Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, November 20, 1840, Page 3

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated November 20, 1840 Page 3
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LEECHES The subscribers will keep for a few weeks, ttiis articlo of Spanish importation those wishing them should give m nil early cnll, THKa A. PECK, A CO. WANTIJD A Still, of nluut two gallons in capa city, with a worm, or citudcnfccr, hy THEO. A. PECIC, it CO. OPEKCH of Hon. Win. Sladr. delivered in tho O house of representatives, on thu iSth rind SOih of of January, taw. For s.alu by I). A. BRAMAN. B UFFALO ltOUHS. 10 hides fnr nale by tho halt 11ICKOIC A CATLIN. single, by NEW TAILORING ESTABLISHMENT At Winooski Village, Tho sutisrrilicr lins com menced tho tailoring business in this place, nnd will do nil kinds of work in his line in ns good style as it is doncat ny shop in this section of country. Cutting done nt nil times, on short notice. WANTED An apprentice at the nliovo hu-ineis. JEREMIAH 1 1 A Kill N ( HON. Nov. 10, 810. UNBLEACHED Cotton Shirting and Sheeting, cotton yarn, batting, wicking, black and whito wadding, Russia diaper, crash table diapcts, padding canvass, nicrscillcs, quilts, rotintcrpaincs, rose and horse blankets, bleached cottons, bleached and un bleached cotton flannels, Enyhsli, Fioncli and Amer ican prints, as cheap as the cheapest, by i!a n. lovely &, co. BOOIC STOKE Tho subscriber is weekly receiv ing new supplies of Hooks, nnd Ins store now contains the best assortment he has ever ollered to the public. Anions the miscellaneous works this day re ceived, are the following : Ten thousand n year,' Per ry's Voyages, Jack a shore, 1! vols. Memoirs of tho court of England liy John II. Jesse, Shetland nnd tho Shetlandcrs by Sinclair, Woman's niis'ton; Around the world a narrative of n voyage in the East India Squadron under Commodore Ceo. C. Reed in 2 vols. Confessions of Ilarrv Lorrcnticr 1 vol. Burlington, Nov. 10. I). A. 11RAMAN. Winooski Iron Foumlry. THIS concern is yet in operation, and ready to execute nil orders for castings, in pond order, anil of good metal, for various purposes. Tins subscriber ia now ready to contract or otherwise for the building of mills of all descriptions, bung in n situation to fur nish nil the materials at short notice. Contracts will be taken very low. Plnnsofall kinds of mills made on application to the subscriber, and warranted cor rect ; which will save cost in building, nnd also many blunders. An assortment of castings such ns kettles, ploughs, wagon boxes, wagon nrms, sleigh shoes, box and cooking stoves, a vcrv superb article, for doing a large business with little work and fuel, all of which can be found at nil tunes, at this concern. Pntlerns made to order on reasonable terms. Also the .subscriber oilers for sale one fiist inte high pressure strain engine, of lour Horsepower, a good article, limit fioin I.iecester s plan, and has been in lite, which will be sold reasona ble, anil on creilit. All orders to the subscriber, Bur lington, Vt. will receive attention. JESSE GAY. Winooaki Village, Nov. 10. M I i'iosiw, i.i.Mtuwiit oc imi.o.iViu nave tX lust reluin'jd from Boston and New York with their full assortment of goo ! winch will befound very totntilete. Watcuks Wehavo receive 1 s.imo more of those fine finished levers, made by H. A G. Bccsley of Liv erpool, uuiu goiu anu Mivcr cases, smie extra jcwti Uil. We have also received cold and silver English livers, of various oilier manufacture!. Gold anl nil Tir anchor escapement levers, with beautiful cngnved backs nnd dials. Gold and nlver lcpine wnlchcs, Home beautiful patterns, with cneinvctl hark-. Curas oitmcnt of watches is far better than usual. Head and neck ornainentsof various kind, jet and gold hearts, crosses, in sets or single. Button for vcWot wrisllcls. Macs. Large and email sized, jot and dove coloied bcitrl bags i net bags of silk and worsted, nnd purses. Cents. Largs-and small s ti ringlets, noon wire: New sets wiru cutis; nice .sets plain hair. Sum co.vtn. The best quality shell side and twist rmibs, at our usual pricts, a few cheaper shell "ide combs aim fur sale. HniTASiA wake. Some beautiful finished f-nc quality, tea and codec pots; communism furniture, tjiiibfers, and patint lamps. Phtm w.vnn. Cake anil frii't bas'ects, castors, high and low candlesticks, snulTin and trays, cups nnd spoons, a better assortment than usual. Table mats, o.l cloth, and willow mats of various .and shapes. Stocks. In this department, we have rivalled the Tirii-ty store. Tho-e who wish to tret n nent made st ick.'n-J matter at what pti'-e, ch-ap or dear, are as H'lred that we will try to s:i t them in every particular. Also collars, bos mis, suspenders, snaps, and a few nice plain and figured cravats. PcsrcMEnr. Soaps, hair oils, Farinas best f!er man cologne. Those who have once used lins nrl.ele, never wi.-di for any olhir. Farinas good cologne. DjIIs and fancy boxes. We have not forg.dtononr young friends, but have selected some fine wax dolls, nnd many other nrticlrs suitable for presents. Rosewood Boxes. Ladies rosewood woik bnxis, furnished and unfurnished j some nice ones. Th ,se wishing for lliem or fur portable writing desks, u.ll plenn.- in pu'icf r them, as thev :itc kepi up stairs, will many olhur bulky goods. Willow chairs, waggons and cradles up stnir. Brass cainllesii.'ks, high and low. l!ra:s snunLrf nnd travs. Steel tlo. VARIETY. Co to bed lamps, with extinguishers, n vcrv nice article. An article to clean brass, pi He or britania, very nice. Cake colters, assorted patterns Chopping trays, cedar tubs for washing dishes in, brass hooped. Carpet hammers for taking up or put ting down carpets. Nursery lamps with Chum and tin dishes, and ten kettles. New conversation end-, pearl souvenirs; tar trumpets for deaf persons, chil dren's cuiis and saucers ; tine card eases : vie ins nnd other instruments. We have added to our .assortment of nil kinds such things as we could find m New York nnu notion, v.nicn wejtidsicii would suit our market, and we now shall be most happy to distribute them 10 our menus nnu enstomeis wim vvi-li lor tnem. Vnrlety Store, PANG HORN & 1IRINSMAID. STATE OF VERMONT, ) The Probate Court for DisTMCTOt f'liiTTr.Nnr.N, ss. tho District of Chit tenden : To the criditors and others concerned in the state of Elipliss Steele Isle of Ilintsburgh in said District, deceased. Wmkre.vs .losiah Steele, ndmimsUntorof the estate of said deceased, has made application to this Court, to extend the time limited for making payment of the debts of said deceased, tvulvs months from the Gth day of November, 1HJ0, and the second Wcdnesdey of Octob;r next, being assigned for a hearing in the premises, m the Office of ihe Register of this Court, nnd it having been ordered that noiiec iherrof be jriven, by publishing this decree three wcA s succcs aively in the Free Press, a news paper printed nt Ilur 'lington, before tho lime fixed for hearing. Therefore, you nre hereby notified, to appear before said Court, ot the time and nlnce aforesaid, then and there, in make objection if any you have, to the .said time of pavmctil neing jurmer extended as nlores.aul. Given under mv hand at Ilurlmgton, this 5th dtiv of November, A. D. 18-10. WM. WESTON, Regis er. ROAD CLOTHS, Heaver andPilot coibs.clissT meres, colored and while Flannels, n full assort mcnt, very cheap for cash by N. LOVELY eV CO. Onfirj Yards super fine, fine nnd common wool en Cnrpetuigs, just opened, Also, plain Venetian nnd damask stair carpeting, Turkey nnd Urusscla Rugs, Oil cloibs for tables nnd s;oves, tush matting, printed floor cloths, fcc. bv n5 N. CO. UNCOLOREI) HOAS, otter, seal nnd cloth cap,, , muffs, collars, caps, down, nngoln and fur tiim tninga, silk and mohair fringes, fur gloves, ehcnp, by N. LOVELY &. CO. ROH ROI Ilclvidicr, 8-lths. Drocha Kabvle.em lirpidercd Thibet Shawls; black, while, and scar let mermn do C-4lh raw silk, chally, nmsm ,u ajne and onxony do. Woolen, Thibet and fancy scarfs, jim received by N. LOVELY, vt CO. A LPACCA CLOTHS for cloaks r-npcsTTalT lets, cainbleieens goats' hair and common wors. ted camblets, printed Saxonjs, plain and fi-ured id. pines, phm nnd printed muslin do laincs, nil v?ool, now opening by N. I.OVELV vt CO. 1lCll nlnin black nnd blue black r. .u ':n.T XV for fircssess ; changeable gro do New York CJ0 deAfricand repn silks, assorted cobus r,,r i.....'