Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, December 25, 1840, Page 3

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated December 25, 1840 Page 3
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nd lie says tliat if it had not boon for Gen. Jack on a veto of various internal improvement schemes by Congress, tho general government would now have been as much in debt as tho States arc. This is all nonsense. Nobody over proposed that tho general government should borrow money in Europe to prosecute works of improvement, or borrow it any whero for that purpose. Under Mr. Adams tho policy was to appropriate whatever money might bo in treasury beyond tho expenses of tho government and beyond the amount annually set apart as a sinking fund (ten millions a year) to pay the National debt. This safe way of getting along was abandoned, and tho States were told they must make their own improvements. They commenced accordingly, and the predicament they are now in is one resulting from tho veto of internal improvements by President Jackson. 03" Wo have i rare dish of the marvellous-, this week. Murders, suicides, and accidents in pro fusion ! General Harrison arrived at Cincinnati on the lUi.Ii, and resigned his office as clerk of the Court of Common l'len-, of Hamilton county, tho name day. He will bo in Washington early in January, and soon again away for Virginia, among his friends in the vicinity of his old home stead. In February, ho will come to remain. Rumour again says his son-in-law will come with him and bo his Private Secretary. Mn. WEnsTBR. The New, York Commercial Ad vertiser, ns well as tho Spy in Washington, nsscrts that Daniel Webster will bo Secretary of St-ite under General Harrison. The editor of the Commercial peaks as one having authority a. follows . On the first day of the present session, Daniel Webster was tendered the situation of Secretary of Slate, or Secre tary of the Treasury, or any oilier post in tho new administration th:ii he niiuht choose. The country will rcjoico to learn that he will tnko the former. It is equally cennin that Air. Critten'iic.v, of Kentucky, will receive the post of Attorney General. Xoble be ginnings, these. Mr. Clay, it is believed, declines office. Gen. Hari!so. asp Mr. Clay. A paragraph has pone the rounds of the newspaper press to the effect that (cn. Harrison, at a dinner given to him in Ver sailles, Kentucky, in responding to a sentiment oiler cd by sonic gentleman present, took occasion to say that '"ho considered Mr. Clay the fittest man in the nation for tho Presidency," and that "ho himself would resign the office at once, on his arrival at Wash ington, were it possible for him, by so doing, to confer it on this distinguished Keutnckian." This para graph was copied into the Argus and given to ils readers as Gen. Harrison's " nomination of his suc cessor." It turns out that tho expicssions thus put into Gen. Harrison's mouth were not wnrrnntcd by any thing uttered by him on 'he occasion referred to. The Cin innati Republican of the 8th inst , gives the true version of the General's remark". He passed a high and well-merited eulogium upon the character of Henry Clay, and sai I that it had long been his de Fire to see him in the Presidential chair. And ns the result of tho election had vindicated his own charac ter from the e-alumnious assaults of his enemies, he expressed his entire willingness to resign his office at the end of four years or even of one jrar. "In nil this," says the Republican, "he expressed no picfir ences which would bear upon the succession." As Gen. Harrison is not pi dged to " follow in the fool steps" of Gen. Jackson, it would have been strange, indeed, if he had so early civen way to one of the evil practices of the 'greatest and best,' and il siynntcd the person upon whom his official manile was to fall. MR. BROWiNSON COME AGAIN. Mr. O. A. Rrownson, author of the famous pamphlet addressed to tho laboring classes, which proposed among other reforms, to pull down our churches, root up the hanks and abo lish the hereditary descent of propcrty,is at work again in his vocation. Tho Boston Atlas inti mates that he is the "distinguished political writer" referred to in the following article from the N. Y. Evening Post : The Ditv or the Democevcv. Wo aic permitted lo make the following extract from a private letter received from a distinguished political writer of Mas sachusetts, dated "Chelsea, Dec. 3, 1810. "Well, the Whigs have beaten us, but I say no matter. We must now fall back on fust principles, and lake a fresh start, and when we com: up, come up with, something worth having. Wc shnll lose nothing in tho end. If 'lutl thould you say tojlinging to the breeze a genuine Loco -Vo Jlag, that is, the Jtaa of social democracy, in distinction from mere political democracy, lly poliiienl democracy, I tin Hei stand the equality of nil men before the slate ; bv social democracy, I understand the equality of all men before society. "The first is virtually realized in this country j the second Is not. Is it not the great work of our country to realize the social democracy 7 Well, then, let us throw out its rt-ig, and rally round a eninuion stan dard, its friends. Now socms to mo to be the time. The majority of the ol I democratic party arc ready for it, and need it, as a matter to busy themselves about." Will the Argu answer by proxy for tho Post, and enlarge a little upon the differences between "social democracy" and "political democracy !" They are new terms in tho politician's vocabu lary. Alb. Daily Adv. Important Ikgelligekce to the Locorocos, Gov. Hoggs, in his late message to tho legislature of Missouri, thus speaks ol a subject deeply interesting to the locofocos nboul these days : "Salt River has been icco.Miized ns a navigable .trcam bv ihczcncral government, and also declared to be so bv positive enactment of the legislature of this state." He urges the improvement of the navigation of the river by a series of locks and dams, probably in view of the treat run of business, now shotting toward its sources. -V. Y. Star. Cast Inos. It has been found in Pennsylvania that cast iron will nnswer very well tor rail ways. Mr. Holmes of the Maine Farmer think" rat iron ntv chors would ho ns good as any, and wo do not see why ihey would not be strong enough. Can iron p'oughs, cast iron mill cranks, and cast iron for many other purposes i- now in use where it was formerly thought Tvrcugiu iron oniy coum oe usr:n Tun Post Oitice Dr.rAitTMr.NT. The Re porfof Air. Nilcs occupies five columns in the Globe. The finances of the Department are somewhat lame. For the year ending on the 30th of June 1810, the receipts wore 8 1,539,200, and the expenditures 8 1,7."3,111. Deficit 8210,84). WTlio Torre Haute Enquirer has nominated Com. Hull for the Presidency. inrllcnry Clay arrived in New York on Sat urday, to visit his three grandsons, who are at school on Long Island. Martin Van Dciien it ron He-election ! The Cincinnati Journal, an eminent loco foco paper, has run up Mr. Van Huron's name, ns candidate for tho Presidency in lalj. Should tho Magician bo a ivc and liisnnrivmcxi icnce at that time, ho might possibly get seven Slates, as ho will not have "Tippecanoe una 1 yicrioo lo run against nun : i roy -imr. This journal is not tho first one which has run up Mr, Van Huron's name as a candidate for the Presidency in 1813. The St. Johns (New Brunswick) Herald nominated him some time since for this office, declaring that he should have it "if he would tako it." CONGRESS. The Senate of tho United States adjourned over from Thursday Inst to Monday. A short time heforo tho assembling of the Hoitso on Knuny morning, tho massive enamieitcr lately sus ricndcd in tho linU. wciahinf three Ions and a half, fell to tho floor with a terrific crash, shivering to atoms the seats of many members, nnd strewing tliu frag ments f glass, iron, etc., in every direction. It was a most providential escape, for, had tho llouso been in session, mo mis oi not n lew must Iiavo been &a ctiliccd. Tho sent of Solomon Ilillcn was parl'mlli- demolish dby the fall, nnd had liubcenpicscnt his death must naveliccn cerium. Tho seat of Air. w. uosi jonnsru was inso 'c;r.o Jishvl. The Disputed Tr.nitlTOitv. Tho York County Herald, published at Saco, tho residenceof Gov. Fair field, thus states tho purport of tho communication lately received liy tho Governor from tho Lieut. Gov frnorofNcw Hrunawick. Lieut. Governor Harvey informs f !ov. Fairfield that the Governor General of tho Canada has ordered n detachment (how l.