num. Holland Gin. Sirnr'ln IW-amlv. Bal timow Gin. American Brandy. Clnmnaiirrie. Brown and Pale Sherry, Madeiri and Sicily Madeira, Mar- seil N Madeira and .imiaga wine., ly June 7. J, &, J, H. TECK & Co. ICOKWAKDINCS, c. 181U. . THE siib.crit ers win coniiniic ni" bn-inps a Forwarding and Com mlsslon Mcrcliantii nnd Custom House ASl'l't"- at ine on in o-w . I I ........ f armdn. 'I hey do not o:lcr their servkes frttq.r nnv charge" to tho-e person mlerti.led in trauo wun ine wihiim S'iitc., but will endeavor to make iheir attention to Iho interest of their employers wormy a recompense. lv.ii r- Jlavin;; goon iMrves t wuu-n m. " .... c;T,..,1n.T will landl ant Uxcellenl StOMse, nuaihrr wnh the convenience of n connecting Bail Track Wilh lite MIAMri.AIN anu ai, u-wnutw n .ii .Kn.n n, ,t i he.p wliar ve. thev flatter themselves that, with fifteen ve.iis experience in this branch of i,-i... it,..i- uull l ,i enabled to do much to lacilitale and encourage trade, between ihe UniHtlSlato and I Ihe u,i.,., ii,nviiiv. JASON C. P LUCE & SON. St. Johns. L. C, March, 1810. jcH.flm 1 lVK STUFFS. I "LTV l.bls, Cain Wood 200 do Log WotslSt, Dnminso 250 tlo Log Wood Canpenchy 250 do Fustic, 200 do Nicaragua 10 tlo Alum 2S do Blue Vi'riol 30 do Madder 50 carbnv Oil Vitriol Muriatic Acid, Aqua Forlis, Nilr.c Acid, Cari'nma, Bar Wood, Peach Wood, Qucr Cilron Bark, Spanish Flolant and Benral Indigo. Lac Dye, Nutt Calls, pre-s Paper', Jacks, Tenter Hooks, CnaniTariar nnd Agal June 19. ny j. iv. j. ii. ri.i,N iv to. rV.H AN & COl.H ha .-e rc eiyed their J ex'en-ivo assortment rf Sitnug and summer GOODS, cml racing a leaii'd'il variety cf goods for la.ues s iininer tiressos j ru-u t nL-u-ti nnu scot- a uing-ham-, India nvi-lin a superior artHo fur win eclrcsscj : Jaconet cambric, a grc d n-orinient of I arreJ and cheskcreil Cam' ric, prin'oJ Lawn, mi.uriiing do. prin ted cambric and French Mil-tin. An cMen-ne assort ment of American Cnllcoca cheaper than eicr. A fesr Engli h and French do. SILKS. A m.ill a-sortmeni of It Hi d' , Int-lnding 1 lack, blue black, colnred and tripeJ. Bandana H'd'li Ponece, Criin on, while siln do. B '1; Italian Cravats, Gentlemen' col'd and I lack I id Glove-, doer I' 1, I lack and white silk glove-, do. Berlin, Li-le Thread, Linen and cotton glove-. A good assortment of Ho icry, verv cheap. Uml reiki's and Parasols. Tlnu Boon and Shoe-, l.idte.kid Tie. am. -bp-, DOMESTIC GOODS. Merrimack cotton. Davi- ville tlo S-l. Couon fhceliny, Sii.i-tmir, Ticking, col'd Cambrics- Yarn, Thread, an . Ku'iting Si perli ne l.t ngCloihs and bleach cnttnn, Vor'i M tnrct Stripes, Drill- fcc, lush Linen, Shining and heeling. Iiiaper and i r.isp, TAILOR'S TRIMMINGS. Includinc cwing Silk, Twist, Threa P.iddinir, canvass, slec e-!ining, 1 rnwn linen. Mutton, Binding, &e. VliSTlNG. White tig'd Mcr ail-, Valeria, futireJ Satin, fie. Ga-ve, anil ri 'h i hally fancy Il'dkY--, A great variety of other DUY GOODS which conipn e a very exten-ive a-ortnicnt, and arc o Vied at astonish inc low pn'eei. Lndicsnnd Geii'lcnen are (nviied to call nnd examine qualities and prices. Juno 4. WUA4 YOU BE HHAVnn at Lone)', now Dressing Hoont, I. Loneylhe untier-igneii, would Now inform ihe pul lie kind, Tim having left church stri ct, In Howard' Hotel eau le found. He wilt not beast hi bar' er skill, As thi the public It ng have known, Hut beg to ask their custom t till, For dilligence he yields to nrnc. When he that would unto hi face And head have nerlini; justice done, Pray don't mistake iho proper plaiw, But call upon Icem Lonk.t. P. S. Clothes carefully cleaned to onler. Pnrfum, cry of all kind constantly on hand and for sale. nurlington, July lu, ow. POWIU-'H.-IQO U-Bsby, , . 1 jMnriy. .& J. H I'ccuvt C- IUjUUU lb, dry while Leud 100 casks ground tin do 15 bbls. Venetian Red 10 r.islis French ye low 50 bbU. American Oil, ,lo sinirllH lnrnenllnn I Cotml Varnish, Gold lal, Sand paper, 5mu!tf, 'W e. one Bind leg large, a'-evt 1 5 nn 'Trn Pru,ht.,GhOum Copal, hy ),& 'prcit& " 1 Burltn'n', -3 JPgnrn Bh KSUITM.Tbe sub-erilcr havins re cendy moved from AH nnv, and commenced tho Blacksmith bu inc-, in all it fi'irin, in tho new shop on Madi-on street, near Fulleti - Bradley'. Stom, would rt.u-tfully invite iho (ntmW'an's ( f Durbnglon and vicmiiy to givo him a call, a he i filly prepared to do all kind. 1 1 work m In line, on the sficrtct no tice, let manner, nnd iiw.t f.iyond le term-. He has for many year pn-t given hi. particular at'eni' n to the Horse' shoeing bii.tnc..f, nnd F.trnrry in all its liranvhcs. From the lung espcrience which Im has had, and the general inlori'ia'inn be ha dcmtsl loth from theory and practice, be iVels fully enntl'eiit'in re commendincr him. elf iti the mil lie. Ho will le pre pared at nil times in give his personal attention to all kinds of work in hn lino nch t Iromntr Vt argons and Slciuhs, Shlpwork, e.. All Kinu. 01 e-igp ipois madu in the be.t manner nnd mo-l npproi til slyle. Ha trusts thrft by giving business hi untlividt-d aitcnlion und the low prices at winch h will loennbleil io fur nish work, toieccivea -share of ,t,-,pi'lJ;,ljtJ:,?Pe-Burlinzton, April 10. ItMO. STRVY HOIISJ'S. .Iru.-iil Irom iht'f ib.criter, g or 'about the lOih of July, ono Mack horse wub .nme white about thoiieck,cautil I y wear ol ihe coir fnf und lrtmcwilh a spavin I eh.url. Also, om. lay

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