.,.. . plain nnd fig'd poult de soi silks, dark and light colors tdnck, blue ulacK and colored siiu velvets, A Inrco nssortment of ribands of nil kinds ; ehmclle cord, ilk cord. ttc. Tassels, lace; veils, vvorke I collais. Thn.n.l laces, working cotton, black trimming lace. Light md (lark kid gloves, black fillet do. Ill-ick silk and mohair milts, by N. mjvkm it CO 1ROCKF.RY, Glass nnd China ware; largo and amall looking glasses, a goon assortment, by n5 A'. LOVELY & CO, LOAF. Lumpand llrown Sugar, Teas, Coffee, sperm candles, winter fctraiiucl lamp oil, molasses, rice, nutmegs, Eng. currants, soua crncivors, ciovts, ciiinn rnon, salcratus, urooiua c. tor hiii iiv ,,5 N. LG-VM, , vt CO. LAST ARRIVAL. TVTr.W 'GOODS iust received by the subscriber t ant' lx it is of but little conHequencti to tho purchaser how thoy came. I will only my they weio mostly fiurchascd on n credit and will have to bo sold tit some price to pay my ehbts-as I will convince any ne who will call at my slurfs7Dvb'cjL0W OTRAYI-IO from nn inclosiiro on tha intervnl O north of tho villngo ofllurlinplon, nbont 2 weeks mce, the following Hordes-, viz ono largo iron-grey hrre venr old Mnro; ono dark bay or brown smallish ajircil Morgan Mare, a ftno animal, fivo years old, t-nr-ys her bend very high, short switch tail ; and ono orrcl whim faced french Horso with spavin on tho nigh hind leg. Whoover will utvo information to IL Thomas, T. Chamberlain, or C. Paredy nf Burhncton, HiMI be rcvr.rtld Oete.crJ?, I&I0. GIOODS. Tho subscriber hnve ree'd and are now T opening a very large assortment of Wollcn Cloths nf every variety, tich plain, figured nnd changeable Silks, nlouselinc de Iinuies, Alpaccs Cloths, Tnglionia Shawls, lldkfs., Ribbons, Ac. Wo will only say that wo have n larger assortment of goods of every variety than we have ever kept before. Oct. '29, 1840. N. LOVELY A Co, NOT I CI J. --Tho subscribers having formed a partnership under thenamoand firinofSTAnr& Dow, in the Tin, Sheet Irontind Stove business, would respectfully inform the public Ihnt they keep constant ly oil hand n coiunlctu assortment in ihn nhnvu line. They linvn now on hand n variety of Parlour, Box nud Cooking Stoves, trimings Ac., which thoy will dispose of nt tho very lowest prices in market. Ail orders will bo executed on short notice nnd in the best style of workmanship. .1. J. HTAIUL ISAAC DOW. Church St., opposite the jail. ) liurliugton, Oct 30, 1910. J J MVS Wiillng Paper, wholosale und retail, J at the Manufacturers prices, nnd tho best assort ment ever before ollered nt tho Bookstore of the aub bcribcr, consisting of the following kinda. 2.1 reams sup. Pol Ruled. lr oo line Letter do. 20 do sup. do plain. 15 do cap ruled. 10 do fine pot do 8 do do billet do Likewise, o large supply of wrapping paper at re duced prices-. Oct. JO. D. A. 11RAMAN. 'rtlWO.A. PFCKitCo. nt thesignof the Mortar I"v0 jut fee'd a quantity of Cayenne Pepper, of I'.nghsh importation. Constantly on hand, Ilombay Gum Myrrh, centime Hnybcrrv Hark, do. do. in Pow der. Jamaica (Jiuger Root, do. clo. in Powder, Hcngal end Ohio ')'n rmci les, Ac. &.c. Sept. 1(3, 1840. IV W HOIlKS received the present week at the Hook Store viz: Two vears before the innstj Family Physician, by Samuel I!. F.inmons. Christ's second coming, by J. Litch. Iiarnes' Notes on Isaiah, Mcmorsof .Mrs S. I,. Smith. Voicnoflho Night, by Ij. W. Longfellow. Family nt Heatherdale. Tho onus Ladies Friend. Domestic Education, bv II. Iliunphrey. Itreckenridges Tour. Fnmily Religion. ! ranee, us King, Court, &c. by nn Amciiean. Chintii its stale and prospects. Scotland nnd the Scotch, by C. S'inclnir. Thiers History of the French Revolution, by F. Shobcrl. Toncue of Time. Life and Times of Whitfield. A wreath for the Tomb. Iinel Farmers Instructor. The Orehaid, by Clin's Mcintosh C. F. C. II. S., London edition. Annuals lor It4tl The Token. Friendship's Odering, Ropj of Sharon. D. A. 1IRAMAN. Nv. 3, 1310. M TICKEREL, on consignment, in hull" barrels just recuveil niul lor sale bv J. iV. J. II. l'liCIv iVCo. ClSKS white nnd col'd Spool Thread, 1 do Pins, ' 3Wlls. white nnd assorted Thread, 500 gross gilt and ficy Horn Ituttons, '20 do Fancy So'aps, just Sept. "4. ree'd and for sale by, I.oomis & Co. C API, CAPS. W. I. SEYMOUR oficrs for sale Hick and llrown Otter Hair nnd fur seal nnd MuskrnCAPS dark nnd light coloured FURS for Muff an) trimmings. Hoas best nnd cnimnon, Sel Collars.tussia Lamb, Illaek and Grey for Collars. Hurhn;tou Nov. 5, IS 10. -ivv rV O :)lfNTY MI4UCIIANTS FALL i- Sni'LY OF EARTHEN, CHINA AND GLASS VAHE. A. SLASON it Co.. nrc now re ceiving a jjpply of Earthern, China and Glass-Ware among ihich may befound the following iviugway tl.iglil lilue " White Chine Gln7cd, " " Granite China, " Illuc " " Jfourbon Sp'g Granite China, " " " Earthen, nnd " ?mk DINING, TEA, BnEAK(-ASt nnd TOILET WARE. Low nrireil Cldnn Ten SetM idainand cut Lnnms and Tumbli'rs nf rvnrv vnru-iv. naltern nnd tiriee. Together with a very large assortment of cover goods, cmbrnein!; qualities and quantitiis, not usually found north of Neiv York. All of winch nrc ollered nt the yjry lowest prices, nt No. 105 River-st. Troy. o30.3w G.F.KAT I1ARGAINH. Stock of goods selling oH'loss tlinn cost, consisting of Ilrondclolhs, Cns .simcrcs, Vostings, Cottons, Linens, Flannels, Camlets, Carpels, Calicoes, Clnlics, Mout-liuc de Lainc, Meri nos, Thibet Cloth, Napolean Cloth, Silks, Velvets, Homhazine, figured Alpine. Hoso nnd Gloves, Shoes, dps Sewing Silk, Tvvi-I, Thread, Motions, Cravatta, Stocks, suspenders, Ribbons, Laces, etc. &c, and n great variety of otner articles nil of which will bo sold below their value for cash, to close the business of our trust nt the stoic corner nf Church nnd College Ms. MAYO V. WAIT, Trustees. T OVELY oc. HURL15UT are now receiving and of-1-J fering for sale a splendid nnd desirable assortment of fancy nnd staple Drv d'oods, and others nuileil to the present season, nnd this market amongst which are foreign, nnd domestic Ilrondclolhs, Cassimeres anil Sattinetts ; Valentin, and other Vcstingsj Silks and Ponccts of every variety; Thread, Laces, Inser tions, eic. &:; Silk-wire net and other Laces; rich walked Collars, Silk, Veils. Shawls, linen Handk'fs, Lawns, Linens, zephyr worsted a splendid nssortment, Moreens, and Flannels, travelling Il.askets. heed lings, rich, t"id nnd plain Moiiselaine, House Paper, new nnd elegant patterns, nil vcrv cheap of course, at the cheap cash store, rast sitle nf Church-street. Rnrhngton, August '-'0, 1910. "r H1VUVS I'alenl Sprinc-Toolh HorseHnkc. J The Wire Tooth Horse-Rake which has been used with so much satisfaction during the last two haying seasons in the counties of Rutland. Addisart and Bennington, Vt. nnd Washington, N. Y. will be kept for sale the present senson by STIIONGS iS: Co. liiirlmgton. l liese rnKcs are adapted to all meadows; they are easily tended, nnd do the work fnstcr and butter than anv other Horse Rake in use. It is found bv experience, that the expense of raking hnv vvitti tlie spring l oot llorse-ltaKo is onlv niinut one quarter as much as the common moth" d of raking with liand-raiics, Desioes securing tlieliay in neiteror iL-r. Rome farmers who hnvo large meadows, rsti mate tlie usnof one rake last hav senson nt forty to tilivdi.ll irs. DAVIU DEW i;v l'ntcntce. July 1, 1310. TO TIIK l'UIIIJC. In ofl'ering this Edition of L Smith's Geogrnphy nnd Atlns to the public, the Publishers invite .attention to the following additions and improvement!). Tho GeOL'ranhv has been carefully revised and en ar"cd, is illustrated by about thirty additional Cuts, and is pctfectly adapted in all its parts to the new .naps. The entire text nf the book has. (at much cxncnseA been thrown into uniform larpu type which we feel tommi nt will lie icgarucci ua my uvciui-u iiiijiiu veinent. 1 he tables nnnended to the Rook were made with care, nnd contain much valuable information in a condensed form. The names and length of the principal Canals and Rail Roads (finished nnd in pro gress) are given, end the places connected ; also a complete; list of the Colli-ges, Law and Medicnl ocnooi", Theological .-seminaries aim ucugious no nominations of the United States, the reigning Sov deigns of Eurode, A'c- An entire new Atlns accompanies tlie Hook, con taining eighteen vcrv superior Maps, mostly elrnwn exptcsslj for this woik tiom original survevs and the most authentic sources, nnd embraces much valuable information not to be found in any similnr work. Our own country has received special attention. The mm unaiis, unnni-, navigation oi mvers nnu recent changes, arcnll carefully niaikcd, nnd many counties nre shown which do not nnpcnr in nny other Atlas Among the peculiarities of this work may be mention ed the nlan of showing the population of States anil Countries in round numbers nn the face of the -Maps. 'ri. ,...:...!.. ,.r !:.... f. ml.;,,, u, ... Sloops, vtc, is shown by placing nt the head of na vigation the appropriate characters for each. The Man and Chart of the World combined (on nn entire new jilan, showing nt ono view tho Natural nnd Political Divisions of tho Globe, the Extent, Popula tion, Religion, Form of Government and State of Civilization of each Country,) has attracted much at tention, nnd is considered n great improvement upon anv thing heretofore attempted in the form of a Chart as here all are shown nt a single glance, nnd the re lations they sustain to each other. We would abo solicit attention to the remarkable distinctness nnd ease with which every name on the .Map may be read a well as to th.