-irpe n dct'trhmmt is not ptntcU of her Majesty' troops on to the Mndnwnska territory, for tho (ostensible) purpose of aiding tho civil magis trates in tlioso settlements in tho execution of tho Inws of thol'rovinco nnd in protecting tho right other Ma jesty's subjects. Sir John disclaims having hnd any thing to dc with ths matter, and slntcs that, in n letter to th'o Governor General, ho has ndvised the withdraw al of tho troops, and tho substitution of an armed civil posse, such as tho Stnlo of Maine now employs on tho Aroostook territory, as amply sufficient lor nil the purposes for which tho troops nro intended. B fi 4 dl In Shorcham, Nov. 18, Mr. Lucius G. NonTitnur, aged 31 years. rpo HKST- X square. Dec. 21, 1810. l'ooms for a small family, near tho II. LEAVENWORTH. HURLINGTON HIGH SCHOOL, m HE Trustees or the tlurlington High School arc X notified lo meet nt John Howard's, on Monday evening, Dec. 29, at 7 o'clock. Dec. 24, 1810. N. II. HASWELL, Sec'y. rIMIH attention of tlio nlllicteil is called to the articlo X "Hay's Liniment," advertised in -mother column. d21 THEO. A. PECK & CO. WALTON'S VERMONT REGISTER AND FARMER'S ALMANACK for 1811, for sale nt tho Hook Store. I). A. HRAMAN. Dec. 21. 1810. I i VAX MAN COUGH HYIIUP. A Few dozens of this famous medicine, for lbs euro Colds and Coimhs. nro for sale bv the subscri bers. Recommendations from many of our citizens can bo given. THEO. A. PECK & CO. AIolitccartcs, Lour House Square. WORM I,07.ENC!F,S. THIS valuable article Is daily establishing itself ns Ihe bcst medicine for thcoxtcrpalion and relief cf Worms in children. Notwithstanding that thnro are other lozenges cried up for this romplninl, purchasers nro warranted in the good efficiency of these. At Wholesale und Retail by T. A. I'ECK it CO. Sign oj the Jlortar. AnlunlilrllooIs for llolldnv Gifts. TTRS. WALKER ON FEMALE BEAUTY, as Ll. preserved and iinnroved bv irmiiien. cleanliness and dress, illustrated by 12 colored plates and ele gantly bound in morroeco gilt. Forget me not, n Christinas, New Years mid liiithdny present, for 1811. Tiik Token ; Friendship's Oft'emmo; Rose oi biiAiiONj A Gin- rnoM iairv lanii. Also n cener nl assortment of Juvenile Works. Parley's Hooks, Hollo's Publications. Parley's Universal Historv, 2 vols., Str.. Sec, for sale bv Dec. 23. D. A. HRAMAN. UP STAIRS. THE subscriber would remind his friends and the public that he occupies a room m Church street, over Kern and Walker's store, where ho will give his personal at tention to Repairing Clocks of every des cription. Those which have been 'in use ninny ycirs fillidup in good stylo and made to have the nppeaiair-e of new. Ho would also give notice that he has re sumed his former business of repniring Watches : nil entrusted to his care will be I carefully repaired and warranted. Hnv- nm l-eoii eiig-iged lor twenty years past in making ns vv ell as repairing Time keep crs.hetrti Is his experience in the business will enablehim to uivc satisfaction lo tlioso who favor him with a call. -A few Clocks for sale, on commission. J. N. DUNNING., Dec 23, 1310. TO M KUCHA NTS Ss I'AKKi I:....--. THE undersigned, continuing to be tbconly manu facturer of what is I iiowu as Indian I'ond Scythe Ktoncs, would respectfully inform Merchants that bis Pedlars will, if encouraged, call in the course ol tlie present winter, nt most ol the "stores in Ver mont, New Hampshire, and in Essex and Clinton Counties in New Yoik, mid will, if required, furnish nman Pond Stones, on a credit till October next, 'nrincrs cnn. bv obtamimr the said Scythe Stones. have sharp Scythes with little labor. A fellow by' tho name of haac Pike, who hails from Haverhill, N. H., pretends to sell Indian Pond Clones; but he sells an inferior counterfeit assuming mo name ot "Indian roM, no Mount, to marke merchandize which is known to bo of inrioraualitu. Other persons in Haverhill and vicinty, make Scythe Stones, mid lest tln-ir Pedlars represent them of In dian Pond quality, Merchants arc requested to notice mat every hox ol Indian 1'ond stones is marked in printed letters O. R. FYLER, 3w Bradford. Vt. Reuben Hind's Estate. STATE OF VERMONT. T II E Honorable District or Chittenden, ss. X the Probate Court for tho District of Chittenden : To all persons con cerned in the estate of Reuben Bond, late of Under bill, in said District, deceased, Greeting. Whereas, Melinda Rogers, late Melinda Horn! nod late executrix of the Inst will and testament of said deceased, nronoses to render it n neeoiinl of her mlmin. istrntion, ami present her account against said cslnto for examination and allowance at a session of the Court of Probate, to lie hidden nt the Register's office in Uurlmgian, on the third Wednesday of January next. Therefore, You are hereby notified to appear before lid eoui t at the time and place nforesaid. nud shew nuse, if any you have, why the account aforesaid hould not bo allowed. Given under mv hand, at Hm hnnton. this seven teenth day of December, A. I). IS 10. VIM. YVESTUN, Register. Nathaniel Bu-on ) UiittcmV-n Ho inly Court, An- v ?u t icrin, a. u. ism. Jit-Tus Himnics. 3 WAI.HI AS Nn han.e! Pb'd of nrlnTlon, in -'i lemii'v, a .ir M, i Tern i f -aid iui,ri. . I. 1310, eoiuinni e,l I,,-, :i-non asau-t J l-'u- Hur.liV',, lulu if tail Hml n-.toti, now of Kal.unaz-x in the Stn'e ot Miclniraii, .lie-cin cleelai-ius in a idea f l he eve, for ilia' wbeica he ai I II ir.'iel; licico- fore, to wit : on be l-l day r,f January 1S33, wu- in- ioi tin to mo mm dioo i in me sum oi t-i.iuuu, li.r liver- itooii-, ware , nicri-iianniso ami I inioer. core ihal time I v ihu mid lllond -ol I und ilelivi-ieil lo iln said I) irdic!.', ai the n-qw-t of ibe iMew'aiil, nnJ for wliien he men aiiM there proiiu-e.i to pay when re questol. Al-o, that the mi.l defendant on the lt .March, 1833, wa nidel te.l to theplainli I in other mm I ajUUJ, tor o ni'ieh money I eloro that time laid out, anil e.ien''e l ly Ihe 1'lainli I lor and at tho request of the defendant and which promimd to pay vneii reque-ieii. vu-o, lor oilier sum oi s-muuu, I et.irc it id 1-t .March, 1S33, lent and a Ivanced bv nlainliM' to at hi- req- ct, and which be primmed to pay to the planum when req ie-tc.1. And, alo, lor lliril tlio defendant mi the 1st March 1S3S was indebt ed to the plainli.r in other -ntu of S35000 for so much money had and reeeivkd, and which defendant prom- isen ti; pay wucn reqMeieo. ai-u inr rtouuu money Lie for iincre.-t on divers lar?c sum.- of money before lent ami advanced, and which mid several sum-, the said Di-fcndaul tho igh open rcq-n'sicd, ha- not pai.l to the damage of tbu mill Wood 825000; which said action wn enters I on the Docl et of -aid Court nt their said Majch Term, A. I). 1810, nnd the plauitill' appeared by .Mnecl; und Smallei, his attornie-, and the mid iiurdici; I cms ao-eni irom il,i- suite at t lie time of the i-crvk'c of tho plaiuiill- said writ, the .-aid au-ewasiiy order ol said lO'irl conim-ieil to the ugiist Term thereof. A, I). 1810: at which la-t said term the plainli I'a-rnin appeared by hi- mid altornie aiul it not I eimr made to appear to said Court, IliOsaid llirlie'; ha had ncr-onal nolicu of tlio ser vice ol tho plaint! I- said writ mm the pendciiry ol no-son, ine s.niiu wa- .isain i v oriicr oi mm eoitri i-onliuue.l lo 1 lie .March term thereof A. I). 1811. And the -aid court :il-o ordered that l.irlhor notii-e of the pendency of tins suit In -riven, by publi-hing the iii-ianco oi ihu piamti.i 's iieciaraiion, in Ihe "Uur lincton Free Pres," a newspaper printed in snidlliir- liiiLTloii. ihreu wee . ncce.sivelv. ihu la-l nf which p il licalioii- to Is- thirty days lefore ihu sitting of mm court, wiiicii nan iti neemeii siiuicient notice to the said llurdicl.' to nppcar nnd un-ucr to said suit. Dated nt 11 irlinstoii nforesaid, lhis21-t day nfl)e reniber, A. D. 1810. d25 W.M. NOI1LE, Clerk. TXTR. EDITOR. Sir will vou notify all creation IV L that tho subscriber has for sale, Duck's improved Hot Air Cookinc Stove, at I he new I lick store. Col lege street, also at Jesso Guy's foundry. This is one of tho latest natterns and tho first ol tho kind ever introduced into this .Male; thev Have hcen recently in troduced into t ho States ol Pcmisv vama and New York with ureal success! and suffice it to saw thev nro tho most convenient and will do more business with less fuel than any other stove. A preamble to paiticulnrize its qualities or prices is useless. Just call ui, small favors aro thankfully received and gr.y ones in proportion, nnd if money continues scarce! intend lo use tho loss of it, so it will bo useless to i'o without on thnt account. S. W. TAYLOR, Hurlington, Dec. 17, 1670. WANTED, n few bushels of good clean whito Heans. for which a fairprice will bo paid in goods. Dcc.18. GEO. PETERSON. N EW T Al LOR I Ng'esTA HL I SlFilENT At Winooski Village. Thosiibscribei linn com menced tho tailoring business in this place, nud will do all kinds of work in his line in as good stylo ns it is donont nny bhop in this section of country. Cutting done nt nil limes, on short notice. WANTED An apprentice nt tho nbovo business, JEREMIAH II A R RI N GTON. Nov. 10, 1810. rtllAMl'liAI.V TRANS- V- POHTATION Companv. The stockholders of the Cham- jimiii 1 luiiiqioriunoii iioiiipiiliy niial meeting of said company will beholden nt How ard's Hotel 111 Duilingtou, onTlirusday tho 7th day of January, IRI1 tit ono oclock, P. M,, for thepurposu of cuoosmg directors iur ina year cusuim.'