- very superior stvle nnd execution of me work in other respects. I lie uuesnons nt un close of the Rook nre important, nnd will bo found iiy toiivcincni lornncucrni niiview, SPALDING STORKS. , Jlir'fard Connecticut. l or sale by SAMUEL HUNTINGTON, Ilur- ime.,0i,0 !m'1 h 111" Princial Ilookselleri' in the United Stales. Hurlington, July 3,1 igjo. jJWY t)())S, now opening nn additoial il, a"fl;',enl ol enrious kinds of giwsl., nniong "HmnieMezotinirilln,,!,,.., S.ilin Bead Head Bauds, lr'".1!:' . . 1'",!,'s'ei', Aceordeon look,, extract td lvt, V ''r';.,", 'iwn Shs-ic es.t'a.tor., new "oo I a sori inn ! r ' ri-11' l1"". b n nmuTu:frl,l,ll'l, nl plain Him Satin nnd sou,,' wi.r ,CsU . ! S'oeUs, tlg'd and plain it- u-,. 1,-ivi, J y ""'C ami light for warm wcalh- 2'.. x.. r'f,, 0' stock for iho-f who hnve .irgcN.;c.(s, in a wor, lra.M,rlme,,, 0fStesks. Col. inrs nnu iiosoiiis is y,.,s , . ,. r,,i,,.: JlllH! 1 1 t'AST.notiN h BnlNiMAtn, nnd a great variety of 'fnncj' urticlcs to supply the wants anu innnmer hi inn (errritcation Ol llio notional and nil who call at the Variety .tore i wu are in "An- pie Pic" ordei ready to ann'fr order or return calls at tne varsriy jroro, i axsoohv ft kbik uip, pANfSllOBN llBSBMAII),i.f l.o Variety ! are ,.,, VI,ritMv r Yiu.vj! I locks, .low.- ry, IVrfu.n, Mkieal Instrument. Curls, (.ard-, Picture-, Soap1i,irOil-,Hnz(-r-,KnivT Sci.,t)rs, Cane-, Stticks, ( ai.; tr;ving inalerta's, wil low Waggon-, Chairs nniH',dles. Cn.tors-. lVm.ik Tea nnd t.'olliti Pots and I'ms; silver ware, plated Ware, Lamp Wicks and Gla M;s, Collars-and Bosom, Suspenders.Sword-nnd Psol.1Tlierinomclers,Slalion erv. Inks, Court Plaster; Do1!,. Hal, market Books HunnAi hurrah hurra 1 it Arrivu . ttt. Great News and New Goods bro't by How ard of the grand llataar Cheap cash store. Thodsy he left Now York three editions of the ne wspnper Ex tra Sun was issued never was such an event in the new world before it announced tho arrival of two Stcniii Ships from Europe, one of which came over in twelve and n half days being the shortest passage ever made. They came richly laden in Merchandize, Passengers nnd llritish Gold, and also brought the most njtonishing news of tho bombnrdmcnt nnd de struction of Unyrout in Erypt. important intelligence from China ah liclion of the Kingof Holland Death of tho Princess Augusta, great fire andnartialdeatruc tiou of the Rnynl Nnval Arsenal and llattle Ships of the lino of Englnnd at n loss of two nnd a half millions of Dollars, with the fire still burning. Troubles in Spain nnd Portugal, trial of Princo Louis Honaparte still going on. A government ship sent to the Island of St. Helena for the remains of the warrior Napoleon. Franco wanting an extraordinary loan of fifty-one millions fi7 I thousand francs, news of a terrible earth quake nt Mount Ararat nnd a fall of part of the moun tain nnd a thick fluid issuinrr covcrmir villners nnd burying a thousand inhabitants nnd destroying all their Cotton and Rico plantations. Also very many other important items which will be duly reported by tho various newspapers that will eonspiro to impart an nctivily in the commercial world never before im agined. Tho foregoing is the news, now ns to the Goods, never, never, never was such nn extensive assortment, so well selected for the market of the Green Mountain Slate seen or to be had as nisv be obtnincd nnd nt so cheap a rate, ns is now nn sale at tnc up ana uoing, ijmck and Cheap for Hash, and no imprisonment for debt store kept by HOWARD. liurliugton; uct. law. ISAAC WARNER. HAS received nnd keeps constantly on hand a large nnd full vjsortment ot GROCERIES, among which nre COGNAC I1RANDY, St. CROIX RUM HOLLAND GIN, A variety of WINES, and almost every nrticlc in the Grocery line, all nf which he will sell on tho most reasonable terms. He would nlso inform Tavern keepers in particular that he will ell rum, brandy and gin for 6.1 cents n gallon, which be will warrant of a better quality than some which have Intel v been hawked nbont the ennntrv hv a certain New Yotk pcdlnr, nnd if not nd judged by me ncsi iiiuccs to nc ocitcr, ne win not nsk any pay for it. He invites them to call and compare. Rurlingtont Oct. 1610. VEItnCXA CKEAM forfhnving.elnriliedRos in. Warrm's le.t Needles. Silver Thimbles nnd lot of new Goods, openina nl the Varlriv Store. .nny 29. J'AiNtiUUHIS ft UUIINS.MAII). B1,CKSM1TII. Tl.c snbseriler having re eenlly moved from Albany, and commrncnl the Ul.ael.'-milli biivines--. in all its forms, in the new .bon on Madion street, near Follell fc Hrad'ev's Store, would re-pect I'ullv invite the inhabitants of liiirlingtou niul vicinity to ci've him a call, ns be is fully prepared to do nil kiiuKot work in bis line, on the horle-t no tice, I ct manner, and mo-t favorable term. He has for many yrnr pat given bi particular attention to the Horse shoeing bu-ine-s, nnd Farriery In nil it f j.ranclie. Freiin the long experience which he has had, nnd the peuural information be has derived both from tbeeiry nnd practice, he feels fullv i-onfe'eni in re-e-iimmen ling him-elf o the pul he. lie will le pre pared al all times to give his per-onnl attention to all kinds of work in his line such ns Ironing Wareons nnd Sleigh, Shipwork, etc. All kinds oi t-dpe teol made 111 1 11c 1 et manner nnu moM approved style, lie trusts lluit I y giving business bis undivided .attention and the low price- r.t which he will I eenal led to fur nish work, to receive a share of the pnllie patronage. juMi auKAi.ii-.:.!iii"tnn, April 10, 1810. J' YMAN & COIiK, have on band an extensive J nssortment of Hurlington Mill Co. HROAD CLOTHS nnd HEAVER CLOTHS. Also. A great nssortment of English Hroad Cloths, Reaver Cloths nnd Cassimeres, which they will sell nt reduced prices. WANTED. A few thousand lbs good Fleece Wool or which cash will be paid. Oct. 23, 1310. NIjOYI-JIjY Si Co. arc now opening and of fering for sale a more extensive assortment o seasonable Goods than they have ever before ofTered in this market ; amongst which is a great variety of FURS nnd Fur Trimmings all of which nre offered extremely low for Rendy CASH. Oct. 22. Trustee's Sale. THE subscribers, trustees of Lnthrop, Potwin ft Wait, give notice that they intend shortly to close the business of their trust, and for that purpose now offer the entire stock of gooda, at wholesale or retail, nl a great reduction in prices, for cash. There arc many desirable goods in this stock that merchants might select to good advantage, and to such will be given n liberal credit for satisfactory pnper. Tho stocks consist of a general nssortment of dry goodi,ftockery, glnss ware, drugs and medicines; and is well worth tho attention of merchants nnd others wishing for bargains. Please call nnd examine the goods. MAYO ft WAIT, Trustees. Hurlington, Oct. 1. LEATHER Ac The subscriber haa received nnd is now receiving from New York, a largo aa sortmcnt of Leather, Hoots nnd Shoes in addition to bis former stock, conaisting of the following articles in part: 100 Sides Sole Leather, a superior article,free from 30 Heavy Cow Hides, (water, 10 Sides'Hnrness Leather, 10 " Rlack Hridle do 10 Doz. Sheep linings, 2 " South Sea Seal Skins, 1 " Grained Leather, 1 Case Men's Superior Culf Boots sewed, war unted, 3 ' " Thick Boots, heavy at 82,50 per pair. 1 " Hoy's ' 1.S7J " I " Small Hoys " " 1,22 " Together with Kids, Kips, Shoe Thread, Prunella Cotton nnd Linen Webbing, Blacking, Shoe Hrnshcs, Ladies French Kid Slips, nnd a general assortment of Jlisses nnd Children Slips and Wulking Shoes, all of which will be sold low for cash. II. C. STIMSON. N. B. Wanted, a few bushels of Buckwhent, Rye and Corn. E. J. STIMSON, Aeit. Burlington, Oct. 22, 1840. GENTI,EMEN'S OVER AM,S.