. Hy order, &c. PHILO DOOL1TTLE, Clerk Hurlin-tin Pec l4n k 1 mm P. s.- A ltnrc Clinncc Tor a Bnrfrnln. rpiIAT beautiful FARM, oc X cupicd until tho 22d of Octo ber lust, by Jotham II. Hall, deceased, lying in Willlston, about flyo miles from the village, nnd about six miles from the villnpcof Iturlinrrton. contnininrr MR acres of land, 375 of which is under first rntocul tivntion, and fence. The buildings arc not surpassed on any farm m this stale. Thoy consist of a brick House, 34 by -H, two stories high, thoroughly finished, nud of the best inateiiiilsi a Cellar for potatoes, with kctllo and arch for boiling--Corn Darn and Work Shop above tho Cellar) n llorso Ham, 30 by 40 all of which nro now nnd in good repair. Tho Darns near tho house, consist of ono 4B by 58, nnd one 30 by 40, with IPO feet of shed, with wnler running in a Hough in the ynid. There is, on said farm, two hous es for tenants, oneof which wns tho former residence of tho decracd. Tho house is in good rcpnir, and fit for the residence of any small farmer. Near said house, is ono barn 2G by 30, nnd one 20 by 30, with 50 fictof shed also one excellent building for corn barn and hog sty with good wells of water adjoining. On other parts of said farm are 4 other barns, suffi ciently largo to contain from 75 to 100 tons of hay. Said farm is watered by brooks and springs in al most every lot, and will bo sold, together with tho farming tools, if wished, on tho most reasonable terms. Refercnco may bo had to Thomas D. Hammond, of Orwell. Luther Loomis, of Hurlington, H. L. Nichols, of Willist'on, or to LYDIA HALL, Administ'x, on tho premises. Williston, Dec. 16, 1810. If. Clarissa Holllstcr's Estate STATE OF VERMONT, ) rp H E Honorable DifiTnicT op CiitTTENDr.N, ss. ) X tlio Probate Court for tho District of Chittenden i To nil persons concern ed in tliccsiateofClarissa Hollistcr, late of Hurlington, in said District, deceased, Greeting: Whereas Henry Leavenworth, ndmin'rof tho estate of said deceased, proposes to render nn account of his administration, and present his account ngninst said cstntc for exnminnlion and allowance at a session of tho Court of Probate, to bo holdcn nt tho Register's office in Hurlington, on the second Wednesday of Jan uary next. Therefore You are hereby notified to appear before said court at the time nnd place aforesaid, nnd shew cause, if nny you hnvp, why tho account aforesaid should not bo allowed. Given under my band, it Hurlington, this seventeenth day of December, A. D. 1810. W.m. WESTON, Register. NOTICE is hereby given that the copartnership heretofore existing hot ween tho subscribers undor the firm of "S. Tilley & Co.," is this day dissolved by mutual consent. The books nnd demands of the firm are in tho hands of John R. Tilley for collection. Hincsburu'h, STEPHEN TILLEY. Dec. 17, 1910. JOHN R. TILLEY, TO TEACHEItS OF ACAnE.III-5 AND SCHOOLS NUTTING'S NEW GRAMMAR. EP. WALTON & SONS, Montpclier, have re- ecntly pul li-ln.Hl a new grammar by the Rev. It ,1'u- NutluiL', Prole or of l.unguagu- in Western Ito-ervc Collese j ibis wort- I- tin unlnraeinent and iniprovement of the excellent and limlily popular granmiar I y Ihu same author, fir-t publi-hed in 182C und exlcn-'ively med in ermont. The lollowing te-limonials to the excellence of this book have al-rea-ly I ceil received. N UTTI NO'S N EW GUAM MA R.-To the PonLisii-r.n- oi- NuTTiNd'a New (ihammahi Havin-j attentively exiimiucil the New Grammar of Kiifu Nultincr, now pul li-hins lv yo i, I enn truly .-ay that I nm happy to recommend ft, becau-u in doimro I lelivel -ub-erve, as far a-my opinion may have weight, ibo inlere-t of popular education in o ir slalo. I bail always con-Mere 1 the former Grammar by ihe same a-illior equal, .ind in many repect-superior, loany in u-cj and on comparing the lire cut work wi'h the old one. I find nil e-'ontial omi ion- -npplied, und n large mass of highly intero.ling and n-cfiil matter added, which, in my opinion, now mal.e- il a work I elleradap'ed lo the it-e ofo ireommon -chool- than any grammar exiant, Monipelicr.Sept. 21 1810. I) 1 THOMPSON. I have for several year- adopted Nutting's sy.-lem of Engli-h Grammar; and am prepared to "say, that in my'opim'on, it i.-groally superior to nny now in u-e, not only as correct in Ibe principles of "tlio laniiai'e, but a-being ad.iptej lo ihecapacity of learners. Afier u-ing mo-t of the English Grammars now in u-e, I have found that scholars make inueh more rapid progre-H in following this sy-tem than any other, 'flic improvements which distingui-h it should not 1c considered bold and injudicious innovation-; thev ac cord with the opinion of learned men in England Scotland, nnd France, who have written on tin siiljeet. This sy-lem lias al-o eon reeoininen led ami niloptc.l lor many years in the schools of -omo nf the N. K. Slates, niuf has leen approved by many distin-jiu-he I Profe or-in the Colletre-. ES SHEPARl), Teacher of tho Model fvhool of the 'Ohio Univer-ity.' Ohio University, (Allien-,) Sept, 1810. (From an experienced Teacher in Delroil, Mich.) Prof. R. Nulling : 1 am exceelingly anxious that your Grammar should lo univer-ally known. The inorii I u-u it the belter I Iil.e it. I liaie iiuvltmhmi a work ot the kinil which I think can le compared wiih it. 1 have med all ol the other mo?t popular systems, but wiihoni leiugab'e to interest my sehcol in the -nbject, a-I wi-hel. It.itduringthe pa-t w'nter, wilh only one of Nutti'iiir'.- grammars 1 hail no dillieulty in exciling such an intero-t a- has led to tho hapiio-t re-ult; and so plea-u I are my ela-s with the work, that they have written several copies of it in a fair hand, and use it us their guide. W. A. HACON. Extract of a letter from Zadock Tiio.nrso.v, dated Hiiilnigtoii, Nov. 17, IS 10. Hemg cnga-.'uil in teaehiii?, nt the lime Mr. Nut tins'.- Grammar was lirst publi-hevl, in 182C, and I t-ing sa'i-f'e I I y a caref il examination of the work, tha' i' ,io- e-e I I' I a Ivantuse. oer the Gram iiiira then in u e, I u r- ! icn d mio my school im meJ -ui-ir anJ .ifier ii-rinr if, ii-taiiUy'lor more ihan eiL'hl vinr-, I f ..!!! ir, r-.-.i"ii It;u my opiiiu-n of,-. The - ,iy I -i.o (iuiinmnr, m it- new fonn, wh U v ,'i put nit' nn Irind-, ha- received only n cirury cnuii ma ti n, lot s.dlii lent to .-nlify n elhat it i- a 'eci le I improvement on the original work. The iii'rod ieioryle-on are on a plan, which I have :e le i I v my own praclice, and I can -ay from expe rience I know it to I eexcellent, particularly for young scholar-. 'I he change- and addition-, mother re- m-c's, are jiidieion-, and -ucha- to render the work dcei 'edly Miperior lo any other Grammar with which I mi acq lamx-1 ; nndlihink it might le I iulvniiliigcou-iv in all Miu-ehool- m the Slate. For sale bv E P Wallon and Son.. MnntneliiT lla-U-ll and Palmer, Wooil-iocl; ; 1) A Ilramau, Hiirlni;tnu ; Henderson and Wan', Rutl uid ; Jona. Hanar. Mi -dleburv. Rn-ell nnd Skeele-. St. Albans : i.