-fi dozen pairs Gentlemen's Over Alls, (long stockings,) just received and for sale by the dozen or single pair nt Montreal prices by JAMES H. PLATT. P. S He will foot them to order. Builington, Oct. 19, 1340. SALT. 1,000 Minots Coarse Packing Salt, 0,000 Minots Liverpool Salt, For sale, in quantities to suit purchasers and deliv ered at any Port on Lake Champloin, by JASON C. PIERCE ft SON. St. Johns, L. C, Sept. 4, 1640. QTOVEfs. The attention of the public, is request O cd to the fine assortment of Stoves for sale by the subscribers. Customers will find at their store a larger nnd more general nssortment than ever, con sisting of Hot, Parlor, and Cook Stoves of every size nnd many patterns. HICKOK ft CATLIN. Burlington, Oct, 20, Itcnbcit llond's Estate. STATE OF VERMONT, ) rp he Honornble Distbict of CuiTTENtir.s. ss. j X the Probnte Court within and for the District of Chittenden : To tho creditors nnd others concerned in the cstnte of Reuben Bond, late of Underbill, in said district, de censed, GREETING. Whereas, MclindnBond, Executrix of the Inst Will nnd Testament of tho said deceased, bnili made appli cation to this court to extend tho time limited for ma king payment of the debts and bargains of the said deceased twelve months from the second Wednesday of November 1310, and tho second Weilnesdny of No vember next being assigned for a hearing in the prem ises, at the office of tho Register of this f,'ourt and it having been ordered that notice thereof be given by publishing this decree three weeks successively in the Free Press n newspaper prieled nt Burlington., You nre hereby notified to nppenrbe forosnid court ntlhe time nnd place aforesaid then and thereto make objections if any you havo to the said lime of payment being further extended ns aforesaid. Given under my hand at Burlington, this 20lh day of October, A. D. 1810. Wm. Weston, Register. i n nnn faints a oils. IUsUUsJ II... dry white Lead 100 casks ground do do 13 bbl. Venetian Red 1(1 casks French ye low 50 bliN. American Linseed Oil, 25 do Spirits Turpentine Coial Vnrnih, Gold Leaf, Sand paper, Small, Brushes, Glue, Gum Copal, by J.ft J. II. ft Co. Of) TOIIAC'CO. OU keg plug Tol a ceo, 10 boxes Cavendish do CO trackages sheep do 2000 II s. Ltufdo. do. I y J. ft J. 11. PECK ft Co. 45 Oil,. bill-. American Linseed Oil, 10 Tiervt!lnll sperm do 5 do winter do tlo 35 bbls. refined do do J.ft J' H. Peck ft Co. ry EMOVAL. J. LEWIS, the Mechanical Den JL t list, hasremoved his office to his dwelling on Pearl St., nearly opposite J. K. Gray's Carriage Shop, where ho will bo able lo attend lo calla at all hours of tho day or night. Burlington, Ocl. 30, 1810. BOXNKTtt. Tuscan and English straw Bonnets oflhe late.i fashion', just received and for sale cheap I y P. DOOLITTLF, Xf prs. Ladies rol'tl. nnd black French Slips, tlVJ 20 do do. (itiitcr UooIh, 20 do Misses cpl'd Slips, 50 do Gent's Philips, 2 cases Mcrt's seal Bod Is. Hurlington, July Mi II. O. BT1MSON. rf1AHlt PAID FOtt WOtiL.ThesubM-riler will pay rash, on delivery, for good clean fleece wool, delivered at the old store occupied by IL Hyde uo, norm west corner oi t.iiegeireen. Durlingrtoo, June 10. JIARHY BRADLEY, C! AS IBTI S OS The subscriber ha?e on hand ' a full assortment of Ingrain nnd Common wool Carpeting, Vcnctiin and Cotton do. Rush Matting Oil Cloths, Vc. which wdl be sold for Cash at Now 1 1 pilf C?V. . N' LOVELY & CO. July 30, 1840. BOOTS b SHOES. The M.b,cribrr has now lm,",l generHl aorltnent of HOOTS and SHOI-s, ofiliflnei.t fifhlonable nvle, and thorough workman, hip, which he o.lers vory" low for CASH. N. 0. All kinds of measure work done at short no lice. Hurlington, Church-al May 29, 18-10. inn n VB Turrs. I UU bbl. Cam Wood 200 do Log Wood Si. Domlnfo 250 tlo Log Wood Canneacbr 'J50 do Fustiu 200 do Nicaragua 10 do Alum 25 tlo Illne Vitriol 30 tlo Madder 50 carboys Oil Vitriol Muriatic At-iil. Anna Forli. Ndrle Acid. Carenmi. DarWoo.1, Pencil Wood, Q.icr Citron Hark, Spanish Mutant and Hen sin I Indigo, Lao. Dye, NuitGalU. press Paper-, Jacks, Tenter Hook', Cream Tartar and Agal Juni! in. tiy j. ot j. 11. I'l.UK ft t;o. 100 GROCISItlKS. chests voiinc Hvson Tea. a 00 iiyMinsKtn, do. au 1 ng jicpper, 20 do Pimento, 4U in, i..'ii'iie 50 boxes Pipes 100 do liar. Soap 200 do Kai.Mns 50 kegs do 40 il Pure ginger 400 Mats Cassia Si. Croix Rum, Holland Gin, Signette Draodr. Hal llmore Gin, American Hrandy, Clmmpalgnc. llrown nnd Pale Sherry, Madeira and Sicily Madeira, Mar fCilN Madeira lind Malaga Wine, br June 7. J. J. II. PECK cV Co. 1 OK SIIKRT inON. Itftf boxes Canada Iron, 50 bundle R. G. I-.'nglien do. just ree'd and for Oel. 10. sale by Vilis, LooMta k Co. 8000 SALT. hnh. rolar Suit do steam tlo do fine do do Turks Irland da bblr. fine do do dairy do 3000 1510 1000 1000 100 250 tlo conr.-e 00 200 -aeks dairy do by J. & J. II. PECK ft Co. FOII SAI.K73 A- res of Land Lying on the Winooski Avenue, one mile north of this village. This land is well watered, froe from atones, has wood sufficient for a family supply, bordur on the Lake, and ia every way an eligible lot. Fur further particulars np.dv to the subscribers. HicitoK ft Catlin. Hurlington, Aug. 12, 1840. NOTICE to GROCERS ft HOTEL KEEPERS The subscribers keep constantly on hand exten sive assortmcntsof Esacltccsand Syrups, also Stough ton's Bitters, Wine do. Soda and Seidlitx Powders, Spices of nil kinds. Purchasers will find it not for heir disadvantage to call uponus.. October 23. TiIEO. A. PECK ft Co. Prepare for Winter. THE FARMER'S COOKING STOVE.-Th subscriber informs his friends nnd the nublie. that he has on hand a variety of cooking ami other Stoves, such ns the Farmers, nnd the premium Cook Stoves; the Canada Box and several kinds of Parlour stoves. Also Kussia nnu ennnua iron otove ripe, Copper Pumps, and Lead pipe for wells or cisterns; all of which tie will sell as cheap as can be had in the place. Those wishing to purchase articles of the abovedescription, will do well to look iu at my shop one door north of the Log Cabin. Hurlington, Sept. 30. 1B40. H. H. BOSTWICK. DR. lm.MiY'S FAMILY PILLS, tor remo ving symptoms of irrration ari-imj from foul stomach and bowcK; gichas loss of uppeiite, i.r morbid craving for fowl, sickness or vomitiing, pains or an unea-v ,en-alton at the pit of stomach, w-ilh sourness, nicl'n co-tuc stale of the bowel", flatu lence with f.dness ol these parts, and pain on pressure, with famines, jaundice, dycti!ary, pains in either ,1 U-, nud piles. Alluctions ol Hie Head, uizziiics, stu nor. weakness, denre-sion of spirits', hysteria, hvno- chondria, and nfien dtsturled sleep, sick head ache so common with IceUe, ueiieale persons, especially females, diarrbecj, or loosene-a of the bowel, and dy- 'i-niarv, ibit-a-es of the skin, and worms ofr""nt with children, nlTet-tionf of the che-t, such as co jhf or thlheiiliy i;t lirt'a'hing, occasioned very Ireqcen'ly by a disowcrt-d stale of ike stoinach. Monthly a''ec tiemstif females, when checked by general debility with loss ofappclite, attended with euld fret, etc., nifne nnd fevt-r, intluenza, rheuinatiu a'e.tions of i be joints, scrtifu'a, ticdoloronx, or painful aireetions of t lie nerve of the face, neck and shoulders. I have found them in removing chronic catarrh, if periercred in for some time, in smaller docs. They ore acetimmo dated to all nge, (children ef k year old may safely use t hem,) anil lo any climate, and under all circum stances. They contain no mercury nor other mineral. They are purely vegelnl le. Doss;. Two to four may I e taken at n time, and repealed every other night, until the long 'e is clean, and the di-chntge from the bowels, instead i f being Imht colored or dark and of fensive, 1 ccoincs free and fill and healthy, with a re turn of appetite. CER'l IFICATES. The undersigned hns hal the plea-tire otan acuiiniumticc with Dr S. Phiuiiey fur onic ycirs pa-l, curing his residence in this vilhipe, where be luts utlainusl a high character as a phy.-ieia;.. He has had an oppor nniiv al-o in repeated instance., of testing the value ot ibe ''Family Pills," and from his own experience of their eilii-acv, us well as from a knowledge ed' their gctxle Sects iu uthcr t ae-, he has no lic-ilntinu in recommending them to leju-i what they profess tol c, a very valuable Family Medicine. THOMAS M. SMITH, Pa, tor oflhe Preslytenan eh.irch, Catkill N.Y. I feel il to le a privilege and duty to say, that to the extent of my obrcrvntion and experience, which i. very considerable d .riug several years, the u-iliiy of 'he article l-oih for Dy-pep-y and i.a most e.ncacious Family Medicine, far exceeded my anu'eipalK n. More than ihtriy year-I have not enjuycel health, but siillered liiucb from mcI. head-ache, and from bdlio i a"ccti(in'. I have had the advice of many re-pe -table physician, but never fo ind any eteetual relief from my complaints until a trial of I'r I'liinney'- Pills had I ten made. Saiii'el Ciii iiciiill. Ilarmonsburg. Crawford Co., Pa., July, 3')8. Catskill, Greene Co., N. Y., April, 1325. To all vvh..m it may concern : This cerulics that Dr S. I'liinney in Phy icianof the first standing in this village, having received his medical ilegree at Cam briilgc I'nivcr i'y, audit entitled to the highest re.-pect from the public Rev. Dnvld i'orler, D. D. Rrv. Jo r,ih Prenli-s, A. M.; Thomas H. Cooke, Pre-ident of Cnlkill Un'. t Rev. Thomas M Smith ; Jacob Hnighi ; Ho! en Dor- is..., vS'tn' : Venn ,tatn., ;.; ?, mson, tie, If these pillsilu not give satisfaction nlera fair trial they may It returned, ami the ino.iry will be refudded. .".gents are ncrct-y aiilliorucu lo no so. At-enis. l(. Moody, Burlington ; U Janes, Georgia; T. W Smith, St. Albans ; C. L. Drake. We.t Mdion and at mo of thes'ores in the state. o30.3tn LYMAN A COLIC, have received their us.ia extensive assortment of fall and wjntei gondr oumrising a great variety of figured saxony, double and single widlh. Prin'e.l Crape Merino, Mouicline de Lame, etc, figured Alepine, ligurtsl ami plniu English Merino-, Gro tie Naples and French do. Worsted Catnlelceiis. Alpncea Cloth, Thil.ct Merino, ftc. leautifil articles for ladies cloaks. Ermineilc, Salisbury Flannel, figured Circa. sians Ac. Goats Hair and imitation camlets, nrm-nenn, I'cr-ian clot ti 2cc. I Ivavy double milled Broad Cluihs, Heaver and 1'ilnt Cloths, Rich Diamond Beaver Cloth, a new ar ticle for Cienllemens overCoa's. A large nninler of licavy wur-leJ thawU, a few Lupins I e.