-eph Meeue, tirattleboro'j i. .. Co Idard, WmJ-or. iMIV. . , lO IU. NOTICI3. THE members of the Volunteer Engine Co. No. 1, arc hereby notified that their annual mcctim? for tho purpose of choosing officers for the year ensuing, will he liolden at the Pearl St. Hous"o. on Tuesday evening next at 6 o'clock. A punctual attendance is requested, isy order ol tho captain, uec. IB. il. Ml UK, Secretary. TJ THOMAS has iut received at his new Store XX. a largo quantity of HUFFALO ROUES, FUR CAPS, GLOVES, &c. &c, which will be sold much lower than any miles ol tho liko quality have been sold in this market for years. Ho will pay tho highest mnrket price in cash for Fox Skins. Raccoon, Musk rat, Otter, Hear, Mink, Sable, and the highest price in cash for Sheep'-Pelts. Also, cash paid for freshPork Hurlington, Dec. 15, 1B10. Dc l At. XV SUGAR. OUHLE REFINED LOAF SUGAR also nn excellent urlielo of Molasses fur family use, for salo enenp uy j, p. wilAMNU & Co. IJec. 10, 1S1U. TOIIACCO. T P. WHALING & CO. inform the public that thev nro Aaenls for Sareent. Snramio ,1- Co. Tobacconists, Albany, N. Y., who iiinnufrncture n very superior nsticlo of Pnner Tobacco in every va riety of size. Grocers and others will find it to their ndvnntagu to call nnd exnmino the article. Also Plim Tobacco of different qualities, nil of which will be sold enenp lor cash. Also Miuill ol dillcrcnt kinds. Laws or Vermont, 18 lO, IOR tho several towns in tho County of Chitlenden . are ready for delivery, Town Clerks or Constables will please call or send for them. Tlioso entitled to them in the town of Hurlington will bo supplied by calling on tho subscriber. C. GOODRICH. Dec. 15 lw BRASH CLOCKS. Persons wishing good brnss staking Clocks iu bcntitiful finished cases, can find them 011 favorable terms, at the Variety Store. Also, Hank and Office Clocks, for sale; these Clocks nro vtairnntcd to keep correct time, nnd they will per- lorin ns well as any oinerciocKs. Ul'C. 1M. r.iNlillUK. U I1UI.S.V1A1U. WOOOr.N CLOCKS, for sale at tho Variety Store, warranted; 0110 or two wooden or Hrass Clocks will ho sold for good Decch and Mnplo Wood, woL-iocK 10 uc delivered wncn tlio vtoon is deliverer,. Dec. 18. PANGHORN . HRINSMAH). Gl HUMAN CLOCKS I S5, German stiikin; Alarm Clocks at G 50. small gcrnian timepieces at : Clocks al (1 50, German PaNOIIOIIN & HlllNSMAtll. OILVKR ALARM WATCHES, nt S18,S.'0, A.5. b? ,cc' 18; Panodoiin ii DniNSMAin. AT HOWAHDS.Dec. I, 1HI)7 SILK SHIRTS AND DRAWERS, for Ladies nnd Gentlemen. Articles thru nro said if not quite to euro will eh ally alleviate Rheumatic, nnins. Also the Genuine Hrnudreth's Pills, which with the use of thoalmvo uriieies if taken will eradicate- Rheumatism from any person recently alllicted, if not so, money for tho pills refunded. IOST. Eight fat bhrep, markcirth tar, T. M. j Whoever will give information, shall bo suitably rewarded. FOR SALE. A superior now milch cow nnd calf. Also, for sale, or to exchange for cattle, sheep or pers, a acnicei cuuisu mm u:iriits. ' ' B I), KIMIJALL, if- O Ilurlmg'on Nov 2-1 lr10 CAJJDLES, by tho box or single lb, for salo by U8. GEO. PETERSON. WAIVrON'H VERMONT REGISTER, for salo . bv c. GOODRICH, Also for salo at tho Paper Mill in Milton. Dec. 9. COD FISH, MACKERELL and SHAD of supc rior quality for Halo by N. LOVELY !k Co. Dec. 10, 1310. CANADA STOCKINGS, Gentlemen nnd Ladies Huck skin and Indian Moccasins, Fur Gloves Duck skin Mittens, Wol en Tippets. Ladies and Gen tlemens Merino Lambs wool and Worsted Wrap, pers, just received and for sale by Dec. 10, 1810. N. LOVELY dc Co. E STRAY STEER. Broke into tho enclosure of the subscri' er on tho (ith Nov., n red lino back two year old Steer, marked with n slit in tho left car with a square notch taken out. Tho owner of snid Steer is requested to provo properly, pay charges nnd take him away. NOULE ROOT. Charlotte, Nov. 10, 1810, NOTICI3. THE rents nnd interest, payable to tho town of Hurlington, will fall duo on the first day of Jan uary next. The lessees and debtors of tho town are requested to make prompt payment, without further notice. GEO. I). SHAW, Dec. 11, 1840. V'uirn VVeaiurtr. lilVKRY STAHIiE. HAVING madcftxtcusive rc Dairs bv nddition of new buildings, Horses, Carriages, Harnesses, Saddles, etc. tho subs -ribcr is prepared toarcom modate the public in good style nnd on short notice. Single, Tendon, four or six Horso lv,-,,,,, ...:n i. f.. :i..,.i . .... -.-aejQ-to.cA'V tics of pleasure. A man may be found ill the Darn at any hour, day or night, to at tend cnlls. Cash paid for Oats and Hny, 3 doors East of the Log Cabin, or at my shop 2 doors West of J. & J. II, Peck &, Co.'s store. SAMUEL S. SKINNER. Hurlington, Dec. 12, 1310. BOTANICAL MEDICINES. The subscribers have received n coinpletenssortmcnt of the above articles! among which arc, extra flowered baylcrry nnd barberry balks; ginger, pleurisy, tumeric and uni corn roots; pepper of ninny kinds, in pods and pow der: gum myrrh, and peach kernels. THEO. A. PECK, ft CO. QAVE COST. All peisons having unsettled nc O counts with Lnthrop, Potwin &, Wait or with tho Subscribers ttro hereby notified that nil accounts not settled in some way, before the 15th December will be left withnn attorney forcollcetion. Nov. 26. MA YO & WAIT, Trustees. SHEET ZINC AND SHEET LEAD. 3Cnsks Sheet Zinc 21 lo 40 inches wide, 3 rolls Sheet Lead, by STRONGS it CO. Nov. 10, 1810. SLEIGH SHOES, &c. Irri Pair Steel plated, Cutter and Sleigh Shoes, tJJ Cast Iron do. finished Crow liars, Anvills, Vices, Waggon Hoxes, Shovels, Spades, Dung Forks, Sheet Lead," Sheet .inc,Hollow ware in great variety, Nov. 19. STRONGS & CO. QOn Canada Plates, Tin Ac. OV-V Hoxes Canada Plates, 100 do Tin plates J X with extra sizes, 50 bundles Iron Wire assorted, 50 do assorted Nos, English Sheet Iron, 10 Packs Russia Sheet Iron, together with tinned and black Rivets, Copper do, Kettle Ears, Wire Vellum, Sheet Lead and Zinc Sic. by Nov, 13. STRONGS & Co. NV.W EyjTAIHiISH.MIJNT. The subscri bers would inform tho public that they have formed n copartnership under the firm of MITCHELL & HARNKS, and estnblisbed the Cabinet business in the Dnck Shop formerly occupied by Abbott nnd Wood, where thev arc maniifaeturimr and intend to keep constantly on hand an assortment of Sofas and Furniture, of various kinds and prices to suit custom ers; nlso. a few splendid I! Clocks cheap for cah. All kinds of lumber used in Cabinet Making received in exchange for Furniture. Hurlington, Dec. 2 1810. T. M. MITCHELL. A. HARNES. Tin Plate, Sheet Iron, Ac. )rX( HOXES Tin plate 1-3 X. 0 bundle- Rus XiOKJ sia Iron. 100 bundles wire. 300 lbs tinned upper, iu-t received and for sale by Nov. 23. VILAS, LOOMIS, & Co. A( HALES brown sheetings. 2 do. power loom iJ lick-. 2 c.i-cs York do. 1 bale 40 inch Hur-lap-. 1 bale canvas-, just received and for -ale by, 1(3 iu. llA, iaju.mis iv. i.o. 90 f'8''-5 Fancy prints. 2 (' bleeidieil sheet- ul uml for -iilr. nW ' VILAS, LOOMIS, & Co. nMlKEAI)S,&c. 300 lb-, while and colore I cotton X tlueads. 50 lbs. linen do. 500 bundle- 100 skein thread. 20 lb-. Italian sewings. 10 lbs. llnlian twi.t, for Mile by VILAS, LOOMIS, & Co. 2 OASES London Pins. 1 ca-o wood pocket combs 200 dozen sn-peuders. 50 sro-s cor-el laivt-. 50 gro-s hooks and eve.-. 200 M drilled eve-l needle' -alo by VILAS, LOOMIS, & Co. NOTICE. Mv wife, Sophia Poxrell, has left my bed and board, without nny ju-tification, nnd I therefore forbid all persons harboring or trusting her on my account. JA.Mlvb ruwKLb. Ueorgia, Dec. I, 131U. DORK. LYMAN & COLE will nay cash for I Heavy Pork, well fattened nnd in good order Hoes should he allowed to ham: and dram one lull day afti.r butchering before taken to market. None will be bought by us without s-uitablc alio wancc for shrink age unless in merchantable order. Cnsh paid for slaughtered Sheep's Pelts. Hurliugton, Dec. 4,'1S10. 10 OHO rAfc.vrs a oils. IU,UUI II,.. dry while Lead 100 i-a-ks ground do do 15 bl.l-. Venetian Red 10 cak.- French ye low 50 bbls. American Linseed Oil, 25 do Spirit.- Turpentine Copal Varnish, Gold Leaf, Sand paper, Small, Urn-he-, Glue, Gum Copal, by J.& J. II. Peck & Co, T1ANK OF HURLINGTON. Notice is hereby XJ given that n meeting of the Stockholders of the llanK of It irhngton will be holdcn at their naiiKing House, on tho"2d Tuesday of January next, nt 11 o cloci;, a. -u. ioi mo purpose ot cuoosmg seven ui rectors for the year ensuing. lly order of the President and Directors. Dec. 2, 1810. R. G. COLE, Cashier. DON'T MISTAKE the sign of the Red Lehcer, if you wonld buy Common School Hooks, DItink Hooks or Stationery on lilllelhe best terms,! say don't mistake the Ueil L.edgcr, college si. Dec. 4. S. HUNTINGTON, 500 COM1IS. doz. Cap and Twist Combs, 3000 " Wide nnd Narrow Side do 50 " Coarse and Fine do 400 " Ivory do For sale by Vilas, Looms & Co. Nov. 23, 1810. New Ustuhlisliiiicnt. T P. WHALING .f- CO. inform tho public that It thov havo located themselves in tho village of Hurlington, and havo htteil up a store on tlio cast bido 01 unurcil street, wiiicii may wen no iii-iioiniuaicn "Clienp-btue," nearly opposite tho tianii 01 nurimg' ton. and nre receiviii" from New York a choice sclec lion of goods well suited to the season, which they ouerior sale asioio ascanocpurcnaseu in inecouniry. ,or reatly pay. Among uieir goous may uu loum; beaver and broadcloths, cassiinercs, satinets, flannels, merinos, muucliiie do laincs il'-c. A choice selection also of French, English and Amciican prints, equal at least, to any in Hurlington. A general assort ment of cambrics, muslins, plain and figured, cdit'iues, inscrtings, blond laces, if-c. A great variety of shawls, ami dress handkerchiefs, ladies' cloves and hose, with a good supply of bleached and unbleached domestic goods. Also n good supply of crockery, of the Intest patterns, with n few elegant astral parlor lamps; and minuy, a lew cuoico lamiiy groceries, bucii as icus, sugar, molasses, coucc, rice, raisms, nry nsn, lounc cos. Inmn oils. if.e. Wo do not nrelcnd to snecifv all the kinds. 10 saV nothing of the numerous articles of which each kind is composed; but .iitfico it to say, that the assortment will he found to contain must of tho articles wanted in tho country; and thoso that favor us with their custom will bo entirely relieved froni tho examination of old uoods. or remnants. Our entire slock is new. nnd fresh from the market, nnd has been (.elected wilh tho greatest possihlo eare, with refercnco to tho wants, comforts and benefit of the pcople. Hut wo do not wish the public to tako our word in this matter, but most cordially invite them to call nnd examine for .1 ., v.... on iem TVTEEDLES. ncnmiings d Sons', Warren's, nnd XI other lino sowing neenics, ground downs, ho twfciiH nnd sharps, Sndlcrs, Hnriies, Milliners, Glovers. DnrninL'. KnittiiiL'. Tape. Ncltinu nnd Tain. hour Needles. Tlioso wish good needles can depend PIN'S. Paper and ounco pins, black pins, hah pins, very long, largo pins, very suinii, snnri pins, tho Vnriety Store, by Pa nc; tons if. Huinmaii. NOTICE. J. TRYON, Merchant Tailor, would respectfully nnnounno to the public nud his old customers iu uurlicular, thnt ho continues to accoiu- modato nil who call, wilh tho latest improved fashions and work not inferior to any, 011 rciiHouablo notice, ul his old stand 011 Si, Paul street. On hand nnd for salo cheap for cnh a choice assortment of superior nronueiouis, i;absuncrcs, vestings, nnu Trimmmcs, N. II, Coats cut for 60 cents, cash. P H Tho-o m'li'Wd will plcjfe 1! snd nsy p H , ISAAC WAItlVKie. AS received nnd keeps constnnlly on hand n largo nnd full vssortmciit ot GROCERIES, ninono which nro COGNAC HRANDY, I St. CROLV RUM HOLLAND GIN, A variety of WINES. nnd nlmost every article in the Grocery line, oil of which he will sell on tho most reasonable terms. Ho wouio aiso intorm rnvorn Keepers In particular that ho will sell rum, brnndy nnd gin for 63 cents a gallon, which be will warrant of a better quality than some which havo lately been hawked about the country by n certain New Yolk pedlar, and if not odjudgeil by the best judges to be belter, he will not nsk nny pay for them. Ho invites them to call and compare. Hurlington, Oct. 1810. If. I HON, STUEI,, Ac. Of Tons njsorted sizes. English Tire Iron, AiJ 3 " " Swedes Iron, 5 " Russin Old Sablo do 23 " Peru manufactured Iron, consisting of all the various sizes of round from inch to 2 inch square do., Hand, Scroll, Hntnc. and Horse Shoe Iron &c. &c. STKEL. SANDEnsoN & Hrother's Cast Steel, all sizes, do Greaves' German do English Hlistcrcd and American do. Aha, n full and general assortment of 'all descriptions of goods con nected with tho above trade. Nov. 19, 1810. STRONGS & CO. UNHLEACHEI) Cotton .Shirting and Sheeting, cotton ynrn, batting, wicking, black and white wadding, Russia diaper, crash table dinpets, padding canvass, merseilles, quilts, cotmterpaines, rose and horse blankets, bleached cottons, blenched nnd un bleached cotton flannels, English, French and Amer ican prints, as cheap as the cheapest, by n3 N. LOVELY t CO. STOVKS A IIl'K...STnoNQS A: Co. have re ceived and ofier to purchasers COOKING STOVES ofagrcat variety of sizm and most approved patterns, which will bo sold nt whole salo or retail, with or without trimmings, to suit purchasers. Alto, PARLOR AND HOX STOVES in great variety of sizes and patterns. Cnnada single and double Stoves 21 to 3G inches, together with SOOO JOINTS STOVE PIPE of Canada, English and Russia sheet Iron. Dumb Stoves, stove furni ture of Copper, Copper bottom, and Tin. Conutcicd with this establishment is n mnnufnetory of Stove Trimmings, Sheet Iron woik and 'fin Ware, which can supply at short notice any nrtiele not on hand, on reasonable terms and in a stylo inferior to none. The attention of purchasers is respectfully solicited. Nov. 29, 1310 DRY OOOD-j AT AUCTION. The suh scril er- give that they will oiler lor -ale at Public Auction, on tl.cS'h day of Deeeinler next, at the Store, corner of Ch.irch and College street.-, ihe entire and exli n-ive assortment of Dry Goods, not previou-ly di-po-ed ofat private sale. Ttiu sale will Le po-iliveand the terms very lil eral lo iho-e wi-himi to buy lame amounts. Sale will i-oiiuncnec at 0$ o' clock in the morning and continue every Tue-day, Tlmr.-day and Saturday until ihe whole!- ili-po.-tsl of. We invito the nt'ention of Merchants in the ndioining towns in particular to this sale. MAYO& WAIT, Hiirliuglon, Nov. 27, 1810. Trustees. Winooslti Iron Foundry.. THIS concern is yet in operation, and ready to execute all orders for eastings, in good order, mid of good metal, for various purposes. The subscriber is now ready to contract or otherwise for tho building of mills of nil descriptions, being in a situation to fur nish all the materials nt short notice, uontrnci.i win be taken very low. Plans of all kinds of mills made on application to tho subscriber, and wnrrnntcd cor rect ; which will save cost in building, and also many blunders. An assortment of castings such as kettles, ploughs, watroii boxes, wnson arms, -jtcmli shoe, box mid cooking stoves, s very superb i iticle, for dniug a large business with little work and fuel, all of which can he found at all times, at this concern. Patterns made to order on reasonable terms. AKo the subscriber offers for sale one first rate lmih pressure sicam engine, of four horsepower, a good article, built from l.iccestcr s plan, and has been in use, which will be sold reasona ble, and on credit. All orders to the subscriber, Hur lington, Vt. will receive attention. Winooski Village, Nov. 10. HARD WARE, SADDLERY WARE, GUNS, Hollow ware, ipc. The subscriber has just re ceived and is now opening n largo and general assort ment of the above goods; comprising nearly i very article in the I'm?, end which will bo sold on very rea sonable terms for cash or short credit, at tho hard ware store, corner of church street and the square. KUU1-.U1 .nuuui. Hurlington, Nov. 20, 1310. CLOTHS A OASSIMKHI'S. BEAVER Cloth-, Lo Cal in Ca-imercs, lllaek, Dine Ulaek, Hlue Hrown Dalhin, Olive Green, Invisible Green and Gieen, Steel Oxford and colored mixed Droad Ciolb. MEKINOKS. l-.ngli-h, French and liernmn Meri ..... !.'.,. I, .,,,1 Il,.rni.i 'I'lill i!t .unl S.itoiiv Cloth.: 'nullnni.linil Allinil.e-! tlill l.. Ilmwn. Piirolf. ll'uc llacl: and liL'ht eoloreil Allanacca Cloth-: Mo iselim- le Laines, all wool, wool and coiion, & silk and wool, ilnen grounds very line, leauiu 11. ShaKer 1 am, all colours nun wnue very line; 1 rer an Cruel-, all colours: Friiv.'e-and Uinitim.'", heavy Sill;, Mohair and wor-ttd Frumes for Dn-vcs and Mantilla- vry rich, by H. W. CATLIN ic Co. NEW GOODS At E. T. Englcsbi's corner Hriek Store near Mr. 1'hilo Doolittlc's. nrHE subscribers are receiving an entire new sclcc- X tioti of DRY GOODS HARDWARE. DRY GROCERIES, CROCKERY, GLASSWARE, FINE. SACK SALT. Coarse god Fine CAN'- ADA SALT, CODFISH, NAILS. LAMP U1I,, GLASS, Sec and respectfully invite tho attention of purchasers to the new prices. II. .UJ UIWUl.Mt.3 SV. IvU. Hurlington, Nov. 20, IS 10. II V E A M LET LIVE." The sub-criber -i would rc-peeifullv return his thanks to In former palrons for thu many favor re.-eivod, and would also iulorui lliein that heeontiunrs nook Hunt- z and lllanu nook inanulacturins at hi-old, -land and that he will -ell Wank U00U-, eoinmun silnol hooks, llihli", Albums and -lalionery on as iroiKi term- us any one. maiiK uoo',;- 111 me 10 any paticrii on short notice. The purou.ici! of the public is re spectl'illy solioi-ed. SAMl'KL I ICS PIN GTON. mini 01 ilie neu limuit, college-sl. Nov. 20, 1810. ( 10 utofjEieii?s. Hints St. Croix and N. O. Sugars, 20 Hhls. do do 10 Hoxes refined and Loaf do 5 Hbis Crushed do 5 do Powdered do r,n Pbnsis H. S.. Y. IL nnd O. IL Teas. 0 Hags Java & I.aguira Col Ice, Pepper x ftpicc. 5 Casks Saleralu-, 10 Hoxes Starch, 20 kegsip boxes Tobacco 30 boxes Har Soap, 10 boxes Pipes, 30 tibia I.orillards Snufi nnd Tobacco. Nov. 10. 