-t Merino and Cashmere do, Netting, Palatine and Edcnhoro, do, Rich Chally, Moueline de Laine and Chenenl lldkf.. SILKS. Heavy Canton, Grode Naples and other Silks, rich figured Blue Black, Brown and oilier colors. Gloves and llcsicrv. DOMESTIC GOODS, Cotton sheeting, -hirting, ticking, wadding and cotton yarn, superior Irish Linen. TAILORS TRIMINGS Sewing Silk, Twi-I and Thread, Padding. Canvas-, Selecia., colM Jean, Brown and Hln-.-k Linen, Phud Wors'ed Facisg, Wors. tol Surge, Si k do,, Silk Binding, Silk Cords, Wors ted Binding Ac. ftc. VESTING Woo'en Velvet, Silk Velvet, Valentin, Silk Salin Ale. Silk Velvet for trimmings, aborted colors. Roslyn eliccks for childrens wear. B OOTS, SHOES A LEATHER. Tho sulmcrtber having taken the stoic formerly occupied bv Messrs. Hishun if- Whipple, is now opening. a general assortment of Boots. Shoes nnd Leather, which have all been bought for cash and will be sold for the same at tho lowest prices, ami an llie. articles nrc too nitmer ous to mention in nn advertisement, although Mr Sta cy has enlarged his paper, 1 would limply invito nil to cnll and examine ins goous ami prices ociorcpurcnai ing elsowhere. liurliugton, July 1, 1810. HENRY C. STIMSON, by E. J, StiMsom, Agent. ( KW lAlTSIIOI.-.SPAULDINGfc.MILI.S II have opened n new Paint Siior on Chureb-sl. two doors south nf II. Lane's Store, where lliev vv,ll do all kmd of HOUSE, SHIP, SIGN and CARRIAGE PAINTING, in tliu I ct possible manner and on term, to suit llin.e who may favour them wilh their patron agei ICPPainls, Oil, arnish anil Pullv, constantly tin hnndondfor sale. R.G. SPAULDINGi Hurhngtbn, April 9, 1810. C. B. MILLS. To PUfcliaacra of Hooka i HtatlrtnerV. DA. BRAMAN olers at wholesale and retail choice aesur'iment of School HOOKS and Mis-cellant'om- works, tngethfr with on extensive Mipply nf Ri.iuirierv. Connirv tntri.hnia mi Is. with all kiniJi o( PAl'Kit, on the most reasonable terms. Hooks tuch as arc obtained in Boston, N. York and Philadelphia markrtr, ptdrrerlat thcrt notieei. Burliof too, Or. a, je-w, NHW DRUG ESTABLISHMENT. At , ' 'gn of the MORTAR one door east of J, ef J. II. Peek Co. The subscribers have opened an Apothecary Store, and intend to confine themselves in7y to that business. They now offer to the public a general assortment of genuine Mcdccines, including all new Chemicals, and the standard Patent Mcdieincs; constant attendance, will be given, and particular at tention paid to prescriptions. Burlington, Aug. 20. THEO. A. PECK ft Co. TODINE SPRING WATER. A recently discover X ed fountain at Saratoga and contains properties known in no other Spring its freedom from Iron tenders it safe to be drunk by a certain class of Inva I'd with whom Iron proves injurious the quantity of Iodine contained in this water renders it tho most val uable mineral water for every species of Scrofula yet discovered, for snle by J. ft. II, PECKftCo. AgUt. SCHOOL IIOOKS.-Tbe snb-eril cr lias ree-eiv eel the pre-ent week Irom New York more School Hook iks, (if which the following comprise a part. Ix-v-t's Latin lexicon; Donnrgan's Gicefc 1I0.1 Web Marge Djelionarv. 8 vet.: Johtmons nl WnlLrr't rrett ster' elo. AnlhonV Horace, Cicero, Cre-nr, and Sallu-I ; It. ....,., m.I SJ......i t' 1. ft!...: ! CooperV and Gould's Virgil ! Playfair's Euclid ; Hlair's aad Newman's Rhetoric. : Olmsted's and Wil!,fn's As tronomy 1 do. school Philosophy ) Comstoek's Philos ophy, tlo. Chemltry Dolmars and Leviincs French Grammar; Kirkhnm's and Smith's Engli-h do: Alcr crombie's Intellectual Pliilo-nphy j tlo. Meiral do.; Life of Valiinglnn, Charles 2lh and Corinne French Davies and Uourilons 1 Le.-stms Bridges Algebra Porter's Hhetoricn Reader; OlneyV, Woenlbridgns, SmilliV, Malte llrnn's, ami Milcbell's and WillsrdV Geograjihy and Atlas; Webster's and Town's Spelling book ; Goodrich's Reader, t, 2d and 3 1 cla. t Mount Vernon Header; yoitnil pupils t, 2l and 31 Hook, Adams' New Arit'hmelic; Charle Davies tlo. Thomp son'n lo.; Porter's Analysis; Town's dt.j Hoy's and Girl's Heading Hook bv Mrs. Sigourney; Loycll's Khetorieal DialnKue. ; Young Ladies' Reailer; Amer idan first class Book; UvHs V. S. Speaker; Weir-ce-ler'a Mi.-Kiry; Wait, on the Mind; Goodrich's U. S. History; National Preiarplor; l.e UrunsTelemaque; Doiany by Mrs Lincoln; k'ame' Element-! Haywards New England Gaielteer, English Header, Proirres-ive Reader. D. A. URAMAN. Hurlington, Ocl. 15, 1810. CHEAPER antl better for Ready Pay. The sub scriber would inform his customers nnd the pub lic that on account of his loss of Goods by fire and the damaged one selling off so cheap, his present stock is principally innde Iresh nnd select, and the cloths being bought at low prices can be sold cheap. All kinds of clothing made on the shortest notice. Cutting done as usual. All kinds of clothes cleaned of paint, grease. Ac, anddrcsscd. nrcsscd and rcnnirecl in the neatest manner and brought ns near ns possible to their original bcautv. and warranted without dam. ape. Also on hand, (no waiting until New Years or running all day after Trimmings ftc.,) Top Coats. utonKfs, urcssnnei i-roek t,oats, rantaloons, Waist coats. Sailor Jackets. Hovs Clothes. Flannell nnd other shirts. Drawers, Stocks, ftc. Also all kinds of second hand Clothes, Hats, Caps, Boots and Shoe? Travelling Bags, Trunks, Furniture and all other nN tides common and uncommon. Clothes or produce taken for pay. C. BENNS. Pearl St., Sept. 1G, 1840. RLSSKI.I.'S STOMACH BITTERS, may le ued in Wineor wa'er. Theserrtebrateil bitter are eompoeeI purely of vcge'ables of ih most inno cent yet specifin virtues. They are wommended par ticularly for restoring weak constitutions, clenn-ine nnd strengthening the sli.niaeh, and increHsiug the appetite nUn a preventative against I be cholera mor bus, fever and ague, removing nausea, vomiting, heart burning, weakness in the breast, pain in the stomach and other symptoms of flatulence nnd indiges tion. One box will 'tincture one gallon. Price 25 cts. a box. ltesstl.l's Itch Oimtheht. Tin' choice and safe ointment is sanl lol e s'iperior lo any now in me, for that disagreeable and loallfomc il.sen-e, the ITCH. This Ointment I so eearlitin in its operation that no person doubled wilh the al ovc disorder ought to le without it. It is a remedy for cutaneous eruptions, scorbutic aHections oflhe head, or any other I reakinr out which arbea from sharp humors in the blood. Price 25 cts. a 1 ox. Hcs-ell'j Vr.r.r.TABt.r. Billiivs Pills, or family physic, for gcnrral use, in ca-ej if Jaundice, morbid fcn-ibilily of the stomach nnd bowels, Ins,. r appetite, ftelid breath, costiveness, Piles, and all di. eases aris ing from biliary derangements, abo fur correcting the stale of the I lood, and cleansing the system of foul and viscid humours. The.-e pills are a mild cathartic-, producing neither pains nor griping, and nre therefore a valuable nnd highly approved medicine, ami nre pronounced as. such lythemost ilisiingnj.heil physicians. Each lox containing 33 Pills. Price 37 i cts. a 1 ox Russell's celcl rated Salt Kui.irn Ointment This is unitlCirlional Iv the lest nnd tnleM remedy ever vet ollered lo the p ililic for that obstinn'e disorder SA LT RHEUM. Where other means have failed, it li.tssuc ceeded, and the fact that it has I een sxtctisivcly used by eminent Practitioners speaks volumes in its prai-e. Ill's equally etiicaciou in all direaes of the skin, scald head, ring worms, anil the moat inveterate Itch, ftc. die. Numerous certificates might le obtained, I ut the propritor chooses that a fair trial sho-ild I c the only evidence of its superior ellieacy. Price 50centa box. For 'ale by J. ft J. II. Peck ft Co., Theodore A. Peck & Co., sign of the Mortar, and Rol ert Moody, Burlington; Dr. C. E. Mile-, and Hull & Cook.llines burgsh; S. II. Barne., Charlotte; L.Jane-, Georgia; I Tyler, Essex i Fuller ft Huntington, Richmond. AUo, by the druggi-t and merchants generally throughevil the slule. r2.0m BALSOM OF LIVERWORT for CoiiMimiition, Dysin-nsia, Asthma, and all di-t-a-es oflhe Lung- and Liver. These prevail lo a great extent, (treating much ilistre.s and some lainlttv. All the-e can I c remedied by the ue of Dr. Taylor's Uabom ol Liverwort. Th't's meilicme is purely Vcpitnl le, nnd from its peculiar action upon the Liver is a way found a radical remcly for ihce ili.ea-es. For Females nnd men in a very weak sta'e, no medicine can le so gratelnl a restorative, ns it not only strengthens, luit purifies and gives a healthy action to the whole sy lein. Constantly lor sale I y N. LOVELY ft Co. w I have iiist received a fie.-h siuimIv of ea-onHhle GooJs from New York, all very cheap for cash. Burlington, Inly 30, 1310. TMl'OllTANT TO MOTIIKHS & YOUNG JL l''li.IAIjl'.5s;. Docik. Rcvnolds APabmeli-Vb celebrated PILLS, or HEALTH RESTORATIVE for complaints pccuharily incident to the I'eniulc Sex. This article is now brought before the public, under sanction of the strongest testimony, from those who nave alike used it, and also witnessed its unequalled powers, in the removal of Female obstructions of the most aggravated and desperate character. These testimonials are not brought from the ignorant and illiterate hut from Physicinns and other Scientific Persons, who have tested its great virtues, nnd now recommend it in their practice and lend to it Ihc sanc tion of their names. It is not intended as many medi cines generally are for all the varieties of disease, w hich ll is l lie iui iu miner uiiui-l. lui II IS 1I1U llllCll simply for one class of complaints, and those only re lating to one sex. These being of rather a dedicate na. tore, there wquiu uc more than an ordtdary ilegrto of tliiuuenrc in coming wiiu mis nrucie ueiore me puohc were it not tno jnci mat inousaniis. - cor. uiuaitv passing from the stage of action, victims to disease, which this medicine has never failed to prevent or cure. Such has been the provision of Nature, that nearly all the complaints til Fs-mnlcs, are connected in Home degree, with the habits nllied to their sex. Ami many can bear witness, where a mere cold at a par ticular stage, haH produced checks, that the hand of Science and Skill, never has been able to dispel or alleviate. At first, the irregularity and suppression of the natural habits produces no very alarming symp toms, and is trented geiicrnlly with neglect. And pre per attention is procmstianted until the hollow rye, sallow complexion nnd great bodily debility indicate that either rapid consumption, or some other fatal disease has fastened its resistless grasp on the sufferer which soon terminates existence, by a lingering but certain death. For complaints inevitably productive of such results this invaluable medicine is now brought before the public. It invariably removes obstructions and regulatis n too profuse menstruration, and cures by its unequalled qualities, all the variety of derange ment connected with the Female habit. The eminent and distinguished Doct. J. Morrison, who has prac tised medicine at Oneida, N. York, with the most sig nnl suecss for '0 years, says "It is the best medicine now in use. In cases of retention, or suprcssion of the M-nses, I think it will sustain the appelation of a specific. I have tried it in the worst cases with most admirable success, and I wish for the good of suffering Females, that all pliy.sicians would introduce it in their practice, as I have found it Answers beyond my most sanguine expectations." In its effect it iaTein'd may bo taken without the least inconvenience, ns it is not cathartic, but Ionic and aperient. For ample par ticulars respecting its efficiency, certificates ot Pysi eianswho nave witnessed ils efleets, and of others, who have been most signally benefited and restored bv its virtues reference is now oflerrd to the pam phlets aerompanying the medicine, and to the more particular evidences, In the hands of the subscriber, Sole Agent for the New Finland States. EDWARD BRINLEY, Wholesale Dealer in Drugs, Medicines, Pnints nnd Dye Stud's, No. 3 A 4 south side old Fnncuil Hall. BOSTON and TROY IKON COMPANY The publiu are hereby nntilied, that the business ot casting in every I rane:h and variety, is done lo order, on the shortest notice, a I Troy, Vt. Therompany have min'h enlarged their foundry, and are now prepared to do all kinds of work done at any (nindry in th rountry. Mill-gearing, Pot Ash 'Kettles, Stove-, Plough', Axlelree, A', on hand, or furnishtvl to order. All who wish to contract for stove pla'e., or to pur chase large quantity of hollow-ware, for the purpo-e of retailing, will I furnished at whole-ale prices and all Who may favor ns with their calls or e Mer-, will It dealt by as liberally as at any establishment In the rountry. Oreler- should be tddressrd to E. R. Cross man, Huperinirnelaiit, or A. Young, Agent, Troy, Vi. to secure an early reply, and prompt attention. Troy, Vt., June 1846. jy;9 PAI'Ell.-C. GOODRICH has iust received from the manufacturers in Massachusetts, a full imply of line n hand-made, royal, mpduim, Demy, cap, Utter, folw-p6sl and billet paper, of various quaV ities. as wove, satiti. lid. at! I, o. 4ie. for aatU at feati. I urscTurei pncia. jnne jv NJCW SHEET IRON, COPPER ft TIN WARK ESTABLISHMEM'. Thesubjeriber, late of the firm t.fSiarrft Hostw iek. Imvinir nnrf-basr.1 mul r.i- mtivcd tolhe Siore lately occupied by Strongs ft Co., east side oflhe Court Home Square, one ik-or north of I be Log Cabin, Is now ready to do all kinda ol work that the public wish In his fin of business, Mich as covering wfih tin, making and putting np eave trough, and spouts. All kind, of Tin, sheet Iron and Copper Ware will le kept on hand, and for ale at as low prices as can lefo ind IntheSia'c. Sheet Zinc, Copper Pitmpsj Lead PiKr, and all other articles in the line of our bic.ints kept on baud. For cheapness of price ami neatness of execution, my work will not le excelled by any In the state. If you wiMi foranything in the above line, before you trn-V le sure nnd call "P.nn II. II. BOSTWICK. Hurlington, July, 1 8 10. JVKW SCHOOL GIMH.'JtAIWlY AND 11 ATLAS WITH OIJTLINEMAPS, by S. Awoua TVs MlTCltrtL. The author ot the above works hat been tirofc ionallv dci-otul In tin- wii-nri. nf Rmi'v nml lite publi-hingof Maps, during many yeart and his form. .rwl....l.'.,n. .......... II.. I.! . l' ' . I .1 . f. .1 1 for Academies. I ear amide telfmcinonv nf bis abun- tlanl resources, upon which be has so lilt-rally drawn, in producing theal ovc school works. The fiillowinj extract oflhe Gco'v and Atla, iffrom a joint rei-otu-mendatitm of thu Teachers in the city of New York. "Their merits are numcrou the deiinitions remark- plain nndeonci-c. 1 be exercises are copious and tmnurianl. and tbcite.erinlive is luminous nml ctirreet. The divisions of tl-.e American continent, are re,sre- cnteoanii ue-erti en as they teallv exl-t nt tlie ; resent lime. And the gross misstatements generally found in seiiool geographies are eorrecleil. The typographi cal execution is nn commonly neat and distinct, indeed the adas is a model of the kind, and actually teems with information." The outline .Maps are peculiarly calculated to exercise the student in his study, and tu fill tip at his leisure. For snle by C. GOODRICH. LOOK AT THIS. HAVE YCU A COIX5II t TO.OOO DIE OP CStStSUMPTlov everv l-rnr in the UniledS:alc, and millions suiler feom troublesome coochs and colds, that can I a eurud by Dr. M. coek's Vegetable Virgin Cream Co-igh Drops, a safr medical prescription, eonlning no poisonous drugs, and it-cd in nn extrusive practice for severnl veai will intit positively allbrd relief, nnd snve you' from that awful discnev, pulmonary consumption, which usually -wceeps intoibe grave hunnreds eftbe young, the o'd, the fair, the lovely and the gay. Have 'you a cough ? He persuaded to pitrehae a bottle ol the Cough Drops to-elav I To-morrow may I c loo late. Have you 11 cough! Dr. Hiieccok's Vegetal le Virgin Cream Cough urtp is the only remedy you should tnl.e 10 cure vent. Ft,r tlu'splaig reaon. That in noonenf the tbau-'and nc where il has I een u-cd ha it laded lo relieve Price 75cciit- per I otlle. For sale, wholesale and He tail, by A. IinCIK OCK A: CO. No. 117 (:..., I., Utien, N, Y. And by their nietils througlionl the i-iiiiuii aiuiirs. in iiuriingeon, oy J. oi j. n, reck: (V Co., Thco. A. Peck ft Co. In Vergennes, by J. H, llovvmnn. In Milton, by Burntt & Sawyer. In Geor gia, ny i.orcnzo .innes, , jrAC.Nl'CTIC ODONTICA. I HE TE1-.T 11 1 I l'.C'.l II ' I I HE IN'CtlMrAnAIll.D Iooth 1 nr.rAUTTioN. The fact is nroveil. anJ the most in- cics,uhiu. ad doubling arc filly convinced, as we have he evidence from the sale of 20.000 I oxes of ibeOdon. tiea, within the pai year, that the I'topion dreams of the aleliymjst ure realized, and a remedy discnveretl for pre-crving tho-e important and useful appendages. oflhe luti tin n system, by the ti-c oflhe Magnetic Otlon ttca, which ly its atlrnctive, and strengthening qiali-lie-, remove. all extraneous substances from ihc leelh and preserves them in theirnalural brilliancy, ami the gums in soundness and beauty. It is ascertained from experience, that when u-ed, the teeth will never de cay, but remain nil Ihc late-t age ol man, with their natural wear. When they arc decayed, its progress will le arreted, und the teeth nri-rrvi-il and mn i-nteJ anil preserved from aching all ibis has I ten done in a inulliiude