10 kegs Giugrr, 50 malts Cassia, 1 cask Cloves, 1 do Nutmegs, l-c. .r-c ,(.e., by STRONGS .f-CO. DA. HRAMAN, Hookseller ami Stationm, llnrlinnton. rcsncctfullv informs his friends and the public, that he is still constantly making additions ical, and Miscellaneous Works, from most of the prominent publishing house in the country. He will endeavor lo have 11 at nil times embrace the must 10 111s nssorimciu 01 i,aic, iicmcm, iiunum, ni.u.i - popular publications 111 every branch of literature and science. His stock of School Hooks, in every depart ment of Irarning, of the most popular editions now in use, cumptises nil that nro used in this section of the country. Hlank Hooks of all sizes and descriptions, of superior ruling and paper, and bound in a substan tial manner, constantly on baud. Cap nnd I.ctte Paper ot every quality ami description, as win ns Ifrawillg nnu 1' iUIU J ui un uuiumniiu n.-. toneiher with a L-cnern! assortment of STATION LR and almost every article usually called for in n Hook- store, nlways lor sale, .110t winch were purchased nt very low prices, nnd will bo sold at a small advance rrnm post. SCrHe respectfully invites the nttentiou of Parents Teachers aim .ierenaiiis, 10 ins siocs. ami prices. iiitrlmgton, Nov. n, imu. LAST ARRIVAL. XTFAV GOODS iust received bv the subscriber 1 and L it is of but litllc conseduence to the purchaser how they came. 1 will only say they were mostly purcnaseiion a creun nnu win uavo 10 ue sum ni some price to pay my debts .is I will convince nny 0110 who will can til my siore 011 rcari sireci. W ltMS, WOKMS.-Dn. M. HiTciierck'. unrivalled and mifipinlbil WORM TEA, n sovereign remedy for Worms. Si range nnd nicicli- bio are Ihe e lei-ls of the e deie-talle ii-rmm; few ncrson-. nnd il i thought none nre free from them, unr- tii-ulsrly females and children. Many person- go inroiiKii n ni-iii-'-Miir, 11-iift ni .iii.,n.iiiu wiiuoiii a benefit, when they inlcht le n-licicl l.y mmg the Worm I Vn. This invaluable medii ine has I is-n le-teil by the expeiience ol more than ten )t'.ir-use, ami ndimnislcreit to more Ihan l,OlMl pcrfOiis of inriuus age-, nnd nut one soiuary complaint ; on tliceonir.11 y hundreds hunt called, nnd nn-olii-ili-1, given (heir tie- wild pn-lercui-o to 11. i'cr trying the di icrnii nrtu-li- sent tcriu to 111c pui'ic, 11 un prououuee,! Dr. M. Hitch cock's Worm Tea the mot ale, t-lUs-tuiil, ami con veiiii-iii remisiy 111,11 11111 1 e ooininiM ; lor 111 no one (, ine iiiomniius 01 in-tuuces where it has I ecu uml ugrivablu to the printed directions- ha.- it t-v it Lti'cil. N. II. Ask forDr. M. Hitchcock's Woum'IW a-there are many noMrunis abroad for the de-lrucliouof worin-I-or sale wholesale and retail by A. HITCHCOCK iV CO., sole proprietor, 117 Grnetco sllfei, I'liea, and by Iheir ngents ihioushout tho Hnlon, In llurlingion, by J. & J. II. Peck vV Oo nnd Theo, A. Peek & Co., In Vcrpcniips, by 1, 11 Howmr.n In M ltn by H11-U' '(.w In ' "v," I ri:o J , r- 1 Treasurer of tho l Chittenden County Court, Au Stats op Vkbmont, gust Term, A. I). 1810. vs I "llTHEREASiiho Treasurer Joust Williams, f VV oftheStnto of Vermont. Jacod Rolte, fc at the March Term of snid IIsNnv Hand. J court, A. D. 1840, commenced his action of debt on recognizance mrnin9t thu said John Williams of Hurlington, nnd Jacob Rolfe and Henry Hand, of Colchester, all in said county, therein declaring, that on tho 4th day of September A. D. 1339, before said court then sitting, nt Hurlington nforesaid, the said John Williams a, principal nnd the said Jacob Rolf and Henry Hand as sureties, jointly and severally acknowledged themselves indebted to tho Treasurer of tho Stale of Vermont iu the sum of four hundred dollars, lobo levied of their and each of their goods and chattels, lnnds and tenements and for want thereof on thoir bodies, If default thereof do made in the condition following ; to wit, that if the said John William, who wni then in custody on nn indictment bcloro said court for kecpingn house of ill fame, and a common nuisance, shallmakchispcisoualappcurance before tho said court then silling ns aforesaid, nnd re main from time to time nnd from tiny to day, nnd shall then nnd theronnswer to such mnt'ers nnd things ns should then and thco bo objected to htm in that be half, nnd should abide such order nnd decree of enid court, as tho said court should make iu the premises, and not depart without leave of s iid court, then the said recognizance should bo void and of no ollcct, hut otherwise it should remain in full force nnd tllcct. And the said John Williams afterwards, during said term of said court, was publicly called in snid court, to make his personnl appearance before said court nnd nnswer to such matters nnd things ns should be ob jected to him iu that behalf, nnd although the s 'id Jncob Rolf and Henry Hand were, by order of siid court three times publicly called in said court, to hnvc the said Williams before said court, according to the condition of the said recognizance, yet the said John Williams did not nppcnr nnd answer, nordid tho said Rolf and Hand nppcar or havo the said Williams in said court, to mnke answnr, but neglected nnd refused so to do, nndsullered said rccogn-znticc to become for feited ngninst them. And tho said defendants arc thereupon called to show cause if any they have why tho said Treasurer should not havo Ins execution against them for ihosaid sum of $100, and his costs of suit ! which notion was entered on the docket of snid court nt their Mnrch Term. A. D. 1310, and the snid plaintiU'appcared by David French his attorney, and the said John Williams being absent from this slate at the time of the service of the plaintiffs said wtit, the said causnwas by order of said court, continued to the August Term A. D. 1810, of said court, nt which term the plHintifTnenin appeared by his said attorney. And it not being mule to appear to the snid court that the cni.l .Inllll linslmd hrmnnnl nolle of lb,, spr. vice of said writ nnd the pendency of this suit, ihe; ge-lion,clKea-ed Liver, iiilioil-duc'rler-, liropU-, A-Ih-same was again continued by order of said court, to ma, Costiu-m-s, Worm- nnd lo- of Appetite, and by court nlso ordered thnt further notice of the pendency of this suit be given by publishing the substance of the plain lilPs declaration in 'Tha Hurlington free I'rtss,' a newspaper printed in said Hurlington, three wtiks successively, the Inst of which publications tobe nt least thirty days before the sitting of said court, which shall bo deemed sufficient notice to the said Willisms to nppcar nnd nnswer to said suit. Dated at Hurlington, aforesaid this -1 1 ti tiny of De cember AM). IS 10. W.m. NODI.E, Clerk. Dknjamim IIkwk Chittenden county court. August Term, A. D. IS 10. Levi llAn-.tH. WHEREAS, Henjamin Hcwes, of Milton, in said county at the .March Term of said court A. D. 1PJ0, conimcti'-ed his action against Levi Harris for nicrlv of said Milton, then of South H.rlin in the coun ty of Chenango in the Stale of New York, in n plea of: the case, 111 un action on note dated April 10, ini, lor 8100, paynble one day after date. A'so, further do-clariii-.', that on the same lfith day of Apiil 1337 the defendant was justly indebted to'tho plaintitf in the sum ofS.jOO W, for a certain piece of land in said Mil ton, before that time sold and conveyed by the plain tifTto tho defendant, nnd in consideration ilie defendant executed and delivered to the phuutitf his order or dtnft iu writing of that date to and on one Edward Smith foreiuht hundred copicsof tho 'Irish Rebellion.' printed by said smith, which were thenot the value 01 SG00 00, which said order was presented to said Smith who refused to accept or pay the same, the defendant having before withdrawn said c ipies and all his funds from -aid Smith, whereupon t iu defendant became liable to pay to the plaintiff tl e reasonable value of said S00 copies nt the time of the pre-entation of saidorder, and on the Kith of October 1 33 promised to pay such taut sum on demand. Also lurther declaring that the lefendanton the 13th of Oct bjr 1939 was indebted to the plaintill'iii the further si m of S.'iOO 00 befoie that time had and received. Also for a further sum of 8;00 for a pieccof land b fore that time sold nnd conveyed by plauitill to defmdattt lung m .llilton nforesaid, being tho whole of Lot No. B3 4th dlvi-ion of theneht ofJmnes Wihnot. except 40 acres from Ihe east end thereof, lo the damage of the plainlilf dlOOO 00 which action was entered oil the docket of said court nt said March Term 133!), and the plaintill appeared by A. G. Whittemore his Attorney, nnd the defendant bring ab sent from this state at the time of the service of snid writ, tho slid eniHew.13 continued to the August Term 1839 of said court, nt which Term the lilniiuiff again appeared by his said attorney nnd the -aid cause was again continued by siid court to the March Term inereoi a. . id 10, nnu 1110 piniiiini nrnin nppenring oy his said attorney, the said cause was further con tinued by ssid court to the August Term thereof A. D. is iu, ni which term me piauimi nam nppearen uy 111s said attorney. And it not bein" made to nppen'r to tho court that the defendant has had personal notice of the said service and pendency of this suit, tho same is again continued by said court to the March Term thereof A D. 1311. And the said court also order that further notice of the service and pendency of said suit bo given, by publishing the substance of the plain tiff's declaration three weeks successively in the"Hur liuuton Free Press," a newspaper primed in said Hur lington, the last of which to be nt least thirty days be fore the sittinnr of said court, which shall be deemed .suihncnt notice to the sstd Levi lo appear and answer to inl suit. D ited at Hurlington aforesaid this 2-iih day of Nov, A. I). 110. Wm.NOHLE, Clerk. Abtucu DoaTwiiK, ) Chittenden county Court, Au- vs. gust lerm, A. D. 1210. AMVm.VII i.i.mer. 3 "ITrilEREAS, , Artln iur Hostwick of Jcrico iu snid V ? com county, at the March Term A. D. 1310, of said court, commenced his action of ejectment against Am nriab Elmer late of Underbill in said county, declaring iu a idea, that lo the baid Arthur, the said Amariah render the seizure uiul peaceanie possession 01 a ecrinm tract or parcel ofland with the appurtenances lying and being iu Underbill aforesaid, and described as All ows, to wit : Lot No. bS.ui the 2d division, and drawn to the original right of William Allen, of which tract of laud the said Arthur on the loth Oct. 1b3J, was well seized and possessed in his own right in fee, nnd so continued thereof possessed until the 18th Oct, 1833, when the said .iiiinriun witnoui law or rigui, aim eoii trare to the will of the said Arthur, thereinto entered, jected nnd expelled nnd amoved the said Arthur ineieirom, ami ever since nam uou sun uuin mcvji um the snid Arthur from tho promises, taking tho whole profits to himself, lo the damage of the said Arthur as he says S300, to recover which and the quiet and peaceable possession of tho ssid premises, and just costs, ho brings this suit ; which was entered on tlio docket of -aid court nt ssid March Term thereof A. D. ISI0, and the plnimiu" appeared by Win. S. Hawkins his nttorncy. And the defendanl being nbsent from Kill Olilltlll IIIU llllll-lll NIC rvi ,11c m 111c iiiiiiiiuii snid writ, the said cause was continued to the August Term IR 10. ol'said court, at which Term tho plauitill again appeared by said attorney, nnd it not being made to appear 10 uiucouri, thai iiieueiciiuaui 11ns mm per sonal notice of tho service and pendency of this suit, the sameis again continued by said court to the March Term thereof A. D. 1311. And the said court, nlso, order that further notice of the service nnd pendency of this suit he given, by publishing tho HiioMance 01 Ihe phunllU s declaration tliree weens successively, 111 the "Hurlington Free Press," n new spaper printed in in ltur inntoii. the nsl o w uc 1 to De nt least iniriv days before the silling of said couri, which shall he deemed sullicient notico to the said Amariah, lo tip m nr mill answer to sail suit. Dated at Hurliugton nfoicsaid this Cfith day of Nov. A. D. lRin. W.m, NOHLE, Clerk. l'.llnlias Steele's Instate. STATE OF VERMONT, ) The Probate Court for District ok Chittenden, rs. ( the District of Chit- ininlini -Tn the rriiliiurs and others concerned 111 the estate of Eliphas Steele late of Hiiu'sburgh in sj'td llisirtct. deceased. Whciievk Josiah Steele, ndministintorof the cstntc iifBnlil flci-enscd. has made application to this Court, to extend Ihe time limited lor making payment 01 ine debts of said deceased, tweivs mouths 110111 ine Dili day of November, 1640, and tho second Wrdncsdty ol January uexi, neiug nssigiicci nn n ucanog in uu i,r..miscs. in the Ollk-e of tho Register of this Court, nnd it baviiiL' been ordend that notice thereof be given, by publishing this decree three wivl-s succes sively in the Fri o Pn ss, 11 news paper printed at Hur lington, before the time fixed for hearing. Theriforc, von nn hereby notified, to appear before said Court. ot the timo nnd uhico aforesnid, then and there, lo make obicction if nny you have, to th snid tunc of naviiii-iit beini' further extended as nforesaid. Given under mv hand al llurlingion, this 5lh day of November, A.'D, 1810. WM. WESTON, Rcgiu'er. j1 ICH plain black and bhioblaek gro desvviss silks .V for dresscss ; chaiigcnblegro do New York, pro do Aftie nnd repp silks, assorted colois for bonnets; plain and lig'd poult do soi silks, dnrk and light colorp, black, blue black nnd colored silk velvets. A largo assortment of ribnnds of all kinds 1 ehim; le cord, nlk conl, Sec. Tassels, lace u-iK workc-l cnllats, 1 lurtul laces, workitn; cotlon, black iriuiming lyec. Light and dark kid gloves, black fdk;t do. Ilnck silk nnd mohair mitts, by N. I.OM-.IA Sc CO. I 'ALL pnltemsof Merinos. Tnghonis, brown 1 K II nnd purple, fhio qualities. Allipines, brown, hi k nnd light colors. Munselin do laincs, nil wool, cotlon nnd wool, nnd silk nnd wool. French, German, nnd English Meriting. Alpaeci cloths, nnd blnek ground liiHclIn do laincs, very lino and bcnutlful, for salo by i,12 H. W. OA'IT.I IN V-Cj bAF.LuiniiamrHrovvn Sugar, Teas, CotTce.spctm J candles, whiter .strained lamp oil, molasses, lire, nu'.ne-H, Irf. ur'nt ts, strrHfinekfc p, cloves, ennu- inn mIi-i-ius, , oarrr f.rt".delv n , in ply A ro DOCT. MAHHHAI.IS Ai.miiie, ( u.urih und Headache SNUFF, Tlii. Sunn is superior to nny thing yet known, for removing that troul le-otne thV ea-e. the Catarrh, and nho n cold iu ihe l.cud, and the headache. 1 1 opens and purge o-il all ob-tiuctioni, stie('thentlieghilid,aiid Ke a hwnliliy action to the parts alleclcJ. Il is pi rfcclly lice from any ihing dele terious in its composition lian a , ten ant flavor, and US immediate e!lec!, afierleuig Usl-d, is abgrecnl fe. Price 50 een. per boltle. Doet. Mnr..hallN Wjelab'c Indian Hlack PLASTFK. This Plaster is imrivnlled for curing scrofulous swel ling", Scurvy Sores. Lame Duck, and Fre-h Wound. $ pains in the side-, Mips and Limbs; nnd seldom fads to give relief in local Itlmutnatl.uiF. If applied to Ihe side,it will euro many ofihcoommon Liver Complaints and is equal, if not superior, lo tiny thing in u-u for corns on the feel , the virtues of tin-Platcr hnieleeu witnosi-il I y Ihousnnds of individuals m the 1,'iifliil Slnle-, who havete-led its etlicney. Sold l.y the pro-pru-lor jt'hai. Howen, Middlebury, Vt., and'Tiito. A. I'l.cit Co., Hurlington, Vt. el9 TrA;Ni-tTH: odontica.- I1IETEKUM 1YX THE TELTJ1 ' ! The l.stoMi-Auni.n Tootii riiEPAUVTK.N. Iheraet Is proved, and the most in credulous ad doubling nre fully couvinerd,as wv ham he i-viilenccfrom ihe sale of 20.000 1 oxes of the Odon tica, within I he pa-l year, that the Utopiun dreams ol the alchymi-t nru realized, and a reini-dy discovered for prc-erving Iho-e important and n-efnf Appendage of Ihe human system, I y ihe ti e of the MagnetieOilon lien, which by ils nllraelivc, nnd .-treiuiilicninjr qi.nh lies, reiiiovc-'all extraneous sul.stnme- lioiii Ihe teeth nnd preserves them in iheirnaliiral brilliancy, and ihe gum- in -o.mdiie-.s nnd K-auty. It i- n-eeritnned from experience, lhat when ii-ed,'lbe teeth will never de cay, but remain till the late-t ace ol man, v, ith tlie.r natural vicar. When Ihey nre decayed, its projrre- will l,e iirre-led, und theleeth pre-crvcdnndpreiented and pie.-crviil from ui-him.- nil this ha-1 ecu done in a mulliiude ofin-lauce-: und more 111 thou mid.-id ca-e-, nervous loothache, (that climax of pain) hn M once I i-en ectu till cured ly popular den'nl'nco in America. And in ei.nclu-iou, ' here, or who I- the young lady er cent I email, ue, the milivid. al thnt values n I cautt'l'iil sel of tee;h, somiiiI g nu- and u -wcet brealh more t lis 11 lifiyiTiit.-,lhat will I f loimcr I'eill luteof.i box of Dr. M. Hitehei cl.'sMa-.'neticCMontica. For -a i! w hole ale and retail, I y A. HITCHCOCK & Co., No. 1 17 Gene-ee .-1. Utien, N. V., and ly their n'.'ent-throiu'hoMt he Fni-ed Sta'es. In HurHnaton, by .1. & J. H. Peck it Co., and Theo. A. Peck dc Co. In Vergcnnes by J.H. HuiMnan. In Milton, by l!ur nctt & Sawyer. In Georgia, by Lorenzo Janes. aug2 ATATUME'S gkand RKSTOHATIVE. This valuable Ve e'al le Medicine stand- unrivalled for Ihe following eompla nt, viz! I)y-pep-i, or Indi- nn-ins: the -toinach and bowels, cure- pain- 111 Ihe side, stomach an I 1 rcast. cold- unJ coughs of lung standing, Hoar.