of instances : and more in thousands of :ae, nervous toothache, (that climax of pain) has at mice I een e.cctuallj r-treJ ly popular ilen'nfi leu in America. And in conclusion, where, or who is the young lady ir gentleman, aye, the individual that i allies a I ,el of teeth, so mil gum. and a sw-t-ei breath more than lifyeeiiis.ihat will le longer desti tute id a box of Dr. M. Hitchct'u!.'s Magnetic Glontica. For sa e wholesale and retail, bv A. HITCHCOCK ft Co., No. H7Geiie-ce .t. UncnJ N. Y., and bv their agents throughout the United Sia'e.. In Burlington, by J. A J. II. Peck A Co., and Theo. A. Peck A Co. In Vergennes by J. H. Bowman. In Milton, by Bur nett A Sawyer. In Georgia, by Lorenzo Janes. uug2 LOTION. LOTION. DR. EVANS' BEALTI FVING LOTION. Highly estt-emed for conns- all Eruptions Coarseness, Redness and Pimples on the Fare Neck or hand, and c.leclually cleaning ibe comnlexion, nnd removin? all dbeases oflhe skin1 laothing contriliiite so much to our genera! success in lile. as an engaging first ntitiearancc. This Lotion i. admired a most fragrant, mild, safe wash nnd great ly esteemed for its virtues in cleansing, softening, and purilying ine skin oi an eruptions, so injurious to In mate reauty, an.! resor;!is- u to a mgn eteeree of pu rity. A beautiful complexion is the pride of all who possess it, and the envy of tho-e who are deprived of it. What is soalleotiiiirio'a leauliful who-eface nature hasdisplayci her power, ns to find hereomj-lex- iiui oiscoiourexi wun disgusting pimpie, wnicn mar her chauns 1 A gotid appenrmee is the I e-t reconi mendation ; and us the Beautifying Lotion punt es the skin, and removes all Pimple-, 'Blotches, Tan, S inborn and Redness, and produce a I eautiful hue, it is the only cosmetic a lady should u- at her toilet. Gentlemen will all also find ibis a delightful remedy, to remove all Rwii(.hne', Pimples, Ringworm., Spots, Rcdiie.s, Soreness of the face and uo-e, nnd every kind of erup lion on tlie surface of the; human body. It is particu larly recommended to gentlemen to le u-ed afier .sha ving, ai il will prevent the otherwise c-criain e !ecl ol all common soap, in turning the tear.! premature')' grey. For .-ale Whole-ole and retail I v A. HITCH COCK ft Co., N .. 1 17 Gene-ce street, Vlicn. In Bur lington, by J. A J. H. Peck A Co., nnd Theo. A. Peck A Co. In Vergennes, by J. H, Bowmnn. In Milton, by Burnett A Sawyer. In Georgia, by Lorenzo Janes. nug20 r ! 1 1 E T IP P EC A NO E TEXT HOOK. J-ist received, JL a large supply nf Tipiuvnuoe Text llcok, imi 'c up of documents and fact illustrating Gen. Harrison's history, character, services and opinion-. Il i warmly recommended to the friends of (Jen. Harti-on throiigh o tt the U. S'.ve, for sale at the I oo store. June2C. D. A. BRAMAN. SHERMAN'S WORM LOZEXCLS are the greate-l discovery ever made, for dispelling the va rious kind of worms that so frequently and il.ires iugly annoy 1 olh ehihlicn and a lulls! T hey are nn infallible re', and so p'easnni to the la'-te that children will lake ilium a readily a n common pep permint lozenge. Many disease's arise from wonn, without its I eing suspected. Sometimes a very trouble some cough, pains in the joints or limbs, bleeding at (he neisc, tVe. are occasioned ly worms, and can le ea-ily cored by this celebrated medicine. The follow ing symptoms indica'e the pre-ence of worm-, viz: headache, vertigo, lorpe r, distorted, sleep I o:f I y frih' and .ciraming, e-onv-iilions, le. vcrihnes--, lliir-l, pallid hue, I u I ta-te in the mo ith, olcnsivc Ircaih, cough, dulicult breathing, itching it the no.e, pain iu the stoma -b, nausea, sq..eauitrk-iic--, voracity, leuune.s, tciie,m'i:, itrhm;; ', li; r.uti, towiinU uigl'ii, nud nt length, ile,ei-iion an l film- nnd iiiiicu-'. One is a do-e for a child I wo years old two for one lour years old hrce lor cght years, nnd live for nn adult, and should I c repeated every morning, or iivcry other morning until relieved. itiP Sold at the Variety store bv PANGBORN A BRINS.MAlD, Je nelle.'t, liurliugton, Vt. HAIIt! HAIR :: IJAI.I)N'liSss. Impor tant Dlsroverytlit! Great .Mystery t'ouiid out at last. DR. STERRV'S HAIR REGENE RATOR. Dr. Sterry, nfter much attention to the important subject of preserving the hair, has, nfter many experiments chemical nnd physical been able to eliiicover nnd article which is now offered with the greatest confidence for the toilet ns the best thingevcr discovered, for, for its softening and penetrating quality to produce a good head of hair to prevent it ftom falling ofT when baldness is apprehended to rcstote it when baldness tins taken place, and to preveni it from turning gray. It it is more nourishing than po matum, antique oil, or Cologne writer. It is n beauti ful article for Indies curls it makes the hair soli and lively, and produces uncommon brilliancy. Thous ands have tested its superior virtues nnd excellence, nnd in every instance it stands unrivalled. Il is nn infallible cure in all affections of the a', in on the head as dandruff, Ac. Ac. Every family should be sup plied with n botlle of this oil, ihnt by its application to tho head and hur of children, the beautiful and or namental appendage of n fine bend ofhnie, which na ture has supplied un may be preserved From the numerous rertificnlcs a ml recommendations received of its salutary influence the Doctor feels firmly per suaded he has succeeded in pioducing nn article vv Inch will meot the desired wishes nnd approbation of the dutilic. For sale wholesale nnd retail bv A. HITCH COCK A Co. 1.7 Genesee st. Uticn, N." Y. In Bur lington, by J. rt J. H. PECK A Co. nnd THEO. A. PECK A Co. In Vergennes by J. II. Bowmnn. In Milton, by Uurnct A Sawyer, in Georgia, by Loren zo Janes' T70IlIiIC.N IRON AND STEEL. English l.-on L from to 6 incite.; idis-m old nllrlron; do new do do; Sweeile elf ; Hoop do from i lo 1 inch: Brazier's Rests ; Spring, enst, reruiun, swtle and Engli- h blister slis-l ; Carl nn I wagon I oxe-, (inislieil crnlnr,lv June 10. J, A J. H PFCK A Co. T. YliUNON HRADKK, Polvglotl Bil le.. ItJ. of ih emit sixes mi l hning, I'ocl-el lltblc. and Tes.amenis nnd a general asoitmenl of stationa ry iist received from N. York and for snle 1 v College si. je:25. S. IH'.NTLNGTON. ITIOK SA l,K Common hoard, nlank, liuur . 1 card, clap boards and floor I onrds, at the low HICKOK A CATLIN. Burlington, Aug, 13, 1840. STORK TO lilvr and fetock ol' Dry Goods Vor Halc.A fuat rate store suited to a latge business with a good run of customers, would be let for a term of years, and the whole or pari of tho Slock for sale on verv advantageous terms. The present is a rare opportunity for any one wishing to commence business, for furtneL particularn apply at the rtorc, to '. MAYft A. WAIT. TVsiV. THE LION OF THE IMY.-NO CURE N0 PAY I The Genuine old Dutch or Ger man Vctctablc Pllll. Hiifldv recommended ly Doet. Valentine Motl. M. D. of N, Y., and others. These are the orders 1 Any one that doe.s not find re lief from ll. esc pills the price is refinded lack, llie.-o are tnc positive orders ot tlie rroprivior to airents ana others. In o'lt-ringthe.c pills to llie put lie, I appeal to their inlollirence. If these pills are not what they rec-ommendcil, you arc In duly I o'ind out of repect to yourself and coilitnnnltv In neil iI.hiii. and them to the world as nn Imposition, humbug and quackery. The public may le assured they nre purely vegeint.ic, wicv rc i:oinio,cu oi nine ingrediuts, part ol the medicine Is only found In Asia and in the val leys of Gcrmnny. ! or convenience the-e extracts arc maele into pills and will I e found a sure cure or te lief lor all billious complaints, yellow nnd I illions fevers, fever and ague, jaundice, scarlet ra b. 1 ilbii'ia cholic dipepia. ftc. It is not pre'ended that thiv nieuicincls n cure tor nn ui-eaes to which the tinman sy-lcm is liable. Ten thrunnd uele-s e lorts have I ten made lo draw from Ibe regions ed unknown fancy some lone-sunn theory of iiiaaic art. which woulJ e-iue each nnd every dica-e. Good medicine fs not loundin the lire or wmr vvinu. iieaun ami hanpiness hang upon chance wind lime f. the herald of truth. The past at lea.t secure; they hnve nlready rabod a monuiiient ol their greatness whit h wid tlefv tha corroding tooth of nine. Nonccan I e Genuine wnliout n wrapper and directions on cacti lux on whieh my iiaine:is w riueii ni is-Msio .nnu iiuiv.-s": ism, rein by the suliscriler at Glen's Falls, ly A. B. ft D. Sand 73. and 100 Fntton si. and R. M. Meig-. 339 Souik Majket st. Albany. Rantn & llavvlev, 219 Siver st. Trey, General Ajjcuts fur the state cf New Vork. MEKKITT GUI I-TIN. For sale 1 v Wm. Rhodes and E. B. Grren. Rich mond; Morton ft Clark, and D. ft D. S. lnthrop, Willi'ston; Hagar ft Com-lock, Shell urn ; H.Siunton, Essex t Geo. 11. Onki", nnd Allen Barney, Jericho; J. R. lLirlbut, Wcslford; J. H. Hnrne-, Charlotte; H. Moisly and Ceo. PelcrfOH, fluiliiigte.n ; nnd ly L. BHKiGS, Burlington, Agent for Chittenden ('o.,w'hers Suu-Agenta can be supplied at wnolesnle prices. HUMOUS 1 1 Notwithstanding the pul liujour nnN of thu da v. arc nlready crowded with noti ces of Medicines, in which the pul lie have very little continence, i nave concluded to ayto Iho c alllietcJ with Salt Rheum, St. Anthony's fire, (or Erysipelas,) Sctld-llcnd, Liproy, or nny other culiiueou. eruption nbo basil I ecu found a remedy for Sick-Headaches which ari'cs from humors iu the stomach. That I have liiiind a snle nnd ellcclunl remedy I y nn internal application, without Altering the diet or habits (il tctnpera'e) nnd without injuring tlie constitution, or eyesight. 1 have I een niosl seriously ntllicted with a complaint culled Lepro-y, lor fourteen yosr-, wliilo the nblest Physician coolil give me but link encour ngcmtnt c r relief, i ailing il an incoral leeb ea e. Afier many year- experimenting on myfclf, niihe hai.ard of my life, have, by the blessing of Ood made this discovery, and am now rendy fully 'to convince my fel low sullen rs of the fact iu my own person, nnd asit them tu a like remedy, for a rea-ona! Ic compensation. Yet I am not in-en-il leof h diiHculty to call puhli attention, so often deceived, to a new Compound. But from it lenelicial effects upon my tnyelf, and upon other-abo who given it a trial, 'I am in duced '.o oiler il to tie public, with lull directions fur usinjr, signed Charles June-, in my own handwriting lole genuine, anil fur their at romislation it will le left with most of the principal Drugm-l in the Uni ted States as soon as convenient, with a few cert! fn'Utes of its c.Iicucy, such it may follow this no. lice. Al.o, may 1 e found wilh it. a sale, ea-y and in fallible (internal) remedy for the Pile, prepared bv a skillfi.l hand oflhe medical culled Piles isr morhoids, which if used will urely recommend itself. JrAll communication rc-pccling the e Medicines, must 1 e postage pant, to re -cive al entfon. Claremotit, N. H. Sept. 20, IS 10. Charles Jones. TV the Public. I hereby renify that my wife has I een severely allheled for the la-'t two year with a serof .las humor ihe Saltrheuine, or something .f that nature) having applied lo several Physicians and tried almost every thing which i recomn en-'ed for snrh complaint, hut to no purpose. At last hearing id a medicine prepared by ilr. Charles Jt nes, of this town, she re-edved lo try p, and in t. weeks afier 'be 1-egan to n-e II, w-a eoinple cly cere1. I wo d !, ihereforc, recommend this niedcine lo nil w h" arc f tlietel with -cro hd is h'unor-, snth a have I een pro nounced I v rearly nil Phy-ieians Ineiira le, and aa) eouf'deiit that Ihey will lind lliuiicsb'iite rebel. CKircmonl, Aug. 4, l.40. V'n. RcistTT.a. A Care. The i:n'!ersgne.l take ibis method to ray lo those vvhe are alHietcd wtib humors of nny kinu, that he hns I een mo-t fenoiisly nflbeled fcr'tcn or tweheyear- with a cutaneous complaint railed Salt rheunie'cr Lcpro-y which ha ever I een pronounceJ ineural le. And knowing that the ame was herlit arc in our family I had de-paired of ever finding relief, having failed fn nil mv attempt to cure, until lat spring I learned lhat my 1 rother Charle-jwho had I eea for fourteen year in the same situation had found s safe and cTectual remedy, without nl'enng the diet or habits, for which 1 applied, and wn furni-hed with a phial of drop, and lean now -ay that after using one half my humor wa comple ely eradicated without in I tinner iny heabti, and 1 have noiloubt bin others may lind, the -nine in this powerful medicine, as 1 under stand some already hnve. He has declined making it very pul lioal pre-'ent, yet 1 think other may alotiud it by applying at his residence in West Clnremont fo thenre-ent. Ruis Jonei- Claremont, August 1, IS 10. .4 Card. The undersigned feel a di'dide n-e in thus ofli-ring his testimony tn favor of a "new Melccine," prepared ly liifwn'F,ther, and cannot hope lor the conlidence which woe! I I e put in one who w c uKI seem more disinterested. But he 1 e-g le.ive lo say, lhat for six he had I een trout led with a humor so met inn's called leprosy, which had of la'e I eeonie a serious allhction; anil knowing ihnt bis Faiher and oilier bad in vain trieJ every prol a' le remedy, he had not the iiioi di'tant expecta ion of ever linJing a, cure. Being indueediotry a phial of hi Fa'liermtl ecinc, he ha indeed foun'd it ull he cot 1 1 wish, a -afe. s t-nly, anil he I elievcs e eetual cure. If o'her-shall lo in'liictsl I y tin's to rid ihein-the.- rfa loaihsoine coinpl uni, hi. end will I c itnwei-e'. Ezra Junes. University of Vermont, Hurling on, Auy, IS10. .4 C'nrrf. Hearing of a Medcine prepared I y Mr. Charle June , e.f llii town, for humor-, and having seen its I enelicial elect-, I applied for it fur my little daughter -t vears of age, much aflhesed with Sale Hheum, suppsed tolenn hereditary complaint. I can now .ny that after ci-ing it six week my hnpaa nrcf lly renltccl in ii ciu-e wiihn-it injuring the child' health.'nnde'iin now rtvommen 1 it to others a a safe and infallil le remedy for in h compl.iiiii.. Claremont, N. II. Sept, 15, 1S10. Maiit E. Terst. I hereby certify that 1 have 1 een intinia'elv ao niiaiutes.1 vv-ith Mr.'Charle Jo.te, nf Clnremont, N. II., for a niiiiil cr of years I t past, and have I een consul led by and prcsc-riled for him, for a very obstinate disca'scol the skin, well known I y the name of Leprosy but could do no inure than mitigate the disease for a time. Since he ha a It-ottsl a radical cure by mean i f ht Drops for Humors, I have eauiineJ hun and sin happy to ayllul his skin i perfectly -month and free from the disease. James CnoMmr, Physician, Francestovvn, N. IL, Sept. 15, IS 10. I have been aequainte I with Mr. Charle J" ne foe a number of j ear-, hnve practiced inhisfjmly, and administered intshi-incfor lu ebsea-eof the skin", mora or less, for ten or twelve years, pai withouta radical cure. He now appear tobe perfectly ured by some drops which he prepare., and which' so far a's I am acquaint.! wr.b them ptoini.-e lo be ot great utility la such diseases. Moses Cobb, M. I). Springfield, Vt. Stft. 4, IS 10. I have pro.rribed, and sihntnitrred medi cines for O. Jone' humor which 1 ralUvl Leproy, more or le for fourteen year-, without a "omplcle cure (his betnejan uncommon ca e.) He now appear lo have a final cure from hi own ih-eJVerv, and from I see of it elects upon others nl-p, 1 am of opi nion it may be of much benefit lo the community. Timotiiv S. Gleasos, M, D, Cliremont, Sept. 15, IS 10. ilip'Tlu medicine makes no vain prehensions; noe pxei'o. nny hopes which will not 1 1- f illy real od. Come nnd'try fur your-tlves, any Who ire allheled w'th di-ea'c'i'f tin kind. It may I e found at the store i'f Rol ert Moody, ilrucpi!, Burlington, and wilh Martin Wires Esq. Caiubridfte t. S HICKMAN'S BOOH MAN'S PI.AHTER. The I e-t siicngihening plasier in the world, and a. sovereign remedy f r pain" or weakness in the I act, loins, si.te, brea'-t, neck, limbs, jomls, rlie uuatisin, lumlngo, iVc. sVe1. One million n year will net snppljr iheileniand. They require n liiilc'vvarnnng I efiire ap plication. Warranted superior to nil other-, nnd for one quarter the u-ual price, making not ..k' the I e-t, but the cheapest piaster in the world. U a ord relic in h few hours, and makes .astonishing cure. In liver complaint nnd ilyspepsin, it should le worn over tho region oflhe liver or stomach, arvl u will a li.rd c,reat and rtsonihing relief. In coughs, cold-, asthma, thtli-e-uliy of jireailiuig, oppre-sion oflhe chest eir stomach, lliev will inuntlialely sooth, nnd grenlly I cnefit the p.aliiMil. Person ot stslentnry hal its, or'lho-e ol lip-sj lo stand much, will receive de. u'l mpport from one orthe.e truly, strengthening plasit-r,. Physieuans gen erall) recoitimend lliem, in prcterence lo all ither,t-cau-e they stick or adhere I rner and rt'lnrd greater relief, In their operation they are stimulant, tonic, and anodyne. They arc composed of entirely dillerent ii.grcdients from nny oilier; anil known from the ex perienevof millions, who have iiidI ibein, as well as the muted testimony, irall the ee'e' rntr I nnd ehtin. gi hesl clergy nnd physician, lo le he mo t u efd and highly tiicdieatisl plaster, ever invm'rd or n.'errd lothepuli'ic. S'vcral person- have cade I ai the warn ho-.i-e to express their surpri e nhd than s at tlm almost miraculous Cures hcsf plaster have u :e.'l. One man who had I een ro itTuc'ed with beuiuati m, as tol'e nnnlle to elres him-elf wi lioiit Rsitanre. wn enal led nfier wearing one, only one night to ee; up nloniimtlic ntolttihg, put on hi cloilic nnd call at our oilice wilh cyii-1 earning w nli ,oy andhiktoncne pouring forth tho gln.hic.s of In heart, m the smklen nnd siena re iff he had receive.! from ibis i .11 remedies. Ask for lr. Sb- nnu's Poor Man's Plaster,

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