-ene , shorlne-s of I realh, Nervoiu complaints, etc., which are frequently the e 'cct of dis ease. For Fever nuil Ague, it i-a mo-l valuable pre ventative us u ell a a sovereign rcmedj. Il- virlne -urpa-s any thing heietoforc known in' removing St. Vitus' Dance, two I oltle- have I ecu known to euro this alibi-ling, afier having 1 allied every exer tion lor four year-. It ha-n mo-t powerful influence in removing nervous complaint-. Il i- pleasant lotak and -oeasy in it- operation, that il may I cndnimistcred to the infant with safety. 1 bo al ove Medicine i- very hmhly recommended "bv m.iny scientific gentlemen, and ii large mini! er of Indie-,' who have proved the virtue- of the Medicine by per-onal tiyand that of their faunlie-. A bill of crlifica'e-aijeompanie-ea'.-li I ollle, with directum-. It may le had wholesale or retail cf S. Dri'nin, llarre, anil'J. C. Farnain, Ea-t Williams low 11, Vt. o!e proprietors. Prepared from Ibe origin al reeipe; for sale ly E. IL Preuti , Montpclier, and J. & J. Ii. & Co, and Theo. A. Peck Co., Hur lington, and 111 ihe principal towns inthestaw; all directions signed in the hand writing of the proprietor'. jel9 KHKItMAN'S COUGH LOZENGES. IS Lozenges aie sealed, and have "A. Sl.r 1J man, M. !)." on the side of the I ox. 'I buy the snfeM. ino-t sure and ei!ictual remedy fur Cough-, Cold-, Con-mnptions, whooping Cough, Asthma, Tigbtne-s of ihe Lnnir- or che-t, &e. Arc. The proprietor has never known an instance where they did not give perfect sati-lacuon. Several iheus and boxes have I ecu -old within the last three niombs retoriiip to health, perrons 111 almost every stage ol ton-umption, and those lai onng miner the mo-l nu ll j-sing cold nnd cough-. They do nol cheek and ih y up the cough, but render it ea-y, promote expec toration, aiiay me iil-miiii; ur irruuui.o, ami ri-niinu the proximate or exciling cau e. They are made Irom a combination ol thu mo-t valusl le expectorant, or cough ii e,heines,aiid me undoubtedly superior 10 every thing in use for those complaint.-. HniidieiU upon hundred- ofcerlilica'e- have I ecu filtered of their wonderful virtue-, from tho-e who have leen saved Irom an untimely grave, and rctorud to perfect health by using them. DosR. One lozeng 1- a do.a for an adult, and may 1 e repealed from three lo six time- a day, a-required. Children, eight jenrs years old, half of one: four year- a quarter, iiud'-u in pro portion. Very small children or intant- will lake them i e.-t di-soheif in a little water. Should they act as an emetic, or produce nausea, the do e mu-t l e les-ened to what the -lomach will I ear. Half of one will gen- 'rally I e .-iillicient to take lefore l,re.ikMt, as the tuinA-.-!! is then more ea-ily sickened. No ill ell'eels can ari-e from an overdo-u, a- it will cause the sto mach 10 reject 11 ; and although not a plea-ant sensa tion, will I e found to give relief. Where there is m -ch pain in tlio brca-t or side, one ol" Sheiinan's Poor M nn' Pla-tcr- -hould le applied over the part, nnd worn till relieved. Ifattended wilh co.-tivenes, a few cAthartic or laxative Lozenges, or any mild ca thartie me licine, -hould le u-etl .1.- occa-ioh reniuro. Sold at the ariely t-toic, by PANGHOKN k HItlNSMAlD, Jeweler-, Hurlington, Vi. wbi,lcnle agents. A III eral disco-, nl to merchants why Luy to ell again. Shermans Ilrcast Ointment, If niiulicd tiropoilvand indue lime, will cure the most painful cases of swelled breasts, and prevent the for mation of absees-es Even where the swelling lias pointed and shown every appearance of bmaking, this ointment has entirely dispelled it, and restored the parts to a healthy condition. In applying tt, a smooth and soft covering' to the breast should be made of solt leather, or fine compact hum, with a Hole m the cen tre to admit the niple. When so made, put a coattnc of the ointment over the inner nuface and apply it close v ami smootniv over 1110 wuoie urcast, icayine 1111; nippic proinmum wuounii mc nuir, su huh 111c child can nurse, which il should do as long as the mother can hi ar it. Care should be taken to have tint breast drawn by the child or otherwise, so ns to pre vent nn accumulation of milk. Wheiievir the plan ter gets rinkled, and thereby uncomfortable, a newoua should be applied, and constantly worn until a euro is atlceted. Ii is sometimes necessary to slit the sidw so they will conform to the shape of the breast, and cover it closely. Ask for Sherman's breast ointment, and see that his signature thus, "A. Sherman, M. ).?' is on tho vvrnppor, none otlnir can be genuine. SHERMAN'S PAPILLARY OIL Is the only infallible remedy for sore nipples ever dis covered. It will cure the most troublesome cases in n few- days, without depriving the infant of thebriBU warrauted superior to all other remidies when applied aeconling to the directions on the bottle. Sic that the signature of "A. Sheiman, AT. V." is on the wrapper, none other is genuine. De particular or you will be deceived and disappointed. Sold at the Varie ty ktorrs PANOI'OHN A- HRINSMAH). T.1 A li,K.IAU-.'.--DocTK. Revmuih Cs Pauheiei's cilebruttd PILLS, or HEALTH RESTORATIVE for complaints peculiarity incident to the Female Sex. This arliele is now brought before the public, under sanction of the strongest testimony, from those who haveahketised it, and also witiiii-si d its urn quailed powers, iu the removal of Female obstructions of thu most tiggravntid and dispcratu character. Thise testimonials nre not brought from the ignorant nnd illiterate hut liom Physicians and other Scientific Persons, who have tested its gnat virtues, nnd now recommend it iu tluir piactier- nnd hnd to 11 ihe sanc tion of their names. It is not intended ns ninny medi cines, generally am for all ibo varieliis of discns, which it is the lot to sulTi r undei. Hut it is intended, simply for one class of complaints, and those only re lating'to one sex. These being of rather n delicate na ture, there would be more thannn ordnlary degue of ihllidence in coming with this article before the public were it not the fact that thousands nre continually passing from ihe stsgo of action, victims to disrsir, which this medicine has never failtd to prevent or cure. Such has been the provision of Nature, thnt nearly all the complaints ol Females, nre rimm-ctnl m some'degri'c wilh the habits nlhul to their st-x. And tunny can bear witness, where n mere cold nt a par ticular stage, has produced checks, that the hand of Science nnd Skill, never 1ms been tilde lo elirprl or allrviale. Al first, the irregularity nud suppressinn cf the natural habits pioduces no vtiy alarming symp toms, and i trtnted gencinlly with neglect. And pre pei intention is procrastinated until the hollow eyr, sallow complexion nnd great bodily dibility indicute lhat cither rapid consumption, or some other fainl disea-c has fastened ils rt-sisiless prnsp on the stuTt-ror which soon terinninlcs existence, by n lingering but certnin ilmtli. For lomplnints mevunuiy productive of such results tins invaluable medicine is now brought before the public. It invariably removes obstruction nnd regulates n too profuse mvnstruration, and ernes by its uncqunlled qualities, nil the vnriety of dernnre nient connected with the Female habit, Thorminent nnd distinguished Doct J. Morrison, who hr.s prac tised iiiedicmn nt Oneida, N. York, with the most sig nal succss for 20 years, says "It is tho best medicine now in use. Incuses of retention, or stipression of llio Mfiises, I think it will sustain the nppclntion of a specific. 1 have llied il in the worst cases wilh most admirable (itccrss, nud I wish for tho good of siifl'ering Feiunles, that nil physicinns would introduce it iu their practice, ns I have found it nnswrrs beyond my most sanguine expectations," In itsetfect it it 'kind may be tnken without the least inconvenience, it i not cnthnrlic, but tonic and nperient. For ample par. ticulars respecting its efficiency, ecrtiflcnie of PyU cinns who have witnessed its jirects, cmd of oilier, w ho have hcen mint signally benefited nnd rcrtorcil bv its virtues--refercnco is now oflcrnl to the pnm phlcts neenmpnnying the medicine, and to the innia particular cvi oners, hi the hands of the subscriber Cl Acn lot the New Fnsinml stn,rR hole.tgeuii EDWARD HRINLEY, vnir,ljr-iiij P'-A'tJr In Drags, Mcdicinse, Pi nre -jjtej

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